Dec. 12, 2010: I have to go through EXTREME sufferings to save my mother – can I (?) – unless my family will help?


Summary of the script today

9th December: “We will arrive at the right time no matter what”

  • Dreaming of a man from Kenya ”scoring”, i.e. being approved to enter our new world, of my difficulties returning to the highest level of suffering, wine being poured, “praise the Lord” and “we will arrive at the right time no matter what”.
  • I felt AWFUL today because of extreme tiredness, immensely strong sexual suffering and because I had much work to do to write, edit and publish my scripts, which was “mentally impossible” to do and despite of my difficulties returning to this the highest level of suffering, I made it through.
  • I was ready to record a video on a characteristic UFO flying for you to see, but for the first time in “a long time” I was NOT shown any UFO’s this evening.

10th December: Dreaming of being myself and Karen starting to show warm feelings for me again

  • Dreaming of telling Karen and Sanna that I am the same person as always, Karen starting to show warm feelings for me again, switching on the sound of the radio studio – i.e. spiritual communication – in a larger scale and people still looking at me as “crazy”.

11th December: My sister will become one of the closest servants of God helping to spread “normal life” to the world

  • Dreaming of my suffering decreasing and my sister, who will help me in the future as one of the closest servants of God to spread “normal life” to the world.
  • I was tempted to reduce or maybe even to stop writing my scripts because my website is only visited a few times and only for a short time by most visitors. Yesterday my site had 7 visits according to one counter and 17 according to another so today my website is not “the most popular in the world”, but this is what it will become in the future.
  • The expression “the most popular in the world” is given to me by the Council as direct speech when writing as most expressions and postulations of my scripts. I am “just” the motor writing.
  • Finally the high level of suffering decreased today as the dream said and I am NOT looking forward for this repeating in approx. two weeks from now!
  • The world took a small step in the right direction on the climate in Mexico, which we will use symbolic to continue bringing the climate in the right direction.

12th December: I have to go through EXTREME sufferings – can I (?) – to save my mother unless my family will help?

  • Dreaming of the darkness having “problems” continuing to work because of my resistance, “pipes of peace” and driving in a new car symbolising my new website.
  • I have EXTREME suffering every third week the next three months to look forward to – as I had the last week – DIRECTLY because of a treatment, my mother receives and because we have a very special “bond”. Will I be able to go through this immense suffering making her survive or will it break me down, which will deteriorate her health and maybe even kill her? If my family – especially my sister – will UNDERSTAND ME and let my mother understand who I REALLY am, she will stop this treatment including her/my suffering when she understands that the “treatment” is not necessary but a “cure” given by the darkness designed to bring her self down (!) – if I cannot save her! TO MY FAMILY: PLEASE HELP!
  • I give you an example of how the darkness influences my website, where I was “not” allowed to insert embedded video links – the code simply vanished in front of my eyes!
  • I decided to change the name of the game by saying that I don’t want to suffer as much every third week the next three months as I did last week and I did 30 minutes of “impossible” run where I have also changed the game giving more of the energy to myself but still to help my mother, all “special friends” and the world!


9th December: “We will arrive at the right time no matter what”

Dreaming of the first man being approved, “praise the lord” and “we will arrive at the right time no matter what”.

Tonight was yet again a bad night making this day very bad again and I wrote down these dreams:

  • A white school is full of black children, they are to move to a township and the children say that they will miss their teachers and they resist moving. I see a black football player from Kenya scoring. The coffee is polluted and I hear someone saying “we will meet at Kronborg Castle”.
    • This is about poor conditions of black people in many countries and scoring is still to be approved to enter our new world and we know I am thinking of LTO in Kenya and maybe one or more LTO person(s) is/are the first being accepted now (?) and coffee is still “love” and when it is polluted, something is wrong and we know Kronborg is my “home castle” of Helsingør and my new symbol of our future world and so it is here my friends.
  • I am in Austria skiing together with Camilla. The nature is beautiful and first I run down a very steep hill without problems, but Camilla gave up. Later I run down a less steep hill next to the river, and when I reach the end station, I have difficulties climbing back up but I make it.
    • Snow and water is still SUFFERING and this is to say that when the suffering has decreased for a period, it is very difficult to return to the highest level of suffering again.
  • I am at a confirmation, I tell about who I am and Jack becomes angry with me but he only shows his anger behind my back, he disagrees with the Hillerød link, which is why he moved away from me. Fuggi did not do as he said he would do. My father and his wife Kirsten speak to hundreds of football players and I think I should have told people before publishing that they should expect to become angry with me because of their difficulties controlling their feelings about who I am. A servant pours up wine for me and I hear a Christmas song playing “praise the Lord”.
    • Nothing much to explain here other than the football players are players of the darkness playing against me making me suffer (!) and I understood the “confirmation” as an “approval” given to me by the Council of what I do and probably reaching the next stage, we are. And we know Stig I AM STILL ONLY STIG, A SIMPLE HUMAN BEING not feeling well about becoming “the Lord” – and I am still curious to see what or who hides within the Source – and we know but still I accept because this is simply the only road I can follow, there are NO alternatives when I am strong!
  • I meet my old Commercial school friends Tommy and Michael M. Michael says that they have established a company of plants and they are now setting up a GPS system, so we will be sure to arrive at the right time no matter what.
    • Over the years I have also been thinking much about my old friends from Commercial school, what they do today and that it would be VERY good to see them again and we know Tommy and Michael, you are two examples of this and I do look forward to seeing you again – and I still remember listening to the nothing less than amazing album “love over gold” by Dire Straits at your place, Tommy, and we know we talk of 1983 here I believe.
    • And the dream is really to say that the Council is in control of arriving home at the right time and we know “I have full confidence in you” is one of my sayings here and I don’t know what will happen but I know for a fact that the Council can look into the future so we know I will simply do what David also does as an example: To take one day at a time and continue doing my best under the circumstances.

I felt AWFUL and had much work to do on my scripts, which was “mentally impossible” to do, but I did it!

This morning at 9.00, this is the time I have stood up for days now also hoping to ”rest” as much as possible making me less tired but still I was feeling TERRIBLE again and I was thinking “how will I be able to work today” (?) because work was truly “mentally impossible” to do as so many times before and we know this was one of the truly hard days today – difficulties climbing up to the mountain top again as the dream said – and we know I am not sure that anyone else would make it through and I had to finalise the script of yesterday writing the long chapters on David and Lama Yönten and we know to do the editing, the setup for the website and finally to publish the last four days of scripts and we know which was impossible to do yesterday because of my visit to Lama Yönten and all of the additional work this brought and I know how to work when feeling like this, which is to take it “step by step” coming into some kind of rhythm after a couple of hours, so this is what we did again and finally at approx. 16.00 I succeeded publishing the script and we know it is truly not very easy to write LONG paragraphs with many inserted sentences – a part of the game – and to get meaningful flows and formulations out of this – like this one too – and we know when you are this tired and when you look with small eyes at the screen when editing, because the sentences have a tendency of becoming “mixed up” and we know when I later in the evening read the script again and especially the chapter on Lama Yönten, I noticed several errors and missing words – which I corrected some of if not all of today – and this also made me hoping that I have not made too many errors when I have been thinking about what is RIGHT and WRONG to do – for example the chapter on Lama Yönten yesterday as one out of hundreds of chapters – when I have written my scripts being this tired and please understand that most of my scripts have been made on basis of thinking when I have been tired or very tired having only very limited time to think without being able to “rethink” and to “regret” any errors – because then I have moved on to the next day with new work to do and no energy to go back to old scripts and we know other than a few times that is 🙂 – and we know as I recall it, there have only been maybe 3-4 chapters of the books, which I have written on basis of thoroughly thinking for days and we know this is how it is.

I also noticed that there were no spaces between the bulletpoints on the published script and that is even though I tested it again just before publishing where it worked fine with approximately half a line of space (!) and we know I did NO changes before publishing and just saying that this is again the darkness playing a game with me but as you may understand the resistance is not as strong today as when I published my scripts in February 2010, where it was impossible to insert pictures other than my portrait or a proper counter on my old website as examples. It also annoyed me to see that there is STILL a difference in the size of the font depending on which mode I use – “visual” or “HTML” – when publishing and we know despite of the work-around I thought I had found meaning that my script has a somewhat bigger font size than the front page of my website and we know I will have to look into this again tomorrow trying to find a new work-around and we know I would never dream about “just accepting” this as I am sure many people would do today because this is the “easy” but not the “right” solution – and we know but other than these “challenges” I am in general happy with how WordPress is working, which is MUCH better than the old Microsoft system, and that is even though I could wish for an even bigger flexibility being able to decide on the size and font size of headings, the back ground colour of the site behind my text etc. but we know it will probably come some day?

I was EXTREMELY tired and received IMMENSELY strong sexual suffering

Later when watching television I was really EXTREMELY tired and we know the strength of the darkness trying to make me look inappropriately on ladies and we know even on television (!) is TREMENDOUS these days and we know try to imagine that your eyes automatically removes (!) and that you are FORCED to LISTEN TO and DRAWN TO sex most of the time making you feel disgusted because I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS and because I can only accept this suffering as long as my family does not COMMUNICATE and UNDERSTAND and we know all of this is given to me without having a girlfriend myself (!!!) – sexual excesses is you know what is also WRONG with the world and why I am given this constant suffering and we know more or less that is and at the moment it is “MORE”- and manually I have to resist this IMMENSELY STRONG FEELING and remove my eyes, which was “hundreds of times” just this evening, and we know not even once looking inappropriately and we know this is the kind of suffering I go through and I really don’t know what would happen if I gave in to the darkness here but let me say my dear family that this is hurting VERY much and you still have the key to help and that is if you really read and react to this if you are not too busy having “other priorities”?

I was ready to record a video on an UFO, but for the first time in “a long time” I was NOT shown any UFO’s this evening

This evening we had a clear sky again and I took my mobile phone out on the balcony planning to record a video by an UFO flying outside and we know every single time I have looked up at the sky for “a very long time” I have been shown one of these characteristic UFO’s and this evening when I looked again equipped with my “video recorder”, NO UFO’s WERE SHOWN TO ME (!) and we know I wonder why, but as usual my light was there and again as the only one with a dark sky for a long time before some – but not all – lights on the sky were “switched” on and I do wonder how you do this my dear UFO friends?

After the third try to record a video I went inside again thinking “why did you not show me an UFO” (?) and at the same time on DR1 television I heard the interviewer Jens Olaf Jersild say “this is how it is, we will have to see what happens” and we know THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I WOULD HAVE SAID IT MYSELF (!) and we know INSPIRED he was and by the way a reporter I have been told about for years is a “special friend” and so it is.

How will I be able to continue working when I feel like this and being “fed up” writing?

Finally at midnight I went to bed feeling more than worn out and we know when I feel like this, I also have this feeling inside of my body, which I simply cannot explain but we know sometimes feeling like a needle sticking me from the inside all over and we know “all kind of physical sticking and ”blows” moving around my body” and we know I was thinking how in the world would I be able to continue working on my scripts tomorrow and again, again and again and we know feeling like this (?) and let me say that “fed up” writing does not express my feeling fully this evening.

These days Wikileaks and Julian Assange – and this game to show the world that you cannot stop the truth (!) – are much on my mind. Thank you for doing a HEROIC effort :-).


10th December: Dreaming of being myself and Karen starting to show warm feelings for me again

Dreaming of Karen starting to show warm feelings for me again and switching on spiritual communication in a large scale

I slept marginally better tonight – but still with GREAT difficulties falling asleep again every single time during the night after being woken up – making me feel a little better today, but not much, and we know new dreams and of course only some of them:

  • I am driving my bicycle on Vesterbro in Copenhagen on my way to visit Karen, but I regret – I don’t feel like meeting her – and instead I visit a hair dresser where I accidently meet her inside. From here I am suddenly in the living room of my sister where I am together with my sister, Karen and a manager from the Commune, I have just received the last pay out from the Commune, the Commune has stopped the pay out because of the influence from Sanna and Karen, which makes me say that they don’t have the authority to continue communicating with the Commune and I understand that the Commune stopped the pay out without knowing what they did and the manager now says that he does not know when the pay out can start again but he is hoping that there will be enough time before the next first. I sit next to Karen, I notice that she is annoyed with me and I tell her and Sanna that my goal is to be the same person as I have always been and really because this is what I am, which makes Karen say that everything was fine until “all of this” started and I tell her that the reason why she is annoyed with me is solely because of her own misunderstandings and when I start speaking to her, she starts to show warm feelings for me again.
    • Again, nothing much to explain other than saying that the Commune decided to take the party of people being “angry” with me because of their own misunderstandings and on this basis (!) months ago they “allowed” me to starve and really to die (!) and also that I have two feelings of Karen, which this dream truthfully says and we know I am attracted to her good side and the opposite to her dark side and not easy when she shows her dark side to me and so it is.
  • I am at my old room at our row house in Snekkersten (where we lived from 1978-86) and the famous in Denmark radio host Jørgen de Mylius is visiting me to do a radio show and he asks me to call one of two bands to invite them to come and play and I say that “this will make me famous”. I decide to show Jørgen one of my CD’s by Prince, which Prince has written a few lines on and signed and I also have CD’s of David Bowie and Bob Dylan having done the same. The band arrives for the concert and we are now inside a big radio studio, but the sound does not work and while Jørgen is also on live television he manages to turn off and switch on the sound making it work without problems and one person asks me “what did you do, Stig” and I reply “nothing”. After this concert, I am arriving at the final show, which is held at a speedway track with Jan Monrad as the compère, with Poul-Erik Andersson and I noticed that Jan‘s old comic partner Søren RIslund has returned and I ask him “don’t you have your half pig with you” and he says “not at work” and I hear on his voice that he has caught the flue.
    • And we know Snekkersten is still the “city of darkness“, the RADIO is still the symbol of “spiritual communication”, I guess Jørgen is truly me in this dream and apparently we are preparing to switch on the sound in a larger scale – better late than never as you may say – and that is even though I am also on television, which is another old symbol of the darkness and the pig is still about “normal life” coming and who cannot remember the fantastically funny sketch of the “half pig” of Monrad & Rislund (?) and I still remember listening to this in 1983 I believe when visiting Niels, my old Commercial school classmate, and the other day I was very clearly given the start to a flue, but only for two minutes really before it was removed again (!) and of course still the same as always: This is how it is.
  • I have been invited for a meeting at a psychologist company, who free of charge have read and “analysed” my scripts on the Internet and a lady shows me a big plate on the wall, which she has prepared, explaining what my scripts mean in “psychological” terms (!) and when I glance it, I see that “every little thing” is WRONG, which makes me decide to leave, but the manager of the company arrives and he is eager to let me understand their analysis of me.
    • And we know I wonder who still looks at me as “crazy” and why there are still people doing this (?) and we know my meeting with the Commune is coming up next week on the 16th and there is probably a “pretty good chance” that they are some of the people NOT KNOWING what they talk about of course.
  • I have been working three months at a company doing my absolutely best knowing that the company is satisfied with my work. The CEO of the company arrives, he and the manager are unsure of whether to keep me because of my good work or to let me go because of my public scripts and finally the CEO decides to put on a pressure on my manager, which makes him inform me of my dismissal and the manager writes the letter of dismissal in front of me, which gives the explanation that I am dismissed because I have written about the company and myself publically, which expresses meanings the company don’t agree with and cannot accept and I encourage the manager also to write about my work efforts, which he however refuses to do. In the dream I think that my private life is of no concern to the company and I see how they have spoken behind my back for example when I did tender material to Life & Pension companies asking to receive offers on a special life annuity product and these companies went behind my back telling my manager that the product code, I have stated, does not exist and when I see this I know that it is not true, because I have used an old but valid code, which is only rarely used.
    • And we know I wonder if this is also about the Commune and if they cannot take anymore of my writings (?) and that is if they will “let me go” and we know back to my Heaven at no. 17 almost (!) and we will have to see and in recent years we have seen more and more companies starting to restrict employees of what they can and cannot do in their spare time, which has nothing to do with the company and this is a way of life I don’t approve of and we know limiting the freedom of people is a game of the darkness and all I can ask you to do is not to do the same misuse in the future and of course as always not to speak negatively behind the backs of people as so many people do today.

Changing standard font to Corbel on my website

Today I had a full working day again writing my scripts and I also tested how different fonts – Arial, Calibri, Corbel, Garamond, Tahoma and Verdana – looked like on my website when publishing from “visual” and “HTML” mode and we know I like the Calibri font the best from HTML mode, but I need to work in visual mode and here the Corbel font looked the best so therefore I decided to change my new scripts and firm pages of my website to this font.

I was still feeling tired and even though I had enrolled for Yoga today at Fitness World, I decided to stay at home and to do Yoga tomorrow morning instead and we know the incredible force when it comes to sex suffering was decreased today making it possible to live again but you know not “the good life” but a life of surviving and “slave work” really until the day when I can also start living a life of joy.


11th December: My sister will become one of the closest servants of God helping to spread “normal life” to the world

Dreaming of my sister as a future servant of God helping to spread “normal life” to the world

I was still woken up several times tonight, however it was somewhat easier falling asleep again making me feel somewhat better today but we know still tired and NOT NORMAL and so it is and we know some more dreams for the record:

  • I am at a beach, there are hardly any people and I am leaving too. I see many people at a restaurant and at a concert. I go to a nightclub, where most people are introverted with only a few outgoing people.
    • Leaving the beach is to say that my suffering is decreasing and I look forward to the day when people will not be “shy” or “reserved” and we know but smiling, open, welcoming and of course OUTGOING also when they GO OUT :-).
  • Together with a friend I am listening to a fantastic sound system with speakers, which is connected to a home cinema system at HiFi-klubben, we have no doubts that this is the system we would like to acquire and we talk about sharing it to reduce the costs per person.
    • I know that QUALITY SOUND is because of the quality of my scripts and that the cinema is a “positive” symbol but what is “cinema” really meaning (?) and I don’t know if my friends at the Council will answer this question in a few words (?) and we know GOOD MORNING TO YOU TOO and WE ARE NOT VERY TIRED NONE OF US HERE BECAUSE WE REALLY SLEEP FOR MANY HOURS and how many today Stig – approx. 9 – and OK the cinema is nothing less than a projector one day because they are the best but right now I can only say that it has nothing to do with washing and cleaning and so on but really on REJECTING BACKWARDS and not forwards but only to the point and we know Captain Hook is back and therefore my friend NOT TODAY but try again tomorrow if you want to – and we know THIS IS HOW IT IS HERE 🙂 and just maybe you will give me the answer in a new dream?
  • My sister is an apprentice at a supermarket, I am waiting for her to get off for us to have lunch together at the local café.
    • Danske Bank was the symbol of “funding “normal life” and we know dinners, “a pig” etc. are symbols of people starting to enjoy “normal life” and my sister is really “learning to fly” – beautiful music by Tom/Jeff also meaning to be “lifted up spiritually” – which includes to learn working at a supermarket, which in my book will say that in the future she will help people entering the supermarket to enjoy “normal life” and we know Sanna, you have “a new career in a new town” to look forward to and we know it will not be a “bad” exchange for you and these quotes are song titles by David Bowie and Michael Jackson – whom I am listening to right now in “almost” perfect quality giving me much joy here in the darkness – and really to say that you will become “one” of the closest servants of God when you will come “home” and we know where LOVE will meet you and we know which is also what I think of because of these song titles by U2 followed by Simple Minds and Depeche Mode too.
  • I have started to work GE Insurance again, Morten is resigning and he has received a thank you card from GE Capital Bank expressing their happiness with his work, I visit the bank myself and see cake all over and when I come back to Insurance, I will have to look for the cake and I find much of it too in the kitchen. I go to the toilet and I have very big difficulties not to pee on my trousers by mistake. I receive a phone call from a person saying that we had dinner together in 1995 and the person tells me that it would be nice to do again and I receive doubts if this person is thinking of me or someone else and when I say “hello” in the telephone, the person does not say anymore.
    • “Cake” is still “warm feelings” – also from Insurance even though it was more difficult to find – and first via this dream I am given the answer to what the symbol “peeing” means and we know I have had the greatest difficulties in symbolic terms not to pee on my own trousers and we know it has to do with “sexual suffering” and we know my worst nightmare as some of you may remember and when you read my book no. 1 carefully (!), you will get a deeper understanding of this symbol. A phone call is the same as “radio”, i.e. “spiritual communication” and the dinner, i.e. “normal life” is not right now.
  • When I woke up it was with the lyrics “Whenever you’re away from me” from the song by Olivia Newton-John.

My scripts are not ”the most popular in the world” today but this is what it will become in the future

These days I have felt a pretty strong temptation not to write as much anymore or maybe even to stop writing because it would be a shame to say that my scripts are “the most popular in the world” today (!) when only very few people decide to visit my website and we know I have a counter/tracker at the end of my front page from, which in the detailed information it gives me on their website says that my site was visited 7 times only yesterday – my own visits not included – and the statistical page from my website at says that my site was visited 17 times yesterday – my own visits still not included – and we know I am new to all of this statistics on websites so maybe the first counter only includes visits to my main site and the other includes both my main and sub sites (?) and we know I will probably find out.

This is how the statistics look from yesterday:

Statistics from

This screen says that my site had 7 visits yesterday and a total of 93 visits:

The next screen shows that the seven visits came from three unique visitors – from Slagelse, Hornbæk and Odense in Denmark – and we know the other days I have also had visits from Kenya, USA, Canada, Romania, Germany, Norway and Iran but Denmark is so far the most represented.

The next screen shows the duration of the visits and again I don’t know today if this is only in connection to my front page and not the scripts of my site but nevertheless most visitors seem to visit my site for a few seconds only before they lose their patience (!) and decide to leave again and this is “such a shame” really!

Statistics from

This is the statistical information, which my own site gives me and we know in some respects it gives me more information than the other and in other respects it gives me less but this says that I had 17 visits yesterday – it does not say who they are and does not inform of the number of unique visitors – of which 7 visited my main site and so far only 4 (!) have visited my script of the 8th December and we know THIS IS REALLY NOT VERY MANY and people are probably busy doing something else, which they believe is more important than to follow me and we know so it is.

I will follow the statistics and let you know of the development – and I will of course continue to write my scripts without any care to the low number of visitors because just maybe one day my scripts will become “the most popular in the world” (!) and this is how it is my friends!

Most expressions/postulations of my scripts are directly inspired speech given by the Council!

As a note I can add that the expression “the most popular in the world” is given to me actively as direct speech by the Council when writing as when writing most and that is if not all expressions and “postulations” of all of my scripts (!) – I am just the “motor” you know and that is a normal human being writing normally and receiving direct inspiration and speech, which is a part of the text – and that is both when these are RIGHT and WRONG and we know, which is as you will remember my dear reader what you will decide on because of you own behaviour (?) and we know please read “the key to understand my books” on the front page of my website if you have forgotten your influence on this text and how many of you have found out by today that this is how it works?

Finally the high level of suffering decreased as the dream said

I am still tired today but finally the high level of suffering and this is especially the sexual suffering has decreased so much that I can say that it took approx. one week of the worst suffering before it left me – as the dream, when I left the beach, said it would and as the weather also symbolises as the Council told me because it was 6 degrees Celsius today after 2½ weeks of frost – and we know “killing cells” is all I say (!), which I know will be repeated in approx. two weeks again making me suffer again and do you think I look forward to going through a pain like this for maybe one more week again (?) and we know which will be repeated four times in total from now and that is of course if my family does not intervene to help us out as I have written about before – so what will you do to help me/us (?) and that is if you read this?

A weekend with relaxation and some work

This morning I decided that it is weekend and therefore I took a long bath for the first time this week I believe and it was followed by Yoga and we know to tell you the truth I was not very motivated doing this and the darkness would love me to stop doing this – this was the strongest voice given to me – and yet again the light keeps thinking it is a good idea to do and we know when I feel good it is not a big problem doing Yoga but when I am completely down, it is really impossible and so it is.

And we know another new weekend and again without friends and some family too and this is how it still is here and I am not happy either that I am still too heavy and that is simply because I have decided still to have cake or ice cream normally in the weekends only and we know mayonnaise on the fillings on rye break for lunch and pommes frites sauce sometimes for dinner etc., which I for years have decided to avoid and we know because this is how little it takes for me to gain much weight and that is even when I am exercising and this is what I have decided I will eat at the moment to give me at least some joy going through this period writing my scripts and we know I may have 8-10 kilos I would like to lose and I know that I will lose weight again when my metabolism will become normal – just like my mother will too – or when I will skip this “food” and do even more exercising – when I can that is – and so it is.

And I still DON’T drink Coca Cola, but I had one Pepsi Cola a couple of months ago and we know what about the story of Michael’s hair burning in the old Pepsi commercial (?) and we know the Devil attacking him and so it is and the Devil here is NOT Pepsi but another well known brand you know …!

Today I listened to “the Wall” by Pink Floyd again for the first time in more than 1½ years and we know it was like getting an old friend home and WHAT A MASTER PIECE was again my thought and “Mother do you think they’ll drop the bomb” (?) and NO we managed to get through the Judgment without igniting the bomb and so it is and by the way this is my favourite song from this beautiful album and who do you think said this, my mother, I or both of us? – And here I am also thinking of “us and them”, which just may be my favourite track of all by Pink Floyd.

I worked on my website and It took almost two hours to change the font to Corbel and fine-tune the web setup of my script of the 8th December – where the spaces between bulletpoints and the font type sometimes change without asking for it (!) – before I was happy with it and did the final publishing and afterwards I was told that only because I did my absolutely best with the aim to get the perfect setup and decided not to “give up”, I was “allowed” to get the spaces between bulletpoints right and we know there were problems on this when testing several times but at the end when publishing, the problems were “solved”.

The world took a small step in the right direction on the climate

Today the Climate Conference in Mexico ended and those of you who remember the goals I set up one year ago after the conference in Copenhagen will understand my disappointment but on the other hand the world has now agreed on a small and symbolic step in the right direction and this is what we will use to continue working on bringing the climate in the right direction and here I feel extraterrestrials and this is ALSO how it is here.


12th December: I have to go through EXTREME sufferings to save my mother – can I (?) – unless my family will help?

Dreaming of the darkness having “problems” to continue

I was sad to discover during the night that once again I was given a very bad sleep and very BIG difficulties falling asleep when I was woken up making me feel “not good” physically today – I am glad that the direct suffering is now “low” again – and we know the last days I have been on the edge of my limit of being strong enough to exercise and we know when this is written in the morning it is impossible to exercise and so it is and some dreams too, which also included sexual temptations this night as so many times before, which I “just” have to resist and this has also been the name of the game in some dreams the last week and these dreams are not included here:

  • I see a construction site having problems continuing to distribute sand and the supply of oil to put on the motorway to Helsingør has stopped also because of distributing problems.
    • This is simply the “problems” of the darkness because of MY resistance to its plans to stop all good!
  • I see the Tivoli gardens as a vision of a holiday cottage in Rørvig – thinking of you Camilla and your family here – and I hear the song “pipes of peace” by Paul McCartney and the words “help them to learn”.
    • Yesterday I bought a 3-dvd box with Paul McCartney on sale for 69 DKK, which includes all of his videos in “perfect” sound quality and it was a joy to listen to and watch this and other songs yesterday and we know the DVD was cheap and it will be FREE on-line in the future.
  • I am about to stop working for Fair. I look for my old Volvo on the parking place but I cannot find it and instead I see my self driving in a beautiful Mercedes 280e from the end of the 1980’s.
    • I remember this car as the favourite car of my old very good friend Lars G and therefore a positive symbol.
  • I am together with my mother and Sanna in our old row house in Snekkersten, they ask me if I have a girlfriend and I don’t want to answer them because they can simply read my scripts also on Karen. I see Fuggi as Ole S. (my colleague in Danske Bank in 1986) (!) playing a beautiful song live and I see him receiving an email from my website notifying him of a new script of mine, I tell him that he will find it exciting to read my script and he tells me that he does not want to read it unless many people will start reading me in order for me to get a break through!
  • I see Søren H. and Lisbeth F. taking two of my colour printers.
    • In the future you will “print my scripts”, which is to bring my words to the world.
  • I have received a new car, it is a used BMW 700 series with approx. 159 hp, it is a Coupe (!) – a special model – and it looks great in a light yellow colour. It has a new dash board inside and a small extra dash board lying on the seat. I come to Copenhagen where I meet Peter A. and Michael J. and I ask Peter if he wants to see my car, but he does not notice it parked just on the other side of the street. I also meet my old class mate Lene from Espergærde and I tell her “it is nice to meet you, I don’t believe we have met since we went to school together”.
    • The engine is “just adequate” for a car of this size telling you about how I am doing at the moment and the car is symbolising my new website and the extra dashboard is the extra counter on my site.
  • I wake up with the lyrics “man ser så klart så’n en forårsdag”(“one sees clearly on a spring day”) from the song ”Under bøgen” (“underneath the beech”) by Gnags and wondering if this is what I will do in the spring of 2011?

I have to go through EXTREME sufferings to save my mother – can I (?) – unless my family will help?

Yesterday evening I was thinking much about the EXTREME suffering I have gone through the last week – which also almost brought me down just thinking of it and which contributed to make my night very bad (!) – simply because of COMMUNICATION problems and nothing else and we know the headlines are really: IS IT POSSIBLE AT ALL FOR MY FAMILY TO COMMUNICATE AND UNDERSTAND WHO I AM TO GET OUT OF THIS DESPERATE SUFFERING (?) and WILL I GO DOWN ON THE EXTREME SUFFERING I HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TO EVERY THIRD WEEK THE NEXT 12-14 WEEKS, WHICH CONSEQUENTLY WILL MAKE MY MOTHER DETERIORATE AND MAYBE EVEN DIE (?) and we know I have been thinking about telling my mother that because OF THE VERY SPECIAL CONNECTION BETWEEN HER AND I, I SUFFER AS MUCH AS SHE DOES AND EVEN MORE REALLY BECAUSE I ALSO HAVE TO WORK/EXERCISE AND TO RESIST THE WORST TORTURE YOU CAN IMAGINE (!) and we know we spoke on the phone yesterday where she told me not surprisingly that she now feels better and that it takes one week to get over her “treatment” and we know she will probably understand my suffering if I tell it to her directly “face to face” and I could continue trying to make her understand once and for all that my scripts are truly as positive as I am and always have been (!) as she will know when she will think after and we know she may even believe in me for some time and that is until John, Sanna and maybe even Hans will tell her that they do not and we know that I am still crazy – or is this really what you STILL believe (?) – and we know which will eventually just risk giving my mother even more SUFFERING, which I don’t want to give her, when she is torn between me as the light on one side and the family as the darkness on the other side and we know until now she has decided to believe in the “simple truth” of the darkness not understanding that my family don’t tell her the “real truth” but only “a story based on their feelings” without understanding “the big picture” and the true positivity of my scripts and we know these are some of my thoughts and also “considerations” I need to take to my mother (!) when it comes to trying to get my family letting my mother understand that I am truly the one – the Son of God – and we know WHICH SHOULD BE EASY FOR ALL PEOPLE TO TELL WHEN YOU JUST FOLLOW MY SCRIPTS CAREFULLY FOR A PERIOD OF TIME (!) and this has the purpose of making her understand that the special treatment she goes through “just in case” to secure her health – because there is no cancer left (!) – is truly the work of the darkness, which is bringing her own life in danger, which she therefore needs to stop and that I am the one truly making her survive as long as I have the power to continue – and the question is really “how long” (?) – and this is because of her very special bond to me (!) and we know because when I am able to go through these the worst sufferings, which are given to me every three weeks – read my scripts from last week and you will understand – I take on most of the burden from her and we know making her come through this NIGHTMARE and we know if I am not able to do this and give in to the EXTREME darkness – and please understand me that this may be the worst of all I have gone through almost making me desperate of the prospect of what will happen over the next 3 months (!) – I will put her health and maybe even her life in danger and this is the IRONY of it because MISUNDERSTANDINGS and LACK OF COMMUNICATION is now threatening my mother where she believes that the cure of the darkness is helping her and we know which is bringing me the worst period of suffering ever to help her out (!) and we know the “easy” solution for me would be to give in to the darkness, which then would make my suffering stop (!) and give me “sexual indulgence”, which however would be on the cost of the health and energy of my mother (!), which would start deteriorating and we know which I have tried to foresee by saying to the Council these days that if this scenario should occur IT IS AN UNIVERSAL RULE THAT NO MATTER WHAT WILL HAPPEN MY MOTHER AND ALL COUNCIL MEMBERS ARE TO SURVIVE AND SHOULD I START TO GO INTO THE DARKNESS – IF THE SECURITY NET WILL NOT BE UNFOLDED AND I HAVE BEEN “THIS CLOSE” ONCE THE LAST WEEK, WHICH WAS NOT NICE (!) – I ASK THE SOURCE AND THE LIGHT OF ALL SPECIAL FRIENDS AND THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE TO HELP ME KEEPING OUT OF THE DARKNESS and my dear friends I cannot tell you the degree of the suffering I went through last week and can look forward to go through four more times and I have tears running down my cheeks when writing this because it is IMMENSE and we know because my sister you have the key to HELP US ALL COME THROUGH and as far as I can see from the statistical information on my website, nobody from Hørsholm/Rungsted have read it the last week meaning that you – including your sons and Karen for that matter too – have not read my website this week and we know will you read and understand this script and also the previous one to come to my and our mother’s help (?) or will you be “busy” with “other priorities” (?) and that is truly the question now.

And what will happen in two weeks again when this suffering will return (?), will I be able to continue writing my scripts, to exercise including the healing Yoga, visit the healing light services and maybe also to work depending on what the Commune will ASK me do and we know I will tell the Commune that they should declare me fit for work because this is what I am (!) and that is normally you know and we know if I cannot continuing doing all or part of this anymore, will my protection against the darkness decrease (?) making it possible for the darkness to overtake me for a period of time deteriorating the health of my mother (?) when it was not able to take me – this is the game we are going through now with me as the hostage – and on the other hand I know that the game is also – and has always been – simply for me to keep my action plan so as long as I keep a maybe not as ambitious plan, it should work out alright (?) and these are the questions at the moment I am thinking of and my foundation today is that I am DEAD TIRED of this game and exhausted beyond the point of imagination – which I already was in Kenya more than one year ago – and still I can only say to all of you who are feeding the darkness because you have not done yet what you ought to and that is simply to have faith in me and to support me by showing your faith to the world: COME ON, I AM STRONGER THAN ALL OF YOU AND I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU (!) – SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT AND I WILL CLEAN AND SAVE ALL OF YOU! – And this is how it is when you can look forward to receiving the worst torture of sexual torments of the darkness DIRECTLY and how would you react my dear reader if you were in my place and that is of course if you have “time” and “care” to think about this instead of living a life in indulgence thinking of your own interests?

Please help, Sanna!

Just writing the script including the chapter on my mother and family above was VERY difficult to do ALSO because of how I feel right now and we know I only did it in case my family and especially my sister should decide to read this script and react on it and if this is the case my dear sister, will you please read this script and also the script of the 8th December including four days in total CAREFULLY and we know to communicate with our mother and tell her that I am indeed “the one” meaning that she has to stop going through more treatments in order to HELP US COME THROUGH. Thank you :-).

The darkness prevented me from including embedded video links on my website:

I also worked some more on my website today and to give you an example of how the darkness influences this site, I tried to edit my script of the 8th December once again because I wanted to change the links included to Virgin Mary statues on YouTube into embedded objects instead and when I inserted the HTML code of these on the site it was completely removed again (!) when I for example wanted to see the changes through “preview changes” and we know the following picture, which has been “zoomed in” – shows that I was briefly – as a test – “allowed” to include the embedded objects of the first three links, but not the fourth (!), at the top of the script, where it did not belong, and when I tried to include it at its right place further down the script, the code COMPLETELY VANISHED again and we know this is truly how it is but maybe your voice once again tells you that this is humbug (?) and that is if you should take the “trouble” even to read this?

And normally I don’t give up and that is at least before I have tried all solutions I can think of and we know I will try again to include embedded video links on my website when I will do a “miracle” page sometime during December according to my plan.

Running “impossible” 30 minutes again and changing the name of the game to come through

And later I felt “a little bit better” – but we talk margins here – which made me decide to go running at Fitness World and immediately when I took this decision the darkness gave me more resistance again and this is only to say that the more active I am, the more suffering I will take on my self and the less suffering will be given to my mother, the other Council members, special friends and the world and we know also meaning that the more I will decide to relax, the less suffering will be given to me and the more to the same as above and we know coming back to the fact, which I decided on months ago that TOGETHER WITH MY MOTHER AND FATHER, I AM THE MOST PROTECTED OF ALL and therefore my friends – this is to the darkness you know – YOU ARE NOT TO GO AFTER US “ANY MORE THAN YOU CAN” (!) AND WHAT YOU CANNOT GET FROM ME/US BECAUSE OF OUR SUFFERING YOU WILL HAVE TO GET FROM THE WORLD AND THIS IS HOW TO PLAY THE GAME my friends really just thinking of how it works and so it is.

And when I walked to Fitness World I kept on thinking and I decided to CHANGE the name of the game (!) by saying that I want you to give me LESS suffering every third week the next three months compared to what you gave me last week and to give myself more of the energy I build up when I exercise but still that the net result of what I give to others is more positive than if I should decide to stay at home relaxing and we know this is how I have decided that I will go through the next months in case my family should decide not to help me/us out on this one and we know I am sorry to say it like it is my family but I don’t have much confidence in you handling this but hopefully I am wrong?

And we know I was really on the edge today because not only did I not feel well physically but I have gone through one very bad period especially the last week and we know not been doing very much exercise for some weeks now meaning that I should have problems to run 30 minutes today and we know I was thinking in the beginning that maybe I could only do 20 minutes and really that I will take it from there and we know I started running and again using some minutes trying to get into some kind of rhythm where I most of all just want to stop running again – today was no exception – and again there was no good coordination between the right and left side of my body – the movement of my arms – where I felt my right side as “calm” and my left side as “anxious” and we know referring to my father and my mother you know and you do remember that the Council can make my body move physically as they like (?) which today meant that my right foot was “almost” stepping on my left foot many times and simply to say that my father decided to desert us and how do you feel about that my father (?) – any regrets (?) – and I was thinking when running – where I also received completely unnecessary stitches in my side – that 30 minutes should be impossible to do today but I wanted to give it my best and after 20 minutes I felt the “pressure” being physically put on me even more now making it “impossible” to continue but despite of this I decided to continue and after 28 ½ minutes I was given the “sign” I have received several times before when doing my absolutely best exercising, which was to lose the feeling of my lower right lip meaning that my mouth was starting to open and “fall” to the right – just as when you receive anaesthetization at the dentist – and we know this sign means that the darkness is about to give up and here I said clearly “I don’t want to receive this feeling” and instantly it was changed to a hurting feeling in my right foot instead and this is what it will be from now on and this was really how to run 30 minutes today and we know I was given some sexual suffering by the darkness too and also told by the light that this is ALSO how I have managed to come this far and that what I did here again today was “beneficial” for all of us and so it is my friends.

John from Kenya is well

Today I was happy to receive a text message from John in Kenya saying that he and his family are well, thank you so much John for letting me know from “time to time” so I don’t need to become unnecessary and TRULY worried (!) and of course I will ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU, JOHN, AND KEEP BEING WITH YOU and “let’s stick together” as I wrote to David recently still goes you know and we know I understand that Meshack because of his sickness can only write to me from “time to time” – will you be able to write once a month at least and before Christmas Meshack (?) – and I am wondering Elijah if my dream the other day about the “polluted coffee” in Kenya is because of you having two feelings of me and we know one of love and maybe also the contrary (?) and just thinking out loud I am and also when you will pull yourself together and send me a positive and/or objective email? I understand that it must be difficult for you and your family, but still you can send me “only a few lines per month”?



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