22nd October – AS THE SOURCE I can say: The potential Big Bang was a “game” to bring me to my new room

Summary of the script today



20th October: Meeting the absolute end of civilisation making me desperate – would we survive the next hours/days?
  • Dreaming of DANGEROUSLY changing train wagon and extraterrestrials saving mankind because of my immense suffering (which was to come the next days).
  • After “sleeping” only three hours I was asked to do 4-5 hours of meditation today, which I did being “dead tired” with the outmost of my will power with the mantras to “dissolve all darkness”, “I am the Source”, “we will survive” etc.
  • I was told that the goal was to reconnect with the Source or to face the destruction of the Universe in a matter of hours or days until the last energy of the Council would have been used in the beginning of next week killing them, which put an immense pressure on me. Would I be able to succeed before destruction?
  • I was also told that the key of this event was that I am the only one in the world being able to survive walking the last steps of the stairs from the room of the Council to my new room.
  • I met the absolute end of civilisation, where a “bad man” standing in front of the flames of eternal destruction was about to embrace me, but I resisted him.
  • The darkness was so strong that it was impossible to reach the goal (!) making me believe that total destruction would start in a matter of hours making me almost desperate and calling my mother in tears maybe listening to her voice for the last time.
21st October: Meditating 16 hours in a row with a trench warfare between the light and the darkness as the result
  • I meditated almost without breaks from 23.30 yesterday evening all throughout the night without any sleep at all (!), the morning and afternoon until 16.00 today and I was almost desperate the last hours to dissolve the darkness and reach the “goal”, which I could not reach. The result was apparently a trench warfare between the light and the darkness – neither had apparently given up.
  • I was not tired after not sleeping for almost two days and nights because of the calming effect of the meditations and when I later went to bed, I did not know if the darkness would take me over to start a Big Bang as one potential outcome.
22nd October: AS THE SOURCE I can say: The potential Big Bang was a “game” to bring me to my new room
  • I was allowed to sleep without being taken over by the darkness and I was dreaming of “expressing myself” to the Source, “don’t push the button” of a new Big Bang and moving “God” to the middle of the “town of God”.
  • The song giving me deepest feelings of all songs – “goodnight lovers” by Depeche Mode – was played when meditating, which together with my desperate situation made my tears roll down and made me ask the Universe to pray together with me to completely remove the darkness.
  • I repeatedly asked the light to dissolve the darkness and in “an unguarded moment”, Virgin Mary acted as the darkness disguised as the light asking me gently to move the Universe from my left foot to my right – potentially starting the destruction – and only in the last minute I understood and declined this request.
  • It led me to the TRUE answer that I AM THE SOURCE, there is NO danger and this was a “game”, where the true KEY was to bring enough/extreme energy to bring me into my new room, which succeeded.
  • The light of the Source IS switched on and will spread gradually until all darkness has dissolved, which also gradually will “lift me up” giving me all wisdom.
  • I ran for 40 minutes without a break, the longest for years symbolising that the darkness is now reduced. My suffering is decreasing, I am beginning to get influence on my own life (!) and spiritual communication has improved.


20th October: Meeting the absolute end of civilisation making me desperate – would we survive the next hours/days?

Finally yesterday evening I received summons to meet the lawyer representing my old landlord from Hørsholm in court the 2nd November and we know BUREAUCRACY and INEFFECIENCY is what I am still thinking and of course you have heard the story before: I will now repeat to the court what I told the lawyer directly months ago and the only difference will be that an extra cost of thousands of DKK have been added to my “debt” giving the lawyer an outrageous income per hour of work and we know I am still not able and in this case not willing to repay anything as I have explained to you earlier.

These days were the worst of my life believing that I could not avoid a new Big Bang coming

Today and the next 2½ days were probably the most difficult days of my life, where it took me the absolutely best I got to finally understand what was the truth and the purpose of what I went through – to enter the room above the room of the Council – and how the darkness was playing with me (on the instructions of the light) trying to destruct the Universe through a new Big Bang, which I thought was the likely outcome most of the time these days as you will see from the following, which is written the 22nd October on basis of the notes I have taken.

Meditation to “dissolve all darkness” and I “slept” only for 3 hours

Late yesterday evening I meditated again and again the darkness came to me very strongly and I was almost losing it but I managed to come through.

When I went to bed I only slept for one hour and I woke up in a bath of sweat this time and I tried to keep on sleeping, which however was impossible to do and the darkness was so strongly with me while lying at bed trying to take me over that I had to stand out of bed and I was told “we ask you deeply not to come back to bed” so instead of sleeping I “decided” to do the best I could and this was a to do a new and long meditation of 2½ hours and we know it goes without saying that it is almost impossible to sit down and find the necessary calm trying to empty your mind without falling asleep when you are “very tired” as I was by now and we know these meditations were about “dissolve all darkness”, which was my mantra and we know the darkness tried to change my words to dissolve the light (!) and this was really the fight I had “internally” with the darkness and we know it was more difficult than it sounds.

Afterwards I managed to get a couple of hours of sleep on the sofa and when I tried to go back to bed at 03.00 “challenging” the previous message again I was given so much darkness trying to take me over that I had to stand up once more and we know from this moment on I did not sleep again before the coming night between the 21st and 22nd October approx. 44 hours later.

I took a few notes of these dreams I had during the few hours of “sleep” this night.

  • I am changing train wagon through the opening of one door to the outside with the aim to walk outside on the side of the train to reach the next wagon, which is very dangerous to do because there are obstacles along and close to the railway, which threaten to destruct the door and me if I open it at a wrong moment. Later I meet my sister Sanna in the next wagon and she says that she thought I was going to talk about my father – to criticize him – but I tell her that I have decided not to do this. From here I went home and I received a receipt in order to be able to continue my work and I heard someone saying “we needed to improvise”.
  • When this is written it is now even more clear to me what the dream is about. It says that I – and with me all of us – could be killed on my on-going train journey to bring the Universe into the light (!) and the reason is because of the resistance I meet from the darkness with its strongest followers, who today unwillingly are my father and my sister. This is what the following days are about.
  • An extraterrestrial from an UFO investigates a leak, which has made a flood and it gives me the impression that the extraterrestrials are saving mankind because of this. I see the UFO’s giving food – sour dairy products – to people on earth for their survival and I hear Uffe Elleman confirming this.
    • Water is still the symbol of suffering and here it is IMMENSELY and of what was to come these coming days and I believe the last part of the dream is about what UFO’s have done to save earth from radiation from space and we know much more than what I know of and there is proof out there of this through crop circles.
  • I am together with Kim S. in a house, he is on his way to church, which I am too, however I have had two very poor days meaning that I will not be able to work the hardest of all anymore but that I will still work harder than the average of people. I tell him that I want to drive the car myself, Kim does not want me to come late and again he thinks about giving me my notice. In the kitchen I cannot find my shoes but through one of the closets I am given a hidden access to the 1st floor, where my shoes are.
    • I have had dreams of Kim S. thinking about giving me my notice in the past too, which is about “the destruction of the Universe”, which is what I understand now – also because I was given this explanation only a short time ago! And if I am not able to find my shoes, I cannot continue on the road I am following, but happily I found my shoes at the hidden closet, i.e. the toolbox of God, not only in the dream but also in “reality” the 22nd October.
  • Just before awakening I was shown half of my true face underneath the mask of the darkness, which is still covering and protecting me and this made me happy to see.
  • I was going to meditate for 4-5 hours today

    After having had these dreams I decided to lie on my sofa for some hours – I was worn out, it was in the middle of the night but I was not able to sleep because I was not allowed to (!) – and the Council asked me to do 4-5 hours of meditation today, which I was happy to be told because for days I have not known for how long I ought to meditate every day to reach the goal of “eternal survival”, which was given to me, but I was wondering if I would be able to meditate this long because I have never meditated for longer than maybe one hour at the most and we know would I be able to keep the concentration trying to simply “BE” surrounded by emptiness and we know without falling asleep?

    I listened to my favourite music helping me to go deeper than “special” meditation music!

    At 9.00 I started the meditations of the day and I found out that instead of listening to quiet and “easy” music when meditating in order to “calm” down your mind, it was even easier for me simply to put on my favourite music – not instrumental but including singing – and we know I cannot play loud music here but if I could I would have played louder than the “average” volume I decided to do this morning and we know of course this is what the CD’s I borrowed at the library was for so I could listen to David Bowie, Depeche Mode and Simple Minds on my stereo equipment and really to say that this is some of the music giving me the most emotions and therefore giving me the deepest level I am able to get into – by the way my amplifier is “surviving” and we know I turn if off now when I have used it and I do believe that it may be the battery having a problem but on the other hand it may also be the darkness playing with it as it has done with so much else, but it works this way.

    Meditation no. 1: The key is to enter the room upstairs the Council, which I am the only one who can do

    At the first meditation where I was listening to the full album “Heathen” by David Bowie – one of his absolutely best and we know the best since his wedding album and maybe even the best and dare we say since the trilogy albums from the end of the seventies and this is of course only in my opinion – and I was told that it will take 1-2 hours to rebuild what was destroyed because of the strength of the darkness during the night and we know last evening and again it was about the mantras: “Dissolve the darkness”, “remove Hell” and again it was a fight with the darkness especially the first 10 minutes, which it normally takes for me to come into the deep level of meditation, but really throughout the meditation and we know to allow the light without restrictions and I was told that the key of this event is that I am the only one, who will be able to survive “walking in my shoes” these the last steps on the staircase up to my room – I have always been a little above or maybe even a little below average when it comes to skills when playing football, table tennis, badminton and other sports but I have been given the best skills in the world to go through my journey from the darkness to the light as this event these days is an example of and this week of meditation is by the way also another déjà vue feeling, which came to me strongly the other day again for the first time since receiving if when I was a small boy – and we know my dear reader, please try to understand the background of this day: I was told so CONVINSINGLY that I had no doubts that this was about re-connecting with the Source to spread the light to all of the Universe because you know the Council had shown me that there is absolutely no more wine left in their tank (!) and if I did not succeed, we would all be destructed – this was the immense pressure and responsibility put on my shoulders and we know despite of this I managed to do this the first meditation – and also the second – without any problems really considering that I still managed to fight the darkness.

    After the mediation of almost 1½ hours I was thinking if I really would be able to survive going through this and I thought about calling my nearest relations simply to hear their voice one last time before destruction if I would not succeed and the first meditation apparently did not bring me closer to the target, but still I believed that my words had an impact – that the darkness really was decreasing and here I was also thinking about a dream of our old dog “Cas” from the other day, did I write it down (?) and the dog was not feeling good and we know the dog is the old symbol of the darkness you know herewith saying that the darkness is becoming weaker and we talk about the total darkness of the Universe (!) – and we know this is how it was connected.

    Meditation no. 2: Meeting the “bad man” of eternal destruction

    After this meditation I decided not to call anyone straight away but after a five minutes break I continued meditating and I had the time of 13.00-14.00 as my goal and we know it seemed completely impossible to come through when I started because have you my dear reader tried to sit down with your eyes closed being dead tired without falling asleep for just half an hour (?) and here I had 4-5 hours in total to do and we know so I continued playing my favourite music and even though my head kept on falling down because of what was becoming extreme tiredness, I completed this next meditation of 1½ hours too on the mantras “I am the source” (!) and “no blasting” (to occur) and really to say that the darkness was so much present that I here had the key to eternal survival or eternal destruction because at one point I was shown myself coming above all of the flames below me – I was given the impression that the Council below me was on fire, critically without any energy left and we know which would make them “disappear” not later than on Monday (!) as I was told and we know which in itself gave me very much extra pressure as the last deadline (!) because would life be able to continue at all without the Council (?) and we know I was thinking if I could not reach the inside of the Source through these meditations and if I could continue to resist the darkness, maybe the Source would decide to use all of its energy to save us when the energy of the Council ran out instead of creating a new Big Bang and we know one of many thoughts these days – and still I had to go through all kind of sexual offers and temptations “offered” by the darkness through these meditations and I have learned that a “no thank you” is enough to keep this away but you know I have done it thousands of times and at the bottom of my heart I do of course look forward to a perfectly “normal life” including sexual relations with the lady I love and this is the balance you know I still need to take and at one point during this meditation I came to the potential absolute end of civilisation because I was shown a man, which looked like Batman with what looked like the light behind him – very often during these meditations I have received visions and questions if I wanted to enter this or that and I have refused all of them because they were a tool of the darkness attempting to appear as the light and we know also believing that the Source would not do this but simply show its goodness without questions – and here I could really have become tempted to take the wrong decision because the symbol of Batman is a good symbol – he is fighting evil and you may remember the UFO light over Norway some months ago including the symbol of Batman too (?) – but when I came closer I noticed that the man continued to be dark and the light behind him was not light, it was the eternal flames of destruction and here I also received a “double” voice of my mother’s adoptive mother together with the feeling of Hitler again and it was about her “destiny”, which she was sorry to tell me and we know to be the one following me to the eternal destruction and we know she was about to put on the coat of this “bad man” but I knew it was WRONG so all I said was “no thanks” and this was about how total destruction of the Universe this time was avoided.

    Meditation no. 3: The darkness was too strong making me believe that destruction would happen in a matter of hours

    After the meditation, again I had a break of only five minutes before I continued a new meditation and I felt the exhaustion coming to me – my head continued to fall down when meditating – and I was taking it step by step really again and we know 1¼-1½ hour at a time dividing the total time of 4-5 hours into 3 meditations but I was DEAD TIRED AT APPROX. 11.00-11.30 but still I kept on going and at this meditation I was told that I will feel like coming to the cradle of love and civilisation when reaching the goal and I felt Buddha and the colour of orange inside of me giving me faith to continue and this time around it was with the mantras “we will survive”, “I call upon the Source to help us” and I was told that it requires a symbioses before I will be able to succeed and I felt that one of the “ingredients” of this would be to come into an almost “unconscious” stage where I would feel myself “around me” instead of “inside of me” really and here at this meditation I did my absolutely best still to keep away the darkness, its temptations and resisting difficult questions and at this meditation I found that the strength of the darkness was completely impossible to come through because time and again I was given the thought that I needed to sleep at some stage – I had been told earlier VERY CONVINGCINLY (!) that the darkness would become so strong that it would take me over if I started to sleep again before reaching the goal – and who I would call and what I would tell them before it was too late and it was starting to give me desperation because I did my absolutely best, but apparently I did not reach the goal within these 4-5 hours as I was told (!) and the “compulsory” thought, which came to me again and again – which I did everything I could to “pass” but which was impossible – was that I was about to give up thinking about total destruction as the only possible outcome but you know again without really giving up because I would never allow the darkness to come through and we know this is here where I was brought into a stage, where I thought that we would all die and I was thinking that this would happen within hours or maybe one day and we know I also received severe heart pains, a new and dreadful feeling of my left eye dissolving as a beginning of how it feels when you start to completely dissolve and I was given the strongest temptations from the darkness that at least I would get some hours or a day where I could do exactly what I wanted to do – I still have the WRONG and STRONG feelings to do this you know which I have all of the time had to fight too (!) – and we know including smoking and we know to accept the sexual temptations including an improper use of the Internet and we know Stig THIS IS WHERE WE WERE PROUD OF YOU BECAUSE NOT ONLY DID YOU MANAGE TO GO THROUGH THIS PERIOD WHERE YOU WERE CONVINCED THAT YOU AND THE UNIVERSE WOULD BECOME DESTRUCTED BUT AT THE SAME TIME YOU CARRIED ON RESISTING NEGATIVE SPEECH AND ALL OF THESE TEMPTATIONS and we know which also would become the start of the complete melt down of the Universe. Finally at the end of this meditation I was told that I have received one more day and what showed out to be “one more night” – thank you again Phil for a wonderful song – to prove that I can.

    I was very sad not being able to beat the darkness today and I called my mother maybe hearing her voice for the last time

    This is how I finished the meditations of today and I was very sad to say the least that I was not able to beat the darkness during the last meditation and I thought that this was about becoming “tired” of meditating losing my concentration and here not meaning “tired” but you know “tired of meditating” – later I found out that this was part of the play, I was simply given these thoughts and feelings of “total destruction” coming now, which was IMPOSSIBLE to keep away – and the rest of the day I kept my self up and going really but I had decided that I did not want to exercise and write these scripts because of lack of sleep – even though I could probably have done it in an extreme situation (!) but I did not prioritize this because the survival of the Universe was more important (!) – and I thought that I expected to be able to sleep tonight and we know I had given it much thought if the darkness would really take me over if I started sleeping again and all of my experience from my “train-journey” over the years has told me that there should be no danger of this and really here that the pressure of my family and friends should not be on its highest at the moment and we know when this is written I remember a message I received a few days ago, which was about where we are we to celebrate Christmas this year and we know not very easy when you have a mother who wants to be together with her children and a son – me – agreeing with her but where my sister still resists to see me because of her misunderstanding and we know these very deep feelings helped us to make this play my boy as Virgin Mary now tells me here.

    After the last meditation I was broken down and I decided to call my mother but I did not think of how sad I would sound on the telephone, which my mother heard straight away and I could only tell her that it was because I had decided to relax during this holiday coming into a lower pace (!) – again wishing that she would understand me so I could speak openly and honestly (!) – and I was happy to hear that everything is going in the right direction for her after the operation but at the end of the conversation I could not help having tears rolling down my cheeks because would this be the last time I heard the voice of my mother? And we know next to my mother I was thinking “if only I could” call my sister and Karen too and we know despite of everything you are the nearest people to me after my mother and these days I have also been thinking about my father and we know there are true and warm feelings between he and I “underneath the ice” really.

    I was not allowed to sleep this night either

    The rest of the day I kept on having this immense pressure on me to reach the goal before it would be too late. But I thought that I expected that tomorrow would become a better day because when I have had one of these AWFUL days in the past, the day after has always been better and I could not foresee that this would be otherwise now.

    At 21.10 I was told that I was not allowed to sleep because it would give strength to the darkness and it made me think back to a time in the beginning of the 1990’s where I worked for two days and two nights in a row at DFM as a connection to what happened here and we know would I be able to last another night and day meditating without sleeping?

    21st October: Meditating for 16 hours in a row with a trench warfare between the light and the darkness as the result

    After having had the afternoon and evening off from meditation I started meditating again at 23.30 and here I was told that I am being re-build and I was myself inside and outside of my body.

    Meditating for 16 hours in a row apparently with a trench warfare between the light and the darkness as the result

    From this moment on and almost without breaks I meditated all throughout the night – because I was not allowed to sleep – the morning and afternoon until 16.00 and I was almost desperate the last hours to dissolve the darkness and I could not stop thinking that I needed to sleep again, that the energy of the Council would end in a few days and I therefore gave all of me because I constantly thought that we would all be terminated within hours or a few days at the best case scenario. And all of this time the darkness gave me fire in my throat and burning tickling feelings all over my body and at some point the darkness showed me how it played with the egg yolk – the symbol of life and creation – and I was shown the man at the absolute end of civilisation again together with the feeling of my mother’s mother and I saw judges arriving at a table to give me the final verdict of destruction but to this I could only say that this is my decision to take – not theirs – making this stop immediately and at 16.00 my only conclusion was that I gave the absolutely best of me, that it would be physically impossible for me to continue meditating more today – I had reached my ultimate limit today – and that the result was a trench warfare between the light and the darkness apparently without a winner because I had not reached the “goal” I was told and on the other hand I had not given up either.

    From here I thought that I would be very tired indeed but I found out that the intense meditation – despite of all of the activities included with my mantras and resisting the darkness – was so calming that it made sleep unnecessary and we know Stig this was simply what you also needed to experience and therefore I could continue being awake the rest of the afternoon and evening watching television and preparing dinner too.

    Going to sleep not knowing if I would be taken over by the darkness, which would start a new Big Bang

    I decided that I wanted to take a “calculated risk” trying to sleep again during the night to follow and we know what would happen (?) because I was also told by the Council that they would keep me awake to protect me from the darkness, is this what would happen (?), would I be allowed to sleep and still be myself (?) or would I be allowed to sleep and be taken over by the darkness starting the new Big Bang (?) and I really did not know but this was the decision I took and we know not very nice too.

    22nd October: AS THE SOURCE I can say: The potential Big Bang was a “game” to bring me to my new room

    I am glad to be able to tell that I was indeed allowed to sleep and that I was woken up the first time as myself at 03.50 without having been overtaken by the darkness and this was still the case when I stood up at 08.00.

    I wrote down these dreams:

    • I heard the song “express yourself” by Madonna giving me an idea that this is what I needed to do in order to make the Source listen to me.

    • Friday after work I am having a beer at a bar at the Centre of Prøvesten in the outskirts of Helsingør – on the border of Snekkersten (!) – and I see the bar moving to the centre of Helsingør.
    • Again the bar is a symbol of “God” and bringing it to the centre of Helsingør from the border is really to put it back into the middle of the town of God and we know in safety again and what happened to the arrival of my “safe haven” some time ago (?) and just wondering I am about the complexity and difficulty of this game I am going through.
  • I am arriving in my finest suit at a coffee convention – to my surprise on my week day off, I did not expect to come here and I am surprised to be so well dressed on a day off – and I am together with my friend Lotus, who asks me if I want to present us and I decline because I am not prepared. I am sitting behind the chairman of the convention with dark glasses on.
    • Coffee is still about “loving feelings” and here saying that I am among people who love me and that I am influencing the chairman of the convention “in secret” and we know because of the sunglasses and the influence of direct spiritual involvement on people and so it is.
  • I heard the lyrics “don’t push the button” built over the song “push the button” by Sugababes giving me a feeling that this is what I should avoid doing under all circumstances – also giving me a feeling of uncertainty of what was to come.

  • Again I had a dream of a very beautiful lady, which I was flirting with giving me the impression that she could become my girlfriend and still I refused her throughout the dream when I was half awake in between (!) and we know saying what I have gone through in my life for a very long time and this was about a special lady working for a GE company around year 2000 as one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever seen.
  • When I woke up and found out who I am and the “moment of truth” (!) of my situation, I felt the worst discomfort and sadness of my life because how in the world would I be able to save the whole Universe today?

    Meditation 1: Asking the Universe to pray together with me to completely remove the darkness with my tears rolling down

    I decided from the morning that I would do 1-2 meditations in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening so after having had a short breakfast and bath, I went directly to the first meditation and this time I was “playing the angel” almost because I listened to the album “Exciter” by Depeche Mode and I thought about my breath and we know the last days I had had normal breathing when meditating – because this is what came naturally to me – and today I thought that I wanted to meditate as deep as I could and was allowed to do and this required from my learning experience to breath as slowly and deeply as possible and when I tried to do this “manually” in the beginning it was almost impossible because “my system” did not want to help me breath deeply automatically – the darkness was resisting me much – and only because I insisted and did not give up, which I was “this close” to doing, I succeeded to come into a stage, where I was automatically given deep breathing.

    Before the meditation I had hand written one page of “expressing myself” to the Source – asking for the survival of the Universe and all life, the destruction of the darkness, living only with the light improving behaviour, work and the community system for all people to live in joy and happiness with my books as the “Bible” – and this information was my mantra in the beginning of the meditation, which I kept on saying and at the same time I was thinking that “this should not be necessary to repeat because the Source is not stupid” (!) and when this is written I can only compare myself to the repeated recitations of Buddhists texts, which I don’t appreciate because of the same reason and really because it looses its importance when different people at the end simply recite the same text over and over because of “tradition” and here I repeated this text some times also to keep down the voice of the darkness and when I began thinking of what I did, I decided to stop and instead seeking the room of quietness – as I have done several times also through these meditations the last days – and gradually I succeeded doing this with less and less distractions and temptations from the darkness.

    At the end of the mediation I heard the last song of the album and it was my TRUE favourite song by Depeche Mode, namely “goodnight lovers” and when this is one of my favourite bands at the top 5-6 of my list and it is my favourite song of theirs, it is at the absolute top you know and more importantly, if I am to pick one single song giving me the deepest feelings of all, this is it and because of this effect and because of my desperate situation, my tears started rolling down my cheeks and I asked all of the Universe to pray together with me to remove the darkness completely, I still had faith when I asked of this and I said that this is the absolute best of me, this is the most sincere moment of my life and if this is not good enough, “let it be” and so it was – and afterwards when this is written I am thinking about the dream of UFO’s saving the leak and mankind the other day and what better way than asking for all of the help of the Universe and we know to reunite all forces at the same time to show this and so it is.

    Meditation 2: I was almost fooled by the darkness but I AM THE SOURCE: This was a “game” designed to bring me into my new room

    From here I was a little bit unsure of whether to hold a break or to continue doing a new meditation and already a few days ago I was inspired to listen to the profound – thank you Council for giving me a new word in English, which I did not know of, which they do time and again – album “goodbye yellow brick road”, which I however did not listen to the other day but which I now again after the first meditation received a “strong desire” to listen to and little did I know that this “brick road” was the road of God leading me out of my misery, but this is what it was – thank you Elton, I LOVE YOUR MUSIC TOO and have been a fan of you and we know since this album came out in 1973 in fact and I still remember Niels, my old class mate from Albertslund, playing it on his parents big and impressive stereo system and how great it sounded (!) – and first in this meditation I came very deep where I again asked the light to destroy the darkness and during this, when I was totally open for the light and closed for the darkness if it appeared again, I felt Virgin Mary coming to me from my left with a very gentle and “true” feeling encouraging me to move the content of my left foot/leg to my right making me believe that this would bring light to the whole Universe to remove the darkness and I was “this close” simply to accept this because it sounded so right and we know because this was the only thing on my mind because of my mantra – we know I normally don’t meditate using mantras and just saying that here I have been inspired to do it but the truth is again that I don’t like them because of the reasons mentioned before and because by repeating them I also kept away the voice of the darkness – but somehow very deep inside of me I still thought that something was wrong here because it is not the light but the Universe, which is inside of my left foot/leg and therefore I could only say “NO” in the last minute, which made Virgin Mary repeat her request and during the following seconds I came to a better and deeper understanding that this was the worst play of all where the light apparently here through Virgin Mary tried to “help” me to save us against the darkness, where the aim was really for the darkness to trick me to transfer the Universe to a place where the darkness could potentially start being destructed again and my dear friends ONLY BY DOING MY BEST IN “AN UNGUARDED MOMENT” I WON THIS ONE TOO and we know I did not come to a stage where I had to think about not to “push the button”, which I was happy with.

    From this moment on I decided to ignore all encouragements without any exceptions despite of strong temptations during the following minutes but I stood firm and instead this led me directly to the TRUE feeling and answer that today I AM THE SOURCE (because I was brought there as the chosen one when I was killed as Jesus in my previous life!) – this is why the Universe is not filling more than my left foot as a “picture” of the Source being larger than the Universe – and we know much of the information given to me these days about re-connecting with the Source, the expected feeling of meeting the cradle of love etc., which I have written down 100 percent loyal to how it was received as usual (!) was not true because this new understanding, which was brought to me here was simply the right FEELING and ANSWER also when thinking of if in relation to all other information given for a long time, that I am now the whole Universe (my physical self is the smallest part really) without having received the consciousness yet (because of the very few people believing in me today) etc. and because of this I could only say “I don’t want to see any darkness anymore” and this went out to the whole Universe and this INCREDIBLE “GAME” was really to bring me to my new room above the room of the Council – which was the key told the other day and the part of the story, which was true and please remember that these “games” are being designed still under consideration to how my family and friends behave in relation to me and we know bringing darkness and lies very directly to me when they do WRONG, which they still do, which you have also seen through this play, but please focus on the essential, which is that I reached my new room. The game was also to tell you the difference between using the energy of the Source to either destruct all of us, which has happened before and was a potential outcome also this time or to help us bringing a new and better future, a new order really, which I by the way as part of the game also was told the last days that I would be given an understanding of in a split second before we would all die – and this is also to say that WHEN I AM THE SOURCE, THERE IS NO DANGER, I AM THE ENERGY OF THE UNIVERSE AND THE COUNCIL AND ALL OF THE UNIVERSE HAVE FULL ACCESS TO ALL OF THIS ENERGY (!) and we know please remember that this is how it is and that I gradually will receive full wisdom and “be all” of the Universe, where the Council in relation to earth in comparison has full wisdom of earth but not of the entire Universe.

    This was the worst of all tests given to me – together with a few others on my “top 5” list you know – and I only went through it doing my best, with faith and with the outermost of my will power and I cannot tell you how relieved I felt just when this feeling and understanding came to me. I went from a feeling of becoming destructed in a matter of hours to survival within one second really and I can now start going back to a more “normal life” again – even though it is still not normal (!) – writing these scripts, exercising and start working at the Park again on Monday.

    And immediately after receiving the answer I decided that I will do no more meditations today or at least for some days until I will come back to what is a natural rhythm to me, which at the moment is to meditate 1-2 times per week concentrated and we know I am also meditating when I am listening to and focusing on music and we know when running, when bathing etc. and this is how it is and it is about being focused and “carpe diem” or “seize the moment” and thinking of you Peter A. I am here because Peter this motto was planted with you.

    The light of the Source is already switched on and will spread gradually all over until all darkness has dissolved

    The game also gave me an answer to the question if the light will come to all of us instantly or if it will come gradually and the true answer is that the light is already switched on and that it comes to the whole world and Universe gradually and we know I have not written down information given to me a few times from the Council for at least some weeks that now this and that challenge of the world is becoming better but this is what is happening because of the light spreading and we know within the next 12 months (?) – or some months longer (?) – I will become my true old self including all wisdom and we know when mankind is going to change, this is the interdependence and I know that the Council has the plan of how to do this but I am not yet at a level where I can obtain this information because far too few people believe in me today and we know when more and more people will believe in me, I will be lifted up, this is how it is and what I now understand fully but still I don’t know how it will be implemented and again “only time will tell”.

    I truly wish that my nearest family and friends will start to understand me

    Finishing this game by saying that the my biggest wish of my life is that my family and friends – starting with my father and sister and all physical Council members – will start to understand me because the degree of this suffering was really totally inhuman and impossible but necessary (!) to come through …. and I am thinking what will happen over the coming months when the same people will work against me without knowing it because of their feelings and actions in relation to me (?) and we know how am I going to feel this also in relation to the general level of the darkness reducing because of the energy of the Source spreading (?) and we know I don’t believe there will come as many feelings of me again from my nearest family because of this Christmas issue (!) and if I am right, my suffering should in general continue to decrease as it actually has – when not taking the last days of events into consideration – because instead of receiving the EXTREME voice and feelings of “100 people” as layer upon layer, now it feels more like “a few persons” only and this is much easier to come through really – so this is what I believe in and still thinking that there will come variations depending on the variations of the feelings of my surroundings in relation to me and so it is.

    What I have been going through the last days has also been a déjà vue – I have seen myself doing all of this meditation as child – so therefore I can only say that this was part of the plan or the road of God as I call it and I do hope that I will not face the same challenges again because this is the most awful you can ever imagine to experience and to come through really.

    Meeting my mother again tomorrow

    After all of this I called my mother – who had left a voice mail for me – and she was very happy because she keeps on receiving good messages from her doctors about the cancer not spreading and she now feels so much energy that she and John are now ready – as planned you know which the Council tells me – to see me again tomorrow and we know can you imagine how this feeling is when I thought this morning that maybe I would never see her again without having a chance to tell her the truth because this would only “upset” her?


    And we know when this script is written I am listening to the fantastic Shu-Bi-Dua box and just to say that if you don’t speak Danish, you will not be able to understand my deep appreciation of this band and we know because for the first time ever I have now heard some of the bonus tracks, which are in English and we know “the magic” is totally lost when the Danish lyrics are left out and we know Michael, Michael and the rest of the band: Your music is indeed very good, I like it VERY much too but your key was the lyrics and so it is – and by the way albums no. 4-7 are my absolute favourites, with no. 7 as the best but no. 5 as the most influential and most typical “Shu-Bi-Dua sound” in relation to me (!) and we know no. 13 and 15 are also very good, but the absolutely best “gems” were from no. 4-7 and a little bit here and there before and after and so it is.

    Running for 40 minutes without a break, the longest for years symbolising that the darkness and my suffering is now reduced

    After these days of what I can easily call the most difficult of my life I decided to take it easy for a couple of hours relaxing and I thought about starting to exercise again and we know but I thought that I could also wait until tomorrow and at the “end of the line” really – simply love that one too Jeff and all of you – I decided to exercise today because I thought it would be good to come outside again for the first time in two days and when I started on the running belt I felt much better than normal and I knew that it was because some of the darkness is now taken off me and here illustrated by a decrease of the “impossible heavy burden” I am normally given when running as I have described over the years in my scripts and this meant that after a few minutes I thought about setting a new personal record for years and this is the difference to the other day when it felt simply impossible for me to run for more than two minutes and it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do about being in a good or poor shape (!) and we know I continued running “almost” without problems for 10 and 20 minutes – almost as I have done only ONCE in my life out of “thousands of runs”, which was approx. twenty years ago when I neither could not run for more than 30-40 minutes except from one day where I ran for 1 hour and 45 minutes without any problems at all (!) – and I thought about maybe 40 minutes today or maybe even one hour as my goal and we know on the way I felt the spirit of Haile Gebrselassie with me – the amazing Ethiopian runner you know – and this feeling continued until 27 minutes from where I was given a stitch in my side and again together with the “much heavier burden” physically (!) to carry and this meant that it almost became as difficult to run the remaining part as it has been in general for years but I kept my goal of running 40 minutes and we know “to take it from there” as it really was and here it became to stop because the last 13 minutes was difficult to run and we know I had asked the reception in forehand to switch to a new radio station and to turn up the volume a bit so it would be possible to actually hear the music and this was really to say that when I now finally have arrived at “my room”, things will become easier from here with a better radio signal – i.e. spiritual communication – but you know still difficult as the run symbolised today and we know I have not run this far without stopping since I fell and sprained my right foot seriously approx. five-six years ago in Hørsholm and I cannot remember if this story is covered in book no. 1 and maybe it is?

    All of this “game” was simply a game to bring me to my new room – in fact I was in my “safe haven” without knowing it!

    After the run today, my “reward” was that I was told that I am indeed at my “safe haven” and that what I have gone through this week was only to release as much energy as required to put my spiritual self inside of room no. 1 as I am now inspired to write and so it is my friend and we know if I will forgive the Council and my dear extraterrestrials for what they have done to me (?) and we know there is nothing to forgive, I can only thank them for helping me and all of us to come through this difficult time and so it is because they are the true “brain” and saviours of the Universe, I am only the engine you know.

    And I was also told that if I should have decided to do what is wrong to do – to smoke or use the Internet in an improper way etc. – I would have been given the PAIN of the old goal of the Devil in relation to my mother and it would have continued by giving me severe pain in my legs and we know but it would not have destructed the Universe and we know even though we would probably have given you this thought to “chew on” and we know this is making me think of the character of “Chewbacca” from Starwars and here with a double meaning because he was a part of the crew saving this Universe and because as a monkey he has been used as a symbol of the darkness in relation to me and we know simply to give a picture of this potential situation and so it is.

    Crazy about dance: Symbols of people in exceptional good-humour speaking about me!

    This evening at ”crazy about dance” the judges was as usual INSPIRED and did you notice how exceptionally good-humoured the judge Jens Werner was today and we know I LOVE ALL OF THESE JUDGES (!) and among others he said something like this: “This is my broadcasting no. 66 and I thank the audience, which has never been as lively before and I lift my hat because of what you have done today” as he said to a contestant and we know I am born in 1966 and this was really to give me applaud for coming through this game too and the hat being lifted is the old symbol of the darkness lifting and we know there are other examples from this show including Jens Werner commenting one of the dancers, who split his trousers and again LAUGHS and IN A VERY GOOD HUMOUR he was and we know I was given the direct feeling that this was about one of the most amazing Danish TV Christmas calendars ever – the Jullerup Færgeby cartoon from the seventies – and the well-known quote “Anton, du har revnet bukserne” (“Anton, your trousers have split”) and we know which happened all of the time and was the trademark really and this was about me again because of “Christmas” and so it is and maybe you can guess other inspirations from the show too?

    I was HAPPY to see Enrique Iglesias also joking and laughing (!) and singing at the show today and every time I see and hear him I think about Camilla, who was “crazy” about him and also his father Julio and we know I like both of the Iglesias very much and we know the Spanish songs by Julio are in my opinion even more beautiful and authentic than his English songs and we know because I like the local culture very much (!) instead of listening to the same music and having the same food all over the world (!) and so it is – finding the right balance of templates and variation you know.

    My suffering is decreasing, I am beginning to get influence on my own life (!) and spiritual communication has improved

    As I told earlier, the light has started to spread and this means that my suffering will gradually continue to decrease until it will completely disappear and we know today this meant that when I am sitting down relaxing as I did a couple of hours this evening, I am almost not given any suffering, which was truly a delight to experience and also meaning that when I am active working or in other ways active I am still given negative speech to overcome etc. but at a lower level than weeks ago.

    I was also given examples today that I will now gradually start to get influence on my own life (!) because I was given examples of how my suffering could vary when sitting down from “very easy” to “very difficult” and we know in this case I concluded that I give the Council and my inner self full authority to decide how to spread the suffering needed in all situations and we know I was thinking of “standard choices” in consumer products based on “popular choices” and we know with the option to go deeper to customize your own personal settings, which is a principle I like much, which will make all people happy and I was also shown a book opening from a library meaning that I can now start asking questions of general interest and receive answers and we know I have no plans at the moment to start writing this in my scripts, this is not part of the purpose but we know hidden information of public interest will be brought to the world later. And finally I was shown a vision as a rolling movie in colour giving me an example of my new telephone and better radio station, which is that the quality of the spiritual communication I receive is also now improving as announced.

    And this was the end of another script, which only very few people will read carefully when it is published but which may draw some attention later? I had no idea that I would do a script like this today (finished and published early in the morning of the 23rd October) including doing my longest run for years when waking up and we know but this is how it became.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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