30th August 2010 – The source saved me from being taken by the Devil and the Universe from the start of total dissolving

Summary of the script today



27th August: Looking forward to listening to the TRUE voice of Bono as another leader of the coming world
  • Yesterday evening and today my suffering decreased to 10-25 percent of maximum – and had I known that the consequences of sending the email to my father – that it would almost terminate the world – I would never have sent it.
  • Dreaming of finding craftsmen to repair the damages of the world at a wine store – i.e. “positive thoughts” where I am the WINE, which is “everything”.
  • I received news from John and David from LTO being HAPPY about the promulgation of the new Kenyan constitution hoping that it will finish the mistakes of preceding presidents and that the much suffering of Kenya will be addressed.
  • I sent a copy of my Jobplan from the Commune “admitting” to have removed my freedom of speech to the Employment Board now looking forward to receiving their verdict in September or October as scheduled.
  • Will I have the energy to work at the Park from Monday, private appointments in the evenings and also writing scripts when I have only had energy for a “few hours” per day for some time??? Will I recover in time?
  • Looking forward to listening to the TRUE voice of Bono as another leader of the coming world.
28th August: It is a time of transition – going from a negative spiral of energy to a positive I am feeling the Council and extraterrestrials re-building me to become the centre of the future Universe – making me nervous (!). I had an evening feeling the energy inside of me strongly and that it can be used both negatively and positively and that this is a time of transition from using energy negatively to a time where I and we will start to use the energy only positively.
29th August: The source saved me from being taken by the Devil and the Universe from the start of total dissolving
  • The Devil became stronger and stronger yesterday evening using sexual temptations as his weapon to win me for his course, I rejected, but I would have been overtaken if it was not for the STRONG energy of the Source coming to my rescue – and all of this because of a porn clip of 1/10 second on television.
  • I went to Maitreya light service at the Theosophical Fellowship, where I met 20 very nice and kind people. The service opened up the channel between our Universe and really my own, the Universe of God even though this is still “almost not existing”. We sent healing to the world including Pakistan, Dadaab and Haiti.
30th August: I was very happy with the welcome from the people at the Park today – the Rebuilding/Implementation phase has now started I met at the Park this morning at 7.30 and received a nice and warm welcome by all people. I was working at the farm “Virumgård”, which is a ramshackle and the Council told me that it is a symbol of the ramshackle of the world and that we today have started the rebuilding/implementation phase with the energy of God gradually coming. I received positive energy helping me to work all day without problems with a less feeling of dissolving in my foot.


27th August: Looking forward to listening to the TRUE voice of Bono as another leader of the coming world

Had I known of the consequences of the email to my father, I would never have sent it

Yesterday evening the negative speech of the Devil and the dissolving feeling reduced to approx. 10-25 percent and we know with a few minutes increasing to maybe 35-50 percent crossing the barrier of when it becomes unbearable really to take and we know even 10-25 percent is really not “pleasant” and something I would not wish for my worst enemy and I was told that I am recovering simply by the fact that I am now gradually leaving the extreme Hell again and THIS IS IT really and so it is after now having heard Michael Jackson for one hour on VH1 and we know the eighties of Michael was “nothing of its kind” and the nineties and we know Dangerous and History were simply the most UNIQUE records in music history if you ask me and this is my feeling when hearing them and of course because of my preferences within his genre!

Just for the record really: The last couple of days I have thought if it was worth sending the email to my father and we know I had NO idea what it would mean and not only his answer BUT especially the consequences as I have told you about and had I known about this in forehand, I would never have sent it – my father, your response was “this close” to terminate the world and by the way have you felt any heart problems lately (?) and we know just wondering we are because this is what I have been told.

Dreaming of finding craftsmen to repair the damages of the world

I did not have a good sleep tonight even though it was better than for some days and after having had a better evening yesterday, this morning I was for the first time in days not afraid to stand up from bed with fear of the day to come.

I was dreaming of borrowing a car from Obama and that USA is not helping Somalia because they are killing their own children. Later I am together with the mayor of Helsingør, who says that a new era will start with Obama, he shows me Strandgade and asks me to look for craftsmen and there are none and he says that we will find them in a wine store, which we enter, where he also buys a very fine Magnum white wine of 420 DKK – and we know “Strandgade” is “beach road” and here meaning the destruction of the city of light – or the world really – and the craftsmen to repair this will come from the wine – the craftsmen are “positive thoughts and nice behaviour” and I AM THE WINE really and my dear friends this is to say that YOUR FAITH WILL POUR WINE ONTO ME and FROM HERE WE WILL REPAIR THE WORLD and this is how it is – and we know I had some difficulties last year to define the meaning of “WINE” and we know so let us try here: EXISTENCE and ALL THERE IS and so it is.

I woke up with the lyrics “Don’t push too far
your dreams are china in your hand” from the song by T’Pau.


As usual I had the plan of my day ready and after having done two edits of my script of the 25th and 26th August yesterday all I had to do was to go to the Jobcentre to re-install Microsoft Live Writer and to publish the script and we know it made me “somewhat” nervous again because would it work (?) but let me say that I was not as nervous as in the period when I worked from the library and Jobcentre and we know it took some time at this very slow computer but IT WORKED and I was able to publish the script and so it is – and I do hope that Helle will think I have written the truth of the meeting because this is indeed what I have.

Kenya celebrating the promulgation of the new constitution

Yesterday I received a very happy text message from John saying that Kenya is celebrating the promulgation of the new constitution and we know he was very HAPPY because of this and together with his wife wishing me a WONDERFUL weekend and thank you so much to both of you, John. I am truly happy that you are happy and I can only say that you have yourself to thank because without your support in me, Kenya would not have made this “impossible” move – and I am just wondering why I have not heard about this in the Danish media and we know maybe there was a small article somewhere I have not seen?

I have decided to bring David’s email today here because I believe it catches the spirit of the people better than what any article in Denmark could do so thank you very much David for writing the meaning of the constitution based on the sad history of your country and your hope to help the suffering people of the future.

Dear Stig,

I’m fine today.

And i’m very delighted to write to you.

Today is a big day for us in Kenya because the new constitution was promulgated today at Uhuru Park.

Many dignitaries from the world over came to Kenya. Even president Omar al Bashir, came over and was not arrested:)
It was an elaborate ceremony and there is a lot of hope for many Kenyans that there will be a major differences in approaches. My prayer is that our politicians change and that the much suffering we go through here in Kenya shall in the near future be addressed. Now that we are in the second republic, the country I hope that the mistakes of the our preceding presidents will not be repeated. It was our former leaders who planted the seeds of tribalism, corruption, and the man-eat-man syndrome. The first president of Tanzania, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere saw Kenya as a country faced with a lot selfish leaders. This selfishness led to the assassination of many prominent Kenyan leaders by State Machinery between 1963 to as late as 2005. As we go through this period, I feel sympathy at the same time for our people. Their hopes have often been disappointed by the leaders who are supposed, in the first place to uphold them.

Pray for us.

On my side, I am fine, as I said earlier on, despite a few hurdles here and there, which I hope shall as time goes by be a thing of the past.

Thank you and have a good day.


John and David, maybe you will also tell me if you have visited Meshack lately, how he is, if you have been able to ease his suffering and also to let me know if Elijah is alright? I am thinking much of both these days.

Sending the proof of the Commune removing my freedom of speech to the Employment Board

On my action plan of today was also to write to the Employment Board given them the “proof” of the Commune taking away my freedom of speech – if they should decide not to believe in my statement, which they already received in May – and we know I sent the letter below today even though they informed me the 25th May that if I had further comments, I was to send these within 14 days and we know in this respect I am thinking that they have informed that it will take them 4-5 months to reach a verdict (!) and we know just hoping that they will READ and UNDERSTAND also my letter of today instead of using their “feelings”, disbelief and maybe even dislike of my writings as foundation for their verdict and so it is.

Journal nr.: 2010-431/3530

Idet jeg henviser til det nævnte journal nr. og ankenævnets brev af den 25.5.2010 til mig, som bekræfter modtagelsen af min sag, fremsender jeg vedlagt min Jobplan fra Lyngby-Taarbæk kommune, efter at denne er opdateret på møde den 25. august 2010.

Bemærk venligst, at kommunen i sit brev til ankenævnet af den 19.5.2010 under ”begrundelse for afgørelsen” har fremført ”Stig Dragholm er ikke kommet med en gyldig begrundelse for sit ønske om ikke at deltage i aktivering”.

Som det fremgår af sagen, har jeg beskrevet, hvordan kommunen indskrænkede/fjernede min ytringsfrihed til at skrive om mine oplevelser i systemet og dette alene fordi, at man ikke brød sig om mine skriverier.

Jeg har nu meddelt kommunen, at jeg ikke vil fortsætte disse skriverier og denne åbenhed fra min side har medført, at kommunen nu også har udvist mig åbenhed ved for første gang direkte at erkende, at ”han ikke kunne få lov til at skrive om …”, som det fremgår af Jobplanen.

Det er hermed bevist, at kommunen nægtede mig min ytringsfrihed og da Grundloven træder før øvrig lovgivning, kunne jeg kun meddele kommunen, at jeg ikke kunne deltage i aktivering på grund af kommunens ulovlige handling, selvom at jeg fortsat stod til fuld rådighed for arbejdsmarkedet. Det er således IKKE korrekt, når kommunen i Jobplanen skriver ”han ikke ønskede at stå til rådighed” – jeg meddelte kommunen klart, at jeg fortsat stod til rådighed, men at jeg ikke kunne deltage i aktivering så længe, at min ytringsfrihed blev taget fra mig.

For god ordens skyld gør jeg opmærksom på, at kommunens notat om ”diagnosen psykose, akut skizofreni” også beror på en misforståelse. Jeg blev indlagt i en periode i 2008 til ”observation” for denne og lidt senere en anden diagnose, men lægerne kunne ikke fastsætte en diagnose ganske enkelt fordi, at der er ingen at sætte, som det fremgår af de detaljerede journaler, som kommunen har fået adgang til, men som de tilsyneladende har valgt ikke at læse.

Jeg ser frem til at høre fra ankenævnet snarest. Det er URIMELIG lang tid at vente på en afgørelse, når man som jeg i en periode ulovligt blev frataget min kontanthjælp og måtte sulte, fordi jeg ikke havde andet forsørgelsesgrundlag – som i øvrigt er en overtrædelse af Grundlovens §75, stk. 2 om, at alle har ret til forsørgelse, bemærk, at jeg har stået til rådighed hele tiden!

Venlige hilsener fra
Stig Dragholm

Will I have the energy to work at the Park and private appointments when I have had only very little energy lately?

After writing this – at the Jobcentre of course (!) – and also meeting and speaking to a very NICE Jens-Erik again I went to the library to do a few emails and while I did this Joseph started giving me short comments without bearing the burden of the Devil and without showing his own extreme suffering – really just being himself – and we know the message was that he is DEEPLY sorry that he has been forced to carry out the game as the Devil making me suffer and we know looking forward all of us we are to come back to the “good times” and so it is – and I also received a feeling that my right lower leg has now started to become “re-papered” and we know one layer after the other is “brushed” on and this is NOT THE WORST THING TO HAPPEN or in other words MAKING ME HAPPIER but still not very happy because the suffering today is maybe 10-20 percent of maximum and I am thinking about what will happen with my right leg and herewith my entire feeling and physical energy before Monday, how will the Park welcome me and how will I come through the first days also thinking that I am going to see Kirsten Monday evening – moved from today – and Tuesday afternoon/evening I hope to go to meditation/healing again in Copenhagen and we know hopefully I will also do a little bit of writing but WILL I HAVE THE ENERGY TO DO ALL OF THIS when I have only had a few hours of working capacity per day for some time now (?) or will I have to “relax” at the Park in the beginning – working at the same pace as the others – because I simply don’t have the energy to work as I normally do (?) and do I have to tell Rolf about my “injury” (?) and we know will he decide to believe in me (?) and we know normally the first days of something new are always the worst to come through and we know this has been the name of the game all along so nothing new under the sun here really and THESE ARE SOME OF THE QUESTIONS and IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE, PLEASE FOLLOW MY “OBJECTIVE” AND “NO DISCLOSING OF PEOPLE” WRITINGS SOMETIME NEXT WEEK and just thinking of the old sitcom “Soap” I am and we know which I laughed much of in the end of the seventies.

Looking forward to listening to the TRUE voice of Bono as another leader of the coming world

And we know this is about another album I have not heard for maybe a couple of years and FRANKIE boy your album “Sinatra at the Sands” is in my opinion the ABSOLUTELY BEST and we know a PERFECT GEM within this genre and we know Stig we are here AMONG THE STARS really and of course the whole SPIRIT, ENERGY and “relaxed attitude” of this album/show is better than anything else I have heard and we know there is MUCH I haven’t heard so THIS IS THE BEST I know of and I do have got a crush on many of your songs but “one for my baby” and “it was a very good year” are probably my TWO BIGGEST favourites of all of your songs BLUE EYES and we know of course I also love your duet with Bono and I am saying this because right now I am listening to “I’ve got you under my skin” from this show and even though Bono is not singing on this version, I can almost hear his characteristic and BEAUTIFUL voice coming because I know the version where he is singing too so well and we know what I am really saying here is that I am looking forward to soon LISTENING TO THE TRUE VOICE OF BONO AS ANOTHER LEADER OF THE COMING WORLD and we know so it is J.

28th August: It is a time of transition – going from a negative spiral of energy to a positive

Yesterday evening I spoke to my mother again and of course positively as always and I was sad to hear that she has been sick since Thursday and we know not making it possible for her to invite me and a connection here to the extreme Hell I went through but let us just say that she will soon recover – and let me also say that the destructive power of the Devil is very big and we know “the other side” of the initiative where I was talking to my mother about my books the day we went to the cinema could also have dragged all of us down if she had decided to reject me fully and we know if this included much negative energy because would I be able to handle such negative energy both from my father and mother at the same time without going down – and I am not really sure about this.

It is a time of transition – going from a negative spiral of energy to a positive

For some time I have been told the MOST NEGATIVE STORIES – many not brought in the scripts – of what could have happened if this and that occurred and this has made me tell the Council that I DON’T WANT YOU TO USE ENERGY TELLING ME NEGATIVE STORIES ANYMORE – these stories alone have almost brought me down – so therefore PLEASE USE THE ENERGY TO TELL POSITIVE and at least OBJECTIVE stories.

Late yesterday I was told that I will become the centre for the future world/Universe – a place where we will enter all of our wisdom and I am feeling the energy of the Council from Earth and ALSO extraterrestrials re-building me these days and we know this is also making me nervous because who will I become (?) and my feeling is that “I am just Stig” – a normal human being – and we know Stig this is how it is and how it will continue to be as long as you are alive as a “simple” human being and why do I feel so many tears right now Nostra to pick one of you (?) and we know Stig I DON’T KNOW BUT I DO and we know BECAUSE OF WHAT THE COUNCIL PUT ME THROUGH VERY LATE YESTERDAY EVENING and we know because I was zapping on the television and was surprised to see maybe 1/10 of a second that the DK4 channel showed porn and this is what would also have ignited the Devil inside of me without any return and we know the next couple of hours yesterday including this morning too this was all the Devil could “think” of and try to convince me about to pursue and we know a WRONG ROAD it was and he did it so convincingly that he was in no doubt that he would win and take me over – you know that German gentleman (?), he was waiting just behind – but we know it was NOT anything I was looking actively after and therefore he decided to retreat and so it is here BUT A VERY BIG PAIN IT WAS.

And the evening was “strange” because in the beginning of the evening my suffering was approx. 50 percent of maximum level – unbearable really – and from 22.30 it was reduced to maybe 10-20 percent and it gave me the feeling that I am now becoming so strong that if I think let me just say a very “tiny” bit and not even thinking, but “feeling” a tiny bit negative and nervous this is what I become very strongly and this is about “a little bit nervousness” before meeting the Park Monday morning – how will they welcome me (?) – and we know this is nothing compared to the feelings and anxiety I had before the meeting with Helle the other day – which just may be the real course for the “extreme negative energy” I mentioned up to this meeting and not a fight between my father and Kirsten – and we know Stig really thinking that this is a time of TRANSITION because I want to use my energy for ONLY GOOD and when I will come into a “circle of love” – really – I will be able to build up and generate all of this energy with love to people and this is how it is – a time of transition.

Today I sent an email to and received a reply from Poul-Erik and I said that I would like to wait paying him the outstanding rent until the Employment Board will give me an answer and that is even though I could offer him to repay 500 DKK per month already from now but this would be taken from money which I send to Kenya to make my friends survive and we know Poul-Erik was kind to accept to wait on the Employment Board and also to say that he had forgotten to pay the Internet subscription, which he will do now so I expect that the Internet here will start working again next week.

When writing this I was listening to the Cure – really to be cured after the experiences with the Devil and the DK4 channel (!) – and we know half of your albums Robert are the most fantastic albums in the world and the other half don’t say me much and again this morning I came to this conclusion and I don’t know how many times I have tried to listen to “4.13 dream” from 2008 to “get to learn it” and again without success and this is an example of an album not saying me much and then I listened to “The Cure” from 2004 and we know A TOTALLY DIFFERENT UNIVERSE TO ME and as boring “4.13 dreams” is in my ears as VIBRANT “The Cure” is and we know the song “the labyrinth” can also be included as one of my top favourites of yours Robert, because this song simply contains EVERYTHING which to me makes ROBERT one of the TRUE MAGICIANS OF MUSIC OF THE WORLD and so it is.

29th August: The source saved me from being taken by the Devil and the Universe from the start of total dissolving

I had a bad sleep with several dreams I have censored away and one dream was about my old colleague Morten J. inventing and selling what in the dream was a fantastic product – a loan including an insurance to cover the remaining debt in case of death and we know which I encourage people to take out when borrowing in the future and so it is really.

I am the creator returning to conscious life to eliminate “nothing” and all evil

Yesterday evening I was told that I am the creator of the world returning, that I am almost without power at the moment and that dividing the source and conscious life and now to reunite it is the only way to eliminate all evil. Again yesterday I was suffering and shown how the Council “played” with the balance with me – would I be able to make it or not (?) – and the refusal of all evil and to behave properly in the future is really to eliminate the presence of “nothing” and herewith the necessity that all needs to be in balance with plusses made up by minuses.

The source saved me from being taken by the Devil and the Universe from the start of total dissolving

Most of the day yesterday the Devil used sexual temptations with speech and visions giving me hundreds of proposals as his weapon trying to win me for his course but I kept on rejecting him and at the same time I had to reject the very strong feelings of anger and annoyance, which he also sent me after each proposal, and in fact he acted exactly as Darth Vader from Starwars encouraging me to go into the anger but I refused and did my best sending away all of the anger and negative thoughts I received.

When I went to bed the suffering continued and we know I was shown the inside of the most modern fighting ship – the ship of the Devil which would REALLY have started to melt down the globe and to dissolve the world and Universe directly in front of our eyes (!) – which I rejected too, and the sexual suffering continued with a higher degree than ever and I was really surprised and very much in pain because of this happening because of 1/10 of a second from a public television broadcasting and I feared that the Devil was about to take me over without being able to avoid it – but still I was thinking that I will never give up on my rules – and we know when things looked without hope the strong energy of the source, my self, came to me from my left for my rescue and this is what happened. The source saved me to be taken by the Devil, who retreated – and this because of a clip of 1/10 of a second on television and I am thinking that IF this had happened before July or we know looking too much at beautiful ladies on the street as another example, I would have been taken by the Devil and then the world would right now not only be in despair but in total destruction – this is the difference my friends.

From here it should be simple logic that when I will stop writing “compromising” stories of people and focus on the positive relations between people – which I always do (!) – that I will start to feel better and leave the Devil behind me and simply because of the feelings of people around me improving. And we know Stig a driving force of mine these days has also been that I am curious to see who is really behind the faces of my “special friends” and we know thinking of WHO ARE THEY REALLY and so it is.

Maitreya light service at Theosophical Fellowship opening up the channel between our Universe and the Universe of God

I was really not very fresh this morning when leaving for Copenhagen to visit the Theosophical Fellowship again and this time around for their Maitreya light service and I am indeed that Maitraya – despite of what I was told a long time ago as mentioned in my books somewhere – and we know but still “tiny little” today but growing and this is what happened today during two hours where we were approx. 20 people united – many have been here for 20 or 30 years and all are very kind and open welcoming me to this fellowship – and we know we don’t write so much at the moment so therefore I will only say that I enjoyed this “church” service very much because of the purpose to heal the world really and we know during the first hour I was told that today this service more than anything means that the channel between this universe and “my own” is opening more and still only a “tiny bit” is open my friend and after one hour of pray, meditation and singing we all stood up and sent our blessings to heal the world and in my mind today was Pakistan, Dadaab and Haiti – and LTO in Kenya – and I felt that the positive energy sent from this group was FAR more than the physical persons present today and we know because our father has returned really and my dear friends please remember “only a tiny fraction” and that is really “almost nothing” and so it is.

After the service we had tea and cake and I spoke to several of the nice people – most of them knew each other – and they were kind and so it is and I had the positive energy from the service and the people with me the rest of this day, which together with the experience from yesterday evening where “my own energy” saved me from the Devil meant that I am feeling much better this afternoon and we know knowing that the Devil is still here but that he does not have a chance against my light and for the first time ever I feel secure against the Devil and in this respect it is indeed a very special day and we know from here I am looking forward to all people on earth getting a better life.

I have decided that I for the time being will not tell Theosophical Fellowship about who I am and about my website because I would be unhappy if this will destroy their perception of me! When I believe the day is right I will tell them about me. What I do like VERY MUCH of this fellowship is that everything is done on a voluntary basis, there are no paid teachers or employees and we know people contribute voluntarily to cover the shared expenses for the fellowship – and everything is done without pressuring people.

My pain this afternoon is maybe 5-15 percent making me think of climbing down the mountain as the task of August and we know I even had a couple of minutes lying down and thinking my own thoughts without any disturbances and we know this has really not happened like this since 2006. I also spoke to my mother on the phone and we know from this afternoon she now feels much better again as she told me and we know my mother there is a virus in the air at the moment as you said but let me tell you that I am the virus too and we know Stig so on your behalf we decided to remove the virus from your mother and this is REALLY how it is.

My foot is better today, but not normal – also because of the healing effect of the service and people today – and I do hope and almost expect that my foot and we know all of me really will be able to come through the first days at the park starting tomorrow and we know a new rhythm it will be standing up at 6.30 again and so it is.

My feeling today is of LIBERTY coming and we know looking forward to HAPPY PEOPLE and POSITIVE RELATIONS – which is what I also HOPE for at the Park with some nervousness- and less writings because now the Commune has decided that I am to work at the Park for the coming period even though I told them that this is really not the best place for me to use my competences and we know I am not going to work double again so I expect that my writings will reduce considerably but we will have to wait and see as usual.

Most of this evening I started getting stomach pain the same way as I had when I was working from the Jobcentre some months ago and we know which had with coffee to do apparently but probably people remember the symbol of the coffee and we know “not much love” at that time and we know I quickly figured out that I should stop drinking coffee but the pain was so strong that I could not sit down or in any position and first at the end of the evening it gradually stopped – not nice. How would the park welcome me tomorrow?

30th August: I was very happy with the welcome from the people at the Park today – the Rebuilding/Implementation phase has now started

After not the best but still not the worst night of sleeping I was standing up at 6.30 again for the first time in many months and we know I was nervous because of any potential negative reactions from people at the Park and we know let me say from the beginning that I was VERY HAPPY with the day and with the nice welcome from ALL PEOPLE at the park and we know many well known faces and smiles and we know when I arrived at 7.30 I had decided to tell Rolf and Judith that I am finished writing about the system to make them understand and to calm them if necessary – all I need to write is really the decision from the Employment Board as the most important – and really because I would like to focus on positive relations with people as I always do you know – and you know I have “had” to write my books to help the world, which I am sure that people will find out is basically something very positive and not the opposite.

I was asked to work at the “Virumgård” – a farm belonging to the National Museum, which is the neighbour or the Park but the farm is situated maybe one kilometre away so we know I received the key to the car as the first thing this morning and we know really not very surprising it was.

And when we came to the farm I saw that it was a ramshackle, it had not been maintained for MANY years and it was in such a bad condition that a sign on it said “crash danger” and we know my job is to continue removing scrubs and we know which I decided to start with – together with a nice man from the park helping – and we know with my usual working pace despite of anything and despite of my foot and we know I felt the dissolving feeling most day but less today and really to say that all of these nice people welcoming me gave me positive energy and we know which is also helping on my foot and my general energy too, which therefore made it possible for me to work all day long as I would have done normally – and we know I was told by the Council when arriving at the farm that this is the symbol of the ramshackle condition of the world and it is from here that we TODAY have started the REBUILDING PHASE and we know the IMPLEMENTATION PHASE of the Universe – and the song “back to life, back to reality” which I like much was played to me – and so it is my friends and we still have almost two years to fulfil the rules to enter the Kingdom and I DO MEAN THAT ALL PEOPLE WILL ARRIVE AT OUR NEW KINGDOM and so it is and that is also “Johhnie and Mary” and we know the song I am listening to right now when writing this and Robert, both Jack and I were sorry when you died some years ago and this is my favourite of your songs and IF IT IS GOOD (?) and we KNOW SHINING AT THE TOP IT IS and so it is.

The wine bottle of the Council was three quarters full before the energy of God has now started returning to our Universe – STILL ALMOST INVICIBLE IT IS – and really to say that the Council and the Universe could have endured much more pain than what we went through and we know the energy coming from God is “not to be underestimated” and this is how we like to say it now and let me add that the Council had almost no energy left – i.e. “nothing” – compared to the energy which will now gradually come and spread to make the entire Universe survive.

At 7.30 this morning I decided NOT to drink coffee because I did not want to get a stomach pain but after having met smiles from all people, at 9.30 I decided to drink coffee again and we know without getting stomach pain as I thought would be the result now and we know it is always the nicest to focus on positive relations and I am glad that this is what we got again today and I was happy to start being together with people again, to have something to stand up to and really to be so lucky to have something I enjoy working with and we know even though it is hard physically and this is not where my competences are used the best and we know “some day” people will find out that I am working here and we know deciding to use me to help the world directly instead and of course also to help me get a “normal life” and if we look forward to this (?) and we know VERY MUCH.

The wine plants in one of the greenhouses wear grapes this year – see my scripts from approx. November 2009 to January 2010 and you will understand – and at the time when they are mature to be picked, which may be in September or October and we know “what do I know” – coming from my FAVOURITE album by SAGA and herewith ANOTHER of my absolutely favourite albums you know and just to say that my lists are not complete as you will find out – and I am just feeling that this may be the time when I will be “mature” too and we know getting the true feeling of arriving at the “safe haven” without having any “dissolving feeling” and we know do you remember the date and time the 10.10.10 at 10.10 and as usual we will have to wait and see what will happen.

I was home at 15.00 and we know taking a long bath at the bath tub before visiting Kirsten this evening and we know “it takes every kind of people to make the world go around” and we know thank you Robert also for a nice song with nice lyrics, and I still receive negative speech from the Devil but it is much weaker now and we know several people give me more and more positive energy and this is reducing and almost equalising the negative energy sent from we know the family members and friends, who have not yet decided to become positive and we know happy with me and this makes you suffer and we know still sends negative energy to me and all I could wish for is for all people to start to REALLY understand my scripts and we know to become positive instead of negative because you have absolutely NOTHING (!) to be negative about – and we know if when you understand and so it is. ANOTHER RELIEF is the feeling of today.

This evening I was happy to visit my old very good friend Kirsten C. again and as I told her I will not write from our meeting other than say that it was good to see you Kirsten and your bright daughter Victoria of 9 and “almost 10” J.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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