30th October – The purpose of ALL life and re-birth has been to build up divinity as foundation for our future shared life

Summary of the script today



27th October: The purpose of ALL life and re-birth has been to build up divinity as foundation for our future shared life
  • Dreaming of my train (my journey to the light) slowly driving home, of WRONGLY exploiting people, poor quality of work, laziness and poor communication.
  • At Lama Yönten, I did not kneel down again, which made the Lama teach me/us of the importance of doing this to show respect and to be cleansed! I say that this is an old tradition, which does not have the effect it is said to have. There are far too many “bound” practises of Buddhism teaching you to do certain movements to give you certain effects, which is not what I appreciate of Buddhism, which to me is about your good behaviour, mental capacity etc.
  • The Lama and the “student” Erik was INSPIRED to speak about doing fundamental changes to build up a future divine life, which is what is being prepared at the moment: To build up divinity with me/the Source in the middle of our future shared life, which is what has been the purpose of all life and rebirth since the cradle of life. This is what we are reaching now making the Universe “thrilled” after going through the “thriller” of our lives!
28th October: A new symbol of my “special friends” coming home to the “house of God”, i.e. spiritual awakening
  • Dreaming of other attacks on me from “special friends”, which easily could have brought me down igniting the destruction of the Universe.
  • I was so tired today that I had doubts whether or not I could work all day, which is still what I did to my best now with the company of one of the others making me happier to work at the farm. The others have offered to come and help in 1-2 weeks time from now, which is a new symbol of my “special friends” coming home to the “house of God”, i.e. their spiritual awakening.
  • On Saturday I will meet my mother and John again and this time around also my sister and brother-in-law making me happy.
29th October: I am feeling better and less tired than for years and looking forward to coming home to “my new world”
  • “Oops I did it again”, I slept over! I was allowed to take the day off because I “work as five” so I could “enjoy a soft-boiled egg”, i.e. life/civilisation!
  • Again today I am feeling better and less tired than for years.
  • The Council is and has never been my opponent; they have simply reflected the game of family/friends towards me and the Universe will be shouting with joy when it will know how I have helped our future life to continue and to develop.
  • New darkness arrived today making my computer give a loud constant noise for hours, making my run of 30 minutes “difficult” to do again and giving me negative feelings not to see my sister again, which I simply rejected as WRONG.
  • A new café gave me the best experience and coffee as a symbol of what I will experience when coming home to “my new world” full of love.
  • For days I have been thinking that “I took the best decision of my life” when I decided to fight the darkness and my suffering for years bringing us this far.
30th October: Re-storing family relations making me happy
  • Dreaming of “coming home” with the best music of the world and the Council saying “grazie di esistere”, i.e. “thank you for our existence”.
  • This evening I had a very nice dinner with my mother/John and my sister/brother-in-law re-storing our family relations making me happy.


27th October: The purpose of ALL life and re-birth has been to build up divinity as foundation for our future shared life

Today is again my day off at the park and the question yesterday evening was really if I would have to go through the same extreme fight with the darkness as last week – because I did not have to stand up to go to “work” this morning – or if I was allowed to sleep and we know the answer was that I was allowed to sleep until 8.00 this morning and I feel that the sleep has improved somewhat but still not normal it is.

I took notes of a few dreams:

  • A train drives slowly home through a large shunting area, at one point the wagons are disconnected from the locomotive, which later had to wait when a big truck was blocking the railway tracks.
  • We know the train is the journey of my life to reach the light, which is now ending and the truck is still symbolising the entire world.
  • Kim S. designs a new IT based customer system, he tries to get cheap labour from people in India to programme it, however they cannot give him the quality and deadline guarantees as he requires and they also work too slowly. When Kim asks a manager to address the slow working pace issue with the programmer, the manager cannot tell it directly making it impossible for the programmer to understand. I see how Kim S. designs the system and writes requirement specifications, which he finds exhausting to do, however he does not do these with the detailed level 3 information, which makes me think that design errors are likely to happen.
    • This is about attitude and working moral of many people, who don’t speak directly and honest to each other in order for people to understand, it is about underpaying and exploiting people, which I don’t like and it is about the many wrong doings of for example giant investments in new IT systems, which also Denmark has had its share of through the years (for example several failed public IT investments of billions of DKK) because of bureaucrazy and poor quality when it comes to the work – including wrong attitude and thoughts (!) – of requirement specifications and so it is.

    Being physically exhausted and “stressed” to write as much as possible!

    When I woke up this morning, I felt on my body just how physical hard the work I did yesterday at VIrumgård was and we know if it was not because I am coming into a better shape – and starting to lose weight again – I would probably have been totally worn out today and let me say that being physically exhausted when you have a normal sleep and no sufferings of the kind I have been going through for years is like living a dream life at the castle!

    Today I used more hours than expected to finalise and publish my scripts including yesterday – from 9.00 to 15.00 – and we know it was difficult to do being “tired” making me use will power to pass “pain barriers” again and for days I have been “stressed” much with all kind of suggestions all of the time to include this or that in the scripts and we know which is really both good and bad because I like to include relevant information but I don’t like if it is almost capsizing me (!) – I have decided to continue writing my scripts for now and also to live by all of my rules, which have made me come this far – always needed for me to think through when going through changes of my everyday – and we know until it is “time” for such a change that it will turn my life into “the way life’s meant to be” really.

    And we know when this script is written I am listening to Bo Kaspers Orkester from Sweden and this band is somehow making the absolute best music of its kind and I am still surprised to find just how much I love this band and we know this genre including both smooth jazz, bossa nova and also pop/rock.

    The purpose of ALL life and re-birth has been to build up divinity as foundation for our future shared life

    This evening I was happy to be back with Lama Yönten and his students and the evening started with a “special exercise” given to the participants including the Lama because one of the nice ladies had lost her purse including her Dankort (debit card) and we know what would she decide to do (?), would she decide not to worry and stay the next couple at hours with us (?) or would she decide to act immediately to leave in order to report the card stolen and not to “suffer” any liabilities (?) and we know I told her that it would be no problem to stay a couple of hours and to report the loss afterwards because I know that she has a “reasonable” time to react when reporting a card stolen and we know I remembered the answer from when we went through the law on payment cards at the internal school of Danske Bank in 1984/85 and we know but all of the people this evening told her that she needed to go home to report the loss immediately (!) and we know I was thinking “where do they know this from” (?) and what was decisive for this nice lady was when the Lama as the “authority” decided to tell her to go home to report the loss and we know I was thinking: Does Buddhism not teach you to practise what is “simple logic” (?) and we know not to worry unnecessary and not to act according to your “impulses” but according to facts (?) and we know nobody decided to ask me questions of my knowledge (!) and we know I was simply thinking that it was a shame that this lady had to go home after she had just arrived, which was to waste her evening because of WRONG advise from others not knowing what they speak about (!) and we know PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT IT DOES NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO THE LAW AND YOUR LIABILITY IF YOU REPORT A LOSS LIKE THIS 0 or 2 HOURS AFTER DISCOVERING IT and so it is!

    When the other students had entered the room of the lecture, they had kneeled down and touched the floor with their forehead three times as they always do – which I find is NATURALLY wrong to do – and as usual I deliberately stand up and put my hands together just underneath my chin to show my respect and appreciation when entering – this is just my way of doing it at the moment and we know I do believe that this should not be a “requirement” either (!) – and this inspired the Lama to teach the class – i.e. me as he said – about why it is important – but voluntarily as he also said – to kneel down and we know he told us in a greater detail than what I write here but it is to show respect to the dharma (the body of teachings), Buddha and the Lama and when touching the head to the floor to cleanse one self from ten negative points and we know if the Lama had told me that it was mandatory to do these kneel downs in order to attend his lectures, I would decide not to attend anymore – this is how strongly I feel about it because it stood very clear to me that this is a tradition which has survived itself really – but he was very kind indeed when I commented that I show the same respect when putting my hands together, that I have the greatest respect of traditions and that it is my belief that it is important to keep the right traditions and otherwise to modernise/update and we know it was clear to me that this was an example of assigning certain meanings to certain movements, which do not correspond with reality because the way to cleanse yourself as an example is to show appropriate and kind behaviour/actions towards others, to be responsible, follow your action plan etc. and not by touching your forehead to the floor three times (!) – sometimes “culture” can be so strong that people cannot see what is right or wrong to do but simply is convinced that “what we always have done” is right, which you by now know is not always the case – and we know I saw other examples of the same throughout this evening and we know I am no expert on Buddhism as it is today but it seems to me that there are far too many handing overs, which is said to be good for this and that if you do this or that particular movement, mantra or meditation a certain period of time or number of times, which simple logic will tell you is not true and we know it seems to me that the philosophy of how to behave, concentrate your mind, expand your mental capacity and endurance, being present, reduce/eliminate suffering etc. of Buddhism is what I like and all of the tied up traditions and handing downs of “practises” have not yet convinced me and we know I don’t believe of repeating “this” 21 times or doing “that” 7 hours or even three years (!) as examples – this is not how to practice Buddhism my friends!

    As another chapter, the Lama was INSPIRED to speak about Tantra and Sutra meditations and this time he approached the Buddhists because he did not believe this was for me (!) and he spoke in detail with the same care and quality as he always does about using these techniques to build and rebuild future lives and we know the “student” Erik – who has a DEEP knowledge of Buddhism too – was after the lecture INSPIRED to add to what the Lama said by saying that this was about doing fundamental changes to build up your future divine life and I understood that these two gentlemen were inspired this evening to speak about this inform me and my readers (!) that this is what is being prepared at the moment: To build up my divinity for our shared future life and we know I am only writing what I hear and again this is difficult for me to write today because I am still having the feeling that I am merely a simple human being not comprehending what all of this is about and after I left the Lama, the Council was fighting back to express their excitement of what we have been able to do to re-connect with my true inner self including the Source and I was told that the truth is that all life and rebirth since the cradle of life has been made with one purpose, which is to create contact with the divine – i.e. the Source – and this is what has happened now and we know the reason why the Source is holding back is because I have asked them to do so as long as I am still suffering and we know until the day when we will lift the lid of the new world with me in the middle of it and so it is.

    We also had a short meditation today and instantly I was led into very deep breathing again and we know because this time around my friends this is what you wanted me to do J.

    Today I could have continued exercising at Fitness World if I really wanted to, however I felt physically well “used” and tired all over after my work at the park and therefore I decided to wait also because I did not want to stress myself physically “across the border”.

    28th October: A new symbol of my “special friends” coming home to the “house of God”, i.e. spiritual awakening

    Dreaming of other attacks on me, which easily could have brought me down igniting the destruction of the Universe

    Tonight I did not sleep well and I had a dream of my old very good friend Thomas H., who does not listen to my words and therefore does not believe in me, which I understand when he visits me in the apartment at the basement of his brother’s house in Helsingør where I lived from 1986-1988 and the dream continued with Karen also visiting me there, where she presents a letter from a so called “leading lawyer firm”, which expects Karen to get my acknowledgement in writing back home with her but I feel that it is not a big problem rejecting this “demand” and from here the dream continues to the reception of PFA – the Danish Life & Pension company – where a Danish Nazi is throwing bombs against me, but I return all of them before they explode and I also manage to order out the Nazi and to bring good manners to him and we know a new dream telling about some of many (potential) attacks on me, which could easily have brought me down and started the destruction of the Universe, which Thomas and Karen soon will find out.

    A new symbol of my “special friends” coming home to the “house of God”, i.e. spiritual awakening

    I was so tired this morning that I thought that my plan A of the day would be to work all day at the park “if only I could” and we know taking it step by step, plan B would be to work as long as possible and to sit down and relax at the pick up if and when I would lose the rest of my energy and finally plan C would be to go home early as the worst case scenario and we know so it was and I am glad to say that I managed to do plan A working my best without stress and we know even though I was given “bad speech” from the morning constantly until approx. 13.30 from which time it eased – making “a world” in difference – and we know the speech and visions is still much about sexual temptations, which I have to reject all of the time and this is easier said than done in my situation (!) but this is what I do and we know fighting and reducing the remaining part of the darkness really and until the end I am given the feeling that “my old nightmare“ would be carried out if I did not show up working my best also today – would it really (?) and my answer is that I really don’t know (!) – and today I was happy that Klaus – one of the others – came to me asking to join me working at the farm and we know he was now ready for to receive variation from the boring work he did at the park and I was happy to get company motivating me and also to find out that he worked efficiently and we know Tom has been so kind to say that all of the others of the park can come for a few days to work with us when we have removed the first layer really and we know I told him that this may take us 1-2 weeks to complete from now and I was told by the Council that this is another symbol and this time to invite people to come to my farm – the house of God – and we know this is when people will receive their spiritual “wake-up medicine” with Tom as one of them and so it is and again this timing is approx. the same as the fishing tour they will go on in the beginning of November so it looks like we are approaching what will become a new home and new experience not only to me but to my “special friends” or “servants” too and we know when writing this first of all I think of my dear LTO friends, who have been following me and suffering all the way through and we know with an attitude of what I here think of as “my brave face” because this is what each and single of you have shown: To brave it out waiting for me to finalise before your lives will improve. Nothing less than amazing, my friends J.

    Today I asked Rolf if I could leave 1-1½ hours early on Tuesday because I am going to meet the lawyers of my old landlord in court you know and he was very kind to say that I could take the whole day off if I wanted to – which I did not – and I can only take this as appreciation of the work I do.

    I will meet my mother/John and now also my sister/brother-in-law again on Saturday

    Today I was happy to receive a phone call from my mother inviting me to come for dinner on Saturday and this time around my sister and brother-in-law will also come and we know I am happy that we have now come this far that they have decided to see me again for the first time since the 31st January, where I published my book no. 2, and also to hold Christmas together as my mother said and we know I am not going to write about the content of our meeting on Saturday – I was asked not to do so – but I will write exactly what I told my mother I will write, which is that I am happy to start seeing my sister again and after the phone call, the Council told me that this is NOT ONLY NECESSARY BUT A CONDITION IN ORDER FOR US TO CONTINUE FOLLOWING YOUR ROAD MY FRIEND (!) and we know MORE INFORMATION WILL COME TO MY SISTER DIRECTLY and we know not through these scripts but directly and so it is. And I am thinking that our family relations are more important than anything else and I was told that this is my “good energy”, which has influenced my sister to take this attitude.

    29th October: I am feeling better and less tired than for years and looking forward to coming home to “my new world”

    “Oops I did it again”, I slept over (!) but was allowed to take the day off to enjoy a soft-boiled egg, i.e. life and civilisation

    “Oops I did it again” is the best way I can describe my feeling when I woke up this morning seeing that it was light outside and therefore knowing that I HAD SLEPT OVER ONCE AGAIN!!!

    The time was 08.30 and the alarms on my mobile phone had not sounded again (!) and we know yesterday evening I checked them twice where they worked fine, but not this morning (!) and we know I checked my clock radio this morning and discovered that somehow it completely escaped my mind yesterday evening when going to bed to switch on the alarm of this and we know “embarrassment” was my feeling – not “madness” again or is it (?) – this morning when I called Rolf at the Park to explain that “I did it again” and we know I could hear him smiling and he told me that I might as well take the day off – because Fridays are short days only until 11.45 – and that I could relax taking good time to enjoy a soft-boiled egg (!) – i.e. to enjoy life and civilisation (!), which is actually what he was inspired to say – and we know also “because you work as five of the others here” as he said, which again made me think why this “system of activation” in Denmark – which you instead could call for a “system of passivation” because of WRONG attitude and behaviour of people (!) – does not evaluate the quality and efficiency etc. of the work of each individual on a running basis and we know which in my case just maybe would qualify for me to get a “normal job” and maybe as a PAID GARDENER working for the Commune (?) as ONE OF HUNDREDS OF OPPORTUNITIES (?) – if the evaluation could be used as a TRUE “recommendation” – which to this day is still what the system “requires” of me (!) even though I am still having “my own work” as you know and this is how it was.

    I am feeling better and less tired than for years, which would have made my work “piece of cake” to do

    Again this morning I felt the impact on my body of the physical work I did yesterday at the farm but today this is only a natural feeling, which is helping me to get into a better physical shape and we know this morning I felt better and less tired than for years (!!!) also making me decide to go back to Fitness World to exercise and we know making me think that my extreme tiredness for years have done my work impossible to do and really that my work would have been a piece of cake to do if I had been as fresh as I feel today even though I know that I am still not feeling “normal” energy wise as other people do.

    The Universe will be shouting with joy when it will know how I have helped our future life to continue and to develop

    A few short stories, which have been with me some days, which I did not write down and that is before now:

    • Some days the negative speech has not been strong but just been with me as a weaker voice hundreds of times per day, where I have not been able to stop it as before making me “worry” that it would start to become attached to me – as a new bad habit – but this was really only a new game because it was not strong enough to attach and also to say that it was not because the Council was not strong enough to have all of this negativity attaching to me to make me the Devil (!) but this was because I was stronger than all of the Devils physically on earth fighting me – family/friends you know. The Council is and has never been my opponent, they have simply reflected the game on earth towards me and so it is.

    • For months I have been “encouraged” to decide for the physical members of the Council to FEEL the suffering and pain I have been going through when they are to be awakened in order for them to understand what they have put me through but this would require “an enemy” in order to give this pain and this was really another part of the game, which I also passed by deciding that I want the members to be able to understand my pain intellectually but not physically and we know the darkness of course tried to tempt me into “this is what they have done to me and therefore this is what I believe they have earned to feel themselves”, which of course is wrong. I don’t want anybody to feel what I have gone through.

    • The other day at the park the “pain” for 1-2 hours was to receive “thank yous” for what I have done so many times that this in itself was “too much heaven” and we know it was also a message saying that the Universe – and earth – will be shouting with joy when it will know how I have helped our future life to continue and to develop really my friend – which is what the Council have told me many times strongly recently.

    • The continuous stories of the Danish Foreign Minister “losing face” in the Danish parliament and to the public are still “planted” – I was told that all of this talk and talk and talk of the Parliament would have been for or against me if I had not managed to go all the way myself and just how many of the parliament members are so “clean” that they demand the minister to be (?) and we know just wondering we are and this also goes to the story about the CEO of the Danish Radio and Television Kenneth Plummer and the “discovery” of his “sins” leading to his dismissal if this is what it was and why do board members very often not tell the truth in cases like this (?) – and we know the same with the book by the Danish soldier Thomas Rathsack, which cost the defence minister and the commander-in-chief their positions and we know I was told that “Rathsack is right”.

    • The other day I did not understand why my new mobile phone could not play the MP3 songs I had downloaded from “TDC play” because it said “cannot play this file type” and therefore I entered the TDC shop to ask for help (I could not find the help required on the Internet) and to my surprise the employee could download and play a new song without problems and we know also the song by Simple Minds, which I could not play myself (!) and we know I said to him “I swear that it did not play yesterday” and when I came home I decided to test it again and this time around it did not play again giving me the same error message and we know it is still like this today and we know just another example of how the darkness is working and here starting to influence my new phone negatively the same way as it broke down my old phone, laptop, CD-player, Cappuccino machine etc.

    Receiving “new darkness” trying to bring down my computer!

    Today I used almost four hours to update my scripts and it was almost without receiving any negative speech and maybe because I was not working at the park today (?) and I know that “I’m not perfect” still and also that it was arranged for me to stay at home today (!) and we know I make small errors on a daily basis at the moment “planted” for me and we know forgetting this or that tool at work or elements of communication, which I would have liked to do differently and also putting the liver pate into a kitchen cupboard instead of the refrigerator when I don’t think (!) and examples like this have been given to me MANY times lately and every single time making me smile much because I know it is really the Council being in a good mood because of where we stand today and thus also today my friend J.

    I was surprised to hear that my computer had a very loud and constant sound when working on it this morning and I was thinking that this was new darkness coming and as a matter of good sake I decided to upload my working document of Book no. 3 from October to my Google Documents account so I could continue working on it from the library should my computer decide to break down (!) – and late in the afternoon when these lines are written after having switched on the computer again, the noise had disappeared and we know as a result of what happened this afternoon:

    Sending money to my LTO friends in Kenya

    This afternoon I went to the post office to send 3,000 DKK to my LTO friends in Kenya and we know the lady behind the desk did not understand why the IT-system could not send the transfer on basis of the information on David as the receiver and me as the sender included in my Gold card of Western Union, which she had read into the system (!) – this is not the first time this happens – which forced her to key in the information manually the same way as she forced me to fill out the paper form unnecessary (!) because the reason of this was simply her mistake which happened when I asked for her help to which fields I needed to fill out on the “required” paper form because the new form (!) clearly said that I only needed to input the number of the Gold card and the “green fields” and I had doubts because there were truly no green fields on the form (!!!) and we know instead of thinking, she decided to say that I had to fill out all of the fields and we know which would only give her an advantage using the Gold card and not me and we know which was then equalised and this is an old play with the post office and the lady of today may remember this “event”?

    David was later very kind as usual to send his thanks: “It shall fill major gaps and shall boost our livelihoods. I’m most grateful” and the truth is that the money is not nearly enough to support the families but we know it helps them to survive and this is what this “game” is about!

    Running only 30 minutes because of “new darkness” arriving

    Hereafter I went to get a cheap hair cut (!) – I am seeing the family tomorrow you know – and afterwards I continued to Fitness World to run and I had no idea if I would receive much or less “help” when running today and we know before I started, I was asked if my goal would be to run one hour and I replied that my goal was to run for 30 minutes and to take it from there and that is in case I should have more energy and the first couple of minutes when running was to my surprise almost impossible to do because I was shown my own soul running half a metre behind me struggling to keep up the pace (!) – which was also quite funny to see too I must admit – and this gave me the same impossible feeling as when I could not breath deeply when meditating some days ago but we know I continued running anyhow and when this phenomenon stopped, it was replaced by “moderate pain”, which was given to my right and left feet – which was just annoying taking away my concentration, which I always need when running, and nothing else – and we know I was NOT given the same good feeling and extra “energy” as the last time and this meant that it was difficult to complete the 30 minutes, which I did, and I understood that this was also about “new darkness” coming to me, which was also the reason why I slept over again this morning and that my computer had difficulties “breathing” as I am told!

    I have decided to be positive seeing my sister and brother-in-law again because this is my TRUE feeling

    When I was relaxing after the run I started receiving quite strong negative feelings to whether or not I should accept to see my sister and brother-in-law again and from the beginning I knew that the right and truthful answer was to see them again and that it would be wrong to follow all of these strong and negative feelings given to me – which so many people decide to follow in their relations with people today making all suffer (!) – and we know I looked at the feelings from a layer on top of them and I decided to write down a few of them also to say that if I decided to go into these feelings, I would receive more negativity and we know just maybe the “old nightmare” would be able to come through if I did not pass this test (?), which may be the last given to me (?) and we know here are some of the negative and WRONG feelings I received and resisted to go into:

    • “Why should I decide to see them again just because they are ready to see me”?,
    • “If I decide not to come, I will show them that I don’t appreciate of their misunderstandings and talk behind my back”,
    • “Will the family once again try to speak WRONG “sense” into me because “he does not feel well” not understanding that they are the ones not understanding”?

    And we know so today I don’t know if this is what my family will try to do once again or if they simply have decided to open our family relations again without any “hidden agenda” and we know I will go to the dinner tomorrow hoping and thinking the last and if they should decide to speak “sense” to me, I have not changed my rule of not talking to people about my scripts if they don’t understand them – we can talk of all other subjects -and we know they are welcome to speak and put on all pressure possible if this is what they want and we know I have been through so much by now that this very uncomfortable feeling does not frighten me anymore and we know but still it gives some discomfort on both sides I am sure, which is really the purpose of this action and we know fighting and “surviving” discomfort is the same as dissolving the darkness as you will know by now and we know I have been telling my self for days just to accept some discomfort coming for some time until all of my suffering will end and we know this is part of it and I have translated “discomfort” into “ubehage” in Danish thinking of Monrad & Rislund here and we know giving me a BIG SMILE because of course this is what is behind all of this darkness – THE BIGGEST SMILES IN THE WORLD and so it is – and after coming through these “temptations” of wrong feelings, the Council was very happy telling me that I have gone through these years of suffering and constant “tests” of the darkness without giving up at anytime and we know herewith not to be led into the “dark room” of the Devil – not even once (!) – which would have started the TRUE punishment of me and the Universe and so it is.

    A new café gave me the best experience and coffee as a symbol of coming home to “my new world” full of love

    Finally I went to a new café in Lyngby because I am really not completely satisfied with the ones I have tried in this city so far and we know which one should I pick (?) and finally it became the Sushi restaurant and café belonging to the department store Magasin and we know I entered the place first to “browse through a new experience” as I told the waiter, who “by chance” was welcoming me at the door, which is not what they normally do here also surprising himself (!) and we know WHAT A FANTASTIC SERVICE THIS GENTLEMAN OF A WAITER GAVE ME when he helped me to find the newspapers of today, when I ordered one Cappuccino as I had decided to “spoil” myself with and when he ALSO brought one glass of water and even a warm and very nice smelling cloth to wash my hands – YOU SIMPLY DON’T RECEIVE FREE WATER AND A CLOTH LIKE THIS ANYWHERE AT ANY CAFÉ IN DENMARK (!) – and we know I was served the best Cappuccino I can remember and I read the supplement to the Danish business paper Børsen, which included articles on some of the best cars in the world and we know all of this was simply INSPIRATION and details put together to tell me that this is how it will become when I am going to “browse” through a new experience coming home to “my new world” and we know, which includes THE DEEPEST LOVE (the coffee as symbol) and ALL ENERGY/“POWER” OF THE UNIVERSE (the cars as the symbol of my new self) and we know so it is my friends.

    “I took the best decision of my life”

    By now it was late afternoon and I decided to take the rest of the day off and today and for some days I have more than anything been happy that I decided to do my absolutely best constantly to go through all of the suffering I was given for years in order to come to this stage where we are now and we know the feeling has simply been: “I took the best decision of my life” and still that I don’t know how I was able to come through, but I did it and we know THERE WAS NO FORMULA OF DOING THIS as I was told days ago – I had NO ideas of what others would do to influence the “game” – and we know I succeeded through a mixture of no compromises, hard work, endurance, taking the right decisions and never giving up really.

    My “army” will soon come out to support me

    For some days I have been putting out the tongue of my mouth many times (!) and we know without really thinking about it and this evening the answer came to me because this is really a symbol that my “army” will come out shortly to tell the truth and that is to confirm my story, who I am and who they are and we know from this moment on, we will “drive” in our new “cars” really because this is very beautiful you know!

    And we know we were present again this evening at “crazy about dance” for example when a judge gave a dancer a pat on the back and a kiss too – not very often this has happened (!) – and we know told the dancer that “you are gold worth” and the dancer said “I am simply very happy” and we know this was the spirit of Karen speaking or you know Mary Magdalena giving this message and we know earlier in the day John Paul was with me giving me a feeling of Christmas at a Polish city – this is also how feelings can be (!) – and we know really only examples of the extreme happiness of the Council because of where we have come to and so it is.

    30th October: Re-storing family relations making me happy

    Dreaming of “coming home” with the best music of the world

    This morning I woke up at 08.45 without being awake during the night and we know my sleep has improved giving me more energy and making me happier but still it is not normal and we know I had a couple of dreams:

    • Original members of Electric Light Orchestra is playing a concert at the Roskilde Festival with Jeff Lynne singing and playing keyboards and Bev Bevan playing guitar and singing one of his own songs (!) – do you have a hidden talent, Bev (?) – there are not many spectators and they don’t know just how fantastic the quality of this band is. The band itself took many breaks while playing and Jeff was not in a mood to play his old hit songs, so they played mostly covers. I stood at the first row – as I did at the 1982 concert in Denmark too – and took several pictures of Jeff with my new mobile phone. Later the wives of the band came driving sitting on the body of a truck and one said that they were going to visit Danish supermarkets to sell British food they had brought with them.
    • This is about “coming home” – the symbol of the Roskilde Festival – with the best music of the world as a symbol of love and these scripts and we know Jeff is going to be woken up too and I am looking forward to meeting you my friend Jeff and we know the truck is still symbolising the world and we know to bring food to the world to create a “normal life” for all and we know BETTER LATE THAN NEVER that is.
  • I am playing on the Danish national team in football, after the first half we are 2-0 in front and should really have scored even more. I am looking forward to playing the second half even though I am not a very good player and to my surprise the coach asks me to visit the newspaper BT standing on the line of the pitch to hand over my boots to an African player for him to play the second half instead of me.
    • A dream from “a little bit of darkness” because of the BT newspaper and nothing much to add here other than I don’t take the dream seriously but we know given to me as a “sign o the times” you know and maybe a connection to somebody in Kenya?

    The Council: “Thank you for our existence”

    When I woke up it was with the very beautiful song “Piu Bella Cosa” by Eros Ramazzotti and the words “grazie di esistere”, and it was first later when I translated the words into English using the Internet that I understood that they mean “thank you for our existence” and this is really what this “game” I have gone through was all about – a “game” to be or not to be and so it WAS. All ITALIAN to me is still a symbol of JOY and HAPPINESS so this was a message given with much love – and by the way I am listening to “I’m alive” by ELO when this is written J.

    And we know for weeks the Council have kept on telling me “thank you for keeping on” or in Danish more precisely “tak for at du blev ved” which really has the same meaning as above.

    I did Yoga at home this morning and continued writing and editing my scripts of the last four days and we know I was given “quite strong” negative feelings not to do Yoga and not to do my writings and we know more of the same “new darkness” coming like yesterday and we know which just may improve after having a hopefully enjoyable evening this evening.

    Late in the afternoon I switched on the DR P3 radio, which was sending the last few minutes from the football game between FC Copenhagen and Lyngby and shortly thereafter Lyngby scored to 2-1 followed by FC Copenhagen scoring twice to win 3-2 and we know which happened because I was now a witness.

    “Having too much when our fellow mankind are suffering is not fulfilling”

    I have decided to bring David’s email today to me in this script too because I like the way David thinks and writes and this is to give you a testimony of how rich people are looked upon from a poor country. Thank you very much, David, for giving this information and also for your kind words.

    Here is his email:

    Dear Stig,

    Today was a rather cool day for me. I spent most of the time in the house. These days I spend most of my time writing or reading: mostly on academic topics. I have been able to learn a lot especially on social sciences. God has given me a lot of research and study skills and hopefully I could use them a lot for the sake of mankind. Ever since creation, man has not been able to totally understand his world and that is, perhaps the reason as to why peaceful coexistence has been an elusive concept. I have learnt that having too much when our fellow mankind are suffering is not fulfilling. The world is full of many selfish and greedy people. The rich often want more at the expense of the poor. In many countries, the rich go to sleep on golden beds and drink from silver cups even when their brothers have no plates to feed from, let alone food.

    I have learnt a lot from you Stig. And that is not flattery! Whenever we receive support from you, I see a lot of what many people would not do. People want to have a lot. Houses, lands, cars and many other things. Some of the things that people have, are utterly not necessary. Every year, millions of gadget become obsolete. Gadgets that could have been sold and used for mankind’s good will…

    Thank and good evening.

    Re-storing family relations making me happy

    This evening I had a very nice dinner together with my mother/John and my sister/brother-in-law and we know before arriving the darkness was “active” giving me much negativity as usual trying to scare me from coming but as usual this has absolutely no effect and I told my self that I would drag myself there no matter how I felt and we know in the beginning of the evening I received much negativity and resistance to speak and being positive but gradually this darkness was dissolved and we know I was told that it is a condition before I can continue on my road that my sister and I succeed to re-store good relations and after a couple of hours we had what I will call a good family relation again – and I was happy to see both of them again. I have decided to keep my old promise of not writing about the content of our meeting.

    During the evening and also after I was given a strong feeling of keeping our present family situation as it is without the involvement of the spirits and we know there is only one reason why I received this strong feeling and may we say a wish from the family?

    And we know I am listening to the definitive collection by Stevie Wonder and I AM SIMPLY ENJOYING what is also the best music in the world and we know within its genre and we know “Superstition”, “Sir Duke”, “Lately”, “You are the sunshine of my life” and many others and is this collection really the definitive, Stevie (?) and we know he made FANTASTIC music in the sixties and seventies and I don’t know much of what he has done from the eighties and forward but it seems to me that the magic stopped somehow?


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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