26th October – Receiving 20-25 percent more physical energy and 50-75 percent less suffering after my extreme last week

Summary of the script today



23rd October: The newly planted garden of the Universe inside of the Source requires one more year before it can be harvested
  • Again tonight I only had little sleep and instead I did my best surpassing my tiredness and potential irritation to finalise and publish my scripts including the 22nd.
  • Dreaming of the newly planted garden of the Universe inside of the Source, which requires one more year before it can be harvested.
  • I think of every 100 DKK I use, which takes away food from my friends in Kenya and I will continue living on a small budget at the same time as my family and friends continue “feasting” ignoring me and my LTO friends, which is sending dark energy directly to me making me suffer.
24th October: A new night without sleep and a new game again making me scared of total destruction to come
  • I had a new night where I was not allowed to sleep and again I was tempted to meditate all throughout the night in order to meet Buddha inside of me and again it was apparently a fight directly between the light and darkness inside of me so powerful that I could not resist it and because of the extreme strength of this I was again brought to believe that I would lose the fight making us all dissolve in a matter of hours scaring me very much – until 06.00 where the strength of the play decreased returning my confidence to say that I AM THE SOURCE and there is nothing to be afraid of, which is really how it is!
25th October: Receiving 20-25 percent more physical energy and 50-75 percent less suffering after my extreme last week
  • I slept over one hour this morning – you should never meet late at work!
  • Old colleagues slandering on me and I could have become the CEO of Willis!
  • I started working at the farm of VIrumgård today alone because people don’t feel up to do “hard” physical work to help.
  • The farm of Virumgård is the symbol of the state of the Universe before it is now being restored with the energy of the Source through me to become 100 percent perfect within one year to come with the farm of Lindegården symbolising this.
  • I received information that my “special friends” will be awakened spiritually in the beginning of November. This is now the biggest wish of my life, is this message finally coming from the light, so this will truly happen now?
  • After the extreme last week I have received 20-25 percent more physical energy and 50-75 percent less sufferings making it possible to go to “extreme” body-biking today and to overcome an even higher level all day without problems.
26th October: Work with quality and efficiency but omit stress in order for you to enjoy working
  • I simply love the people at the Park when they show warmth and smile. I kept on working with quality and efficiency doing physical hard work, but I omitted the stress factor as a message to all people in order for you to enjoy your work.
  • I was happy thinking about the survival of Copenhagen, the Earth and Universe, when an UFO met me in Copenhagen saying that they are VERY happy that their home has been saved too.
  • Meditating at the Centre of Wisdom and Compassion, where it was totally impossible for me to breathe deeply, master pieces of David Bowie, going back to our roots, taming “wild horses” and more.
  • Cassius Clay: “WE DID IT”!
  • “Rain is falling” in Kenya and the “movement of Jah people”.


23rd October: The newly planted garden of the Universe requires one more year before it can be harvested

A new night with only little sleep – but instead with writing and publishing my script

I was hoping to sleep all throughout the night but I was woken up at 03.30 where it again was impossible for me to sleep – because the Council perceptible keeps my mind “fresh” despite of my tiredness – and over the years when receiving suffering I have developed an attitude of “it is just to accept the extreme suffering of my road” instead of becoming irritated/mad, which would be the “normal” reaction of people and I have used much of this attitude these days helping me to come through, thus also tonight where my wish of course would be to sleep and where my plan was to finalise my script later in the day, and when I was woken up I was asked if I wanted to meditate as an alternative to sleep in order to remove my tiredness, which I did not because this is NOT the purpose of meditation (!) and instead of this and instead of starting to watch television I told my self that I might as well finalise the scripts including the 22nd October and we know I had a little more to write, ¼ of the first edit and the whole second edit to complete and I was surprised that three days of scripts filled as much as they did, so I realised that instead of following my rhythm to publish my scripts every fourth day, which I have been doing for some time now, I needed to publish this script of three days because of the maximum length per script, which my Blog determines, and it took me longer than the expected two hours to finalise and furthermore I was more tired than expected but again I have been in situations like this before, I know this extreme feeling when you ignore your body telling you to stop – also when working for you Kim S. at DFM (!) – and therefore it was really only a decision to keep on working the last couple of hours until approx. 07.30, where I was able to publish the script and we know, which is not very easy to do at the moment because of the circumstances as you may understand.

Dreaming of a newly planted garden, which requires one more year before it can be harvested

During my “sleep” I took these notes of dreams:

  • A computer programmer has made a program, which has given him a large income; it does not work anymore through its clean side, but it does through the other. The programmer has now passed away and people thought that he was genius. He was also a class teacher and in the homework book of a girl of the class, he wrote a poem of nine lines where each line was the first line of nine different poems, and he invited the girl, whom he however murdered. I am now at the hospital, the doctor shows me the homework book of the girl, he thought I was the father because of my care for her.
  • And we know this dream was very close to be censured because it is really only “rubbish” and we know a dream given to me by the darkness wrongly saying that it won over me (the programmer passed away).
  • At the school I see schoolchildren emptying their closets and I am the only one holding back. The children believe that a teacher has allowed them to do this and I go to the teachers room where I find the teacher and the principal and I understand that it was bad communication from the teacher leading to this misunderstood act of the children and I tell off both the teacher and the principal that they have not secured the rights properly and I give them my book. Afterwards I borrow the teacher’s typewriter and it is almost impossible for me to write, I notice that the edges of the paper I am typing on have been frozen twice. The teachers are eager to harvest from the newly sowed garden in front of the school and I tell them that it requires one more season before they can start harvesting.
    • Emptying the closets – the symbol of the toolbox of God – is not a good thing and the dream also tells about the difficulties of writing my scripts, the ice of the paper is still suffering, and the newly planted garden – the Universe inside of the Source – requires one more year to be finalised before it will open and so it is.

    Preparing and having dinner for my mother and John

    Finally I “slept” from 07.45 to 12.30 and I was still extremely tired when waking up and we know I had invited my mother and John to come for dinner – one of the cheap ones you know – because they were going to Lyngby to shop anyway and because of this I decided to use the afternoon to do some cleaning, shopping and preparations of the dinner before they arrived and we know which was not the easiest to do because of the tiredness and I was told by the Council that my mother is also still tired at the moment and the difference is really that I follow and support her, but that I cannot myself talk to or receive support from anyone of my family and friends in Denmark even though I have been more tired, “concerned” not only about the survival of my self but of the entire Universe and even busier than my mother and we know this is how it is to be me.

    When they arrived we had some very nice hours together – until they left after three hours because of the tiredness of my mother – which made us all happy and we know despite of the difficulties we all go through and I do look forward to the day where JOY and HAPPINESS is brought to all of us including my own family. And as a matter of good sake I would like to thank my mother for ALWAYS thinking about me as today also when she brought part of the food and gave me 150 DKK because she knows that I don’t have much money and we know almost always when having dinner at their place, she packs a “food package” of the left overs for me, which I then have the following day at home and we know making me happy J – and then again I also think of how things would have been if my family had understood me ……

    Almost a year ago I received an orchid by my mother, which I approx. six months ago was very close to throw out because it had received too much sunshine making me believe that it would not survive, however I kept it, watered it and the plant struggled to survive and did it (!) and exactly today it bloomed again, which made my mother very happy when she noticed it – she has something with flowers you know – after I have followed its development closely for weeks and we know hoping that it would become a “sign o the times” one of these days really, which is what it is to me.

    I continue living on a small budget while friends are “feasting”, which sends sending dark energy directly to me

    These days I have been thinking about my financial situation to be able to send as much money as possible to my LTO friends in Kenya over the coming months to help them survive and we know for each 100 DKK I use myself, I know that it takes away food from starving people there making me feel “bad” and almost “guilty” and I have been doing without cappuccinos, burgers/shawarmas and pizzas and I have been thinking about using 100-200 DKK for a pair of used cycle shoes if I can find some for body-biking instead of renting shoes for 10-20 DKK every time at the Fitness Centre and we know maybe a used table tennis bat of up to 100 DKK to play some day soon with Fuggi again (we played at Espergærde IF as teenagers together), a new hair-cut of 120-140 DKK (my hair is far too long again) and maybe also a used and very inexpensive CD-player of 100 DKK, which would be able to play all of my home burned CD’s too, which my DVD-player cannot and you do know that my normal CD-player is still not working because of the darkness and we know it might take weeks or months before the darkness will be withdrawn from it and this is how it is as my loyal readers will know from my stories of this CD player from the past – and the end of this story this time around will probably be that I will only prioritise a hair-cut and first after the 1st November.

    And just to say that I am going through these months deliberately on a very small budget, which I will continue doing, and we know at the same time as family and friends still “feast” on plenty of good food, wine, parties, holidays and we know buying “luxury” goods etc. and all of this behaviour of people at the same time as they ignore the needs of my LTO friends and myself is of course also brought to me very directly as negative energy making me suffer even more – which is also how it is in a larger scale of the world between rich and poor people today – and we know “they don’t care about us” is the impression I get because of their ignorance but of course they do care or do they really?

    Wine scores of potentially 100 points for all people to reach

    During the afternoon when I was cleaning and shopping I was given inspiration to think about wine scores of 0-100 points – which many wine reviewers use, my favourite scale really – where there are NEVER any negative scores (!) and I was thinking about the light of people today in relation to this score and we know with a potential of 100 point for all people to reach in the future when all negativity will be removed and I also thought that this was about removing the darkness and negative speech given to me – all darkness of the Universe (i.e. the negative scores) – and we know including negative feelings because as one example I have compassion of people on one side and on the other side of me I have no care for people (!) and you know which are feelings of the light and the darkness, which are still given to me and two sets of opposite feelings are still given to me IN ALL THINKABLE SITUATIONS and I do look forward to have all of the feelings of the darkness removed, which I am still resisting in all situations I face daily.

    I also noticed that during the afternoon and evening I did not receive much negative speech and it made me think that now I do need discipline to keep my same personal rules of not doing what is wrong to do – which I am constantly still FEELING tempted to do, to go into negative thoughts or actions – when I don’t have to fight the negativity coming to me as directly and strongly as before and I was again thinking this afternoon that I don’t want to use meditations as some kind of “wake up medicine” instead of sleeping and here I am also thinking of “devoted” Buddhists etc. who may have become “addicted” to meditation and who may live a life as a monk etc., which does not give them a “normal life”, which is truly what I hope all people will live in the future.

    24th October: A new night without sleep and a new game again making me scared of total destruction to come

    A new night without sleep and a new game again making me scared of total destruction to come

    At the end of yesterday evening after washing and cleaning up after my “guests”, I was “dead tired” and looking very much forward to sleeping again and also to go to the Theosophical Fellowship this morning at 11.00 – “depending on how I would feel in the morning” as I told myself (!) – and I also told myself before going to bed to “accept anything which may come” and what came was another night where I was not allowed to sleep (!) forcing me to stand up and again I was “tempted” to start meditating because there was “someone for me to meet”, as I was told and also shown and this “someone” was Buddha inside of me and I fell for this thinking that this would probably be true – and the thought of the wine score without any negative scores from earlier was “another brick in the wall” really – so again I decided to do more meditations and this time around I was more tired than I had been all throughout the week – meaning EXTREMELY tired – and I was feeling the potential and dangerous for me to let out irritation just underneath my skin, which I tried to surpass the best I could and we know I started meditating and I was so tired that it was almost impossible to do and I was again inspired or almost “forced” to meditate on mantras – which is still wrong to do (!) – like “only positivity” and the old one to “dissolve the darkness” etc. and we know I heard my words being changed and new words added by the darkness as whispering in the background while I was almost totally in a constant black-out situation fighting with my life and again THIS POWER AND GAME WAS SO EXTREMELY STRONG that again I was taken into it thinking that it is truly the fight between the light and the darkness being fought inside of me and that I would not be able to defeat the darkness making me start fearing again of destruction coming very soon and I became directly scared when Hitler was with me again and this is how it continued until 06.00, where I did not become any fresher because of the meditations but only more and more tired – this is still regulated directly by the Council you know – and I was told that I needed to meditate until the end of the afternoon and here I could only reply that “I don’t believe I will be able to do this” and at the same time as “fighting” the darkness, I had thoughts behind of this in a second layer trying to think about other ways of escaping really and we know at 06.00 I was so tired that I could not continue and therefore I decided to go back to bed and here I was told that the darkness would now overtake me and by then it made me understand that this was a indeed a new game because if truly needed I could also meditate when lying on my back in bed without falling asleep – I have never been able to fall asleep when lying on my back – and therefore again I received confidence (which is difficult to have when the darkness is so powerful that it completely controls you and the events, which is what happened this night but still this is what I fought to have at the same time as being relaxed also this night) to say that I AM THE SOURCE and THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR and I thought that if a next time of the same experiences like these should ever occur I would give the darkness freedom to do whatever it wants to do including free speech instead of fighting this extreme, because the weapons of destruction, sexual suffering etc. have indeed been removed and we know, which actually happened some time ago but as you have seen from this week, it is still possible to scare me much using the extreme power of the Council when they act as the darkness and of course with the goal of helping me through because I have passed the stage of potential destruction etc. and am now inside of my safe haven and this is of course logical to understand isn’t it (?) and we know I have just heard Supertramp playing the “logical song”, which is also an old favourite of mine and here I think of Lone M. from my old school class every single time I hear this song because at our reunion in 1997 you were the one being the most enthusiastic about this song and we know you wanted to listen to it over and over again and “logically” that is (!) because of the beauty of the song and also the memories of the time when we all went to class together not least.

    Later I was told that what I went through this week – an “ultimate” fight with the Devil – where it was impossible for me “apparently” to win even when doing my absolutely best going to my absolute extremes, is what could have become the result at the absolutely end of existence, if the darkness under other circumstances would have been too difficult for me to defeat – if the army of the Devil had been the strongest if people would not have had faith in me – going through an “exercise” like this. Then I would have felt destruction coming as I did here and then destruction would have come to all of us as it has done before the Big Bang you know!

    And finally I managed to get some sleep from 06.30-10.50 – dreaming of poor, suffering, starving and desperate African women on the road I follow – still making me “tired” when I stoop up but not as much as yesterday and because of this, I could not attend the meeting at Theosophical Fellowship today – which by the way was a special BUDDHA SERVICE – and I do look forward to meeting these people again and also the people at Lama Yönten next week, unless new and unforeseen events will happen.

    Today I decided to write the scripts of today and yesterday and we know to relax the rest of the day and I could have decided also to run again but we know after this EXHAUSTING WEEK OF BRAIN WASHING, which is what it was to accomplish our goals, I preferred to relax and so it is.

    25th October: Receiving 20-25 percent more physical energy and 50-75 percent less suffering after my extreme last week

    A “game” to recreate the bomb of Nixon etc.?

    Late yesterday evening I was “tested” again and this time if I would accept the bomb of Nixon to be recreated and we know even though I am sure that this would not happen if I accepted it – because it is DISMANTLED once and for all and thus not existing – I could not accept this request and we know not even as a “game” because it would go against my attitude and therefore the only answer I could give was a NO and the same goes with any possible attempts from the darkness with beautiful ladies – spiritually you know and old readers will know about this (!) – and this is exactly the same, I don’t believe anything would happen if I accepted this now but you know I CANNOT ACCEPT AN “OFFER” LIKE THIS and this is how it is even if I was tortured again by the darkness – because this is what it is – and they would succeed to make me say YES, which I doubt, and this is also because I have said as a rule that it requires a yes from my heart to carry on and not only a yes from my mouth and this is truthfully how it is.

    Sleeping over making me say: You should never meet late at work!

    I was in no doubt that I would be able to sleep again this night because I HAD to go back to work at the Park this morning (!) and we know after having some “problems” falling asleep and being woken up a couple of times during the night, I slept at least part of the night and we know I am almost certain that the two alarms I had set on my mobile phone did not sound this morning (later I found out that it is other software on the phone “annoying” the alarm!) so when I woke up at 07.40 feeling dead beat again and it was light, I received the bad feeling you get when you sleep over and we know I was unsatisfied with myself really because I have found out that I can still set the alarm on my old clock radio, which still works – which I did not believe it did until I tried again recently – and we know I should have set the alarm on this one too just to be sure of course and we know so it is.

    And this was also “with best regards” from the darkness, which did not want me to go back to work because you know the harder I work, the harder I exercise and yes the harder and better I do my scripts etc., the more I decrease the power of the Devil and this is the connection my friends so apologised to Rolf when arriving at 08.30 instead of 07.30 this morning and we know I do hope that this will not happen again – you should really never meet late at work!

    I wrote down this dream:

    • I am at a café in Hellerup where I meet Lars G. from Willis, who wants to offer me a job. He wants to move his HR-department outside on the terrace, but the department tells him that the numbers don’t fit and that it is against the law. Later I am in Columbia where I am helping a local woman working with insurance to organise her work, she is afraid and calls Willis who have informed on me to the police, however the police don’t pay me a visit. Lars D.C. also from Willis tries my new Honda, which has a big engine with many horsepower and he says that it runs perfectly. Lars G. is about to stop as the CEO and he asks me if it is correct that I had a business working with salt and he says that salt is everything of the Universe, i.e. me and my cabinet and I tell him that formally I did not know that he would stop as the CEO but informally I knew, which was why I sent him an application and he tells me that I could have become the new CEO.
    • And we know the Police is still the Devil or the darkness – here old colleagues slandering on me – my new car is my new self and we know the application is from 2008 I believe, where I applied for Lars’ job as the CEO in case he should decide to stop!

    This morning – as also before – I was thinking that it does not matter at all that my 44 year old life until now from a “normal life” point of view has been a total waste because what is 44 years when you have an eternity to look forward to? This is a decision and a feeling I have decided to develop because of logics.

    I don’t want to shake my head all of the time!

    Maybe the last month or two I have been inspired to develop a habit to shake my head to get rid of the worst negative speech given to me instead of fighting it with words – especially when I am alone – and I have become increasingly dissatisfied with this habit and have used MUCH will power to change it the last week or so and we know which has been “almost impossible” to do because the habit has been very deep-rooted and we know I decided to get rid of this because it may look silly for other people seeing me shaking my head if I don’t manage to stop it in their presence.

    Starting work at the farm of Virumgård without anyone to help because people don’t feel up to doing physical hard work

    This morning at the park I decided to continue the “hard work” at the farm of Virumgård and I was sad to hear that Thomas was asked by the Commune to stop at the Park even though he would have liked to continue and we know he had already left the Park when I arrived and I was encouraged by Tom to ask others if they would like to join me working at the farm and we know I tried one of the men, who I believed would be “the most” interested to do new work and to have more variation but even though I was motivating him my best, he did not feel up to (!) to do more than necessary and therefore I “let it go” – here by Prince – and decided to start the work alone, I did not want to ask other people because I know of their attitude of hard physical work and therefore what would be their answer in forehand (!).

    Before I left the Park one of the others spoke about just how ramshackle the farm of Virumgård is and then she also mentioned the farm “Lindegården” at the old farm city of Lyngby and we know she was inspired to speak about this because the state of the first farm is really a symbol of how the state of the Universe was, when it had started to fall apart earlier in my lifetime until recently (!) and the second farm is a symbol of a “perfect farm”, which we have now started to recreate and we know which is what we expect will take us one year from now to do and the story is really that I am the one bringing the energy of the Source to do this work and that is when I work, exercise and so on myself meaning that my “ordinary” life as a physical person is really what is determining the state of the future Universe and as I said today “I will not be satisfied with anything less than 100 percent perfect”, so this is our goal and we know when setting up all of what was lost for years and I have not been told by the Council but I do fear that other worlds may have been lost, a thought which made me sad today and we know this is really also why the whole Universe is represented at Earth today in case that the Universe around the Earth would have been destructed and I was told that 98 percent of the Universe is still “intact” and we know this “state” is really the best case scenario of all and I do believe that more information on this will be given later by me or others if I am not totally wrong J.

    A few weeks ago in the Park Thomas and I was told that we could stop the work at the farm approx. at 13.00 to return to the Park – the drive is only five minutes – and from here to finalise and take the rest of the day off and we know this was some kind of “motivation” to get us working there because it is “harder” work to do than at the park (!!!) and we know but today I decided that I don’t want to leave early just because I work at the farm – it is a BAD signal to send the others – and we know to tell you the truth, the work at least today was not harder but really easier to do compared to the first two days I was there and also to the work I did on the avenue of trees and also the bed at the Park (!) and so it is really.

    I did receive “negative speech” when working today and even though it is annoying, it is NOTHING compared to what it was earlier and we know but still I believe it would scare other people so much if they were to experience this lower level that they would not know how to get through one day and I also noticed today that the pain of my right foot is now most of the time maybe 5-15% of what it was at its highest level and there are even moments, when it is 0% and we know feeling “normal” and I cannot tell you just how liberating a feeling this is and how much it means to me because this alone is the difference between being “disabled” and fully recovered and let me just say that all of the negativity, laziness and bad behaviour of people around me, which I have been witnessing on a daily basis, have fed the darkness so much directly towards me that it could have started “attaching” to me and this is really why I have been given the most uncomfortable pains in my foot from time to time and we know if I had not been able to resist what I do believe is or should be impossible to resist, it would have “opened” my right leg to the darkness – which at the time was the same as the Universe – and we know which by the way would have started to let me and others of my “special friends” to bleed from the holes of our bodies and we know this may be information, which some people of the park will reflect on when they will be given this as part of their spiritual wake-up.

    My “special friends” will be awakened in November – I hope very much!

    During one of the breaks at the Park some of the others were talking about a fishing tour they will go on in the beginning of November and I do hope that what I was told this time around is the truth – and we know that is if the information is given to me by the light and not the darkness – because I was told that this is to symbolise “catching me” – the fish is the symbol of me – and here meaning that this is when people will be awakened spiritually and we know just the thought about this makes me happy because it has become the biggest wish of my entire life to have my nearest family and friends in the first hand to understand me and we know it makes logic this time because I have really all along been told that it will be myself who will wake up my “special friends” – or “servants” if you wish – and now when my spiritual self has arrived “home” at the new room above the room of the Council I do hope that this is what I and all of us can look forward to and we know giving happiness to my family, my friends and we know to expand this “circle of love” to all people of the world really and also meaning that finally all of my suffering will and we know at least been reduced much more and this was confirmed when I was working at the farm because I heard the line “these were the days of our lives” and the other song “shoot the dog”, which people will understand is meaning “the end of darkness inside of us”.

    Receiving 20-25 percent more physical energy and 50-75 percent less suffering after my extreme last week

    Even though I felt dead beat this morning too I recovered quickly when working my best again today and this made me think that I could also give my best late in the afternoon when attending boby-bike at Fitness World and we know this time around I entered the highest level of body-biking – this is how confident I felt today and we know normally I attend the second highest level, which may be 10-30 percent less hard – and I drove it at an even harder pace and level than the last time, which also to my surprise “woke up” the feeling of Hitler and Nazis – I was told that Eva Braun, Hitler’s girlfriend, was also (!) Virgin Mary in her physical life and we know “to take off the worst in your next physical life” and we know try to imagine what this means and how this felt like when I had just started cycling and we know I received other information too, which was also making me very sad but nothing, which I have not written about before – and we know just saying that the harder I work, the deeper I enter the darkness and the more I dissolve it and this is also here an explanation to the extremities I went through last week and we know today the difficulties was at a much lower level compared to last week, but I drove so hard that I found out that I came to 100 percent of my maximum capacity at the moment because the darkness started to give me cramps in my left leg and we know my potential is still “much higher” than what I could drive because of this “edge of the cramp” holding me somewhat down (!) and I am going to challenge this level, so it will become expanded and we know one of the other attendants gave up before the end so really just saying that the level was “quite high” and we know at one stage the instructor told us that there was only three more minutes left and this made me drive with a heavier load on the bike than what I really thought that I could bear but I decided to give it a go because there was only three minutes left and we know then I felt the spirit of Lance Armstrong with me – the seven times sovereign winner of Tour de France (!!!) – and when he was with me for “half a minute”, the load which a few seconds before had been “impossible” to drive was now “piece of cake” to drive giving me the feeling that I could drive with the double load without problems and when this happened I was also told that LANCE WAS AND IS STILL “CLEAN” as one of the very few of professional bicycling today and we know just to say that WHEN GOD IS WITH YOU, HE IS MUCH BETTER FOR YOUR PERFOMANCE THAN USING EPO, BLOOD DOPING OR OTHER DRUGS, which is a SHAME to use!

    And so it continued and it took my totally by surprise that after these three minutes, where Lance unfortunately only was with me for half a minute (!), we were not quite finished and we know I HAD SIMPLY GIVEN EVERYTHING I HAD (!) – so much that my eyes darkened but I had both faith and a feeling that I could continue without passing out (!) – and then I had to continue for another 6-8 minutes, which I did at a bit lower level (!!) and I was happy to come through this today and we know after this to come home also to prepare dinner, wash clothes and do the script of today ending the day at 22.00 and just saying that I do believe my physical energy level has increased by 20-25 percent after going through the extreme last week removing much darkness and when the TORMENTS given to me at the same time has decreased by and we know let us say maybe 50-75 percent of when it was at its worst (not taking last week into account!), it is really piece of cake to come through a day like today and we know of course there is still a long way to go to reach the energy level of people living a “normal life” who don’t have the sufferings I am given and just for your information of course.

    At the body-bike this instructor played loud classical rock music including AC/DC and I very much like the music I know of this band and when played loud as today, this was giving me the feeling that this is (also) the best rock music there is (as I also get when listening to other classical rock bands you know) and here it was their classic song “highway to hell” and I do believe that the song sounds nothing less than fantastic, but my dear friends you may want to change the words to “highway to heaven” or something similar instead (?) and just saying that these were the words I song myself when I was listening to it today.

    Receiving a heart-felt message from John making me happier than messages from Danish friends!

    Today I was also very happy receiving a heart-felt text message from John in Kenya and I bring it here because a message like this brings feelings and happiness inside of me as messages from Danish friends, which are not equally as heart-felt, do not. Thank you very much, John, and my answer to your question is that I will come back to visit you the moment I get an opportunity, which is simply when I can afford to come and to stay and we know “time is on my side” – another favourite song of mine of Rolling Stones to express my warm feelings of all of you – as I was about to say because it will be “before or later within the next 12 months” and so it is:

    Here is his message:

    “Hi Stig, Hope you fine there in Denmark. We are fine. God has been good to us. When are U coming to Kenya my dear friend. May God give U happiness always. Thanks Stig.

    26th October: Work with quality and efficiency but omit stress in order for you to enjoy working

    Dreaming of another “source” making my life a living hell

    I had a new ”almost alright” sleep (!) where I among other dreams were dreaming of Kate, my mother’s close friend, who wanted to buy a German white wine from 1991 with an alcohol percent of 15 at a price of 58 DKK and I told her that the alcohol percentage was too high and that the chances were that it would not be of the best quality and later I saw her in the supermarket choosing a fish from an open table but when she picked up the fish, it started to disintegrate and we know simply a dream telling about another “source” of many, which made my life a living hell as you will understand and of course without her knowing about it.

    I love the people at the Park when they show warmth and smile

    This morning at the Park when I met the others I felt very strongly that I love all of these people very much and we know despite of their working moral and everything really because behind the façade of these people, I care very much for them and I simply love to see when they show warmth and smiles as I saw much of today at our morning break and we know people around me are sometimes still INSPIRED directly from the spiritual world who can guide them to speak negatively or positively as they please really – based on the “big equation” – and lately the pattern with this kind of communication has been the same as the negative speech I receive myself directly because it is now “only” a “surface”, where I feel the Council underneath the surface and here meaning that often now when people start speaking negatively about a subject, they will be INSPIRED to change to a more positive speech “by themselves” and we know lately I have also seen people “automatically” answer the questions or wishes I have had in my own thoughts and this is quite an interesting show to witness really.

    Working physically hard taking out stress as a factor in order to enjoy the work

    Again today I went to Virumgård to work and I had really not been looking forward to doing this work from the morning – a feeling given to me by the darkness as usual – and this made me decide to take the attitude that I would do it with discipline and try to find joy of the work when doing it and we know I decided to think (!) that I always enjoy to work outside, which is what I expected would come to me despite of the feelings I had and this is really what came to me during the day.

    After cutting down “thousands” of bamboos and other plants yesterday, today I raked this “natural ground” as deeply as I could, which was physical hard work to do – Rolf told me this morning not to work too hard (!) – but I decided to do it all day and we know it was hard to do but not as hard as what I have done before at the park and today I was focussed to work with my “balance of power” because for a long time I have worked too hard because of the situation I have been in and today I decided to continue working with quality and efficiency but to take out the stress factor, which has been a necessity of the game I have gone through and which is more mental for people than anything else, and here it meant that I could continue working with 95-100 percent of my normal efficiency but without stress. And this is also to say that it is important that people don’t “overdo” what they do at work stressing them and making work potentially a pain, where it should be a joy for all.

    When working I still received negative speech – still on the “surface” but you know which is still given to me because it really means that I am still facing and removing the darkness, which it represents – and today it was much about telling me just how close the entire Universe was to destruction and we know “the thin line” was so thin that we at times thought that it would break and I did not like to receive all of this information because it made me uncomfortable still being this close to the experiences not long ago and I was thinking that when my suffering is totally over, I will feel better talking about this objectively.

    I was also told that the reason why I am now in my “safe haven” is because of the strength of the Source, which is also the reason why I am given almost no suffering when I am relaxing and we know less suffering than before when I am actively working.

    Now we are here, in Xanadu, giving me feelings like nothing else

    Today when I drove the pick-up of the Park, on the radio I heard the BRILLIANT song “Xanadu” by Electric Light Orchestra sung by Olivia Newton-John and we know this song by ELO as an example still takes my breath away because the sound of the music, instruments and the feeling of it resembles nothing else and it gave me the feeling that even though I am enthusiastic about much other music, there is NOTHING giving me the same feelings as ELO, which is in a league by itself and we know I also thought that it still sounds “futuristic” and maybe even inspired by extraterrestrials (!) and to this day I still remember that I heard this song the first time just before my sister moved out in 1980, where I was lying on the floor of her room after having moved the speakers of her music system right next to my ears (!) and we know I did not know that ELO/Olivia had made this song together and then it was played on the radio and this was the first and strongest time, when it completely took my breath away even though I did not realise that it was ELO playing – it was only announced as Olivia Newton-John (!) – but the feeling was that I had never heard anything as good before and when I later found out that it was ELO playing, I smiled and understood my appreciation (which I should have guessed really also back then!) and we know THANK YOU OLIVIA TOO for making a beautiful song and also movie and today I can say that the words of the song indeed has come through: “Open your eyes and see, what we have made is real, we are in Xanadu” and “An everlasting world, and you’re here with me, eternally” and we know NOW WE ARE HERE, IN XANADU and of course it is still being prepared for all “livin’ thing” (s) but WE ARE HERE and this is what really matters because the alternative would be “not to be” and that was the question for centuries, but not anymore.

    As a matter of good sake I would like to say what has been on my mind also the last days: I AM STIG – a simple human being – and I don’t feel like a “king” or “God” at all and my destiny is simply that I was chosen to be the one and we know the true God – the inventor of the Universe – is somewhere or somewhat inside of the Source, which I am destined to find out someday not too long from now.

    A happy UFO over Copenhagen and meditating at the Centre of Wisdom and Compassion with the inspiration of songs etc.

    After work today and a long bath I felt the impact of the hard physical work making me physically tired but despite of this I had decided to go back to the Centre of Wisdom and Compassion this evening so this is what I did and I was happy when I was “steppin’ out” from the underground station of Nørreport in Copenhagen to see one light only on the sky again and this time it was an UFO flying over Copenhagen and we know it was “far, far away” and it looks like an aeroplane if you don’t really look (!) to see how the white light of it is very different to a plane and may we say blinking in a “characteristic” way and the flying course is neither simple “straight forward” as a plane but can be “upside down” or “zig zagging” really and I was thinking that here I am in Copenhagen with this UFO flying above me without any people apparently seeing it even though thousands could be my potential witnesses and we know the reason why I was shown this was because I was VERY HAPPY to think about the future of having the Earth and the city of Copenhagen as an example to survive from destruction and I was thinking about this for the entire Universe and also wondering how extraterrestrials live on other planets and this UFO flying “above the clouds” – which they do when there are clouds, which there however were not many of this evening – simply came to me with the message that there are VERY HAPPY too to say the least because their home galaxy has been saved too and so it is.

    Today at the centre a young man studying psychology was speaking and we know he did a very good job too and he spoke about being “present” or “absent” as a main theme or “let you mind be where your body is” as he called it – have you tried the difference of being together with people being very much present or very much absent thinking about everything else than the moment and what do you believe gives the best experience and quality of life really (?) – and I also noticed that he said that the efficiency of people who “multitask” is less than people concentrating on one task at the same and we know simple logic is what it is if you ask me.

    And because of my “balance of power” today at work, this young man was also INSPIRED to speak about not being stressed at work and not to “overdo” work or any other life situations really but we know to do what comes natural to you and then do your best but without “overdoing or underdoing it” if I might add.

    We did three meditations of the evening and at the first one I tried to breath deeply again, however the same phenomena happened to me as on the 24th October, which I however did not write, and it was that my physical and spiritual breath was “out of tune” and really that when I inhaled, I was feeling both inside and also outside of my body that my body was exhaling and the opposite when I was exhaling making it totally impossible for me to breath deeply with an automatic rhythm and I cannot remember if I have written this somewhere else before – maybe in book no. 1 – but if you imagine having the spiritual world inside of your body as a “streaming physical pulse” and this feeling is with you all of the time as here, where it fills a few centimetres, which moves with the speed of light all over your body from one place to the other, changing form, size and maybe appearing several places at once and we know both inside and outside of your body, this is the best way I can describe it to you and we know when this happens – which it does not always do, but let us say “very often” and every single day – I am simply witnessing a spiritual show acting physically inside of my body and the experience this evening feeling and also seeing how the spiritual world as a demonstration and given with a smile worked against me when breathing was simply one of what has become thousands and maybe be now millions of experiences I have had of this kind, which I normally don’t write about.

    At the second meditation I was DEAD TIRED again and almost falling asleep but you know I cannot sleep when sitting down so it was only “almost” and again today this nice place was used to “plant” many song titles inside of the words spoken by the young man and also the visitors and we know I liked the young man involving the audience better than most others I have seen lately and he spoke of the “rise and fall” several times, which really was inspiration of the FAMOUS and incredible David Bowie album “the rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from Mars” and we know which is also one of the top Bowie albums and we know you can take the albums he made from “Hunky Dory” to “Scary monsters” and most of them – but not all – are master pieces in my mind.

    And the reference to songs continued with “Staying alive” – which I understood why it was given this evening because the last couple of days I have been told about Maurice Gibb and we know as one example of MANY, which I have received inspiration of, who would like to come back to his brothers in the amazing band of Bee Gees and here I am also made to think of their little brother Andy too and we know to CELEBRATE OUR “SURVIVAL” and we know BOB MARLEY OF COURSE TOO AS ANOTHER “LEGEND” and here giving me the most intense feelings too – and from here the songs continued with “dangerous”, “going back to my roots”, which is what we are all now starting to do and finally the young teacher today was inspired to speak about taming “wild horses”, which is really the process I have gone through taming the darkness and converting it into light and of course this is my favourite song by the Rolling Stones.

    Even though I maybe 50 times this evening had to tell the darkness that “this is wrong” as a comment to what it told me, it was at a much lower level than before and we know giving me the feeling that I now can “almost” start to relax mentally, which I cannot tell you just how much this means to my quality of life.

    Cassius Clay – “WE DID IT”

    Again this evening and really the last couple of weeks without writing it, I have had Cassius Clay with me some times – Cassius is his true name, not Muhammad Ali – and we know he is a prisoner inside of his body but he is still as bright as ever and I have been told that he has followed what I have gone through and we know he was now with me again really to say “WE DID IT” as a token of celebration and we know CASSIUS IS ONE OF THE GREATEST LEADERS OF THE WORLD I have seen in the past together with Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama and more and we know my favourite today when it comes to personal appearance, which is still Bill Clinton and we know I SIMPLY LOVED THE MUSICAL SHOW BILL DID TOGETHER WITH ELVIS COSTELLO – a very gifted and nothing less than AMAZING AND INCREDIBLY STRONG SINGER AND ARTIST TOO – which I saw on television the other day and Elvis Costello surprised me positively also for being intellectually and communication wise well gifted and this may be the best musical series I have ever seen and really because it is about QUALITY.

    “Rain is falling” in Kenya and the “movement of Jah people”.

    Today I was VERY HAPPY to receive a nice and very INFORMATIVE email from David where he updated me on his private situation – thank you so much David – and I would like to share the following from his email to show you just how important it is when “rain is falling” to the population of Kenya – and the world (!) – and we know it is about “time” to recreate normal conditions also when it comes to the weather and this is what we have also STARTED to re-establish. I also like your COMMITMENT very much, David, when it comes to the CLEANSING of the Kenyan Government and we know one day not long from now you will understand what kind of “movement” you have started yourself in Kenya, my friend, and it is really the “movement of Jah people” you know – this is what is happening.

    Here are the two chapters of his email I have decided to share with you:

    “It is a quiet and rather dry evening here for me. For the last few days, it has often been raining cats and dogs! People are planting in many parts of Kenya and for people with no farms like me, we only have to look forward to sustainable rains so that we can have food in the market!”

    “On the national arena, we have been having an ardent fight against corruption with even cabinet ministers being sacked! This means a lot to me since eventually we could have an impunity free Kenya. In this regard, we thank the Lord.”


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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