25th September 2010 – A man meditating felt the grail because of my light arriving and shining upon him and the world

Summary of the script today



22nd September: I was forced to change behaviour not to become attracted to other ladies than one special lady
  • Around the 1st August I received a vision of diarrhoea potentially coming symbolising the Devil forcing him upon me and Virgin Mary if I was not able to pass VERY DIFFICULT tests coming – which I did – and finally today I received the diarrhoea and this was about my view on physical sexual attraction, which I believe naturally is to continue in the future and I saw no reasons to change my own behaviour being attracted to beautiful women as long as I am single!
  • In 2005, my clairvoyant friend Pia did a “guide drawing” of Jeanne D’arc – one of the Council members – and she received and wrote the words “you need to drink of the Source to be cleaned (ready)”, which is what I have now started doing!
  • Prince Siddhārtha – founding Buddhism 2,500 years ago – was not Buddha himself but followed the guidances he received from my inner self at the time.
  • At Dharma Gate today I was told by the Lama that I am not a Buddhist (!) and in the meditation I was shown that I am entering a giant orange, i.e. the Source.
  • I was also told that I will bleed if I did not change behaviour being attracted to beautiful women and later I was saved from the darkness twice by the Source because I was feeling more sad and alone than ever before. Finally I understood that it will not be suitable for me to become attracted to anyone but one special lady in the future and that I will have to change habits already now.
23rd September: A man meditating felt the grail because of my light arriving and shining upon him and the world
  • This morning I felt confident with my decisions of yesterday even though I could have been knocked out!
  • I did the full moon meditation at the Theosophical Fellowship and was shown myself leaving the train into a new room meaning that my journey is ending and I am building up my physical self with my TRUE spiritual self. I saw my present self leaving me and my old self as Jesus with a beard approaching for the first time, which almost made the Council burst down in tears because of happiness. Afterwards a participant told that he felt the grail when meditating – which was because of my new light shining upon him and also now the whole world.
  • A part of the “doomsday weapon” to produce enough energy to access the Source to bring me back to save us all was for UFO’s to use energy as atomic bombs attacking earth, which has NOTHING to do with how extraterrestrials are but was meant as a “weapon of love” to bring me back, which is now NOT required. This weapon is also dismantled.
24th September: I will like being my old self when I shortly will feel my old soul filling me up from the inside
  • I worked at the park using all of my patience, which I don’t have (!), doing quality work and I was given favourite songs telling me that I will like being my old self when I shortly will feel my old soul filling me up from the inside.
  • I received a very HONEST and DIRECT email from Meshack informing me that he will return to his rural village at the month end to re-connect with his family and that he will remain loyal to me. I thank him and LTO for their personal sacrifices following me to the end in order to save the world.
  • I am using my best “mind control” to eliminate strong feelings of being uneasy/impatient and also to look directly at all people without becoming physically attracted to anyone.
25th September: “Learning to fly” as Christ and the Devil will leave me in a matter of days
  • I am “learning to fly” as Christ and Joseph does almost not have to act as the Devil tormenting me. In a matter of days he will take off “the coat of the Devil” .


22nd September: I was forced to change behaviour not to become attracted to other ladies than one special lady

Again tonight I had a BAD SLEEP and we know to keep me at the core of the Council and I had three “tasks” on my plan today, which was to finalise and publish my scripts including yesterday, which is now a little bit easier to do again after it has been an almost impossible obstacle to overcome for weeks now – but it is still very difficult to do because of my constant feeling of impatience and uneasiness because of my foot and we know the feeling is still present even though the foot is better – to run and to visit the Dharma Ghate Centre again, which is then what I did even though this plan from the morning did not seem easy to carry out because of my tiredness and impatience – which I have to eliminate on a daily basis – and even though my running did not turn out as planned as you will read later in the script.

The negative speech was easier to overcome today when “absorbing” it at the “coat” surrounding me

I noticed from the morning that the negative speech given to me was easier to come through today, most of the time the darkness did not even have to express the negative speech in words, I felt it and the words inside of the “coat” covering me and this was really due to the “light service” of yesterday, which is what it still is to me and when I went to bath this morning on my day off from the park I was given MANY “good ideas”, which I could decide to write down as so often before in the bath, which however has been annoying me ALL ALONG because the ideas come at a WRONG time so I decided NOT to become interrupted and this was really the right answer – to stay in the presence – and this meant that the last piece of negative speech disappeared and that I had at least “some time” at the bath in total quietness and NOT very often this happens here I tell you.

Afterwards I remember that the ideas among others included that UFO’s will bring inventions of new and clean energy to mankind – they produce all energy required when flying in their UFO’s – and that “black holes” of the Universe has been the beginning of Judgment Day absorbing all material surrounding them but that everything is still inside of them, which eventually will be re-covered and so it is.

Later in the day I thought about giving FULL FREEDOM to the darkness again which I then did for some hours, however this actually worsened the situation giving me more negative speech “connecting” to myself and it therefore made me decide to go back to the strategy of “absorbing” the negative speech through the coat surrounding me if possible and only when needed I would allow the speech to come through to me directly and we know this is really still FULL FREEDOM but only a matter of how I decided myself to receive it and from this moment on the speech again became easier to handle.

Receiving an ANNOYING diarrhoea because of my attraction to beautiful women

During the afternoon I started receiving short but STRONG feelings of not wanting to do anything the rest of the day, new burning and very uncomfortable feelings – which has not been with me for some time now – and my heart started giving me much pain as if it was “squeezed” or “pressed” by a hand many times (!) and we know which yesterday also was a very big pain and it was really the darkness showing itself ANXIOUSLY inside of my body shifting place and we know it continued when I received a diarrhoea, which was actually given to me as a warning around the 1st August from Virgin Mary before I started to climb down the mountain and back then meaning that this was a potential outcome of what I had in front of me – the Devil forcing himself upon me and her which I avoided almost “against all odds” – and we know I have not truly had a diarrhoea since the 1st August meaning that I passed VERY difficult tests but sometimes I have been given “a little bit” of an “uneasy” stomach – this is how it works here very directly – and we know this is the first time I write about it but this has been a constant part of my “worries” given to me all along the last couple of months as another important piece of the game and we know what did this symbol mean today (?), did it still have the same meaning (?) and I could see NO LOGICAL EXPLANATIONS for this and I received the diarrhoea just before I had planned to run and we know I was told that I could start running and that nothing would happen when running and this is then what I did and of course when I started running around Lyngby lake I was given the diarrhoea again (!) and it is NOT very funny to say the least to receive this when running around a lake with several people walking/running there and we know I had to find a place among the trees quickly to “do my business” and I KNOW THIS GAME TOO WELL BY NOW THAT THIS DOES NOT INTIMIDATE ME because what it was about was really the question “do I feel that I have prepared my self well enough before becoming TRULY connected with my spiritual self again” (?) and we know which has been a game in itself because will my spiritual self accept or reject me (?) and I have been given all kind of questions both when it comes to how I view sexual attraction, which this experience today was about, not being overweight etc. and we know when this pressure REALLY is put on you and you have the feeling that “I can always improve” this is not very easy to go through and we know I came to the conclusion that “I’m not perfect” but that I have done my absolutely best and that I therefore stand by my decisions and behaviour including my belief on physical sexual attraction in the future, which is how I have reacted myself lately and we know this is about “take it or leave it” and when I said this the Council also reminded me about my efforts of writing these books, which is NOT the least I have done and we know THIS IS TRULY HOW IT IS – and I did not complete my running today but I decided on having confidence in myself, which was my answer to the riddle – I was confident that I did the right thing and therefore I saw this as the darkness annoying me.

Year 2005: “You need to drink of the Source to be cleaned (ready)”

For quite some time I have been looking forward to seeing my friends Pia and Peter again – Pia is a clairvoyant who I met together with her husband Peter at the Arthur Findlay College in London in 2005, www.altheahansen.dk – and we have been in contact via email some times lately and have agreed to see each other again when sicknesses etc. don’t “intervene” and I have been thinking for some time about the “guide drawing” Pia did in October 2005 of Jeanne D’arc – or the spirit of Karen’s daughter Caroline you know, one of the Council members – who Pia saw spiritually – you can see the drawing from the document ”Karen 140506”, page 16 at the folder “book 1” at my library at www.mediafire.com/stig – and the message, Pia received spiritually back then is what you can read from the headline of this chapter, which she wrote on the backside of the drawing, which I am sitting with now when this is written and in Danish it is: “Du skal drikke af kilden for at blive renset (klar).” This is what my mission has been all about and why I have endured all suffering given to me for years, to “drink” from the Source and we know which is what I have started doing “a little bit” and which I am looking forward to do much more of in the future and we know to end all suffering and thank you Pia, I just wanted to tell that this has been on my mind for some time and also that when we will see each other again I am excited to see if you will receive the message spiritually about the Source now being with me without the need for me to tell you myself and we know if you don’t already know or “feel” it.

Visiting Dharma Gate and being forced to change behaviour not to become attracted to other ladies than one special lady

This evening I visited Lama Yönten at Dharma Gate again to receive his wise words including what was short meditations today and here I am also thinking that some days ago I was told that Prince Siddhārtha – the spiritual teacher founding Buddhism 2,500 years ago – was not Buddha himself but was following the guidances he received from my inner self at the time.

The Lama told us approx. 7-8 students about disturbing feelings including “antidotes” and also on the basic steps of meditating according to the traditions delivered to him – following Shji-ne meditation – and he encouraged us to repeat “Om a hung” (I may have misunderstood these words – he did not spell them!) when breathing or to count 1-2-3 up to 21 and as he said looking at me “the first technique is only for Buddhists” (!) and we know thinking he was that I have not been “seeking refuge” with him as the Lama to study Buddhism and that I have been “inspired” to listen to other philosophies than Buddhism – Spiritualism and the teachings of Jesus – and we know this is how things can turn out but still he IS VERY KIND, CONSIDERATE AND HELPFUL indeed and we know the only thing I can say is that these techniques may have been helpful to the Dharma and others, but that they are not helpful to me because when I meditate I am engaged spiritually all of the time and during the short meditations today I was shown a giant orange in front of me which I am entering and we know the orange is the symbol of the Source and much of the meditation was concentrated on my unpleasant experience earlier today with the diarrhoea and the meaning of this and I was told that I will bleed if I don’t change my acceptance of being attracted to beautiful women and we know I was thinking how can I bleed if the weapon to hurt and kill me does not work anymore (?) – I was told that it is because I am a “light creature” but still this did not make sense to me because I am also still a human being (!) – and I was also told or asked really if this was warning no. 1 out of 3 given by the Devil and we know this did really not make any sense at all (!) but it was given to me VERY convincingly as usual including “pain” and I was also thinking during this teaching if I should start to study the philosophy of Buddhism in a greater detail before the wisdom will come to me spiritually – I was thinking that this could be the key to learn more about “disturbing feelings” but I could really not see that my behaviour also looking at beautiful women was a “disturbing feeling” – and we know this was given me a lot of thoughts because I could see logics in starting to study from scratch because why should things be different for me than for others (?) but on the other hand I could not find the sense in starting to use all time required to do this and still having to work at the park, writing the scripts and we know also keeping other agreements and I was especially thinking that WE DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME LEFT so therefore I could not conclude otherwise than I will not seek refuge in Buddhism also potentially limiting me from other philosophies but this does NOT mean that I am not a supporter of the philosophy of Buddhism – on the contrary – which I believe you will understand?

During the meditation and on my way home in the train I was VERY SAD because of the messages and threats given to me being attracted to beautiful women, which almost made it impossible for me to control my feelings and we know when looking at this the 24th September when these lines are written I am convinced that I followed the right road when I believed it is right to become attracted physically to the other gender – this is what this is about – and we know this was also part of the road to keep me at the core of the Council (!), this is why I was “forced” to go through this “wake up call” receiving this shock and “threats” but during the evening when I was in the middle of it, I was confused because what did I do wrong (?) – I could not see it – feeling very sad and the most alone I have ever felt before in my life (!) because I STILL have nobody to talk to about the most important experiences in my life – which you may agree with me is “a little bit special” (?) – and on my way home in the train I was “almost” losing it because of sadness, desperation and continuing “pain” given to me and we know twice in the train I experienced the Source coming to my rescue to remove the darkness and the spirit of Denis – the old Nostradamus you know – stepped out of his “role” saying “we will never give up on you” and these two experiences really gave me the understanding and new confidence that THERE IS NO RETURN TO WICKEDNESS FROM HERE because the Source and the Council have decided to “save” me when I need it and herewith all of us really.

Finally after some time thinking of all of this I concluded that what I have done for a couple of weeks – feeling attracted to beautiful women – was right because this is what I believe is totally natural to do and what will continue to become a part of the future and what this experience today was about was for me to decide to change my habits because this will not be suitable for me to do in the future because of who I am and I am also here thinking of myself being together with ONE special lady in the future and I believe that when you are happy being together with the partner of your life, you should not become attracted to others and we know THIS IS HOW IT IS and therefore from today I have decided that I will change my habits and start to see all people as “living people” without becoming physically attracted to anyone.

23rd September: A man meditating felt the grail because of the arrival of my light shining upon him and the world

Feeling confident today after experiences yesterday, which could have knocked me out

Again tonight I did not sleep well – but maybe somewhat better than for some time – and when waking up this morning I felt confident about what happened yesterday and my new decision not to become physically attracted to anyone but one special lady, even though the experiences could have knocked me out and yesterday I was also thinking of taking a break of one week to think (!), which however was not needed – and we know it would really be so much easier if the Council simply could tell me how to behave instead of the need for me to find the right road myself but we know this is part of the game and we know which people will understand when they think of all of the parts and meanings of the “game” and because of my confidence I felt inspired to change the background colour of my mobile phone this morning from black to orange and we know a symbol of the Source as you know.

Today the negative speech was “less” – because more people are now with me than against me (!) – and the pain of my foot is still there but becoming less and later today I was told that Joseph is still giving me a flesh wound above the angle of my right foot but still improving we are.

Symbols of “creating new life” and the “totally impossible” task to bring the world with me unharmed

Today at the Park I quickly ran out of gas after starting to use the gas burner again and we know instead I was given new work which was to tidy up a bed with many rows of strawberry and other plants I don’t know of yet – which may take a couple of weeks to do – and we know I was asked to plant cuttings from the strawberries into pots, which I then did and we know this was really a change from working with the gas burner the other day, because this was symbolising CREATION OF “NEW LIFE” and we know I noticed a married couple walking in and looking at the garden and the lady took a picture of the house of the gardener with me sitting in front of it at the bed “creating life” – the strawberry cuttings – and this is what it really represents and they came over to me to talk about how to treat a hedge (!) and we know they were from the Netherlands and already before they approached me I was told that there is something special about this married couple and we know something about “inspiration” and “meeting me” in this garden and we know “only time will tell” but you know the Netherlands is REALLY also a special country to me.

I have decided to include one more symbol from today because I was very surprised to see one VERY BIG and VERY LONG truck almost boxed in just in front of the house and parking place of the park and we know the “truck” is symbolising “the world” and I was thinking if this truck had entered this very small road of Brede by mistake – the truck was coming from Århus as I noticed and thank you another symbol meaning the “city of God” – and you know the Council works in many different ways and this was just one of them and Flemming who was with me felt inspired to tell me that he was confident that the driver would be able to come out again even though it looked completely impossible to do and he told me about a story of a truck he had seen driving around an “island” inside the yard of a farm – remember the meaning of these symbols (?) – which was “totally impossible” to drive but he did it (!) making spectators clap and I understood that this was a metaphor about what I did myself to come though to the other side bringing the world with me unharmed even though this looked “totally impossible” to do from the start and we know I am still thinking of the people who helped me to come through and so it is.

It was indeed a VERY beautiful day at the park with almost 20 degrees and the sun shining – not very often you see this at the end of September in Denmark and we know which followed some very windy and raining days here, which also made a big branch of one of the trees fall off the other day and we know many symbols are still surrounding me and I only write down some of them – and this is also to say that today I started believing in a better life soon coming also to myself personally and just a hope is making me “almost happy” and so it is.

During the day I was also shown my spiritual self as totally dark and I was told that “this is you returning with a consistency we have never seen before”.

A full moon meditation with a participant feeling the grail because of my new light shining upon him and the whole world

Today I had decided to attend the full moon meditation at the Theosophical Fellowship. The spiritual down flow is especially strong at full moon and today it was special because at the same time it was the day of equinox all over the world and “balance” was the key of this meditation, which as usual was sent out all over the world and today including all of the good qualities of Uranus and Venus and in the beginning of the meditation I was shown myself leaving the train into a new room and I was told that only 2-3 percent of me has arrived at the new room and I am seeing this as my spiritual inner self entering my physical body and we know Stig there is no other explanation.

Later I felt and was shown the spirit of Jens Arne – one of the NICE participants of approx. 10 here today – and from here came a very significant moment, where I was shown my forehead and jaw opening and leaving me including my old thoughts and inside of this I was shown my new face and I saw myself as Jesus with a beard approaching and instantly I received tears from all of the Council members because of HAPPINESS and the tears were running down my cheeks when people at the room were meditating with their eyes closed and we know this was from all of the Council members and I felt Mary Magdalena or the spirit of Karen especially because old love never rusts and we know A LONG TIME IT HAS BEEN and when writing this I am receiving even more tears but now more “in control” – and this is what the light work is meaning to all of us, without this I would not be able to reconnect with myself.

During the meditation we listened to classical music and we know I LOVE CLASSICAL MUSIC VERY MUCH TOO and especially one piece touched me immensely when I heard it and I knew it SO WELL, SO WELL, but which piece of music was it (?) and of course it was Symphony no. 9 by Dvorak – “from the new world” – and we know MY FAVOURITE PIECE OF CLASSICAL MUSIC and here it was the IMMENSELY BEAUTIFUL SECOND MOVEMENT and we know this is the new world approaching my friends.

To me the meditation was very emotional and important and afterwards when we spoke together, Jens Arne told us that he felt the Grail during the meditation and we know this made me understand why I felt the spirit of Jens Arne with me while meditating and also that my new energy as the grail is now perceptible all over the world my friends (!) and afterwards I told Jens Arne about my experience of feeling his soul and we know together with a “new light” as I told him but I am not sure that he understood what this was about – but I did like our very good talk afterwards very much, Jens Arne, when we spoke about our work – I told him about my books still without informing that the books are on the Internet (!) – and he told me/us about his work at a Jobcentre in another Commune and that he does not have customer contact anymore because of the inhuman treatment of people according to the law and we know not easy to be loyal to the law when you often agree with and understand the “customer” in a way, which the law does not.

This evening I told the darkness that I want you to stop all negative speech to all people of the world – thoughts and “inspiration” – and this includes suffering in general but that you still have full freedom to do whatever you have to do because of the Universal rule and this is really until the day when it is possible for you to follow me totally when we have truly eliminated all evil and this is how it is here.

UFO’s were supposed to attack earth as part of the now dismantled doomsday weapon

As a short chapter I have also decided to bring a ”negative” story, which I really don’t like bringing – I am “fed” up with negativity – and which was therefore close not to make it to the scripts but you know the Council was “authorised” to start the doomsday weapon and they believed that this was the only way to produce enough energy to open the access to the Source in order to bring me back to this world and as you know it turned out that this was not needed, and we know as part of the suffering needed of mankind and the Universe to produce enough energy to make this miracle come through (!), it was also PLANNED for the UFO’s above us to attack earth and we know as part of the “doomsday weapon” and Stig this makes you very sad as it does to the Council and all of the extraterrestrials because THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT HOW WE ARE but you do understand that this was meant to be done only in order to produce the miracle to bring you back in order to save us and continue a new and better life in the future – the same way as MANY, MANY millions of people have suffered during the world wars etc. – and we know the extraterrestrials can control the energy producing “very special light” as you have seen proofs of and the same energy can also produce bombs of the size of atomic bombs which would have hit many places on earth terminating the lives of millions or billions of people and we know according to what would be required – and this was the suffering we all had to bear in order to produce “the miracle of love” and we know but THIS IS NOW NOT NEEDED because I decided to change the name of the game and NOW THIS IS WRITTEN and so it is.

24th September: I will like being my old self when I shortly will feel my old soul filling me up from the inside

Tonight was like the previous night and we know with good but not very strong dreams – I was working efficiently at the head office of a bank where a branch was visiting me with a customer to buy a life annuity pension.

I will like being my old self when I shortly will feel my old soul filling me up from the inside

At the park I continued working at the bed and we know I have to do my absolutely best showing my biggest patience when doing this work with quality – which is still not easy because of the constant feelings of impatience I am given because of my foot – and we know really because it could take days if I decided to remove all of the thousands of wither leaves from the strawberry plants and sometimes I enjoy this work and sometimes as today I feel that this is not work suited for my competences and personal interests and this is really how it was today, where I most of the time also received feelings of throwing up because of working with my head in the ground all day also making my body very stiff indeed and we know I decided to continue doing the work accepting that this is how it is and when I feel like this, DISCIPLINE is what is bringing me through as when writing all of these scripts really and so it is.

When working I started receiving some favourite songs by the Jam and first I was told the title of the album “setting sons” and from my favourite song “to be someone” I was given the lyrics “yes, I think I would like that” followed by “when the time comes” from the song “All mod cons” and we know it took me some minutes to understand why I received this and we know SETTING A SON is really what I will feel is “to be someone”, which is what I will like to be when the time SOON comes and we know I AM NOW AGAIN RECEIVING TEARS OF THE COUNCIL BECAUSE OF ANTICIPATION OF WHAT IS COMING and I was told that when this moment of happiness comes – to reconnect my physical and spiritual self so much that I will feel it myself and my suffering will cease to exist – this is when I can say that I will have completed my mission to reach the other side and everything from here will be “details” in comparison. And when these words are written I am of course listening to “to be someone” again and we know let me say that this song is certainly one of the top 5 or top 10 songs of all songs I know of – this is how good it is.

Meshack: Am still worthy to the republic despite my mistreatment

Today I was very glad that Meshack decided to share with me what he is thinking of and planning to do as DIRECT and HONEST as I can only hope all people will decide to be in the future and we know this man has shown and is still showing an IRON WILL, which makes me very proud and thank you Meshack so much for taking on all of your personal suffering in order to follow me and we know in order to save the world – this is what you are doing and this is what LTO is doing and I give all of you my deepest appreciation for doing this.

As you can see from his email below, which I have decided to bring because I believe it is important to the story, he has now decided to return to his rural village to re-connect with his family, which I truly understand and appreciate Meshack and I kindly ask you to give your family including your father, siblings and also your friends my thank yous for being patient waiting for a better life to come and all I can hope for is that you will continue trying to explain the best way possible that a new and better life is not what has been the easiest thing to create as you understand from the scripts but because of what you did, my friend, we are still in “the middle of the road” – and I am also thinking that if nothing else happens before you will return to your village, maybe you will consider coming to town once per month to print out the last month of scripts for you and your family to follow (?) and what I am really thinking is that I am about to reconnect with my old spiritual self and we know I can not see it in another way than this is what is required in order to wake up my “special friends” – my “servants” – spiritually including you Meshack and the other LTO members and when this happens, “normal life” will follow because of the support, which will instantly follow first from “special friends” having money, who will then be able to fully understand and fully share what they have and we know I WILL BECOME VERY HAPPY TO RETURN TO THE RURAL VILLAGE TO START NORMAL LIFE AT THIS PLACE as promised last year and we know we are delayed but a promise is a promise (!) – I had NO idea of what was waiting for us to come through in order to fulfil this “almost impossible to deliver” promise – and this is how it is here.

Here is his email:

Hope that you are okay and the same is with me. Thanks alot for remembering us by sending us some cash and keeping us in your budget until January.

All in all am still worthy to my country because i and john were called to supervise the by-election which was very successful and this makes me a happy man in that i can contribute to the society despite my suffering.

To this end, my life has turned out to be miserable and the world seems not to be fair to me because of what have been going through in the past months. Remember how it is hard to be separated from your wife and my dear daughter and life to me seems not worthy living and i am thinking of packing and going back to my rural area where i can have at least a better stay and be reunited with my wife and my daughter although all my debts will have to follow me and i have to ask for that permission to leave the city due to the debts and be handed over to the local administration at home until i will clear my debts.

This have decided to do at month end because i cannot continue to live the life which is full of bitterness although i will have to miss your scripts and communications but i will still remain royal to you and just understand that this has been necessitated by my desire to reunite with my wife and child and to have a better house to live in because for the last months have lived a live of a street urchin.

I will encourage the rest to continue communicating with you and still have faith in you because as i normally say, this is a ministry we started together and we have to see it to its conclusion although i feel very bitter because i will not be able to contribute to it regularly but in the few remaining days i will be communicating with you before i live for my destination because i will have to make necessary arrangements with the administration here.

Stay encouraged and keep the fight going despite my absence.

             Hi to your work mates.

Using “mind control” to eliminate feelings of being uneasy and impatient

I am still receiving somewhat negative speech and also strong feelings of UNEASINESS and IMPATIENCE – which I am using “mind control” to “eliminate” – because my foot is still hurting and the negative speech also depends on my actions, my decision to be and THINK positively despite of everything (!) and to keep my action plan – if I did not do this, the negative speech would increase very much as I have received “indications” of and I don’t even like to test it out!

This evening I was kept on the edge most of the evening because this is still what is required to keep me at the core of the Council and we know not easy to come through really and so it is. I have also decided to use the television as example – and the “crazy about dance” show – to look at all people without becoming attracted physically to anyone and this is really not as easy as it may sound when the darkness does its best to “help” me become attracted (!) and what this is about is another example of “mind control” and the “easy” but wrong solution would be to look away really. And during the evening I received “confirmation” that this strategy is the right to do because my defecation is now normal again and THIS IS REALLY HOW IT WORKS HERE.

25th September: “Learning to fly” as Christ and the Devil will leave me in a matter of days

“Learning to fly” as Christ and the Devil will leave me in a matter of days

I was woken up this morning with the lyrics “may not return” from a “familiar” song and we know it did not take long to find out that it was “learning to fly” by Tom Petty and let me say “almost” also by Jeff Lynne and because of this, this song is “almost” as good as a solo song by Jeff Lynne to me, i.e. a very dear favourite of mine and because of the title of the song I am thinking of all of my dreams where I have been flying for years symbolising “Christ” and this is what it is about because I was also given the words “I have almost no tube down anymore” and this was from Joseph and meaning that he almost does not have to play the Devil to me anymore and that it is only a matter of days when he can take off that nasty coat of the Devil and be himself when speaking with me – meaning that my suffering, the remaining pain on my foot etc. and the spiritual lies will disappear – and so it is here.

I also received the beautiful song by Fleetwood Mac “you make loving fun” and when I read the lyrics of this song, I noticed all of the words really but especially “you’re the only one”, which can be understood in two ways: I am “the one” and Mary Magdalena – the spirit of Karen – is thinking this and we know did you watch “crazy about dance” yesterday (?) and we know as usual there were many INSPIRED words one of them being something about “M&M’s” – I was not focussed on what was said when I heard it – and this is what I have called Mary Magdalena for a very long time here – actually “Karen MM” also meaning “med mere” (!) – and also thinking about the chocolate pastilles and we know and the symbol of chocolate as “something I love” and I might add “something which I will become to love”, which is more accurate!

Today was a quiet day using some time on finalising this script, cleaning, washing, shopping, relaxing including reading “the shooting star” of TinTin at the library – it is weekend you know – and also writing to the Danish railways after receiving a reminder with all payment information on the first of two fines I received and we know I simply wrote that I am on cash help and cannot pay the fines and we know asking the railways to confirm that they accept this and we know MORE BUREAUCRACY from a system, which I don’t like and so it is.

I had only little negative speech today but part of the day I was given a burning feeling of my throat and so it is really.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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