Dec. 30, 2010: People from UK finding my website and spreading the word of the “second coming of Stig”


Summary of the script today

27th December: People from United Kingdom finding me and spreading the word of the “second coming of Stig”

  • Dreaming of being inside of the light but still the darkness of the Commune forces me against my will, I am not discrediting people but telling the truth to help mankind improve, people and previous colleagues not working according to their potential and the expansion of “normal life” to the world.
  • Yesterday, first I received UNBEARABLE sufferings, which was then eased but now with my feet hurting somewhat – my parents suffering. My decision to share the darkness among all physical members of the Council is maintained.
  • Yesterday one person from London and today one person from Scotland found my website when keying in the “second coming of Stig” on a search engine. It looks like people have found me and my name but do you believe in me?
  • I ask people on my website if they can spare 30-60 minutes to read and learn that I speak the truth, but still 75 percent leave my site before 15 seconds (!) – and this is what I am fighting: An “impatient” and “sceptical” world.
  • I did body-bike and the whole day I did not receive much suffering or pain in my feet, but I felt the darkness increasing and it had a “depressed” feeling because people are starting to believe in me, which is what truly removes the darkness.
  • Now I do hope and believe that my suffering because of the new “treatment” of my mother today will become less than anticipated.

28th December: The death of Michael Jackson in 2009 was a signal of the anticipated coming destruction of the world

  • Dreaming of my old friend Jens M. searching for me as “the salt” of the world and thinking that he would die, Buddhists who would expel me for my “belief” in God, a symbolic fight between the light and darkness in the Danish Parliament with the Foreign Minister Lene Espersen symbolising me, Uffe Ellemann – one of the brightest political brains – misunderstood (!) and wrongly criticised Obama and not the American political system and buying new quality stereo equipment for my coming “servants”.
  • Also dreaming of Michael Jackson dying in June 2009 because of careless newspapers chasing him to bring “sensational stories”, which symbolised the anticipated coming destruction of the world because the Council did not believe that one of my parents at that time would start believing in me, that I would be strong enough to “never give up” and resist “impossible” temptations to stop the destruction. Today Michael plans to come back to do a new tour :-).
  • I continued working full time today despite receiving the feeling of dying when the energy left me making me extremely tired and “empty”. The “controlled killing” of my mother does not make my situation optimal when my life depends on the life energy I am given from my mother and father!

29th December: People receiving faith in me removes the “gun killing me” and gives me the tool to open our new world

  • Dreaming of being inside the darkness doing the “impossible” task to lead the train back on track, feeding the whole world through a GIANT storehouse belonging to McDonalds, important TOP political negotiations between the “light” and “darkness” including Obama as the light, swapping the “gun killing me” to “the most advanced camera” – because of people changing from disbelief to belief in me – enabling me to open our new world to people showing a clean heart and a HAPPY Council surrounding me at the darkness, where I am these days.
  • I continued working concentrated on my website today still doing my absolutely best work despite of being sick and tired of writing beyond description.
  • I did the ”most impossible” run of my life when extreme darkness was given to me when running with my left foot symbolising my mother almost being cut off, a feeling of diarrhoea, gasping for breath, my eyes etching, a strong stitch and negative and sexual speech trying to break me down. It was extreme and therefore I “only“ lasted for 15 minutes today.

30th December: The world is becoming me and I am becoming the world – a process, which has already started

  • Dreaming of the Commune checking my working capacity being eager to send me out working for free where I hope that employers will refuse me – I am busy working with my scripts and website you know, filling up a giant lorry to tell you that the world is alright, being together with gay people to tell you once again that I have never been gay, an extremely happy Council giving me songs of joy because we will be “together forever”, the world is becoming me and I am becoming the world and telling Karen that I don’t want her to be negative on me.
  • I was VERY tired today and it took great exertion to work and go to town to send my monthly help to LTO and do some shopping, but I do believe that the worst suffering for now “almost” should be over.


27th December: People from UK finding my website and spreading the word of the “second coming of Stig”

I maintain my decision to share the darkness between all physical members of the Council

Yesterday afternoon I received MUCH suffering again including “impossible tiredness” to come through without sleeping – but I did it – and also the words “kill, kill, kill”, which is just how strong the darkness is right now – of course without the ability to kill me – which made every single second unbearable and a HELL to go through again – but I received no pain in my feet – and I really did not understand why this occurred and later the pain eased but instead I started receiving pain in both my right and left feet – my father and mother suffering – and I could only repeat the decision I took the 25th that I cannot continue both working and going through what I went through this afternoon again and I am really trying to find a BALANCE here where I don’t take on most of the darkness myself but to share it with my parents and ALL physical members of the Council and still hoping that this will mean that my parents will make it through without “too many difficulties” and so it is my friends.

Dreaming of being inside of the light but still the darkness of the Commune forces me against my will

Tonight was approximately as the previous night and now I have started writing, so I expect that the darkness will now start giving me the FEELING of tiredness more and more until it will decrease again after 2-3 hours and I am happy that there are only a few dreams so I can start working on my website again, which really could give me a feeling of “impossible” to do because of the amount of work still waiting on me together with limited energy but you know I have DECIDED that I don’t want to go into this feeling of “I cannot do it”, instead I will concentrate on the work of TODAY and not ALL OF THE WRITINGS AND ALL OF THE MARKETING waiting on me including what to write in emails etc., which the darkness continuously makes me think of, which I can only reject saying that I have not come this far yet and therefore I don’t want to think about it today – other than taking notes of good ideas, which comes but this is of course a part of my normal way of working as you will understand?

And here are the dreams:

  • I am pressured to be inside a cinema for “fools” without wanting to be there, however I am flying high just underneath the ceiling, which does not fit the system, who determines how I am flying at the cinema and which television channel to watch.
    • The cinema is one of my old and very good symbols, which is to tell you where I am today but at the same time the system of Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune is also there deciding on my behalf what to do and I wonder what Jane will decide for me to do “after Christmas” as she told me some time ago in a short email.
  • I am meeting my old friend Lars G. in Copenhagen about a case I have on people, who have discredited me and he recommends me to receive advice from the lawyer Bjørn Elmquist, who says “I recommend you to discredit people” and I reply “no, never in my life”.
    • This is about what people have done to me when “telling lies” about me behind my back and as Stig I will NEVER tell lies on people with the purpose to bring them down, which is what the lawyer recommends me to do – in my books I have written the truth on people around me not to discredit people but to help the world understand how it behaves in order to improve, this is the difference, which people have BIG difficulties understanding today, and this is another dream to help me improving the text on the front page of my website further, thank you 🙂 – and by the way we have always believed that my mother’s previous husband Ole looked very similar to Bjørn Elmquist, who was a famous politician here for many years, and this might just be BEST REGARDS TO ALL OF YOU FROM OLE and I feel him here again “under my skin” for the first time in a very long time and thank you Ole for being here and ALL THE BEST TO ALL OF YOU TOO.
  • I have started working for Søren in Stockholm and I notice that the many employees of his office work VERY slowly and that they could manage without many of these if only people worked concentrated. I meet the lawyer Kjeld S. (from Dahlberg) working there, he is bored and I tell him that I can give him more exciting work if he wants to work together with me, which he does, and I also see Michael R. (my old collegue from Aon) working there. I meet with Søren H., who offers me to start up a new business selling Income Protection Insurance in Ukraine and he has another man, he wants to send to Turkey and from here to expand the business towards the East. He asks us if we have credit cards so we can book a flight on the Internet and I tell him yes, but when I check my credit cards, they have been cancelled and I am not able to book the flight.
    • A dream about people and here including two of my previous colleagues not working according to their potential at the moment, which is also many times about “poor management” – and the dream is also about the coming expansion of “normal life” – which the Income Protection Insurance also symbolises – to the world and that is without sending me back to the darkness as the plane symbolises, which is what Søren is also supporting because of his “inability” to understand me!

People from United Kingdom finding my website and spreading the word of the “second coming of Stig”

Yesterday I was happy to see that one person found my site by writing this on a search engine: “Second coming of Stig” – it is truly my third coming my friend – and we know it looks like A PERSON BELIEVING IN ME (!) and when I looked at the statistics of my counter – another system – I could see a visitor from London on my site and we know could this be one of the Spiritual teachers from Stansted, London – Paul, Janet or Billy (?) – and just wondering we are here and of course I don’t receive this information from the Council yet because people need to have faith in me before the Council will be able to open up for myself so to say.

And a few minutes after I wrote the text above I could see on the statistical information from WordPress that a new person had found me after keying in “second coming Stig” on a search engine and when looking at my counter at I could see a new visitor from Campbeltown in Scotland and I wonder if some people in the UK are starting to spread the word on me and also if you truly believe in me when you land on my website?

Impatient people cannot spare 30-60 minutes to read my website but leave within 15 seconds

And we know Stig I was thinking that the reason why most people don’t read, understand and spread the knowledge of my website today is basically the same as why people don’t read about, share the message of and help the poor people of Dadaab, which is that THEY ARE IMPATIENT AND SIMPLY DON’T CARE (!) and we know the other day I wrote this text very VISIBLE FOR ALL on my website:

“Can you spare 30-60 minutes to read and learn that I speak
the truth – to help the world?

According to my website counter apparently most people CANNOT because 75 percent of the visitors leave my website before 15 seconds (!), 81 percent are first time visitors, 19% returning visitors, 49% come from Denmark and 51% from other countries with United States, United Kingdom and Germany on top of the list – and here you can see the latest statistics delivered from my own site and we know it looks like that MARKETING is truly needed, when I will come this far:

I continued working on my website doing the most difficult formulations I have ever done!

And finally I continued working on the front page of my website and I started with what I thought would be a small amendment only to the beginning of the old chapter “The key to understand my scripts – is to understand the Devil!”, where I wanted to say that I love my family and friends very much so people will truly understand, but when I started the work I discovered more and more places where I “just” could improve this and afterwards that and before I knew of it I had worked on the chapter for five hours, expanded and improved it much and moved the part I was working on into a new chapter, which now is called “The WRONG behaviour of my family and friends, system and church of Denmark – symbolising mankind!” – and of all formulations in all of my scripts, the ones in this chapter were the most difficult I have ever worked on – I had to turn around several sentences, which I normally never need to do, and work very carefully on ever single word and I was thinking as a symbol that some songs come very easy to song writers and others can be almost impossible to do but both type of songs can be beautiful when you decide not to give up – and we know again it was “almost impossible” to do this work and I know I had the feeling of “giving up” together with the usual “I never give up” and as normal it was the latter feeling, which won and we know I just let the other feeling be there without focusing much on it because I knew what the result would be – and we know I am still NOT done with this chapter yet, but “almost” and for the day I am happy with what I did, but you know it is a little bit difficult to estimate the total time of how long this work on my website will take and therefore I should really give a “conservative” estimate, but I still believe that I should be ready with “the version for now” before the middle of January – unless something unexpected should turn up and if this will be the case, I will keep you informed.

Doing body-bike: “We are going all the way up to ring at a five to get the lunch all the way out”

I was not receiving much negative speech or sexual suffering today and I was not as tired as I thought I would be – but still you know I am not feeling amazingly as you may understand – and late in the afternoon I went to Fitness World to do a new round of Body-bike – which they now call something different and we know I read about an American company the other day now having the “license” on the name “spinning” and we know which have made them ask Danish Fitness Centres and probably centres around the world to pay a license fee (!) and to follow the concept of this company (!) if they want to use the name “spinning”, which most of them therefore do not (!) and we know THIS IS THE SILLIEST I HAVE EVER HEARD MY FRIENDS (!) AND I WOULD ALMOST CALL IT “CRAZY” (!) – and we know today it was the good instructor Birgit again – I have now learned her name and we know the lady with the “Dizzy-song” you know, however not today – and I was surprised that again I did not receive much negative speech or sexual suffering before or during the exercise but after a few minutes I started receiving the “sign on my mouth” saying that the darkness is about to lose – and we know difficult to give the sign in the right foot now when this symbol is dedicated to the suffering of my father and again here was the feeling of Mr. Bean – and really that the darkness is increasing today – my mother received her “treatment” today – but also that it is “depressed” and this was the exact feeling I received because people are starting to believe in me and this is what is TRULY defeating the darkness and we know Birgit was inspired when we were to drive the hardest pass today when she said “we are going all the way up to ring at a five to get the lunch all the way out if you understand” and yes I did, Birgit, I understood you fully because “going all the way up to ring” is really the bell at the top of the tree as I was shown when you said this, which you Rikke H. may remember from our Dahlberg summer party in 2007 (?) and number “five” on the scale here is the hardest imaginable you can give and this is really what I have given for years to come to where we are now and that is to “to get the lunch all the way out”, which is to “feed the world” you know and I might add “the entire world”, which is what is approaching and so it is.

The exercise today gave me the belief that just maybe my suffering after the new “treatment” of my mother will not be as difficult to come through as the last time ALSO because of people receiving faith in me and we know also because I have decided to continue working during this period too and we know “doing my best”, which is something the darkness truly don’t like either.

And when I was cycling I received a thought, which I have had some times now and that is that just maybe I may not need to market my website or not market it as much as I thought because people will be searching for me at the same time as I will be “searching for people to read and understand me” and we know “only time will tell” really.

And finally after cycling when walking to the bath, I felt the sequela after the heal of my right foot “cracking” the other day and that is that it is still hurting but you know the cause of this has stopped and so it is.

Receiving burning feelings again

During the evening I felt sulphur in my breath – the feeling of burning – and new uncomfortable heart pain and we know other signs that my mother received her treatment today and that the suffering given to me because of this already started today.


28th December: The death of Michael Jackson in 2009 was a signal of the anticipated coming destruction of the world

Dreaming of the death of Michael Jackson in June 2009 as a signal of the anticipated coming destruction of the world

And we know Stig, the suffering continued during the night with poorer sleep together with difficulties to fall asleep again when waking up and of course meaning that today I am more TIRED again and we know because of the increasing darkness I also started receiving more dreams of sexual nature again, which are omitted here – and here are some of the dreams of the night and we know you don’t want to make me “unemployed” today my friends?

  • I am working at Danske Bank where I am happy to meet my old friend Jens M. from Commercial school in Helsingør on his way to a lunch meeting and he is looking for the SALT. I excuse my behaviour to him and say that this is the worst I have ever done and he asks me what I do and which car I drive and he tells himself that he went to the University where he took his drivers license using 178,000 hours theoretically as he says because this is the total number of hours you get when multiplying this by that and so on and he continues saying that “this is Volapük if you already knew that you were going to die” – and what he really says is that he used much less time to take the drivers license even though his answer is correct according to the “theory”.
    • I wonder what Jens has gone through looking for God – me as the “salt” – thinking that he would die on his way because it would be too difficult for him to get a license for his new car, i.e. his future self.
    • The dream is also about a lunch invitation I gave him and his girlfriend back in 1985 I believe, where I forgot the date myself and was very surprised when I saw them coming from the window and rang the bell. I did not have clothes on and because of embarrassment, I did not open the door. This cost us our friendship and we know Stig this was part of your private life for many years – you were organised at work but disorganised in private often not opening the door when people rang it and we know because of embarrassment and I am happy that this is not how it is today and has not been for almost ten years!
  • I am attending a Buddhist school, I am preparing lunch, which is a delicious beef and I meet a Lama in the kitchen, who will only have simple rye bread and later I sit in a meeting outside underneath the trees where another says that all 18 students are on a special diet plan. Later I do a prayer for my parents in the name of God and when the others hear me, the Lama decides to expel me from the school and I tell him that I am sorry that he will not listen to me and understand.
    • This it to say that I don’t understand people having special diets because of “faith” and Buddhists living on “a stone” – I look forward to all people receiving and living a normal life also including an active love life. And here it also says that Buddhists do not believe in a creator and when you have a very STRONG conviction, this is what many Buddhists would do to me today – to expel me if I told you about my “belief” as I have told Lama Yönten (?) – and my dear friends even though you are WRONG (?) and we know do you believe the Universe invented itself (?) and we know where was it supposed to come from if a creator – “the Source” – did not create it?
  • When leaving the Lama school I find a bench, where I left my pipe and tobacco earlier, which I take with me, and I meet Tom from the park walking on the street speaking to Mogens Lykketoft and later Mogens cycles past me and I thank him for appearing on television. Later I come to the Danish Parliament, I am working on a case for Lene Espersen and I wish that she would be able to tell me when she wants me to present it, I meet Mogens Lykketoft again and he asks me which politician I am working for and I tell him that I wish I could tell him but I am not allowed because of the practise of the Parliament today and he guesses correctly that I work for the Minister of Trade.
    • I have had a number of dreams for months where I am tempted to smoke and normally I leave this out of the dreams but here I included it for you to see and we know I “almost” do not miss smoking but this is a sign of the darkness becoming stronger at the moment.
  • This is about Lene Espersen’s aspirations to become an excellent Foreign Minister but obviously she forgot the resistance she would meet on her way and we know is it Per Stig Møller together with the press leading the fight against her because she took his post (?) and who is on his team and who is on her team (?) and we know here you see a battle between the light and darkness in the Danish Parliament symbolising the battle against the darkness I have gone through and we know instead of discovering and supporting me, you have fought for power and influence yourself (!) and we know Lene was a very popular Minister of Trade and leader of the Conservative Party and today she is the most unpopular Foreign Minister and Party leader for a perishing Party waiting to be brought down – this is the POWER of the darkness as it was against me too and we know leaders of this party have been brought down before because of the darkness my friends! – and really because the Danish population “fell” for the WRONG side criticising her wrongly instead of showing her faith – as my mother and family wrongly took the party of my sister against me – and we know in this respect she is symbolising me and her opponents symbolise the darkness where personal ambitions are more important than the “survival” of their Party (!) and all I can say to you, Lene, is to NEVER GIVE UP (!) and so it is.
    • The dream is also to say that in the previous television magazine with Uffe Ellemann and Mogens Lykketoft on TV2-News, Uffe criticized Obama for not following up and achieving what he said in a speech in Cairo about Israel and he said clearly that it was Obama, who was to blame and Lykketoft replied that it was the American political system blocking Obama and without knowing the case, I do believe that Lykketoft is right and if this is the case, I wonder how one of the brightest political brains of Denmark – and the world (?) – can have such a STRONG voice making him believe that it is Obama as a person and not the system, who is to blame – and really to tell you JUST how widely spread the problem of communication and understanding is because of people misunderstanding because of their decision to make up WRONG stories.
  • In some kind of dream I heard that Arnold Schwarzenegger is still popular with the population and that he spoke faithfully on Doomsday. I see him appearing in a movie and that he is running out of battery, which surprises people.
    • Apparently Arnold feels the “lack of energy” as I do.
  • I hear the song “I know him so well” by Abba (!) but sung by Elaine Paige.
    • I connected this BEAUTIFUL song with Mary Magdalena or Karen you know and Elaine sings it beautifully, but I would really rather have heard this sung by the Abba girls, Bjørn and Benny – and we know maybe together with a new set of songs and even A NEW – THE BEST -ABBA “ALBUM” YET :-).
  • I see a lady on tour with Michael Jackson at a hospital. She requires a single room to keep out curious people and the press. I see special supplements to newspapers on Michael containing many pages of “sensational stories” and a journalist on television interviewing another journalist, Oprah Winfrey, about Michael and Oprah only reluctantly answers because of the wrong behaviour of the journalist interviewing her. I see a new city part of Copenhagen under construction with nearly finished tall houses being wiped out by the Earth moving and finally what is left appears as a mess behind the city, which will require an enormous effort to clean up. But now Michael is back and he speaks of a new tour. I also see Pink Floyd sending out a new version of the Wall on CD of 100 DKK, which you can get in the mix you prefer. I see a newspaper and Michael Jackson and I hear “a sign to Earth” but instead of destruction I am shown a golden ring with the most beautiful angels inside of it.
    • Michael Jackson died because of the constant and completely careless chase of the press on him, Oprah Winfrey is apparently a coming “servant” too who seeing what the press does – and she was the one Michael had faith in when he asked for her at a famous interview – and the newspaper is the old symbol of “elimination” and when Michael died because of the newspapers in 2009 – when I was going through my most difficult time in Kenya almost dying too – it was a signal to the world back then that “WE ARE FACING DESTRUCTION” and my dear friends, we could not see that you would be able to turn around one of your parents to believe in you, to “never give up”, to keep out from “impossible” temptations and to keep your scripts public and this was why we let Michael die to send out this signal to the world, but my dear friend, you proved us ALL wrong and we know you certainly never gave up and this is why this dream is now given to you and the world because we know MICHAEL WILL COME BACK TO DO A NEW TOUR and so it is with MUCH HAPPINESS HERE from the Council and this includes a light Virgin Mary to my surprise today and we know Stig, this is the energy brought to you and us through people starting to believe (more) in you and so it is.
  • I am working for DFM again, this time we have offices in a very modern building, which makes us feel modern ourselves. I have ordered a very good tube amplifier and CD player from HiFi-klubben, which Preben and another colleague called Erling collect for me.
    • This is more equipment to be used when amplifying my coming “special friends” as “servants”.
  • I wake up hearing the song “I’ll fly for you” by Spandau Ballet, which makes me think of Virgin Mary. Thank you and we know FLY and NOT DIE which makes the message of this song completely different to what I thought and so it is.

Working full time feeling the energy leaving me making me extremely tired and empty

After writing my script of today so far, I started working on my website again and I started where I left yesterday, which was to look at the chapter “The WRONG behaviour of my family and friends, system and church of Denmark – symbolising mankind!” again and really to include sub-headlines to make it easier to read and we know after working on this for two hours, I decided to finalise this for now – I will of course look at it again later when doing the final review of my new website before starting the marketing – and the chapter is now called “My scripts tell the story of the WRONG behaviour of mankind to make you understand and improve in order to survive!”, which better covers what it is actually about and this is the “reward” you will get when you work carefully on a task like this, it will become better, more precise and easier to understand.

From here I did some improvements to some of the first chapters of my site, I decided to read my introduction to my book no. 2, which gave me new tasks to do on my website, which I had not calculated on and I decided to include a short, new chapter on “A new “fourth dimension” will lift the sense of time and place” and at 16.00 I was feeling how the energy had left me from my inside making me feel EXTREMELY tired and “empty”, which is really the right word and we know this is a “controlled” way of killing people and what the doctors of my mother does not know is of course that my life depends on the life energy I am given from my father and mother – we are three people sharing the energy of two people (!) – and to put it mildly, the “controlled killing” does not make my situation at the moment optimal.

I started working at 9.15 this morning and continued concentrated – despite of becoming worse during the day – until 17.00 and we know I could have defied my feeling of dying and continued to work all evening but I decided to stop for the day being happy with what I have achieved, because the improvements of my website today now makes it even easier for people to understand me.

And finally just this, when I continue working and/or exercising, I continue to defy the darkness and this really automatically means that I take on the greatest part of the darkness and we know I felt one short pain in my right foot today but no pain in my left and so it is – and even though I am EXTREMELY tired and “empty”, I feel better so far compared to a little more than three weeks ago and I wonder if Elijah read my emails designed to improve his faith in me and if this is also the reason why I am suffering less – and I also wonder why LTO does not COMMUNICATE with me about their plans to speak to Elijah and to give me a deadline (?), which you can do despite of your suffering (!) – and we know I am suffering less because I am only given “some” negative and sexual speech, which have been a great part of my previous sufferings – but you know even “some” of this is DIFFICULT to go through, my ladies and gentlemen.

I ended the day being in total control of the darkness, which almost did not give me any sufferings.


29th December: People receiving faith in me removes the “gun killing me” and enables me to open our new world

Dreaming of people receiving faith, which removes the “gun killing me” and gives me a “camera” to open our new world

And yet another day and we know “we love you too” and that is despite of all of the dreams we give you (?) and we know which you can see from the following and we know it does not even include all dreams but let us say “a large part of them” and so it is – and still it is NOT nice to be woken up several times during the night having difficulties falling asleep again.

  • I see myself inside the centre of a labyrinth, once in a while I send out small animals to run around the labyrinth to the admiration of other people.
    • I have absolutely no idea what this is about and no intention to ask the Council today my friends – because you have not answered me when I have given you the “chance” previously. Maybe – and that may even be possibly – people not being able to find me?
  • I am standing at Snekkersten Station at the platform towards Copenhagen and I see the train entering not on the tracks but on the platform itself and I notice the locomotive doing the task to direct the whole train down on the tracks again, which I thought was simply impossible to do – and I know that it is about time to say goodbye to this station.
    • This is easier to explain and we know Snekkersten is still the symbol of the darkness and instead of driving the train – to reach the light – I am the locomotive driving other people and directing it through the darkness back on track and we know simply by continuing what I do despite of the darkness we are crossing at the moment – and I wonder if I will be able to leave the darkness, which is the suffering because of the treatment of my mother within the next days and we know the weather will become warmer the next days and we know “only time will tell”.
  • Obama is a little behind in a shooting competition because of holes in the sky but he is approaching.
  • I see a giant storehouse belonging to McDonalds, it is 276 metres high and normally 20 stacks is the maximum which can come through the door when unloading, but I see that they manage to come something extra on top making a new record of unloading.
    • This is also about “feed the world” and McDonalds have thousands of restaurants all over the world and this is where we will be coming too and we know bringing an enormous stock of food with us as the dream says – and it cannot be any more positive than this my friends – and I hope that the world produces enough food or that it will increase the production ASAP to cover the need of all.
  • I am at the football stadium on the spectators’ enclosure. Some important political negotiations between two people from the absolute top of the world is going on, Obama is one of them, I am one of three at the row below waiting on them to finish. I leave the stadium as the absolutely last and I ask one person what was the result?
    • I wonder who the other is (?) – a Russian or Chinese maybe (?) – and what they are talking about (?) and we know Obama is the light and when they meet at the football stadium – the venue of the fight between the light and darkness – I wonder if he has “problems” to make the darkness follow his suggestions and are you still talking about my arrival behind “closed” doors (?) and my dear friends WHEN WILL YOU START INFORMING THE WORLD ON WHAT YOU KNOW?
  • I am cycling home from the holiday cottage with a punctured front wheel.
    • Another old symbol of the difficult road I am following through the darkness, but not as difficult this time as the last.
  • A homeless man walks by on the path outside my row house saying “who has compassion with me” and before I know it, he has “invited” himself into my house, where I see him eating from my white bread, and I look at the refrigerator where I see left overs from the meal my mother did yesterday – Danish meat balls, potatoes and salad – and Tobias is also at home, but sleeping after a night out in town, and I reach the conclusion that there will be enough food for the three of us to share. At the kitchen table I see an enormous amount of pretzel cakes from my mother. Despite of my open arms, the homeless man tries to steal plenty of my silver dishes, which he in vain tries to hide inside of his clothes – which disappoints me much.
    • This dream is inspired from the TV program “sporløs” (“without leaving a trace”) from DR1 yesterday I believe, where an adopted lady from India now as a grown up with the help of the television found and re-connected with her poor mother and family in India but she was “offended” because she “felt” that she “had” to give in to her mother asking her for money – and we know “difficult” it is for the rich world not understanding the degree of suffering in the poor world and we know which makes people so desperate that “courtesy” is not what they think of as the first – as you see here, and there is really only one solution, which is to bring “NORMAL LIFE” to the whole world.
    • And the cakes is about “the greatest love in the world from a mother to her son” – which is the same feeling I have for my mother.
  • Two brothers agree to play music with their bands at the same time inside of a building and to share the income, which they will receive, both of them play drums. I have moved some sheets of music from the hall into a store room and a woman arrives and says “thank God” when she understands that the music sheets are inside the storage room. I am now in a store where I receive a gun, it is 1,000 DKK and I ask Clint Eastwood what the gun should cost and he says half a million but now I see that it is the most advanced camera ever by the brand NIKON and that it took a sequence of pictures of the drum players much quicker than what I could see with my own eyes, and that their playing included a secret sequence – and here I woke up but the dream continued but now as a vision, which is really the same you know – which was about hard-boiled eggs as a jukebox playing the lyrics “My beats per minute never been the same“ from the song “Wake me up before you go-go” by Wham and because I heard this song through the door of an open shop in 1983 in Roskilde on my way to the Roskilde Festival, I knew that this was about arriving to the home of God – which is what the symbol of Roskilde Festival stands for – and this were the “Secret messages” of the dream, which I also knew because 1983 was the year when ELO made this “the most important song ever for me” and I was told that this is also how messages come.
    • And yes “I do feel lucky punk” because I was not shot to death by the darkness and instead of continuing to receive a gun from people “wanting to kill me”, I will receive the most advanced camera the world has ever seen and this is from the same people when they will start to believe in me and with this camera, I will take pictures of people, which is the symbol to open our new world to people showing a clean heart and we know making us all arrive to “the home of God” and this was really the “secret messages”.
  • During this “sequence” I felt a “spiritual pillow” of pain moving around the outside of my body – this is exactly how it was – and it stopped outside my right lung making this hurt much – and very uncomfortable – and I was wondering if my father is hurting at the moment (?) because of this signal and also because the heal of my right foot is still hurting.
    • And I know that my father are not reading my scripts, because I have not seen anyone from Måløv yet at my website, but I do know that I have a regular visitor and reader of my scripts from Hellerup and this makes me VERY happy and we know INGE, my father’s sister, maybe you would like to let me know if my father is doing alright?
  • There is 1 to 1.5 months to an election. There is an Islamic revolt in Cairo, which makes the local candidate withdraw his candidature. I meet Tanwir, who is one of few people not watching a movie, and I ask him if he would like to become the Mayor, which he is very reluctant to become and I tell him that he will get influence on thousands of refugees and the development of earth at this area, which makes him consider my proposal because this interests him.
    • This is about the anticipated reaction of Muslims towards me when they will learn about my arrival and what can I say other than there will be ONE world Government and we know “no countries” and also no local governments in the future and so it is.
  • I am working for an Insurance broker company in the same offices, which used to belong to Willis, where I had noticed that they had signs hanging on the garage wall telling about the key figures of their company and I ask Kim S. as the manager if we can do the same and he says that Jens M. – yes my old “colleague” from Aon (!) – always wanted to publish this to customers but he was never allowed to do so and therefore the answer is also no to me. A new colleague has prepared a written recommendation on behalf of a customer applying for an overdraft facility, which makes Kim S. ask him if he included this and that fact information in the recommendation including an requirement for the broker company and not only the customer to receive yearly savings and he tells the employee “you can develop”.
    • This is about having an OPEN MINDSET without hiding information and we know being secretive is a “gift” from the darkness and we know which the GREED of money also is but despite of these characteristics of Kim S. – given to him as a “birth gift” – he possesses the ability to DEVELOP people simply because of know-how and putting forward demands for people to work at the highest level and we know which is what I am asking the world to do: Don’t settle for anything less than the absolutely best!
  • It is my last day working for Fair, people are dancing around me including Thomas H. and Helle from Banking School (and from 3113, Nørre Afdeling!) and I ask Peter A. if he will be at the office all day, which he says that he will, because I will hand him over a paper or two of the last part of my work.
    • Fair Insurance is a place of the “darkness”, which is where I am right now with HAPPY people – here symbols of the Council – dancing around me.

I am sick and tired of writing, but I decided to continue working concentrated

This morning I continued working on my website from 9.30, I was tired but not as tired as I thought I would be and I received ”some” negative speech and sexual suffering even though it was not much – but still the ”peaks” are almost impossible to come through – and today I was really sick and tired of writing beyond description but still I have work to do and my decision to have a normal working week remains – even though it is more than that – so I carried on working concentrated first on the script of today and afterwards my website and we know I am also sick and tired of receiving and writing all of these dreams – the strong feeling today is given to me by the darkness of course – but I maintain my decision to do my absolutely best work and just maybe the best I have ever done – when it comes to my website, not the scripts – and therefore when I continue to receive many ideas of improving this and that – as I do – I also receive two feelings, the first is that I simply cannot take anymore and feel disgusted writing and the other is that I simply have to surpass this feeling and yes my friends being happy to receive suggestions on how to improve and this was really the reason why I had more improvements to the chapters on “behaviour” today – they are ESSENTIAL in my message to mankind – and we know other chapters here and there too and we know from here I decided to continue the editing, expanding and improvement of the next chapter “basic work rules”, which also took some time to do also making me happy afterwards and we know it is the details taking the most time because this was really not very difficult to do – but I will have to say that I look forward to the day when ALL of my 20 basic work rules and the detailed description of these will be revealed because this is truly much better than what I can include here and now on my website and so it is.

I still receive déjà vues and I had several of them today for example when writing the words “the real truth” on my website because today there is also such a thing as “the wrong truth” (!) because people believe so much in their own strong voice that they make up their own “wrong truth” and this made me quite happy to experience and we know I have done these scripts before or at least part of them – this is the feeling I get.

Meeting UFO’s and stars again on my way to Fitness World

I finished working at 17.30 today and we know I was on my border of being able to exercise today – and really across it – but I decided that I might as well give it my best try in order to remove as much of the darkness as possible to quicker overcome this period of darkness (!) so therefore I went towards Fitness World to run and we know it was cloudless today and I was happy to be welcomed by an UFO on the sky when walking out the main door of my apartment block and when I came around the next corner, another was meeting me and finally when crossing Buddingevej one came flying “this close” above my head for all people to see and we know now it looked more like a plane but we know that it is not a plane but the “busy” people on the street do not – and I also saw the Big Dipper on the sky today and many other “stars” and we know my friends have you decided to open up to the Universe again for a period of time (?) and just wondering I am down here.

And we know the UFO’s are coming closer because faith in me is growing.

Doing the “most impossible” run yet fighting extreme darkness

And when I stepped on to the running belt at Fitness World “I thought it was a lie” – as they say here when you are “surprised” with something – and really because of how impossible my feeling was before starting to run but you know with the attitude of trying to do what I always do and we know “I will try to find some kind of rhythm after some minutes” and this is how I started what may be the worst run of all of the runs in my life and we know first I felt what could have been a steel wire around my left foot underneath my ankle and we know to say that this is the feeling of “almost” losing my mother because of let us say “not the pills but something else, which is put inside of her” and we know I have NEVER liked to take pills or anything else to pollute my inner system – today, I know that smoking was not a “smart” thing to do (!) – and this is part of my message to mankind for you to keep away from and therefore it is not very nice to say the least to receive the feeling of “dying” as I am here because of the actions and “intakes” of my mother in “good faith” – of course (!) – and we know coming back to the run where I was constantly giving feelings of “almost” having diarrhoea, I was gasping for my breath as I also did 1-2 weeks ago, both of my eyes were etching very uncomfortably, I had a strong stitch in my side, I was given the direct feelings that I was not “mentally strong” enough to continue running and I received stronger negative speech and sexual suffering again and we know the darkness was stronger than ever really – so I could remove as much of it as possible – and despite of this I tried to tell myself that I was even stronger than all of this and that I was physically able to run for 30 minutes ignoring all of this pain and we know but after 10 minutes I was truly facing “the strongest degree of impossible” yet and I continued running until 15 minutes when I was completely exhausted and decided to stop but still knowing that I could have continued for at least “some time” and that is if I had decided to cross the next even “more impossible” pain barrier but here I decided to stop and we know also receiving the feeling afterwards that it was really too poor that I did not run 30 minutes – but probably you will understand that running 15 minutes during these conditions being more dead than alive was also “quite good” and we know I also still have pain in my right heal but not as much that I cannot walk or run but still it annoys me “quite much”.

The beautiful songs of the Seebach’s

In the evening first I saw the documentary on the now late “world famous” singer in Denmark, Tommy Seebach, and what a story of his BEAUTIFUL song “under stjernerne” in 1993 winning the Danish Song Contest making him happy again after a very difficult period only to be followed by a placement at the bottom at the following Eurovision Song Contest – why did international people not understand this fantastic song as so many other brilliant Danish songs (?) – making the Danish press write negatively and very WRONGLY on him – destroying his life and giving him humiliating jobs compared to his true gifts – and we know this story is brought here because what people did to him was WRONG, I was moved emotionally when watching the documentary and also to say that I have always liked the songs of Tommy, but it was first this evening when listening to “under stjernerne” that I realised that he was a very gifted man – as I have heard Jørgen Mylius say without understanding before now and really because I did not know many of Tommy’s songs – and also to say that his son Rasmus recently made what may be one of the ten best Danish albums ever in my opinion and I was thinking that it is seldom you see a child having the same talent as a famous parent. Fantastic!

Denmark – one of the best Badminton nations

Afterwards I saw the FANTASTIC Danish Badminton player Peter Gade play number seven in the world out of the court in superior style – this is the gear Peter potentially has and we know making him better than any other player in the world (!) and especially when he was younger – and winning the tournament “Copenhagen Masters” for the 10th time – congratulations – and we know the Danish commentator said at the end of the game that “there are smiles on the lip, energy, life and happy days in here”, which was inspired speech by the Council telling you how just how happy they are for all of us to survive.

Denmark have been one of the best countries in the world playing Badminton and we know “forever” almost and I can only say to Peter, Morten, Flemming, Svend, Lene, Kirsten, Camilla and Tine and even more that you have given me many hours of the best entertainment and we know Morten, you may be my all time male favourite player followed by Peter and Lene you may be the same when it comes to females followed by Camilla but we know there is probably another reason why this is – as with female handball in Denmark – and we know “only time will tell”.

People “allowed” me to continue writing because they “felt” for me

A few old stories, which never made it to the scripts before now:

The Council have told me for months that people also “allowed” me to continue my writings because they “felt for me” understanding that I was “not feeling well”, and we know in this case, I met at least some degree of understanding – and another old story is that when I started converting from the darkness to the light, I was “behind on points” compared to “the plan” really meaning that we were directly on our way to Hell and that I also had to catch up on “old darkness” and we know making my journey from the 1st May 2009 even more difficult.


30th December: The world is becoming me and I am becoming the world – a process, which has already started

Dreaming of the world becoming me and I becoming the world

Again tonight I was woken up several times and having even greater difficulties falling asleep again and let us “start” with some dreams and this song of course because I have just listened to one of my favourite songs by the Jam – “going underground” – followed by one of my favourites by Siouxsie – “Israel” – and we know in direct comparison, Siouxsie & co. defeats Paul & co. and therefore my friends, the Jam will have to move down from no. 3 at my list – and I wonder if I shouldn’t have Jim & Co. from Simple Minds ranked even higher than Siouxsie because of the many great albums they have made and maybe also Robert & Co. from the Cure because of the same – and this does not happen every day my friends at the top of my list (!) and we know I thought you would like to know and here are some more dreams and let us see if I can read the notes:

  • A HR employee checks the working capacity of the employee David from Fair. She calls one of his previous employers to ask if they want to have him back and they refuse even if they can have him for free. I see a man who has lost his working capacity doing hard physical work at his garden and he has applied the Commune for help to do the work but because of bureaucracy he has not received an answer and therefore he decides to do the work himself. Later I am at the Jobcentre office, where the Commune is eager to send me out to “work” but I fill out an application form to receive postponement, which I hand over to another employee than the one who formally should have it – because she is absent – and this makes this other employee “correct” me for my “mistake”. Outside I see that all of the parked cars have received a ticket, and that mine is the only one without a ticket.
    • In this dream David and the man working in the garden are really me and the other characters are the Jobcentre and we know are they still thinking if my working capacity really can be intact because of my website – not understanding that of course it is because of what they have seen themselves and I have told them (?) and the dream is really if I can persuade Jane from the Jobcentre to send my CV to potential “employers” when asking companies if they want to have me working for them for free and we know if she will do this, will they give the same reply as to David in the dream (?) and we know “are you confused” (?) and you need not because “these questions—and many others—will be answered in the next episode of Soap” and we know I just LOVED this sitcom with all of its “crazy” characters!
  • I am at a petrol station at the end of the Motorway in the southern part of Copenhagen. I see a huge lorry being filled up with petrol and I ask if I can get a ride, which I can, however the lorry drives away from Copenhagen and I am going to Copenhagen, but then I see gay people from Russia deciding to walk the few kilometres to the S-train connecting to the centre of Copenhagen and I decide to follow them. When we reach town they enter a street with many small café’s full of gay people, where I meet my old friend Lars G. and I can hardly get out of there because of the crowd of people.
    • The lorry is still the world and it looks ok to me so nothing to worry about really – this comes after earthquake measurers all over the world ran amok before Christmas as you can see here – and I don’t know why this dream is about gay people from Russia but maybe because of what Obama achieved lately in USA allowing American gay people to work in the army and we know what do they do in Russia to gay people (?) and just wondering I am and we know the dream is also to tell you once again that my best friend for many years was “interested” in me without my knowledge (!) – he likes both “girls and boys”, which I did not know until recently – and we know I have never been attracted to people of my own gender, just so you know and we know there is only one person in the entire world, which is meant for me and I am still waiting for her to understand that I am meant for her too and we know also for her to achieve faith in me.
  • I woke up hearing “those were the days” by Mary Hopkins and the Council had changed the lyrics to “those were the happy days” because this is what it is at the moment.
  • I wake up later hearing the song “together forever” by Rick Astley – there are some of your songs, which I to this day still like very much – and the Council told me with joy that “we will be together forever” and they added “with Champagne and flowers” because of their happiness and the “challenge” here has been that because of only little faith in me, the Council has not been able to express just how happy they are with what YOU Stig have accomplished and we know I was about to write “we” but I was told otherwise – and really because they will only open up to “normal conversation” instead of some words here and there when people have faith in me and we know which will replace the Devil who is still the most active “character” speaking to me.
  • I see a television and inside of it a washing machine – the cleaning of the darkness you know – and I heard yet another song and this time it was “television man” by Talking Heads and the lyrics “the world crashes in into my living room” followed by the special lyrics “that is who I am” and of course meaning that the world will become me and I will become the world, which is the process which has already started – which still makes me feel nervous and sometimes “more than nervous” of what will come even though I know it is only for the good – and we know when reading the lyrics of this song on the Internet – which I normally do after having received parts of a song – I could not help noticing part tree of the song, which made me think of Karen and I: “I knew a girl, she was a macho man, But it’s alright, I wasn’t fooled for long, This is the place for me, I’m the king, and you’re the queen.”
  • I am the Danish Crown Prince Frederik together with my family at a Swedish country house. My mother tells me that Niels and Finn will come for dinner next week. I look outside through the windows and the view is nothing less than breathtaking. Karen is outside on her way to my car, she is negative with me because she got my tie in her head and I tell her firmly that I don’t want to hear any more negativity from her.
    • Niels is the son of Ole, my mother’s ex-husband, and Finn is the brother-in-law to Ole and we know Niels and your brother Thomas, I do look very much forward to meeting both of you and your family again after all of these years – and the other part of the dream tells just how annoyed Karen is with me because of her own misunderstanding and Karen, how much of my scripts have you read, if anything (?) and how strong do you believe your own voice making up your own “truth” is?
  • The rest of the night I had dreams of sexual nature to “tempt” and annoy me and we know still because of the darkness following the “treatment” of my mother – and what it did was really to confirm just how much I miss a “normal life” including a wife as my partner and lover.

I was VERY tired today, but the worst suffering for now should almost be over

And we know Stig, today you were more tired again this morning when writing and of course receiving the same strong feeling as “almost always” to give up and just relax and again the feeling “I don’t know how I made it through, but I did it”.

Despite of my feeling of tiredness, which I know that the worst part of it still lasts 2-3 hours in the mornings, I also feel stronger today with even less suffering when it comes to speech and sexual suffering and we know including less physical pain, which I have not told you but for days I have received strong “sticking pain” underneath my skin here and there and I am glad that this is “almost over” making me believe that because of a growing faith in me and my decision to carry on as if nothing had happened, the “worst pain for one week” was replaced with “some pain for 3-4 days” and so it is.

People are being brought to my website

And we know Stig you see examples of people being brought to your website, which “surprises” you because at least sometimes you can see what people have used as search strings on a search machine before landing on your site and we know to give you some examples, here are some of the search strings, which brought people to my site even though the strings have absolutely nothing to do with what is written on my site – and of course the Council bring my site as “search results” even though it should not be displayed as I have seen for years myself, when the Council for example hid information from me on the Internet – I was not able to find information on Fuggi for years but after I found him physically, suddenly he was to be found on the Internet too without problems:

  • “gert bjorn ” computer
  • “clapping a dog”
  • danmarks folk construction, @yahoo. 2010

Sending money to Kenya

After lunch I had decided to go to town to take out money, send my help to LTO in Kenya and do some shopping and we know I managed to send 3,000 DKK again this month – I was not tempted one single time to take out money I saved for this purpose in September I believe to buy “something nice” for myself as some of my family and friends think I should and we know what could be “nicer” than to help your friends survive (?) and we know there were MANY people in town today and I was given a lot of darkness during the two hours I was away and we know making it “quite difficult” to come through but my tiredness today is still what is making me hurt the most and I wonder how many people really are starting to believe in me when I am still this tired and we know again people at the top of the hierarchy still don’t believe in me and they are what count the most in this connection too and so it is – it took great exertion to go to town and for the first time in a long time, I feel like I am going to throw up but we know I also “just” have to finalise and publish this script before I will call it a day.

Later David was kind to send his thanks as follows:

Dear Stig, Thank you for the cash support. I’m having a quiet Season with limited movement. I have only managed to go to town once since Christmas day. I shall update you tomorrow upon meeting the rest of team members.

Good day, David

And finally just saying that as expected my mother is “almost” over her suffering too as she told me this evening and we know “it is amazing how little I suffer compared to other people throwing up and feeling sick going through the same” and yes my mother, this is why I was receiving throw up feelings today making it “easy” for you to come through and as I told you “you know that this makes me glad” and we know, she knows that I think of her and she thinks of me too, the difference is only that I am taking the most of “our” pain, that I ask her how she is doing going through this, where she does not know what I go through – nor asking – taking most of the suffering away from her. This is how it is to be “the Stig”.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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