Jan. 25, 2011: I will help LTO to survive rather than keeping my COMMUNICATION channel open for family and friends!


Summary of the script today

23rd January: The lack of faith of Elijah in me caused the draught of Kenya, LTO has the power to help people survive!

  • Dreaming of Denis fighting me as part of the darkness, Karen has “apparently” forgotten about me, warm feelings between my sister and I but still we are not able to communicate, Lars D-C. could not convince Willis that I am not crazy, which may have an impact of the assignments of my future “special friends”, my life is very dull only focusing on finalising my work and gambling with money involved will not be a part of our new world.
  • I finalised and published the new chapter on “unrestrained sexual indulgence” doing my best, which takes MUCH longer than just doing “what comes to you here and now”. Later, I had one of my worst sufferings removed making me able to look at all people including nice ladies again. What a relieve!
  • David informed me about the sad situation of Somalia suppressing women, imposing harsh Sharia law on their citizens and spreading violence to Kenya – and I inform LTO that they have the power to make it rain again helping people to survive instead of dying, if you will do what is right to do, which is to help the faith of Elijah in me – this is the importance of Elijah having faith or not!
  • I received an email reminder from Jobnet asking me to confirm that I am job seeking – which in reality I am not (!) – so this is then what I did (!) and does this mean that I now will receive my cash help (?), I don’t know because Tine from the Jobcentre has NOT communicated with me.

24th January: I will help LTO to survive rather than keeping my COMMUNICATION channel open for family and friends!

  • Dreaming of the management group of Fair Insurance, who were dismissed without being able to see their own mistakes including when they did not promote me as the new BDM to truly DEVELOP the company, looking to keep me free of suffering and “normal life” is still on break because of my sister, about how it’s gonna be when my sister’s “picture” – her future self – is developed, starting to spread “our new world” to the world and my mother trying to drive the wrong way when she tries to escape from her responsibility as the one she is and breaking relations with her son.
  • I went to the Jobcentre to find out that I am now indeed a “jobseeker WITH benefit” but because my tax card has changed this year, I will receive approx. 2,000 DKK less than expected making me decide to pay my telephone to keep my communication channel open to family and friends or to help LTO in Kenya to survive and of course I will help LTO – and my family and friends truly want to COMMUNICATE with me (?) and believe in me (?) I ask you kindly to help me paying the telephone bill.

25th January: I have started the preparation of securing my offspring, which is to get my own family and child

  • Dreaming of securing my offspring, which is a preparation for me to be able to reproduce in order to get my own family and child in the future, it is now “money”, which is “dissolving” the Conservative Party as a symbol of money “dissolving” the world, the political spokesman of this party does a very good work but people who cannot control their feelings want to remove her because she cannot control her private economy, never mix your private life and work life, having difficulties continuing the work on my website, share the work and responsibilities between all employees as good as possible, don’t work too long with the same employer or always for shorter periods different places – find the right balance, the only way for my mother to become Lady Madonna is to go through her present suffering and because she still hides instead of standing forward to support me (!), she is still “killing” me with darkness – and my spiritual father was claiming “in the middle of the night” that “I’ve never been a spiritual man” and we know with BIG SMILES because of the progress of my work and he just may have listened a little bit too much to Billy Joel!
  • Piet wrote about “unrestrained economy” of the world on basis of a self regulating moral codec (!) without the need of the state to interfere. I gave him a link to my New World Order with the answer to replace “unrestrained economy” and totalitarian systems with a system of FREEDOM without profits, which should be easy for all to agree in, but still none of my readers have truly read this chapter!


23rd January: The lack of faith of Elijah in me caused the draught of Kenya, LTO has the power to help people survive!

Dreaming that my life is very dull because of lack of “normal life” only focusing on finalising my work

Tonight was again a “better night” but still not as good as some days ago and I did not understand some dreams when receiving them so we will have to see if I understand them better when I write them down, which is really often the situation:

  • I am standing on Rungstedvej underneath Karens apartment a late evening. There is a table where I can go through the purse of Karen’s husband and I see that everything is carefully paid including the electricity bill and he has bought tickets for a football match too with his favourite team France. Karen tells a friend that her things are also at the table and I look them trough without finding my name in between.
    • Aparently Karen is still together with Denis, who is from France and we know he is fighting me as the football shows – he is on the team of the darkness – and again Karen has “apparently” forgotten about me.
  • I am attending a Bryan Ferry concert at the living room of my sister, he is playing on four different synthesizers where the fourth is a very special instrument I have never seen before, somehow I am helping him to play standing next to him. After the show I ask him if he has plans to return, which he says that he will and he also thanks me saying that I did well and finally he speaks of his girlfriend being into ELO and I say “oh, tell her hi from Stig” and I see Preben coming happily to the small entrance and after the show, fitness has started.
    • This is nice music playing from me to my sister and we know “warm feelings” between my sister and I and there is really only one problem and that is despite of these warm feelings, we are not able to communicate and to understand each other and Sanna do you believe this is because of you or me (?) – and probably you will think that it is because of me (?) and just telling you how the world works today.
  • I heard the song “you left me just when I needed you most” by Tim McGraw.
  • Lars D-C. from Willis has a client who is planning to close down a very big old pension scheme, which he wants to buy small companies with, but his colleagues does not really believe in the opportunities of this prospect. I see many pages of pension calculations from PFA being printed out and the customer looks at it and asks the consultant why the insurance premium is DKK 110 and not DKK 90 as he believes it should be but he does not receive an answer and I tell him that I had the same problem as him. I see Lars preparing complicated calculations for the customer, which will give him the best solution of all, but the customer will have to understand why he has done the calculations as he has, which is really not very difficult to do but because the customer does not understand, the day after the consultant Inger from Danica almost in triumph writes out that the customer chose a solution from her instead of his normal consultant Lars D-C., and this makes Lars disappointed and therefore he contacts the adviser of the customer once more explaining how his calculations are to be understood and why this is the best solution. Somehow I took the original calculations and used as my draft paper, which now will not be used.
    • This is one dream where I get the feeling that this – and probably also other dreams – means much more than what you believe they mean and if I am to guess here it has to do with Lars, who did not succeed making Willis understand that I was not crazy and as the customer I therefore find other consultants to use and we know probably this has to do with future assignments as my “special friends” too.
    • In our new world when you will have ONE SYSTEM OF EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY as the core of every sector, you will not get into these situations where people chose wrong solutions and products because they cannot understand what is the right and the best solution and how much wasted resources do you think this will save the world from and how much this will mean in relation to efficiency and a better living for all of us?
  • I have decided to serve in a small combined bank, kiosk and baker – the bread is very dull there – because the normal clerk is not there, it is 17.00 and a bank customer arrives but I tell that the bank is now closed and then an almost “disturbed” man arrives who wants to sell me pens, which I decline and to my surprise I see that this is his shop and therefore I decide to leave.
    • And we know the bank financing “normal life” is closed at the moment and there is no “love” – my life is VERY dull at the moment only focusing on finishing my work without a “normal life” both in material and social terms with only little money and almost no social contact and we know one day is looking like the next.
  • A gambler who is owing 2.5 million DKK has decided to play more cards with his creditor hoping that he will win making him write off the debt but instead of winning, he looses and now he owes 5 million DKK and he now faces very severe threats to start paying, which makes him and his friends kill the Kingman of the group, he owes the money to.
    • This is about extreme gambling, which will not be a part of our new world as well as “gambling for money” in general, which I have written about before and soon will appear on the front page of my website too.

It takes MUCH longer to “do your best” compared to “what comes to you here and now”

Yesterday afternoon I published my script and I had absolutely NO desire or motivation to keep on working, but still I decided to work more on my new chapter on “unrestrained sexual indulgence”, which was really to overcome another “throw-up feeling”, which it is every single day and we know it was more difficult than expected to do this chapter because instead of just “writing as it comes” as I do with most of my scripts, on my website I evaluate every single word over and over again trying to find the best and most floating formulations as well as the best content evaluating and using ALL of the ideas I have written down for days and even weeks and new ideas I receive while working and ONLY by using this “strategy” – which to my surprise is the most difficult work of my life, which I had not calculated with – I am able to find the “hidden” messages of the Council inside every chapter, which I also succeeded finding in this, which is that if the world had focussed on helping the perpetrators of sexual crimes as much as the victims – overcoming their negative feelings of hate (!) – you would have decreased/eliminated the number of assaults etc. but because of “uncontrollable feelings” of mankind, this was NOT possible for you to do, which made you suffer much more and so it is.

This is how this chapter took me several hours to write – I am still not entirely done, I will continue later today – which would only take me a few minutes to write if I only focused on writing what came to me here and now without focusing as much on the content as I do – and I tell you that “there is a world in difference”!

And we know I am still TIRED of this work, and the more impatient I become – I try not to but ALWAYS to do the right solution, which is what will take the longest time and that is in every single detail my friends – the more NEGATIVE SPEECH I still receive and we know not very nice to say the least.

The “panic” of my mother spread to the Danish handball team – and me!

Yesterday evening Denmark played against Poland – one of the best nations too – in the Handball World Cup and after the first half Denmark was comfortable ahead by 15-9 again playing some of the best ever and we know how can such a team lead by six goals after the first half and then only win the match by one goal almost “panicking” in the second half, which they lost by five goals (?) and the reason my friends is simply because of the “panic” of my mother and what she does when her spiritual self is “inspiring” these handball players and we know this is what INSPIRATION means and we know at one moment these players are “the best in the world” and at the next they are only “ordinary players” at a much lower level (!) and we know here also meaning that the panic of my mother almost brings me down too, but I am still ahead and still winning and so it is.

David has “been a little sickened by the situation in Somalia”

Dear David, thank you so much for your very kind and informative email updating me on your difficult situation and the uncontrollable situation in Somalia and also what it means to Kenya including violence spreading and somehow a life is not “worth much” for the kind people of this part of the world having true loving feelings inside of them and we know the “fight for power” after having been suppressed for many years by colonial powers is what is killing these people and not only on the surface but also inside of you when people becomes cold and can kill for “almost nothing” in war or simply because of “uncontrollable feelings”, which is a VERY sad development of this part of the world too.

Thank you very much David for still being passionate about the situation of Somalia – and for informing me, which I can only encourage you to keep doing – and also for your view on the suppression of women of Islam and the Sharia law and as you know, this has nothing to do with God, these are signs of the Devil.

And as happy I am for you to communicate about important subjects, as sad I am that you and the team members did not give a reply to my questions of the 16th December and I wonder why this is – other than “financial challenges” printing out the pages I encouraged you to do, which you probably could have overcome if you found the true “will power” inside of you?

And I also wonder how Meshack and his family is doing?

And here is his email:

Dear Stig,

First of all receive my heartfelt greetings and thank you for your

continued updates. It is been a while since I last wrote to you.The last few days have been tough; with many needs such as demands for school fees for sibling, food among others. I am happy to be able to write a few lines today.

As stated above, I’m a little sickened by the situation in Somalia. Currently, the Al-Shabaab is controlling a considerable portion of the country and is imposing harsh Sharia law on the citizens. In this accord, women a forced to were heavy clothes irrespective of the heat seeing that there has been failed rains in these parts of the world, Kenya included. Instead of the usual Islamic Hijabs, women have to cover themselves with extra clothes making them look heinous. Youth are forced to wage a baseless war in the name of religion practicing inhuman practices such as stoning women to death under accusations of adultery. Thieves are being amputated on opposite arms and this make me wonder whether these Islamic fundamentalists are living in the 21st century.

Recently in Nairobi, grenades attacks on a bus injured several people with few deaths. It was executed by Al-Shabaab but was targeted on Ugandans since Uganda has African Union peace keeping forces in Somalia. Piracy is still rampant. Recently a cruise ship full of tourists was almost hijacked on its way to Mombasa.

In our neighborhood here in Nairobi, gunshot sounds have become very common. An indication of small arms seepage into Kenya from this war torn region, mostly Somalia. Gunmen often attack policemen: recently a senior police officer was attacked in cold blood.

On another note, I’m not all the team members together but I’ve seen one or two at various times. I have however talked to all of them mostly by phone. All are pushing on.

Thank you and have a good evening.

David Nzioka

The lack of faith of Elijah in me caused the draught of Kenya, LTO has the power to help people survive!

After I had written my answer to David and also my answer to John’s email of yesterday – part of both are as usual written with the words of the Council – I was also told that faith of Elijah in me is what could have changed the drought situation of Kenya and the region and my dear friends, David, John and Meshack do you remember that I have told you about the influence you have on your country when you do what is right (?) – the new constitution with no violence as an example because of your placement very highly in the HIERARCHY – and this is also what you have when you do what is wrong, and if you would like rain to return, I can only encourage you to do what I asked of you in my email of the 16th December because ELIJAH IS NOT READING MY SCRIPTS and this makes him lose faith in me, which is simply what makes your people suffer and die – because of the importance of Elijah!

What will you decide to do (?) and do you believe you have the time, strength and only a little bit of money to print out the script in question which I mentioned the 16th December – and you can print out and CAREFULLY read my ENTIRE website, which will HELP to increase the faith of all of you – and my friends THIS WILL ONLY TAKE YOU A FEW HOURS TO READ AND GO THROUGH TOGETHER (!) and that is if you are not “too lazy” feeling sorry about yourselves (!) – and please remember that DIRECT COMMUNICATION is what helps you to understand and this is to help you and your country.

PLEASE DO WHAT IS RIGHT! – and you know that I sympathize much with your difficult situation but this is NOT an excuse to do what is WRONG and to be lazy, my friends!

Am I now “job seeking WITH benefit”?

I had keyed into my calendar to check my site at Jobnet tomorrow in case I should NOT receive one of these automatic emails reminding me to “push the button” to confirm that I am “job seeking” and we know because tomorrow was the new deadline to do this.

But I did not have to follow up myself on this, because today I received FOR THE FIRST TIME since coming “back” to the “normal system” (!) the email reminder, which simply says “Husk, du skal bekræfte din jobsøgning senest den 24-01-2011” and this is then what I did when I entered the website and pushed the button and we know “of course” this is only “formally” because of the system because as you know I have now been allowed by the system NOT to actively seek jobs (!!!) – and this also makes me wonder if Tine from the Jobcentre now has corrected the “error” of my status in the system WITHOUT informing me (?) and I really don’t know if this is what she has done securing that my cash help will be paid out after all at the end of the month, and I am thinking of how just how difficult it can be to THINK that I would like to receive confirmation on this to remove my uncertainty (?) and we know in order to be sure I have decided to VISIT the Jobcentre PERSONALLY again tomorrow and of course this is a total waste of time because of this colossus of a heavy, inefficient and USELESS system!

And just in case you would like to see how “my site” looks like, here it is:

And after I pushed the button as you can see from the page above, I received information that the next time I will have to do the same (!) is the 30th January – after 7 and not 9 days and once again I will key this date into my calendar just to be sure in case I should not receive an email reminder.

Finalising the chapter on “unrestrained sexual indulgence”

And even though it is Sunday I decided to do some “light” work until 17.00 – trying to remove the “heavy pressure” I put on myself on a daily basis – and we know soon it became “normal work” and that is still despite of the fact that it is “impossible” to start working, but when I have first come into my “rhythm”, it becomes easier but we know I surpassed many feelings of “throwing up” again today and I can only thank my family for giving me this because of your “inability” to both understand and behave correctly (!) – and we know the work today meant that “for now” I finalised the chapter on “unrestrained sexual indulgence”, which I published on the front page of my website, which I also bring in the script of today for you to read and we know I have gone through every single word of every single paragraph again and again and improved it until I became happy with it – and we know some of it was “very difficult” to write as you may understand – and we know Josef and Elisabeth including Michael Jackson have helped to take off burdens from me, which I would have been given if they had not been “called to life” as part of my curse because of the WRONG behaviour of mankind and here is the chapter:

Improve your sexual behaviour and decency NOW!

An irresponsible sexual behaviour is inconsistent with life itself

Unrestrained sexual indulgence, lust and irresponsibility of mankind is the single most important reason why life itself was threatened to come to an end and also the reason why I have been given the worst sexual sufferings imaginable – including a threat every single second for years to carry out spiritually with my mother what Josef Fritzl did when abusing his daugther Elisabeth – as part of the sufferings of my life, which was “this close” to bring me and the world down in 2009 and 2010.

The sexual behaviour of a large number of people today has been derailed when sexual indecency has become increasingly more acceptable because of the borders of people moving due to lust bringing “new habits of the Devil” to the world and making people forget a normal decent behaviour to respect your partner and surroundings without going into extremities, which is and should be “simple logic” for all to understand.

An irresponsible sexual behaviour is inconsistent with life itself because as a sexual being, you are a CREATOR yourself, which you can only be when you behave according to your original, natural feelings and what is considered to be “good behaviour”.

All people are born with a natural sexual modesty, which is what people have “forgotten” the more they have crossed their natural barriers in a blind chase for sex, but STILL everyone contains this natural feeling deep within and this is the feeling I ask you to recover and to show as a basic part of life in our new world.

Please be responsible not exhibiting your sexual life, sell or buy “sexual services” or participate in sexual activities of an unrestrained indulgence.

It is a basic rule to be faithful to your partner

As a basic rule and part of the Ten Commandments I ask each human being to always be faithful to your partner. When you have a sexual relation with one partner – even when you have only been together once – you are not to start a new sexual relation with another partner before the present sexual relation has been closed so evident that both parties clearly understand that they have the freedom to seek a new partner.

Stop all indecency NOW!

As part of the transition from the old to our new world I ask each human being as part of your repentance – and mankind as one community – to:

  • Stop all prostitution and close down all brothels, sex clubs etc.
  • Stop all group sex activities of any kind – a sexual relation is meant to be enjoyed solely among two people.
  • Stop ALL production of audio, visual and audio-visual material of an explicit sexual nature – commercial as well as private – and destroy ALL existing content of this kind from ALL media including the Internet, Blu-rays/DVD’s, audio/video tapes, books, magazines, papers, “art” etc.
  • Stop and remove ALL gambling, “bad behaviour”, negative or false information on people including threats, lies, “rumours”, “guessing” and “gossip”, ugly language and encouragements/praise of crime, violence, drugs, tobacco and medicine etc. from all kinds of media.
  • Hand over all weapons intended to kill or hurt people – with the exception of weapons designed for ordinary huntings – to authorities appointed by the World Government in order for these to be destructed.

Can you forgive the sexual indecency given as a curse to people of the light because of the WRONG behaviour of mankind?

Have you considered the magnitude of the sexual abuse of youths and children committed by Roman Catholic ministers – in terms of numbers, duration and spreading of the world – and also why this “phenomenon” is concentrated to the Roman Catholic church?

The Catholic ministers are examples of people of the light having received a sexual curse from the Devil as a “birth gift” because of the WRONG and sinful actions of mankind committing sexual indecency; a curse of such a strength that they could not decline carrying out disgusting actions even when they knew they committed a sin.

Because of the same reason, other servants of the light on all levels have received other kinds of “sexual curses” making it impossible for them to suppress strong desires to carry out “different kinds of WRONG sexual conduct”.

What has been forced upon people of the light to show the WRONG sexual behaviour of mankind, is what mankind by itself has developed even when it knew this was wrong and when it had the freedom to do what was right including to help its fellow human beings from committing wrong sexual conduct.

This is the disgusting sexual indecency you have shown me making me feel repulsive and this is what has been returned to you as part of the Universal principle up until now that mankind receives what it gives in order to set off the darkness and to teach you of what not to do.

This is the behaviour I have accepted from mankind and this is what I ask mankind to accept from servants of the light in order to enter our new world. Do you believe you will be able to forgive people of the light and me when you understand the background, thus accepting us inside of your hearts as I have forgiven and accepted you inside of mine?

You should have helped perpetrators as much as victims to avoid sexual crimes

The world easily understood the sexual crimes of Catholic ministers and also the crime of Josef Fritzl abusing his daugther; it sympathized with the victims and felt repulsive towards the perpetrators symbolising mankind itself.

Sexual abuse of youths and children and incest are the worst crimes of the world, which calls for TRUE compassion, counselling and assistance to help the victims recover. But because of your aversion to the perpetrators, it was “impossible” for you to control your negative feelings and to understand that it is not only the victims, but also the perpetrators, who suffer and need help?

The perpetrators have been trapped as violators without the possibility to escape, which can be compared to the situation of drug addictives. They have gone through nightmares too destroying their lives and been in the same need as the victims to receive help and counselling from supportive and understanding people in order to get out of their misuse, which is the true wish of all perpetrators, but instead you only deepened the scars on their souls because of the hate, bad publicity, ignorance and negligence you decided to show.

In this respect, mankind has not listened to and understood the need of both parties – another example of bad communication and understanding – but has been “weak” when only deciding to help the “weak” side and to show all of their bad feelings including hate to the “strong” side having equally as much a need to receive help.

Consequently, the world has not done what was needed to do to keep down the numbers of – and to eliminate – these crimes because the key for you was to HELP the perpetrators as much as the victims in order for all to be able to live happy and normal lives, which the perpetrators deserve as much as the victims!

This is the true message to mankind: You could have stopped sexual indecency and crimes simply by showing a clean heart to help the perpetrators as much as the victims but because you did not, instead you experienced an escalation of these crimes in line with the Devil becoming stronger and stronger!

This is what I ask all people individually and the world as a Community to stop now – to make this a better world for you and for me and the entire human race 🙂 .

Almost impossible to make people read the new chapters on my website

This evening I can conclude that almost none of my readers have decided to push the links I have given you in my scripts several times now for the new chapters of my website including the “Doomsday Scenario” and “New World Order” except from my father’s aunt and really saying that it is almost impossible for you to follow my recommendations, which is really a shame because it would help you to understand and receive faith in me if you simply used TWO HOURS CONCENTRATED TO READ ALL OF MY WEBSITE INCLUDING THE TOP MENU OPTIONS.

Feeling like the worst of my sufferings being removed from me

After publishing my chapter on ”unrestrained sexual indulgence” I was asked of the reason why I for “months” again have not been able to look at ANY nice looking ladies and I was thinking that I am a human being like everyone else and as long as I am single, I will be able to look at all people naturally including nice looking ladies like everyone else and this is then what I decided to do again and can you imagine how a life is when you are not able to follow your instincts hundreds of times every single day simply to look “naturally” at all people and my dear friends, when I decided that I am simply a normal human being, it felt like the worst of my sufferings being removed from me! What a TRUE relieve!

And this is really to say that as Stig, a mere human being, I am exactly the same as every other human being. I have not desribed how to live a life with good behaviour, work rules, a responsible sexual conduct etc. for mankind and then to have special rules applying for myself. THIS IS HOW SIMPLE IT IS – and I should really have known “a couple of months ago”, but you know the darkness is very strong and can fool me even when I do my best!!!

Denmark defeating Argentina in handball not doing their ”absolutely best”

This evening Denmark won the 7th match in a row and this time it was against Argentina and this match ”just” had to be won to qualify for the semi finals – this was the attitude of the players after Croatia won by 18 goals over Argentina I believe but after Argentina earlier defeated Sweden, which should have been a “warning” (!) – and we know did you see how close Denmark was to get into trouble when they at one stage was only two ahead in the second half (?) and at the end they won by seven goals I believe and we know just showing you that there is a difference between doing “your absolutely best” and believing “we will win because we are the best” making you arrogant and starting to relax and now Denmark will face an “unimportant” match against Sweden before they next week will play the semi final and I wonder if they will be able to pull themselves together after being “mentally at a lower level” for a few matches (?) and we know this is to show you how INSPIRATION looks like and really because of your own decision – and you might compare the match against Argentina with the first match Denmark played against Australia and do you see a difference in the “mental strength” of the Danish players between these two matches (?) and how much do you believe Denmark would have won if they had done their absolutely best? – And we know, it will be exciting to see if Denmark will be defeated by Spain in the last match, or if this was a prediction given by the darkness not to be trusted.


24th January: I will help LTO to survive rather than keeping my COMMUNICATION channel open for family and friends!

Dreaming of how it’s gonna be when my sister will be developed into her future self

Tonight I had one of these “better” sleeps but still I am “somewhat tired” but not so much because of my mother but because of my sister – this was the feeling from the night – and we know some dreams:

  • After a turbulent time, I have received a new job at a company, which has started on the foundation of Fair Insurance, Peter A. is the CEO and he says that it is not as lucrative as before, I am going to be the sales manager and I meet the other managers, they seem nice and not dangerous making me believe that I can relax here without the risk to be fired because of other people. I see someone peeing on a newspaper and the manager of customer service says that the employees of the customer service department don’t know yet that this is part of their job, I don’t want to destroy the floor so I bring out the paper in the kitchen, where I switch on the light and put the paper into the sink.
    • After Peter A. in Fair Insurance in 2006 decided that he could not use me as the new BDM following Søren H. – because Peter wanted to do this work himself – I resigned from Fair and not long after that, the entire management group was replaced by the new owner because of poor results compared to the potential and really because you did not do a quality job, my friends – and this is really what I offered you when I asked to become the BDM after having described for you how I would develop new concepts of the company and how I would structure and organize new business development with an exceptional quality – do you still have my memo (?) – which this company had really not tried before! So this dream is about people who believe they were treated wrongly by a new owner, who cannot see their own mistakes and cannot see that their true mistake was when they did not promote me as the new BDM of the company – and how many people all over the world have been through a turbulent time – as this management group – fighting battles with people (?) and we know giving them the attitude of “here I can be without problems” as the dream says and we know in the future all of these situations will be avoided when all skills of all people will be mapped and when the TRUE LIFE POTENTIAL of people will be developed and used – which is you know one of the BIG sufferings of my life when NO MANAGERS were “able” to find out because of their own selfishness!
    • The newspaper is the old symbol of “elimination” and my dear mother, none of us will be eliminated now (!) and I do hope you will understand this after reading my website and by the way, did you get the “time” to read the Doomsday Scenario too (?), which could have happened but now will NOT because I succeeded to defeat the darkness.
    • I heard the song “sultans of swing” by Dire Straits when waking up from this dream and this is one of those “special” songs to the Council – and me too – because this is about playing divinely on guitar as Mark does here and the guitar is as you know (?) everything which is.
  • I am at the first floor at the shopping centre of Hørsholm just before closing time, it is dark because no lights are switched on, I am looking to buy a down jacket and I am also interested to receive material from political parties and I ask someone if he has some, which he has and I receive a commercial from the conservative top candidate, who uses the old logo of the insurance company Baltica in his brochure.
    • To me the jacket is about keeping me “warm” to avoid suffering, there are no lights in the shopping centre meaning that we are still on a break when it comes to “normal life” and really because my sister is not with me (!) and politics will soon be faced out when we enter our new world – have you read about ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT in the chapter of New World Order (?) – and other than that I cannot say what the conservative brochure means and we know Baltica is about the old CEO of this “late” company Peter Christoffersen, who I worked together with in the 1990’s at DFM and Aon and again, today it does not give me more meaning than this.
  • I woke up hearing the VERY BEAUTIFUL SONG “Jessie” by Joshua Kadison – I have liked this one much since it came out – and the lyrics “Jessie paint your pictures ’bout how it’s gonna be” and this was in connection with my sister about how its gonna be when your picture – your future self – is developed and at this time during the night I started receiving “high spiritual speech”, which was very unpleasant and kept me awake and really because of your WRONG attitude, Sanna, and I was told that you “visit other discotheques” and we know talking about your brother with other people based on your “beliefs” making me suffer even more than you Sanna – if only you knew and if only you could decide to do what is right to understand me instead of fighting me with your “guessing” without the wish to fight me!
  • I have started building a new company using the remaining of the castle of Kronborg as the foundation, we cannot afford to build single rooms, I am on the first floor looking down a big hall and I feel confident to fly out over the fence for everyone to see and I am surprised to find out that I land quite heavy on the floor. I have been unloading a truck together with someone else doing my hardest work and now I am taking a short break and I see another truck, which a woman is unloading and she shouts at me not to be lazy and I try to shout back simply to get her to listen to me and understand the truth that I worked the hardest of all but it is impossible to make her listen, she has completely switched off her hearing. I see colleagues having lunch at the first floor, and from here I leave together with some colleagues for a reception in Holte, I am driving my old Toyota Corolla GT and I tell one colleague that he cannot show the t-shirt he is wearing – and has been wearing when working at the building site – with the logo of Fair Insurance because this is prohibited at the building site (!) and this is not because of me but because we are now going to meet the managers in Holte, who has given this prohibition.
    • To me this is about the spread of “our new world” to the world really and about how people treat people unfairly when they decide not to listen to them but only to listen to themselves (!) and how many people, my dear reader, do you know of “like that” (?) and this is probably easy for you to answer because “he and she is like that, and also she and he” but what about yourself, are you like that (?) and your answer is “of course I am not” (?) and do you see that it cannot always be the others who are wrong and not you (?) – and this is probably what some family and friends are thinking about me and my scripts and my dear friends, I have been born with the gift to see what is right in order to teach you (!) and that is at least usually and we know it requires that I do my best and I know that I from time to time do mistakes, which you will probably find several examples of when you carefully go through my scripts, which you know I have written almost without the opportunity to think and so it is. And this is again written completely OBJECTIVELY without adding or withdrawing anything to the truth!
  • I am in Valencia, Spain, together with my mother and others. We are in several cars on the way out from the city to the motorway and I see how the front car took the wrong entrance down to the motorway but it turns around and follows us the right way – and I see people on the motorway who try their best to walk straight and look sober, but I am not convinced that this is what they truly are.
    • And we know my mother – and family and friends – are still on their road “home” to the light and my mother tries to go the other way – deciding to do what is WRONG and mother, do you believe that trying to escape from your responsibility as the one you are and breaking relations with your son is the right thing to do now (?) – but my mother, there is only one road to use and that is the road “straight ahead” – including to see me again, which you will probably find out one day not long from now (?) – so this is the road you will continue at until the day when you have come all the way to “goal” and will find yourself inside of the light as very few have ever seen. And this is also about family and friends who try their best to behave correctly because of the “inspiration” of me and my scripts – without showing their bad sides – but my friends when you “drink” secretly, I can still see when you do wrong and “drink” is another symbol of the darkness and really therefore you know!
    • And as a mother, what do you believe is the worst experience to go through (?) – that your beloved son is crazy or that he is indeed Jesus and that you yourself are Virgin Mary as he has told you all along (?) and my mother, this is what has been part of my suffering for years without anyone “feeling like” listening, speaking to and understanding me and we know how do you believe it feels like to be the Son of God and to become God in this life when all you really want is to live a completely normal and quiet life (?) and my mother, this is how it feels like as you will now understand from yourself and this is ONE feeling out of many sufferings, which I have gone through ALONE without “counselling” for years – do you see? There is ONLY ONE ROAD, which you can take and that is the same as the road I took, which is to be responsible, to accept who you are and to do what is right with all of your energy to surpass your suffering in order to become this person, which you “fear”! – And I am happy that you decided to read my script of the 22nd January today.

I will help LTO to survive rather than keeping my COMMUNICATION channel open for family and friends!

And we know Stig continuing working after coming back from the Jobcentre – not possible to reach them by telephone (!) – despite of tiredness and throw up feelings with NO desire to work and now one challenge is solved but a new one was found and first of all at the Jobcentre I met Klaus, who I worked together with at the farm when we were at the park and he told me that the letter I had received cancelling my cash benefit was “normal” here because he has received several of these and he was also cancelled by the system once (!) and therefore I should not despair and we know the lady at the reception of the Jobcentre said that she could not see my status in her system – which she could the last time and we know it was the same lady (!) – and after asking the same big office as before (what happened to training here?), she returned with the message that I had to go to “Borgerservice” (“citizens service”) at the ground floor to ask and this is then what I did and the nice lady there said that “oh, have you also received one of these, the system spits out these letters all of the time by mistake” and we know is this really the case (?) or is it because of people giving wrong input to the systems (?) and maybe even because I did not “push the button” myself for approx. one month (?) and we know she looked me up and could see that I am in fact now a “jobseeker WITH benefit” and we know I asked her if she could see any inputs during recent days and she could not so I wonder Tine, if you have “solved” my situation (?) and still why you don’t communicate with me (?) and I was also briefly shown how much I will receive at the end of the month and that was really the next challenge because last year I automatically received a “free card” from the Danish tax authorities not withdrawing taxes of the first months of the year until a certain limit was reached and this was what I expected to receive again this year but instead I saw that my cash help now will be reduced by approx. 2,000 DKK in taxes and we know meaning that either I will be able to pay my telephone bill to keep a communication channel open for my family and friends or I will continue to help my friends at LTO in Kenya to survive and do you know what, I have already taken my decision and that is of course to keep my friends alive and we know when family and friends don’t want to communicate with me, why should I have a communication channel open for you (?) and if you should start seeing this differently and start believing in me, the RIGHT choice for you will be to START HELPING ME TO RECEIVE A NORMAL LIFE and for example by starting to help me paying my telephone invoice of approx. 2,800 DKK and that is IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE COMMUNICATING WITH ME?

And we know Stig, half an hour after coming home, I received a phone call from a very nice Tine from the Jobcentre – thank you 🙂 – and I could tell that she was cold and she told me that she was sick all last week (!) so Tine, you are therefore not to blame for not coming back to me before now and she was kind asking and I explained her what had happened and that the “situation” is now solved, which probably was because of “the button”, which no one could see (?) and we know “I better go on with the next task” as she said and she did not even have the time to follow up on how I am doing in relation to Jane trying to find an employer who wants to have me as a free employee and maybe this is not very easy to do, Jane?

This is written the 25th January: I believe Tine told me she was sick “all last week” – I believe I heard her say “all” but did I misunderstand (?) – and the reason being that at least the 19th she was working, so was she sick the 20th and 21st (?) and we know just wondering I am here and that is if I misunderstood her or if she tried to “cover her back” by lying to me?

Thinking of improving my website using a “child theme”

Today I decided working on my script and website until 16.30 and from here I decided to use a couple of hours to search for new templates to use on my website and really because I would like to have more options and a better flexibility than what the “Twenty Ten” template I use, which is the most popular of all templates of WordPress and after searching and reading at different sites I found out that a “child theme” called “Weaver” – which is put on top of the “Twenty Ten” template, thus the name “child theme” – was what I was looking for because it gave additional options and flexibility when it comes to design etc. and from here I downloaded this add on program and when I wanted to install it through a “plug-in module” at my “Wordpress dashboard”, this module was not to be found anywhere (!)and we know I found out that you can install add-on programs when using the solution through WordPress.org but not when using WordPress.com, which I use, and we know so I had to search to find the differences of these two solutions to find out if I could switch system and I found out that WordPress.org requires more technical knowledge and a hosting provider, which you will pay for yourself – which you don’t have to do with WordPress.com – in practise meaning that this is not for a “poor” man for me – unfortunately and I was really hoping that WordPress.com would be “able” to open up for ALL FREE ADD ON PROGRAMS and we know to make it EASY, FREE and FLEXIBLE for ALL people to use and not only “nerds” and we know I mean “nerds” as a positive thing :-).


25th January: I have started the preparation of securing my offspring, which is to get my own family and child 🙂

Dreaming that I have started the preparation of securing my offspring, which is to get my own family and child

Tonight I had one of these “somewhat better sleep” again and I feel “fine” in the morning after such a night but when I start working, the tiredness comes creeping over me like “fog” lowering down on me and this morning maybe for the fifth morning in a row my mobile phone did not connect to my computer the first time I plugged the wire into the phone, but first on the second – it has never been like this before (!) – and we know the phone means “spiritual communication” and the computer is my work to help the world and just a symbol of you my mother about your resistance to become the one you truly are in order to help me to help the world and we know how can you decide to HIDE in this situation (?) – I can only encourage you to do the same as I have done, which is to act responsibly and we know which I still do every single day also publicising the truth about my inner self all of the time overcoming my own desire to live a “quiet life” – which I still feel very strongly too – so will you please start focusing on the COMMUNITY instead of your self (?), this is basically what it is about and we know here are the dreams:

  • I have been on the toilet to secure my offspring, Kim S. has had a meeting with the customer Carsten Gerner, he has asked me to do the paper work after the meeting and I try to read and understand his notes, which is very difficult to do and I see that they have been speaking about four different scenarios on instalments for house loans (in order to find out the need of life insurance) and I talk to Carsten on the phone asking him if it is really true that he wants the house to be sold in case of his own death, which he confirms and I also understand that he belongs to the Conservative party.
    • When I worked together with Kim S. from 1991-97, one of “his” clients was the accountant firm Price Waterhouse (today PwC) and Kim held the “nice meetings” about pensions including life and disability insurance with all of the partners of the company – including Carsten Gerner – and I did ALL of the paper work before and after the meetings without participating in the meetings (!) and we know it was NOT easy to read and understand the notes of another man often thinking differently to how I think myself – it was “impossible” work you gave me, Kim and of course VERY WRONG TO DO (!) – and today I can see that Carsten is the managing director in Denmark of this the second largest accountant in the world and we know already when I did the work on their pensions in the 1990’s – which included the most difficult and “special” calculations, which was “almost impossible” to understand (!) – they had “overwhelming” much money including pensions – these people receive (or “steal”!) the highest “salaries” in Denmark – and today Carsten has a salary of approx. 10 million DKK per year including what he makes on “other initiatives” and we know here he is a Conservative and this is the explanation to why the Conservative party of Denmark yet again (!) has a new “scandal”, which is that the political spokesman of the Party, Henriette Kjær, now again has “trouble” with her private economy not always being able to pay what she and her husband owe and this is really to say that MONEY POLLUTES AND DESTROYS THE WORLD and we know which is also what is “dissolving” the Conservative Party in Denmark as a symbol of the world “dissolving” because of money destroying the moral of people (see more of this in the chapter “Replace “unrestrained economy” and totalitarian systems with a system of FREEDOM without money and profits” below) and I wonder how many votes they will receive in the coming election in a few months because of the “planted” stories of Henriette and the now “former” leader Lene (?) and now the press and media want Henriette to stop as the spokesman of the party because of her private situation and we know despite the fact that Henriette does a VERY GOOD job and what do you believe I think (?) and really NEVER MIX YOUR PRIVATE AND WORKING LIFE so your work will not interfere with your private life and your private life will not interfere with your work – however I cannot see anything wrong with people finding a partner through their work and also to work at the same place if they can do this without disturbing both work and colleagues, which I believe they should be able to do – and this should be “simple logic” for all people to understand (?) and we know do you think that Henriette does poor work (?) and if you don’t, then it is just your “uncontrollable negative feelings”, which makes you want to remove Henriette from her position!
    • This is also to say that it is people like Carsten, who are “dissolving” the world because of GREED and POOR MORAL (!) and that you will have to accept switching over to a new system with equal pay for all people per working hour regardless of the type of work you do, because “all individual talents are given by God and I value all people equally, which is the reason why all people will receive the same income based on working hours” as I write in the new chapter on New World Order. And the phone of the dream, Carsten, is to say that you are also a “special friend” of mine.
    • The dream about the toilet to secure my “offspring” is about restoring my physical body and ability to reproduce, which I have now started doing (!) – always thinking of Karen you know (!) – and this is in continuation of the “inspiration” I had yesterday to find a “CHILD theme” to the template I use to do my website and really so I will be able to get a child myself and we know this is how far we have come and we know thinking of Karen and getting a “normal life” and that is also in terms of family and my own child and we know I am feeling tears here from the spirit of Karen and then happiness, which of course is because right now I am listening to TEARS for Fears (!) with the song “the kings of Spain” and THIS ALBUM BY TEARS FOR FEARS IS A TOTALLY UNDERRATED PEARL and we know the best they have ever done together with the “the seeds of love” album!
  • I am flying above the lake outside our old row house in Alberslund, I have a good feeling and therefore I am surprised when I fall into the beginning of the lake where the water however only reaches my knees and from here I fly over the rest of the lake without problems.
    • This is about yesterday when I had BIG difficulties starting to write a new chapter on the media to my website – because of how tired I feel when working – and we know I have 3-4 pages of ideas solely for this chapter and we know I will have to go through all of these to sort them into logical chapters and this is really the ONLY way to work – and from here I will fly over the rest of the lake which is to avoid more suffering because of this – as you will know after having read my book no. 2 and we know how many of my family and friends have read this book (?) and do I hear ZERO and that is ABSOLUTELY NONE (?) and we know we will have to go to Kenya to find people reading this and Meschack is probably the only one coming close to reading all of it followed by David, John and Elijah – and hereafter maybe a few pages here and there from very few family members and friends in Denmark.
  • I am walking outside with a telephone where I overhear a conversation between a young bank employee and a senior customer, who confidently and somewhat patronizing tells the employee that “then I did this and this” and he tells the employee what he wants him to do on his behalf taking out a new house loan, and I see that now the “telephone line” it not any longer so I will not be able to follow this conversation any more, we are now all approaching the bank branch and the customer asks me if he now will be transferred to me as a VIP customer and I tell him no and on the grass outside the branch lies a stapler and a nail clipper, which has been lost from a desk inside the bank. When we come inside the branch I tell them that I do like that it is the same people working there for a long time as it also was when I was working for Danske Bank, Espergærde, and I see an employee from a secretariat of co-operating accountants establishing new physical files for the cupboard next to all of those I have prepared myself, but she is not as careful as I.
    • This is to say that in our new world you will take the responsibility and carry out the work yourself, when you will take out for example a house loan – which you can read from the new chapter on New World Order on my website – and also that I don’t believe in senior employees keeping senior customers for themselves as what Kim S. did but that you will pass over REAL RESPONSIBILITY to young employees and as a mentor you will help them and also participate in meetings as long as it is required and we know this is really about sharing the work and responsibilities among all employees regardless of age as good as possible – and for all customers to accept both junior and senior employees and we know try to think about yourself when you were an junior employee and we know for you to accept junior employees being trained also when servicing you.
    • When it comes about the dreams of people working the same place for a long period of time, I do believe it is about finding the right balance not working too long with one employer or always for short periods only with different employers and we know the longer you are the same place, the less you will develop yourself and on the other hand if you always work different places for short periods, you may become impatient not getting to know the work, customers and colleagues as good as possible and we know maybe some years here and there and some months here and there too as “project work” and you can for example look at my CV to become inspired from.
  • At 03.45 in the night, the spirit of my father gave me the song “river of dreams” by Billy Joel and the lyrics “I’ve never been a spiritual man” and “in the middle of the night” – as it was you know – and we know the song was given with irony and BIG SMILES because I am about to “finalise” – for now – my website – and the other day when I listened to the greatest hits by Billy Joel – in the remastered version of course – I thought that some of these songs give the absolutely best sound reproduction on my stereo equipment – listen for example to the guitar on “a matter of trust” and we know DELICIOUS is what it is – and we know Stig, this is symbolising that I am still doing my absolutely best while working on my website even though it really becomes increasingly difficult to work on this level feeling as I do.
  • I am together with my family outside in the wood in snow, we have been sentenced 2-3 hours as a punishment, it is very cold, the family asks for newspapers to read and I tell them that there should be some next to the fire but I cannot find all of them, and because of the cold weather, a part of the family decides to leave before the punishment ends and this happens at the same time as Rolf (from the park) arrives as Lady Madonna (!) and the attendant and he tells the family “don’t walk away” because they are not allowed to do so and I tell him that what he also could have done was to divide the sentence into two shorter periods today and tomorrow.
    • “Very cold” is “very much suffering” and here for me together with the rest of the family really meaning my sister and mother and because the family does what is WRONG to do, we have been close to eliminating mankind (!) which is what the fire and newspapers symbolise and we know I cannot find the newspapers now because we are over this threat by now (!) and I wonder, my dear mother and sister if you cannot truly read and understand that THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR NOW (!) since this message repeatedly comes to me – as you can see from my website and also the “Doomsday Scenario” – and on one hand, my family does not want to be part of this, they want to leave but at the same time Lady Madonna arrives and we know mother this is whom you are and the only way for you to “transform” is for you to go through this new period of suffering, this is how it is and even though you go through all of the required sufferings now – in stead of splitting it in two periods – I kindly ask you to remember that I have gone though even worse suffering than you, so you will also survive this :-).
  • I am inside a meeting house in a small city of “original people”, Kim S. is speaking and I see an “elderly” woman sitting on one of the benches among the audience, her bow is tight and she shoots an arrow towards Kim, which is “two centimetres” from hitting Kim, I approach her and ask her why she did this and she says that it is because she likes to shoot the man and I tell her that I will take the bow and arrow from her for a period of time, the next I see is a man in a gown, “he” is Lady Madonna and I see “him” losing the front of the gown, which is very heavy, onto the floor.
    • The “original people” is the symbol of the Council and we know the “oldest souls” and Kim S. is “close to the Council” in this respect too and here he is really a symbol of me and the lady shooting at him is my mother so this is what you do my mother when you are thinking about yourself instead of being STRONG and we know TO STAND FORWARD as the first one to declare that you believe in me and you will support me and as long as you continue to do what is wrong, the longer and the deeper suffering you will give yourself and also me – this is how it is when you do what is WRONG to do – and it is so much that you still “killing” me and that is if I was not protected from most – but not all – of the darkness you send out and of course without wanting to. PLEASE ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE AND START TO SHOW RESPONSIBILITY.

This is how my notes look like

During the night I was given the idea to show you how my notes to my scripts etc. look like, which is really how I have been working every day since the 1st May 2009, where I started writing my book no. 2 – and also the reason why I received the dream of the night having difficulties reading the notes of Kim S. and you may understand that sometimes it is difficult even for myself to read my own notes and we know it does not help that the Danish letters æ, ø and å becomes “unreadable” when transferring the notes from my telephone to my computer and we know I have decided NOT to use time trying to find a solution to this challenge and we know “different systems, which don’t work well together” is what it is (!) and it is not always easy too when the telephone “automatically” writes another word than what I intended to write, which is difficult to see when writing during the night and so it is.

So here are the notes – and some of them are for the script of today and others are ideas for a possible new chapter on my suffering for the website etc.:

Jeg laver ikke regler som ikke gælder for mig. arsag ingen kvinder devil.
Stop krig vold kriminalitet dårlig opførsel i film tv medier
Stop.produktion og brug sd gift kemikalier
Vogne op.nat er jeg den
Hang i yderste livslinie og.når råd taler om det ikke til at holde ud vi eksisterede stort set ikke ryster ved mere thougjt føler diacomfort over jele krop. Sådan ser noter ud.
Navn klaus
Hundredevis gange dagligt irettesatte devil uden energi til dette eller blot leve
Acceptere smerte og dø pga ændres fejl læst som jeg ikke selv ville gøre mens de cruise og party
Var Tine virkelig syg, møde ch
Carsten Gerner jeg toilet sikre mit afkom derfor child-care ringer kim. S bedt mig lave papirere ser hans noter betaler termibsydelser på fire. Scenarier er det virkelig rigtigt at du vil sælge ved dodsfalr, han er konservativ. Destruktion penge magt. Ja.
Flyver over sø Albertslund god følelse overrasket falder. I men kommer over rest vej. Tuff i går.
Bank kunde senior bruger bank junior så gjorde jeg sådan forbereder lån mv og jeg overhorer samtale VIA ekstra rør men nu ledning ikke længere og giver kunde rør klips. Og negle klipper på græs ikke skrivebord bliver jeg overført til VIP medarbejdere om mig nej. Filial jeg kan godt lide at det er de samme søn esp hun koordinator for samarbejde revisorer rapportering opretter filer ved siden af alle dem jeg har oprettet
Original bt skyde pil bmateb umulugt stoppe skyde efter kim a ærø mig alder kvinde rage pil bue fra hende i en periode fordi jeg godt kan lide at skyde mand der er lady madojna ja ken se haj tåber hele front parti.
Straf sne nogle timer aviser nogle er væk koldt noget familie går Rolf kommer som Madonna opsyn i må ikke gå nu det du også kunne have gjort er
You know i am not a spirituskørsel man in the middle-aged of the mightn’t
Lyder bedst 0345

Replace “unrestrained economy” and totalitarian systems with a system of FREEDOM without money and profits 🙂

This morning I saw that Piet, who is one of my “friends” on Facebook, wrote the comment below about “unrestrained economy” of the world with Milton Friedman – “the Godfather of liberalism” – believing that investors and banks act on basis of a moral codec without the need of the state to interfere and we know as long as people can make unrestrained profits, how do you believe that people at the same time can act morally unquestionable without becoming tempted to do what is wrong (?) and of course it is SIMPLE LOGIC that the postulate of Milton is wrong but this is to this day what MILLIONS OF PEOPLE at Universities etc. all over the world teach and believe in and the answer my friends is not to follow Milton’s ideas – as a big part of the world does today – and neither to have a totalitarian system but to give freedom to people and to remove what is truly the cause of the sickness of mankind, namely profits and money and we know Piet, this is what you can read more of from my chapter on the New World Order, which I am sure that most of you will agree with me is the right to do (?) but still none of you have truly read and understood this yet (!) and that is even though it does not take very long to read this chapter – half an hour (?) – which also would help you to receive faith in me and UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS NOT COMPLETELY “MADNESS” WHAT I WRITE?

And Piet, the question is really if you have the “guts” to start reading what I write instead of listening to your parents about how crazy I am (?) and we know Sanna, have you told his parents about my “craziness” (?) and would you like to tell me the same words you have given to your “friends” on me or would you never speak like this about me if I was present (?) and just telling you that you always need to speak of others as you would do if they were present in the same room.

And we know, I was hoping that the script of today work would only take me 1-2 hours to do so I could continue the work on my website but it took me from 9.00-14.00 to write and edit twice before I was able to publish it at 14.30 and we know the rest of the day will have to be included in the script of tomorrow and really saying that the scripts seem to become longer than what I am planning and hoping and we know which is both good but also the opposite giving me MUCH suffering and we know because of my mother HIDING instead of supporting me – this is how it is and as usual this is of course only written OBJECTIVELY.

And finally just this, for days I have had a déjà vue feeling – which the Council now has encouraged me to write at least 4-5 times and we know Stig because of the same reason – that my family and friends will get the feeling “why did I REALLY not read his writings trying to understand him” when they will start to believe in me.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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