Jan. 16, 2011: My mother believes in me with her TRUE heart, which will bring the world to believe in me too


Summary of the script today

14th January: It is important for a couple to speak together openly about your sexual life to be happy together

  • This morning I woke up with a strain at the left back side of my head and neck, which almost made it impossible to move my head – because my mother has not yet used two hours concentrated to read my website as promised.
  • Dreaming of Karen falling on the train station, the Devil on her mouth represented by a spider making us both feel aversion being together as lovers with the message to the world that it is important for you to be able to speak together openly about your sexual life to overcome any challenges to be happy together.
  • After being halved in the polls, the Conservative Party dismissed the leader Lene Espersen yesterday – wrongly because of the general misunderstandings of the party and population – and she is the symbol of breaking down people wrongly and here making it “impossible to continue living”, which is what my family and friends still make it to me, and the only reason we are surviving is because I connected with the Source in the summer of 2010 “against all odds”.
  • Yesterday evening I attended the lecture of Jan from Theosophical Fellowship on “spiritual opening”. Jan has much knowledge both intellectually and spiritually and should be able to understand me when reading my website, but the true question is if his strong voice not believing that Maitreya will return before in 500 years will make it “impossible” for him to understand me and the true purpose to help him develop to become a “teacher” helping to spread the information on me and my teachings to the world. We agreed that I will share my website with him approx. the 1st February.
  • These days I am voluntarily going through suffering at its highest level again receiving very strong sexual temptations from the darkness and the same “worst pain” as last summer and I wonder why, my mother, I don’t hear from you?
  • I found a bargain and decided to buy a small piece of art called “tree of life”, which is now my symbol of my gift of life to mankind.

15th January: My mother believes in me with her TRUE heart, which will bring the world to believe in me too

  • Dreaming of being in the house of the strongest evilness because of my severe suffering these days, which is because of my mother (!) not helping me, when you do not do what you promised to do (!), Kim S. would become one of MANY people to be eliminated because of his lack of faith in me, communicate your best also in the small situations of your everyday to avoid disappointments, Kim S. held me down because of his laziness so I did not develop personally as I should have, the resistance from his wife in relation to me and the ignorance and negligence of both of them was also almost killing me because of the darkness transferred to me and a dream telling you that “luxury” is “quality” – at different levels – which I support in the future, an example of the future new economic system where the goal of companies is to “balance” economically, people receiving faith will spread “normal life” to the world and finally cruise holidays as an example is fine to do in the future but not today when one billion people of the world are starving, whom you could help instead of being selfish.
  • I felt much better today because the “negative feelings” of the darkness obviously have lifted. Michael – the Non-believer of Selvet – is one of these and he has used a couple of days to read my scripts from March 2010 on him again instead of using two hours concentrated to read and understand my website and because of this selfish attitude of people thinking and focusing on themselves I have decided to go a new road when I will market my website without contacting all of my family and friends and an email list of media, politicians and NGO’s because all of you were unfaithful when you did not understand me.
  • When running today I was told that my mother now truly believes in me giving her a shock and the severe darkness to me as the result. This was the key for me to discover, this was what was “simply impossible” for my mother to understand but because I did my best work on my website and her TRUE heart in relation to me, she now believes in me, which will bring a TRUE heart to the world making it believe in me too. This is the power of my mother.

16th January: A “divine service of truth” helping mankind to dissolve “glamour and illusion” to be receptive to me

  • Dreaming of people speaking a disgusting language, which I don’t like, celebrating after coming through severe suffering, prices on luxury items without any connection to production costs, stand forward to take the responsibility if you do a mistake, biological printers, coming comments to the scripts on my website and negative debate on me in the American Press, my old friend Fuggi reading my scripts without truly understanding (?), head hunters belonging to the darkness and the Council checking their files before rolling out “normal life”.
  • The purpose of “the divine service of truth” at Theosophical Fellowship today was to bring energy to mankind to be receptive to the truth without “glamour and illusion” making people believe in their wrong “impression” as the truth. And the true purpose was to help people of the world believing in me when I will start marketing my website and a test to “my dear friends” of Theosophical Fellowship if they will be driven by “glamour and illusion” themselves when hearing the truth about me or if they will be “receptive to the truth” by reading my website carefully?


14th January: It is important for a couple to speak together openly about your sexual life to be happy together

Dreaming of the importance of a couple to speak together openly about your sexual life to be happy together

And we know Stig another night after an evening with “very strong sexual attacks” trying to convince me to accept a “beautiful lady” but the answer is always NO also when you give me visions of beautiful ladies I have watched on television (!) – and first the night was better but at 06.15 you gave me a strain in the left back side of my head, neck and upper shoulder – the left side was a sign of my mother – and we know so much that I was “almost” paralysed without being able to lift my head and that is only “almost” and I knew that I would not be able to continue sleeping not being able to move and I felt that I had to go to my bathtub for the first time in “ages” for the heat of the water to help dissolving the strain and we know which it then did but here at 08.30 when I have started working today – not with much pleasure really also because of exhaustion after having visited the Theosophical Fellowship yesterday evening – I still have some pain but less and we know I am simply wondering my mother why I have not heard from you yet after I called you yesterday (?) and we know have you not started reading my website carefully as you said you would (?) – I cannot see that you have from my statistics – and maybe your “feeling” about me and who I “might be” is simply so uncomfortable that you don’t “like” to read (?) and my dear mother and friends, this was the reason why I received this strain almost making it impossible for me to continue working and by the way my touch-sensitive floor-lamp did not work today and we know I am “almost” convinced that nothing is the matter with it and only saying that the light around me is almost not existing right now, my dear family and friends (!) and again some dreams:

  • I meet Karen in Helsingør and we take the train to Copenhagen to go to my home, but when we reach Rungsted Station, Karen is impatient because of the “long” journey and she wants to get off to go to her place, which we then do and at the station we see other passengers leaving the train including laughing Germans and Karen falls on the platform and I decide to “fall” over her and when I am about to kiss her, a spider crosses her mouth, which makes both of us feel disgusted and somehow this is connected with an open book, which Karen looks at and she says “we will have to wait several years with this job opportunity” and I am thinking about telling her that the mere thought of her life and Kim makes it almost impossible for me to think of us as lovers – it almost feels like an fortress, which is impossible to capture.
    • Leaving Helsingør by train – from our new world to the old in fact – is not a good thing and in the old world is where Karen – an impatient and temperamental lady – is falling on the station and the spider is the Devil destroying Karen’s life and it gives us BOTH aversion when it comes to us being lovers and this is simply what we “had” to overcome in 2004/05 because our true and deep human feelings for each other remain the same today as from the first day we set eyes upon each other – and I wonder if this is a reason why Karen does not contact me again and while I am thinking of it, I am also reminded that another IP-address in Lyngby some days ago visited my website and we know just maybe this was you, Karen, from your office address a few hundred metres from me (?) and we know do you still “believe” that I am crazy (?) and is this the true reason why you don’t contact me again after all – and of course even though you would like to see “the normal Stig” again if only you could???
  • We are now at Karen’s house spending our first weekend together, she is now showing herself as relaxed and positive, but I stayed the night in the garden and she inside the house and I tell her that I don’t know what to do about our sexual relation but that we must speak about it and we say goodbye for now and agree to meet again on Thursday.
    • The message to the world – as I believe it is also said in book 2, we are really repeating ourselves – is to SPEAK openly together about your sexual life and to solve any challenges you may have in order to be happy together.
    • Just having a dream of being together with a “nice and relaxed” girlfriend makes me realize the true life I am missing – and the nature of some of my suffering – because of the misunderstandings of Karen and we know we could have had a child together by the age of 4-5 years now if we had decided to “let’s stay together” because “we can work it out” but we know our sexual aversion was too much for Karen to fight in 2004/05, but not for me and we know the old story is that we would have developed and been VERY HAPPY as lovers too because of our true and deep feelings for each other – this is what the Council would have done if we had had the PATIENCE (!) – but you know the Devil won this stage back then, but not the battle, so Karen we will get our child after all!
    • I heard the lyrics “And now you’ve given me, given me, Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams” by Johnny hates Jazz – what’s really the matter with Jazz, Johnny? – and we know I still receive songs and this night I received quite a few but I have decided to leave out most of them at the moment because several are from the darkness – and I was even given a song, which does not exist and the lyrics “on a long and lonesome road, we will be together”.
  • I am living in an apartment block on one side of the street and I see Americans tearing down the front of the apartment blocks on the other side and start clearing up and I have warm coffee to offer them.
    • Another symbol of the house of the Devil falling down.

The leader of the Conservative Party did not “survive” because of people fighting her without understanding

After all of the trouble caused by members of the Danish Conservative Party and the Danish press “smelling blood”, the natural but WRONG consequence was yesterday that the leader of the party, Lene Espersen, had to resign and we know the polls showed a historic bad result with the party being halved and this is because of the “disaster of a lady”, which is the same lady who until recently was one of the most successful leaders and ministers ever of the Conservative party and when she became the leader in 2008, she was “simply the best” – as a paper wrote – and the new strong lady of the party receiving much support and confidence from both political friends and “enemies” as well as the press and this lasted until she became the Foreign Minister, which made people decide to actively fight her, and we know this story was simply to show you how people break down people when they decide to fight them wrongly because of their own selfishness instead of understanding and supporting them – Lene was right you know as I have written about earlier (!) – and as it was said yesterday “Lene entered a death spiral”, which made it impossible for her to continue as the leader and she is really the symbol of “being impossible to continue living” and my dear family and friends, this is what you are doing to me and especially right now and the only reason why I – and the world survive – is because I succeeded to reconnect with the Source in the summer of 2010 and we know “against all odds”.

And we know the press did not succeed to tell the REAL story of this attack on Lene and who was truly right and the new leader will become Lars Barfoed and we know I am really not very surprised because we lived together at the same apartment house in Hørsholm until a few years ago and we know another “special friend” of the Government and so it is.

Deciding to share the information about my true self with Jan from Theosophical Fellowship – will he be able to understand?

And yesterday evening I decided to use energy, which was difficult to find, to visit the Theosophical Fellowship to attend the lecture of Jan speaking about “spiritual opening” and “service work” and before the lecture started I was encouraged by the Council to speak about the news of the Conservative Party, which I however decided not to do but later Jan was inspired twice to include this in his lecture when he said that the people of the party and the press are clear examples of people acting emotionally instead of rationally and we obviously agreed with him because this is the story to the world of today: You cannot control your negative feelings (!), which in fact has always been a thought of mine and we know mankind can send people to the moon, but cannot control its own temper and feelings and this is EXACTLY how I always have thought and now I understand better.

Jan used the next two hours speaking very dedicated on “spiritual opening” – based on the book of Alice Bailey – and he said that this is a road you choose when you want to help yourself and the world to develop and to improve your feelings to show these “cleanly” as he said and during the road you will go through different openings, which also will include to receive spiritual energy and power and he underlined that you are not to follow the road because of selfish reasons but we know with the aim to help people – and when he gave an example of one road including to write down a personal diary documenting your life and road, I understood that this is what I was inspired to do myself.

We were only five attending the lecture – which was a shame – and we know if Jan was to go down to the Pedestrian Street and talk about this subject, people would believe that he was “crazy”, which he of course is not, and because we were only few, I asked him if it was alright to ask “short questions” during the lecture, which it was, and this helped my – and maybe also the others (?) – understanding very much, when I could ask these “short questions” and reflections in order to understand without truly interrupting and sometimes I also asked “ordinary questions” – and my active participation and constant look at him, where others often do not look at the teacher, made him look at me maybe 75 percent of the time – and we know Jan is a true intellectual and he also understands the spiritual aspect personally as I understood him and also because his late sister, Ananda was in spiritual contact with a master with the life mission to establish the Theosophical Fellowship but Jan decided not to tell about his own road and openings, which I would have liked to listen to and he said that Maitreya will first return in 500 years and he did not believe my “claim“ as I told him that this will happen “in 2012” because as he said, we first need to have a “new educational system” and prepare the world etc. – as he has probably read – and we know his belief is that this will take time and what he does not know is that this is included in the menu option “New World Order” on my website and I was thinking about Alice Bailey predicting my return “sometime after AD 2025” as it was published in a book from 1957 and later the information given to Benjamin Creme: “Maitreya telepathically communicated to him that he had decided to return to Earth earlier than the post-2025 date given by Alice A. Bailey”.

And all of this is really to say that Jan should be able to read and understand me without thinking that I am “crazy” because of his personal experiences and attitude but as I told him after the lecture, the question is really Jan if your strong voice based on your knowledge from books that I will not return now will make it impossible for you to understand (?) and we know I told you that the impact of my story is symbolic as the distance from here to the moon and not only from the table I showed you to the height of the candle standing on it and I told Jan about my considerations of sharing my website with him and asked him if he will use two hours concentrated to read it despite of the controversial message in the beginning of it, which he has to overcome and we know he promised that he will read concentrated – will you really, Jan (?) – and afterwards he would like to give me feedback if he believes I have written too sensitive about myself (!) and actually he was very focussed on the quality of the text of my website – even when I told him that the quality is fine (!) – and we know he thought that I asked to receive a personal favour and we know the idea is really as I told you Jan if you will believe or not believe in me and this is not about helping me personally but designed to help you develop as a true teacher and this is the road I have laid out for you and so it is – so the question is really if he will go through this “spiritual opening” and to help me spread the information on me and my teachings to the world?

After the meeting I decided that I might as well take the chance to share this information with him approx. the 1st February – also because I am thinking about a possible marketing initiative towards Theosophical Fellowship in Australia (!) – and the “risk” is that he will not understand and that this will lead to my exit from the Theosophical Fellowship and the light of this circle, which has helped me much – for a period of time and we know my alternative would be to wait maybe 2-4 months before sharing this with him and we know Jan, these were my considerations and the question is really: WILL YOU BE ABLE TO READ CONCENTRATED AND UNDERSTAND without rejecting me as most others after reading the controversial message in the beginning of my website that I am the Son of God?

I am happy with my website, but it is still not entirely finished

And we know Stig, you were really not very motivated to say the least to write the script today because of much tiredness and it took me until 11.30 to come this far including doing the first edit and writing the summary and we know from here I will try to find some energy to start doing the final edit of my website even though I would much rather stop working and simply relax but you know I will try to see if I can carry on to maybe 16.00 – and we know as a matter of good sake, I included the blue background with a “pattern of light” on my website the day before yesterday, which I might decide to change from time to time later.

I continued working – surpassing great difficulties receiving many strong feelings to stop – until 16.30 today and I did maybe 40-50 percent of the “final edit” – for now – of my website and I might decide to continue doing this in the weekend or wait until Monday because I also really feel the need for a break and we know today was the “deadline” of my website before I postponed it and I am happy with what I have achieved doing my best but as you know I am still not finished with all and I have not yet written or included chapters on “repent your sins”, sexual indulgence, the media and to first search the Internet for sites of “signs and miracles” and to include links and probably also other “signs” myself, which is really what could take the longest time to do and we know maybe 2-3 days for this alone and we know besides this I still have a list of quite a number of small improvements here and there to do, which I have not prioritised as important now and we know also small details when it comes to the structure but we know the website is “almost” done and I am very happy with what I have done and we know with the right feeling that “this is the best I have ever done” and when I have this feeling of my entire website, I will be ready with this work and we know I have decided that the next 14 days I may use half of the time to continue my work on improving the website and the other half to prepare my marketing campaign and we know my goal is still to go public the first time before the 1st February and so it is.

I am going through suffering at its highest level again

These days I have received the worst sexual temptations yet, visions of sexual nature trying to tempt me and also to make me do what I should not in relation to the Internet and also direct questions if I want to start a “pleasure ride” and we know the answer is the same as always: NO, I WILL NOT GIVE IN TO THE DARKNESS and we know these days I am also given the same pain in my right foot and angle which I feared the most last summer as you may remember (?) – and all of this is really to say that the darkness and my suffering is at its strongest level again and I wonder why my mother does not call me and has not yet read all of my website and my mother, your feelings are given to me directly as suffering when you do what is wrong to do and when you will come to a full understanding of me and to support me, you will almost remove my suffering because this is the importance of your belief in relation to me.

And I might add that I decide to go through this suffering voluntarily because if I was not able to do this, I would still receive help from the Council and the energy of the Source but I have decided to go through this because I want to finish my work before I will become myself and we know Stig with the feeling that when I will “become myself”, that I will not continue doing this work (?) and just a feeling and so it is.

The artwork “tree of life” as the symbol of my gift of life to mankind

Today I decided to buy a small piece of artwork by the Danish artist Vivi Haacke because it was VERY cheap only costing 20 DKK at the supermarket of Føtex – the normal price is 399 DKK – and really because the title of the artwork is “tree of life” and in this sense it symbolises my gift of life to mankind: The tree is an old symbol of me and life itself and because “I’m alive”, mankind is also still “alive and kicking” and so it is.

And I am actually happy to have this small piece of art (13 times 13 centimetres), which I will lay on my sofa table looking at it every single day reminding me of what it means and also to say that I both value individual art from masters as Picasso etc. and beautiful art, which is mass produced, as this is, to create happiness for people and we know if you decide to have a physical item of art in the future at your home, you will have to buy it – otherwise you will be able to enjoy it for free at museums and elsewhere in the public space and so it is.

“Tree of life” symbolising my gift of life to mankind

Denmark setting a new all time high record in handball – which was the grade given to me by the Council

This evening, I watched the last 15 minutes of the handball match for men between Denmark and Australia from the World Cup and we know in this sport, Denmark is the “big” and Australia the “small” but despite of this, Australia had a player playing the entire match “fighting with the mercy of God” as Leif, the impressed commentator said, and we know the player was a symbol of the fighting I am doing also these days working to finish my website and we know without giving up which is the same as this fighter did not and that is even though the opposition was overwhelming – as what I experience too – and the result of the match was that Denmark won by 47 to 12 setting a new all time high record with a margin of 35 goals – the old record was from 2005 and on 34 goals – and really to say that this is the grade I receive by the Council because of the work I do and so it is.


15th January: My mother believes in me with her TRUE heart, which will bring the world to believe in me too

I was hoping my mother would help reducing my suffering, but instead I went through more severe suffering because of her

This night I had a better sleep again and I wonder if my mother was not able to control her feelings in relation to me after reading my script of the 8th January since I went through even more severe sufferings the last couple of days (?) – please remember that your feelings are given to me as suffering when you do what is wrong to do and that when you TRULY starts understanding and supporting me, you will “almost” remove my suffering – and my mother, I was given the information on the 8th encouraging you to read my website carefully to reduce my suffering before I knew that this would also be a subject for us to speak of the same evening – made by the Council (!) – and I can only say that so far you have taken the WRONG decision to feel scared if this is what you are and we know there is NOTHING to be scared of and our life will not become poorer in the future, on the contrary it will become MUCH better and we know I was hoping that you would truly help me by reading all of my website carefully as promised?

Dreaming of supporting “luxury” as quality in the future including cruises, but not today when one billion starve

And we know I was woken up several times during the night as usual but I slept “somewhat deeper” making me feel better today however still not “normal” and as usual some dreams and we know Stig not very important dreams and we are really approaching the same stage as at the library where there were not many important stories to bring, where it had started becoming repetitions and we know also in the sense of how strong the darkness is and we know my mother, you are the strongest in this connection because I really have almost no support from family and friends and we know after now almost one year since I published my scripts and this is how it is and some dreams too:

  • I am inside a house of the strongest evilness where only the strongest survive and where everybody else are murdered. The evilness is lead by a beautiful young lady with almost no clothes on and she will become the prize.
    • In the dream I had the feeling that I am stronger than this lady and that she really was not my type and we know this lady is the front of Virgin Mary – as I have explained before – and the reason why I experience severe suffering these days is because of you my mother and we have not spoken yet so I believe it has to do with your feelings and not because of a new “treatment”, because I have not felt the same type of darkness coming to me as last time and if I am not wrong, you will receive a new treatment in the beginning of next week?
    • When I woke up it was with the song “hit me with your best shot” by Pat Benetar and this is really my attitude towards the darkness.
  • I am working together with Kim S., it is 9.15 in the morning, I have been reading the newspaper and heard the most beautiful Swedish Christmas song – at high volume – by a man owning land in both the Northern and Southern part of Sweden, Kim has taken care of my clothes and ironed it, he is in a very good mood singing and he is planning to buy a farm, which I tell him is unnecessary, and I understand that we have a meeting at 9.30 with a customer and I tell him that because I did not know before now, I have not prepared the pension overview for the meeting and Kim says that we will then have to do without and use our best communication.
    • I have played the Christmas song to Kim – about who I am – but the newspaper, which is the old symbol of elimination tells that Kim has not listened and understood and because of this Kim, you would have been one of MANY people to become eliminated and we know when only very few had faith in me, the whole mankind would start to become eliminated except from a few in Kenya to start with – and the dream also tells how badly Kim informed me when it came to agreements with customers making my work very difficult and the dream is really also to say that I encourage people to prepare their own meetings and to follow up themselves on the agreements made at the meeting unless you have decided to do something else.
  • I see us watching television on the computer and at the office I suspect that Kim S. has made an illegal transferral to his wife Pernille, and Pernille and Kim shows me how to drink whisky lifting up and drinking from the same glasses, which continues to be filled up, again and again. I go with a colleague on St. Kongensgade in Copenhagen to buy lunch, and we enter a new take away place having two big rune stones with inscriptions standing on the road in front of it and when we enter I remember that my purse is still at the office and my colleague asks me if I am not having any and I tell him the truth that I forgot the purse at the office.
    • In the future you have to be extremely careful not to mix private interests with the interests of companies and to make sure that there will be no illegal transferral of capital. The whisky and television of the dream are old symbols of the Devil and really here to show that because of the lack of faith and wrong behaviour of Kim and Pernille in relation to me, they also set the Devil on me making me suffer much.
    • In the dream I don’t ask the colleague if I can borrow money until we come back to the office and the colleague does not offer me this by himself and I do believe that if I truly wanted to have lunch – as I did here – it is wrong of both parties not to say anything and this is just a small example of how important it is to communicate “perfectly” also on the small things of your everyday life in order to understand each other and not to become disappointed.
  • The customer has now arrived for our meeting and in the last moment I think of tying my tie and I try but it is impossible to get the length of it right in such a short time and I therefore attend the meeting without it, and when I enter the meeting room, I see a very small chair to the left of Kim and I ask him if it is meant for dwarfs, and I look at the pension overview and I think of improving the design of it to include the picture and signature of the customer and I am almost about to ask him if I may take a picture of him. I am about to be dismissed again and I am now driving in a car together with Pernille, I have forgotten my phone at the office, she drives very unsafe and she is almost driving the left side of the car – where I am sitting – into a house, which would have killed me, we arrive at Frederiksværk where there are some old and beautiful small city houses and some jars, which we think about bringing with us.
    • I cannot remember the meaning of the symbol of the tie but just maybe it is my personality and we know which Kim actually removed from me when we worked together from 1991-97 and really because he filled much as a person and decided to use me as his “secretary” doing all of the work, which he did not care to do himself and this is really also why I am sitting at a much lower chair than what I should do naturally in the dream and we know Kim, this is really the truth about what you also did to me, which was not to develop my TRUE personality as a leader and communicator – the pension overview is still to approve people to enter our new world and being dismissed as I have dreamt many times after breaking up with Kim professionally in 1997 is really to be left outside in the cold and we know not because of Kim but because of his strong wife not “liking” me, Pernille (?) and why is that (?), is it because you don’t believe I can control my money matters (?) and today it is also because “it goes without saying that Stig is not the Son of God” (?) and we know as you can see from the dream, Kim and Pernille were also close to killing me because of their ignorance and negligence and I wonder if Preben has contacted you Kim recently asking you for the three of us to bowl again and if you have been speaking to Pernille about me (?) and just wondering of course.
  • It is Friday after work and I am visiting a new very beautiful café and restaurant of very fine quality at the Hotel Marienlyst in Helsingør, I sit at the outside balcony and a man from another table gives his order to the waiter, where after I order a “kiwi” and I rush to tell the waiter that it is the small, plump beer I mean – and I only order a beer because I cannot afford eating there. The man from the other table was alone as I also was and therefore I don’t mind that he decides to sit down at my table bringing me company and he tells me that the café and restaurant was very expensive costing 45 million DKK and that it only makes 20,000 DKK per year in profits. The waiter arrives and he gives the first course of a five course menu to the man at my table and also to me and I tell him that I have not ordered the menu but a beer and the man at my table tells me that the most expensive menu is also called “Kiwi” and I now understand that the waiter did not hear that I asked for the beer called “Kiwi”.
    • “Luxury” is basically “quality” and all of my mindset has to do with quality, so I can only encourage you to do quality both in terms of work and private pleasure and this includes fine cafés and restaurants – and of course not everything needs to be of this fine quality because I also like German sausages and smallholder food very much as an example of fine quality at a lower level.
    • This example of the economy of a business is really fine because there will be no profits in the future and this is showing you an example of a company, which is “almost” balancing and we know it has paid all costs including raw materials, process and transportation costs, “working hours” (future salaries instead of currencies), education and development costs and the balance of 20,000 DKK can simply be saved as a reserve of the company helping it for next year where the balance may be minus 20,000 DKK – the goal is to balance – and of course in the future you will have no currencies as today but “working hours” as you can see from the new menu option “New World Order” from my website, which nobody or only very few until now have decided to click on and read (!) – and the message is that I do believe it is a good idea for companies to build a reserve in “good times”, which can be used in “bad times” – there will probably not be a big difference from year to year – and also to build a reserve for future research, development of both products, buildings etc. but it is VITAL that you DO NOT transfer “capital” from companies to private people, which has nothing to do with the work private people deliver for a company.
    • And “kiwi” is mentioned here because I have thought about market my website not only in Australia but also in New Zealand – if I get the time – and here I am thinking of the “inspired private visit” I received from two ladies from the head office of GE Insurance in London in 2001, I believe, and we know one was from Australia and the other was a “kiwi” from New Zealand – and here I also think that my sister Sanna and her husband Hans went to New Zealand some years ago and as I remember it, they believe that New Zealand is the most beautiful country of the world and they have seen quite a big part of it.
  • I am inside a restaurant and to my surprise when I look out the window, we are sailing and I see that this floating restaurant enters the harbour, which includes many permanent tables and when the restaurant ship is lowered down to dock, the tables of the harbour fit perfectly into the restaurant of the ship – and I also see that the home harbour of this restaurant ship is in Turkey and that it is possible to rent the entire ship, which is the finest luxury existing, and to sail it for Sydney and other destinations.
    • People of the darkness are sailing on the see, and when people dock at the harbour, it is because they are coming “home” and that is because of their faith to me and when people come home, it is possible to spread “normal life” – hence the permanent tables of the harbour – to the world, to one harbour after the other.
    • This dream also includes the ultimate luxury symbol of today where only the richest people of the world can “allow” themselves the luxury to spend millions and even billions of dollars to buy and to run private luxury yachts – or to rent them – which is truly outrageous when one billion people of the world are starving – and I do not expect that you will do this in the future but I do believe that if you prioritize to sail and to have your own boat, that you should prioritize this within the limits of a future “normal life” and we know you can really get the same “luxury experience” as in the dream when going on a cruise, which I believe is fine in the future and we know WHEN ALL PEOPLE WILL LIVE A “NORMAL LIFE” and that is simply the difference compared to today, where going on a cruise using maybe 2,000 – 10,000 dollars is NOT alright as long as people of the world are suffering, starving and dying at the same time and so it is.

I am now registered with the Jobcentre as “job-seeking without benefit” – and I have NO idea why!

Today I was very surprised to receive a standard letter from the Jobcentre “informing” me what I am registered with the Jobcentre as “applicant for cash benefit”, but the letter also said “however, the benefit centre has not reacted on my application” and because of this I am now registered with the Jobcentre as “job-seeking without benefit” and I will be cancelled automatically from the Jobcentre, if I don’t contact the Jobcentre before the 20th January and I was astonished to receive this letter because I have not sent any application to the “benefit centre” and I had absolutely no idea what the text means (?) – it is VERY important to write precisely so people will understand what you mean (!) – and I wonder if this is because I have not pushed the button of the website of Jobnet to “confirm active job seeking” since the 20th December (?), where I noticed that the system again wanted me to do this – after the Commune gave me full rehabilitation at the meeting the 18th December – after I have not been “required” to do this all of the time when the Commune claimed that I had “other problems than unemployment” so this is what I need to do again now and previously I received an email every 9th day to remind me of doing this but I have received NO email reminders since the 20th December despite of being registered to receive these and we know today I entered “my site” on the website of Jobnet and pushed this button again, which made it say that the next time I will have to do the same is the 24th January, and I checked that I am still registered to receive these reminders, which I am and I found out that it was possible for me to remove my coming cancellation from the Jobcentre and we know does this mean that the benefit will now not be taken from me after all (?) – I really don’t know, it does not say, which is another example of poor communication – and we know I will have to call the Jobcentre on Monday to hear what this is about and if they truly will remove my cash help again (?) and we know this is really looking the same as when the darkness was as its strongest last summer when my cash help was removed and we know I wonder what the consequences are of the thinking and action of people and also systems (!) when my mother does what is wrong and we know this is truly the question.

And the “funny” part of all of this – also to show you the crazy bureaucracy of this system – is that I am really not active job seeking (!) and we know because I made the agreement with Jane and Tine from the Commune the 18th December that I am formally belonging to “group 1” of the system – requiring people to seek at least four jobs every 14 days – but in practise I receive help from “group 2” of the system, which does not require me to seek jobs actively and apparently does not have “time” to come back to me as promised sending me out working for free for a company (!) and we know have you ever seen anything as “crazy” as this system?

I felt much better today because the “negative feelings” of me have lifted

Today I was feeling much better than the last days so the “negative feelings” of my mother and maybe even ”a friend” and others too may have decreased today and the feeling of the strain on the back of my neck is almost gone too and we know it did not bother me when sleeping – and today, when I was looking forward to relaxing and we know “maybe relaxing” is more accurate – it is Saturday – I “only” had to write the script of today and the last part of yesterday but even though I started at approx. 9.00 it took me until 15.00 – including one hour later – to write all of this and we know including the first edit, the summary and also the second edit, so I don’t need to do this tomorrow before publishing.

And we know another sign that the darkness has lifted is also that my sensitive-touch floor-lamp “magically” (!) worked again today and I tried maybe five times yesterday where it did not “work” so this was as anticipated.

I will not contact family, friends and my old email list when marketing my website

This morning I also noticed that Michael from Selvet had visited my website twice this week – both Thursday and also Friday after midnight – and we know he was the “non-believer from Selvet”, the forum of so called “enlightened” people, which I wrote about in March 2010, where Michael was the webmaster excluding me from the forum (!) because he could not control his negative feelings (!) and we know Michael I have been thinking of contacting Selvet again – which brought you the thought to visit my site to see if my writings on you are still on-line – to ask if you will use two hours to read my website carefully but I just may decide not to do this anyhow because your main activity on my site this week was to search on “Michael”, “mickey” (his nickname), “moderator” and “Michael Selvet” – which the statistical information from my counter tells me – and we know you opened some of my scripts on you from March 2010 and maybe you still don’t like my writings, Michael (?) – also bringing me more suffering the last couple of days and we know just to say that the darkness was at the same high level as when it was at its strongest last year – and you also opened my script of the 10th January this year about my spiritual self being almost ready to be revealed so maybe you are not totally sure if I am an imposter or if I just may be telling the truth (?) but I can see that you decided not to use two hours to read my website carefully – it was obviously more important to find information about yourself (?) – and this is even though my encouragement for people to use two hours to read my website carefully appears very clearly on my website but so far NOBODY has decided to follow my encouragement (!) and when you cannot offer to use two hours reading my website, the question is really “Mickey” if you believe in me or if your own strong voice is still stronger giving you the “truth” that I am not “the one”?

And do you understand why I hesitate to contact Selvet and also all of my family and friends – including the email list of more than 1,000 email addresses on media, politicians, NGO’s etc. who received my publishing email from the 1st February 2010 – because NONE of you had the “capacity” to do what it takes to understand me and we know which should not take you many hours of concentrated reading of my scripts – word by word – to bring you and we know I will try a new road this time hoping that I will not need to ask the same “unfaithful” people once more to bring me even more embarrassment because of your wrong behaviour and belief in relation to me.

My mother believes in me with her TRUE heart, which will bring the world to believe in me too

When the “time” – listening to it now again, thanks ELO which I also here feel is a message to me from Ole 🙂 – was 15.00, suddenly I needed to hurry because I had decided to start running again today – this is how “good” I felt – because Fitness World is closing at 16.00 on Saturdays and we know I went there even though I was given the worst gastric juice I have had in my life and when I started running, I decided to run 20 minutes because I felt much better than when running 15 minutes the previous “time” but still I have been sitting down every single day for a long time either working or on the sofa and we know the darkness given to me has certainly neither been good in relation to my form so therefore, and I was surprised to find out that the darkness came to me from the right giving me more energy (!) to run quicker than my speed of 10.5 – but I decided to keep the pace – and simply because it wants to end its suffering as quickly as possible and we know here you have the darkness in a nut case so to speak and we know despite the fact that this will make the darkness itself disappear (!) and this is really how stupid the darkness is – just look at the world being too “busy”, ignorant and negligent to find out that we were going through the Judgment and we know as if it was difficult to truly find out – and we know because of the work I have done for some time including today and we know also because I have truly not under prioritized my scripts, I was given the “reward” when running – as so often before – that the true reason why I have been going through immense suffering these days is simply because my mother has now reached the understanding that I am truly the Son of God – as I have really “felt” for days as one of many feelings given to me (!) – and we know which is what easily can give a mother a shock to discover – giving me this severe suffering as the result – and we know with a thought like “I wish that we could simply live our lives as they are” and my dear mother, I know this thought VERY well but there is NOTHING to do about it, it is really all about acceptance as Janet learned me in her reading from 2006 – to be found under “links and readings”, which almost no people too read, but just maybe you did, my mother, which I believe I saw on the statistics – and when you have accepted YOUR destiny too, we have really ended the road and we know this story is really to tell you this:

The true secret for me to find out was that my mother is the key to liberate the world because who else than my mother would TRULY do an effort to read and understand me and we know even though this was “simply impossible” for her to understand (!) and we know her driving force was that she loves her son more than anything in life – as she has difficulties telling me – as I love her too and we know because of her true HEART and “some reading”, she found out that I have only been telling the truth about myself and this is what came to me when running so I truly hope that this is the truth I am writing and I was also told that when my mother now understands and has faith in me, the world will also be given the HEART to understand and have faith in me and this is because this is the power of my mother in relation to mankind and we know to give you warm feelings, compassion and understanding and so it is – and we know hopefully this will make the marketing of my website easier to do and then it should really not matter where I do it, but since I now have decided for Australia, this is where I will start.

Feelings of being treated unrighteous while listening to the amazing Righteous Brothers

This evening I was watching the new round of X-factor on Danish DR1 television and we know it is not live television yet so no messages really and I felt an incredible sensitivity inside of me – as I have done many times before but probably this is one subject I have not written much about before – and I felt several of the members of the Council with me including the spirit of my mother and it was because of what I am going through still suffering much because my family, friends and the world have not “discovered” me yet and really the injustice done to me and I felt the tears of the Council starting rolling down from my cheeks and I also felt the spirit of Roy Orbison “under my skin” – who had had the best voice of popular music – and he was brought forward to give the message of “the greatest love in the world” to me from the spiritual world and when I saw this “fantastic man” on X-factor – I am also thinking of the story of him – singing one of the best songs ever “unchained melody” by Righteous Brothers so “fabulous” (and also the opposite really) with all of his inner feelings, it gave me a very special moment indeed.


16th January: A “divine service of truth” helping mankind to dissolve “glamour and illusion” to be receptive to me

Dreaming of celebrating after coming through severe suffering

Tonight was a night almost of the same “calibre” as the previous (!), however I am somewhat more tired today and I decided to write down these dreams:

  • I am waiting for a concert with Led Zeppelin to start and to my surprise a warm-up concert with Alice Cooper starts and he tells the audience that the concert will be recorded because of a new single and I hear how the audience shouts at him in a disgusting language, one of the band members puts forward a question for the audience and the answer is on the voice mail on his telephone, however the telephone does not work.
    • This is really to say that I don’t like people having a filthy and disgusting language including all kind of cursing and this is both individually and also at events like concerts – not very often this happens, but I do remember how “Warm Guns” unfairly were shouted at as a warm up band for The Jam in 1980 or 1981 (!), and especially sport events and I do believe you should give the same warm welcome to the opponent team than to your own sport team.
  • I heard the songs “new moon on Monday” by Duran Duran and “country house” by Blur and later in the night several other songs and my dear Council, you know that I don’t write down songs, when you give me this many and also when they don’t come to me “clear enough”.
  • I have landed at the airport and on my way to the city, I am turning left almost falling into a hole of the asphalt but I make it to the city, where I am at a Champagne tasting at DanskeBank-Pension with champagnes costing between 140 to 75,000 DKK per bottle (!), Jan H. encourages my car to be tested as the next, it is the second day of cars being tested, and he tells me that Michael H. is waiting to receive it, and I have a small and very modest red car. We drink from a bottle of Champagne, Søren I. is with us and he pours from the bottle familiarly however he does not like it because it contains too much sugar and salt, and I ask them to guess what the price of the bottle is and they believe it is much more expensive than what it is and I tell them that this is the only Champagne made on the grape aligoté.
    • This is a dream about celebrating after coming through severe suffering – landing at the airport – with the risk to meet an accident. Jan H. is apparently another old colleague not believing in me – he also received my email of the 1st February 2010 – and let me say that a price of 75,000 DKK for ONE bottle of Champagne is nothing less than outrageous – but it does happen today (!!!) – and we know how much did it cost to produce (?) and by this example it should be obvious to all that there is no connection between the real value of luxury items and what the world is willing to pay for with “paper money” – which you can read more of in the Doomsdag Scenario.
  • I have now bought an used BMW 520i (the model from 1988-96) and it drives much better with more motor power than what I thought it would have, Bjarne from DanskeBank-Pension has received notes from colleagues on how they evaluate the co-operation with him and me, however I threw out the notes from the consultants given on us before Bjarne received the information making us lose this data.
    • This car is better with more power than the car from the previous dream – this is the power I have now after coming through my severe suffering – and this dream is also to say that I believe it is important to include feedback from your colleagues – and also customers in a wide sense – when evaluating and developing you as I have written about before and also that if you do an error, please stand forward and take responsibility and if you have lost data as here, there is only one way to retrieve it, which is to do the work over again.
  • I have bought a good electronic typewriter, Bjarne plans to buy a biological printer, he thinks it will be exciting to try it and he tells me about Michael P.N. and another colleague who swam through a 50 metre swimming pool including 84 sharks.
    • Today, I have no opinion on biological printers or computers for that matter because I really have no knowledge of it, but I don’t expect to see a future where you as example will incorporate a chip inside a human being – and the printer is also still a symbol of spreading my story to the world and we know I am using a typewriter here and the idea of “spreading the rings of the water” is that people – hence the “biological” printer – will spread my story much faster than I can do myself, and just maybe Bjarne will become one of my “special friends” too – and a shark is still one of the old symbols of the Devil.
  • I see comments given from people on my Blog, I see a picture from school children in Sweden, which is the development of a coffee bean and I see negative debate in the American press.
    • I have received NO serious comments at all to my Blog until now (!) but a couple of “funny” comments from ignorant people – and this may also be a prediction on how some of the American press will “welcome” me.
  • Two school classes are going to prepare a stew, and because nobody really can find out, Fuggi decides to take over, but he spills the stew on everybody.
    • Apparently a dream of my old friend having all of the information on me right in front of you and even though you read me, you are still not able to truly understand me (?) and Fuggi, have you started reading the text of my updated WEBSITE – not the scripts here – CAREFULLY (?) and I mean both the front page and the pages of all top menu options and if you should decide to do this WORD BY WORD, it may help you to understand “even better” – and by the way, when all of this suffering is over, I look much forward to seeing you again because you are of course still my old friend!
  • I am on the ship of a head hunter, all customers receive presents and the senior partner of the head hunting company is an introvert man. I open one of the doors and suddenly I am walking the streets of Copenhagen and I cannot find the way back to the ship even when doing my best and even when looking at Frederiksholm Kanal as I am told.
    • And we know not very “exciting” stories from the night my friend but still we are writing and this is just to say that head hunters are made by the Devil (!) – hence the symbol of this ship – which you can read more of in my memos to Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen and Hillerød Commune included in my scripts at the end of 2009 (book 2) – the head hunters are not as “professional” as they believe they are and ONE SYSTEM OF EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY is what will serve the world much better than these selfish and far too expensive “consultants” – and we know I am thinking about including an extract of some of the key messages from my memos in the new chapter on New World Order on my website and we will have to see really when I will get around to do this – it is not “important” as a priority now.
    • And we know in several of my dreams – as this one and also the concert with Led Zeppelin – I am coming back to places, which does not exist in the physical world, only in my dreams, but I do like coming back to these places because I know them almost as well as places of the material world.
  • I am working at Danske Bank, Freeport Branch, and two extra employees are going through the archive of files to check that everything is alright and they cannot find the old “index contracts”, which have been misplaced – but as I remember the dream, the files are found.
    • “Index contracts” is the name of an old form of a pension savings account in Denmark and I do like that you are going through your files to make sure that everything is fine – and we know before we will roll out “normal life” to the world.

A “divine service of truth” helping mankind to dissolve “glamour and illusion” to be receptive to me

Despite of my “alright” sleep, I felt tired and exhausted today but still I decided to visit the Theosophical Fellowship – but not Lama Yönten since I will now visit him on the Tuesday teachings, if I can, to receive the teachings of Erik and really because two days per week is more than I have time and energy for at the moment – and today the service in line was called “the divine service of truth” and as usual it was a mixture of a teacher going through the services received and written down by Ananda, meditation/healing to the world and singing and the purpose today was to bring energy to the world to make the world receptive to messages of the truth instead of “glamour and illusion” standing in the way making people believe in their own “wrong truth” really, and what this was truly about, was to prepare the world to be receptive to me before I will start the marketing of my website.

At the coffee afterwards, again I said that if people from the pedestrian street close by attended one of the services here, or if Jan held the lecture from the other day on the Pedestrian street, people would think that we are crazy and this was really easy for people here to understand and agree with me in and the true question my dear friends at Theosophical Fellowship – this is the feeling we have today when they don’t know about who I truly am – is if you as people of the Danish society are “hit” by the same sickness of “glamour and illusion” making you believe that I am “crazy” believing in your own strong voice when you will hear about who I am (?) and what will you decide to do when receiving this information (?) – will you do as most ignorant and negligent people from the Pedestrian Street do thinking that “crazy” is the truth without the need to do anything to be receptive to and to understand the “real truth” (?) or will you decide to use TWO HOURS CAREFULLY READING MY WEBSITE – and maybe also some of my scripts – before you will “judge” me (?) and my dear friends, this is the “challenge” you will be given. Will you be “better” than the people you address and help through your services (?) or are you to be compared with the priests of Lyngby Church not following their own sermons when it comes to their behaviour in relation to me (?) – as you can read from my scripts of the first half of 2010.

During most of the service – the strongest in the beginning – I received “quite strong” resistance from the darkness but despite of this, I am still stronger than it, which is how it has always been and how it will be until the last man on Earth will believe in me!

And we know Stig writing the script of today this afternoon and publishing the last three days of scripts was only done with your “outmost” reducing the speed of your work, which truly was the only way to come through today and we know the only alternative had been to “give up”, which is not a feeling I like you know.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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