11th October 2010 – Moving into “the white house” without the darkness and arriving at my “safe haven”

Summary of the script today



8th October: Approaching the core of the Source enabling only positivity and lifting up my special friends
  • I was dreaming of rejecting a beautiful lady indicating that the darkness is coming to an end.
  • I did more meticulous work at the park receiving even more negative speech and thoughts and I don’t know how I for years have been able to come through all of this almost taking me over much of the time, but I did it.
  • After receiving what today – coming this far – was a wrong message and a final shock of how close to the end the world is, I started to feel relieved again – just like my mother after coming home from hospital – when I was inspired to free my thoughts, and the better I became to do this, the less negativity and the more “liberating emptiness” of my mind I received. This is what will lead me to my “safe heaven” when my mind will be “locked” on positivity making negative thoughts, feelings and actions impossible and this is when I will be at the core of the Source making it possible to “lift up” my “special friends” too.
9th October: In the future you will get an “empty mind” to be concentrated and feelings/thoughts whenever needed
  • Dreaming of going through immense sufferings and attacks to reach the shopping street of Copenhagen as a symbol of “normal life” coming to the world –Copenhagen is an example of a city, which will survive the judgment without any damages at all!
  • As a human being you have a free will to take your own decisions and actions and you will decide yourself if you want to go deeper into thoughts and feelings, which are given to you, to support your decisions and actions. You will get an “empty mind” as foundation enabling you to focus and concentrate – “to be in the moment” – and when you need it, you will be given feelings and thoughts for you to decide if you want to go deeper into these. I encourage you to train this at school in the future too to help all people to get better lives.
  • I was SO HAPPY to receive a STRONG and POSITIVE email from Elijah inspiring me to continue doing my best. His family is still struggling to survive but they still “see Christmas around the corner” – I miss all of you too and look forward to seeing you all again.
10th October: Moving into “the white house” without the darkness and arriving at my “safe haven”
  • Theosophical Fellowship held a service about “transformation”, which is what happened to my inner self too, when I was brought from the “middle station” all the way back to “the white house” inside of myself without any darkness. This is the core of the Universe and all wisdom, which I gradually will receive access to.
  • I visited the opening of the Cultural Yard in Helsingør with John as a symbol of arriving at my safe haven – it was fine but it was clearly not finished yet symbolising the new world, which needs “fine tuning” before all people will come home.
11th October: Doing my absolutely best bringing down my suffering even more
  • Dreaming of John as the pilot and Hans and Tobias at the hotel recommending me an advisor not knowing what he speaks about.
  • I had to use “mind control” fighting the darkness at a lower level today and I am almost complete doing what for me has been “impossible” work to do at the bed at the park, which no one else has had the patience to do for “many months”.
  • I “celebrated” the opening of Fitness World in Lyngby to run my absolutely best under the circumstances to bring up the level, which instantly brought down my suffering even more – this is still how it works here.


8th October: Approaching the core of the Source enabling only positivity and lifting up my special friends

The elegant way to “the white house” excluding the darkness

Late yesterday evening I was told that I will be brought an elegant way to “the white house” so I will be able to put on the switch and that a new game – the final – has now started where my suffering gradually will decrease.

I was given different thoughts and I noticed that I could lock my thoughts physically inside of my head at different places meaning that one thought would physically be “frozen” while I could bring my attention to a new thought another place inside of my head still feeling and seeing the old frozen thought and I was told that when I will be able to be at the right level of thoughts, I will be able to exclude the darkness.

I was thinking that the extreme sufferings I went through during the week also was a game where I thousands of times received the most pressuring thoughts, where I had to decide what would be acceptable or not to think and we know as detailed guidelines for the future world of thinking really and as part of the game this week I have also been given EXTREME STRESS and THE HARDEST PRESSURE you can imagine to write down this or that “many times” and we know every time I decided not to follow this – which I did many times in order to keep the balance required to make me come through every day – an extremely negative feeling followed and we know making me feel repulsive.

A dream indicating that the darkness is coming to an end

Tonight I dreamt of a very beautiful lady who wanted to be together with me but I refused her all of the dream despite of her beauty and we know because this is not right for me – still waiting for “the one” I am – and also to say that the extreme darkness is coming to an end.

This morning I was given the also special song to me “Himlen runt hornet” (“heaven around the corner”) by Lisa Nilsson and we know really by Mauro Scocco you know as a signal of what is coming and yesterday morning I was given the song “walk on by” in the version of Seal and we know I am still given many songs and only some of them make it to the scripts.

For weeks I have been thinking the thought that you can see the fingerprints of my work both in a written memo as well as cleaning an avenue or bed in the park – there is really no difference, it is your attitude, which decides the quality of the work you do and the rest is about learning all of your life and “use the right tools”.

Coming through more meticulous work at the park and negative speech and thoughts

I was more tired when arriving and working at the park today than yesterday even though I apparently had a full night of sleep tonight and this is just showing that the number of hours “sleeping” is not the determining factor of the number of “absolute sleep” I am given and we know if I slept 4½ hours the previous night before this, this night I was probably given around 3 hours effective sleep – because of light sleep – and we know as it has been for years my friends.

Today, the last three rows of the bed remained to be cleaned, which is work that seems “impossible” to do before you start doing it because of your mind wrongly blocking you (!) – nobody has done this work in the park for “a very long time” – and we know sometimes you simply have to start the work without thinking negatively (!) and then you will almost finish it before you will know it and we know today I finished 1½ rows and I had a small crisis in between where I was almost losing it but I came through despite of threats given by the darkness and we know still hundreds of times where I needed to be on guard because of extreme negative speech, which many times were “on the edge” of taking me over and we know I simply don’t know how I managed to get through all of this for years because it is really MUCH more horrible than you can even imagine but I DID IT and this also includes today!

On my way home from the park I decided to take a note about my right foot, which has hurt me all week on and off but mostly on and I am almost limping but I decided to walk as normal as possible trying to stop any limping, which may only be a feeling and (almost) impossible for others to see.

Approaching the core of the Source enabling only positivity and lifting up my special friends

Today my mother was brought home from hospital and we know I never like to be at the hospital myself because it makes me feel bad and I was thinking that I would probably feel better and relieved as my mother – because of our spiritual connection – when she would return home because her “illness” was not as serious as she thought and we know when I came home I was told what I do believe will be the last shock I will receive that if I had decided to follow the road of the Devil – to accept the temptations of first and foremost sex – the Council would have continued giving me this with all of their power until they would run out of power where after the world would end if nobody had saved me (!) and we know I was told that if I had not made it through yesterday, my mother with Virgin Mary would have died and because the Council is out of energy, the end of the world would follow immediately (!) and we know the story sounded as the truth again but we know which it was not – at least not today – and a new truth came to me when I decided to take a relaxing bath and we know because the truth is what the Buddhism says, which is to free your thoughts and we know it can be very difficult to completely turn around from performing extreme mind control to control negativity to give “full freedom” to open up for positivity – this is the change I have gone through – but you know again it is only a decision so this is what I decided to do and the better I became to do this new practise the less negativity, the more “liberating emptiness” of my mind (in the future positive thoughts will come when they are “required” without disturbing) and the less pain of my right foot I received.

This is my “safe haven” approaching and we know I am waiting for my mind to “lock” on positivity actually the same but of course the opposite way of what it did yesterday, where it locked on the darkness for a few seconds and we know when this happens, it will make it impossible for me to think, feel and act negatively and today I understand that this requires all of my courage to set my mind free and we know all of my faith that nothing negative now will happen and I know that I have the Source with me and that the Council stands “guard” just behind me, which is giving me faith and at the bath I “met” Joseph or the spirit of my father again and we know as the last backstop and he was acting “normal” without wearing the coat of the Devil and this is really how I have managed to get through the darkness of my inner self back to the Source where I was coming from and we know Stig as the last one and I also felt the outlines of Hitler around my body without being Hitler and this was really to say that this is what formed the energy of Hitler – who I was “performing” in real life you know in order to help re-creating my true self to save the world as I have explained about earlier – but now there is no wickedness left to support this “character” and we know which I also understood when I took courage on myself saying that I accepted the bomb of Nixon, fertilising etc. and was met by the expected answer that this is impossible to deliver because we simply don’t possess these weapons anymore and the question is really if these weapons existed earlier in the week (?) and if it is only today that they have been dismantled again and we know “only time will tell”.

All of this led to the inspiration that I am about to enter the core of the Source and when I am inside of this, I will only be able to think, act and feel positively (which is the “gift” I will receive) according to the new Universal rules made up by my books and all of my “correcting thoughts”, which I have given the darkness and which have been impossible to write down and when I am inside of the core, I will be able to decide who I am and we know to open up spiritually including wisdom and we know for myself and my “special friends” and what I don’t really know today is the magnitude of this from the start – will this be with “full power” for all of the Universe at once or will it come gradually (?) and we know I am not sure of the answer today – and will this happen In October as anticipated?

All of this gave me very much relief – just like what my mother received too coming out of hospital, this is the connection. We went through a week where she and I thought that we were very close of dying and we know but it ended fine without fear and so it is.


This afternoon I re-connected my old JVC DVD player to my beloved Audio Alchemy box – because my Denon CD player is still not working – and again I had music in PERFECT QUALITY playing at home – this time by the WONDERFUL SNEAKERS (!!!) – and we know as a symbol of how far we have reached with all of our lives and limbs intact and who should have thought that from when we began (?) and we know the Council are here looking back to when I and my sister were small and we know I have been missing my sister much and especially here during the “illness” of my mother and we know I could have wished that the illness of my mother was more important than anything else to bring us back together but we know I am looking so much forward to the day where Sanna and everybody else will receive a full understanding of me and my scripts and what is waiting for all of us in our future world and we know BIG HAPPINESS is what I can say and so it is.

And finally this evening on “crazy about dance”, the attendants were as usual inspired and we know as examples when giving a quote from the bible, when saying “I have it here, it is safe” –symbolising that I am arriving at my safe haven – and we know did you notice one of the judges giving 4+2 in points as a “creative” way of giving six points (?) and we know this was after I had some difficulties looking at a lady dancing because of her outfit, which I did not have difficulties doing when I was 42 and we know just another example of course of “inspiration”.

9th October: In the future you will get an “empty mind” to be concentrated and feelings/thoughts whenever needed

Dreaming of going through immense sufferings and attacks to bring “normal life” to the world

I have not included many dreams for quite some time in my scripts, which has meant that I have not been given many dreams as a result (!) and we know tonight I had a few of the type, which I have excluded now many times and I have decided to include these as examples of dreams, which tell about how I am doing at the moment:

· A man at a farm wears a gun and asks a visitor if he wants to speak positively and when the visitor says no, the man fires the gun and kills two people including a small child, which later turns out to be Rose from the TV series “Upstairs and downstairs”, she is under trial, while I am in the kitchen preparing food where she shows me her freezer. I try to convince my mother that she is not to eat a substance sticking to her, which another person tempts her to eat because it grills her brain and I succeed stopping her – and we know people knowing about my symbols are welcome to translate this dream.

· I am running longer than I have ever done before and I am flying the last piece of the road down to the pedestrian street “Strøget” of Copenhagen and I see that it is not a safe place to be, many enemy crafts are flying above the street and they can attack at every time, which one of them then does but I simply tell it to “come on” and I beat it so it crashes – and we know a dream about coming to the old symbol of the shopping street of Copenhagen to open up normal life for the world and we know going through immense suffering and attacks to reach it.

· An IT company has developed a new technology called “take good care of Copenhagen”, it is a new company opening in a new office building, where I am working and where people are relaxed, efficient and “happy together”– and this is really about a city surviving the judgment without any damages at all!

And when I woke up I was given the song “take good care of my baby” again – because I have received it several times the last couple of days without writing it – and we know one of the paragraphs of the song goes like this – which you can interpret as you will and we know I am thinking of one special lady here and we know my dear “friend”, it is the immense and good “feelings” between us, which we both know so well, which is the only true love of both mine and your life:

Well, take good care of my ba-a-a-by, Be just as kind as you can be-e-e-e, And if you should discover, That you don’t really love her, Just send my baby back home to me.

I had no dreams of sexual nature meaning that the darkness this time has passed and we know hopefully not returning.

In the future you will get an “empty mind” to enable you to be concentrated and feelings and thoughts whenever you need it

I have been thinking that it is I who decide my own decisions and actions and if I want to dig deeper into a thought or a feeling, which is given to me I can decide to do so, – the idea is that a thought or a feeling will come to you as “1st level information” and you will decide if you want to dig deeper into the second or third level of this giving you the thought and/or feeling in a deeper detail and we know this is really the idea, the thoughts and feelings will support your free choice of decision and we know I am thinking that this is where mankind has itself to blame because when you so often have not been able to take the right decisions – when you have done what is wrong – and when you have not been able to control your temper, you will continue to take the wrong decisions and go into detail with feelings, which are not good for you and we know which is what you can get out when following the advises of my books really and the key is of course to take the right decisions, to focus on the objective/positive and we know to follow the “rules” of my books and this is really it my friends.

Both yesterday evening and this morning at the bath I was giving EXTREME tests of negative speech and feelings and we know I tried to find out what was my decisions and what was my thoughts and we know in some of the difficult tests it was difficult to tell but as an example I found out that when I was given a thought, which I did not want to enter, I simply “brushed” it away and so it was and at the bath this morning first I was given an extreme negative feeling about my life at the moment, which is without joy, which made me extremely sad and almost desperate and minutes thereafter I was given an equally as extreme negative feeling about my writings of these scripts, which really was so negative that it gave me the worst resistance to continue writing and we know the feelings vanished as quickly as they came with the help of the Source and “I looked at these feelings” from above and saw that they have nothing to do with me, they are the result of the negativity of people still against me – wrongly misunderstanding and abandoning me – and these negative feelings are NOTHING like the negative feelings I had until a few years ago, where this “show” started, they are “100 times stronger” completely removing the life from me really and we know which was also what I was fighting the other night at 03.30 as one of many examples.

From this moment on these feelings disappeared and the same did any negative speech, which was not much this morning – again because I continued to follow my action plan and to show “good behaviour” – and when I simply followed the guidelines I have written here and yesterday, I am given more and more an “empty” mind, which is exactly what I am seeking and we know giving the best opportunity simply “to be in the moment” and this also means not to be disturbed by your own feelings and thoughts when you focus on a subject or when you are together with people focusing on them and we know when you require a feeling or thought – when the situation calls for it – you will receive it and we know then it is up to you to decide if you want to go deeper into this and this is really how it works my friends and this is what I hope you will understand and administer the absolute best way to give you and your surroundings the best quality of life and we know WHY DON’T YOU TRAIN THIS TOO AT SCHOOL SO YOU WILL BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND YOUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS IN RELATION TO YOUR DECISIONS AND ACTIONS (?) and just an idea of course, which I am sure will help all people to get better lives in the future.

These days I have also been told that when I am now starting to receive an “empty mind” with less and we know almost no negative speech, this also means that it will become easier for my family and friends to understand me and we know to show positivity and “to meet me” again – let me just say this as the spirit of Denis here says.

And the view to get away the extreme negative speech and feelings I have been given constantly for years almost breaking me down is giving me much hope and we know a considerable improvement in my quality of life even though I am still given the same handicapping temptations as ever and we know before I will reach the next stage and we know when I will start “becoming myself” really.

A STRONG and POSITIVE email from Elijah despite of the struggling of his family to survive

We know all of us I have decided not to bring private emails in my scripts anymore unless I believe they are of value to the story and we know I have decided to bring my good friend Elijah’s email to me today because it shows the difference so clearly between expressing your warmth and caring feelings in a strong and positive manor instead of complaining and reproaching others – I am sure he will not mind bringing this email – and we know this is making both him and I strong and still I understand the message that he and his family is struggling to survive – which still makes me very sad – but it gives me the picture of a man who has decided to be strong and positive without complaining and we know to “never give up” and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR VERY NICE EMAIL ELIJAH – I BECAME VERY HAPPY WHEN READING IT – and I can promise you one thing, which is that I will continue doing my absolutely best to help you, your family, LTO and the entire world to get a normal and happy life and it will come “sooner or later” – here by SUPERtramp – and we know the Council are also speaking through these lines here and we know would you like to say something (?) and we know NOW WE ARE ALLOWED ALL OF US TO SAY SOMETHING and here I feel several of them and ok Mary Magdalena – the spirit of Karen – is with me and what can I say Stig other than thank you because this is what I am expressing on behalf of all of us and I receive her deepest sorrow and tears because of how the world today is working not caring about the suffering of Elijah’s family as one example of millions of families, who have been left to rot by a carefree world and we know and we know and we know YOU ARE MY ONLY “DARLING” STIG because this is what I have been told too and we know this was actually the spirit of Denis speaking – Nostradamus you know – and we know WE HAVE MANY MORE “CHRISTMAS GAMES” TO COME but let us say here to the entire LTO FAMILY: YOU ARE HERE WITH US ALL OF YOU AND WE ARE WITH YOU ALL OF US TOO and as Stig without the Council I can say that I could wish that I would be able to receive more and deeper information than this BUT IT WILL COME and we know I leave you and all of your family with my absolutely warmest feelings – I look forward to seeing all of you again – through the symbol of what might become a new favourite album, which I am now listening to for the only second time after downloading it earlier today, “HISTORY OF MODERN” by OMD and we know I did not believe I would like it after listening to the previews for months but now I hear the potential of SOME INCREDIBLE FAVOURITES COMING HERE and we know “sometimes”, “the future, the past and forever” and “the right side” are at least three and I suspect that I will come back to this album later also because there might be “special messages” included and we know “sometimes” is already now giving me “gooseflesh” all over and NOT MANY SONGS DO THIS when I listen to them the first times. THANK YOU SO MUCH OMD and we know DON’T LISTEN TO THE NEGATIVE CRITICS NOT UNDERSTANDING YOUR MUSIC and we know I would have chosen real drums instead of the drum machine myself but LISTEN TO THE MOST INCREDIBLE VOICES AND CHORUS OF THESE SONGS AND WE KNOW ALL OF “THIS AND THAT” REALLY – and I was told that the calm and beauty, which “the right side” is giving me is just like coming home and I love the LENGTH of this song as alternative to all of the short 3-4 minutes songs J.

Here is Elijah’s email:

Dear Stig,

I have been in constant touch with your scripts and i am happy to read from you the latest developments. I am particularly happy for you continued support and efforts to make the entire LTO Family intact. I have greatly learned a lot from you  since then and i have all the FAITH that soon or later the world will understand your scripts.

We are there, yes only there but struggling to survive , this is  all i can say Stig. I learned not to complain but to wait for normal life to come. I see Christmas round the corner and hope sooner or later we will be re-united. We miss you very much in the Family. We miss your encouraging words Stig. We miss your voice and laughter. I have tried to live the same live we lived but it has been challenging. I have been deprived of my freedom and hope to gain it back soon. I am very optimistic that i will be up with my duties soon. I am very optimistic that the Devil will be defeated.

Thank you for your help and your encouraging messages and with all that said, i wish to request you to  Pass my regards to your  ENTIRE FAMILY MEMBERS and particularly your Mother . I wish her a quick recovery. I also invite your family to visit Kenya any time. You can bring them with you Stig!

This  is my request for the year! You are most WELCOME!

Warm Regards,


I still get only little sleep and this afternoon I tried to get a nap, where I “slept” maybe 15-30 minutes and we know I was beaten blue and black when I woke up again because of tiredness and from here I decided to overcome the tiredness by running outdoors again around Lyngby Lake – stopping and walking once – and I was told that my inner self is in a room in between the light and the darkness at the moment and that using energy I don’t have is still what is helping me all the way in and we know therefore it is a little bit difficult to give you the sleep you would like as Virgin Mary here smiling tells me.

My strong light on the sky has returned

This evening I decided to go out on my balcony to watch the sky because it was completely clear and we know first I noticed that my light on the sky, an UFO shining a still light, which is 50 times stronger than the light of a star – or other UFO’s (!) – had returned and we know it was on the sky every evening when I was in Kenya equally as strong as tonight but I cannot remember that I have seen it so bright after returning to Denmark but here it was again making me happy to see and we know there were only a few lights on the sky when I came out and within one minute “hundreds” of lights shone up all over and we know WELCOMING ME HOME and this is what it is about and we know even more HAPPY tears are coming to me – thank you my friends.

And during the evening I was told that nothing can happen now because the new rules of the Universe were locked when it was moved inside of the Source and also that my inner self managed to separate the light and darkness last week “almost” not living and we know this is what my mother went through and this is what was transferred to me and we know it did not “bother” me much because of my faith and so it is and so it was.

These days I give total freedom some of the time to give the negativity, which is still with me but not as strong now, to speak through me and we know because it normally takes some sentences and sometimes some hours to dissolve what remains of this darkness and we know at other times I do what is right, to brush away the negative thoughts coming to me, which I don’t want to enter and this is my way out of the darkness “into the light” really.

And finally I have been told some times that my “special friends” would have been awakened “a long time” ago according to the original “plan” where the darkness would have taken me over and we know using all of their strength to help me overcome the darkness inside of me and we know because this was not needed, they have not been awakened yet and my dear friends and ladies and gentlemen and all of you let me say that this is what I will decide to do myself, when I come all the way inside of “the white house” really.

This weekend I have taken the “luxury” to buy “æbleskiver” – a kind of special Danish doughnuts – and we know on sale of course at the price of 12 DKK for 20 units and Friday and also today I was inspired to eat SEVEN of them (I like them much J) and I did not know why I was inspired to have seven and I thought that probably it had something to do with seven good years coming after seven bad and we know so it is.

10th October: Moving into “the white house” without the darkness and arriving at my “safe haven”

Tonight I had both good and ”bad” dreams and they did not seem that important but I do remember a dream of a team of three, who were finalising the repair of my house from the inside, that I was buying milk and butter at the supermarket and I was surprised to find two car keys in my pocket – both cars were mine – and I was going to Copenhagen to get them back.

This morning I was shown the complete skeleton of the fish again and told that when we will start to fill out the fish, I will be given a bit at the time and that “we do believe that you are going to feel this”.

The transformation at the Theosophical Fellowship, where I moved into “the white house” without any darkness

I was happy to be back at the Theosophical Fellowship for a new “Cosmic service” this time led by Jan, who had prepared some wise words about what the services are about, which he read out loud for all of us and which will be put online at the website www.teosofiskfellowship.dk one of the next days and I do like his strong and secure leadership when he carries out a service like this and among many things he spoke about the 2nd and the 7th ray and we know he especially liked the 7th ray because it is about “transformation” and we know this gave me the answer to why I was inspired to have seven Danish doughnuts the last couple of days (!) and we know really because this service was about so much more than what the attendants – a total of twelve today – thought because this is what we have “designed” Stig in order to “transform” you and we know to let you come all the way through and this time from the “middle station” all the way inside to “the white house”, which is really the Universe inside of yourself my friend and this is also what I was shown because I saw myself coming “home” and I was told that I have returned 100 percent “clean” without the darkness and something about 1-2 weeks of “more cleaning” to come and so it is.

I was told that “we are all inside of your consciousness” and I was shown the skeleton of the fish again this time changing its form into a circle and also showing that the skeleton are the books of wisdom too. This is what the service was about – I have arrived at my true home and now together with all of the Universe.

After the service when we had a cup of tea/coffee and homemade cake, I asked Tina, who had made the cake, what kind of cake it was and to my surprise she told me that originally it was a Polish rhubarb cake but now it was a chocolate cake (!) and we know without any rhubarb (!!) and this is how her cake has “transformed” because of the wish of her children if I understood her correctly and we know as a symbol of the “transformation”, which happened today ACCORDING TO THE PLAN my friend and during the service, Jan was asking the arch angels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and more to be present with us – which I afterwards was told that they are with the aim of HELPING ME TOO TO COME THROUGH J – and at the coffee a lady spoke about a meeting she attended where a man was speaking of “Ajax” as a “master” and smiling at the same time and today I mentioned the archangel “Ariel” because of the others ending on ‘el and we know I was smiling too and both of these exist but here they were meant as cleansers and we know of course as a symbol of the cleansing which has taken place at this nice place.

Arriving at my safe haven at the Cultural Yard in the harbour of Helsingør

This afternoon I went to the opening of the cultural yard at the old shipyard at the harbour of Helsingør and we know it is the 10th October 2010 or the 10.10.10 and the date I have been looking forward to in order to arrive at my safe haven and my dear ladies and gentlemen, I am now coming home and we know this opening today marks the creation of a new world as I have told you about the last couple of weeks and I met my mother’s husband John to visit this new site and when we entered I better understood the dream from the other day and the meaning of “I was first ready with the work at the last moment“ and “next year I will be able to do the work better” because it was clear to us that the craftsmen had done a fine job with this new site but that it also very clearly was not finished yet with some walls, ceilings and many details lacking, which needs working on the coming weeks and months and we know this is what we will continue doing my friends and here in the respect of “fine tuning” the new world before ALL PEOPLE WILL COME HOME my friends.

I was told that all the spirits of the Council now are fighting on my side and that I still have the last Devil on the outside of me “as long as it is required” – which is what I have asked for – and we know the task is now to change the habits of the world from “much bad” to “only good” and when this will happen, the power of the Devil will decrease and we know which I will feel too and until then I am afraid that the Devil will be my partner also hurting me.

And okay I will mention this too – when I arrived at the Culture Yard I was very surprised to find that the negative speech given to me was strong and I was still playing the game to give “full freedom” to this voice because I have become used to that behind the negative speech is the “silence” but not today where the negative speech continued making my attendance of this opening very difficult and we know we saw the library in three floors and a MAGNIFICENT VIEW OVER THE RESTORED RAMPARTS OF KRONBORG CASTLE – another INSPIRATION and you do remember the symbol of I sitting at the chamber as Holger Danske (?) – and we know Stig finally we saw the shipyard museum and in here I was given the feeling of Hitler around me stronger than ever before – really being Hitler you know – and we know because of the symbol of building ships at this place for decades, which was the symbol of the darkness, which is what I would have used as the “new Hitler” until I would have been taken out of the darkness by my “special servants” – if they would have succeeded – but you know my friends this is not how it works because of my decision not to be taken by the darkness but this is the strongest moment I have had together with this character and we know also saying that divinity is coming though Hell for the world to know and understand. And during the day I was also giving “pretty strong” knocks on the bones of both my right and left lower legs with the aim to break them and nothing happened and this was to say that the darkness has no strength left to hurt me anymore. And finally I was again given a strong temptation to look at nice ladies, which I again resisted, and we know I was thinking of how much I really miss a companion, the partner and lover of my life.

Afterwards John and I had dinner together with my mother, who was REALLY extremely tired after the exhausting operation and the impacts of it and we know DO YOU KNOW MY MOTHER HOW TIRED I HAVE BEEN FOR DAYS, MONTHS AND YEARS and we know still working my best (?) and just thinking we are here.

This evening I also told my mother the “news” of the death of Ole, who we lived together with from 1972-1978, which made her sad and probably will make her sad for some time as part of her “journey” to wake up – and brought me to tears when telling it – and we know I was asked directly if I have also had contact with Ole and not only with Thomas, his son, and we know I have written this “news” of Ole a long time ago in my scripts – and I still feel that he is here with me when writing this – and we know repeated it several times since and just showing that my closest family have decided not to read my scripts very closely and we know when you don’t do this, how can you understand them (?) and this is how it is and still I think of this compared to four “strangers” – my dear LTO friends in Kenya – who decided to read and trust in me and we know do you think this sounds strange (?) and we know I do!

And we know the new cultural yard is the symbol of coming to the safe haven and a new world opening and at the same time Fitness World is opening a new branch in my home town of Lyngby tomorrow, which I am looking very much forward to and we know as another symbol of the NEW WORLD arriving and finally the trapped Chilean miners are now about to be rescued one of the next days after rescuers have drilled an escape shaft to the underground chamber where they are trapped and we know a symbol of being SAVED of course and this is still how it is here.

I was told that there will never ever again come any trains – the journey and school from darkness to light – and Joseph very carefully told me that “we would have been prepared to sell it for this when you were small” – which is another saying I have used on a daily basis when I have carried out my action plan and concluded that I have been satisfied with what I have done during the day and we know making me say that I would have been prepared to sell the day for this result – and Joseph also gave me a feeling if this was a “suitable” reaction because of the JOY, the Council are feeling and we know my reply is that I will not celebrate anything before I feel the security inside of myself being “locked” on “only positive” without any negative speech, suffering and temptations and this is how it is.

When I left the home of my mother and John and stepped outside I was met by ONE light on the sky, which again was my very bright “shining star” and it was the only light on the sky and when I looked for some seconds, other lights turned up and so it was. I am happy to see my light again.

11th October: Doing my absolutely best bringing down my suffering even more

Dreaming of my family

Last night I was given big difficulties falling asleep laying awake “a long time”, which was “close” to annoying me and as usual I did not get a normal sleep but I am really not very tired today and we know I had a few dreams where my mother and John wanted me to give me cold ice cream to bring with me in an aeroplane, John is the pilot and later I was staying at a fine Hotel, where Sanna’s husband Hans was staying at a cheap hotel, I cannot smoke there and he and Tobias recommend me to seek advice from an advisor not knowing what he speaks about and instead I recommend them a clairvoyant advisor and we know do you remember the meaning of the symbols?

Using “mind control” again to control the darkness at a lower level

This morning I continued to receive negative speech and we know I started feeling that some of the negative and wrong “judgments” of other people and situations I constantly receive “stuck” too much and therefore I decided to change strategy again and we know going back to my old strategy of fighting the darkness with continuous repetitions all day long (!) like “only good”, “focus on the positive”, “no negativity” and “go on, go on, go on!” and we know I felt the darkness behind this and this is what I believed was needed today, which made the day easier to come through and the darkness less – but still not nice not to be able to relax mentally of course and we know have you tried to imagine how this feels for hours, days, weeks, months and years without breaks?

Because of the “mind control” I decided to use, the darkness decided to play a young positive boy asking questions and we know where I have already given the answers in my books and we know especially in all of my “correcting comments” to the darkness again and again and again and this is what I had to stand today – really not very “funny, funny” to come through and this song is for you Gert and you know why!

Finishing the last meticulous cleaning of the bed at the park

At the park I was “looking forward” to finish the last meticulous cleaning of the last 1½ rows and we know this is really not very “funny” or “motivating” work to do when you work as concentrated as I do, which you are not meant to be able to carry out because of “the circumstances” you know and of course work, which no one else has had the “motivation” to do here for what seems as “many months” and we know I “almost” finished this work at the end of the day doing my utmost again and we know with very strong feelings of throwing up as part of the game and Rolf was nice to tell me that “the bed has never looked finer” and we know I am almost finished with the “first round” and it can improve from here when it will be maintained – going a level deeper you know – and so it is and during the day I was also using the pick-up together with the “nice young man”, who was again happy “my friend” as he calls me and we know giving more chocolate and juice for us to share.

The opening of Fitness World in Lyngby

After work and a nice bath I decided to visit the new branch of Fitness World here in Lyngby and we know I am now starting to work both at the park and to do exercise the same day, which is really to go back to my highest level and I did not feel much energy but somehow I succeeded running 30 minutes again today without stopping and we know at pace 10.5 increasing to 11 after 20 minutes, 11.5 after 25 minutes and 12 after 27.5 minutes and for me at this stage where the darkness is still working against me – which “some people” don’t understand today just how handicapping it is because they have not read my scripts carefully – it is much more than what I could hope for and I was really thinking if I would be able to bear this “physical pressure“ I give my self also thinking of my right leg – which is still “sometimes” giving me what is now mostly “marks” – and I was thinking that the Council will always be with me so I gave it my absolutely best and we know afterwards arriving home and “relaxing” by writing the last part of the script of yesterday and this of today and we know BRINGING THE LEVEL UP and the suffering instantly down and this is still how it works here you know and so it is.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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