3rd October 2010 – I have been re-united as my TRUE self and been installed at our new Universe to end all evil!

Summary of the script today



30th September: I have been re-united as my TRUE self and been installed at our new Universe to end all evil!
  • Today was a confusing day, something had happened because even though I felt the same as all of my life, I still felt differently. I had first extraterrestrials and later the spirits of friends with me replacing the Council, who had “disappeared”. The answer was that I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN MYSELF ALL OF MY LIFE (!) – i.e. my consciousness – but I have first now been re-connected with my life energy coming from the Source meaning that today I have been truly re-connected. I was told that I have now been “installed” at my new room, which is our new Universe to end all evil, which the Council are about to move into as the first.
  • It takes some time – weeks (?) – to get to know how to use the Source in relation to the universe as it does to get to know the new car of the Park.
  • I received a very disturbing phone call from a “doctor” in Uganda and an email apparently from David saying that he had broken his leg, arm etc., was robbed and that he was at a hospital in Uganda needing my urgent help to pay the hospital expenses. I became very sad and almost in a state of shock until I started reading the words of the email, which simply could not be written by David and later in the day the LTO team confirmed that Davis was alright. It was FRAUD.
1st October: The Council are busy on their way through the Source of me transferring the Universe to the Source
  • Dreaming of playing the guitar – the symbol of the Universe – which should be natural for me to do but I don’t know how to play it technically today.
  • I told the fake doctor calling me again that he will be included in this book and I received a positive email from David, who is still “alive and kicking”. This shock was needed for me to pass the darkness to be installed at my new “room”.
  • The luck is now changing for LTO and me in how people think and approach us.
  • The Council are busy on their way through the Source of me transferring the Universe to the Universe of the Source.
2nd October: The Council needs to climb a mountain to find the entrance to the Source of me
  • I was dreaming of pulling the whole Universe with me.
  • I felt the Council inside of me and I was told that they cannot find the entrance to the Source and I was recommended to use energy, which I don’t have in order to climb this mountain before Sunday, otherwise other pain will be given to me.
  • Fuggi visited me for dinner and during the very nice evening I was told that “warm feelings” is the key to help the Council finding the entrance of the Source, which they told me that they did.
3rd October: The new world has now been created, and I will become everything, when I will enter this new world
  • As part of the final game, my mother has received a breast cancer because of the strength of the darkness.
  • The new world has now been created, and I will become everything, when I will enter this new world.


30th September: I have been re-united as my TRUE self and been installed at our new Universe to end all evil!

Dreaming of wrong spiritual messages and being “dead tired”

Tonight I decided to write down a few notes of my dreams and among others I was dreaming of playing football at an African market, I was wandering and reading untrue spiritual messages about the Son of God, I was at an overcrowded Indian market, where I lost my duvet and did not sleep all night as a result making me “dead tired” the next day, where I had to continue even though I had none physical strength at all and where I first lost and then retrieved my telephone and I woke up several times during the night and I was really hoping that I would be “lifted up” during the night with no suffering as the consequence and when I noticed that the suffering with negative speech etc. was still present during the night I became very disappointed and we know if I had not decided before going to bed yesterday that I would continue “no matter what” happened, I would very easily have lost my temper in desperation and this is REALLY how it is here.

We can now look into the future

This morning I was thinking about some small experiences from last week, which I did not write down. Approx. one week ago I was shown the “Stereo sound” CD/DVD store in a vision and this Tuesday when I was walking at the Pedestrian Street “Købmagergade” in Copenhagen I was attracted to look at a shop window and we know without knowing it I had found the “Stereo sound” store without looking for it at this street and we know I have never seen it before and I have been walking there several times over the last weeks and so it is and some days ago I was shown a double layered cookie with chocolate in between and I tasted it spiritually (!) and we know yesterday at Lama Yönten he served exactly these cookies and we know they tasted exactly as I tasted them spiritually and this was to say that WE CAN NOW LOOK INTO THE FUTURE and WE SEE A BEATIFUL LIFE IN PEACE FOR ALL OF US and the symbol of the CD/DVD store is also “spiritual awakening” coming for “several people” and the cookie is about “love” and the chocolate about “something I like”.

I have been re-united as my TRUE self and been installed at our new Universe to end all evil!

From the morning and most of the day I was occupied to find out what had happened because apparently nothing much had happened but still the day today was “different” and we know I was trying to figure out what it was, which was “different” and why and the first hour maybe I did not receive communication from or feel the presence of the Council and instead I felt extraterrestrials and I was thinking if extraterrestrials now were part of my soul (?) and I did not really understand this and I noticed that I felt the same as always thinking the same thoughts – the good ones you know – and I was thinking “who is now giving me these thoughts” and I thought if it was from extraterrestrials or maybe from my own true inner self – because I felt myself as always – and the question was easy but the answer was not and during the day I noticed that the negative speech decreased and was somehow different than for a long time and still I felt “bad” when I physically moved into a “minefield” of negative thoughts, poor behaviour and laziness of other people, which was not nice and I was told that I decide myself if I want to think positive thoughts and again I was given some temptations, which I always receive even stronger when I go through a period of change as today – of sexually and financial nature – and today it was accompanied by the information that what I decide to do as a person will be decisive for the Universe in the future and I was given the feeling of the Universe dissolving if I should decide to do what is WRONG for example in connection with sexual temptations (!) and we know not really very nice to listen to when you still feel the same temptations as always and need all your will power to refuse these and I was really hoping that all of these temptations together with all negative speech and thoughts would disappear today, which they did not, but still the day was different – improving – and the most obvious was that the Council was “almost” not present most of the day and instead I had extraterrestrials with me in the beginning of the day and afterwards the spirits of friends, who have never been with me spiritually before and we know replacing the Council, and I kept on thinking about where is the Council (?) and we know I was missing them – for years I have most of the time received the feeling of their spirits present underneath my skin or around me and/or direct speech from them and now most of the day I did not hear anything except from Joseph giving me a big exclamation mark in the middle of my face (!) whatever that meant and we know a short feeling of Virgin Mary too and the conclusion of the day was that I gradually understood what had happened and I was told that I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN MYSELF ALL OF MY LIFE (!) and we know Stig “the shell” so to say “powered” by the energy of Virgin Mary and Joseph in the absence of my own and as you have seen sometimes from others as well and we know in other words what you see in me as Stig is what you saw in Jesus when he (I) was alive and we know also in Moses – except from the fact that I have never felt HAPPY as Stig and that I have never had enough energy meaning that I have never showed my true self and potential and that is all of the time (!) – and this is the best kept secret of myself, which today was revealed and this is really to say that what is happening these days is that my own energy has now returned from the Source – together with the Source – and that the existence/energy and consciousness are two parts of the soul of all individuals, that my consciousness without my energy has always been here and that I don’t depend on the energy of Virgin Mary and Joseph anymore and so it is.

In the evening I was thinking if I had entered the room, which the Council created the other day and we know I was given one of the most amazing events of music history if you ask me when I heard the Three Tenors in concert singing “O sole Mio” inside of my head, where Jose Carreras and Placido Domingo and all others grinned from ear to ear when they mimicked Luciano Pavarotti and I thought that this can only mean great happiness and even though I did not feel any special changes today when it comes to my suffering, which however was somewhat less, no more “wisdom” given to me and no special improvements of the nature of the spiritual experiences I receive – even though I started to receive feelings of “being” other people and being the Council today (!) – I knew that “something more had happened” and indeed this was confirmed when I was told that “you have walked through fire and water like no other man, which is why we have decided to bring you in” meaning that I now had been “installed” at my room, which I was told is the new Universe we are building (!) to end all evil, and that the Council are about to move in together with me – meaning that the time of the Council to be woken up spiritually finally will arrive (have you heard the story about “the wolf coming” without coming but at the end it really came?), which is still the most important event of my life, which I am waiting on because this is what I expect will end or at least minimise my suffering and we know which is still unbearable to go through really – and I know that from now things will improve on a daily basis and this is what I am happy with even though every day is still very difficult to go through and we know not least because I am still “dead tired”.

During the day I noticed that my right foot is still hurting but that it hurt less when I think positive thoughts and more when negative speech are forced upon me.

It takes some time to get to know the Source as it does to get to know a new car

At the Park today the most hard working of the other people asked me to work together with him as partners because this is what would motivate him the most because of the way I work and I happily accepted his proposal because it is always nice to work together with other people in teams and we know besides doing the last part of the bed, we also have other working projects to do including the removal of all of the accumulated waste, which we did most of the day today using the new car, to go back to Virumgaard, cut some trees etc., which we will work together on over the coming weeks.

When I arrived home to the property of my apartment, I spoke to the caretaker about a project of the property in progress to install new kerbstones, asphalt etc. and we know he said that the project will be finalised within the next couple of weeks and I was thinking that this is what I expect we will do with the working projects of the park too and I was given a feeling about “something to come after this” and we know today I was also given the feeling that getting to know the Source is symbolised by my physical self getting to know the new car of the park, as I started doing today – you always need to find out where all of the buttons are placed, to find the right clutch point, the gear change etc. – and this is to say that we will use some time to find out how my inner self is working as the Source and how to use it the best way possible in relation to the Universe and here again I am thinking of the before mentioned date the 10.10.10 in relation to my arrival to the “safe haven” and so it is here.

A fake email sent in David’s name trying to tempt me to send money to pay for the expenses of him being “hospitalised”

This morning at the Park I was very surprised when I was looking at my phone to see that a foreign and unknown telephone number had tried to call me several times during the morning, where I did not hear the ringing signal and we know I was thinking if the telephone number was from Kenya but I found out that it was not from Kenya when I compared the International code with the code of the telephone numbers of LTO and then it rang again, which I answered and it was a man presenting himself as coming from Uganda and I had difficulties hearing what he said but I understood that he was calling because of a friend of mine was in some kind of trouble and he told me that an urgent email was send to me this morning, which I promised to look at immediately and we know this was the email sent in David’s name through his email account, which he was referring to:

DEAR stig,

Praise our almighty God who has given me this chance to talk to you this day ,and who has also give you heart of good samaritan to stand with me .so be blessed my brothers,and sisters.yours in Christ, I PRAY YOU ARE FINE

How is everything now and how is every one at home? i believe you are getting along because i keep you in my prayers dear. How is family? i send them my love 

Now am in  needly of help yesterday i was  traveling in tax going in Uganda for conference but i got accident i broken my left leg, and my left hand even one of my eye are dameged and my 2 left rib broken .And we got robbed all our thing and phones so by now i dont have phone so dont bother calling i dont have phone lets use email for all cominnication.

Am in Mulago Hospital Kampala Uganda in  room 12 bed 14 and i dont know how much it will cost me becouse now its 2days but the bill rising now it is $450 i dont have even a coin,.
The big problem is here in uganda the the tretment is so expensive i dont know what am going to do becouse am adimeted now its 2day,   they are asking for money.the Doctor told me that if i get $2,450 they can take me to South Africa or to India for a better tretment that is the advise given by my Doctor i know God is there i will be helped

Now With your heart, I truly understand how painful my problem is to you. The Lord Almighty will always reward you people for all good things you do for this world. I imagine how your attention have been drawn to the suffering people like me now.

I cannot die if I know you might have a medicine to treat me. This is because I now you will help  me God Bless you.
Now let  me wait for your support .let me ask you if you are sending me some thing let me tell you to use thise details becouse me i can’t walk as am sick but i got here  my best friend like  you who is helping me here in hospital he will go to bank and pick up the funds you are going to send to me i trust him so much as i trust you ,you can use thise details Use Western Union or Money Gram is better  safe and farster in Uganda where i am  now.OR you can use bank transifer if posible i will get the funds safely

Details for western union blow:

qstn             money for?
ans              BROKEN HAND


sender’s names :
Amount sent   :
Now for bank transifer is blow
Account name is           :MEDI  SSEKALALA
Account number           :5800118443
Bank and Bank address

                          Barclays Bank of Uganda Ltd
                          Plot 16 Kampala Road
                          P.O. Box 2971 , Kampala
                           LUGOGO Branch
Swift Code:              BARCUGKX

If you need

Correspondent/ Intermediary Bank if needed

                        Barclays Bank PLC New York
Swift code:             BARCUS33
ABA:                    026002574

Its good that here in hospital i got a friend he is a doctor MEDI SEKALALA  is working on me  he have a laptop connected on internet he is giving me  to send you email.
I cannot die if I know you might have a medicine to treat me thank you.

Mr. David Nzioka

And we know the email made me very sad indeed because I was thinking about David lying at a hospital without being able to get away from there and we know I was thinking about how money I needed to send him and if I needed to send him money, which I knew I also had to send to the other team members to make sure they would be able to get food and we know this hurt me much but gradually within the next minutes the shock decreased and I began to look at the words of the email and we know from here it was quite easy because I have always thought that you can very often see the character of a person from the words of an email, where he typically will show himself in the same way as in “real life” and I started thinking that “David would never use these words in an email like this” and we know I became more and more sure that this had to be the case and therefore I decided that I did not want to act hasty but to wait until I was able to send an email and also a text message to the other LTO members to hear if David really was sick and this is what I decided to do after coming home from the work at the Park – this is the email I sent the team:

Dear John, Meshack and Elijah,

Please see the email below, which I received earlier today and which a man calling me from Uganda saying that he was a doctor – calling from +256 702272428 – told me about. The email shocked me for five minutes but I do hope I am right when I say that this email impossibly can be sent by David because he would never use the words in an email to me like that – but I am thinking if David has lost (stolen?) his phone with access to his email account? – And I do hope that he is alright? And that he might consider opening a new and secure email account and close the old if I am right.

I will not send any money to a hospital in Uganda unless you to my surprise should confirm the story below – and I will not send any money through David to all of you before I will be sure that the money will be received by the right person but I can send money to one of you instead tomorrow if you let me know what you prefer.

The man from Uganda also sent me this text message to my phone after he tried to call me approx. 10 times to follow up:

"Dear STIG. Its me David nzioka from kenya. am using doctor’s to send sms new have seen my emails yet? please use those details to send I will get it while am sick"

David would never send me a text message with a content like this also presenting himself with his sir name and saying that he comes from Kenya – he has never done that before and we know if I am right this swindler will achieve one thing and that is to become world famous through my scripts.

I look forward to hearing from you ASAP – please give this information to David too if you can. Have a nice day 🙂

Kind regards,

And we know I received two reminder emails from Uganda (!) and even more calls during the day, which I did not hear on my telephone and I was glad that I decided to send the email above because it turned out that I was right – nothing had happened to David – and I received the information from Elijah, who was very kind to send me a text message saying that David was alright because he spoke to him this morning and we agreed that I would not send any money until tomorrow, where the team would inform me about who to send money to this time and we know I was VERY HAPPY to receive this message from Elijah because he was very positive and very strong and this is exactly the kind of behaviour I like very much to see – thank you Elijah – and we know most of all I was very happy to hear that nothing had happened to David and we know I was thinking about all of the spam emails I also receive where people try to cheat money from me telling totally untrue stories that I have won in lottery, serious illnesses etc. – often in the name of God (!) – and we know without thinking about how this affect the receivers of these emails and we know THIS IS MAKING ME VERY SAD TO SEE and we know this is a world in total moral decline, which simply has to stop and we know which will stop because of “normal life” and good behaviour coming to all and we know “can you feel it” (?), which I am NOW listening to again on my head phones and we know which is one of VERY MANY songs from Michael, which I love and we know I am as surprised as my readers about Michael being “another part of me” and we know some day soon I will know more about this too and I am sure that you will be kept updated.

1st October: The Council are busy on their way through the Source of me transferring the Universe to the Source

“I should be able to play the guitar naturally but I don’t know how to play it technically”

Again tonight I slept badly and I was dreaming of being at the supermarket together with Fuggi, where Robert Smith from the Cure was playing a demo on a guitar, which made me say that “I should be able to play the guitar naturally but I don’t know how to play it technically” and Fuggi said that it looked cool and that I could learn to play through him and the guitar is the symbol of THE UNIVERSE Stig (!) and this is really to say that for the first time I am now the guitar but that I don’t know how to use it to “play for today” and this is what will come gradually to me and we know including all of the wisdom I can “dream of”.

I told the fake doctor that he will be included in this book and I received a very positive email from David

This morning the “fake doctor” of yesterday called me again when I was at the park and he told me again how urgent my help was and I could only tell him that I have other information about David, that I know he is fine and that I will include his email in my book to tell the world of what NOT to do in the future and during the day I was told that this “game” of the fake doctor giving me first a shock and afterwards much negative speech because of the behaviour and reactions of the swindlers – the worst kind of negative speech you know trying to “connect” to me as a habit, which would NOT be good (!) – that this experience was needed in order to pass the darkness to install me at “my room” and from here I did not hear again from the fake doctor and so it is.

And I was happy to receive a warm and positive email from David today – which the swindler probably also read because of his access to David’s email account – and among other information David wrote “Jambo brother Stig, Wie geht’s  Heute. I’m fine, live and kicking ):. This is despite the fraudulent message that I was injured and was hospitalized in some hospital with a broken arm and leg.” and we know my “dear” swindler, this is HOW David writes, not the way you write and we know if you had used some more time REALLY reading David’s outgoing emails trying to copy his writing style, you might have succeeded cheating me but then again probably not but you know I am really saying that your quality of “work” was NOT good enough (!) and this is also how it is here.

“Some guys have all the luck” is what is now coming

And we know Stig I am not “sailing” anymore – you are also FANTASTIC Rod (!) – and here meaning to be on the boat of the Devil bringing bad luck, which is what I have received all of my life in relation to work, love and much more and we know MOST OF MY LIFE and all events, which all people experience every single day involve the spiritual world (!), who can decide to “help” you or work against you and I have seen it happening directly in front of my eyes now thousands of times – when people are “inspired” to say or act in one way or another or when you are simply “lucky” or “unlucky”, THIS IS HOW IT IS – and yesterday and today my luck started to change because now people “automatically” are positive to me, I don’t have to “earn” this response and we know see the example from yesterday and today a “potential conflict” of the park, which could have become “dangerous” was solved by “inspired” people because this is what I was hoping for and we know this is also what is now starting to come to my extremely loyal friends of LTO in Kenya because Meshack was very kind to inform me that “God is good i will not be going home because i got a friend to host me in his house which is a step forward and i will be taking my family back.” and I was really VERY HAPPY to receive this news and we know I do hope that all of your financial stress, my LTO friends, will be solved too to improve your situation further and so it is and Meshack’s comments to the swindler was: “This is a true conman who intends to harvest where he did not plant but we cannot blame him because these are the tricks poor people who cannot eke a living normally use but it is a wrong way of requesting help.”

The Council are now starting to become happy again after having been the SADDEST you can be

At the end of the day at the Park I was given the song “living next door to Alice” by Smokie as a symbol because we heard it on the car radio when working and Thomas asked me if Smokie is still active as a band and I could only reply – as I had seen on television recently – that they are because they have recorded a new album in Denmark, where they said that they have retrieved the true happiness to make music and we know when I was saying this, I felt and therefore I knew that this story was “planted” too – this is what is happening ALL OF THE TIME ALL OVER THE WORLD – and the message was truly that this is what the Council is now becoming again after being the SADDEST you can be (!) and we know they were still not much with me today but more than yesterday and we know some hours after I gave the message on the phone to the fake doctor and after I sent DKK 3,000 to Meshack after work on the wish of the team until David will get a new and safe email, I started to feel that the suffering and negative speech are now really decreasing and this is what I truly hope and believe is now the direction I am going in and we know I was also told by the Council that I am about to be shown how to create music and we know to create happiness together with the “orchestra of the Council” and we know DO YOU KNOW HOW SORRY I AM THAT TWO “almost” ORIGINAL MEMBERS OF THE ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA HAVE DISEASED TRAGICALLY and we know AS PART OF THE GAME TOO and we know THERE WAS NOTHING ELSE WE COULD DO MY FRIEND and we know as “someone” is telling me here and I don’t know who you are but let me ask you directly “who are you, will you let me know” (?) and yes and no and STIG ALL OF THIS GAME WILL SOON END and we know it is a female member of the Council, which is now what I feel – because this is the feeling, which is sent – and we know actually I feel the united female members of the Council here and the sun is rising and will not go down on me – thank you Elton and also George – and this is another story I did not write when I received it some weeks ago and we know how it would be to live in total darkness on an earth not rotating anymore and we know with the sun fading away and we know much could be said but I am FED up with negativity trying to be positive/objective all of the time myself and so it is here where I am still looking forward to a general improvement in the behaviour and attitude of all people because WE ALL LIKE TO BE HAPPY AND JOYFULL.

The Universe has started to be transferred to the Universe of the Source

During the evening I received information from the “second highest level” – among others from the spirit of Sidsel, who has been strong with me this evening and for some days in fact – and I was told that the Council are busy on their way through the Source of me, which I have brought with me and that they are transferring the Universe to the Universe of the Source and we know because I have accepted to do this 1-2 days ago and my friends this is really how it is here.


This evening when watching “crazy about dance” on TV2, there was inspired speech as always – “den sidder lige I skabet”, “the chocolate pair M&M’s” etc. – and I noticed that I could look at the beautiful ladies dancing with less “problems” today compared to one week ago and we know because of “new habits” starting to be “connected” to me and we know also because of less male hormones given to me and we know making a big difference my friends.

I also felt “less layers” of darkness given to me this evening and we know if you imagine one “dark” soul being put on another dark soul and another and this goes on until you have so “many” dark souls on top of each other that the concentration and darkness is intense and when this has been given to me physically all of the time for a very long time, it is extremely suffocating and we know this is what feels “less intense” this evening.

2nd October: The Council needs to climb a mountain to find the entrance to the Source of me

Tonight I had a dream where I felt myself as extremely clean and because I have never been unfaithful I was pulling the whole Universe with me.

The Council needs to climb a mountain to find the entrance to the Source of me

I slept very badly and was really tired this morning and we know I decided to follow my action plan and today this included a bath in the tub and when I was sitting there, I felt the Council inside of me, they were thirsty and I was told that they could not find the entrance to the Source and because I was as tired as I was and I was relaxing in the bath tub, this is what the Council felt “obliged” to do too and we know I did “almost” not receive any negative speech when relaxing but I was told that we need to climb a mountain before Sunday and I was recommended to use energy, which I don’t have – I was VERY tired indeed – including to start running again tomorrow, which I really don’t feel like doing being this tired and we know I was told that if I do not they will have to give me severe pain just above the angle of my right foot – which is the worst pain I know of – and we know I could only say that it is “my wish” that they don’t and we know I was told that instead “pain” or what is worse can be brought to my closest family, which I have not accepted too (!) – in order to climb this mountain and we know it is the mountain of the Devil/darkness and this is why we require you to do your best once more Stig and we know you are “dead tired” and are now “tempted” to relax in between the tasks of your action plan and this is really the situation today and we know I was told that it will be an achievement if I will be able to see my mother and John tomorrow evening – they have invited me to come after they have returned from holiday – and we know we will have to see what happens from here and what is really hidden “in the closet” – one of my favourites of Michael too and here with a double meaning. I was told that I keep the key myself to help the Council finding the entrance.

And during the afternoon I was kept in a uncertain mode if this was the truth or not, I did not receive much negative speech, which I would normally do when climbing a mountain of the Devil and we know I will follow my action plan without becoming stressed this is how it is with or without running tomorrow depending on how I sleep and I was thinking that energy now does not come from being stressed or giving energy I don’t have – this is what I have “learned in school today” – and the Council was not with me most of the day and was replaced by the second level and I was thinking that this is part of the transferral of the Universe to the Source.


After the bath I did Yoga again, which was almost impossible to do because of my tiredness and we know, this was worse than for a very long time, this is how tired I am today and we know Fuggi is coming here this evening and of course for dinner, which I need to prepare and of course to be sociable all evening.

“Warm feelings” was the key for the Council to find the entrance

This evening Fuggi came for dinner, which I had prepared, and as usual we had some very good hours together and we know Fuggi had sent me some links to videos on the Internet of people playing drum machines etc. and he was so kind to say that even I could learn how to play music using these devices and I was thinking of my dream from yesterday, where he in the dream said that I could learn to play music through him and we know I have never been skilled playing music, which however is a gift Fuggi has received.

Fuggi asked me about stereo equipment and when I told him about my own equipment and my d/a converter, my words were strengthened much by the Council when I told how this box totally opened up the sound in all dimensions and made a guitar truly sound like a guitar etc. and what I was really talking about is what will happen when the door to the other side so to say truly opens so I will not only be in contact with them through my present senses but TRULY be there together with them and we know where all dimensions will open up and we know I was also thinking that this is what will happen to Fuggi and the other members of the Council too and we know Fuggi when you will receive “the entire bun” and not only the candied peel, which you don’t like and we know YOU WILL KNOW FUGGI.

During the evening I was given the information that what is required these days to help the Council to find the entrance of the Source is really “warm feelings” and this is simply the reason why I saw Fuggi today and will see my mother and John tomorrow because we have very warm feelings for each other and during the evening I was told that the Council has now found the entrance, which they will open tomorrow – and we know I was also given maybe 4-5 of the sudden BIG pains on my right foot, which I was not very happy about but apparently they were needed.

3rd October: The new world has now been created, and I will become everything, when I will enter this new world

Tonight I slept somewhat better and I was dreaming that I did a hole in one when playing golf, it was one of the last balls I used and first the ball was rolling to the right on the green but then it rolled to the left into the hole. I also had a dream of a cancer epidemic, which had broken out and that all people will receive cancer within a few weeks and that doctors will not listen to the patients.

The other day I was thinking that when family and friends will understand that my story is true, when they will find out that they have acted WRONG in relation to me, when they will apologise and offer to listen to me – a BIG need I have had for years, when I have had NOBODY to talk to about my experiences – it will be “too late” meaning that then I will have been “lifted up” making my need for family and friends listening to me unnecessary and we know this is the story about people who believe I owe them an apology making their lives difficult and we know who don’t understand that I have taken on all of their sufferings combined and we know what this really means.

This morning I noticed that any “temptations” to negative thoughts are “almost” not strengthened any more and we know try to imagine that you think one negative thought and you have one hundred people around you repeating and broadening this negative thought and shouting it inside of your head again and again, which you cannot stop and we know this is roughly how it has been and we know because of the behaviour of family and friends not understanding this direct consequence and we know not very nice you know.

Today I decided to take the first part of the day relaxing at home (!) despite of the messages given to me yesterday and we know because I could not see how these could be true and therefore I had some hours where I relaxed more than I have done for years and we know if you have not been able to truly relax for years and you get some hours where this is “almost” possible with “almost” no negative speech and with considerable less concentration of the darkness than before, then this is really a relief, which can be felt and we know this is how it is even though I was still given so uneasy feelings inside of my body when I was taking a nap that if I had not tried this before I would have thought that I was dying but we know still this was nothing.


Because I slept somewhat better I decided to renew my membership with Fitness World this afternoon and we know I ran for 30 minutes without stopping and really only because I had decided to do so because otherwise I don’t believe that I would have been able to do so and so it is.

This evening I met my mother and John again and we know my mother told me that she has received a breast cancer – now I better understand my dream of cancer from tonight – and that she will be operated next week and we know afterwards she will receive many radiations and we know this was of course a very difficult message for her to receive as it is for millions of people becoming sick of this dreadful disease and we know for me it did not bother me much because I know that this is part of the game and we know because of the strength of the darkness, which she will be cured for because this is my wish and we know otherwise I would have become very sad indeed because my mother is still the most important person for me in the world and we know for a long time I said to the Council that I don’t want any of my family or special friends to die going through the darkness and for some time I have told the Council the same and we know but now that this is “my wish” and we know for the Council to decide themselves how to react on and now I will say stronger again that I don’t want any of my family or special friends to die and we know even to receive permanent injuries going through what we go through and we know this was this really.

The new world has now been created, and I will become everything, when I will enter this new world

On my way home from Helsingør in the train I was thinking that I don’t hear much from the Council these days and this is both positive and negative speech and we know when they shortly break the “almost” silence they also bring negative speech with them so what I can say is that obviously it has been important for them to work in silence because negative reactions because of negative thoughts or feelings coming from me could disturb their work with the transferral of the Universe to the Source and we know we found the entrance yesterday and my dear boys and girls I am happy to announce that we are not all dead and we know if any of us are dead and we know Stig you have been thinking about the pain of your right foot and angle – I have had a few today too but less painful than yesterday – and we know the story some time ago that the Universe was transferred from your right to your left foot and we know if this was untrue and if it was, what it means when my right foot hurt so much as it does and we know thinking of losing millions of lives somewhere out there in the Universe and we know maybe entire planets because of the darkness we are going through and we know I don’t hope this is the case, but it has been on my mind this weekend as much else making it difficult and we know also confusion of what was the right to do and still temptations you know, which easily could make me think and react WRONGLY because of male hormones and so it is and what I am saying here is really what I was told in the train because Stig we have now created a new world and the day when you yourself enter this new world, you will become everything and so it is – and here I am thinking that I have connected with my true self and that all of this is still underneath the mask of the Devil, which has still not been taken off me and we know I am two persons in one at the moment and looking forward to the day when I will take off the mask.


Today I was also happy to receive an email from my good friend John in Kenya for the first time in a long time and we know because as he writes “sometimes the heart is willing but the pockets are dry” and here I just want to say thank you so much for your continuous positive mindset even when going through very difficult times and not least for your continuous support, which means so much to me and to all of us really :-).


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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