Jan. 10, 2011: My new spiritual self is almost ready to be opened and revealed as my new physical self


Summary of the script today

8th January: To my mother: Will you please READ and UNDERSTAND my website to remove my EXTREME suffering?

  • I had the WORST night for months being kept awake in the worst physical torture and pain imaginable because I spoke to my mother briefly yesterday on my scripts and when she is sceptical towards me, this is the extreme suffering I am given very directly (!!!) as I have tried to explain for months and years. To my mother: Your lack of faith in me is because of the influence the family has had on you, will you please READ my website CAREFULLY to understand that MY SCRIPTS ARE AS I AM AS A PERSON: VERY POSITIVE. When you will understand me, the worst suffering any man has ever gone through will be relieved.
  • Dreaming of being hopeless behind before the Bank Practise exam and thinking of skipping it (i.e. the work on my website), which is what could have occurred if I did not do my best doing the “hopeless” work on my website, Bono as a symbol of me being dizzy because of exhaustion, the importance of working with an exceptional quality of project management tools, the influence of John on my mother in relation to me which will be replaced by an understanding of both when you will TRULY read and UNDERSTAND the ONLY positive messages of my website, and finally a dream of my mother being so tired that she is more dead than alive making it impossible for her to do anything (!) – as it has been the situation for me for years where I have worked “the hardest and best of people” despite of being more dead than alive!
  • I started to expand the chapter on “normal life” on my website to include the poor world to help the rich world to develop DEEP feelings of love and care.
  • I had a “fantastic evening” with my mother and John giving them the message that if you only judge people on the surface, you will very often be wrong, as people have been wrong when judging my scripts only on the surface making them believe that I was negative. When you understand the true content of my scripts, you will understand that they are noble and precious as me with the aim to help all people. They will now read my website carefully to understand more.

9th January: My new spiritual self is almost ready to be opened and revealed as my new physical self

  • Dreaming of being loved and “the inspiration”, my new spiritual self is almost ready to be opened and revealed as my new physical self, the curse in relation to love given to me all of my life is being removed, I ask the world to stop all prostitution and to destruct all films and pictures of sexual character – which is inconsistent with life itself – the house of the Devil falling apart, which will be replaced by “normal life”, Kim S. and Preben opposing me when they don’t read and understand me and I am VERY tired of working but I keep on because the aim of this is to help people enter our new world.
  • I have received many signs of Australia and I believe that Australians are the people today coming closest to the picture of future mankind, and therefore, this is where I will start marketing my website the first time before the 1st February.
  • Despite of TIREDNESS I managed to visit Lama Yönten this afternoon receiving inspiration to the expansion on my chapter of “normal life” to develop the state of mind of rich people and also information about the “The 37 Practices of Bodhisattvas”, which Erik will start giving teachings on from next week.
  • I received an email from Karen asking her friends to send her their contact information because she broke her telephone Geneva, Switzerland – which is a symbol that the lack of faith in me from her and all members of the Council was “this close” to break me down in Geneva (!) and later, which would have started the destruction of the Universe.
  • Again this evening the light of my mother was moving and approaching me on the sky giving the message to people that this is where “the Son” lives.

10th January: Self-obsession and small-mindedness of ignorant people makes me sad removing my desire to see them

  • Dreaming of salary increase as a wrong tool to use when motivating people, misunderstandings and “feelings” prevented me from becoming the head of a department in Danske Bank already before the age of 25, and a new impulsive “play” set up by the Council because of the misunderstandings of people and here also the play of Karen acting in relation to me.
  • I sent my telephone number to Karen asking her to communicate directly and to stop playing games – making me sad that she did not communicate her true feelings and did not offer me to become her best friend and to help me, as I have offered her. And I received an email from a “friend” still demanding an excuse from me feeling convinced that he is right without understanding that he is wrong.
  • Wrong behaviour of self-obsessed and small-minded (unknowing) people makes me very sad indeed, it removes my desire to see such people – and this is the true suffering of “rich people” because wrong feelings and decisions block for the true feelings making them break apart where they really would like to see each other.


8th January: To my mother: Will you please READ and UNDERSTAND my website to remove my EXTREME suffering?

Receiving the WORST physical torture and pain in the night because of my mother being sceptical towards me

And we know Stig the beginning of this night was the worst I have had in months where I was not “allowed” to sleep but instead I was given physical pain making it “impossible” just “to be anywhere” and we know I am taking this extreme darkness, the reason being that the more I tell my mother about myself and the more sceptical she is, the more pain will be given to me – as I experienced here – and we know yesterday evening when speaking on the phone, she was kind to give me praise for my chapters on the speeches of the Queen and the PM – making me happy 🙂 – and we know which was the first time she commented my scripts positively – normally we NEVER speak of the scripts because she and the family WRONGLY believe they are negative, which they are NOT !!! – and we know she and John should now be able to understand my ENTIRELY POSITIVE messages simply by reading my website word for word and we know my comment to her was that “I look forward to the day where you will understand the full extent of my scripts” and that “I published another new script with positive messages today” and we know my dear mother, your “inability” to understand is what gives me the absolutely worst pain imaginable so if you truly love your son, you and John should do your absolutely best to READ and UNDERSTAND my website and we know INLCUDING ALL OF THE MENU OPTIONS and this will take you maybe 1 or even 2 hours to do, and this is what it will really take for you to TRULY help me instead of breaking me down – because my mother this is what you do because of your lack of faith in me and that is despite of your love to me, will you please understand that I am brought to my knees in pain because of this and you can only help me by TRULY READING AND UNDERSTANDING???

And do I have to tell you that the pain I went through the night was as dreadful as receiving torture and we know as when the “bad guy” of the James Bond movie Casino Royal – played by the Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen – tortured James Bond making him scream out loud in pain and we know I watched this movie yesterday evening and I thought about the fact that it is from 2006 and that is the same year when “the game” or “the play” truly started, where I was also given hundreds of visions of Mads Mikkelsen and we know Stig to tell you that the period of your life where you would have to go through IMMENSE TORTURE AND SUFFERING had started and my dear mother, you have loved me more than anything else, but your lack of TRUE understanding and faith in me is what brings me most of this impossible suffering as you really can read about in my scripts every day, but maybe not feel that much on me when we see each other where I try to do my best to be “normal” despite of my suffering and we know Stig, again today I hope that my family and here my mother and John will start to follow what I recommend: I HAVE WRITTEN THE MOST POSITIVE BOOK OF THE WORLD EVER (!) and I have written it 100 percent loyal to the messages I have received.


Dreaming of the sceptical attitude of my mother and John being replaced by an understanding in me

And we know Stig some dreams too and do I need to tell you that the day today also looks “completely impossible” to come through because I am TIRED this morning – as the dream of my TIRED mother to follow shows – and still I will have to work the full day and we know also to visit my mother and John this evening and we know to be social and outgoing and my dear mother this is what I will do being more dead than alive because of your lack of understanding and faith in me. This is what I have tried to make you understand for months and years now – when will you TRULY understand how much suffering you give me (???), which of course is in total contrast to your immense love to me because you only want what is the best for me but I have been dying for years because you have not understood me – this is my mother how it is and I have done EVERYTHING I can to make you understand – will you please TRY your best to understand now that this is the truth and the only way is to TRULY READ AND UNDERSTAND MY WEBSITE, which should take you 1-2 hours of your MOST concentrated effort ever.

  • After having passed the exam on Bank School many years ago, Henning W. and I are going to a new exam in Bank Practise on a higher level again this year. We meet and discuss the changes since our previous exam and when I speak to him I am not even sure if I will meet for the exam because I have not been reading any chapters all year and I am “hopeless” behind.
    • I have had dreams like this MANY years ago – up to 25 years ago (!) – always being hopeless behind before an exam and my dear child your are simply proving us wrong because right now you are doing what is “hopeless” to do and we know improving your website so much that it will “pass the exam” and that is to make people believe in you so we can start to bring “normal life” to the world.
  • I see Muslims starting to pray because of faith to Virgin Mary and Pope John Paul.
  • I am leaving school and I decide to take the hard way which is driving on the escalator upstairs carrying VERY heavy luggage in both hands. Virgin Mary smokes a package of 30 cigarettes, there is a tender on special education but the structure of this is very poor and something about journalists planning their own stories.
    • This is another symbol of the difficult work I do at the moment.
  • I am together with Bono in my room listening to music and he rocks forward and backwards and I ask him if the world he is in (mentally) is foggy and he replies that it depends on how deep he goes, I am playing a CD with “our kind of music” and I am about to find a special CD with mixes of U2, which Bono has not even heard before but I am disturbed by Camilla starting to play on the gramophone at the same time and I stop the gramophone and also throw out empty bottles.
    • And I wonder if Bono is not a symbol of me being on the edge of breaking down – not because of the work but because of the work combined with the resistance of people, primarily my mother, bringing me suffering and poor sleep – and I know this edge very well without crossing it from my everyday in Kenya for months and we know actually every single day “more or less” since the spring of 2006.
  • I am a school teacher developing a new IT-system together with others, Bent (my manager from Danske Bank, 3183, in 1984-86) is the school inspector and he delivers no structure to the work and because of his lack of structure and poor thinking, he makes it impossible for us to develop the system.
    • And this is yet another idea to include in the basic rules and we know underneath basic rule 3 “deliver your finest work” I could include a bullet point saying that you should always use an exceptional quality of project management – Six Sigma (?) – when working in teams to improve existing products/services or developing new and we know this is included in the original 20 rules I believe so I might as well include this on the website as well and we know this is the attitude “many times”, where I am given this and that idea which I then do at the same time as I continue to do my scripts and we know with “as many of the dreams as I can and we know in practise “all or almost all” and at the same quality level as ever and so it is.
  • I am in Århus, where a new bar with the most fantastic location has opened, I make coffee with a little bit of problems.
    • Århus is the same as Helsingør and Sweden and we know from now on “our future world” and God is behind the bar and we know so the dream is about God opening our new world and we know through the work I do, which somehow also gives continuous progress in the spiritual world too helping me and us to reach all the way home. The problems of making coffee is simply that because of the wrong attitude and behaviour of family and friends, it puts a damper on my love and warm feelings and we know I love the good side of people and I don’t like the bad side at all.
  • I am in the living room where my mother’s husband John has set up very large speakers in three parts, but the two upper parts stand very insecure, people are dancing and when I also start dancing, the two upper speakers fall down. My own room is next to the living room where I have my own stereo system.
    • Very large speakers are “clear messages” and I wonder John about your influence on my mother in relation to believing in me (?) and when I do my “movement”, your speakers will fall down because this is what will happen when both you and my mother will understand that I have been telling the truth 100 percent accurately and loyal as I have received it for years and that your own wrong behaviour is the reason why I have received both right and wrong information (!!!) – please see and understand the explanation on my website in the chapter “the key to understand my scripts” – will you?
  • In my living room I have a fantastic stereo system with many different units placed in the bookcase. I check the system and the CD and radio plays fine, but the gramophone does not work and in the room next to the living room I have another fine stereo system, but both the bookcase, the living room and the other room are untidy and my mother is sitting – almost “floating” – in the living room with her eyes almost closed because she is so tired that she is not capable of doing anything – she is more dead than alive.
    • My stereo system works fine – i.e. the work on my scripts and website – and the gramophone is an old story that somehow I have never owned a working gramophone my self despite of my interest in HiFi and we know which the Council and darkness kept me from and when I finally bought a fine and used gramophone in the nineties, I never got to play on it because there was not a “RIA amp” built in my by then new Holfi amplifier (!) and we know Preben you received my gramophone as a “gift” when I left for Kenya in 2009 and really as the symbol of the Devil stealing away “my music” and we know making it “impossible” for me to keep doing my work writing and publishing my scripts and we know Stig because of your lack of reading and understanding in me!
    • The untidiness is simply because I have not done the last edit – for now – on the formulations on my website, which I expect will take two days, which I will do at the end of next week as the final part of my present work.
    • And the dream about my mother being so tired that she is more dead than alive is really my mother to tell you that this is what I have been for years and STILL am (!) and the reason is as mentioned because you have not been “able” to understand me because of the influence primarily Sanna and John have had on you. WILL YOU PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND THAT MY WEBSITE IS EXACTLY AS POSITIVE AS I AM (?) and when you understand this fully, you will remove my EXTREME suffering. This is what it is about and has been about for years when I have been more dead than alive and do you understand that it has taken SIMPLY EVERYTHING for me to work harder and better than others when I have been so tired that I have been dissolving and only wishing that I would be able to sleep and to relax (?), which of course was impossible to do if I should walk all the way.

Inviting my old colleague Maggan on Linkedin to open up for “special friends” in London

And we know I have not invited people to become my friends on Facebook or contacts on Linkedin for a very long time, but the other day I was encouraged directly to invite my old colleague Maggan K. from GE Insurance in London and we know which I then did because I understood that this could be a key in relation to open up her future self and also others in London – and I was happy to see on your Facebook wall, Maggan – even though I invited you through Linkedin – that you are a mother today, well done!

The poor world will help the rich world to receive a “normal life” in relation to developing DEEP feelings of love and care

Today I worked from the morning until 16.30 doing my script and more improvements here and there on my website and I also started working on a much improved chapter on “normal life”, which will be expanded with information on how the poor world can help the rich world to receive a “normal life” in relation to developing DEEP feelings of love and care, which have been removed because of their love to money and material goods removing them from people – and in a great extent also because of their lack of faith or lack of the same profound faith as in the poor world.

When you only judge people on the surface, you will very often be wrong – as when people wrongly judged my scripts

Hereafter I left for Helsingør to visit my mother and John and the electricity of the S-trains was broken down at Nordhavn Station which delayed the other trains much including mine and we know which took 45 minutes from Lyngby to Hellerup where it normally takes 10 minutes and I was also waiting first 10 minutes on Lyngby and then 20 minutes on Hellerup before I could continue to Helsingør and we know also receiving the feeling on the way that “maybe I should cancel the visit this evening” and this was the darkness trying to prevent me from meeting my mother and John this “important” day and we know do I have to tell you that I was “completely destroyed” already before leaving home because of TIREDNESS (?) and the transport did not help me to improve and we know when I finally arrived at 18.50 my mother told me that “you have to be completely destroyed because of this” and my dear mother you are totally right, I was truly destroyed but it had nothing to do with the transport, but with my SUFFERING and we know I did not know how much I would be helped this evening before speaking about the frames of the windows of this beautiful house dating from year 1900 and John told me that a worker had recommended the property to change all window frames because the tree of the frames were clearly in a bad shape (!), but John showed me a small piece of it – which had been taken out – and it was VERY clear that on the surface it had some cracks but it was really only on the surface because the core of the tree was sound without any damages and this was simply to give you the message that PEOPLE VERY OFTEN MAKE WRONG DECISIONS – as what this worker did – BASED ON THE SURFACE OF THINGS WITHOUT TRULY KNOWING THE TRUTH – you are very often only “guessing” you know (!) – and my dear mother and John, the TRUE message is as I also told you verbally this evening:

People misunderstood my scripts believing (or “guessing”) they were negative when they only skimmed the scripts on the surface but the TRUE content of the scripts is as I am as a person –NOBLE and PRECIOUS – and that is with the aim to HELP ALL PEOPLE TO IMPROVE TO GET A BETTER LIFE and this is why I encouraged you to use 1-2 hours to read my website including ALL menu options word by word doing your absolutely best work trying to understand and as I told you mother – which you also can read from my script of today – this is also for you to help remove the worst imaginable suffering from me when you will understand, and my mother and John truly understood the message and we know “I understand more now” as my mother said and we know my writings on the speeches of the Queen and PM helped bringing my mother the understanding that I DO MEAN POSITVELY AND THAT I ONLY WANT TO HELP PEOPLE – because this is all I am about – and this is what my mother has also told Sanna and we know it will become “the reversed world” because Sanna was not able to understand me when she focussed on her self instead of “the big picture” and purpose of the scripts and therefore she influenced my mother negatively instead of positively on me (!) but just maybe this is what my mother is capable of in relation to the family – to influence them positively about me – and we know the truth can be difficult to find, but it makes one happy when finally finding it.

And we spoke deeply on a number of subjects including the scripts, dreams and spirituality (!) as we have not done for a very long time and because we spoke better and understood each other better than for a long time, we all had the feeling that it had SIMPLY been “a FANTASTIC evening” – and this is what COMMUNICATION and UNDERSTANDING do to people. It makes people HAPPY and POSITIVE instead of the opposite!


9th January: My new spiritual self is almost ready to be opened and revealed as my new physical self

Dreaming of my new spiritual self almost being ready to open and be revealed as my new physical self

A new night where I was surprised that I was allowed to sleep as long as until 03.10 where I was woken up the first time with a dream and we know the nights are not good at the moment but still this night was better than the night before – and as usual some dreams:

  • I woke up with the beautiful song “you’re the inspiration” by Chicago and the lyrics “And I need you here with me, From tonight until the end of time, You should know, everywhere I go, You’re always on my mind, in my heart.” And I wonder if this is about Karen?
  • I am at the holiday cottage, which is being restored with the last details. A very skilled workman has restored one of the rooms to perfection and I am at the bathroom pulling down the curtains, which originally were set up by UK as being “in charge”, they are attached a special way to the ceiling and difficult to pull down, but I get the grip and pull down the last ones. We have had lunch and two of us will have a new smaller lunch later in the afternoon and while sitting together with people I care for, I think that this is life.
    • The holiday cottage is one of those “good” places – my “home” – and it is almost perfect, and this is about my inner self as my future physical self and that is the ongoing and finishing spiritual development because of my physical work – I have been told for a couple of weeks that if I should give up to the darkness given to me, I would be opened as I am today, this is how close we are – and to pull down the curtains from the bathroom is to say that the “curse” in relation to love, which has been given to me all of my life – because of a world in lust – is about to be taken away so I will be able to live a “normal life” also in this respect – and the happiness of being together with people is because this is a part of the content of the revised chapter on “normal life” in relation to people from the rich countries, which I am working on at the moment and this dream is also to say that “we expect people of the poor world to influence people of the rich world to become as them with deep loving and caring feelings”.
    • This is also to say that I like VERY MUCH the ideas of the Danish workman’s company LOGIK & CO. giving the same salary for all employees and we know their “idea” is to deliver QUALITY, to keep agreements and be ready on time (!) and isn’t this exactly what you expect from all workers (?) which you however does not always get because of the “lazy attitude” of workers today? And isn’t life becoming much better when all people will work with this “basic idea” in the future?
  • I had the strongest dream and temptations yet of a sexual nature and when I woke up, I had the STRONGEST feeling to say that I ask the world to close down all brothels, prostitution and also to destruct all movies and pictures of sexual character – this behaviour is inconsistent with life itself because as a sexual being, you are a CREATOR yourself, which you can only be when acting in a responsible manor – and of course to be faithful to your partner.
  • I am visiting a black house in the country and just before arriving I know that the house overturned, that it was only raised again because of my visit and that it will overturn again at any moment. I see that sleeping places have been prepared outside in the free, that a grill has been set up and that four chops of meat are being brought in.
    • A new dream that the house of the Devil is falling apart to be replaced by “normal life”.
  • I am together with Kim S. and Preben at our small office, Kim is smoking pipe and I clean up the pipe cleaners he has thrown on the floor, and I ask Preben “is it true that you would like to train for a whole day without a blue background on your computer” and he says that it is and also that he will be taking a plane tomorrow. I think that I still need to do pension overviews to some of Kim’s old customers, which I should have done a long time ago and I hope that Kim will not remove my freedom of work which I however don’t believe he will because he is very busy himself.
    • Here are another two symbols of friends opposing me because they don’t do what it takes to understand and have faith in me, Kim is smoking and Preben would like to train using a computer without the blue background and this is to remind me that my colour is indeed blue – I had forgot and thought yesterday that it was green – and we know which I am thinking of to follow up one day in relation to the background colour on my website – it is not prioritized at the moment – and this is also to say that Preben would like to receive “sales training”, this is the feeling I got, and that he has not read my website yet as I encouraged him to do some days ago. And the pension overviews – a repetition of many dreams for many years – are simply about approving people to enter our new world.
  • I also had a short dream where I was together with a VERY tired man and I asked him if he was tired because he had prepared pension overviews the whole night – and this is really the reason why I am working my best despite of my tiredness and that is in order to help people enter our new world.
  • And finally I was given the lyrics “I want to know, have you ever seen the rain?” from the song by Creedence Clearwater Revival and the rain is yet again about “suffering”.
    • And this is what I still do but have you noticed that it is now thawing in Denmark (?) and we know becoming warmer and the snow is melting and just a symbol of “better days” to come.

Australians are the people today closest to the picture of future mankind, so this is where my marketing campaign will start

For some time I have been thinking about where to start the coming marketing of my website. Will I market it on sites and forums of people interested in “2012”, philosophy/religion, spiritualism, theosophy etc. in rich countries with the risk that the voice of people will be stronger than their “ability” to listen/read and understand (?) or will I try to find similar sites in poor countries knowing that they will only be few with a lot less visitors due to their low usage of Internet (?) and we know I have been thinking about Australia more and more the last days and weeks in fact and we know my old friends Vivian and Søren live in Australia as the old neighbour Dan S. to my old best friend Jack does too and we know I saw the nice behaviour of Australians months ago on the Master Chef Australia TV program, I simply LOVED the movie Australia a couple of years ago, for some years I have LOVED the quality and taste of Australian “Premium” beef, which my mother and John now do too and EVERY SINGLE TIME this beef is of FINE quality in contrast to the “boring” or even “tough” meat of the “farming-countries” Denmark, Germany and Netherlands – prioritising quantity over quality (!) – and the Danish founder of the Theosophical Fellowship, Ananda, was inspired to move to Australia to start her organization there too – so there are many signs you see – and we know today I see Australians as the people being the closest to the people of our new world and we know when people will have the combination of true and deep feelings of love and care together with a normal material life, so this is where I will start doing my marketing and even though Australians are not as many as in USA for example, I do hope that I will be able to make some of you “down under” understand that I simply speak the truth – and we know I will start after the 14th January when most, but not all (I have taken some out for now), of the work on improving my website will be finished, where I will prepare my “introduction letter” and search the Internet for relevant sites to contact and I expect that I will go out in public the first time before the 1st February and from here to continue to other sites and eventually other countries too.

Receiving inspired information from Lama Yönten to my chapter on “normal life”

This afternoon I was “not feeling well” because of TIREDNESS but still I decided to visit the first teaching of Lama Yönten this year and I was so tired that I did not even understand the many jokes and smiles given to the Lama, Penpa and the participants today by a HAPPY Council but I managed to “come through” this afternoon and my dear friends it would have been a joy to me to attend if I was feeling well but because of EXTREME tiredness, I was on the edge of breaking down simply by being there – but I decided to take a few notes of the very wise and also INSPIRED words of the Lama today on people prioritising material development without developing their state of mind, which is in contrast to life itself and I might use some of this inspiration when finalising my chapter on bringing “normal life” to rich people.

During the “second half” of the teaching today, the Lama told us about 111,111 prostrations you “must” do after having sought refuge with Buddhism – and I believe he said that Westerners are allowed to do “only” 10,000 (!) – and we know Stig, IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO DO ALL OF THIS IN THE FUTURE TO “OVERCOME” THE PHYSICAL HINDRANCE TO REACH THE “MENTAL RICHNESS AND FREEDOM” YOU LOOK FOR and again I was thinking about the “practise” of Buddhism today being in contrast to how I believe people should live a life – in FREEDOM.

Today it was also announced, that Erik will start teachings on Wednesdays – the first time in the week to come – as he was INSPIRED to do at the end of last year and we know I include the information he has given on his coming teachings in the following and I wonder if any of my readers – maybe Fuggi – would like to attend?

Undervisning på dansk i ”En Bodhisattvas adfærd”
Af Erik Meier Carlsen
Onsdag aftner kl. 19-21.30 i Dharmagate, 2011
Gjalsä Thogme Zangpo (1295-1369)

Lama Yontan har bedt mig om at give undervisning i Dharmagate, Lama Yontans og Penpas center på Langelandsvej, Frederiksberg, onsdag aften i de første måneder af det nye år. Jeg har sagt ja til at gøre det – som Lama Yontans hjælper og assistent – i stor taknemlighed for de dyrebare belæringer, han har delt med mig og med mange andre. Ideen med at jeg står for en del af undervisningen i centret i en periode er vel, at jeg måske kan være til hjælp og gavn, fordi jeg dels har modtaget undervisning i mere end 37 år fra nogle af Tibets mest fremragende buddhistiske mestre, og samtidig er dansker – med en vis erfaring i et præsentere også lidt mere vanskelige, men betydningsfulde emner for et dansk publikum.

Det er imidlertid vigtigt for mig, at det jeg fortæller i Dharmagate kommer til at hvile fuldt og helt på den tibetanske buddhistiske traditions grundlag. Jeg har derfor foreslået, at jeg prøver at præsentere en meget elsket og højt skattet, 700 år gammel, tibetansk tekst, nemlig Gjalsä Thogme Zangpo Rinpoches berømte ”De Syvogtredve Led i en Bodhisattvas Adfærd”, Gjalsä Laglen” (rgyal sras lag len sum cu so bdun). Teksten gennemgår i smukke vers hele vejen fra vor uvidenhed til Den Højeste Oplysning og indeholder nøgleanvisninger på den praksis, der kaldes Lodjong, eller Sindstræning (blo sbyong). I præsentationen vil jeg bruge en vidunderlig kommentar til Thogme Zangpos rodtekst: Gjalsä Laglen Tsadrel (rgyal sras lag len rtsa ’grel) af Chökyi Dragpa Rinpoche (d. 1908), en mester, der oprindelig var Gelugpa-munk, men blev elev af dzogchen-mesteren Paltrul Rinpoche (1820-92). Denne kommentar knytter sig dermed tæt til den såkaldte usekteriske Rime-tradition fra Østtibet, som de fleste af mine og Lama Yontans lærere er rundet af.

Undervisningen vil følge disse tekster nøje, men naturligvis give god plads til spørgsmål og samtale, så vi forhåbentlig sammen kan dele en ægte forståelse af disse tekster og den praksis, de anviser. Jeg har modtaget undervisning i rodteksten af Khenpo Tsultrim Gyatso Rinpoche, H. H. Dalai Lama og Jigme Kilung Rinpoche. Jeg har fået undervisning i kommentaren af Khenpo Tulku i klostret Ka-nying Shedrub, Nepal.

Både rod-teksten og kommentarer er oversat til engelsk (”Uniting Wisdom and Compassion”, Wisdom Publications 2004) og herfra oversat til dansk. Den danske udgave (”Bodhisattvaernes praksis i 37 vers”) fås i Kubera, buddhistisk forretning i København. http://www.kubera.dk. Jeg har selv oversat rodteksten til dansk og denne oversættelse vil blive uddelt til alle deltagere i onsdags-undervisningen.

I am again on the list of Karen’s friends (!) – the lack of faith in me from the members of the Council almost broke me down

When I came home I was SO TIRED and felt so badly that it was “completely impossible” to work and we know this was my feeling – and this afternoon I was both happy and sad to receive an email from Karen, who had decided to include me again on the mailing-list of her friends and really because she lost her telephone in Geneva, Switzerland, on her skiing holiday so it broke down and we know the contact information of her friends was not saved on the sim-card and my dear friends she was on holiday in “one of the wealthiest cities” of the world, where I was “this close” to break down in April 2009 when visiting the Lutheran World Federation and we know this is the symbol of Karen losing her telephone at this very place, because she does not have faith in me and you do remember that the symbol of the telephone means “spiritual communication” (?) and we know so this story is really to say that because of Karen’s lack of faith – as all members of the Council – you have not started receiving direct spiritual communication yourself and that I was “this close” to break down and we know, which would have meant that the destruction of the Universe would have started and my dear friends let me tell you that it was with the absolutely “last millimetre of the distance around Earth” that I did not break down – this is how difficult it was – and we know but because of my Christmas Card, Karen is apparently and after all not upset with me – as I was told by the darkness that she was (!) – and therefore I am again on the list as one of her “friends” and we know showing you her still warm feelings of me (!) and that is despite of all (!!!) and we know the reason why I was also sad to receive this email was really that this looks like one of the “games”, which Karen is so “good” to play and that is to pretend being “valuable” and to only give me small “hints” for me as the man to follow up on instead of communicating directly and honestly letting me know that I would be equally as much her best friend and we know to offer listening to and helping me as I have offered her – but this is sadly not how she is when her own comfort makes it “impossible” for her to understand and help me when I need it – and we know I was thinking today of how to answer this email asking her friends to send her a text message with their contact information and I was really also thinking about not answering it at all because she could have decided to do the right thing to send me her sincere thanks for the card I sent her and to offer me her friendship too.

The moving light of my mother on the sky is to show you where I as “the Son” am

This evening the PM Lars Løkke was on TV2-lorry and I saw him being overshadowed briefly by an extraterrestrial giving him the expression of Lykke Friis and it made me smile much because of this – the smiles are also to me from the extraterrestrials because of where we are today – and it was essentially also to tell you that “lykke” (happiness) is not what Lars truly has much of – in continuation of my script of the 1st January.

And again this evening, the light of my mother came towards me when I stood on the balcony and I saw the light of it being switched on approx. 500 metres from my home, it was approx. 100-200 metres above ground level and it moved forward slowly taking it approx. 1-2 minutes to reach approx. 100 metres from me and on its way I saw “still UFO-lights” on the sky behind it gleaming when it passed these – and from here it turned on the sound of a plane (!) and left out of my sight to the left of my balcony and while this was happening I was told that this light of my mother is to show people on Earth where “the Son” lives.

The Council is everything on Earth

And finally just this, all physical matter in my apartment continues to give me cracking sounds of different sound volumes and because of my connection to and with the Council, I FEEL the Council being the material and really to tell you that ALL MATERIAL IS LIVING, nothing is “dead” and that the Council in relation to Earth is “God” and we know making all material the Council and vice versa – and just for you to know of course, so the next time you sit on a chair watching television, you are sitting on and watching the Council (!) and maybe this will eventually give LIFE a new meaning to you?


10th January: Self-obsession and small-mindedness of people makes me sad and removes my desire to see them

Dreaming of misunderstandings preventing me from becoming the head of a department in Danske Bank before the age of 25

And we know Stig yet another night and a new day where you can start working again, which is difficult to know when you can start to do again when you have no physical energy left as yesterday but we know the attitude is “there will always come at least some hours here and there where I can work” and this is then what comes as now and again I did not have the best night and a only a few dreams and we know because I also had more sexual dreams, which have been omitted as usual:

  • I woke up with the song Black Velvet by Alannah Miles.
  • I am at DanskeBank-Pension, I have received a salary increase from 42,000 to 53,000 DKK per month and I should be happy but I am still a bank assistant because I did not receive a promotion. I am visiting the HR manager of the bank and he tells me that I am the youngest in history in the bank to reach the end of the salary ladder and even younger than Michael P. N.
    • The ONLY reason why I left DanskeBank-Pension and Danske Bank in 1991 was because I did not receive a promotion from my two managers – Kresten and Jens-Ove – who did not sit in the same big office as I, thus not knowing about the true nature and reception of the work I did and the confidence I received from colleagues and especially from my “customers”, who were the branches of the bank contacting me in matters of pension and insurance, which was an IMPORTANT business area to the bank. Because of this “misunderstanding”, the bank lost one of its two “experts” – I was 22-25 years old when working there – and we know salary had absolutely nothing to do with my decision to leave and this is also to say that I do believe in a system of promotions where you will formally receive more responsibility when you have done well and are ready to move one step up and we know of course always based on objective criteria 100 percent accurate and not your “feelings” about me as Kresten was “guilty” of in the bank as so many others.
    • Sadly salary increases is what “motivates” people of the world today. In the future it will be about your true joy to create and also to work yourself up in the system receiving more responsibility when you have the skills, have delivered and are ready for a promotion and in this sense, age does not matter!
  • I am meeting with my colleague Bjarne from DanskeBank-Pension in Århus, I have just started working for the bank again after having been away for some years. We will have a meeting with a customer, which one of the consultants let down, and Bjarne has written a draft of a letter of five pages to the customer including all of his recommendations on all bank businesses of the customer – not only our area of pension & insurance – and he asks me to read the letter through – he has just finished it this morning shortly before the meeting – and when I read it, my thought is that it is almost impossible to understand because it does not include any headings nor an overview and it is written with very long chapters. We meet the customer together with her accountant, I give her four wine glasses as our present, and she and Bjarne lead the word, I am impressed with the professional knowledge of Bjarne also on subjects, which are not within our field, the accountant and I don’t say a word because we don’t have the skills to add anything and we tell the customer that we were so happy working for the bank that it is now he third time for Bjarne and the fourth time for me that we work for the bank.
    • This dream is in connection with the previous because Bjarne spoke more than me on our weekly department meetings, which was where Kresten received most of his “knowledge” about how Bjarne and I was working and we know in Kresten’s mind, Bjarne was the “head clerk” in our small department and when there is one, there is no “need” for a second and my dear friends, this is about identifying and developing the true skills of each employee and in this respect it is important that you take the right decisions and give the right responsibilities to each employee and here – as the dream says – I was better qualified than Bjarne when it came to communication and I quickly received the same professional knowledge within our area of pension and insurance as Bjarne – but probably not within other bank areas, which was NOT part of our work but which was “important” to you too, Kresten (?) – and what I am saying is that despite of my young age, the right decision had been to give me the responsibility of this department because I could have developed this business MUCH simply because our “customers” – the branches of the bank – did not understand Bjarne especially when it came to “complicated pension and insurance calculations” because Bjarne did not deliver a written overview/explanation of what he had done, and therefore I developed such a tool, which we could have developed and used even more and so it is. So Kresten, I basically left the bank because of your misunderstandings and did it also matter to you that that I a few times called you “the jurist” – which you did not like – when recommending branches to speak to you on legal matters (?) and of course despite the fact that this was what you were?
    • And as the dream says, there is absolutely NO reason to have meeting participants, who have no skills and/or value to bring to a meeting – and the wine glasses are of course about the “wine of me” which will be poured to the world when the world will have faith in me and not about presents between business contacts, which I don’t believe in.
  • I woke up hearing the song “Susan Himmelblå” by Kim Larsen and the lyrics “Hvis jeg ku’, Så loved’ jeg dig et langt og lykkeligt liv”.
  • I see that my aunt Inge and her son Jan moving out from Snekkersten and that Jan has MANY suitcases.
  • I saw that my mother’s husband John prepares a new play on the theatre as an impulsive action shortly before the play starts and here it included pieces from an old play including the name of my mother – and then I see that it starts.
    • And after this dream I received two dreams about sexual attraction to beautiful ladies and what the play is about is misunderstandings of people believing they are right as usual and if I will decide for Karen in real life or if I will accept the temptation of the darkness of more beautiful ladies than Karen – and we know if there is enough darkness to carry out this “threat” and I don’t believe that this scenario is realistic and that is “probably” even if I should decide to accept – which I will never do – and I cannot even tell you how sad and tired I am to receive this play and we know because of TRUE misunderstandings of my mother still not having TRUE faith in me and we know she has NOT started to read my website carefully yet and also because of the “play” of Karen and we know instead of simply communicating honestly and directly.

Receiving New Year Resolutions from Meshack

And we know Stig, you are happy again to receive this email from Meshack – thank you my friend – but sad because of his situation with very little money and we know sad because of the decision of Elijah not to communicate – Elijah you deviate from your friends because of your love for money and a material life, which has given you some of the same “diseases” as people from the rich countries making it difficult for you to communicate your true feelings – and sad for the whole team to ignore the questions I raised in my email the 16th December – which is contributing to the fact that I have lost much motivation to continue working today and I am really only carrying on because this is what “I am used to” – and we know my friends are you REALLY doing your ABSOLUTELY best to help me to help the world – this is what you will answer to the world directly.

Meshack, thank you for your kindness and loyalty, I know you are always with me as I am with you also because of the continuing communication and please remember that I have only asked you for ONE email per month during this difficult period for you – but of course I will always be happy to receive more. All my best to your wife and children.

And here is his email:

Hi there, my sincere hope that you are fine and above all happy new year to you and your family. Has been since long i wrote to you but have been reading your scripts only that the extra cash for sending the mail after reading has been the major problem but i promise to improve my communication this year.

Am okay with my wife and children and right now we are trying to think how we can improve our living standard because we do not want to get stack this year again and we are doing all to see if we can make any meaningfull change this year and have written down all my resolutons as told by you and i hope through faith we shall achieve that.

The issue of Elijah not communicating to you has been a bother to us but we have been encouraging him to write to you since that is only what we can do but he always tells us that he is still with you.

My little cash is running out hi to all.

Kind regards,

Asking Karen to stop playing games and communicate directly

Today I decided to send my telephone number to Karen and simply to communicate the truth that I am her best friend in life and that I want her to communicate honestly and directly with me instead of playing games and we know I sent her the text message below and I wonder when and if she will contact me again and we know I don’t want to play the game of me as a man inviting her for this and that trying to “make her interested”. If she wants to see me because of her positive feelings of me, she will have to tell me and if this game continues, I have a very strong feeling that I don’t want to see her and we know the truth is that when she was feeling “completely down” as she had never been before in 2003/04 – threatening to “destroy her” as she said (!) – and when I helped her to “come over this”, her treatment of me made me “break down even more” and you may understand that I have NO intentions to repeat this game (?) and we know which is really about helping small-minded people not understanding that what they have done to me is worse than their own self-obsessed feelings and also here an example of a lady not understanding that her feelings of me were the feelings of love and that the feelings she had of “another man” – who was ALSO on the email list from yesterday – had nothing with love to do and we know she will teach the world about “true love” based on her own lessons of life not understanding that “her best friend in life” is also her potential best partner of life and so it is.

Du er velkommen til at bruge dette nummer, når du igen vil se din bedste ven i livet, men det forudsætter at du kommunikerer direkte og ærligt. Jeg ønsker ikke et spil med gætterier.

Self-obsession and small-mindedness of ignorant people makes me sad and removes my desire to see them

And we know Stig, the stories today are about small-minded and self-obsessed people who would never admit that this is what they are simply because they cannot see that they are wrong and when they cannot see that they are wrong, they are convinced that they are right (!) and that the other party – who is truly right – is wrong and we know Stig, this is the old story of the “reversed golden rule” of people demanding to be treated better than how they WRONGLY treat people themselves and we know I received an email from my old, dear “friend” today saying that when I have publically given him an excuse, he will see me again and I can only say that this also made me very SAD because he simply cannot see that he is wrong, which makes him stubborn and unfair to me demanding to be right and the worst part is that this is how the darkness keep people from the rich countries apart and we know despite of the fact that they truly like and would like to see each other – this is part of how people of the rich countries suffer, and this is brought to me because this is what I am writing on at the moment for my website and of course the “help” from Elijah, Karen and my “friend” these days is really not a help because it makes me VERY SAD almost removing my motivation to keep on working, but somehow I will also finalise this chapter on bringing normal life to rich people and of course doing my best and we know Stig, I have now received the “ingredients” of the right content, now I only need to write it and find the right structure, which is really not easy to do feeling like I do these days – and by the way, I decided not to send a reply to my “friend” because I am FED up by negativity, “eternal discussions” and unreasonable behaviour of family and friends misunderstanding me and my scripts, when they have only seen the surface of it not understanding the true positive content – and I might add their own “unthinkable” mistakes.

And just this, I continued working all day today but because I am so tired and worn out, I decided to take the time I need to work without breaking down and this meant that the work almost took double as long also meaning that I did not start after lunch as planned to do the last part of the new chapter on “normal life” – quality and not breaking down is more important to me than everything else and I will still make my deadlines on time or approx. on time ad THIS IS THE BEST I CAN DO AT THE MOMENT – and we know also because I decided to do the second edit of the last three days of scripts today and to start publishing my scripts every third day – starting today – instead of every fourth day and that is what I will continue doing when I can and believe it is right to do.

Sending my scripts to LTO and my LAST email to Elijah

And this is the email I sent to LTO today when forwarding my scripts:

Dear all,

Please see my script below.

Elijah, I am VERY sad to say that because of your negligence and for not keeping your word once again – do you remember what BASIC RULES are about ??? – this will become my last email to you. I will continue helping you asking the team to share the money I send with you, but do you believe that you have truly helped me when not communicating with me (?) and how much faith do you REALLY have in me? This is ALSO what communication is about and when you don’t communicate thoroughly you will not have faith and Elijah, you are a product of what poor countries have started becoming too because you show some of the same “diseases” as people in the rich countries not TRULY  reading and listening and therefore not having FAITH in me. And my dear LTO friends, this is what I asked you to help me with in relation to Elijah in my email to you the 16th December, but none of you have been “able” to communicate and to give me an answer? And that is TRULY?

TAKE CARE ALL OF YOU – and Elijah, you will chose when you want to become my friend again.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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