Jan. 22, 2011: The Council: Starting and ending my journey in “formidable, outstanding and breathtaking” style


Summary of the script today

20th January: The Council: Starting and ending my journey in “formidable, outstanding and breathtaking” style

  • Dreaming of moving my last things out of the darkness in line with my work finishing my website and the coming marketing, my father still has positive feelings of me despite of what his wife believes, someone is having very strong feelings against me almost “killing” me, future flexible speed restrictions according to traffic, it is also a requirement to read my books to receive approval to enter our new world, my former colleague Bo “thinking” of me as part of his road to be cleansed, poor building quality of houses today, which needs to be improved, the plans of “normal life” is “suffering” these days according to plan because of the darkness my sister brings, I did not love – but liked – my former cohabitant Camilla, which made both of us suffer, the time for a group of managing directors to decide on what they don’t have knowledge of has run out, my own feelings almost bringing me down and EVERYTHING you see is LIFE!
  • The new majority of the House of Representatives is USA showed STUPIDITY to the world when it decided to vote to repeal the new health-care legislation, which however will not succeed to cancel the reform.
  • When you will have showed a clean heart, you will receive approval to enter our new world and any diseases and defects will be totally cured.
  • For days I have felt “increased blood pressure” of my mother through the blood of my left arm pumping as much as when you measure your blood pressure.
  • I was given the most bright, clear and beautiful evening without pollution to tell you that this is how our new world will be.
  • The “light of my mother” followed me when walking in Lyngby and it is clear to see that it is an UFO when you look carefully, but when you look inattentively you will believe it is an aeroplane – to tell you that when you only scratch the surface, people will believe they see something else than what they truly see – the same as what people thought of my scripts!
  • The Danish handball team won against Croatia in superior style after a “formidable, outstanding, and breathtaking” effort, which is how I started my journey in 2006 and how I am ending it after coming through the “impossible Hell”.

21st January: My mother is trying to shut out the truth about herself by not reading my scripts and not contacting me

  • Dreaming of my mother’s husband John being the man behind my suffering for months because of his lack of faith in me, I was suffering much while my nearest family did not want to listen to my “crazy stories” while they continued to live comfortably at the same time, my mother trying to shut out the truth about who she is by not reading my scripts and not contacting me, my mother will help me bring “normal life” to the world, I am given more sexual suffering and temptations because of the “game” I am going through these days, the period when Ritt Bjerregaard was mayor of Copenhagen is given as an example to the world of the worst BUREAUCRACY, my mother/family and friends are “lonatics” because they decided to follow their own distorted thoughts believing I was crazy even though it was “quite easy” to find out that they were wrong and I am right and the Danish handball team losing its last two matches because they believe “we are the best”.
  • I was TIRED and again needed the attitude of NEVER GIVE UP when working – is the faith of my mother decreasing because of the influence of the dark side of my family in her, because she does not read my scripts and does not contact me?

22nd January: The darkness of my mother is now so great that it would destroy me if the Council did not block it

  • Dreaming of Obama convincing China not to oppose my arrival, I have the key to open the cottage house, i.e. our new world, the encouragement to cancel all bonus schemes, Paul H. is on “my team” with difficulties, the potential darkness coming to me because of “impossible feelings” of my mother is now so great that it would destroy me if the Council did not hold it back, my mother’s husband John does not accept me as “the chosen one” because he is “busy” doing “other priorities” than truly reading and understanding my website and scripts – he is also going through his “cleansing process” to become one of my future “special friends”.
  • The quality of my sleep is varying because of “mixed emotions” of my mother in me – also because of the influence of Sanna and John on her not believing in me.
  • The Council looks very much forward to the day when they can release all people of all of the diseases they still force upon them.
  • John from Kenya was nice to inform me about the draught of Kenya killing people and his struggle to raise education fee for his daughter, while people here don’t care if people of Kenya live or die and if they will get a good or bad starting point of life as long as they can continue buying luxury clothes etc. on sale here!


20th January: The Council: Starting and ending my journey in “formidable, outstanding, and breathtaking” style

Dreaming that my father still has positive feelings of me despite of what his wife believes

And we know Stig yet another night where the sleep was not “normal” but much better to what it was until recently giving me the same “good feeling” this morning and we know but still the other feeling of “quite some tiredness” is still with me (!) and we know this is how it is to live a “double” life and we know some dreams too:

  • I have moved all of my things out from the row house in Snekkersten and I can now give notice to leave this place within 14 days.
    • I am leaving the darkness – i.e. “Snekkersten” – because of the work on my website and the coming marketing.
  • I have made a salami including garlic and my father’s wife Kirsten says that my father does not like the salami, which has made me eat almost all of it myself, but I find out that she misunderstood, which is what was needed to make my father understand. I have hardly any more salami left, but I would like to give my father the last piece.
    • So apparently Kirsten it is not possible to “kill” all of the love of my father to me despite of what you believe (?), which he has found out that he still possesses after we have stopped seeing each other.
    • The salami is about two “homemade” salamis I bought on sale at the supermarket of Superbest some days ago and really to tell you that these taste MUCH better than the industrially produced salamis of today, which almost everybody buys and we know but nothing compares to the TRULY homemade sausages of the countless markets of France as an example and we know which we almost don’t do today in Denmark and this is truly a shame and we know both that we don’t do TRULY homemade sausages and also that the food industry of Denmark in general produces such bad quality, where it praises it self to be among the leaders of the world (!) and we know you can also industrially produce a much better quality and that is if you truly want to and we know also when people will truly start to ask for quality instead of the cheapest there is – which should be easier to do in our new world without profits where TRUE quality will not be much more expensive as it often is today – and we know Camilla, do you remember the ten sausages I bought at a French market more than 10 years ago, which I was looking SO much forward for us to eat when returning to Denmark and we know there was only one “problem” and that was that I forgot them in the mini bar of a hotel room in Germany I believe on our way home (!), which other guests after us may remember?
  • I am discussing with my best friend, who is Nicolas Cage, he is desperate and starts shooting at me with his gun but he misses, I count the number of shoots but he keeps shooting to my surprise also after the first 6 shot and even though I protect myself with a table, one of the shots hits me superficially on top of my head. We get into an infight with a gun in the middle of us and Nicolas is determined to kill me and he uses all of his force to pressure the gun towards me with the goal to pull the trigger, which frightens me because of his force and determination.
    • From who are these very negative feelings coming from (?) – someone still having bad feelings of me because of the truth I have written in scripts of the past (?) and we know because he keeps shooting even when there should be no more shoots left.
  • I have given a man ride in my Saab 9.3 and been driving with 140-150 km/h on the motorway, and after the ride the man complaints and tell me off because I have driven far too fast and selfish in his opinion and I am astonished because of what is truly his own selfish, rigid and bad behaviour not understanding that there was no danger when I deliberately crossed the “official” speed restrictions and therefore I tell him “you should see me driving when I am alone” because the truth was that I took consideration to him, and this makes the man decide that he does not want me to drive him back to Helsingør and therefore he drives himself with me behind him and when we approach the restaurant “Storkereden” on the motorway, the man says that he hopes there will be no tailback and further up, I see him driving off the motorway.
    • The “rigid” speed limit on this particular motorway is 110 km/h and this is about flexible speed restrictions connected to the amount of traffic on the road, which I wrote about in book 2, “Storkereden” is about WARM FEELINGS from Ole and the Council because this is another of those places special to me when we lived together with Ole until 1978 and finally the man driving off the motorway is showing lack of faith because he has not read my books and this is about the requirements to show your clean heart to receive approval to enter our new world – i.e. the symbol of Helsingør – and really saying that on my website today I have a line saying “read and follow the basic rules of my books”, which can be misunderstood making people believe that it is not a requirement to read my books but only the basic rules and therefore I will change this to “read my books and follow the basic rules” so no people will “drive off the motorway” – thank you for letting me know.
  • I have stayed the night at Bo A.’s home and in the morning he is very busy needing to take care of his baby of 1 year, an older child at the same time as he is doing his second wash, he switches off the music and he tells me that he has new assignments for me tomorrow.
    • And we know Stig, this dream may be connected with the dream of Nicolas Cage, who wanted to “kill” me and we know “uncontrollable feelings” from a man “believing” that he is “busy” as the dream says because he does not finish much work himself – and I noticed late in the afternoon two days ago that I had a visitor from Fredensborg on my website and we know I don’t receive many visits, so I thought that “just maybe” this was a visit from Søren from Dahlberg because this is where he lives – I worked in a “team” together with Bo and Søren in Dahlberg – and I thought that since the darkness could give me new worries of economic character, it could also be strong enough to wake up darkness elsewhere and we know this dream says that Bo has been thinking of me and we know Bo it is truly not “nice” to have a former “colleague” writing the truth about you for the world to read and learn from (?) and we know so just maybe you and Søren “felt” like speaking about me yesterday – and we know this is your “road” to become “cleaned” as the wash of the dream says and instead of asking people to do your work, as you did with me, you should really start WORKING Bo instead of talking, that would be much better for you and Dahlberg – and do I need to tell you that I still LIKE BOTH YOU BO AND ALL OF MY FORMER COLLEAGUES IN DAHLBERG VERY MUCH (?) – as I have told you many times – and this is probably what people still don’t realize when they decide to understand and focus negatively on my writings without seeing the “big picture” even though this is directly in front of their noses but you know the Devil is lazy and not very “clever”, which this is truly an example of.
  • I am in Vietnam inside the kitchen of a house, which looks “alright”, but when I open the door to the outside, I see it is made of very bad quality and that it is impossible to close again, I go outside and somehow there is no road back to the house.
    • The dream about poor building quality is easy to understand – and for the world to improve in the future and we know eventually to tear down houses of bad quality and build new of good quality also when it comes to “environment” in the widest possible terms and architecture – but when I leave the kitchen with no road back, it looks like the plans of “normal life” are “suffering” at the moment and we know “according to plan” because this darkness is simply what we need to come through and this is the strength it has, which my sister brings to “the game” here at the “absolutely end”.
  • I am together with Camilla at a hotel in London outside the city centre, which we will go to but we will not use the train or the city busses, instead we take a private bus, which sets us off outside the city at a sport hall and later when the bus leaves, we run after it, but it leaves without us and I get the feeling that Camilla anticipated that we would become married. We follow the bus uphill a mountain and at the end of the mountain the road is almost not existing and therefore almost impossible to pass and I see almost vertical down directly to the left of me, which makes me very frighten because of my fear of heights but we come through to a small city square with parking places and shops, where I see souvenirs of Buddha and from here we have a beautiful view over London, which makes me think to fly all the way down, which I am however not sure that I will be able to do. All the way through this dream I had the feeling that I did not want to take this bus, which Camilla recommended because it took too long to come to the centre of London compared to the normal trains and busses.
    • The hotel is still the “waiting hall” of my “special friends”, so this is what Camilla – my cohabitant from 1994-2001 – also is and the bus is the old symbol of love and therefore this dream again tells you that I did not love Camilla – I liked her very much, but I did not love her – and the mountain is “suffering” too so this is what we went through when she thought that we were to become married and have children together and when I was hoping for “better times” someday meeting a woman I would truly love and this is the truth and we know I should never have lived together with Camilla but I was too “weak” and of course to tell the world not to do what I did – as I have also written about before – and we know approaching London we are and you know “our new world” and so it is.
  • My manager is a Nazi leader and because of this I don’t like him, he underestimates my skills and in a meeting with him I tell him that I have just had a meeting with the CEO of Arbejdernes Landsbank, where I asked them to pay compensation but he did not want to enter a settlement, and this improves the impression of the manager in me (!) and I tell him that when I worked for DFM, we had customers asking to become customers themselves without the need for us to do sales because of our good reputation and I tell the manager that it is nice working together with people working at a high level regardless of their position.
    • How many of you my dear readers have read about my former life as Hitler from my website (?) – the front page and the page Links and readings – and we know because this was the reflection of an evil mankind with the purpose for me to reconnect with the Source.
    • This is also about not judging people on basis of whom they are together with but on their true skills (!) – and I had several meetings together with Kim S. with the three former directors of Arbejdernes Landsbank in the 1990’s when working for DFM and Aon and we know the bank had to decide their strategy on life and P&C insurance products to offer their customers and I was NOT impressed because “politics” was the most important when they decided on a P&C insurance program without listening to our professional advice and later when they did not have the “time” or “know-how” to read and understand my proposal in details on a new life insurance program, which would have been unique in the Danish market giving them a competitive advantage and we know really saying that the time has come to change the assignments of top management groups and we know to pass on the responsibility to people having the true know-how and that is the people working within the area and NOT the top manager when he does not know about the work and so it is – but CO-ORDINATION and COMMUNICATION is always a good thing!
    • And the goal should be for you to do such good work, that the customers will come by themselves without the need to do sales and marketing (!) and we know “almost” at least because I am still positive also in relation to sales and marketing!
  • I am back stage at a David Bowie concert, David stands in the corner visible to both me and the audience, he plays the rhythm guitar and has the appearance from his “let’s dance” album and I show him a very small guitar, which I think that he might find funny to “play” with, he takes the “guitar” and I see him start throwing and “smashing” the guitar onto the floor without realizing that the guitar is only the cover and that it is truly a telephone inside, which I tell him before he succeeds destroying the telephone.
    • David Bowie is the old symbol of “God” and this is both about the producer and very skilled musician of his fantastic “let’s dance” album – Nile Rodgers – who I was sad to hear is fighting an aggressive cancer at the moment – this is not making you very “chic” my friend – and we know I have said for many months that I will protect all members of the Council and all of my “special friends” from becoming killed and also that I don’t want to protect anybody else from the darkness – other from the darkness I take on my self to remove suffering from Earth and mankind – and we know Bamse, Nile Rodgers and how many others have received “incurable” diseases because of this decision and we know this is needed to reflect the darkness and we know eeehhhh from my family and friends not having the “capacity” to understand me and here also you Elijah and we know he has not yet decided to read any scripts of mine since I stopped sending him my scripts through email and we know because I can see that not one single from Kenya since has read any of my scripts from my website and I am truly wondering, Elijah, about your “capacity” to read and understand me from previous scripts too (?) and this is why, my dear LTO team, that I asked you to HELP both Elijah and me to go through ONE SCRIPT IN DETAIL TOGETHER WITH ELIJAH but you decided not even to communicate with me why you did not do this?
    • And if I am to follow the dream of David Bowie correctly, it really says that I am my own enemy because David is me and he is smashing the telephone – i.e. spiritual communication – and we know this is about my own feelings almost bringing me down too and we know when people make me “sad”, “not motivated” etc. because of their WRONG behaviour and the guitar is “everything” and inside of everything, is spiritual communication, hence the telephone and really to say that EVERYTHING YOU SEE IS LIFE – even the chair you sit on!
  • I am flying in front of some row houses, there is a field with very high crops in front of me and I think of flying higher than these but I am afraid that I will fall down into the crops if I am able to fly this high, which I really don’t know if I am.
    • We know, I am flying without problems but not very high at the moment and really to say that I keep on working without problems even though it is not easy these days too.

My sister has not yet read my scripts with important messages to her

So these were the stories we “inspired” you to write today and we know I can see that nobody from Hørsholm including my sister has yet read the script I published yesterday and I wonder if she will have the “time” and “courage” to read my script with important messages to her to learn from?

And we know Stig, I also checked when a visitor from Helsingør the last time visited my website and we know it was the 14th January reading my script published the 13th and we know my mother and John has not had the “energy” to read my scripts since (?) and this is how life is here.

Physical visions on my eyes made it impossible to continue working yesterday evening

Yesterday I took an hour off in the afternoon because it was ”impossible” to keep on working and I took a nap to experiment if this would make me more fresh to keep on working later and even though the nap was VERY bad receiving much darkness, I became fresher making it possible for me to continue working until 19.00 almost finishing the “final edit” of the chapter “New World Order” and I say “almost” because physical visions given directly on the lenses of my eyes truly made it impossible to do the last bit – and this phenomenon has happened a few times before and we know the last time was when sitting in the living room together with Elijah at the end of my travel to Kenya in 2009 and yesterday I was told that this has to do with “preparation” of me.

The House of Representatives showing STUPIDITY to the world

And we know ANOTHER SHOW FOR THE WORLD and this time from The House of Representatives in USA vote to repeal the health-care legislation and we know it will not pass the Senate and even if it should, it will be faced with a veto from Obama and we know HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE (?) and this is really with best regards from an almost tame Devil just waiting to be replaced by one of the other members of the Council to take a “rest” and we know because WE STILL DO NOT LIKE TO PLAY THE DEVIL TO THE WORLD and CANNOT WAIT TO STOP THIS and we know STARTING TO LIVE A TRUE LIFE IN HARMONY :-).

Here is more information about what it would mean to the American people if the health care reform was repealed, which should not be that difficult to understand?

Here I am thinking that the reduced costs of health care in USA and also of income protection insurance through the Union of Frie Funktionærer in Denmark are examples of what will happen to the prices of our new world, when you will remove the layer of (unreasonable) profits, as you can read from my chapter on New World Order.

Finalising the “final edit” – for now – of my website

Today I was working from 10.00 to 17.00 completing the ”final edit” on the chapters New World Order and also ”links and readings”, I checked for spelling mistakes and found approx. 20 (!) even after I had been working carefully and we know also because this will help the “credibility” of my website and I started improving the website ”here and there” on basis of the notes of ideas I have written down continuously and this included to improve the chapter on “show a clean heart to enter our new world” on the front page including the final rules, I have decided for, which means that when you have showed a clean heart you will receive confirmation spiritually at the same time as you will be completely cured from any diseases and defects, you may have and we know this replaces what I have written about this before – in book 2 I believe – and I also included the rule on how to repent as part of this chapter also herewith replacing what I have written about this before and we know also to keep it simple for all really.

And from here, I will continue with my list of improvements to my website the next days – hoping to find “as much time as possible” next week to prepare my first marketing initiative and we know I cannot say this for sure, but this is my plan and we know I would have liked to be able to show you a better example here at the end of how to “easily” plan and execute my work according to plan but as you may understand, this has not been very easy to do but I hope you will use it as a learning experience to really do better than I in this context in the future.

A new example of the importance of using an action plan

I stopped the work today at 17.00 in order to go to the library to return CD’s I have borrowed and we know the library always send a reminder a few days before the expiry of the period and normally I will input the day in my calendar/action plan straight away making me (remember to) deliver on time, but this time I forgot to include it in my calendar and just to say that if you do not do this when you think of it – don’t postpone because you will often forget to do it later – there is a risk to forget your agreements like I did here and we know I was thinking about ONE future system automatically including “appointments” of this type in my calendar.

Nile Rodgers will be cured from his cancer because he is also a “special friend” of mine!

At the library I borrowed approx. 15 DVD concert films – looking forward to seeing and hearing them much I am – and one of them was with the band Chic and we know lead by Nile Rodgers you know and later when I was at Fitness World to run, I thought that I don’t want people who I know of and like to be killed herewith saying that Nile is to be cured and when I decided this I was told by the Council with a smile that he is already a “servant” of mine – if he wants to accept this – simply because he is mentioned in my book as I have written about before and therefore the Council can do nothing else than to save Nile after he has taken on darkness too through his “aggressive cancer” and we know thinking of my mother here too I am.

Feeling an increased blood pressure of my mother

When this is written, when I was at Fitness World and for several days the blood of my upper part of my left arm has pumped as much as the feeling you have when your blood pressure is measured and we know the left side is my mother and the blood pressure is reflecting the beat of the heart and my dear mother, do you believe that what you are going through will kill you (?) and to this I can only say that THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO RISK OF THIS!

By the way, I ran 20 minutes today with difficulties and hoping that I will be able to do more exercise in the time to come.

Our new world will become CLEAN – perceptible to all

This evening it was the most bright, clear and beautiful evening for “ages” and I am wondering if this is how it will be in our new world without any pollution and we know, which will be perceptible to all as I wrote in the chapter “a clean environment with everlasting, clean energy” under the menu option “New World Order” earlier today – thank you my UFO-friends for cleaning up here and for helping me to experience this, which truly was very perceptible compared to how “the air that I breathe” normally feels like.

When you only scratch the surface you will believe that what you see is something else than what you truly see – as UFO’s!

I had several UFO-encounters this evening. When I was leaving for the library – and also later – I was “followed” by the light of my mother on the sky and I tried to take a video of it, but this made it dim down its lights (!), so I cannot show it to you other than saying that it is very close to the ground, it normally has a VERY bright, white light on the front of it – with other lights switching on/off and changing the twinkle frequency, which helps to understand that it is an UFO – and we know the idea is really to “show ourselves so people observing us carefully can tell that we are not aeroplanes” as I am told here because when you look carefully, you will understand that it is NOT an aeroplane because of the lights, the short distance to it etc. but when you look up with an inattentive attitude, you will believe it is an aeroplane also because the silhouette of the UFO looks like an aeroplane – as I saw more clearly today than before – and we know so far no one in Lyngby has discovered us and this is really to show you the same attitude of people all over only scratching the surface making them believe that what they see is something else than what they truly see the same way as people thought my books were negative when they truly are positive – do you see?

And we know some of the old “star pictures” have returned and we know some are two lights in line and one is three lights in line and we know there are several very large spacecrafts just above this city and I wonder what the Danish Government – and the world – will say when they will try to explain why they have not told the world about ALL of the UFO’s surrounding Earth and we know do you truly believe that the best you can do is to wait on me and to keep this information from mankind???

This evening I also felt less suffering – negative speech and sexual suffering – meaning that I was able to relax mentally more than for a very long time.

The Council: Starting and ending my journey in “formidable, outstanding and breathtaking” style

Finally, the Danish handball team for men in the World Cup tournament in Sweden is quite superior today defeating one of the other favourites Croatia by 34 to 29 – giving them the fifth victory in line – and we know they played some of the best handball ever for a Danish team making the commentators shout with joy words like “formiddalt, fremragende og forrygende” (“formidable, outstanding and breathtaking”) and this symbol was really a message from the Council to me saying that “this is how we started in 2006 and this is how we end” and we know this is probably not included in my scripts anywhere but the first weeks when the Council started speaking to me directly in 2006, it gave me much joy – this was before the Council was forced to play the “actors” of HELL breaking lose on me until now – and so much that I gave all of the positive words I could find with “F” – this was the letter with the most positive words (!) – and we know this was what we truly HOPED Stig, that you would be able to go through THE IMPOSSIBLE HELL to reach the other side and we know it was truly a “formidable, outstanding and breathtaking” effort coming through this – and to take only one of several inspired messages this evening through the live broadcast, Leif, the commentator, who said that “individual performances of Croatia is a striking indication of a team, which is dissolving” and here Croatia was a symbol of the Devil dissolving and we know not least because of the process my family goes through these days and also to say that I ask you to focus on the COMMUNITY in the future.


21st January: My mother is trying to shut out the truth about herself by not reading my scripts and not contacting me

Dreaming that my mother is trying to shut out the truth about herself by not reading my scripts and not contacting me

And we know Stig yet another night and this time unfortunately with a poorer sleep again and this time I was given the feeling that it is because of the lack of faith and feelings of my sister – but I wonder if this is truly more about the “influence” of my sister and John on my mother trying to make her understand that the “truth” is that I am “crazy” and not the Son of God (?) and as usual here are some dreams:

  • My mothers husband calls me and ask me if I want to go with him tomorrow to the department store of Bilka and I get the feeling that it will be to look for a new bicycle – I also feel Elijah in this connection – and John says that he will bring Villy from Vesterbrogade and I think about who he is and I believe that he is a cycle dealer and I am careful to ask John precisely so he will not believe that this is a sign of my “craziness”: “Is he the cycle dealer” (?) to which John replies that he is. I also tell John that tomorrow morning I will visit my mother – and he tells me that he would like to get her home soon again – and I ask John to understand – because he does not – the feeling of how it is when you realize that you are another person than the one you have been thinking you are all of your life and that this is very difficult to come through.
    • I have been bicycling difficult roads in previous dreams the last couple of months when I have gone through much suffering and this dream tells me why. It is John who is the cycle dealer bringing this means of transport because of his unshakable belief that I am “crazy” and his influence on my mother, and at the moment he does not understand the feelings of my mother, and this has been your challenge of life John, because you feel good yourself and therefore it is very difficult for you to understand the feelings of people experiencing difficulties as we have talked about for many years, do you remember (?) – and we know “hvem ka, bilka” is the old motto from Bilka commercials, which I like better than the present and really because “bil ka” is “car can” because “car” is the symbol of “me” so basically this is “I can” and we know Obama you don’t even have to ask the question because of course I can go through this suffering too because of your influence John on my mother!
  • From 03.30 to 04.15 I was kept awake receiving loud and uncomfortable spiritual speech, and I was given the feeling that this was because of the resistance of my sister to me at the moment and we know she did not neither have the “time” or “courage” to read the last published script yesterday evening and the question is if the will read it at all – before she will “wake up” herself.
  • My mother and sister tell me that I have done well compared to how I have acted previously and I thank them and also say that “my head has been bursting for months because of your lack of faith in me”.
    • And we know we have not spoken for months about my “mental disease” as my family thought it was and because of this I was doing “fine” according to them (!) and we know because they did not feel like going through an “uncomfortable” time listening to me “making up crazy stories” (!) and my dear family, you did not know just how much I have suffered because of your wrong attitude making you able to continue living a “careless” life in comfort at the same time.
  • I am at my mother’s apartment where my old school friend Pernille is in the kitchen and I feel that my old friend Jack is there too and I get the feeling that I don’t like to see him because of his ignorance of me, it is 7.45 and people are on their way to school. I have played table tennis with my mother and previously there was a small dent on her half of the table and earlier in the day I hit the ball in a way which expanded the dent somewhat and now I am surprised to see that the whole table has fallen apart and I get the feeling that it is not as bad as it looks like and that the table can be put together again.
    • Pernille was a class mate leaving me on Facebook because she did not want to read my scripts and here she is a symbol of my mother trying to shut out the truth by not reading and not contacting me at the moment and we know mother this is the worst decision of all to take in this situation (!) – and because you don’t contact me I don’t feel like contacting you which the dream of Jack is about and you could have taken Elijah as another example – and the broken table tennis table is the feeling of my mother right now but it is truly not as serious as that because “we are in control” and so it is.
  • The football team of FC Copenhagen looses at home 2-3 to AGF from Århus, I am the goal keeper of FC Copenhagen annoyed about the lack of defence from the players on my team, later I am dribbling a football against a player from AGF on the Pedestrian street of Strøget – we are on our way to Strøgshawarma to have the best Shawarmas I know of.
    • This may look like a new football match between the light and the darkness but you know both teams here represent the light – my mother and me, and Århus is an old symbol of “our new world” – and here we are on the Pedestrian Street as another symbol to bring “normal life” to the world and what better way to do it than with my favourite meal from Strøget?
  • Some of my friends – including Brian Laurdrup – play poker, I am sitting next to their table smoking and they ask me if I want to play and I tell them no and the reason is that this game is about sex and fightings between aeroplanes.
    • Just a dream of the “game” I am going through these days and we know even though the “game” is only on the surface – because it would stop if I could not go through it – I was given sexual suffering and temptation during the night and this is my dear mother and sister what you are doing to me because still you cannot control your negative feelings.
  • I am at the Town Hall of Copenhagen, I feel the former mayor Ritt Bjerregaard and I see civil servants complain about the font they have been told to use and they show me how much shadow the font creates because it is wrongly built up and because of this I see how most of the written correspondence becomes grey and I also see civil servants take out documents from a nasty green fluid.
    • This is an example of the WORST BUREAUCRACY – hence both the font and the fluid – given to the world and we know Ritt, this was your contribution, and I was given the feeling that it took civil servants months to clean up after your period as mayor stopped.
  • I am at my mother’s apartment, the consultant is coming and I just have time to remove my socks from the sofa, and I am supposed to be placed in a corner humming and to be examined by the doctor but when he arrives instead he decides to speak to me and to promote me and he gives my mother a job as a doctor because she is the “lonatic” here.
    • This is really about the MISUNDERSTANDING of my family believing that I am “crazy” even after my scripts have been on-line for almost a year (!) and we know the true “lonatics” here are my family and friends because you decided to follow your “distorted thoughts” only scratching the surface of my scripts without understanding them and we know it would have been “quite easy“ for you a long time ago to understand that you were wrong and I am right if you had not been “lazy” with an unshakable belief in your own wrong impression.
    • When I wrote down this dream I received the feeling of the song “Tennessee Waltz” – I did not hear it and this is the first time I have received a song through a “feeling” and as usual “under my skin”.
  • I was told that people of bad characteristics found together in order for me to be able to “shine my eggs to the world”.
  • I am working for a lending company at the living room of my mother, they cannot receive finance themselves to enable them to run their company and therefore I go down to Bono at the end of the living room knowing that he has much money and I ask him if it will be possible for him to finance the sales of maybe 1-2 widescreen televisions this afternoon depending on the customer demand and he tells me that there is a higher profit when selling a drilling machine.
    • I was thinking of Anne Mette K. the other day and I am wondering if the lack of financing for financing companies was the reason why you have worked for several of these within the last couple of years and if this is also a “challenge” of yours today and television is still the symbol of darkness, which Bono cannot support but he recommends a drilling machine, which really can be used to “hang up things” and we know for example “a picture” as the symbol of entering our new world, which is the process my mother and family are going through and we know I don’t understand the part of a “high profit” from the dream and we know has Bono fallen into the trap becoming dependent on a luxury life using a lot of money?
  • I saw the Danish handball team losing its two last matches at the World Cup with the final match against Spain ending 13-17.
    • I wonder if this is from you Polle (!) and we know long time and that is NOT no seeing because he shows himself to me as the monk in traditional brown clothing from time to time and we know I saw a story of the now late Paul the psychic Octopus and I wonder if this dream will tell you that Denmark – which at the moment is the most superior team at the on-going World Cup winning its first five matches – will lose its last two matches to come herewith receiving the same “destiny” as the Danish handball team for women at the European Cup in December 2010, which also won its first five matches making them believe that “we are the best” and from here they lost their last three matches and we know yesterday evening one of the Danish male players were interviewed on television – the media are now convinced that Denmark will reach first the semi-final and afterwards the final but the players “officially” say that they will not speak about a semi-final yet because they have to win 2 out the next 3 “important” matches before coming this far – and this player who was interviewed said the same but then he received a “trick-question” to which he gave an answer where you could tell that the players now REALLY also believe that they will reach the semi-final because “we are the best” and we know this is really not a good feeling to have because you will always need to do your absolutely best giving yourself 100 percent (!) and if you lose only 2, 5 or 10 percent because of an arrogant attitude making you decide to “relax” you will lose these very close matches – I am really speaking of WORKING ATTITUDE in general here – and we know the real reason why Denmark is having success until now is because of the help of the Council and really because of the “results” I have showed myself in my continuous work not giving in to my tiredness at any time.

Still a poor communication channel to the Jobcentre

This morning I tried to call Tine from the Commune again – I have still not heard from her – but despite of her “telephone time” between 9.00-10.00, she had her voice mail answering the phone (!) and we know I don’t have her email address – which is also “difficult” to obtain (!) – so really saying that communication is NOT easy with this HEAVY system, and we know I hope that she will bring my cash help in place before the end of the month.

Again, I needed the attitude of NEVER GIVE UP when working

I worked on the last part of the script of yesterday and the script of today from 9.30 until lunch – and did the second edit after lunch until 14.00 – and again I was so tired that all I really wanted to do was to relax and truly to become more fresh again and we know I am wondering if my mother loses faith in me again when she receives “inspiration” from the dark side of Sanna and John without communicating with me and when she does not read my scripts or entire website (?) and even though it is VERY difficult to work like this – as hundreds of times before – I have decided NEVER TO GIVE UP and it is with this attitude that I continued working my best again today.

I also used one hour to go through the Ten Commandments and birth control techniques in order to include this new paragraph in the chapter “Show a clean heart and fulfil the requirements to enter our new world”:

* The old rule “remember the Sabbath and keep it holy” is replaced by the new “golden rule of life”: “Work five days per week, work 1/3, leisure 1/3 and sleep 1/3″ as a rule of guidance, which also gives you the opportunity to divide your actual number of working hours throughout all seven days of the week. The rule “you shall not kill” includes “not to kill unborn children”. You are free to use all birth control techniques in our new world to prevent fertilization, which potentially will not harm you including condoms etc. and excluding sterilization, pills/tablets etc.

I continued working until 16.30 with great difficulties today, and I was happy that I succeeded to start writing a new chapter on “Irresponsible sexual behaviour is inconsistent with life itself” – which was NOT easy to do when I again felt more dead than alive making it “almost impossible” to think and to find energy to work – and I expect to finalise this in the weekend and we know Stig, there are not that many items left on your list so we are still approaching the end of the work on my website “for now”.

The design and structure of my website can still improve much

I have decided that the setup of my website includes the best design and structure, which I can and will give it for now because I don’t want to spend potentially “hundreds of hours” of time now to improve my skills in web design and to search for and try many other templates and add-on programs – I have decided that it is more important to bring my story to the world ASAP thinking that my design at the moment is “alright” and also thinking that it can truly be improved much which non professionals will probably have difficulties seeing but which professionals can easily see and we know I can really use more menu options to decrease the length of each of the existing pages too – especially the front page taking out chapters as for example “basic work rules”, which could have a page of it self – but this will have to come at another time and we know when people truly will “get into” my writings, the length of the pages does not really matter and we know which I have learned from websites of many newspapers, which can be very long and we know people like to scroll down when browsing/reading and this is simply what my site also reflects and this is how it is here at the moment.

“Strange weather” created in front of me

This evening I was encouraged to come outside on the balcony – to see another UFO passing by – and after it had been a clear sky, I saw “roads” of clouds forming in front of me, this is the best expression I can give you, and I saw different “layers” of the air and I was told that I am the only one who can see this, and “this” was the UFO’s creating clouds out of nowhere and we know I went inside again and the next time I looked out, the sky was now totally overcastted and we know just a little bit extra on “strange weather” here.


22nd January: The darkness of my mother is now so great that it would destroy me if the Council did not block it

Dreaming that the darkness of my mother is now so great that it would destroy me if the Council did not block it

The beginning of the night looked like it would become the same as the previous night, I was woken up with breaks of less than one hour and it was difficult falling asleep again, but after twice experiencing this I was able to sleep for five hours and more afterwards in shorter “breaks” and we know a couple of dreams or more as usual:

  • Five agents from USA including me and five agents from China face an “impossible situation”, China has tried to steal my computer, “invent” their own on basis of this and claim this “invention” as their own to the world, these five agents now stand opposite each other with their guns drawn, a battle is unavoidable and I say “avoid killing if possible” and then the battle commences, where I am attacked by two female agents of China, whom I however succeed to defeat making USA win by 5 to 3, I see USA giving China an amount of 200 million dollars per year for a period of five years and an acceptance of their right to keep their “inventions” (based on the copying of an American computer).
    • When I woke up from the dream I was given the feeling that the recent top meeting between Obama from USA and Hu Jintao, China (now you “have” to become a “servant” of mine too :-)), also had the outcome that “my car will not be taken from me” – that China will not oppose my arrival and that is even though “China does not like fishing quotas” as I was told, and I was also told that China want to share the money of the world which is based on a wrong impression of the wealth of the world.
    • And the “computer” is the symbol of my writings and when China wants to steal my computer and create their own, I wonder if they will try to block the Internet so people of China will not be able to see my writings?
    • And as a matter of good sake, there will be no COPYRIGHTS of our new world as you can see from the chapter New World Order and this is “simple logic” to do (!) in order to boost creativity and development – and evolution (!) – of our shared future.
  • Jack’s parents are painting the holiday cottage, I arrive with the key to the house and in the garden I also meet Bettina’s Søren, John’s late mother Laila and Camilla, who does her best not to say hello to me. We are going to have lunch.
    • The holiday cottage is another symbol of “our new world”, which I will open to the world.
  • I meet Søren H. in Stockholm, he is going to pay out my bonus and the amount is “very good” this year, which makes him tell me that “today is Christmas”. Afterwards I open the cheque and see that it is more than 90,000 DKK and I give all of the money to poor people. I am on my way to a Nordic meeting in GE Insurance including Anna Karin from Sweden and Jan from Finland. The meeting will be hold at one of the small islands outside Stockholm, it is very beautiful there and I also see Søren H. on his way to spend the weekend in a luxury home here belonging to the company.
    • This is to say that in my chapter on the New World Order on my website, I ask President Obama as a preparation to “cancel all bonus schemes and commence an equal pay for all per working hour”, the island in Stockholm is “our new world in joy and happiness” and Anna Karin and Jan are “special friends” too and lastly, I ask the world not to mix any interests of employees and employers in the future as this example shows. I don’t believe that it is a task of an employer to provide cheap housing and holidays for the pleasure of employees.
  • I see Leonardo da Vinci explaining about a spiritual phenomenon in the year 50 B.C. and I hear that all of his speeches are saved in the village.
    • This is as I have been told many times before but I cannot remember if I have written it down anywhere: Every single word spoken by any person has been “saved” and can be accessed if and when I decide to do so and of course when I will have transformed into my true self when people will believe in me and so it is.
  • I am playing table tennis with Paul H. against two others and from our room there is an open entrance to a giant bicycle store, I hit the ball and Paul has difficulties getting it from the floor because “it jumps everywhere” as he says, and tomorrow I will have dinner with Susanne N. from Aon and others.
    • It looks like Paul H. is playing on my team with difficulties – hence the bicycle shop with “suffering” close by – and we know Paul your I.P. address tells that you are from Birkerød and not Allerød and I am happy to see you from time to time on my site, but only for some and not all new scripts.
  • I am driving on the beach road, the nature is very beautiful, I almost know the road, something about offering skis for my mother and that I have packed for a two day trip on bicycle to Stockholm, I have remembered an extra t-shirt but I have forgotten my toothbrush and I think that starting to cycle Friday morning from Copenhagen, arriving before dinner Friday evening in Stockholm (600 kilometres away) and returning on bicycle Saturday seems like a very hard tour and when I look at my bicycle I see that the tire is flat and that I need a new tire if I am to do this cycle tour.
    • The beach is suffering, the skis for my mother is the same and an impossible cycle tour is the same and I believe this dream says that this impossible cycle tour will be cancelled because the cycle cannot drive because of the flat tire and I do believe that this means that the pressure on me from “impossible feelings” of my mother is now so great that I would not be able to go through this pain if the Council transferred all of the “darkness” to me without holding back. The flat tire of the bicycle, which is me, says that I am not able to do this tour.
  • I am approaching an office in Århus, my mother’s husband John is working there all week and is only at home in weekends, I believe I am the new CEO to take over the management of the company, but John calls me on the way to tell me that the new CEO of the company has decided not to see me because he is “busy” – which he is really not – afterwards I see my self standing on a narrow ledge in front of a stream together with two others with one giving us instructions of how to bend over without falling into the stream and first I feel my self bending more over than the instructor and I also see the other man doing the same being very close to fall into the stream, which makes me encourage him to lean back in the same position as the instructor to be more safe and the instructor says that even if we were to fall in, nothing would happen because we would simply lift us out of the stream again. I have now arrived in this big office block in Århus, where John receives me and shows me that finally – after several unsuccessful tries – he has succeeded installing a new disc washer, which is running and I see that a test on telephone sales skills is about to be set up here in the office, which belongs to Fair Insurance, between Jimmi (from Aon) and a person which contains both Gert H. (from Aon) and Villy Søvndal (the leader of the Danish Socialist People’ Party).
    • To me this dream looks like John being inside of our new world – hence “Århus” as the symbol – but he does not accept me as the new CEO – you simply don’t believe that I am “the chosen one”, John (?) – and that is because John is more “busy” (at the CEO) with “other priorities” than to really read carefully to understand my scripts and that is even though John almost has “all the time in the world” to read (!) and we know John you are the example to the world of what it will say to have a “strong voice” making your own mind up and what you are going through now – after several tries – is your true “cleansing process”, hence the disc washer, and we know he is still inside Fair Insurance as a symbol of the darkness and this is how it is, John is the darkness inside of our new world and this is the best way to describe the world at the moment where the old world of darkness is included in the new world, which we have prepared and we know we only need people to CALL UP to do sales and we know in other words people to open up spiritually in order to communicate my teachings to the world and John, this is part of your preparation and cleansing, which is carried out at the moment ending up with the result that you will also help me to help the world and the other people of the dream are coming “special friends” too.

My mother is having “mixed emotions” about me

As mentioned, I first slept badly and then better during the night also receiving less distinct sexual dreams and this has to be because of changes of the mood of my mother – is or isn’t Stig the Son of God and who is she herself (?) – and we know which is not very easy to go through when you have a clean heart in relation to me and believe in what I say and write at the same time as she has to listen to John and Sanna not believing in me.

The Council looking forward to release people from diseases

The last couple of days I have also been given the taste of blood three times I believe, which I also connect to the “impossible feelings” of my mother at the moment, and we know from time to time I am also given the taste of the best quality wine – my inner self – and this morning I was also given a burp and at the same time the Council told me that they look so much forward to the day when they can RELEASE ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD from the sicknesses which they are given and we know Stig almost all people have some kind of sickness or defect as I saw when I was working as a pension consultant in the 1990’s having people to fill out declarations of health when they entered a pension and insurance scheme and keeping “people in a prison of sicknesses” is causing a VERY GREAT SADNESS of the Council.

More examples of how close we were to start the end of the world

Because it is Saturday, I decided to take one of those more rare baths you know – after writing the script so far – and when sitting in the bath, I received several ideas of what to write in the script and on my website and one of them being that during my journey to reach the light, I have been followed by the darkness constantly and when I have done what is not right to do, I have received a mark from the Devil sometimes not even knowing about it and we know one mark per “subject” so to say and the idea of this game was that if I received three marks, I would become the Devil himself – or Anti-Christ starting the destruction of Earth and the Universe as I have written more of in the chapter “Doomsday Scenario” – for example when I stopped smoking in the autumn of 2009, I started again before quitting entirely a few weeks afterwards and we know receiving one mark of the Devil as the result and in Kenya I used the Internet “improperly” receiving one mark and in the autumn of 2009 once again receiving mark no. 2 and we know had I done this once more, which I have been tempted STRONGLY to do approx. “all of the time” since (!) I would have become the Anti-Christ and we know just giving you more examples of just how close we were to start the end of the world.

When will my mother and John be “strong” enough to see me again?

And finally today I can see that my mother OR John has read the scripts I published the 16th and 19th January and we know it took you only 6 minutes and 43 seconds to “read” (or skim?) the script of the 19th and I cannot see how long you took on the other script and I am simply wondering how can you read carefully in order to understand a script of this length in less than 7 minutes (?) and I wonder why you do not read ALL of my website CAREFULLY (?) – including the TOP MENU OPTIONS – as you promised to do the last time I visited you and I am also thinking when you believe you will be “strong” enough to contact and see me again?

People of Kenya are dying from starvation but people of Denmark don’t care as long as they can buy luxury items on sale!

And hi to you too, John, thank you so much again for communicating and as you know one email per month is what I have asked you to do and if you can communicate more, I will only be happy, and here I get the same feeling again, which is that I am happy for you to communicate with me and that you are still showing STRENGTH and I am sad because of the continuous suffering of your family and the entire Kenya because of the draught and we know John, when people here don’t care about you – as you have seen from my family and friends who don’t care if you live or die and don’t care if your daughter will get a good starting point of her future helping to pay for her school as long as they can buy new luxury clothes etc. for themselves on sale, which has been here for more than one month – then it is the wish of the Devil to make your people suffer and themselves “happy” in material terms and this is why your impoverished people are given this draught and why the people here are given more money and a FALSH happiness making them believe that they live a “good life” – not realizing that their human relations suffer because of their selfishness – and my dear ladies and gentlemen, this is how the world works and I am sad to say that the Devil is still the strongest out there – and that is YET, but not for very long.

Thank you John and my best for all of your dearest and nearest.

And here is his email:

I hope this message finds you well.

Thank you so much for your constant communication, we appreciate you and we wish  we could emulate you but i know you understand our position. Drought is back again and in fact its a disaster since people have died because of hunger. The rains failed and as a result crops dried up. The government is trying to distribute  food but there are a lot  challenges.

Everybody is well despite the day to day hustles but still hanging on. My daughter will be joining high school by early February and i need to raise close to ksh 50,000 for school fees and other requirements.

I have to stop there for now  and  wish you a very good time.




About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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