26th November Part II – The “new” and “old” world has started to unite spreading the light to all people of the Universe

Summary of the script today



24th November: Family and friends have made me suffer removing my joy and happiness
  • Dreaming of suffering because the Devil through the actions of my family and friends have removed my joy and happiness but still “things have never looked better than now” because we are on the other side of the judgment.
  • Lama Yönten admitted a man seeking refuge with Buddhism also prohibiting other temporal religions, which is WRONG. The task is to find “the truth” without excluding “other parts of the truth”! Lama Yönten is regarded by an “expert” as one of the leading Buddhist masters of the world.
  • I spoke to a man who wants to become the new leader of Brede Park (!) – I offered him a meeting to inspire him, which I would also love to offer Rolf to help him and all people at the park to improve, which I however will not do directly because he may become “offended” believing that this is “undue intervention”.
25th November: The “new” and “old” world has started to unite spreading the light to all people of the Universe
  • The theme at the park today was to do “useless” work because of poor planning and communication. Do you think I mean this negatively or do you understand that I write this to help you improve and that I offer my assistance to help?
  • Leif, the Pastor of Lyngby Church, held a lecture on Kirkegaard and despite of our break in March 2010, it was BIG smiles when we met again despite of our previous communication not working. The Church has NOTHING to do with the state!
  • The “new” and “old” world has started to unite spreading the light of the Source – without darkness – to all people of the Universe. When I was separated into two spiritual beings, this is what happened to all people of the world too to separate the light and darkness before the darkness will be eliminated.
26th November: My last day at the park with a beautiful LIGHT ceremony to celebrate the opening of “our house” to the world!
  • At the park Flemming held a beautiful LIGHT ceremony to celebrate the finishing of his BIG work restoring a greenhouse, which is a symbol of opening “our house” – the new world – to the old world to transfer the light of the Source to ALL people and with certainty to keep out and eliminate all darkness 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • I received warm feelings from all at my last day at the park and they had made salmon bruchettas for my honour, but despite of this I still received a “control visit” by a nice lady from the Commune to check my “working capacity” and “social competences” (!) – so one year after I started in this system of torments apparently they still not know that I work the best of all and have very good relations with all and that is of course OBJECTIVELY the truth. Just maybe this new lady to the system will be the first to OBJECTIVELY understand me and the truth?


24th November: Family and friends have made me suffer removing my joy and happiness

Dreaming of suffering without joy and happiness because of WRONG reactions of family and friends

Again tonight I had an “almost alright” sleep even though I was woken up some times during the night one time receiving the song “Have you ever seen the rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival – because I heard them on the radio the other day and I really like several of their songs much too – and the words “I want to know, have you ever seen the rain?”, where the “rain” of course is a symbol of suffering and I also had a short dream of flying home together with my wife (!) from Sweden, with luggage weighing 10 kilos too much and my “wife” was becoming older receiving wrinkles in her face and this was really a reference to Thomas and I, when we were listening to “Mr. Swing King” by the FABULOUS band Gnags on the car radio yesterday, where Thomas told me that the album including this song is a fantastic album – which I of course agreed in and we know probably the best they ever did and we know the “king” is another reference – and we know which made me say that this album also contains the song “Når jeg bliver gammel” (“when I get old”) and this is really what this dream was telling and we know flying home from Sweden as the country of joy and happiness is also to say that the Devil as the plane has removed my joy and happiness, which Sweden stands for – family and friends, this is what you have done because of your wrong feelings, worries, sadness, speaking behind my back, being negative/mad on me, giving up on me, opposing me etc. instead of being positive/objective, understanding, communicating with and supporting me – but we know still “things have never looked better than now” as I told “my friend” yesterday and of course when focusing on bringing the whole Universe through the Judgment unharmed, which is then what we will continue doing as I am told.

And we know I had other unimportant dreams too – one of them was about a school of a head hunter company teaching new young employees, which they underpay the first 12 months, and at some stage the teacher was about to explode a bomb at the school, but he was revealed and stopped in the last second and this is how it is here.

Doing Yoga, receiving and dissolving darkness, receiving the feeling of Christmas and positive messages from the Council

This morning I had energy and time to do Yoga again, which was a good feeling and I received more darkness to dissolve when doing this and this time it was because of what “a friend” decided to do yesterday – this was the true and POSITIVE purpose of my action, my dear friend, to bring out more darkness to dissolve – and when I opened the computer again, my website was now working fine again and we know which made me continue writing my scripts.

This morning I heard Christmas music on the radio – sadly I cannot listen to the five Christmas CD’s I made in 2008 to myself and friends because I have no working CD players at the moment and we know even though these CD’s include the most beautiful Christmas songs as I know today, they don’t include the best Christmas song of them all, which is in another style and of course it is “feed the world” by Band Aid and we know the only “new wave” Christmas Song I know of – and I was given this special feeling inside of me of “Christmas”, which simply is this “nice” and “warm” feeling you are given when having a good time together with the family and all what the Christmas traditionally stands for and we know this feeling is given SPIRITUALLY to all people when having these experiences and we know so it is.

I also did all of my outstanding writings and the first edit even though I am still not very motivated to do my writings at the moment and when I feel like this, this is when the darkness is as its strongest, which mean that it gives me “some suffering” but nothing more than this because the darkness is really not very strong anymore and I do wonder if I am starting to receive better sleep in general and we know “only time will tell” and because of my decision to still have the writings as my first priority I decided to do my best again today and so it is.

For days I have from time to time received “messages in the background” of the play from the Council to tell me just how much they are looking forward to “normalise” our communication and relations as in the “good old days” and we know giving me a clear feeling that they are just behind “the curtain” really and that I need to go through ALL of this before we will get back to NORMAL LIFE as we have not experience for a very long time.

Lama Yönten is regarded by an “expert” as one of the leading Buddhist masters of the world

This evening I decided to visit Lama Yönten again and this time around he decided to admit a man who had decided to take refuge with Buddhism and the ceremony took a couple of hours, where the Lama again showed his commitment to people and we know to quality through his lecture as well and when he – as part of the ritual – informed the man that he is not allowed to “take refuge in” – to study in a great detail even though “visits” to churches etc. are “allowed” – other temporal religions than Buddhism and I was thinking that THIS IS WRONG and we know the idea is really to find the truth and not to call it by one name herewith excluding “other parts of the truth”, which is really what Buddhism do here. And I noticed that the man after the ceremony said that it would have been nice to receive this information before the ceremony instead of during the ceremony and we know just maybe he was surprised to hear some of the obligations given to him at a point where it would be “too late” for him to regret his decision?

It is still difficult for me to listen carefully to the lecture because of some negative and distracting voices given to me but it is NOTHING compared to earlier.

Erik M.C. was one of the attendants again this evening and we know he has just published a new book on a topic of Buddhism – http://borgen.dk/product.asp?product=3228 – which I congratulated him with and he told me about his 37 years search on the nature of Buddhism really including travelling around the world to meet and study with some of the finest Buddhist masters and I was happy when he told me that he rank Lama Yönten highly compared to all of the masters he has visited because the Lama has studied among the best of all and because of the special and very careful practises he has gone through.

Despite of the fact that the attendants call them self Buddhists after having taken refuge with Buddhism, some of them – not all – show a “typical” Danish behaviour being “reserved” – here meaning that they don’t present themselves and don’t welcome “strangers” directly, openly and warmly – that they think about themselves (almost) not asking questions when communicating and even showing a negative attitude in some instances and we know for example this evening where one only had negative comments to give on Facebook when I spoke positively about keeping contact with old friends through this site and so it is – and when I see positive behaviour from these (or other) people, I always become happy and we know this is simply about BOTH the darkness AND the light inside of the same people and we know when you are a Buddhist, how come you show the same “weaknesses” when it comes to behaviour as many other Danes (?) and we know maybe it would be a good idea my dear Buddhist teachers all over the world to make sure that your teachings about “good behaviour” will be as effective as possible in order to get the best results with all?

Offering a candidate as new manager of Brede Park a meeting, which I don’t believe I can offer the existing manager

Today I was called up by a man named Finn, who had read my writings on Brede Park on the Internet and he told me that he was placed there himself two years ago, that he was not happy with the conditions and management of the place and that he is considering to apply the Commune to take over Rolf’s job as the leader because he believes he can do a better job when it comes to communication, teaching/instruction, planning and to show the people of the park himself as a role model when WORKING together with them, which Rolf does not (!) – he is a gardener himself – and we know I liked much of what he told me and I really thought that it is ALWAYS about getting the best/right person for the job (!) and it was a complete objective decision when I offered Finn to visit me for a cup of coffee to give him more inspiration than what I could do over the telephone and we know he was motivated after our talk and told me that he will come back to me next week and we know I am wondering if he will read my website in a greater detail also to find out who I am first (?) and if this is the case just maybe this will mean that I don’t hear from him again?

And we know I like Rolf very much as a person – as you will understand by now (?) – and I would very much like to offer him a meeting too to inspire him on how to improve as a manager on a number of topics – the same as above really – in order to get as MOTIVATED and DEVELOPING people at the park as possible and we know to do meaningful tasks instead of tasks, which are often useless and a waste of time to do and often wrongly carried out meaning that the work later will be discarded for example when we removed the woodpile the other day or when I did the meticulous work at the bed using EXTREME patience, which I found out later could have been done much easier, if the bed had been pruned first, which it then was a couple of weeks AFTER I finished the work annoying me that I was not told about this opportunity upfront and we know I will only write the truth, which is that I like Rolf very much as a person, to speak with him in private and his smiles and laughs but he really does not do a very good job despite of his background and professional competences as a gardener and we know much of the reason why is simply because he does not know how to communicate with, manage and develop people the best in order to get motivated people and it really all comes back to EDUCATION and PRACTISE – and apparently the lack of a mentor …. – and we know I have decided that I will not today offer Rolf a meeting to HELP him understand and to start working on his improvement needs even though I would LOVE to help him and the reason is because he has shown in the past that he is the kind of nature who will think that an offer like this is “undue intervention”, and we know maybe meeting me with an attitude of “who do you think you are” (?) “I do my job fine, I have nothing to improve” (!) instead of being OPEN and saying THANK YOU – you can look at some examples from my scripts of November 2008-February 2009 from my first period working at the park and you will understand – and we know this is a COMMON attitude of many people today which makes me sad and it is an attitude similar to how my scripts have been received negatively by many people not understanding that I mean the ABSOLUTELY BEST when I have showed how people must improve on basis of everyday examples on how people behave and work wrongly.

And we know just a thought of course – the Commune could have decided to use my experience and knowhow to help Rolf improve as a manager – and herewith help all people at the park to improve as people (!) – instead of letting me do manual work only and so it really is. So my dear Commune and Rolf, if you are reading this and are truly OPEN, this may be an opportunity for you for me to help you how to improve?


Today I was HAPPY that my sister sent me an email inviting me to her husband’s birthday on Saturday, where my mother/John and Niklas/Tobias also will come and we know I accepted of course but I cannot afford to buy a present or at least only a small present ….

25th November: The “new” and “old” world has started to unite spreading the light to all people of the Universe

Tonight I was not very happy to receive dreams of sexual nature again – this is the darkness making me suffer and we know showing that some family members and friends these days may worry about me or maybe even worry about themselves because of me and we know this game of people “worrying” seems to be able to continue forever and we know when will they know and when will they learn (?) that this is NOT the way “life’s meant to be” and do I need to tell you that it does not make me very happy to receive these WRONG feelings from other people of “worrying” and being afraid, which I normally don’t get myself (?) because I have decided to be strong.

The last three weeks I have counted down each day until I will finish at the park and really because I don’t feel like continuing doing this HARD work – not using my true competences – which has been “mentally impossible” to do as the example with Thomas showed the other day.

Doing “useless” work at the park because of poor planning and communication as examples to IMPROVE ON POSITIVELY

This morning the paths of the park was covered with some ice and maybe one centimetre of snow on top and Thomas and I were asked to remove this snow because we were told that it would help melting the ice in case it should start thawing and we know after thinking about it and talking to Thomas I told Rolf that we would not do this work ourselves, if the park belonged to us personally – which is always a good detector to use when deciding on how you want to carry out a work task – but despite of this he stood firm and asked us to do the job and we know even though it was showing and A LOT OF SNOW was promised to come over the next days with NO thaw (!) and we know my dear ladies and gentleman this is what I mean when I speak of A WASTE OF TIME and we know this was also why Thomas the other day was inspired to speak of “så gik der tid med det” (“then time passed by doing this”) – a very good song by Tøsedrengene – and this is sometimes the attitude here at this “employment project” killing time and not to DEVELOP people, which should be the true motive, which of course includes to PLAN the work the best way possible and this is how we used 1-1½ hours doing this “work” taking away motivation and moral – I had to use discipline when doing it – and 1-2 hours later it was clear that it had been completely “useless” to do because of new snow arriving and we know this “theme” of today continued afterwards when we were asked to drive the remaining of maybe 8-10 small trees to the waste disposal site and the story is briefly that Tom cut down these trees approx. one month ago because the museum had asked the park for these to do an “African hence” at their premises and I had wondered why the trees were never collected and today I understood that it was because the museum did not want the trees when they were not cleaned from leaves etc. and we know so Tom did a useless job and Thomas and I were now asked to remove all of this as another useless job and we know to make things even worse we could have separated the branches from the trunks and made chips through a special “chips machine” but we know because of “laziness” of “the employees” it was decided simply to throw out all of the remaining and we know making us use maybe four hours doing and driving five loads on the pick-up and we know this was simply because detailed guidelines of the work was not decided and agreed on making this misunderstanding and these examples of today are of course given in continuation of my talk with Finn yesterday evening and my dear friends do you believe I mean negatively when I write this (?) or do you understand that I only write this to tell you that you can do much better and that I offer my help to the park to IMPROVE if Rolf and the Commune is open to use my TRUE competences as you can read about in my CV?

At the end of the day we were asked to pull up Jerusalem artichokes from the ground and we know they were surrounded by tree branches formed as Indian tepees to support the plants and we know after the job I said with a smile that “now there are no more “roots” left, only Indians” and I was thinking of “roots” as “bad guys” of the darkness and Indians as the old symbol of the Council and really “original people” returning and so it is.

I have used my own normal shoes at the park without protection because the security shoes did not fit me

And we know Stig YOU HAVE USED YOUR OWN “NORMAL” SHOES WORKING AT THE PARK this whole period of 12 weeks and also most days at the previous period of 10 weeks – the same shoes as I used every single day in Kenya, which my mother bought for me before leaving Denmark to Kenya in May 2009 and we know it is incredible what these shoes have “survived” (!) – simply because the ONE “variant” of SECURITY shoes at the park fits me so uncomfortable that I get wounds on my instep and because Rolf did not follow my suggestion last year to get another variant as a supplement to help people like me having the same problems and we know because of this lack of protection I received the previously mentioned blood blisters and exposed myself to the risk of losing one or more toes as Michael did and because of this, my shoes are now almost completely worn-out with open holes at the instep and we know I am using ordinary men’s shoes with smooth soles when walking outside the park making me glide when walking in snow as now and we know I cannot afford to buy new shoes so “thank you very much” my dear Commune – and also Michael Palin J – for helping me out on this one – do you see?

Meeting the NICE Pastor Leif again speaking on Kirkegaard – the Church has NOTHING to do with the state!

The other day I read in the local paper that the “dear” pastor Leif from Lyngby Church would talk about the Danish philosopher Kirkegaard this evening at the rectory and we know despite of my view on the Church making me leave it because of its doctrines – see my script of the 14th March 2010 – and despite of Leif making me sad for not understanding me at our meeting and because he did not start to read and understand my scripts – see my scripts from February/March 2010 – I still like Leif and his positive and outgoing personality very much so therefore I had no worries to meet him again this evening and when I arrived I found him playing the piano – the Danish NEW YEAR’S SONG “vær velkommen herrens år” and of course you were again INSPIRED, Leif – and I was happy to see him burst out in a BIG smile when he saw me and he said “I thought you had scrapped me” to which I told him “no, you are always on my mind” – also one of the absolutely best songs by Elvis always making me happy – and this was INSPIRED speech given to me and it was because I am BECOMING all people on earth and we know which was happening when I had this experience and still happening when this is written – and will continue to happen – and Leif THIS WAS THE REASON WHY I TOLD YOU THIS and again you made me happy by saying “this was very beautifully said” and we know you also asked me why I have not been around for a long time and to this end, you made me sad when you did not understand our meeting and my emails in February/March where I also offered all pastors of your church to meet and talk with me when you would start to read and understand me and we know so it is.

But Leif is truly a well-read man in other connections than my scripts and a great expert on Kirkegaard of whom he spoke PASSIONATELY about this evening – his feelings were transferred to me – and we know also on Bishop Mynster from the same time, which is from the middle of the 18th Century and the Council told me that Kirkegaard in this lecture would be a symbol of me as “God” and Mynster a symbol of Leif and the other pastors I have met and the main subject of the evening was that Kirkegaard wanted to separate the church from the state, which Mynster did not and because of Mynster’s and others attitude, different religions have fought for centuries to become the only officially approved state religion killing millions of people (!) and we know HOW DIFFICULT IS IT FOR PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND THAT THE STATE AND CHURCH HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER (?) and so it is.

I was hoping that Leif would speak of Kirkegaard at “level 2” information (as the summaries of my scripts) but what I found was connoisseurs knowing the smallest details of Kirkegaard’s writings and therefore a lecture followed by an open discussion at a very detailed level 3 on a narrow subject (like the details of my scripts), which was too detailed for me this evening because of my time and interests but I was VERY happy to see “a new Universe” really opening to me – as “wine” or “Hi-Fi” as some of my interests – which passionately interests people.

The “new” and “old” world has started to unite spreading the light to all people of the Universe

At the lecture Leif spoke about “two worlds melting together” in one connection and this was really a clue to me about uniting the “new” and “old” world, which is what has started happening – and I hear the Council tell me something, which is “it is not without a certain degree of pride we do this” – and we know meaning that the light is gradually growing both in me and in all of us and also that the darkness will continue to dissolve and NOT to be allowed to enter the new world and this is how it is and earlier today – where the decision to open up for the transferral of the light but not the darkness was taken – I was thinking about what I have felt many times that the darkness of my family and friends reaches me delayed compared to the time of their actions and I reached the understanding that I have succeeded to remove all darkness of the old world ALONE (!!!) and we know Stig the reason why I still receive some sufferings is simply because of new darkness coming from people of the world – family and friends – because of their WRONG doings, which is simply what will be IMPOSSIBLE to continue doing in the new world because of the building blocks I have designed and so it is my friends SO WE ARE STILL CARRYING ON ALL OF US TO REACH A 100 PERCENT PERFECT UNIVERSE FOR ALL OF US WITHOUT EXEPTION TO EXPERIENCE JJJ.

Later I was told that this action is to compare with the scene in one of the Starwars movies where the rebel alliance succeeded to close down the shield generator of the Empire, which was the key to total VICTORY – this is what has started happening, the light of the Source is spreading to the whole Universe to completely shut off the darkness.

And I was also told that when my inner spiritual self was separated into two beings, this is what happened to all people of the world too and this is what was necessary to do in order to separate the light and darkness and now we have started the process to reunite the two worlds – and the two spiritual beings of all people – into one increasing the light and reducing the darkness until we will only have one world full of light without any darkness.

26th November: My last day at the park with a beautiful LIGHT ceremony to celebrate the opening of “our house”

Dreaming of people receiving spiritual information about me

Tonight I slept “almost alright” and I was dreaming of being led through a river inside a jungle in Panama by locals, who practise in order to receive spiritual information in a way which can become dangerous to them. Later I am together with my old school class from Espergærde together with two Western clairvoyant ladies, who decide to test me, which makes me fly in front of them and afterwards I explain about myself and I give them tape recordings to investigate in a greater detail. When I woke up I was told that this is about “spiritual” people around the world receiving spiritual information about me – as speech, visions and/or feelings from people “living in another world” as I hear some of them here “talk talk” about.

My last day at the park with a beautiful LIGHT ceremony to celebrate the opening of “our house” to the world!

This morning I was again NOT looking forward to keep working hard at the park – even though it was the last day – and I was expecting to clear much snow this morning – approx. 10-20 centimetres – and I was surprised when Rolf told me and Kirsten to cut down the plants of another bed – and we know I am thinking about INVOLVING the employees to PLAN their everyday instead of just telling them – which is then what we did and later I also did some snow clearing but the work this year is NOT done as carefully with the same quality orientation as it was done when I was in the park last year!

Before the break I was inspired to take a picture of Flemming finishing his long and large work restoring the greenhouse connected to the workshop, which included new glass etc. – very good work Flemming! – and we know he had prepared a LIGHT ceremony of raising the rooftree with 23 small candles burning beautifully inside of the greenhouse – which made me think of the light ceremony at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted in 2005/06 with Janet Parker and more – and we know simply to say that while you have been working at the park, Stig, we have prepared “our house” – I have often been given this FANTASTIC song by Madness, which I have loved since 1982, when it comes to my or “our house” as the “new” world – so much that we have now started uniting together the “new” and “old” world – see the script of yesterday – and we know this is what you are symbolising Flemming and of course you have put the last piece of glass on the greenhouse today so we will be sure that no darkness will ever come inside of our new world and so it is – THANK YOU ALL OF YOU FROM ALL OF US :-).

(In my book you can see a picture here)

From left: Gert, Bjørn, Kirsten, Tom and Flemming

Tom was nice to invite me for the third time a Friday afternoon to come and visit him in private and unfortunately I had to do the same today as the other two times, which was to say that I was sorry because I would be busy and that is because writing my scripts is still my first priority and this is also to say that we have very good relations and that I consider Tom – as the others – to be my friend.

At the break Judith had been VERY NICE to prepare some delicious salmon bruchettas for my honour at my last day – thank you very much Judith for your very nice thought – and we know we shared contact information at the table and I said thank you to the others for being good pals and we know they were kind to say nice words to me too and also to suggest me once again to ask the Commune to prolong my stay at the park over the winter but we know I told them that I will miss them but that I am also happy to stop now to receive my freedom (!) and also because it has been hard work for me, which I know they understand even though they don’t understand just how hard yet – and we know what will the Commune decide to do with me?

At the end of the break a lady stuck her head inside the lunch room to say hello and I wondered why she did not present her self and after the break when I asked Rolf at his office for more work to do at these the final hours, the lady was also there and we know I was very surprised when I was told that she was from the Commune and that she had arrived with the purpose to meet me at the park before stopping (!) and we know WHAT HAPPENED ABOUT AGREEING ON MEETINGS LIKE THIS (?) and we know this is how I am and we know especially work-wise and here it was to say that I was now receiving a “control visit” to follow up on my “ability to work” and we know because of MY SOCIAL COMPETENCES (!) and my dear ladies and gentlemen now more than one year after I started in this torture of a system of the Commune and we know where all people I spend my everyday with knows that we have very good social relations, the Commune is still not knowing and sceptical of this (!) and we know I am apparently not yet clear from the accusation of being “anti-social” and a person “not liked” by others (!) and we know simply because they don’t really read and misunderstand my scripts thinking negatively instead of positively on them (!) and because they don’t spend everyday together with me to see that I am ALWAYS BEHAVING POSITIVELY/OBJECTIVELY (!) and because of this, I did not feel very well about this COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY visit but on the other hand I decided to be open and positive despite of my inner feelings and we know also to welcome this new and nice lady, Tine, who just may be the first person at the Commune who will TRULY be able to understand that I am indeed working the best of all at the park ever and that I have VERY GOOD relations with ALL people and we know this is of course to set up the contradictions as clearly as possible to exhibit the WRONG doings of the Commune completely in opposition of reality and we know but this time around just maybe Rolf has been so impressed with my work that he has given me positive mentioning – as Tine said he had – and just maybe also about me as a person because this is what he sees and hears about me and we know Rolf, Tine and I went a “walk in the park”, where I talked about examples of mine/our work at the farm, the scrub with the wet leaves, the tree pruning at the avenue and the wine greenhouse the other day, which we went to see together “impressing” her and Rolf once again when he noticed just how well the earth around the wine plants looked, the way to structure your work also to prevent you from “thinking” that a job is impossible to do, to work hard/efficiently instead of talking about the work, which sometimes can take longer in stead of just doing it and that all of this creates job satisfaction and general happiness with all because of the positive progress, which you and all visibly can see the result of and we know I mentioned some of the people I have worked together with, which had the special interest of Tine (!) – just telling the degree of MISUNDERSTANDING at the commune about my social competences because of two negative people at A2B in February/March 2010 wrongly misunderstanding my offer to HELP and/or my POSITIVE ATTITUDE as “threats” (!!!) and that ALL OF THE POSITIVE REACTIONS OF PEOPLE NORMALLY IS NOT PASSED ON (!) – and we know I had to say that people at the park in general have good relations as I also said that I have told the Commune about many times before and after hearing my positive mood making her and Rolf laugh 3-4 times, some minutes afterwards she asked me seriously if I had humour (!) and yes my dear Tine, this is what you experienced yourself and what all people at the park notice every single day when they laugh of my jokes and I of theirs.

And we know during this visit I was given “the shake” by the Council which is really shaking me so much that I am trembling physically also making it difficult for me to talk and this is one possible reaction I meet when I face the darkness as this system of the Commune – and we know but Tine I will always be POSITIVE to you and of course give you a FAIR and OPEN chance to show your best when you will decide to invite me for a meeting at your office later as you said and of course for you to try to understand the objective TRUTH about me and NOT the lies of the system – including the not existing diagnosis from my hospitalisation, which Helle believes is a diagnosis because she did not read the journals carefully – and so it is. Do you believe you will be able to do this or will you become a new victim of this system (?) and we know you may have a better chance because you are new to the system of the Commune!

I gave Tine the understanding that I will miss the others of the park but that I am happy to end the HARD work, which is what it is when you decide to work your best/hardest, which just may be enough for me not to return to the park and that is of course unless you want me to bring in my experience and TRUE competences to help both Rolf/Judith and all people of the park to develop and “get better”?

Finally at 12.00 I finished working at the park and I went home first to take a long bath – which I needed – and afterwards to continue writing the script of yesterday and today and we know to edit the last four days and publish it, which would be the best to do today but which I have a deadline of doing tomorrow because I don’t want to stress myself too much today and so it is – and “tomorrow’s just another day” really so it became tomorrow before I decided to do the rest of this work and to publish the scripts.

Here is another picture of the park today including me:

(In my book you can see a picture here)

Stig, Bjørn, Kirsten and Tom at "our house"


Today I also want to send my THANK YOUS to WIKILEAKS – http://wikileaks.org/ – and your “secret” sources simply for what you do publishing secret Government activities which is entirely in my SPIRIT and we know as I wrote about “somewhere” in book no. 2, where I asked the world to “publish Government (secret) activities”. A VERY FINE JOB I MUST SAY!


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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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