Dec. 8, 2010: Photos of MY LIGHT changing shape as another sign of my arrival undiscovered by the world


Summary of the script today

5th December: Misunderstandings of family, friends and the system would still kill me if I was not in my Safe Haven!

  • Dreaming of people not understanding my scripts, which is still feeding the darkness and making me suffer tremendously these days and would kill me if I was not in my Safe Haven – this is what IGNORANCE and SELFISHNESS still do!
  • I have not visited the Theosophical Fellowship for one month because of “special problems” using their web-calendar. I received the worst negative speech yet (!), which almost took me over – but still I did not have to use my “security net”.

6th December: Photos of MY LIGHT changing shape as another sign of my arrival, which the world did not discover!

  • Dreaming of a “temperature meter remover” because of the disappointing Mexico Climate Conference. The world could not agree on saving Earth from “suffocating” because of “other priorities” (!!!), which would have made the Earth go through its last fight for survival now but since I am still here (!) I can say that despite of this very BIG disappointment, the climate will improve until the day when it will become “perfect”, which is when the light has reached all of us.
  • Again I received an attack of extreme negative speech and a very bad feeling inside of my body almost making me give up. My suffering can be “removed” if my family wants to COMMUNICATE to a person “close to me” to make her understand that I am truly the one I have told you all along.
  • I attach photos of “MY LIGHT” on the sky – made by an UFO – changing shape this evening. If the world had truly NOTICED and COMMUNICATED thoroughly about this, it would have made the world understand this SIGN of my arrival.

7th December: Dreaming of a STILL picture of my mother “blinking” (!) – she will help me bringing LIFE back in order

  • Dreaming of my parents also “receiving tomorrow” because of my decision (!) and endurance going through immense sufferings, an impossible “blinking” picture of my mother as a young girl, where she was in contact with “a master” as I was too. My mother will help me bring LIFE and all living things back in order.
  • Because of this dream, I bring links to videos showing statues of Virgin Mary physically blinking, which is impossible to do and that is if MIRACLES did not happen right in front of you! Do you believe in this or is this humbug too?
  • I had a terrible night and day but still I opened my new website replacing the old.
  • FC Copenhagen did a historic result for Danish Club football “with a little help from my friends” symbolising my progress.

8th December: The purpose of Buddhism to “heal the world” is prevented by a WRONG “sales” approach of Buddhism!

  • I had a new awful night and day and I dreamt of winning the last round of Golf and Obama asking if “my new speakers”, i.e. my new website, are ready.
  • I used most of the day on “technical challenges” on how to setup my system to my new website, which shows that the world uses too MUCH time on nothing (!), which you can use much better on production when you have ONE SYSTEM only.
  • David lives one day at a time hoping the best for tomorrow. He lives on “simple” Ugali and cannot afford travelling home to celebrate Christmas with his family. How awful would you feel like in his situation (?) and can you support him/LTO?
  • Lama Yönten was INSPIRED to speak about the twelve requirements to be a teacher and four to be a student, that the students don’t have to live up to the requirements in practise and despite of this they will have to evaluate the teacher in relation to the twelve requirements, which simple logic tells you is WRONG to do, when they don’t live up to the requirements themselves.
  • I was invited to attend teachings in the New Year for Buddhists as a non-Buddhist (!) and I was invited for a dinner I could not afford, which made the Lama – but not the class – show COMPASSION.
  • Erik will also do teachings in the New Year and he said that it is “not good practise” to include the teacher’s own path in teachings (!!!), which is what I show you through my own writings is a WRONG approach.
  • I said that it is important to SELL (!) Buddhism the best way possible without any personal interests to help as many people as possible to get a better life but this is neither “good practise” to do – because of “profits” and “preaching” – which is really what is preventing Buddhism to achieve its goal to “heal the world”!
  • Always show the same approach to all people in all situations!


5th December: Misunderstandings of family, friends and the system would still kill me if I was not in my Safe Haven!

Late yesterday evening I was balancing on my edge again because of extreme negative speech including the worst sexual speech again and it was so strong and disgusting that the negativity was about to take me over several times almost making me give up (!) – the security net was obviously not needed despite of this – and it was DIFFICULT to go through my friends and this is really how today also started and we know I was hoping I could do body-biking at 08.30 this morning but because of bad sleep this was simply impossible to do and we know when this is written it is really a battle just to be strong enough to leave the apartment because of the strongest feeling of INDISPOSED to make it to the Theosophical Fellowship and I ONLY feel like this because of your WRONG actions or lack of actions my “dear” family, friends and also “the system” (!) – and most of you still don’t understand this connection and of course you only want “the best for me” not understanding the extreme suffering you are giving me (!) – and so it is and there were some uncomfortable dreams as well telling you about the mood these days:

  • I am in Russia, the military is shooting at us and the President shouts “kill”, however when this does not succeed, he kills himself. I publish my music and a download list, but most people don’t understand my beautiful music, they believe and behave like the Russian President.
    • The negativity at the moment is so strong that it would KILL me if I did not have my “security net” and most family and friends don’t understand the messages and loving feelings of my scripts and these are the people “making” the Russian President as this dreams says, who wants to KILL me and in other words: IGNORANCE AND SELFISHNESS OF MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS WOULD STILL KILL ME IF I WAS NOT IN MY SAFE HAVEN!!!
  • A building contractor persuades a bank to lend them money to do a project, but they run with the money themselves leaving the bank employees and investors as human wrecks and later they kill the bank employees.
    • This dream was more detailed and quite scary and it was to say that the focus on money, power and sexual excesses are conquering people and making them kill people without moral scruples, which is really to “leave all what is life” to show the Devil in his worst expression and we know where have your FAITH disappeared?

Attending the light service at Theosophical Fellowship with difficulties

Today was my first time visiting Theosophical Fellowship for one month and 2-3 weeks ago I was surprised to see on their calendar of activities on their website that they apparently did not arrange a service 14 days ago – their main services are every second Sunday – and the other day I checked their site again to see if there would be a new service today and I was ALSO surprised to see that there were no activities listed on the day today and first when I entered some of the activities on other dates, I found out that the service of today the 5th December was listed under the 1st December – apparently by mistake (!) – and there were other examples too, the 2nd December was listed under the 30th November etc. and we know but this did not occur in the browser on my mobile phone when I tested this because of my suspicion of the darkness working through the Council (!) and we know just to say that RESISTANCE to what I do from “family and friends” have many faces (!) – also changing the appearance of this calendar on my computer and keeping me away from the service 14 days ago (!) – and we know but I found out and therefore I went today but with the greatest difficulties because the darkness was immensely strong making me feel very tired and on my way and during the service – for the Holy Mother as it was today – I received so much negative speech – not wishing well and not caring for others etc. – that it was almost taking me over and just to say that this is the WORST NEGATIVITY I have received so far OF ALL AT ANY TIME (!) and we know I am thinking of the combination of misunderstandings, ignorance, selfishness and “we know what is best for you” from family/friends, the Commune, the Church and also my feeling of “killing cells” and what all of this does to me and we know so it is.

The calendar listing events at the wrong dates!

The service lasted 1½ hours as usual and it felt like a miracle to come through today because of my suffering and my “edge” really means my “edge” because as long as I don’t give up – which I did not – I receive all of this negativity to fight and when I am as close to my edge that I am almost giving up, I “feel” my security net ready to help me – the voices start to change – and so it is here, but I really did not use it.

Afterwards we had coffee and buns and the people were as nice as they always are and my suffering decreased at the end of the service because of the effect of the healing of these people on me and we know we healed the entire Universe again today.

I am enjoying VERY MUCH to listen to all of my CD’s again including my homemade CD’s, which I could not play before – including SUEDE today and “wild ones” is still one of my top favourites of all songs (!) and “Europe is our playground” is as beautiful as it is UNIQUE and more you know – and when I listen to the absolutely best my equipment can play, in some respects it delivers an even better quality than the amazing equipment with the B&W 802 Diamond speakers I listened to at Hifi-klubben some weeks ago and we know this is when it comes to the airy and effortless reproduction and openness of the sound, the large and deep three dimensional sound picture and the natural ring of instruments and we know but when it comes to dynamics, transients, precision, tightness and clarity the B&W speakers are superior and so it is.

For some days I have been thinking about writing my ”almost traditional” hand written Christmas card to Karen with the absolutely best intentions as always and if I feel better in a couple of weeks with less suffering than today, I will write and send it hoping that she will understand my total sincerity and best wishes – and fearing the opposite (!) – and if I still have the same kind of immense suffering as today, I will not send it because I really cannot take anymore than what I do at the moment and it is of course with the “risk” of receiving even more darkness because of her potential misunderstanding of me that I am thinking about sending this card to show my TRUE thoughts and feelings, to show MYSELF.


6th December: Photos of MY LIGHT changing shape as another sign of my arrival, which the world did not discover!

The world let down the climate, which would have made Earth go through its last fight of survival now

Tonight I had a somewhat better sleep again making me feel “somewhat” better today – but still not very good – which was also “supported” by the dreams this night without people being killed:

  • I am working together with a lady to do a presentation, the lady is behaving emotionally all of the time and is in the “red field” before I use the “temperature meter remover”, which is build inside of her.
    • This is really about the DISAPPOINTING Climate Conference in Mexico these days, where I was hoping that the leaders of the world would unite to HELP the world from suffocating – being in the “red field” – because this is what it is about but “high politics”, egos and prioritisation of the ECONOMY (!) stood in the way to save our planet and all life (!!!) and this is why the “expectations” to this conference – which is really not “highly profiled” compared to the EXOBITANT expectations of the Copenhagen conference last year – have been strongly reduced and we know if I had not “survived” myself because of strong will power enabling me to write this, the world would now see “planet Earth” GOING THROUGH ITS LAST FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL and we might add WITHOUT A CHANCE TO SURVIVE IF MY “SPECIAL FRIENDS” WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO “WAKE ME UP” AND CONVERT ME TO THE LIGHT AGAIN and my dear friends because I am still here I can say that I am indeed disappointed to witness that the world could not agree on saving itself (!) but I have decided TO CARRY ON and this goes to the Earth and climate as well, which means that I will use the “temperature meter remover” to improve the climate until the day when it will become “perfect” and we know at the same time as human beings will become “perfect” and that is when the light will spread all over and so it is.
  • Kim S. has started a new company together with his wife Pernille and father-in-law Jørgen, where I am hired together with Lennart, Rikke H. and others. There are two office addresses and employees on fixed salaries (!) can work “efficiently” at the other office address without distractions. I speak on the pone with Pernille and tell her about two visible UFO’s on the sky while we are speaking and later Jørgen asks us if we believe the Christmas Party should be hold at a restaurant in town or at the office and I say that we can make if festive at the office decorating it with different colours like red and white also to celebrate the opening of the office, which he thinks is a good idea.
    • The opening of this Life & Pension insurance broker company, which I dream of from time to time, is still about giving advice to people of the world on how to enter our future new world – by showing a clean heart, see my website – and the name “Jørgen” is still the symbol of “money”, which we need to support our activities.
  • When I woke up it was with the lyrics “Could it be magic now” from the song by Take That – and I really wonder these days when the “magic” will come (?) – and at the moment I also receive different Christmas songs daily, which I don’t write about.

Working on my new Blog, which gives me more FREEDOM!

Today I used approx. 6 hours to go into a greater detail with all of the setup options – there are many (!) – of my future Blog at and I was happy to do most of the design and structure of the site today and one of the next days I will transfer all of my old Blog posts from my present Blog at and I hope it will turn out alright – you never really know with two different systems you know – and what I can say today is that the new Blog gives me much more freedom, opportunities and flexibility than Microsoft’s Blog and not the same limitations when it comes to a certain maximum length of the scripts, only little fixed text of the website etc. and just maybe I will be “allowed” to show pictures and videos on this site too and of course “only time will tell”.

Almost giving up because of immense suffering, which my family can stop if you simply want to COMMUNICATE?

Most of the day except from a period around 13.30 I was feeling alright with only minor suffering but at 13.30 I was “struck” by the same incredible negativity as I have received for some days, which is TRULY as disgusting as it gets and together with my similar disgusting physical feeling inside of my body it ALMOST made me give up because how would I be able to continue working and living really feeling like this (?) and would I feel better tomorrow (?) – and this is the feeling I get from “someone” you know – and this time around I was ASKED directly by a dear Council member – because I have not written this already the other day when I was INSPIRED to write it (!) – to say that this someone “close to me” is suffering at the moment because of a “special treatment”, she goes through “now and again”, which is the primary reason why I have suffered immensely the last days and we know which COMMUNICATION BETWEEN FAMILY MEMBERS CAN STOP SIMPLY BY TELLING THIS “SOMEONE” ABOUT WHO I REALLY AM (!) because when she will believe in me – through family members having this influence on her – she will understand that the treatments she goes through and her and my suffering is completely unnecessary and this is yet another example showing you people suffering because of missing communication, which is EASY to change if my family just wants to? Do you want to help us out from immense suffering and help us all come through alive really?

I have also almost as a demonstration been given some of the old pain to the left of my lower right leg spreading to my whole body including my head (!) – which I really have had continuously on and off – and we know it is uncomfortable but today I really don’t take it seriously because there is nothing the darkness can do about it at this stage – this is the difference compared to earlier, when it could have started to destroy the Universe making me “somewhat” nervous (!) as you may understand?

Body-biking again: CAN WE? OF COURSE WE CAN!

This afternoon I decided to do body-biking again – I was strong enough – and I received MUCH sexual suffering of the worst kind annoying me much for example when the Council spoke through the mouth of the female instructor with two meanings – helped by feelings and “indications” given to me – and she was inspired in different ways also to ask out loudly “CAN WE” (?) and OF COURSE WE CAN (!) as people said and it was really a question to me if I can body-bike again feeling like I do and YES I CAN (!) – no problem!

Again today energy was built up and transferred from me to my mother and others to make sure that they will come through (!) and this is how it is my friends – still “upside down”.

When this is written I am listening to the Editors, which is another band I am enjoying much and we know even more than REM my friends – remembering the concert of both bands in Copenhagen in 2007 I believe – which is a band I also enjoy much you know :-).

Photos of MY LIGHT changing shape as another sign of my arrival, which the world did not discover!

When I was cycling I was inspired to go out afterwards to take a picture of “my light” – and my thought was really if my new Blog will be ready to bring this, when this script is to be published tomorrow (?) – because I had noticed before the cycling that again it was only my light shining on a completely dark sky (!) and we know what is better my dear reader than to see it yourself (?) and again HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE BELIEVED IN ME WHEN I HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT “MY LIGHT” AND UFO’S (?) and how many of you have said “humbug” or not really cared because “you know better” (?) without truly reading my scripts (?), clicking on the links to the videos on YouTube I have given you (?) and of course without using four minutes only to go outside to have a look at the sky as I did here to take these photographs between 18.52 and 18.56 and I know do you have other priorities, which are more important or maybe “convenient” for you to do than to understand me and that is TRULY (?) and my dear friends what do we see from the photographs (?) and we know exactly what I have told you earlier, it is my light on the sky, which is NOT a star but an UFO looking like a star and that is if you don’t enlarge it and it has a light, which is maybe 50 times stronger than all other lights on the sky – when the UFO’s open up for other lights to be seen that is – and here you see the light changing shape – as I first noticed when I enlarged the photos at my computer at home – as I have also told you about before and we know the order is no. 1 at the upper left, no. 2 at the upper right etc. – and we know come on and tell me that observatories and amateur photographers (on the Internet probably) have not noticed this phenomenon (?) and the “strange magic” of a completely dark sky (?) and that is sometimes you know.

“My light” on the sky of Lyngby changing shape

The four photographs are all enlarged parts of the photographs I took from Klampenborgvej in Lyngby and as an example you can see the section of no. 4 above as part of this full photograph below and how many lights other than “my light” do you see on the photograph (?) – and WHEN will you REALLY look AND I DO MEAN REALLY LOOK (!) at the sky to see what is happening right in front of you?

The light of picture no. 4 above is enlarged from this photo (look at the middle of the top)

When these photographs were taken, my light was not the only light on the sky because there were two others far away not shining as much and when I walked below the railway viaduct on my way home I was looking directly at one of those characteristic UFO’s flying above us, which all of the cars on the road could see too if they just lifted up their eyes a little above the road and we know I might take a video on one of these one day when the sky is clear again for you to see too and when I arrived home, I noticed that many more lights on the sky switched on for all of us to see but you know maybe most people have become blind and don’t really care?

DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF WHAT I WRITE HERE (?) – the world has become BLIND and DOES REALLY NOT CARE (!) and HOW EASY WOULD IT HAVE BEEN FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD TO UNDERSTAND THIS PHENOMENON OF “MY LIGHT” AS “MY ARRIVAL” IF YOU HAD SIMPLY COMMUNICATED OPENLY AND THOROUGHLY (?) – again I am wondering of the responsibilities of IRRESPONSIBLE MEDIA and POLITICIANS – and I do thank those of you who tried to shout up the world however without truly succeeding because the world was “too busy” with “other priorities” making it “deaf”!


7th December: Dreaming of a STILL picture of my mother “blinking” (!) – she will help me bringing LIFE back in order

Dreaming of a STILL picture of my mother “blinking” (!) – she will help me bringing LIFE back in order

Yesterday evening when I went to bed, I had this special feeling with a strong beating heart, which made me believe that it would be impossible or at least very difficult to fall asleep and again I had to say ”it is all about acceptance” and we know I was given physical pain and really TORTURE making me lie there in misery without being able to sleep but you know I don’t care about the darkness so I don’t take it very seriously – and it is both very difficult and very easy to go through and this is exactly how it is (!) – and from time to time – which is a new favourite saying of yours my dear friends – I was awake or sleeping with many dreams and speech of good ideas of what to include in my scripts, which apparently now has started again after I have been released from this giving me peace for some time and we know this is TORTURE in itself to receive because do you want to write down yet another “good idea” or do you want to try to fall asleep when you are extremely tired (?) and here are some, but not all, of the dreams I received during the night:

  • I am cycling through a forest and told that the 108 Shillings for my LTO friends was a trick, I meet Jesper Olsen and I ask him “it was quite a JESPER OLSEN you did there” and he says “yes, the goalkeeper was after me” and I meet my old school friend Allan, who gives me approx. 50 DKK for LTO and he asks “do you want more”?
    • I was told when writing down these notes that friends who could have helped but decided to do nothing also have pulled me/us down and here is an example of one of many who could have helped us out financially and of course also supported me when I needed it the most and that is if he had read and understood my scripts (!) and we know ALLAN I DO LOOK FORWARD TO GETTING THE SAME CLOSE FRIENDSHIP AS WE HAD IN THE END OF THE SEVENTIES WHERE WE WERE “BEST BUDDIES”.
  • When I was awake during the night several times with great difficulties to fall asleep again I was reminded that it was now in “the middle of the night” (“midt om natten”), which I have noticed several inspired people saying the last couple of days and tonight the “answer” was given to me when I received the lyrics from this song by Kim Larsen “Åh mañana, håber vi får i morgen med” (“oh manana, I hope we will also receive tomorrow”) and this goes to this person “close to me” you know and of course WE WILL ALL EXPERIENCE TOMORROW TOO and an indefinite time in the future really and this is BECAUSE I STILL SAY THAT IT IS SO despite of the immense sufferings I am given to make this happen and my dear family members this is what you can ease simply by communicating and understanding (!) and we know what would happen if I would not be strong enough to take on this suffering (?), would my parents then make it through (?) and this is what this game is about if you do understand me?
  • I see a man crossing a “red field” of intense shooting by drug gangs, he has criticised the gangsters publicly and he says that “no one is to harm him”, which makes them say that “he will become the next on our list”.
    • And we know new threats of the darkness and do you know who the gangsters are (?) – family, friends and the system (!) – and you might understand who the man is (?) and why some people don’t want me well because of my writings? Do you understand what the world has become???
  • I am at a very beautiful large castle north of Copenhagen. It is an extremely wealthy and luxurious place, I am there together with a few others for a couple of days and the owner is about to ask us to leave because we don’t “fit in”, however he does not quite know of what to do with me. I see myself as a young Italian man speaking to the owner giving him ideas of how to improve the castle and I tell him that I don’t really know his strategies and when I leave he reflects that he doesn’t really know my strategies either. I meet the Danish Queen, who looks at a photograph of three girls and I point at one of the girls on the picture, who is blinking her eye and I ask “who’s that girl” and the Queen tells me that it was her as a girl and I say “notice that she is blinking even though it is a still photograph”. I see the old but very nice Butler called “Rufus” in a hurry go down the basement to answer the telephone ringing, he is very excited about who may be calling and he is happy to hear that it is the one, he was hoping, namely the Queen’s sister Queen Anne-Marie, who says that she has now returned to the castle, which is not extravagant anymore and that she is going to help bringing the castle back in order. I notice that several people have arrived for a 14 days holiday at the castle and a man encourages me to stay, but I am not sure about what to do, and I tell him that the meals of the castle is of similar quality to a fine restaurant and finally I see some of my money being “light controlled” and I am told that my money “fits like a key to this castle”.
    • I understand that the owner of the castle is my father – communication problems you know – and the Queen Margrethe is still a symbol of my mother and here blinking even though it is impossible to blink through a still photograph (!), which is a referral to the statues of Virgin Mary BLINKING physically around the world, which of course is also physically “impossible” to do (!) and we know which has neither WOKEN UP THE WORLD TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS TIME IS ALL ABOUT (!), the photograph of my mother as a small girl is also to say that she went through the same experiences as I did as a small boy to be “taught” by “my master”, which I have first started receive memory of in bits the last couple of years and yes my dear mother YOU HAVE THIS MEMORY TOO JUST UNDERNEATH YOUR SKIN, WHICH WILL COME TO YOU AND IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN WITH YOU AS IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN WITH ME TOO and the sister of Queen Margrethe, Queen Anne-Marie is the symbol of my mother’s future self, who is going to help me bring “MY CASTLE”, which is LIFE WITH ALL LIVING BEINGS back in order and so it is!
  • When I woke up it was with the lyrics “how long must we sing this song?” from the fantastic song “Sunday Bloody Sunday” by U2 and we know WHEN WILL THE WORLD UNDERSTAND THAT ALL VIOLENCE WILL HAVE TO STOP?

Statues of Virgin Mary doing “impossible” blinking

Because of the inspiration of the dream I give you here some examples of statues of Virgin Mary blinking physically and of course this is IMPOSSIBLE to do (!) and we know do you believe in this or do you believe this is humbug too (?) and what about the thousands of people who have witnessed this in reality (?) and we know but still the world does not know about what this means and my arrival (?) and again we are all wondering you know:

Virgin Mary’s Statue Opens Her Eyes

Blessed Virgin Mary statue blinking eyes

Our blessed virgin mary statue opens her eyes

Miracle: The Virgin Mary Statue Comes Alive

And of course you still have the statues and paintings of Virgin Mary, Jesus and others too (!) crying and bleeding, which you can see some of here:

I had a new terrible night and a “bad” day but still I opened my new website including all scripts today

After this terrible night I felt as tired physically – a “bad” feeling inside of my body – and mentally again today as I did when I worked at the library months ago and the difference is that I am not as busy today as I was back then when the negative voices were also stronger but still it is difficult to come through.

Despite of this feeling I decided to finish writing and editing my scripts of yesterday and today so far and again because it is my first priority and that’s the only reason why really. I also continued fine-tuning the design of my new Blog and I included a new counter on the page, which I could not do with Microsoft because of the strong darkness (!) and this together with the statistical information of WordPress now gives me detailed information about people visiting my site including their home city, IP address, website provider etc. – and we know I do like the principle that if people would like to be open in the future, you can see information such as this and if people would like to be in private, I don’t see why they should be “forced” to give information on their whereabouts like this – and at the end of the working day at 18.00 I started to transfer my almost 200 Blog posts from my old site at Microsoft Live Spaces and this while I was enjoying watching and listening to a concert DVD from 2003 by the amazing Cliff which I LIKED very much and here also because the sound quality is better than ever here – and I do understand why you are a MEGA star my friend – and you are totally right, Cliff, “we don’t talk anymore” and it will be “funny” when we will really start COMMUNICATING in the future!

And we know I have decided to focus on my scripts and Blog now and take the evening off and even though I could have visited the Centre of Wisdom and Compassion or Lama Lakha if I wanted to, I decided to stay at home also not to “take on me” too much (!!!) you know and we know this was really an A-ha experience giving this title in the connection of not stressing myself and we know almost giving meaning in English here and have you really done your last show together my dear Norwegian friends (?) or will you consider playing one more?

Later in the evening I could not help working a little more and I had a brief look at the posts which were transferred and it looks like all posts have been transferred with an “alright” but not “perfect” quality, which made me quite happy to see and the font of all of these posts is now a standard Times New Roman, which I have decided NOT to use MUCH time on changing into the new Calibri font I use on my front page and new posts, which I decided on yesterday after testing because it is the easiest and clearest font to read on the screen really – and now I really have said goodbye to my old website at Microsoft and hello to my new friend at WordPress because during the transferring progress, my old Microsoft Live Spaces site including the Blog was automatically deleted and visitors using the old address are now transferred automatically to my new website and we know “that was that” but not quite yet because I will still need to do some fine-tuning the next days and of course to update the text because I now have more space available, which was really a constrain with Microsoft, and this may take “some time” to do – maybe a week and that is +/- right now – because I also need to look at the source of this text again in book no. 2 and so it is.

FC Copenhagen did a historic result for Danish Club football “with a little help from my friends” symbolising my progress

This evening FC Copenhagen did a historic result for Danish Club football – and this is “with a little help from my friends” to do your best in this FANTASTIC season of yours because you are the symbol of my progress, my friends – when they qualified for the 1/8 finals in the prestigious Champions League tournament by defeating Panathinaikos 3-1 and we know the commentators were of course inspired often again but I decided that I really don’t want to write down all comments so I will only include these:

When Vingaard (meaning “wine yard”) scored the first goal in the 26th minute, the commentator said “is there anything better than a walk in the wine yard” and you may remember that the wine is referring to me as “everything” and in the 73rd minute when FCK scored to 3-0, the commentator said “the Greek players stand like salt pillars completely passive” and the salt is the entire Universe and the pillars are my family and “special friends” being completely passive NOT supporting me – except from LTO of course – and we know we are now approaching Christmas 2010 and STILL – NOBODY IN DENMARK HAS STARTED TO SUPPORT ME and we know WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT YOUR COMMUNICATION AND UNDERSTANDING SKILLS MY DEAR FAMILY AND FRIENDS? WHO WILL BE THE FIRST TO BOTH UNDERSTAND AND SUPPORT ME INSTEAD OF HIDING (?) and let me tell you that HIDING is not of the good (!) and do you believe you can hide from God (?) so please let me recommend you kindly to be BRAVE and stand forward to help me and all of us – what could happen to do the right thing?

An “inspired” shark in Egypt because of darkness surrounding me

Did you hear the news about an aggressive shark attacking and killing people at Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt (?) and we know an INSPIRED shark we may add because I am standing symbolic in front of the Pyramid now and until the last moment I am experiencing resistance from the people loving me the most in the world (!) – not understanding me or still not acting correctly – and we know a few others too and this is really the symbol of the shark belonging to the darkness.


8th December: The purpose of Buddhism to “heal the world” is prevented by a WRONG “sales” approach of Buddhism!

A new awful sleep and dreaming of winning the last round of Golf comfortably

Tonight I had ANOTHER awful sleep and the minute when I woke up, the negativity and sexual suffering started again almost making me desperate and my dear, dear family and friends YOU ARE THE ONLY REASON WHY I AM SUFFERING THIS MUCH and I cannot tell you just how sorry I am to continue going through this and especially because of your ignorance and so it is and I was given many dreams again but I sorted out some of them because I don’t want to write down this many at least at the moment and here are a few:

  • Something about TinTin in a building and that extreme conditions will become normal and I see that TinTin is now a part of “every little thing”.
    • TinTin is still the symbol of me and I am now a part of everything and we know my inner self you know.
  • I see two teams of two players each playing against each other at a Golf course in USA. It is the last round of 18 holes, one team is “many” strokes behind and furthermore they get a bad start. At the 17th hole, the roof of the club house falls apart making the manager furious, but the two teams continue playing, and the team which was so much behind has now played up, they need to win by two strokes to become the total winners and at the last 18th hole, they do a fantastic strike through the forest making the ball come close to the green and the last few strikes are now to be taken before the tournament finishes. At this decisive moment, my team looks like winning with 5-6 strokes.
    • Hopefully this golf tournament will finish soon with the expected result and we know I WILL SIMPLY KEEP ON you know so what should be able to stop us?
  • Later I see Obama playing Golf too with many “people in suits” following him, they stand back when Obama prepares to do the “all or nothing” strike and Obama asks “are my new speakers ready” and he talks of my speakers from my living room and I tell him that they will be ready in a few days, they need the last listening tests and I say “isn’t it incredible”.
    • This is really only to say that I have done my new website at a time of great suffering and that it will improve over the next days and weeks.
  • I stand on the train in Espergærde leaving for Helsingør. The train is full of people who are going on a guided tour in Helsingør, which I am not attending, and when I come to the station, I see that there are really no trains leaving now in the other direction.
    • I am still looking forward to my “special friends” receiving this tour of “the city of God” and we know to be awakened spiritually and we know is it a condition that my family and friends will understand me before they will be awakened (?) and what if one is depending on the other (?) and what do you do then (?) and we know I can only continue working my best under the circumstances and wait until the day when my family and friends FINALLY will understand and support me and start helping the world – instead of focusing on their own interests and “other priorities” you know.
  • When I woke up I was given the lyrics “hva’ ska’ du ha’ min dreng, jeg si’r det bedste til mig og mine venner” from the song by Gasolin and we know saying that I only want the best for my family and special friends here and now and all people you know – and this morning I said very clearly to the Council, who the last days have tempted (!) me to “remove” the biggest “sources” of my suffering, that I WANT YOU TO CHANGE THE NAME OF THE GAME: I DON’T WANT ANY THREATS OR TEMPTATIONS TO PUT OUT ANYBODY AND YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW MY WISH BECAUSE THIS IS HOW THE GAME IS and we know I don’t want ANY SERIOUS ILLNESSES TO MY FAMILY AND SPECIAL FRIENDS and this includes CANCER as an example and we know THIS IS HOW IT IS!!! – And my dear reader if you knew how this works and just how uncomfortable this is, you would probably do the same and my dear FAMILY when will you truly understand, when will you be BRAVE and when will you let the rest of the family understand TO HELP ME/US OUT OF THIS SUFFERING???

Enjoying music much and a wish to give LTO and people of the world new quality experiences

And we know Stig I don’t believe I have written about the bands of Pete Doherty before – the Libertines and Babyshambles – and we know somehow this music has “grown” on me since I started listening to it a few years ago and we know when I hear for example the song “Delivery” it gives me very much joy making me think that it is among the finest New Wave songs also compared directly to most of the other songs on my mixed New Wave CD’s (!) – and we know I am of course sad about your “destiny” too, Pete, and am looking forward to the day when you will feel alright.

And I am really discovering much of “my old music” again because my new Sony player also playing my homemade CD’s and we know Abba, Genesis and many others now again sound as fresh and fantastic as all of this music really is and of course JOY is the name of the game here and just hoping that OUR suffering will stop soon and we know I am sending many thoughts to my LTO friends these days hoping that I could serve them a typical “fine” Danish meal and for Elijah and the others to listen to Abba, Paul Simon (!) or even Jeff Lynne playing “lift me up” on my stereo system and we know to help them out and to bring them experiences they have never had before and this goes out to the whole world really.

I did not feel like exercising today even though I was hoping to do it and the whole morning and afternoon I was thinking if I would be strong enough to visit Lama Yönten this evening and we know I was feeling “as old as an old age home” as my mother always used to say and I was also thinking that it will give me healing to do the visit.

Preparing to publish my first new script on my new website with “technical challenges” as usual!

After writing the script of today to this point and doing some fine-tuning of my new website, I “just” needed to prepare my first new post on the website and we know it should take maybe 5-10 minutes to do but yet again this is a NEW system to learn (!) and when this is written after working maybe 4-5 hours on “technical challenges” I may still have a few things to find a “work-around” to before I will be all ready to publish and we know first I decided my self to cancel the table at the summary, which I have used so far with Microsoft Live Spaces, where it looked fine and here because it does not look good at the new site, where it fills too much not giving a good overview – you can see yourself from the old Blog posts transferred from Microsoft – and instead it is now just a headline with text as bulletpoints using the whole width of the site, which it did not before and from here I continued working on what was my biggest “challenge” – and here you really need to listen carefully if you want to understand 🙂 – namely to solve why headlines and text had the desired size when previewing after having inserted the HTML-code generated by Microsoft Live Writer– which I am still using because it gives me functionality, which WordPress does not (!) – and another size when I had inserted pictures manually from Webpress – which I can only do from there (!) – and the answer was that when changing the view from “HTML” to “visual” as the administrator inside of Webpress, this site automatically “adjusts” the HTML code and we know which meant that my headlines, which was Calibri 18 pt in Microsoft Live Writer, which this program translated into “font size 5” first was accepted as such when previewing from HTML code in Webpress but when changing the mode to “visual”, which was needed to insert pictures, the “font size 5” was now translated into “font size large” and we know which is actually a smaller text than desired and we know which meant that I had to go back to Microsoft Live Writer and now make headlines artificially as large as Calibri 24 pt (!), which looked “crazy” in this program, which changed it into “font size 6”, but when it was inserted into Webpress and the view changed to “visual”, it became “font size x-large”, which was exactly the size I wanted you know (!!!) and which it by the way would NOT have been if I could keep the “HTML” mode and we know this and I was also working on how to give the right space between bulletpoints etc. – which I however found out was the Council annoying me making it impossible to solve and really because I had doubts about visiting Lama Yönten this evening because of how I was feeling (!) – and all of this was really costing much time and again my dear friends WHY DON’T YOU USE ONE SYSTEM ONLY (?)- FOR EXAMPLE THE SAME SYSTEM OFFLINE AS WELL AS ONLINE (?) and we know we cannot really see the need to have many different systems on-line not communicating properly and many different systems off-line not communicating properly and we know we think of one system which you can use both on-line and off-line and we know to put add-ons depending on your individual need and we know so it is – and IT WAS REALLY AS CONFUSING WORKING ON THIS AS IT SOUNDS and just to find out where in the process the problems occur and how to do “work-arounds” really requires much patience and time and we know, which you can add up to MILLIONS OF LOST WORKING HOURS, DAYS, MONTHS AND YEARS ALL OVER THE WORLD MY FRIENDS (!) and why not use all of these resources to something much better, for example PRODUCTION?

And we know I found out that I indeed can and am “allowed” to insert pictures into posts on this my new website, which I was not on my old and the only reason I was not allowed to do this on my old site was simply because the darkness was too strong from “family and friends” resisting me – from one especially (!) – and NOT because I did not know how to do it because as you may understand by now, I KEEP ON UNTIL I FIND A SOLUTION ON A “CHALLENGE” and I knew the solution to the old site but you know it did not work the same way as I have had many “problems” with CD-players, computers, mobile phones etc. not working and we know my new Sony player has started not to “like” the first 5-6 CD’s, which it will not read – the same problems as now three other players – and we know I hope it will keep on working and this is EXACTLY how it is here my friends and we know IT IS NOT HUMBUG (!),PLEASE LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND ME INSTEAD OF YOUR OWN SCEPTICAL VOICE.

David is living on “simple” Ugali and cannot afford travelling home to celebrate Christmas with family

Dear David,

Once again thank you from my heart for writing yet another OPEN and HONEST email, I truly appreciate this more than anything. Thank you for letting me know how you are doing and what you are thinking and it makes me sad to hear that your meal is of no better quality than Ugali (maize flour cooked with water) alone if I understand you correctly and especially that you cannot afford to do what many Kenyans do, to join friends and family during Christmas and we know my friend again you see an example of a man writing as positive as it gets even though he can only afford very simple cooking and not to see his family during Christmas and we know I could ask my own family how they would feel if I could not afford “driving home for Christmas” – I like this as much as you do Sanna (!) – and if I was bound to eat only Spaghetti for the rest of December as example and we know a life like this would be unthinkable here and I wonder if people here really thinks and cares about how such a life with suffering feels like (?) and we know David, there are MANY people even worse than you, just in your native Country alone, and still people here eat and drink in festive manors and we know many share very expensive gifts and we know how much do you send to a family or orphan child in Africa (?) and just thinking I am – and would you like to help my dear LTO friends in Kenya to be able to celebrate Christmas with their families (?) and if this is the case, please look up their email addresses under “donations” at my website and contact them directly. Thank you :-).

All my best to you and your dear ones, David.

And here is his email:

Dear Stig,

I take this opportunity to jot a line of greetings to you. The going is fine for me. I am living one day at a time; which reduces stress a lot since one focuses on the day and hope for the best tomorrow.

How are you today? I do hope that you are  fine, life and kicking ):.

Today, Thursday has been a long day for me. I lost my national ID Card last week and had to go to the government office to fill in a replacement. I later went to town and managed to meet John, Meshack as well as Elijah.

I later returned to our part of Nairobi and have been here ever since. I am grateful for having this opportunity to write.

I have some flour and can manage to make some Ugali as I wait for the festive Christmas season which begins after 12th here in Kenya.

That day is our Republic Day “Jamhuri Day” in Swahili and we remember our independence from The Great Britain. After that, people start traveling all over the republic to join their families and friends. For me, I hope to remain in Nairobi since traveling is expensive as much as I would have wished to join my family back in the villages for Christmas.

Thank you and have a good day,

The purpose of Buddhism to “heal the world” is prevented by the WRONG approach of Buddhism on SALES AND MARKETING!

I decided to visit Lama Yönten this evening despite of how I was feeling – and despite of giving myself more work to do and we know I was not prepared to receive this much work as you will understand from the length of this chapter (!) – and really because it was the last Wednesday of lectures before Christmas and because Penpa, his assistant, had told me earlier that he will not do lectures on Wednesdays in the new year – lectures on Wednesdays are for “Buddhists and non-Buddhists”, which is why I come on Wednesdays (!) and you will become a “Buddhist” when you have sought refuge, which I have not because of who I am as you may remember (?) – and in the new year he will only do lectures on Sundays, which are only open for Buddhists (!) and we know, which Penpa when I arrived in the beginning said that I could not participate in because I am not a Buddhist (!) and the question today was really if I would be able to continue meeting the Lama also in the new year because of these “rules”?

Lama Yönten was INSPIRED to speak about the requirements of being a teacher/student:

Before the lecture started I asked the Lama if a poster on the wall of another Lama was the one Lama Yönten only minutes before was watching at a video on his computer together with the young Chinese women, who is now a regular, and he told me that it was not and that the Lama on the poster was his old teacher and mentor and this was apparently enough to INSPIRE him to do the entire lecture on the requirements of being a Dharma teacher and a student, where he told us that it is EVIDENT to understand this before you will be able to understand the Dharma and to accept the IMPORTANT role of the teacher – and here I understood the symbolism of this subject today in relation to have people understand my scripts and to respect my role as the “teacher” – and from here he told us about the four requirements of a student including being PERSISTENT, intelligent and having compassion for others and we know I was thinking of being PERSISTENT in relation to people REALLY READING MY SCRIPTS CAREFULLY TO UNDERSTAND INSTEAD OF ONLY SKIMMING THEM (!!!) and for myself to be persistent continuing to write and publish new scripts as long as it is required to influence people the right way and he continued speaking about the 12 requirements for a teacher, which he told us is VERY DIFFICULT to obtain – being kind and compassionate and to be regarded as a new “family-member”, who you can consult whenever you need “good advice” (I was thinking “who do you consult”, my dear Lama?), having thorough knowledge of the Dharma etc. – and he asked us always to evaluate a Lama/teacher on these 12 requirements.

Today students don’t have to live up to the requirements and still they have to evaluate the teacher, which is WRONG:

And we know I had MANY questions and comments during the evening, which I would have liked to give if it was more like a DIALOGUE instead of a lecture (!) but because it is still a lecture I only asked a few questions and one of them was “is it only the student who has to evaluate the teacher on the 12 requirements, does the teacher not evaluate the students on the four requirements” (?) to which he answered that at these “times of degeneration”, where people in the Western world sin because of ignorance (!) it is not a requirement for the teacher to do this and it is always good for all people to receive teachings and I thought that this was with the aim to bring in as many people as possible in order to “help a degenerating world to improve” – and why Buddhist teachers travel the world – and I wish that ALL students show the right attitude when receiving teachings and we know for example to live up to these four requirements (!) and I also asked “how is it possible for students not living up to the 12 requirements themselves to evaluate the teacher on these requirements (?) and is it an opportunity for the teacher’s mentor or a “Council” to give the teacher a certificate documenting that he lives up to these requirements” (?) – and I was thinking about helping the students really and to publish this on the teacher’s website, hang it on the wall for all to see etc. and we know of course the information of such a certificate has to be 100 percent true and valid and I was also thinking about having students evaluating their teacher on “relevant” criteria – as I have written about in other contexts too – and vice versa really and for this information to be made public too – and the Lama’s answer was that it is indeed true that in order to evaluate Buddha, you have to be the Buddha yourself – and my dear Lama Yönten, I was given this INSPIRATION to tell you that you do live up yourself to ALL of the 12 requirements and that is really because of who you are, the reincarnation of Gautama Buddha (!) – and he continued speaking about the opportunities for students to evaluate the teacher at least on some of these requirements and he started thinking that it would be difficult to evaluate on others (!) and we know but he did not answer my question on having his mentor or a “Council” to issue a certificate and I don’t know if this part of my question was lost in the translation despite of the very fine work Bjarke does as the translator or if it was the Lama forgetting it but you know this is how it is.

During the lecture the Lama also told us that in Tibet it is not good form to SELL lectures and the tradition is that students will visit a teacher, when students themselves are motivated and some weeks ago he told us that it is really crossing this tradition when he is “advertising” lectures here in the “western world” through and his website too at (?) but you know if he did not, would any students come at all (?) and what would then be the point of it all (?) and at the lecture I told him that “here you can be a SKILLED salesman and at the same time keep your serious expression if only you want to” meaning that you can ATTRACT MANY PEOPLE BY ACTIVELY DRAWING THE ATTENTION OF PEOPLE TO YOU (AS I DO!) AT THE SAME TIME AS YOU CAN CONTINUE BEING RELIABLE (!) and we know SIMPLE LOGIC if you ask me but maybe not to you (?) and we know he did not give me an answer!

Today I was also given the understanding when looking at the Chinese lady and the Lama that the positive vibrations between them is simply what is INSPIRING US TO IMPROVE THE RELATIONS BETWEEN THE CHINESE AND TIBETAN PEOPLE AT THE MOMENT WHEN THIS IS WRITTEN and this is really ALSO how the world goes around.

I cannot afford attending a dinner, the Lama showed COMPASSION but none of his class did the same:

At the end of the lecture the Lama was kind also to inform us about some news – which I have previously noticed that I have not received, which I have missed – and he “reminded” of us the dinner the 22nd December, which I had not heard about before now, and he said that they would receive food from out of the house and that it would be 250 DKK per person and we know I could not afford this and I was truly hoping that I would have been able to come because I would have liked to spend more time together with these people but I told them the truth that I could not afford coming and we know I noticed that the Lama immediately was thinking out loud about how to help me attend – and that is even though he told us earlier that some people attend his classes for free, for example the translator Bjarke, and this is even though the Lama does not have much money as he was “made” to said – and we know but the attendants this evening simply said “this is what it costs to have food coming from the outside” and we know NOBODY found it necessary to speak about how I could attend and we know if ten people will come, it would be an extra cost of 25 DKK for these people to pay and we know do you think you would have been able to think about this as an opportunity and afford to pay this if you had done your best showing COMPASSION (?) and we know I am also thinking about how much people contribute “voluntarily” to the Lama to give him a “normal life” and we know I was given the thought that it is amazing what he has gone through too!

I was invited to attend teachings for Buddhists as a non-Buddhist:

He also confirmed that he will do no more teachings on Wednesdays, but only on Sundays and he was very kind also to invite me – a non-Buddhist (!) – to attend and really because as he told me “you are listening” – which not all people do (!) – which is what I know he and the translator thinks I do because they very often look at me when they speak – as Leif did in the church too months ago –– and then I was asked if I receive the newsletters from Penpa, which came as a surprise to me that she sends out and I could only say that I do not and I was recommended to ask her to include me, which I will do. COMMUNICATION and receiving NEWS is always important as you know.

Finally he said that he was hoping that Erik would start doing lectures on Wednesdays (!), which is really a thought I support (!) – did I write in my scripts that I encouraged Erik to do teachings because of all of his knowledge some weeks ago (?) – and I understood from Erik that he has “almost” accepted and I am looking very much forward to this.

At the absolute end of the lecture the Lama was very kind giving feedback to people attending and I was thinking about people here not returning this nice gesture and I decided to say this, which Bjarke translated and which made the Lama smile: “When I was a boy, you could tip twelve football games on a pools coupon – today it is 13 – and if you tipped all of them correctly, you would win the big prize. After coming here with you, I feel like having won the big prize” and we know this was really also to say that you do live up to the very strict 12 requirements my dear friend.

Erik told me it is “not good practise” to include your own path in teachings (!!!), which my writings show you is WRONG:

After the lecture, when we had coffee, I asked Erik what he would like to teach us and he told us that he has been much inspired of an old text on “the 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva” and that he has received teachings on these from Dalai Lama and other mentors and I asked him how he would do the teaching, if he for example would teach us one practise every Wednesday (?) and he told us that this would probably take too long, but he imagined doing teachings on these practices throughout the spring of 2011 and we know IT IS NICE TO BECOME INSPIRED ISN’T IT ERIK (?) and I told him that I hoped he would include his own PATH and EXPERIENCES following these practises in his teachings because this is really what gives me the best experiences and memories from teachings – for example when the Lama tells about his own experiences one time being when he told us about an episode from his life in Tibet, when he was sleeping in a cave with Tigers outside where he thought that his last hour had come but where he was “helped” to come through etc. and he only speaks about himself RARELY even though I in the beginning INSPIRED him to use himself as examples when teaching – and we know I was surprised when Erik told me – without telling me very directly (!) – that it is “not good practise” among Buddhist teachers to include their own personal practises when teaching (!!!) and I asked him why this is and I understood that it is because teachers don’t want to bring out themselves and we know “people might misunderstand the good intentions” and “therefore it is better not to do it” and the last two quotes are my own and we know meaning that in order to do what is “right”, Buddhist really do what is “wrong” (!) – you believe you are “modest”, where you truly show too little of yourself, which is equally as wrong as showing too much of yourself – and can you see the clear contradiction (?) and we know my friends as always it is about finding the RIGHT balance showing yourself NATURALLY and to bring RELEVANT personal experiences in teachings and we know you can use my scripts and stories as the best example of a teacher using himself to show the world the path he went through to become a better man and we know to “wake up” really and if I can do it, do you think Lama Yönten, Erik and the whole world that you can do the same (?) and please remember that BALANCE is the key word here as in so many other aspects.

The body language of Erik changed from “positive” to “sceptical” because now he disagreed …

And we know I did not manage to “convince” Erik about the truth of this and we know it is always interesting to see the “body language” of people changing and when we started speaking I asked him about his work as a journalist and he told us that from time to time – thank you Council – he is still on the television program “Deadline” (as a political commentator and one of the best if you ask me) – and I told him that I enjoyed watching him often on television 5-10 years ago because he spoke a language, which I understood (!) and I also said that today there are many commentators on television, but not all of them are very good (!) and this made him say with a smile that “I was the first and I was told the best” and we know Erik I am sure you are right – he is not bragging (!) – and when we had this short conversation he LIVED up, SMILED and spoke enthusiastically, but when I encouraged him to include his own path in teachings, he decided to sit down and really to retire MENTALLY from our conversation because he clearly did not agree with me and we know who can blame him, when his view is “good practise” among Buddhist teachers (?) and we know but do you think this makes it more accurate (?) and again I will have to tell you that just because this is what all Buddhist teachers do – or “should” do according to the “learned” – it does not make it more TRUE because of the fact that it is simply WRONG to do and we know this is how a whole culture can be WRONG and what I kindly ask you to change and so it is.

Sell Buddhism the right way to help as MANY people as possible!

During this conversation on including your own path in teachings I said that this was exactly the same as SELLING BUDDHISM THE BEST WAY TO ENLIGHTEN AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE TO GET A BETTER LIFE WITHOUT HAVING ANY PERSONAL INTERESTS YOURSELF WHAT SO EVER (!) as we talked about during the lecture and here I very quickly became the minority because this woke up the FEELINGS (!) of people around me and it made Erik tell me that “this is not compatible with the nature of Dharma” and to underline this he told me a “horror example” from USA – which he was made to think of because of his “understanding” of what “selling” is about – when tickets were sold for a Dharma teaching (!!!), which I don’t mind if it will give you a “normal life”, and we know the word “SELLING” is automatically making many people resist (!) – as I have also seen all throughout my professional career from “too cautious” people not knowing what they speak of (!) – because they first think of the negative perspectives of it from people misusing this art form in order to benefit personally (!) – this was NOT what I said (!) – and Dharma teachings today are normally based on voluntary contributions and we know look at the “simple life” – this is also why Karen and also you Paris are “influenced” on this thought and really because of “my life” when writing my scripts you know and we know this was a very old MISSING message, which fitted in here (!) – of Lama Yönten as example because of this WRONG attitude (!) (I do like that people not being able to afford TODAY can come for free and this will change in the future you know) and to follow up I asked Erik if he would accept speaking about the true nature and advantages of Buddhism on television to enlighten as many people as possible if he was given a chance and to this I was again surprised when he told me that from time to time – thank you and I sense that this is about TRANSITION coming my friends changing from the old to the new world and here the THANK YOU is returned my friend as I am told – he has answered questions on Buddhism on television but that he would never on his own initiative stand forward to speak about this subject (!) because then again it would be like PREACHING and we know yet again he gave me a “horror picture” of what not to do according to a negative approach (!) and we know other people around us agreed with Erik without understanding me (!) and of course this is easy to do when you decide to COLOUR my sayings with your own NEGATIVE (“horror”) view isn’t it (?) instead of OBJECTIVELY listen to and understand the TRUE meaning of what I say (?) and what you saw here, and this includes you my dear Lama, is again IGNORANT people deciding on what they have no or only limited KNOWLEDGE of, which will very often give a WRONG decision and this is only to say that you ALWAYS NEED TO BE SURE THAT YOU TAKE DECISIONS BASED ON THE RIGHT INFORMATION NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO and NOT ON IGNORANCE/DELUSIONS (!) and we know because ANY PROFESSIONAL SALESMAN WITH A PERFECT INTEGRITY – probably not many of them around today in this world “loving money more than people” – will be able to tell you that I am right (!) and we know IF YOU FOCUS ALL OF YOUR EFFORTS WITH THE MOTIVE TO ENLIGHTEN AND HELP PEOPLE AND IF YOU DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST WHEN SELLING/MARKETING – which in my mind can include ALL KIND OF TOOLS as long as people accept to be approached (!) directly or indirectly and we know which also can include introductions on the subject on television/internet/radio and doing a round table discussion, which I like much you know and Erik if you had thought POSSITIVELY, do you think you would have seen this as an OPPORTUNITY or a THREAT (?) – you will truly do what the TRUE SOUL OF BUDDHISM IS ABOUT, WHICH IS SIMPLY TO “HEAL THE WORLD“ AND “MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE” and we know but because of your WRONG practice based on professional inexperience, “worries” and that is IGNORANCE/DELUSIONS (!) my dear Buddhist friends, you actually do a SIN (!) meaning that this way you will NEVER be able to “heal the world” despite of your hard work and valued efforts travelling and teaching the world.

Now Erik decided to leave – always show the same approach to all people in all situations!:

And we know during this discussion, Erik simply decided to walk away from our table (!) – he was not angry, he just decided to leave – and we know even though you are a true expert on Buddhism, Erik, you can still learn a thing or two on how to improve (?) and that is also to ALWAYS SHOW THE SAME POSITIVE/OBJECTIVE APPROACH TO ALL PEOPLE IN ALL SITUATIONS as the Lama also spoke about in his lecture – thank you for the INSPIRATION (!) – and “don’t walk away” from situations like this and only be kind to people if they “praise” you and “speak you after the mouth” as an old saying goes in Denmark (do you have this in English too?) which is really when people wrongly are indulgent and agree with you even though they don’t (!) and we know BUT DON’T BE STUBBORN ON SUBJECTS YOU HAVE NO OR ONLY LITTLE KNOWLEDGE OF (!), which is a fault made by far too many SIMPLE people today all over the world as you may understand (?) – and the reason why I give you Erik as an example today is not because I don’t like you as some readers may wrongly believe (?) – I like him very much you know – but because I want you, my reader, to UNDERSTAND and TO IMPROVE also based on this example, which of course is ONLY MEANT POSITIVELY (!) – do you see (?) – and because Erik was no longer part of the conversation, instead I told two ladies standing next to me that “you can decide yourself if you want to show a negative or positive approach to what I say” and I repeated now with more words what I had said and meant and at least the Bulgarian lady – me and names you know (!) – now started to understand and agree with me and we know THIS IS HOW IT IS HERE – very difficult sometimes where it should be so easy if only people communicated correctly!



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