Dec. 15, 2010: The biggest cover up EVER hiding information on thousands of UFO’s and “strange weather” from you


Summary of the script today

13th December: The biggest cover up EVER hiding information on thousands of UFO’s and “strange weather” from you

  • A process is ongoing to liberate my family – and special friends – from the darkness, which I have gone all the way into.
  • Dreaming of going through a terrible war, i.e. to convert the darkness to light, and my basement full of sound equipment being prepared for family and friends, i.e. spiritual communication.
  • I kept on working on my scripts and website today even though I was INCREDIBLE TIRED and when I could hardly continue, I was told to my relief that my mother and also father will survive because of the work I did last week – without the help of my family – while I was suffering my worst to keep my information on the Internet “alive” before my old website with Microsoft would be shut down.
  • I overcame the worst “crisis” yet to stop writing and gradually my computer became slower until I finally could not load my website anymore because of STRONG emotions to my previous script. “The game” will restart tomorrow!
  • It will take 3-5 hours for people to read one month of my writings and only a maximum of half an hour to read the summaries but still people think it is “too much” to do (?) with only few following me and even less reading carefully?
  • Tonight I watched a new UFO flying below the clouds and the blinking light of it looks as if it is overturned in waves moving forward. Just here, there are “hundreds” of “living lights” on the sky made by UFO’s. Within a few hours I witnessed how the sky changed from cloudless to overcastted to cloudless before it 10 minutes afterwards became partly clouded (!) with “thunder clouds” in the horizon! This is made by “countless” UFO’s working as weather institutes also know about but don’t tell you. This is the biggest cover up ever by the world that is waiting on me to step forward where I am depending on the world having faith in me to become on Earth as I am in Heaven!

14th December: Will Elijah help the world rediscovering his UNDIVIDED faith in me or will he be selfish and blame me?

  • Dreaming of people bringing Jack to the Source even though he almost brought me down, Elijah’s difficulties to continue sacrificing a good life, which makes me suffer and almost made my journey “impossible”, his faith in me will open up the light of the Source to help the world if this is what he TRULY can bring himself forwards to do? Elijah, do you REALLY have UNDIVIDED FAITH IN ME (?) or do you only say this because it is “the right thing to say” (?) and is the truth that it is more important for you today to receive a better life than to support me and that you still blame me because of the life you live temporarily today?
  • My mother was let off with a cold instead of what was worse making her cancel a planned visit to me today.
  • I was given a demonstration about my father when the volume of my right speaker was reduced for days and normalised today. My father would have died too if I did not pull this one through. And my website worked again today!
  • An UFO was smiling to me, cheering me up and making me smile to it and later an UFO was flying very close to me in front of my balcony making me HAPPY.
15th December: The Universe shout with joy coming through the impossible Judgment, which includes “normal life” for all
  • Dreaming of UFO’s and the Council shouting with joy because we made it through the Judgment, about the love and illness of my father and about opening the gate of the cave of future civilisation, answering the question in agreement with a short time frame that the distribution of “normal life” for all is what will secure our future survival, which we then will do!
  • I continued working my best updating my website, which is vital in order for people to be able to understand me and herewith to open up for the gateway to my Universe and our future new world.
  • Meshack is “back in full swing” with restored energy – received from me (!) – although he is still very weak “but the beauty of it is that am a bit better and ready to go back to our game which makes me extremly happy”. Have you ever seen such a fighting spirit and positivity in one man? THANK YOU AND WELCOME BACK, MY FRIEND :-).
  • I did my absolutely best also when running because my challenge today was to gasp for breath the last 15 minutes making it impossible to run, but still I did my goal of 30 minutes, which helped bringing more energy to the world than what the darkness removes from me, which also brought the “house”, i.e. the existence of mankind, on more secure ground.

13th December: The biggest cover up EVER hiding information on thousands of UFO’s and “strange weather” from you

My family – and special friends – are being liberated from the darkness

After watching Barcelona defeating Real Sociedad 5-0 yesterday evening and hearing the Council speaking through the Danish commentator at the end of the match “lots of smiles, they got what they came after”, I was told that a process is ongoing to liberate my family – and special friends – from the darkness, which I have gone all the way into myself and we know this is one of those “I have total faith in the Council” without knowing what they truly do and this is how it is.

Dreaming of going through a terrible war and to prepare sound equipment for family and friends

Tonight was yet again not a good night and we know a few dreams – not all – too:

  • There is a terrible war going on inside of a fort, which gives much poverty and one points his riffle against me, which I tell him to stop. There is a mood where people await the opponent to break through the fort arriving to shoot them. I see heaps of people being collected in boxes.
    • This is simply the war I am going through to convert people from the darkness to the light.
  • I am in my basement, I have a lot of old sound equipment of good quality standing and I see Hans and Niklas concentrated together with their equipment. I notice that the installation contractor has forgotten his bag, keys, underpants and socks, which I remove and I throw out his old underpants. I set up amplifiers, which makes technical interested people happy. At the other side of the room I meet my mother who tells me not to throw out the clothes and I have to tell her loud and very clearly before she accepts me to throw this out. My mother has cleaned up the room and put up a nice brown cover over the sofa and more.
    • I have had this dream of additional sound equipment in different versions for many years but this is probably the first time it is written down. When I was woken up and wrote down the notes of the dream I heard my Holfi amplifier, which was switched on – it gives the best sound when it is warm – switching off and on and we know this was to confirm the dream that we will amplify the spiritual communication to family and special friends and also really that it was the Council who stood behind the “problems” I had with my amplifier some months ago where I thought it was the battery inside of it (!), which had stopped working and we know I have received many signals of this lately and I don’t believe I have written this as clearly before as now.
  • I also had a short dream where I am inside of a full football stadium where Saddam Hussein holds a speech and he is interrupted by someone at the stadium speaking Arabic and I decide to leave the stadium and when walking down the stairs I find young mothers with their children having a good living standard, which surprises me because I know that people are very poor outside the stadium.
    • And we know the Arabic people belonging to the religion of Islam has been drawn behind the light in a deception carefully planned and executed by the man they love the most, which is Muhammad and we know what better way than to tell them directly and we know some day they will understand.
  • In the morning I woke up with the beautiful song “Dreamer” by Supertramp and we know which is really what I am you know in its traditional meaning – and not in the meaning that my “visions” are unrealistic (!) – and tonight I had a better feel in general of my dreams.

Continuing to work feeling INCREDIBLE TIRED

This morning I started a new working day at 9.30 first to write the script of today so far and to do a few changes to my website and I am now as far that I have transferred all information from my old to my new website – saving the information on the Internet before my old site would shut down – and done my best when setting up the new site including new scripts and we know what I need now is to do the edit of the text to my front page, which requires quite some work because I have to look back to information in my book no. 2 and we know I am starting this work feeling INCREDIBLE TIRED with the desire to forget everything about work but you know I will not give up so therefore I will continue working today and the next days until I will become happy with what I have done and this always means “for now” because there will always be improvement needs in the future.

The first task I was inspired to do was actually to create a new sub-page to the menu called “links” to “interesting” sites including Share International, The Medjugorje Web, Dharmagate by Lama Yönten, Center for Wisdom and Compassion and The Theosophical Fellowship and when I was done with this, I was HAPPY with this work and we know but still having “problems” starting the work to edit the text of my front page because of my tiredness.

My parents will survive because of the work I did suffering my worst to keep my information “alive”

After having done these first tasks of the day and having had lunch at 13.00 I felt that I could not continue working today because of my “condition” feeling totally “blown out” at the top of my head and we know still EXTREMELY TIRED you know and it was here that I was told that the survival of my mother and my father for that matter too was linked to my work transferring – and also updating as a bonus – my website from Microsoft to WordPress to keep all of this information “alive” on the Internet after the coming close down of Microsoft Live Spaces and this means that my parents will not survive because of the understanding and help of my family but because of the work I did while suffering as much as my mother – and more than this as explained earlier – which is so much that she can do nothing else than relaxing for one week after her treatment and we know this was when I did this work on my website and we know my mother, which made you survive (!) and by the way I was very sad the other day when hearing your “sigh” when I told you that I have used many hours on my new website and we know it is not all people who find my website as positive as it is!

And we know do you think this information made me relieved (?) and we know I cannot express just how much and this is ALSO how it is here and we know as the Council tells me because this is also how they feel :-).

And when writing this I enjoyed listening to Rod Stewart “smile” and we know other of his “American songs” too – which my mother likes VERY much – and the “airy” and unstrained reproduction on my music system does “magic” to the music my friends.

Overcoming my worst “crisis” and my website did not work because of STRONG emotions but “of course it is not down”

In the afternoon somehow I succeeded to overcome one of the worst “crisis” I have had to take a break from writing and we know I decided to start washing my clothes and to come back to the work and we know to start the editing of the text to the front page of my website “step by step” and that is really to take one chapter at a time and we know I did not finish today, but I did what I wanted to, which was to START the work, which has ALWAYS been the WORST BLOCKAGE given to me and we know when I first have started the work, I will continue until I will finish it and of course always with a quality I am happy with and we know which is “at the time” and so it is.

Late in the afternoon my computer gradually became slower and slower, I was not “allowed” to enter the statistical information to see who had visited my website and my computer began to give “system errors” meaning that I decided to restart it and we know I am wondering how “family” reacted to the information of my script yesterday and we know THIS IS PART OF THE EXPERIENCES NEEDED TO BE WOKEN UP and that is why Stig!

After restarting the computer, it started working again but after one hour doing further improvements to my new “links” site, it started becoming VERY slow again and finally it did not want to open my website but instead the whole content vanished while it was “waiting” to load. I waited and waited and it simply did not want to open and it did not help trying to load the page in Microsoft Internet Explorer or on my mobile phone instead and that is even though other pages worked without problems and so it is – I will have to wait until tomorrow morning when the “game” will “restart” where the website should be able to load again and we know tried that before we have because of STRONG emotions to my writings – and we know this is about balance too and we know to keep my information online at the Internet despite of the feelings of the people I am helping who would rather want the website to be shut down if they really could. And it is about giving me the same feeling of being “scared” and here “what if my website is really down” (?), which it of course is not!

It will take 3-5 hours to read one month of my writings and half an hour to read the summaries only but still you don’t?

At the end of the day my site had 13 visits today and only 3 “bothered” to open my script of the 12th December, which is 1/3 of the number of people opening my script of the 8th December so far, and we know do people think that it is “impossible” to keep up the pace to read “all” of my new writings (?) and we know how long will it take to read 100 pages +/- per month (?), maybe 3-5 hours (?) and how long will it take to read the summary of approx. 8 pages per month at the moment (?) and we know maybe 15-30 minutes (?) and I am simply WONDERING about your priorities and we know probably the “disease” of “mental blockage” you know.

The biggest cover up EVER hiding information on thousands of UFO’s and “strange weather” from you

Early in the evening I was looking out on the clear sky noticing all of the lights this evening (!) and a little bit later I was inspired to look out again – without the video camera in my mobile phone – and now it was overcastted and we know then I saw it again and we know one of these flying UFO’s you know – the last few days I have seen at least two, which could have been UFO’s disguised as planes (!) or just planes, which I did not want to write because I was not sure but you know only “almost” because their lights did not quite look like planes and they flew in positions towards the airport, which I have not seen any other plane take (!) – and the UFO of this evening was obviously flying below the clouds and we know making it visible to potentially MANY people and I have written before that the UFO’s are “characteristic” and by this I mean both the way they fly and the way their lights blink and we know how does it look (?) and it really changes you know and this night the light went on – and that is in Lyngby and not in Long Beach, my dear ELO friends – it was really like “one, two, three and four” with a short break before repeating itself and it looked as if the light was overturned in waves moving forward, which is VERY different to what planes do with their “normal” lights and we know it kept on flying and changing the light a little bit while I was looking at and thinking of it – it follows my thinking you know – and suddenly it completely stopped the light and we know became “invisible” – thank you Michael and we know OF COURSE I am listening to the “new” album by Michael and we know there are many good songs on it and still “breaking news” is fantastic and maybe the best in my mind but I will have to listen more times – and after a break of a few seconds it sent out the last short light only once and we know before it started “hiding” in the air (!) and we know as HUNDREDS here and THOUSANDS there of other UFO’s do every single night (!) and this evening there were “hundreds” of visible “stars” – excuse me I meant UFO lights – on the sky where the sky days ago were almost completely dark and we know THIS HAS TO BE THE BIGGEST COVER UP EVER MADE BY THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY and we know NOT TO REVEAL ALL OF THE UFO’S FLYING JUST ABOVE US AND THE “DISAPPEARING” STARS.

A little bit later I looked out on the sky again and now it was completely clear from clouds again and we know I thought that “I have NEVER seen the weather changing like this before” and we know after yet another 10 minutes – it was now 21.21 – I was told “you really don’t have to look out again”, which I of course then did and we know now it was partly clouded right here with by deep “thunder clouds” in the horizon and we know the clouds were created in front of my eyes and I was told that WEATHER INSTITUTES KNOW OF THE “STRANGE MAGIC” OF UFO’S ON THE WEATHER and that is without telling the world and we know THE WORLD IS COVERING UP MY ARRIVAL and we know “it is better for him to stand forward than for us to tell” but you know I really depend on people having faith in me to become myself on Earth as in Heaven and when you don’t help me, it doesn’t make my job any easier my friends (!) but we know it is of course only “impossible” to do if you think it is and therefore I will carry on together with the plan made by the Council with my inner self and so it is.

And we know the UFO’s have created “new star signs” the last couple of days in front of my window – I recognise more and more of the patterns they create – and we know both my light and the light of my mother have shone clearly for days and my light has followed the movement of the moon with the same constant distance from it when looking from here and that is also for days and we know AM I THE ONLY ONE SEEING ALL OF THIS HAPPENING (?) and just wondering I am because it is not on the TV news or in the papers (!) but maybe to be found somewhere out there on the Internet among “the people”?

I was bleeding because of STRONG emotions of people

Today was a difficult day and this evening I started receiving approximately half of my worst suffering when it comes to “sexual temptation” and we know just when watching television, negative speech trying to take me over with negative views on all and everything and also songs, which now started sounding “bad” again and we know which I linked together with the STRONG emotions of people reading my script published on the 12th December and so it is here my friends, not very nice.


14th December: Will Elijah help the world rediscovering his UNDIVIDED faith in me or will he be selfish and blame me?

The IMPORTANCE of Elijah: Will Elijah help the world rediscovering his UNDIVIDED faith in me or will he be selfish and blame me?

Again a night where I DID NOT SLEEP WELL making me tired today and we know I have been hoping to “get better” many times but still the suffering given to me from family and friends are hurting me much and we know it simply keeps on and on and on, which is then what I also do with difficulties and we know more dreams and again I will have to see if I can read my notes:

  • I enter a school, which includes a branch of Jyske Bank, there are many people inside all of them thinking of themselves, I expect people to be silent and am surprised to hear them speaking and therefore I say “well, you have learned to speak”. When I leave the school in the direction of my car, I hear a telephone ringing inside the jacket of a person outside the school, later I am together with Jack, his telephone rings and I am able to hear that it is our old school friend Tine speaking, but Jack does not want to let me hear that it is her, so he speaks in a different tone than what he would normally do and herewith “acting” in front of me, we are looking for a person who could be hurt and we enter a school where there is plenty of wine inside of a class room and I fly inside of this room with great difficulties because of my tiredness.
    • A dream of people still speaking behind my back, about the true attitude of my old “best friend” and also because of him, I am the person in the dream, who could have become hurt and despite of this I bring Jack to the “wine”, which is really me and the Source you know, and I do it being completely exhausted and so it is.
  • I woke up with the beautiful song “I just can’t help believin’” by Elvis Presley and I still think of some of the first visions I was given years ago seeing Elvis Presley as myself (!) – this may be included in book no. 1 (?) – and you know is this how it is too (?), and that is also a question today and just thinking out loud I am.
  • I am at the Roskilde Festival in my tent waiting on Elijah. He is arriving by plane but I am told that he is stopping over, that he is afraid of flying and therefore will first arrive tomorrow. I see myself cycling on a racer cycle together with someone else and I have never seen so many stones and broken glass on the road before – and we know this is cycling, not “walking on”, Annie (!) – making it almost impossible to cycle and I also see a package of smoked salmon thrown on the ground next to other waste and it still contains a couple of slices.
    • The Roskilde Festival is still the symbol of “the home of God” and according to the dream, Elijah’s “flight” – i.e. his journey to reach God on the other side – is delayed because of his resistance (being “afraid” in the dream) to accept his sacrifice to live in poverty, which was also to help bringing me alive – and please remember that it is only temporarily you will have to live like this and will you please understand that your “difficulties” accepting your sacrifice have giving me MUCH suffering and made my journey “almost impossible” to do (?) and this is what this dream of the “almost impossible cycling tour” tells.
  • I see a store of flour made by a farmer in Gevrey-Chambertin in Burgundy, France, and I can tell that the flour is “almost perfect” because of the soil of the Earth – as the wine is here too – and I see the local baker knowing about this and therefore he sells a very small bread of 12 DKK, which is far too expensive. The farmer also produces wine and he tells me that he will produce too little white wine this year because he – after the small demand last year – switched over the production and even though he has increased the production capacity again, he will not be able to meet the by now greater demand. Later I see Elijah bringing in additional white wine grapes.
    • This is about people being WRONG when they set far too high prices on products because of the quality, which “mother nature” brings you and it says that the light of the Source will not meet the demand of the world this year and “this is where you come in”, Elijah, because your faith in me is what can help opening the light of the Source even more – this is the IMPORTANCE of your TRUE self, Elijah. Do you think you can find TRUE faith in me by READING the script of today CAREFULLY and maybe several times to TRULY understand (?) and then to show your UNDIVIDED faith in me? Thank you :-).
  • To my surprise Elijah has arrived to Denmark, somehow he received a sponsor in Africa paying for his trip and somehow he received an approval from the Danish authorities to come. I have not been able to plan his visit because he did not communicate with me in forehand, which annoys me. His goal is to collect money to help people in Africa. We visit my mother in Helsingør and he embraces a lady there, who is surprised by his “warm feelings”. He speaks to my mother, who is thinking if we have a “hidden agenda” to let him stay at her place and she is happy to hear that he will only stay in Denmark for one week so she will not have to offer accommodation. On our way home I think if he will stay with me – which he is welcome to do if only I can find sleeping arrangements for him – and I am surprised when he tells me that his sponsor will pay the costs of 990 DKK per night at the Hotel Eremitage in Lyngby and Elijah becomes surprised himself when he hears that the accommodation is so expensive compared to normal costs of Kenya. He has received a cold and we look for the pharmacy in Lyngby, which is difficult to find because it has moved and when we finally find it and enter, Elijah asks to receive medicine, which the pharmacy has some difficulties finding because which country is he coming from (?) and he stopped over on his way to Denmark in another African country and which medicine is he then to receive (?) – and after this visit we look at the view over the village and lakes of Lyngby and I tell him that this is how rich people live. People around me look at his return ticket to Kenya and notice that it costs more than 8,000 DKK because he did not use the time necessary to find the best price and they find a cheaper ticket of a little more than 3,000 DKK, but the plane will fly a few hours earlier and despite of this they agree to replace the ticket without asking Elijah. We arrive at an auction house, which has to do with collecting funds to help Elijah’s cause, and he tries communicating differently sometimes approaching the full house and sometimes only a few rows of people, which does not work out as well as he could have hoped for. The former Danish football super-stars Preben Elkjær and Brian Laudrup are inside the house and suddenly I see myself playing football on my team against the team of Preben and Brian and it is biting cold making both teams wear duvet jackets – and my team is surprisingly in front 1-0.
    • Elijah, as this dream says, it is about COMMUNICATING you know and I have encouraged you now several times in emails lately to contact me again but still it is now more than two months since you wrote and it is NOT good behaviour not having “the time” to write to me as your friend but the time to receive my money (!) and do you remember that you in November wrote “I have all the FAITH that soon or later the world will understand your scripts” and IS THIS TRULY WHAT YOU HAVE TODAY, ELIJAH (?) and you also wrote that “I learned not to complain but to wait for normal life to come” and we know ARE YOU REALLY PATIENTLY WAITING FOR NORMAL LIFE – which is STILL coming – AND SUPPORTING ME (?) or have you had enough of the life you live today, which I am to blame for (?) and ELIJAH: THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS I PUT FORWARD TO YOU. WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU, TO SHOW YOUR UNDIVIDED FAITH IN ME (?), WHICH WILL HELP ME TO HELP THE ENTIRE WORLD AS THE DREAM SAYS or to be SORRY AND ANGRY about your life today, which I have given you? AM I AND HELPING THE WORLD MORE IMPORTANT TO YOU THAN YOUR SELFISH NEEDS HERE AND NOW? – This is the “game”, which has been created for you my dear friend, which is what you STILL are to me but please understand that IF YOU DON’T START COMMUNICATING AGAIN, I WILL HAVE TO REMOVE YOU FROM MY EMAILS TO LTO ONCE AGAIN. I CANNOT BE FRIEND WITH A PERSON NOT COMMUNICATING. WHAT DO YOU PREFER, TO KEEP CONTACT OR TO BREAK OUR RELATION ONCE AGAIN BECAUSE OF YOUR DIFFICULTIES COMMUNICATING (?) – it is really up to you, Elijah. PLEASE UNDERSTAND AS I HAVE TOLD ALL OF YOU MANY TIMES: COMMUNICATING IS AS IMPORTANT AS EATING AND THIS GOES NOT ONLY IN RELATION TO ME BUT ALSO YOUR SPOUSE, FAMILY AND FRIENDS!
    • Elijah, this dream is about your old dream to come and visit me and this “rich country” to raise funds to the orphans etc. and your desire to live a good life – before normal life will come to you – and this is what is making it “biting cold” in the dream when playing football and this means “SUFFERING” IN THE WAR BETWEEN THE DARKNESS AND THE LIGHT and my dear friend, the dream says that because of your DOUBTS in me, you are playing against me and I kindly ask you to tell me IS THIS REALLY WHAT IT IS (?) and again please understand that I am only interpreting these dreams, that there are NO doubts as how to understand them and the question is really ARE THE DREAMS CORRECT WITH YOU KEEPING INFORMATION FROM ME (?) OR ARE THE DREAMS UNTRUE BECAUSE YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH TO ME (?) and Elijah PLEASE REMEMBER THAT I SIMPLY LOVE TO HEAR THE OBJECTIVE TRUTH STRAIGHT OUT AND THAT I DON’T LIKE WHEN PEOPLE ARE NOT “DIRECT AND HONEST” and we know IT IS INDEED POSSIBLE TO WRITE AN OBJECTIVE EMAIL TELLING EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL WITHOUT BEING NEGATIVE! DO YOU THINK YOU WILL BE ABLE TO WRITE ME A DIRECT AND HONEST EMAIL BEFORE CHRISTMAS OR NEW YEAR – when you will receive more of my money – it does not have to be long if you cannot afford spending time at the Cybercafé.
    • Elijah, if you do read my scripts carefully there is NOTHING to be doubtful about when it comes to having faith in me and it makes me wonder DO YOU REALLY READ THE SCRIPTS CAREFULLY or do you choose the easy way only to “skim” them (?) and if the latter is what you do, you do yourself and me a disservice because this will make you continue receiving BAD THOUGHTS (!) from the darkness with the goal to remove your FAITH in me and my friend, the world and I DEPEND on your faith! THIS IS WHAT IT IS ABOUT TO BE THE ONE AND ONLY ELIJAH! DO YOU THINK YOU CAN DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST READING MY SCRIPTS, WHICH TOGETHER WITH THE DREAMS AND SCRIPT OF TODAY ARE DESIGNED TO KEEP YOUR FAITH (?) – do you remember the importance of this as we spoke so many times about when I was in Kenya?
    • And this also goes to all of you David, Meshack and John and I kindly ask you to PRINT out the script of today if possible and talk about the MESSAGES and MEANING of it in detail in order to HELP YOU ALL TO KEEP YOUR FAITH IN ME and we know DO YOU REMEMBER THE 10 BASIC WORKING RULES INCLUDING NO. 4, which is to “Communicate direct, honest, positive” (?) and David, Meshack and John, will you kindly help me to help Elijah keep his faith in me using this rule as you also did the day where we went out in the evening to have dinner at the Hotel, where you earlier in the day had lunch together with Elijah without me in order to help him accept and to understand the meaning of my scripts (?) and this is the name of the game, Elijah: You have been put in this life until now making it VERY difficult for you to understand me and therefore I kindly ask our best friends to help me to help you to understand in order for all of us to help the world :-). Will you please put aside any personal pride with the aim for all of us to work as a team to help the world? My dear friends, this will be the best Christmas and New Years gift you can give me – CAN YOU (?) and will you please COMMUNICATE the result of your efforts 100 percent truthfully without telling me what you may believe I would like to hear and to do this before the 1st January if possible?

Cutting through tiredness thinking of yet a new game opening

Today was yet another difficult day to come through and almost mentally impossible to cut through my tiredness and resistance of writing the end of the script of yesterday and the script of today but you know this is STILL my 1st priority to do and that is even though you are almost bending the bow too much my dear Council and that is to start a new game today with Elijah and we know YOU – which is “I” because here it is the Council speaking you know – DO IT BECAUSE IT HAS THE POTENTIAL TO HELP THE WORLD and this is why and not because you are “eager” to do it because one impossible situation has replaced the next and we know recently making my parents survive while opening my new website not feeling the best really and the prospect of meeting the Commune this week with new writings to come and now also Elijah and we know “you are really not sad” as we also say in Denmark when you do more than expected and so it is – and did I mention that my website this morning worked fine again and we know because a new game has started all over again today and we know which is what experience has shown me.

My mother was let off with a cold instead of what could have been worse or much worse

I had agreed with my mother to come and visit me in Lyngby to have lunch together but she called me this morning to cancel the visit because she had received a cold and we know this is all she received after I did my best opening and optimising my new website to preserve my information on the Internet – which was the key to helping her out again – and my dear mother I don’t want you to have a cold in your situation so therefore I have told the Council that they can give it to me instead or to the world and there is really more to this story, which my mother will understand when she will wake up truly understanding who she is.

I have received inspiration from both Spiritual, Buddhist and Theosophical sources

I cleaned the house today – which was not easy doing because of how I feel – and I continued working full time on my scripts and website, where I on my links site added information on and a link to the Arthur Findlay College I visited twice in 2005/06 and to the tutors Paul Jacobs, Janet Parker and Billy Cook and we know I also did this to visibly show that I have received inspiration from both Spiritual, Buddhist and Theosophical sources, which are now all represented on this site.

My father would have died too if I did not pull this one through

The other day my stereo system suddenly amplified the left channel so much – as it has done many times before – that I had to rush to turn the input selector away from CD and to decrease the volume and the last couple of days I have been somewhat annoyed with the fact that my left speaker has sounded perfectly and the volume of my right speaker has been too low and we know but today the system – and we know the Council really as they say here again with the mindset and feeling of Mr. Bean and we know Georgie, is this really ALL it takes to make you stop seeing one of your potential best friends ever (?) – did exactly the same but in the reverse order and we know making both the left and the right speaker sounding perfectly again and we know I don’t know how my father is doing – there is “no doubt” that we “don’t speak” anymore or is there (?) – and I am wondering if this small demonstration was to say that my father would have died too if I did not pull this one through too (?) and I am sure you will say “so it is” and so it is my friend – and old readers will remember that my mother has always been the left side and my father the right side of me.

An UFO smiling to me making me smile to it

And we know today at 16.15 in the twilight I decided to look at the partly clouded sky to see if you would light up my light and we know which you did and where it has been to the left of the moon the other days, it was to the right today and we know I was shown a new UFO flying below the clouds and we know it told me humorously that it also wanted to be included in my scripts and this is what you now are my friends and we know I cannot explain how this one blinked, but it was VERY different to the UFO from yesterday – the feeling was that the light was surrounding the UFO and more really – and the light also showed me the outlines of a sitting cat (!!) and really because when I saw it flying, I was listening to one of my favourites, Burt Bacharach, and that is in his genre and of course the song he made together with Tom Jones called “what’s new pussycat” and we know THIS IS HOW SMILES ARE GIVEN TO ME as one example only making me smile back and we know in this difficult period too – this is how to cheer me up (!) – and we know I am still not “armed” with my mobile video camera and cannot show you any videos yet and we know but one day “soon” I will try again.

And we know Stig, this working day started at 9.15 and ended at 17.30 and you have NOT put a deadline on when you will be ready with the edited text to the front page of your website other than before the 1st January and this is how it is.

I was hoping that it would be possible for me to visit Lama Lakha today for the first time – I have wanted to do this many times – but even though I could have visited him doing my outmost, I decided that “enough is enough” for today and therefore I will prepare my dinner – which does not give me much joy because I don’t prioritise and cannot afford to do “exciting” food at the moment – and relax this evening hopefully without receiving much to write about tomorrow so I can continue working on the front page to my website and SO IT IS MY FRIEND.

I was happy to see an UFO VERY CLOSE to me and the activities on the sky increasing

And we know Stig this will be the last story of today and we know I was VERY happy for you to decide to send an UFO VERY CLOSE to me this evening and we know it approached me from the left of my balcony and instead of leaving out of sight to the left of me it continued right in front of me and we know it was 100 metres from me and maybe 100 metres up in the air and for the first time I saw the craft itself as a dark object with the lights surrounding it and how did it look and sound like (?) and we know VERY CHARACTERISTIC as I have told you earlier and I did not notice all details because I was just happy for it to fly above me and we know it was also dark but it came towards me without any sound, the light changed on the way and when it passed me it gave a “humming” sound and we know it was NOT a plane and really because I tell you and this is how it is – and at the same time there were plenty of lights on the sky and several of them were flying really further away and we know the activity is increasing on the sky and what can I say other than it made me very happy to see?

And we know Stig, the suffering was less today and that is almost nothing compared to yesterday – however still not nice – and we know we speak about the sexual suffering and negative speech and the worst physical feeling burning inside of you, which you still don’t know how you will be able to come through four more times and we know you have heard NOTHING from your family and is anyone of you reading my scripts (?) and this is ALSO the question here and we know first I saved my self and the Universe and these days my parents and what will be the next (?) and we know how can I find the strength to continue (?) and that is indeed the question here where the world and my family don’t come to my rescue and so it is.


15th December: The Universe shout with joy coming through the impossible Judgment, which includes “normal life”

The Universe shout with joy coming through the impossible Judgment, which includes “normal life” for all

Tonight did really not give me the best sleep either even though I was allowed to sleep with less disturbing until 04.00 from which time again it was almost impossible to fall asleep and we know where I was awaked regularly until I stood up at 09.00 and that is with what I will call a small symbolic cold – after the story of yesterday on my mother – which soon disappeared and we know despite of this I feel MUCH better today, however not “normal” as you will understand and still thinking of you often Paul J. when using the word “understand” and your clairvoyant reading of me in 2006 (see “links” on my website).

Some dreams too:

  • I am at Kgs. Nytorv (King’s new square) in Copenhagen and look up at the sky where I see hundreds of “stars” – the lights of UFO’s – and one of them is BLINKING very strongly and shouting with joy because we will made it through the Judgment and I also heard that “we are not allowed to tell”.
    • I have several times by the Council and most frequently by my spiritual father Joseph/Peer been given BIG SMILES, symbols and also speech through others showing just how HAPPY they are of what we have achieved so far but because of mankind’s lack of faith until now, they are not yet allowed to speak to me FREELY (!), which is what this dream also says.
    • When I wrote down the notes of the dream I felt my father “under my skin” and he gave me the words “Telenor” and “boom boom”. “Telenor” is a Danish telephone company – I really liked the old name Sonofon much better – symbolising SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATION TO MANY and “boom boom” is an old Eurovision Song Contest song from the 1970’s by the Danish band Mabel, which is about LOVE as my father here expresses to his Son and also illness, which I fear he is still having (?) – and if this is the case, I ask the Council to CONTINUE healing you from my energy – because of the themes of this song. A few minutes later he told me clearly “it is with the greatest regret that I put on my acting suit, but there is not a long time left” and I heard “me too” from one of the other members of the Council and I was told that this was both from each and from all of them.
    • I also heard the song “You left me just when I needed you most” by Tim McGraw and I wonder if this is not true seen from the perspectives of both my father and I.

  • I also heard the song “jeg bli’r så deprimeret” (“I become so depressed”) by Shu-bi-dua and we know this song does exactly the opposite of what it says (!) because of its humour and therefore it always makes me very happy – which is also another message from the Universe given to me – and I am always thinking of my dear old friend Britt N. when listening to this song because I used to tell her this line all of the time in the beginning of the 1990’s because I was “so in love” with the humour of this song and we know it has another meaning too and we know seen from the perspective of a certain young lady back then and so it is.
  • I had some small dreams of working at Danske Bank, Freeport, together with Henning W. – it gave me a nice feeling to re-experience how he works very good after so many years – and something about a foreign cheque and later my mother told John that she has been misunderstood, which made me think that this is nothing compared to how misunderstood I have been.
  • I am standing outside a cave together with “several people” and we see fossils of heads of ourselves being exterminated and we know that we are a copy of who we were originally. I bring a code on paper, which is transmitted up to a guard who keys in the code to the gate, which is blocking the entrance to the cave – it has not been opened for an “eternity” – and the gate opens. Inside of the cave we sit down on benches, I believe we are approx. 15 people and we are given a question, which we all need to answer correctly and all need to write down within 15 seconds and the answer is my old bank account number and even though people are nervous if they can answer correctly within the very short time frame, they all succeed doing this and if they had not, they would all explode. From here I see that we enter the supermarket of Føtex to buy lunch and both inside and outside of the supermarket we meet “stiff people” of the “old world” not working together with us but neither stopping us.
    • This is really what we went through to come through the “impossible” Judgment being a copy of whom we were originally before the Big Bang and having the Universe agreeing on the scripts of one man – me – which is what they put their destiny to rely on, and it shows the importance of bringing “normal life” to the world as a condition of future survival symbolised by the symbol of my bank account and the shopping at the supermarket despite of people of the “old world” not working together with us in the beginning.
  • I feel energy running in my bloodstream and I am told that “it feels like having DNA transferred” and this is the Council telling me of the feeling of receiving light directly from the Source.

Because I felt much better today – even though I am still tired but of course not as much as I have been for more than a week until yesterday – I felt that it will be possible to continue exercising – including Yoga – and we know when I am not completely down as I have been meaning that when a new TERRIBLE period like this will return, I might decide not to exercise that week and we know really just do my best to come through this extreme nightmare.

I continued working my best updating my website, which is vital to make people understand and to enter our future new world

I continued working on my website and once more I used more time on updating the links page to do my absolutely best and this time also to include a short introduction to the clairvoyant readings, which some of the very best International Mediums Paul Jacobs, Janet Parker and Billy Cook did on me in 2005/06 and I really did my BEST work because it will make it easier for people to UNDERSTAND and BELIEVE in me – therefore!

Hereafter I could continue working on the edit of the front page – I published the edit on my site of the first two chapters today – and we know as usual when doing work of this kind I have written down ideas for days, which I have sorted into logical chapters and from here it is really “just” to do the work and we know I may have updated the same text on the links page twenty times – and I am still not “entirely” done (!) – which I will probably also do on the front page and we know this is really why it takes time to do and of course it is important to do because this is the gateway for people to my Universe (!) and what is going to bring me and us together and we know it is also to let people see the development from my first webpage over time to what I will reach now – I have saved the text of several previous versions of my website in my library – and this system at WordPress is still new to me and I was happy to find out yesterday that here you can also find hundreds of small add-on programs, which I however have decided that I will not use time on trying out now but wait until I will finish the editing for now and we know where after I am planning to do a new “marketing campaign” to bring in more people to my site – the concept of the stone in the water spreading rings you know which was really meant for the members of the Council to take over from me but you know I will do the work better because I can (!) and because I know what I have written, what to emphasize and how to present it – and we know which may take place in January and of course also depending on what the Commune will say at our meeting tomorrow because the question is if they still want me to do 25 hours of “community work” per week or “punishment” in my case if you will and that is next to the full time work I do on my scripts and website (!) and yes my friends this is how it is, will they still work against me sending me back to “activation” also after the 1st January when they will no longer make a “profit” on me because of the new rules on state refunds (?) or will they reveal themselves showing an attitude of “money talks” and in this situation give me my freedom because there may not be money to earn on me?

I ENJOYED the music to “the last temptation of Christ” 🙂

While I was working today I listened to the most beautiful music, which I had chosen with my eyes closed – because I like to be positively surprised – from my hundreds of home burned CD’s – downloaded from the Internet you know before I went to Kenya last year – and the first half an hour I was thinking WHO IS PLAYING THIS FANTASTICALLY BEAUTIFUL INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC (?) and I thought it was at a similar level as what David Bowie did in the end of the 1970’s and we know finally I heard his voice and we know then it was clear to me that it was PETER GABRIEL, and I would really never have thought this music was by you and we know never have picked this CD with my eyes open because I never had the patience to listen to it (!) and we know but because of the quality of my stereo system and because I was listening to it in the background while working I found it simply AMAZING – as much of his “normal” but different songs too you know :-).

And we know AFTER the text above was written I saw the music was made for the film “the last temptation of Christ” and we know what better way than to show that I love this music too listening to it without knowing what it was and I have NOT watched the film but what I can tell you is that I am really looking forward to receiving my absolutely LAST temptation because my ladies and gentlemen you may have discovered that I am also subject to the temptations that humans face (?) and I might add even stronger than all of you and really because I am you and you are me and so it is.

Meshack’s energy is being restored making him “ready to go back to our game” and happy too!

And HI THERE YOURSELF Meshack 🙂 – and we know together with the message of the survival of my parents the other day the email below from Meshack is the BEST message I have received for a very long time MAKING ME VERY HAPPY and I can only say WELCOME BACK MY FRIEND and VERY WELL DONE of you to go through this and still show your enormous FIGHTING SPIRIT and POSITIVITY and we know I look forward to hearing from you from time to time again, which I have really MISSED very much you know – this is how it is between friends and here I am thinking of you my friend Elijah if this is what you are (?) – and we know I was told by the Council that I fought the treatment of my mother, which has been the absolutely WORST source of my suffering, the Commune and friends thinking sadly of me also when listening to my Christmas CD’s, Elijah having doubts in me and all of this did their best to bring me down – this is why I was suffering as much as I was and we know IT COULD HAVE COST THE LIVES OF COUNCIL MEMBERS AND PEOPLE OF THE WORLD if I did not make it (!!!) – and at the same time I returned more energy than the bad energy I received meaning that not only did my parents survive but the Council also remembered to bring you some of my energy to make you feel better, Meshack, which is what I was told today and so it is.

And here is his email:

Hi there, hope that you are okay and you have been fairing well. On my side i am happy to announce that i am back in full swing and my energy is being restored although am very weak and unable to concentrate much but the beauty of it is that am a bit better and ready to go back to our game which makes me extremly happy. i will be visiting your site this week and i will give you feed back before the week ends as you have requested us. Sorry my family and children are also fairing well and we look forward to welcoming the new baby mesiah and christmas to us means alot.

Hi to the rest and be blessed.

Doing a new impossible run helping the house, i.e. the existence of mankind, on more secure ground.

This afternoon I was “strong enough” to exercise again and because bodybiking is closed this week, I was planning to run 30 minutes again and since I did not know that today it would become “impossible” to achieve (!), I did it (!) and the story is that I said to the Council before starting that “you need to do something important to bring this story too in my script” and this is then what they did – really not what I was hoping – and we know I have never been able to speak while running because of my breathing and I have always required silence around me because I have always been running on extreme will power with my full concentration and when people talk around me it makes it difficult for me to continue (!) and this is how it is and then it was very “nice” to experience approx. one minute in the beginning of the run today where my breathing became totally normal as if I was not running – is this how people exercising regularly normally breath when running (?) – and we know it was nothing less than a BLESSING to experience and we know I COULD RUN FOR HOURS FEELING LIKE THIS and you know but what I experienced was that this stopped again and gradually my breathing became heavier and heaving until I started gasping for breath after 15 minutes MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTINUE (!) and we know but I continued and behind me I heard two ladies speaking constantly removing at least some of my concentration and that is in the beginning because I succeeded continuing to run gasping for my breath constantly and at the same time to shut out the surrounding noise more and more – it was meditation – and we know making it all the way through and a highlight was that I after 19 minutes told that now I was giving more energy to my surroundings than what the darkness through my family and friends REMOVE from me (!) and a little bit later I was shown a house coming on more secure ground and we know a few weeks ago I was shown a house belonging to my old colleague Helle from DanskeBank-Pension, which I knew was a symbol but did not write down at the time, and I am not speaking of Helle C. here and not the Helle who worked together with Michael P.N. but you know the Helle sitting close to Bjarne and me – wasn’t your name Helle (?) – and I believe it was in 1990 where “our Helle” here had bought a new house and received a call one morning from a man explaining her that the house by mistake was build on an old bog and that it would sink if it wasn’t reconstructed at a very costly price and this call was brought live on the radio Voice as a practical joke – as they did every morning at the time – which I heard and at the time thought was fantastically funny but of course Helle became scared as she told us later in the morning believing that her existence was ruined until she realised that it was only a practical joke and we know this was actually the symbol given of mankind starting to be exterminated and we know which was the reason why I was shown this symbol a few weeks ago because of what potentially could happen if the darkness was stronger than me and we know WITHOUT MY INFORMATION CONTINUING TO BE ON THE INTERNET TO BRING FAITH TO PEOPLE, NEITHER MY PARENTS, THE COUNCIL OR MANKIND WOULD SURVIVE (!) and STIG WHAT YOU HAVE DONE AND STILL ARE DOING IS REALLY TO MAKE ALL OF US SURVIVE and we know which is why I was shown at the end of the run that the house is now “more” on secure ground and finally all of this made me think that I cannot simply come into the same kind of extreme suffering as these 7-10 days I have just gone through and we know because of the progress of my work on the website, because I hope Elijah will start to receive more faith of me again, because family and friends will stop listening to my Christmas CD’s after Christmas and because I will have finished the talk with the Commune and this is at least what I hope will become the truth and so it is.

And finally just this: The Council told me that it was impossible (!) to bring my inner self alive WITHOUT AT LEAST ONE OF MY PARENTS – and best both of them – HAVING FAITH IN ME (!) and also to bring in the entire world into the Source, which is really what we are doing now my friend and we know BETTER LATE THAN NEVER and so it is.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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