Jan. 13, 2011: Buddhist masters teach people how to live without living “normal lives” with “normal needs” themselves


Summary of the script today

11th January: The flooding of Australia is a deflection of the part of the darkness, which I do not take on myself

  • Dreaming of writing the formulations on my website with energy and as I please, receiving “kind voices” spiritually offering to help me, which however is the darkness trying to bring me down, my mother offering me a “cake of love”, which is exchanged to a pizza of “joy and happiness” and Peter. A. sharing the “fantastic story” of Stig as “Jesus Christ” with friends and colleagues without reading or understanding me.
  • I had uncomfortable pain in my lungs again, and also my teeth as the “threat” of what to expect if I should stop the work on my website, which I however will not.
  • I worked ten hours today primarily to “almost” finish the new chapter on “normal life”, which because of many details and my condition was “extremely difficult” to do almost breaking me down, which is the feeling of my mother slowly realising that I just may be the one I have claimed to be all along making it “extremely difficult” for her.
  • I give “all of my attention” to my website to finish this making it difficult to do daily necessities and stress factors include when will the Commune come back to me (?) and new exciting arrangements on Wednesday/Thursday, which I really should attend – and my deadline to finish my website, for now, is on Friday.
  • LTO held a “professional meeting” with the agenda on “how we are going to survive” (!) and Meshack told me to “always count on support of the three of us”.
  • The flooding of Australia is a deflection of the part of the darkness given to me from living members at the top of the spiritual hierarchy not believing in me today, which I have decided not to take on myself in order to be able to come through this phase and to finalise my work.

12th January: Buddhist masters teach people how to live without living “normal lives” with “normal needs” themselves

  • Dreaming of the temptation of President Obama to reveal my presence to the world, which would have started the destruction of the world because I was not ready (had not connected with the Source yet), leaving the “hotel” – the waiting hall – together with my mother because she will be woken up, when she TRULY understands who I am, ending the battle against the darkness – there will be no more football games – and approaching the “home of God”, it is “almost” impossible for me to re-enter the train “heading for the light” because my journey has ended, I am the light and I am truly on my way home to the “home of God”.
  • I visited Lama Yönten to attend the first teaching of Erik on the text “37 Practices of a Bodhisattva”. Buddhist masters/lamas etc. teach people how to live a perfect live without living perfect lives themselves, when they are self-effaced and stick their nose too deep in philosophy, “practise”, meditation and teaching making it more important for them to help others than to live a “normal life” themselves with “normal needs” as human beings. Erik delivered a rare teaching of exceptional quality because of his passion, enormous knowledge and good heart and he told us to replace the illusion of “I” based on hate, desire and stupidity with a focus on the community with classic good values, which is what I also ask you to do through my scripts. I gave Erik the feedback that more teachers create more value because of their unique individual characters and that his lecture combined with conversation works fine.

13th January: The General Electric Co. is pure capitalism in its worst form focusing on profits without relation to work

  • Dreaming of the company General Electric as the example of pure capitalism in its worst form setting up “money machines” requiring only little or no manpower, a company not working with the quality, which they praise themselves for because of “lazy” and selfish employees and because profits truly matters more than the voice of the customer. Also dreaming of Søren H., who “protected” me as his protégé by giving me work below my skills and speaking badly of me behind my back to the management at the same time as he wanted me to start up his new insurance business in Denmark in 2007/08, which I declined when he was working too slow and when I was forced to start for Dahlberg really in order to survive, and finally the attitude of an unknowing and uninterested HR Manager from Fair Insurance, who in 2006/07 decided that I was a “burden” for the company because of my salary costs without understanding the value I could have brought as a new BDM – a company where no visible development in its CONCEPTS towards private customers has happened since.
  • I had a VERY bad night receiving new “torture” in form of negative spiritual speech now coming from my mind being outside of my head for the first time ever and despite of much tiredness today, I wrote the last part of the script yesterday and the script of today including two edits, so I could publish it too.


11th January: The flooding of Australia is a deflection of the part of the darkness, which I do not take on myself

Dreaming of – and experiencing – “kind voices” spiritually, which however was the darkness trying to bring me down

And we know Stig, two dreams already before midnight and what was looking to become a terrible night showed out to be a better night than the previous when I was allowed more sleep and less interruptions later but we know still not good and still tired but happy that the number of dreams have decreased giving me some more time to work on my website before the deadline on Friday and here they are:

  • I had a vision where I was smiling and with energy doing the formulations on my website entirely as I want them, and where I edited them until I became happy.
  • I am flying in my apartment entirely as I please, I am together with Sanna and Hans not believing in me and with other people who have started believing in me and I tell them that a part of the darkness, which everybody will come through, is for you to hear voices and when you need support the most, you will hear kind voices offering you help which however is based on your worst prejudices and this is what you must overcome.
    • The flying is positive, I do as I please and here the voices are actually about what has been with me for some days where the voice of Virgin Mary is controlled by my right side being “very kind” to me with “a hidden agenda” – this is not “normal” here you know, normally it is pure evilness – and I have only experienced this when I have met the absolutely most opposition from people around me and the agenda is still the same as usual trying to carry out “my old nightmare” and we know Joseph from Austria, your special “destiny” and “background” will be known to the world with the feeling here that just maybe you and my spiritual father have a special “bond”.
  • On behalf of my mother I am ordering a take away cake from an Italian restaurant in Espergærde, the restaurant closes at 20.00 and at 19.50 I arrive at the Shopping centre of Espergærde but I cannot find the restaurant and I meet Jais who tells me that it is to be found at the road “Fløng” opposite of “Vium”, and I still have problems finding it and finally at 19.58 I find it and I receive a pizza from Jais again (!) and both of us forget about payment, and afterwards it is too late to exchange the pizza.
    • I have thought for a long time that the symbol of a cake really was “warm feelings” but here it is something more and we know instead of a cake I receive a pizza, which is Italian and we know again “joy and happiness” in our future world and yet again when “normal life” will come to all. And I don’t know what the city of Fløng near Roskilde has to do with this – any of my readers living there (?) – but “Vium” is the sir name of a former colleague from Fair working on projects and we know this dream is also about bad quality not hearing the order and forgetting about payment and we know I wonder if there is a connection here because you don’t use a project tool of exceptional quality and we know lack of training too (?) and of course I am only wondering.
  • I am trying to locate Peter A. and when I come to his office he is not there and the bigger, but still not very large, common office surrounding his office is overcrowded with people, some are photocopying and when I want to leave I meet our former colleague from Fair – the football referee – who blocks my exit and we smile both of us, but he truly makes it almost impossible for me to exit and I tell him that “you don’t only tease, you are directly rude” but somehow I pass through him using my outmost.
    • And we know apparently the story of me being “Jesus Christ” is a very good story, Peter, for you to share with friends and colleagues (?) – hence the photocopier – and we know without reading and understanding me?

Receiving pain in my lungs and teeth – and my website counter did not work

Yesterday evening after publishing my script, I received some uncomfortable pain in both of my lungs – as I also experienced last summer – and this is really about the strong opposition I receive these days from physical members of the Council and we know yesterday evening the counter of my website suddenly did not work – it simply did not show on the website – and I could not either enter my account on the website of the counter, which I however could again this morning – where the counter on my website started working again – and we know this is about the potential reactions of “a friend” not understanding me and we know this friend is also the most frequent visitor on my website with approx. 15 percent of all clicks on the site (!) and this was really why the counter was not working “briefly” – thank you Council!

In 2006 I broke a corner tooth and I also lost a corner of one front tooth – which was the beginning of the physical destruction of me because of lack of faith in me from family and friends, and despite of my “general health” deteriorating much for years as I have written about before, the physical break down did not continue because I was stronger than the darkness ALL of the time (!) – and these days I have been given a “cold pain” in my round cut front tooth and been told that if I was to give up the work on my website now, this is where I will receive “pain” – the threats are decreasing – but we know I will never give up and this is against my rules and we know if these are stronger than “the darkness” and so it is.

Grøn: “I’m alive”

And we know I was HAPPY to see that Grøn is HAPPY – I like that he is a very positive man – because today on Facebook I saw that he likes a link given by one of his friends and the link was to the song “I’m alive” by Celine Dion and Michael – as his name truly is – this is indeed what you are and this is what also makes us happy.

Doing “extremely difficult” work almost breaking me because the knowledge of me is “extremely difficult” for my mother

Yesterday evening I decided to do “my absolutely best” crossing a high pain level to work a couple of hours extra to get a bigger “break-through” on my new chapter of “normal life” and today I was working from 9.15 – 19.00 having some more energy first to write the script of today, which did not take long and from here to continue writing on “normal life” for my website and I had really received so many ideas and started writing several paragraphs without being able to finish them that the work was “almost impossible” to overview and do – where was I to begin and end and how would I connect all of the details (?) – and we know it was so difficult that it almost broke me down both mentally and physically and it is now what takes the prize as the most difficult work on my website – I had not seen this coming – and we know I had to be “less tired” in order to do this work and this is why the Council did their best to help me and at the end of the day I had re-written and edited a few times this pretty long chapter, which I also published as a new menu option on my website – making me happy as usual – and I simply did not have the energy to finish the last part of the editing this evening because the paragraphs blurred on the screen when I tried to read them, and when I was working, I was not always as “inspired”, which made it very difficult (or “impossible”) to find the right words to get long chapters to “float” and even though I was “less tired” I still felt “empty” and “tired” in my head and let me say also feeling “tired beyond description” of this EXTREMELY long work still having to continue writing, editing and improving all of the time, which I was already more than “VERY tired” of doing back in 2007 (!) – and by the way, when I did the writings on “rich and spoiled people” in this chapter today, all I had to do was to think about the behaviour of certain people of my family and friends and really because they have been given the characteristics representing the world.

Today when working I also received throw-up feelings as I have received many times lately because this is how hard I am pressuring my self and the work is so hard that the feelings and thoughts of the darkness is still “right next to me” ready to give me the strong words and conviction that “I cannot do this”, “I hate this work” and “I give up”, and during the most difficult periods of the day I “almost” enter this negativity maybe 3-4 times before shaking the feelings off me and my dear friends what would you do if you were working on your extreme edge being extremely tired doing “almost impossible work” – would you give up (?) and we know I have decided that I WILL NEVER GIVE UP and this is the attitude I still use when I am “this close” to go into the negative feelings of giving up.

And I was told that I am doing this extremely difficult work – because of the circumstances – because this is the feeling of my mother starting to discover who I really am and that is truly an “extremely difficult” feeling – this is how it connects and I was told that when I take a step up finishing the next level of work, my mother receives feelings and inspiration, which makes it easier for her to understand me, which again makes it easier for me to continue working and my dear mother, your well-being, feelings and attitude is transferred directly to me so the stronger you are, the better I feel and the more difficult it is for you, the more difficult it is for me and we know even more difficult than for you in fact. This is truly your responsibility in connection to me and my work, and what it means for you to be strong.

I give all of my attention to finish as much of my website in the best possible quality on Friday

I am giving so much attention to my website as I can because I want to finish this work and I do feel that in this respect I am on the edge too because I hardly have time or energy to shop and do other daily necessities but still yesterday evening I also went to shop at three different supermarkets – finding the best offers – but I also truly need a hair cut and we know which I will have to find time for later this month and we know “stress factors” also include how much or little content and time consumption to include in my scripts, the question of when will the Commune come back to me (?) – how much time do I really have to do this work (?) – and we know there are “exciting” arrangements Wednesday evening with Erik teaching and Thursday evening at Theosophical Fellowship where I know that the right answer is to attend both arrangements but as you know I have promised myself to deliver my new website on Friday and we know I had not expected either to use all of this time on improving the chapter on “normal life” and I don’t really know how much energy I have on a daily basis to work, so all I can say is that I do my absolutely best to finalise as much work in the best possible quality before Friday, which may be 90 or 95 percent of what I was planning on – and really much more because I have done much work, which I did not plan on and in this respect I have really delivered much more than 100 percent (!) – and we know the rest will have to be taken in between my marketing campaign, where I have given myself more time, and this is really how I have decided to come through this one too.

A professional meeting by LTO with the agenda on “how we are going to survive”

And HI THERE MESHACK TOO and we know at the same time as you continue fighting to survive three quarters of you still have the extra energy to continue showing me the attitude of “always count on support of the three of us” – thank you very much, it still means very much to me – and when you are fighting with your lives – as I am too – you also still manage to keep “professional meetings” remembering the structure of these and for this I give you my deep thanks – even though I was hoping you would be “able” to do even better in relation to my email of the 16th December – and my dear friends, this attitude – loyalty, support and will power – of yours will be noticed around the world, which is an attitude not shown by most of the rich world and my dear friends neither from approx. 25 percent of the poor world – this is simply how it connects and this is what you show through your “acting”, Elijah, which you will understand later.

Thank you very much, Meshack, also for having the discipline and will power to inform me through your email below and this is to John and David for your continued support too.

And here is his email:

Hi there, hope you are okay and the same is with us. Today we had the opportunity to meet the four of us and this makes me very happy since it keeps the bond strong.

We started our meeting first by coming up with agendas of the meeting and the time we were to take.

Our main agenda was how we are going to survive and continue with the ministry and how we can design another website since it is very vital to us but at the end we hit a snag due to financial constraints.

We told Elijah of your decision to stop communicating with him but as usual, he told us he will communicate with you and this makes us sad because you have been on our side for that long and we should support you whenever possible without much complains but always count on support of the three of us.

Kind regards,

The flooding of Australia is a deflection of the part of the darkness, which I do not take on myself

And we know Stig, now I better understand the connection to the recent flooding of Australia right now spreading to the big city of Brisbane and we know “water” and “big city” is really also what I wrote about earlier today on the chapter “normal life” to my website when I wrote that I saw the “human dignity, kindness and calmness” in Kenya mostly from people who had lived in “isolation” from the temptations of the big town and we know “water” is the symbol of “suffering” and this is what the temptations of “big cities” and money have done to destroy the deep warm feelings of love and care of “original people” as you can read about in a greater detail on my website and we know this was really to say that the flooding of Australia set in before I knew that Australia was the place where I will start to market my website and in this respect the water is simply a deflection of the part of the darkness, which I have decided not to take on myself – in order to be able to come through this phase and to finalise my work – which is also to show you that I take on as much suffering I can without breaking down and what I cannot take on myself – and what is not taken on by “special friends” – is given to mankind in order for all of us to come through and yes my dear reader this is the STRENGTH of the darkness when you have members of the Council and other people at the top of the spiritual hierarchy who as physical persons alive do not believe in me (yet) – and Australia is chosen by the darkness trying to oppose me knowing that this is where I as the light will start my marketing.


12th January: Buddhist masters teach people how to live without living “normal lives” with “normal needs” themselves

Dreaming of Obama being tempted to reveal my presence, which would have started the destruction of the world

And we know it is now 9.20 and another new day and this time also a long day first writing the whole day and hopefully I also have the energy to visit the first teaching of Erik this evening and I feel today as yesterday which is somewhat better but I am still tired this morning and I expect that the surface of this feeling will disappear after a few hours as it also did yesterday – even though the tiredness is still inside of me – and we know, the dreams:

  • The President of United States has held a speech in front of a giant audience outdoors, and he has decided to be a “face in the crowd” when he goes through, mixes with and shakes hands with people in the audience. I am standing all the way back behind the crowd and when the President is only a few metres from me, he feels me, which makes him say “God and “Jesus”. Afterwards we stay the night in a very big house and when I wake up pretty early in the morning, I find that the President has already started working and I hear that he wanted to send a message that it was me yesterday. I stop to drink to drink a glass of water from a jug, but I am told that this is not allowed. I only wear a shirt and underpants.
    • This is to say that it was a temptation of Obama to reveal my presence to the world, which could have been catastrophic before the autumn of 2011 because it would have started the destruction of the world because I was not ready at that time.
  • I am about to check out from a hotel in France together with a lady of approx. 70 years. The lady does not have money to pay the bill and decides to follow in the heels of two other guests to “force” them to pay our bill. I visit a store of “bad taste” where I listen to an old and scratched record by Johnny Reimar and he is also the shop assistant smiling and in a good mood, and he points out the window showing me two roads and I notice a nice, young French lady, who is attending Bank School coming from the road to the right. She brings money to pay the hotel bill.
    • Johnny Reimar is the king of the traditional Danish “dance music” called “Danish top” and in Denmark many people truly love this music – as I do too – but the attitude of many is that people don’t want to admit this because the music is officially “bad taste”, not “well seen” and it may give other people a “wrong view” looking down on people loving this music! People want to be “more/better than what they are” so this is essentially about small-mindedness, which is the same when it comes to the weekly magazine Se & Hør, which nobody officially reads (!), but only “skims” when they are at the hair-dresser and we know this magazine, their lies and usage of paparazzi pictures is as disgusting as it gets – and the worst is that a large part of people love it, otherwise it would not exist – even though they will not admit it and that they know that the articles are produced in a wrong way.
    • This is the first dream of leaving the Hotel and as you know my dear reader (?), the hotel is the symbol of the waiting hall for my “special friends” and here the lady of the dream is my mother, we are about to check-out making her “her self”, when she will truly understand what she “suspects” today, that I am truly the one – and this is when she will start to become her “old self” as Virgin Mary – or Lona – in this life.
    • The young, French lady is coming from the right – the road of the darkness – and this is also Virgin Mary in disguise as part of my suffering and we know the Council have given me many dreams to give you this picture and we know most of them are censored, but this one made it through as one of the few.
  • I have accepted an invitation to play football on Friday, I am at my yearly camp school, and when Friday arrives, I discover that this is our last day at school and that we have to go home, which means that I will not be able to play football after all. We walk towards the train and the next I see is a map with a very beautiful and large inlet leading through an island and all the way into the city of Nykøbing Falster.
    • There will be no more football games, this is the end of the battle between the light and the darkness on our way to the “home of God”, which both the small Island and the city of Nykøbing represents, because it is located on the bigger island of Falster, which is a very dear memory to me because this is where my mother, sister and I spend several holidays in the end of seventies together with Ole – which is really the dearest memory to me from when I was growing up.
  • I am in London in an underground station waiting on the train towards Hurlington, I plan to drive two stations to meet Georgie, but when the train arrives I am too far in front of it on the platform and I don’t make it before it drives away and somehow I also miss the next train and I see myself outside the platform where it is almost impossible to return to the platform. When I am again in the “streets of London”, I am flying confidently through a church towards a square, I meet a man on my way to the King’s New Square and I ask him if he is in Copenhagen, which he is, and I tell him that I am in London. He asks me if I have the will for victory and I tell him “yes, I wear a belt with a buckle”.
    • London is one of the most used and clearest symbols of the “home of God”, the train is still the symbol of “heading for the light” and this is really to say that it is “almost” impossible for me to re-enter the train because I have ended it – I am the light and truly on my way home.
    • I still miss Georgie after her misunderstanding and decision to break our friendship a few years ago, and I was “this close” to write to her in August 2010 and also later but somehow I never came around to it and we know also “knowing” that she would not believe in me, which would simply bring me more suffering.
  • I have daily meetings with the Union Frie Funktionærer from Odense in Copenhagen, I arrive usually 5-10 minutes late and I think of asking them if they enjoy staying in Copenhagen.
    • This is really to say that if your work in the future requires you to travel and to stay the night – or several nights – I do believe that this will be costs for the company to pay, and I also believe that you should pay for your own consumption of food and drinks yourself.

Finally finishing the “impossible” work on the chapter of “normal life” on my website

Today I used the time until lunch to write the script of today and to do the final edit of this and the script of yesterday and after lunch I FINISHED the edit of the chapter on “normal life” for my website and we know I managed to find “floating formulations”, which I was happy with and we know finishing a work which still yesterday evening looked like “almost impossible” to do but I did it and ended it at 14.30 today and we know giving me some time to do other improvements too before I will start a new “final” edit of my website so far tomorrow – and we know still thinking of “quite some work” to do on this, which I will continue doing over the next weeks and finalise if not in January, then in February but the main part is that people should really be able to understand and find faith in me simply by using 1-2 hours to CAREFULLY read my website and will it be possible to find ANY who wants to do this, this is really the question today.

Erik delivered a rare teaching of exceptional quality: Focus on the community with good values instead of “I” with bad values

This evening I decided to do what I hoped I would be able to do in the morning, which was to visit Lama Yönten to attend the first teaching of Erik on the text “37 Practices of a Bodhisattva” and when I arrived I noticed a new man attending for the first time, who was sitting by himself and I decided to welcome him with a smile and to speak with him, which nobody else did and we know this is what I believe people should do – give them a warm welcome.

Help people when they are unaware or offer them your help, when they are objectively wrong

Lama Yönten is ALWAYS exactly on time when he does the lecture, which I like much as you know, and at 19.02 I saw that Penpa was waiting in the lecture room asking people to come and the lecture to start, which Erik however did not hear in the other room where we were standing and therefore I decided –with a big smile – to clap Erik on the shoulder and say that it was time to start and that he really should use the same bell as the Lama does when he signals that the teaching starts (!) and this is a completely normal attitude of mine, which I say positively and with a smile for people not to misunderstand my positive intention, which I also believe Erik thought was alright – and maybe even a help, which it was meant as – and this is a part of my attitude to help people as it always has been – for example also when telling people if they have a spot on their face or clothes., which they are not aware of – and normally people will understand that I am mean good, but one of the regular ladies here – the lady who spoke negatively about Facebook some weeks ago and a person, who I try my best every single time to find the positive sides of even though she normally shows a poor behaviour (!) – has an “attitude” problem because she tends to think negatively on many subjects and here she decided to tell me after overhearing what I told Erik that I should not reprimand people (!) and what can I say other than she misunderstood me entirely because of her negative thoughts as so many people do here and that she made me sad because of this but since we now were on our way to the teaching room, I decided that there was not time to give her a reply and what this was truly about – and why she was inspired to reprimand me wrongly (!) – was that Lama Yönten this Sunday told us one of the “truths” of Buddhism that people should not interfere with other people, which I decided to include in my chapter on “normal life” on my website when I wrote that people should not interfere using their own strong voice, which is often wrong and really that people generally should not interfere, when other people don’t need their help and basically this event today was given to me to revise this chapter, which I will do today or tomorrow where I will probably include a line saying that if people are unaware, of course it is polite and a help to remind people objectively/positively and if they are truly wrong about a matter and if you are truly right – as you will know much better in the future than today – I believe it is fine to offer your help for the other person to decide on and we know instead of just “tell it like it is”.

Buddhist masters teach people how to live without living “normal lives” with “normal needs” themselves

I was looking very much forward to the teachings of Erik and before we started I asked him about his experience teaching on Buddhism and I understood that he has some experience doing some lectures but I also understood that these teachings he now starts on – he expects to do 10 teachings on this text alone – will be the most ambitious he has ever done and as he told me “of course” he only did it because he was encouraged by Lama Yönten to do it, otherwise he would never have offered to teach (!) and we know Stig this is the same subject as earlier and therefore I could only tell him that I understood his view but my view was that when he truly can help people when teaching, he should decide to take the initiative himself offering to teach – of course (!!!) and I am only thinking here that if I should decide for the same attitude waiting for people to find and to “encourage” me to teach the world, the world would probably never find me (!) – and I told him that if he would not do it himself, I will go out to find 10,000 people for him to teach and to this he replied me that teaching 1 or 2 would mean the same to him as teaching 10,000, which we agreed on and I wonder Erik if the situation is that you are truly very skilled and experienced intellectually in Buddhism and Dharma lectures but that basic elements of your behaviour are not according to your intellectual knowledge (?) – or simply not a part of your knowledge (?) – and we know did you understand my view as I understood yours (?) – I don’t know when you don’t tell me – and I am still waiting for you to ask me the first question about my life and what I do after I now have asked you many questions several times and also given you feedback on your teaching today – see later.

And of course Erik it is WRONG for you to be as self-effacing as you are when it comes to offer people your help as a teacher – again he gave me a “fear example” of westerners, which he took distance from, actively offering people to teach on Buddhism (!) – which obviously is a “practise” you have learned from self-effacing Buddhist masters/lamas, who has influenced him much, and we know because this is NOT how to live your life – being too modest, holding back and also to suppress your own needs as human beings because of your too “simple life” lacking what should be included in a “normal life” – and we know Stig how can people having this “wisdom” of how to live a good life, live lives wrongly themselves (?) and we know I wonder if this is the work of the Devil because people “stick their nose” too deep in philosophy, “practise”, meditation, teaching and more, which makes them forget to live their own life and we know they are experts on how to live a perfect life, which they teach other people to do, but they do not live a perfect life themselves and we know this will probably also in the beginning be “difficult” for you to understand and to accept, my dear Buddhist friends (?) and that is because you have to start changing your “ingrown and wrong habits” in order to live your life as it was intended to be lived!

Erik delivered a rare teaching of exceptional quality: Focus on the community with good values instead of “I” with bad values

I did not know truly what to expect from Erik’s teaching but I expected that it would be of exceptional quality and I told the new man here that it was truly a shame that we were only as few as we were – approx. 8 – to witness this very “rare” opportunity and after a little bit of a fumbling start – I felt hours before that you were nervous Erik (“under my skin” really), which this was a proof of (?) – Erik found his rhythm and confidence and from here he delivered a teaching of truly exceptional quality, which was a true joy to witness also because the language was not a barrier, because he was as careful to the details as Lama Yönten is and because he possesses enormous knowledge and we know also a good heart to share his knowledge with us and I was very happy because of this, Erik, and also because you decided to tell something about yourself, namely the teachings you have received from Dalai Lama and other Buddhist masters of very high quality.

He gave us a thorough introduction to the text and to the history and geography of Buddhism and he told us that only by sharing Dharma instructions, people will be able to become liberated from suffering, that the road of Mahayana Buddhism – one of the big schools of Buddhism, which Tibetans and this text belongs to – is that you will first be liberated from suffering when everyone else is liberated – I understood this clearly because this is the truth about the road of suffering I am going through, when mankind will become liberated as a condition before I will become liberated myself and we know following the “step by step” principle – and the idea is that people have to give up their illusion of an “I” focusing on hate, desire and stupidity and start to focus on the community based on classic good values and we know which is approximately what I have written in my scripts too without knowing this basic idea of Buddhism before now.

I prayed for the victims of the flood of Australia

During the evening I also felt the energy of people present, and I prayed that this energy would be used to help the victims of the flooding of Australia – and later in the evening I also prayed to help all people present in the room and we know my old prioritized order also still remains and so it is.

I gave Erik the feedback that more teachers create more value and that lecture combined with conversation works fine

After one hour of teaching, where I was thinking if Erik after all would “allow” “questions and conversation” as he had written in his introduction to the teachings, suddenly he was inspired to offer people a break of ten minutes before continuing with questions and answers after the break and we know which is then what we did and I understood that he had really not planned the structure of the teaching in detail and at the end of the evening after ending the fine round of questions and answers – which brings people more together – I decided to give him my feedback, which he did not ask for and nobody else than me thought of giving him, but probably he still thought that my feedback was useful to receive (?) – which quality feedback always is because it gives you clarification – and I told him that his teaching was a very fine supplement to the teachings of Lama Yönten because the lama is unique in his individual way of presentation, and Erik is the same, which actually gives us even more value – which is also why I will not be the only teacher to the world, there will be many teachers using their individual and unique character to teach you so all should be able to understand “our new world” and to receive “more value” than if I did it alone – and I told him that it was apparent to us when speaking to him in the breaks that he has much experience, which I was glad for him to share with us and also that I liked the structure much having the first half of the evening as a lecture and the second as conversation – ending at 21.00 as I proposed because neither Erik nor Penpa were clear about what time to end when we talked about it in the break – because the conversation really also means that people will start to become more open to each other, which is what gradually happens because of this, and we know for a long time I have noticed that people have been introverted and reserved having difficulties to truly talk in the breaks because they don’t know each other when they have not had much time to communicate and it really also has to do with lack of ENERGY, SMILES and OUTGOING PEOPLE, which I decided myself to be more of today before the teaching started and we know simply with the aim to “lift up people” because they suffer of the same as most people do in this Danish society because the DEEP feelings of love and care have been removed from people and because their human relations suffer because people of this society focus too much on money, material goods and passive entertainment instead of TRULY prioritising and valuing the company of people as you can read more about in my new chapter of “normal life” on my website, which however almost nobody yet has decided to do!

Teachings combining lecture and conversation works fine

And let me here say that in book 2 I wrote somewhere that I believe in teachings based on a two-way conversation, which I still do but I would like to say more clearly here than what I was “almost forced” to do spiritually back then – when the darkness was STRONG (!) – that I also like mentors to deliver lectures in front of 10 or 10,000 people – for example as what Dalai Lama does and afterwards people will discuss in groups the messages he delivered and we know the COMBINATION of lecture and conversation is what I believe works fine – and we know to include preparation of course too, which I of course as part of the game have no chance to do myself, and I noticed how Erik gave recommendations this evening for people to read this or that book, which some then wrote down and we know I would like to read some of these books too but as you know, this is really also a part of the game to speak to you without having been “influenced” by others than myself in order to deliver my teachings based on “simple logic” and nothing else.

Considering to visit the Centre of Wisdom and Compassion again

And on the proposal of Penpa, the teaching was changed from Wednesdays to Tuesdays, which was alright for the other people, which really made me sad to start with because I have not attended the teachings of Centre of Wisdom and Compassion on Tuesdays for a long time because of lack of energy but I would very much like to return to the teachings of Stephan and we know when this happened, I was also thinking that just maybe it would be a good idea to visit him on Thursdays instead when he does lectures on “discovering Buddhism” and we know which is probably the “step up”, which is natural for me to take after reaching the stage where I am at now so all in all, it was a very good evening.


13th January: The General Electric Co. is pure capitalism in its worst form focusing on profits without relation to work

Dreaming of the General Electric Co. being pure capitalism in its worst form focusing on profits without relation to work effort

And we know yet another new day and a VERY bad night where it was “impossible” to sleep at 23.30 and later also at 03.45 “almost” making me to stand up and I also received a new kind of “torture” – not every day this happens – which was spiritual speech with a low voice given to me in “bites” and this time not as speech inside of my head – as it always is – but speech outside and around my head (!) but not as physical speech and we know just to show me the beginning of my mind not being limited to my physical body but a part of everything (!) and this experience was EXTREMELY unpleasant to say the least but you know “come on, give me the best you got” and “there is nothing you can do to stop me” and with this attitude I managed to come through this very bad night making me as tired this morning as when I worked from the library for many days last year and we know I have first started the script of today at 11.30 this morning after having done my absolutely best just finding my “invisible energy” and will power to overcome my resistance to work and write today and after having written the long chapter on my visit to Lama Yönten and Erik yesterday, which was not very easy to do and we know I have two LONG dreams from the night to write, I have the second edit of my script of today and yesterday to do and not much time to finish my work on my website before the deadline tomorrow (!) and especially not if I decide to visit Theosophical Fellowship this evening, where Jan – the brother of the late Ananda, who was the founder – will speak about his opening to become a world servant and we know I am thinking as an opportunity to share my website with Jan (“will he be able to believe in me”?), so this would be good for me to attend – which however may be “impossible” to do because of my tiredness and suffering and we know I saw on the statistics of my website that “my friend” read my script of the 10th January yesterday, which includes a “not flattering but true story of him”, which you may not “like” and my dear friend, your feelings of me are transferred directly to me making me suffer even more than you and just so you know of course – and here are the dreams and I will split them up in smaller chapters:

  • I heard the song “please forgive me” by Bryan Adams and Mary Magdalena or the spirit of Karen came to me to tell me that she is sorry for what she does to me being together with others, but that I am still her number one (!) – and I wonder what Karen truly thinks and feels of me these days and why I don’t hear from her and we know maybe “old habits” not to be “offensive” when contacting a “serious” man like me?
  • I have returned to work for General Electric and I see an employee speaking to a customer on the phone about a car loan, however the employee is from the competing company Ikano and when she discovers that the customer on the phone has received an offer from GE Capital Bank, she smiles because she knows that she can give a much better offer without the demand for the customer to accept a payment card including many charges.
    • GE Capital Bank was and still is pure capitalism in its worst form where they truly only have one desire and that is to “cash in” – or steal (!) – as much as possible from their customers and we know I worked for this corporation from 1998-2002 with “pride” – back then – because of their “amazing results” (!), always keeping their promises (which they however did not always and thinking of you GE Frankona and also GEFI here), their values – officially, focus on development of people and project management and we know many good things but the monster of money deteriorating the company and people was BAD!
  • I see three ladies from the bank writing out cheques for customers having taken out loans to buy new cars for and later I see customers inserting their cards into an ATM, which gives them the option to automatically increase their loan, which also includes new and high charges. At the company I see the automatic telephone machine answering people calling in and guiding them to take out loans without any human contact and Ole, the quality manager, decides to ask me questions on the process of this, which he however does not do to other employees. I also see how the process of the bank has been set up for customers calling in with questions on insurance covering their loans in case of disability and unemployment to automatically be transferred to GE Insurance to save the bank from setting in manpower.
    • These are examples of a “money machine”, where automatic systems (or systems using only little manpower) generate money to companies and people without delivering a work effort, which of course is VERY wrong as it also appears in my new chapter “The GREED of mankind also almost started the end of the world” included as part of the new menu option “Doomsday Scenario” on my website and we know almost no people – close to zero – click on the menu options of my website (!) and we know not even the ones who decide to read my scripts and my dear friends, my scripts are important, but will you please read my website including all menu options CAREFULLY first (?) because this is intended to make you receive faith in me and we know it will take you 1-2 hours of CONCENTRATED work to do and we know do you think you will be able to “offer” me this?
  • I am now visiting a company of workers on a building site, and I ask them to remove corn flakes from some very large and long pipes, which one man responsible for has not removed because of laziness. I have made new policy wordings of an insurance, which this company will start to sell as an agent for GE Insurance and the wordings are called “Siouxsie and the Banshees” and afterwards I see that I have written three chapters alone to the written procedures of GE Capital Bank and that my name appears visible on this making me proud and I have done all of this work – the wordings and the procedures – without involving and informing my colleagues from GE Insurance.
    • The workman company is a metaphor of the negligence of GE Capital Bank not working with the quality they should do, say they do and which they praise themselves for because of the “deep” integration of the Six Sigma quality tool – but when people working as “quality managers” are lazy and do not do what they should to TRULY listen to and understand the “voice of the customer”, the quality will be poor and we know also because the prioritization of money is HIGHER than a true care of the “voice of the customer” and this is basically the problem of the General Electric company.
    • The attitude of selfish and stubborn employees that “I will do all of the work without involving or informing my colleagues” is VERY wrong, which creates bad results and sad/angry colleagues, as this example shows. Working as a TRUE team with “perfect communication” is the way leading into the future and we know of course when it is NATURAL to do when you develop or improve templates, products, processes etc. but when you have a standard template of procedures and policy wordings to take these examples, you can of course work individually with them without always involving the team in everything and so it is.
    • The policy wordings is also about “normal life” and here including my favourite music, that is with “all of my love”.
  • I am back at the office of GE Insurance and Morten has just stopped – as usual – and I see that he was a success being the chief negotiator on behalf of three different GE insurance companies in Denmark when dealing with prospective clients, I meet and say hello to Jørgen and also Klaus, who tells me not to smoke because a new colleague cannot stand smoking and I tell him that I have stopped and I ask him if he still smokes, which he says that he does, and I tell him that I look forward to working together with the team again and also to meet the new people. At my office I don’t have much work to do but I think that I will take the initiative myself to prepare a list of prospective clients and to start doing sales work.
    • Morten behaved wrongly being driven by his desire for money – and not only in relation to me – as I have written about before and he became a success despite of his wrong behaviour and this is the true name of the game when you have the Devil on your side helping your desires “easily” to come through and when he is stronger than the light and so it is.
    • Klaus lend me a book on how to stop smoking in approx. 2001 and I never came around to return the book before I stopped working there – I am sorry, Klaus – and we know I still have CD’s, which I have lend out to people many years ago, which I will never receive again and my dear friends just to tell you to do better than what I did here and to deliver the items you borrow back within the time you agree upon or at least what is considered to be a “reasonable time” and we know as I normally do myself.
    • A very large number of people today, who don’t have much to do at work, will decide to wait for new work to arrive by itself – and typically for their manager to give them work – instead of taking the initiative to find and carry out new meaningful tasks themselves because “what is in this for me other than trouble and the risk of becoming unpopular” (?), which of course is another attitude of today which is VERY wrong and not what I want to see in the future. And in the dream of developing a prospect list, I believe it will be natural to include the team doing this work – or give input on – and here I am thinking of Dahlberg, where I was the “working team” doing this work alone because of lazy managers.
  • The Insurance broker Marsh have bought the insurance company Fair, which I am working for. Søren H. has decided to protect me as his protégé by letting me work for the department of “work market pensions”, which is taken care of by six low paid ladies, who do “routine work” and the consultant Lennart who gives customers very poor “discount” advise, which I believe can be improved very MUCH and then myself, who by far is the most expensive employee with a monthly salary of 66,000 DKK. I tell Søren H. that I expect to be dismissed by Marsh, which makes Søren say that “then we will have to find other employment for you” and I know that he expects to start up his own insurance business, which he wants me to work for, which is the meaning of his answer and his true motive of giving me work much below my skills and also for telling the management of Marsh that I arrive late in the mornings and leave early. I meet the HR manager of Marsh, and she tells me what Søren has told her about me leaving early and I try to make her understand that I also work at home which actually gives me a longer and not at shorter working week compared to the plan, but she does not truly listen and I tell her about my unique skills for example on telemarketing, which can be used to develop new business concepts and success for both Marsh and their customers and I ask her if I can speak to Marsh employees in order to understand their concepts today as part of my preparation to do a written proposal and the answer I receive is that I am not allowed to do this, – she is truly not interested and she focuses on money believing that I am far too expensive for the company and because of this, she wants to dismiss me without doing anything to understand the value I can bring.
    • And we know an old story of Søren, who decided to take me in as his protégé and despite of this, he treated me poorly in professional terms – but fantastic in private (!) – and we know talk about contrasts (!) and we know the story was that he wanted me to start working for his new insurance company in 2007/08 – helping him to make even more money – starting up the business in Denmark but because he as usual took too long, I decided to start working for Dahlberg instead and that was simply to survive after having been without work and income and only having a few days left of money to buy food for!
    • The dream includes six ladies not having developed their “life potential”, which makes me sad – and their lives of poorer quality than what it should – and very poor advice given to a very large number of Danes in relation to “work market pensions” and we know treating everybody equal without a thorough and deep analysis of individual needs, which you best can do when you develop systems of EXCEPTIONAL quality and we know also to stop “lazy consultants” from making a lot of money not doing their best work when focusing on finishing as quickly as possible.
    • And finally the dream tells about an uninterested HR-manager from Marsh, who in reality was the uninterested and unknowing HR-manager of the company Kommuneforsikring, which bought and “took over” Fair Insurance not doing anything to understand the TRUE skills of people working at Fair including me when I sent her an application as far as I remember to become the true Business Development Manager of the company and we know this was in 2006/2007 and now four years later when looking at their website, no true development has taken place in relation to CONCEPTS for private customers and you are now searching for a new BDM (?) and we know you could start looking in your archives, to work at a much better level than today and to see opportunities instead of problems as far too many people do today!

And the time is now 14.15 and we know I am working slowly because of tiredness without being stressed and I have now completed the writing of the script of today so far including the summary and first edit and we know I have decided to work step by step without being stressed by my own deadline to finish my website tomorrow – I will have to continue this work when I have the time and energy – and today was yet another day, which did not go as planned because of more work and less energy than expected so I decided to focus on the script and also to do the second edit of the script of today including the chapter on my visit to Lama Yönten and Erik yesterday evening, which I will start on now to make sure that I will be able to publish it later this evening – or maybe tomorrow morning if I should decide to visit the Theosophical Fellowship this evening and first finish the script tomorrow morning.

And we know at 15.20 I had also finished the second edit making me happy because now I can start to setup the script to be published later, which I will now start working on.

And finally at 15.40 I had set up the script first using the Microsoft Live Writer program and afterwards adjusting all bullet points inside the HTML writer at my WordPress site and we know publishing the script, controlling the output and correcting one lay out error and we know making it possible to update the script if I should decide to visit the Theosophical Fellowship this evening and this was “another normal working” day here and we know I am not finished yet, because now I can also start looking at my website and so it is.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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