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31st August 2010: Connecting the light of God to Earth and sending His light to the world for the first time!
  • I had some of the worst dreams ever being beaten up and the best lawyer finding “proof” against me – making it almost impossible to meet at the park, but still I continued working physically very hard almost breaking me down and I also published my script of yesterday to calm down the Commune, to show that I don’t write of the system or disclosing people anymore. From here I don’t expect to write more from the Park.
  • At Theosophical Fellowship the light of God was opened more and today God connected to the network of lights on earth and for the first time since Big Bang the light of God has now been transmitted to help the Earth! When the light will open more, it will also be used to wake up the Council and other “special friends” to start teachings on earth before the triumphant “judgement”. UFO’s will land on Earth and speak to human beings when “the balance is right”.
1st September 2010: If the Universe had terminated again, another new Big Bang would blow up from its remaining
  • If the Universe had terminated it would also have opened the force of God, all material would be compressed and another new Big Bang would blow up as it has happened before.
  • If I had not been able to keep my home – symbolising the world – tidy, the world would have started breaking apart.
  • I received a new fine of 750 DKK at the train – I don’t like systems like that and I could easily imagine a FREE public transport system in the future.
  • I received and gave healing at the Theosophical Association to help Pakistan, Dadaab, Haiti and the entire world with energy directly from the Source. After the healing I felt better and the dissolve of the foot/Universe is becoming less.
  • The idea was for my family and friends to save me while the Universe would be destroyed in front of the eyes of people but now I will save all of you.
2nd September 2010 – A quiet working day, I am gaining weight and my foot is becoming stronger A quiet working day at the Park – which I am NOT reporting from – I am gaining weight even though I am eating normally and my foot and the Universe is becoming stronger.
  • My TRUE new “job” is “light work” to save the world, which I will be able to do more of when I will be released from my work at the Park!
  • We have come as far today that the “the bomb of Nixon”, which is the doomsday weapon to start the destruction of the Universe, has now been dismantled. From today it is not even possible to start this weapon anymore, so what you see is still what you continue to get – and so much more!
  • I will soon gradually become connected to “the tree of wisdom”, which means that I will become EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE (!) – and still a normal human being too – and this makes me VERY NERVOUS but the only road I can follow.
4th September 2010 – I have stopped writing on the system and people and will focus on my own development I had one of the worst nights ever with much suffering and sexual dreams/temptations, which I continued fighting today. This is “the end of the game” where I am closing the door to the darkness because I have stopped writing about the system and people and will concentrate the writings on my own development from here.


31st August 2010: Connecting the light of God to Earth and sending His light to the world for the first time!

Some of my worst sleeping ever

Tonight I had some of the worst dreams I have ever had – a former colleague continuously wanted to beat me up, he could not control his temper and another took me to the office of the best lawyer in town to find “proof” against me and we know simply to say that this is what could have happened and also to say that very bad sleep means “very negative” energy around me.

I was VERY tired when I woke up and my body was hurting all over after standing with my head in the ground yesterday clearing the scrub and we know would I be able to last all day today (?) where it was an achievement just coming to work.

Working completely exhausted with hard physical work and publishing my script to “calm” the Commune

This morning when driving from Virumgård to the Park in the pick-up I had to pass another pickup standing still right after a cross (!), I only had little space and did not notice that the back side of the pick up would “scratch” the other pick up and we know this normally never happens to me (!) and we know the driver of the other pick-up and I stood out and I asked him if anything had happened and he said “a little bit” but he decided not to pursue it and to let me go so I said thank you for this and we know the car is a symbol of myself – I knew it was arranged by the Council as MANY stories on a daily basis still are, which I however have decided NOT to write about anymore – and the question was really symbolic if I would be able to continue driving after coming through what showed out to be a TINY “traffic accident” – i.e. starting to work at the Park, being “approved” by all including the Commune “monitoring” my writings to evaluate medication (!!!), which could have gone WRONG, if I had decided to give up on the way, it was NOT easy you know – and yes my boys the answer is YES because Stig NOTHING REALLY HAPPENED and we had a break this morning at the Park when the car was at a MOT-test and during this break I managed to publish my script including the experiences of yesterday and we know for the Commune to read and understand that I do follow my promise not to write about the system or to disclose people anymore and that I really only as promised have written that I was HAPPY for the WELCOME I received at the Park – and my foot was hurting very much just before publishing the script and afterwards it became better.

At the break I also went to the greenhouse with the wine plants and noticed that the grapes are indeed ripe now, however the greenhouse and therefore also the grapes contain mould fungus and we know I just wanted to include this as a symbol and really to end the writings from my return to the Park saying that after a break of 1½ hours I continued working at Virumgård without other breaks than the official really and we know Stig using all of my physical energy and being on the edge of giving up many times the last hour – because it was PHYSICAL VERY HARD WORK AND I WAS COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED already before coming today – but I kept on because this is what I am about and so it is.

From here I don’t expect to bring more stories from the Park. The first two days at the Park were crucial and I managed to come through this hurdle too and from here it is all downhill and this is really what it is about. The impossible road down from Mount Everest passing family, friends and the system and we know this road has felt as the most difficult of all the roads I have driven and we know the long-term effect of suffering also has some importance here.

Connecting the light of God to Earth and sending His light to the world for the first time!

This afternoon I had decided also to go to the Theosophical Fellowship in Copenhagen again for meditation and healing even though my foot and I are still not physically in the best shape yet!

We were three people for meditation and I was surprised that before the meditation began my hands became “hotter than July” – obviously because we are in August J – and soon I found out that it was because we would first do a 22 minutes long meditation followed by a 10 minutes long earth healing – “what do I know” (?) but the spirits knew – and we know this was really what we opened you up to do as a channel bringing light to the world and we know TODAY IS WHEN GOD DECIDED TO SEND LIGHT TO THE WHOLE WORLD FOR THE FIRST TIME and I was given the feeling and visions that the network of lights on earth and the light of God were connected and we know my friends this is really what I did today.

After the earth healing my hands automatically cooled off and a few minutes later when a shared healing session among now four people started my hands became hot again and my energy together with the healing masters present gave healing to the two ladies here today and while this was happening I was shown the inside of a skeleton and told that “soon” when I have access to more light – myself – I will feel other people as myself, which will enable me to heal people “better and better” until the day when I will be able to wake up dead people from the grave and we know just thinking of my old healing rules that the energy will be able to travel the best through people when they have faith in me and don’t pollute themselves with all kind of pills etc. and so it is – but the healing will have an effect of all and may just become a tool for people to gradually understand who I am and bring faith to them, which will then also be alright.

Through the session today it also became clear that my “special friends” will not wake up spiritually without the energy I will provide and we know when I will be able to transfer enough energy to wake up people spiritually I have decided to wake up my mother, father and my sister as the first followed by the entire Council and we know other special friends too in the order chosen by the Council and so it is.

The soul of God is the sum of all people and life

After a long and TOUGH day I was home at almost 19.00 and we know my foot was “hurting”/dissolving and this was the feeling still and it also showed out that it was because I had used more physical energy than what I have available from Joseph and the Council in fact and we know we are the “brain” and your inner self is the “energy” – which you only open when needed – and this is why I still suffer and it was giving me 25-35 percent suffering of maximum until I started relaxing from which time it was reduced to approx. 10 percent and we know my soul as God is really the sum of all people and life and at the moment God is being build up through the encounters I have on a daily basis meeting people and we know the good energy is used to destroy all dark energy and this is really the idea.

I was told today that I will be the one to decide when UFO’s will land and SPEAK to HUMAN BEINGS on earth and I imagine that it will be when “the balance is right” also considering the right level of spiritual development and we know my own and special friends and I am sure this will be a subject we will come back to.

When I speak to the Council I have normally used the “old names” or pet names – Virgin Mary, Joseph, Mary Magdalena, Nostradamus, Jeanne D’arc, Montgomery, Rommel and John Paul II – but from now I have been INSPIRED to use OUR NAMES IN PHYSICAL LIFE and we know Lona, Peer, Karen, Denis, Caroline, Tobias, Fuggi and Paul and so it is.

These days I still receive wrong spiritual information – because of negative energy of people feeding the Devil you know – and some information never makes it to the scripts because it is sorted out when it does not make logic or if I am not able to understand it.

From today I have decided that I will continue writing focussing on my own development and not from meetings with people really because of simple logic and because I have promised you to follow my development from a normal man into the Son of God and really into God this time around.

And ending the day ENJOYING the greatest hits of Lenny Kravitz VERY MUCH and we know I LOVED SEEING YOU ON SKANDERBORG FESTIVAL IN 2008 and my dear friend we are indeed all gonna go my way – AMAZING SONG (!) – and I promise you that it will not become boring and this is a message for all of you and also here to me because this is what “my mama said” spiritually!

1st September 2010: If the Universe had terminated again, another new Big Bang would blow up from its remaining

Again tonight I did not sleep well but better than the night before and I had “mixed” dreams still including some sexual temptations so “leaving danger” is probably the right word to use today and in one dream I was at the opening night of an exclusive bar at Rungsted Harbour and my job was to write an article about it and to test the wine.

Sending money to Kenya and paying my full rent

Every Wednesday is a day off my “work” at the park so today I sent money to Kenya – I received DKK 6,939 net after taxes (!) in cash help and with the “apartment security” on top of this I had a total of more than 7,300 DKK, which I decided to split and pay like this: DKK 2,200 gross to LTO Kenya, DKK 4,023 in FULL rent as promised to Poul-Erik and approx. DKK 1,100 to my self for food and transport (I pay some transports at the train when visiting my mother and John) and the reason why the amount for myself seems low this month is because I still have much in my freezer from last month and so it is.

As a matter of good sake I would like to say that it gives me a much greater joy to keep my LTO friends alive with the money I send instead of “thinking more of my self” as some people out there may think – this is normally how people think – and let me say that the relations between LTO and I have nothing to do with money because I have their loyalty and TRUE friendship no matter if I send money as I have given you examples of both when I was in Kenya and Denmark from periods without money where I could not help them. I kindly ask people to understand this instead of making up your own mind that LTO are only loyal to me because of the money I send. This makes me very sad and we know an example of how people make other people sad simply because of their own “personal filter” and WRONG “suspicion” of what is the rationale of other people.

My mother has a birthday tomorrow, and she has invited me, which I look forward to very much but it will only be my mother, John and I and therefore I look even more forward to the day when I can be together with all of the family again when they have decided to open up their heart to me – I miss you very much! Today I decided to buy a gift for my mother and on sale I found what I believe she will be happy with and I saved 2/3 of the price and I thought that it is the thought which count the most when I bought it and it was truly the first time since coming home to Denmark in September 2009 that I have bought anything in a store other than food and daily essentials making it almost a new experience to me and so it is.

The more light work I do, the more the power of the Devil is decreased

Just to say that I am still driving in train to Copenhagen without a ticket and now also daily in the small train from Lyngby Lokal to Brede because my bicycle is not working anymore and we know making me nervous every single time and this is really the feeling I am going to decrease because this is not good in relation to the light and we know Stig you have started increasing the light – opening the door more and more really – at the same time as you still receive much negative energy and we know this is really what is happening, the more light work you do – still with the balance that you don’t have much energy to get there (!) – the more you decrease the power of the Devil and we know WE ARE BECOMING NICE ARENT WE (?) and we know which the Council is saying to me while I see them more as “they are” and one of them is not really the Devil anymore but “extremely mad” and this is at least better than before.

If the Universe had terminated again, another new Big Bang would blow up from its remaining

Today I was told that if we had been terminated this time around TOO all material would be PRESSED TOGETHER at the end with the force of God, which would open up in this process and we know the end of this process would simply be another NEW BIG BANG and I am not told but I have wondered myself if every time this has happened in the past you have taken the experiences as learning experiences with you in the “eternal grave” and we know I have had the question myself lately DO WE HAVE MEMORY FROM OUR PAST LIVES BEFORE A BIG BANG (?) and yes and no and ONE DAY THE WORLD WILL KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS so from all of us to you my dear child Stig, you are still the only one fighting for all of us and to tell the truth I AM EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED TODAY and we know but still I am following my action plan also of today not to come behind, which has been one of the most important reasons why I am still feeling alive and we know I do believe I have written about what would have happened if the Devil had taken me – cutting off my limbs without anyone seeing it physically on me and we know forcing sex on me constantly as another GREAT pain and we know I have been through this before and WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT IT (?) and today nothing and will I get a memory of this in the future (?) and we know TIME WILL TELL and we know to use a new phrase meaning that we will soon feel so much better Stig all of us and thank you for not giving up in this phase too.

All the time while living in Lyngby I have made sure that I have been satisfied with how my apartment look like – tidy including clean clothes etc. – and really to tell you that my home is symbolising the world because if I was not able to keep my apartment tidy the world would have started to break apart and I thought it would be nice for you to know.

A free public transport system?

This evening I went to visit the Theosophical Association again to receive – and also to give – healing. I took the train as usual and we know when driving the S-train, there is only periodic ticket controls and therefore I save on tickets and this meant that today I received a new fine of 750 DKK and we know I DON’T LIKE A SYSTEM LIKE THIS and I am thinking of a system in the future where people will always pay their tickets and not like me who cannot afford to pay neither the tickets nor the fines and we know I could also easily imagine a FREE public transport system in the future – as it has been seen some places as a trial in Denmark or was it in Sweden or both (?) – and we know build on the principles I have written in book 2 and I am sure that the world will find out if this is what you want in the future.

Sending more healing energy to the world

At the healing session today we were approx. 12 people to be healed from maybe 4-5 healers and we know we started in a circle with the healers standing behind us using their loud voices as “sound healing” which I felt was very effective as healing too, cleansing my soul it was, and after this I decided to wait instead of trying to be first in line to receive healing and this meant that when the first people started to receive healing I was sitting together with others at a table next by and we know my hands started heating again and from here I started meditating and giving healing not only to all people present in the room but we know to the world and this was with a blend of the energy of people present – only the good side of course – strengthened by the energy coming directly from the source and my dear friends THIS IS WHY WE ARE SO THIRSTY THROUGH YOU STIG – I have been “extremely” thirsty for days now – because WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED THIS LIFE GIVING AND HEALING ENERGY SINCE … and we know IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN PRESENT IN THIS UNIVERSE but since the Big Bang WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED ENERGY DIRECTLY FROM THE SOURCE and we know these are the words I receive so this is what I write and nothing new in this and just thinking that more and more of what I write must be TRUE simply because the energy of the source is destroying the Devil inside of me and we know inside of the Council, my special friends and the world and we know THIS LIFE SAVING ENERGY WAS ALSO TODAY SENT TO PAKISTAN, DADAAB, HAITI and THE WHOLE WORLD and today including the leaders of Russia to “control themselves” so no nuclear “accident” will happen – this is the process, which has started and we know IT WILL BECOME STRONGER AND STRONGER over the coming weeks and months because the door of the source gradually opens more and more for each light work I do until the day when the Devil has been eliminated entirely and this is TRULY how it is my friend.

When I sent healing to Pakistan I had Benazir Bhutto with me – she has been with me before – and she was present without speaking as a vision and a “feeling” under my skin, this is how I always know.

When I did the healing I was showed MANY visions as usual, one of them a giant tractor and other tools for the farm of the Council – this is the time of re-assembling my friends – and we know why don’t we just create energy from “elsewhere” than from the Source and we know simply because WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO “STEAL” ENERGY FROM OTHERS TO HELP OURSELVES SURVIVE and this is how it is and I was shown Joseph and maybe I could call him “spiritual Peer” instead and he was split in burning atoms when the healing started and afterwards he was still burning but “less” and as he said “this is something, which will make you a little bit angry” and we know he has not lost his good sense of humour and so it is.

Also thank you very much for the healer working on me for maybe twenty minutes today healing my body from top to bottom and we know again I asked to receive special healing for my right angle and we know it was a bliss to receive for Joseph and really for all of us, for the world.

My foot is better now but still I have the feeling of dissolving but less and we know – the Voice of Vrillon is still with me healing my foot including the Council too – and this evening my pain was maybe 5-10 percent of maximum so it is getting less but still very uncomfortable it is. Since starting the light work I have decided to reduce my Yoga training to once per week, every Saturday.

The idea was for my family and friends to save me and the Universe but now I will save all of you

And to end this day let me say that we had all arranged for you to arrive as Stig to be taken by the Devil because of the strong level of darkness around you among family, friends and the system and then it would be up to the same people to start believing in you when they would see you becoming increasingly worse, family members and friends dying around you, the Universe dissolving in front of the eyes of people and we know in order to try to save as many people as possible to continue life in a new world without the Devil, which is truly the most important accomplishment we could wish for and we know the idea was to get an “opposite” situation of family and friends saving the “saviour” – but now it will simply become “straight out of the road” for all people because of the decisions I took and we know I will become the true saviour and we know I FEEL VERY BAD writing words like this because I don’t like writing such things you know and THIS IS HOW IT IS – and this is the same feeling as when I wrote my CV!

2nd September 2010 – A quiet working day, I am gaining weight and my foot is becoming stronger

Another night where I did not sleep well and a new day working at the Park and we know I have decided not to write about my experiences with the system or with people anymore so as long as I will continue being at the park – until normal life will come – I will continue being positive, getting and keeping positive relations with people as I have done all along (!) and of course to work my best both in terms of quality and efficiency so nothing new in this.

This morning I was given pain in my left shoulder and I was told that I will decide myself when I want to straighten out my curved back.

I have gained weight lately because I don’t run anymore – I will start running again when my foot is feeling alright – and because I use 20-30 DKK per weekend to buy a cake or similar and we know I eat “normally” and should be able to keep a “normal figure” and we know one of those things which the light will correct too and so it is.

My foot is becoming ”whole” and stronger even though it is still not ”normal” and it was really right to “never give up” working my best and we know also in this phase where I thought it would become difficult because I had partially lost my working capacity and we know it was the light work, which helped me come through – without this I would never have come this far.

Today the Internet is working again taking off a burden of where and when to publish the next script – now I can do it from home again in the weekend.

I stayed at home this evening – my mother’s birthday – and tomorrow I will meet my mother and John of all places of course in TIVOLI and we know so it is.


Light work to save the world is my TRUE new “job”

Again a night where I did not sleep well – I was dreaming of selling Christmas through telemarketing to people – and this morning I was thinking that “light work” to save the world really is my new “job” and that I will be able to do more of this when I will be “released” from the work at the Park (!) and we know when people will finally start to REALLY understand that I am indeed “the one” and we know to help me get a “normal life” – and I am thinking MUCH of LTO these days after not having heard from Meshack and Elijah for a long time – and as usual we will take one step at a time to reach this status and so it is.


Today I was told that we have now come as far that “the bomb of Nixon”, which the Council has called it and which is really the doomsday weapon to start the destruction of the Universe, has now been dismantled and this means that FROM TODAY IT IS NOT EVEN POSSIBLE TO START THIS WEAPON ANYMORE (!) – and this is really U2 “how to dismantle an atomic bomb” and we know “by chance” I am listening to U2 right now and we know the song “two hearts beat as one”, which is of course is one of many, many fantastic songs of yours and this dismantle is really done “in the name of love” – thank you my friends for all you have done!

I felt my mothers adoptive mother with me during the day today and her message was that the sum of all negativity, worries, bad behaviour and resistance I have met around me would have re-created this now fictitious “previous German leader” through me and that she herself is “one of many” on the other side who could do no other than to re-build this “character” who is really created by and a symbol of the wickedness of man – a wickedness I decided to resist with everything I got and “much more than this” really – and the story is also that this bomb could have been, and was planned (!) to be ignited before year 2012 and that the world and the Universe could easily have been terminated completely already today, this is really the message to all people, where most have continued to live a life without knowing and without worries. It was the light meetings I went to at the Theosophical Fellowship and the healing at the Theosophical Association, which helped me to come through these last weeks – without receiving the light of these people I would “probably” have been defeated by the “worries” and “negative feelings” of family, friends and the system igniting the bomb, which would have started the end of the Universe.

When I opened my website today I was surprised to see that instead of the counter showing the number of visitors to the site, the counter said “eliminate all weapons” (which you can see from a picture of the screen included my book, which you can download from the beginning of October 2010 from the book 3 folder at my library at www.mediafire.com/stig) – and it is really not very often you see a counter on the Internet saying this (!) – and here of course just to underline the message of today: THE DOOMSDAY WEAPON HAS NOW BEEN DISMANTLED TO SAVE THE UNIVERSE FROM DESTRUCTION!


I was also told that I now contain more light than darkness for the first time (!) – the sum of myself with the Council and we know including the influence of people on “us” – and I gave the Devil “ONE” new head rule, which is that ALL ACTIVITIES OF THE DEVIL HAS NOW BEEN FORBIDDEN and we know I will continue to tolerate negative speech and physical pain for some time until it gradually will decrease and I do expect that in a matter of 1-2-3 weeks maybe all pain will have disappeared because of the light work I plan to attend and we know ALSO because I have stopped writing “critically“ about the system and people, who will now probably become “relieved” because of this also giving me the same feeling – this is how it works, remember?

I will soon gradually become connected to “the tree of wisdom”

My foot is also becoming better because I am MYSELF becoming stronger. I was shown a baby laid in the crown of the tree – which is the tree of wisdom – and the baby is not yet connected to the tree, but this is what I will become gradually and we know they say that you will become wiser when growing “older” and we know here I am “Jesus as a child” – ONE OF THE MOST “AMAZING” OF ALL OF YOUR “AMAZING” SONGS GEORGE (!!!) – and what I have to look forward to is not only to KNOW ALL, BUT TO BECOME ALL and that is THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE and we know EVERYTHING (!!!) – and still a normal human being too being able to love a woman and get a child (!) – and if I feel nervous about this (?) and my answer is what would you be (?) and we know OF COURSE I AM and very much indeed and we know to tears almost but THERE IS NO OTHER ROAD I CAN FOLLOW so this is what I continue doing and I know the goal first of all is really to remove the Devil and we know all of MY SUFFERING followed by removing the suffering “everywhere” and to it is.

Continuous healing of Fuggi to help him surviving

I felt my heart becoming weaker for a brief period of time today and I felt Fuggi with me and we know your spiritual self and this was really to say that when we did the healing session at your place it meant that this channel is now continuously open and we know I sent energy to help saving you Fuggi – your heart – because of what you go through right now.

An example of a new WRONG bureaucratic system to improve in the future

Today when I arrived home from the work at the Park I was EXHAUSTED because of lack of sleep, hard physical work all week, the “mental impact of being “accepted” by the park and the “monitoring” of “some people” who may have had worries of what I would write or not write about the Park and people in my scripts and we know which means that this working week has been one of the most difficult of all I have went through but it had to be done so I did it (!) and this afternoon I followed up on a task, which I had decided to postpone by two days, which was to call the Police about the old fine of 500 DKK, which I earlier had received respite until the 1st September and we know my message to the nice lady at the other end was that I am on cash help and still cannot afford to pay the fine and we know she said that the “system” is now that she will send the fine to “SKAT” – the tax authorities – where they will start collecting it and when they find out that I receive cash help they will give me 2-3 years of respite or until I will start getting a better income (!) and we know just another example of a system I don’t like – first I was given this fine WRONGLY and now I am included in a new BUREAUCRAZY (!) with a waste of resources and we know how much do you think this helps the PRODUCTIVITY of the community (?) and we know NOT MUCH (!) so therefore my friends please build a system without this bureaucracy based on SIMPLY LOGIC and COMMON SENSE and TRUST IN PEOPLE and we know probably one of the last stories of “the verdict of the system”.

Winning superiorly on the Gallop Derby in Tivoli

This evening my mother and John had been so kind to invite me for dinner in Tivoli and we know I will not report from private meetings anymore but let me say that I ENJOYED THIS MEETING very much too and we know I WAS MORE EXHAUSTED THAN ALMOST AT ANY TIME BEFORE (!) and I am not sure they noticed this at all and we know TIVOLI was chosen yesterday as the symbol of the garden of Eden WITHOUT weapons and ONLY if the week would turn out fine, so this is what it did J.

From my many years of friendship with my good old friend Lars I have THREE “MUSTS” FOR A PERFECT TIVOLI TOUR, which I introduced to my mother and John today: First to have a Maj Tai drink at “Tønderne”, which is simply THE BEST DRINK IN THE WORLD and we know a symbol of a Caribbean Island to me and we know coming home to God or the TRUE Source (!) and number two is to play at the “Galopspillet” (the Gallop Derby) and we know without going into detail Lars and I invented a “special technique” many years ago screwing the ball up to the left corner and from here to hit the no. 3 hole, which is almost impossible to hit intentionally otherwise and we know I promised to win this game and this is what I did with double length to no. 2 of 12 horses I believe and we know just a symbol that because I “played my horse” concentrated, I won superiorly and we know this is the right word to use so therefore it is the word I write – and finally number three on the list is a newly made black lollipop, which is still hot and soft, which will harden in your mouth and yes Lars I STILL LOVE THESE THREE “MUSTS” and I look forward to such a tour with you again someday!

By the way there was a TV-recording at the Park, which we simply HAD to watch (!) with the Danish girl band “Sukkerchok” and if we are on the pictures, maybe you can see that I am really not very happy looking directly at pretty girls and just to show you of course.

And this was the end of an EXTREMELY DIFFICULT WEEK and we know “getting better” is what I expect to become after “Onetwo” weeks really!

4th September 2010 – I have stopped writing on the system and people and will focus on my own development

One of the worst nights ever with much suffering and sexual temptations

I had a simply dreadful night – one of the worst – and we know where I was dreaming of let us just say many symbols of the Devil – they are lifted you know (!) – meaning “suffering” and the most direct sexual dreams and temptations I have had for a very long time and we know this is really because of “Sukkerchok” from yesterday and let me say people still worrying about what I would or would not write about my experiences in the park and we know this is all I will write and just to say that this night was one of the MOST difficult to come through and that the morning started almost at the zero point but I asked the Source to ease the suffering still given to me from the Devil when it comes to negative speech, which I ALWAYS need to correct and we know “some sexual speech and visions” too, which could escalate if I did not use energy I don’t have to resist it (!) and we know NOT EASY TO FIGHT when you are extremely exhausted but this is what I continued doing also today and we know also having in my back head that if I did not have enough energy to resist it, the Source would help me with more energy in case of the Devil trying to take me over again.

Closing the door to the darkness to end “the game”

I was also shown that I am inside a room of light closing the door to the room of darkness and we know because I am reassuring the system and “some people” that I have ended my writings on the system and people and we know I will report the verdict of the Employment Board when it comes and this is really it otherwise I will focus on my own personal development in my writings – and I was shown chessmen taken from the board into the container really to say that “this was the end of the game” and so it is!


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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