18th November – It is time to unite the civilisation with the new world without darkness – my keys magically re-materialised!

Summary of the script today



15th November: Ignorant and sceptical people is the reason why the signs of my arrival have not been understood by the world
  • Today I was on my edge feeling “completely indisposed” but with my outmost I managed to work simultaneously as dissolving more darkness “almost” completing the left side of the farm.
  • At the park one was “inspired” to speak about “Jesus walking on water”, which made us speak of “magicians” walking on water, conjuring away my wrist watch and levitating and despite of my best communication people said that “it is all humbug but elegantly executed” without listening to me, which was a new example of poor communication because of lying, sceptical, self contradicting and IGNORANT people not telling or understanding what is happening these years for the world to understand the signs given of the Judgement and my arrival.
  • My limit of absorbing the darkness is constantly growing making it both more difficult and easier than before to go through and this evening Hitler tried to come through to me again but there was not enough darkness to support him.
16th November: Finishing “the most difficult work a man has ever done” simultaneously as writing my scripts
  • I am finishing the work on the farm removing both the 1st and 2nd layer of the scrubs etc., which made the Council tell me “you are about to finish the most difficult work a man ever has done at the same time as you have continued writing your scripts without delays”.
  • I was given new symbols of the Trinity and the Source arriving – and the alarm of my mobile phone rang without being switched on (!) – which made me happy.
17th November: It is still a requirement to show a clean heart before you will be granted access to the new world
  • Dreaming of leading people, who have not improved their behaviour and faith, into my new world with a risk of violence occurring to tell you that it is still a requirement that you show a clean heart before you will be granted access.
  • I was on the other side of being broken down and overcoming strong feelings of wanting to do nothing reaching my extreme limit but despite of this I decided to write my scripts and later to play 1½ hours of concentrated table tennis with Fuggi doing my best to win a set (!) and I could have continued playing two more hours if I had time because now I was focused and not tired anymore!
  • At Lama Yönten I was given the worst and strongest feelings of being afraid/insecure almost bringing me down but I decided to be stronger than all of you giving me these feelings (!) and I was told that the Lama is important for my development in order to be lifted up as myself. The Lama spoke about communication on my suggestion concluding that true communication requires LOVE and COMPASSION without selfishness and desires, which unfortunately are the driving forces of most people today in this culture, which we agreed NOT to adapt to. We also agreed that it is up to each individual to decide if they will do meditation with or without music instead of determining what others should do just because of what Buddha did 2,500 years ago – where he could not playback music!
18th November: It is time to unite the civilisation with the new world without darkness – my keys magically re-materialised!
  • Today we finished 99.95 percent of our work at the farm and Tom found a “Faberge egg”, a wine carafe and a watch symbolising that it is now time to unite the civilisation with the new world. I “found” my vanished keys inside of the right breast pocket of my work jacket, which I NEVER use because it is awkward to use, the keys magically re-materialised to tell me that I have now received the key to open up the new world without any darkness.
  • I received stomach pains again from drinking coffee meaning that the Commune now again “don’t like me” or are “afraid of me”. What will they decide to do with me after next Friday when my “punishment” at the park is over (!) after I again have worked the best of all (!) and having good relations with all (?) – will they believe that I am still partly disabled (!) forcing me against my will or will they finally give me uprising, my full freedom and apologies for “torturing” me?


15th November: Ignorant people is the reason why the signs of my arrival have not been understood by the world

Can I really go through the remaining darkness and what will happen if I cannot?

Yesterday evening before going to bed the darkness was again strong trying to scare me much – some family and friends must still be scared about me and I don’t understand why because I only come with a good message to help us all to a continuous and improved life … (?) – and this because I have not done Yoga and been attending light services for more than a week now and the scares given this evening was about “can I really go through the darkness now without becoming tempted to look at beautiful ladies improperly and without going into the negative speech” (?) – the first part has become increasingly difficult – and “what will happen if I do” (?) and we know the darkness is very good to “speculate” in all kind of negative scenarios and this does really not make me happy, which continuous heart pain coming again this evening did not either but I decided that I will focus on my own self confidence and not being in doubt, which is a very strong feeling given to me – the darkness can be so strong that it can take away the biggest self confidence in the world just like “that” – and this is what helped me coming through this evening but let us say that it was “not very pleasant” and so it is.

Tonight I had a dream about visiting my old friend René – “HELLO” where are you René (?) – in Stockholm, Sweden and he helped me to find a ticket for a plane home, which however was more expensive than what I could afford.

Working “completely indisposed” at the farm receiving praise

When I woke up I was again at my absolute edge feeling completely indisposed and I went to the park thinking that I will only go there because my rhythm will come to me in a couple of hours and really the first hours were so BAD today that I wonder if anybody would have decided to go working just for one day feeling like I did today and let me say that I had the feeling of “gotta go home” with me very strongly the first two hours and actually the whole day.

Today Michael and I continued and “almost” finalised all of the left side of the farm and I am happy that Michael is with me and it also helps on my motivation when I become happy to see the work he has done – as I did again today – and following the progress of his work instead of doing it all by myself helped on my “mental motivation” and today Michael cut down the remaining scrub and I did the “second cut” of the whole left side – “hundreds” of different kinds of shoots which needed to be cut the last centimetres all the way to the ground – and the second raking too without finding my keys as expected – and I must say that I was happy with the work we did and that is together with darkness, sexual torments and negative speech still coming to me – the speech on Virgin Mary for the last weeks has been like the opposite Tuborg commercial where an unattractive lady becomes more and more attractive the more beer a man drinks and we know this kind of verbal “threat” is still there but you may understand that it is not as severe as one, two and three weeks ago and we know empty words is still what it is as long as I follow the right road and today and also several of the other days working at the farm I have also been given an uneasy stomach, where I “almost” need to go to the bathroom much of the time and we know not very nice too to have while doing this work – and today Rolf was inspired to come and see the progress of the work and he was still “impressed” and again he said that “I normally don’t become impressed, but here I am”, which made him “happy” again, which almost was like a “reward” in itself and I told Rolf that now the ground looks fine on the surface but the truth is that the ground should really be dug up because there is a plastic sheet underneath a few centimetres of earth at a large part of the ground and we know I said that this is the worst “environmental filth” I have ever seen – PLASTIC ETC. HAS NOTHING TO DO IN THE GROUND (!) – and the Council told me that the true symbol for me is the PERFECT FARMS OF THE OUTDOORS MUSEUM on the other side of the road and my dear friends THEY ARE SIMPLY PERFECT AND VERY BEAUTIFUL and this is where we are still approaching and we know Rolf called the museum to say that we are “almost” finished with the work and the museum will come shortly for an inspection and we know it is like finishing and delivering the final project including the rest of the darkness and so it is – but let us see if there is not more darkness to come the coming days and I should be surprised if there is not.

Ignorant people is the reason why the signs of my arrival have not been understood by the world

At the morning break we had hot liver pate – one of my favourites – and Tom talked about “much water” included in the liver pates, which made Flemming inspired to mention “Jesus walking on water” and you may remember my dear readers that one of the videos I gave a link to the other day was to the “magician” Chris Angel walking on water (?) and this made me say that I watched this video where he walks on water without the influence of any optical illusions or camera tricks and I also spoke about David Blaine levitating, which made people on the streets “go wild” – which is feelings as genuine as they get and confirmation about what really happened – and Gert had watched this and also noticed the simply AMAZED spectators and this made one of the others say to my surprise that “it is all humbug but elegantly executed” (!) and this made me mention my own experience from Tivoli in 2008 where my watch was conjured off my wrist without anybody touching me and in the same split of a second my watch was on the arm of the “magician” and again this same man of the park said “humbug” and that “somebody must have taken off the watch” – apparently the “magician” was so quick that I did not see or feel him doing this (???) – and again I told him that “nobody touched me” and that “it is impossible to remove the watch without touching me” (!) – for another human, which should be simple logic for all to understand (?) – and we know now it made him say that “the magician did not do it” (!), which made me tell him “you are right, the magician did not do it so either it is humbug or a miracle” and we know the voice of sceptical, self contradicting and IGNORANT people can be strong because he continued saying “humbug” – which other people repeated (!) – and then I could only tell him “you don’t listen to me” and we know but I wonder how many of the rest of you understood what I told you (?) and again this behaviour made me very sad to experience and it also made me think that just maybe the readers of my script the other day thought the same of my experiences of my keys vanishing, coins dematerialising and materialising including the links of “magical tricks” on the Internet and we know even though it is SIMPLE LOGIC that what these “magicians” do is impossible for human beings to do and that the only logical explanation is that it is MIRACLES being performed directly in front of your nose.

So these miracles to tell about the Judgment and my arrival have not been “discovered” by the world because of very poor communication, the “magicians” not telling the truth about what is happening because of fame and fortune being more important and people watching simply don’t believing in what is shown in front of their eyes – unless you see it live in front of you that is the same way as UFO’s flying above us, UFO lights over Norway and elsewhere, crop circles, weeping and bleeding statues/paintings – people who have seen this live probably wonder why the world is not reacting (?) – and many other “miracles”, which should be the most important information to bring and talk about for the entire human race to understand what the signs are about, to “heal the world”.

At the lunch break we talked about a man being, who was caught the other day because of DNA evidence for a murder etc., which he did 20 years ago and one told me that the DNA evidence is safe in 1 to 1 million cases compared to the DNA found at the scene of the crime and we know the conclusion was that in Denmark there would then be “five potential murderers” because of a population of five million in Denmark and we know this was a symbol planted to tell about the closest people to me who have been my “potential murderers” because of ignorance, poor behaviour and simply because of misunderstandings also leading you to “cry” and “cry again” – also on my absolute top list of Simple Minds – and my dear family members and “friends”, can you guess who you are (?) and your pain is simply because of your own misunderstandings and we know WHEN WILL YOU TRULY UNDERSTAND ME AND START BECOMING HAPPY SO MY SUFFERING WILL REMOVE TOO?

When I came home I was EXTREMELY TIRED beyond what I though was possible and I did not take a nap because of all of the scares I received when I tried to take a nap some weeks ago – and instead I took a long bath.

The “magician” Henrik Svanekiær doing more “impossible tricks”

This evening Danish TV2 had a live show on Danish football, which I saw a few minutes of while a Harry Potter movie I was watching on another channel was interrupted because of commercial breaks – which I don’t have an option to turn off today, which I don’t like – and here the “magician” Henrik Svanekiær was back and “it’s a kind of magic” what you are doing (?) including when Martin Jørgensen was “hypnotised” – one of my top five by Simple Minds!!! – and do you know who made it impossible for Martin to kick the ball and other “involuntary” actions too (?) and do you believe it was Henrik doing “magic” with the cards predicting which card Preben Elkjær “randomly” would pick from a stable of cards falling to the ground (?) and also guess which two digit number he would think of (?) and my dear friends CAN YOU DO WHAT HENRIK DID (?) and if your answer is no, do you then think Henrik Svanekiær can?

The darkness is both more difficult and easier to go through than ever before

As mentioned I was watching a Harry Potter movie – the Goblet of Fire – and I felt the darkness becoming stronger during the evening when watching the movie, it has become increasingly difficult to keep away my eyes from beautiful ladies both on television and on the streets – which I however continue to do – because of the increasing darkness given to me and again I was given extreme feelings of being “scared” and insecure and all of this is difficult to handle and I can only say that in some respects my experiences this evening and recently have been the strongest and most difficult I have gone through – my limit is constantly being expanded because I learn on a daily basis how to handle the next level of darkness really and still remembering all of the things I have learned at “school” – thank you Roger for this and many other fantastic songs – to still handle all of the previous levels I have gone through – at the same as I know that the Council will only go to my limit when playing the darkness meaning that there is no danger really – but still I don’t know what would happen if I was not strong enough to withstand all of this pressure from the darkness and we know if I gave in to the “temptations”.

I also felt uncomfortable when Hitler was with me again and he tried “pretty strongly” to come through again speaking of “killing” – however there was simply not enough darkness left to “support” him – and I found out minutes later that the reason of this experience ALSO was because of the return of the dark Lord Voldemort at this Harry Potter movie and I liked what one of the characters of the movie said that it is going to be about “choosing what is right or easy” and my dear friends to this I can onlysay that the choice for all people of the world will become both RIGHT and EASY and we know “against all odds”.

When I went to bed I was happy to see my light as the only light on the sky from my bedroom window, which was followed by three UFO’s one at a time and I noticed that at least one of them moved in three different times for every second or two – it simply “magically” shifted “somewhat” position each time – and I saw this as a message of the Trinity coming.

16th November: Finishing “the most difficult work a man has ever done” simultaneously as writing my scripts

Finishing “the most difficult work a man has ever done” simultaneously as writing my scripts

Tonight I slept somewhat better than yesterday but still I was VERY tired today but MUCH better than the very extreme yesterday meaning that I did not have the same feelings to go home from the park again and we know I went together with Michael to the farm again to work on the final details, which included removing A LOT OF WASTE FROM THE GROUND WHICH IRRESPONSIBLE PEOPLE FOR YEARS SIMPLY HAVE THROWN THERE (!) and also working at the farm yard removing small scrubs etc. and I was happy that we did most of this today meaning that I do believe we will finish all of the work on Thursday – as expected for days now – removing what is really not only the 1st but also the 2nd layer (!) of the scrubs etc. and when I did this work the Council was with me telling me that “you are about to finish the most difficult work a man has ever done at the same time as you have continued writing your scripts without delays” and my dear friends this is what I was told and this is therefore what I write and you may take my extreme tiredness and suffering “under my skin” – which you cannot see but understand A LITTLE OF through my scripts – into account when you decide for yourself if you believe this is what I in fact have done and I was also told that I have been the weakest of all people working at the park but we know they believe I am the strongest and this is because of ATTITUDE and nothing else!

At the morning break I was happy to see that Søren from the National (Outdoors) Museum – the museum owns the farm and have agreed with the park to remove the scrubs etc. – had arrived to say thank you for the work I and helpers have carried out and he was so kind to bring three Danish pretzels, which we all enjoyed and we know the Council told me that the number three was yet another sign of the Trinity arriving.

At the break Helle told me that she does not have anymore to write off in her tax accounts and I was listening because this expression has been given to me for weeks about my father “writing off in his tax accounts” as another symbol of the darkness and really his attitude and behaviour in relation to me and this was a message from the Council telling me that there is almost no darkness left making me happy to hear and it continued when Helle asked me if I was “clever” (in Danish “smart”) enough to open the lid of a bottle of mayonnaise and I was given this “feeling” to understand that this was again from one of the “Frede movies”, where Frede in a train cabin says “det er meget smart” (“that’s very clever”) when he turns around with an orange in his hand making a criminal in front of him “accidently” stabbing with a knife and we know this was simply about the orange as the symbol of the Source “opening”, which was given to me and we know again making me happy and “better days” is what we are looking forward to and that is a “promise” my friends and we know a TRUE 100 point on the scale – also to the Boss!

I had not switched on the alarms on my mobile phone today after it yesterday at 11.22 continued to be impossible to shut down when ringing so therefore there was no alarm first at 9.22 and later at 11.22 but I was SURPRISED when the alarm despite of this started ringing at 11.25 – there was NO alarm switched on (!) – and again it was impossible to shut down and we know as Michael said when I told him, “these “smart phones” are becoming so “smart” that they don’t need to think themselves”!

Even though I was less tired than yesterday I was still so tired after lunch that it was almost impossible to pull myself together to do the last 2½ hours of work but I decided to do it step by step and that was to continue the work of removing the heap of leaves next to the car at the park and we know the heap has been growing for days but I do expect that before the end of the week, I will also be able to finish the removal of the rest of the heap to the waste disposal site – and I was happy to receive help shortly today by “two others”, which I was told was yet another symbol of the Trinity coming and so it is.

As a matter of good sake I can say that for days and weeks different kind of words of “food” and “dinners” have been incorporated into my language as symbols and we know it is about “feeding the world” and so it STILL is.

Today I was hoping to go to Copenhagen to visit Lama Lakha for the first time but even though I would be able to do it if necessary I decided to stay at home because of let us say the second highest level of extreme tiredness and also because I wanted to prioritise writing my script today before I tomorrow morning will do the edits of this and the script of yesterday and I did not feel absolutely sure that I would both be able to visit the Lama – and receive new experiences to write about – and still being able to write all of the script tomorrow and THIS IS TRULY HOW IT IS MY FRIENDS J.

Let me also say that I am happy with the quality of my scripts UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES but when I read parts of them I am truly NOT SATISFIED with how many wordings look and typing errors etc., which I did not catch at the first or second edit and my dear friends these scripts are written being VERY TIRED and this is REALLY the reason why these “errors” occur because if I was not this tired and if I had more time to do the work, the quality would be better and just an added comment: When I write “and so it is” it is the Council confirming that what I write is what indeed happened or words given to me by the Council.

This evening another of these characteristic UFO’s were flying on the sky and this time it was further than 1-2 kilometres away – maybe five times further away – and in between the UFO and my apartment was first one plane approaching Copenhagen Airport and then another and my dear friends just asking how many pilots and crew members have seen UFO’s for years without informing the world (?) and we know thank you to all of you who have tried to enlighten the world about these phenomena’s and we know without truly succeeding to get the attention of the entire world.

At the end of the evening I received a feeling of my old friend and class mate Niels from Albertslund as I have received so often before and I was asked “do you want us to start revive people being terminated” and this message made me feel very unwell because has my old friend died and been terminated as one example of maybe many of the Universe (?) and if this is the case my answer is of course yes by all means and on the other hand this may also be a message from the darkness to put extra pressure and bad feelings on me, which the darkness is a master of doing and we know still the story about family and friends being “concerned”, “sad”, “afraid” and “insecure”, which is transferred to me directly and we know was this also one of them (?) and again time will tell.

One of the strong “challenges” given to me today was about family and friends living a life in luxury not understanding and ignoring me while I was and still am suffering much and potentially to give them pain to feel too and we know this is an example of one of many sufferings I have received so often where the answer is simply that I want all people to live a good and normal life in the future without pain no matter what they have done and how they have lived their life up until now, but where the immense pressure of the darkness put on me can be and has been very difficult to resist because the truth is that my family and friends have made me very sad because of their behaviour and when you are given extreme and constant persuasion at the same time as feeling disappointed with people and again when you are more dead than alive with a much lower threshold of endurance, it is very easy to decide on what is “easy” but I again I managed to decide on what is right: I don’t want anybody to receive any pain and to feel pain as I have done – all are to live a good and normal life.

And finally this evening my left foot “hit” the right foot without me moving the foot (!) – it was Virgin Mary “hitting” Joseph (!) – and I was told that “the game” was about who would be the strongest of the Council representing the “will” of people on earth and we know we never came around to involving the earth because of my resistance to the darkness and so it is.

And again this evening when I watched television, I received the strongest sexual attraction given to any people and again I understood just how small the margins are – and have been – to come through this road of mine because I have not one single time gone into a sexual desire when watching television or ladies on the street as I have not gone into one single negative feeling or speech and we know despite of the IMMENSE STRENGTH AND CONSTANT PRESSURE given to me while I have been more dead than alive – and I truly don’t understand myself how I went through this and SO IT IS.

17th November: It is still a requirement to show a clean heart before you will be granted access to the new world

It is still a requirement to show a clean heart before you will be granted access to the new world

Tonight I first thought that I had slept better than recently but we know I am still as tired and beaten black and blue as before – and we know beyond this point really – and still carrying on we are and I wrote down this dream:

  • I have brought four people including Lars D-P through the admission point of Helsingør and I show them my office here in the new world where I have also been working with cases from my old job of the old world. Later I receive a whole class at the station of Helsingør and I notice that they have not changed behaviour or received more faith and I am holding an introduction meeting where they do understand that I am Jesus but I also feel that there is risk of violence because people have not changed behaviour and faith. I see on my phone that Rikke H. has left a message for me, which I however only can receive when it will be connected to my computer at my office at the new world, I try to leave the bar, but I cannot find an exit, people stop me, they don’t listen to me and I see a policeman at my new office mot understanding me.
  • When I woke up and wrote the notes of this dream, I received the James Bond song “tomorrow never dies” as a confirmation that we will live forever (!) and this dream is really to say that people will not be allowed entrance to our new world before you have met the criteria to show a clean heart as I have written about in my books, which you can also see an extract of on my website.

I also dreamt about my old class mates from Espergærde Christina and Christian telling them that I have always thought about seeing you again, which is a feeling I have with many “teams of people” I have been together with and not least my class mates from Espergærde.

Feeling on the other side of being broken down and considering to cancel my program the rest of the day

This morning on my day off from the park I was on the other side of being broken down really (!) because I was feeling the physical tiredness from the work at the park and farm, which together with lack of sleep and the suffering given to me made me feel like a zombie feeling bad and at the same time I received the strongest feelings that I all I wanted to do today was to relax doing nothing meaning that I simply did not want to do any writings this morning and the feelings were again as strong as the strongest depression and it is really the same to overcome these feelings as it is to overcome the strongest depression when I tell myself that “I am stronger than these feelings and this extreme tiredness” thinking that I should be able to find some kind of rhythm to work even on this side and that is again to do what is right to do and all of this led to the thought that I do wish that family and friends would start to behave properly and that is NOT to be afraid and to start communicating with me directly and we know also to start helping me and my LTO friends to receive a normal life and my dear friends it is now more than nine months ago I published my book no. 2 and started writing and publishing book no. 3 and “all this time” I have NOT received one single positive or understanding reflection from anyone – all I have received is silence, negativity, scariness and wrong behaviour behind my back, this is really what you have done, do you think this is the right way to approach me?

After doing the first edit of the script of the last three days, a little bit of shopping and cleaning up I was back in front of my computer at 13.30 starting the second edit of the scripts and we know being as tired and worn-out as ever before really and this is the limit I need to reach because this is the same as saying that there is no more darkness to remove (!) which also was confirmed because the negative speech had almost disappeared at this stage and we know I do have table tennis together with Fuggi and maybe even an evening together with Lama Yönten to look forward to – even though I never received a reply on my email, which I think is decent to do really.

Later: I was so extremely tired that I seriously considered to cancel my appointment with Fuggi and not to visit the Lama – which I however decided to follow through – and when I was feeling like this I was told that “this is the dead side of me” – meaning that the LIGHT side of me is alive and kicking and we know the “man in the mirror” I am facing right in front of me looking at me from the other side, which is also what I have been told for some days now and really also to say that I was the “one side of me” being “appointed” to remove the darkness while the other side of me – “the other side of love” that is and of course by Yazoo – was separated from me temporarily – as I have written about some time ago – to build up the new world and Universe for all of us to enjoy in the future and we know “the one” I am going to be reunited with “soon” and so it is.

Playing table tennis with Fuggi again for the first time in almost thirty years – and receiving a new impatient double partner

I was looking forward to playing table tennis with Fuggi again for the first time since we were teenagers – we played a few years together every week until the age of approx. 15 and I do believe we were equal back then – and we know approx. 30 years have now passed on, Fuggi has played at least some since then where I have only been playing a few “friendly games” when I was hospitalised in 2008, otherwise I have NOT played for thirty years and the question was if I would be able to win a set or at least to give him some resistance – also being as tired as I was?

We changed clothes and started playing – which is VERY different to the friendly games I did when I was hospitalised in 2008 because changing clothes and giving ALL of my concentration makes a BIG difference to how I am playing – and I quickly found out that I could not do all of the strokes I wanted to do because I need more practise before these old strokes will come back to me and we know it was clear that Fuggi was in a better practise because he could do these strokes I was looking to do and from a very slow beginning I do believe that I managed to at least improve my game a little bit over the next 1½ hours we played and we know I did NOT feel my tiredness AT ALL when playing – I was focused on playing – and I did EVERYTHING I could to adjust and improve my game, my technique and physical position of how to stand in relation to the table and except from one set out of MANY I received between 5 to 10 points with 11 or 12 to Fuggi and we know he won all sets (!) and I told him that my goal would be to win at least one set and I was “this close” to do it and after maybe 1¼ hours Fuggi believed that I was tired, which I could say with conviction that I WAS NOT (!) – because I really was not, which I am not sure that you agreed with me in, Fuggi (?) – and also that I could continue the next two hours at the same pace and concentration until I would win a set and that is if I did not have to leave because I had decided also to visit Lama Yönten. And my conclusion is really that I do believe that it will take a new bat and maybe 10-20 hours of concentrated practise also including teaching/theory before I will become equal with Fuggi again and we know I am not totally convinced Fuggi that you will agree with me on this today (?) but I do believe this is the case and I will challenge you If you want to use the time to play with me and if this is the case, this is truly my goal!

At the next table four “middle aged” men played double together and it was apparent that they had a lot of practise playing it was arranged – as I was told when it happened (!) – for Fuggi and I to play double together with two of these men, I played together with one against Fuggi playing together with the other and I started by saying that “I do hope you will show patience because I have not played for thirty years except from a few friendly matches” and they said “of course” and we know when you have not played for thirty years and start playing again, it is like “learning to fly” really (!) and before the double I used quite some time together with Fuggi to concentrate on the basis of how to stand and which angle to hold the bat when hitting the ball etc. and now on top of this I had to concentrate on a new set of “rules” – playing double is very different to playing single – and that was the rules of double, how to serve and how to move and this meant that I had to “divide” my portion of concentration now also on all of this meaning that I did not have as much concentration on which angle etc. to hold the bat when hitting and we know this ALSO meant that my new partner quickly became impatient against his promise (!) because he started by “teaching” me on how to hold the right angle on the bat and really because he was annoyed with what happened when I hit the ball too often in the net and because it was “a waste of time” hitting too few balls over the net compared to what he normally did and we know I knew about the cause and effect of this – I had a better success rate to hit the ball over the net when I was playing single with Fuggi – and the cause was as mentioned because I now used concentration too on how to play double and also to concentrate on throwing the ball up at least 15 centimetres and not to serve while having the bat over the table – as my new partner also “ordered” me to do (!) – and we know when you have played table tennis as long as he – more than 10 years this time around and even longer before that as he told me later – he may have forgotten how it was to learn these elemental things and therefore I could only tell him that I knew how to keep the right angle on the bat – I had “almost” learned this from playing with Fuggi – and that this was NOT the cause but I was playing poorer now again with the effect that I kept the bat in the wrong angle because I now had to focus on how to play double taking away my concentration from the bat and again you saw a man NOT listening and NOT understanding because “he knew better” when he told me that this was not the case (!) and my dear friends here was yet another example of what happens when people don’t have enough patience (!) and are too busy correcting people instead of giving people time to learn and we know the challenge is to find the best balance of practise and teaching/theory when learning and therefore I can only say don’t be too hasty trying to learn a friend or a child to do everything here and now just because you can yourself and we know on the other hand don’t be too slow too but do what comes NATURALLY to you and here I really wanted to do maybe 5-10 hours of playing to “find myself” before I would seriously start to receive training and theory and this is just to give you an idea – it is important that people don’t feel “fed up” by others being too hasty and not “impatient” waiting to receive training or feedback and so it is – and after two sets playing double my “new partner” had lost all of his patience with me – he did not have much – making him decide that he did not want to continue playing and my dear friend, do you believe this was right to do?

Afterwards I asked him if he was the “toughest” of these four guys playing and he thought that I was asking if he was the “best” but I was really asking you if you are the “toughest” because of your wrong behaviour (!) and we know another example of what I don’t like to see and so it is – but of course he was a nice man speaking to afterwards.

Visiting Lama Yönten: True communication requires LOVE and COMPASSION without selfishness and desires

On my way from table tennis to Lama Yönten I received “pretty strong” resistance from the darkness to do the visit meaning that I received some negative speech, very strong feelings of insecurity again and here speculations to whether or not the Lama and his assistant had clicked the link to my website from my email to see who I am, which just maybe would cause resistance (?) – why had his assistant not send me an answer to my email (?), the Lama was excused because of language challenges – and also about the potential reaction of the Lama when I would decide not to kneel down again and as usual this speech and feelings was difficult to come through but it did not stop me and therefore I came to the meeting again for the first time in weeks and we know the assistant and the Lama were both very kind welcoming me and the assistant told me that they had indeed received my email – which she had also shown the Lama – and she told me that she has now put together an automatic reply (!) and I told her the truth that it is always nice to receive a reply when sending an email and I wonder if she might have computer and language problems too even though she almost speaks fluent Danish.

At 19.00 the “lecture” started and this time the Lama had not in forehand decided on what to talk about and instead he decided to ask each of the attendants – about 10 this evening – on suggestions, which made some suggest “medicine Buddha” and I suggested “communication to make sure that people don’t misunderstand each other” and during the evening I was impressed with how the Lama both listened, was open and managed to talk about the different suggestions he received.

My first 15-20 minutes was a “nightmare” to come through and I can only say that it started when I was told by the Council that they were happy that I decided to return to the Lama because he is needed in order to “lift me up” and really to develop my inner self (!) through the knowledge he and his inner self is giving me and my inner self (!) and we know this may sound as a good message to receive, which it is but try to imagine that you are again given VERY STRONG feelings of insecurity and being afraid – thank you family and friends because these are your feelings I am given (!) – and this message was almost “more than I can bear” because what would have happened if I did not show up today (?), what would happen if I was not strong enough to complete this evening (?) and to come back next week (?) and believe me when you receive this very difficult feeling from “several people” at the same time it is MUCH stronger with me, which again almost made me desperate – how can I really do this (?) with the feeling again just to lay down and “cry” and also almost to leave – but somehow I managed to pull my self together again and we know to decide that I AM STRONGER THAN ALL OF YOU and “DON’T BRING ME DOWN” really and from this moment on it only took a few minutes to get in control of the darkness again and we know the end of the game which I am going through these days and weeks is about “STRENGTH” and will power and I have decided that I am also going to win this one – still knowing that I have a “security net” – and so it is.

When I arrived at the room of the meeting again I noticed that all of the others kneeled down three times as usual and I decided to be firm NOT to kneel down and again the pressure was put on me when the Lama again told us that it is good to kneel down (!) and we know this was in the beginning of the meeting where the darkness was strong against me also inspiring the Lama again to say this – this is how it works every single day also at the park when they receive “inspirational speech” (!) – and from the moment I was in control of the darkness, the rest of the evening was simply a JOY to come through and at some point the Lama started talking about communication as I had suggested, which he showed by lifting his mobile phone to his ear saying that this was a way to contact another person – talking you know – but the telephone was really a symbol of lifting me and himself up spiritually and he told us that true communication requires LOVE and COMPASSION as foundation in order to work and NOT selfishness and desires and I agreed much with him but when he told us that it also requires adapting to the culture, I simply did not follow him – I was thinking of bad elements of a culture and here the Western – and we know but then he was INSPIRED to talk about the picture of the dark Mahākāla hanging on “the wall” to the left of him and he told us that this was originally a king of darkness, who changed mask and was replaced by a king of light, who started to change the norms of people and we know here all of the puzzles fell into place for me – I understood and appreciated the symbol of changing the king of darkness with the one of the light you know – and I decided to raise my arm to talk and we know I do believe that the Lama likes DIALOGUE even though he does not encourage people to reflect or ask questions during the lecture and we know I said that I totally agreed with him when it came to his wise words on LOVE and COMPASSION but that I find that it is not right to adapt to a western culture as in Denmark because a majority of people here prioritise money, power and sexual excesses at the same time as many people have difficulties controlling their temper etc. and we know meaning that the minority – for example Buddhists – and not the majority is right as I said and I continued saying that I was very happy about the picture he gave of the changing Mahākāla – also thinking that it was me he was inspired to talk about – and we know I was thinking if the Lama would be open minded to receive my input and I was happy when he decided to think, reflect and say that “we can work on ourselves” and we know he probably agreed with me on the culture – which is simple logic – and I was happy to see yet another very good quality of this man and we know he is TRULY listening, understanding and considering what people tell him and also “adapting” if what he hears makes objective sense to him and we know my kind of man is what he is!

I was also thinking about telling him and the others that TEACHING – in “school” etc. – is the key to change the behaviour of all people but we know I am taking small steps at the moment with the Lama so therefore I did not follow up as I would do under other circumstances and so it is.

One of the other subjects was about “meditation”, which was suggested by a young Chinese woman and I was happy to see a Chinese here as a symbol of the RECONCILIATION which will follow between the Chinese and Tibetan people (!) and this made the Lama give his old speech about how to practise meditation according to Buddha and we know when Buddha tells that “this is the best way to do it, this is really the way to do it” (!) and we know these were not the words of the NICE Lama but it was the meaning of what he said and we know he said that according to Buddha you have to sit in a Lotus position – unless you are not able to physically sit in such a position as he said (!) – and he talked about counting to 21 again in order to keep your mind calm and we know I am not totally convinced that this is what Danes as example are naturally motivated to follow (?) and we know again I was thinking if the Lama would be open minded to listen to and positively consider my personal experiences if I decided to share them and we know I decided to raise my hand again and to say that I am new to Buddhism (!) and don’t know about the need to sit in a Lotus position – I said that it is impossible for me physically to sit in this position because of my very inflexible right side of my body – and that I have not read about the need to count to 21 and I continued by saying that what came NATURALLY to me when meditating was to sit comfortably and to listen to my favourite music – I said that you could not playback music 2,500 years ago (!) – which has brought me my deepest meditations and I said to the Lama that I would like to hear his possible comments and again I was wondering if he would accept my feedback and we know he said that you should be able to meditate not only when listening to music – I thought about this and agreed – and again I noticed just how thoughtful he was because he was searching for “references” to music and he decided to say that of course Buddha could listen to GUITARS and other instruments playing 2,500 years ago but just maybe the Lama thought the same as I, which was that it would be difficult to have others playing for you often back then when meditating (?) because he also said that of course it is also to meditate when you listen to Tibetan Horns playing – and he gave sounds of these horns from him showing just how he was thinking – and we know he said this with confidence and I told him that I agreed that it should really be up to each individual to decide if he or she will meditate with or without music and this is how we also managed to agree on this subject and we know because of the light combining us after I had decided to be STRONG and really not to care about the darkness (!) and we know this is how it is my friends.

At the end of the evening the Lama was very nice to tell me in front of the others that he had read my email and that it was alright for me to continue coming and we know I was VERY HAPPY when he said this because what the others did not know was that I in my email – of the 8th November – wrote that I have not been able to support him much economically because I don’t receive salary and because I send money to friends in Kenya to help them survive but that I will always give him my personal support and so it is. And again here you saw yet another good quality of this man – thank you J.

During the evening I also felt physically on my body – which I was also told – that I received healing energy making me feel better and this was also what was removing most of the negative speech and feelings and when we did a short meditation I sent my absolutely best wishes for each and every individual present this evening and every single person all over the world.

And we know my dear friend as Mary Magdalena here tells me almost with tears in her eyes because of what WE both have gone through, this is how I managed to come through yet another impossible day and at 21.45 when I was “home again” – “hjemme igen” thank you Danseorkestret for fantastic music and singing in this one of my favourite songs of yours but you may become inspired to change some of the lyrics (?) – I was by now completely fresh and we know I had not seen this coming earlier in the day but this is how it was and before going to bed I was given the beautiful song by Simple Minds “Jeweller to the stars” and we know it is becoming a new favourite of mine – difficult to find it was and especially in FLAC quality (!) – and I just want to say Jim and also Charlie (?) that you don’t have to tumble to the ground because there will be no burned out future as you predicted but let us still send jeweller to the “stars” J.

18th November: It is time to unite the civilisation with the new world – my keys magically re-materialised!

Sleeping better making me feel better

Tonight I was happy to get a better sleep not making me as tired as the other days of the week – but still not normal yet – and I was dreaming about being offered new work, that I put gasoline on another car by mistake instead of my pick-up and afterwards I was almost about to put gasoline on the pick-up instead of diesel but at the last moment I changed the pump to diesel and we know something about starting a wrong car and almost stopping my own and we know I don’t know more about this at the moment but just maybe someone at the Commune is thinking about me at the moment and we know what to do about me???

Working at the park: It is time to unite the civilisation with the new world without darkness – my keys magically re-materialised

This morning Michael and I went back to the farm with the purpose to do the final details of the yard etc. and we know we carried on and we met three people from the museum with one telling us that the museum has decided NOT to maintain the farm even though there is an official decree saying that it is worthy of preservation (!!!) and we know the reason according to him is that the museum would like to build new storage facilities and to tear down the farm and we know when they don’t maintain what is worthy to maintain, some day the farm will be in such a bad shape – as it is today – that they will receive approval to tear it down (!!!) and this is how ANARCHY can change the name of the game, which I truly don’t like and of course I only base this verdict on the little information I have received but you know it is the principle of it is that I don’t like.

At the morning break at 9.30 we had finalised everything except from removing a little bit of scrubs behind two big ventilation shafts standing on the ground, which previously have been used on the Royal castle of Amalienborg (!) and we know also a big barrel which needed to be cut or saw through before we would be able to remove it and therefore I invited the others from the park to come and visit the farm to see what we have been working on for some weeks now and we know five people decided to come and when we arrived Tom was nice to say that it was “fantastic” to see what we have done and he was also kind to saw up the barrel and we continued doing the final details of removing “a few shoots” behind the ventilation shafts but I was surprised to find two new small “jungles” inside of the ventilation shafts – which was invisible to see from the outside – and I decided to start removing these with some help from the others, which we finalised the 1st layer of, which means that tomorrow we need to use a little bit of time to do the rest of this and then we will be finished with all work and so it is.

During the visit Tom went inside the “empty” farm house through the open doors – I have not been inside not even once (!) – and he showed me a few items he found, which was a “Faberge egg” as he called an egg made of marble, a beautiful wine carafe designed as an antique carafe and also a wrist watch and my dear friends it looks like there are symbols all over and this was really about UNITING the egg as life/civilisation with the wine meaning “everything” and here “the new world” and we know the watch simply means “it is now time” and so it is – thank you Tom for showing me J.

Back at the park at the lunch break at 11.30 we were all very happy that Judith had decided to make a fantastic Lasagne for us and we know “joy and happiness” it was and she had also prepared tomatoes with mozzarella cheese and pesto and we know the other day as several times before I was considering to buy mozzarella cheese in the supermarket – I have missed this for a long time – but I decided again not to buy it and this is one of many things I have decided to wait buying until the day I will get a “normal life” so this is really what it was symbolising – a DINNER about “normal life” coming to all people and of course to “feed the world” and so it is.

I told the others that they are welcome to fine-tune the farm by working on the 3rd and 4th layer if this is what they want to do after consulting with Rolf and we know I told them this because I am now leaving the park Friday next week as I also told them – this is the plan at least – and Tom was kind to say that I could ask for a prolongation and we know really saying that I was welcome to stay because the truth is that I like ALL of these people including Rolf and Judith very much and I am happy that they also like me as this showed.

After lunch I put on my work jacket again and by “accident” I felt “something” in the right breast pocket of the jacket which is A POCKET I NEVER USE (!) simply because I am right handed making it awkward to use and because I have decided ALWAYS to use the left breast pocket, which is what I have done every single morning when arriving at the park and that is without exceptions (!) and we know what was this “something” inside of the RIGHT pocket (?) and of course it was my bundle of keys – what else (?) – which have now been re-materialised (!) and we know the keyring is very beautiful, it is a picture of Jesus, which my old friend Lis from Stansted bought to me when she was visiting the beautiful Sacre Coeur church in Paris – as I remember the story – in 2006 I believe and we know Lis I HAVE TRESURED THIS KEYRING EVERY SINGLE DAY SINCE – thank you very much and this goes to you Michael Palin too J – and I am happy that the keys with the keyring has now returned and we know symbolising the key to open up to the new world to meet my new self as the man of light without any darkness and this is it.

After lunch I continued working and this time to remove more leaves from the now again growing leap and we know I managed to remove 90 percent of what was left so hopefully I will be able to finish this tomorrow too and I received some negative speech of sexual character but this time it was about Mary Magdalena – or her new self actually – making me sad to listen to and we know but it was really not disturbing me very much and because of this together with not being as tired today as in the beginning of the week I can only say that it was PIECE OF CAKE to work today and we know I did not relax more, I simply worked as I normally do.

Doing double work again today both doing my best working at the park and my best working on my scripts

When I came home I was happy to see that my amplifier has “cured” itself as the first of all of my electronically devises failing and we know “partly” when it comes to the amplifier as I have written about before because I had left it on all day long and it was still working without “errors” – and we know I tried my “luck” to see if my Denon CD player was now working again but we know “not yet” is the answer but “some day soon” it will work too as I have told you all along together with my espresso machine and other items too AND SO IT IS J.

I knew that today is the day where it would be the best to publish the last four days of scripts – because of the length really – and that this would require for me to do DOUBLE WORK my ladies and gentlemen and therefore I started writing directly when coming home and at 18.20 I had finalised my first writing of my experiences since yesterday when playing table tennis and we know I AM NOT THE LEAST TIRED and can continue all evening and “all night long” if required but we know it may take some hours from here to do the first and second edit – which also includes writing the summary – and my deadline this time is really not today but tomorrow so we will see when I will decide to finalise this.

Will the Commune give me full uprising, freedom and apologies or will they still force me against my will?

When I was writing the script and had coffee my stomach started hurting again and we know this is the old symbol of “people not liking me” or just maybe “being afraid of me” and that is people from the Commune and we know WHAT WILL YOU DECIDE TO DO WITH ME now that you know – or should know – that I have worked the best of all people (!) and have good relations with all people as I have told you all along (?) – I don’t tell who I am and this is simply the key – and we know you can start by declaring me what I am and that is “fully capable of working” – without “other problems than unemployment” as you have declared wrongly because of yours and others WRONG reactions to my scripts and we know really because of your misunderstandings based on NOT LISTENING, CARING AND UNDERSTANDING (!) – and when you have corrected this error of yours you can continue by accepting my writings as my “employment project” instead of asking me to work double, which is what you have done forcing me to work at the park at the same time as I have been writing my scripts and we know you may have noticed that I have decided to write some of my experiences from the park after all and we know this time I have simply followed your previous “orders” and that is not to mention names, which is what I have done when I only very few times have criticised people – NO ONE HAS BEEN MENTIONED BY NAMES WHEN I HAVE DONE THIS ONLY A FEW TIMES (!) – and when I have PRAISED people or simply writing objectively or positively without any criticism I have mentioned a few names now and again because nobody can have anything against what I have written (!) and so it is – and my dear friends from the Commune PLEASE DECIDE WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS THE RIGHT FOR YOU TO DECIDE:

Will you give me full uprising together with your apologies for the TORTURE/TORMENTS you have put me through (?) or will you decide to “help” me on how to make a “proper” CV and job application (?) even though I only write the truth in my CV that I am “the best” leader, salesman etc. – as you have now seen again when I have been “the best” gardener impressing your park manager even though he normally never gets impressed (?) – or just maybe you want to find me a “suitable” and subsidised job if you can (?) and we know did I hear a “flex job” as an opportunity because my working capacity is “reduced” according to you (?) or maybe it will be easier for you just to prolong my work at the park – as long as the state will still repay 70 percent of your expenses – because everybody is satisfied with me (?) and is that also with my scripts (?) and we know DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT THE WORK I DO AT THE PARK IS IMPROVING MY QUALIFICATIONS AS THE LAW REQUIRES (???) and my dear friends YOU HAVE MANY OPPORTUNIES to choose from but there is only right answer for you and that is to give me FULL UPRISING AND FREEDOM TOGETHER WITH YOUR APOLOGIES and of course to continue giving me “survival help” until the day when I will start receiving an income from my books and so it is.


And let me also ask you WHEN WILL YOU INVITE ME TO COME FOR A MEETING (?) – if you do intend to invite me for a meeting that is (?) – and my dear friends please remember that you decide on my behalf what you “believe” is the “best” for me to do (!) and you do know how uncomfortable this makes me feel (?) and let me say that NOT KNOWING about what you will order me to do in a little bit more than a week from now is also making me very uncomfortable as you may understand and we know ARE YOU TOO BUSY NOW AFTER THE COMMUNE HAS DISMISSED SOME OF YOUR COLLEAGUES (?) and we know HOW MUCH OF YOUR “WORK BURDEN” – including all of the bureaucracy (!) – HAVE THE COMMUNE DECIDED TO REMOVE FROM YOU (?) and just wondering I am.

And after a break of 35 minutes taking a long shower, preparing and eating dinner and washing up I had finalised the first edit of the script since yesterday afternoon at 21.30 and finally at 22.43 I had done the second edit and prepared the blog design through the Microsoft Live Writer program before I succeeded publishing it “today” as some also may “talk talk” about.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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