7th October 2010 – When the light of the Source shortly will be switched on, everything will immediately become good

Summary of the script today



4th October: When the light of the Source shortly will be switched on, everything will immediately become good
  • I was more tired and had one of the most difficult and extreme days ever, which was TOTALLY impossible to come through but even though I was almost giving up, I went through all of the day overcoming the worst darkness trying to stick to me and this was about “the move” of the remaining part of the Universe, which almost brought me and the spiritual world to our knees today.
  • We moved plants from a house to the park as a symbol of the move and after this “impossible” work was carried out, we drove to a beautiful farm with the most breathtaking view symbolising the view of the new world coming.
  • When the light of the Source shortly will be switched on – with the Universe inside of it – everything will immediately become good eliminating all evil.
5th October: My inner self is now being transferred back to the Source and the Universe without the Devil
  • Today was a new day balancing on the extreme point of eternal life or death depending on my actions, it is not about transferring the Universe as I thought yesterday, which has finalised, but about transferring my inner self from the now old Universe back to the Source going through what is contrary to the nature and the biggest Devil of all, which is the reason of my extreme suffering, and I made it today through difficulties using my best patience and quality of work.
  • At the meditation at the Centre of Wisdom and Compassion I asked for my mother to be completely healed from her cancer and I was told that most of my inner self has now been transferred.
6th October: I am almost in total control of the darkness meaning that the light of the Source soon will be switched on
  • Today I met more resistance from the darkness, which I needed to fight actively but when I was meditating I was almost in total control of my mind, thoughts and the darkness meaning that the light of the Source soon will be switched on.
  • Later, the darkness was separated from me being left on the surface of me meaning that I still feel the darkness and its suffering.
  • I was given an example of seconds where the darkness was so strong that it completely took me over – there was nothing I could do – and this together with its destruction of the Universe is what the world has been saved from.
  • I had a new, nice visit at Lama Yönten, where I was told that he has become the model of Buddha working inside of me, which made me happy because the Lama shows many very fine qualities.
7th October: My mother is still “alive and kicking” after operation, the cancer tumour was “smaller than expected”
  • I was woken up at 03.30 and was not given any more sleep. I had to look forward to doing more meticulously cleaning of the bed at the park, which did not motivate me at all, but which I still did as the only one working today because of rain.
  • I was told that if I decided not to do this work, Virgin Mary would become fertilized, which would have cost her/my mother her life on the operation table today and this is also why I decided to continue doing my best: To save my mother!
  • My mother was operated and SHE IS FINE AND HAPPY AGAIN, the cancer tumour was smaller than expected as a result of the healing energy I have sent her all week. She has been under the worst pressure of her life, which also was sent to me making my week the absolutely worst to come through. This was necessary to build “the skeleton of the fish” to secure our future world without any evil and this extreme suffering will decrease until we will finally approach our safe haven.


4th October: When the light of the Source shortly will be switched on, everything will immediately become good

Signs of a difficult day and “the gift”, which will come to me

Again tonight I slept badly and this night – and also the previous – I had dreams of sexual nature again only saying that the darkness is still strong, however this morning before going to work at the park my right foot felt almost perfect.

I was thinking early this morning about the dismantled doomsday weapon in connection with my thoughts yesterday of the meaning of my hurting right foot and I could not come any closer to an answer than what I have already given. This morning I was also shown the gift I will receive when I will be connected with the Universe.

One of the most difficult and extreme days ever overcoming the worst tiredness and darkness to move the remaining Universe

When arriving at the park and when starting the work this morning I felt more tired than ever and that today would become one of the most difficult day ever and I started working at the bed shovelling earth being so exhausted and tired that it was impossible to do (!) and I was thinking if I should give up, go home or “relax” all or most of the day at the park against my principles because it was surely impossible to come through the day and briefly when this occurred I had the Council with me telling me that they were just behind me if I should need help and this gave me some confidence and from here I decided to keep working – without help – and the more I worked the more I decided to continue working – step by step you know – and we know at the same time I was fighting the most severe negative speech coming to me of the kind, which does its absolutely best ALL OF THE TIME to stick and connect to my mind or let me say to take me over also including a try to call back the bomb of Nixon and we know this TERRIBLE game kept going on and I was under a heavier burden than almost ever before fighting this attack every second INSISTING hundreds of times that I will NEVER accept any negativity starting to connect to me – this was about our future world and we know coming through the challenges of today the best way possible with the feeling of reducing losses of the Universe as much as possible – and still I was this tired and still I had to continue working my best and we know I was given pains in the right angle of my foot and at one point, where the negativity almost succeeded to stick to me because it was almost impossible to resist I felt a ray coming out from the spiritual hole of the angle of my right foot in a circle larger than myself and we know I was not the least happy about this and at the same time I witnessed a spiritual event at a level I have never experienced before.

Today, three of us had agreed to drive to a private house to move some plants from the garden of this house to the park and I was driving the car and doing the heaviest work – because people here believe that I am the strongest (!) – and I was here running on my absolutely last energy both physically and mentally and I was told that this move of plants was a symbol of moving the Universe to the Source and I was also doing this work with the biggest pressure imaginable almost giving up but I decided to keep on working and we know doing my best really also realising that we did not finish the move of the Universe yesterday and again it was only a decision to keep doing this work, which led me through – otherwise I would not have been able to do it – and after this, my two colleagues felt inspired to drive a few kilometres from the house to see the small farm called “Slette huset” with the most beautiful view over the Deer Park of Lyngby as you can imagine – certainly one of the most beautiful of all views in Denmark – and this was the Council telling me that this is symbolising the view over our new world and it was strengthened when my colleagues also decided for us to drive the short road to the most beautiful small village Raadvad, which is one of the most idyllic places I know of and furthermore I was later given a vision of the characters of the movie Avatar and all of this to symbolise the breathtaking new world coming.

Last week we received the new pick-up at the park and we are waiting to receive a diesel card enabling us to re-fuel the car and we know it is running on the absolute rest fuel and I was getting the strong feeling that this was a metaphor of the Council and myself and we know the car is new and ready to go – as I am too underneath the mask of the Devil – but we are running on the absolutely last fuel almost without energy and I was happy today to be informed that we will be able to refuel the car tomorrow, which made me hope that the kind of totally unbearable burdens I and the spiritual world went through today will not continue tomorrow and this is how it is.

Later in the afternoon my work became somewhat easier to do when I decided to do not as physical demanding work at the bed removing weeds. I felt a big red wound at my right foot and during the afternoon it was beautiful but windy weather and one branch of a tree fell off because of the wind a few metres from me and I was thinking that this may symbolise damages to the Universe when moving it inside the Source and I was told that the degree of careful work I did this afternoon, where I did my absolutely best work despite of how I felt, is the degree, which the new world will be built together with.

We are all alive because of my decision to live – thank you to and from the spiritual world

I also spoke to a colleague about a philosopher and he was inspired to tell me about the “will” as a theme of this philosopher and this was really to say that we are all alive because of my decision to live instead of dying and we know what would have happened if I gave into the EXTREMELY strong and negative power of the darkness today (?), would the Source have saved me from this power (?) and this is what I hope it would have but I don’t truly know right now – and would the Universe have suffered much more (?) – and I am thinking if the energy I used today, which I did no have – which I was recommended to use two days ago – was in order to free the Universe from all darkness and we know through passing the darkness inside of me and we know this is the best answer I have now and we know I get the feeling that one person would like to say something here and we know Virgin Mary and not Virgin Mary but eeehhh where do we start and finish and Stig you are not beaten yet and I am beaten – Joseph here – and we know you have not really told anybody about one of us becoming big and not big and we know WE ARE ALL HERE TO CELEBRATE WHAT YOU DID TODAY and we know Stig as you normally say I ONLY DO MY BEST BUT IT IS YOU IN THE SPIRITUAL WORLD WHO ARE TRULY DOING THE WORK as you also did today and this is what I would like to THANK ALL OF THE UNIVERSE FOR DOING and we know I am really only “the engine”, which you use as foundation and so it is.

When the light of the Source shortly will be switched on, everything will immediately become good eliminating all evil

During the day it became clear to me – if it has not been so the last days – that when the light of the Source will be switched on everything will immediately become good and we know eliminating all evil of the Universe because when the Universe is inside of the Source and the Source is “clean” – “the cleanest I’ve been” – this is the only logical answer, which exists and It also fits together with the energy of my true self, which I feel just underneath the mask of the Devil surrounding and protecting me from the outside world, which can only survive without darkness and we know therefore the only way I can become my true self also on the surface is to eliminate the darkness from the entire Universe when switching on the light of the Source and we know this is how it is my friends, not an easy task to carry out to say the least.

Finally when I came home from the park I was looking forward to taking a nap and afterwards a long bath but you know I was not allowed to fall asleep but instead I was given maybe even worse heart pain for one hour than ever before and we know this can hardly give me any anxiety anymore but still it gave me “some” worries at least to start with until I decided to ignore it – a feeling of dying – and we know from here I was “recommended” also to write the script of today, which I did and we know of course doing my absolutely best to be patient when writing because impatience is not the best means – but the easiest – at the moment as you may understand. And the script also led to necessary changes of my website, which I was also “recommended” to do, which I then did and we know during the evening after having done “impossible” work all day finally the worst negativity given to me directly every second started to reduce – this was what we were expecting you to do today my boy.

And we know I was told that the only way I could come into this TERRIBLE condition today feeling more tired and exhausted than ever before was because of my mother’s illness and we know the feelings of this in relation to me from my closest family and in other words, without this we would not be able to make this painstaking last move.

At the end of the day I was told that I have been allowed to move forward. I had somewhat pains of my right foot today and I started feeling that my left foot now is hurting and that I have a wound above the angle of this foot and now the task is to protect the left foot until the light of the Source will be switched on.

So the worst day ever is what we would all like to say became the best day ever for the Universe!

5th October: My inner self is now being transferred back to the Source and the Universe without the Devil

Tonight I had somewhat better sleep and a dream including my old stepfather Ole, he looked like his old self and I thanked him. When I stood up the only thing on my mind was that it would be impossible for me to carry out a day today like yesterday, this is how dreadful yesterday was – certainly one of the worst of all days I have gone through and we know the Easter 2009 experience is the only for sure, which was even worse.

My inner self is now being transferred back to the Source and the Universe without the Devil

When starting my work at the Park I met one of the others, who talked about poisoning moles and he was THINKING that the poison doing this work is the same poison, which was used when the Jews were poisoned by the Nazi’s during the second world war and we know this was starting the day – a message from the Council saying that if things do not turn out how we have planned it, this is what will happen to all of us and we know I started working with the next row of plants at the bed, which included what seemed like an infinity of withered leafs in between the plants, which would simply be impossible to remove but I decided to have extreme “patience” and that “we have all the time in the world” to do this work and when I decided to do this – which was still against my natural feeling at the moment of being impatient – I was told that this was a great relief to the Council because otherwise I would have chosen the wrong road and the limits aren’t great at this phase you know – and the next 1½ hours I was doing this work at the same time as I was bombarded with negative messages giving me anxiety to die all of the time and we know this was given to me because of the anxiety of my mother about the cancer she has received – this is the extreme balance of eternal life or death these days and we know so it is.

During the day I came to the understanding what is really going on now because yesterday I thought that it was the remaining part of the Universe, which was being transferred to the Source despite of the message from the day before that this work was finalised and today I was given the understanding that I am now going through a fight with my inner self as the biggest Devil of all – hence my very great pain yesterday, which is also because of what we do is contrary to the nature– to return to the Source and we know this is how it is, I came from the Source – and brought it with me – to reunite with my consciousness and we know now the Universe has been transferred to the Source and I am now myself being transferred from the soon “old room of the Universe” to the new Universe inside of the Source where after this old room will be eliminated by the Source simply by filling it with light and so it is and we know I was given speech of death all day long making the day difficult – this is the feeling of Virgin Mary and the Council and why my mother has received her cancer helping us to carry out this “dangerous” operation – and the Devil was also strong today but nothing compared to yesterday.

Yesterday and the first part of today I was working alone at the park because of people being ill or having “other priorities” and we know meaning that I was forced to think positively without becoming disappointed with people because of their attitude, which would have been the natural feeling, but after lunch I was positively surprised when first one and later another decided to help me removing the last waste to the waste disposal site and I was happy to talk to the first person having some personal challenges and we know he became so happy that he decided to go to a kiosk to get some chocolate with pieces of ORANGE brittle and two ORANGE juices for us to share and we know symbols of course and we know which was making me happy because it really showed that I had carried out another difficult day and now almost in paradise you know, Phil and here saying that these people came to me as symbols of the Council, who are now receiving me on my way home. Today I showed my best “patience” and quality of work, which is what made me come through.

As a matter of good sake let me say that these days – all of yesterday and also today, but not as strong – the darkness put extremely negative words in my mouth in “I shape” including WRONG judgment of others and everything I experience in fact, which I had to resist with all of my power every single time and we know for example saying “I will NEVER accept the negative – NEVER”, “I am stronger than all Devils and also stronger than my own Devil” etc. and at the end of the day I took the darkness into my school of discipline saying directly that I will never accept what he says, that I have decided that I don’t want to listen to any of his words and I taught him about the true meaning of the middle finger, which he is showing me all of the time, and we know doing it in a way without any compromise and we know confidently going directly after his throat because I know I am right instead of letting him being “in charge” and this is really how it is.

Asking for my mother to be completely healed – and most of my inner self has now been transferred

Today I was at the Centre of Wisdom and Compassion again and this time it was a Norwegian speaking about the meaning of mindfulness – to be a good observer when being concentrated and to get a better life, which you know I like very much – and I had to pay attention again being tired, otherwise the darkness would torment me and at the beginning of the meditation I asked the spiritual world to heal my mother completely from her cancer and we know I succeeded for the first time in years (!) to make my mind almost empty with full concentration without receiving any distractions and we know because of will power and later when I allowed for messages to come through I was told that most of my inner self has now been transferred and I saw myself on my way up the stairs of a house, where the boards of the stairs were transformed into books and wallets after I had stepped on them and we know here meaning that I am walking the road to the end without giving even a point or a set to the Devil because of “giving up” and wisdom and equal income for people coming and I was given inspiration to tell Dalai Lama – who does not know if I will eventually appear as “God” or “the Devil”, which is the “road” he and Obama are walking – that I will arrive both as “God” and as Buddha and that I ask mankind to walk the road of Buddha to find full enlightenment within 1,000 years.

At the end of the meditation I saw myself stepping out of my body, which gave me a new very powerful reaction from the darkness the rest of the evening after I had received some hours of almost calm and I was told that I now have one more test left – the one I am going through now.

Ending the day by saying that I have succeeded keeping the Devil from moving together with the Universe – I had no pains in my left foot – and that he has not destroyed my right leg, which I have been given indications of during the day.

And let me also say how HAPPY I am to see that Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow from Take That have made up, apologised and started being friends again and we know also producing the wonderful new song “shame” about “what a shame we never listened” and we know this is a GROWING AWARENESS of the pain people experience when they don’t listen, don’t understand and instead fight each other when the truth is that they could have had wonderful friendships if they had simply said “sorry” and we know understood each other JJJ. And we know I receive gooseflesh and warm feelings all over because of happiness when I watch the recent videos of Robbie and Gary on YouTube showing their true friendship and warm feelings and we know I am wondering how it will be when this is the feeling, which the whole world and Universe will receive too ending all fights between families and friends and we know including my own.

6th October: I am almost in total control of the darkness meaning that the light of the Source soon will be switched on

Tonight I had an almost alright sleep again still with some sexual content meaning that the darkness is not over yet and we know I was waking up and I started receiving the same resistance from the darkness as yesterday evening and we know I was told that this is the death anxiety, which my mother is feeling, which is transferred to me and we know of course including strong negativity from the darkness and this is how it is and tomorrow will be the day of operation for my mother and we know we will have to see what happens from here.

I was told this morning that the reason why the Council and the other side really is going through extreme lack of energy these days is in order to overcome the natural forces, which in a situation like this turning down the negative power of the Universe would ignite the bomb of Nixon and we know only when using all of our combined energy on both sides – this includes me – we can succeed overcoming this factor and this is why I was given more indications of pain at my entire lower right leg today.

I am almost in total control of my mind and the darkness meaning that the light of the Source soon will be switched on

It was my day off from the park giving me time to write the scripts of yesterday and today and also to wash from the morning and we know after a morning of fighting the darkness I decided to meditate at home and after having shut totally off for the darkness, I decided to release my mind and thoughts entirely at the meditation simply to find out that underneath the fight with the darkness, I have now come as far that I am almost in total control of my mind, my thoughts and the darkness and we know I was in this stage for some time and at the end of the meditation some darkness came back to me forcing me to actively block it off again using “mind control” really (!) and we know giving me the feeling that now it will not take long before I will reach the final stage of being in total control and calm with no distractions at all from the darkness and this is when I and the universe will be lifted up with all of the light and new energy from the Source spreading around the Universe and I was told that this will come to me automatically and imperceptible.

At the meditation I was also told that I took the right decision when I decided not to seek refuge with Buddhism and we know because as Buddha I am not a Buddhist – I am the teacher and not one who follows the teachings of Buddha.


During the afternoon I ran again at Fitness World and again I had to follow my decision to run for 30 minutes without stopping, otherwise I would not have been able to do it also because I am easily distracted by other people – a “gift” I am born with, which has never been pleasant – and it takes my absolutely best to shut out the noise of people close around me as today, but I did it and I was told that it was important to do, which gave me some stress because it was difficult but it was not worse than what I could handle.

The darkness has now been separated from me

Later I was shown a vision of the Devil who was now outside of the angle of my right foot wanting to enter my body and we know he tried to enter through the angle and also other places of my body where I was given pain but when I take a decision as this to say no, I stand by it no matter what and therefore the answer was a clear no every time the same way as I am still saying no or correcting the darkness trying to win me over hundreds or even thousands of times every day. The darkness is now separated from me, it is on the surface of me meaning that I still feel the darkness and its suffering clearly and we know this is a preparation of “what is to come” when the darkness will become extinct.

Lama Yönten is the inspiration for my inner self building the character of Buddha

Today I decided to visit Lama Yönten again and on my way there I bought a new monthly train card covering the area from Copenhagen over Lyngby to Brede and it was 720 DKK leaving me approx. 700 DKK for the rest of the month, which I hope will be enough also considering that I still have quite some food in the freezer.

Among other things The Lama spoke of the relative and absolute truth – the “reality” perceived by people is not always the absolute reality because of feelings disturbing people and we know we have seen that a lot when writing this book – and to free oneself from suffering through a calm and concentrated mind, which is what VERY MANY people will benefit from.

As usual I had to pay attention to what was said even though I was tired and the darkness was strong this evening wanting to re-enter my body and constantly trying to trick me cleverly by putting words in my mouth and giving me difficult and very deep feelings to overcome and I was given a few seconds as an example where the darkness took over my mind completely so I had absolutely no chance to resist it and we know this is what the world will be totally free from “against all odds”: The darkness having total control over me meaning that it could start destroying the world and we know there would be absolutely nothing I could do to resist it but you know I have resisted it so far and my old motto is that when I do my best, I will come through this road I have built and this is what I will do until the end as I have now said for a long time so this is how it is.

During the visit I was told that Lama Yönten has been the model to build Buddha inside of me and this is really the reason why the Devil has been so keen on scaring me away from this place for weeks because he did not like the thought to grow Buddha based on the very fine qualities Lama Yönten shows with commitment, quality, careful, humour and compassion as examples – which shines through his very fine lectures – and we know I have said earlier that I believe it is a good idea to involve the students even more than what Lama Yönten does today to do teachings primarily based on dialogue and not on lectures and so it is.


On my way home from the Lama I was given a strong pain in my heart at the train and we know the train was given loud noises from the wheels of the wagon where I was sitting and from the same wagon it was clear that there were “holes” in the electricity powering it symbolising that the train journey is coming to an end and we know here I am given a feeling that we are looking for the switch to turn on the light of the Source and so it is and all of this could have made me worried but as mentioned before I have now been put through “this and that” many times and it takes much to scare me today and this was another example, which really did not scare me.

7th October: My mother is still “alive and kicking” after operation, the cancer tumour was “smaller than expected”

During the night I was given several dreams but I decided only to include one of them shortly in this script, which was about a large number of pension schemes, which needed to be transferred now and I was working my best with what became a very short deadline because other people, who should have helped me, did not do their work as expected and therefore I was first ready with the work at the last moment and I was given the feeling that next year I will be able to do the work better.

A very difficult day with very little sleep and motivation working alone outside in the rain to save my mother!

I was woken up at 03.30 during the night and was not allowed to sleep anymore really for the rest of the night, which did not make me very happy indeed – but still I had to use mind control not to show negative feelings – and I was asked what I was going to work with at the park and we know I have four more rows at the bed, which I have decided to meticulously clean from withered leaves and thousands of grass straws and we know being awakened and asked this question during the night where all you want to do is sleep was really not what I was hoping for and I had very little motivation to even think about doing this work again and we know I was glad that the darkness did not take me because of this difficult situation and instead I was asked nicely “but can you give it a try” (?) and of course I could despite of my feeling of this work at this time and from here I was kept awake until the alarm rang at 06.30 and we know “a new wonderful” day started and I was telling myself to go to the park despite of the bad sleep and lack of motivation and to take it step by step and we know to last at least until 11.30 and to “take it from there”, which is another motto I have used for years really meaning that when I reach a midway goal, I normally also make it through the last way and this is truly how it was and still is to this day and we know I am now feeling the Council being happy for my decision to go through this day too and we know the spirit of Virgin Mary was with me from the morning and I felt “the pressure” to go to work and we know it was raining moderately and when I arrived at the Park I started shovelling and turning earth at more rows of the bed and we know I meticulously cleaned one more of the rows and we know the earth was completely wet as I was too all over having wet dirt on my hands and we know I saw Virgin Mary in front of me telling me that if I had decided to stay at home, she would have become fertilised – I would have received a vision of a beautiful lady from Virgin Mary but it would be Virgin Mary herself acting – and we know I was told that this would have cost her life and we know also meaning that my mother would have died on the operation table, where she would go later today to be operated from her cancer and we know this information was given to me so convincingly that it sounded as the truth – which is also why I decided to continue doing my best today under very difficult circumstances and we know in order to save my mother – and on the other hand I know that the Devil is now on the outside of me and I have been told some time ago that the weapons of the Devil don’t work anymore and if this is the truth, I was given a lie today about Virgin Mary and my mother and if this on the other hand was the truth – which it sounded and felt like very clearly also fitting with the operation of the “illness” of my mother today, which I have been “warned” about for days – the story of the weapons could not be true and we know as Stig I have all along had the power to go into the darkness, if I wanted too or if I could not stand the immense and constant pressure I have been put and still is put under and really saying that if this is what I had chosen, the weapons of the Devil could soon be re-activated and we know I am writing this chapter objectively not knowing about what is the truth and what would have happened to my mother and potentially even worse to us all afterwards if I decided to stay at home today but one thing I know for certain is that what my spiritual self together with the Council and the Universe is doing at the moment to disconnect the new world from the darkness is the greatest operation of the Universe ever and this requires a very special moment on earth too and we know here involving me and my mother and so it is – and I have been thinking that the potential death of Virgin Mary and my mother could also have led to a contingency plan to carry us through, which I however don’t like to think about in a greater detail.

And we know Stig so I decided to keep working at this weather with my normal quality and efficiency and today as the only one at all in the park because of the weather (!) and I did not mind becoming dirty thinking of what could become the alternative if I stopped and I found out that despite of lack of sleep this was one of my “good” days compared to how much “efficient” sleep I normally get, where I only sleep “light” or “very light” and we know sometimes making me work hard almost without any sleep being “dead tired”. And at 11.30 we were given the rest of the day off because of the bad weather – which was now better than the first couple of hours – which I really did not mind today as you may understand! – In stead I went home and decided to write the script of today and the remaining part of yesterday.

I still had the darkness with me this morning, however it was easier to come through at least part of the morning because I am still affected by the behaviour of other people – I very much like people, when they are nice, strong, helpful and do the right things and it makes me sad and hurts me immensely because of the darkness when people are the opposite and this is what the darkness again today tried to take advantage of by trying to give me and bring me into negative feelings of being annoyed because of the bad behaviour and conduct of others – which instantly makes the inside of my body burn – and we know which is one feeling I have resisted hundreds of times and really just saying that I seek the positive in people – where I notice with great sadness how easily people around me seek the negative and are very easily influenced negatively because they cannot control their mind – and that I look forward to the day when people will only show their good sides and so it is.

My mother is still “alive and kicking” after operation, the cancer tumour was “smaller than expected”

And finally this afternoon I heard from John and my mother again after my mother was operated today and we know SHE WAS ON MY MIND THE WHOLE DAY AND IT MADE ME EXTREMELY HAPPY THAT EVERYTHING WENT FINE AND THAT SHE IS STILL “ALICE AND KICKING” and we know the operation began at 11.00 and late in the afternoon I spoke to her and first of all she has been under an enormous pressure, which was almost more than she could bear, which became clear to me when I heard her very powerful reaction today – this is the same I have been given too because of her/Virgin Mary and we know in a magnitude almost making me go under the last days, which has been some of the worst of my life and we know because it was needed on the other side to finalise the last preparations before arriving at our safe haven and we know we are still thinking on the date and time 10.10.10 at 10.10 – and we know Stig she was really very happy because yesterday the doctors told her that her heart and lungs are fine – this is the healing energy I have sent her as you will understand from my scripts from months – and today the doctors told her that the cancer had not spread to her lymphs and that the cancer tumour itself was SMALLER than what the doctors had anticipated and we know Stig this is the energy I have given my mother since she told me about the cancer Sunday and we know do you remember my dream from the 3rd October where “doctors will not listen to the patients” and we know just to say that the tumour was decreasing and would have disappeared entirely by itself without the “help” of the doctors and so it is.

A few minutes after the call I was shown Virgin Mary being escorted out of the inside of a pyramid “into the light” by an old typical Egyptian man in a loincloth and we know with the message that she will neither this time become fertilised and this was followed by a vision of a cleaning lady sweeping the floor inside of a fish, where the skeleton of the fish is now finished, and she is looking to sweep out blood but there is no blood to sweep because I decided to go through the extreme sufferings this week and you do remember that the fish is the symbol of me.


We know I have not written about music for some time but now I am listening to the album “Crush” by OMD for the first time in a VERY long time and we know there are so many fantastic songs on this album with “Secret” as one favourite and I believe I have written this before but “LA FEMME ACCIDENT” is indeed a VERY SPECIAL song to me and we know which it has been since I heard it the first time in 1985 and we know you do know the meaning of it after reading all of my books ….?

And we know congratulations to Caroline Wozniacki who made it to the incredible no. 1 on the ranking list of the ladies world tournament and we know did you notice she had stomach pain a few days ago, which could have prevented her from becoming no. 1, but the pain “vanished” and then she had strength to win two matches and we know to become no. 1 and this one I give to my mother/Virgin Mary because of what you did J – she decided to offer her life as the first if needed but YOU MADE IT.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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