11th November 2010 – The purpose of life is to show “loving openness”, which is already present and the key is “to be”

Summary of the script today



8th November: My light on the sky surrounded by blue arms of light and changing into different patterns
  • I was NOT looking forward to continue working at the park today not using my competences and I am still missing a girlfriend very much.
  • I was inspired to look at my light on the sky through a pair of binoculars and I saw it surrounded by blue arms of light and changing into different patterns.
  • Dreaming of a system to stop all porn on the Internet, which together with unfaithfulness and sexual orgies almost brought life to an end. I ask all people to show modesty and keep your sexual life private.
  • Receiving less negativity than for years making me start “living” again.
  • I don’t know if family/friends are starting to believe in or still don’t believe in me.
9th November: The purpose of life is to show “loving openness”, which is already present and the key is “to be”
  • Dreaming of my father provoking and not caring for me to provide “normal life”.
  • I started receiving more suffering again of sexual nature and I was so tired that I only did the working day with the outmost of my discipline and will power.
  • I received signs at the park that the remaining part of the darkness is reducing and that my army will still wake up to come to my assistance.
  • What will the “system” do with the Park when the state will reduce the reimbursement from 70 to 30 percent (?) and do they still believe that I have “other problems than unemployment” without understanding that I work the hardest and have good relations with all as I have now done for almost 30 weeks?
  • I was put in the worst state of impatience ever almost making me desperate and later at the Centre of Wisdom and Compassion I was EXTREMELY TIRED and given the worst impatience again to leave immediately but I managed to stay in order to report that the purpose of life is to show “loving openness”, which is already present and that the key is “to be”.
10th November: The BEST speakers I have EVER listened to symbolising my final work, my coming anointment, our survival and the Trinity
  • Dreaming of taking the “train of gold” for all people and to start fishing with people in Africa, which until now does not give me a “normal life” to live from.
  • I include links to videos on www.youtube.com discussing and showing my star, which changes colour and moves – and a link to many other miracles.
  • I went to a presentation at HIFI-klubben of the best and most amazing speakers I have EVER listened to – the B&W 802 Diamond – which the presenter compared to the Holy Grail making them a symbol of me and what became the quality of my books. The movement of the membranes of the speakers is like a PERFECT STAMP symbolising my coming anointment, other symbols told about my survival of attacks from family/friends without becoming disabled or killed and the speaker as one unit of three separate cabinets symbolises the Trinity.
11th November: I have been playing the game the same time as I have been the creator of it!
  • I “caught” Obama live on television and I received the words from a George Harrison song “I know that I really can do it” and of course YOU CAN, OBAMA!
  • I continued working hard at the park physically also to dissolve more darkness. Stories about a dog – i.e. the darkness – not existing and about the queen of a beehive being chosen by the bees as a symbol of me being chosen by fellow beings to become “the creator”.
  • I received alarm signal number two to tell me that I will become my self on earth as in heaven.
  • I am becoming in an increasingly better mood because I know that I have defeated the darkness and I am not afraid anymore.
  • I have been playing the game the same time as I have been the creator of it!


8th November: My light on the sky surrounded by blue arms of light and changing into different patterns

I was NOT looking forward to continue working at the park today not using my competences

Late yesterday evening I was NOT looking forward to going to work at the park today where I had more physical work to do at Virumgård – now the left side of it – and I was feeling that I really don’t use my competences doing this work and thinking that I only do this work because the Commune saves 35 percent of their monthly expenses on my cash help – a total of approx. 10,000 DKK over three months (!) – because of the reimbursement from the state when attending a “project” like this and because the Commune believes that “it is good for me to work in my situation” – obviously not caring about what I think – and we know I am thinking of the new rules of lower reimbursement rates, which just may lead to a new “policy” of the Commune where they after the 1st January 2011 – the date when the new rules come into effect – will probably be more “motivated” to get “people like me” into “artificial jobs” paying a part of the salary to the employer and we know because this is what will give them the biggest reimbursement in the future (!) and we know I have told you all along just how awful this nightmare of a system is and the new rules does not make it any better – and we know you should really start to understand and follow my suggestions but that would require of you to start understanding me?

My light on the sky surrounded by blue arms of light and changing into different patterns

When I was going to bed there were NO lights on the sky – you do remember my old story about “where are all the stars” (?) – and I was wishing that my light would return and when I again looked out the bedroom window from my bed, my light had returned and we know as the only light on the sky and of course making me happy again – and I was inspired to find a pair of binoculars to look closer at the light and I remembered that I had a pair of “theatre binoculars”, which I found and we know they are truly not very good or sharp for that matter but when I looked through these I was happy to see that the light is not static (!) because there were blue arms of light surrounding the white light in the middle and all of it also changed into different forms and patterns when I looked so this is truly a “star” of “strange magic” and so it is.

I am still missing a girlfriend very much

Again I was feeling very sad to be alone without a girlfriend/wife to love and to love me and still I have to bite my teeth together to continue driving on the right road and that is not to be tempted by the dark forces working through me to do what I should not do to get relief and we know so it is.

Stop all porn, unfaithfulness, prostitution and orgies – find the natural modesty inside of you

I had an “almost alright” sleep still making me “tired” today where I was dreaming about designing a program, which will stop all porn on the Internet and keep people from being tempted to produce it and I was shown a camera, which automatically stopped filming when a couple decided to dress off and when I wrote down these notes I was told as I have been told for a long time that the lose behaviour of exhibiting your love life this way – together with prostitution, orgies and being unfaithful- is the single most important reason why all life has been threatened to come to an end and I was shown young women being tempted by money to do what they would not normally do and later regretting what they did and I was shown a young man surfing on the Internet at his room when his mother arrived imploring him to stop watching porn. And we know the moral of many people has been displaced, because what is indecent to do has become acceptable for many to do simply because the borders have been moved through WRONG behaviour and “new habits of the Devil” and the best way I can tell it is that all people are born with a natural modesty when it comes to your sexual life and all people STILL have this modesty deep within themselves and this is what I ask all people to get back to – please don’t exhibit your sexual life, sell yourself and don’t participate in sexual activities of unrestrained indulgence.

I also had dreams of sexual nature myself again “warning” me about darkness coming (!) which the next dream also did, when I was working for GE Frankona, who were checking my tax card with the authorities without asking me, which made the authorities want to check the distance from my home to work and GE Frankona also took my computer from me because they saw on their server that I had music programs installed on it and really because they did not want me to watch movies on it – they made a mistake – and all of this annoyed me because I was busy working and I did not want to be delayed.

Working at the park receiving less negativity than for years making me start “living” again

This morning at the Park I started almost without motivation and energy because of the development recently – I am first starting to refuel my car again you know – and I was happy for Michael returning to keep me with company at Virumgård, where we succeeded to get a good start removing the blackberry bushes etc. to the left of the farm and we know including A LOT OF ENVIRONMENT FILTH FROM PEOPLE OF THE PAST THROWING PLASTIC BAGS, GARDEN FURNITURE, TILES, TINS, DIFFERENT KINDS OF PACKINGS AND REALLY ALL KIND OF THINGS ON THE GROUND without thinking and without showing responsibility – which is very wrong to do of course – and we know the first two hours I was not motivated and tired but I managed to come through again because of discipline and later the sun started warming us a bit and I found my rhythm from where I managed also to find some kind of joy working even though it was quite difficult to do today.

I did not receive much negative speech, it was at a much lower level than for years and we know making me feel for the first time for hours that I am actually living “my life” – Billy you are incredible too – but still I am of course much more tired with less energy and more suffering than other people and so it is and we know try to imagine that you no longer CONSTANTLY receive the worst, strongest and the most negative speech imaginable about everybody and everything, which can start hurting you even more – and even destroy the Universe – if you are not able to resist it and now I am at a point where I, by all means still receive some negativity but now only weak and we know there is a world in difference really.

Today we were served croque monsieur’s, which I liked very much and in fact so much that I was dreaming – and talking – about returning to a nice café in Paris to have one there – the best place imaginable and we know again making me think of JOY that this will also be possible to do in the future and we know also to visit the district of Champagne on the way of course (!) – and I was told that the difference between a croque monsieur and madame is really the egg and that what we had today was BOTH a croque monsieur and madame at the same time and we know somehow this was connected to me and of course the egg is the symbol of life and civilisation and so it is.

I don’t know if family and friends are starting to believe in or if they still don’t believe in me

For weeks “the voice” has told me about family and friends and sometimes argued why they now are starting to understand and believe in me sounding convincingly and at other times arguing why they still don’t understand me and this equally as convincing and we know as a small part of the old game of giving me suffering and I simply don’t know what my family and friends right now believe of me and my scripts and it is not very easy to tell when nobody reacts and we know by the way the only friend I see regularly at the moment is Fuggi and we know most of the others have abandoned me and a few I may see on rare occasions like Lotus and this is really the verdict in practise – almost all people abandoned me in reality and this also goes to some of the people who said they would see me again and we know some never came around to it (!) and some decided to see me only once and so it is!

And I am wondering just how many of you are “afraid” of contacting and seeing me again and we know also because “what if he is truly the one he says he is” and all I can say is “do you really want to hurt me” (?) because this is what you do because of this WRONG behaviour of yours not showing courage and true friendship to be there when a friend needs you.

“Breaking news” by Michael Jackson is nothing less than FANTASTIC 🙂

And we know Stig I just want to say that I have now listened to the “new” song “breaking news” by Michael Jackson and we know all of us – feeling Michael with me I am – THIS IS NOTHING LESS THAN A FANTASTIC SONG and we know A KILLER HIT I MIGHT ADD – as I am told here – and maybe it was supposed to come out this way (?) and we know WHO WANTS TO KNOW and “oh am I crazy” and “this is breaking news” and all we want to say is, really?

Later at the TV2 news the host had difficulties pronouncing the word “thriller”, which he could only say twice and the word was used about a Danish author having success and we know in my world it was a small sign of Michael Jackson as you may understand (?) to support this chapter and for him being here and we know right here with me and inside of me and so it is.

For a matter of good sake I have for A VERY LONG TIME when deciding not to include “this or that” in my scripts said to myself that I will include this in my speech (!) and that is my future speech to the world – it will become a very long speech if I am going to include all (!) – and we know thinking of Jan Gintberg’s “speech to the nation” every single time I am and we know WHAT A TALENT HE HAS and I enjoyed his one man show on television recently where he played himself as old VERY MUCH INDEED 🙂

9th November: The purpose of life is to show “loving openness”, which is already present and the key is “to be”

Tonight I was again given feelings of freezing when I tried to sleep meaning that I had to put on some clothes and also that I was VERY TIRED when I woke up. I took the following notes of dreams:

  • I am in Helsingør together with the souls of 20,000 people, one in pushing me towards the train, however I am not going to take the train again.

  • I am together with two friends visiting my father and Kirsten. I offer my father to produce an overview of his five pension schemes and he is very provocative asking me if I believe it will take me 2, 4 or even 8 or 16 hours to do and also showing that he really does not care to receive the overview or my visit and one of my friends tells me that PFA is probably better to do this work than I – without knowing it – and I tell my father that it will take me 1-2 hours to do and I think that I will do it for him despite of his resistance.
  • And we know an old symbol of PENSIONS returning here and what is it a symbol of (?) and let us say NORMAL LIFE too (?) and is this really it or is it not (?) and is any members of the Council with me to answer this please (?) and we know WE ARE NOT ON HOLIDAY but we know someone who would like to go again and we know not to fly of course because that is also us giving Kirsten the anxiety not to fly as she receives the anxiety of losing my father to explain her behaviour towards me and my sister and we know making her jealous and Stig YOU ARE FANTASTICALLY TIRED AND BURN-OUT when writing this and really just want us to give you a reply on what PENSIONS is a symbol of and we know this is life and now over to something completely different …. – and as you can see I did not get an explanation but I do believe it is the same meaning as “Danske Bank” and that is FUNDING to provide normal life to all people.

When I woke up I felt the hard physical work I did yesterday as muscle pains in my arms and I was thinking that I had to look forward to do more of the same work today.

And in order to save money I have decided to also save a two-zone train card this month meaning that I have to look out for the ticket inspector on every single train journey to Brede and to jump out if he should come and we know this is again not a comfortable situation to be in.

Working at the park with signs of the darkness reducing and my “army” still coming to assist me

Today I went with Michael to Virumgård again to continue our work on the left side of the farm, which I am happy to say makes progress visibly and we know it will probably take until some time next week before we will be ready with this work – removing the first layer you know – and while I was working I started receiving more negative speech again especially of sexual nature and we know the darkness still knows about “my old nightmare” verbally tempting me with beautiful ladies as a “front” of Virgin Mary and all filthy words annoying me much – but all of this is now EMPTY WORDS (!) – and I also received “clear marks” on the inner side of my right leg below the knee down to my angle but nothing like before – this is the remaining part of the darkness I am meeting and removing myself (!) – and I am wondering if some of my close relatives and friends have read the last published script and we know giving them more FEELINGS because as the reason why I have started receiving more suffering again (?) – but I kept on working on even though I felt that it would be impossible to work because of tiredness the rest of the day – and especially to visit the Centre for Wisdom and Compassion this evening with the view that my suffering would become even worse if I was not able to find the energy giving a difficult situation by itself – and I only succeeded doing the last work of 2½ hours after lunch today with all of my discipline and will power.

Both today and yesterday after lunch I removed the fallen leaves from the park, which had been removed by others of the park and placed next to the car and we know I can load the pick-up in approx. 25 minutes, drive to the waste disposal site, unload the pick-up and return in approx. 25 minutes so this afternoon I removed 2½ loads and we know this work will be ready on Thursday.

Today Flemming – one of the other NICE people of the park – told me about ”parking rules in practice” because the rules say that you need to park more than 10 metres to the corner but in practise he told me that you only need 8,80 metres and when he was saying this the Council told me that this was a symbol of the darkness reducing and we know when he also put out his tongue very characteristically and kept it out for a few seconds and we know this is not what people ordinarily do when speaking to others and again it was a sign showing that my army will wake up to come to my assistance and we know “shortly” and I wonder today if this will be within “weeks” from now?

Later Flemming was also speaking about being alone Christmas evening – which is a situation I don’t like people being in – and the IDEA of having people at the park celebrating Christmas together and Flemming, this was really about me and the celebration of the people at the park when you will discover the truth about me and yourselves too and we know it was also about just how awful a feeling it was to a mother if she has to look forward to spending Christmas evening without one of her children – her son – and we know therefore doing her best to have her children reconciled and we know I have not yet seen my sister since the meeting at my mother’s home some time ago and the weekly meetings with her family as we all liked so much has not yet been taken up – and we know but I am still looking forward to “normalise” our relation and so it is.

And I was inspired to ask Flemming if he would explain an uninitiated person like me – the words “came” to me very directly once again – if his former work as a boilerman is the same as what a caretaker do and we know which he told me that it almost is and I knew that this was really about me because I have not been anointed yet as a physical person but just maybe this is another signal about what is coming soon?

At the end of the work day I was again offered “beautiful ladies” and we know it is not only once but let me say “repeatedly” an “offer” I receive and need to resist and at the end of the day when I was driving to the waste disposal site and stopping for red light, a beautiful woman was INSPIRED to roll down her window and ask me for driving directions – this was direct TEMPTATION given (!) – and when coming to the waste disposal site a car was backing directly into another car next to me and we know if the driver had been more careful looking more concentrated where he was driving, it would never have occurred and we know another symbol of people driving into “my car” – i.e. me – potentially destroying me and that is unnecessary because all people had to do was to LISTEN/READ, UNDERSTAND and put away their own strong voice but difficult it was for you (?) and so it is – and on the other hand, this was also “expected” and what really saved us too.

“Again today I will do a difference at work” and “everybody says hi”

When driving the pick-up I was listening to Radio Pop-FM and I liked VERY MUCH a listener calling in saying that he was on his way to work in order to DO A DIFFERENCE again today and it motivated the radio host so much that he said that his motto is always to say “hi” as the first to the people he meet and we know THIS IS ABOUT ATTITUDE and I liked both of these examples very much and this is a CLEAR 100 POINT you know – both the song by Bowie, the FM-scale and a future world without any darkness and so it is J.

Haven’t the system after working for them 30 weeks understood that I work the best and have good relations with all?

Today I spoke to Rolf about what will happen to the “employment project” of the park because of the new rules of subsidies meaning that the Commune will only be reimbursed 30 percent and not 70 percent after 1/1/11 (!) of the cash help they pay to people being “activated” at the park and we know I was told that the park is a place for “weak” people, which “should” continue existing in the future (?) – and I do wonder what I am doing there (?) and also about just how “weak” these people really are (?) – and just maybe this gave some “nervousness” to Rolf and Judith as part of the game too and we know today the Job Centre carried out a dismissal round to save on the budget of the Commune, which does not look good (!) – and of course it is VERY uncomfortable to be in such a situation where other people decide on your behalf without having any influence on your own situation (?) – and we know why haven’t you started following my advises to work with the best QUALITY and EFFECIENCY and we know to eliminate BUREAUCRACY but maybe this is too “difficult” for you do?

I was also thinking that I am “excited” to see when I expect to be called in for a new meeting with the Commune in November – my “assignment” at the park runs out the 29th November – if the “system” still believes because of their own misunderstandings that I have “other problems than unemployment” meaning that I am not fully capable to work (!) and we know after I now again since the 1st September have been working my absolutely best showing both quality and efficiency as they have never seen before in the park and we know together with good relations with ALL people and I was thinking just how much and what kind of information is given about me from the Park to the “people in charge of me” (!) at the Jobcentre, who have NO personal experience themselves about how I work and relate with people and we know everybody working together with me can see for a fact that what I say is the simple truth but after 10 weeks at the park in the winter 2009/2010 showing this attitude followed by seven (?) weeks at the A2B course showing the same and now on my way to complete 12 weeks at the park showing the same once again, the Jobcentre may still not have found out the truth about me and still being sceptical of my working capacity because of my scripts (?) and we know HOW DIFFICULT WILL IT BE FOR THE JOBCENTRE TO FIND “SUITABLE” WORK FOR “SOMEBODY LIKE ME” (?) and we know I was also thinking about when I was hospitalised in 2008 for weeks where all people – except from the doctors – could see that I was completely “normal” – (“what is he doing here” as the “patients” thought) and we know but still it was difficult for the doctors to find out because they did not receive information on my “normality” from the employees or “patients” (!) – NOTHING is written about this in my journals (!) – and they did not know from personal experience because they did not spend time together with me except from a few meetings where they were looking for “problems” and we know THIS IS ABOUT BUREAUCRACY AND IN-EFFECIENCY OF THE WORST DRAWER SO TO SAY but still these systems are not able to see it today even though it should be SIMPLE LOGIC for all people to see?

– And we know my dear leading Civil Servants and Mayor of Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune as an example, is it difficult for you to take the right decisions on where to save on your budgets so it will not be “too deep cuts” on the service to the people of the Commune and we know IT IS SIMPLY AMAZING that this is the best you can do (?) and of course this is just my thought and so it is.

I was put in the worst state of impatience ever almost making me desperate

When I went home from the Park the speech of sexual nature was replaced by negative speech and feelings in general about all people and everything, which is approaching the same high and very concentrated level of negativity as before making me unhappy again – especially after I was not expecting this to happen again, it is TRULY destroying my existence and as uncomfortable as it gets – and when I came home I took a long bath again in order to raise my energy to be able to go to Copenhagen later and we know I am able to “slumber” for a few minutes at the bath before “waking up” and today when I again was extremely tired and entered into this stage I was receiving much information at the same time making me nervous about just what information would come to me – it was something about two engines which need to be ignited at the same time etc. – and if the darkness would use the moment without protection to start giving me information and I was so tired and the situation was so extreme that I received the worst feeling I have ever had when it comes to being impatient without being able to control this feeling, which put me in an almost desperate state and I was told that this is what the Council could have done to me easily and we know if the negativity of family and friends had been even worse and so it is.

The purpose of life is to show “loving openness”, which is already present and the key is “to be”

Despite of this, I decided to pull myself together and go to the meeting at 19.00 at the Centre of Wisdom and Compassion in Copenhagen and when I arrived I received a “donation slip” from the lady at the door and when I tried to explain her about my situation being on cash help – which I know is accepted by Stephan – her mind was really not with her body because she distracted herself by another visitor arriving and we know she did not show an interest to come back to listen to my story and we know I was surprised to witness this behaviour especially in a place like this (!) and we know when I was sitting down I found myself being EXTREMELY TIRED AND EXHAUSTED and the next minutes I was fighting this and also the voices coming to me “challenging” me and commenting that they were happy that I have decided not to abort one single of the meetings I have attended – this could have been easy to do many times because of the “stress” I have been given – and we know the situation this evening was the most extreme I have ever had and the name of this game was about IMPATIENCE because this was the extremely strong feeling I was given and we know simply to walk out from there but we know despite of all of this and almost not being able to keep my eyes open because of tiredness I decided to do my absolutely best resisting this in order to stay – that had to be the right decision (!) – and we know now with the goal to stay until the break at 20.00 and the other day I was asked by the Council about the purpose of life and this was really a clue about the answer coming this evening, which was that the purpose of life is to show “loving openness” as Stephan explained in a greater detail and I was HAPPY to have Stephan back again and even though I have appreciated the other teachers while he was away, he has this indefinable quality, which is difficult to put words on but something about KNOWLEDGE combined with GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS and we know MUCH CALM and OPENNESS too and he said that the “loving openness” is already present (!) and that it is about “TO BE” and so it is and with this he encouraged us to sit together for 20 minutes just “to be” and I was thinking how will I be able to do this for 20 minutes when I was fighting with extreme difficulties simply to follow every single of his words (?) and this meant to me that the next 20 minutes was as extreme as the “worst” marathon meditations I did a few weeks ago and that I had to use EXTREME mind control keeping the darkness in check and I was happy to get over this when he hit the “gong” and at the end of the first hour the Council showed me just how happy they were that I decided also to go through this hour and we know when a mobile telephone rang with a nice song and we know it kept ringing making some people start rocking to it and it also made Stephan come out from his cover of not wanting to be disturbed by noises coming from the outside and we know making him and the visitors laugh all over and Stephan said “don’t be SO SERIOUS” and again this was planted because it was of course a referral to the song “so serious” by ELO and IT DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS (!) – two meanings – and we know even though the Council gave me some “refreshing” feelings at the end of this hour making me consider staying also after the break but I had decided to leave at the break which I then did herewith breaking a meeting for the first time, which really was anticipated (!) and would I have been able to continue the meeting after the break (?) and I really don’t know but again I was at my extreme edge today and this evening, which was about showing extreme patience being on my absolute physical edge and we know simply to meet and dissolve ALL of the remaining darkness and so it is.

My LTO friends are not able to choose food as they please – will you please remember to communicate?

When I left the Centre I was given EXTREME temptations to grab a Shawarma from my favourite place on “Strøget” – I could taste it (!) – and later the same to have a burger and even later also when it came to chocolate and I resisted all of this to save money (!) and I was thinking about my LTO friends when this happened and what they go through without having these options and when I sent them my script Sunday the 8th I also sent them the message below and we know my friends are you suffering so much that you are not able to send me 1-2 lines telling me that you are coming through too?

I am thinking of how you are doing, hoping the best and I do hope you still come to the cybercafes to check your emails and read my scripts and if this is the case, I would be very happy to receive simply 1-2 lines from you every now and again saying that you are alright – Meshack and Elijah at the moment the most – and maybe two additional lines of how you are doing and what you are thinking WHEN you can afford it and only when. KEEP STRONG my good friends and please continue keeping updated below.

10th November: The BEST speakers I have EVER listened to symbolising my work, my anointment and the Trinity

Dreaming of taking the “train of gold” into the light for all people

Tonight I was sleeping ”almost alright” again but I was still tired this morning because of my extreme condition yesterday and I was dreaming about being in Africa having 500 pounds left and using 200 pounds to start fishing together with a local fisherman, whom I know has not been lucky to get an income surpassing his expenses and later I meet my old friend Henning W. in the train and he asks me of how I am looking in my old clothes full of holes and I tell him that it is because I am attending a course this week and when the train conductor arrives I am quite nervous because I believe I have only punched the train card once and not twice but I see that I have actually punched two cards as many as 18 times, which means that my expenses exceeds my income and we know this is about me taking the train journey from the darkness to the light – the “train of gold” really – FOR ALL PEOPLE, that my clothes is becoming more and more worn out because I cannot afford to buy new and also about an old thought I had the other day, which is that if you cannot make a “normal life” from a business, the business will have to close and we know IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THIS. I also had a dream about being a temp in Jyske Bank – which was not a nice experience, it was symbolising the darkness – and about pictures of “nice ladies” on the internet being blurred/censured and we know telling me that the darkness is still here but should now become less again.

When I woke up it was with the words “we’re in Heaven” from the very nice song by Bryan Adams.

I was indeed also very tired today because of the after effects of both yesterday and really the last couple of difficult weeks and I decided to write/edit my scripts of the last days and we know I was also thinking of going to Fitness World to run, which I could do without problems if I wanted to, but I decided that I would feel the best simply to stay at home to relax because I am physically tired all over meaning that exercise will have to wait maybe some days and we know we will have to wait and see.

I still received some negative speech and sexual torments today but it was at a much lower level than yesterday making the day much easier to come through – but you know just being tired.

Watch my bright “star” on www.youtube.com

And we know all of us nobody has yet connected the videos on my “star” on the Internet – which I saw the first time myself today because I used some time surfing the Internet – with my story on the Internet including the stories of the “starlight” and this goes to family and friends and we know other interested readers – not many of them at the moment – please click on some of these links, there are more out there, and you will see my bright “star” as I have desribed to you now many times and that is of course if you are not too busy doing something else, which you may believe is more important to do still making you “unable” to understand me?

Benjamin Creme talks about the “star”, which is not a star but an UFO “acting” like one to lead “wise men” to me – and we know Benjamin, you have become a “victim” just like me receiving both RIGHT and WRONG messages spiritually – I have not been on American television you know as just one example of WRONG information given to you, which you very LOYALLY have passed on to the world – and we know it does not feel very nice, does it (?) and it is of course annoying and disturbing you much because normally you are a very sincere person (?) and we know just like the experiences and feelings I have gone through too and so it is.

Miracle Star is seen Worldwide

The “star” over London


The bright star, Norway – see how it changes shape

An overview of miracles on the Internet

If you haven’t read my document on miracles yet – included at the book 2 folder at www.mediafire.com/stig – you can also read this to get an overview of some out of many miracles happening all over the world until today:


The BEST speakers I have EVER listened to symbolising my final work, my coming anointment, our survival and the Trinity

I did not go to Lama Yönten again today because the local branch of Hifi-klubben had invited 25 subscribers through a recent email newsletter to attend a presentation of the new Bowers & Wilkins 802 Diamond speakers and we know I LOVE MUSIC AND HIFI so I am sorry my dear Lama but this was the most important for me to do this evening (!) and therefore I sent an email to the Lama the other day informing him that I would not come today – to keep him from becoming “nervous” because of our dialogue of kneeling down some weeks ago – and also giving him my thanks with a friendly “see you” and we know I have not received a reply from him or his “assistant” Penpa and the Lama does not know much about computers as he has told us and we know did he notice the address of my website included in my email signature (?), which could give him information about who I am already now.

And we know this presentation was to me the finest reproduction of recorded music as I have ever listened to – and almost better than live music (!!!) – which became more and more clear to me as the evening progressed and we know the speakers were presented by Ole-Vidar, a Norwegian product manager of B&W, knowing all about the technical details of the products, which is an attitude I like very much you know – and he said “something” about the speakers, which is as the HOLY GRAIL (!) and we know this introduced the evening of a very INSPIRED man receiving many symbols of me and my work and old readers will know that the grail is simply my living flame on earth so what he was saying was that these speakers are a symbol of me and the Council told me more precisely that they are a symbol of the work I have done including writing and presenting my books and so it is.

He asked the audience about how many would like to hear about the technical details – always a good question to ask – which some did but not all and then he said that he would try to find the best balance of not giving too much nor too little technical information and also to consider playing music on the speakers for all of us to listen to and he told us that he expected the presentation to last between 45 minutes and 1 hour and we know this was about what I have gone through, which was to find a BALANCE between everything I have done and we know I have not been able to do anything perfect, but I have done my best according to the balance I decided to do with practical everything you can read about in my books.

He started his presentation by telling about the bas system of the speakers and he told us that the movement of the membrane is like a PERFECT STAMP and we know this is a symbol about me becoming anointed and that is really accepted to climb the last step on the ladder all the way into my “home” and we know TO BECOME MY SELF ON EARTH AS I AM IN HEAVEN and so it is.

For “feinschmeckers” I can inform that he was playing lossless music files from his laptop, which was connected to a NAD M2 amplifier and we know it was a VERY SIMPLE setup but nothing less than an amazing reproduction of sound and we know even though he was “only” playing in CD-quality and not an even higher resolution.

Throughout the evening the Council gave a physical evidence too for all people to remember including Ole-Vidar and that was clear drop-outs of the sound but only once every time he played a song and the first 3-4 times the drop-out was only maybe 1/10 of a second but enough to “annoy” this man of perfection – and most times when the drop-outs came I was given a small physical jerk of my body and we know also a comment or two from the Council, which is often how I am made aware of people being “inspired” – and he thought it was his computer doing this and he was smiling when he blamed Bill Gates and he also said that “this never happens when I do presentations in Norway” and we know do you remember the instructor from Fitness World saying the same recently (?) and we know this is how it works (!) and he continued commenting this when it happened and I noticed that the Samsung Flat screen, which he used to show his PowerPoint presentation on, also had similar short drop-outs and we know do you remember “television” as an old symbol of the darkness (?) and at one point I told him that it was not only his laptop but also the television doing drop-outs and this was a signal to the Council because the next time the drop-out on the laptop happened, it lasted maybe half a second, which was VERY apparent to all of us and we know finally at the end of the evening it happened one last time, which was probably as long as 1-2 seconds and we know A VERY LONG DROP-OUT don’t you think (?) and Ole-Vidar said that “this was the longest of them all” and what this was about was also really a comment to Microsoft that I don’t like you to produce “closed” IT-systems giving you unreasonable profits and we know I like OPEN systems for the whole world to develop together without limitations and this was really it J.

He continued presenting the special Kevlar unit making the middle tone membrane and he told us that the material is flexible/living, that it transmits NO distortion at all and he used drops of water moving through the membrane as a picture and we know another picture was when he told us that the material is so strong that if someone should shoot a bullet at it (!), the material will spread the energy of the bullet so it will not permeate and “what he really was saying” – thank you Uffe Ellemann for being very CLEAR on your weekly magazine on television to tell viewers what other people mean when they “cannot” speak clear and direct for people to understand and we know you are doing this Uffe because this is what I am doing in my book explaining what all of these symbols mean – was that I have received all of the water (i.e. suffering) but my “unit” is still working perfectly without any distortion (I am not disabled!) and we know also without being killed by the bullets shot at me by family and friends not realising what they did and again I HAVE NEVER FELT BETTER AS I DO TODAY (!) – leaving out the suffering coming my way – and he also told us that the wave of sound moving “backwards” is toned down perfectly so none of the sound will be thrown back by the cabinet to the backside of the membrane herewith reducing the quality of the sound, which symbolises that nobody has been able to stop or leave out information from my scripts and this was it really.

He also presented the very unique tweeter and we know which is made by diamond – manufactured industrially – BECAUSE THIS IS THE BEST MATERIAL OF COURSE (!) and he told us that the key here was to find the best BALANCE between different characteristics and we know as one of the themes of the evening of the balance I found myself and he showed us that this three-way speaker consists of three separate cabinets united into one unit, which does not fall apart – when you lift the middle tone unit as example, you lift the entire speaker – and we know the Council told me that B&W has been INSPIRED to design and produce these high technology speakers consisting of three different units acting as one as a symbol of THE TRINITY and we know consisting of “God”, the Son and the Holy one is here somewhere too as I am told BUT WE HAVEN’T YET FOUND HIM OR LET US SAY INTRODUCED HIM and that is to you “my son” as my mother and that is my spiritual mother Virgin Mary is saying and we know THERE ARE MANY “SECRETS” TO BE TOLD SOON but the main theme this evening is that WE ARE ALL ALIVE AND WELL and we know THAT YOU WILL BE INTRODUCED TO YOUR SELF AS PART OF THE TRINITY “VERY SOON” MY BOY as my “mother” tells me – thank you J.

And we know we listened to different kind of music, which in the beginning was not my favourite music but I could tell that the sound if the speakers was SIMPLY AMAZING and we know it was as fast, dynamic, entirely “up front” and so well integrated as I have never heard before and we know when he played a piece by Strauss and I heard the IMMEDIATE and CRYSTAL CLEAR “snap” or “bang” played by the speakers I had to surrender because I HAVE NEVER EVER HEARD A SPEAKER LIKE THIS BEFORE and we know this became even stronger when he played “Billy Jean” by Michael Jackson of course (!) and we know the sound was simply incredible, I heard details and a total connection of the sound stage as I have never heard before and when Michael sang “don’t think twice” above and to the left of the left speaker (!) it was as if the speakers did not exist and that Michael was standing in the room in front of me (!) and we know when he played hard rock by Race against the Machine I can only say that I HAVE NEVER HEARD GUITARS SOUNDING SO WELL AND “COMMITTED” BEFORE – and so much “harmony” from hard rock simply because of the exceptional quality of the reproduction system (!) – which just maybe gave me the thrill of my life (!), this is how much I LOVE music – and we know I love my Holfi Sunair speakers – which has a price as new almost the same as the B&W speakers, which is approx. 100,000 DKK for a pair (!) – but in direct comparison I can only say that the B&W speakers are “ten times better” and this is the difference between “very good speakers” – and they are VERY good indeed (!) – and WORLD CLASS speakers and we know I was thinking that WHEN ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD WILL GET A NORMAL LIFE I hope I will be able to get speakers like this myself and we know also hoping that I will still be able to enjoy music reproduced with the best quality as a normal human being meaning that experiencing this joy will not be “too late” for me to enjoy when the entire Universe will be opened to me and we know also saying that this is a theme I have not written much about but it is about me becoming “everything” at the same time as a simple human being enabling me to enjoy the same things as everybody else and so it is – and really because this is what I have asked for as one of the many stories, which did not make it to the scripts.

Ole-Vidar also played music by the late Stevie Ray Vaughan, which inspired him to say that sometimes he do presentations only playing music by diseased artists and we know which actually continued when he also played Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra – which was “ONE FOR MY BABY” and I was thinking of Karen here when listening to one of my favourite songs by FRANKIE – and all of this was really to say that I have decided that all diseased people, who would like to become PHYSICAL part of the celebrations coming because we have succeeded to come through the Judgment are WELCOME and so it is my friends J.

And we know I asked Ole-Vidar if he had any music files in high resolution, which he would play and he did not have many but he found “ONE” and that was a very special version of BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER by Simon & Garfunkel – of course (!) – and we know played by a Norwegian on organ (!) and this was really to REPEAT that WE HAVE NOW CROSSED THIS OCEAN FULL OF CROCODILES and so it is my friends.

When people become inspired and feel good, time can pass quickly and we know after 1½ hours he told us that he had not planned on speaking so much but this is how it is my dear friend when you are inspired to bring stories to my script telling about the end of my journey.

During the evening I also noticed that NO ONE burst out in JOY to say just how AMAZING and TRULY SUPERB this new speaker is and we know it made me sad because this is the feeling I am sure most people had inside of them and again you saw an example of people holding back positive feelings which removes joy and we know I could not do the same so I BROKE OUT – also of the prison of the Devil (!!!) – telling Ole-Vidar that I have speakers of the same price range at home, which are very good but that the B&W speakers are “ridiculous” good and we know the best I have ever heard and so it is!

At the end of the evening I did not feel well about going back to work at the farm tomorrow but I was also thinking that now I have done most of the physical hard work so now it is not as bad anymore and we know the physical work is of course much harder to do than what the people of the park knows about because it is when I do this that I also do the hardest “mental” work to resist the darkness in order to dissolve it and we know this is when I am going through the worst of my sufferings and my dear friends every single time you have been reading about my sufferings in my books – for years and all of my life in fact – it has been about “breaking through” and we know removing the darkness and so it is.

These days I have been inspired to tell myself (!) that I don’t want any more illnesses of the world and I was thinking about Meshack and how he is doing right now – and in fact all of the family members of all of my LTO friends – and he was the face I put on when thinking that there will be NO more illnesses of the future world and so it is.

When this is written I AM ENJOYING VERY MUCH to listen to the old traditional “Danish top hits” from the sixties and seventies in concert – http://www.dr.dk/TV/1024/indlejret%20player – and I simply LOVE the symphony orchestra lifting the songs to a new level (although I would personally have liked the orchestra to play a little bit quicker), the choir, the artists and of course the very special feeling of these old songs, which is the most typical Danish you can get (i.e. the “sound”) and we know which also was a part of my upbringing and there are fantastic songs, harmonies, feelings, soul, and memories of (almost) all of these songs and I do believe they should be able to become international hits and we know still to this day my friends (some of them are really international hits translated into Danish!) – and Hella I do believe that you will find a spirit very soon – but not in the bottle as you talked about at the show – and so it is.

And by the way I am still using my computer without any virus control program at all as I did in Kenya too and we know it runs perfectly without any viruses being strong enough to break my “natural” virus protection: The Council!

11th November: I have been playing the game the same time as I have been the creator of it!

Obama: “I know that I really can do it”

This morning when I had breakfast, I found out that Obama was speaking live on television from Seoul, Korea, and we know from time to time I have caught a few of his live speeches and we know there is most often a play between us spiritually which he reacts on and which I like very much to see and today I was saying “bare gå til den” (“simply do it”, which does not quite cover the Danish expression) as so often before and we know I received some of the same INSPIRATIONAL SPEECH as I do with others and I received the DREAM SONG (!) “Got my mind set on you” by George Harrison and almost as much by Jeff Lynne too (!) and the words “I know that I really can do it” and of course you can Obama because if you can not, who can (?) and the other day I was told that the reason why people – including Obama and other “special friends” – have not given up but managed to go through SUFFERINGS is because I have not decided to give up myself and we know I have been playing the game the same time as I have been the creator of it and my dear friends another “breaking news” for you – “this is it”.

And the other morning I received the same song – not always I write down the songs I receive you know – and this time it was about doing what is RIGHT to do, which is to continue dissolving the darkness repeatedly and this time it was these lyrics: Its gonna take time, a whole lot of precious time, its gonna take patience and time, ummm, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it right child.

The darkness is (almost) not existing anymore and I was chosen by fellow beings to become “the creator”

Today at the farm I was again happy to have Michael with me and I actually had more physical hard work to do which was to rake most of the ground to the left of the farm and that is really to rake hard to the ground (!) so this is what I did at the same time as I was dissolving the darkness and we know the game continued “mentally” with me correcting and fighting the darkness as so often before but today the darkness was not very strong so the day was much better than yesterday and if I was tired (?) and we know of course I was but not as much as yesterday and I knew that I would come into a rhythm after 1-2 hours of concentrated work and this is what happened once again.

At the break Tom told us a story he had heard at a pub (!) of a dachshund without legs (!) and we know he said that it did not have a name either because when people called after it, it was not able to come (!) and I thought about what he said knowing that this was a planted story about the darkness, which the dog is an old symbol of too, and with this knowledge and the development in mind, I could only tell Tom that this is a story of a dog not existing (!) and that was truly the right “answer” to this “pub-story” as I could see on Tom’s face.

Today I was also told that I went through almost all dangers of the destruction of the Universe as a potential outcome almost without realising that this is what I did and this was really what the Council did ALL they could to spare me from and we know you may understand that this is quite a big pressure to have on you shoulders if you know about this as another likely outcome (?) and it still gives me the worst feeling just to write this.

We also had VERY NICE and delicious honey made by the bee-keeper having beehives in the park and the others spoke about the queen of a beehive, which the bees choose themselves and we know this was another story planted about me becoming the creator because this is what I have been chosen to be from my fellow beings.

When we were working at the farm we met a tractor with two men – normally we don’t meet people here – and the men decided to come to me – they were employed by the museum – to ask me what we were doing there and I told them the truth that it is an agreement between Rolf from the park and “somebody” from the Museum for the park to carry out this work and we know their reaction was that they did not know that the museum had given a “contract” to externals to do this work and we know these are the people working for the museum who have the responsibility to take care of this garden and we know but you have allowed both the farm and the ground to be in the worst state I have ever seen anywhere and still you believe that we are blacklegs stealing away your work?

I use the alarm of my phone everyday at work at 09.22 and 11.22 to inform me about breaks coming and we know the alarm now works fine both when it is ringing and when I shut it down but again today at 11.22 when it rang, it was not possible to shut it down and I saw that my pressure on the button “cancel” was accepted because it was blinking but also that it received a “counter order” to ignore this and to keep ringing and we know again the only way to silent it was to shut down the entire phone and this is now the second time this has happened and I am wondering if this will happen three times before I am TRULY finished dissolving ALL darkness and we know before I will become my self on earth as in heaven.

We were given the rest of the day off at 12.30 which actually disturbed my plan to finalise the removal of the last part of the fallen leaves to the waste disposal site and we know I will have to continue doing this next week and so it is – but it gave me time to write, edit and publish the rest of my scripts today, otherwise I would probably not have made it.

The last couple of weeks I have become in an increasingly better mood and this is simply because of my self-confidence growing because I know that I have crossed the “bridge over troubled water” meaning that there is nothing more to be afraid of – except from still going through some VERY UNPLEASANT pain to remove the last part of the darkness and the uncertainty about what it means to become “myself” – and this has meant that I am now becoming more confident in my speech again (as my “old self” really) and also that I smile, laugh and joke more and also ask more open questions and listen more to others even though I am not nearly at the level yet as I would like to be and so it is.


Just a few extra stories today to follow up on past events and we know I let these “good ideas” of stories from the Council slip through today and really as examples of many other “good ideas”, which did not but we know which also was designed to keep me as stressed as possible as part of my suffering – and difficult it is to decline good stories, which I would have liked to bring if I had more time and resources:

  • The Council made sure that I was not “successful” as a BtB salesman even though “some” of the prospects I visited may believe I was a good salesman also giving you good ideas to develop your business (?) and that is even though you decided not to enter into a business agreement with me and we know Stig this was really also to let your colleagues believe that you were not a good salesman and we know only BtB sales – because BtC always went fine – and that was to make you suffer when people took away your best competences – communication – and doing “dull work” in stead, which they did not want to do (!) and of course to make sure that I would not “make a million DKK per year” before I became 30 years old – as the old thought I received in my twenties, which really should have been easy to do if other people had treated me according to my competences (!) – and so it is and this is really the same as why I was not “successful” in relation to women despite of many having “feelings” for me, which was really the good side saving me from living a life in indulgence as others do and to make me suffer the worst possible way and we know as I have explained about before.

  • Michael told me that he has been working briefly on the island of Endelave, where I was together with AON in 1995 and we know I was told by the Council that the group I was part of back then – when we were told to do different assignments and to cross the water to come to the island WITHOUT using the ferry – was the group which was did the best preparation and even though we left the harbour as the last group, we were the first to arrive at the farm of the island and this was really another symbol (!) of the work I have done to prepare for the future world because even though this is what has taken the longest time to do, this is by far what gives the absolute best result for all of us and so it is 🙂

This afternoon and evening I finalised the rest of my scripts of today and yesterday and published it and we know I was working almost six hours on this concentrated (!) and did I receive any negative speech or disturbance when doing this work (?) and I we know “hardly” and THIS IS QUITE AN UNUSUAL SITUATION TO BE IN FOR ME but it made me happy and so it is 🙂

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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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