Dec. 18, 2010: Finally, I received FULL rehabilitation from the Commune declaring me fully capable of working


Summary of the script today

16th December: Finally, I received FULL rehabilitation from the Commune declaring me fully capable of working:

  • Dreaming of an advertisement of an airliner in the newspaper simply vanishing, meaning that the darkness cannot terminate mankind. It is now final: WE WILL ALL SURVIVE THE JUDGMENT BECAUSE OF MY JOURNEY TO REACH THE LIGHT :-).
  • I sent my scripts of the last three days to my LTO friends this morning, where I also asked for their help during their ”crisis” to lift up the faith of Elijah to help me and the world coming through.
  • My script of the 15th December on “the biggest cover up EVER” was published but for a time it did not appear from the links of my page making it “covered up”! It was there, but “officially” it was not, exactly the same as UFO’s and “strange weather”, which “officially” don’t exist! “How long” will the world continue covering up these stories (?) and when do you believe you will be “forced” to open your secret archives because the evidence becomes clearer to Earth?
  • I bring a link to a video of a UFO fleet over Mexico and is WikiLeaks going to publish information on UFO activities including an UFO base in the Southern Ocean?
  • I met the Commune with a smiling and OPEN Tine together with “the best job consultant” Jane. I asked them VERY CLEARLY to understand me and NOT their own sceptical voices, which made Tine being very OPEN to me, I told them about my 25 year long professional career working as “the best” and having good relations with all, I asked them to give me full rehabilitation and declare me fully capable of working, which they did also because I have DOCUMENTED through my work for the Commune that I work the best of all! I also asked them to accept my work as a writer as my “employment project” until I will receive an income, which they were “not allowed to do” even though they understood that “lack of work is not my problem”! I will send my CV to Jane, who will try to find a company I can work for – for FREE (!) – for 1-3 months hoping that they will hire me!

17th December: The potential diseases from the darkness put on me are MUCH worse than what people imagine

  • Dreaming of my old colleague and friend Helle Aa.’s challenge of being “loyal” to me without believing in me herself, the darkness trying to make it as difficult for me as possible to do my absolutely best updating and marketing my website, the Council saying THANK YOU for what I do through the beauty of jewellery giving Danish International Jewellery companies receiving “spiritual beneficiary” as the symbol hereof and the potential diseases from the darkness put on me were – and are (?) – MUCH more serious than what people imagine.
  • I sent my CV as agreed to Jane in the Commune, who will now start looking for a “practise” work for me and her challenge will be if she will send my CV to “interested” companies because otherwise they may become “surprised” of my competences (!) and if she sends my CV, she may discover that no companies want to have me working for them for free because they don’t believe in my CV?
  • I include a video clip of a TIRED Michael Hardinger from Shu-bi-dua as a TIRED “Jesus Christ” – I have been TIRED for years because family and friends don’t want to listen to and understand me!
  • I received yet another warm, direct and honest email from David informing me of the difficulties of the team because of sicknesses and lack of money but still his attitude is that “we cannot afford to forget the goodness that this season stands for”.

18th December: I am coming all the way through without taking “the fall” at any time

  • Dreaming of coming all the way through without taking “the fall” at any time and testing my camera, which is about inviting people inside our new world.
  • I finally understood that direct suffering is given to me ALSO because of the sadness, disappointment etc. other people brings me – when I have a “negative” feeling, I am punished immediately with direct sufferings given by the darkness.
  • I sent my Christmas card to Karen wishing that she will be HAPPY and that part of the happiness will be for us to start seeing each other again as the potential best friends of life. How will she react to my sincerity, with happiness or sadness?


16th December: Finally, I received FULL rehabilitation from the Commune declaring me fully capable of working

Dreaming of WE WILL ALL SURVIVE THE JUDGMENT because of my journey reaching the light

Tonight was almost like the previous night, which is really “not the best” yet and we know some dreams too:

  • I am together with the Call Centres Teleperformance and Excellent represented by Lena and Sidsel. They have agreed to work together – on my wish – on Teleperformance’s quality system and a sales script. I see that Lena has also invoiced us cancelled orders against our agreement.
    • This is also about the concept of having ONE INDUSTRY STANDARD as foundation you know improving the quality for all but still you can decide for different products of course – for example when using the same platform of a car of the best quality to build different cars.
  • I am working in the bank and I have reserved the day tomorrow to help my manager on a task, which I still don’t know what is about.
    • Is this about a “task”, which the Commune will give me today?
  • I am working at the head office of Danske Bank where a customer has arrived in order to call his branch in Lyngby to speak to the manager Kofoed to tell him that he is not satisfied with the lack of service he has received not allowing him to do an overdraft on his account. He does not speak nicely and this is the reason why the manager decides not to help the customer.
    • This is really an old story where Kofoed, the manager of Danske Bank, Espergærde, in the end of the 1980’s did not want to help me out to avoid a compulsory sale of my apartment because he did not approve of “my behaviour” and this was the true explanation of why I was put on the street!
  • I am at a holiday cottage where Svend Aage K. shows me an advertisement from an airline company from a page he has drawn out from the newspaper Politikken, which I look at and when I return the page to him, the advertisement has simply vanished. Somehow this means that Lisbeth Knudsen – the editor-in-chief of Berlingske Tidende, another newspaper – has to buy a new copy of Politikken and when the whole paper is searched through, the advertisement from the airline company has completely vanished.
    • The newspaper is the old symbol of becoming terminated – which was really why I delivered MANY newspapers as a paper boy when I was a teenager (!) – and the airliner is the darkness and when the darkness does not advertise in the paper anymore, it is to say that WE WILL ALL SURVIVE THE JUDGMENT and we know because of the travel I took caring your sins to reach the light on the other side and this was really it, my friends.
  • I am together with my old girlfriend Henriette, we are looking at Rejseplanen (“the travel plan”) on the Internet, which gives her two stop during a travel and she says that it took me a long time to find the travel on the Internet and I tell her that I am faster than most people and when we want to look at the ticket, suddenly the screen has become completely blank.
    • This is another way of putting it, my train journey to the other side became the journey for bring the light to the entire mankind and as you see here, the journey ends here.

This morning the resistance from the darkness was somewhat stronger again bringing me some negativity and sexual suffering – I will meet the Commune late this afternoon – and I am still feeling tired so as usual it was not easy to continue working on my script of today and my website but you know someone has to do this work and that someone is me.

Asking my LTO friends for help during their ”crisis” to lift up the faith of Elijah to help me and the world coming through

In continuation of the publishing of my script of the last three days yesterday evening, this morning I sent the script to my dear LTO friends including this email:

Dear all,

Below is my script of today.

If you want to read it at the website you will probably need the link to open it because somehow it is “covered up” – that is not visible under my scripts (!) – and this is because it tells about “the biggest cover up ever” (!) so here is the link:

Thank you very much Meshack for your STRONG and POSITIVE email – it makes me very happy to have you back :-). Please see my answer in the script.

Will you kindly HELP ME TO COME THROUGH the coming weeks (?) where I can foresee receiving EXTREME suffering – which you can help me ease – because of the treatment my mother goes through, which gives me the absolutely WORST suffering from the darkness because this “treatment” really kills the living cells also inside of me.

I can only ask you to do your absolutely best knowing that you are also going through big difficulties and what I am hoping is that you will be able to do the following:

1. READ MY SCRIPT BELOW CAREFULLY and especially the script of the 14th on Elijah, which is designed to HELP STRENGTENING the faith of Elijah in me and herewith ease my suffering!!!  As Elijah, he is so strong that when he is not entirely with me, it makes me suffer and I need his faith to ease my pain coming through, this is how it works. PLEASE READ THE SCRIPT CAREFULLY.

2. MEET AND DISCUSS THE MEANING OF THE SCRIPT IN DETAIL USING MAYBE 30 to 60 MINUTES (?) and having a copy of the script where you have underlined the most important messages may be a help to all of you to use as foundation in your talk.

3. To have David as the coordinator to set up the meeting, agreeing on when and who will give me feedback of the results of the meeting.

THIS WILL BE THE ABSOLUTELY BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT YOU CAN GIVE ME and that is IF YOU CAN (?) – and if money is an obstacle, I would also be happy to hear the results of the meeting before the 1st January or at least in the beginning of January – I will send you money before the 1st.

Please see this with the same importance as the day last year when we had dinner at the hotel in the evening and when David, Meshack and John earlier in the day had lunch with Elijah without me to make him understand why it was important for him to accept my scripts instead of focusing on his own interests. THIS IS EXACTLY THE SAME TODAY and this is the “game” given to you Elijah, you have been born as you are making it very difficult for you to understand me and if you don’t read my scripts carefully, you will receive doubts about me including “bad thoughts” about your present life situation and my role (!) and the question for you is really if your own interests are more important than understanding and helping me and the world to come through (?), this is the MAGNITUDE of what we talk about and what you my friends CAN HELP ME DO. THIS IS THE IMPORTANCE OF WHAT YOU DECIDE TO DO. UNDERSTANDING, FAITH AND SUPPORT IS THE KEY FOR OUR SUCCESS TO HELP THE WHOLE WORLD.


And please always be STRONG when people tell you the truth. Don’t react negatively on people being objective/positive with you. It requires that you will be able to look inside of yourself and to be open about what other people may tell in order to help you. CAN YOU DO THAT AND CAN YOU CHANGE?

I would also be happy for you to be VERY FRANK ALL OF YOU ANSWERING HOW CAREFULLY YOU REALLY READ MY SCRIPTS? The reason being that my scripts is what will continue bringing you faith and if you decide to only skim them or even skip reading them, you will become in doubt about me and this we cannot afford. WILL YOU PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION HONESTLY and will you please talk about IF YOU CAN IMPROVE DESPITE OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF YOUR LIVES IN ORDER TO READ THE SCRIPTS AS CAREFULLY AS POSSIBLE?

THANK YOU VERY MUCH and ALL I CAN SAY IS THAT MY HEART IS WITH EVERY SINGLE OF YOU NOW AND THROUGHOUT CHRISTMAS and I feel VIRGIN MARY TOO SENDING HER LOVE TO ALL OF YOU AND NOT LEAST THE CHILDREN as she tells me and I receive tears here BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU ALL GO THROUGH and that I am depending on your continuous support during this crisis of yours, but this is how it is and I can only hope for the best. CAN YOU (?) and CAN YOU ALSO DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST?

Take care, my best friends with my blessings for all your dear ones :-).

Kind regards from

And when I was writing the last part of this email and was about to send it, I picked a new CD to listen to with my eyes closed – I picked one out of hundreds of CD’s I have placed on 11 wheels containing 50-100 CD’s each (!) – and we know “by chance” it was “crisis” by Mike Oldfield and this was of course the only “suitable” album to accompany this story and so it is.

My script of the 15th is on-line to be found, but “officially” it is not there – exactly the same as UFO’s and “strange weather”

As mentioned in my email above to LTO, I published the last three days of scripts yesterday evening and we know the script is on-line but as the first of all of my scripts it is NOT visible as a link below “my scripts”, “archive of scripts” or “recent scripts” at my site and we know first I thought that the script was not published but you know my “control panel” of my website “claimed” that it was, it gave me the web-address and when I keyed in the address in my browser, sure enough, the script was published and on-line and we know I was thinking that it will probably show the link tomorrow morning instead but you know it did not do this either – and is it only on my computer (?) – so all I can say is that this script of the “biggest cover up ever” is now “covered up” at my website (!) but you know I saw this morning that the first person “out there somewhere” has found my script by searching for “15 december 2010 strange weather” through a search engine and we know this is what my site also informs me about and we know sure enough when I used Google myself searching on this string, my script turned up as the second entry and we know so THE SCRIPT IS THERE BUT IT IS NOT REALLY THERE OFFICIALLY (!) and do you see the coherence – thank you Council for making me understand this word better (!) – to the UFO’s and the weather that are there but “officially” they are not (!) and we know but all people can discover it if they want to and for just “how long” will the “official world” continue to cover up these stories (?) and we know lead a war against UFO’s instead of welcoming us to Earth and we know my friends WHEN WILL YOU DECIDE TO OPEN YOUR SECRET ARCHIVES AND SPEAK THE TRUTH TO THE WORLD (?) HELPING ALL OF US INSTEAD OF CONTINUING THE GAME OF LIES AND SECRECY OF THE DARKNESS, WHICH IS NOT HELPING ANY OF US! And for how long do you think you can continue this “game” of yours when the evidence becomes more and more visible to Earth?

Here you can see part of my “cover up” script published the 15th December to my website, which you however cannot find any link to it under “recent scripts”:

Later in the day and after the chapter above was written, finally I found out what had happened with the script and we KNOW all of us, I published the script yesterday as a new “post”, which automatically is to be shown under “my scripts” but the “system” converted with the “help” of the Council this “post” into a “page” instead, which I can link to in the menu on my site but which does not appear under “my scripts” and we know this is simply was done to make this story and now when I found out, I corrected the “error” meaning that the script is now visible to the world as a link under “my scripts” – and we know also meaning that the link I published on Facebook and which appears in my email to LTO does NOT work anymore, the new link is

A large UFO fleet over Mexico and will WikiLeaks publish UFO activities including an UFO home base in the Southern Ocean?

Is the following link to the story about “fleets of hundreds of UFO’s” having a home base in the Southern Ocean true (?) and when will true stories like this be published by WikiLeaks or others to reach the entire world making it wake up to “my arrival” really?

The article gives this link to these UFO’s – which is really what you often can see here too as “still lights” on the evening sky!:

An UFO fleet above Mexico in 2004

The article speaks among other of:

“A massive fleet of UFO’s “suddenly emerged” from the Southern Ocean and approached Guadalajara, Mexico barely 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) from the American border. Prior to reaching the US border, however, this massive UFO fleet is said in this report to have “dimensionally returned” to their Southern Ocean “home base”.

What could have become true: The termination of my old colleague GRØN as the start of the termination of mankind!

This story is to follow up my friend GRØN on the story of the 30th November on you and we know you were PUT on the front page of the newspaper BT, which WAS the symbol of “termination” and you would have become one of the first of mankind to “vanish” but since I am still here, you will be saved together with everyone else and we know yesterday you brought the picture from the front page of the newspaper on your Facebook profile – see the picture below – and you wrote “Lidt sjovt at det lige var et billede med mig der blev valgt til forsiden + artiklen” and we know it was really “quite funny” that you were the one being selected and we know “tell us all about it”!

The picture of GRØN on the front page of BT

Still only little downloading from ”my library” with documents on my “claimed” mental sickness at the top of the list!!!

I had a look at my library again to see the download activity and we know nothing much is going on there and here is the “top list” of downloaded documents:

1. Stig Dragholm til Helle Kjær og Bente Jespersen 031208.pdf – 32 downloads.

2. Karen 140506 – 25 downloads

3. Stig Dragholm til Psykiatrisk Center 021208.pdf – 23 downloads

4. Mail til familie 011208.pdf – 22 downloads

5. CV Stig Dragholm 090210.pdf – 22 downloads

6. Design of Life 310110.pdf – 22 downloads

And we know TO THIS DATE THE MOST DOWNLOADED DOCUMENT IS A SHORT LETTER TO MY OLD DOCTOR AND PSYCHIATRIST IN 2008 (!), WHO DID NOT LISTEN TO AND UNDERSTAND THAT I HAD A “NORMAL LIFE” WITH FULL WORKING CAPACITY AND GOOD RELATIONS WITH PEOPLE (!) and because of this “misunderstanding” they WRONGLY hospitalised the Son of God for weeks at a mental hospital before I succeeded to convince the doctors that they acted against the law (!) and we know what does the little download activity say about the interest of people in me so far (?) and what does the subjects of what is downloaded the most tell about the understanding and interest of people in me (?) and we know you are right ONE BIG MISUNDERSTANDING is what it is (!) and please notice that the main manuscript of my book no. 1 called “Sanna hovedmanuskript 01112008.pdf” has only been downloaded 11 times and is therefore NOT on the list, that my book no. 2 is number 6 on the list, that the monthly editions of my book no. 3 have only been downloaded between 1-3 times and we know that the LTO newsletter on Dadaab has only been downloaded 5 times and IT IS TRULY A SLOW WORLD OUT THERE I MUST SAY and we know I HAVE BEEN ONLINE FOR ALMOST 10 MONTHS and still the world has not discovered me?

Today it gave me tremendous pleasure listening to “the stranger” by Billy Joel again for the first time in almost two years and we know it is STILL as brilliant as it has always been and in my mind this is your best album, Billy and you are not a “kid” anymore you know.

I used most of my working day today to write the email to LTO, to write this script and to hold the meeting with the Commune and we know as planned I did not use much time on my website, which I will continue working on the next days.

Finally, I received FULL rehabilitation from the Commune declaring me fully capable of working

And we know Stig what would the Commune ask of me today (?) and would Tine, the new lady on the job, UNDERSTAND me (?) and we know I had the same goals as I have had for a long time:

1. To receive rehabilitation and again being declared fully capable of working.

2. To have the Commune accepting that my “problem” is NOT lack of work, but lack of income and therefore to help me financially and to accept my work as a writer until I will receive an income myself.

I arrived at the Commune a little before 16.00 and on time Tine collected me, I was happy to see her smile and being positive and we know we went to her office and at her office she introduced me to her colleague Jane, who is a “company consultant” helping people to get a “job” and as Tine said, “I have decided to invite Jane, who is the best of our consultants, because of your skills” and we know Jane said that she would try to find a “job” for me as part of the “practise” regulation – where the Commune “motivates” a company to “accept” receiving a FREE “employee” for 1-3 months (!) where the “employee” will not receive any salary from the company but continue to receive the small “cash help” from the Commune (!) – or a “flex job”, which is really a “spare job” for people having reduced working capacity (!) and we know this is where we started the meeting (!) and when I heard this agenda – especially on the “flex job” – I decided to introduce my agenda, which I have been thinking of the last days, and that was to introduce myself, my background and my two goals of the day, which they were kind to accept that I could start with.

And we know I decided to start telling them that they had two options to decide from, one was to listen to me carefully and understand that what I say is the truth and the other was to listen to their own sceptical voice telling them that “this cannot simply be true” herewith composing their own WRONG “truth” and we know I was hoping that this would be FORCEFUL enough to make them understand that I REALLY wanted them to understand (!) and from here I went through the different positions of my professional career for 25 years always focusing on doing my best work – making me “the most skilled” – and having good relations with colleagues and I told them that I found out that my spiritual experiences starting in 2004 was a taboo subject when family and friends “feared” my experiences and did NOT want to talk to me about this and because of this I decided to keep silent about my experiences to all/most people and when I did not tell about this part of me, all people found me “completely normal” all the way through and simply because of my good relations with people, which I told them was also what the Commune concluded after two minutes the first time I met them in November 2009 declaring me “fully capable of working” and that it was first when I published my scripts in February 2010 that family and friends left me – with some family coming back later – and the Commune began to believe that I was “raving mad” not because of my behaviour because I don’t talk about my website, but because of what they THOUGHT when they “skimmed” my website and because of this, the same people who declare me “fully capable of working” now declared that I had “other problems than unemployment” meaning that suddenly my working capacity had reduced because they told me so (!) and we know but as I told Tine and Jane today, I have now given you documentation through my HARD work at the Park twice and at the course at A2B that I am the one working the best of all, that I have good relations with all people and as a result of this OF COURSE I have my full working capacity (!) and therefore I asked to 1) receive full rehabilitation with the Commune changing my status to “fully capable of working” and 2) have the Commune accepting my work as a writer as my “employment project” until I will receive an income from donations following the same concept as WikiLeaks and WikiPedia.

And we know the answer to my wish no. 2 was a clear NO because “this is not how the system works in Denmark where you need to be active finding work in order to receive public welfare” – and can you see the contradiction here because I truly am working full time you know – and because “private projects” cannot receive approval as a “project” and we know in other words the “system” needs to approve a project based on its own criteria and we know WHY CAN’T YOU APPROVE MY “WORK AS A WRITER” AS A PROJECT (?) and we know when you can approve sending me to work at a park, which is COMPLETELY CRAZY to do because of my competences (!), a “mental blockage” and BUREAUCRAZY is what it is and when it came to removing the “stamp” of me having a “reduced working capacity” I was told by both ladies that I should really “forget” this stamp because it would be better for me to work together with them in a good and positive co-operation and receive their help (!) instead of having to accept the “demands” from the office managing “normal people” in “match group 1” sending me to A2B and the park again (!!) and I had to tell them 3-4 times that I understood clearly what they said and that I hoped they would understand me that this had NOTHING to do with them at all because I like them much but that it was EVEN more important for me to receive official rehabilitation and at the end I had to cut through the “nicely meant resistance” and say with a firm voice that “I will ask you officially to give me an answer on this request” and this made Tine on the spot to decide to move me to match group 1 meaning that I indeed received rehabilitation instantly (!) and again with a stroke of a pen I became “fully capable of working” again (!) and really because Tine understood when visiting me in the park recently that I was working fine having good relations with people and at the meeting today she was eager to show me just how OPEN she was – she used the word “open” about herself often in this meeting to “convince” me that she indeed understood me (!) – when she decided to READ UP LOUD the positive impression of my work, which she had written in the journal on me after her visit – and after receiving this rehabilitation, Tine concluded that she would introduce me to her colleague Jesper at the other office – because she and Jane don’t normally work with people having “full working capacity” (!) – and we know I did not want to be forced to start the nightmare all over again working at A2B and Brede Park – but this was the cost I was willing to “accept” to receive rehabilitation – and we know but before Tine could end what she was concluding, Jane became inspired to help because she said that she had experience from “another well functioning man”, which the other office had sent to her for her to help and on basis of this, they agreed that they could do the same with me (!) and we know meaning that they will now inform Jesper from the other office that I am part of his office belonging to match group 1, but I will continue having Tine and Jane as my “consultants”, which is really “the best of both worlds” as I told them – at least in the respect of what this system has to “offer” – so I have now received full rehabilitation at the same time as I will avoid going through a new nightmare at A2B and the park and we know ONLY BY DOING MY ABSOLUTELY BEST YOU KNOW but I had to accept sending my CV to Jane for her to find me a “practise work” and I told her that people receive “throw up” feelings when reading my CV because they don’t understand the truth that I am indeed “the most skilled” (!) as I have also shown in the park (!) so now she will be prepared when she will read it and just maybe this will make her see things my way because of the same effect Claus Møller showed on Kanal 22 many years ago (!) and Jane said that we will be talking about which companies I would like to work for (!) and we know she was thinking of a church or NGO herself – people could really widen their mind you know because she was thinking of my website and what I have done lately in Kenya – and I told her that I can work “anywhere where I can learn the professional skills within a realistic time frame” and also that my competences will be used the best when developing people and companies and I gave them the example of becoming the leader for the Job Centre – but Tine told me that this job is taken (!) – or to help the employees and people at the park TO DEVELOP instead of just being “placed” there and we know Tine cut me off obviously because my examples were “impossible” to carry out (!) and were they really Tine if you really think it through and that is if the Jobcentre would be TRULY OPEN to my competences and what I could help you achieving?

During the meeting Tine was also nice to say that “obviously” it was WRONG to send somebody like me to work at the park – and we know I was glad that someone has finally understood this at the Commune – and I said that my “problem” is not lack of work because I already have a FULL TIME JOB (!!!) and that my true problem is lack of income until I will start receiving donations from people valuing my writings and again Tine was a very good listener and she really UNDERSTOOD me but of course she could not help me (!) and I told them about my experience having “difficulties” to get a job because of employers misunderstanding my CV and I also asked them if they with their hand on the heart (!) would decide to employ me if they were an employer knowing about my website and both of them looked at me and said YES because “your work and private life should not interfere” – I totally agreed – but I asked them the question once again to be absolutely sure that they were really thinking about their answer and again they answered YES with conviction (!) and my dear Tine and Jane if you think CAREFULLY and I mean REALLY REALLY CAREFULLY (!), would you really decide to employ me today knowing about my website (?) – or are you just “coloured” because of the system you work for and your positive impression of me today (?) – and my dear friends I do believe that ALL EMPLOYERS IN DENMARK TODAY KNOWING ABOUT MY WEBSITE – WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING ME – WOULD NOT EMPLOY ME (!) and I do hope that I am wrong about this, but this is what I strongly believe. Finally Jane also asked me during the meeting if being “the most skilled” is also something I speak of verbally and I told her that normally I don’t but I have decided to include this truth in my CV because my employers have always misunderstood my TRUE competences.

So this is how a meeting was turned upside down really beginning with a ”spare job” as an opportunity ending up with receiving full rehabilitation and when we said goodbye, we wished each other a merry Christmas with BIG smiles and I even wished Tine an “OPEN” Christmas too (!) and we know thank you for a good effort Tine and also you Jane.

And I will just leave you with this thought my dear reader, which is that I know that I will have to go through EXTREME SUFFERINGS when my mother will receive new treatments with the next one being just before or maybe it will be after Christmas (?) and we know that I will have to continue working on my website and maybe also to do a “practise” work for the Commune giving me double work and this is when it will actually become “impossible” to work because of the suffering and we know I do have FAITH that WHEN GOING THROUGH THIS GAME AT THE ABSOLUTELY TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN, THERE IS A ROAD THAT WILL MAKE US ALL COME THROUGH WITHOUT HURTING ONE SINGLE HAIR OF MY HEAD and so it is.


And finally just as an added note here, when I decide to do a speech, people normally don’t “reflect” – or don’t reflect much – when I speak and here I may have spoken for 15-20 minutes in the beginning of the meeting and we know when I finished, Tine started speaking without wanting me to reflect on what she said (!), and I really wished to ask her some “short” questions and give a few “one-line comments” too while she was speaking and of course WITHOUT INTERUPTING HER (!) with the aim for her to continue speaking and we know I do believe that REFLECTION is part of NORMAL communication and again this has NOTHING to do with interrupting but to show your conversation partner that you LISTEN ACTIVELY when asking “one-line questions” – which you cannot remember to ask after the speech (!) – and giving one-line comments like “I agree” etc. and we know but this is NOT how people normally speak today and we know but this is how I function naturally so this is how to do it my friends and I tell you this knowing that I have been given the “gift” to teach you on basis of what I do myself and/or know what is RIGHT to do and this is truly how it is my friends.

I received MORE suffering this evening

During the evening – after the meeting with the Commune – I was surprised to receive more suffering both through negative speech and sexual suffering and we know where does this come from (?) and we know my parents are the best source together with other family and friends. And by the way I don’t believe that Rolf from the park really read my scripts and I do believe that his “claimed anger” with me after I stopped working for the park was really a lie by the darkness as so many others because the darkness is STILL strong you know.


17th December: The potential diseases from the darkness put on me are MUCH worse than what people imagine

Dreaming that the potential diseases from the darkness put on me are MUCH worse than what people imagine

Again my sleep was not very good and we know making me TIRED once again when writing this and having to overcome severe difficulties continuing to work – including an almost impossible to do script today and finalising an even more impossible to do “minutes” on the meeting with the Commune yesterday and we know BECAUSE OF HOW I FEEL – but you know I am trying to work “full time” and I do believe that when including all days of the week I work more than 40 hours and so it is and here are some more dreams, which are also given to me to make this period as difficult as possible to come through and we know I like to include as much as possible for future documentation but really I am thinking about leaving out a few dreams because not all of them are very important but you know let us see what we have here and I don’t mean “in my “task” today” – which was a symbol of the “tools of the Devil” my dear Tommy Kenter (!) and we know an INSPIRED man too – but in my notes:

  • I am at the country visiting a small centre with two kiosks, one of them is managed by the famous Danish singer Birte Kjær and she wants to give me ice cream – I see all of the sizes including “very big” – but she never makes it meaning that I never receive the ice cream. Behind the kiosk, there is a restaurant and my old colleague Helle Aa. comes out from the restaurant and says “hello” to me, we start speaking and I hold a little bit nervous on my car keys because I am thinking about what she thinks of me. She tells me that she and her husband have received 5,000 DKK in return after their lawyer went through the papers on their house transaction. Helle’s husband Johnny and his parents come out from the restaurant too and Johnny gives me a big and warm hug and I tell them when leaving that “we will see each other again without any doubts”.
    • This is NICE music – and your favourite music – sent to you my dear old colleague Helle Aa. from 1991-97 to say that you are one of the colleagues of my 25 year long professional career I value the most and we also became VERY good friends together with your husband Johhny and my old partner Camilla and we know I am sorry that I lost you as friends and probably it was because of me or was it (?) – and this dreams is about Helle NOT making me suffer because I don’t receive an Ice cream and that is even though she is close to give me one and we know so just maybe Helle you are having the “challenge” that you don’t believe in me but still you are “loyal” to me not speaking negatively about me behind my back and this is at least what this dream is saying – and these “strong” feelings Helle are also what will be used to open you up spiritually – and we know the dreams also says that you and Johnny live a “good life” because you have just visited the restaurant and also that you “love” money too and we know a tool of the Devil here represented by the lawyer and we know also meaning that you could have decided to help me and my LTO friends in Kenya financially, but instead you decided to focus on your own selfish needs and so it is.
  • I see myself playing golf and I strike the ball into the beginning of the wood, but the ball lies at a good place without any trees blocking it – which could have been the case – and from here I strike again and see the ball landing on the green.
    • This is really the continuous game from the dream where I was about to finish the golf round being 5-6 strikes ahead on the last 18th hole and from the time of this dream and forward I continued doing “impossible” strikes making my ball now lie on the green and we know I do believe I will finish my new website before the 1st January doing my absolutely best and market it in January through emails and Internet forums – depending on what the Commune may be up to of course – and this is even though this is difficult to do my friends BECAUSE OF MY EXTREME TIREDNESS with “some suffering” too at the moment and we know also having to do my scripts and other “agreements” here in December before I will use “the rest of my energy” to continue this work – knowing that most people would probably not be able to do any or only a little of this work if they were feeling like I do – and so it is.
  • HiFi-klubben is visiting me at home in Snekkersten. They are impressed to see my big “world class” electrostatic speakers by the brand of “Creed” (!), which are not connected right now and I tell them that they are welcome to come back one day to listen to them. They have brought new speakers of 3,000 DKK each by the same brand (!), which I have bought in order to play in this room instead of some small and old B&O S45 speakers and they set them up and conclude that they play much better than the B&O speakers – but still of course not as good as my big speakers. I noticed that the surface of the new speakers is a little bit torn and they say that I am welcome to come to the store tomorrow to have this fixed. While they are there they find an old Philips tube amplifier, which they start to repair.
    • This is really to say that I am under such a HEAVY pressure at the moment almost constantly thinking “will I really be able to go through this” (?) and that is doing my absolutely best updating and marketing my website and we know with the temptation of the darkness – therefore the city of darkness “Snekkersten” in this dream – to reduce my ambitions making it “easier” to come through and we know but “nevermind” this because if we are going to reach Nirvana without becoming “grungy” (!), it will become by doing my absolutely best and we know this is what the Commune as the system of the darkness is also TRYING to do “stealing” my time and energy for “unimportant” activities and we know to “destroy the light”, which is the ultimate goal of the darkness you know.
  • I heard “we have the pleasure to present Peter Dyrberg” and we know you have mentioned the names of “Dyrberg/Kern” – the famous Danish Jewellery company – a couple of times recently and I am also thinking of the Danish company Pandora here as another example of a BIG Danish Jewellery company having International success and we know because of “a little help from my friends” and what better way to tell you through the beauty of jewellery that WE LOVE YOU ALL OF US and we know this is how it is.
    • Thank you my dear friends and we know is there any GOLD by chance soon …?
  • I have started a new work at the open harbour in front of the city of Helsingør. It is noon and the weather is nice and warm. I am working on a new strategy. People check IT-systems to see if I am really who I am. I see a lady from Danske Bank using a test IT-system and she says that she does not know if this system will be able to produce an insurance policy.
    • This is about how far we have reached until now and really saying that I am now ”almost” done with my work on my website but will this be enough to convince the world as it is today? – And my answer is that I am NOT done yet and I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING LESS THAN MY BEST WORK AT THE MOMENT you know.
  • I am at my room at our old row house in Snekkersten, I am a psychologist, a man has been recommended to visit me by my brother because he was busy himself – in the dream my brother is Thomas H.’s brother Steffen – and the man wants to speak to me about his son of 4-5 years, the room is dark, which the man tells me making me switch on the light and I see that the room could do some cleaning but not much, and I tell him that it is about lifting the bar much higher than what people imagine in order to reach the potential of children. Afterwards I see that Jack’s brother Steffen has arrived making me surprised because he did not announce himself, I meet him at the bathroom and I am supposed to take care of him.
    • Here I am again at the city of darkness but switching on the light – this is the battle until the end my friend – and also saying that children/people can stretch much more than they do today in order to DEVELOP and we know which is what I did in my professional career you know.
  • I am working in what may be a Ministry. My old friend Lars G. continues to make the same food including far too many tomatoes, which I notice every time I clean up the dish with the remaining, which is not eaten – he does not know himself because he does not do the cleaning up and he included the tomatoes in a good meaning – and later he comes to my room pointing a gun at me to my surprise almost making me give him 100 DKK until I discover that he is not threatening me and instead he says that he went a round with the gun and he gives me some coins, which he collected as a result and I am NOT happy that he used the gun to scare people. I go through a psychological test lying on a couch with Lisbeth F-B being the psychologist and I have also gone through a doctors examination at the Ministry, where they to my surprise took out much flesh and loom from around my mouth – however I did not suffer much to my surprise – and the analysis tells them about my reduced vision and later when we have dinner with guests at the Ministry I tell people that my sufferings and potential diseases are much worse than what anyone can imagine and Sanna thinks about what I say and she says “well, I do believe that you will only write about your suffering as it is”.
    • Tomatoes are GOOD and they are about being “lifted up” so you can never get too many of these despite of what the dream says (!), the gun is the tool of the Devil, and the dream is also to say that in my library inside of the folder “my view on and meetings with NGO’s” I have included a health examination from 24th March 2009, where I had PERFECT health and this was really to document that all of my expected diseases and serious deterioration of health would be put on me AFTER this date within a short period of time where my own family and friends would give me so much darkness that I would become seriously ill, handicapped and we know even with the risk of dying, which would be the same as the total destruction of the world and we know “just for your information” of course and also to say in this connection that despite of having received THE WORST DARKNESS IMAGINABLE – BECAUSE I HAVE WRITTEN THE STRONGEST STORIES IMAGINABLE – I STILL HAVE A PERFECT HEALTH (!) and ONLY BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN STRONGER THAN ALL OF YOU HEREWITH REJECTING THE “GIFTS” OF THE DARKNESS and by the way I have a short-sighted vision with a strength of -3 and I started wearing glasses a few months after starting to work for Danske Bank in 1984 and we know from which time I started to use a lot of time looking at papers and monitors close to me and my first glasses had a strength of -0.75 and so it is.
    • Later in the day I was told that the next “threat” of the darkness is to give me diseases in case I will not be able to make my action plan really and my dear, dear friends HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THAT I SET THE RULES OF THIS GAME (?) and YES YOU CANNOT GIVE ME ANY DISEASES WHEN I TELL YOU THAT THIS IS NOT ALLOWED (!) and this is SIMPLY the case and we know THE DARKNESS HAS ALL THE FREEDOM IN THE WORLD TO DO WHAT IT WANTS TO BUT YOU KNOW AS LONG AS IT KEEPS A FEW “UNIVERSAL” RULES WHICH I DECIDE ON (!) and we know my friend one of them being that NO DARKNESS IS TO ENTER OUR NEW WORLD AND ANOTHER BEING THAT I DON’T WANT YOU TO GIVE ME ANY DISEASES AND ALSO THAT I WANT YOU TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO KEEP DOING A FULL WORKING WEEK despite of the treatments my mother goes through making her and me suffer and we know THIS IS THE NAME OF THE GAME MY FRIENDS – I will accept continuous suffering BUT NO DISEASES and really FOR YOU TO CONTINUE UNFOLDING THE SECURITY NET IF NECESSARY SO THE DARKNESS WILL NOT TAKE ME and we know which you have “conveniently” not shown me for a long time but which is still there and we know which I simply feel from you the same way as you cannot keep your BIG SMILES from me even though you are really not “allowed” to do this yet and we know when you are becoming me and I you there should be a better and better chance for me to “feel” how you and all people feel and so it is.

Will Jane from the Commune send my CV to companies and will companies refuse having me for FREE as a result of my CV?

And we know Stig you sent your CV to Jane from the Commune this morning as agreed yesterday and what will Jane decide to do now? – Will she send me to a company without forwarding my CV to the company “risking” that they will be “surprised” of my competences (?) or will she decide to forward my CV and who would like to have me working for them for free after having read my CV, which may give them disbelief in me (?) and we know will ANY employer in Denmark accept me to work for them for free on basis of my CV without knowing me (?) and the “dilemma” here is of course that if people would simply have faith in me, all or at least most employers would be HAPPY to accept me to work for them and we know for free or on salary and we know who would be DUM enough to refuse a man working better and more efficient than other people and of course having good relations with all (?) and we know this is part of the game to show you the consequences of people not understanding people today (!) and my dear friends I have shown you that THIS IS A PROBLEM FOR ALL PEOPLE TODAY (!) and we know just maybe the Commune will try to demonstrate that I am wrong and that is IF JANE WILL DECIDE TO FORWARD MY CV TO COMPANIES?

Kære Jane,

Mange tak for et godt møde i går.

Som aftalt fremsender jeg vedlagt mit CV til din orientering. Jeg har ikke skrevet mit nuværende FULDTIDSARBEJDE på CV’et som (p.t. ulønnet) forfatter/konsulent!

Som jeg nævnte ved mødet, er resultatet af “Janteloven”, at folk tænker “det kan simpelthen ikke passe”, når de læser om mine kompetencer i CV’et – uden at de har nogen viden om mig – men jeg har kun skrevet den objektive sandhed om hvordan jeg arbejder – som jeg også gjorde i parken ! – for at få folk til at forstå og ikke for at “prale”, fordi dette ligger ikke til mig.

Jeg oplever det samme med min hjemmeside, hvor folk også tænker “det kan simpelthen ikke passe”, uden at de har nogen viden om mig eller gør noget for at forstå ved at starte med at læse og forstå min hjemmeside.

Jeg skriver således blot sandheden om mig selv, som man forstår i Kenya men ikke i Danmark, fordi her “opdigter” man sin egen sandhed (!) og det medfører i forhold til et potentielt arbejde – som jeg altså ikke har behov for – at ingen vil ansætte mig, og det paradoksale er, at hvis folk gjorde en indsats, så ville de forstå, at jeg fortæller sandheden, og så vil jeg tro, at alle ville tilbyde mig ansættelse, for hvem vil ikke ansætte én, som arbejder bedre og mere effektivt end andre og som har gode relationer med alle?

Hvis kommunen ønsker at sende mig i ulønnet praktik – uden at fortælle en “arbejdsgiver” om mit CV og hjemmeside – så må det være kommunens beslutning, som jeg naturligvis vil opfylde til punkt og prikke, selvom dette vil give mig dobbeltarbejde i en periode, som ikke passer mig godt på grund af travlhed i mit nuværende arbejde.

Jeg er åben overfor alle udfordringer, hvor mine kompetencer naturligt kan anvendes og dette bedst ved at UDVIKLE mennesker og/eller VIRKSOMHEDER, og jeg kan bedst udføre mit arbejde og vise mine kompetencer, hvis folk kender til dem og giver mig det nødvendige ansvar, og dette betyder, at det vil være bedst at vise mit CV til en potentiel “arbejdsgiver”, så han forstår, hvem det er, der kommer på hans virksomhed – også for at undgå “overraskelser”, når han møder mig. Branche er ikke afgørende for mig så længe, at det ikke kræver en videregående uddannelse at lære det faglige indhold af arbejdet indenfor en realistisk periode.

Du er naturligvis velkommen til at videresende denne mail til Tine – jeg har ikke hendes mail-adresse. Og du er altid velkommen til at kontakte mig med eventuelle spørgsmål.

Finishing another working day

And we know Stig you started working at 9.15 today with only lunch “interrupting” you and you kept on working on your script and the email to the Commune until 15.50 and we know with a VERY big “crisis” until lunch and we know a little bit better after lunch and we know which is the reason why my work takes a little bit longer compared to when I am “fresh” and I cannot remember when I was “fresh” the last time (!) and we know HAPPY I am to have come through this “corner stone” of the Commune too and so it is – and we know now I can start concentrating more on my website again and hopefully Jane will decide not to disturb me much next week?


AND WE KNOW ELVIS IS SIMPLY MAGNIFICENT and we know LISTENING TO HIS GREATEST SONGS AT THE MOMENT I AM and THINKING OF YOU MY VERY GOOD FRIEND RENÉ SIMPLY LOVING ELVIS MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE (?) AND WE KNOW IS THIS ALSO THE CASE WITH YOUR OLD FRIEND STIG (?) and we know “Allo!, Allo!” where are you (?) and isn’t this funny (?) and I do believe it is, but the story of my friend René leaving me as a friend after 26 years without saying a word is SAD you know and we know René I WILL ONLY SAY IT ONCE and LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY (!), the truth is that I treasure our friendship very much and I do look forward to hearing from you again?

An inspired Michael Hardinger as a TIRED “Jesus Christ” because of family and friends DON’T LISTEN TO AND UNDERSTAND ME!

And we know I was watching Michael Bondesen and Michael Hardinger from Shu-bi-dua speaking about highlights of their albums on YouTube and when they spoke of album no. 14 Bonden said that “there is a picture of any man’s dream – FIREMAN” (included on the inside of the cover) and this made an INSPIRED Hardinger say “except me” followed by “Jesus Christ” with heavy snoring and closing his eyes as if he was TIRED listening to the story of Bonden but as you may understand a FIREMAN puts out fire – of the darkness – and here Hardinger just shows a symbol of me being extremely TIRED and we know BECAUSE PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO LISTEN TO AND UNDERSTAND ME the same way as he did not want to listen to this story of Bonden (!) and we know do you see (?) – otherwise you can see the clip here after 57 seconds:

The LTO team still faces “tough” times but still “we cannot afford to forget the goodness that this season stands for”

David was VERY kind to send me an AMAZING email and this is how I feel every single time when people show me their inner self as I was almost about to say and we know this is indeed the person who David is in contact with and we know so therefore he simply communicates the truth honestly and directly and despite of my sadness of the “crisis” all of you are going through – including sicknesses – this way of communication made me very happy, this is what opens up and keeps friendships. Thank you so much David for taking the time to write me such a warm email and also for using some of your precious remaining money to do this.

I am glad to receive all of the information you give me and this includes news on Elijah – when he does not communicate himself and what happened to the website of LTO as an example (?), this is not information you believe would be natural to communicate with me (?) – and especially on your FAITH, which is what is bringing you true and therefore it is important to increase the faith of Elijah also making it easier for him to come through.

Also thank you for your kind feedback on my website. I am updating the text on it at the moment and I recommend you to come back from time to time to read the updates. Did you read my new introduction, which I updated a few days ago also emphasizing your role to help me coming through (?) and did you read the page “Links” (?), which will further help on your faith, which ALSO will be good for Elijah to read!

I wish I could invite you all for a typical Danish Christmas for you to appreciate, which I cannot but let me share this thought with you: What do you believe is the most precious in the world (?), to live a poor life in terms of materials but understanding and having faith in each other on one hand or to live a rich material life without understanding each other on the other (?) and my dear friends both worlds make people suffer and this is what I am bringing together by taking the best from you – human nature – and the best from this world – “comfort” of life – to bring JOY and HAPPINESS for all, but today we are still living in “opposite worlds” where I am together with family not understanding me, who will bring me good food at Christmas but tremendous sadness and suffering because they are “will deaf” meaning that they have by now had enough of me and DON’T EVEN WANT TO TRY to understand the spiritual part of me anymore (!) and you are “living in another world” in Kenya understanding me but you have “no gifts” in a material sense to share and we know this is why I send you money every month to make you come through.

So with what I hope will be your last – or maybe second last (?) – Christmas in material misery, I send all of you and your dear ones my best greetings and wishes for A NEW LIFE FOR ALL OF US COMING really. It will become a new birth not only to me, but to all of you and the entire world and it will give all of us JOY and HAPPINESS beyond imagination, this is what we are working for, this is what we will get and this was ONLY possible to do because of your faith and support in me. THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED TOGETHER WITH ME MY FRIENDS GOING THROUGH YOUR SUFFERINGS and THIS IS WHAT I CAN ONLY SAY THAT AM MORE THAN GRATEFUL FOR – THANK YOU ALL OF YOU, YOU DID FANTASTIC!

Take care my dear friends :-).

And here is his email:

Jambo Stig,

Receive greetings from me. I am fine despite the fact that I have had common colds since yesterday and was practically bedridden yesterday. I was not able to access medicine but by the grace of the Lord I am better now. Ever since Wednesday I have not been able to meet Elijah. We had planned to have a meeting for the entire team today. However, Elijah called me in the morning by cellphone and informed me that he was not able to make it due to unavoidable circumstances. Just like most of the other team members, Elijah has had his share of challenges this year. He was sick recently but now he is healed. I hope that he will be encouraged to write to you soon. I have often encouraged him to write to you, and to express his own feelings and attitudes to you, which I perceive to be positive. I hope that we shall be able to meet before the close of the year.

On another note, when we met we were able to afford a cup of tea together as we shared our feelings and reflections about the year. It was a long year, and extremely tough at some point. Everybody appreciated the support and communication that you have maintained with us this year. It has enable us to hold on to the faith that we shall have a better tomorrow and live to see the beautiful promises and bright mornings.

We also managed to visit your site. All agreed that it is easy to access and get information from. The picture of the Vitruvian man by Leornado da Vinci welcomes makes the site welcoming not forgetting that the pages are easily accessible. You have done a commendable job at it and world can easily read and post their commends on the ideas and teachings there in.

We are now less that 10 days to Christmas. Whereas we still passing through tough times, we cannot afford to forget the goodness that this season stands for. Although we had no gifts to share, we encouraged ourselves with counting the blessings that we have has and rejoiced for being brothers and for having stuck together.

Thanks and have a good weekend.

I miss seeing you and sharing a drink together.

And we know ending another FINE day my friend speaking to my mother on the phone agreeing to visit her and John on Sunday and I was HAPPY to hear that her cold stopped again (!) as she told me and that she is FULL OF ENERGY and only a little bit down every third week (!) and we know my friend this is how it is.


18th December: I am coming all the way through without taking “the fall” at any time

Dreaming of coming all the way through without taking “the fall” at any time

Yet another night and we know which was “not the best” so still tired you know and the mandatory dreams:

  • I have come to the end of a tunnel in the mountain, I am lying down with half of my body sticking out from the edge into a giant cave – as in the Matrix movies. People from behind push me out of the tunnel into the cave and to my surprise I don’t take “the fall” – my favourite from that album you know – but I find exactly the right place to pour the absolutely best cup of coffee, which is at a restaurant and I see that my cup is a mirror of a cup, which was already there.
    • It looks like I am coming all the way through without taking “the fall” at any time and we know giving and finding love and “warm feelings” – i.e. the coffee – and a restaurant with “NORMAL LIFE” on the menu you know.
  • I am a patient at a mental hospital and I suggest the other patients to meet regularly once per week and another patient asks me in bewilderment to my “business” approach if I believe I am Elton John and I see Elton playing the piano there and I also feel my old girl friend Henriette there.
    • Yesterday after I sent my CV to Jane in the Commune, the statistical information of my website told me that the first person in Lyngby opened my website and we know Jane was it too big a temptation for you to see what I have written about myself on my website (?) and we know is this dream where I am hospitalised again telling about your thoughts of me making up your own mind without reading or understanding me (?) – as I warned you against – and we know when this is said, I do believe that weekly update meetings on your action plans in a place like this is a good idea and so it is.
  • I am stopping to work for Dahlberg – they miss MANY business opportunities there – and when I leave I find my self on Hornbækvej in Espergærde where I again meet Helle Aa., who gives me a very big hug and I tell her that I have stopped working for Dahlberg and that they have nothing to do with my decision.
    • Are you thinking of me Helle (?) since you are in my dreams again and let me here say that since stopping my work for Dahlberg the 1st January 2009 I have missed having a regular job including nice colleagues and customers.
  • I am walking on Strøget – the pedestrian street in Copenhagen – together with Bjarne B. – who I worked together with from 1986-87 – and I am waiting to receive a new car washing card from a filling station, which I believe Søren H. will bring me, and therefore I throw out my old card, which Bjarne decides to do too.
    • Strøget is the right place to be, the place to start “normal life” and we are simply waiting for me to do the rest of my work – to wash my car – and so it is.
  • I am together with my family, I am testing a camera with “the longest lens in the world” and later we walk around a lake where I am taking pictures of them. Even later I see us in Tivoli where I notice a fire drill in the rollercoaster making it smoke, which frightens people inside of Tivoli, because they believe that the drill is for real. Even later Sanna receives a new German shepherd dog from its owner, who has pasted away. The name of the dog is “Glistrup” and when I try to fly next to her and the dog it is almost impossible for me to do.
    • When “I take pictures, photographic pictures” it is still to invite people inside our new world when they show a clean heart, it seems that people living in the garden of Heaven are afraid that the darkness is burning down Heaven even though it is only a drill at this stage and we know I LOVE GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS and “Glistrup” means “again again and again” and that is really “never give up” and we know I have this inside of me and my sister has it too so let me say that I love my sister but that she is still belonging to the darkness because of her persistence and apparent “will deafness”, which is a term I remember all the way back to being a boy in Albertslund, when a friend sometimes apparently did not hear when spoken to because he did not want to.

When people makes me feel sad etc., I am also punished directly with sufferings given by the darkness

And we know Stig “YOU GOT IT” and we know the knowledge of another “source” giving me much suffering and we know which is coming from myself (!) and really because of negative feelings, which I am given because of my surroundings making me sad and disappointed and we know to give you examples, I was thinking for days about my coming meeting with the Commune the other day feeling uncomfortable about what they have done and what they would decide to do and this FEELING is simply making me suffer – wakening up the darkness ACTIVELY – and we know today I am preparing to write the Christmas card to Karen and we know she has made ME suffer much because of her behaviour towards me and because of these FEELINGS it gives me I feel my suffering – direct speech on her life in a negative way given to me – increasing just thinking about this and we know Stig let us take this story too which you still remember and you also remember where it happened and we know it was in SNEKKERSTEN of all places, I was a teenager and we know I WAS TRYING TO SLEEP AND STARTED THINKING ABOUT MY HEART BEATING FAST AND THE MORE I THOUGHT OF THIS THE FASTER MY HEART STARTING BEATING UNTIL I BELIEVED THAT I WOULD GET A HEART ATTACK and my dear ladies and gentlemen this is how it works when I am ME and really POSITIVITY CREATES POSITIVITY AND NEGATIVITY CREATIVES NEGATIVITY and when you have been disappointed your whole life and that is in general my friends this is how my life has turned out and we know without one single second of happiness yet and so it is.

Sending my Christmas Card to Karen with all of my sincerity – will she become HAPPY or SAD?

And finally I also wrote and sent the Christmas card to Karen – despite of sufferings given to me – and we know I was absolutely not sure until I had written that I would be able to do this too and we know I am happy now that I have done it and because it really expresses my true and sincere feelings and we know how will she react to the card (?) and we know can there be anything to misunderstand (?) and shouldn’t she be happy to receive the best wishes from her “potential best friend” in life (?) and we know this is about EXTREME feelings – both positive and negative – on me from this future wife of mine (!) and this is HOW TO WAKE HER UP MY FRIENDS and we know including Denis and her daughter Caroline and we know my dear reader have you forgotten that all of these three are members of the Council and that Karen was Mary Magdalena, Denis was Nostradamus and Caroline was Joan of Arc (?) and we know this is how it was and is and here is the “personal” and handwritten card I sent her:

Kære Karen,

Hermed ønsker jeg dig og din familie – på trods af alt – en ny, GLÆDELIG jul og et LYKKELIGT nytår 2011 🙂 🙂 🙂.

En væsentlig del af lykke er at forstå hinanden fra hjertet uden misforståelser og uden at skjule sit virkelige jeg bag en facade af ligegyldighed og misforståede, sårede følelser. At være hinandens bedste venner – ”guardian angels”, husker du? – og at hjælpe hinanden igennem følelser af bristede illusioner, tomhed og utilfredshed med det bestående, når påkrævet.

Mit ønske til jul er, at du må finde svaret inde i dig selv, som helt enkelt er, at jeg fortsat er den samme mand, du mødte, at vi fortsat er hinandens potentielt bedste venner for livet – og at vores fornyede venskab derfor vil komme til at indgå som en del af et LYKKELIGT nyt år.

Jeg ønsker dig også et stort tillykke med dit nye arbejde, som jeg så i dag på nettet. Min dør er altid åben til en kop kaffe, et smil, lyttende ører og en ”kærlig hjælp til livet” – er din dør også åben? Du finder min få hundrede meter fra din i Lyngby.

TAKE CARE – med mine kærlige hilsener til hele familien fra

Stig 🙂 🙂 🙂

NB: Jeg ville ønske, at jeg skrev pænere – og at se dit smil igen?

And we know Stig this will be the ONLY Christmas card you will send again this year and as usual you will receive none from others and we know including Karen – but of course you do know that underneath her facade, she still has warm feelings for you and we know otherwise I would not send her this card.


And we know Stig, you have NEVER been this tired and exhausted as you feel right now when these lines are written and we know how can I even leave my door tomorrow for Theosophical Fellowship and later my mother and John and this is how it is.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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