Feb. 2, 2011: I ask Earth to carry out the goals I have given you before the end of 2014


Summary of the script today

31st January: A new sky with a new sun has been created!

  • Dreaming of a new sky with a new sun, which has been created (!), the “return“ of the darkness and “my old nightmare”, racing with Fuggi and overtaking him immediately, my old colleague Morten J. also almost brought me down, the future “normal life” starts to become destroyed when I do what is wrong, Søren H. will give teachings on “normal life” to the world in a greater detail than I and “legal matters” employ a very large number of “red tape managers” all over the world, which you will not need in our new world.
  • “My light on the sky” is still here every evening outlining to the world where I live.
  • It was “impossible” to work today with the required painstakingly calm and steadiness but still this is what I did.
  • Extraterrestrials overshadow me 24/7 the same way as the Council, which I give you an example of today when the spirit of one extraterrestrial was in telepathically contact with me when standing in my kitchen.

1st February: I ask Earth to carry out the goals I have given you before the end of 2014

  • Dreaming of Karen’s road to the other side, which is VERY steep and painful, many countries are on the way to accept a New World Order, my job will be to control all governments of the Universe, it was possible to hear the changes of the Universe from Earth, when the “new” sun will start shining, it will bring a new light to Earth, the slander of my mother and sister will be used as teachings of unacceptable behaviour to the world – by the same people, driving a very big Kawasaki motorcycle as my new self with all power imaginable, I was sceptical about my spiritual experiences before I was opened myself in 2004 and more in 2006, my mother and I are in direct bloodline with Jesus, God has returned because “this time the world is gonna stay”, I ask Earth to carry out the goals I have given you before the end of 2014, I will help my mother to leave her shelter and become her self, it does not justify you to show poor behaviour because this is what others do, my mother is “reserved” in relation to me and worried of Tobias as Sanna is for me.
  • David sent me a very nice email on the Arab situation fearing that the “dangerous men” of Islamic fundamentalists might come to power and start imposing harsh Sharia law on the populations.
  • John from Kenya made me very happy when he called. If it was not for John, Meshack and David, I would “fight” the world alone, not to kill it but to save it!
  • The perfect remaining of my old self as Jesus will be exposed to the world through the Pyramids of Egypt to make you all believe in me.

2nd February: I had “bad dreams” for not doing my best when writing on sexual behaviour in relation to media

  • This night I only had “bad dreams” because I have not done my best the last days when writing on “sexual behaviour in relation to the media” on basis of my own media consumption trying to find the right balance and this is also why I was dreaming of war, the burn of the sun and colds killing people, which could have been a part of the Doomsday Scenario, banks and lawyers don’t do their best when doing compulsory sales of assets of people and in our new world bankruptcies should not happen, I am encouraged to use a 360 degrees strategy when writing the chapter on sexual behaviour and the media, I am still inside our new world, but I don’t play as good music – write the best chapter on media and sexual behaviour – at the moment.
  • Extreme exhaustion, much work and also stress made my work very STEEP uphill and the Council “offered” to help me because of the resistance coming from my mother (!) but NEVER – this would mean that I would be opened up before I have finished my work.
  • I will not be “forced” to do the work on sexual behaviour in relation to media before I have the answers – this was “the game” – which will come when I work my best going through the whole chapter on the media.


31st January: A new sky with a new sun has been created!

Dreaming that a new sky with a new sun has been created!

And we know Stig, would this “small mistake” of yours from yesterday been blown out of proportions by the darkness in the evening or when I went to bed – as it did the previous time and normally does – and we know I was prepared so “come on – do your best” and we know “no thanks” is my answer to your question in relation to spiritual sex and we know “this is forbidden” is really the same so this is what I told you again and again – this is how the fight has been for years you know – and also that you don’t even have this weapon so ultimately it was also to say that you can do whatever you want to because you carry it out after all and this is the reason why I was not given very much suffering from a “hopeful Devil” and we know it really also requires that the Devil is fed by my mother not believing in me and you know therefore the strength is “not what it has been” and so it is and we know I was woken up many times during the night as usual with dreams and I am TIRED of this you know but ok as part of the game, here they are:

  • I am at my old room at our row house in Snekkersten, I am showing the light from a projector on the wall and it shows a new sky with a new sun turned 90 degrees but I see some flicker on the wall so I remove the projector to get a clearer image and somehow I am now locked hermetic out of the house by my self but who is better to re-enter than myself surpassing the “security” I have set up to keep myself out?
    • I was told that “these are the small things, which have happened” in relation to a new sky and a new sun my friends, which some people may have noticed on Earth? And I wonder if this is also the reason why the sky has been concealed so many times as it has – as I have written about several times – and we know really to calm down people on Earth.
  • Snekkersten is still the darkness and I have no desire to open the door to the darkness again – in everything I do I am trying to find the road of God and we know when you play “fandango” in the future, you will close your eyes and think about the person, you love – this was really the “missing link” and what I could not think the answer of myself using “simple logic” – I could not see it – and therefore there was ONLY way to find out and that was to try and it turned out to be WRONG, so therefore I also regretted my action.
    • I might add that I believe it is fine to be attracted to people showing what they decide to show themselves but that I don’t believe it is alright to be attracted to – and to actively look for – people who unconsciously has showed themselves as they did not intend to show, which is really the reason why the popular Danish singer Medina was “helped” to show too much of her self at the collection show for Africa at DR1 television the 29th January and we know which afterwards was spoken of by the media and we know I don’t believe you should actively seek clips like this in the future.
    • And I don’t believe you should look at lady in a relationship and to be sexually attracted to her the same way as you can do to a single lady, and I do believe it is alright to look at and also take photographs and videos of sexy men and women with the elegant pictures of the Playboy magazine as an example and we know without focusing on the sexual organs and I neither believe in movies of “soft porn” in the future but you know “making love” can be a natural part of a movie showing close feelings among a couple and I might add that if an actor is in a private relationship, I don’t believe it is fine even as an act to “make out” on film.
  • I come home late after a long day to my dogs Cas and Don, and Don has defecated on the floor – and I see the dog Elvis there too.
    • This is the return of the darkness because of my mistake and here also the symbol of my “old nightmare” but not everything is bad because the dog Elvis, which was the dog of Camilla’s parents, is here too and we know really because these days I am also enjoying the classic 3 DVD set of the classis Elvis TV show in 1968 and we know he was “simply the best” but how can you do such “complete” DVD’s in remastered sound only in Dolby Digital sound (!!!) instead of a much better sound format (?) and we know I am astonished.
  • I am about to start what could be a formula 3000 race, we are preparing for start and I am at the back end of all drivers with Fuggi just ahead of me. I have never driven one of these racing cars before and I only make my preparations in the last second before the race starts, but despite of my lack of experience in this sport, I immediately overtake Fuggi and reach a top speed of 315 km/h.
    • This is really the same as football and other sports too – the battle between the light and the darkness and Fuggi, what do you believe you belong to (?) and the truth may not be the answer you would like to think (?) and my friend, it does not take much to change your life to leave the darkness entirely and become part of the light and this is what I ask you to do together with the whole world and all you have to do is to show a clean heart as I have desribed on the front page of my website.
  • I see my old colleague Morten J. play football and a colleague of him – who is a very big football talent – underrates him and therefore does not want to play with him until I tell him that Morten truly has a very good talent himself. And something about a fight between us to reach the ceiling of a house, that I “cheat” Morten and enter the ceiling, where I am “putting out fire”.
    • I was told after waking up from this dream that Morten was also “very close” to bring me down – so Morten just maybe you heard “the sad news” about me from some of your “new” colleagues (?) and just wondering I am about what you have done and said to fight me.
  • I am with my old colleague Bjarne B. – from Danske Bank Freeport in 1986-87 – and I ask him about his feelings working at the Freeport and he says “nothing special” and I see what may be a monkey or his wife – it is not to tell – destroying things at the office.
    • This is about the DEEP feelings, which have been taken away from people of the rich world because of their love of a material life and also that when I do what is wrong myself, I am starting to destroy our future “normal life” and we know this is how it WAS.
  • I am playing Icehockey, my team is “me” and nobody else, I am playing against a full team and I don’t have much energy because I have had some very rough days.
    • A new game against the darkness and we know I don’t receive much help by you my family and “friends”.
  • I have sent a business proposal to Søren H. in Sweden and when I call him during the weekend, I receive “no answer”, and when I call again Sunday evening, I see that Søren H.’s new telephone is ringing on the first floor and he rushes to answer it and it makes me say with a big smile “do you relax and eat pizzas all day long” and he tells me that he has also tried to contact me and he gives me valuable feedback to details of what the insurance I have included in the proposal should include.
    • The new telephone is the new Søren H. coming – when he is opened spiritually – and his feedback to the insurance cover is really to give teachings in a greater detail on normal life than what I have given in my scripts. And I might add that I don’t believe in working during weekends and evenings – as I have done my self so often in my career – because you feel “pressured” to do so and that is if these hours are not your normal working hours of course.
  • I am working for Kim S. at our old row house in Snekkersten. After having worked with insurance details for years, I am now the legal responsible taking care of all legal details, a colleague has prepared fresh and very nice buns, which I say no thank you to, I see a large crowd of people outside my window and I prepare a new legal memo, which I give my colleagues every single morning and one colleague says that this will improve the light of Jesus on his way down.
    • We are still here at the darkness, where a large part of mankind lives and even though I am happy to receive new working responsibilities, the legal work is to tell you about bureaucracy and we know, have you thought about how many employees not only in law firms but in companies all over the world who are hired with the responsibility to take care of “legal matters” and we know which we really could call “red tape managers” and this is how it is, my world. You don’t need this in the future when you will work, communicate and behave your absolutely best.
    • The dream about refusing the bun is to refuse “wrong love” and we know not to repeat my mistake from yesterday and I am sorry, Denmark, this cost you the GOLD in handball, which was really the symbol the Council also would have liked to give me but we know we are still on track and the most important is really that I learned a lesson to teach the world.

“My light on the sky” outlines to the world where I live

“My light on the sky” is still there every evening when it is a clear sky and for a long time it comes as the first light on the sky in the twilight between 16.30-17.00 at the moment – and stays the only light for some time until later when MANY lights at the moment shine on the sky – and it is still “in orbit” and it takes the light until approx. 20.00 to come to the furthest right from where I can no longer see it and we know when I try to find it on the other side of the building, it simply vanishes every single time and we know I AM OUTLINING TO THE WORLD WHERE YOU LIVE as I am told here.

A few stories on exhaustion, notes, my lamp etc.

And just a few short stories as a matter of good sake:

  • For a very long time I have had a constant physical feeling of exhaustion, which is at its strongest at the end of the day when I have used energy I don’t have, and we know I have this “warm”, uncomfortable and sometimes also “humid” feeling below my skin.
  • My notes on the telephone still first synchronizes with my computer the second time I insert the cable into it, so my mother is still not happy about the prospect of her future life.
  • My sensitive-touch lamp still works every single day without problems.
  • My mother and sister have not read my scripts since reporting about it the last time.
  • I am happy to see that Elijah has started reading now the two last published scripts on my website – but still you don’t send me an email Elijah even though this would not take you long to do?

It was “impossible” to work with painstakingly calm and steadiness but still this is what I did

After writing the script of today from 9.30 until lunch I knew that I had to continue the work on my chapter on the media, which is not easy to do when focusing on each word and when doing my absolutely best – because of how I still feel – and I felt again that it was “impossible” to cross the barrier of starting this work and really because it requires painstakingly calm and steadiness to work on these details – the same skills as when I was working at the bed of the park, which also was “impossible” to do – and the “impossible” part these days is that I don’t truly posses these skills because of the nervous feelings and anxiety, which is brought to me by my mother and we know if only she knew the true consequences of her decision to be weak instead of strong and we know I managed to start this work with great difficulties by “loosely” reading some of it and gradually minute by minute becoming more focussed and concentrated until 17.30 today and we know almost coming to a point today where my “attitude” became good – but it never became optimal – but despite of this my will power made the difference making my work of the absolutely best quality I can deliver. This is how the work on my website is done!

Denmark and I was ”very close to the gold” yesterday as part of the plan!

And just to also give you this story because I was surprised yesterday morning when I was given a story several hours before the handball match between Denmark and France was to start – I have never experienced this before – and I wrote it down but decided not to bring it but the message was that it was “impossible” for Denmark to win the same way as it is “impossible” for me to defeat the feelings of my mother – and also my father, who brought me the severe stomach acids some time ago as an example – and I was left in the belief that Denmark would win the match, which is also what I believed the dream of the coach meant, which the commentators on Danish TV2 mentioned and we know but all it said was that Denmark would score in the final seconds, which they did two seconds before the end of the ordinary match and from here that “the winner takes it all” and that winner was not Denmark but you know France and I write this today because “it came to me” that my “wrong action” yesterday was actually part of the plan in order to learn and bring the lesson to the world and we know just telling you that the road of God is not always easy to follow and that this road also includes to involve the Devil at maximum level – and the true message is also that I am “very close to the gold” but that I have not received it yet because I am not quite done with my work yet – this was why Denmark was only “very close” of winning.

I did not expect 113 pages of January

And we know Stig, a total of 113 pages in January – after doing 87 pages in December, 80 in November and 62 in October – was really not on my plan to do at the same time as doing “impossible work” on my website because I had “no energy” to do this (!) and we know a part of the “mission impossible” is what this was too and I am happy that I did most of the work on my website in January and decided to work my best doing most of the work in the beginning instead of at the end and we know always a good guideline really.

Extraterrestrials overshadow me the same way as the Council

And to give you just one example of how I am also in “telepathically” contact with extraterrestrials, I can tell you that while sitting in the sofa this evening, I was given an impulsive to the right side of my brain, which came from the brain of a spirit of an extraterrestrial standing in my kitchen and he showed me how he first was standing up and then leaned forward and we know this is the kind of “spiritualism”, which happens here and not all of the time but you know I am overshadowed 24/7 by the Council and also by extraterrestrials so let us say that experiences like this happens both daily, “hourly” and more and I don’t know who and how many extraterrestrials I am in contact with but I feel them like this example and this is also how they communicate with me for example when they pass me on the sky as I have written about several times.


1st February: I ask Earth to carry out the goals I have given you before the end of 2014

I ask Earth to carry out the goals I have given you before the end of 2014, my job will be to control all governments of the Universe and I am in direct bloodline with Jesus

We know Stig “sleeping” happens at the moment within the period of approx. 23.00 in the evenings to 8.30 in the mornings but as you may understand this does not mean that I “sleep” “all this time” but let us say “part of it” and still not a deep sleep and I wonder why my mother does not contact me and of the influence of John and Sanna on her in relation to me and here are the dreams:

  • Two couples, of which I am the man in one of them, play golf at the fine Augusta gold course in USA, it is weekend and a gateman tells me that we don’t have to pay the fee because we don’t have any small children with us. Afterwards we are to fly home, I fly on the regular plane with the other couple and my partner has a special ticket, which is for a Jumbo Jet, which is 30 dollars more expensive and the entrance to the plane is very long and steep with a female captain, who calls her self “senior”, flying it. At my plane we leave the golf clubs in the luggage compartment and I have difficulties finding my seat.
    • It looks like my “mistake” the other day sent me back to the plane – or icehockey or what you have given me in dreams – even though it is difficult to find room for me and here I am together with Karen playing golf, we don’t have any children – which we could have had – and Karen’s road to the other side is VERY painful and we know meaning that she will have to give up the “pleasures” of her life and the term “senior” is a reference to the cigarettes, which Jack’s father smoked “senior service” and we know also symbolising the Devil himself and Karen the “service” you provide others as a “senior” is what is making your access to the other side very difficult and really because you have to stop living this life!
  • It was a night of importance where I was given these messages in between sleeping and dreams:
    • “Many countries are on the way to accept a New World Order as Obama has introduced – also because they have seen UFO’s”.
    • “You will get a super ministry controlling all governments of the Universe”.
    • “It was possible for Earth to hear the changes of the Universe, but still no one decided to publish this information”.
    • “You have been given a big negative test, it is about time to stop the bowels”, which is the sexual game including my “old nightmare” and really because I have now solved this the potentially most difficult test of all.
    • “It will first be from “a specific date” that the sun will be made to shine through” and “a new light will come”.
    • “God has returned because there is something he has not followed up upon”, which was followed by the “insanely” beautiful song “I just can’t help believin’” by Elvis and the “special” lyrics giving the answer “this time the world is gonna stay for more than just a day”.
    • “Earth has some time to come around by itself but not all the time, I ask you to carry out the goals I have given you before the end of 2014”.
    • ”We will repair the world famous church before it goes down”.
  • I have been one week in Brazil with my old friend Rene. My mother and John collect me in the airport, my mother is “reserved” and tells me that “you are not popular” and later I see her slander behind my back and Sanna telling her with much negative temper “why don’t you tell him off”.
    • It looks like I am coming back to “the light” after my trip following the “sexual game” I have gone through and when I woke up I was told that the behaviour of my mother and sister will be used as teachings of unacceptable behaviour to the world – by the same people!
  • I heard the song “If you wanna be happy” by Jimmy Soul and the lyrics “If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife” and we know what do you think my readers, is there something about it because of the much attention pretty women receive today, which destroys their “human nature” (?) – which they may not agree in themselves but can you truly trust a beautiful and much-admired woman of the “free world” having “all options” open for her?
  • I had a very realistic dream driving a big Kawasaki motorcycle with all the power you can dream of and I am just starting to learn how to drive it and here it was on the way home to my sister – and is there something about Japan I should know (?) and just wondering I am.
    • The power of my new inner self, which is waiting to be opened.
  • There is a spiritual mass in the Cathedral of Roskilde, I see a man speaking sceptical about some spiritual experiences and he says that he did not seek his spiritual opening himself and that he will wait to see what will happen instead of seeking knowledge, and I decide to speak to him because I would like to help him on his sceptical attitude and I tell him that the same happened for me and because I wanted to know what it was I travelled to the Arthur Findlay College in London, and then I see Janet Parker next to us and she paints an inspirational drawing to the man, which includes his guide, who comes to life and it is a man in armour from the middle and he says that he was killed by a spear, which we then see spearing him in the chest and the next we see is the exact same armour with the dusty remaining of the man inside of it in a glasscase of the cathedral and it says that he was a king from the 12th Century and we are told – still through Janet – that the “sceptical” man because of special circumstances is in direct bloodline with four kings and also Queen Margrethe the first.
    • This is really shortly what happened to me after I had my first spiritual opening the 12th April 2004, I was sceptical about it and decided to go to a Clairvoyant school in Copenhagen as a “rabbit” and in 2005 and 2006 to Arthur Findlay College to find out “what in heavens name is happening to me” and we know this was the only road I could take because I knew that nobody with “traditional” knowledge could help me and this is exactly Stig what opened you in 2006, when the Council started overshadowing and speaking to me 24/7 and we know when I was told that I am the Son of God and we know “a king” really as I have been told all along, which is a predicate I am not comfortable with myself and that is at least today.
    • And what this dream really says is that both my mother as the Queen of the dream and I as the “sceptical man” of the dream, which is what I was before my spiritual opening, am in direct bloodline with Jesus.
  • I have my hands folded towards my mother and she has the same towards me and I tell her “can you feel that this is all wrong” and “I will correct this over the coming period”.
    • This will have to be to help my mother becoming herself and we know to leave her shelter.
  • My old class friend Søren is a pizza baker and he shows a very bad behaviour because this is how other people behaves, he does not know better but I tell him that this does not justify his bad behaviour and I tell him that at the end people will simply stop seeing him.
    • This is really what you can read from my chapter “Improve your work and behaviour – to improve your life!“ from my website and this is because according to the messages of Søren on Facebook, he appears to be “too attached” to his daughter having severe difficulties really to live when she is not at home for a few weeks (!) and I heard the words “det måsta ta slut” (“it must end”) in relation to poor behaviour from a “new” exceptional Swedish pop song, which I simply love – where do they get if from (?) – called Måndagsbarn by Veronica Maggio.
  • I see a model railway in Tivoli and something about asking me of names at the ceiling.
  • Tobias has spent the night at the home of my mother and John and I at Sanna and Hans, I call my mother at 9.00 in the morning and she says formally “good day” instead of “hi” and she asks me why Sanna and Hans have not left for the aeroplane and I tell her “you will have to ask them” and we agree to meet at 10.30 in the shopping centre of Nivå.
    • My mother “worries” about Tobias and Sanna about me according to the dream, my mother is still “reserved” and apparently huffy because of me – and why is that really mother, has it to do with your feelings and not facts (?) – and Sanna and Hans should really be in the plane on their way to the other side but they are not simply because they have not started changing their lifestyles.
  • Hans shows me a new type of Hi-Fi plug to connect the amplifier with other units of a stereo equipment and I see the plug is invented by HiFi-klubben and that it points down to Christ and up to a cupboard and a library.
    • This is also about my new inner self and the “units” of the Universe which I am now connected to and the cupboard is still the “toolbox of God” containing everything and we know the library is of course “all knowledge of all time” and we know I will probably not need to go to the University to study after this :-).

David fears the “dangerous men” of Islamic fundamentalists

Yesterday David informed me that he would send me an email about the Arab situation and I wrote this short email to him:

Will you please remember to continue sharing the money with Elijah and also ask him when he will start keeping his promise to communicate and herewith to help the situation in Kenya, this is about faith remember? I look much forward to hearing from you on the Arab situation.

And this is what David then did today, thank you so much David for taking the time to write me your email, which again is what friendship is about, and I know that you are very committed in the Islamic question – and Sharia and freedom – and I am happy to read that we share the same belief. The growing faith in me from my own mother is what brings light to these people and the wrong behaviour of my mother when she is hiding from me because of “fear” is what gives these “dangerous men” hope to seize power – which they will not because the light will continue growing – and this is really an example of what will happen to the world when the light will spread to all people and we know here the Muslims also to tell them that I love Muslims as I love all people.

Thank you so much for letting me know David of your view and when it comes to you Elijah, in case you should read these lines, I can only once again encourage you to “just do it” – start communicating with me – instead of keeping on thinking and thinking and thinking about the same “problems” and locked situations and my friends don’t waste your life on NOTHING, but keep on acting and solve your challenges by communication instead of worsening them by stopping communication. Is it difficult for you to understand that you have decided to follow the road of the Devil, which is not only making me hurt but your entire country/region? This is your responsibility Elijah because of the man, which is building up inside of you without your knowledge today. I simply wish that you would decide to do what is right and to keep doing this simply to become a trustworthy man – this is what the basic rules also are about but they are not important to you?

And here is the email from David:

Dear Stig,

First of all receive greetings from me. The day was long and as usual dry but not very sunny. I managed to meet all the team members and they gladly received the cash help. Elijah was there too and I still do not know why he has decided not to be writing to you. We shall continue talking to him, encouraging him to get in touch with you and update you on how he is going on. It needs a lot of patience, as you know, to talk again and again to somebody on a particular subject! I hope that Elijah shall one day see this and start communicating.

Away from that everybody was fine and looking optimistic and strong willed for the days ahead. Personally I am okay and happy to have food in my house. Thank you once again.

I have been following keenly on the developments in the Arabic Republics of Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen. I am waiting to see whether the same problem shall arise in Libya or in other countries such as Algeria. I agree with your opinion. Whereas most of the demonstrators are not engineered by Islamists, major political parties in those countries are led by Islamic fundamentalists. In case of democratic elections, these “dangerous men” might come to power and start imposing harsh Sharia law or even theocracies in those countries. One should not forget that the Muslim Brotherhood, which was responsible for the assassination of President Anwar Sadat in 1981 in Egypt, is still active and may come to the front in an Egypt without Hosni Mubarak. My prayer is that God may keep those countries from enemies of freedom, Islamists, who use religion to subjugate whole nations, taking all freedom from them.

Thank you for now and I wish you a good evening,


Continuing the work on the chapter of the media

Today I worked from 9.30 to 12.10 to finish the script of today entirely and again I had to cross a “difficult” barrier to continue writing on my chapter on the media and I am happy to see that it includes more and more important messages, which I had absolutely no idea that it was going to include when I started the work and which it would not include if I had decided to show the work moral of a majority of people of the world today – and despite of my temptations to stop working several times, I continued doing my absolutely best until 17.40 and we know I have now almost completed the second last sub-chapter and have all of the bullet points ready for the last and we know the work still takes longer than expected – a part of the game – but I have decided that this is how I started and this is how I will complete the work: Doing my absolutely best under the circumstances and we know, which will improve in the future when my skills will further develop and so it is.

John from Kenya made me happy when calling me

I was very HAPPY that John from Kenya called me – and also surprised because of the expenses and his lack of money – and it was very good to hear your voice, smile, positivism and laughter again after more than one year and I am happy that you succeeded to raise the money yourself to pay the education fees of your daughter and your good mood was really what I needed to hear John because as I told you it is “very cold” here in Denmark both because of the temperature, which is just above the freezing point at the moment and also because of the people here abandoning me, which also hurts very much at the moment and we know if it was not for you John, Meshack and David, I would be “fighting” the world alone and not to kill it but to save it and we know Stig the world may agree with me – when it will understand – that your behaviour and “support” was not the best?

My old self as Jesus will be revealed to the world in Egypt

I was told that what is happening in Egypt at the moment is also to open my access to the country and the pyramids of it when the perfect remaining of my old self Jesus will be exposed to the world to make you all believe in me.

A reliable Minister from the reliable Danish government could not see what was right or wrong to do

In the end of 2010 the press wrote about the Tax Minister of Denmark, Troels Lund Poulsen, and a expensive gift – a Rolex watch with a value of 68,800 DKK – which he had received as a private gift from a sheik from Qatar when carrying out of his job representing the state of Denmark and we know he was not able to see that it was WRONG for him to receive such a gift before the Parliamentary Commissioner went into the case and finally yesterday, the Minister now handed over the watch to the Ministry – did you feel that you were “forced” to do this, Troels (?) – and we know this is normally a “reliable” man of the Danish government, which is one of the most “reliable” of the world – you will never see “corruption” here (!) – who is not able to see what is right and wrong and I wonder how many millions of people all over the world who cannot do the same? As I have written before: Private gifts have nothing to do between “business” associates and the value of the gift is without importance.

Again this evening I decided to stay at home even though I would have liked to attend a new teaching of Erik at Lama Yönten but I have decided that recovering is more important to me than to include my perception of Erik’s teachings at the present stage. I am sure that “the truth” will come forward also on this if the world should be interested.


2nd February: I had “bad dreams” for not doing my best when writing on sexual behaviour in relation to media

I had “bad dreams” for not doing my best when writing on sexual behaviour in relation to media

Another night and we know with some changes because I did not receive as many dreams and they were more difficult to remember than usual, which is really not a good sign because it means “less clear spiritual communication” and at 7.00 it was impossible to sleep any longer where I normally “sleep” until 8.30 at the moment – and here are the dreams:

  • The world is at war with tanks from two combatants fighting, ordinary cold is killing people, the skins of people bubbles up, changes colour and kills people because there is no protection against the sun, in February a school receives a visit by the new school children, who are supposed to start after summer but the inspector believes that most or all people will not survive the end of February.
    • This “bad dream” is because it has not been easy writing about a responsible sexual behaviour in relation to media and we know I have really not been working my best when doing this and I have not written down ideas etc. and we know really because I did not think that it would include more than I have already written and we know also because my view on what is alright to do has been polluted through my own behaviour in the past (before 1st May 2009) and we know I will have to do better and think deeper when I follow up on this today.
    • This dream is also given to improve the chapter on Doomsday Scenario on my website because this is what also would have happened if I did not succeed reconnecting with the Source in the summer of 2010 to save us all.
    • When I wake from the dream I heard the song “Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater Revival and the lyrics goes “proud Mary keep on burning, rolling on the river”, which is really to say that this scenario of the doomsday is what my mother would have been the PLANNED reason of because of lack of faith in me until recently, which together with wrong behaviour is what sent me extreme darkness – and that is of course if I was not even stronger than her and of course also my other family and friends opposing me.
  • I have an overdraft of 7,000 DKK on my account with Jyske Bank and no more money, the bank declares me bankrupt and the bank meet at my house a party representing me because my house has been set on compulsory sale and they talk loosely about just how big the house is and by glance they agree that it is 203 square metres.
    • Again a “bad dream” with the same reason as before and here also to say that banks and lawyers of today do not do their best when doing compulsory sales of assets of people – they truly do not care – but still they take out sometimes outrageous fees, take the example of the late Bøje Nielsen in Denmark as example and this is also to say that if you truly read and understand the details of my chapter on New World Order you will for example see that bankruptcies and compulsory sales should not be able to occur in the future because instalments on loans will be drawn automatically from the new Information System before people and also companies will have access to this “capital” and also because of the limitations of and requirements to obtain loans – and we know did you also read and understand the details of the chapter on the educational system?
  • I am in the supermarket buying two bottles of “good everyday wine” on sale, but the price is not read accurately by the cashier system and it is impossible for the cashier to correct the error.
    • Another dream saying that if I do not do my best on the chapter of sexual behaviour in relation to media, the quality of our new world – “everything” as the wine says – will decrease.
  • I am working late and because of this I am not able to meet my father at 21.00 as agreed and I have received a paper note from him asking me to listen to “kit 5.1”. At home I am listening to music, my old school friend Stone is there too, I am looking for chocolate and I see that there are a couple of boxes among my music, which I did not believe was there.
    • This is about the consequences of much work wrongly not keeping an agreement and really because of all of the work I am doing at the moment and we know “almost bringing me down” every day and this is really also a reason why I underrated the work on sexual behaviour in relation to media and “5.1.” is really to have a “surround view” or a “360 degrees view” on this subject too and we know so basically it is also about my attitude and we know thank you for letting me know so I can improve on this.
    • I am still playing good music, which Stone is also listening to – reading from time to time, Stone (?) – and among my music is “chocolate”, which should not be there, and we know the chocolate is about “my own needs” and behaviour, which also is a “danger” in relation to do this chapter right and we know but my attitude is really to find the “right balance”, which is what I will do with the help you bring me.
  • I am in Helsingborg, Sweden, on my way to Hifi-klubben and I should really be together with Jack but I am alone and I think about flying the rest of the way, which I do just as the illusionists Criss Angel and David Blaine when they levitate and inside the Hifi-klubben I see a very good stereo playing with a gramophone and some good – but not the best – speakers but because there are several speakers in the room I cannot tell exactly which of them are playing. At the back of the room I am not able to come through the corridor because a man is blocking when playing a computer game, and on the first floor I see that it is closed because of renovation.
    • The levitation of these illusionists is an example of what will be included in the forthcoming chapter on “signs and miracles”, which I will also do in February, I am still in “our new world”, hence Sweden, trying to play good music but I don’t quite succeed as the dream says and we know because of how I am playing “the game” in relation to the chapter on sexual behaviour and media based on my own media consumption these days trying to find the right balance and we know I do believe I got the message now so I will try my best to improve.

I am extremely exhausted, tired and still have much to do

And we know Stig the starting point of today is “really not the best” to put it mildly because I am tired, exhausted and have had more than enough – a long time ago really – of working on the scripts and the website and we know I keep getting ideas of improving this and that on the website, which is stressing me much today because it is building up more work and because of my extreme exhaustion even though I do my best telling my self that I will simple take this step by step when I am finished with the chapter on the media and I will use maybe 1-2 days to do this and that is before I will start the chapter on “signs and miracles” and finish with a new chapter on “my sufferings” and we know we will have to see if I will become “inspired” to do other things too but this is really the plan and we know to finish before the end of February, which I will do MY BEST to achieve.

It was really very steep uphill today and we know almost “cracking” the VERY BIG SMILES of the Council, which are just behind the façade and I was asked if I wanted to go down to the second highest level of difficulties when doing my scripts and all I could say was “NEVER” and because I WILL NEVER GIVE UP – it would mean that I would be “opened” and from here not being able to finalise my work (!) – and it should be “piece of cake” finishing this and we know this is at least what I hope and will do my best to do and really because the work is not that difficult – the difficult part is to find energy to continue doing many hours of work and to continue doing my best and we know because of lack of energy and my normal painstaking attention to details continuously receiving more and more ideas at a higher and higher quality level, the “not that difficult” work has a tendency to become “more than difficult” and “almost impossible” to do and so it is.

This morning my sensitive-touch lamp did not work again (!) and I was told that this time it is because of my self, and I discovered yesterday that when I plug my telephone to the computer the first time, it will connect after 1-2 minutes (!) and just saying that my mother’s thoughts in relation to my scripts is not as negative as they have been and this just may be because she does not read them at the moment.

And we know I don’t believe that I will do more exercise before I will complete my website and we know it looks like the name of the game is that at the end all I have energy to do is to finish my work and nothing else.

The Cyclone Yasi of Australia is because of the darkness of my mother

And when this is written and published, the Cyclone Yasi has crossed the coast, battering cities and towns along the north Queensland coast of Australia and we know the dark side of my mother is strong and not only is she making it “impossible” for me to finish my work but she does not either like the coming marketing of my website in Australia – and all of this is you know because of WRONG BEHAVIOUR!

I am still “sleeping” three hours per night

And we know Stig, on the “surface” it looks like I am sleeping between 8-10 hours per night at the moment but the EFFECTIVE sleep is still three hours per night in average, which it has been every day for let us see was it 2007 it started (?) and I do believe it was and the reason why I can tell you this is because this is what the Council has “helped” my old colleague “GRØN” to experience as you can see below and it is truly not very nice, is it Michael (?) but Rikke H. believes it is “typical stress” because what else could it be, Rikke (?) and of course it has nothing to do with me?



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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