Jan. 27, 2011: I receive the same “worst physical pain” these days, which almost killed me and mankind last summer


Summary of the script today

26th January: I receive the same “worst physical pain” these days, which almost killed me and mankind last summer

  • Dreaming of my sister and brother-in-law going through their cleansing process, almost breaking them down too, I am in the middle of darkness at the moment with the purpose to move people to the light, envy exists on all levels even when you receive more than most, Fuggi is also going through his cleansing process, if you feel “bored” at work, you should always be able to identify new tasks, working at the “circle house” of my organization of “special friends”, I receive both “loving feelings” and “suffering” from family and friends everywhere because they all do what is WRONG, always appoint managers with the best skills, world COMPETITION between companies will still be important in our new world in order to develop, the best symbol I can give you of LAZY employees are people not using the “tabulator” function in Microsoft Office (!) and the behaviour of my mother gives me the “worst physical pain” around my feet, which is “almost killing me” – if I was not protected by the Source – and the same pain was “this close” to eliminate mankind last summer. This is what it means, mother, when you do what is WRONG hiding instead of supporting me: You almost kill me!
  • These days my head feels extremely heavy, it is “impossible” to think and work, I feel like fainting most of the time but still I continue working all day. Today I decided that I should have LISTENED to the Council the 26th
    December giving me a deadline of three months to do the work on my website but I thought that I knew better (!), which gave me incredible stress when I tried do my best work finishing much more than expected within impossible deadlines. This is to show you NOT to do what I did. Plan your work, do your best and deliver on time!
  • I am going through the “strongest” attack of sexual nature from the Devil so far these days, which only one man of the world can survive – guess who?
  • I don’t send emails with my scripts to Elijah anymore and I can see that he has not read the four previous scripts of my website, but yesterday he was INTERESTED to read my script on “I will help LTO to survive rather than keeping my COMMUNICATION channel open for family and friends!”, which is again showing your SELFISHNESS and WRONG BEHAVIOUR when he only focuses on money and not to understand my scripts, which would reduce both his and my suffering.
  • A comment from Piet on the New World Order made me decide to improve the content about the future price system. Even though Piet finds my system “beautiful”, he does not believe that it is possible to create a new system because of the “pigs, who right now rule the world”. The message is that you have to “COMPLETELY FORGET OUR PRESENT SYSTEM (!!!) – WE ARE STARTING A TOTALLY NEW SYSTEM”! Thank you, Piet :-).
  • The political spokesperson of the Conservative Party, Henriette Kjær, decided to leave politics to protect her private life after she has been cut down by the “public pillory”, which however was WRONG: Don’t mix your private and working life!

27th January: People who were afraid that the world would explode are now relieved knowing that we will all survive

  • Dreaming of being at the top of a skyscraper as the “top of our suffering” together with my mother, fellow attendants from courses in 2005/06 to the “spiritual University” of Arthur Findlay College in London are going through their cleaning process at the moment, a new song from Depeche Mode with feelings of relief and happiness because they know now that we will all survive, a jumbo jet and a fighter jet very close to a “massive explosion” at a petrol station telling you the same that “many people” as part of their development were afraid that the world explode if I would not be strong enough to carry all of us through, I will buy the same car as I did in 2007 when all people will have a normal life, which then will be alright, but in 2007 it was WRONG because of people starving!
  • I bring the summaries of clairvoyant readings I received in 2005/06 predicting who I am, the spiritual overshadowing of me, what I will do and LTO – because my readers have not found this information themselves on my website!


26th January: I receive the same “worst physical pain” these days, which almost killed me and mankind last summer

Dreaming that I receive the same “worst physical pain” these days, which almost killed me and mankind last summer

And we know Stig I believe I counted eight dreams during the night and I am still woken up after each dream so how do you think you would feel after such a night (?) and we know which however still was one of the “better” nights of the last four years and how do you think you would feel after constant TIREDNESS after four years without normal sleeping (?) – and we know we will have to see if I counted right during the night when going through the dreams here:

  • I am looking after the home of Sanna and Hans while they are out, the home is a farm in a densely populated area, inside the house I find cake and I lose the wrapping paper of a chocolate cake onto the floor which my old dog “Don” is licking. I have washed the dishes, however I see that a few remain and when I open one of their cupboards, I see several bowls with cream inside of it, which also needs to be cleaned. Sanna and Hans comes home on bicycle, they are looking for the road for the cinema and out of nowhere two cyclists with high speed drive out and it is very close to a collision. When Hans enters the house he sees that there are still dishes to do, which he is about to wash but I tell him that I will do all of them in the morning.
    • This is about the cleansing process of Sanna and Hans. Even though I don’t visit them at the moment in real life, I am still with them “in spirit”, the dog is still the darkness at their house, the cakes are still loving feelings between siblings, the bicycles are still about suffering, which almost brings four people down, which just may be Sanna/Hans and my mother/John, and I am washing their dishes – helping them to transform to the light – and I have an idea what the “hidden cream” is about, which also needs to be cleaned before you will be able to enter our new world.
  • I have started a school on Sundays, I am directing a German shepherd dog fine, I see it first sitting on my right side and then moving to the left. We live in the row houses of “Jollen” (“the dinghy”) in Snekkersten, we are going to have a giant rump steak and I hear someone asking “who will stand guard”. My old school mate Christian G. also lives here and I ask him what happened to his old house at Rolighedsvej and he says that it burned down, that his father left the family to live in San Diego and he says indignant “what happens to middle aged men leaving their wives”.
    • I am at the centre of the darkness here as you will remember that both “Snekkersten”, a “ship” and a dog is about and the purpose of what I do at the moment is simply to move the dog from the right to the left and that is from the darkness to the light and Christian speaks about middle aged men being driven by desire of other women to leave their wives as one main reason!
  • I expect that Kim S. will offer me only a small salary at my new job with him and I am surprised that he offers me as much as 70,000 DKK per month but still I believe that I could have received more if I did not accept his first offer and that my colleagues probably receive even more than I – I also see that he has dropped his purse on the floor and that coins are rolling out of it, there are cheap cakes at the office and newspapers too.
    • This is really about ENVY, which exists on all levels even when what you have is more than most and to give you an example, I received a salary of 65,000 DKK per month (the average salary here is about DKK 24,000) when working for Acta in 2007 and despite of this, I found out that two other branch managers – with smaller branches than mine – received 85,000 DKK per month and I wonder if the two of you including the “CEO” Peter believe that I worked poorer or better than you (?) and really to say that as long as you pay people different salaries and as long as you are not fair, you will make people green with envy on all levels and therefore the only right thing to do is to give everyone the same pay per working hour as you by now will understand is included in my chapter of New World Order?
  • I am playing basketball, Italy is losing with a large margin but I see myself scoring.
    • Italy is still the country of joy and happiness and really saying that the WRONG behaviour of my family cutting communication with me because they cannot control their negative feelings is the same as removing any joy and happiness from me – this is the result of your actions/hiding and I believe this should be easy for you to see (?) but maybe not for you Sanna (?), who still does not read my scripts and we know you read ONE of my scripts on the surface but not the following IMPORTANT script, which I made especially for you.
  • I enter Espergærde Youth School and I tell them that I am not interested in their computers including porn, so I am given another computer to work on, I meet Fuggi there and I see him ordering and eating bread with salami and the bread is not homemade but the sales clerk explains that it is of better quality than normal and that it is very easy to prepare – to heat – and I see that the school has received a few applications from people who would like work as a service clerk and service manager, the applications are made of pizza dough (!) and the applicant for the job as service manager has simply written on his CV “please call me about the job”, I see him arriving, he has a traditional German beard, drives a traditional bicycle and he says that it is distinguished to drive on the train and Fuggi tells him that it is not because it is cheap.
    • Fuggi, my old friend, this is your cleansing process and really as the dream says because of the work I do on the computer – my scripts – and I can only say that you have absolutely nothing to fear because “you are not alone”.
  • I have started a new work for an entirely new company and because of this, there is almost nothing to do, I am together with Preben, we are driving a road where we first see the house of the new manager and next to this the house of the new sales manager – both of them are hired but have not started working with us yet – but the sales manager returns two co-operation agreements with two new BtB clients, which we have entered with, after she has read them.
    • Another example that if you are “bored”, you – individually and/or the team – should be able to identify many tasks, which need to be done instead of just relaxing and here a sales manager “starts” working voluntarily before she has started the work formally and this is what I have always done myself and we know working many hours always, which I have not received payment for – since 1991 at least – and we know but I do believe this is wrong, so people you will decide what you find is right to do yourself.
  • I have started working in a very large new company in a modern “circle house” – this is one of many dreams I receive at the moment, where I come “home” to places where I have been before – only some employees have started working and one “corner” is intended for ELO. I see cake and ice cream everywhere, which I eat all of the time, for example next to Helle Aa., I don’t have a regular place to sit, so I work from 2-3 different places – we expect that new employees will start soon. I have given a message to Kim S. but he cannot remember what I told him and therefore he asks me again and it is about using three different transport means including the train in order to arrive here.
    • This “circle house” is the “home” of my organization “under construction” including my “special friends” – or “servants” – and now I better understand why the “circle house” in Kokkedal was built and why I as a child thought that this was the most fantastic house I had ever visited and I do believe I went there together with my mother and Ole, and probably also Sanna, at a Christmas exhibition in the seventies?
    • The cake is still “loving feelings” and the ice cream is still “suffering” and we know my family and friends have warm feelings for me as I have for them but because they still do not understand me or do what is WRONG to do, these “loving” people still brings me TREMENDOUS suffering!
    • And I do like small “coffee/tea islands” of modern open-plan offices for informal meetings, one tea/coffee break per day but I don’t like them to be misused for “informal” breaks, which is not necessary to do. And if I am working full time with a company being at the office every day, I would be sad not to have my own place.
  • I am in a large meeting at the “circle house” together with Kim S., two responsible managers, which he has appointed and others, and we speak about how to sell pension schemes and I tell them that it is both about covering the uncovered needs of the market and also to be better and more competitive than other suppliers in order to transfer existing schemes to us, and they understood the first part of what I spoke of but they had not thought about the second opportunity.
    • This is to say that you will become a manager when you have the best skills – including communication skills – as I have in this dream and Kim S. did not really see me as a potential manager (!) and we know we worked together for seven years without him discovering this talent of mine and we know because he had “branded” me as a specialist because of his own laziness and if he had decided to develop my NATURAL skills, he would have seen an outgoing and communicative employee instead!
    • And it is ALSO to say that I do like competition so I believe you will still have many companies competing within the same business sector in the future and that the development of one company will stimulate and help the development of others and companies, which do not develop, will eventually close down.
  • Kim S. has made five slides, but they are very poorly done without the use of tabulators, which makes the text of different lines stand unevenly and I go to the round table of Nefer’s group, where I notice that her PowerPoint presentations are of very high standard including animations and I tell her “what a development since we worked together” and in the cupboard behind her I find a case of slide covers from which I pick out 10 and ask if I can use these leaving only five behind and when I tell her that she can come back in case she needs them, it is alright.
    • I have ALWAYS noticed LAZY employees using Microsoft Offices programs, when they have simply clicked the space key several times to move the text “approx.” into the “desired” place on a line and we know where it is very clear that it stands uneven compared to other lines and we know HOW LAZY DO YOU HAVE TO BE IF YOU CANNOT EVEN USE A FEW MINUTES ONCE AND FOR ALL TO FIND OUT HOW TABULATORS WORK to avoid this “problem” (?) and we know this is REALLY the best symbol of LAZY EMPLOYEES I can give you and this has always annoyed my eyes (!) and I wonder why people use an advanced program like Microsoft Word as a simple typewriter instead of INVESTING TIME TO EXPLORE what the program can so you will be able to get the output on paper as your ambitions really should motivate you to do.
    • The slide presentations are symbols of “my teachings”, which Kim S. and Nefer as special friends of mine will do too, and Nefer is apparently the leader of one of the groups of my organization and we know we worked together from 1995-97 in Aon where I was her “manager” but where I did not do a good job because I had been developed into an introvert specialist instead of an outgoing communicator and motivator, which is and was my NATURAL talent.
  • I am Will Smith arriving at an entrance bar of a large production company, a fat man – another actor from reality – is receiving me and letting me in, I walk a short path towards the entrance of the production facility and I am surprised to see when a horizontal laser beam hits the lower part of my legs, which makes me hurt incredibly and I see how laser beams start to trap me so it becomes almost impossible to break out and finally the laser beams transform me into the same fat man, which received me at the entrance, but somehow I get out of the laser beams and go back to the entrance bar and I see how other identical fat mans like myself are on the way down the path towards the production facility and then I realise that all of these men have gone through the same as I, that they are other persons who have also been transformed into this fat man and that they will all be killed because they don’t stand a chance to avoid the strength of the laser beams and I understand that only one man has the strength to do this and that man is me. I see two other people trying to escape by singing a new slogan song of this company, which is a dairywork but when they pass the building next to the production facilities, giant monsters jump out of the wall of the building and eat the people.
    • The laser beams are about the “worst physical pain” given to me these days as well as last summer, which is the SUDDEN and HIGH PAIN I am given to my angles or heels of my feet, which I have not written about the last days and we know it happens maybe 3-5 times per day and it is annoying – last summer it made me terrified – but I have decided to take the standpoint that “I don’t care” and “come on” and we know this is mostly because of your WRONG behaviour (!), mother, and this is what last summer was “this close” to eliminate mankind (!) and these days are “almost killing me” but you know I don’t care because the Council protects me and that is because I succeeded reconnecting with the Source last summer and we know if I did not, we would all be in the same situation today about to be wiped out – you have NOT learned from last summer to now to really IMPROVE your behaviour (!!!) – and we know the dream says that I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO COULD SAVE MANKIND AND THE UNIVERSE and we know it was not easy as the dream says, which is the same situation I face today when it is truly “not easy” to finalise my website doing my best also on the chapter on the media, which is “almost killing me” and of course because of how I feel.

And we know I count ten bullet points of dreams and three of them all took part of my “circle house” so even when they were three separate dreams, they were also one connected dream and we know another symbol of the Trinity and “where do you get it from” (?), which is a quote of “Linje 3” – the famous Danish comedians – who themselves are a symbol of the Trinity and so it is.

I feel like fainting but still I keep on working – now postponing the deadline to the end of February before I will do marketing

To follow up on the last part of the day yesterday, I decided to cancel my visit to Lama Yönten to witness a new teaching of Erik and really because I felt as badly as I did – and do most of the time these days – where my head feels extremely heavy and where I feel like fainting making it “impossible” both to work and to think but despite of this I overcame the strongest feelings to relax and to “forget all about work” and continued working until 18.30 on the new chapter on “media”, which I will ask to behave responsibly and we know I thought that this would be a short chapter too and I did not have the fantasy to imagine that it would become longer and much more difficult to write – especially because of how I am feeling and we know because of my mother but on the other hand she is also making me more “fresh” because of her “faith” and YES it is possible to have both feelings at the same time (!) – and my conclusion is really that I have been the victim of the Council doing to me what people do voluntary all over the world all over the time: Say that they will finish “too quickly” not realising how much work they will need to do if they are to work with their best quality and we know when you have decided to have a short deadline, you will decide to be lazy only working with the “surface of your potential” in order to finish as quickly as possible and my dear friends I have given myself “impossible” deadlines and we know even though I have a “built-in” desire to finish on time, my desire to do quality work is even stronger and we know yesterday I realised that I should really just have LISTENED TO THE DREAM of the 26th December giving me three months to finalise and market my website and we know the decision I reached some time ago to finish my website before the end of February is what I will stick to and first when I am happy with my website “for now”, I will start the marketing and we know not before that and that is even though I could start my marketing before the end of this week if I truly wanted to and we know to keep one of my other “agreements” – but this is not right to do when I am not entirely finished with the website – and we know because I did not have the imagination of the amount of work to come and because I could not see through this game of the Council, I did my best finalising with my best quality within a too short time frame, which gave me much stress and we know now I am deciding that I WILL BE READY WHEN I AM READY and this will be before the end of February and my dear friends, I cannot imagine now (!) that I will not be able to make this deadline and really because I don’t have that much work left to do but we know I will still need some days on the chapter of media and “some days” for the chapter on suffering and also some days if not a week (!) on the chapter of “signs and miracles” and when I decided on this today, I felt a “relief” coming to me and when removing my stress like this, just maybe it will mean that it will become easier for me to do the rest of the work and we know this is also about the impact of my own feelings on my well being and this is how it is here.


Going through the “strongest” attack from the Devil so far, which only one man of the world can survive

And just this and shortly because I don’t like writing it. My decision to start looking normally on all people including to look as a single man does on nice looking ladies – because I have decided that I am and will stay a mere human being – is at least supposedly the most difficult of all of the roads I have entered so far – also because I have been given a “twisted” life or a “curse” really in relation to sex and “nice ladies” but still I know what is right to do (!) – and we know because yesterday evening I was given a couple of hours with EXTREME pressure from a highly convincing and strong Devil giving me very much pain and suffering and trying to make me believe that this decision now will make the old nightmare come through with the spirit of my mother acting as a nice looking lady and we know, which also would mean that my mother would be given physical damages to her self and we know when writing this, the Devil gives up saying “now I can see that this is not true” but you know yesterday he was different and INCREDIBLE STRONG and we know so strong that only one person of the world would be able to resist him – as the dream from this morning said – and we know I HAVE TAKEN MY DECISION AND THIS IS WHAT I STICK BY so “come on and give me the best you got” and we know Stig, impossible to describe the strength of the attack yesterday really but now you know – and of course my mother because of your decision to hide and for how long do you believe you will be able to hide from God – and your own Son?

Elijah showing new selfishness and WRONG behaviour – not listening to my encouragements to read in order to receive faith!

Yesterday I also decided to cancel the upcoming direct debit payments on both my telephone (DKK 2,842) and Fitness World (DKK 578 covering two months and now including “penalties” for a few classes I decided to cancel!) and we know my telephone will probably stop working sometime during March if people have not started giving me donations before that and I had to stop Fitness World too in order to be able to give maybe the same amount of DKK 3,000 to my LTO friends at the end of January to survive and we know Elijah is still “following” me because now I start seeing some activity from Kenya visiting my website – normally they read my scripts through the emails I send them – but now when Elijah does not receive my emails, he has started opening my website a few times and we know so far he has not found it necessary to read the previous four scripts called “Buddhist masters teach people how to live without living “normal lives” with “normal needs” themselves”, “My mother believes in me with her TRUE heart, which will bring the world to believe in me too”, “My sister “helped” my mother with her WRONG belief of me making my mother and I suffer once again” and “The Council: Starting and ending my journey in “formidable, outstanding and breathtaking” style” but when I decided to call the script I published yesterday for “I will help LTO to survive rather than keeping my COMMUNICATION channel open for family and friends!”, SUDDENLY he was INTERESTED to see what this was about and this really shows you the SELFISH behaviour of an African man searching for money at the same time as he is losing faith in me because of his laziness (!) and he was also INTERESTED to open my “donations” page probably to see if I still encourage people to send him money, which I still do, Elijah (!), but he has not found it “necessary” to read my pages on “normal life”, “Doomsday Scenario” and “New World Order”, which would help his faith in me and reduce both his and mine suffering and we know he acts like people here, which is that despite of my MANY encouragements, people don’t listen but decide to follow their own strong and here WRONG voice (!) and we know IT IS TRULY NOT VERY EASY TO MAKE THE WORLD UNDERSTAND ME BECAUSE OF THIS BEHAVIOUR – and I know that he is suffering, but when I can keep on working overcoming even worse suffering than what he faces, he can also read my scripts!

It looks like I will receive my cash help even though I am STILL enrolled as “job seeking WITHOUT benefit”

And we know Stig, this system of the Jobcentre is really not easy to make out because the other day “citizen service” showed me how much I will receive in cash help at the end of January but “by chance” I noticed yesterday the line on “my site” at Jobnet saying that “Jeg er meldt arbejdssøgende og er tilmeldt uden ydelse” (“I am enrolled as job seeking without benefit”) and we know I will not go back to ask once again before the end of January, I will now wait to see if I truly will receive the cash help on Monday I believe and we know to find out if this is the symbol of “a crazy system” (!) or if the lady at the “citizen service” gave me a wrong answer, which I don’t believe she did.


And also to follow up on my comment yesterday to Piet introducing my New World Order, I noticed that he arrived at the New World Order of my website at 16.18 and already at 16.37 he had concluded what he believed was the “right answer” when he decided to give me this reply:

But still, I was happy that he decided to both read my page and also to give his comments and when he writes that udbud og efterspørgsel får automatisk priser til at stige og falde” (“supply and demands automatically makes prices to increase and decrease”) he is right and to this I can only say that because income will be “almost equalised” it will also mean that prices in reality also will be “almost equalised” and we know I have also in my book no. 2 written that supply and demand will still come into effect – but it will have a much smaller effect than today because of the equalised income – and I have also encouraged people to FOCUS ON THE TRUE VALUE OF A PRODUCT INSTEAD OF WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY – this is the RESPONSIBLE behaviour (!) – so because of Piet’s comment I have decided that I will improve the line of my description today saying that “the income system based on working hours will equalise both income and prices” in order to include my additional comments – thank you Council for helping again.

Besides this, Piet believes that “your system is beautiful” but of course he sees “problems” because of “the defect and irrational human race” and that is unless “a really evil revolution will sort our a large number of human beings” and this was really INSPIRATION given to you to tell you Piet that because of your WRONG behaviour not reading and understanding my scripts, you are one of my “friends”, who put wood on the fire to do exactly this, which was to start the end of the world – which I however stopped without your help – and when it comes to the expected “resistance” to this system from the world, I can only say that you have to “COMPLETELY FORGET OUR PRESENT SYSTEM (!!!) – WE ARE STARTING A TOTALLY NEW SYSTEM” (!) and finally Piet concludes that “I really like NWO and that is if I did not fear that it would be misused by the same PIGS, who right now rule the world” and the reason why you used the word “pigs”, Piet, is because this is what the “rulers” of the world are when they did not take the initiative to create a new system themselves – “laziness” (!) – and also to say that this New World Order is EVIDENT in order to provide “normal life” – which the “pig” is also a symbol of – to the world.

Later in the evening I also had a visitor from Ålborg on my New World Order page and we know I could see a referrer from a Yahoo email account and thank you Piet for following my “inspiration” for you to share my website with your parents and we know does my system sounds “crazy” or “unrealistic” to you if you truly think about it (?) and we know Piet decided also to use 33 seconds (!) on the front page on my website and also to click on my page “Normal Life” but how much or little did you really have “time” to read (?) and his parents only opened my New World Order site and my dear friends HOW STRONG DO YOU BELIEVE YOUR VOICE ABOUT ME TRULY IS?

Champagne corks jumping at the newspaper B.T. because they cut down a famous politician – however, they were WRONG!

In continuation of my story from yesterday on Henriette Kjær, the political spokesman – and also the group chairman – of the Conservative Party of Denmark, today she decided to give up her positions due to the “inhuman pressure” – which this is also about to help me come through (!) – and to leave politics entirely in order to protect her private life (!) and we know this was the message of yesterday to the world not to let private matters interfere with your working life and vice versa and I liked the expression from the MP Rasmus Jarlov, which says it all:

“Jeg synes, at den journalistik, der har kørt, er gået for langt. Det virker som om, champagnepropperne springer på B.T.’s redaktion, når man fælder en politiker”.

And we know again the newspaper B.T. acting as the Devil here and really to show you that the media is willing to cut down politicians – and others – if they decide to do so because of “commercial interests”, which is really to convict people to a “public pillory”, which is impossible to escape from and the “only” problem is that the newspaper of course is WRONG (!) but because the newspaper “apparently “ cannot see this, the public cannot see it too and we know, which is making the world both “blind” and WRONG and this is coming at the same time as I am writing these and other messages in the draft on my new chapter on the Media, which will be put on my website when I am finished and we know thank you to the Council for the co-ordination of these events TO TEACH THE WORLD OF WHAT IS WRONG TO DO.

And we know “Henriette is a skilled politician, which is obvious to all” as I just heard on the television and as her chairman very much to the point said:

”Det er skammens dag for dansk demokrati. Boulevardpressen har mobbet hende ud på grund af en privat sag”.

Later: And we know the newspaper Politiken decided to ask their readers what they think of the decision of Henriette Kjær to leave politics and that is if her PRIVATE economy makes her unreliable as a politician or not and not surprisingly this is what 2/3 of the Danish population WRONGLY believe and we know because of the strength of the media as opinion-formers and we know had the media decided to support Henriette, this is also what the population would have done – do you see the power of the media and the problem of the world when the media act irresponsible due to “commercial interests” (?) – and I also found a voting from the newspaper of eeehhh B.T. and 73% of the readers of this newspaper cannot see that you should not mix your private and working life – and what do you think I voted (?):

And to the chief sub-editor of B.T., Peter Brüchmann, I can only say that this vote may make you believe that you did the right thing (?) without understanding that if was you and other media, which formed the opinion of people!

A difficult work day as usual

And we know Stig, again you had hoped to use only 1-2 hours on the script so you could continue working on the website, which is really the main task these days (!) but the development of my writings of course fits in with the work of the website as you will understand (?) – and of course only if you read the scripts word by word (!) – and really saying that the darkness and the light work together and that is when I continue doing my best, which keeps us on the right track.

I worked from 9.30 to 14.15 to do the script of today and now I will start doing the second edit too – on the edge of throwing up because of far too much work – and this is still how it is here. And at 15.15 I had also done the second edit and we know will I decide to TRY to continue working now on the DIFFICULT chapter on the Media or will I decide to take a break now trying to come to my self and then to run at Fitness World maybe in 1-2 hours from now – and this is what I will do, because my head cannot take anymore, and that is even though I could decide to continue if I wanted so surpass this pain barrier too.

To my mother: It is NOT about choosing between Sanna and I – it is about choosing what is WRONG or RIGHT

And I did go to Fitness World where I ran for 15 minutes only with difficulties – my energy is not increasing as you will understand (?) but still I was told that I am transferring energy to my mother (!) – and we know my mother I do understand that it must be difficult for you to choose among your children and we know do you think I write to directly both about you and Sanna (?) and THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I CAN CUT THROUGH YOUR DEFENCES (!) and it is not about choosing between Sanna and I – IT IS ABOUT CHOSING WHAT IS RIGHT and THAT IS THE TRUTH and this is what I have now asked you MANY times to do (!) and for Sanna to understand too and if she does not want to read, maybe you mother will tell Sanna that she has been WRONG all the way and that the only reason why my scripts contain both truths and deceptions is because of YOUR DECEPTIVE BEHAVIOUR – this is EASY to understand if you just read the front page of my website CAREFULLY !!!

UFO’s telling about our suffering, “my kingdom” and the secret ECHELON system spying on me 🙂

This evening it was again a clear sky and I was shown several UFO’s for example one when walking home from Fitness World, which gave me the vision of what I best can describe as “an old wheelchair with skis on” and really to show you the suffering my mother and I go through now – I have absolutely NO SECRETS to UFO’s and the spirits because I am them and they are me (!) – and later I saw no less than six visible UFO’s on the sky at the same time, a new record here, and later the light of my mother came approaching from the other side of my building when I was looking out from the balcony connected to my kitchen and as usual the light of my mother starts with a very bright white light which looks like “a star times fifty” and this light gave me visions first of the rotor of a helicopter and then – as I lately have received a couple of times before from other UFO’s without writing it – of a dragon fly and really because in Danish, these insects are called “goldsmiths” – the gold symbolises “my kingdom” – and it is my mother, who is bringing me life and my kingdom to the world these days with her faith lifting us up (!) and again I looked at the height of the light compared to the building blocks around me and I do still believe that it is only 100-200 metres above the ground, and this evening it did NOT give any sounds from it, it took maybe a minute to approach me and when it came closer, I saw a less bright red light at the end of it and just before it flew above my building block, it switched off the white light and for the first time I decided to follow it to the other side of the building from the balcony in continuation of my living room and from here I saw that it now had a flashing red light in the middle of it with a constant light on both sides of it and I was given the feeling of a “SR-71 spy plane”, which is a fighter plane always “fascinating” me and we know IS THE WORLD “SPYING” ON ME (?) and thinking of not only UFO’s here with a smile, Stig, as “they” tell me but also of an “invention of mankind called ECHELON” and my dear friends, why do you believe it is “necessary” to SPY ON ME (?) – why don’t you start COMMUNICATING OPENLY with me instead of acting as the Devil because this is what you do with your secret activities.

And finally just this, some time ago I tried to bring links with evidence of UFO’s etc. in my scripts to help people watching and believing in these – and eventually on me – but since I have had NO reactions from anyone I stopped bringing more links some time ago – this is NOT my task.

This evening was a good evening ”almost” without suffering and not very often this happens :-).


27th January: People who were afraid that the world would explode are now relieved knowing that we will all survive

Dreaming that people who were afraid that the world would explode are now relieved knowing that we will all survive

Yet another night and we know the “quality” of the sleep is the same as for some days now but the number of dreams decreased, which I can only connect with the fact that I have decided for a more reasonable deadline yesterday and here they are:

  • I am at the absolutely top of a skyscraper together with the three presenters of Top Gear, I am about to change telephone and a lady decides that she wants to get down now, the top of the building is shaking very much from side to side, Jeremy has a suitcase with the initials of KLM printed on it – the Dutch airliner – and I used to be afraid of heights but not anymore.
    • I have been on the top of skyscrapers in dreams all of my life and I have never been comfortable up there because I have always been afraid of heights – also in dreams – and the lady is my mother who wants to get down and we know “top of the mountain” is what I am told here so top of a skyscraper is the same, which is “suffering the most” which is what my mother and I are doing at the moment and we know as part of our development to become who we truly are – this is the connection, and we know I am not afraid of the darkness and suffering anymore, which the dream also says.
  • I have enrolled my name at a course at Arthur Findlay College in London and I see many credit cards from many other people, who have signed up together with my American Express card, which does not work when the College tries to debit me, they ask me if I will be going with the others to circus, which I say I am not and I tell them that “you have a miraculous glass of water” in front of you.
    • This “spiritual University” is where I went in 2005 and 2006 simply to find out who I am (!) and American Express is the symbol of credit cards being the instrument of the darkness, which the Circus is also and really saying that many of the people I met at “Danish week” in 2005 and “Danish/Dutch week” in 2006 are going through their cleaning process at the moment including suffering as the water symbolises – and we know I have promised myself that I will come back and visit this place when I have developed into my sell in full glory.
  • I am together with Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode smoking inside a room, they have recorded a few new songs and I hear one of them, which is a very happy song giving me the image of an ice cream melting and I tell Martin Gore, the song writer, who stands in the door that I have never heard such relief and happiness in the lyrics of his songs, which he confirms.
    • Martin is one of “many”, who – as part of his “development” – has had the fear for years of the world and mankind becoming destructed as one scenario and this dream showing his happiness says that now he knows that we will all survive.
  • I am inside a house where an instructor is teaching a pilot student to control a Jumbo Jet through a control desk of joysticks etc. and they believe everything is going according to plan, but when I walk outside the house to the other side of the street I see the Jumbo Jet parked at a petrol station and because of their movements of the joysticks, the Jumbo Jet has now started rolling – which it was not supposed to do – and in front of it is a Jet fighter, which it rolls into which consequently makes the fighter roll into a petrol pump and when I see this, I become scared that an enormous explosion from the filled petrol of the station and the Jumbo Jet will happen in a few seconds, which no one will survive and I run as fast as I can away from the petrol station to escape and when I cross the street I see much snow and a snow plough removing the snow comes driving from my left, which also “removes” me.
    • The aeroplane may be the strongest symbol of the Devil and the darkness and this dream is about the potential new “Big Bang”, which would have wiped out all life as we know it (!) – we do not yet know who or what the Source is – and when I was woken up from the dream I was told that this is also about the fear of this “massive explosion”, which many people have had as part of their development and we know in case I was not strong enough to fight the darkness and reconnect with the Source, which you by now will know I was in the summer of 2009.
  • I also had a short dream where I am buying a new Mercedes or BMW with the message that I will buy the same car as I did in 2008 – a new Mercedes C200 or just maybe the coupe version of BMW 320 (with a new “engine” not polluting of course) – when all people will have a “normal life”, and just telling you that when I bought a new Mercedes C200 in 2008 – which I sold again in the beginning of 2009 – I was “deliberately” WRONG when 1 billion people of the world are starving, but that this is alright to do when all people will have a normal life – this is the difference!

Loving the music of Meat Loaf too 🙂

And we know Stig yesterday evening I watched the concert DVD of Meat Loaf from 2007 including the documentary of his tour, which shows the extreme exhaustion he goes through every single time when he performs and we know as I do too, Meat (!) and right now I am listening to Bat Out of Hell III – including many good songs with “cry to heaven” as my favourite, which is simply an AMAZING piece of music and performance too – and we know I AM ENJOYING THE MUSIC OF MEAT VERY MUCH and we know as I have now done for many years, but not when he did his original Bat Out of Hell album in 1977 (!) – but let me say for approx. 18 years now I have been a GREAT FAN – now including the first Bat album too OF COURSE – and I saw your concert in Hillerød, Denmark, in 2008, Meat, where I was very annoyed with your singing, which was “almost impossible” for you but now I better understand the suffering you must have gone through at the end of a very long tour simply to deliver music to the people. I liked very much seeing the documentary too and really to get behind the façade of the man and when I saw it, I was hoping that many more artists would do the same – having the courage to show who you are!

Clairvoyant readings from 2005/06 predicting who I am, the spiritual overshadowing of me, what I will do and LTO

Yesterday I was encouraged to bring the summaries of the clairvoyant readings I received in 2005/06 from some of the very best International Mediums communicating messages to me from the Spiritual World and really because how many of you my dear readers have “found” this information yourself on my website (?) – anyone at all (?) – and we know how difficult can it be (?) and all it takes is really to push the link “links and readings” and to read the page – I will probably change the name and structure of this in February – so when it has been “impossible” for you to find this information, I bring the summaries here and when you read this, will it help improving your belief in the spiritual world and me too?

Clairvoyant reading from international medium Paul Jacobs, February 2006:
“You will become a teacher, overshadowed and the leader of LTO”

Paul Jacobs predicted in February 2006 my future writings and work as the World Teacher: There is a teaching quality with you”, “lecturing or speaking to large audiences”, “philosophical interest”, “writings” based on “part of your own mind and also the spirit world bringing understanding and knowledge”, and “other people can benefit and read it”.  He also predicted the spiritual “overshadowing” of me, which became true around the clock from May 2006, where “it is not necessary to have the total unconsciousness state of trance”. And he foresaw the Living Testimony Organization, which I met in Kenya in 2009 by saying that “I am looking at an organization here” with “you being the kingpin”.

Listen to the sound file here and read a transcript of part of the sound file here.

Clairvoyant reading from international medium Janet Parker, February 2006:
“You are Moses, the Grail and the fond of knowledge”

Janet Parker predicted in February 2006 the knowledge of my future scripts and really that I am Moses and the Grail. In her special “soul journey”, she spoke about Moses “leading the people out of Israel” and that I was “part of that great deliverance” and she spoke symbolic about “the opening of the Pyramid”, the ancient knowledge kept in “cobber jugs”, “great vases sealed with red cork” and “preparing papyrus”, which “must not be destroyed because one day these words will be taught, these words will be spoken and read to many” and she said about this knowledge that “it is almost as if we go into your soul and it is a little bit looking at a grail”, she said that I have to have the key to read it and “at this point in your life you now have the key” and she concluded that “you have come into this world to be the fond of knowledge in certain ways, you are a teacher and never question, just be as you are”.

Listen to the sound file here and read a full transcript of the sound file here.

Clairvoyant reading from international medium Billy Cook, October 2005:
”You will write about the design of life”

Billy Cook predicted in a public reading in October 2005 my future book no. 2 “design of life”: “I am seeing you in front of a computer doing “design of life”, he saw Hamlet on Kronborg Castle as the symbol of me, which until earlier in 2010 WAS about “to be or not to be” – would we survive the Judgment (?), which is really what this famous question was about – as I have received spiritual information about myself many times too. The key to connect Billy with me this day was a vision of Adolf Hitler given to Billy, which I was the only one to understand because I had been given visions of Adolf myself because this is the man I was in my previous life – to help us all survive the Judgment as you can read from my front page!

Listen to the sound file here and read a full transcript of the sound file here.

And in my library you can find a couple of other readings too.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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