17th September 2010 – The Universe does not know “who” or “what” created life, I will receive the answer myself as “God”

Summary of the script today



14th September: As Buddha I have to isolate the worst negative feelings and thoughts given to me – these are not me!
  • After a BAD night of sleep making me very tired I had an IMPOSSIBLE day at the park, where I however managed to do my best ever physical work making me so confident that I fought and defeated all negative speech and thoughts given to me: THESE ARE NOT ME – I am something different than my thoughts!
  • As Buddha I am going through the most extreme and worst negativity affecting my feelings and thoughts, which is what I do my best to encapsulate and isolate from myself.
  • Do your best work and show good behaviour/thoughts and any negative vibrations coming your way will be erased by the light.
  • At the meditation today at the Centre of Wisdom and Compassion I felt that I am being prepared to continue life in- and outside my body to rule the world, I was shown the beam of life being connected to my forehead providing life, thoughts and feelings – I will gradually become the creator of this “life beam”. I sent out the message “treat me as your equal man without reverence and please don’t kneel” and the spirit of Dalai Lama answered me that he has been following me.
15th September: There is not ONE living Creator, I will be the first to reach “full enlightenment” for all to follow
  • My right foot is still not healed 100 percent making me uneasy all over, try to imagine a foot only being connected “half” to your leg.
  • Always focus on the moment doing your best work and/or behaviour – and not on the past or near future.
  • I received the verdict from the court that I have to pay my previous landlord within 14 days, which however DOES NOT give me any more money to pay – as the lawyer knows. I expect we will soon meet at a new meeting in court where I will receive respite because I am insolvent, and here you see a bureaucratic system in work, where people prioritise crazy rules – putting all charges on the small man – in stead of people and simple logic.
  • This evening I visited Lama Yonten from Dharma Center Denmark, who decided to give us an introduction to Buddhism, who don’t believe in one creator because of “all things depend on each other” and this is “coming close to the truth” because I will be the first to reach “full enlightenment” for all other people to eventually follow. I don’t see Buddhism as the only truth but as important together with Spiritualism and the teachings of Jesus.
16th September: Reclaiming my status as “one of the chosen few” at the park
  • I slept VERY badly because of people “close to me” being worried of me.
  • I re-claimed my status as “one of the chosen few” of the park because of professional work and good relations with people, who trust in me.
  • I am still going through negative speech and tests doing my absolutely best while “the coat of the Devil” is taken off me.
17th September: The Universe does not know “who” or “what” created life, I will receive the answer myself one day as “God”
  • I am almost finished working with the avenue of the Park and I was told that the avenue has “never” looked as fine as it does now.
  • All people I meet on the street and elsewhere are accumulated into my soul as “God”, which is what I have been chosen to be in this life. No one of the Universe knows “who” or “what” God is (!) and how the beginning of life and the Universe came to be – the Council expects that I will receive the answer myself someday through the Source.
  • Michael Jackson was and IS an “invention” of the Council meant as a gift for humanity. He could have been so much more but he was taken away because the world destroyed him.
  • I had the worst pain in my angle today – a threat to the Universe (!) – because I received the “stolen” cash help from the Commune, which could have tempted me to “think about myself” but because I prioritised to pay my outstanding rent and the survival of LTO the pain disappeared. LTO are still the only people believing STRONG enough in me that I can finalise my mission to save the Universe. Without LTO, the Universe would not survive!


14th September: As Buddha I have to isolate the worst negative feelings and thoughts given to me – these are not me!

I had a very BAD sleep with BAD dreams and I know the reason because after such a long time without being able to look at nice ladies at all, I looked too much at ladies on television yesterday evening and I knew that it was too much – in fact I set this rule my self – and because of this I have voluntarily accepted the suffering of the night coming to me and so it is.

I am appointed to be your “father figure”

A short story from yesterday, which almost did not make it: I was working next to the kindergarten – a neighbour to the park – with four children of 3-5 years following me from the other side of the fence and what I do like to see is the NATURAL curiosity from children saying “hi” to me and asking all kind of questions and they asked me of my name to which I replied “Stig”, which made the first child say “my father’s name is also Stig”, which made no. 2 say “also mine”, which is what no. 3 and 4 then also did – which obviously was INSPIRATION given to them – and we know just a symbol telling you who is your father, really – and so it is. This is what I have been “appointed” to be by a unanimous Council together with the Council of the Universe and here I receive a question mark from “somebody” and I feel George Michael and we know because of his song “father figure” matching here and we know now the “expression” of the Council of the Universe is introduced and “only time will tell” what will happen with this Council and “what do I know” (?) and so it is.

An impossible day doing my best physical work ever: My extreme thoughts are not me – I am something different!

The bad sleep made me very tired this morning and the feeling was almost like some days last winter when I first arrived at the Park where I was actually even more tired everyday than today (!) and we know I don’t really know how I succeeded to come through all of those immensely difficult days because just today I was so tired that I thought that I would almost not make it to the Park and when I arrived, the first two hours I thought that it would become almost impossible to come through the whole working day because of my tiredness and we know I was also working alone today on a big job and negative thoughts and speech was following me, which was enhanced much, and I knew that it was because of my own fault watching television yesterday and somehow when I found out that I had to do work for “several people” alone today I simply had to tell myself not to become effected because of the decisions of other people, which I would have done differently, and really just to carry on and we know this is how I succeeded to go through what actually became maybe the best day of all in the Park working the most efficient and with the best quality ever making me so confident that I just told my thoughts that “you are not mine”, “I am something different” and we know this is when I felt “above” my own thoughts and really that I could “pack in” my thoughts and look at them from the outside and really to say that THESE ARE NOT ME (!) and this is really the best evidence I can give that I started an almost impossible day coming through doing my absolutely best ever at the Park and we know on top of this hill and so it is.

As Buddha I have to isolate the worst negative feelings and thoughts given to me – these are not me!

Today I learned more about the negative speech coming to me because of wrong decisions I take or negative feelings/thoughts I have decided (or been PRESSURED, which is a better word here) to go into – which it was mainly today – or if the negative speech and pain is coming to me because of people acting WRONG in relation to me and today I was also told three times when a “shower” was coming and we know because of the feelings and reactions of three people close to me and I also received one more of those déjà vues, which I remember from being a small boy, which is that I as Buddha will have to control my mind, feelings, reactions and behaviour from the worst negativity given to any man in the world and this is really what I am going through these days and as you can tell it is a combination of what I do myself – I need to find the right balance of life and do my best – and what I am given from other people and my aim is really to say to all people of the world: If you behave properly and do proper work with your best efficiency and quality, I will make sure to “erase” any negativity coming to you from other sources and we know this is because I am “erasing” the darkness to create a perfect world without the need to balance plusses and minuses in the future.

Today I was told that thoughts are given to people as a tool to follow me as the first man, who is returning to the Source to reach “perfection” or “full enlightenment”. I ask all people to do as me through mind control and your conduct of live.

I was also thinking today that just maybe I have to wait until I will come “behind the thoughts” – to be the sender of not only the thoughts, but the creator of life, feelings, attractions etc. – before I will be able to send the voice to my mother, sister and father and we know all Council members to wake them up spiritually and so it is – and I am thinking that I have started this the final part of my travel to the other side, which is to become the true light creature I am – the house of the Devil is cracking down because of the light and we know it is really to come through “the tunnel of love” to start “the rising” of “glory days” and we know MY BOSS this is really about a new “habit” – also in Danish (!) – and we know three meanings again and the third one is the BOSS OF MUSIC and BRUCE MY MAN I ALSO LIKE YOUR MUSIC VERY MUCH and some of it I even love and we know because you are “tougher than the rest”, which may be my favourite song of yours together with “dancing in the dark” and “my hometown” and several others in fact.

Let me also say that today I felt ”Christ” again and we know Stig I have had this feeling of this MAN ON EARTH many times before even before I was reconnected with the Source just saying that the Council know who I am and have given me his energy really for years and we know this is the man I am and the energy which is coming more and more inside of me.

Meditating and healing being prepared to live also outside my body and to be the creator of life of people

This afternoon I took a nap of one hour and when waking up I was still completely exhausted because of a physically very hard but satisfying day and I have used so many muscles today constantly that I could hardly stand up but we know I had decided to go to the meditation and for me also healing service of the Centre of Wisdom and Compassion today and we know “no matter what”, which is still a saying here and still thinking of Meat Loaf I am in this connection.

Today it was the GERMAN (!) teacher Stephan who did a two hours long “Mindfulness Meditation”, which was a combination of two meditations and teachings on how to control your inner voice, expectations to yourself, your behaviour and to react appropriately to your feelings etc. and we know I was thinking that some people out there NOT knowing what a Buddhist Centre like this is and FEARING that it may have something to do with a “sect” and we know FEAR is really also a part of the darkness controlling people and we know just to say that this centre is VERY nice with completely ordinary people coming here maybe once a week – and a few some more – as today where approx. 55-60 people were gathered in a very nice and gentle atmosphere where tea and a biscuit was offered in the break and where people afterwards gave a donation free of choice and for me it was 17 DKK because of my economy and this is really how “dangerous” it is and you can look more at the website http://fpmt.dk/ to see what it is and of course you can also just listen to me when I say that THIS IS NOT “DANGEROUS”, THIS IS NOT A “SECT” OF PEOPLE WEARING “STRANGE CLOTHES” and we know with the “risk” of “abducting” and “brain washing” me (!) and we know there are millions of people knowing about the seriousness and goodness around the globe of Buddhism but unlighted people fearing the worst is STILL what is causing me VERY much pain directly here and we know sometimes making it ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE for me to come through to my inner light creature because of the extreme negative energy I receive and we know I JUST THOUGHT YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW.

During the meditation I was given the feeling that my thoughts are connected to the shell of life – my body – and that I am now being prepared to continue life inside of my body as well as outside really to rule the world and so it is and just thinking of “everybody wants to rule the world” and the nice English sports car of the video I am here. I was shown a big tube or beam of life being connected to my forehead – invisible to people – and that this beam is providing life, thoughts and feelings and I was told that the thoughts etc. of this beam is now decreasing for me and that my light creature is increasing in strength so I will become the sender or creator and not only the receiver of life and this “beam”.

When Stephan was speaking I was given the love of the Council for this man too through another “communication tool” because for some minutes he was given words of songs/albums by my favourite artists, which he spoke about in other connections – “hypnotised”, “home”, “disintegration”, “reality” etc. – and I was shown Joseph overshadowing him and when I thought that I would like to see Stephan more cheerful, he said something funny, smiled and laughed and this is also how it is to INSPIRE people.

At the meditation I sent one of those messages created by myself manually in “co-operation” with an “automatic voice” and it was something like this: “Thank you for your support, this goes out to all people and not only Buddhists” and I heard “thank yous” coming from all over and an extreme feeling of “reverence”, which made me say that I ask you to treat me as your equal man without this “reverence” and this is how it is and we know I am sending this message to all people but I expect that it will only be Lamas and other highly developed people who in the beginning will be able to listen to “my channel” and so it is.

A little later I received the voice of the spirit of Dalai Lama who said that he has followed my book and now he knows that I really meant that I would not give up and he said that he was happy for my decision to be equal with people which is the same he has done and he said that they have known that I would arrive without telling it out loud but not knowing when and where I would arrive.

During the meditation I was given feelings of impatience and angriness, which were some of the feelings of people inside of the room (!) and I was told that one person of the room had a defect in the central nervous system, which was healed.

At the end of the session I was shown Joseph – or spiritual Peer you know – who with some resistance gave me one dandelion, which is the first “flower” he has given me and afterwards I saw him as a monkey holding my hand and we know healing him and converting him from the extreme darkness to light is not the easiest in the world to do my friends.

When I arrived home I was somewhat surprised that my thoughts now again were more “contrived” to my physical being and that it was difficult to encapsulate the thoughts and look at them from the outside, above or underneath – this is REALLY how it was most of the day you know – and the reason was simply because of IMMENSE reactions to me from a person “close to me” and so it is.

15th September: There is not ONE living Creator, I will be the first to reach “full enlightenment” for all to follow

From the 1st March 2011 I will be world famous!

Tonight I slept better again – I had REALLY used all of myself physically but only in a good way yesterday – and I was dreaming that I bought a new four wheel drive BMW 550 with a GPS navigation system in Sweden and that I gave a letter to the CEO of Danske Bank and we know really saying that yesterday I adjusted my look on beautiful ladies and we know as I believe will be good for the future world, which is really why I have now received my new car again and so it is – and sometime during the night half awake and half asleep I was told that “You will get a new employee the 1st, hereafter seven new employees the next 1st and the 1st March 2011 you will be world famous” – and as usual NOT what I am especially very happy about but you know “the only road I can follow”.

Always focus on the moment doing your best work and/or behaviour

I took a long bath again this morning and suddenly without any warnings I became EXTREMELY reluctant of doing any writing today and to go to Copenhagen later, it was thoughts and negative feelings given to me so STRONGLY and so contrived to my physically self that I could not escape from them but I understood that it was because of the feelings and fear of one person “close to me” at the moment and that the message is that you should always FOCUS ON THE MOMENT doing your best instead of thinking of the past or future and also the future in the respect of “what do I have to do in two hours or two days”, which is only meant to stress you and therefore coming to you from the darkness. PLAN YOUR TIME and when you carry out a job or pay a social visit etc. make sure that you are 100 percent present enjoying your time with all of your focus at the maximum and we know doing your absolutely best showing your best work and/or behaviour – an open heart you know – and so it is my friends.

My right foot is still only “half” connected making me uneasy – but I decided to run again today

Today was my day off from the Park and I decided to take it easy really because very hard work, pressure from doing light work and writing together with pressure coming from people around me is still potentially NOT a good cocktail for me and we know my right foot is still not healed 100 percent, which is still giving me a very uneasy and impatient feeling all over my body – which I am also fighting – and just saying that if you try to imagine having a foot only half connected to your leg, this is roughly how the feeling is – but still it is so much better than before.

Despite of this I decided to start running again and how long would I be able to run (?) and I thought that it would probably only be very short but I managed to run 3.7 kilometres without stopping and the foot was really not bordering me and so it is.

And later I felt good physically and also mentally because this is part of getting a balance of life – to exercise – and it meant that my thoughts and “negative speech” still given to me “somewhat” dissolved even more and giving me at least some time “almost” feeling as normal without this constant coat of the Devil forced upon me.

The court gives me 14 days to pay my previous landlord – which however does not give me more money!

Today I received the VERDICT of the court of Helsingør based upon the completely unnecessary case brought to the court by the lawyer appointed by my previous landlord Dan-Ejendomme and we know THIS HAS NOW PUT ON EXTRA CHARGES TO AN ALREADY FAR TOO HIGH AND UN-REASONABLE AMOUNT as I have explained about earlier because here the court charge is 500 DKK, reminders are 300 DKK, another court fee is 100 DKK and as much as 2,990 DKK covers the “expenses” of the lawyer and I am really thinking HOW MANY MINUTES THE LAWYER HAS USED TO JUSTIFY THIS AMOUNT (?) AND WHAT IS HIS TRUE SALARY PER HOUR and (?) we know do you think this is FAIR OR UNFAIR (?) when you really think and we know understand this case in full and we know the verdict says that I now have 14 days to pay the total amount of 41,171 DKK together with INTEREST of 2,169 DKK and the expenses of this case of 3,890 DKK (!) and we know THIS DOES NOT GIVE ME ANY MORE MONEY TO BE ABLE TO PAY (!) and we know in this case it does not either give me any more desire to pay this totally unreasonable amount (!) and we know as the lawyer already knows because I have told about my situation before (!) and when the lawyer finds out as the next step that I will still not be able to pay (!) I will probably be called for a new meeting at the court trying to “get some money out of me” and we know this time I will say that I am insolvent – as explained earlier – and we know which will “grant” me half of year of respite at a time and I believe I have told you about what I believe of BUREAUCRATIC systems when people don’t use simple logic and also here how the system steps on the small man and so it is. This is part of the verdict of the system, you see?

Meshack: “Am still the Meshack but left with no energy”

Finally today I received a new email from Meshack for the first time in a long time and I have decided to bring it here as important news because of the big difficulties he has been and still is going through – thank you my friend for still being loyal, this is what I know you have inside of you, a very STRONG will of power, which is what is bringing you through the same way as my will power is bringing me through, this is the gift you receive all of the time spiritually, Meshack, and this is also how you are connected to me. I will do my best to help you as you know and please remember that for each day, which has gone well, we are one day closer to the goal, which is STILL normal life for the whole world – followed by a MUCH better life for all people of the world, “a new beginning” you know – and we will start with ourselves, otherwise we will not be able to work as TEACHERS, which is still your assignment, my special friend J.

And here is his email:

Hi there, hope that you are doing well and thanks alot for your message via my phone which i received it a few minutes ago and this goes to show how you are concerned about our welfare.
To say the least am still in the same situation as last time i did write to you and all the energy has been taken away from me. I am still your loyal student but it has been very difficult to write to you because of cash but you should rest assured that my keeping quiet which i very much hate does not mean i am not with you because this is a promise i made to you which i cannot break.My situation remains the same and this is actually a hell i am going through.

           Kind regards,

There is not ONE living Creator, I will be the first to reach “full enlightenment” for all to follow

This evening I had decided to visit another Buddhist Centre in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, called the Dharma Center Denmark and we know NOT because I have been unhappy visiting the other centres but this is the kind of nature I am, because when I “investigate” something new, I always like to get an overview of what exists and I am also thinking that it is good for me to visit as many as possible at the moment in order to strengthen the light inside of me with the people and also Lamas I meet to fight the remaining darkness inside of me and so it is.

I find these places primarily through www.dharmakalender.dk/ on the Internet and this time it was supposed to be a teaching by Lama Yonten from Tibet followed by a short meditation and as usual I did not know what to expect, which still makes me nervous on one hand – the darkness influencing me – and confident on the other – the light you know – and I found out that this VERY NICE Lama lives in an apartment from where he practises his teachings and meditation and this evening we were three men and three women.

And the Lama was very nice to bid me welcome, I felt at home with the surroundings instantly, and he asked me of my knowledge of Buddhism and I could truthfully say that I have not read about Buddhism (except from a few pages) but that “I feel related with Buddhism” and we know because 1-2 of the other visitors were also “fairly new” to Buddhism (!), the Lama very kindly and committed decided to give an introduction to Buddhism informing about Prince Siddhārtha, happiness, suffering, karma etc. and he told us that in Buddhism there is no creating God – he gave the example of a DRUM hanging on the wall behind me saying that “everything depends on each other” because the drum will not make a sound unless I knock on it, which I then did, and we know of course he was INSPIRED to use the DRUM as a symbol of the Council (part of “the original people”) and my ladies and gentlemen we are coming close to the truth here because THERE IS NO LIVING GOD AS SUCH AS THE CREATOR and we know, Stig, you will be the first to reach COMPLETE ENLIGHTENMENT and therefore you will be the first we can call “GOD” in this respect for all other people to eventually follow and we know some day we will explain how “something – a “force” of energy – can create life and what pieces of “something” is required, how they interact and so it is. And because of this philosophy of the Buddhism, the Lama told us that the figures, statues and paintings are not of Gods but of historical people who followed the road of Buddha, which Buddhism is using as “role models”.

I liked very much listening to the words and kindness of the Lama – and this is VERY much indeed – but I have noticed here as well as other places that it seems that teachings become a one-way monologue most of the time and I can only encourage all teachers to involve their students more by asking open questions and we know to shorten down the answers and we know at least “somewhat” compared to what I have seen lately where one answer can take 5-10 minutes and we know I am thinking that of course you can witness a lecture from a teacher but I am really thinking that groups of people of 5, 10 or 20 for example together with a teacher with a two-way dialogue is the best way of teaching and so it is.

During this teaching, which did not include a meditation because of lack of time (!) – we decided to talk for 2½ hours instead of 1 hour talk and half an hour meditation and we know because the Lama became INSPIRED – I still felt HEALING coming on-going which still included my lung and foot becoming healed and we know I did not feel the need to go to the “classical” healing session today at the Theosophical Association because the healing through the energy of the people present in the room at a session like this seems to work just as FINE and so it is.

The Lama also informed about the option to “seek refuge” in Buddhism with the Lama for the student to more formally study Buddhism and he replied on my question (the Lama took time for 3-4 questions) that people are still welcome to visit a church or mosque to become “inspired” but that you cannot “seek refuge” with another God when you study Buddhism and we know I was thinking of this with my present knowledge – which is really “nothing” you know – so I gave my answer based on experiences of my life thinking that the road I have gone through is not a coincidence and really simple logic and then I said that I don’t see Buddhism as the only truth, but as an important truth together with Spiritualism – which among other things confirms reincarnation, which was also a subject today – and the teachings of Jesus and we know I understood the Lama that “one thing does not exclude the other” and this is at least how I see it and we know to really open up I can only say that I don’t see the special figures and Eastern culture symbolising Buddhism as “mandatory” because Buddhism is a way of living no matter what clothes you wear and figures you use and we know I cannot see it differently. It is the philosophy, which is important – not the culture and the surroundings and so it is.

During this teaching I had an internal ”fight” between the light and the darkness because of ”unnecessary doubts” about me given to me from people “close to me” – with the theme of did I trust or not trust in this teacher and we know a lot was said to me spiritually including all sceptical questions imaginable and my only reply was that what this Lama represented and did today was VERY positive and we know SIMPLE LOGIC again – and I felt Joseph inside of me making me see out with his eyes and we know I felt myself as a dog with MUCH suffering and hurting red eyes and I was thinking that this is truly how Joseph is suffering on the other side and we know so it is my friend – “WE DO IT WITH HAPPINESS” is what I also hear now and we know because of what we will all gain in the near future.

16th September: Reclaiming my status as “one of the chosen few” at the park

Very bad sleep trying to avoid negative thoughts and feelings because of people “close to me”

Again tonight I had an incredible bad sleep and this time with a combination of the best dreams – bringing wine to North Korea for example – and the worst sexual temptations and we know the only reason these were given to me is again because of “worries” of people “close to me”, which is giving myself STRONG feelings of worries – feelings, which are not mine you know, this is how my life ALWAYS has been (!) – which is SOMETHING I REALLY don’t like at all and something I do everything to avoid going into but I am still only human and therefore it is still difficult not to go into this and to think about it even though I DO MY ABSOLUTELY BEST TO AVOID IT also because it still makes me “burn” under my skin and we know which is now STRENGTHENED even more as you may understand because of my development and also in the dreams of this night, which made me so tired again this morning that it was one of those days of “survival” to go to the Park to continue working and we know I am really thinking that I LOOK SO MUCH FORWARD TO AVOID ALL OF THESE COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY FEELINGS given to me and to become myself because these thoughts and feelings ARE NOT ME (!) – they are part of “the coat of the Devil”, which has been pressured upon me all of my life really on basis of how other people around me have acted and behaved and yes Stig THROUGHOUT YOUR LIFE and what many people don’t know is that you have had the worst negative thoughts all of your life, which you have ALWAYS fought against and we know “almost always” turned into positive speech and so it is.

Re-claiming my status as “one of the chosen few” at the park!

At the Park today I continued doing my best work and today I received confirmation that I am “one of the chosen few” – as Rolf told me – who are allowed to use a “special tool” (a “blow machine”), which is normally locked away, and we know this was really to say that now I have been at the Park for some weeks and re-claimed the TRUE status I had in the Park in the Winter 2009-2010 and we know because I work professionally and efficiently and have good relations with all people creating creditability and we know as I have told people all along (!) and so it is – and I received many positive symbols today when I for example spoke about “the white castle of Tivoli”, the city “Gudhjem” (“God home”) at the island of Bornholm in different connections and so it is.

The “coat of the Devil” is taken off me

I also had difficult “tests” today given to me as Buddha on my way to reach full enlightenment and still because of the “worries” of me from people “close to me” and it gave me negative speech etc., which is ALWAYS very difficult to come through, which is with me more or less most of the time and we know today I could simply say that I do my absolutely best and when I do my best I can only witness this negative speech as “entertainment” given to me and treat it as such and we know many times during the day I saw that the “coat of the Devil” is slowly being taken off me, which includes all of these feelings and speech WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME and which has been a prison for me all of my life – passively most of my life and very actively the last four years and so it is.

The day at the park ended already today at 12.30 and I decided to go home first to take a nap of one hour and afterwards a long bath again and really to RELAX and to FOCUS ON THIS ALONE the best way possible because this is what I still need in order to recover (!) – my foot and exhaustion you know – and I did feel better afterwards and I also spoke to my mother, who will now together with John go on holiday for 14 days, which means that I will miss our weekly meetings until they will come home again.

17th September: The Universe does not know “who” or “what” created life, I will receive the answer myself as “God”

Tonight I slept somewhat better but I noticed this morning when meeting the others at the Park that I still feel exhausted, which also means that I don’t feel like talking as much and being as extrovert as I would like to be and “plan” to become naturally over the coming time, which is to be “myself” really ALL OF THE TIME when “I feel good” without suffering.

The avenue at the park has “never” looked better!

At the Park I have now cut lime trees at the avenue to the left of the fence of the park, I have cut the shrubbery in the spaces between the trees with a lawn mower and a pair of hedge shears and we know I have raked the spaces “to the ground” and today I am “almost” finished with this work and we know which made Tom tell me that the avenue now looks finer than it has ever done the last 30-40 years when he has been walking the avenue and we know this is ONLY a positive story so I have decided to include Tom’s name here because NOBODY can be offended by this information and so it is and we know I will finish this work Monday and then I will start a “new round” with the “blow machine” afterwards and we know the work has become less and less physically demanding even though it is still requiring a lot of strength to carry out.

The Universe does not know “who” or “what” created life, I will receive the answer myself one day as “God”

Today I was told that ALL PEOPLE I MEET – ALSO ON THE STREET AND ELSEWHERE (!) – ARE ACCUMULATED INTO MY NEW SOUL AS “THE FIRST PERSON REACHING FULL ENLIGHTENMENT” and we know this is really why I for MANY years have had a “strange” thought trying to think how many human beings I may have met in my life including every single person surrounding me on a daily basis and we know of course impossible to tell as a normal human being but this is now what is happening to me: Every single human being I meet “everywhere” is added to my soul as “no. 1” or “God” as I have been “the chosen one” to become in the shortage of a better name – and we know Stig I am NOTHING and EVERYTHING at the same time, I will become the first to return to the starting point of all life and we know “to search inside of yourself Stig” because we are sure that the answer will come to you one day and this answer is a well kept secret because NOBODY IN THE UNIVERSE KNOWS WHO OR WHAT “GOD” IS OR WAS BEFORE “HE” OR “IT” REALISED THAT “HE” or “IT” WANTED TO CREATE LIFE AND THE BEGINNING OF A UNIVERSE and therefore we are as “curious” as you and the whole world and Universe to receive the answer and we know this is part of the story of the chicken and the egg and we know the “holy spirit” is really an “expression” of ALL LIFE OF THE UNIVERSE and we know “the spirit of “God”” represented by all of us and we know a co-operation of “spirits” and as Stig I am “the Son of God” and we know “the chosen one” because this is what my life was meant to be and YOU WILL BECOME “GOD” TOO PHYSICALLY and then we will all connect to you and we know become you and this is approximately the rough idea my friends.

To add to this information I feel that my angle is becoming stronger and I see visions that people I meet are “added” to my angle and I was given another vision and a feeling of my self being the trunk of a tree and that the trunk is becoming thicker all of the time. And I was told that the higher purpose of all life for “centuries” has been to prepare for this time to help us come through this the biggest obstacle of all to continue life in the future – to eliminate the Devil and get well over the judgment.

Michael Jackson was and IS a gift from the Council to mankind

A couple of months ago when I had Michael Jackson with me one night where I was half sleeping and half awake – maybe a couple of weeks after I realised that my inner self was a mixture of Virgin Mary and Joseph – I was told that Michael was a human being created entirely by the Council and we know at the time I did not feel “comfortable” writing this – because I was struggling myself to comprehend the truth about my inner self as another “creation” of the Council – and I have been told this about Michael several times since and now again making me decide to include the information that Michael was and still is OUR gift to mankind providing the BEST music we have been able to imagine for the present time and the truth is that he was and is so much more, which the world could have seen and let us say if he was OPENED to show but the world destroyed him and this was why we decided to bring him home and we know a human being without a soul of his own (?) and we know Stig this is not meant to be otherwise than what we have just told you so therefore I am Michael as one from the Council says and we know as another one and another and another says and we know a mixture of the souls of the Council and so it is my friends and I am really thinking of the day of triumphal where we will be able to WAKE UP MICHAEL and we know others as well – who would you like to see again (?) – to celebrate our transition to “a new beginning” and so it is.

And we know Stig I LOVE MICHAEL and I ADORE JEFF and this is just how I am and we know listening to ELO again and listen for example to “One summer dream”, which is one of many songs, which simply gives me the ABSOLUTELY best and “most special“ feelings of all and here NOTHING competes because JEFF IS AT THE FIRST PLACE ON MY LIST!!!

Receiving the “stolen” cash help from the Commune and prioritising the survival of LTO Kenya to help the Universe survive!

Despite of doing a fine job at the park today I still had to “fight” somewhat with the negative thoughts given to me and we know I am disconnecting them really or encapsulating them because they are not me (!) and I am thinking of the beautiful song “disconnected” by Simple Minds often these days because of this phenomenon.

And I was also almost “chocked” to receive these short and incredibly hurtful pains in my right angle maybe 15-20 times today – which is a pain I have tried many times before but not for a long time and I first felt in 1997 after leaving Aon as I believe I have written about before – and this pain is the pain I fear the most and which is almost bringing me down and we know also almost bringing my temper going, which is almost impossible to control when this happens – because it is TRULY so uncomfortable as you can imagine – and only when doing my ABSOLUTELY best I was able to go through this pain today and we know another experience where I was brought to doubt if I would be able to come through and why did this happen (?), I could see no reason because work and relations at the Park is fine and also with people “close to me”, who are now less “worried” than before.

The answer came later in the day when I came home and saw that I had received “the stolen cash help” from the Commune for the period 1st May to 18th July 2010, which was a total amount of net 17,972 DKK and we know I started thinking how to spend this money wisely and first of all I had promised to pay Poul-Erik the outstanding 1½ months of rent of 6,023 DKK leaving me approx. 12,000 DKK and my first thought was to help LTO sending more money to help them come through and we know I was thinking that the coming months I will have to pay an increased rent of 4,623 DKK per month and now also the train card – at least some of the expenditure, which I agreed with my mother on yesterday before she left on holiday because now I have money again – and this made me do a budget and we know I was thinking that I don’t know when “normal life” will come to me and LTO – depending on when I will be able to spiritually open the Council and other “special friends” – and therefore I decided to take the “safe road” thinking that I have to send money to LTO to make sure they will survive both now, the 1st October, November, December and January until a new tax year will start, where no taxes again will be withdrawn from my cash help and we know to cut a long story short I decided this afternoon to pay Poul-Erik all of the 6,023 DKK I owed, to send 1,800 DKK gross to LTO for four families for the rest of the month (!) and to transfer 10,000 DKK to a new account in my name with Jyske Bank from which I can withdraw 2,500 DKK per month the next four months – if needed – plus 500 DKK from my salary account to transfer 3,000 DKK per month to LTO and we know also meaning that I will be able myself to get a monthly train card of approx. 580 DKK for Copenhagen the next four months – as suggested by my mother – and approx. 1,600 DKK for food and Fitness World – which I am planning to start on again from 1st October – which will give me a “fine life” when I have decided NOT to start buying this or that and we know thoughts came to me to buy a new external hard disk to save music on the Internet (the present is full) of maybe DKK 400 and we know other things as well, but I simply had to say that THIS IS NOT AS IMPORTANT TO ME AS TO SAVE THE LIVES OF MY FRIENDS and we know so it is and during all of this I was given the feeling that the reason of this UNBEARABLE pain in my angle – a potential threat to the entire Universe again (!) – was that if I did not prioritise the survival of LTO, the foundation for my whole journey could be taken away from me and the foundation is really that these are the only people so far who has a STRONG ENOUGH belief that I am indeed the man I am and we know THIS IS THE TRUTH STIG even though there are other people “believing” in “this and that” about you and so it is and this is what I am told and here I am really thinking if this is now the darkness playing another game with me because Obama and Dalai Lama is with me and I do believe that there are other people out there at least believing more and more in me and we know “only time will tell”.

And let me say that I have decided to transfer money on a monthly basis to LTO because I want to make sure that they will use the money for food to survive instead of paying “aggressive creditors”, which could be a “temptation” they could not refuse and we know THE DEVIL is still working against us many places and just for you to understand that this is also a part of the “play” to secure the future Universe and we know Stig fundamentally it is about MY DECISIONS AND FAITH and as long as I keep taking the right decisions and do the right things, we are still on our way home coming closer to the goal day by day and we know so far I have carried out ALL ASSIGNMENTS I HAVE BEEN GIVEN and should I for example have missed this one starting to prioritise myself and my own selfish needs, I could start to become “very ill” again and we know receiving so much pain and pressure from the “evil spirits”, which would do everything they could for me to change the name of the game and we know just maybe “pressuring” me so IMMENSELY to accept to re-invent the doomsday weapon etc. and this is simply the power I have as Stig depending on my actions and decisions and I do everything I can to help us survive and this is also why I do as I do in relation to LTO despite of the advises I have received from “people” around me encouraging me to think about myself and we know my friends this is REALLY what I do – to think about all of us to make sure that we will survive and live in a new and better world.

And I might add that the reason why I decided to open a new account with the bank and to transfer the amount of 10,000 DKK was to overcome the ”temptation” for myself to use this money if it was placed on my daily account and we know I have never been able to resist chocolate, cookies and candy as an example, when I have had any at home and the same way I have never really been able to resist the temptation to use money on my account to buy “all and nothing” really and this is the first time ever I believe that I will show the “discipline” not to use money from an account and I am in no doubt that I will be able to do this – because of my decision to be disciplined and this is what it is, a decision – and this information is of course given to you to tell you about another potential difficulty to come ALL the way through until the day when I will be so strong with the support of people being woken up spiritually and people having faith in me that we can REALLY say for sure that we have all been saved but the future looks bright because as I have said many times now: I WILL NEVER GIVE UP and this includes to take the right decisions all the way through and so it is.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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