Jan. 7, 2011: People from rich countries believe they live a happy life but they suffer because of lack of warm feelings


4th January: I was hoping that people by now would have started to help me and LTO receiving a “normal life”

  • Dreaming of receiving more energy when more people will start believing in me, I was hoping that people by now would have started to help me and LTO receiving a “normal life” but they have not, which makes me continue to help LTO to survive, helping Torben from the park with strong negative thoughts even though it almost broke me down and now again he cannot control the thoughts, visiting my sick father and Kirsten giving them “all my love” with flowers and music and feeling “some love” from them too and “the lord shining a light on me”.
  • I decided to write to the LTO team yesterday and to inform Elijah – with the feeling of sadness – that when he does not communicate, there is no foundation to keep our friendship and therefore I will AGAIN stop communicating with him if I don’t hear from him within one week – but I will still send him money.
  • My email made John feel “inspired” to write me yet another very kind email – making me happy to receive communication – telling me about the sufferings of his family but showing me the strong attitude “but we must hang on” and this is exactly what we must, John, because WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP (!) and this is part of the “gold dust” you receive through me.
  • I continued working the full day today even though I had almost no energy, and I finished the draft of the text on our future economic system for my website, which I will edit tomorrow.

5th January: “The road of God” was “mission impossible” but was it anticipated that I would succeed or give up?

  • Dreaming of meeting the darkness within the light, will Fuggi value our friendship more than what was “nothing” (?), the name of the game in relation to my sexual temptation with nice ladies in front and Virgin Mary as the true actor behind, don’t be laid back when meeting people but be natural, smiling and shake their hands, an increasing rotation of Earth is to give sceptics another proof of my arrival and an old colleague having a very high income because of his talent of “speaking” however with only little professional knowledge, which is what truly is the basic part of all work.
  • I was “this close” to give up working today because of extreme tiredness, but still I went through this working the whole day – now one day ahead of my schedule.
  • David wrote: “We have always encouraged Elijah to keep in touch with you”, however Elijah again fell for the temptation of the darkness during his period of suffering, which is not to communicate and not to speak the truth, which has made both of us suffer more and made it even more difficult to save the world.
  • Following the “road of God” at the top of the mountain going through extreme suffering without giving in to the darkness was truly “mission impossible”. Would I be strong enough to “never give up” when “getting to the point” (?) – and was it anticipated that I would succeed coming through this road? Have I contributed myself to show the world “a strong voice blocking out the truth”?

6th January: Improving my website is my exam to make people believe in me and I still have time to improve it more

  • Dreaming of my survival bringing “normal life” to all, which makes a “wonderful world”, Karen and Denis also bring me darkness because of misunderstandings, the importance of listening and thinking carefully, my work on the website is my exam and I still have time to improve it, our coming celebration in “our new world”, famous musicians deteriorating because of drugs and returning because of love, the friendship I had with Allan in the seventies is the closest I have had before we grew apart – close friendships like this will be common in our new world, Kim S. hoping to sell his company and to stop working but instead Kim, you will start to work for all of us as one of my teachers of the world and finally the story of my old friend Lars G., who I lost as a friend because money was more important to him.
  • I worked concentrated without problems (!) and opened the new menu options “the Doomsday Scenario” and “the New World Order” on my website.
  • The “deep-rooted feelings” against “socialism” in USA totally blocks out “common sense” when the Republicans now will try to cancel the health care reform potentially costing billions of dollars and killing people – instead of working on what are the true challenges of USA.

7th January: People from rich countries believe they live a happy life but they suffer because of lack of warm feelings

  • Dreaming of delivering my absolutely best as “normal life” to the world, my mother having sorrow because of me, the world will NOT harm us when we will be “discovered” because of the strength of the light, we will still be in need of “experienced managers” working as mentors in our new world, the need to agree on “details” and additional insurance in future business, a majority of people of rich countries believe they live a happy life but in reality they suffer in ignorance because they lack warm feelings, my telephone of “spiritual communication” works perfectly but when my family does not believe in me (yet) they do not receive spiritual communication also making them continue to live in the darkness and not the light, and the need of having future world and business top leaders with exceptional ideas, skills and personal drives.
  • Today I received even more ideas to improve my website making me stressed and on my edge of breaking down – but only on my edge.
  • My “good old friend” Jacob – who today believes that I am crazy without reading me – has a very big uncritical admiration of the Prime Minister as a majority of the Danish population, who now support the PM. The “only” problem is that the PM is wrong, and that neither the PM, Jacob nor the population can see this!
  • This evening when I looked at the sky, there were NO LIGHTS to start with but within two minutes UFO lights were switched on, which included the star constellation the BIG DIPPER!
  • I had my CLOSEST ENCOUNTER yet when the “light of Virgin Mary” on the sky flew directly against me, turned off its main light and let me see the outline of the saucer flying above the house maybe 50-100 metres above me.


4th January: I was hoping that people by now would have started to help me and LTO receiving a “normal life”

Dreaming of hoping that people by now would have started to help me and LTO receiving a “normal life”

And we know all of us yet another poor night making me tired – with a “very wrong” physical feeling inside of me – this morning but we know “the work has to be done” and the positive is that there are not many dreams from the night so I can focus on finishing the first draft of the text to my website on our future economic system and edit and improve it tomorrow before I will continue with my plan and that is how it is and eeehhh some dreams:

  • Something has arrived and I ask if it is a power generator and I am told that it is not but it is “something of the kind”. I am taking the small train – “the pig” as it is called – from Marienlyst to Helsingør and I am willing to pay the fare for all passengers but I am told that I shall not. And something about receiving a cup of coffee – a couple of hours old – which is not what I was hoping, but still the coffee was fine. I was hoping to get a cup of chocolate.
    • And I wonder if the power generator – or whatever it is – is the ENERGY, which I will receive when more people will start to believe in me, “the pig” is “normal life” here and I was hoping that people by now would have started to help me and my LTO friends receive a “normal life” through donations as I encourage people to send me on my website – hence the chocolate – but you know I will carry on as usual also in 2011 to help my friends “stayin’ alive” and this is of course also you John.
  • I am at Danske Bank, Espergærde, standing at one of the cash desks and because my account is in deficit, I use one of the old computers to print out my postings – “FSPG PRINT 329”as I still remember – and one of the ladies working there come to the printer next to me, she has tried to print out some things but the printer does not work and I tell her that I cannot help her because I don’t know her system.
    • Here it is about financing “normal life”, where we are still in deficit and it looks like there is no connection between her new system and my old system and I know that an IT-system is also a symbol of my writings so just maybe she cannot print because she does not have access to my writings because she does not know about my website yet.
  • I am at a hospital where I see a man having so severe wounds all over the body that he is bleeding all over and dying. Someone is coming a cloth over him again and again to remove the bleeding to relieve him and just doing this makes the helping man feel very bad because it is nasty to look at but somehow his vision opens making him see spiritually the big effect of the work he does, which relieves the hurting man very much and because of this, the helper continues to do the work. Later I hear that “Torben has died”. I approach the small kitchen where patients also stay, I see morning bread including some delicious Danish “te-birkes” and I look at a lady there and see that it is my old colleague Lisbeth from Aon (1995-97), she is sick but she is on her way to Helsingør and the next thing I see is that we walk together now through my old school Mørdrupskolen in Espergærde and she talks about buying a bicycle and I see that it is raining outside.
    • When I woke up from the dream I heard one of my “beloved” songs “sweet harmony” by eeehhh Beloved and the lyrics “Let’s come together, Right now, Oh yeah” and we know I have seen this some times on VH1 and I do believe that it is a very beautiful song indeed – I like both the song and also the lyrics very much and we know “sort things out” to “make a better world”, which is really what we are doing and so it is my friend.
    • I am thinking of Torben from the park and we know I did not write about our experiences when I started in the park again in the autumn of 2010 and we know we were working together on cutting the lime trees and we know he is a very nice man indeed but he has always had personal challenges with very negative thoughts, which he could not control – he kept on thinking strongly that the work was “impossible” to do and it could never “be good enough” – and at the same time he is a very positive man. We liked each other much but I have to say that his negative thoughts on the work were transferred directly to me almost breaking me down these days when I had to fight the EXTREME voice of the darkness wanting me to stop working – which would NOT have been good (!) – making it “almost impossible” to come through. We talked much about his negative thoughts and how to overcome them, which noticeable made him feel better and happy to receive help, which is what this dream says and we know when I am no longer around him to help him, he “symbolic” dies – which also means that we don’t see each other anymore – and we know meaning that he is “caught in a trap” of his negative thoughts and we know I am thinking of the songs of both Elvis and ELO here and just saying how much I like Torben and his very POSITVE and OPEN heart and approach to people and we know which people misunderstand as I saw some times in the park and because of the “wrong resistance” of people who cannot “take” his very positive approach – as I know very well from personal experiences too – he receives these negative thoughts from us and we know “unfair” is what it is as it always is when the darkness is stronger than the light and we know Torben is a coming “special friend” too.
    • The dream of Lisbeth is about her not feeling feel well going through her “school” and that is her “ride of suffering” – i.e. the bicycle and the rain – to approach the light of the “the city of God”, i.e. Helsingør and in other words, she is one of my “special friends” too on her way through her “private Hell”.
  • I overcome the feeling of resistance and decide to visit my father and Kirsten. I bring flowers and a CD with music, which I know they will love. Kirsten tells me that they almost only watch television but I also understand that my visit and the CD make her happy and that they may listen to the CD. My father is sick and feels very poorly. His sister Inge is also there and I ask her how much she reads my scripts and I understand that she does not read them word by word.
    • According to the dream both Kirsten and my father still have positive feelings of me even though they are a “slave” to the darkness, i.e. the television. I do hope that his sickness is under control – this is what I have asked for when protecting him and my mother the most – and we know the pain in my right heel disappeared the day before yesterday and that is even though you have “teased” me and given me a little new “pain” yesterday but we know yesterday I also started receiving some “uncomfortable pain” at the right side of my neck, which I also connected with my father and it continued today.
    • The dream is also to say that I have not heard from you Inge after asking you in my script of the 29th December “maybe you would like to let me know if my father is doing alright?” and we know I have decided not to contact Inge at the moment to ask her directly how my father is and that is because of my lack of energy and because I don’t want my father to start receiving new negative thoughts about me if Inge should tell him of me contacting her – so this will have to wait until later, when I feel better – and I have thought MANY times about seeing you and Ove again, Inge, but you know it will have to wait until later because of how I feel.
  • And finally I also received the song “shine a light on me” by the Rolling Stones and we know “a special song” to me too and really it has been very special the last couple of months without making it to the scripts before now and we know “may the good lord shine a light on me” and this is what is happening right now through the energy of the Source shining on and through me.

Giving Elijah the last chance before I will stop communication with him because he does not communicate

Yesterday evening when sending my script to Kenya, I also decided to write the email below, which I was not happy to do, and we know but there is only one logical conclusion – no matter who you are – when people do not communicate and that is to stop communication and my dear friend, Elijah, this is what you have done once again, you have not sent me an email since the 9th October and we know making you use the power of the darkness not communicating – one of the big challenges of your life so far and that is with a good explanation – instead of simply sending me a short email once per month, which is all I asked you to do but this was “impossible” for you (?) and I know that you are suffering, but when you can come to Nairobi to receive my money, you should also be able to use a few minutes to send me a short email (?) – and I should not even have to tell you this anymore (!) – and we know you can read the rest in my email below and I do hope that I will not come in the same situation with Meshack and John, who I heard from the last times the 23rd and the 12th December and first of all my thoughts are truly that I DO HOPE YOU ARE DOING ALRIGHT ALL OF YOU (?) and Elijah when I do not hear from you, I simply do not know how you are doing making me sad and this is how it is.

Here is the email I sent:

Dear all,

Below is my script today.

David is kind to communicate with me from time to time – however you do not tell me about your plans to meet and discuss? – and the general idea is that when I am able to go through my sufferings, which are even worse than yours and I still can communicate with you, you are ALSO able to communicate with me. Do you remember that communication is as important as eating?

Elijah, despite of your sufferings, you have now again put yourself in the same situation as before, which is to be excluded from my emails but I ask the team still to share the money I send with you – and you will be excluded if I do not hear from you before Monday next week. When there is no communication, there is no foundation for a friendship – making us both unhappy.

John and Meshack, I would be happy to hearing from you again in January (?) and my dear, dear friends HAVE YOU MET AND TRIED TO IMPROVE THE FAITH OF ELIJAH IN ME (?) and why don’t you communicate (?) and please remember that I am going through even worse suffering than you. I would like to hear from you all.

Despite of this, which is also meant positively – but do I need to tell you that this is what it is (?) – I send all of my best to your nearest and dearest ones.

Another very kind email from John telling me that “we must hang on”

And we know Stig, my email was apparently what it took to get John “started” again because he was very kind again to send me his very nice words once again making me HAPPY – this is the idea of communication my friends – and of course I am also sad because of your continuous suffering but I do like to hear strong people say “but we must carry on” – thank you so much John for your email, your attitude and also for updating me on what goes on in your life at the moment.

Will you please bring my congratulations to your daughter because of her very fine result – and this is also to your wife as a “proud” mother and also for her still carrying on while you are going through these difficult times.

I also thank you for informing me about your meeting at the park, which I really had hoped you would have agreed on and informed me about already when answering my email from the 16th December – it MUST not take more than two weeks to inform about your plans to meet and this is despite of the sufferings you go through and my friends this is simply TO TEACH THE WORLD of course, which is still “the name of the game” you are going through: “How well are you able to do when you are going through sufferings” (?) and how much do you remember of my teachings to you (?) – this is what it is also about.

And here is his email:

Dear Stig,

Happy new year to you. Hope you are well despite the suffering. We are all going through a lot of suffering due to the hard economic times we are experiencing but we must hang on.

Am well together with my wife Angeline and our two children. Our daughter performed so well in last year’s standard eight examination where she scored 353 points. Although we might face difficulties in raising the school fees, we are at the same time proud of her.Its our prayer that God will provide for her education in next four years.

We are meeting tomorrow at the park to review the year 2010 and am sure we will have an opportunity of talking to Elijah. I know he has been going through some problems and he need to be encouraged by all of us since we are a family.

Thank you very much for the money, we lack words to express how we feel about but just remember that you are an Angel sent to us by God. Please accept my appreciation on behalf of all the team members. We hope the new year will be good and God will take away the suffering.


Another full working day with almost no energy

And we know I was happy first of all to have another full working day from 10.00 to 17.30 today – which is TRULY not the easiest to do at the moment – and also to follow my plan meaning that I finalised the description of our future economic system for my website – it fills 8 pages and it will receive its own menu point at the website – and we know I will edit it tomorrow and we know I did not have the energy to exercise today which was really the reason why it was difficult to work – and also to wash my clothes and do shopping after 17.30 too but you know life has to continue so this is what I do and we know when I face the most difficult times during the day almost giving up, which might be 5-10 times per day, I still instantly receive very much darkness coming to me from my right side, which is VERY, VERY difficult to resist and this is how it still works and we know as long as I decide not to give up and we know I will never give up you know!

And we know, I have not yet heard from the Commune and is it more difficult than you expected, Jane, to find a “suitable job” for “someone like me”?


5th January: “The road of God” was “mission impossible” but was it anticipated that I would succeed or give up?

Dreaming of don’t be laid back when meeting people but be natural, outgoing, smiling and shake their hands

And we know Stig yet another day and again having the feeling when starting the work that “I thought it was a lie” and we know because my focus on the work to improve my website gives me much darkness and because of this I don’t have energy to exercise anymore or at least only more rarely and we know at the same time I feel that I am growing physically in size soon making it “impossible” to wear even the biggest of my trousers even though I really don’t eat very “fat” and Stig my pain is growing in this respect but you know as long as I can sit in front of the computer working, I will continue and this is how it is and we know yet another bad night of sleep and it is really not very “funny, funny” to come through this period but we know someone has to do it and it is better that I do it because of my know-how and here are some dreams as well:

  • I am on Mallorca, I am flying in the air towards the city. At the promenade I meet Danish friends and we talk about meeting at lunch at the hotel, however we don’t plan to have lunch at the same time. I walk the promenade and I see irons on sale at the store called “målmanden” (“the goal keeper”) and I decide to have dinner later at a pizzeria. When I arrive I see a big yellow team lead by Fuggi and the waiter serves a lot of beer to this team and he says “I must say that you drink a lot”, I sit down with this team temporarily while I am waiting on a chair to be free with my own team behind Fuggi’s team and this makes Fuggi tell the waiter about me “he is not yellow, waiter” and I reply “yes, I am yellow all over, but I am waiting for a seat with my own team”.
    • Being in Spain should be good, flying the same – nobody is stopping me – the goal keeper is a symbol of the darkness, the yellow team is belonging to the darkness too because of the symbol of drinking – so here are symbols of darkness included with symbols of the light as the Pizzeria is too, which is how it is at the moment – and more than anything this is about my sadness of the decision of Fuggi not to see me because of what is truly nothing compared to the value of our friendship and I do hope Fuggi that you will realise this and contact me again?
  • I am sharing a room with Michella, but despite of the looks on her face, I feel that it is my mother. We talk about going on holiday for one week to the south or a full month to China – both are only 4,000 DKK – but Michella is told that she has to work so she cannot take a holiday.
    • This is really to show you that the temptation I am given is a nice lady in front – and Michella was the biggest temptation I was given – but behind the façade it would be my spiritual mother playing, this is what could have been carried out SPIRITUALLY and very realistically if I had accepted the IMMENSELY STRONG TEMPTATIONS of the darkness every single second for years – because of a lustful world – which was really “impossible” to reject and it would have terminated my mother both spiritually and physically if I had not succeeded.
    • This is also to say that in the future you will not face a situation where others will pressure you not to take holiday when you have planned your work and time of holiday and of course kept your agreements before leaving.
  • Elijah and his wife starts working in a store, the employees wonder who Elijah is because he has not presented himself, but he does not want to be “pushy” and when he is encouraged to go around to present himself to all, he declines and says that it will all come in due time. Later I see myself as an employee from the head office of the bank visiting a branch and as a natural thing I shake my hand with each employee and give them all a smile, and one of the employees tell me that this is what Henning W. also did when he visited branches and she tells me that today he works as a hair dresser in the head office of the bank, and when I return to the head office I meet Henning and he tells me that the Italian hair dresser outside of the bank may be cheaper and somehow this has to do with roles and responsibilities.
    • The attitude of “not being pushy” or “laid back” is WRONG – it is really about being natural, outgoing and smiling when meeting people and of course you will shake hands with all people when meeting people as in the examples of this dream.
  • I am working at an office together with Søren H., the office it at the café Jorden Rundt (“around the Earth”), the work is dull and Søren has asked me to insert Christmas coffee into a ring binder, which I do but I think that all of the coffee will probably not be used before Christmas. I am now with Henning W. in an apartment block on the other side of the street of the café, we look out the window and he shows me the apartment block where ELO used to live and after them, nobody has lived in the same apartment. And we see that the café Jorden Rundt now starts spinning round quicker and quicker until it changes form into cardboard and finally it simply disappears and I tell Henning that this is about convincing him and I ask him if he believes in God, which he says that he does. We go outside looking for the remains of the café, I don’t wear shoes and I accidently step on a frozen dog mess.
    • I wonder if the rotation of Earth has started becoming “effected” as part of my arrival to give sceptics yet another proof of my arrival?
    • And the dog mess is an old symbol of my suffering love life.
  • Jan H. – my old colleague from 1988-91 – is driving a lorry of firewood – with me hanging horizontal at the end because of his very high speed – towards a big burning stove, he is extremely busy, he needs to do the work today before it is too late, last year he could burn his rubbish directly on the field, but this year he has to work harder and finally he realizes that he will not make it and instead he drives the lorry into the sea.
    • Today Jan H. is the manager of one of the most successful commercial real estate “brokers” in Denmark and we know I remember Jan as one of the consultants from DanskeBank-Pension who was a good speaker but we know back then he was not very convincing when it came to professional knowledge – the basic part of all work (!) and thank you for yet another idea for the basic work rules – and I wonder how it is today and we know how much money does he make for “speaking” (?) and we know which is why it is burning in this dream and of course also because you are paid from “profits/money not existing” and when writing this I was giving the taste of very fine and expensive mouth and the thought that this is what some of your “much money” is spent for, Jan?
  • During the night I was also several times given a well known song to me, but I could not remember what it was when I wake up, but it included “I live all my life” or something like this and really to say that we will live forever.

Elijah fell for the temptations of the darkness not to communicate making it even more difficult to save the world

And today it was David, who was inspired to send me a short email – thank you very much, David – and first of all I am thinking that I am very happy that you have continued to stay in touch all of you, which is important both for your friendship and for our cause – and I am also thinking of the suffering children, who you cannot help at the moment – and thank you David for updating me on the meeting also with Elijah tomorrow and I am thinking Elijah why you don’t tell me or the team the truth about why you don’t communicate with me (?) and again I feel sadness because of your decision to become tempted to do what is WRONG in this period when you are suffering and that is NOT to communicate, when the answer Elijah is TO KNOW WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE AND TO COMMUNICATE, which would have meant that both your and my suffering would decrease – this is the name of the game, Elijah, and you fell for the temptation of the darkness once again making my mission to save the world even more difficult. I could have hoped that you would start listening and speaking the objective truth, but old habits don’t die easily (?) and we know this is also the name of the game, I am both dying and we know keeping myself alive, which is what all of my LTO friends including Elijah and their families do too – this is how this “game” has been constructed.

Dear Stig,

Greetings. How are you today? I am fine and strong today and as I write this, I am with Meshack here in town. I met him briefly and as pertains a joint meeting, we shall hopefully meet tomorrow.

It is worthy noting that we have always encouraged Elijah to keep in touch with you and to write often; which he can only do out of his own will. Why he does not write after we have encourage him to do so I cannot tell.

I have only managed to talk to John today by phone and hope to meet him later. I hope to see Elijah tomorrow when we meet.

Thank you and have a good day.

I was “this close” to give up working because of extreme tiredness

This morning when writing my script and afterwards when continuing the work on my website, I was “this close” to “give up for the day” – the work was “very impossible” to do today – to start relaxing, which is not the same as giving up because by starting to relax, I should receive less suffering making it possible to build up some more energy to work later but you know despite of what I can say was the worst yet today, I decided to continue working and we know because I have quite some experience going through “impossible” work and this is really also what it is but it is only “more impossible” than what it “normally” is and we know as when I ran the latest time.

And after some very difficult hours working, it became “easier” later in the day when I wrote new chapters on “climate” and “everlasting, clean energy” and finalised the chapter on the future World Government too including the tasks of this and we know I improved the text of it much through my edit, which I completed half of and we know which I will finalise tomorrow and really putting it all together and expecting to finalise this one day before time and we know making me happy once again because it will become easier for people to understand and have faith in me and that is if people will only read my website (!) and we know so far I don’t believe that any first time visitors have been “so convinced” that they have decided to return and this includes in three visitors from UK finding me after searching for and recommending to read about “the second coming of Stig” and my friends what do YOU expect yourself of me (?) and don’t I “fit” into your expectations (?) and because of this, I am not the Son of God?

I worked from 9.15 to 18.10 today, which was more than I could have hoped for from the morning – and here I am also thinking that not that many years ago I thought that I would never have the discipline to work at home where I was always “lazy” – very strong feelings given to me – making me happy back then that I “had to” meet at work every morning and we know but it seemed that I indeed had the discipline to work at home, when I truly needed it.

Following the “road of God” was “mission impossible” but was it anticipated that I would succeed or give in to the darkness?

And we know Stig it is “almost impossible” to bring stories like this one at the moment because of my focus on the work of my website, but let me tell you that I for weeks and maybe even months have been thinking if my “mission impossible” really was planned like this for me to go through and we know to give you the biggest demonstration of the strength of a voice of a man making it impossible for him to see the truth – namely my own (!) – and that is because I have truly gone through what is “impossible” and we know IF I WOULD BE ABLE TO TAKE THIS ROAD ACCEPTING EXTREME SUFFERING FOR A “SHORTER PERIOD OF TIME”, I WOULD SAVE THE ENTIRE UNIVESE and my ladies and gentlemen, what do you believe HEAVEN would do for you (?) and we know put forward like this, there is no doubt that the plan was really for me to follow this “road of God” as I have called it all the way through and we know Stig but on the other hand, it has “truly” been impossible so let me say that the odds of going all the way through defeating the darkness myself – with the help of LTO especially and the suffering of “unknowing” people – without pushing the button of destruction and we know without becoming the Anti-Chist were “not the best”, but truly what we could have hoped for you to do but you know on the other hand to give you some examples the movie of Lars Von Tried called “Anti-Christ” was a sign of what was to expect of me because of the lust of the world, and movies for many years about UFO’s attacking Earth was another sign – which was included in “the plan of destruction as you now can read from my website – and we know the margins to come through this road were almost not present – the “temptations” were “simply impossible” to reject, working my absolutely best being “dead” was “simply impossible” to do and not to be caught by the “coat of the darkness” tempting and “forcing” me every second around the clock was “simply impossible” to do – but when you continue to do your absolutely best – which is what I have learned through my school of life to prepare me for this journey – there was truly a road to follow and we know this is then what I did and therefore the conclusion is eeehhh we know that this was the plan and this was what we had hoped for, but maybe not anticipated that I would be strong enough to do (?) – and the darkness could have been even stronger making it “truly impossible” to defeat if I worked less or with less quality – or if even more people had opposed me and we know the answer to this one will probably become clearer in the future.

The name of the game: Would I hurt or not if I decided to give up now?

This evening I was given much darkness because of all of the work I did today and for quite some time we have had this “fight” if the darkness will be able to scare me about “what will happen if I do not do this and that” and we know most of it if not all are “empty words” but you know from time to time I have still become scared because the darkness IS VERY STRONG MAKING IT VERY DIFFICULT to come through and we know much of this is also about my own self confidence, which I need ALL of, and we know “come on, give it your best” is still a saying of mine and we know using my old “technique” still when I need to and this evening I believe I rejected all “attacks” from the darkness and we know “there is NOTHING you can do” (!) and we know one example is that I was told that “you will receive almost no damage if you should decide to give op now and no damage at all when you have marketed your website” and we know would I truly receive damages or not if I decided to stop now (?) and even if I said that “you are not allowed to” (?) and we know which also required that the “situation” is that the darkness can be equalised by the world and the Universe without “damaging” me and we know so maybe I would not hurt if I stopped now or maybe I would (?) – and I really don’t know for sure and do you see the game I have gone through (?) and this is really just one example of many of the game we still have every single day.


6th January: Improving my website is my exam to make people believe in me and I still have time to improve it more

Dreaming of improving my website as my exam to make people believe in me and I still have time to improve it more

A new night Stig and we know at 23.35 even before falling asleep I received the first dream – this is also how it is here – and we know it would become a LONG night with many dreams and we know even more than what I took notes of as you can read from here:

  • I am driving on my bicycle around the harbour at the corner of Nyhavn and Havnegade and every single time I am caught by a man called “Cooke” and also when I decide to drive for longer tours.
    • I am in the harbour as my “safe haven” – nothing can truly happen – and the man is both a cook signalling our future “normal life” and also the singer Sam Cooke and of course symbolising the song “wonderful world” and here you really get three things at a time – the Trinity too – and we know my survival, which will bring you normal life, which will become a “wonderful world” for all of us and so it is.
  • Karen is inside her house together with Denis. I send messages to her through the house making her cross with me, she comes out of the house and says “thank you” without feelings and this makes gorillas attack my house and I see Brazil, fighting and a football ground.
    • This is again about the effect of my positive messages to Karen, which is misunderstood and because of this – and who she and Denis is – this makes them attack me giving me darkness and bad sleeping too.
  • Two teams are cooking. We have received the choice to cook one of three menus and one man from our team decides on behalf of the team one of the menus without listening and thinking. This makes me decide to take over and I ask people to think and listen carefully before they decide, and we have now used 45 minutes of the total time of four hours on talking without acting and this makes the teacher tell us that she will get a temp to help set the table otherwise we will not make it on time and I ask people if they all know their roles, which they say they do and from here all start working.
    • And we know this inspired me for yet another bullet point for my basic working rules to always make decisions on necessary facts instead of feelings and we know food is always “normal life” and I don’t know the plan of the Council to implement this – other than my own plan of course – and this is what we have started.
  • I am at an exam and I am happy to sit next to my old school friend Tina from Commercial school in Helsingør. I have written four pages about co-ordination of systems not on paper, but on four ties, and I know that I can do even better and that I have time enough and four more ties to write on, so I decide to improve my work even more. Vivian is outside the class room, she does not want to speak to me because of her misunderstanding and I think that after the exam we will have to continue next year going in school together.
    • The exam is about my website and that I have time to improve it more than expected next week before I will finish it for now the 14th January – but I will keep making improvements to it from time to time. And the dream about Vivian is again another experience making me sad and we know people leaving you because of their own misunderstandings, “strong voice” and unwillingness to read and understand.
  • I meet Thomas H. and he tells me that we will be going to a pub in Helsingør together with the people who have been partying at the home of his brother Steffen – and something about attending the sport meeting at the bank, which I did and he did not, the bank school and “does not want to read about who I am”.
    • And we know this is about our coming celebration at “our new world”, which we can is the meaning of Helsingør as a symbol and apparently an old friend not doing what it takes to understand me.
  • I see a list of several concerts over the years by the band Toto, I have not liked their music since it became harder and more aggressive and I see different lead singers and I hear that “Captain Crimson is dead” and I see a lady asking this man from the band to marry her and the way she does it is to extract pieces of plastic from a lighter, where he was trapped.
    • Somehow this is about world famous musicians deteriorating because of addiction to drugs and coming back because of love. I had no idea about the character “Captain Crimson” before this dream but after searching the Internet, I understand that he was appearing in the BBC television programme called “look and read”.
  • I am together with my old school friend Allan – and best friend for some time – at the largest sale of TP music. When we arrive the light is switched off and people are looking at LP’s and CD’s having their lighters switched on to bring a little light. The light is switched on all over and I ask Allan what he is looking for and he says a new Toyota Corolla, which is his dream car and he says that it will replace his old which he has been driving for 10 hours per day for many years.
    • This “largest sale of music” tells you about just how close Allan and I were as friends in the end of the seventies and we know closer than with any other friend I have had since in fact but somehow this was “lifted” when we grew from each other – the work of the darkness – which started Allan when you left for the same continuation school in Fårevejle as my nephew Tobias also attended many years after and we know when the light will be brought back on we will all experience these “very close” friendships again – and by the way Allan, do you only “read” my scripts when there is “an interesting heading” (?) and just saying that I have not seen you around on my website for some time now.
  • In the class room I see that the mood is not entirely as it should be. People are excited about what will happen. Kim S. shows me in confidence a small message he has received and it is written with so small letter that I can hardly read it, but I see names and addresses including ”Trinidad” and I tell him that to me it does not look like a message but an address book and I hear him saying that he expects to receive a new draft of a contract and if his company will be sold, he expects to stop working.
    • The class room is full of my family and friends “at school” and we know which is the same as the train really on their way to learn in order to leave the darkness and arrive at the light, and Trinidad is one of these islands, which is another old symbol of really “our new world” and Kim is expecting to sell his company and live a good life for the “rest of his days” but instead he will receive another future than expected, when he will start to WORK for all of us to help people get to our new world and we know Kim you should not be surprised because all it would have taken you was to read and understand me but you were also too “busy” with yourself and “other priorities”?
    • Today richness also bring laziness to many and the attitude “when I have money, I don’t need to work” and do you think this is a healthy signal of the world and we know a sign of “true Community”? Of course this is very WRONG.
  • I am together with Lars G. in the southern Spain, I wear fine clothes in a “casual” style, we have just visited the Call Centre, we leave but we return because I have forgotten my purse and the owner Martin and my purse is still there. Lars brings two scrimp sandwiches and I notice that he spills most of the scrimps when eating and he says that there is a bar we can go to, where it is allowed to spit out scrimps, I tell Lars and another man that during a period of two years of my life, I stole the pin code 3317 from the credit card of a friend, which was so crucial for my friend, that it killed him.
    • Scrimps is an old symbol of making love and it seems that Lars has had some problems in this relation too and the access to his credit card killing him is simply a symbol to say that money destroyed our friendship and we know because he was “extreme” in his chase for money not giving room for me when we were in Germany and France together in 2003, I believe, in my car, which he had planned to fill up with hundreds of bottles of wine to sell and make a profit on leaving ZERO for me (!).

Publishing “the Doomsday Scenario” and “the New World Order” on my website

Despite of the bad night of sleep, I feel better today than yesterday – you never know which buttons the Council turn and how much – and I had no problems writing the script of today and to continue the work of my website and we know today publishing my new chapters “the Doomsday Scenario” and “the New World Order” as separate menu options on my website and I can only recommend you my dear readers to read these, which will help you understand and of course increase your faith in me.

And when I was working on the New World Order including the economic system of our new world I was again thinking what I was also thinking when writing this chapter in my book no. 2 – from page 316 – which is that I have left it to parents to pay for the school fees of their own children and the alternative is to divide all school costs on all people and we know it will be up to the World Government what you decide to do in the future and we know I decided to keep it as it is meaning that parents will pay the school fees for their own children and so it is.

I worked from 9.15-18.00 today really without problems – which is a true BLESSING my dear friends and we know then it is NO problem at all to do this work, it only takes many hours to do – and I was thinking that this has to be because the darkness given to me from “family and friends” has decreased since yesterday and this is really the only answer, which is, and let me see and yes I had energy enough to do body-bike from 18.30, which is now called Bikefit – but the bicycles are still the same – and I decided to do this one hour of exercise at a reduced level to be sure to come through and we know even though this made me only sweat half of what I normally do, it was good exercise considering the circumstances, which this afternoon also included a new constant and uncomfortable throw-up feeling.

During the evening I took a note that every single second in the evenings still includes suffering from the darkness bringing me “negative speech” etc. only at a lower level than before – and the negative speech is almost not present when I am working.

The “deep-rooted feelings” against “socialism” in USA totally blocks out “common sense”

And finally I can only say that what the Republicans are doing in USA at the moment will be exhibited to the world as “stupidity” and we know don’t you believe that the American society have greater challenges than to cancel the health care reform (?) and we know is your resistance to this so called “socialism” really still so deep-rooted that your “feelings get out of control” making you “tremble with anger” just thinking about it (?) and we know so you lose your common sense making you willing to use hundreds of billions of dollars, which you don’t have to bring back the “good old system” which will kill “a large part” of the American population (?) and we know I do hope that you will not succeed but we will see which lesson is to be given to the world of what NOT to do in the future.


7th January: People from rich countries believe they live a happy life but they suffer because of lack of warm feelings

Dreaming of people from rich countries believing they live a happy life but they suffer because of lack of warm feelings

Yet another night and yet another day and we know one is looking like the next, which is not very “funny, funny” and we know the night was like the previous so we know I will probable become less tired than now during the day and surprisingly (?), here are some dreams too – and I still have a little bit of sexual dreams at a reduced level but “not that much” at the moment:

  • I see my mother coming through Bredgade in Copenhagen with trouble in a black dress towards me in a store, where we had planned to buy six times 500 grams of liver paté but we buy some extra and I tell my mother that because of this I will create five Christmas Evenings. From here we drive towards Christiansborg – the Danish Parliament – and my mother is very nervous that a big lorry behind us will drive us down, but she sees that it does not when I park my car next to the Parliament.
    • Liver paté is and has always been a favourite lunch dish of mine– preferably hot – and here it is sending my absolutely best, which is increasing day by day, to create “normal life” in the world, the black dress expresses sorrow so this might be the feeling of my mother in relation to me and to my mother I can say that we will NOT be driven down by the lorry as the dreams says and we know the world will NOT bring us down when our arrival will be “disclosed” to the world and we know THIS IS THE STRENGTH OF THE LIGHT TODAY WHICH WE CONTINUE TO BUILD UP.
  • Lone Kühlmann has started a fine store at Ny Østergade next to Café Victor in Copenhagen, where she sells purple scarves etc. of good quality. She has used her last 75,000 DKK to produce a fine special advertisement supplement to the business newspaper Børsen and she says that if this will not keep her business going, she will have to start another work. I speak to her about our future where we will be lifted to a much higher level.
    • When waking up I felt that Lone in the dream was a symbol about my mother too and I wonder if this is to say that my mother does not have much money left as cash and that the rest is bound in securities.
    • I believe advertising is FINE to do also in our new world as long as you respect people saying no thanks to receive this and we know which includes not to “pollute” the society with commercials all over but you know make it “visible” when people accept it.
  • I have started working for GE Insurance again and as usual Morten has just stopped. I am becoming the manager after having been away since 2002. Jørgen goes through the accounts with me and I can tell that he knows all of the details and it is difficult for me to understand this when I am only presented to it without working with it for a long time, he tells me that the company owe 20,000 DKK in taxes from 2003 and he has a bad conscience because the amount has not been paid and he is unsecure of what the authorities will say when paying this late and therefore he asks for my advice. I ask him if he has paid taxes for all following years, which he has and then I recommend him to contact the authorities and simply tell the truth. Jørgen believes that I automatically will take over the accounts from him as the new manager but I ask him what he suggests and he tells me that he would like to train a young capable man to do it and to monitor him himself and I tell him that I think this is a good idea. In the workshop I see “Verner” almost finishing a nice looking new manager chair and I meet Klaus who tells me that they underestimated the work environment act I was working with when we worked together years ago and I understand from the employees that they know that it was Jørgen who had me dismissed back in 2002. I meet an employee from customer service and I ask him what they can use me for and he tells me that when they have problems coming through to the head office in London – as they often have – he would like me to take action and I tell him that I will only do this if he or his manager will not be able to do this. He brews a cup of Cappuccino and he tells me that it will be brought to a new policy holder and he spills some of the milk on the floor and I ask him how they deliver the Cappuccinos and he says that they will be driven out in cars.
    • This is to say that you do need managers in the future, but it will be experienced managers who have credibility, are the most skilled and will focus on developing and empowering employees so the employees will be able to take care of the areas they are responsible for without the interference from the manager and without the need to ask all of the time – and without the manager “feeling” the need to be “in control” all of the time too – when the employee has developed the necessary skills and know-how. And there should be NO “status symbols” like “manager chairs” for managers leaving out others, I believe in a balance between Community and individuality also in the respect of chosen the interior of your offices.
    • I understand the dreams of Morten stopping when I am starting that he has wanted to avoid me since our separation in 2002 and that is even though it was the actions of Jørgen speaking behind my back to the head office, which got me dismissed and this dream really gives you the answer why – when you understand the symbol of milk – which was never communicated to me. The work environment act, Klaus, may just be the new policy wordings, which I did with your inputs too and these are the true basis of the work of GE Insurance too.
  • Michael Jackson visits me to listen to my fine band speakers, which are for sale and because they work and sound fine, he decides to buy them for 10,000 DKK, but after the transport when one of his people unpacks and start playing on them at Michael’s home, one of the speakers does not work and this makes Michael demand me to take them back, which I refuse because the damages are caused under transport – which he took care of himself – and this is his and not my responsibility.
    • This is to tell you about the importance on agreeing on “the details” because how many people all over the world have been in this situation where you have not agreed on who will take the responsibility (?) and we know insurance may be an idea for you to take out too as an example of the need for voluntary insurance as I write about in the New World Order too and so it is.
  • I am in Snekkersten looking at the concrete, which the row houses of Borupgaard is made of and I am told that they are infected by dry-rot, that they have already expanded by 20-40 centimetres and that they will not last much longer.
    • This is of course to tell you about the destruction of the darkness progressing. I lived with my mother and sister first first in Klyveren 130 (“the jib”) and afterwards with my mother in Fokken 105 (“the foresail”) from 1978-86 and we know Snekkersten is as old readers will remember the city of the Devil or we may call it “the old world” from now living in “the jib” and “the foresail” were symbols of the “ship going under”, i.e. the world going under, and do you believe that we lived there “by chance” or that it was “with a little help …” and you are right, we received “help” ….!
  • I am in the Merete shopping Centre in Snekkersten/Helsingør and I meet Sanna and Hans there. The centre is very boring. They have had some of my fine Champagne at home and they return a bottle of Bollinger 1968 to me. Sanna has received a present from Hans, but she is not happy with it, and therefore she enters the supermarket to buy something else and I ask Hans was what the matter with the present, and he tells me that it was fine.
    • This is about people believing they live a happy life – hence the Champagne – but for a large majority of people living in the rich world where the continuous chase for money, work and material goods are “the name of the game”, human relations together with the ability to express joy and happiness suffer – this is the “invisible suffering” of the rich world, which you can tell clearly when you experience the openness, kindness and much warmer feelings of people of the poor world in comparison and we know I did not understand this myself before I went to Kenya in 2009 and learned from the people there the depth of their kindness, sincerity and loving feelings compared to people here – which is also the reason why people here not knowing people of the poor countries well don’t know and cannot understand that they suffer compared to these people – and we know the faith of God in the poor countries further stimulates these “true feelings of life” and respectively in the rich world, lack of faith in God further stimulates the “love of money” making people selfish and removing their deep warm feelings and the ability to express positive feelings.
  • I am in Sweden where I have bought a telephone, but when I test it, it does not connect to Danish television and neither a computer and this makes a man recommend me to visit a handful of stores to find a better phone, but after having visited a couple of the stores, I know that my phone is the best, which is, and that I don’t need to buy another. I see an empty apartment in Sweden with the names of Niklas, Tobias together with his girlfriend named “Susanne” and Hans on the door but for now they only have a formal address in Sweden in order to save on taxes and they don’t really live there. In Sweden I also empty my Netto plastic bag from sand.
    • Sweden is still the land of joy and happiness and let us also say that this from now is “our new world” and the telephone is still “spiritual communication”, which is what I try to bring to my family but it will only work when they will believe in me and first then they will also transform from a life in darkness to a life in light – i.e. coming to Sweden to live – and this is what will made me pour out the sand from my bag, which is to remove my suffering and my dear family if anyone of you should read this: This is what I have now written “hundreds of times” – this is the feeling – but still you don’t understand that you bring me tremendous suffering because of your wrong decisions and actions (?) or are you starting to understand me, mother?
    • And we know Stig I lived in Malmö, Sweden, myself from 1994-96 to save on taxes (!) and I have probably told this story in book no. 1 and we know I saved approx. 7,000 DKK per month but despite of this, I never had any money (!) and before returning to Denmark I “managed” to owe one month of taxes to Sweden, which I never paid, and that was also to say symbolic that I don’t believe in a system of a “state” collecting taxes as you will understand when you read the new menu option “New World Order” from my website.
  • I am at the company Nordiske Kabel & Tråd (wireworks), I am almost finishing reading an autobiography of one of the two managing directors of this company, I have read more than 900 pages in “no time” and I see myself lying at a sunbed in the front office of the offices of the management next to the elevator and the other managing director leaves his office and come standing next to me waiting on the elevator and I tell him about the book and I ask him “don’t you think that it is insanely exciting” but I really don’t receive an answer because the director is introverted and shows a poor behaviour but when I tell him that the managing director wrote the book lying in a sunbed in the front office of the office of the management, it makes the director laugh as he has never laughed before.
    • Another dream to tell you that you need top directors of companies also in the future but I don’t see top managers as “administrators” and “head cashiers” but let me say people with good ideas, who are professionally very skilled with the personality of pioneers, initiators, developers, motivators – without losing responsibility, accountability etc. – and with communication skills and a personal drive beyond the ordinary and we know these are a few words and you will discover yourself future world and business leaders.
    • I have never really been interested in reading books with the exception of autobiographies, which I liked much, and this is the reason why – and this company of wireworks is to tell you about the coming spiritual network of my “special friends” of the world.

I am on the edge of breaking down – but only on “the edge”!

And we know Stig, I am much more tired and indisposed today making it “difficult” to come through and through the dreams I received more ideas to improve my website and I am really still working on my edge of breaking down and we know not only because the work is “physical” but also “mental” impossible to do knowing that I still have much to do – and we know I have been writing down ideas for the coming marketing for a long time and we know so I am in the phase 2 and 3 of the “golden work rule” – as you can see from my basic work rules on my website – while working on my website at the same time as I have started working on phase 1 on the next task of marketing and we know I have always worked this way because you know it is a little late to start getting and writing down ideas when you start the phase 2 of your work and so it is – and we know of course (!) I am also still getting ideas for the work on my website so I am really doing both phase 1, 2 and 3 at the same time and really not recommended for you to do in the future and of course a part of the game to make it as difficult for me as possible because of the darkness still working against me and so it is.

The story of how both the PM, an old friend and the Danish population is wrong – but they cannot see it themselves!

This is about my “good old friend” Jacob – because this is what he was when I was his manager in 2007 – posted this message yesterday at Facebook and we know “one of many” showing his “uncritical admiration” – or adoration ? – of the Prime Minister:

And this comes after I decided to post the reply below to another of his uncritical messages on Facebook and we know Jacob “isn’t life fantastic” when you have “a wonderful wife, a bold son and a super prime minister” (?) and we know but you don’t want to read my writings in order to learn (?) – you have not followed my recommendation to read my script of the speech of the PM and the Queen – and of course because it goes without saying that I am crazy (?), and this is the same man as you “admired” in 2007 (!) and we know this is one of several examples of how the Danish Government could have received information about who I am and dare I say Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune and the Minister of Employment as others?

And we know apparently there are quite a number of people in this country who cannot see that the Prime Minister really was wrong in his New Years speech and we know since he now is leading for the first time in a long time in the polls.

Crossing the worst barrier to continue working and improving my website

It took me longer than expected to write the script of today and to prepare it for publishing and I was hoping to be ready before lunch – which I am normally – and to be able to work on my website this afternoon, but I first finished this work at 14.30 and by then I was COMPLETELY exhausted and we know “closer than ever before” to stop working and I do mean REALLY exhausted but somehow I “just” looked at all of my notes of things to do and instead of doing the most difficult which is left – I have really done the most difficult already when I finished the Doomsday Scenario and the New World Order – I decided to do some of the more easy and through this strategy I was able to do a little here and there and before I knew of it, I had included 5-6 new bullet points – including some of the “difficult” (!) – to my basic working rules improving this chapter much and I continued improving the menu option “links”, which is now called “links and readings”, where I have improved the chapter on clairvoyant readings much so it does not only include short summaries but now also direct links to the sound files and we know I created three separate sub-pages with transcripts of the readings for interested people to click and read and we know all to “help” people to find the information which was “too difficult” for my family and friends to find before.

And this is how I was “this close” to stop working at 14.30 but instead I worked from 9.30 this morning to 19.30 with only a 10 minute break at 18.15 and a 15 minutes dinner break later and we know taking off some of the pressure too simply by doing the work instead of accumulating it.

THE BIG DIPPER “creation” in two minutes – and the CLOSEST UFO ENCOUNTER YET meeting the light of my mother

And this break of 18.15 was really to start preparing my dinner and while I was in the kitchen I also looked out the kitchen door – I have a small balcony on this side as well – and we know there were NO stars or UFO’s when I arrived and I looked at the place on the sky where the Big Dipper normally is and I thought that “you have removed the Big Dipper tonight” and we know as usual the first light showed up on the sky followed by the next one another place and the next and I was counting 1, 2, 3 and four and we know I looked again at the place where the Big Dipper normally is this was where a few of these lights had been switched on and “then we switched on the rest too” as I am told and this is really what happened: The sky was COMPLETELY DARK at approx. 18.18 and two minutes later there were “some” lights on the sky including the BIG DIPPER (!) and we know to me it looks as if the Big Dipper is made by UFO lights and we know this was the star constellation, which I was “in love with” as a child – the only one I really could remember – and this is the constellation which is shown here in front of me.

And we know I also wanted to have a look from the balcony on the other side and when I went out to look I saw “my light” and I also looked at “the moon” – or whatever it is – and I thought that it truly looked like an eclipse because only the outer edge of it was visible and when I looked closer the “round” gleam of it was not immovable – as you would normally think it is – but it was moving in a circle of the size of maybe “one centrimetre” seen from where I stood.

And finally I had the CLOSEST ENCOUNTER yet when I was shown the second brightest light of the sky – the light of my mother – and not only shown, it was moving directly against me and we know this light is only rarely on the sky and as I remember it I have only seen it move once before “a few months” ago but here this very bright white light – looking like a star – was moving towards me on the balcony without any sound and when it was maybe one hundred metres from me – and we know maybe 50-100 metres above me it turned off the white light and instead it was now gleaming a red and a green light at the on the back of it and I could see the outline of this “saucer”, which is what it really was.

SO THIS WAS THE CLOSEST ENCOUNTER YET THIS EVENING and of course making me happy and we know of course without any connection to the development of my website, which is now “close” to be “as good as new” and we know thinking of Abba, which Billy Cook mentioned in his clairvoyant reading of me in 2005 and yes my dear reader he asked if someone in the audience of the church knew about “Adolf” as a “German connection” and I did because I had been given visions of Adolf Hitler and we know this was how this connection with Billy was created and we know today I know it was because I was simply Adolf Hitler in my former life – in order to make us all survive the Judgment as you can read from my website J.

Trying to wake up LTO to start “working”

And we know, I decided to send my script to LTO in Kenya with the following positive and direct message:

Dear all,

Below is my script today.

Thank you very much John and David for your very kind emails as usual – you will find my answers in the script.

But my dear friends the 16th December which today is THREE WEEKS AGO I sent you the email below asking for your help to make me come through some of my worst suffering yet – and I do know that you are suffering all of you – but I have to say that you make me sad because you were not “able” to carry out this “pretty easy task” within a reasonable time and my friends IT IS ONLY INSIDE OF YOUR HEADS THAT THIS IS DIFFICULT TO DO – and this has to become another story to teach the world of what NOT to do, because COULD YOU REALLY DO IT IF YOU DID YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST (?) and I will give you the answer: YES YOU COULD!


I still mean the best as you will know (?) – this is an example of DIRECT, HONEST AND POSITIVE communication in order for you to understand (!), and I am sure you will also understand the value of this teaching to the world?

Kind regards from,



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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