3rd November 2010 – I am outside the new Universe on my way in, I took the final “showdown” with the darkness myself

Summary of the script today



31st October: My old nightmare will not be carried out and “the game” will end on Friday
  • Dreaming of teaching a class on how to use washing power (cleanse themselves).
  • I was body-biking, which dissolved the darkness including the feeling of Hitler and strong negative speech and I was told that the main message of today is that my “old nightmare” will not be carried out.
  • I had difficulties rejecting the negative speech today and the Council told me that they expect that the game will end on Friday in the coming week.
1st November: The Park did a show off for the Mayor and leading Civil Servants
  • For years the darkness has been so strong trying to tempt me into negative speech and feelings, which it never succeeded to do, which is another reason why the Bomb of Nixon was never ignited.
  • The Mayor and leading Civil Servants of the Commune visited the Museum and Park today where the people working at the Park was asked to show off working at the beginning of the Park where they don’t normally work, but to where the Mayor had a view from the meeting room.
2nd November: I am outside the new Universe on my way in, I took the final “showdown” with the darkness myself
  • Rolf at the Park was impressed – which he normally is not – with the work I have done at the farm of Virumgård symbolising the dissolution of the darkness.
  • The strength of the darkness was VERY strong today “almost” bringing me down but my will power got me through and we know “DON’T BRING ME DOWN”!!!
  • I am myself outside the new Universe on my way in meaning that I took the final “showdown” with the darkness myself.
  • I met the lawyers representing my old landlord in court and I told them that I am still insolvent as I already told them months ago, that their fees are unreasonable and that the case should have been settled out of court. The lawyer decided with the acceptance of the court to do an execution of the deposit of my apartment even though this has almost no impact in reality other than it makes an extension of my lease more difficult. The Court accepted my declaration of being insolvent meaning that I will pay no instalments on the debt – so I can also continue helping my LTO friends to survive! This is the system of the Devil prioritising money and one-sided interests more than people and human considerations.
  • I decided to do body-bike at the highest level today even though I was completely exhausted and the instructor was given negative feelings of the music playing as I have received strongly in all situations. There is hardly any darkness left, which was symbolised through the instructor today.
  • The goal keeper of Barcelona as a symbol of the Devil did everything he could to prevent FC Copenhagen as my symbol from scoring by cheating one player and attacking another creating a life dangerous situation! The commentator spoke of “medicine”, which was followed immediately by a FC Copenhagen goal as a symbol of what I wrote the other day that my “special friends” will receive their spiritual “wake-up medicine”, which may have given “some worries” to some.
3rd November: This is the “end of the line” when I am “heading for the light” coming through the “waterfall”
  • I had a night almost without sleep but with severe heart pains and very strong darkness making me very uncomfortable.
  • The Democratic Party of USA lost its majority because the population was impatient not understanding what would have happened if it was not for Obama.
  • I was kept from taking a nap giving me new severe scariness of destruction coming (!) and instead I finished and published the last four days of scripts.
  • Instead “here is the news”: This is the “end of the line” when my physical self is “heading for the light” coming through the “waterfall”, i.e. my suffering.


31st October: My old nightmare will not be carried out and “the game” will end on Friday

I had a new night where I slept “somewhat better” and where I was dreaming of working close to the Town Hall Square of Copenhagen, something about agreeing on home and foot, a young female Chinese waiter asking me out, which I am tempted to accept but I decline. I see a new bridge leading people across the Square and later I see myself together with my old friend Lisbeth F. teaching a class on how to use washing powder (to cleanse themselves) and I see that a watch of 2,298 DKK is sold too cheap at DKK 498 and so it was.

The main message of today is that my “old nightmare” will not be carried out

I had strong negative speech coming to me this morning and we know it is different than before because it is both strong and difficult to come through at the same time as it is easy to pass (!) and we know I can only tell you the truth and both of these statements are true at the same time (!) and we know making me alert most of the time not to become “tempted” – also because of extreme tiredness receiving all of this negative speech – to go into the negative speech “complaining” about something or blaming someone, which much of it is about still making my life a hell and we know as you will probably know yourself my reader from your own thoughts – this is only much more extreme and direct – and this morning when I started doing body-bike again – today “only” at the second highest level, which I regretted (!) – I had the feeling of Hitler and Nazis with me a few minutes to start with together with the strong negative speech coming to me from the right and after some minutes both of these experiences dissolved because of the exercise I did and we know I was told that this is the strength of the wish of my family to exclude the spirits from our lives and this is what it took today and we know I was told that the main message was that my “old nightmare” will not be carried out (!) – what I have fought with my life to avoid for years as old readers will know – and so it is and by the way as usual when body-biking almost half of my left hand, the outer part of it, became numb and we know not making cycling any easier and it has always been like this all of the times I have done this type of exercise really.

The Council expects the game to end on Friday

I decided to take it easy really the rest of today and the negative speech was strong at times and I was as tired to receive this as it gets, which almost made it impossible to come through and I had to bite my teeth together to reject it and this led to messages given from the Council behind of this saying that we have to continue the game all the way to the end, which they told me that they expect will be on Friday or a little bit before and so it is.

1st November: The Park did a show off for the Mayor and leading Civil Servants

I never entered negative speech given to me

I woke up this morning at 06.30 when the alarm of my telephone rang (!) – I downloaded a new alarm software program from Android Market, which I like very much, to my phone and this seems to have solved my “problem” and we know but again tonight I did not sleep well meaning that I had to go through another day in discomfort in order to dissolve more darkness at work.

Today it was Michael from the park asking to join me working at the farm of Virumgård, which he then did and most of the day today I was given much negative speech trying to tempt me all the time to enter it and I was again kept on the edge of my abilities and I do feel the impact of “metal fatigue” mentally because of constant suffering for years and we know would I be able to come through today too (?) and the idea for years has really been for me to lose my temper and break out in a negative cry and we know which could have been very easy to do hundreds or even thousands of times every day because of extreme tiredness, exhaustion and direct torments/torture but I have not one single time gone into such a negative feeling and cry out and we know which could easily have ignited the bomb of Nixon and we know my friends the margins were almost not existing and so it is.

For hours each day – still – I keep on saying “keep on” to myself hundreds of times to give me strength to come through and we know I have started noticing that my lips are moving when I keep on saying this and we know which means that I will have to try to change this habit because I don’t want people to notice that I apparently speak to my self (!) and we know we will have to see if this will be necessary to do before it will end!

Until the end I am still having pain at my right foot however at a lower level than before and today the darkness tried to get access to my left foot giving me pain several times and we know I kept on saying “no, the entrance is hermetic closed” and I was told that it really doesn’t matter today because today I am everything and I was told that I am going through the last darkness and that is of myself and so it is.

The Park did a show off for the Mayor and leading Civil Servants

Today the people at the Park was told to work at the beginning of the Park from 11.30 to 13.30 to be seen visibly – people normally don’t work there – because the Mayor and leading Civil Servants would be visiting the National Museum – which the Park is part of – with a view out the window to the beginning of the Park (!) and we know this was of course to “give a good impression” and we know all people at the Park was told that they will be given a day off as a “reward” to follow this “request” and we know it made me think of “keeping up appearances” not showing the truth as it is and we know what has the Mayor been told about me from his “civil servants” (?) and we know just wondering we are and the Mayor, the Civil Servants and people of the museum took a walk in the park passing me with a few metres – I was called back from Virumgård – and we know a total of nine people making me think of BUREAUCRACY – did you really need nine people present (?) – and so it is.

This evening Fuggi called me on the phone after I had gone to bed and if you know of such a situation you also know of the feeling that you just want to sleep and absolutely not to speak on the phone but to break the call as quickly as possible and we know but Fuggi used maybe 1-2 minutes before the call was stopped and we know I was happy that my foundation is so strong that not even a situation like this “provoked” me to get into the feeling of “irritated”, which is not a good feeling for me to get because of the darkness exploiting every situation possible.

2nd November: I am outside the new Universe on my way in, I took the final “showdown” with the darkness myself

Dreaming of the Elephant sounding as the wake up alarm

Tonight I was not sleeping well again and I both had a short dream of an elephant as the symbol of “God” sounding as an wake up alarm at noon, which has never happened before (!) and also dreams of sexual nature, which is really to say that the darkness is again strong and I know that it can be so strong that if I am not even stronger, it will be able to convince me about destruction coming even if it is not true but I also experience that when time passes by I am told what the darkness would have done in this or that situation and I do believe that we are in my Safe Haven but I receive both stories from the light and the darkness about being safe or not safe and I don’t really know absolutely sure what is the right answer so I simply continue doing my best not to be overtaken by the darkness.

The Park was impressed with my work at the farm symbolising the final dissolution of the darkness

Because of my bad sleep, I was feeling very reluctant going to go to work at the Park today and I only went because of my discipline really.

I kept on working at the farm of Virumgård and today alone because Klaus has not been here for some days and Michael had to visit his mother on the hospital and we know it seems like most people working together with me somehow become “disabled” and I can only say that this is the impact of the darkness around me and we know there is really only one who has not suffered from this and that is Torben who I worked together with when cutting the trees of the avenue and we know he was very strong so just maybe this is the explanation.

I was told this morning that I will enter my new room physically Thursday at 14.00 if I am able to keep on doing what I do and my tongue still sticks out of my mouth often without my consciousness of this before it happens and I heard the song “strong enough” by Cher and the words “have I got news for you”, which is about negative speech etc. stopping and I do hope that I am able to be “strong enough” to end this journey without the darkness taking me even once and the reason why I say this is because today was a very difficult day indeed to go through as many days have been in fact, which is difficult to give you the true perception of when writing these scripts because it is often only margins and my strongest will power keeping me on the “good side” really.

Today I had asked Rolf to visit me at the farm because there was a scrub of bamboo and different kinds of small trees in front of the right corner of the building, which I would like to hear what he wanted me to do with and we know Rolf has not seen the work I have done to the right side in front of the farm and he was enthusiastic when he arrived and saw the work carried out because he said “this is crazy, I hardly every become impressed, but now I am, it will make me happy the rest of the day” and “I had expected something to have happened but never anything like this, it now looks like a garden again” and the starting point was that the scrub was so dense that it was not possible to see the steps outside the building! And this is truly what good work is about – it makes other people and yourself happy and Rolf was extraordinary nice to me the rest of the day because of this “discovery” of his.

And it was first today that I understood the connection between the inspiration I had originally received to start working with the garden to the right in front of the farmhouse and not to the left and we know the meaning of finalising this work – the 1st layer – this week and we know it simply means that I have dissolved the darkness when this work is done and so it is!

Rolf decided to remove the before mentioned scrub entirely and at the end of the morning after the morning coffee break when I came back to the farm to start removing the scrub I received a very strong and negative feeling that I did not want to continue the work because it seemed to be “too overwhelming” to do and we know which are feelings coming to me hundreds of times each day, which I normally resist and this time around it was VERY strong and we know not because of the Council but because of the strength of family, friends – Pia and Peter are now part of this “choir” because I wrote an email to Peter yesterday giving him the link to my website for him to read and understand and we know I let him know of his “destiny” that I was dying where Pia would be the one who could have saved and understand me the best but where they decided to do nothing – and also the weapon of the Devil – the Danish court system (!) – where I was going later today and we know here I was “this close” to losing it because this negative thought “almost” got through to me but I continued working and I decided to slow down my work pace maybe 25 percent for one hour – because for weeks my suffering has been less when relaxing – and to continue saying that “I am stronger than all devils”, “come on all of you”, “nobody is going to get me down”, “keep on” and to say “wrong” to all of the negative comments I received from the darkness and somehow I also managed to come over this situation and we know where the darkness also very quickly had started to give me feelings of sexual torments, Hitler and speech about the bomb of Nixon and also to make my right middle finger blood red and we know as a sign that I was going to lose my finger – as Michael is an example of because he lost three of his toes last year (!) – and we know when I managed to “get over it”, the light later told me that the Council – and just maybe my inner self too – are starting to give up the “acting” and that I would have come through no matter what and we know suffering but with the help of the physical members of the Council being awakened as I understood it – but you know I do all I can to avoid even coming into a situation where a new game would start trying to convince me that destruction is imminent because this in itself is the worst experience you can ever imagine giving me “death scares” on behalf of all of us.

After the lunch break I came back to the farm and this time around I had decided to go directly after the throat of the Devil because I decided to work 100 percent of my potential with all of my self-confidence inviting all Devils to come and fight with me just like Nero you know and this time around the darkness had absolutely no chance.

All throughout the morning I had told my self that it would simply be impossible for me late this afternoon to attend the body-biking at the highest level, which I had signed up for – and I do mean impossible – but after lunch when I decided to fight the Devil with my absolutely best, I thought that “just maybe” there would be a chance that I would be able also to do this today even though I was VERY TIRED indeed.

Being declared insolvent at court – a system prioritising money more than people and human considerations

The court had ordered me to meet at 14.00 to face the demands of my old landlord (!) and we know have you ever been to court (?) and we know feeling anxious before such a meeting (?) and we know this was part of the game today and I did not feel very anxious at all throughout the day – I have tried this several times before approx. ten years ago – but when I arrived at the court building I was really anxious just to get it over with enabling me to continue the rest of my day and we know when you are asked to meet at court at 14.00 you normally expect the court to be precisely on time (?) and we know this was my expectation and nobody informed me about a delay, which could potentially also have triggered the feeling of becoming “irritated” – still not a good feeling for me you know – and quickly I decided to adjust my “expectation” saying to myself that the meeting would first start at 14.30 (!) and we know for days I have been inspired to do a meditation myself today because I knew that I would not visit the Centre of Wisdom and Compassion this evening to meditate because of the biggest club football match ever in Denmark this evening – see later in the script – and because of the delay I felt that this was an appropriate time to do this meditation while waiting and we know this was the time where I was told that I am myself outside the new Universe on my way in meaning that I took the final “showdown” with the darkness myself (!) and the darkness was as strong as when I did the days of marathon meditation recently and I was as tired this afternoon as back then almost making me fall asleep but you know I cannot fall asleep when sitting down and it took all of my concentration and will power to win this one too without becoming irritated, which was the desire and temptations of the darkness, and so it is.

Finally at 14.30 I was asked to enter the court, where a judge, a lawyer under education (“cheap” labour for the lawyer firm) and a “foal” following him were present and we know the judge opened the meeting saying a few words only about my “debt” of now more than 48,000 DKK to my old landlord – it was 41,171 DKK before the intervention of the lawyer some months ago (!) – and then I felt inspired to say that I sent an email to the lawyers months ago (the 22nd July) declaring my self insolvent, which is still my situation today and this made the lawyer and the court reprimand me (!) because I was not able to declare myself insolvent, this is only for the court to do (!) and we know I could only reply that my situation has not changed since sending my email and that I was insolvent then as I am still now, which is a situation the court has absolutely no influence on and we know I told them that the only consequence of the decision of the lawyer to bring my case to court is that my debt has increased by many thousand DKK’s and that the hourly pay to the lawyer firm to do what is routine work has been many thousand DKK’s and we know the judge and the lawyer did not react at all (!) and we know I really concluded that I am not able to repay this debt as I told the lawyer already months ago and that we could and should have settled this out of court.

And we know to my very big surprise Martin, this young lawyer student, said to me that he has found out that I am the owner of an apartment of a housing co-operative (!) and we know I could only tell him that I am not, that I rent the apartment privately on a two years lease and we know I had to tell him this three times before he accepted it as the truth (!) and we know also to promise him to email him the lease contract before the end of the day and we know he was convinced because the register “OIS” apparently has me registered as the owner by mistake and I asked him if there were other ways for him to check this information and we know he said there was another register, but that this cost money to enter (!) and we know he could simply have read my email from July also about the information of the apartment and when I first referred to my email today I could tell that he was not prepared or apparently knowing about my email and we know he tried to look at his file to find it without succeeding and all I can say is that here you have a system of the Devil with a lawyer firm truly not being prepared and still cashing in exorbitant fees on my expense and we know do you think this is reasonable?

Martin asked me of the size of the deposit for the apartment and I told him that it was approx. 8,000 DKK – one month of deposit and one month of prepaid rent – and we know he decided to do an execution of this deposit and that is even though I told him and the judge very clearly that this is only a two-year lease and that an action like this could be the same as throwing me out of the apartment onto the street when Poul-Erik and I are to talk about a possible continuation of the lease because who wants to have a “slow payer” living in his apartment (?) and we know I asked Martin, the lawyer student, very directly if this action was truly NEEDED for him to take appealing to him to understand my situation but his only comment was that “I need to look after the interests of my client” and the judge “honoured” himself by not commenting at all on this and he hardly said anything at all at the meeting and we know so it is and this is really the story about money and one-sided interests being more important than people and human considerations and we know I told him that I have debts of maybe 125-150,000 DKK in total and we know if he had decided to think this lawyer student he would have reached the conclusion that it is custom when you leave an apartment to let the prepaid rent pay the last month of rent and we know leaving approx. 4,000 DKK only as the deposit and the lease contract says that I am obliged to pay for the maintenance of the apartment and I don’t know if Poul-Erik will ask to have some of the deposit to pay this and we know just to say that because of this, the deposit is really not worth much to secure “the interests of his client” and we know it is not even enough to pay for the COMPLETELY UNREASONABLE “fees” of the lawyer firm etc. making my debt increase by approx. 7,000 DKK in only a few months – and we know I am still thinking of just how much the landlord earned from 1996-2009 when I lived in and rented the apartment because of rising property prices (?) and we know my dear readers: What do you think is reasonable when you understand this story including the responsibilities to refurbish the apartment and the true content of the invoice of the craftsmen refurbishing the apartment?

The lawyer told me that he would send the letter of execution of the deposit to Poul-Erik tomorrow and I decided to ask him to receive a copy, which is something you don’t normally get because he was surprised when I asked for it!

At the end of the court meeting the judge asked me of how much I offered to pay in monthly instalments and I told the truth that I did not offer to pay anything because I am insolvent – and I cannot do this even with my best will when I am also sending 3,000 DKK at the moment per month to Kenya because I live a simply life myself (!) and who do you believe is the most important for me to help, the survival of the people helping me to save the Universe because of their faith or a system prioritising money as more important than people (?) – and we know this was accepted by the court as I had anticipated and we know do you think the court should have helped me out on the lawyer’s decision of execution of the deposit (?) and we know this case should have been settled out of court and without a lawyer really and we know having people to talk to and understand each other!

After the court meeting I was glad to go home and that it was over. Later in the afternoon I decided to send the lease contract as promised to the lawyer student together with the following email:

Kære Martin Hansen,

Vedlagt fremsender jeg som aftalt min lejekontrakt, hvoraf depositum og forudbetalt leje fremgår af punkt 4 som meddelt. Bemærk venligst punkt 11 i kontrakten, som i virkeligheden kan medføre, at I har smidt mig på gaden m.v.f. 1.11.2011 på grund af det, der i virkeligheden er en teknikalitet!

"Det er aftalt mellem lejer og udlejer, at lejeaftalen er tidsbegrænset til varende i 2 år. Startende fra 01/11-2009 til 31/10-2011 hvor lejemålet ophører uden yderligere varsel."

Jeg kunne ønske, at I havde behandlet min sag anderledes, at I havde forberedt jer, ordnet denne sag uden rettens medvirken, som var uden betydning for sagens udfald og arbejdet med en højere kvalitet – synes du i denne sammenhæng at advokatfirmaets honorar er rimeligt (?) – og i virkeligheden tænkt jer om i stedet for blot at køre mig igennem jeres "maskine" uden at vise andre hensyn end i sidste instans jer selv. Martin, dette går primært til advokatfirmaets ejere – en kultur, jeg ikke bryder mig om og som du senere vil forstå hvorfor.

On my way home I met the caretaker of the housing co-operative where I live and he told me that the construction work in front of the buildings are now finished and we know you do remember my dear reader that this was another symbol given some time ago to be finished before I would finish my train journey?

And some days ago I was inspired to use the 100-point song “Changes” by David Bowie as the new ringing tone of my mobile phone – because of coming “changes” to my life you know – and this song is one of only 8-10 100 point songs of his if you ask me and we know I have the wallpaper of the Out of the Blue spacecraft by ELO on both my mobile phone and computer making me happy to see many times every day.

Doing body-bike at the highest level even though I was completely exhausted – there is hardly any darkness left

When I came home I took a long bath at the bath tub and I was so tired that I “almost” fell asleep again but you know I cannot sleep in a bath tub really and I was thinking that if only I could I would end the day properly, which was to attend the body-bike at 17.30 at the highest level at Fitness World and we know I did not know if I would have the physical or mental strength to go through this today after what I had gone through but this is what I decided to do and we know I simply did not have the same strength today as I did the day when the spirit of Lance Armstrong was with me for “half a minute” but I did my absolutely best using all of my power today (!) which may be 80-90 percent of the day mentioned and we know this hour was also full of symbols and inspiration coming through the instructor, who simply could not stand the music on the CD she had put on saying “to Hell with it” and she tried to change the music but did not succeed and we know she said “this simply never happens to me” – but today it did (!) – and this was simply NEGATIVE FEELINGS given to her, which she could not resist, as I have received and resisted for weeks when the darkness the same way hundreds of times has tried to overcome me with negative feelings of all kind of music and we know also everything on television and we know also all people I have met and all situations I have faced as mentioned earlier and we know where I have had to resist all of this all of the time making my life a living Hell and we know “convincing” myself with difficulties because of the active darkness working against me that I do like this music, this on television, this person or that situation and we know the instructor may remember this experience to tell the world (?) and at one point when we were standing up cycling in a “middle tact” I may have been cycling somewhat slower than the others because of my extreme exhaustion and she yelled in the microphone “look up” and when I looked up, I looked directly into her face looking at me “commanding” me to cycle in an even quicker pace – this is how it works at a session like this in order to “motivate” – which I then did with difficulties and we know she kept on saying that the man next to me really did everything he could today but the truth is that he did not even do half of what I did as I am here told and you know “appearance may deceive” has been the name of the game to my surroundings all of the time and this was just a small part of it.

And we know I was shown John Paul to my right inside of the light as a signal that there is hardly any darkness left and the instructor did some very exhausting exercises commanding us to give all we had – this is how it is at this “the hardest hour of all in Fitness World” as she called it – and this I did and then she was inspired to show a symbol, which was that she could not continue cycling because of exhaustion so she stopped – it happened more than once – and this was really to say that she was the symbol of the darkness today and that I kept on cycling until the darkness decided to give up and we know I felt and saw Joseph inside of her several times today playing this act and so it is.

Today I was also thinking “what will happen when I enter the light as my physical self” (?), is this when all darkness of the Universe will be “switched off” instantly or will it still happen gradually (?) and we know today I am given the understanding that one part of me has dissolved all darkness so who knows what will happen and there is only one sure answer to this: “Only time will tell”.

Finally I came home again “after eight” and I was still very tired but I could have continued writing the script of today if I wanted to but I decided to wait doing this until tomorrow at my day off from the park and instead to prepare my dinner and watch the football match.

Barcelona now as the symbol of the Devil did everything they could preventing me from scoring by cheating and attacking me

So I decided to watch the football game between FC Copenhagen and Barcelona and we know I never came around to write about the first match two weeks ago when Barcelona won 2-0 and was MUCH better than FC Copenhagen showing the difference between a very good team and the best team of the world but at the first match I was told that Barcelona was now the symbol of the Devil winning because this is what the game was about two weeks ago – symbols can change you know and thinking of the match between Barcelona and Manchester United from May 2009 I am where Manchester United this time symbolising the Devil was taught a lesson as you will probably remember, David (?) – and what would happen tonight, would “a miracle” be given to help FC Copenhagen (?) as the singer of Nephew Simon Kvamm was hoping for when he was interviewed.

And we know did you notice the story of the Spanish goal keeper from the first match whistling, which stole a goal chance from a player of FC Copenhagen because he stopped playing in a free position because he thought that it was the referee whistling for off-side, which it was not and we know did you notice the match tonight where the Spanish goal keeper ATTACKED a striker of FC Copenhagen so horribly that it looked like a “life dangerous” situation (?) – which it was not this evening, but it looked like (!) – and we know this was the goal keeper of the Devil trying to prevent me from scoring (i.e. to enter the new kingdom of God) using dirty tricks and we know attacking me, which almost killed me – and this goes all the way to today, when I am still on the edge of living or dying (!) – and so it is.

At the 31st minute Barcelona scored to 1-0 and at the 32nd minute I was given the feeling of my sister, which was immediately followed by the Danish commentator saying something about “medicine”, which was again immediately followed by FC Copenhagen scoring and equalising to 1-1 and again immediately thereafter the commentator again said something about “medicine” and the connection was really the feelings of my sister in connection with my script of the 28th where I spoke of “people will receive their spiritual “wake-up medicine” in the beginning of November and we know when people becomes scared as here because of this text, this is the feeling, which is sent to me and we know Stig making these days extremely difficult to come through and we know the Council normally set up what is needed in order for me to continue on my road so this is simply the energy needed to bring me all the way home after eliminating the darkness and so it is.

And we know the match ended 1-1 – with Barcelona only centimetres from winning in the overtime as another symbol of how close we were to termination (!) – and this was the best a Danish club football team has ever performed as they said on television after the game and so it is.


Finally the day ended and we know this was another of those impossible days to come through – it was a true night mare to tell you the truth but I did it!

3rd November: This is the “end of the line” when I am “heading for the light” coming through the “waterfall”

Another night almost without sleep but with severe heart pains and a very strong darkness making me very uncomfortable

Again I was not allowed to sleep at the same time as I was extremely exhausted and I was given severe heart pains again when lying in my bed making me think if I was about to lose it because how would I be able to come through such a night (?) and we know I decided that I did not want to stand up to meditate again and it was a total nightmare to come through but I received some information during the night cheering me up, among others that “the batteries are now inserted”, which I understood as the process of entering my room physically has now started, and I was shown myself buying a lunch of delicious fish of only 10 SEK in Sweden and I was given the strong feeling that I am becoming identical on both sides and I was told that “it is soon time for the big harvest – with guarantee” but to tell you the truth the night was extremely difficult to come through with almost no sleep also giving me a very strong and as uncomfortable feeling of the darkness inside of me as it gets that I wondered how will I today be able to write the script of yesterday, to publish the last four days of scripts and how will I be able to visit Lama Yönten this evening when I have slept this little (?) and at 07.30 I decided to stand out of bed and after breakfast really to do the only right thing in the situation, which was to write the first draft of the script and a couple of hours later I had done this making me decide to take a break before starting the first and second edits of the last four days of scripts.

The Democratic Party of USA loosing its majority at the midterm elections because of a whole population not understanding

And we know the Democratic party of USA lost its majority at the House of Representatives today and my thought is that the President inherited the worst imaginable problems when he entered his presidency and in only two years he has managed to keep the world economy from a total break down, he has launched a historic health care system, which was simply impossible to do (!) and he has prepared the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan but still the American people are not satisfied with what he has done (?) because they are impatient (?) and cannot see improvements here and now to their very “difficult” work and economical situation and we know this is the story about a whole population not understanding what it would have received if it was not for President Obama and we know here you have seen a population taking the wrong decision because of misunderstandings and impatience and we know this is a pattern you have read about in my books as you see here on a country level and we know how will Obama now be able to carry out his plans and we know just maybe another road will open to all of us?

This is the “end of the line” when I am “heading for the light” coming through the “waterfall”, i.e. suffering

Later in the morning I tried to get a nap, which was also impossible to do and I was given so many scares that it is again the most awful to come through – it is not funny trying to sleep but receiving the strongest scariness of am I safe or what will happen if I am not able to come through this (?), will this eventually start the destruction (?) and this is exactly how strong the feelings are given to me and we know I have faith that the darkness has almost been dissolved and I do hope that it will be piece of cake coming home from here – because I am the Source as I tell myself – but these days are truly VERY difficult and extremely uncomfortable coming through.

Instead of taking a nap I decided to take a long relaxing bath and as long as it was only relaxing I received almost no negative speech and suffering but instead positive speech from the Council looking forward for my physical I finally to come home and we know when I was so relaxed that I was “almost” sleeping – however I cannot sleep at the bath you know – the very uncomfortable scariness started again and we know when I started the work writing the end of this script and doing the edits of the last four days I was given some negative speech again and so it is but you know at the bath I was given the vision of coming through the “waterfall” so this is really my entrance in order to come back and we know this is also why it is so difficult to come through these days – the water is the symbol of suffering you know – so all I can say is that this is apparently the “end of the line” when I am “heading for the light” coming through the “waterfall” and this is how I am travelling my dear Wilburys and we know I DO HOPE TO SEE ALL OF YOU PLAYING IN CONCERT SOME DAY J.

I was IMMENSELY tired when I wrote the script of today and yesterday and did the editing, which took me five hours of concentrated work – but I decided to do this as my first priority and only to visit Lama Yönten this evening if I got at least some sleep and we know otherwise I decided that I would be too tired to do this and we know of course knowing that I could have done it if I wanted to accept this kind of suffering you know, which was too much today – and I first ended my work of writing at 16.30 making it too late to take a nap if I am also to get some sleep tonight so therefore I will not visit Lama Yönten today.

Later at 18.10 I was so tired still receiving “scary monsters” really trying and succeeding at least partly to scare me almost taking the last piece of confidence from me – because of these extreme conditions – which together with the very unpleasant physical feeling of my body made these hours some of the most uncomfortable of all I have received.

And we know THE LOOK OF LOVE, the album by Diana Krall is another true favourite of mine and when I am this tired as I am today I need something relaxing to listen to and we know there is nothing better than this and so it is.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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