Jan. 19, 2011: My sister “helped” my mother with her WRONG belief of me making my mother and I suffer once again


Summary of the script today

17th January: My mother is being cleaned from the darkness surrounding her to start showing her true self of light

  • The beginning of the night was yet again terrible because of my suffering due to the “feelings” of my mother, who is not yet communicating with me.
  • Dreaming of my mother flying me in a spaceship to another planet and John feeling “sick” of what we are going through, the “true” deadline of finishing my website is before the end of February hopefully having the world starting to believe in me before the end of March, Elijah is suffering more than needed because of his “inability” to read and understand me, he does not like receiving my money but he would like to receive help from the “rich Denmark” because of the desperate needs of his family, but my mother – who right now is becoming cleaned in the process going from the darkness to the light – does not want to speak to Elijah because of his “poor behaviour” towards me, which is more important for her than to understand his fight for survival, my old friend Martin I. was a contributing factor for me starting to read the newspaper, i.e. the process of becoming eliminated, which however only was shortly.
  • When my touch-sensitive lamp does not work – as yesterday again – I am suffering much because of my mother suffering and when it does work, I feel better, as I do today.
  • I called the Jobcentre today without receiving an answer, I will call again tomorrow – the email reminder system of the Jobcentre did not work, which gave me time to improve my website.

18th January: My sister “helped” my mother with her WRONG belief of me making my mother and I suffer once again

  • Dreaming of flying home from Australia, my mother bleeding, which will first heal when we will be in contact again, Michael Bundesen preferring to stay at home watching television, encouraging people of all ages to meet people “in town”, my sister returning to my home with only a small transistor radio playing, which in reality was her visit to my website yesterday but still she does not need to read carefully to make up her WRONG “belief” about me (?), avoiding human errors when working in the future, managers WRONGLY being indifferent to work details believing more on their own “wrong impression”, which is about my sister only scratching the surface of my website before “helping” my mother to understand that “of course Stig is wrong” (!) giving my mother and me new suffering as the result: Never interfere when you are objectively WRONG – based on your GUESSING without knowing – this only brings people suffering and this is what you now have done to us again, Sanna. Your “impression” is WRONG even though you “believe” you are right, which you easily could have found out if you simply had decided to read my scripts and website carefully!
  • The darkness not only brings more suffering to my mother and I but also “economical” worries to me and the risk of “killing” the LTO team in Kenya, when TDC decided to collect almost all six instalments on my telephone instead of only three as expected and when I visited the Jobcentre, I was told that I am “job seeking without benefit” (!) but then I met “sweet Susanne” who with a smile told me that this has to be a mistake and she gave Tine a copy of my letter asking her to bring this in order, which is now what I will hope and wait for – without truly knowing if I and consequently LTO will receive any money at the end of January.
  • Again this evening I experienced “strange weather” and also the light of my mother was flying towards me “very close” to me to tell the world that “the Son” is living in Kgs. Lyngby.
  • At Lama Yönten, Erik went through the first verses of “the 37 Practices of Bodhisattvas” with the message to cross your selfish approach to the world and as an example he did not answer my question on his personal experiences of retreatment, which was wrong because as a teacher I like you to teach – and talk about – theory as well as practical experience, and after having retreated myself from March-August 2010 I cannot recommend anyone to do the same because I did not become mentally stronger, it only gave me sorrow to be in isolation.

19th January: My entrance to the world is also connected with the transformation of my sister to the light

  • Dreaming of highly dangerous bears at my mother’s home – because of her “feelings” at the moment – but the danger is decreasing and the process these days is to make my mother understand me and with her, also my sister, who at the moment is the reason why I suddenly don’t see my mother again, my inner self is now fully developed and ready, receiving congratulations from the Council with the most beautiful female voice in popular music, my entrance to the world is also connected with the transformation of my sister from the darkness to the light, which has now started seriously, feeling that my mother is now part of me because of her faith and because my inner self is everything and finally my development is now lifted up to a new stage.
  • I am starting to sleep better because of the faith of my mother in me and it is truly nicer to feel alive than dead!


17th January: My mother is being cleaned from the darkness surrounding her to start showing her true self of light

Dreaming of my mother being cleaned from the darkness surrounding her to start showing her true self of light

And we know Stig yesterday evening it was the same old game with the darkness doing everything to “scare” me when I was feeling physically completely down – “will I be able to go through this completing the rest of my work” and I received darkness constantly at quite a high level and what this says is really that I am still on the right track because if the darkness would start to be silent, I truly had to be aware (!) and we know yet another night and in the beginning again it looked liked “the worst night ever” – my suffering increased again yesterday because of how you “feel”, mother (?) – but it became better later in the night and this is the symbol of what we are going through at the moment because of my mother and we know this was also why Denmark – the better team – first was in front in the handball match against Romania yesterday and suddenly Romania for some minutes was the better team playing much better Denmark, which almost became desperate when they suddenly could not score (!) making Romania came in front by 12 to 8 – this is the power of the Council – but the end result was yet another superior victory for Denmark after Denmark showed their true strength (!) and this time “only” by 39-30 because Romania is a much better team than Australia – and this is to tell you that the road my mother and I are going through at the moment is THE ONLY AND THE BEST ROAD TO DEVELOP and it is difficult now, but it will give us “all the energy required”, therefore (!) – and we know here are the dreams:

  • I say goodbye to my car and all belongings, I lock it up and I give the key to my mother and tell her that this is for John to open or for myself if I return. Hereafter my mother flies me on a spaceship to another planet, it takes 5-6 days and I see that John is outside of his house not wearing shoes, he has reported himself sick but the postman sneaks up on him from the behind and takes a picture of him to document that he is not sick.
    • I can really only guess what this means because I don’t know for sure – which is what I will do here but not in conversations trying to “convince” people of an “impression” I am not sure of – but let us see the car is “me” and just maybe it is my old self since I am locking up all of my belongings – and my mother brings me to another planet and just maybe this is what it means when my mother will stand forward telling me and the world that she has faith in me (?) and we know I called my mother last week, she does not have a voice mail but she can see when I have called which always makes her call back and now I have not heard from her for a longer time than usual – I will wait for her to call me when she feels the energy to do so and also thinking about the difficulties she is going through because of this and still with the need to receive the next treatment and is this truly your question, mother (?) – so just maybe it is not easy being my mother these days (?) and mother when it is not “easy” being you, it is even more difficult to be me because by now you should know that your feelings are transferred directly to me and I can only encourage you to be STRONG and to COMMUNICATE hoping that my strength comes your way to defeat the feeling of being weak (!) and we know this looks like some of the same “symptoms” as Elijah and we know when you are in “trouble”, you stop communicating and we know it should be quite easy for you to see that this is WRONG to do and I wish that people would simply decide on what is right to do and that I did not have to go through sufferings because of their “inability” to do this. And John may feel “sick” about all of this we are going through if I understand the “sickness” of the dream correct but John when you will receive your own shoes – becoming yourself – and when I will take a picture of you – approve you to enter our new world – you will not be “sick” anymore, you will be happy and have faith in me and John, I recommended you to ALSO read my dreams when I visited you the last time and really because you said that you don’t read my dreams, but I do believe that if you simply had decided to read all of my scripts including the dreams, you would “easily” have understood that I am “the one” and not “crazy” and John even without this, you should really know that I am not “crazy”, or ….?
  • After this dream I received another vision built on the spaceship with the message that half of the time has gone and that I have 1.5 months left to finalise my work and the deadline I was given the 30th December was three months and we know in this connection it does fit but it fits in the connection that I will finalise my website before the end of February as I have said earlier and we know hoping that the world will start to understand and have faith in me at the end of March after having done marketing too herewith also making the three months deadline from the end of December.
  • Here between 00.45-01.15 I felt “almost impossible” physically because I was sweating and feeling very bad inside of me – I was truly “exhausted” – and I truly felt as bad as when being on the top of my suffering also making me receive the feeling of “almost giving up” but I know that the “energy” will come back so no problems really other than having an uncomfortable time.
  • Elijah has arrived in Nigeria flying in from Kenya, he has paid for the ticket himself, he meets me, he wants to repay the money I have given him and he asks me if I can find someone who wants to travel around in Kenya for one week and write about his experiences and I get the feeling “like I was supposed to” and I answer him that it can be myself – because I would like to do it – or another, I arrive with Elijah to a kitchen where my mother is washing the floor and I tell her that this is my friend and that he is starving but my mother does not say a word, which makes me very disappointed and tell her that this is my starving friend, we are rich and you have decided not to speak to him because you don’t like him and she says “I cannot blame you in this”.
    • Elijah has paid the plane ticket himself making him suffer more than needed on his road towards the other side and this is because of his wrong attitude of not reading, understanding and communicating with me – despite of my constant encouragements for him to do so and in this respect he is like the “rich world” (!) – and maybe it is not very “nice” for you, Elijah to receive my money because of this (?) and his idea for someone to come to write is to document the desperate needs of people and we know his family in Kenya in order to receive help from the “rich” world and we know even from my mother, but you see Elijah, my mother is cleaning the floor, which is really the process she is going through herself when she is “heading for the light” and so far she is more focussed on your wrong behaviour in relation to me than helping you and that is even though your family is hungry and we know having difficulties surviving and this is how life is here when people decide to focus on what is wrong instead of what is right, you know, but all of this will of course change for my mother when she will discover the darkness she has been part of without truly being able to show her light side, which is very strong inside of her, and that is because of the influence of the darkness surrounding her making her a tool of it instead of showing her true self and we know in this respect my story is the same, however it was not the darkness doing this to me, it was the lack of energy all of my upbringing and adult life!
  • I am driving my car to the end of Toftevej in Espergærde, where there is a free edition of the newspaper BT to read, only few knows this but I see a pick up driving the same road, but the real reason why I am there is to see if I can find the house of my old friend Martin I., and I notice that many new and beautiful houses have been build next to the road and I decide to walk from the roof of one house to the next in order to look for Martin’s house and then at the top of a hill I hear Martin speaking up loud from a newspaper and I think that I would like to pour him a cup of coffee.
    • This is one of my old friends, who I miss much so we know looking forward to seeing you again – which also was my strong feeling the other day when it came to see my old colleagues from DanskeBank-Pension again – and here it says that because of Martin, I started reading in the newspaper – the process of becoming eliminated –, which however only lasted for a short time, but instead I will find him and become friends with him again and we know I have had a visitor on my site searching on “Martin Ibenhard” and I wonder, my old friend, if this was you or maybe somebody else with the same name – there are “a few” with this name – and we know I have been trying to find you on the Internet many times without luck so far and I wonder if this is the same “syndrome” as when I searched on Fuggi a few years ago without receiving any search results on him even though I later found out – after I had started meeting him again – that there in fact were several occurrences.
    • This dream is also inspired from the movie “Batman begins”, which I saw the other day on television and when looking away from the violence of the movie, I liked it much and also saying that “in the end, the good always win” – as in the movie – which is an old thought I have had for years actually hoping – and putting my life at stake – that it was true, and this time around it was!
  • I also had a very strong dream of sexual nature – stronger than for a VERY long time – which is really saying that my suffering increased again yesterday and some of the night and we know reflecting the feelings of my mother in relation to me being the Son of God and her being Virgin Mary and we know this is really not easy news to receive, when all you want is to continue living a “quiet life” and we know this is a favourite song of mine by Japan and “Japan” is the country you have tried to “motivate” me to focus on also in relation to the marketing of my website, and here once again, and my dear friends at the Council I will focus on one thing at the time and we know first Australia and from there, I don’t know, this will come later – and I am thinking that Japan may be a suggestion from the darkness!
  • And finally you also gave me a dream of eating three pieces of bread with mackerel salad and we know my old favourite – as my late father’s mother will remember – and after the “bad” sex dream, it was good to receive a short dream including FISH as the symbol of myself.

When my touch-sensitive lamp does not work, I am suffering much and when it does work, I feel better

Yesterday evening my touch-sensitive floor lamp had decided not to work again (!) – symbolising the degree of my suffering these days and we know depending on the suffering of my mother so my suffering may really go up or down depending on her feelings (!) – and this morning the lamp worked fine again telling you that I am feeling better after receiving at least some sleep during the night and we know Stig, there is absolutely nothing the matter with the lamp (!) and my dear readers what does your “inner voice” tell you here (?) – is this another example that “of course he is wrong” (?) and we know let me tell you that this is simply the truth as it has been with so many other electronic devises acting “strangely” here as I have written about for years and also my keys magically vanishing in the park a couple of months ago and later materialising again, which my mother thought “of course this was wrong” but my dear mother, this was actually the truth (!) and just an example showing you the strength of “your own voice”, where you will become totally convinced that your own “impression” is the truth without knowing it and without doing anything to understand the “real truth”.

The email reminder system of the Jobcentre did not work giving me time to improve my website

This morning I called Tine at the Jobcentre to hear if I will still receive my normal cash help at the end of the month – and “fearing” that she will follow up on Jane in connection with sending me out to work for free for a company (!) – but her voice mail said that she only has telephone time between 9.00-10.00 in the mornings, which I respect if this is not your main work and if it will make it possible for you to work concentrated doing one task at the time so I will have to call her tomorrow morning instead and I have been given the idea for days – also now – that the reason why the email reminder system of “Jobnet” “strangely” did not work (!) – when it should have worked – was for me to get time to improve my website and we know also because of the influence of the thoughts of my mother and we know there are many things I could decide to undertone when writing these scripts to spare myself from suffering, but this is not the name of the game because this would really just be to favour the darkness and this is not my intention!

I was working from 09.40 to 18.00 today doing both the script of today and the “final edit” – for now – on another 30-40 percent of my website and a “temptation” could be to say that now I have plenty of time to finish my website – until the end of February – and therefore I don’t need to continue doing my best both in terms of quality and efficiency as most of the world does but here you are wrong my friends, the idea is really to keep doing “normal work” both in terms of hours, quality and efficiency without becoming “tempted” to slow down!

I had the usual resistance from the darkness when working – which is really mostly just before starting to work, during my lunch break and after work – and after the work I did today, the Council showed itself more as themselves – being kind thanking me for the work I did – and they really becomes more and more themselves the closer to the goal, I come.

Today I was reading my script of the last days and I noticed that there are details of my dreams, which I do not always see when writing because I don’t have the time or energy to go “deeper” than what I have done and I am sure you will find out in the future?

And this evening, for the first time I had a visitor from Hørsholm on my new website – which I started using the 7th December 2010 – and I wonder if this may be you Sanna (?) even though you live on the border of Hørsholm and Rungsted or just maybe Niklas or Tobias instead who lives in Hørsholm (?) but anyway the title of my last script of my mother believing in me with her heart is what it took to get some attention from you and that is despite the fact that you see my posts on Facebook, where I still post every single script I publish and we know do you still think that I am “negative” and “too much” only scratching the surface without truly understanding the content because you don’t really read what I write?


18th January: My sister “helped” my mother with her WRONG belief of me making my mother and I suffer once again

Dreaming of my sister “helping” my mother with her WRONG belief of me making my mother and I suffer once again

Tonight I had a better night than expected – I still receive no special darkness because of the new treatment of my mother (?) – and this morning my floor-lamp worked again so everything should then be alright (?) but no, it is not because I miss my mother and John much already now – which makes me sad and also reduces my motivation to keep working – and I wonder when they will decide to call me?

Some dreams:

  • I am flying home from Australia and I meet my old school mate Søren who again is flying home to Denmark and he asks me how I am doing and I tell him that I am fine, and I also tell him that I should really ask him this question because he has to be tired after several flights home and he tells me that he is not.
    • So flying – and suffering – is what we are (?) and at least this is to say that so far I have seen no visitors from Australia on my website and that includes you Søren and also you Vivian.
  • I come to the house of my mother together with a man from the homicide squad, we expect to find people murdered at the house and I hardly have the courage to look through the different rooms of the house, but there are no murdered to be found, but we find out that there was a clash in the office, which however was not deadly, but one man was stabbed with a knife giving him a bleeding finger, and even though the hospital now have tried several times to find the right “anti-blood culture”, they have not succeeded to stop the bleeding and I have the feeling that first when I will arrive with the ambulance, the bleeding will stop. Hans and Tobias were also in the house and Tobias is together with two young ladies, which leads into the dishwasher.
    • This is what appears to be the remainder of the strong darkness after previous dreams recent nights of strong evilness and murders and I wonder if the man is John or simply a metaphor of my mother, which is what I believe it is and just saying that her wounds will first heal when we will be in contact again and also saying that medicine will not be used in our new world because there will be no illnesses and we know because HEALING and “the power of thinking” will be the name of “cure” in the future.
  • I am with Michael Bundesen from Shu-bi-dua in his living room, he is nice speaking to but when he believes we have left – which we have not – he turns on his very smart new television, which he would rather watch even though the screen is not very big. I come back and I ask him if he goes out meeting people as much today or if this was something which belonged to his youth, and he says that it was what he did mostly when he was young and he also tells me that when the band was touring, they needed to bring individual lamps, which fitted to each concert stage and also a piece of soap, which annoyed him much.
    • “Bonden” is now above 60 years and I look forward to our new world, where people will automatically feel a desire to go out to meet other people and it is possible that it will be at different “venues” depending on your age, but all people will feel the desire to be together with people – and this is also an encouragement for my readers to read my new and revised chapter on “normal life” and especially the last half of it called “Bring “normal life” in terms of humanity from poor to rich people”, which is new and will make it easier for people to understand me and the goal of bringing DEEP FEELINGS OF LOVE AND CARE to the “rich world”.
  • I am walking outside with my old school mate Allan and we cross an old and deserted petrol station and afterwards he tells me that up here is a nice café, where we used to party as young, and today this place is dull and I tell him that I was there this Saturday and close to the café is an apartment block where I have moved into a small apartment and I tell Allan that this is where I live and if I had known we would be walking here, I would have cleaned up and despite of this, Allan would like to see the apartment and when we enter, there are mattresses and bed clothes all over, but the apartment is really not untidy, a transistor radio is playing music, it is late in the morning and Sanna is sleeping in one of the rooms, she has returned home early in the morning after a night without sleeping.
    • There is no “energy” for “my car” here – I am not motivated to work because of the wrong INTERFERENCE of people removing my energy – and this is also what the dream of Michael Bundesen said and we know if young people looking for a sweetheart can go out to party, I cannot see anything wrong with all people of all age groups doing the same instead of “people of a certain age” being imprisoned at home – if you are single – saying to yourselves that “people of my age do not go out to party” and we know do you think it is better to be lonesome staying at home (?) and we know this is of course one opportunity together with meeting people on-line but you know I do like people meeting people in town too.
    • And here it looks like my sister has come “home” again and with this dream it truly looks like it was my sister who visited my website after all yesterday evening, which I first saw this morning, so welcome back Sanna – and the question is really if you will stay and we know instead of listening to my best stereo system, you are only listening to “a small transistor radio” playing, so obviously you don’t read much from my website and scripts (?) and still you don’t believe you need to do this before you will be “convinced” about “the right answer” based on your “impression” and we know Sanna, there is really only one thing wrong here and that is that you are WRONG about me where you believe you are right!
  • I wake up hearing the song “livets pølse” by Shu-bi-dua and the lyrics “livets pølse er speget, Odin og Thor sidder og glor”.
  • Kim S. is in charge of a new pension scheme to be developed involving several people and he keeps telling people off when they do not deliver even when it is not justified and this makes the outcome of it different to his intention, which is that people becomes annoyed with him and I see myself writing off information, which another has hand written on paper and it is very difficult to avoid errors.
    • There is no need to tell people off if it is not needed –but people must do their best to keep deadlines – and I would rather prefer to MOTIVATE people if possible and here thinking of Kim having a fantastic desire to have me and many others to deliver “here and now” – or on a specific deadline – which he was “fantastic” to follow up on telling people off when they did not deliver despite the fact that he almost as a head rule did not deliver himself on deadlines and agreements (!) and we know what a “contrast” again – and the other part of the dream is to say that when using the right tools of exceptional quality in the future and being 100 percent focussed when working, you should avoid most of the human errors, which happens today.
  • I am in a very large room together with very many people, I am showing a video on a widescreen about a new holiday project, which I have not seen myself but employees have told me about the project including sewage problems, which are details I don’t care to listen to, I prioritize what I believe myself is more important – making me believe that only I can see this – and therefore I tell the large audience that the project has now been implemented at a holiday resort in Spain – and while I tell this I an employee tells me that it has not been implemented yet – but despite of this I still say that we look forward to en exciting development of this resort as well as the whole town.
    • Showing a video on a widescreen to a large audience is a symbol of STRONG DARKNESS and in this respect it is about managers not knowing about the work they talk of, which naturally makes them become indifferent to details – as you see almost as a general WRONG rule of managers today (!) – and we know believing they know better and that only they have the “overview” of what this truly is about but the truth is that only by knowing the details of the work, you will truly know and have the overview of what it is about and in this sense A MAJORITY OF MANAGERS OF THE WORLD TODAY ARE WRONG WORKING DIRECTLY WITH THE INSPIRATION OF THE DARKNESS (!) and in the dream you can see the result when an employee tells the manager that he is WRONG, which the manager does not care to listen to and because of a wrong attitude of people having too high opinions of themselves, the outcome will often be WRONG instead of RIGHT.
    • And this is also about the development of a hotel – i.e. the waiting place of my “special friends” or “servants” – and my dear friends the manager says that the new project is ready but what he does not know is that the “sewer” – another symbol of “the worst nightmare of my life” – is leaking and we know who other than my dear sister can “help” my mother to understand that “of course Stig is WRONG” (!) and my dear sister, one day you will understand the tremendous suffering you have brought the people you love the most in the world next to your own family – your mother and brother – because of your wrong overestimation of yourself, guessing without knowing the details and therefore the truth, and Sanna you are the manager of this dream telling people what you would like to be the truth, which it however is not and we know which you easily could have discovered if you just had the “time” to read my scripts and website carefully instead of having “other priorities” and so it is – and as I write in the new chapter on “normal life” on my website: “It is always better to offer your help to people when you are objectively right than to be passive – and it is always wrong to interfere with people if you are objectively wrong!” and Sanna, this is what will be included in your “luggage” to tell the world the true meaning of and we know based on your own wrong “beliefs” – and do I need to tell you that I still love you very much as my sister even when you are WRONG? – But maybe you will start reading my UPDATED website carefully for two hours to UNDERSTAND ME (?) and that is because Sanna, I have done my absolutely best to write the LOGICS OF WHAT ALL OF THIS IS ABOUT so even you should have a chance to understand the “real truth” and that is if you TRULY have the time to help both our mother, me and yourself too? It will take you two hours to do and hopefully you will become inspired to reading my scripts carefully too ….?
    • And I might add that I am not that tired today, which is really saying that my mother still believes more with her heart in me than with her “mind” in the version of my sister (!) and the reason why I know this is simply – as I have written before – because it was her lack of faith in me for years making me more dead than alive because of my extreme lack of sleep!
  • I am working full time for free implementing a new system and I get the feeling that this is probably against the law.
    • And we know, the system is the work on my website and this is probably against the law in relation to the rules of the Jobcentre (?) and my real “life situation” but we will see who will be the most “clever” – the system or me!

The darkness also brings me economical worries with the risk of “killing” the LTO team in Kenya if I cannot send them help

Today I received an invoice from TDC on my mobile phone and the amount came as a surprise to me because I had only expected the first three months of the “loan” to my new mobile phone to be collected now but they have decided both to charge me for the period back in time from 14/10-11/01 and for the final three months ahead 12/01-11/05 making the total collection DKK 2,843 or almost the double of what I had expected and we know Stig, this is the road of God bringing you suffering from the darkness in order to develop your mother as well as new “worries” of economy because when I called Tine from the Jobcentre this morning on the phone between 9.00-10.00, she did NOT answer her telephone and she has NOT returned my call and message from yesterday and we know I asked the reception to speak to “one of her colleagues” instead but it was impossible to get through and later in the morning I called again asking to speak to the reception of the Jobcentre, but I was told that this was not allowed because the reception is reserved for PERSONAL visits and instead I was “offered” to wait on someone because most people were busy in meetings as I was told and after having waited a long time “hanging on the telephone”, I decided to hang up and we know it was “almost impossible” to get through via telephone so this is essentially an example of BAD COMMUNICATION, which I ask you to improve in the future, and we know this is still bringing me the question:

“Will I receive my cash help at the end of January”?

And we know I will have to visit the Jobcentre PERSONALLY this afternoon asking them to look up my status in the system and we know THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY OUT when driving the road of God – an old experience of mine – and we know I will try to find a road where I can both keep my phone open and still help the LTO team in Kenya and we know Sanna, do you realize that your “interference” is what could kill these people in Kenya – this is how the darkness works – and we know if I don’t have money to send them and if our mother does not believe in me intellectually but only with her heart meaning that she will decide not to show here true self of light sending them money to survive and we know THIS IS HOW IT IS HERE.

One hour later: And this is then what I did, I went to the reception of the Jobcentre, who had time to receive me in person but not on the phone and we know she looked me up in the system and told me that my “status” truly and still is that I am “job seeking without benefit” (!) but she did not know why and therefore she went to the neighbouring big office to ask, where she was told to ask a “consultant” – and we know there were many employees here not speaking on the telephone even though it was impossible to come through earlier (!) – and when I was asked to wait, the nice Susanne from the Job Workshop, where I was two weeks from the 9th November 2009 (see my book no. 2), went by and as usual she smiled much and was very kind when we exchanged a few words and the next person she met was the reception assistant and a few moments later she came back to me saying that she likes to help people if she can tell they need help – which the assistant apparently did in relation to me – and therefore she asked me to see the letter I had received and the first she said was that “this has to be a mistake” and then she tried to find someone who could help her figure out what was wrong but apparently this did not succeed and finally she said that she would take a copy of the letter and give this to Tine – who was “busy” in a meeting with her manager (!) – and because Susanne had the impression that I belonged to group 2 not having to use the “Jobnet” website – I have not told her so obviously the word on me has spread among the employees of the jobcentre – I told her that since the 18th December I have formally belonged to group 1 but received “help” from group 2 and this made her say that “there is probably a mistake in the paragraphs” – meant in relation to my “special status” – and my dear friends this is what she said and when she was leaving to bring the copy of the letter to Tine, I told her with a smile and a clap on her shoulder that “everybody should do as you”, which made her smile and say thank you and we know this is what I believe you should do if you see a colleague who needs help – and we know teaching your colleague at the same time instead of “just do it” – and we know now I will have to WAIT and see if this will bring back my full cash help at the end of January – still having some uncertainty – and I was “this close” to decide not to follow up on the Jobcentre personally – also after not being able to come through via telephone – thinking that everything had to be fine because of the message of the Jobnet the other day confirming that I would not be automatically cancelled and we know also because I did not really want to “disturb” Tine or Jane to “remind” them that they also had to find me a “job without salary” – this was the temptation – and we know but I was of course happy that I decided to do what was right and we know primarily because I need to send money to LTO at the end of January helping them to continue surviving and we know in case nobody else should decide to show themselves and the true light they are made of and really because of the influence of the darkness.

And I also met Arnauld at the Jobcentre, who was also kind to smile and say hello to me and so it is here – and we know Stig it was also more time “stolen” from my work, which I had not planned on.

I am still wondering about the “priorities” of my “friends”

And these days I am STILL wondering about my “friends” on Facebook continuing to live “carefree” lives for example using much money on sale – “the “Dankort” (debit card) is almost impossible to control” as one wrote –, some people FEASTING and PARTYING, others travelling and visiting cafés almost daily, some watching sport on television, playing games and others again being bored not knowing what to do but none of you have had the “time” or the “interest” to use two hours to read my website carefully in order to understand my IMPORTANT message to you?

I am also thinking of those of you who TRULY makes a “fantastic” living when earning more than 100,000 DKK per month giving you fantastic opportunities as well for examples attending the show at “Globen” – broadcast by Swedish television – in Stockholm yesterday evening and we know good dinners etc. with your clients and we know THE WORLD HAS NOT STARTED LEARNING YET!

Today I was working until 17.15 with the script and the “final edit for now” on the “Doomsday Scenario” of my website and tomorrow I will do the “final edit” of the last part of the website which is the chapter of “New World Order” before I will be able to continue on the last part of my work, which will still take days – and we know the time is becoming shorter again but I do still hope that I will be able to do marketing next week and to go public the first time before the 1st February.

A satire on the newspaper BT bringing stories of the darkness

As my “old readers” will know, the Danish newspaper BT is the now passed symbol of “elimination” and really the Devil in disguise “informing” people but really bringing stories of the darkness with the purpose to make money and we know which the Danish radio program “Selvsving på P1” (“self-oscillation”) was inspired to make a satiric song about, which you can listen to from the following link – and on their Facebook site, they write “B.T. påstår, at den er en avis, men den kommer kun, når man kalder den en brochure”, which is really how you will call for a dog, and you may remember that the “dog” is the symbol of the darkness.

Click the picture to listen to the song

The light of my mother again appeared on the sky to show you the road to me as “the Son”

In the twilight at 16.30 I had noticed that it was almost overcastted and at 17.30 I saw that the sky now was cloudless – “strange weather” you know (!) – and we know there were TWO lights on the sky – mine, which is still not moving except from the “orbit” it follows – and the light of my mother and once again the light of my mother started moving towards me and again it was only 100-200 metres above the ground and in the beginning it had a bright white light in front and a weaker red light at the back of it and when it came closer first the white light was switched off and then a new red light switched on instead and I was shown the outline of a helicopter surrounding the light meaning that my mother is in the process of being “lifted up” and when the spaceship was very close on me I saw lights on all four sides of it and I also heard a weak sound from it, which people would believe was a plane but if you truly looked up at the object and saw the very close distance to it, you would understand that it was not a plane but we know the sign to the world that the Son of Virgin Mary – or Lona in this life – is living in Kgs. Lyngby (!) and we know it took approx. 45 seconds for the light to approach me this time and it flew over my apartment block approx. 50 to 100 metres to the right of me and while this was happening, I noticed that more lights of UFO’s “appearing” as “stars” were switched on at the sky.

As a teacher I like you to speak of theory and your own personal experiences – and I cannot recommend retreatment to anyone

This evening again I went to Lama Yönten to witness the teaching of Erik on “the 37 Practices of Bodhisattvas”, where he went through the two introductory verses and the four first verses and some of the main messages were about recognition, compassion, opening yourself to the inner truth of existence, crossing the selfish approach to the world, step by step reaching the highest level of enlightenment on basis of freedom and opportunities, meditation, becoming familiar with instructions, retreating to clean your feelings, removing the attachment to your body not being afraid of dying etc. and we know he did not tell about his own personal experiences and therefore I asked him in connection with verse 3 if he has personal experience with retreatment and how people of the modern world having only 5-6 weeks of holidays per year can retreat and his answer was that he indeed has personal experiences of this but he did not give any information at all on this (!) – I would have liked to know for how long, why he did it, where, how and what he experienced going through his “road” – but we know he did not say a word (!) and his answer to the “busy” people of the modern world is that if “busy” Tibetans can retreat to a cave in isolation (!), so can people of the modern world and that it is only a “poor excuse” if they do not (!) and my dear friend, Erik, this is where I cannot give you the best grade because when you teach “students”, you are not only to do it based on theory but also on your own practise and experiences or relevance and this is even though your students may go through other experiences themselves and we know your answer today on this question was really NOT good and you did not give any practical directions on how people of the modern world can retreat and I asked you if they instead of a holiday for 14 days to Tenerife should visit a cave in Tibet in solitude and was your answer a “yes” on this (?) – I am not sure – and my dear friend, I could also have told you and the students if we really had an OPEN dialogue, which we did not because people are still not OPEN here (!), that I have been doing my own retreat from March-August 2010 if I remember correctly being in solitude almost all of the time in a modern community (!) so if you truly want to retreat, this is what you can do for a period of time and I might add that for me retreating did not make any difference to my thinking or mental strength – and it did not bring me down either as Erik told was easy for people to do when they are in isolation – so my thinking is that I can really not see the point of destroying your life for a period of time going through “torture” trying to get to know your inner thoughts and strength even better and my dear friends, “be yourself tonight”, do meditation from time to time – in groups is good -, do teachings on GOOD BEHAVIOUR, basic work rules etc. and become mentally strong and perseverant but I don’t see the need to being isolated from your family and friends and we know from life itself, because this experience of mine really did not help me, it only brought me sorrow.

During the lecture, he told us about difficulties for “normal people” to go through some of these practises, where he also said “there might be a Buddha inside of this room, but I would say that it is uncertain” – meaning that he could do this – and my friend this is what INSPIRATION is about, but your verdict was WRONG because there was truly a Buddha inside of the room (!) and this inspiration was given to you to say that despite all of your years of practise you are still judgmental in relation to people you don’t “approve of” and this is because of the CULTURE of Denmark, where it is much more difficult to clean your feelings and thoughts than in a place like Tibet – and really showing you how bad behaviour of people of a society like Denmark “infects” people through the feelings and thoughts you are given and the need for you to improve.

And this is how it was here this evening, where I felt the tiredness coming again and where I noticed that Lama Yönten was completely invisible the whole evening and we know he did not even come in to say hello and that is even though we heard him preparing food for himself in the kitchen and I wonder why this is and all I can say is that to me a behaviour like this is wrong.

When I arrived at 19.00 it was still cloudless and when I left at 21.00 it was now overcastted again and we know “strange weather” is what it is here.

The earth quake of Pakistan was because of “immensely” strong feelings of my mother

This evening, Danish TV2 told about a 7.4 earthquake of Pakistan and exactly at the same time I heard this, the Council mentioned my mother giving me the understanding that this quake was caused because of the immensely strong feelings of concern of my mother in relation to me and this is what feelings at “this level” means – I am happy that no people died – and at the same time it was to show a careless world not following up on the long term effects of the Pakistan flood from August 2010 and I had a look at the website www.supportpakistan.dk of my old Pakistan “friends” and we know their “patience” lasted until October/November 2010 and since this time there has been no activities and we know I was ready to work for a long time with this group and “the world” to help the victims of Pakistan – also today – and to draw the attention of the world to these people but this is not how it was “supposed” to be – and I am also thinking of Haiti here.

And while I was writing this chapter, the volume of my speakers increased by 2-3 times making my speakers play LOUD and of course I did not touch the volume button – I was writing – and this time it was not only the left speaker playing loud as it has done from “time to time” for years but both speakers and we know to underline the importance of this message.

Finally this evening, I have still felt NO darkness coming to me because of a new treatment of my mother this week (?) so either it is because she did not receive one or because of her faith with her heart in me is so strong that it removes the impact of the darkness and so it is.


19th January: My entrance to the world is also connected with the transformation of my sister to the light

Dreaming that my entrance to the world is also connected with the transformation of my sister from the darkness to the light

And we know Stig, a “good” night of sleep and we know everything is relative because even though I now feel “alright” and much better on the surface, I still feel a tremendous tiredness inside of me and the feeling of being indisposed because of years of lack of sleep with hard work and we know writing these scripts every single day is the hardest work, I have ever done – because of the circumstances – and we know harder than the work at the farm in connection with the Park a couple of months ago and we know this morning I have decided to listen to the now – unfortunately – late singer Flemming “Bamse” Jørgensen and starting with the album “be my guest” and we know Stig “this is my life” is the first song of this as a duet with Kim Larsen and this was your life, Bamse, and we know I have followed you on and off since your debut in 1975 with “Vimmersvej”, which is one of those very special songs to me and when we went canoeing – with my old school class from Espergærde – on Gudenåen in 1978, the song “I en lille båd der gynger”, was THE song we sang, which you probably remember, Allan (?) and just saying that this man died on the first night of the new year and we know somehow I feel that this story is also connected with me – darkness removing my “happiness” – and we know I miss him already, he was part of the Danish “soul” and my upbringing.

Some dreams:

  • I am at the living room of my mother’s and John’s home, where polar bears have entered and I am entering the dining room with the aim of closing the door for the bears but I see a young man inside of the living room who is squatting and petting the bears because he wants to get to know them and he does not realize that they are highly dangerous and I ask him if he has closed the door at the other end, which he says he has. We leave the room through the door to the dining room and we walk back using the hall next to the living room where I notice another door which is still open into the living room, which I also close and at the small television room on the other side of the living room I see my mother standing with the door from here to the living room still open – this was the door the young man had told me was closed, which it was not but now I close it. Now I see black bears in the living room in a large water basin wearing my headphones and I am walking on a path next to the water basin and I hear that the songs “showdown” and “fire on high” by ELO is playing in the headphones of the bears and this makes me do “spiritual somersaults” of happiness and I see that Jeff Lynne is inside of the water basis too and I am asked why these songs are so important and I am told that it is because the republication of these songs, which originally were intended for the end of the world, will lead to dialogue and a new colour printer for my sister, Sanna.
    • The water is still suffering, and bears are dangerous, they are at my mother’s home but the doors are closing to protect my mother and I wonder if this isn’t more feelings of “fear” about me and the Judgment more than anything else – which are becoming better day by day – and my dear mother and family, the Judgment is a PASSED event now as you can read from my website and the headphones and the music on the Judgment is really my mother starting to understand my IMPORTANT messages and through my mother – and hopefully also through my scripts – my sister will come to understand too and her new printer is simply to say that she will distribute my teachings eventually to the world!
  • After this dream I was told that “you have been locked out by the devil”, which is the influence of my sister on my mother as the reason why I suddenly don’t see my mother at the moment.
  • I was also told that a little untidiness now does not mean anything “because your farm is ready” – and this is my inner self, who is now fully developed, thank you, I was happy to receive this message, but I have NO plans for any untidiness, which is really to give in to temptations of the darkness and the darkness being stronger than me even though it is STILL very difficult to avoid when the darkness (almost) removes my resistance to start looking at nice ladies!
  • I hear one of the beautiful songs by Whitney Houston and I am given the understanding that the reason is that this is the lady with the most beautiful voice in popular music – which I have always thought and we know a part of her “development” was to have her voice “removed” – and I am shown the bar & restaurant of Rosie Mcgee in Copenhagen and a bottle of Champagne – this is what I did together with GE Insurance in year 2000 I believe – and the reason is simply CONGRATULATIONS from the Council again.
  • I am at the dining room at Sanna’s home, our old dogs Cas & Don are playing with two golf balls and I pick them up and get the idea that the “secret” is inside of the core of the golf balls, which makes me open them and in one of them I find a piece of paper with the code “900” and in the other another piece of paper with the code “1-800” and I consider what these codes mean and I don’t believe they will lead to a paid box but to a place with public access and the next I see is a parking place for lorry trailers next to a big road, where my number leads me to the only trailer standing there.
    • The dogs are still symbols of the darkness and somehow this dream is to say that my entrance to the world – hence the old meaning of the lorry trailer – is connected with Sanna and we know “winning her over on my side” is also what will open the world to me and this is what this dream says and we know I received help here when writing from much energy coming to me from my right side, where I also felt a new energy and we know the start of the transformation of the darkness to the light and Sanna, my dear sister, this is the process, which has now started for you seriously – and the codes of the dream makes me think of an American telephone number and when searching on “1-800” on the Internet, the first you will see is FLOWERS and this is STILL my feelings of you, Sanna.
  • I hear the song “You To Me Are Everything” by Real thing, which is a song, which ALWAYS has been very special to me, and I see my mother eating and I feel that she is part of me – and we know I am everything for her and she is everything for me and so it is – and I also see Sanna eating without getting the feeling that she is part of me and that is yet and I also see the date 1st February, which gives me the impression that my sister will go through a development over the next weeks. And the reason why my mother is now part of me is because my inner self has been built up to become the world and the world becoming me and when people has faith in me, this is what will happen.
  • Fuggi tells me that he has now updated me in a new version 3 of a program – he has jumped over version 2 – where my development will continue but he does not know if the program contains a virus.
    • This is the next stage I am reaching and really to say that I still don’t have a virus program on my computer, the Council is still protecting my computer from viruses and yesterday evening I was looking at my Android Phone and it has some kind of “security” program, which I however did not want to use time on to see what it was, which means that I don’t know if there is a virus program on this and the message is really to say that in our new world you will not need to take medicine to protect you from illnesses because there will be none and you will not need a virus protection program for your computer because there will be none viruses.

The feeling of being “dead or alive”

Even though I still feel some tiredness inside of me and ”very much tiredness” of writing, I am also receiving a new feeling of becoming “more fresh” and I cannot tell you how much this means to me – it is really the difference of being “dead or alive” and it is truly nicer to feel alive than dead, I tell you (!) – and this is, mother, the difference to me because of the faith of your true heart in me. And the back of my neck is still hurting, but much less now compared to the other day.

Today I worked on my script, the first edit, summary, second edit, setting up and publishing until 14.30 and yet again I am happy simply being able to publish a new script doing my best under the circumstances and we know this has not been the easiest thing to do the last couple of months.

When it was 15.30 I was truly feeling tired and more than anything tired of looking at the computer screen all of the time while working – it is like becoming snow blind – and I was wondering about my feeling of tiredness and I felt two feelings inside of me, one being that I am less tired because of my mother and more tired because of the resistance of my sister and this is my TRUE feeling – I am less and more tired at the same time, but in total I am less tired.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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