7th November – Judgment Day is now a past event because of the fight and suffering of one single man without the world

Summary of the script today



4th November: New UFO encounters and my light on the sky making me happy to receive “feedback”
  • I had new UFO encounters late yesterday evening with UFO’s moving from one point to another on the sky within the same split of a second etc. making me happy to receive “feedback” when I needed it!
  • Dreaming of getting on with the plan to introduce “normal life” to earth.
  • I received a short experience on how it will feel like when I will be totally opened spiritually to become one with the spiritual world.
  • The other day on the telephone, Peter told me that he does not believe in deadlines given by the spiritual world – is my deadline tomorrow to remove the “first layer” of the darkness given to me by the light or the darkness because of Peter?
  • I was running with the strangest feeling ever and I went to the absolute edge of my limit from which point my suffering decreased.
5th November: Most of the darkness of the Universe has now been removed
  • I had a VERY bad night with strong darkness and bad dreams making me feel very uncomfortable and VERY TIRED today running on my absolutely last “fuel”.
  • I was feeling run down by a steam roller at the park but I had to finalise my work before the end of the deadline, which I did meaning that I have now removed both the “first layer” of the scrub and most of the darkness of the Universe!
  • Again I went to my absolute limit where the “last piece of the darkness” was almost overtaking me just to find out that there is hardly any darkness left!
6th November: I did not enter the new Universe of the light physically because of a new wrong deadline given by the darkness
  • I went through a difficult, scary and very uncomfortable night again – am I strong enough to go through the coming weeks (?) – and the reason being the darkness coming from family and friends still working against me!
  • The deadline of Friday for me to physically enter the new Universe did not happen because of Peters sceptical attitude!
  • For the first time ever I witnessed a constant UFO light – the light of my mother (!) – disguised as a star flying on the sky only a few hundred metres above us.
  • I was feeling the worst ever with burning feelings and negative speech when my mother and John visited me but still it is about “keeping up appearances”.
  • What will happen now – will my suffering continue with me driving without “fuel” and when will my “army” TRULY be woken up to come to my assistance?
7th November: Judgment Day is now a past event because of the fight and suffering of one single man without the world
  • I was dreaming of Judgment Day as a now past event because of the fight and suffering of one single man without the participation of the whole world.
  • I have attended less light services lately in order to build up the darkness and my suffering to fight and remove all of the darkness myself – thank you to family and friends including Peter for “helping” me doing this!
  • The service at Theosophical Fellowship was about RESSURECTION – mine (!) – where I was taken deeper into meditation and feeling my light making me physically stronger than ever at the same time as the darkness resisted this by moving and trembling my body physically, giving me more scares of destruction and leading Virgin Mary as a “hostage” trying to convince me that I am not yet myself but has to be re-born first through her, which was the darkness trying to give birth to itself but when there is no more darkness, there is no Devil to be born!
  • The message was that my resurrection will happen “within days”, that I have gone to my extreme edge to remove ALL of the darkness and this was really about “a process of building up the Universe”.


4th November: New UFO encounters and my light on the sky making me happy to receive “feedback”

New UFO encounters, which should really have the attention of ALL people

Late yesterday evening I became nervous again about what will happen now and we know when I will become “the man I am” and I was very happy to receive the most visible feedback I can get and really confirmation when I needed it (!) – I am just a man with human needs you know – when I looked outside from my balcony up on the sky to “see the lights” – always been my special favourite from that album – of UFO’s again and we know there were countless of them and they showed me how they can shift from one point on the sky to another within the same split of a second – exactly the same as “magicians” do when they apparently move “objects” from one place to another within a split of a second and we know do you do it without help (?) and what is the reason why you have not told the truth of this to the world (?) – and we know I was shown countless very quick movements of lights on the sky too and several “formations” of one-two lights saying “one-two” to me spiritually and “getting better” and we know better late than never and again I was shown one of the lights/UFO’s flying on the sky in a slow “human speed” and this time it decided to “hide” by turning of its light shortly before it continued and we know I was most happy to see MY LIGHT, which is in front of my bedroom and living room window and we know the light is still 50 times stronger than any other light on the sky and we know THERE IS SO MUCH ACTIVITY ON THE SKY WHEN I LOOK THAT IT SHOULD BE APPARENT “WHAT’S GOING ON” FOR ALL ASTRONOMERS, POLITICIANS, JOURNALISTS AND “ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD” REALLY (!) and so it is.

Dreaming of starting the project of “normal life”

Tonight I was sleeping better again even though I was woken up several times not making me very happy and I dreamt that I was working at Danske Bank and going to initiate an IT-project where I was told by the head office that there is plenty of resources, that my project has been approved and shortly hereafter four “green” employees (from the old Provinsbanken before the merger in 1989) met me in Lyngby and one of them, a programmer, said “well, let us get on with it” and we know it looks like there is a plan of how “normal life” will be implemented on earth and let us say just maybe during 2012 if I am not mistaking and so it is.

I received a test on how it will feel like when I will be totally opened spiritually to become one with the spiritual world

This morning at the Park I was sent to the auto workshop because Ford has called in the pick-ups of the type we have in the Park because the oil pipe to the turbo needed to get a clip on of some kind to keep it tight and we know I was told that this is really to put on TURBO on my own spirituality when I will be lifted up spiritually as the first and we know I received a “test” a few days ago for less than a minute showing me how this feels like and let me just say that if you imagine your mind opening up entirely in a three-way dimension with all pain removed leaving only a nice feeling and we know simply to be as much in the spiritual as in the physical world and we know these were the first impressions I received and nothing can prepare me for what will be coming my way my friend as my father and we know Joseph/Peer is here saying and we know the spiritual part of him that is.

Finalising my work at Virumgård before the deadline tomorrow – is the deadline given by the light or darkness?

From here I continued to VIrumgård to start removing the scrub Rolf had asked me to remove, which I cut down Tuesday and I did it when it was raining and we know making me wet and dirty all over and it took me some hours to remove and to drive to the waste disposal site and afterwards I decided to rake the ground as deeply as I could and we know this required quite some will power to do because the harder I work, the stronger the darkness is and the more of the darkness I dissolve and we know it was quite difficult to come through this today but still I managed to do it making me satisfied with what I achieved at the end of the day.

Most of the others decided to take their day off tomorrow because of the visit of the Mayor the other day (!) and we know first I thought about taking the day off my self but when I worked at Virumgård I understood the connection, which was that I would not be able to end my work satisfactory at the right side of the farmhouse before the end of today and that I therefore need to work also tomorrow and we know it made sense because it is wrong to take a day off work because of a show-off in front of the Mayor and leading Civil Servants and so it is and we know I was happy to see the progress of the work today thinking about the co-ordination of my physical work here with the dissolution of the remaining part of the darkness and we know when I am completely done with this work – removing the 1st layer – I will also be done with the work spiritually removing the darkness and when I was working I was told that when I spoke to Peter on the telephone some days ago, he also told me that he does not believe in deadlines given by the spiritual world and we know I was first told that my deadline of this work is on Friday and the other day I was told that it would now be Thursday at 14.00 – giving me the idea that I had worked even harder and better than expected – and we know I will finish the work tomorrow and if this is indeed the light and not the darkness giving me this deadline today, the deadline will truly be Friday and we know I do hope this is the case and just in case I have tried to prepare myself mentally not to be disappointed if this deadline is neither the true one and so it is.

Receiving nice soup, hiccoughs and a story about removing “the mask”

At lunch Judith and Rolf had been so kind to prepare a very nice vegetable and potato soup, which I enjoyed much – as I also did when I had her FANTASTIC tomato soup the other day – and there was only one “problem”, which was that the Council was so “nice” to give me hiccoughs after each spoonful I swallowed annoying me much and we know I have ALWAYS had hiccoughs when drinking Coca Cola since I was a boy (!) and we know it was almost impossible for me to avoid the hiccoughs and when I decided to swallow one spoonful VERY slowly I had no hiccough but I was SMILING all over when Hække exactly at the time when I was supposed to receive mine gave a LOUD hiccough from him instead (!) and we know Helle spoke about a boy from the kindergarten telling her his name – a foreign name – and she said that this boy “kept the mask on” several times until a teacher told Helle that his name was in fact Søren – as Danish as it gets – and we know making the boy SMILE all over and REMOVING HIS MASK and this was just one of those small stories to tell you that this is what will happen FOR ALL OF US WHEN WE WILL SHORTLY REMOVE OUR MASKS – of the Devil – TO STEP FORWARD IN FRONT OF THE WORLD and so it is my boy J – and we know I would have liked to have lost more weight but difficult it has been my friends but it will come.

Running with the strangest feeling ever and reaching my limit to absorb any more suffering

When I came home I was really on the edge again of losing it because of extreme tiredness and mental exhaustion from weeks, months and years of suffering and constant attempts of brainwashing but I decided to run at Fitness World again because I thought that it would take away even more suffering from the rest of the evening and today I had the strangest feeling ever because it was BOTH the easiest and the most difficult run ever to do – the easiest coming to me physically from the left and the most difficult from the right – and this is how I succeeded to run for 30 minutes again even though it was immensely difficult you know – and from this moment on and the rest of the evening I was really happy that the suffering decreased so much that it did not bother me much and we know I had to come to the end of my ability to absorb any more suffering before we decided to let it go and so it is here my friends.

The best wine offer ever making me think of celebration, the most beautiful wine estate and country side

Hereafter I went to the supermarket of Føtex because they had the best offer I have ever seen on wine when six bottles of Spanish Raimat together with six glasses was sold for 99 DKK with a normal price of 300 DKK and we know the price was within my range and I smiled when I saw the name of the Producer Raimat because I remember my visit to the Codorniu estate just outside Barcelona – also a special town my friends – together with Camilla in 1999 and we know Codorniu makes fantastic Cava – sparkling wine – and I remember their estate and the countryside as very beautiful indeed and the brand name Raimat from their wine shop as a part of the Codorniu group and this was really why I decided to buy this wine today – with the message that we are “almost” celebrating in Champagne – which I cannot afford at the moment – and we know but some of the top varieties of Cordoniu is also very good indeed.

The world has lost attention to Haiti, Pakistan and Dadaab

Today I was also thinking of the natural disasters of Haiti and Pakistan – and still the unfortunate people of Dadaab – and the fact that people of the world has now lost attention to these suffering people and we know “impatience” and self-satisfaction are the reasons why as you know my dear reader and we know of course it is not because of you that these people are still suffering, is it?


The other day I also received a letter from a collection firm asking me to pay an old debt of mine to Tele2, which I really should have paid already back in 2001 but this was a time when I was “inspired” not to be in control of my finances (!) and we know so I did not pay it back then and the original debt was 3,155 DKK and now nine years later it is 9,192 DKK because of interest and fees and we know do you think that three-doubling the debt gives me more motivation to pay (?) and just wondering I am.

5th November: Most of the darkness of the Universe is now removed

A very bad night making me drive on my absolutely last “fuel”

Again tonight was a night where I was woken up several times and this time giving me strong and very bad feelings every time because I felt the darkness with me strongly also making me aware of who I am – which I had “forgot” while sleeping (!) – and I had several bad dreams but I decided during the night that the dreams were not important to write down, only the message that they were “bad” upsetting me and when I stood up I was VERY TIRED indeed driving on my absolutely last energy – the last drop of fuel of my old car so to say – and we know the alarm of my mobile phone was simply IMPOSSIBLE to shutdown so it kept on ringing until I decided to shutdown the phone entirely as the only solution (!) and we know this was “the elephant” ringing the alarm as I dreamt about the other night and so it is.

Most of the darkness of the Universe has now been removed

I was so tired when arriving at the Park that I hardly managed to talk but Rolf was very happy and talkative and I did my best talking to him and we know deep inside I was happy despite of my “challenges” this morning for him to be in a good mood and among others he spoke of a steam roller parked on the road, which he would like to borrow for work at the park and I was told that this was a symbol of how I was feeling – being run down by a steam roller and we know I saw it coming but I could not escape it and thinking of Michael Palin I am here and the character he played in the brilliant movie “a fish called Wanda” when he was driving down a man with a very slow running steam roller and we know the man saw it coming but he could not escape it!

On my agenda today was to use the lawn mower to further reduce the remaining of the scrub, which I removed and we know afterwards I raked all of the area at the right side of the farm the second time, went to the waste disposal site with the last waste and this is what I decided was the right level in order to finalise the work of removing the “first layer” at the right side of the farm, and this fitted exactly with the deadline of today – and Rolf and Judith decided to come to visit and we know Judith decided to say that “this is completely wild, it was not possible to see the house before” and “it is impressive, I did not believe we would be able to come through this” to which Rolf replied that “we also only did this because Stig did the work” – which was actually a referral from the Council about coming through the darkness, which was only possible because I decided to do it – and about the removal of the last scrub, which he decided on the other day, he added that “this was very quick work indeed” and “it would have taken five of the others three months to do” and we know this is probably on the upper edge of what is true but we know there is some truth in what he said and this was really about crossing physical laws of what is possible to do as a human being, which I am sure more information will be given on in the future, and thus also today where I was surprised to find that after two hours of work I was now as fresh that I could have continued working all day also after ending the working day at 11.45 and that is if it was needed.

During the day I was given the thought that this is the “first layer” of the darkness I have removed myself and we know I have done my absolutely best to remove most of the darkness through this “first layer” so the second and maybe even third layer can be removed and fine-tuned with the help of others and this is really what the “picture” Tom gave me some days ago when offering that the others of the park could come to help me after I had finished removing the first layer because when I have completed my work, as I have now, others will help me to remove the last part of the darkness and we know this will become the assignment of my special friends in the time to come and we may add “a new and less assignment” compared to what was the original idea – to have the armies of the light and darkness fighting each other maybe until the end – and I was asked if this is alright to do if it is “completely harmless” to do and we know I accepted it and added that only if NO DARKNESS at all will ever come into our new Universe and we know so it is and I am really thinking at the moment that we have two Universes – one of the light and one of the darkness quickly reducing until the day where it simply will “disappear” and we know for all people to live a life only in the light and we know as the original plan of the new world order was all about.

I also received other symbols telling me about Egypt coming, watching stars from an observatory and “wisdom” and for days I have been receiving feelings of “many souls” inside of me as examples of all souls of the world and we know which is about what will be opened for me and we know at this the “first stage” really and today and yesterday I have started receiving vague memories from having visions as a boy about how difficult it is to cross the “waterfall”, which is what I am doing at the moment to reach the “new Universe”.

I almost gave up to negative speech going to my extreme limit to find out that there is hardly any darkness left

Today I received let us just say “some negative speech”, which was lighter than what is has been before but still extremely difficult to come through because of my extreme condition today of having “no fuel left for the pilgrims” really (!) and when going home I was again getting the feeling that I was about to lose my will power to fight this negativity and we know almost to open up for what is left of it – but we know still saying that I will fight against everything I cannot agree with (!) – and nothing much happened really and this simply told me that there is almost no darkness left other than “a little bit of negative speech” and we know this is how you go through the Judgment without involving others directly, without losing any lives of special friends, without any being terminated, without myself becoming disabled or receiving “permanent” injuries and without having “the nightmare of my life” coming through and yes my friends lack of sleep and EXTREME suffering given to me for years as I have desribed on a running basis in my scripts is the reason why and so it is.

And finally when I came home I took another long bath – which is not the worst to do when you have “problems” sleeping and am this tired – and we know at the bath 90 percent of the rest of the negative speech from earlier today was taken away from me and really because I had crossed my ultimate limit once again and we know also realising how little of the darkness is left and so it is.

Later in the evening I was shown Joseph/Peer as Darth Vader standing on my knees and I was told that it was his main assignment to make me enter the darkness also meaning that the other members of the Council was to help me and all of us out of there and we know trying to find the balance of the light and darkness to work together to give enough energy bringing me to life but without destroying us and so it is.

Michael Jackson – “Breaking news” about what?

And finally I noticed that on Monday the first song of a “new” album by Michael Jackson will be released and we know it is called “breaking news” and I am simply wondering if I will be re-united, lifted up spiritually and if other “special friends” will be woken up now because if this is the case – which it should really be “soon” now – this is what I will call “breaking news” and we know the timing is good at least so we will have to wait and see and I have asked for my “development” to occur during a night looking forward to the day when I will wake up with a new understanding, insight and a much better feeling and we know will this happen tonight or will this also be postponed?

Today I was also thinking that I don’t want to buy a five zone train card this month because I have to save money thinking of LTO here – I don’t have a sponsor on train cards anymore – and we know I will probably pay for a two zone card and using a free 10-tour card, which DSB was so kind to send to people living in Lyngby recently and so it is.

A new UFO experience with a moving light underneath the clouds

Finally today already at 17.15 I was told to come out on the balcony and we know there was a moving light on the sky, was it an UFO (?) and we know the answer was NO, it was simply an aeroplane and it was followed by another moving light and was this then an UFO (?) and we STILL know, the answer was also NO, it was an aeroplane too and we know there was only one “star” on the sky and I was happy to see that it was “my light” again and then it happened further away than the aeroplanes and we know maybe 1-2 kilometres from me I was shown a new type of light and this time it was “underneath the clouds” – it was partly clouded this evening – and we know I don’t believe it was an UFO itself because it was not very big but it was light being directed by an UFO or may we say a “mothership” – and we know Led Zeppelin I do LOVE some of your songs very much too and Robert I don’t know much about your music as a solo-artist except from some songs almost reaching heaven but I know that your back catalogue is another “treasure” for me to discover some day – and we know the light had absolutely nothing to do with a balloon or anything else as the authorities keep on telling the public about UFO’s appearing “not to disturb us” (?) and we know after one minute the light simply stopped shining and so it was.

Tonight on “crazy about dance” they were INSPIRED as usual and one judge was commenting the dance of Patrick Wozniacki as lacking sex appeal and another judge said that in return it was SAFE and a third judge was inspired speaking German saying that he is not an “ûbermensch” (“over human”) – this was really about my SAFE journey living in celibacy and that I am a simple human being going through inhuman sufferings (!) – and afterwards Patrick commented that “this thing about acting, I had to learn” and we know Patrick you were acting as me tonight and so it was and we know there was another “play” with the dancer Christina, which was very inspired too which I did not quite catch because of tiredness and we know the judge Jens Werner spoke of the song “bring me to life” saying “thousand thanks” as you may understand the TRUE meaning of and here representing the Council again.

6th November: I did not enter the new Universe of the light because of a new wrong deadline given by the darkness

A new scary night where the deadline of Friday was not met because it was the darkness through Peter giving it to me

Tonight I was not very happy being woken up the first time already at 00.35 dreaming that I was inside a big closed area, which it is now easier to get out of because a new exit has been opened either through a fish factory or to the left of it and I was hearing “was IT worth it” from the song “strong enough” by Cher again and the answer “yes”.

I also had strong negative energy with me making me afraid of when and how I will be able to come out of the dark Universe and inside of the new, light Universe “before the big tax service” will start as I was told (!), later I saw that a new bar has opened next to the castle, that the deadline is now 2-5 weeks (!!!), the lyrics from Cher again “are you strong enough” and I was told that “the art is to be liberated, to scamper about, show how much you love communication and to be together with other people, then it will come” – which also gave me a NEW déjà vue feeling, I know this already deep inside of me (!) – and later I was dreaming that a cruise missile had landed without exploding, that I had disarmed a wagon and the chief of this points his gun directly against me and I point at a Burger restaurant telling him that guns are not allowed and finally I see myself ordering the biggest burger of the house and we know Stig this was “another night” and not quite in paradise but let us just say “a troubled night” and giving you an idea of how it is when I am going through sufferings like this and my dear friends ONLY AN IDEA of course and this time it was also to say to my dear friend Peter – with Pia – that this is what you have contributed to because of your strong voice and sceptical attitude and we know the deadline of me being “lifted up” Friday did not happen, it was not the light giving me the deadline but the darkness and we know because of your attitude my friend and by the way I did not receive a reply from Peter on my latest email so maybe he and Pia have decided to declare me as “crazy” too or just maybe they are “doubtful” as other people out there have been too and so it is.

What will happen now – will my suffering continue and when will my “army” be woken up?

And we know I was disappointed that nothing happened but I was happy to be prepared also for this situation and my true question was really, what will happen now (?), will my suffering continue with me driving on my absolutely last drop of fuel (?) because this would simply be impossible for me to carry on doing and we know but at the beginning of today the suffering was at a lower level and whenever I was “close” to come into a negative thought or feeling, instead of being “punished” and having the thought/feeling strengthened by the Devil trying to overtake me, the same spiritual people of the Council have now decided to help me return to positive thoughts and feelings and this is truly the difference of having the darkness or the light with you and we know I still have some darkness, which I fight but “the gift” today is really to receive the help of the Council because most of the darkness has disappeared and so it is and we will have to see when I truly will be lifted up at another level opening up for my special friends too and we know it was not today, Peter, but maybe soon?

Being totally exhausted and humiliated starting from scratch again

These experiences are also about being totally humiliated because of the behaviour of people around me not doing what they should because if they did, I would only receive and write the truth spiritually, which would probably make people able to understand but because of their sceptical attitude and wrong behaviour they call out the darkness giving lies to my scripts – and a very bad and humiliating feeling to me, which I however not have “learned” to live with (!) – which people simply cannot believe in or …. ? Do you see the connection?

This morning I was completely exhausted with the feeling to start living again from absolute zero and I had decided to do the second highest level of body-biking this morning and we know I regretted the decision again and even more when the instructor was inspired to talk about the song by Chris Rea “road to Hell”, which we heard, saying that this is where we are heading and we know an example of the darkness still being with us but it was really nothing and we know I decided to do 60-70 percent of my maximum today also because I did not feel motivated by the instructor even though I am sure he did his best and so it is.

And just saying that my tongue still sticks out of my mouth without my attention and we know as the symbol of my army of “special friends” still coming to help me telling the world about me and themselves too and the question is really not about “if” but more of “when” and that is truly the question of today: WHEN?

I was burning inside of me and being so hot that I could not be anywhere

This afternoon I was really VERY tired indeed and I tried to see if I was allowed to take a nap and we know I received “five minutes” of sleep but mainly severe heart pains and new scary and strong feelings given to me – a new night mare – which made it impossible to sleep and we know making me think of how I would be able to come through the rest of the day and we know from this moment on and the rest of the day I had a burning feeling inside of me making me so hot that I could not be anywhere, which was VERY uncomfortable and again I was told that this suffering is because of let me just say “one person being very close to me” and the feelings and attitude of this person!

For the first time I witnessed a constant UFO light disguised as a star flying on the sky only a few hundred metres above us

A little before 17.00 today in the “twilight” I went out to the balcony again and I was happy seeing my light in the beginning as the only light on the sky and a couple of days now it has been to the left of my balcony and today I was surprised but also happy to see for the first time ever that a similar and CONSTANT light also very bright, but a little less than my light – I was thinking of the light of Virgin Mary/my mother, which I have not seen since Kenya – was flying through the sky in front of my eyes and we know because of this I could see that this light resembling the light of a star is not very high above us but only what I will estimate as a few hundred metres and my ladies and gentlemen A FEW HUNDRED METRES THAT IS (!) and we know just thinking of how many people having noticed this phenomenon over the years and we know the “show off” continued and after this a new UFO with its characteristic blinking light – it is blinking like nothing else I have ever seen (!) – was flying through the sky in front of me and we know very close to me and I was showed the outlines of the UFO much bigger than the light – and I was really thinking about showing my mother and John the lights on the sky if possible but we know I thought that I would not have been able to do this because it would simply not have happened if I had invited them out on the balcony to look because of their lack of faith and so it is.

I have never felt worse but “keeping up appearances” when my mother and John visited me

I had agreed with my mother and John for them to come today because I had an old book shelf, which they would give me after they one week ago gave me some of my old wine books which had been stored in their basement – a symbol of me getting in contact with “the wine” and that is truly MY INNER SELF you know – and this afternoon I was told “strawberry tart” and we know when they arrived my mother went to the kitchen and took out a strawberry tart from her bag and we know it would have been easy to tell her that I was told about the tart before she arrived and we know just giving you additional information on how it is not to be able to talk about what is the most important of my life and we know “keeping up appearances” without being able to truly communicate and so it is.

My mother had brought the best homemade Lasagne I can remember since the one she made for me and my old friend Henning W. and I do believe Maria was with us in 1986/87 and we had a nice but short evening and we know where I was by now struggling with the remaining part of the darkness being on the absolute edge of my ability without being able to talk about it and we know I had strong negative speech coming to me constantly trying to convince me that the darkness was about to take me over – which I did not believe in but it took my absolutely best to convince myself that this was only a “play” – and I was burning inside of me making me feel that I have never felt worse before in my life with an overwhelming desire to simply lay down and cry in desperation – and still it was about “keeping up appearances” (!) and we know from this moment on the Council decided to help me to change the subjects of what we talked about, which was hurting me (talking about activation and the Commune etc.) and instead we started talking about the best movies we know of making me feel better, which are only rarely on television, which too often shows violent “action” movies instead of beautiful movies with “original characters” showing the development of feelings and relations between people and so it is.

Tomorrow and the next weeks “seems completely impossible to do”

After the visit I wrote down a note saying that I have no idea of how I will be able to come through tomorrow and to work at the park the next three weeks – “it seems completely impossible to do” as I wrote – and we know this was just how strong the negative feelings were this evening. And we know when we had dinner, my left speaker turned up the volume “ten times” as it does sometimes but normally only when I turn the volume button and this time it simply “decided” to “show off” (!) – people believe it is a defect of the amplifier, which my old readers know that it is not (!) – and it was simply another symbol saying that my mother with the influence of the family is the one making me suffer the most – despite of all of her love, “concern” and wishes for my well being (!) – and we know obviously she does not know how it works because otherwise I am sure that she would change and so it is and this also symbolises that I will come through the absolute worst as when you saw Michael Jackson coming through the flames in the video of “Black and white” and so it is.

Before going to bed I looked out on the sky from my balcony again and I was glad to see that my light had returned to its “right” place directly in front of my bedroom and living room and my dear friends it should not be difficult finding me – you just have to follow my light really!

Today I also received the copy of the letter which the lawyer of my old landlord sent to Poul Erik, which in itself is humiliating and truly without any meaning in practice and we know they reminded me to send my lease contract and we know just maybe they did not receive my email the other day (?) and we know maybe your email system has labelled it as “spam” as I have seen before? And we know so I forwarded the email today and will they read the stories of themselves in my scripts by clicking on the link to my website (?) and we will have to see what happens.

7th November: Judgment Day is now a past event because of the fight and suffering of one single man without the world

Dreaming of Judgment Day as a past event because of the fight and suffering of one single man without the whole world

When going to bed I was fearing that I would have to go through another scary and difficult night making my day today very difficult or impossible to go through but I was happy that I actually slept quite good compared to how I normally sleep and we know I was dreaming of reading an add on the Internet about a famous German male clairvoyant who was going to do an outdoor presentation in Berlin and after the event I read the minutes of it on the Internet and first of all I noticed that a crowd of many thousand people had been present in the streets and the clairvoyant said that he could feel the energy of Judgment Day as a now past event, which will not happen because of the fight and suffering of one single man without the participation of the whole world, which made all of the people shout with joy. When I read the minutes I was thinking about when I will be able to come to Berlin myself and how many people will meet me there and also about including the minutes it in my scripts but I could only find the notes in Danish and when I entered the German website I was shown an impressive map with Denmark in big and when I clicked on the different points of Denmark I saw a plant in a pot, where new cuttings have been planted and so it is. And we know Stig my thought after this dream was again the suffering of “all the people in the world” who have gone through sufferings passively not knowing about why they have suffered to help me to come alive and we know of course my dear and loyal friends of LTO constantly showing their “brave faces”.

The RESSURECTION service at Theosophical Fellowship with the strongest experience and light of my life

This morning – after I did Yoga again at home and this time it was easier than for a long time because I was feeling better physically – I went to a new service at the Theosophical Fellowship and when I arrived I was told that the reason why I have not attended this service for one month now and also that I did not attend any other services last week and we know together with the fact that I have only been able to do Yoga with big difficulties once a week was that I had to go to my extreme limit to cleanse out ALL of the darkness (!) and we know all of this meant that I was putting myself into a position with less and less protection and more and more pressure on me coming from family and friends and this was the reason why I was going through increasingly difficult pain and suffering and we know for me to fight and remove all of the darkness and so it is – this is really also Pia and Peter, together with my family again, what you have helped me to do because of your “worries” about me without any direct help and understanding, this is really all it took.

The service of today was a VERY SPECIAL service because it was about RESURRECTION and we know to raise the consciousness of all people of the world – but really mine my friends – and in the beginning I was having severe problems following what the teacher read, which was the words of Ananda explaining the concept of resurrection, and when we did the first meditation I was surprised to discover that I was almost falling asleep, this is how tired I SUDDENLY became and it made me scared that I would now start again to receive heart pains and more scares as explained about before but somehow I managed to come through this and the longer into the service we came with more meditations the deeper I was led into my meditation feeling the light of myself stronger than ever before physically lifting me up in the chair and making me feel physically stronger than ever before at the same time as the remaining part of the darkness resisted the light with all of what it had meaning that my body was physically overtaken and trembling when it came to physical movements of my head and entire body – I was glad that the others had their eyes closed (!) – and I knew it was the darkness because I have tried this THOUSANDS of times before from 2006-2008 and this was so STRONG an experience as ever before that I could hardly keep the experience going and I was thinking about breaking it and maybe even to leave the service but again I managed to keep on and I was told that it was indeed still possible to destruct the world because of the power of the darkness still inside of me and that all of the positive messages and “guarantees” I have received that we are in my “safe haven” as a consequence of this is not true and again it was said with strong conviction so I felt for a moment that it was or at least could be true making me more scared again and during all of this I was again meditating on “only light, no darkness” (!) – and I concluded that I WILL REMOVE ALL DARKNESS MYSELF WITHOUT THE HELP OF ANYBODY and we know what you have read earlier when it came to the members of the Council to help removing the last part of the darkness was really the darkness trying to “overtake” me, which maybe (?) would have led to this situation of them helping me “broken down” and then again …. (?) – and “preserve all life of the Universe” and at one point Virgin Mary came to me telling me that I am still Virgin Mary (!) and thus not my self yet because I am still not born and for some seconds I thought that this could be true because the other day I was also told – as a part of the play – that I will first be re-born when I will come in contact with my own light side again and this led to the vision today given by Virgin Mary of seeing my self “almost” being born but you know it was Joseph leading this act and Virgin Mary “obeying” orders so to say – because of the relative strength where Joseph is stronger than her because of the darkness of my family and friends feeding Joseph (!) – and the conclusion was that when there is almost no more darkness, there is no Devil to be born and we know told myself that THIS WAS NOT THE TRUTH and really because all of this happened at the same time as the darkness was moving my body physically making me think of a connection and really because I was thinking back to the experiences I had July/August with the break-through to the Source, which was followed by the Cinema experience some time later and the very strong and true feeling a few weeks ago that I AM INDEED THE SOURCE and to the Devil I can therefore only say “you are no son of mine” and so it is. The message of today was that my resurrection will happen “within days”.

So this was the STRONGEST meditation I have ever gone through and we know once again first being very scared before coming into my comfort zone again shortly thereafter and I am really thinking if the Council will be able to make up any more games, which will surprise me because all this is doing is really to strengthen me and my faith that we are almost at the goal line and so it is and it was “marked” afterwards with some “events”:

One of the nice men asked me if I knew that 100 grams of Kellogs Corn Flakes contains more SALT than 100 grams of salted peanuts and I did not and we know we came to the conclusion that it must be because of the process, which Kellogs put the corn through because corn does not naturally contain so much salt and we know I was made aware that this was a symbol of the process of building up a Universe – which is the meaning of the symbol SALT – and this was in fact what we were doing today at the service: Going through a process to do the resurrection and my dear friend as you may have noticed I keep forgetting names but you may remember that I told you of this connection?

We also spoke of the STRONG energy today and my friend here together with one of the others confirmed that they was also “pulled very deeply into the energy today” as I told them I did and we know that this was the strongest meditation of my life in fact.

The service today contained recordings of Ananda – the late founder of this organisation – speaking and also being “overshadowed” when spirits were speaking through her physical self and we know which is what I am 24/7 (!) and this made me ask the others if they have experienced anything of this kind themselves and I understood that they had not – “this is only for developed souls” as I was explained (!) – and I told the very good teacher today that “now you have awakened the resurrection, so I will recommend you to buy Gevalia coffee in case you should receive unexpected guests” and we know which made people laugh – and people here recall the old television commercial of Gevalia Coffee for example serving coffee for extraterrestrials on an unexpected visit (!) – and we know this was really a notice of the good news which are coming to you my friends at the Theosophical Fellowship, when you will be “overshadowed” yourself which just may come as a surprise to you?

There were other signs today for example of the teacher speaking about the “first performance” of a new orchestral composition – which is what happened today through me – and I thanked him for leading the service today, which was indeed VERY SPECIAL – which he will understand later – and people being very interested in my mobile phone and all of its features as a sign of being awakened spiritually coming to you and also people speaking about the spirit of “endless joy”, which was about Virgin Mary, Joseph and we know ALL OF US being very happy and I also felt the spirit of Ananda being with me – she was also present today knowing about what was the true purpose of her gifts and this organisation and so it is.

After a very nice time speaking after the service and having coffee and cake – thank you again Søren for very nice cake, the baker here – I left and we know the song “stay” by U2 was played to me MANY times and the lines “If I could stay… then the night would give you up” and “if you listen I can’t call” – and I was also giving invented lyrics like “no more pain” and so it is and later I was told that “it is nothing less than a sensation that you have not fallen over one single time” referring to what I have gone through crossing physical laws really.

When I came home I wrote the rest of the script today, the edit of the last four days and published it and we know I would have liked to attend the meeting of the Buddhist organisation www.tendai.dk at the rooms of Theosophical Fellowship this evening but I simply did not have time doing it and so it is.

After the service at the Theosophical Fellowship I had much less suffering both when it comes to negative speech and burning feelings inside of me than yesterday, however I do still feel both.

This evening I had a new a short visit outside on my balcony and we know there was again only one light on the sky – mine – followed by more lights starting to “show off” really and a new UFO flying and blinking characteristic and this time in red and white and telling me that it is part of a much bigger “mothership” further away and so it is – ENDING ANOTHER FINE DAY MY SON as Joseph here says.


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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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