Jan. 3, 2011: “We have to have our eyes, ears and heart open to our fellow human beings” without becoming selfish


Summary of the script today

31st December: Choose your right partner of life based on TRUE feelings of love

  • Dreaming of disagreement in the North Korean army – some prefer dialogue and some to remain in isolation at any cost, Jack’s girlfriend not understanding him, choose the right partner of life based on TRUE feelings of love and leaving the darkness through my work on my website, which is “almost impossible” to do when feeling tired and out of energy.
  • I was “tired” beyond description today giving me the greatest difficulties “just to start” working – also symbolising the so called “difficulties” people have just to START reading my writings word by work – but still I worked with difficulties the whole day making me happy once again with the results I achieved.
  • I suffered much this evening – “the worst” negative speech and sexual suffering – but still the Source has opened so much that it is “piece of cake” to overcome any “problems” if I should give in, which I have not done yet.
  • Through Swedish television, Virgin Mary let me know that “2010 was my best year ever” because of her survival.

1st January: “We have to have our eyes, ears and heart open to our fellow human beings” without becoming “selfish and distrustful”

  • Dreaming of the need to market my website to spread the word of me to the world, the darkness has given up – I have nothing to fear in relation to keeping my writings on-line, buying a new “perfect car” – my future self, receiving a song of “love” from the Council, no matter what I do from here, life itself is now so strong that we will all survive and the Council returning to the Source ending the game against the darkness.
  • David was very kind sending me his wishes of a Happy New Year and sharing his warm feelings of me, which so many people of the rich world cannot do as part of their suffering and I return his wishes saying that my gold dust has started glimpsing upon him, which will improve his life as it will for all of my LTO friends.
  • In the New Year’s speech of Queen Margrethe of Denmark, she spoke about the importance of “the Community” and “our values and attitudes”. The welfare of this society makes people feel secure and also to forget their individual duties of the Community, which is that ALL have to contribute because as she said “we have to have our eyes, ears and heart open to our fellow human beings”. This is what the “TRUE COMMUNITY” is about. She said that Danes are becoming more “selfish and distrustful”, which can “poison our relations” and “can be irreparable” and also that the economical crisis is not “nearly as serious as if it was our values and attitudes shaking”. This was her true and brave INSPIRED message – as it is mine too – to the spoiled people of Denmark and to the entire world! YOU NEED TO IMPROVE YOUR BEHAVIOUR AND TO THINK OF THE COMMUNITY INSTEAD OF YOURSELF!
  • In the New Year’s speech of the Danish Prime Minister he showed that he is not as “bright” as the Queen and that he continues to flatter the people of Denmark. His “old” goal is to bring Denmark “among the 10 richest countries of the world” and today he gave Denmark the choice between taking the “right choices” and “acting in time” or later to “cut drastically in the welfare” and “increase taxes”. His “necessary reforms” is to focus on ECONOMY and not on HUMAN VALUES and to fade out the “Efterløn” – early retirement pension – herewith saving up to 2 percent of the Danish Budget (!) and breaking his own promise from earlier this year!! He believes that the Danish society is ”one of the best, which is” – in stark contrast to the Queen (!) – and he wrongly believes that “public welfare” is the definition of our Community. In other words, the Danish PM does not know what the TRUE COMMUNITY is about (!!!) and when you are happy with what is and cannot see the need to change, you cannot change, which is the problem of the entire world: Selfishness of leaders and people lacking a true community feeling can only be helped when you improve your work, behaviour and communication and when you introduce the new economic system removing all public welfare (!) – replaced by a new form of “welfare” – as I have presented for you in my scripts in order to open your eyes.

2nd January: The coming marketing of my website will connect me to people “searching for answers”

  • Dreaming of the importance of personal skills above “professional experience within the industry”, always to have natural conversations without limiting the subjects to talk about, the Council connecting people “searching for answers on what will happen” with Niburu etc. to my website, examples of two people not answering my emails many years ago to inspire me to include a basic work rule on my website to answer people within a “reasonable” time frame, the coming marketing of my website will lead people searching for answers to receive the answer through me and through their faith, we will “celebrate in Champagne”, my mother is at the same time the person who helps me becoming myself and the person who – without wanting it – gives me the biggest sufferings, I am winning BIG against the darkness in this round too and because of the progress of my work and subsequently the spiritual development, the previous threat to give me sicknesses is now removed.
  • I had a nice afternoon with my mother where I was given all round shoes as a git instead of winter boots, which made me happy. I saw “the look” of amazement for a few seconds on my mother as I have seen on others too. What was this about – my “craziness” or “starting to believe in me”?
  • The darkness again tried to remove my power and to set new rules that if I do not carry out my work satisfactory, a small war with UFO’s will break out, but I decided to show that I am the Judge and the “game master”: I set the rules and there are no changes to my old rules!
  • Later I was shown more UFO activities on the sky than ever before, when 5-6 “characteristic lights” of UFO’s were flying on the sky.

3rd January: Follow in my footsteps and build up your mental strength and perseverance: NEVER GIVE UP!

  • Dreaming of approaching our new world and working with great difficulties finding energy, which is both about how I am forced to work on my website often almost without energy and about yet another idea to include in my basic working rules for people not to experience this in the future because of “weakness” but to follow in my footsteps and build up your mental strength, staying power and perseverance and that is to NEVER GIVE UP!
  • After my decision yesterday to be in charge of the game again, my right heel healed completely today. The name of the game of the darkness was to do the “opposite empowerment” on me as “most managers” of the world WRONGLY do. EMPOWER people – the most important job of managers is to make yourself unemployed as a manager through the development of your team!
  • The darkness contributes to making the planning of my work almost impossible to do. I used much more time to write and publish my scripts today, which took away the work I had planned to do on my website.


31st December: Choose your right partner of life based on TRUE feelings of love

Dreaming of choosing the right partner of life based on TRUE feelings of love

And yet another new day and we know even though I had fewer dreams again – thank you and we know coming out of the worst darkness again – I still feel “tired” and “exhausted” this morning and we know we will get some new cells starting so just maybe that will help over the coming days and we know a “few” dreams too:

  • I see the armys of North and South Korea standing up in line. The North Korean army has much more traditional looking uniforms on compared to the South Korean, but still the uniform looks too modern to some of the people in charge and therefore they say that they would have liked the completely traditional uniforms, which makes other decision takers say that they agree even though they decided for the new Uniforms.
    • Apparently this is to say that the true decision takers in North Korea – obviously not the “supreme leader” Kim Jong-il and we know is he “ill” (?) and I am just thinking of the way he behaves – do not agree on a war against South Korea and we know some would like to be more “modern” and maybe even continue the dialogue with South Korea and other states (!) and others would like to be completely isolated in their own “fantasy” world and we know “scaring” others, which “threat” to “disturb” them.
  • I am with Jack and I see his sofa, which looks very complicated for me to gather and also a lady asking questions about it and it is like she misunderstands the design of the sofa and that it is hers now. Dorte A. (yes you from 3330!) is together with a Lama, she is in love with me and the Lama knows that I am not in love with her but he asks me if I am sure I will meet “the right one” later – which I am not – and therefore he tries to convince me to be together with Dorte and I tell him no, then he says “then her” and I say no and again “then her” and once again I say no and I hear the song “when love comes to town” by U2 and I say “you have to feel love the right way” and I did not with these ladies.
    • I wonder if the sofa simply means to “make love” and if Jack has a new – or maybe even his old – girlfriend having difficulties to understand him. We know the message to the future is really: When you feel “soft” all over your body, your heart and pulse is beating faster than normal and you cannot stop thinking about a person and you are willing to do everything for this person, then you are in love and can “proceed” – and if you do not feel this way, you are not in love and we know then it is better to wait for “the right one” to come and we know the spiritual world is guiding you via these signals and just saying that it is a good idea to listen to them to become as happy as possible.
  • I wake up listening to “if you tolerate this, Then your children will be next” by Manic Street Preachers.
  • I am emptying our old row house in Snekkersten and I am almost finished and then I see new “almost impossible to come over” mess being unloaded, it is a very big work, which I need to achieve on time. But I see “people” around me helping and one of them is playing on his piano but he is pouring out red powder on the keys, which he wants to colour red.
    • And this is to escape the darkness through my work on the website, which is “very difficult” to do when I feel tired and out of energy and we know because it is a “big” work to do. And I wonder what the red powder has to do on the piano and if this means “death” – or at least the feeling of it – and we know so it is.

I was “tired” beyond description today, but still I worked the whole day

And we know I was happy to receive fewer dreams again so now – when it is 10.00 – I can start working on my website but you know I am so tired (!) that I hardly know if I have the energy even to start this work and we know it takes all of my effort just to start today and we know in 1-2 hours from now it will become easier but you know “just to start” is simply the worst – and what most people feel when seeing my website – “it is impossible to start reading all of his writings” (!) – when only few people read my scripts word by word and we know with the difference that my feeling is “10,000 times worse” and so it is.

Despite of this, I worked the whole day “as good as possible” and at 16.45 I decided to stop for the day – after having improved the front page of my website many places again which made me happy once again – and updated and improved the chapter of “Normal life” – and I tell you, I was TIRED beyond description the WHOLE day (!) almost making it impossible to think carefully when I had to do new formulations, which I did for example on the improved and expanded chapter of the Koran not being the work of God.

Now I “only” need to improve and expand the chapter on “future economic system”, which may take 2 days to do – I will have to go through the details of what I wrote in book 2 to do a new extract, the chapter “to the world with Barack Obama as the chairman”, which may take 1 day and we know I have some small extra chapters to do, which may take 1-2 days and potentially – but not importantly – to do a miracle site as I have written about before, but I may decide to bring links to other sites instead of making my own and I have thought about writing on my suffering and “what would have happened if I did not stop the destruction of the Universe before it even started” in a greater detail, but this is neither important to do now – and we know after this I may need 1-2 days to read all of my website again in coherence, think about “the final” structure and we know there may come other things I cannot see today, so conservatively I do believe that by 1-2 weeks from now, I should be ready with the website and that is at least “for now” – because of course I will need to update it on a running basis according to the development of the world and myself and so it is.

“Home alone” without “much” to celebrate other than life 🙂

And by the way most of my friends are celebrating the New Year this evening in the company of family and friends with good food, wine, CHAMPAGNE and fireworks but you know, I am staying “home alone” – I like that movie VERY much too – and just saying that despite the fact that I do not have any friends at the moment – there is nothing more than the survival of life to celebrate really – there are a lot of smiles around me, which is why I received the title of this film, which has given me MANY good laughs and we know I am thinking of the friendship of the actor Macaulay Culkin and me as Michael Jackson and we know not many believing in this “crazy story” today but you know this is how it is.

I suffered much this evening going through “the worst” and “the best”

During the day and especially the evening I was surprised how strong both the sexual suffering – of the worst drawer you know – and negative speech, feelings and thoughts became making this evening “not the best” to go through and we know I thought that the darkness following the “treatment” of my mother had now passed but we know I was probably too quick to announce this. While going through this, I receive both “the worst” and “the best” at the same time and really saying that my family still brings me “the worst” because of their lack of faith in me etc. but because I am opening the Source a “tiny” bit more every single day, the strength is so great that it “easily” can manage any “problems” and threats the darkness may give me but of course only if I decide to “give in” and we know which I have not done yet – but I have been “living on the edge” many times.

During the evening once I received an instant and very great pain in my left foot, which may be suffering of my mother – and it really also can be “temptations” from the television – ladies you know – coming back this way and we know I still do not look at any “nice ladies” at all and we know switch the channel whenever needed and we know “a big pain” is what it still is.

2010 was the best year ever for Virgin Mary

At 23.35 I was watching Swedish SVT1 television – a live outdoor concert at Skansen while it was snowing – and the singer Sarah received inspired speech when she said “2010 was my best year ever” and I felt Virgin Mary with me speaking through Sarah and we know simply because I WAS MADE TO SURVIVE by you my son and we know a story which my mother still does not know and this is how it is here and we know I will see her on Sunday here when we are going to try to find new boots for me on sale – the other was not to be found in a bigger size – and we know I am sad not to speak about the truth of my scripts with her.


1st January: “We have to have our eyes, ears and heart open to our fellow human beings” without becoming selfish

Dreaming of no matter what I do, life itself is now so strong that we will all survive

Tonight I first went to bed at 01.00 because of the loud sound of all of the fireworks, which people fired off and I know I wonder how much is sold of fireworks in Denmark and the rich world to “entertain” people a short time and we know what would happen if you cancelled this and send all of the money to the poor people in stead and we know just thinking I am – and I was “happy” to be woken up the first time as late at 07.00 and we know the following dreams are from this time and forward:

  • I am in a competition at Danske Bank with another team, I am trying to get the photocopier to work but it requires a username and password, which I do not believe I have but then again I have received a paper with this information, so I should be able to make it work. The other team of the competition does not do anything and then I win.
    • I have defeated the darkness – we will receive “normal life” – and I really have to market my website to get more people to understand me and to start “spreading the word” on me to the world.
  • I am playing handball, we are in front by five goals and I am a little bit nervous but still thinking that we should be able to win and when there is five minutes left, the other team gives up except from their goal keeper and we score another two goals out of three tries.
    • This is again about the darkness, which has given up, but when I work on my website, I am still “somewhat” nervous to the potential reactions of people out there – website administrators, Governments, Muslims etc. – and we know which is really the reason why I have back up of everything I do so I can start a new site another place “just in case” and we know I really do not believe that any problems should occur and really because of the “I am protected” factor, which “almost” made me through Kenya without attacks but we know back then the darkness was actively working against me and this is not happening today and this is really the difference.
  • I am driving my Mercedes 200, which gives me a very good feeling and I am driving in the right direction. I am casually dressed wearing sailor-shoes (!), I arrive at a car dealer, I am going to find a new car to lease and this time it has to be “absolutely perfect” based on all of my experience from previous cars. The coffee dispenser is of poor quality and all of the plastic cups lie on the floor, but I see coffee pot on a table, which I use instead.
    • My Mercedes 200 from 2007 was “almost perfect” – however I forgot to have the gear wrapped in leather – and I will use “this experience” to chose the “perfect car” now and we know which is about “my future self”, which I am becoming on basis of the positive characteristics of people I have met in my everyday and still meet.
  • I woke up hearing “det er I dag et vejr” by Kim Larsen and the lyrics ”Det er i dag et vejr et solskinsvejr” and ”nu vil jeg gå og købe hyacinter”, which I was happy to hear because I connect this song with something very positive and I was given this song MANY times around 2006 I believe and we know “I made it” is the feeling I get and the reason why this song is now back and we know “giving flowers” and that is “love” you know.
  • I visit my mother and John in Helsingør and in desperation – because they do not understand me and sexual suffering – I throw my new telephone on the floor, but when I pick it up I am surprised that absolutely nothing happened with it. Later I am in town where I meet Sidsel, who is interested in me, but I decide not to meet her, which also makes me throw the telephone hard into the floor without anything happening and when I come home, I take a shower.
    • The telephone is the “spiritual connection” and really to say that life itself is now so secure that we will all come through no matter what happens from here and really to show you my true suffering, which I still face daily and we know Sidsel is the symbol of this and we know she is living a life in comfort and some may even say in abundance according to her messages on Facebook – how many times did you travel abroad this year (?) and we know spending the New Year in India – but I do hope you have a good time, Sidsel?
  • I am in a sport club where one of the instructors bring a big painting, which has hang on the wall while playing and I take it over from him to return to the library in the basement and when I come there, I have no keys to enter but I meet another instructor who is kind to let me in, and when I enter this big library, in one part of it there are paintings hanging all over the walls and I am looking for the right place of the painting I am wearing, it has no. 11158 on it and I can see all of the numbers on the wall and I am looking for the same number on the wall. In the other part of the library I notice that all of the paintings have been lend out and I cannot find the right number and I think of asking the librarian of the procedure to return this picture.
    • I get the feeling that the painting are “the judges” and we know the Council really on their way back to the library after the ending of the game against the darkness and this place is now the Source and I was told when woken up that this symbol means “victory in several countries” and so it is.
    • And we know even though the number was 11158 in the dream, I received the feeling that it was inspired from the “10538 ouverture” by ELO and we know where the first four digits of the song was taken from an object inside of a recording studio and we know also meaning “spiritual communication” and we know another secret message you know.

My Gold dust has started glimpsing around and upon David and my LTO friends

This morning, David was very kind to send a new very warm and nice email wishing me a Happy New Year and to share his thoughts and feelings about me and we know this was very nice of you, my friend, and we know today I have difficulties receiving such warm and positive messages about me because I am really not used to this you see, but when I think of it, I can only say that as long as you do not go to extreme but keep the right balance in your messages to all people – because this is also what you are addressing – I do believe that this is how to do it. Thank you so much my friend for expressing what is so difficult if not to say impossible for many people of the rich countries to do – as part of their suffering – and I can only say David that in this sense you are also your own weight worth in gold and really to say that this is the dust, which has started to glimpse around and upon you and we know which will grow in 2011 changing your life – and the lives of all of my LTO friends – much and of course only to the better. These are my wishes for all of you and of course your families and dear ones too.

And here is his email:

Dear Stig,

Happy New Year!

As gold is special among metals, Diamond special among stones, and Money among tenders, so may you be special among the living! May the heavens smile on you, angels watch over you, and the love of God fill your heart most abundantly as you face 2011.

I was not able to write to you yesterday as I had hoped. I am looking forward to write a more detailed soonest.

Thank you and have a good day.

Almost “sleeping my day away” – and that is only “almost” 🙂

And we know Stig, you decided to sleep until 9.45 this morning – still trying to ”sleeping my day away” to get rid of the tiredness and we know ”funny, funny” is what it is and let me say that these boys are not that ”sweet” but the DAD-song is simply amazing – and from here I wrote the script of today so far and because it is weekend, I took the first long bath in a long time and we know now it is 13.20 and I will publish my book from December to my library – I should really have given every month a title instead of a summary on the front page and at least since the table of contents reduced to one page and we know I am not entirely happy with the structure of my scripts today in the book (!) since I started to publish 3-4 days at a time instead of publishing on a daily basis and we know so it is – and I might decide to start the work on the future system for my website today just to be ahead of time really and we know when I was lying in the bath, I had almost no suffering and was this because I relaxed which the darkness simply “love” to do (?) or was it because the suffering following the “treatment” of my mother has now decreased and there is only way to find out and that is to see if the darkness will return to give me suffering when I will continue working and we know the temptation is of course to do nothing to feel good but you know that would be irresponsible to do and so it is.

I was neither that tired when I was bathing, but when I continued working I felt a little tiredness creeping in but you know I was actually feeling much better today than yesterday.

I was without suffering but when I started working again, the suffering of the darkness returned

This afternoon I decided to read the front page of my website in its full length for the first time for maybe 1-2 weeks and even though I was happy with the formulations, I can now see – when getting the overview again – that I need to do quite a number of improvements, which I will do at my final checking before “delivering” this work to my self on the 14th January according to plan and that is of course unless the Commune will start to steal away time from me.

And I started working 3-4 hours today on the new and improved chapter to my website on the future economic system based on my writings in book no. 2 and even though I thought I found answers to all “challenges” when doing some of my absolutely most impossible work ever in Kenya – because of the circumstances I worked under – I found one mistake today, which I would like to correct here and that is that in the future ALL companies without exception will be publicly owned meaning that there will be no such thing as “self-employed” people as I wrote in book 2. This is really to keep it simple – and focus on the community (!) – and we know you can start a company through your own and others means, but it will be as loans, which the company will have to repay and this is really how I see it, I did not see any other answers and we know I was given MANY of these “difficult” questions in Kenya, which I thought were impossible to solve, but I learned that there was ALWAYS answers to the “challenges” the same way as here really and we know based on “simple logic” – and again the future World Government of course has the power to change the economic system in the future according to the need but I ask you to remember the principles of my scripts.

And the more I worked today, the more sufferings and threats I was given again and really to say that this is because a majority of people still oppose my writings – if they supported them, I would receive more energy instead of less (!) – and because the darkness loves to do nothing and tries to tempt me to do nothing removing my suffering when I relax but you know I have decided to finish my work so this is what I will do no matter what.

These days I am given MANY GOOD IDEAS of what to write in my scripts – to remove my focus and energy from the work on my website – and I cut away most of these, which is a suffering in itself, otherwise the scripts would be “much longer”.

This evening I also received a great pain first in my right and later in my left foot but I understood that this was not because of the suffering of my parents but because of the temptations of nice ladies on the television – whom I still avoid looking at to be sure that the darkness will not do anything I do not (!) despite of ”hundreds” of temptations all of the time and what I don’t know is if these pains to my feet will be brought to my parents and we know I cannot see it because there should be no link now according to the “rules”.

The Queen of Denmark: “We have to have our eyes, ears and heart open to our fellow human beings” without becoming “selfish and distrustful”

Yesterday Queen Margrethe of Denmark held her traditional New Year’s speech on television, which is a uniting point of the Danish population today, and during the years since her coronation in 1972 “somehow” the Danish Queen has been the only one of this society telling the population when they need to improve and we know this has given her respect and “understanding” from the Danish people but you know unfortunately her words have remained “empty words” over the years because the population and the Danish Parliament have not been responsible to follow up on her wise words and we know this year she focused on the importance of the Community and people becoming more “selfish and distrustful”, which can “poison our relations” and “can be irreparable” – and of course she is right, she is telling you “politely” what I have told you directly in my scripts in order for you truly to understand.

Below I include some of the chapters of her speech – in Danish – as I noticed. Please notice her messages that the economical crisis is not “nearly as serious as if it was our values and attitudes shaking” and that the Danish Society have given us so much safety – economically and socially – that we have forgotten that our decisions have consequences and she spoke WISELY about the “Community” as it truly is to be understood (!), which is in the relations and dependence between people and how it was earlier in the small communities where everyone had tasks and responsibilities in relation to others, which today have been overtaken by the “society” making us forget that we all need to contribute and feel a duty towards our nearest.

And her message is that: “We have to have our eyes, ears and heart open to our fellow human beings”. This is what the true Community is about and in this respect I am thinking of the brilliant and ironic song by TV2 “det er samfundets skyld” (“the society is to blame”) and this is truly what it is, because the society with all of its “welfare solutions” and general wealth have made us selfish and forget what the “true community” is truly about.

And here are the chapters I noticed:

Fællesskabet er en stærk kvalitet, som vi skal skønne på, og som vi har brug for, når tiderne er mindre gunstige.

Men er der i disse år tegn på, at vi er blevet mere egoistiske, at vi er blevet tilbøjelige til først og fremmest at kræve ind og sikre os, at vi hver især får det vi selv mener at have krav på? Er vi ved at blive mistroiske overfor hinanden og tillægge hinanden mindre pæne motiver?

Så er det ikke alene en økonomisk krise vi befinder os i, så er det vore holdninger, der er ved at komme i skred. Det er en krise, der kommer snigende og som kan forgifte vort forhold til hinanden. Så er vi ved at sætte noget over styr, som kan være uopretteligt.

Den krise, der så at sige kan måles og vejes, som man kan sætte tal på og tegne kurver over, er ikke nær så alvorlig, som hvis det er vore værdier og holdninger, der vakler. Den økonomiske krise vi nu står i, skal vi nok finde vej ud af på kortere eller længere sigt; men vi skal ud af den med anstændigheden i behold og uden at sætte fællesskabet over styr.

I løbet af det seneste par generationer har samfundet udviklet sig sådan, at vi kan leve mere og mere trygt, både økonomisk og socialt. Vi har vænnet os til frit at kunne vælge og vrage i stort som i småt. Vi har fået det så godt, at vi næsten har glemt, at vore valg også har konsekvenser, og at ikke alle livets vilkår kan vælges til eller fra.

Vi mennesker lever i gensidige afhængighedsforhold. Det gælder i dag, som i går og til alle tider. Tidligere stod det måske mere klart, dengang man levede i de små landsbysamfund, hvor mange opgaver måtte løses i fællesskab, og da flere generationer ofte levede under samme tag, og enhver havde sine opgaver at varetage over for hinanden. Det var et afhængighedsforhold, der var tydeligt for enhver. I dag har vi overladt til samfundet at klare mange af de forpligtelser, som engang var hver enkelts opgave. Ofte går det så vidt, at vi helt glemmer eller overser, at samfundet jo egentlig er os selv, og at det slet ikke kan fungere, hvis vi ikke hver især gør en indsats og føler en forpligtelse over for såvel vore nærmeste, som for dem vi ikke lige løber på i det daglige.

Vi har opnået en frihed til at forme vort eget liv, som tidligere generationer aldrig har kendt magen til, og det skal vi skønne på. Men vi bør også huske, at ingen kan klare sig selv helt alene. Derfor skal vi også passe på det samfund, som vi kender som en tryg ramme om den enkeltes udfoldelse, og have øjne og ører og hjerte åbne for vore medmennesker.

Thank you for remembering and inspiring us Queen Margrethe and we know she is the symbol of Virgin Mary and my mother as “old readers” will remember from my dreams (?) and just so you know and also with the feeling here that “there is more to this story than what the eye can see”.

The speech of the Danish PM shows his selfishness and lack of a true community feeling, which is the true problem of the world

And today it was the Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen to hold his New Year’s speech and we know ”old readers” will know what I believe of him flattering the Danish population wrongly – also making them think wrongly of themselves – instead of telling them the truth of their behaviour – as the Queen BRAVELY did in her speech – and we know what would Lars say today after the speech of the Queen yesterday (?) and we know which is always sent for “approval” (!) to the Prime Minister’s office and we know would Lars “co-ordinate” his speech with the Queen (?) maybe receiving a “good idea” from the people “assisting” him (?) or would he show “statesmanship” and “determination” to help Denmark out of the “financial crisis” (?) and we know WHAT DO YOU THINK HE CHOSE MY DEAR READER (?) – and of course you are right. He chose the EASY, WRONG and DIRECTLY OPPOSITE road of the Queen as you will understand from the following:

Lars is truly a “happy man” or are you (?) and at least he truly believes that the people of Denmark are “among the wealthiest and happiest in the whole world” as he said one year ago misunderstanding what HAPPINESS is about as I have written about before – it is NOT about “public welfare” etc. but about interpersonal relations, good behaviour and communication including a “normal life” etc. – and his “mantra” and goal for Denmark was that “Denmark in year 2020 shall be among the 10 richest countries of the world” so “economy” is quite important for you, Lars (?), and of course economy is important, but is “economy” and “public welfare” what truly create happy people, Lars – and do you really think that you are happy yourself the way people and opponents treat you being on top of the “power”?

And we know he started the speech today by telling how “proud” he is to live in a “free” country, where “we take care of each other” (!!!) – did he not learn from the Queen (?) – as you can see here:

Hvordan ser det så ud, når vi gør status for Danmark? Ja, den følelse, der kommer til mig, er en stolthed over at leve i et land, hvor vi har gode muligheder for at følge vores drømme og frihed til at forme vores liv. Og det er en glæde over at leve i et land, hvor vi tager os af hinanden.

And we know then he continued speaking about ”economy” and ”responsibility” because as he said we have a choice, which is “decisive in order to keep and develop our unique Danish community” and this is TRULY what he said as you can see here:

Derfor vil jeg i aften tale om et andet valg. Et valg, der er afgørende for, at vi kan bevare og udvikle vores enestående danske fællesskab. For os selv. For vores børn. For vores børnebørn.

And from here he spoke about “acting in time, “making the right choices” and “taking common responsibility” instead of what other countries have done, when they have not taken the “necessary reforms” making them “cut drastically in the welfare” and “increase taxes”, which has brought “violence in the streets” – this is apparently the “choice” we have to make – and then (he believed that he) showed “true statesmanship” when he pulled out the rabbit from the hat – if you understand what I say – which was that the Danish “Efterløn” (early retirement arrangement) has to be cancelled for people below 45 years old and reduced for others because “it is more important than ever to have order in the economy” and we know “Lars truly shows responsibility bringing Denmark out of the financial crisis” (!) and is this the picture you would like the voters of Denmark to have of you, Lars, in this year of election (?) and we know dismantling the Efterløn arrangement will save the society approx. 16 billion DKK per year and this is out of a total Budget of 686 billion DKK or my ladies and gentlemen we speak of up to 2.3 percent of the total Danish public Budget as the “solution” from the Danish Prime Minister to act “responsibly” and we know Lars, is this your idea about “necessary reforms” (?) as “the only passable road” (?) and I am really thinking about the agreement in the Parliament four years ago to “save” the Efterløn “far out in the future” and only the 1st June this year you told the population that “I have no plans to change this agreement” and Lars, isn’t the truth that you broke your promise because today things look different to what it did four years ago and therefore you “simply” had to “adjust to the present conditions acting here and now” – as most people do – and we know for how long will this “wise” decision keep until you will need to change it again because things will change (?) and we know just saying that the true and “necessary reform” you need to carry is to change the attitude and behaviour of people to stop focussing on themselves and to start focusing on the “TRUE COMMUNITY”.

And he continued speaking about “our community” based on “responsibility for what we share” and in his dictionary this means “public welfare” (!):

Vores fællesskab bygger på værdier, som vi har kæmpet for gennem generationer: Ansvar for det fælles. Frihed til forskellighed. Lige muligheder for kvinder og mænd.

And his conclusion was that the society of Denmark is ”one of the best, which is”:

Danmark er ikke et perfekt samfund. Men det er et godt samfund – et af de bedste, der findes. Vi står i en ny tid med nye udfordringer, men de kan overvindes. Med sund fornuft og ansvarlighed.

So this is really how different the views of the Queen of Denmark and the Danish Prime Minister are today and we know the difference is also that the Queen does not have any formal influence on the Danish society and the Prime Minister is in charge of it (!) and we know but the real difference and what makes this tragic is that the Queen is right and the Prime Minister is wrong and what you see here is the top of the society with a “selfish” and “not happy” Prime Minister working as the “head cashier” of the society – not as the reformer (!) – who cannot see the elementary truth that “true community” has NOTHING to do with the welfare of this giant of a misbegotten society removing the sense of responsibility from people but this is WRONGLY what he believes it is (!) and what I tell you here is that the PRIME MINISTER – the man in “charge” of Denmark (!) – cannot see that he is wrong and that is simply because he truly believes that the people of Denmark is “among the wealthiest and happiest in the whole world” and that the society consequently is ”one of the best, which is” – as I have written about before is NOT the case – and when you cannot see that you are wrong, you cannot improve and what you need to understand and work on – and this is to both Lars, the Danish Parliament and the whole world – is the simple truth told by the Danish Queen for many years in fact (!) that the TRUE COMMUNITY is about the community of people – NOT “public welfare from the society to people” – including your “duty towards our nearest”, “responsibilities in relation to others” and to follow the principle to “have our eyes, ears and heart open to our fellow human beings”. This is the simple and elementary truth, Lars, which should not have been difficult for you to understand if you simply had decided to listen to and learn from the Queen as your mentor instead of thinking of yourself as superior!

This is the PROBLEM of the Danish Prime Minister, Parliament and also the countries and leaders of the world. If you cannot understand this basic fact about the Community, how will you be able to lead a country and its population through the only TRUE “passable road” (?), which is to IMPROVE YOUR WORK, BEHAVIOUR AND COMMUNICATION as I have told you many times by now and of course also to remove all public welfare and replace it with new arrangements as part of the future economic system, which you can read from my book no. 2 and also from my website – and we know of course is impossible for you to improve as long as you cannot see the problem and this is really the recipe to why the world is in problems today: YOU CANNOT SEE AND CANNOT UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ACT WRONGLY AND WHAT I DO IS TO “OPEN YOUR EYES” FOR YOU TO LEARN AND CHANGE and I wonder how many people of Denmark today after the speeches of the Queen and the Prime Minister can see this simple truth (?) and we know how many politicians and journalists – not to speak of the population – saw the truth of this PLANTED story?


The Government party of Denmark does not do what it says it will do in principle

And to you Jacob, my old colleague from Acta, who has been “brought” close to the top of the Liberal Party and the Prime Minister of Denmark with “a little help from my friends” I can say that this was NOT “the best speech for many years” as you wrote it was on your Facebook wall and Jacob, there is NOTHING to be proud of neither of the Prime Minister or to be a member of the Liberal Party, as you also wrote, and simply because this party does not do what it in principle says it will meaning that you have a Government party of Denmark not doing what it says it will do in “principle” – “freedom with responsibility” – and we know but still people find this party “responsible” (?) and we know this is how to cheat a whole population not understanding what is “right” and “wrong” to do and Jacob, if you read this, do you understand that I am right, and that Lars is wrong and that you are a “yesman” not understanding the truth yourself? Please wake up and start understanding what is “right”!

People think of “WHAT HAPPENS TO ME” (?) instead of understanding the “big picture”

And we know Stig after the New Year’s speech of the PM, the guest in the studio of TV2 said that he was happy that he was 44 years old and that the cancellation of “Efterløn” for people below 45 will not effect him – there will go some time before the Parliament will start and finish its “negotiations” on this – and directly afterwards Pia Kjærsgaard – the leader of the People’s Party and we know the one “hating” foreigners (!) – said that “this man said what all people think of, which is WHAT HAPPENS TO ME” (according to my memory) and that is of course without thinking of the “big picture” thus not understanding what is “sensible” or “realistic” to do and my dear friends if you truly think about it, isn’t this what you see from most people most of the time, that they think about themselves and their own “interests” – as you have seen all of my family and friends do in relation to me – instead of THINKING OF AND UNDERSTANDING what will be the best for all of us (?) and we know THIS IS THE PICTURE OF THE WORLD TODAY and at the same time this is what the Council tells me that they can see happening in the future and the “picture” in this sense is as you will remember “to approve people to enter our new world” and STIG THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN BECAUSE YOUR WRITINGS WILL OPEN UP THE EYES OF THE WORLD MAKING IT IMPROVE and we know to focus on the community without being selfish and so it is.


2nd January: The coming marketing of my website will connect me to people “searching for answers”

Dreaming of the coming marketing of my website connecting me to people “searching for answers” and receiving faith

For the first time since the treatment of my mother the 27th December, I had a night without sexual content and also without smoking and we know it seems like the darkness coming from this Source has now stopped but you know I did not sleep very good this night and again I was woken up many times with dreams and we know which both includes good information and at the same time is keeping me stressed both because of the bad sleep and the script, which “needs” to be done the following morning before continuing with my real task at the moment – my website – and it is exactly because of the “real” work I do, that I am given this stress with many dreams and we know once again we will have to see what the notes of the dreams of tonight say:

  • The newspaper Berlingske Tidende have dismissed its news director, a new HR director is being interviewed by the press, he has no experience from the industry and he tells the truth that the newspaper cannot find a new news director from the industry and that he has received approx. 20 calls to return but none are from people of the Industry – and because of his inexperience with the industry, the press does not think much of him.
    • This is simply to say “there will be no elimination”, which is what the newspaper was the symbol of.
    • I have written before that PERSONAL SKILLS are more important than PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE WITHIN THE INDUSTRY – and proved it myself when I worked as a gardener without having any professional experience but just maybe people thought I did a fine job after all (?) – and this is really the same and also to tell people to get rid of your prejudices and understand the true skills of the person in front of you instead of being “negative” and “guessing” – the person might be more skilled than you (!) and just need to learn the industry but you know when you have professional experience from other industries, this does not have to take a long time because it is the same personal skills you will use across different industries – and thank you for yet another idea to use for my basic work rules!
    • And also to say – inspired by you Bertel Haarder (!) – that I understand the wish from politicians today to agree in forehand on the subjects to talk about in an interview with the press and that is because of how the press behave today (!) but let me say that it is perfectly simple logic in a natural dialogue that you are not to limit what you are going to speak about – this is different than professional meetings where you agree on an agenda – and we know Bertel do you regret that you showed the public a “not well known side of you” in an interview recently where you became “damned” because you received a question you did not like and was not prepared for (?) – which normally is what I get the impression you are – and we know Bertel instead of becoming angry and showing your worst side, you could simply have told that you were not prepared for the question and would like to come back later with your answer, this will always be understood and that is unless it was agreed for you to be prepared of course (!) and we know I write it like this because I do not know what was agreed upon and what was not and we know I could write much about my old “admiration” for you, Bertel, because of your books etc. but you know you should really always answer your emails – including mine to you approx. 10 years ago – and behave correctly and so it is.
  • I am in the ski terrain directly next to the city, I am on my way to the city to see an exhibition together with Niels B. and another person, however I cannot enter the city because I am sledging down the snowy hills and I smile all over when I come to the end of the hill, it was very funny. After this, I arrive too late at the city because there are no more busses driving to the exhibition and I see my sister in the city too.
    • Niels B. is here again the son of Ole, my mother’s ex-husband. This is about ending the suffering after the “treatment” of my mother – hence the symbol of snow – and about my visit together with GE Insurance to Lahti in Finland – or close to – in the winter of 2001 I believe, where we were sledging down a VERY long snowy hill and we know it was really very funny as the dream says and we know also a symbol of my suffering of the time and we know what happened yesterday on my website (?) and we know I had a visitor from Lahti, Finland, who was searching on “Niburu” and “surprisingly” he found my site and we know which is connected to this dream because of the geographical presence and also to say how the Council have started to “link” me together with people “searching for answers on what will happen” and we know also to encourage my readers to search on “Niburu” themselves on YouTube and the Internet in general and you may be surprised of what you will find!
  • I am meeting a man from TP Music, he tells me that 24 years ago he started TP Music together with two others and he put four CD singles with Duran Duran on the table in front of me – they are all wet – and one of them is the song “the reflex” and I am very interested in the music and he says that for now he will hold on to the CD’s and I think that I will copy the music myself.
    • When I woke up I heard “election day” by Duran Duran (Arcadia, I know …) and it became “re-election day” and this dream is to say that this man was inspired to start TP music many years ago – the shop where I bought most of my CD’s before I could find music in CD quality for free on the Internet – and we know I sent him an email also approx. 10 years ago giving him good suggestions of what to do and we know he never sent me a reply thus giving me a bad experience the same way as Bertel and this is really to encourage me to include a basic work rule on timing when it comes to answering emails, letters and telephone calls, which I will do – thank you.
    • And “the reflex” is about reflecting when it comes to communication and I don’t know what the re-election is about.
  • I am going to play golf with Peter A. and he puts on the ball at the tee place so it is almost unreachable and he says that “this will become too difficult to hit if we are many but if we are only two, it will not” and I swing in my golf bag across the tee place and ask him if he has any “spare parts” and I ask him to look at the brand of my golf bag which is “spare”, which makes us smile. Now the golf has become a billiard table, which we use to play golf on (!), I have started but it is more than difficult to play because the table is sloping steeply down towards me, there are empty wine bottles on the table and the golf hole has disappeared and Peter says that he will also get started but we get interrupted by a man who tells me that he know that he has a problem with his setting of prices, which he cannot document, he knows that he will get into trouble because of this and he also tells me that Peter A. is incompetent and then he leaves. Afterwards I see a very negative article in a newspaper, which Peter A. has written on this man. We continue playing and I say that I cannot find the hole but then I see five pieces of salmon being put on the table and it opens the hole for me. There are also other people around the table, I see a letter which they have sent to Peter and somehow Peter’s house is the head office to store all of the Champagne of this secret Champagne supplier.
    • And we know the smiles are from the Council because of the progress of my work and this is also about my difficulties to finish my website – which is a huge and not very easy job to do when you are suffering and kept down physically the more and the better you work – and we know also to do marketing afterwards, but the Source will help me as the dreams says – the salmon opening the hole to finish my work, i.e. the golf round, which has started to happen when I have been inspired for some days very directly to take out some of the most ambitious work from the first improvement of my website in order to finish on time and we know I have not made a plan yet, but this may be included at a later update – and Peter is an old marketing manager so the message of this dream is that the marketing I will do on my website will lead to understanding, faith and celebration in Champagne and we know people searching for answers will receive the answer and so it is.
    • A little more explanation: The empty wine bottles is lack of faith in me meaning that my work is very difficult to do and that I cannot show my self in full glory, the professional criticism of Peter, which I have written a little about from time to time could also have started the destruction of the world because of his potential negative reactions, hence the symbol of the newspaper.
    • And we know I am not afraid of Peter A. as this dream may indicate because of my writings on him and we know because he is not reading my website and really because I like Peter as a person very much indeed and I look forward to seeing you and other Fair colleagues again in March 2011 as agreed in September, I believe – and by the way Peter is the reason why Income Protection Insurance in Denmark is called “Lønsikring” because this is what he recommended me to call it back in 2002/03 and this is what the market in general call it today.
  • I was told “we cannot be killed and we have now developed as much that we have decided that there will be no more sicknesses to that boy” which was about me and we know because of the progress of my work too, I will not have to fear sickness coming to me, which I have really not done and that is “very much” because obviously my right heel has given me some concerns and also if this would expand to other parts of my body, but we know “nice to know” that this threat is now also gone.
  • I see an election on television for people below the age of 30 and I am surprised to see that Pia Kjærsgaard receives as much as 31 percent of the voters and I see television commentators speaking about this.
    • This was to remind me to include the comment from Pia Kjærsgaard on television yesterday in my script of yesterday, which I would probably not have done without this dream – thank you – and to say that the problem of self-satisfied people not liking foreigners to come to Denmark as “parasites” on the cost of their welfare – this is how they think of fellow human beings – is growing.
  • I have received smoked salmon in droves from my mother and also halibut, and I decide to split it up in portions and to freeze some to save for later.
    • And we know at one and the same time my mother is the person who will help me to become my self – the symbol of the fish – because of her love to me and also the one who gives me the biggest sufferings because of her misunderstanding of me – the symbol of freezing – and we know I am looking much forward to the day where she will understand me and we know I can see that there are still nobody from Hørsholm/Rungsted reading my scripts, which leaves out my sister and brother-in-law – and also Niklas/Tobias, Karen/Denis and Pia/Peter (!) – to understand me and to influence my mother positively instead of negatively on me, but I do see that my mother and John from time to time read my website, but you may not have understood me yet (?) and we know who is my regular reader from Hornbæk (?) and Allan, I am happy to see that you are one of my regular readers from Nivå – and of course also you Fuggi in Copenhagen and we know so it is – but none of you give me any FEEDBACK on my writings and is it because you are afraid to be mentioned in my scripts ???
  • I see Denmark first winning a football match by 6-1 and in the next match against Brazil in pouring rain, Denmark is behind as much as 9-1 after 58 minutes and Brazil can still score more goals.
    • Here I am Brazil winning BIG against the darkness in this round too and we know the goal against me is probably because I did not plan my work on my website as carefully as I should have, I was surprised of the amount of work increasing day by day when I started, which I should not have been if I had really planned my work – which however was “more than difficult to do” because of the darkness influencing me – and we know which may be the reason to my cracking right heel.
  • I am together with my mother and John, they bring me three of the best looking roasted short loins and they tell me that Sanna is not hungry and later at the table I say that the movie started immediately and Sanna says that she does not understand and I tell her that “it is because this is a dream inside of the dream” and I explain that the movie started without any introducing crawling titles and that it ran for two minutes before the real movie started.
    • The short loins is about “feed the world” too with the help of my mother and John in the “future soon to be” and I can only understand that the first two minutes of the movie was the movie of the darkness, which ran before I changed the name of the game to start the movie of the light.
  • I am working at the Commune helping people to receive the right amounts of social welfare, often people receive too little compared to what they are entitled to and I am happy when discovering two errors made by the Commune helping a family to receive more. I use an electrical typewriter to write my report but it is almost impossible for me to write the words, which makes me more careless in order to finish as soon as possible and to my surprise the keyboard of the typewrite starts to destruct with wires springing in front of me and suddenly I also receive an electrical shock, which makes me ask a colleague to unplug the typewriter from the socket in the wall.
    • This is what would have happened if I had decided to do my work on my website “careless in order to finish as soon as possible” – the electrical shocks are sicknesses – but we know Stig I am working my absolutely best and hardest according to my energy and we know if I had “normal” energy I would have decided to work 12-16 hours per day until I would finish – because of the importance of my work and the world waiting on me – as I have always done when I had important work to finish and we know which of course is not what you are supposed to do in the future and this is exactly how it is – and we know I could never “dream” of doing less than my best when working on my website.

And we know Stig I was really very tired this morning when writing the script of today so far and we know so much that I would not have been able to exercise today – which I was yesterday where I however decided to work – and this is really the difference between my “good” and “bad” days here and we know to put it mildly I was not “very motivated” to work and not “very happy” to receive all of these dreams today but no matter what, the work has do be done and we know with the same quality as I have decided for when it comes to my scripts and this is how it still is my friends – and now most of it is done at 11.40 and we know my mother will soon arrive and I wonder about the connection of my suffering today – “my son has no winter boots” – and we know “worries” is not of the good when I really do not need new boots “urgently” – they are “nice to have” but not “need to have” – and I wonder how long the winter will continue (?) but you know my mother thinks differently and then this is what I have to bear and so it is.

A nice afternoon with my mother showing me “the look” of amazement

And we know a little later I met my mother here in Lyngby – a good shopping city (!) – and we agreed that instead of winter boots it would be more useful for me to get a pair of new all round shoes, which I can also use at other seasons than winter, and this is then what we did, which actually made me happy because my old shoes were let me say “worn out”. Thank you very much indeed J.

During our lunch I saw for the first time on my mother this “special look” as I have also seen on John and Isabelle approx. one month ago without writing it before now and we know “the look” lasted a few seconds only and we know it was “an empty look” at me in “amazement” and we know what was the thought behind it (?), was it simply “sadness” because of my so called “craziness” hoping that life could be as it used to be (?) or was it the “we are starting to believe in you” look (?) also meaning that “am I really this person myself” (?) and I really don’t know because people don’t tell me – and the Council is amazingly quite here too.

I was completely exhausted making it impossible to do anything

When I came home again later in the afternoon I was completely exhausted making it impossible to do anything and really also to keep awake but despite of this, I decided to keep awake (!) and during the afternoon I also started receiving a very uncomfortable stomach pain, which lasted for some hours and we know was it the coffee again (?) and here again the Commune thinking of what to do with me giving them an uncomfortable time too (?) and finally after some hours of relaxation my suffering – also coming from some negative speech – started reducing and the reason being that I was not working and so it is.

The darkness again tried to remove my power, but I decided to show that I am the Judge and the “game master”!

In the beginning of the evening I received the message that the new challenge will be that if I do not carry out my work, extraterrestrials will start to die and UFO’s will start small attacks on Earth (!), and I was really so tired and feeling so uncomfortable that this was not at all what I liked to hear – new negativity, which I resist more than I can tell you – and for 1-2 hours I refused to take a note on this and we know finally I took a note but I also started thinking and believing in myself again and we know I AM THE JUDGE – there are no others than me despite of the dream of yesterday (!) – and the “GAME MASTER” and therefore I did clearly what I really should have done even better over the last week when I first was told that my parents were in danger to die and later that I could receive sicknesses my self if I did not carry out my work satisfactory and this is to say that I SET THE RULES AND I HAVE NO CHANGES TO MY OLD RULES and we know still meaning that I am the most protected of all in the Universe together with my parents followed by the Council and my “special friends” – to help all people to survive (!) – and we know if you cannot cover the darkness through the suffering we go through – as I have accepted too – you will have to direct the darkness to Earth and the Universe and this is simply how it is – and after this decision, I also felt that I have played the game badly for weeks, “I should have known better”, and we know because I have been so focussed on my work and so tired – and we know the darkness will NEVER again get the chance to remove my power and so it is.

I was shown more UFO activities on the sky than ever before

Earlier in the evening and yesterday when I looked at the clear sky, I was wondering why no UFO’s were visible and after I had taken the charge again early this evening and started to look out again later, I understood the connection because now again – after deciding on the right thing to do – I was shown more activities than ever before when 5 or was it 6 UFO’s (?) – at most three at a time – were flying to the left of my window and my dear friends, it is very rare to see a plane flying forward and back in the same direction as it came from as some did – and planes don’t look like these “characteristic moving lights” – and again I was thinking about this activity on the sky which all people here could see if they just looked up but I was told by one that “nobody is watching us” and “we know who is watching” .

After this experience coming back to my living room, I felt silence – no suffering and that is because I had stopped working you know, which makes the suffering disappear after some hours (!) – and the feeling of my spiritual father “under my skin” coming back to me again clearly and we know he is in charge of the pain I receive and that is of course only as a spiritual tool reflecting people having the responsibility for my suffering, which is as you should know by now the people loving me the most – my family and friends – not understanding and not having faith in me and this is truly the biggest contrast and disappointment you can imagine.


3rd January: Follow in my footsteps and build up your mental strength and perseverance: NEVER GIVE UP!

Dreaming of the importance of having mental strength and perseverance and to NEVER GIVE UP!

Tonight I slept somewhat better than yesterday but you know I am still suffering because I don’t get a full night’s sleep without interruptions and here are the dreams – and I am glad that there were not many today:

  • Something about Brian and Michael Laudrup and that I am scoring and something about being disappointed with how people treat me – I cannot read the notes and I don’t remember the dream and we know after writing down notes of dreams most of the times I recall the dreams in the morning, but not this one.
    • Scoring is the same as taking a picture which is to be approved to enter our new world, which is where we are still approaching and that is despite of how people treat me.
  • I have started working for a new company after being dismissed at another company. I feel down and have great difficulties finding energy and working my best including to arrange the papers of new cars, where I know that Petersen (from 3107!) who is absent has the enclosure but I cannot pull myself together to find it and do this simple task, which makes a colleague working better than I help and he asks me if I am sure that I will be able to put together a new pension scheme for us and I tell him yes but I think how shall I be able to find the energy required. And the colleague keeps talking about my difficulties and he also refers to the trouble I have with my wife at home and mostly my focus is that he speaks to me like this while the manager is also listening and I tell him that it is not good speaking like this in front of the manager. Later a lady asks us if there is anything we need at our part of the office and we tell her that we don’t need a radio – and she says that this is good because there are other radios all over the office– but I tell her that we would like to have a big stereo system to be used during the weekends. And finally some of the old employees start speaking about the human climate of the company and some of them speak negatively and it is clear to them that they are not to blame themselves, it is others having the “fault” and I ask them to stop what they do and start to write down their thoughts to be taken up at a team day later and I tell them that they should be happy to be together with their colleagues and to carry out their work and that it is important to do “empowerment” as they do in General Electric.
    • This is really about how people treat each other badly today and people not having the mental strength, staying power and perseverance and we know people who almost give up often because of only little – which is also my feeling at the moment because I am FORCED to go through sufferings almost without energy and we know in relation to finishing my work on the website and to market it afterwards – and we know this is NOT what you will see in the future also when you do meditation to build up your mental strength (!), when you will decide to treat people as you would like to be treated yourself and when you decide to follow in my footsteps to NEVER GIVE UP (!) – which is what I need to prove to myself once again doing this “impossible” work and NOT because it is difficult to do by itself – it just take many hours to do – but because of how poorly I feel while doing it. Thank you for the inspiration for a new bullet point to my basic work rules.
    • And we know in the future you will not see a “traditional” manager as here – who in the dream also had two secretaries because he does not do “manual” work himself which of course is WRONG (!) – and you will (normally) not see the need for a “team day” to discuss “how can our interpersonal relations” improve because you will simply feel joy and happiness also because of good communication without the desire to be negative and complaining and so it is.
    • I like the idea of empowerment, which you can read of here – and probably many other places on the Internet.

After my decision yesterday to empower myself (!), my right heel healed completely today

And we know I do not feel much energy, but I do feel better than yesterday and I will see if I will do some exercise again today and normally it is a good idea to do when I feel “alright” before I will feel “poorer” again, so I might as well do it this afternoon and we know my right heel “magically” healed completely during the night so this morning I don’t have any pain left and just to show you how it works when I am the Judge and how it was when the darkness tried to remove the power from me, which this was about and we know doing the opposite than empowering me, which is what the darkness and “most managers” of the world is about today!

Using “much more time” than anticipated writing my scripts almost making it impossible to plan my work!

The chapters on the Prime Minister and the Queen from the 1st January were first written today and we know Stig another example given to you to make it almost impossible for you to plan your work – because of the darkness opposing me (!) – because you had no idea or chance to know how long this would take to write – you thought it would be two short chapters taking you maybe half an hour to do but instead it took approx. 5 hours in total going through their speeches in detail and finding the “true” messages for this script (!) – and meaning that you will not be able to do the other half of the planned work to your website on our future economic system today and we know but my plan is to finish this on Wednesday, so I should still be able to reach this intermediate goal if nothing else happens (!) and we know writing the script of today, the chapters on the Queen and Prime Minister and we know to do the second edit of the last days of scripts, to set up the scripts to be published on my website and to publish them – today first after 19.00 after working the whole day only separated by lunch – really took out all I had in me and we know “almost breaking me down” meaning that I did not have the time – and almost on the edge of no energy too – to exercise today as I had hoped but you know I NEEDED to publish my work, because I don’t want to come behind, because this would be an “evil circle” to enter, which I have done absolutely everything to avoid and we know which I am more than happy to have avoided – and we know the more I worked today, the less my suffering became (!) and I am learning more every day on how this “game” works and the only possible reason is that there is no more darkness to eliminate and we know this is also despite the fact that the Commune at 13.11 today landed on my website and two minutes later at 13.13 they had managed to click into seven pages of my website (!) and we know Jane, how much are you able to read and understand in only two minutes (?) and how much does this make you believe in me (?) and we know what does this mean to your decision on sending me out to work for free for an employer (?) and we know have you decided what you want me to do (?) and for which company (?) and we know do you think that I should work as storeman as an example without using my true skills (?) and when do you expect to contact me again (?) and we know I know this because my counter told me that a computer in Lyngby was visiting my website and here also that the host was “ltksmtp10.ltk.dk” and we know “ltk.dk” is the domain of Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune and we know I am using this system to trace you, which of course is wrong, but when you do not tell me what you do and think of – also thinking of LTO here – this is how I also receive information.

And today my old friend Preben called me – which made me happy and we know apparently I still have friends, so I was too hasty saying otherwise recently – and we know we spoke of “selfishness”, which is a subject he experiences personally at the moment and we know Preben, did you really make it to read my script of today including this chapter (?) and we know I asked him if he had read my new website, which he had not and he promised me to read it because I hope that it will make him understand me better – and I recommended him also to read my script on the speeches of the Queen and the Prime Minister too – and we know he said that he will try to set up bowling with Kim in January so we know looking forward to hearing from him about this I am.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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