Dec. 22, 2010: A complex Buddha pattern of now 11,000 codes will create the foundation for our future, eternal life


Summary of the script today

19th December: A complex Buddha pattern of now 11,000 codes will create the foundation for our future, eternal life

  • Dreaming of a complex Buddha pattern consisting of 11,000 codes until now, which will create the foundation for our future, eternal life, Elijah and his family suffering and that I will not be “allowed” to give in to the darkness.
  • I went through the service at Theosophical Fellowship, which was the most difficult of all services I have attended because of how bad I felt, but I started becoming better during the service with positive energy being transferred to me.
  • Buddhists of the world search me and when meditating they can feel me when I meditate too. WHEN WILL YOU BE ABLE TO FIND ME MY DEAR BUDDHISTS?

20th December: HARD WORK and INFORMATION was the key to defeat the darkness and save the world

  • Dreaming of Karen’s mother not wanting to speak to me and Karen wishing to leave me, I have almost come through an impossible exit, Elijah and I are separating (?) and I will receive new suffering, which I am NOT looking forward to.
  • I received much less suffering today because of my mother believing in me yesterday that I have my full working capacity.
  • The Council promises me a miracle – the world WILL discover me no matter what.
  • If I had not worked hard all the way through, I would not have received “information” as the reward to solve the riddle on how to reconnect with the Source and to save the world. I broke from what was expected of me as the only person playing the game when all of my family and friends let me down as expected.

21st December: Family and friends still make me suffer so much that I have difficulties surviving!

  • I was hoping to get a good day today but I was given the worst night including sexual suffering – Karen does NOT believe in me, why is happiness so unpredictable?
  • Dreaming of Kim S. making me suffer, crossing an impossible bridge and fish having difficulties surviving, which is about me hanging on to life because of the suffering my “dear” family and friends still give me NOT believing in me!
  • I continued updating my website today with the aim that people of today (!) will be able to understand and believe in me after using half or one hour of reading.
  • Thousands of people are stranded in European airports because of the COLD weather – these are people, non-believers, not being able to celebrate my birthday as Jesus, and to take on some of the darkness sent to me.
  • I have not heard from Karen as expected, but I feel her and she feels me, which will make it easier and better for all of us to come through.
  • “My light” is “orbiting”, two UFO’s of hundreds on the sky switched on its lights and “strange weather” is not there (!), it is NOT created by Earth, but by UFO’s.

22nd December: I knocked out Karen because of her misunderstanding of me, but still she brings me more sufferings than I her

  • Dreaming of knocking out Karen, who later throws life dangerous knives very close at me. She is “knocked out” because of her misunderstanding in me “guessing” that I am crazy (!) but still she gives me more suffering than I her – because of her WRONG behaviour feeding the darkness giving me the sufferings you can read about – but our “connection” makes it easier for all of us to come through.
  • Also dreaming of doing an incredible long golf drive, which is about my ENDURANCE, looking to set a new record low score in my next round of Golf, which is that I am working better than ever and the IT-system of the Devil breaking down
  • I continued working full time on my scripts and updates to my website today..


19th December: A complex Buddha pattern of now 11,000 codes will create the foundation for our future, eternal life

Dreaming of a complex Buddha pattern of now 11,000 codes will create the foundation for our future, eternal life

And we know Stig yesterday afternoon you were “fighting” approx. 3 hours to edit the script of the last three days which continued to give new “problems” when publishing and we know which was SIMPLY impossible to sort out because of my bad condition and because when one problem was solved, a “new” problem – which had not been there before (!) – showed up but I decided to tell myself that that I WILL NEVER ACCEPT NOTHING LESS THAN THE BEST – which is you know what I am able to do now of course – and this is what the script finally became doing my absolutely outmost and we know this was given to me as a symbol of what I am facing and will face over the coming weeks – and later followed yet another night and this time with the feeling before sleeping and during the night that this could become the last night before I would have to give up to the darkness or let us say give in to the darkness with all of its temptations and we know but somehow I am still stronger than it and therefore I woke up this morning again still being “myself” including a bundle of dreams too:

  • I see thousands of people individually connected where each new individual on the line has to do a physical exercise, which is unique to what has been done before and when people does this, it creates a new unique pattern in a complex Buddha drawing in front of us, which is called “Lama Yönten”. The pattern now consists of more than 11,000 individual Buddha codes, where I have contributed with one doing a very difficult exercise, which had not been done by others and which I could almost not do. This pattern with its code is the foundation for our future, eternal life.
    • When I woke up from this dream I had the feeling that it was important and that if I was to stop my work now, the 11,000 lines as it is now will be the foundation for our future life but I also felt that if I am able to continue we will try to expand this code even more – and I also had the feeling that BUDDHISTS AROUND THE WORLD ARE SEARCHING FOR ME AND THAT THEY WILL FIND ME EVEN IF I WAS TO STOP MY WORK NOW and so it is.
  • A black man from South Africa is in Kenya, it is HEAVY raining and still he is thirsty, he only has very little money and he is raising a small child and the very difficult situation makes him desperate.
    • In this dream I felt Elijah and I do understand that it MUST be VERY difficult – almost a desperate situation – to have a family and raise small children almost without money, but please remember Elijah that this is a TEMPORARY situation and really because the year 2012 is the absolute end of our suffering and we know because this has been the year of the Judgment for many centuries – which we really have passed already you know (!) – following the Mayan’s calendar, which ends in 2012 and we know really therefore and we know try searching the Internet on 2012 and “Mayan calendar” and you will see, my friend.
    • This dream also made me think of the crisis of Pakistan and we know I wonder what happed to all of the journalists reporting from Pakistan months ago (?) and we know did they go there to help the victims to survive (?) or to increase the profit of the television stations and newspapers including their own personal salaries and benefits (?) and we know WE ARE STILL WONDERING.
  • I am in a military camp in a large African country. Uffe Elleman is the Prime Minister of Denmark and he has asked to carry out a fire drill in the camp and when I tell this to the camp, I receive the reply that “this is the funniest we have heard for years”. Later I am in the Prime Ministry having a meeting with Uffe Elleman and I present my work to him – a very thick report – and he says that I am allowed to publish it and he gives me the impression that it is the former Prime Minister Poul Schlüter, who ordered my work, and he concludes that the headlines of my report is: 1) Work with quality and 2) Work with efficiency.
    • The fire drill – here again – is really about me “giving in” to the darkness and we know which today people around me meet with laughter – a good spirit of the Council – and we know meaning that there will be no fire drill (!) ALSO because I have said for a long time that I MUST COME THROUGH WITHOUT GOING INTO THE DARKNESS (!) and the other part of the dream is really about the coming marketing of my work and website and we know I cannot “just” update the content of my website without market it to the world and we know which I plan – and hope – to do from January.
    • This dream also made me remember some very “OLD” dreams where I was always a credible assistant to the Liberal Party at the Parliament in Denmark.
  • I also had another dream with another lady than Karen trying to tempt me – and we know I did not like to be tempted this way either when it is WRONG for me!

Receiving light and positive energy from the service at the Theosophical Fellowship

This morning I was very doubtful – because I still felt very bad and tired – if I should TRY to go to Copenhagen TRYING to make it through all of the service of the Theosophical Fellowship or if I should “save” my energy and stay at home and we know I decided to leave and the darkness was working much against me on the way making it a PAIN to come through and we know try to imagine that you feel much older than a home for elderly people (!) and you have someone constantly annoying you and making you suffer and you cannot stop his voice and this is fairly how it was and we know making today the most difficult of all days to carry out a visit and we know until the last minute I was about to regret – because how could I carry out a service of 2 hours including coffee (?) – but I am happy that I decided to go through the visit because even though the first 30-45 minutes was a complete nightmare to come through making me think it I should come back at all (!) because of the torments given to me, I gradually starting feeling the effect of what I have decided on both today and we know really earlier that I am to be HELPED coming through and we know meaning that today I received a greater part of all of the positive energy created by the approx. 20 persons here and still we gave some to the world and Universe and it meant that the very negative voices given to me started decreasing and that the feeling of needles inside of my body started being replaced by a streaming sensation of LIGHT and comfort – this is the difference between the light and darkness too – and we know when we were meditating I was also told that THERE ARE BUDDHIST PEOPLE MEDITATING WHO CAN “FEEL” WHEN I AM “ONLINE” SO TO SAY AS TODAY TOO and we know WHEN AND HOW WILL YOU FIND ME (?) and we know WILL IT BECOME LAMA YÖNTEN (?) and we know “only time will tell”.

I added a counter to the sidebar of my website

For days I have received ENCOURAGEMENTS to find a solution to my “counter problem” on my website as mentioned before and today I used maybe 20 minutes to search on the Internet to find the answer – to install the counter in the sidebar (not on the frontpage), which will be opened together with all pages of my website – and to find out how to install it and voila, it worked.

Being strong at my mother and John

This evening I also went to my mother and John – including the normal and VERY uncomfortable suffering before arriving and we know I know the game from before so nothing new here but still uncomfortable – and again we had a very nice evening together, my mother told me that her back was hurting yesterday, which made me understand why my back was also hurting yesterday when I visited the Theosophical Fellowship and somehow I managed to find all of my internal energy to be as strong and persuasive as rarely before and we know just to let them understand that I do have my full working capacity (!) and we know which I will use on my scripts and website and not to get a new job, John, because the difference is that you speak from your foundation, which is that you don’t believe in me as I told you and that if you indeed had believed in me, you would understand why I continue doing this important work and we know I believe that he understood the rationale of this and this is certainly how it is here.

I was told this evening that “our house” will be even finer when I continue to work my absolutely best instead of going down to a lower level.


20th December: HARD WORK and INFORMATION was the key to defeat the darkness and save the world

Dreaming of Karen’s mother not wanting to speak to me and Karen wishing to leave me

And we know yet another night with the same sleeping pattern as for some time and we know being woken up MANY times with what seems as unimportant dreams and we know I took down notes of several of them and left out some and let us see if I will leave out more now – and you know because from now on I have decided to write as little as possible in my scripts and to concentrate as much as possible on my website and we know to finish the text before Christmas and all of it with possible new sub-pages before the 1st January and that is if I can continue working and also working my best knowing that “the third week” will start from the 27th December and we know how will Karen and Elijah react to me and how much direct suffering will it give me (?) and so it is.

  • I am at the Skanderborg Festival hearing Shu-bi-dua in concert. A younger man than me “in the crowd” taunts me because I like this “too nice” music and because I am older than he, but still we become friends and I bring him to another tent to meet Fuggi and to listen to Siouxsie & the Banshees, but first all spectators will have mashed potatoes and I tell him that this is my favourite music and I give the song “Israel” as an example.
    • This dream is about the beauty of VARIATION, which you can also see from the variation of my musical taste – and NICE music from the Council is always a good sign.
  • We are three people working in an office together with another company, which decides to move making it possible for us to employ two new employees. The new employees speak about a lunch arrangement having variation with two suppliers and I suggest that they give their suggestions to Pernille S., who is the HR manager, for them to decide on.
  • I am together with Karen and her mother in a living room. I am married to Karen. Her mother speaks to another man and when I ask her a question, she does not listen to me and I keep on asking her the same question and she keeps on not answering me, which makes me leave to another room of a friend and Karen comes there telling me that she may want to leave me which makes the noticeboard on the wall fall down on my head and I tell her that we are meant to stay together – and at the end of the dream I see a crying statue in a church as a sign that it was meant for Karen and I to have troubles in this part of our lives.
    • All I have to say now is “let’s stay together” and “how can you mend a broken heart” (?), which gives me the strongest feelings in relation to this lady.
  • All people are going on a pleasure trip and they receive individual motor boats to drive on the sea. I don’t get any but instead I drive a Volvo V70 from a car dealer through an impossible exit, which is so narrow that the car almost cannot drive through. This makes the dealer very nervous, but I see that the car is through now and is only hold back by a pick up blocking the road in front of it.
  • I am in Africa, where Elijah and I escape from a prison wearing a bag each. We go on the bus on the way to a wine grower area and when I leave the bus, I cannot find Elijah – we have become separated.
    • Is this what will happen (?), will Elijah – because of his difficult situation and feelings blocking him to see clearly – not be able to understand that my dreams and writings on him the other day – also to the team – was meant with LOVE (?) and that it was to help both him and me coming easier through a difficult time?
  • I am driving a Jaguar, I see a large and very detailed card of Germany and I come to a parking place in order to have the car repaired. I am pulled by a large Mercedes down hill and I am stepping on the brakes of the Jaguar myself – it is a very heavy car – and we reach the beach road. I am together with Jeremy from TopGear and we are told that we will start our trip at the beach road 400 kilometres away and to come back to where we are and I see Jeremy leaving the car to walk from there, while I sit in a queue waiting – and there is apparently no Cappuccinos but then again there was and I receive a cup.
    • I felt a lot of smiles in this dream and we know will the difficult road really be as long as that (?) and that is without coffee – i.e. “love” – on the way (?) and we know so it is but also saying that I am feeling “almost” fine this morning when this is written and that new suffering will come to me soon, which I don’t look forward to at all! And that is NOT THE LEAST because it is the absolutely most DREADFUL you can ever imagine!

I continued working on the front page of my website

After writing the script of today so far I worked on the front page of my website again, I edited, expanded and improved the text many times for each paragraph and it took me 6 hours to do the three chapters “my mission”, “the Council and other servants of God will inform you” and “the key to understand my scripts – is to understand the Devil!”

I have eight more chapters to do and I expect to write maybe two new so this may take 20-25 hours to do and we know giving me some idea really how long the work will take and we know I may finish during the weekend but we will have to see, the most important here is the quality and not if it takes a couple of days extra.

The Council promises me a miracle – the world WILL discover me no matter what

Later I did body-biking again and it was good to be “back for good” and we know which is the feeling of Robbie and the band Take That and the feeling of me too with my spiritual father agreeing here and it was the second highest level of body-bike today but the instructor drove us almost as hard as the highest level, which was also why I felt the spirit of Lance Armstrong with me in the beginning – this was VERY good workout today where I gave “almost” all I had in me and we know I had much more power than yesterday and even more than the day before when I was about to give in you know – and we know I was surprised that I did not receive any more suffering than I did before and during the body-biking and it was actually the lowest yet and I was told that this was because of my persuasive effort with my mother and John yesterday and we know when your mother believes in you, it is the same as decreasing and we know removing your suffering, this is simply what it is about and we know during body-biking the instructor was inspired when she said “I promise you” in one connection but I was given the feeling that it was the BRILLIANT and not book of things here but song by Simply Minds called “promised you a miracle” – from the BEST album in music history my friends (!!!) – and here it was my “reward” of today, which was the Council telling me that they promise me that the world will discover me and we know no matter what happens from here and we know making me both happy and relieved to hear.

And we know this is the second time I have driven with this very good instructor today and she finishes with the fantastic song “Waterline” by the Danish band Dizzy Mizz Lizzy and when it is up-tempo when the guitars play, we sit down driving the absolutely fastest we can and when the guitars stop and the tempo decreases, we stand up driving in a single beat and we know THIS IS THE MOST GENIUS SONG I HAVE HEARD WHEN BODY-BIKING and we know the guitars are really “all there is” and here meaning to stop the game of the Devil and so it is.

HARD WORK and INFORMATION was the key to defeat the darkness and save the world

Today I bring you another old story, which is that I only managed to receive all of the information needed – from the Council – to sort out the riddle to reconnect with the Source and also to bring the best story imaginable today on my website because I did my absolutely best all the way through. If I had been lazy myself – which the darkness FORCED me to do in vain all the way through – it would have been following the game of the Devil also meaning that I would not have received any “rewards” in the sense of information to solve the case, which would have been the same as eliminating us all – do you see (?), this became the work of one man defeating the darkness to save us all and not of millions or billions of people as expected.

And another old story first written now is that the physical members of the Council, my sister, the spouses of my parents, Elijah and all of your friends Stig could have changed the game by “breaking out” and do what none of us believed they would do, which was to set aside their own priorities and REALLY understand and trust in you and we say NOT ONE SINGLE FAMILY MEMBER OR FRIEND DEPARTED FROM WHAT WAS EXPECTED OF THEM – even though it would have been “fairly easy” to do (!) – and Stig eeehhh there was really only one who decided to take the spoon in his own hand – which you made me do physically this morning in the kitchen when I did not need a spoon and therefore (!) – saying that “I WILL NEVER GIVE UP” and this to change the expected outcome of the game and we know that man is you and we know Stig you are also thinking of all of the LTO team here and especially Meshack doing a FANTASTIC EFFORT TOO and so it is – and then this story is also written.

And finally also just this: When my family and some friends finally will “discover” the truth on who I am, “some” will “wake up” saying that “deep inside of me I knew that he was telling the truth” and we know because do you really believe that I am crazy (?) my mother and John as examples and we know if I ask you very directly and we know when have you ever seen me crazy (?) and we know also therefore my friends!

And while we are at it, I have decided NOT to tell my mother and John about my extreme suffering every three weeks because of the treatment of my mother and we know simply because when I am STRONG and SUPPORTING my mother, this is what makes it the most easy for her to come through this “difficult” time of hers, which is really not that difficult for her, but we know I am still fearing the coming weeks much.


21st December: Family and friends still make me suffer so much that I have difficulties surviving!

Dreaming of family and friends still making me suffer so much that I have difficulties surviving!

And we know Stig yesterday was “fine” in comparison with how things normally are here – but still not normal – and you expected to get a good night’s sleep but somehow you did not and we know you were given the worst sexual temptations and suffering and we know even though it was another woman appearing in the dreams, it was created by Virgin Mary making her suffer much too and we know the only reason why is simply because Karen does NOT believe in me and therefore rejects me and of course without letting me know and we know so it is, so the darkness was at its highest top when I sent the Christmas card to her in the best meaning and we know we are approaching the top again afterwards because of her reaction and we know which of course brings me the worst sexual sufferings and so it is.

And do I have to say that I am “five times” more tired today compared to yesterday almost making it impossible to work (?) and we know this brings “some” negativity to me in itself and we know coming from myself when trying my best to overcome this difficulty and we know when I would much rather just relax, which is what all people would do feeling like I do!

Some dreams too and we know some were left out because they were truly unimportant:

  • Kim S. is inside a cave, he is bankrupt and something about “stop the music, radio news and then finish”. There are 3-4 local TV stations in Denmark and one has fairly success also broadcasting over the island of Bornholm..
    • And this is about “the most clever man in the Danish insurance industry” as I have always mentioned you to others, Kim, and we know here on his disbelief in his old “best” employee stopping the music – and the television is the tool of the darkness broadcasting over the island of Bornholm as the symbol of the light – and we know without reading and understanding my scripts and we know Kim, how difficult would it really have been for “an intelligent man like you” to understand me (?) and we know you could have started reading and you would fairly quickly find out that the quality and ethics I work with is the same as I did for and together with you from 1991-1997 – and I thought that I had “some” credibility with you from all of the years we have been colleagues and friends?
  • I had a short dream about “building new churches”.
  • I was walking the beach and there was no room where I wanted to lie so I left.
  • I see myself driving over a bridge, which should be impossible to do.
  • I heard the song “hvorfor er lykken så lunefuld” also played by Lars H.U.G. and we know why is life so hard and so full of tears (?) and we know BECAUSE OF MISUNDERSTANDINGS MY FRIEND and thinking of Karen here not believing in me we are.
  • I saw myself in a very big hangar in a small lake including fish and ducks and we are to move to the next hangar, which is only possible to do because these ducks have learned to swim quickly and I am happy to see that both the fish and especially the ducks – because normally it would be impossible for them to keep up – move together with me and when arriving at the next hangar, there is hardly any water making it difficult for the fish to survive and one person opens for the water, which come streaming out and first it is too hot, which also makes it difficult for the fish to survive and later the water comes so plentiful and rapid that it almost makes us drown and when one man opens the door to let out some of the water a very angry elephant walks by. Later I see myself as James Bond flying inside of the hangar to the next level where there is a balcony leading in to a Thai Restaurant where I see many chicken being prepared and I see myself standing in the way making one of the chicken being lost on the floor – and there is Cappuccino coffee too. .
    • And we know FISH is still myself having difficulties to survive because of the suffering my “loving” family and friends put on me – thank you Karen today – and we know I am of course “only” on the edge, because I cannot die you know (!) and the ducks are here because duck is my favourite disc (and we know I still LOVE LIVER too) and this is what I bring to the world: 100 PERCENT NORMAL LIFE TO ALL and we know I WILL NOT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS MY FRIENDS and the angry elephant is because GOD IS ANGRY WITH PEOPLE MAKING ME SUFFER and we know this is the essential really.

The aim of my website is for people to believe in me after reading half to one hour

Today I decided to work from 9.00 and we know as usual when feeling like I do, the first hours was impossible to come through and we know when they rhythm appeared, it was simply a matter of continuing and we know I was first ready with the script and new edits of the work on the front page of my website as I did yesterday at lunch and after lunch until 17.30 I used all my time working on the chapters “My development from a normal man to the Son of God” and “normal life from people to people via Internet” – and we know what I am aiming at here is to do a website, which is so credible that people will be able to understand and believe in me after using half or one hour of reading and we know who can afford giving me this in this “busy” world today where people “don’t have the time” because of “other priorities”?

Non-believers not being able to celebrate Christmas

And we know Stig, just a short note – people don’t believe in me and they bring me much suffering and we know so much in fact that it has produced the very cold weather here and in other parts of Europe for a long time now with much snow and we know making thousands of people NOT ABLE TO FLY HOME FOR CHRISTMAS and this is a symbol of people belonging to the darkness not being able to celebrate my birth as Jesus in my previous life and we know because they don’t have faith in me and it is really also for them to take on some of the sufferings given to me at the moment and so it is and we know people contribute to and absorb the sufferings on different levels depending on their “rank” in the spiritual hierarchy and we know depending on the age of their souls and the status of their journey towards the full enlightenment and we know so it is – and this is why it was possible for me to fight the darkness alone and we know together with my dear LTO friends.

I have not heard from Karen as expected because she is guessing that I am crazy

I have not heard from Karen on my Christmas Card – as I expected – but I have felt the “gentle” spirit of Mary Magdalena inside of me giving me sexual suffering together with Virgin Mary both during the day and also nights and I was told this evening that I feel Karen spiritually and she feels me and this is what will make all of us come through even better and easier my friend as I am told here – so all in all it has to be one of the better decisions I have taken – and when writing “better” I was briefly given the song “Victoria Gardens” by Madness and the lyrics “things will change for better” which is one message for us and another is that Karen today believes that I am crazy – hence the name of the band – and this is the true reason for her not contacting me and we know of course because of her own misunderstanding and we know do you believe this is suffering (?) and yes, this is what it is.

My light moving on the sky and “strange weather” is weather not there (!) but made by UFO’s

This evening it was cloudless again and I followed my light as the only light on the sky from approx. 16.30 in the twilight to the absolute left looking from my window and even though the moon is not up, my light is apparently still in the same “orbit” as for some time meaning that it moved slowly to the right all evening until it after approx. 5 hours left my sight at the absolute right looking from my window – and we know Stig when I stood out in the very cold weather on the balcony once, very quickly a double light of an UFO was simply switched on and it started flying slowly – there are “hundreds” of UFO’s in the air without their lights switched on and we know just how visible are these UFO’s to the “official Denmark” (?) using ultra red cameras and heating detectors etc., which private people normally don’t have access to – and we know another switched on its lights too and I was shown the silhouette of the first, which is MUCH bigger than the lights shining on it and we know I was happy to see them as usual – and they told me that the “strange weather” they create is not there (!) and we know in the respect that this weather is not created by Earth but you know by the technology of UFO’s and we know how many of you my dear weather-men out there have figured this out?

A BRILLIANT movie on having FAITH in order to be HAPPY

It is VERY rare that there is a movie on television, which I like to see, but this evening I ENJOYED VERY MUCH WATCHING “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” with the brilliant Dustin Hoffman and Natalie Portman and we know they run an amazing and HAPPY toy store based on their faith in MAGIC and when the magic is not there – when they don’t believe in the magic – everything becomes grey, dull and very sad and just when they thought all was over and this wonderful store was closing down, their faith in magic returned, which started living up all of the store with its beautiful colours, smiles and happiness again and we know this was how I saw it and we know I was thinking of having faith in magic as having faith in God because the effects are the same my friends and instead of a toy store it is simply our life and the survival of the Universe, which depend on your continuous faith in me. THE MOVIE IS NOW ON THE LIST AS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE MOVIES. Thank you all of those who did it :-).

Today is yet another day where I am too tired to visit Lama Lakha even though I could have done it using my “almost outmost” but you know I am prioritizing my website now more than anything else – and this evening to rest – and we know it looks like my dear Lama that I am not supposed to visit you and that is yet at least.


22nd December: I knocked out Karen because of her misunderstanding me, but still she brings me more sufferings

Dreaming of Karen knocking me out harder than I have knocked her out – and doing my best work ever!

Tonight I slept a tiny bit better, but I am still VERY tired today making work very uncomfortable to say the least and that is “almost impossible” to do, and the dreams of sexual torments decreased but they are still there and just to say that the reaction of Karen is becoming less. Some dreams too:

  • I am inside a building fighting a man, I hit him hard so he crosses through a glass door and ends at the end of the corridor. Later in the shopping centre of Espergærde, I meet him again and this time he throws knifes straight at me only a few centimetres from hitting me and I find a big wood plate, which I carry in front of me as protection from the knifes which continues to be thrown at me and I come as close to this person that I see that it is Bruce Willis and when I come very close, I see that the person is now a beautiful lady.
    • This is about the knock out I gave Karen with my Christmas Card – how can she react to me this way (?) – and her “revenge” on me talking behind my back and thinking bad thoughts of me and we know which makes her “knock out” of me much more than a knock out because as Mary Magdalena alone she had the power to make me “die hard”, which this dream is about and we know just saying that I have suffered MORE than all of you individually my dear family and friends because of your reactions to me and we know I have taken the TOTAL of all of your “suffering” on me and more than this in fact as the dream says.
  • I am waiting inside an office in Copenhagen on Peter A. Outside in the yard I have placed a delicious smoked salmon. We have agreed that I am going to show Yoga exercises to the employees of Fair. Peter arrives and we stand in a VERY large kitchen. It is Monday morning and there is old coffee on the coffee maker from Friday, which Peter decides to drink, and I have big difficulties making new coffee, but just before I succeed doing it, a Fair employee puts on coffee. I visit the employees at the second floor and I am offered several cakes. Peter arrives and instead of following our agreement for me to show Yoga exercises, he gets an Englishman – who is much better and more flexible than I – to do it.
    • And we know the fish is still me, the VERY large kitchen is still to “fee the world”, coffee is still warm feelings and do you have this of me, Peter (?) – which might be his challenge and what makes him develop – the cake shows warm feelings from Fair employees and here Peter breaks our agreement without telling me – and I might add here that because of lack of rhythm and energy, I don’t get around to do much Yoga at the moment. When I feel good, I have prioritised to do body-biking and running and we know when I have not felt good – as most days – I have not done anything and this is how I have decided to come through this my friends.
  • I am playing golf and I do a drive of 435 metres coming very close to the green and just to the right of a sand bunker. Two people standing on green are impressed of my strike. After the round I decide to play another round by myself and I have difficulties finding my golf clubs, but I find them including a pen to write down a possible new record round.
    • It is NOT very usual to do a drive of this length, it NEVER happens (!) and this is about my ENDURANCE and PERSITANCE keeping on working and we know I am trying to have a “normal” working day and working week despite of what is going on around me and I am working better than ever, which the next round of Golf in the dream says.
  • I am at a hotel, where a cat simply loves me. There are two ladies at the hotel, one I don’t know and Sidsel, who would like to dance with me, but I know that Karen is waiting on me. Sidsel works for Sparbank Vest, their IT system breaks down and I am asked to call their IT central and instead of a person answering, an answering machine says that they do all they can, but the system will not be up and running for hours.
    • The car is still “the light”, Sidsel is in the “waiting hall” of God – waiting to develop spiritually as most others because we are waiting on people starting to have faith in me (!) – and here it is the IT-system of the Devil, which has broken down and we know seen from my perspective it could not be any better than this.

And we know Stig listening to the FABULOUS album “little creatures” by Talking Heads and we know one of my favourite albums too and “he likes all music” is what people may say (!) and my dear friends, this is NOT the case but I write positively about what I like and the music I don’t like, I don’t tell you much of but let me say that I still don’t enjoy much music of the Smiths – which I have now tested twice in the last 14 days again – but that I simply LOVE the music of the front singer of this band, Morrisey, as some of my favourite and we know especially for the last almost 10 years, when the sound of his band changed and we know so it is.

I am still carrying on improving my website

Today I was working from 9.10 to 17.00 only interrupted by a short lunch and we know I did the last of the script of yesterday, the short script of today, I set the last four days of scripts up to be published on the Internet, which now becomes easier to do but still taking approx. 45 minutes to do (!) and I read all of the chapters on the front page of my website, which I have edited the last days, to do even more improvements and we know before I edited the next chapter “Improve your work and behaviour”, which took maybe two hours to do editing and improving it maybe 10-20 times and we know I will read it again of course and this is STILL how it is here.

Where’s Stig?

And finally just this story from the BBC show TopGear about “the Stig”, our “faceless hero” and we know WHERE IS HE (?) and this new game application for Iphone is of course symbolising a growing population of the world receiving more information on you thinking about WHERE IN THE WORLD IS STIG?

And my dear reader, you do remember the old stories of “the Stig” I have given you as a symbol of my identity being “under cover” (?) – and we know the same way as the word “STIGmata” was also “inspired” as you may understand (?) when reading here:

From the presentation of the game: “So he’s going under deep
cover where no one will ever find him. No one, that is, except maybe
you. So travel the world looking for our nameless, face-less hero”.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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