30th November 2010 – Obama plans to resign as President of USA to become the new World President residing in Germany

Summary of the script today



27th November: People are searching for the Son of God without knowing that I am on the Internet to be found!
  • Dreaming of my music and car not being popular with people and people searching for me not knowing that I have been on the Internet for 10 months now.
  • I don’t receive much negative speech but again today I received much extreme sexual talk making me suffer because of “anxiety” from a person “close to me”.
  • I was VERY HAPPY to see my family again restoring our best relations.
28th November: Obama plans to resign as President of USA to become the new World President residing in Germany
  • Dreaming of Obama knowing about me and planning to resign as President of USA to become the new President of the world with residence in Germany.
  • I was tired and physically exhausted making me take a day off, I had new burning feelings inside of me and I had to go through a “test” to help a person “close to me” to survive instead of being released from the sexual sufferings given to me.
  • I sent an email to Pastor Leif to re-fresh his memory of why I left the church and again trying to make him understand who I am. Shortly thereafter he sent me an answer – is this what the church has “time” to do (?) or will he be motivated to start reading me for example instead of or simultaneously with Kirkegaard?
29th November: Family and friends are apparently starting to believe in me?
  • Dreaming of an old class mate believing in me, the on-going “football games” between the light and darkness with the light as the given winner and family starting to believe in me?
  • I felt “destroyed” again today but I managed to run with some difficulties declaring that I also want my father to survive even though he is also making me suffer.
  • I received less negative speech but sometimes I am still given strong sexual sufferings because of the sceptical attitude of me from my parents – and a new even brighter UFO made me HAPPY.
30th November: “JEEESUS it’s cold out there this morning!!” – because people have “cold” feelings of me!
  • Dreaming that I behave according to my book and that family makes me suffer even though I have been “sane” all along!
  • Again I transferred DKK 3,000 to my LTO friends in Kenya – and I have settled not to buy winter boots – as many do here – because I cannot afford it.
  • David wrote about Jesus giving redemption from slavery but still he is fearing “that great and dreadful day of judgment” not understanding my scripts that ALL PEOPLE have received redemption from elimination (!) because the judgment is now a passed event!!! David/LTO: Please read my scripts carefully to understand.
  • When body-biking, people sensed a smell of burning – which it did not – which was a sign of the strong and wrong feelings of Rolf from the park of my scripts.
  • “JEEESUS it’s cold out there this morning!!”, which it is because of “freezing” feelings from the Commune and the park of me. A “friend” on Facebook will survive despite of his destiny to become terminated because of lack of faith in me.
  • Lama Yönten had invited Lama Chokdrup Dorjee to give a lecture, which he did “correctly” but without passion, which is because Buddhists don’t believe in a “creator” (!) – compare this to the NATURAL presentation skills of my LTO friends in Kenya having faith and you will understand the meaning of “faith”.
  • Lama Yönten held my hand for approx. one minute, which was a very STRONG and POSITIVE gesture, which I recommend people to do when it comes naturally.
  • The “still” lights of UFO’s on the sky have started to do small circling movements and to blink visibly – something has started!


27th November: People are searching for the Son of God without knowing that I am on the Internet to be found!

Tonight I took notes of “glimpses” of dreams about “driving in my car” through Nørreport Station on my way to work through a crowd of people, where my music and car is not yet popular and we know also about Kim S. having a washing machine installed at his office (“cleaning” him from darkness because of what he goes through now) and when I woke up I heard the theme song from the tv-series “cheers” – which has been given to me many times in the past as a symbol of the darkness – but we know I do like the song and the words I received was “You wanna be where everybody knows your name” and I was told that people are searching for me out there and we know is it difficult to find the Son of God to come and save you (?) and we know just wondering I am after having marketed myself intensively on the Internet for 10 months now.

And we know when doing the last part of my work on editing the four last days of scripts and publishing them today I was given first the taste of Champagne – celebration – followed by the taste of fish – myself (!) – and we know this was also MUCH work to do taking me five hours today but we know it was not as difficult to do when I had decided to split the work also working maybe five hours yesterday and so it is.

These days I don’t receive much negative talk of the kind “everybody and everything is the worst”, which is really a liberation but today again I received extreme sexual talk making me suffer much – because of anxiety of one person “close to me”, which is so strong that it would potentially been able to kill me if I was still at the same stage as months ago, where I often received the REALISTIC threat to “kill, kill, kill” me from the darkness and we know which was not least driven forward by this person “close to me” because of “anxiety” based on misunderstandings and this is really all it could have taken to destroy the Universe with all life and so it is.

Restoring our best family relations making me HAPPY

Finally this evening I returned to the home of Sanna and Hans also seeing my nephews again together with my mother and John too and I am VERY HAPPY to say that we had a very good evening together, all people were positive and in good form – I will NOT write anything if people one day should be the opposite – with the best family relations as I remember and cherish them and we know including smiles and our “special” form of humour including irony and more.

I brought a good wine for Hans in a quality which I don’t buy for myself these days and I was happy again to receive my sister’s very good food including a soup made of Jerusalem artichokes, which I read the recipe on myself the other day on the Internet after having received some of these from the park and thinking that I was going to make the soup myself Thursday or Friday – which I however did not have the time and energy to do – and we know I told the recipe out loud at the table, which was “spot on” and we know Sanna, this is how DIRECT inspiration works when my thought of making this soup was transferred to you and we know I also have to say that we had fine wine including one of the best German producers on Riesling white wine, Dr. loosen, and we know I was inspired to say that the best of his wines are simply “world class” and the Council made me understand that this wine was put on the table because of what I have achieved myself coming this far and we know the dinner mat on my place included a nice picture of Tivoli as the “garden of Eden” approaching and so it is.

Thank you so much for a VERY NICE evening – I was happy seeing all of you again – and we know even though I also received maybe 20 disgusting attacks of the worst sexual nature by the darkness during the evening making me feel very uncomfortable when this happened.

28th November: Obama plans to resign as President of USA to become the new World President residing in Germany

Obama plans to resign as President of USA to become the new World President residing in Germany

Tonight I slept somewhat poorer again and I wrote down a few dreams:

  • I am at a Hotel in Yugoslavia, all tables and chairs have been raining away, my mother says thank you for our last nice meeting. Inside the hotel I receive two very nice cakes and a cup of coffee and I am told that the cakes are only 1 DKK each locally.
  • And we know the hotel is still the “waiting place” for my “special friends” and here you can figure out the meaning yourself when I tell you that “rain” is still “suffering” and cakes/coffee is still “loving feelings” and we know this is how it is here.
  • I am first in New York, where I am afraid of the tall skyscrapers (I am afraid of heights) and afterwards in Washington, where I feel better. I am having dinner together with Obama and US Governors and I wonder if Obama knows about who I am and he does not tell about me publicly but when he shakes my hand, he gives me an extra long and warm hand shake to let me know that he indeed knows about who I am. At the dinner Obama appoints a man to be in charge of USA replacing himself because he has decided to move to Germany to take over the assignment as President there.
    • And we know new information about Obama knowing about me and I wonder how many journalists followed my encouragement in my email from the 31st January 2010 to ask Obama about me (?) – ZERO (?) – and here you see another sign that Germany will become the centre of the Universe and we know “soon” and Dr. Loosen as the producer of the German wine was another small sign and I have received several German references lately without writing them down for example when Tom in the park recently “decided” to start calling me “Steig” with a German tone and so it is.
  • I arrive with my car and camping wagon at a camping place, at the harbour I meet two dock workers from whom I buy cement – even though it is against the law for me to buy as a private person, it is only sold to companies but “money counts” is the name of the game for these workers – which I believe will be used to place in a railway wagon made of iron. Later I hide in another wagon and I see two women arriving with the intention to blow up the iron wagon, but instead I see them accidently overturn shelves.
    • I am SAD that “money counts” is the name of the game for so many people of the world setting aside their ethics and moral standards and I cannot give you a precise interpretation of this dream other than it does not feel very nice – but not to worry of course.

    Being exhausted and making a person “close to me” survive

    Today I was really feeling tired and physically exhausted making me decide to take a day off except from writing the script of yesterday and today and I also started receiving new burning feelings inside of me and we know where did they come from (?) and we know family and friends are still a good place to look and we know but on the other hand I also felt the positivity from my sister and her family towards me as lower negative speech given to me spiritually and we know which makes me happy and my sufferings smaller.

    Later I was told that the person being “close to me” – can you guess who (?) – is the reason why I receive the worst sexual sufferings in relation to this “someone” you know and we know I started receiving many “tempting” thoughts that if she was no more, I would be liberated from this terrible suffering and we know but I decided to say that I do hope she will start to understand me also to reduce my suffering – otherwise the Council told me that they had to carry out my plan if I wished her dead – and so it is and did any of my family members or close friends wish me dead at some stage after I published my book no. 2 the 31st January (?) and we know just telling you what I am told and so it is.

    Today I read the scripts from the 22nd-26th November again and we know the best would be to give all scripts a third edit on a quiet day without stress enabling me to do my best because this would really be needed and we know what I would have decided to do already in 2009 if it would have been possible for me to do, which it was not and I have therefore reluctantly had to accept “some errors” and “bad formulations” of my scripts mostly because of “tiredness” of the day of writing/publishing.

    Refreshing Pastor Leif’s memory of why I left the church and again trying to make him understand who I am

    At the lecture with the Pastor Leif from Lyngby Church the other day, I noticed that he had “forgotten” about why I don’t come to the church anymore and this evening I therefore decided to write the following email to Leif – again hoping that he and his colleagues will simply start to READ and UNDERSTAND my scripts instead of telling themselves that “he cannot be the one” and also to block mentally by saying “it is impossible to read his scripts – where am I to start” (?) and the answer is really just to follow my recommendations of starting to read book no. 2 followed by book no. 3 and we know to follow my daily blog and so it is.

    Here is my email:

    Kære Leif,

    Tak for sidst og for din venlige modtagelse af mig med et smil ved dit foredrag om Kirkegaard forleden. Det satte jeg pris på.

    Jeg vælger at sende denne mail til dig for at genopfriske din hukommelse i forhold til, at jeg valgte at trække mig tilbage i forhold til kirken generelt, selvom at jeg holder meget af både dig og dine kolleger. Det handler om KOMMUNIKATION, INDSTILLING OG FORSTÅELSE – samt forventninger i forhold til fastlåste holdninger i henhold til biblen og kirken om hvad der kan og ikke kan lade sig gøre i forhold til virkelighedens verden – det handler om fastlåste, stive holdninger og om doktriner, som ikke er af det gode i forhold til menneskets forståelse samt udvikling.

    Det ved du, at jeg har skrevet om, og sandheden ligger åben for dig og dine kolleger, men selv jer – kirkens tjenere og ja også herrens tjenere (?) – blev misledt af jeres egen mistro og forudfattede holdninger. Er kondomer af det gode eller ikke af det gode i henhold til Paven? Og kan "spirituelle" oplevelser lade sig gøre eller ikke lade sig gøre i henhold til kirken, som ikke har begreb om, hvad den taler om? Tro mig, Leif, det handler om at ÅBNE sig for en ny verden sammenholdt med din vanlige "trygge", "sikre" og "rigtige" tilværelse (?) og gør du det, vil du finde større glæde i mine manuskripter og mig, hvis du vælger at udvise TRO på og bruge den fornødne tid på at forstå mig – og stadig som en af de første før en hel verden vil forstå!

    Kan min historie virkelig passe? Nej, det kan den selvfølgelig ikke – det kan enhver sige sig selv! Eller kan man virkelig, Leif, hvis ikke man forsøger at læse og at forstå som en hel verden indtil nu? – For hvis du gør dette, vil du finde beviset lige foran dig. Det handler om at overkomme den stærkeste indre stemme i folk, som siger at "han kan simpelthen ikke være den udvalgte" (!) – eller kan han? Hvordan, hvor og hvornår vil den "udvalgte" komme og hvilke belæringer vil han give menneskeheden for at overkomme "dommen"? Ved du det, Leif (?) – eller er du villig til at ÅBNE dig for at LÆRE (?) – i stedet for at lære andre baseret på "kun delvis rigtige manuskripter fra en svunden tid"?

    Læs min hjemmeside, min introduktion, min rejse mod at blive "mig selv", mine belæringer og hvis du begynder at interessere dig for mit forfatterskab på måske ca. 2.500 sider indtil nu, som der er gratis adgang til via hjemmesiden, så vil din interesse for andre forfattere reduceres – http://stigdragholm.spaces.live.com.

    Dette er mit afsnit fra mit besøg hos dig forleden, som også er at finde på internettet på samme måde som mine referater af mine tidligere besøg i kirken, som jeg går ud fra, at du og dine kollegaer fik "tid" til at læse (?) – eller måske ikke?

    (See my script of the 25th November to read this chapter).

    Take care – og hils dine kollegaer mange gange 🙂 – I er STADIG velkomne til DIALOG, når I begynder at læse og at forstå, men ikke før, ellers vil det samme ske som ved mit besøg hos dig – MISTRO!

    Venlige hilsener fra
    Stig Dragholm

    And we know 22 minutes afterwards, the Pastor sent me the short answer below and we know Leif will this be what you have “time” to do (?) because you already know that I am a “swindler” (?) or do you have “doubts” in me because of my “appearance” and “good writing skills” (?), which will “motivate” you to start reading my books following the level 1, 2 and 3 information, which is accessible through my website? – And we know he will be the decisive piece to “keep contact”, it is up to his actions.

    Kære Stig

    Tak for din hilsen, for den hjertelighed, den er båret af. Du kan formulere dig! Du kan gengive en situation! Tak for dit eksistentielle referat! Lad os holde kontakten!

    Mange hilsener Leif

    29th November: Family and friends are apparently starting to believe in me?

    Tonight I slept “almost alright” again with the following dreams – and I wonder if I am going to receive more dreams again after having stopped at the park:

    • I am together with eight of my former class mates from school in Espergærde including Fuggi and Søren. I am playing the absolutely biggest – it is HUGE – and best turntable and Søren shakes my hand saying that “it is perfect now, I can see who you are, thank you for a nice time” and “he is consistent”.
    • And we know this dream can be true if it is the light giving it to me and it can be false if it is the darkness because of wrong “reactions” in relation to me from family and friends and we know the turntable is my scripts and is the reaction from Søren his true reaction today (?) – send me an email, Søren, with your answer if you read this!
  • I play football against Fuggi in front of the Royal palace Amalienborg in Copenhagen and I win the game and I enter the royal palace, where a lady and her son just on the other side of the gate meets me to play more football, which is a game I also win. I agree with the employees of the castle to play football on Saturdays at Vesterbro Torv at 10.00 and the prize will be a lamp and more accurately the spirit of this lamp. Fuggi picks me up at the South Harbour on our way to football from where we go to buy a light bulb.
    • We know the football game between the light and darkness is still going on really but we know the result is given in forehand, the light will win every single game of all people of the world – and we know there are some games – meaning the darkness RESISTING me – which I would be happy to see coming to an end ASAP because it should be – and has been for many months – possible for ALL family and friends to understand who I am, support me and behave correctly instead of opposing me as you see in this dream and I wonder who the mother and son is?
  • Jeremy from TopGear is driving a truck on Louis Petersensvej in Rungsted and on the body of the truck is the smallest car ever produced together with four people, I stop the truck and I see that the people on the truck enter the car one at a time – this is all it can contain.
    • We know just maybe some family members living close to this road in Rungsted are “just beginning” to understand the magnitude of “what’s going on” and who I am (?) – if this is the case, it would be nice to know (!) – and we know making them start their own car – their future self – and we know so far the smallest car of the world as Jeremy showed in a brilliant episode of Topgear – I like his HUMOUR very much – and if this is truly the case, I can only say that it makes me happy that family starts to understand and it will make me even more happy when family and friends will start to COMMUNICATE – ask, listen, reflect, talk – with me ALSO on my scripts because there is absolutely NOTHING to fear because as you see I AM STILL EXACTLY THE SAME STIG AS I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN and can I ask a favour of you my dear family (?), which is to make someone “close to us” understand me (?) because I am suffering very much because this “someone” does not understand me.
  • When I woke up it was with the song “please forgive me” by Bryan Adams and first with the words of the light “You’re the only one” – or “the chosen one” you know – and then same words given from the darkness in connection with this “someone”, which is as you may understand hurting me very much these days?
  • Yesterday I was really feeling destroyed after the hard work for a long time at the park and we know I may feel a little bit better today but I still feel “destroyed” – but a little less – making it difficult to do anything really with an overwhelming desire just to sit down and relax and also to sleep – which I don’t do – and so it is.

    Was “lostboy” by Jim Kerr “lost” on the Internet (?) – and who is the lost boy really?

    And we know Stig you SIMPLY had to find Jim Kerr’s solo album from 2010 “Lostboy” in CD quality SOMEWHERE and it was SIMPLY not to be found on the Internet other than in MP3 quality and we know I cannot listen to MP3 quality (!!!) – I have tried several times also listening to this album in this poor quality and it is really not good – and I found out that it was to be found in CD quality on Usenet – how many of you my dear readers know of this “parallel world” to the Internet existing (?) – but we know it was “almost impossible” to find the right combination of a Usenet client – I tried six different – together with a server including the right newsgroups – alt.binaries.sounds.lossless etc. – and I found out after trying many free servers that these do not offer these groups and we know it was in itself very difficult to find a pay server offering a free trial without requiring a credit card – which I don’t have you know – but I found one and we know it was therefore not the easiest task to do but I did it and we know I am now looking forward to listening to the album in CD quality and in the future to stop all of this nonsense of thousands of different systems, where none of them works perfectly and to have ONE PERFECTLY NEW SYSTEM IN STEAD to give joy and happiness for all people and so it is.

    And we know I am only getting to learn this album by Jim Kerr – the Simple Mands front man you know – but I can hear some very good songs/coming favourites “opening” to me and we when I hear the first brilliant song “refugee” I think of the Dadaab refugees and do you really believe Jim in the “return of the king” (?) and we know my dear ladies and gentlemen who is really the “lost boy” on the Internet (?) and we know how many of you have found me (?), I have had less than 3,200 hits on my website – and maybe the double amount at my blog – for ten months and we know many of these are my own (!) and the rest is mainly from the same old family members and friends returning so a “lost boy” is what I am today!

    Running with some difficulties and making my father survive!

    After this I decided to go to Fitness World to run again because I really needed to get out of my apartment thinking that exercise in stead of relaxing was what was needed to get me out of this bad feeling of feeling “destroyed” and we know the first twenty minutes when running was “quite easy” to do even though my right and left side and especially my arms were not co-ordinated (!) the first minutes and we know this really makes running much more difficult than you can imagine and we know I also received difficulties to sink and “more than this” really and I was asked about my father and we know if he “got to do or die” (?) and we know I decided for “do” – all people are to live a good and “normal life” despite of the sufferings I go through because of them – and from here my right side again became co-ordinated with my left side and we know after twenty minutes it became increasingly difficult to run and again using my outmost I was able to run the 30 minutes I had decided for.

    A new even closer and brighter UFO made me HAPPY 🙂

    This evening when the sky was partly visible for the first time in many days I was happy to look out the kitchen window to see an UFO appearing seconds afterwards and it was even closer with an even more bright and larger light than before making me HAPPY not to be alone (!) and we know giving my best regards to the UFO and the planet from where it is from and LOOKING FORWARD TO MEETING YOU and so it is.

    Less negative speech and sometimes still strong sexual suffering

    During the day I did not receive much negative or sexual speech and we know it seems like my parents are giving me the last – which is still strong sometimes – and other family and friends the first – which is not very strong at the moment – and we know later in the evening I started receiving somewhat negative feelings of being afraid – transferred to me from others – burning feelings and also sexual speech and we know I am still looking forward to having all of my family and friends to understand and accept me and really to talk naturally to me and about me instead of “hiding” or what is worse and we know how difficult can that be – when I am still the same Stig as always?

    Barcelona smashed Real Madrid

    I did not watch the game between Barcelona and Real Madrid this evening even though I had looked very much forward to it – have there ever been two teams in Spain as sovereign as now (?) – but it was not on the television channels I can watch and I tried to find a free “live stream” to watch on the Internet but we know even though I found hundreds of them, in practise it was impossible to get the ones I clicked on to work except from Sky Sports, which was up and running mainly before the game (!) until I pushed a button and from this time it did not work again but we know I was happy that Barcelona won and what are the chances that one of the top teams defeat the other by 5-0 (?) and we know even though I was “not present” physically WE WERE ALL THERE as I am told and we know I cannot write stories from a game I did not watch, but apparently there are stories to be found.

    Wikileaks: Do any politicians believe that true OPENNESS is of the good?

    The documents on “US diplomacy” were released through Wikileaks the other day and all I am thinking is: 1) Wait until the “real secrets” will be published and 2) notice that all politicians talk about how unacceptable it is to have documents like this being exposed to the world (!) and we know my good old friend Obama, are you performing an act too (?) because this is the only you can do and we know have there been any politicians or civil servants saying that they believe OPENNESS is good (?) and just wondering I am in this ROTTEN old world!

    Today I asked my mother not to come tomorrow as she had offered in order to do Christmas decorations at my apartment and the reason is simply because decorations don’t mean much to me when I am alone but if I had a family I would cherish the decorations very much indeed and we know and we know and we all know what you are feeling right now when you have not and so it is.

    30th November: “JEEESUS it’s cold out there this morning!!” – because people have “cold” feelings of me!

    Dreaming that I behave according to my book and that family makes me suffer even though I have been “sane” all along!

    Tonight I had once again an “almost alright” sleep with these dreams:

    • I am shooting with a catapult against Nazi’s, who are shooting with a bazooka against me, but I knock them all out and win.

    • Bettina is not going to receive new furniture from the judge Britt B. because of her behaviour. Britt B. has written a book and is my role model, I behave myself according to the book but my family makes me suffer even though there has never been anything wrong with me or anything to worry about!
    • This is exactly how the dream was and when will all of my family understand that I have been “sane” all along (?) – which they just may understand when they think of our perfectly “normal” time together, where “someone” is even influenced at the moment to be “positive” because of me – and treat me accordingly?
  • I am flying all the way over Dubai and its extremely tall skyscrapers, I am Superman and when I walk the streets, I walk with the strength of Superman much faster than people, which makes a policeman ask me to slow down. At a shopping centre I meet a group of people with stomach pain after having eaten at Burger King, I look for a two star hotel, which is all I can afford, and René and Dorte come to my room because they have lost their luggage in Italy, they sleep in my bed, Dorte asks to read the newspaper and I look after branches of a plant, which I have inserted into water and am going to plant in earth instead hoping for it to grow.
    • I have often been thinking about the extreme extravagance of Dubai as VERY WRONG also (!) because people are still dying because of poverty all over the world, the policeman is still the darkness, family and friends are suffering because of me (Burger King) – however you don’t need to suffer if you simply change your attitude to look positively upon me instead of fearing me and that is also to act normally together with “the same old Stig” – you need to bring your luggage to the new world and here it is in the country of joy and happiness, the newspaper was the symbol of becoming terminated because of one’s actions and so it is.

    This morning I was feeling better than yesterday – but still not “normal” – and I believe it is because of my running yesterday.

    Money transferral to Kenya and I cannot afford to buy boots

    Today I transferred again 3,000 DKK to Kenya and we know I looked at “boots” at 100 DKK at the supermarket of Føtex but they were sold out and we know how many of my family and friends are these days buying new winter boots – or clothes or … – in Denmark at maybe 1,000 – 2,000 DKK (?) and just wondering I am and also thinking that I don’t really need boots this winter, I can continue to use the worn-out shoes from the park with a good will – I believe there is only one hole in the right shoe – and so it is.

    Jesus gave redemption from slavery – I have given you redemption from elimination!

    And this is to my dear friend, David, first of all thanking you from my heart – do you remember what this means (?) and we know this is from “God” to you my friend – for your email and your nice words as usual also reflecting on Christmas and the meaning of what Jesus did and David let me tell you one thing straight out: THERE IS NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF when it comes to the “dreadful day of judgment” as you call it because we have really turned this day “upside down” – thank you Diana for this FANTASTIC and “chic” song – meaning that the day of judgment is now a past event (!) as I have written about earlier because the energy of the Source is now so strong and ENDLESS and the remaining of the darkness “nothing” really (!) – except from what people continue to produce – meaning that there is “no way out” for the darkness other than to completely vanish, and it means that all people eventually will receive the light so strongly that they will feel naturally motivated to show a “clean heart” to be “granted” access to our new world and we know THIS WAS NOT INCLUDED IN “OUR BOOK” OF EXPECTED EVENTS TO COME IN RELATION WITH THE JUDGMENT but this is what it means because I decided never to give up when fighting the darkness and really my friend David – and this goes to Elijah, Meshack and John too – because of your faith in and support of me making it possible at all to do (!) and we know you have done the impossible to continue having faith in me even though you here show an example David that you have not read my scripts carefully because what I write in this chapter is by now “old” information and what I can say is that I understand your situation if you have not read my scripts carefully because of lack of money and this is another very thin line we have managed to hang on to because my dear LTO friends have had both lack of money and sicknesses to fight given to them by the Devil you know and here again my family and friends (!) making it difficult and “almost impossible” to read my scripts carefully – and still they show faith, loyalty and commitment to me and we know which was a condition in order for all of the Universe to cross the bridge over trouble water.

    To David and LTO: Please prioritise to read my scripts as carefully as possible, THINK about your options will you (?), is it better and cheaper to print out my scripts for all of you to read one after the other (?) or do you see other opportunities? And we know IS IT REALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO READ ALL OF MY SCRIPTS CAREFULLY IF YOU USE ALL OF YOUR WILL POWER AND SHOW YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST (?) – I guess that it is not?

    And here is his email:

    Dear Stig,

    I take this golden opportunity to extend my heartfelt greetings and gratitude to you for the cash help to us. I met all the team members this afternoon. In follow up to your e-mail, I asked Elijah to write to you and I do hope that he does so soon.

    On another note, today was a slow but nice day. I look forward eagerly to see December shortly. For mankind all over the world, December is a time to look back to the great things that the Lord has done and to reflect on the birth of our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ as we approach Christmas. After his birth and death, Jesus did what no body could do for us; redemption from slavery. Redemption for whoever believes in him. He gave us his blood, by shedding it on that cross and It is this blood that flows in our veins; uniting all mankind from many walks of life and nations.

    Life without Christ is useless since it shall lead to hell. People, many people, their number as the sand of the sea, shall eventually stand before Jesus when he is revealed and shall be judged.

    For me in Kenya, I am sitting down and looking far into the future in anticipation of that great and dreadful day of judgment.

    Stig keep on doing good and seek the grace (unmerited favor) of God without which one is lost and detached from the life that is in Christ.

    Thanks and looking forward to seeing you soon,


    Body-biking with people believing it was burning

    Besides writing today I also washed my clothes – meeting a nice lady, a teacher, who “felt” that the purpose of my books, which I explained some of, is the same as what her grand father was seeking to do – and cleaned up the apartment and as the day progressed I started to become more tired and feeling indisposed but I had decided also to do body-biking today and afterwards to visit Lama Yönten and when I reached the afternoon again I strongly felt mostly like relaxing and sleeping so it was not easy to continue but this is what I did and today body-biking was only at the second level but still it was good exercise and after some minutes of cycling I was told that if I did not do what I do – if I was tempted to relax without making my action plan – I would receive more of the worst sexual sufferings and “encouragements” to “remove” the sources of this – my parents (!) – and we know the darkness can be VERY persuasive and the suffering VERY bad but I have promised myself that no matter what, this will not happen and we know it is a Universal rule (!) that all Council members are to survive (!!!) and so it is – I hope – and during this exercise some attendants sensed a burning smell – I did not – and exactly when this happened I was given the feeling “under my skin” of Rolf from the park and the thought that he had read my scripts on him and we know making him “angry” and we know so much that people here was believing that the entire building of Fitness World was burning and the instructor had to leave the body-biking room to make sure that everything was “alright”, which it was and we know FEELINGS can be STRONG and VIOLENT too my friends (!!!) – and we know it will be exciting to see if the Commune by now will understand that my scripts are only POSITIVE as they have been all along (!) and what they will decide to do about me (?) and we know I have not been called in for a meeting yet so maybe they are still “thinking”?

    JEEESUS it’s cold out there this morning!!” – because people have “cold” feelings of me!

    And we know the quote in the headline was ANOTHER inspired message on Facebook today – there are some inspired messages there from time to time – and this time it was NIGEL who thought this when the temperature this morning was between
    -5 to -10 degrees Celsius and we know the “hard frost” has started early this year don’t you think (?) and we know this is simply because I ended the work at the park with the Commune and the park “thinking” about me and my actions and we know potentially the whole park after I sent the pictures from the other day to Flemming who may become inspired to click the link and to read my website (?) and we know this is simply to say just how strong people and the darkness is around you at the moment and so it is.

    And let us also take another example with you “GRØN” my old “friend” from Fair (?) and we know some days ago you wrote “Tak til fest udvalget for prisen som bedste bad boy fra James Bond” from your Christmas lunch at work and we know the “bad boy” is the Devil in persona and another “friend” was inspired to comment one of your recent messages with you coming at “Forsiden af bt.dk” (the front page of BT) and we know do you remember the symbol of the newspaper BT (?) – it is people who WOULD have become terminated because of lack of faith, this was your destiny my friend – and another “friend” followed up writing “Velkommen på forsiden… !:-)” and we know GRØN this is how INSPIRATION also comes and one day soon you will understand what this is about and hopefully be HAPPY to have survived “against all odds” – and we know were you loyal to me or did you become “tempted” to share your negative and groundless thoughts of me with “others” (?) and just wondering I am.

    A lecture without passion and a STRONG and POSITVE gesture by Lama Yönten

    This evening Lama Yönten held an extra lecture because he had invited the Lama Chokdrup Dorjee – who normally gives lectures to German and French people but also travel the world to do guest lectures in other countries – to speak about “accumulation of Mandal offerings in order to receive perfect merit” – as a symbol of the offerings I have done and the “reward”, which we will all receive – and we know it was clear to see his strong goodness, kindness and willingness to help people but I also noticed compared to Lama Yönten that he was speaking in a monotone voice – in English – almost not looking at people, often with his eyes closed and sometimes with his arms over cross, which is VERY different to Lama Yönten, who is dynamic, smiling, laughing, looking at people and varying his tone of voice, which really makes a big difference to me and we know just to say that you should not only focus on the content of what you say but also on how you say it so people will be able to follow you – as what my LTO friends do naturally as I remember from their presentations at the church at the rural village in 2009 where they had all people in their hands really simply because they were full of self confidence, strong, smiling and laughing and we know because of FAITH as we know the Buddhists don’t have when they don’t believe in a “creator” (!) and this is “a matter of fact” my friends – and we know I was thinking about sending Lamas to a course on presentation technique (!) and of course only those who need it and really to say that you need to BROADEN yourself in order to “reach out” and “I’ll be there” really – and after the lecture Lama Dorjee simply went out the room instead of taking a cup of coffee or tea together with the attendants and we know he was “shy” as Penpa said and again so it is.

    During the evening Lama Yönten, who did not say much today, was “hit” by attacks of heartburn maybe five times making him cough and we know to release me really from the heartburns given to me and of course the heartburns is the darkness trying to spew out fire (!) and still only because of the power given to me by the darkness from people resisting and not understanding me and so it is.

    This evening I was again so tired that I was almost falling asleep – almost as tired as weeks ago at the Centre of Wisdom and Compassion – and we know it was therefore not the easiest to stay awake to listen to this “exciting” lecture and at the break I was thinking about leaving but because I did not want to send a wrong signal (!) I decided to stay, which I was happy to do because of what followed, see the next paragraph – and we know the darkness was again strong to me when I felt the strong, negative and sexual feelings and speech coming to me in waves of attacks (!) – this time also with small “heart attacks”, a new type of pain given several times to my right leg and my face spraining, which is neither a very good feeling (!) – and when the attacks come, they can still be with a strength of “several” people making it difficult for me to resist and they also try to make me afraid – the feelings of these people – and in my case it is still about thoughts of what would happen if I should not be strong enough to fight this darkness but you know I have made it this far, so I cannot see that anyone should be stronger than I so we know “COME ON AND GET ME – I AM STRONGER THAN ALL OF YOU” and this is still how it is here and also thinking that the Commune will probably “rest their case” when they have come over this one and so it is.

    Early in the evening I noticed how Lama Yönten completely naturally held his arm around one of the attendants and after the lecture I was surprised in the beginning when he came to me with a smile and decided to hold up my right hand with his hand at the same level as the breast and keep holding it for the next maybe one minute while talking with me – he tries to learn Danish and he does a fine job making it possible to do “some” communication without a translator – and we know I felt that what he did was perfectly natural, calming and removing any distance between us – if there had been one – and that it had absolutely nothing to do with sexual attraction, but we know it was “human attraction” and let us just say it – it was such a strong and positive experience that I can only recommend all people to do this and we know which is what my mother and Karen also do (!) completely naturally when they ALWAYS reaches out their hand to touch mine when we speak the best and most positive and we know as a sign of being “happy” – which I miss of you Karen when I don’t see you (!) – and we know I try to do some of the same with people even though it has been difficult for me to do many times because of the potential misunderstandings of people in this culture – “what does he mean when doing this” – meaning that I often have put restrains on my self and we know the old Customer service manager from Fair may understand what I talk about (?) and what he did when putting his hands on people was too often in my mind so again it is about finding the right balance and do it “sometimes” when it feels natural and appropriate – and we know I have done it several times at the park lately as an example when touching for example the shoulder of one person when I have also been smiling and saying something positive to them.

    The still lights of UFO’s on the sky have started moving and blinking visibly

    On my way home I was happy to see a clear sky this evening and my light on the sky welcoming me when I came out from the apartment of Lama Yönten and we know also with the other “stars” starting to light up and I noticed that my light – and also other lights on the sky – have started “moving” in small circling movements and to BLINK visibly without the need to look through a pair of binoculars so something is going on really and late in the evening I looked out my window where I noticed this again and also a new UFO flying to my left maybe 2 kilometres away and we know I said “please come closer”, which it did not but a few minutes afterwards what I thought was a “plane” was flying much closer above me but it kept on changing its light and I was given these “jerks” in my body and some speech making me understand that this time around it was an UFO disguised as a plane and we know WHY NOT REALLY?

    The difference between many of the STILL lights on the sky and the “characteristic” UFO’s flying and “blinking” is really only when the still lights decide to change their appearance on the sky and we know I wonder which “secret files” this information is included in and when they will appear on Wikileaks and “all over the world” really?

    And as I often say here to my UFO friends and the whole UNIVERSE: “TAKE CARE OUT THERE” :-).

    And we know Stig, as a matter of good sake let me also say that I for days now have received the feeling of being lazy and “I simply don’t care” about what I do – thinking of one person at the park I am – and also my scripts meaning that I don’t “feel” the need to write and publish the scripts but the temptation to be “careless”, which is another feeling I need to overcome these days doing what I am supposed to do instead of what I feel like doing and so it is.

    I am also still given the strongest desire to look at nice women but we know MANY times every single day I ignore this STRONG feeling and this is still not the easiest thing to do.

    And let me also say when finishing these last four days of scripts and once again listening to ELO and here “twilight” – I have never heard this song better than now (!) and again “POSITIVE VIBRATIONS” given to me for overcoming the darkness once again and we know also from you Bob and so it is.

    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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