19th October 2010 – I am entering the cradle of Civilisation to reach the Gold to dissolve the darkness before it will destroy us

Summary of the script today



16th October: Masters of the Universe work worldwide – and I am about “to meet someone”
  • Dreaming of “Masters of the Universe work worldwide” and the best music I have ever heard.
  • The negative speech has now decreased to 1/10 of its maximum – and the darkness is now with the copy of my spiritual self but still close to me.
  • I have started spreading my light all over the world on basis of my own flame and “few people” believing in me
  • A déjà vue about me being alone as now to meditate “to meet someone”.
  • We are now removing the darkness, which is what was anticipated, would happen at the final hours with the world waiting to see if we would survive.
17th October: The person, who could have saved me the best and understood, who I am, was “busy” and “tired”
  • I almost gave all of me at bodybiking today, where the instructor was INSPIRED to say that “I want to smash your legs”, which would not be very good in my situation, and this is required to pour my wine to remove the darkness from me.
  • I don’t know if these days are a test from the Council, who would save me if I gave up or if the Universe really would start breaking apart if I gave up.
  • I spoke to Peter – one half of Peter and Pia – who has lost 18 kilos and saved his life because of my help. They have been “busy” and “tired” and therefore I did not hear from them in a period where I was dying a few months ago, where Pia was the person, who the best could have healed/saved me and maybe the only one, who would be able to understand who I am in Denmark!
18th October: I am entering the cradle of Civilisation to reach the Gold to dissolve the darkness before it will destroy us
  • Dreaming of my old colleague Morten handing over his report and resigning as a symbol of the darkness “resigning”
  • I was taken much deeper into meditation than ever before and told that when I will reach the gold at the cradle of civilisation, I will dissolve the darkness myself and that is if I choose right and am not tempted by the darkness at the absolute end. THIS IS IT, MY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. THE ABSOLUTE NEW BEGINNING OR END OF OUR CIVILISATION IS APPROACHING and it will happen in days!!!
  • I am moving up from the room of the Council to my new room.
19th October: Using the energy of the Source to dissolve all darkness and keep the Universe instead of destruction
  • Dreaming of finalising the final battle between the light and the darkness.
  • If the darkness should succeed to lead me in the wrong direction I can still stop the destruction of the Universe – or a new Big Bang – by saying that I don’t want this to happen.
  • I was meditating for two hours and INSPIRED to repeatedly ask to “dissolve all darkness”, “keep the Universe” and “keep all life” which is then what the light – i.e. the energy of the Source or “wine” – is used for instead of destruction.
  • My dear LTO friends, finally I am about to be lifted up, which was only possible with your loyal and faithful support – thank you to all of you and your families.


16th October: Masters of the Universe work worldwide – and I am about “to meet someone”

Dreaming of “Masters of the Universe work worldwide” and the best music I have ever heard

This night I was given several dreams again but I have decided that I don’t want to write down five or ten dreams per night so I believe we will find a good balance and these are the notes I can read from my handwritten notes – I have not set up my phone to take notes yet:

  • The Danish comedians Monrad & Rislund work with cartoons in a special shop for this purpose. I am their assistance and I answer the telephone: “Masters of the Universe work worldwide”.
  • I remember Monrad & Rislund from what may be their first appearances on television in Denmark in the seventies where Monrad was reading very funny “news” from a small strip of paper and still today I find them very funny.
  • I am floating in a room where my old colleague and friend Jan G. from Danske Bank puts his arm around me to see if I am attached to a line, which I am not – and I take him with me for a flight outdoors in snowy weather.

  • I have a detailed dream of being at a Playboy-mansion with beautiful people having sex criss-cross with each other and this is the worst you can imagine in relation to maintaining our existence – and this dream is about rejecting the strongest temptations ever given.

  • I remove a few old CD’s, which were stuck in my CD-player and I put on the new album by Electric Light Orchestra and I have never heard as beautiful music before in my life – a tribute to where we have come today – and Jeff, I am still waiting to hear one of your – no less than – FIVE (!) new albums you are presently working on as you said in Los Angeles the other day. I CAN HARDLY WAIT – did he say five ….?
  • By the way, did you notice yesterday at “Crazy about dance” when Allan Tornsberg – one of the judges whom I LIKE VERY MUCH – when he said to one of the female dancers that when she puts her hand on the cheek of her dancing partner she should give all of her – as he then demonstrated – and we know this was an example of INSPIRATION because I would like people to show all of their goodness and positivity without holding back and this is what this was about and nothing else.

    The darkness has decreased and is now with the copy of my spiritual self but still very close to me

    This morning when I went to bad I felt good after the bodybiking yesterday – it is difficult coming from “almost nothing” to start becoming in a good shape again, but this is the goal – and the negative speech is now approx. 1/10 of what it was at its maximum during the week and I was shown myself as Getafix – the village druid from the Asterix cartoons – in the roller coaster of Tivoli together with many people and I saw a copy of me jumping outside from the roller coaster and the mountain taking the darkness with him. In another vision I was shown a small Devil in front of me still speaking to me and this is just to say that we are still close to each other, my now two spiritual beings and I do believe that the distance will become greater over the coming period.

    I have started spreading my light all over the world

    I was also shown the skeleton of a house as light, which is spreading to all other houses and this is to say that my own small light is what we are still building on making it stronger and we know spreading it to the whole world – this is the process we have started doing and we know on basis of yourself and the “few people” in Kenya believing in you and I am wondering how many of the rural village and friends of LTO who believe in me today having only little information of me compared to my family and friends having all information available and apparently still not believing in me and we know just wondering I am.

    A déjà vue about starting meditation “meeting someone”

    Today marks the beginning of a small autumn holiday because the park is closed for the holiday next week and this morning I received another déjà vue of a time coming where I would be alone as I expect to be at this holiday – my mother is not prepared to see me yet and I still don’t have contact to many friends and it seems like the knowledge of me and my website is still influencing at least some of my “positive” friends who said that they would like to see me but I don’t really hear from them – and this time now is about meditating “meeting someone”, this is the answer I remember from the déjà vue so this is what I will do through this holiday.


    And we know today I noticed that the Lakha Lama, who is the best known Lama in Denmark has had lectures every Tuesday since August – now with a break until November – and I would really have liked to attend his classes too and we know but I did not because it costs 50 DKK per visit and this I could not afford when I read about it the first time a couple of months ago and we know today I am sure that my attendance would be accepted without giving a donation – or only a small – because I have found out that this is how it works when people cannot afford to pay – the principle is that all are welcome – and we know I COULD NOT TAKE ANY OTHER DECISION a couple of months ago so we know it could not be any other way, I was led to Lama Yönten and so it is.

    Hundred UFO’s as stars

    The other day people of New York saw what appear to be some of the same as I have reported about many times here in Denmark and also in Kenya – one hundred UFO’s on the sky appearing as stars:



    And still there are MANY more proofs and videos out there but still most people “laugh” about the concept of “believing in UFO’s” and we know do you start to see a pattern of people having all the proofs in front of them but still not believing because of a strong inner voice telling them differently (?) and we people having lack of openness and not working thoroughly and so it is.

    Keep on doing what you do until Tuesday/Wednesday

    Today the Council has told me repeatedly “did he really keep on” (?) and that what I am doing now, to remove the darkness – together with my mother without knowing it – is what we would have anticipated would happen at the final hours with the support of the world waiting to see if we would all live or die really and I was told to keep on doing what I do until Tuesday/Wednesday next week.

    It was almost only this morning that I had some calm from the darkness, which was given to me at bath and it seems at the moment that when I am busy working, cleaning, washing, writing or using hours to set up my new phone individually – as I did today, again …. – I am also receiving attempts from the darkness to take me over pretty powerful and we know so powerful that it made me anxious most of the time and many times I say to my self “calm down” and “patience” instead of sometimes shaking with my head trying to shake off the speech and thoughts coming from the darkness and “I will not enter any negativity” is also a saying I am using thousands of times – and I do believe that when I go through all of this suffering, it is because we are fighting the darkness on the other side and we know the more suffering I go through, the more work including suffering is being done on the other side too and it is tempting to simply relax to reduce my suffering but I have decided that I will keep on doing my action plan not taking this into account.

    As usual I am also given sexual temptations and all I can honestly say is that if I had another life I would be happy to meet a lady according to the basic rules I wrote about in book no. 2 but that it is a decision I have taken that I will wait for one “special lady” when normal life is coming and until this time I decide to live in celibacy because everything else would for me be to meet the darkness because of the one I am – and of course the darkness is often “testing” this decision.

    17th October: The person, who could have saved me the best and understood, who I am, was “busy” and “tired”

    Again I did not have the best sleep and tonight I had none important dreams, so therefore none is included today.

    Updating my website

    This morning I decided to change a few paragraphs of text at my website again because I believe it is most likely that “I will gradually receive all of the light and wisdom of my true self and “God” before 2012” instead of instantly, which is then what I wrote – but I am not sure because there are arguments in favour of both a gradual development and an instant happening and as usual “only time will tell”.

    I almost gave all of me at bodybiking, where the instructor said: “I want to smash your legs!

    This morning I decided to do bodybiking at Fitness World again and this time it was led by a former racing cyclist, which I liked very much, because the intensity of this hour was at a higher level than at my last visit and so much that I decided to give even more of my energy today almost giving everything and we know I am approaching my all time high energy level when doing bodybiking, which I did at Fitness World in Valby in 2008, and as usual the darkness was present trying to tempt me with this instructor comparing her with the very high energy level of my previous girl friend Henriette and we know again I had to resist the temptations of the darkness to perform what he has wanted to do all of the time at the same time as I used “all of me” and the instructor was INSPIRED to say that she wanted us to give ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING we had and that “I want to smash your legs” (!) so this is the role she was given today, the role of the darkness, and you do remember that my right leg is now only me and that my left leg now includes the Universe and this is how it is, the Universe is now a part of me, I am everything but I am not aware of it consciously today, and I was actually enjoying the hard pace today – “the harder they come”, the better it is – and the instructor also played loud techno music, which I liked very much too and we do know techno music is meant to be played loud in a big room, otherwise you cannot feel the music so this is really why I don’t play it at home, and we know she also played a techno version of the AMAZING and now “old” INFLUENCIAL song “white horse” – guess why my friends – by the Danish band Laid Back and I ENJOYED THIS TECHNO VERSION VERY MUCH INDEED and we know “if you wanna ride, ride the white pony” and I am sure that Laid Back will also find out that riding the white HORSE is fine too J.

    And we know it was expected for me to start doing harder exercise again after the opening of Fitness World in Lyngby because this is really what we need and we know to pour as much of my wine as possible to first reduce and then to remove the darkness from you and all of the other “surprises”, we are preparing for you my child and so it is.

    Are these days a test from the Council or would the Universe start breaking up if I gave up?

    This morning was better than all of yesterday when it comes to the strength of the darkness, however from time to time the darkness showed its head making it more difficult to come through again and we know I don’t know myself if these days are an act of the Council, who would save me if I gave up – and we know also if it is was only temporary to get a break – or if the Universe really would start breaking apart if I gave up allowing the darkness to enter the new Universe through my left leg (!) and we know this is how it is but I have decided that this should not be difficult from now and just hoping that the worst part of the game is now over and we know another part of the game has been that I don’t know what is coming in half an hour, one week, month or year from now but again all I can say is that I have now every day for years done my best going through all of these tests and I would be surprised if I am not able to go through the rest too and so it is.

    I have to use money from my “savings” account because nobody has yet decided to help me/us with donations

    Today I had to take out 300 DKK from my “savings” account through the ATM because I had used all of the cash for this month and we know I am trying my best to secure that there will be as much money as possible for my LTO friends from my “savings” until the 1st February 2011 and we know I would appreciate VERY MUCH if some of my family members of friends, or others for that matter who can afford it without blinking, that they would start to understand me and to help us – a donation for my scripts maybe (?) – because I am really not using much money also compared to other receivers of cash help in Denmark.

    And let me say RADIOHEAD that I am right now listening to and enjoying your music very much and we know potentially your music has the qualities to make it all the way through to the top of my top list too, which I am sure it will when I get to know it even better.

    Wednesday is the deadline of this “one-two weeks” period

    I was meditating 35 minutes at home listening to favourite classics and as usual there was a lot going on but I was not allowed yet to go deeply into the meditation and mostly I was shown racing cars ending a race crossing the goal line and I was told that this is what will happen Wednesday – and I was so tired that I was almost falling asleep during the meditation, which is a feeling I normally don’t get and we know there was many loud cracking noises coming from two metres behind me and I felt much negativity with them and at the same time I was given the impression that this is the Council acting as the darkness and that just behind the façade, I see all of their goodness and so it is.

    The darkness trying to show “understanding”

    This afternoon I received “understanding” from a voice, which showed out to be the darkness – still using Virgin Mary as hostage – and I was told that this is because I have said so many times that “I only want good” and we know but what the darkness did not understand is that I only want what is good according to the light and not the darkness and again I had to resist the darkness and we know this time using a new strategy with the voice of my (spiritual) mother begging me, which however did not work either – and the darkness started showing me old symbols of the darkness because this is what they are compelled to do and therefore it revealed itself really.

    The person, who could have saved me the best and understood, who I am, was “busy” and “tired”

    Today I also decided to call Peter – the half of my friends Peter and Pia – after he the 1st September wrote to me that he would write again within one week, which he did not and we know this is often how friendships are lost, when people suddenly don’t contact each other anymore and we know I have been hoping to hear from Peter and Pia because I care much for them as old friends, would like to hear how they are doing and also because Pia was probably the person who could have helped me the most when I was dying a few months ago and in desperate need of receiving healing energy and because Pia is probably the only one in Denmark (!) who would be able to understand me if the spirits would allow her to receive the truth about me through spiritual messages (expanded feelings, visions and hearings) – and as mentioned I did not hear from Peter, which made me sad and also helped the darkness for weeks to speculate negatively about the reason why and you know this is how he is (!) – and I was happy to speak to Peter again this evening and among other things he told me that he has lost 18 kilos of weight “also because I helped him to do this” – I told him directly with the help of the spirits in 2008 that he would die within one year if he did not start to exercise and eat more wisely and this is the reason why he is still alive and we know also because I have told the spiritual world for months that I don’t want any of my “special friends” to die (!) – and he told me that he and Pia have been “busy” and “tired” because of all of their activities and this is really the story about very good friends, who could have helped to save me and to understand me when I needed it the most – and to help spread my story to the world – but because of “other priorities”, it did not “work out” this way and we know Peter is more open to the spiritual world than most others because of his gifted wife Pia and the experiences, he has been allowed to receive himself but his openness stops when reading my “big words” as he said even though he agreed with me when it comes to improving the behaviour of man, work and the community and he told me that I ought to understand that 99.9% of all will not understand me when I say I am the incarnation of Jesus – he has been “worried” about me too (!) – and we know I told him about my friends in Kenya understanding me because of faith and faith in me when reading the scripts and really the irony of people in Denmark, who have a very strong inner voice and don’t do what it takes to read and understand me even though I have always been considered to be trustworthy, to tell the truth, show a good behaviour without speaking behind the backs of people and that I have given the key to understand my scripts, which are really easy to understand if you read them carefully with an open mind (!) and I said that it would be the same if I would start to tell him about what “I believe” is the right to do when it comes to his work at a school, which I of course cannot do because Peter knows much more about this – and this is really the situation my friends, this is the immense strength of the voice of people here not knowing about me or really about my scripts but still they are telling me what they believe is right because it is simply impossible that I am the one I say I am (!), or is it when you think carefully my friends?

    This is how it is and after speaking for more than one hour we were interrupted and Peter promised to call back – which he did not do today – and I wonder if I am going to see them this time around and I wonder if Pia would receive any true messages at all from the spiritual world about who I am when this sceptical attitude is also a part of her home and we know this is how the world is you know – and this gave me by the way afterwards a couple of hours of more severe sufferings this evening when I again was on the edge of losing it to the darkness and we know here helped by Peter.

    FC Copenhagen setting a new all time high record as a symbol of how I am playing!

    These days I am looking very much forward to Wednesday this week when my favourite Danish football team – FC Copenhagen – will meet my favourite International football team – Barcelona – and we know did you see that FCK defeated OB 5-0 yesterday and now has set an all time high record of the Danish Super League after 12 rounds with 32 points and a goal score of 29-8 and we know just a symbol of how I am playing and doing at the moment of course and we know for ten years I have been thinking that FCK has been “unlucky” when playing international football and we know they have not really got the breakthrough as the club has had a talent for always – looks like me doesn’t it – and we know is it really possible for a Danish club to defeat Barcelona – considered by many to be the best team in the world – on their home ground (?) and we know in football everything can happen and do you remember “the miracle of OB” defeating Real Madrid on their home ground in 1994 (?) and we know “only time will tell” what happens on Wednesday and so it is.

    18th October: Entering the cradle of Civilisation to reach the Gold to dissolve the darkness before it will destroy us

    Dreaming of the darkness resigning

    Tonight I was dreaming of my old colleague Morten from GEFI and I. We have both prepared reports, where the conclusion of mine was that I wanted to co-operate with Morten and the conclusion of his that he did not want to co-operate with me and now Morten has decided to resign and I meet him at his office where he hands over his report to me, which he wants to keep hidden but I decide to keep both of our reports open, and I tell him that the meetings he has seen me having with managers was with the purpose to have him dismissed because he did not want to co-operate – and here in this dream Morten you are playing the role of the darkness, who has now decided to resign and to hand over his report and we know at the same time it is also a story about the reports and analysis, which our European HR manager Ian asked us to send him in 2001/2002 to “solve our conflict” and we know Ian you might remember these reports (?) and we know do you believe you took the right decision letting me go?

    This morning I was shown my self flying in the dark space just outside a light spacecraft and on my way “into the light” inside of the spacecraft. Later I saw a giant ship docking at the harbour – the world – and I was told that I have pulled all of it in and the last part came yesterday when speaking to Peter.


    This afternoon I went to the city of Lyngby to do some shopping and just a small trip like this is potentially dangerous to me because of nice ladies around me, which the darkness still does its best to draw my attention to, which I resist and it is still very unpleasant having the Devil following me and we know I am about to be taken in by a potential killer, this is the feeling “very close to me” as this example tells.

    I am entering the cradle of Civilisation to reach the Gold to dissolve the darkness before it will destroy us

    Later I decided to meditate again and I felt the meditation much deeper than ever before and I was told that when I enter to receive the gold, I will dissolve the darkness myself and I will know when I reach the gold – this is what is the purpose of this holiday being alone, for me to do these meditations to reach the gold – and later in the meditation I was told that “you carry the key to all of our survival and this is what we hope you will find before the darkness will overtake you” and I felt my head and whole body being physically being pulled to the left, I saw a completely empty tank of stainless steel – there is NO more wine and that is energy at all at this place which we can call the cradle of civilisation – and I saw orange juice being poured into a glass and I felt an “empty” feeling to the absolutely far left of me and then another voice more from the right, which told me that this is the feeling of nothingness and then I was shown a red colour being mixed into the orange juice and we know which was the darkness trying to fool me and finally when I kept on meditating and was taken deeper and deeper, I arrived at the absolute centre of “my house” or civilisation and here I was shown the characters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader from the Starwars movies as symbols of goodness and darkness and I heard myself saying that I am Luke Skywalker – the “saviour” of this Universe called Starwars – and I was told that I now have one more task left, which is to take the right decision choosing the light and not the darkness trying to fool me, which I expect will happen Wednesday as I am told.

    And we know the meditation took approx. 50 minutes and again I was tired and what I found out is that I cannot intellectually think my self through this “Universe” to arrive at the cradle but when I go deep into the beautiful classical music I play when meditating, I loose time and place and am led to this normally so beautiful place as my father says here and we know he is the one still acting as Darth Vader because of the truth, which is that there is no more goodness left except from what I bring and we know if I am not able to do this, there will be no more Universe from Monday is what I am told – and we know Stig approximately at this time – and I do feel the goodness of the Council too but we know they show this with the same will power as I do in order not to be “completely” overtaken by the darkness because if you were taken over by the darkness, so would we at least at this stage and then there would be no one to lead you to the right place and so it is.

    This was simply my “small” experience this afternoon and we know, where my “natural” feeling just after would be to become “desperate” because this is what is called a great responsibility to say the least (!) and it took all I had to keep on telling myself to “calm down” and “take it easy” really and we know to continue writing this script and still fight the darkness around me and so it is.

    Will I be able to do this (?) and we know I cannot see that it should be ”very difficult” to take the right decision despite of all the pressure – I expect it to be “piece of cake” really, which was also what I was shown, a piece of a cake (!) – because the Council and my own inner self help me to find the road so I am really only following the road taking the right decisions and my dear friend as Virgin Mary says here just before she will be attacked again I WILL FOLLOW YOU UNTIL THE END and this is what I hear from all members of the Council and I feel the Universe with me too and we know with STRONG EMOTIONS and so it is.

    This afternoon I had a very strong wish to be able to have someone to talk to because of these experiences and we know really just to say that I love them and to tell them about what I and we are now going through and we know I was thinking if I could give people a clue about this, but my conclusion was that this was simply impossible to do, which again made me sad. I am going through this all alone.

    A new meditation with the company of the darkness, which cannot do anything without my permission

    Some hours later I felt strong enough to do one more meditation and here I was only in contact with the darkness where I among other things saw that Virgin Mary was removed with violence against her wish and the darkness tried to be “clever” asking me all kind of questions like a new “riddle” and we know difficult to answer but I decided that “keep it simple” without answering these questions is the right answer and I know from experience that the Devil tries to make things complicated and this was really the reason why I resisted what else could have become difficult and we know this meditation gave me much confidence because the darkness cannot do anything without my approval, which it tried to get for example by asking for permission to move things from my left to my right and we know the answer is still NO!

    I am moving up from the room of the Council to my new room to remove all darkness

    Later I was given the answer that it is myself, who is the Gold and I was shown a few steps up from the room of the Council to what is the new room created for me – this is where I am headed and this is from where I will re-gain contact with the centre of the Source – i.e. the energy and the wine – and my dear ladies and gentlemen this is to remove all darkness of the Universe and we know if I should not succeed, this is the same energy which will destruct us all creating a new Big Bang and the difference is really what kind of message the energy will be given and we know because I am the one deciding and I have decided to only use it for good to save us all despite of all of the attempts of the darkness – i.e. my family and friends as symbols of the world today – to take me over and this is how it is my friends.

    And the rest of the evening was again difficult to come through because of a strong darkness trying to take me over and we know this is really part of the game to enter my room – and I heard myself approving my work as the Council and the Universe have done earlier too, so I am now approaching or arriving at my new room.

    19th October: Using the energy of the Source to dissolve all darkness and keep the Universe instead of destruction

    Dreaming of finalising the final battle between the light and the darkness

    Tonight I had an “almost alright” sleep – but still with some tiredness today – and I wrote down a few dreams now on my new customised note and keyboard system of my new telephone:

    • I was attending a concert with David Bowie with only few spectators, Fuggi had decided to go to the vestibule to speak on telephone and I noticed that David was looking very distracted but it made me happy to see him share the guitar with a spectator playing passionately on it and I was told that next year David will do thousands of concerts.
    • David Bowie is still a symbol of “God” and we know me really about to be created, the guitar is the Universe, the few spectators are people reading my scripts and the telephone is still spiritual awakening to come.
  • I had another dream of sexual character with a female friend of mine and just to say that the darkness is still with me and we know giving some ladies the same kind of dreams about me, which is what I am told.

  • I am delivering packages, people smile and David Bowie asks me to take charge and to call the Prime Minister of Turkey and President Obama to arrange a meeting to finalise this.
    • This is to finalise the final battle between the light and the darkness and so it is.

    Using the energy of the Source to dissolve all darkness and keep the Universe instead of destruction and a new Big Bang

    After breakfast and a shower today I had decided to go back to Fitness World to run for 30 minutes without breaks and somehow this was both very easy and very difficult to do today – as I have explained about earlier – and I was given a target of 22½ minutes when I was almost giving up after 10 minutes and when I reached the 22½ minutes I was told that if the darkness should succeed to lead me in the wrong direction I could still stop the destruction of the Universe or what can also be called a new Big Bang happening and we know simply by telling that I don’t want this to happen and just after I finalised the run, I was given a question, which could be very difficult to answer because is the right answer to give my thoughts free when meditating or to use mind control (?) and we know learning from experience, in this case it is to give my thoughts free to the goodness and to use mind control in relation to the darkness tokeep it away and so it is.

    When coming home I had decided to do a new meditation, which became almost two hours long where the darkness again tried to ask me all kind of tricky questions – which could sound as coming from the light but you know they don’t fool me so therefore I decided not to answer any questions, this is not the road – and therefore I decided to simply “BE” when meditating with an empty mind most of the time and without “expecting” anything special to happen, but what happened was that I was inspired to repeatedly say “DISSOLVE ALL DARKNESS”, which is then what the energy of the Source is being used for and we know I was shown different “visions of red” many times, which was the darkness coming which then was dissolved by the light and I had decided to do my best not stopping after half an hour – because how much meditation do I need to do (?) – and this led me deeper into the meditation where I among others also was shown extraterrestrials even clearer than before inside of my mind and as spirits around me and we know also to give them light dissolving the darkness and I also asked some times to “keep the Universe” and “keep all life” but more than anything this was to “dissolve all darkness”.

    “Lift me up” – Finally!

    And we know this script has been written while listening to the phenomenal album “Out of the blue” by ELO and my good friend Jeff and we know I wonder if he will be able to top this one with one of his five new albums and we know what is the masterpiece of Jeff (?) and I really don’t know because “Out of the Blue” is the absolutely best he has ever done in some respects but “Time” is on the other hand also the absolutely best he has ever done in a different musical style – which also can be said of other albums – and we know I LOVE THEM ALL but if I am to pick one favourite album it will probably be his least known album – a little gem – and we know his solo album “Armchair theatre” and I always become in the best mood when listening to “Every little thing” – listen to the amazing chorus (!) – and of course Elijah, David, Meshack and John, this is also the album featuring the well known song “lift me up” and for your information THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING AT THE MOMENT: FIRST NOW I AM LIFTED UP and we know I had some difficult ships to transport to dock at the harbour as you will understand afterwards when I will tell you the truth: I AM ABOUT TO ELIMINATE ALL EVIL OF THE UNIVERSE WITH YOU AS MY ONLY LOYAL AND FAITHFUL FRIENDS SUPPORTING ME and we know which is “impossible” to do so all I can say is that if it was not for you, my dear friends, this would not be possible. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES FROM ALL OF MY HEART :-).

    And also just saying that this has saved us from performing a VERY COMPLICATED PLAY INVOLVING ALL OF MY “SPECIAL FRIENDS” and we know people have been “designed” to be servants of either the light or the darkness working for or against me with different kind of tasks, skills and so on – and we know they will probably be told afterwards and so it is.

    I was happily surprised today to find out that my suffering is at a much lower level than yesterday and we know it is like being at the eye of a hurricane, where the storm surrounding it is dreadful but at a very small area inside of it, there is calm – this is the final stage, I have reached.

    Doing difficult Yoga and forgetting my bag with CD’s at the library

    Late this afternoon I decided first to go to the library because I had ordered a special CD box with my Danish music friends Shu-Bi-Dua (the albums 1-9) and I borrowed this and many other CD’s (which I have myself but eeeehhh still at Fuggi’s place) and afterwards I read the newspaper at the library and went with my fitness bag towards Fitness World – but without the plastic bag containing the CD’s (!) – and we know today was the day to do Yoga again for the first time in months at a fitness centre and I was the only male with approx. 20 females around me and we know I had SEVERE challenges doing some of these exercises because of my back and inflexible body and also challenges to control the temper of the darkness trying to come through to me when I was suffering physically and I was happy just to finalise this hour – still becoming dizzy – and when I left Fitness World I was asked “where is your bag from the library” (?) and we know I had forgotten all about it (!) and this does not look like me so a new test at a smaller level given to me by the darkness and we know was the library still open (?) and what had happened to my bag (?), would it be where I left it or had somebody stolen it (?) and we know a test to give me stress really and I went to the library again to conclude that my bag was where I left it so now I am listening to “jeg er meget meget smart, meget” by Shu-Bi-Dua and we know of course from their best album no. 7 and still to this day this song gives me smiles 🙂 🙂 :-).

    And just to say that I have entered this the last phase being very tired and we know wanting to take naps too but even though I am a little bit tired today, it is nothing now compared to what it was and we know I have been going on for every minute since I woke up this morning and we know without stress except from some stress when doing Yoga and forgetting the library bag.

    Extraterrestrials: “there is nothing to fear when you keep doing what you do”

    At 18.30 in the “twilight” – another BIG favourite of course – I was happy to see my light as the only “star” on the sky arriving and we know this is visible now to all Denmark and again no stars on the sky and when this is written at 19.10 I just went to the balcony and we know witnessing more of the “UFO-lights” coming on the sky and we know extraterrestrials told me “take it easy, there is nothing to fear when you keep doing what you do” and one second afterwards an UFO was flying “not far away” from me – they look VERY different to planes you know – and seconds afterwards another was flying next to it and we know I felt more activity on the sky and if I had stayed longer I would probably have seen more and they left me with the message that “Obama has been here too” and we know “only time will tell” as usual and this is how it is.



    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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