26th November Part I – Michael’s mother was miraculously saved as a symbol of what Virgin Mary also was months ago

Summary of the script today



23rd November: Michael’s mother was miraculously saved as a symbol of what Virgin Mary also was months ago
  • Dreaming of starting to “market” ourselves and opening the library full of love, which however is hindered at the moment by lazy people making mistakes.
  • Michael’s mother was dying and had the face of death the other day but as predicted by the Council she miraculously survived in the last second as a symbol of what Virgin Mary/my mother did months ago at one of my worst moments ever!
  • At the Park, Thomas and I raked the very wet and heavy (!) leaves from the same scrub as I did alone last year, which initially made Thomas react very negatively reaching his mental limit, but not his physical, so when we worked our best we managed to do all of the work today, which was HARD to do making Thomas say “it was a Hell coming through” but still it was nothing compared to last year. Thomas did a brilliant job in “reality” surpassing his mental barrier – thank you.
  • I lost what I thought was “my best friend” because he believe I have offended him, which I have not!
  • The world will understand that the darkness has vanished when the “new” and “old” world will be united as one world.
  • A very positive email from David telling about his favourite season with tweeting birds, all kinds of colours, flowers and smelling “to make the world a beautiful place”, which cheered me up. My friends in Kenya are truly “my best friends”.
  • Meshack and his family is still struggling because of his continuing sickness, which is given to him because of his extreme will power, which helps us all to dissolve the darkness – the most important task of the Universe ever.


23rd November: Michael’s mother was miraculously saved as a symbol of what Virgin Mary also was months ago

Receiving signs in forehand of the stampede in Cambodia killing hundreds of people

At the end of last week I kept on receiving the word “stampe” or “stamper” and I was given the “riddle” that it was either a character from a James Bond movie – I was shown one of the “bad guys” several times – a Harry Potter movie or an Austin Powers movie and I kept on thinking about who this character could be and the only character I could think of was Stamper from the Armageddon movie – another “saviour” (!) – and I knew it was not him and therefore I decided not to write anything about this and yesterday evening I understood what it was about when I heard about the “stampede” in Cambodia killing hundreds of people and we know the ACTOR as I was shown – and we know one of the BAD GUYS – is one of the old symbols of the game itself and here it was a reflection of the darkness because I cannot take more myself and we know according to the “rules” of the game really and it was also to say that I will be able to look into the future, which I have been given other small examples of lately, which I have not written down – music, names, small experiences, which I am told hours or days before I have experienced them in one form or another and so it is.

Dreaming of almost starting to “market” ourselves and opening the library full of love

Tonight I had one of the “better” sleeps even though I am still not sleeping normally and I was dreaming about reading new brochures, where one brochure contained four different products/partners, I noticed that the brochures were encumbered with errors and when I visited GE Capital Bank, I was given cake. I visited the library where they have made “listening-islands”, where I noticed that my favourite music was not played and that the artists were not sorted alphabetically because people don’t bother doing this and I said that this is the only way to sort the music, which I understood that they already knew and would consider doing – and somehow we are about to “market” ourselves, which includes the opening of my library full of love but it seems like lazy people making mistakes – but knowing what is right to do and we know to SUPPORT me (!) – are what is hindering us at the moment – if I understand the dreams correctly.

I also had a brief dream about giving a picture to my mother or receiving one from her – I cannot remember the direction – and the picture shows ten different small pictures of the conductor Stravinsky in different moods and I am told that it is exciting to have this picture hanging on the wall.

Michael’s mother was miraculously saved as a symbol of what Virgin Mary also was months ago

This morning at the park I was happy to see that Michael had returned and what had happened with her mother (?), the other day he told me that she had the special look of death on her face as his father had one year ago too before he died and we know would she die or would she miraculously survive – as I was told – as a symbol of what Virgin Mary/my mother did at the last second because of me months ago (?) and we know he told me that SHE IS STILL ALIVE AND KICKING (!) and we know she had a brain haemorrhage but during the weekend she was fresh enough to scold Michael (!) and we know I was happy to receive this information and symbol and we know I have never been happier when Virgin Mary and my mother survived months ago and we know where the Devil once was close to “fool” me taking my mother from me and we know if this had happened I would certainly not have been strong enough to come through to where I am today and we know this is just another example of the VERY THIN LINE we were all attaching to and we know I still get the chill when I think of the experience I had with Virgin Mary standing next to my bed with tears in her eyes months ago on her way to become terminated and we know it was in the last second I saved her and it still gives me many tears in my eyes just writhing this and thinking about it, one of my worst moments ever, if not the worst!

Working hard as a two man team, where my partner surpassed his mental barrier doing a brilliant job making us satisfied

Today I worked together with Thomas and Michael too – until Michael left during the morning – and we started by lifting all of the benches and chairs from the house into the orangery for the winter – where I found out that my right hand was hurting much so I had to lift using my left hand instead and of course this was a symbol of just how much the darkness is suffering when being dissolved (!) – and we know we used a sack truck and some of the benches were very heavy indeed – weighing maybe 100-200 kilos (?) – almost making the heaviest “impossible” for Thomas to do mentally (!) but it did not take us long doing this work with the attitude of “just do it” instead of thinking about how difficult it was – a small symbol of my journey (!) – and after this we were in for a surprise because Rolf of course believes that we have all the power and energy in the world – two meanings my friend and here about the power and energy of our new world too– so he asked us to remove all of the by now very wet and heavy leaves from the ground of the scrub to the left when entering the park and we know which is the work I did last year as some of my first, which almost killed me too (!) and we know I counted the number of rows again today and it was still 28 (!) and Michael decided to rake just outside the park – which was part of the task – leaving the scrub for Thomas and I and we know I explained Thomas about the 28 rows, that it is about taking one row after the other and if one takes half an hour to do, it will take 14 working hours in total to do and we know it is really about ATTITUDE and a POSITIVE MINDSET – which he showed me yesterday at the wine greenhouse, which was not mentally as “challenging” with much quality orientation too – because I went with Thomas into the very dense scrub and just to give you an idea of the work I did last year, where I decided to show commitment and a positive attitude, his burst-out reaction was “this has to be hate task no. 1, it is impossible to rake the ground and to move inside the scrub” and I told him that the difference is that we were two to do the task where I did it alone last year, that it was much more difficult to do last year because it had not been done for several years and also that I removed “every single leave” from the bushes and the trunk of the bushes last year and he kept on being negative and postulated that it had to be harder this year than last year (!) and I had to tell him three times “you don’t listen to me” and “please understand that I tell you the truth” and I told him that his attitude took away his own motivation and influenced his surroundings negatively and we know it made him say that he reacted like this when I told him that the work last year was even more difficult to do (!) and we know here a person reached his mental limit (!) – but not his physical as it showed out later (!) – who simply could not take the truth that it was more difficult last year – “it is always harder for me than it is for you” is another WRONG behaviour of many today – and we know he was so negative that I told him that I would start doing the work from the other end for us to meet in the middle.

So when I continued doing this I thought about whether or not he was going to be strong enough to do the work without giving up and we know I started the work and I remembered the work from last year which meant that I decided not only to focus on efficiency but also on quality herewith also starting to remove the leaves stuck to the bushes and the trunk of the bushes too – which of course made the work take longer – and it was RAINING and the leaves were already wet and heavy when we started – this work should of course have been carried out when the leaves were dry, it is about PLANNING (!) – and I felt resistance inside of me doing this work in the beginning and it was really “some” of the feelings of Thomas, which was transferred to me but on the other hand I had decided that we had to do this work and we know I am the strongest you know so this was the feeling, which was transferred to him making it possible for him to do this “hate” task of his so there was really nothing much to “talk talk” about.

After a while I saw that he was working quicker than me because he did not work with the same quality as I – he is very efficient, which I like very much and in some respects he is more quality oriented than I and in others less than I (!) – and somehow it made me think about the weather forecast saying that snow would come before the end of the day and we know which made me decide for a new strategy, which was to skip removing the leaves from the bushes and the trunks in order for the two of us to be able to finalise the “1st layer” of work today before the “arrival” of snow, which would make the work impossible to do and we know thinking that after the 1st layer you can continue doing the 2nd layer – which I am sad to say that most people will normally not do (!) – when this is possible and we know this is really how we succeeded to do this work today – even though Tom guessed that we would use the rest of the week to do it – as a small two-man teamwork “knowing me, knowing you” – Michael left during the morning because of personal reasons – and we know here transferring the best of working moral, ideas etc. to each other because Thomas is very good also bringing in ideas, I have not thought of – one idea leads to the next you know – for example when he suggested to move the pick-up from its place at the other end of the park to the front of the bushes inside of the park and we know saving us MANY walking tours and a lot of time with the wheel barrows and we know the idea was as simple as it was “genius” and I told him “very good idea, why did I not think of this already last year”?

Just before lunch we finished removing all of the leaves from inside of the scrub to just outside and we know the work is much heavier to do than what you can imagine before doing it because the leaves are really heavy when they are accumulated when raking and moved outside – as I did – or pushed with the foot – as Thomas did – and I felt that I was starting to use the same kind of strength as I did last year making the work physical very “hard” to do but you know I was much more fresh today than last year and it would only take today to do this work where it took me several days to do alone last year also because it was even heavier and more comprehensive work I did and we know really making the work this year “piece of cake” to do but nevertheless Thomas – being approx. 10 years younger than I – said before lunch that “oh, it is hard to come through”, “I am nearly finished as a pop singer” – which is what you say at least in Denmark when you have no more energy – and at the end he said “it was a Hell coming through” – which is what I did going through my journey you know – and we know it was surely hard to do but we know nothing compared to last year.

After lunch we “simply” had to move the leaves from the outside of the scrub onto wheel barrows and from here to the pick-up, which I had parked on the path next to the scrub and again “piece of cake” really but we know this was also HARD work to do because the leaves were really very heavy (!) and we know we were both surprised to see that we could have all of the leaves on just one load when packing the pick-up properly, which took us one hour to do and we know we both thought that we would need two loads – when packing the pick-up as I have also done myself earlier – but you know it saved us time packing the pick-up to its capacity not needing to drive to the waste disposal site twice but only once and we know this was ONE day only of working the best you can and we know Thomas would you be able to work hard like this for weeks and months and we know without breaking down (?) and we know you may be a little bit tired as you have told us and I wonder why you and others too at the park experience this (?) – but we know maybe not quite as tired as I – and we finished this work and I told Thomas that “you and I were the only ones at the park being able to do this work” and afterwards we were both happy with what we had achieved before the snow would set in – this is always the REWARD you will receive/feel after having done your best and so it is. After reaching his mental barrier in the beginning, Thomas did a brilliant job and just maybe this lesson will make it easier for him mentally to do work of a similar nature in the future. Thank you for doing your best, Thomas – you did very good!

During the day I also thought that I am now finishing at the park doing the same work as I started doing one year ago and we know I went for the afternoon break – not always that I do the break in the afternoon you know – at the lunch room and I noticed that while Thomas and I was working hard outside in the rain all day long making us wet all over and on a very small pay, “others” were sitting on chairs indoors speaking privately together instead of working and we know receiving a much higher pay and it just made me wonder of course.

Earlier in the day Michael came to me to ask a personal question about his “future life” really and we know I was happy speaking to him hopefully motivating him at a difficult time for him and he told me that one of the reasons why he comes to the park at the moment is to speak to me – looking for “sensible people” to speak to as he say, which the others have been joking with telling him that they are not, which was not what he needed to hear – and he told me that he has also told Rolf about this and we know it makes me happy trying to help other people and I offered him to take more time or to meet in private if he wanted to speak in a greater detail and I just hope that he will be strong enough to follow at least some of my suggestions of what is “right” to do instead of falling back to do what is “easy” but WRONG to do.

Just before lunch my alarm started ringing again and as usual it was impossible to shut off and we know but this time around I looked closer at the screen, which gave me a simple math question to solve (!), which I had not understood before and we know I entered the answer to the question, which made the alarm stop ringing and we know the vibrator kept vibrating for approx. three seconds afterwards and this was really to say that I had not understood that this alarm set to ring before lunch had been set with a math-question to solve before it would silent and the continuing vibrator was the Council saying that we are still here as they also were the day when the alarm started ringing by itself when it was not switched on and we know I made a mistake and I am sorry about that.

Losing “a friend” because of a misunderstanding

Today “a friend” – as he has asked to be called – called me to tell me that he believes I have offended him, which I told him that I have had no intentions of doing and when we could not agree and did not focus on the positive of our friendship, but on the negative of our differences, he decided to break the friendship because I was not willing to write an apology in my scripts when I have simply written the truth.

I am not going to play table tennis tomorrow because “a friend” asked me not to come, which makes me sad – but “happy” that a mother on behalf of her son the other day did not accept my offer to buy a used table tennis bat at a reduced price and we know as she wrote “if there will come no other offers, he will simply keep it” and I was just thinking why does she WRONGLY decide on behalf of her son without involving him and just maybe he would have decided differently himself?

The world will understand that the darkness has vanished when the “new” and “old” world will be united as one world

The discussion with “a friend” and the result of it made me very sad afterwards, so sad indeed that I lost my motivation to continue writing the script of today and we know I wondered if it was necessary for me to write the chapter on “my friend” the other day with the TRUE purpose to bring out more darkness for me to dissolve and the result was that I indeed received some more darkness – and JUST writing this chapter is dissolving darkness because it is UNCOMFORTABLE to write being reminded of what happened earlier today – and when working today I was told that Thomas’ initial resistance doing the “hate task” was transferred to me and also that I was given the difficulties of Michael to fight too and we know my conclusion of today is really that I only received little of these negative feelings from both “my friend”, Thomas and Michael, which tells me that the darkness has almost vanished – but apparently not fully yet – and we know somehow this is what the world will understand when the “new” and “old” world will be united as “one world” as I was shown in a vision yesterday and so it is.

I was also told that the reason why the snow came to Denmark today and why I received a new blood blister on top of my existing on my right big toe today was simply because of losing “my friend”, which we had anticipated which is what I am told here.

I have not heard from the Commune and have decided not to contact them myself

Let me also say that because I was not as tired today, I could easily have visited either the Centre of Wisdom and Compassion or Lama Lakha this evening but I decided that I had much writings to do and that I would get better time to do visits next work, when I have finished at the Park and we know I understand from Michael at the Park that Dina – the new employee at the Commune replacing Helle – does not return his calls – which she neither did when I called her some months ago to receive my pay-out after “winning” the case against the Commune through the Employment Board – and we know I wonder if you are too busy doing all of the bureaucrazy, which the Commune “forces” you to do (?) meaning that you don’t live up the to “regulations” to contact me here at the ending of my “activation offer” (?) and we know I have decided NOT to contact the Commune myself because I simply don’t look forward to be “helped” by the “consultants” of the Commune to find a job – what do you believe you truly can learn me (?) and of course said only objectively again – which was the plan Helle decided for me (!) before changing job and we know which may still be the plan?

And we know Stig you are now happy to stop the work at the Park but unhappy to lose the social contact with the nice people there and we know a new CHANGE is coming and this time it looks like I am going to be alone much of the time again and we know without colleagues and friends keeping me with company but hopefully still my closest family and we know SADNESS is my true feeling because of people, who are driven by feelings and selfish interests not understanding and not supporting my work on my books and not being able to communicate properly, which is what has been killing life in itself too!

David telling me about his favourite season making the world a beautiful place – my LTO friends are truly my best friends!

And we know Stig when you are SAD because of most friends leaving you in Denmark – if not all (?) – and much family too you are HAPPY to receive the KINDEST words by my TRUE friends in Kenya and here a very POSITIVE email by David thinking about VARIATION of life “to make the world a beautiful place” as a gift FROM ALL OF US TO ALL OF YOU – as the Council here tells me – and we know THANK YOU SO MUCH DAVID actually here for cheering me up and also for remembering one of our talks at the “African Bar” on this subject and we know I miss the beer and our talks much but you know it will be “better late than never” to resume and I can say that I don’t know when I will be seeing all of you again but I can tell you that WE WILL BE SEEING EACH OTHER AGAIN – all of us (!) – and that is “soon” and we know let us see if this will be in “months” from now and hopefully in 2011, this is at least what I am hoping and looking forward to and we know just having a friend thinking about the qualities of life when he is going through difficulties himself is showing you HUMAN CAPACITY as I am sad to say that I don’t see much of in Denmark from people who at the core inside of them often are small-minded, hypersensitive and selfish people living “a good life” but unable to “always look on the bright side of life” – thank you Monty Python J – as David does as an example here and when reading David’s words I am really thinking about “the colour of spring”, which is what they “talk talk” about too and we know the Council of course J and I am also given SO MANY TEARS when writing this chapter and here it is coming from Mary Magdalena because of the missing love of my life – which is her life and thinking of me – and so it is and let me just say David: THANK YOU FOR BEING MY NEW BEST FRIEND – “let’s stick together” as the BEAUTIFUL song is called by one of my top favourites too Bryan Ferry – together with my other LTO friends because this is truly my feeling today because of your true positivity, honesty, sincerity, warm feelings and understanding of people and feelings, when I once again have lost what I thought was “my best friend” – of course only temporarily as part of the game (!) – and so it is.

And here is his email:

Dear Stig

Greetings and grace be unto you. I have been fine for the last three weeks and I have often willed to write to you. I have been able to meet all the team members and all are fine.

Kenya is fine and the rains have subsided. Being savanna and partly equatorial, Nairobi is green all over, birds tweet in the trees and nights could be cold. Since my childhood, such a season has always been my favorite. It brings me tender memorials of my boyhood in the village. New rains and moons. Insects coming from their hibernation would paint the sky with all kinds of colour, yellow, black, blue, white etc. The same would happen with the flowers of the fields. There would be flowers all over, even in patched grounds upon the fall of the first drops of rain. Diverse colours would grass, flowers, buds, tendrils etc would come around, often with sweet smelling aromas. This teaches me why God made man in different colours. To make the world a beautiful place. It would be boring to have people of only one colour, culture or even language. In my perception, this would be world devoid of competition or rather full of unnecessary competition.

On another note, I can face the day with strength as a result of having objectives to meet and friend, lasting friends near me.

And thank you Stig, for being a friend, who as the Bible states, sticks closer than a brother.

Thank you and have a good day.


Meshack is fighting his continuing sickness to help me dissolve the darkness

Dear Meshack, it makes me VERY sad about your situation when I read your email – making me understand even better the difficulties of your and your family’s situation – but let me say that I am PROUD of you because of the STRENGTH you show when keeping to communicate, which you know ALWAYS makes me HAPPY and of course receiving information is ALWAYS valuable to receive and we know I have been thinking much about how you are doing lately and also wishing and asking the Council if possible to remove or reduce your sickness, and we know the situation is, Meshack, that because of your extreme strength, you are given much darkness to fight and we know helping me to dissolve all darkness of the world and THIS IS REALLY THE NAME OF THE GAME and it would be more difficult to carry out this the most important task of the Universe ever (!) if your sickness was taken away from you but I do hope that we have now come as far that the Council can start to help you feel better again and let me just say Meshack that I HAVE DECIDED NEVER TO GIVE UP and that is EVER (!) and I am so HAPPY to see a man doing the same as I, THANK YOU FOR BEING STRONG and we know “happy days” – also thinking of “Fonzie” and the best burgers ever not only in Helsingør, I can still taste them even though they closed years ago, as a symbol of “feed the world” too (!) – will come to you Meshack as one of my dearest and most valuable “special friends” today – PLEASE CONTINUE BEING STRONG AND PATIENT exactly as I do because it will take “weeks, months or maybe even one year” before this will come to you and your family and this is exactly how I am thinking myself, which I hope you will think too – “BE PATIENT AND “HAPPY DAYS” WILL COME TO YOU ALL”, which will include ALL OF US seeing each other again and we know including my “special friends” of Denmark – family and friends – when they will be leaving the darkness to show who they truly are too and we know MUCH MORE COULD BE SAID but this was the essential.


And here is his email:

Not feeling well and really suffering

Hope you are okay. Have not been able to do anything because have been sick for the last two months and today i just struggled to come and write to you.

Have been not feeling well and this has been agravated by the debts which have followed me through out. My wife and children are still suffering because i cannot provide for them as required and i am going through one of hardest time in my life.

           God bless,


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