8th September 2010 – I won the case against the Commune on “technicalities” but I lost on my freedom of speech!!!

Summary of the script today



5th September: The Devil is dissolving and has dismantled his weapons of sexual torments and killing me
  • I published my script yesterday but I don’t have access to my website giving me some anxiety, because logically it should still work!
  • For weeks I have been “falling” out of my body in muscle contractions when the Council has tested the effect of “leaving me” and my own soul – the Source – has “filled me up” to make me survive.
  • Yesterday evening the Devil was dissolving in front of me, he has NOTHING to fight for anymore after the doomsday weapon was taken away from him and today he also dismantled the weapon of tormenting me with sex.
  • The weapon to kill me” of the Devil has now been dismantled too. I am being rebuilt with a combination of the energy of the Source and my old soul provided by the Council as “the brain”! At the meditation today at the Theosophical Fellowship I started my journey to come back from the absolute centre of the Devil.
6th September: Sending my regards as Buddha for the first time to all Buddhists: I am with you!
  • I have been working extremely hard without energy and a back hurting very much to come back from the cave of the Devil also bringing the Devil with me!
  • I received CALM when I found out that my website is still working and when my mother was very kind giving me a train card.
  • I went to the Buddhist “Centre for Wisdom and Compassion” for a long meditation, where my right lung was healed and where an “automatic voice” with me said that I am sending my regards as Buddha for the first time to all Buddhists.
  • Elijah is still “alive and kicking” but how is Meshack doing???
7th September 2010: People will be happy to help the world getting “normal life” when they know who I am
  • Tonight I still received dreams of sexual torments and my right foot is still “dissolving” – which are after-effects of the weapons of the Devil not working anymore, which the Devil has not quite realised yet. The temper of my father was so STRONG that Joseph as his spiritual self could only spiritually cut off my right foot, which has since been “supported” spiritually by the Council, my own growing soul and my mother’s mother making the foot and I hurt.
  • I am still working physically extremely hard, which is part of my road returning from the centre of the Devil.
  • Poul-Erik has received extra invoices of heating and electricity forcing him to raise the rent by 600 DKK per month, which makes me hope that people will soon start to bring normal life to me through donations because of the work I do writing my scripts and doing light work to help the world – so I will also be able to continue helping my friends in Kenya surviving until they will start their TRUE work to inform the world of the judgment or “a new beginning”.
  • I was VERY HAPPY meeting old colleagues from Fair, who decided to offer me dinner, which made me happy and think that people normally like to help people and that people will be happy to help the world getting “normal life” when they will TRULY know who I am and that “a new beginning” will start in 2012.
8th September 2010: I won the case against the Commune on “technicalities” but I lost on my freedom of speech!!! I received the verdict of the Employment Board on my complaint of the Commune removing my freedom of speech and my cash help in May. I “won” the case because of “technicalities” when the Commune did not meet requirements to guide me etc., but the Board had had nothing to disagree with when it came to the FUNDAMENTAL, which is that my freedom of speech was taking from me herewith VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION! This is how a system decided to obstruct the most important and POSITIVE story imaginable and the Board really approved the “dead sentence” given by the Commune because they did not like my writings!


5th September: The Devil is dissolving and has dismantled his weapons of sexual torments and killing me

Tonight I started sleeping somewhat better, not normal, but better meaning that I don’t have the feeling of burning from the inside and out today, which I had more and more throughout the week culminating yesterday. I am not writing down dreams at the moment – I don’t receive many – but I do remember from this night being lifted up in a lift and Michael Jackson singing “If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place” and “Then Make A Change” from the song “Man in the Mirror” and thank you Michael for still being with me.

I have no access to my website, but logically it should work!

Yesterday when I published my script it was “almost impossible” to do but finally Microsoft Live Writer showed that the script was published, however I was not given access to my website neither through Firefox or Internet Explorer and we know this is when it comes to my “spaces” website – http://stigdragholm.spaces.live.com which is the website I am normally referring to – but I had no problems opening my “profile” website at http://cid-24d5547e604bbd41.profile.live.com/ and we know this continued today and simple logic tells me that the website should be alright also because the profile site confirms that I published a post yesterday and that it is therefore the Council blocking the access through my computer to tell me that there are “people” still not happy about my website and we know giving me anxiety too – this is the feeling I am given because this is the feeling this person feels – and I will have to check my site from another computer to see if it is still working, which I do believe it does – and in case it is not, I will simply create a new website elsewhere and so it is.

Examples of the Council leaving my body and the Source saving me

I have not written about this before but for “some weeks”, when I have tried now and then to get a short nap on the sofa, I have been “falling” out of my body every time half sleeping and the feeling is exactly like this and we know it really means that the Council has left me and that my own soul has taken up “the fight” to save me from dying because if your own soul would not be strong enough we would have made an error but of course the feeling is REALLY NOT very “nice” to say the least and we know try to imagine all of your body falling forward in muscle contractions and we know “someone leaving” you as your soul and we know an energy from the left “filling me up” and this is roughly how it is – not nice and we know something which has required all of my faith really to come through, but of course only one “small thing” out of many.

The Devil has NOTHING left to fight for after the doomsday weapon of destruction has been taken away from him

I was told that the way to passive the Devil is to take away his doomsday weapon of destruction as I did the other day and when he does not have access to this weapon anymore he has really given up – then he has NOTHING to fight for anymore and we know this is what I felt more and more of yesterday evening when I saw what I do believe this time is the last remaining of the Devil speaking negatively and trying to tempt me with sex and when I told him that all activities of the Devil is forbidden, he was dissolving also making my foot feel “almost alright” and this is how it is and we know THIS IS REALLY HOW IT IS! And let me just say that the trials of the past week made me reach my absolute border, where I had nothing left to fight with and just saying here that I gave ALL I had in me.

This morning the Devil himself started dismantling another weapon, which is the weapon of “sexual temptations”, which is really a DISGUSTING weapon because in my case it does not mean “satisfaction” but “suffering” and we know so this is what he did and he showed me dismantling it and re-using some of the parts of this “machine” as the horn on his new car and this is really how it is here.

Receiving regards from and the deepest emotions from other civilisations

Yesterday evening I was also in contact with “extraterrestrials” – they give me spiritual experiences the same way as the Council really – without knowing who it was and they asked me to send my regards to all Civilisations of the Universe – which I did – because WE ARE WAITING TO SEE YOU ALL OF US and we know I AM GETTING THE DEEPEST EMOTIONS AND ALMOST TEARS IN MY EYES RIGHT NOW and we know FRUSTRATION, MUTILATION and what is worse is what you have SAVED us all from and we know BY TAKING ON THE PAIN YOURSELF ON BEHALF OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE and we know it is not only tears because we follow you and your suffering, it is also JOY and HAPPINESS coming to all of us and we know I received the feeling yesterday that if you believe you have seen variation of life on earth, you should see MULTI-VARIATIONS AND COMBINATIONS OF LIFE of the Universe which you cannot imagine and we know LOOKING FORWARD TO MEETING ALL OF YOU because this is what I will do in the future too and we know visit different civilisations and so it is.

I was also asked what I would do if I was going to create a totally new world – if I was to forget about the existing – and we know the only logic answer is of course to create ONE WORLD uniting the spiritual and the physical world and we know probably old news but this is where we are NOW heading and we know more and more for each generation until the day when people will come as “close to you” – also a special song to me thinking of EXALON on Strøget (!) and we know the one by Maxi Priest – that we can build up the necessary energy to become ONE BEING and not a separate physical and spiritual being at the same time.


And we know it is with GREAT JOY that I am listening to a full album by Ultravox again for the first time in almost 1½ years and I LOVE YOU TOO and thank you Michael you have been with me all of the time and what I was about to say here is that I truly love the music of Ultravox, which will never “fade to grey” really and right now I am listening to “Hymn” and we know the lyrics “Give us this day all that you showed me – The power and the glory till my kingdom comes” and this is indeed what is coming my friend, the new kingdom – and VIENNA is still simply the most amazing and outstanding song you can imagine, how is it possible to create such a marvellous song (?) and still today it is sounding as fresh as when it was made, fantastic and we know at the moment I am “crazy about” the song “Herr X”, which makes me think of the influence of Kraftwerk and we know Ultravox rank HIGHLY on my chart this fantastic band.

“The weapon to kill me” of the Devil has now been dismantled too

This evening when I went out the door to go to light service at the Theosophical Fellowship I was told that “the weapon to kill me” is now also dismantled and when I was walking to the train I was AGAIN thinking of what was said to me the other day that it is the first time since the Big Bang that the energy of the Source has been transferred to our Universe and that this has to be WRONG and we know when using simple logic really, which has been part of the game you know, because the answer I gave earlier to the riddle, which was true because otherwise I would not have been accepted, was that my soul consisted of Virgin Mary and Joseph and that my true inner self left the Universe to be next to God as the Source outside the Universe when Jesus was killed and we know Stig if I left the Universe to be next to God outside the Universe it simply means that when I was alive as Jesus I had to be in contact with the Source as God and then the only logical answer today when using simple logic is that I am now returning to life and we know meaning that my soul is being rebuild with my energy from the reconnected Source and my old soul provided by “the brain” as I can call the Council here and we know THERE IS MORE TO THIS also when feeling the extraterrestrials coming to me and so it is – and this also gives me the answer why I have almost not felt my own spirit and soul yet and so it is.

Today at the Theosophical Fellowship we did an earth healing focusing on sending help, faith and hope to Pakistan, the trapped miners in Chile and to the populations of Eastern Europe, which I of course participated in to help and to me it was also still a question of starting my journey from the most inner soul of the Devil where I am travelling from and we know crossing his barriers to come outside to the true sun really and this is the best way we can describe it and THANK YOU for going to a new light service my boy as we say all of us and we know this was the reason why I felt the Devil speaking negatively and working directly against me in the beginning of the service today giving me strong feelings of impatience and resistance to what I did but we know being DECISIVE is what matters here and we know doing what is RIGHT really.

These days I have also thought about my writings of people in the past where I have focussed as much as possible to write objectively about the experiences I have had with people and we know I am thinking that the Devil may have cheated me from time to time telling me lies or “not the full truth” and also giving me too harsh comments and I just wanted to say that this is NOT how I normally am and that I have done these writings under the biggest difficulties imaginable with the presence of a very strong Devil – which also helped bringing ENERGY back then when the situation was “reversed” – and we know when I have made errors I can only give you my apology because I don’t like to write what is not the truth and so it is.

6th September: Sending my regards as Buddha for the first time to all Buddhists: I am with you!

Working extremely hard to come back from the cave of the Devil bringing the Devil with me

This morning I was very tired again and I was almost giving up from the morning even before leaving for work at the Park and the work today – as Thursday and Friday last week – was still physically demanding cutting shoots from many lime trees meaning that I for days now have bend my back all day long and we know the lower part of my back has hurt VERY MUCH making it almost impossible for me to continue doing this work and we know both because of lack of energy and my hurting back but still carrying on with the same pace, quality and efficiency I am – I know that my back will not be damaged – and hoping that I soon will get other work not as physically demanding and we know the connection here is that the harder the work I do, the more difficult it is also to control the negative speech I am still given – because of exhaustion, which Joseph still does not like very much you know because of his weak situation – and we know during a working day I will also have to fight the Devil inside of me giving me a hard time and we know, which is NOT the least difficult to do and just to say that this is the road back from my visit at the cave of the Devil and today I was told that I am bringing the Devil with me out from his cave to convert him – and I was shown an egg growing out from the angle on my right foot, which is really to say that it is from my foot and me that our new civilisation has started to grow – and we know this is why these days are not very easy too.

Finally I received CALM when I checked that my website is still working

When arriving at the Park today I was also EAGER to check my website at the computer but the Internet was “apparently“ disconnected even though there was nothing wrong with the network (!) so I had to go all day also thinking if or if not anything was wrong with my website and we know it SHOULD be alright but you know just the nervousness thinking that if it was not was another pain put on top today and we know I was busy because after work at the Park I hurried to the library to check my website and we know the Internet was working there but for one second the Council disconnected it giving the same error page as in the Park (!) and we know from here you “allowed” the Internet to work again and we know as expected my website was still working giving me CALM and we know the anxiety I have been given for days now because of this alone is simply because of the anxiety another person I know “well” feels and so it is.

My mother gave me a train card giving more CALM

Today my mother arrived at 16.00 for a short visit because she was so kind to offer me to pay for a monthly train card because she understands after reading my scripts that it is not nice travelling on the train without a valid ticket and this is what we did and thank you very much mother for helping me out and bringing calm, which is really also vital in this phase.

Sending my regards as Buddha for the first time to all Buddhists: I am with you

After the park and the visit from my mother I was really VERY tired but I had decided to visit the Buddhist “Centre for Wisdom and Compassion” in Copenhagen – http://fpmt.dk/ – for what they call “intensive mindfulness”, which is one long mediation divided into different parts and the first thing I felt when I entered this beautiful room in the centre of Copenhagen was the ENERGY OF DEEP CALM brought by much meditation from many people, I don’t believe I have ever been to a room with the same amount of quietness and piece as this and this meant that when we started meditation – we were only four people today, but on Tuesdays I was told there should be many more – I went deeper than I believe I have ever been before and besides meditation I also allowed the spiritual world to use the energy of the people present and the room for healing with the same purpose as I have explained earlier and for me it also meant that for half an hour I felt my right lung physically being healed and so it is. Later an “automatic voice” with my consciousness and “co-operation” – this is also how it works – started saying inside of me “I am sending my regards as Buddha on this channel for the first time to all Buddhists, I am with you and I ask for your help and energy to eliminate the Devil” and later I received a message in return from Dalai Lama but to be honest I cannot remember what was said.

Especially at the beginning of the long meditation I also still received very strong and negative energy and speech of the Devil, I was shown and felt the “previous German leader”, which you by now have probably guessed who is – he died in Berlin in 1945 (!) – and I also felt Djengis Khan and we know another vicious leader brought to mankind because of the behaviour of mankind and we know I have been on the other side of these to dismantle the doomsday weapon and now I am meeting them on my way out too and this is why the negative energy is still VERY strong – I have been to a place, where you just don’t enter and “don’t walk away” after switching on the light but this is what I did.

After the meditation the leader was very nice giving me and another newcomer explanation of the activities of the centre and we know they base their system on free donations as I do too – but I have not received a donation as such yet – and in contrast to me they are able to get a balance in their economy and I do hope that you will understand that I was not able to donate today, I only had 100 DKK on me, which I could not exchange and I was thinking that the next time I will give 20 DKK based on my money holdings at the moment.

Elijah is still “alive and kicking” but how is Meshack doing?

Today I also received a very positive email from Elijah, who is still “alive and kicking” as he wrote, which I was very happy to hear. He is at his rural village at the moment still hiding from the Police and we know which is making me sad Elijah but still I am very happy to hear from you – thank you. And I am still thinking much about Meshack, I have received no news from him or his team friends lately and I do hope that one will send me a few lines on how he is and if they have been in contact with him and I am really thinking that I have been going through the worst suffering – bringing out the Devil from his cave – and because of this I expect that Meshack has been suffering very much too – he is following me as you may understand – and I do hope that his situation will improve as mine will improve and Meshack, I am still sending healing energy to you to make you come through.

7th September: People will be happy to help the world getting “normal life” when they know who I am

The after-effects of the weapons of the Devil, which have been dismantled

Again tonight I did not sleep well to say the least, I was woken already at 4.30 – which I also did yesterday – and tonight I had new strong sexual dreams and we know, which I don’t fully understand after the message of yesterday that the weapon of the Devil giving me sexual torments has now been dismantled and we know I think that the weapon has been dismantled but that I am still feeling the after-effects of what has been and we know the wish of the Devil is to still have this weapon but we know without accepting and realising that the weapon is not working and this is really the best way I can explain it to you – this is the feeling I am getting – and this is also why I am still getting the feeling of dissolving in my right foot even though the doomsday weapon has been dismantled too and we know the feeling of my foot is more, the harder I work and the more “stressed” I decide to be (!) because this is really something I decide on myself based on my temper and attitude of patience and so it is.

The dissolving feeling of my foot is right now when this is written like a “constant pressure” approx. 10 centimetres above my right angle on the inside and today I also felt that my whole right foot has been cut off above my angle and we know I have had this feeling for a long time actually and we know I have been told that when my father sent me his email this is what Joseph had to do – to cut off my right foot – because this is HOW STRONG MY FATHER’S TEMPER WAS WITH ME – and instead of having Joseph “supporting” my right foot, the foot has now for some time been supported by the other members of the Council and we know my growing true inner self and also my mother’s late mother and we know this is really how it is and also why I am looking forward for my own father to start understanding me, which is what will ultimately help my foot and we know the feeling of the foot is not VERY NICE and I don’t know if you can even imagine how it is to have a part of your body, which is “supported” by other souls and we know making the foot weaker and we know probably this is to much to ask for but again this is truly how it is.

Working extremely hard to get back from the centre of the Devil

Today I continued working hard at the Park and when I thought I was finished doing the physically hard work I was given even more physical hard work, which gave me a very strong throw up feeling the rest of the day and we know still being extremely tired and with my back hurting me also extremely and we know I could not dream to stop doing this work because it is part of my road back from the centre of the Devil and this is really why – otherwise it would have been too demanding.

When working today I received the thought that Earth will not be blown in pieces – the doomsday weapon has been dismantled you know – and we know thinking of Earth as a summer paradise for the future LUCKY people to use and so it is.

My rent is increased by 600 DKK – waiting to receive donations and “normal life”

Today Poul-Erik informed me that he has received extra invoices on heating and electricity of 8,500 DKK for a year – despite of the monthly payments on account – which he again very nice said that he will pay and that he because of this will have to raise the monthly rent by 600 DKK and again he was nice because the raise could be of 700 DKK when you divide 8,500 DKK by 12 and we know which means that he is actually paying for some of my usage and we know I am thinking of my income after the taxes have reduced my cash help and we know it is really nice of people to help me financially – here thinking of my mother with the train card etc. and Poul-Erik with the rent – but I am also thinking that this for me is still not a nice feeling to receive because what I am looking for is simply for people to start helping me to get a normal life based on the work I do writing my scripts and doing light work to help all people on earth and we know through donations – as the Centre of Wisdom and Compassion receive – to bring “balance” in my economy so I don’t need to have other people helping me like this and I am thinking that hopefully this will soon start to happen and also that I hope the Employment Board soon will reach a verdict and that they will decide to support me and of course so I will be able to continue helping my friends in Kenya to survive and we know until they will start to receive a normal life too and we know to start their work as my “special friends” – or servants – of LTO helping the world to prepare for “a new beginning”, which is really what we can call “judgment day” for from now.

I was VERY HAPPY seeing old colleagues of Fair, who was kind to offer me dinner

Today I did not have time to visit the Theosophical Fellowship because I had an agreement to see old colleagues from Fair and we know I will not report from our conversation but just say that I was VERY HAPPY meeting all of you again and we know I did NOT speak of my book – not even the objective subjects – because nobody asked and because I don’t have a desire to speak about these subjects and we know instead we were all happy speaking about all other kind of subjects, which we all felt like speaking about – as you normally do when meeting people (!) and we know because I don’t have much money I had late lunch at home before leaving and to me the most important was the company of my old colleagues even though they had arranged to meet for dinner at a restaurant and we know at the restaurant I told the truth that I was fine being together with them, that I did not need anything and that it was because of my present small income and we know after some time the company of people decided to give me a main course, a desert and a glass of wine too – which made me happy – and we know also made me think that this is what has happened every time I have met old friends since writing to them approx. the 1st August – others have given me coffee on cafés – and we know I am thinking that the basic instinct of people is to help other people and we know the feeling is the strongest for people they know and this is simply what I have seen from these my friends and we know I am thinking that when people will truly understand who I am and that we from 2012 will start “a new beginning” with a new system, all people will be happy to give what they have to provide “normal life” for themselves and the world.

8th September: I won the case against the Commune on “technicalities” but I lost on my freedom of speech!!!

Tonight I slept somewhat better again – a good sign that I am “getting better” – and this morning I opened my website at home for the first time in several days and now there was no problems at all, the site opened without “problems” this time. I still get some dreams but I have decided not to bring most of them partly because they are not very important and partly because I have been exhausted beyond imagination for some time now.

Today is my day off from the Park meaning that I could follow up doing the writings of my scripts from the last couple of days and we know to check my website, to go to the Jobcentre to remove the Microsoft Live Writer again and we know to relax a couple of hours too, which I appreciated very much after some very hectically days and that is only UNTIL I checked my mail box to find that the verdict of the Employment Board had arrived and we know from here I “decided” to write the following chapters and also later to go to healing service in Copenhagen again and we know also because I needed to come out of the last “fog” on my way from the centre of the Devil to the light my boy as Joseph – my spiritual father you know – here tells me.

I won the case against the Commune on “technicalities” but I lost on my freedom of speech!!!

Finally today I received the verdict of the Employment Board on my decision to appeal the WRONG decision of the Commune from May 2010 to stop my cash help – see chapter 3 from the 3rd May and chapter four from the 10th May 2010 among others – and we know first I was happy to see that the Employment Board had decided on a verdict in my favour meaning that the decision of the Commune to stop my cash help was NOT valid – and that they now have to pay out what they “stole” from me (!) – but soon I saw that the verdict is ONLY based on “technicalities” and we know HUMAN ERRORS from the Commune to fulfil “specific” requirements by the law, which is really unimportant to me and we know the fundamental issue that the Commune acted WRONG when they removed my freedom of speech was really not mentioned in the verdict because they obviously did NOT focus on MY HUMAN RIGHTS (!) but on the law of activation, which I had feared they would – this is what they are “experts” in – and according to the Commune and now the Board too, I was not “available” for the job market when I refused to be “activated” when my freedom of speech was taken from me and THIS IS WHAT MADE ME VERY SAD to read and we know BECAUSE IT IS SO WRONG THAT IT IS SCREAMS TO HEAVEN (!) and you can read the verdict here – which I have MANUALLY typed because the Board did not send me an email but a letter (!!) – and you can read my detailed comments from the chapter following the verdict and we know this is how the system of Denmark rejected my freedom of speech to write the most important and POSITIVE story ever to help the people of the world, to let me starve and slowly die simply because they did not like what I wrote NOT understanding the importance and VERY POSITIVE MESSAGES of my story and so it is:


Du har klaget over, at Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune den 4. maj 2010 har bragt din kontanthjælp til ophør efter aktivlovens § 41, stk. 1, nr. 1.

Beskæftigelsesankenævnet har modtaget sagen fra kommunen den 25. maj 2010. Nævnet har truffet denne


Nævnet finder, at kommunens afgørelse om at bringe din kontanthjælp til ophør er ugyldig.

Begrundelsen er, at kommunens skriftlige vejledning af dig ikke opfylder kravene i aktivlovens § 35, stk. 1.

Begrundelsen er endvidere, at kommunen ikke forud for afgivelsen af tilbuddet har udarbejdet en jobplan, jfr. beskæftigelsesindsatslovens §29, stk. 1.

Nævnets afgørelse betyder, at kommunen skal genoptage udbetalingen af kontanthjælp til dig fra ophørstidspunktet.

Det fremgår af sagen, at kommunen ved brev af 22. april 2010 indkaldte dig til at møde på Brede Park den 27. april 2010 kl. 11.00 til en samtale om forløbet af dit tilbud på Brede Park. Kommunen har udarbejdet en jobplan vedrørende dette tilbud. Jobplanen er dateret og underskrevet af kommunen den 27. april 2010. Det fremgår af jobplanen, at tilbuddets periode er 27. april 2010 til 26. oktober 2010.

Nævnet finder derfor, at dit tilbud hos Brede Park må anses for at have været begyndt den 27. april 2010.

Nævnet har lagt til grund, at det ifølge aktivlovens § 35, stk. 1, er en betingelse for, at kommunen kan sanktionere en kontant- eller starthjælpsmodtager efter lovens §§ 36-41, at kommunen samtidig med bl.a. afgivelsen af tilbuddet skriftligt har informeret pågældende om hvilken konsekvens det vil få for hjælpen, hvis vedkommende udebliver fra eller afviser et tilbud eller har så mange udeblivelser at det må sidestilles med en afvisning, og om hvilke skridt vedkommende skal tage for igen at blive berettiget til hjælpen.

For så vidt angår sanktion i form af ophør af hjælpen i forbindelse med et beskæftigelsesfremmende tilbud, fremgår det af aktivlovens § 41, at hjælpen ophører, hvis hjælpsmodtageren uden rimelig grund afviser et tilbud, og at hjælpen ophører så længe vedkommende afviser tilbuddet og på betingelse af, at der står et tilbud åbent for pågældende. Pågældende vil igen blive berettiget til hjælp, når pågældende tager imod tilbud.

Nævnet har lagt vægt på, at kommunen ikke i forbindelse med den skriftlige vejledning af dig i brevet af 22. april 2010 har informeret dig om, hvilke skridt du skulle tage for igen at blive berettiget til hjælp, hvis din hjælp blev bragt til ophør som følge af en afvisning af tilbuddet uden rimelig grund.

Nævnet har endvidere lagt vægt på, at det fremgår af beskæftigelsesindsatslovens § 29, stk. 1, jfr. Stk. 3, at der forud for afgivelsen af tilbud efter lovens kapitel 10-12, til kontanthjælpsmodtagere skal udarbejdes en jobplan, hvis tilbuddet har en varighed på mere end 4 uger.

Nævnet har endelig lagt vægt på, at tilbuddet havde en varighed på mere end 4 uger og at jobplanen ikke er udarbejdet forud for afgivelsen af tilbuddet, der begyndte den 27. april 2010.

Nævnet finder i øvrigt, at kommunen burde have imødekommet din anmodning om udsættelse af fristen for partshøring.

Nævnet henviser herved til, at det fremgår af forvaltningslovens § 21, stk. 1, 1. pkt., at den, de er part i en sag, på ethvert tidspunkt af sagens behandling kan forlange, at sagens afgørelse udsættes, indtil parten har afgivet en udtalelse til sagen, sammenholdt med at der ikke ses at foreligge sådanne forhold, der taler imod en sådan udsættelse.

Nævnet ændrer derfor kommunens afgørelse.

For så vidt angår det du har anført om grundlovens § 75, stk. 2, og om rådighed, skal nævnet oplyse følgende til din orientering:

Det er i grundlovens § 75, stk. 2, fastsat, at den, der ikke selv kan ernære sig eller sine, og hvis forsørgelse ikke påhviler nogen anden, er berettiget til hjælp af det offentlige, dog mod at underkaste sig de forpligtelser, som loven herom påbyder.

Det er således ikke i strid med grundloven, når det i aktivlovens § 13 er fastsat, at det er en betingelse for at modtage hjælp til forsørgelse efter aktivloven, at vedkommende aktivt søger at udnytte sine arbejdsmuligheder.

Du har således som kontanthjælpsmodtager ifølge aktivlovens § 13 pligt til at stå til rådighed, herunder ved at tage imod et rimeligt beskæftigelsesfremmende tilbud og andre foranstaltninger, der kan afdække din arbejdsevne med henblik på, at kommunen kan vurdere dit beskæftigelsespotentiale og der igennem vurdere, hvilken form for hjælp og støtte du har behov for. Du er kun undtaget fra denne rådighedsforpligtelse i det omfang, det fremgår af aktivlovens § 13, stk. 4 og 5. Der findes hverken i aktivloven eller i beskæftigelsesindsatsloven en regel om, at personer over 30 er fritaget for at stå til rådighed i indtil 9 måneder.

For så vidt angår det du har anført om ytringsfrihed bemærker nævnet til din orientering, at det sker under ansvar for domstolene, når du ytrer dig. Dette fremgår af grundlovens § 77, og det indebærer, at du – hvis betingelserne i straffeloven er opfyldt – kan ifalde straf for dine ytringer.

Afgørelsen er truffet af et enigt nævn.

Afgørelsen er truffet på baggrund af de sagsakter, som kommunen har sendt til nævnet sammen med klagen, din e-mail af 11. maj 2010 og dit brev af 27. august 2010.

My comments to the verdict: The system removed my freedom of speech violating the Constitution because of negativity and misunderstandings!

The Danish Constitution, section 77, on the freedom of speech says that “any person shall be entitled to publish his thoughts in printing, in writing, and in speech, provided that he may be held answerable in a court of justice.  Censorship and other preventive measures shall never again be introduced.”

This is SIMPLY what I have done and what I have told the Commune and the Employment Board all along: I have a RIGHT to publish my thoughts and I am answerable in a court of justice. When you use SIMPLY LOGIC my “case” is STRAIGHT FORWARD: I have met censorship from the Commune and now the Employment Board telling me about all of their bureaucratic rules and we know the name of the game is that they have prevented me from using my basic human right of free expression and we know because they don’t like what I have written of the system – a system, which has denied a citizen his LEGAL right to FREE SPEECH on the same system they represent.

The Employment Board takes for granted that I did not have a valid (!) reason to reject the “offer” on activation because I am only “allowed” to reject such an offer according to the law of activation, section 13, 4-5, if I am ill, need to look after my children etc. and NOTHING in this law says that I am “excused” if those in power AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION removes my freedom of speech and we know on this basis they believe that I am NOT available for the job market! Can you see how this looks my dear friends? Not very good! It is NOT forbidden for you to use SIMPLE LOGIC!

If we for the sake of experiment for a moment just THINK that I had written VERY POSITIVELY about the system for all of the system to see and UNDERSTAND immediately and if the system theoretically had decided that they would not allow me to work at the park as long as I continued to write POSITIVELY about the system, do you then think that the verdict of the Employment Board would be to tell the Commune that it is NOT a “problem” to have a person writing POSITIVELY about the system and that their decision therefore would be against the law?

And this is really to say it clearly: I HAVE WRITTEN THE MOST POSITVE BOOK WITH ALL OF MY LOVE TO ALL PEOPLE AND TO ALL PEOPLE MENTIONED IN THE BOOK WITH THE PURPOSE TO HELP US ALL TO GET A BETTER LIFE AND A BETTER SYSTEM but because the system has NOT understood that this is the content of my writings, they have NOT allowed me to use my freedom of speech – simply because they don’t like what I have written, because they believe it is negative and we know in their eagerness to “protect” the people I have written about and we know the system from being exposed and let me say as I have said so many times before: If the system and the people had TRULY read and TRULY understood who I am and my mission you would all have allowed me to do my writings also on you personally and you would have supported and encouraged me but because of the MISUNDERSTANDINGS of the system and of people I have in reality only met RESISTANCE and TRUE NEGATIVITTY in relation to my writings.

Please remember that the Commune knew about my writings when I attended the “offer” on activation at A2B from February 2010 and they allowed me to continue writing and we know so when they did not remove my freedom of speech, I was “available” for the job market and we know when they later removed my freedom of speech, I was no longer “available” ONLY in their own mind (!) and we know instead it was acceptable for them that I was left to rot and die slowly – and in the verdict the only thing the Employment Board writes about when it comes to my freedom of speech is that I am answerable to the court of law and that I can receive a sentence for my expressions if the conditions of the penal code is met! What do you think about that – is that FAIR?

So what you have seen here is a BUREAUCRATIC SYSTEM OF DENMARK – a country praising itself because of its HUMAN RIGHTS (!) – which denied me from writing the most important story to change the world and instead accepted that the Son of God was “not available” for the job market and let me to starve – in a community where nobody else did anything to help me survive. This is about the system and people of Denmark resisting my writings to help you because of your misunderstandings, bureaucrazy and negative feelings – do you see?

So my dear reader, do you believe that the Commune with all of its civil servants and politicians and now also the Employment Board – where all of the board agreed on the verdict – was RIGHT when they reached this verdict (?) or do you believe that my basic human rights truly was taken from me and that what the system did to me was humiliating me and WRONG? I know what the verdict of ALL PEOPLE soon will be and my dear friends it will be the opposite of what ALL PEOPLE OF THE SYSTEM today has decided. You have here seen another story of how can one man be right and all others wrong (?) and we know this is SADLY the case and we know do you remember what I have told you about LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY and we know the story about COMMUNICATION and to read what I really wrote and not only the surface, which fooled all of you people working at the system.

When I read the verdict I was VERY SAD to see the misunderstandings of this system but I was happy that bureaucracy means that the Commune now has to pay the cash help they AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION withheld from me – and for a matter of good sake this system now gives the Commune four weeks of time to think if they want to appeal this verdict, which they can do if they believe it is important and if an Appeal Agency evaluate that the case is important in principle but I do believe that the Commune will come to the conclusion that they will now pay out what they owe me and in this respect justice has been done – and we know I am also HAPPY to show you how a SYSTEM is NOT supposed to work in the future. PLEASE USE SIMPLE LOGIC AND CUT OFF ALL BUREAUCRAZY!

Please let me say that I did NOT use much time to read and understand all of the very complicated rules of the laws of this system, which I could have decided to do – but we know I used SIMPLE LOGIC instead.

Ending the day going to Copenhagen to receive FREE healing from the Theosophical Association and we know VERY NICE as always and this time I was shown the intestine system of the man healing me – because I am healing the other way as well – and I was not told what the “problem” was but I was asked of how much effect the healing should have on him when he is using pills and we know I answered “less than if he did not take pills” and this is how it is to follow my old rules.

And we know another difficult day and ALL DAYS are difficult and MANY TIMES I don’t write of my sufferings but still “somewhat” negative speech and the feeling of burning inside of my throat and behind the face today and so it is.

Today is my father’s birthday – you are in my thought, father – how I wish you would be able to understand me.

About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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