Feb. 5, 2011: Receiving the true gift to cure people and “my self“ has been divided into several beings to protect us!


Summary of the script today

3rd February: Public acts and performances of sexual character was also about to bring down the world

  • Dreaming of my old school friends Allan and Stone dead of drinking, cutting joint of beefs of uneven quality when returning to the plans of “normal life”, wrong African attitude when missing appointments and showing “will deafness”, walking home through the forest, my old colleague Kresten is about to become his “future self”, my family and friends have plenty of warm feelings of me but I am left entirely to my own devices because of their restrains, a new football match between the light and the darkness, the feelings I had on beautiful women I would have liked to meet were given to the women but still we did not meet because of poor communication and public acts and performances of sexual character was also about to bring down the world.
  • The day before yesterday I was inspired by the darkness to “moderately” cross the boundaries of responsible sexual behaviour in relation to media – in order to find the boundary (!) – and this created darkness with the regime of Egypt and the break our of violence in the streets. This is what happens, when you are me!
  • I give you two examples of people using from 2 (!) to 20 minutes to read one of my scripts, which at the moment should take 1 hour when reading word by word carefully in order to understand. When you are lazy, you will not understand and when you are careful, you will understand, this is the message to the world.
  • I worked with difficulties when I was about to finish the chapter on the media and indecency, which made the Council tell me: “We have been waiting on you writing this since you were a small boy”. This is the importance of this chapter.

4th February: Receiving the true gift to cure people and “my self“ has been divided into several beings to protect us!

  • Dreaming that my actions have the biggest importance spiritually, Sanna and Hans “grilling” me, tasting both poor and good wines at my favourite wine store, my mother’s decision to oppose instead of support me is giving her so much sorrow that she is close to dying, the darkness will stop in relation to me when I have finished my website, my former colleagues with Fair believe that I am “sick”, my mother and others will never forgive themselves for what they have done in relation to me, Karen and I have been each others “guardian angels” since we agreed upon this in 2004, Karen will support me in the future and my mother has decided to take on the responsibility of becoming her true self, which was a giant decision costing much energy.
  • I went to the body-mind-spirit exhibition in Copenhagen where the “open channels” of clairvoyants, healers etc. were used to help curing the world. Aglow International and “In the Light of the Master” helped me to pray for a better life for mankind.
  • Braco from Croatia “gazed” in silence over hundreds of people for 20-25 minutes, which have cured thousands of people around the world from even serious diseases, and I was told that he and I will work together in a “special symbiosis” and that “I” have been divided into several human beings to protect me from being killed by the “extreme darkness” for years, which includes Braco, Barack Obama, Michael Jackson and Jacob Holdt. This event made me survive for longer than 8 to 10 days, and a constant link was created between Braco and me giving me the same capability to work as an “open channel” helping people to cure themselves via their own energy of the mind, which is how this works.
  • At a workshop with the International medium Billy Cook, the energy was used through my new channel to make my mother survive too. Billy gave a very short “reading” on me talking about the depression of Karen in relation to me, my spiritual awakening and that “the pressure is going to be fine” in relation to reactions from mankind to my former life as a certain German, namely Adolf Hitler!
  • I did not make it to visit the exhibition of the late Danish author Martinus writing “the third testament“ but was told that he received a “cosmic opening” making him able to feel and be everything which is – “the salt” – as I will receive too. Martinus was “another part of me” as I am him too!
  • This evening I felt pure energy coming to me and the tears of Braco felt down my cheeks because he was effected by my presence too.

5th February: Reaching safety again and feeling sad that my mother stopped communication without informing me

  • Dreaming that I am STILL the one suffering the most of all, I am sad about my mother wrongly stopping communication without informing me, my family is suffering because my sister again has influenced my mother against me, which is what is killing my mother and me if it was not for the Council defending us through me and finally I am coming down from a dangerous swaying skyscraper – i.e. maximum suffering – to safety on the ground after the “game“ recently on sexual behaviour in relation to media.
  • Today I had more energy because of the Braco experience yesterday, but I am still not feeling normal, and I was working until 18.45 before I was able to publish my script of the last three days.


3rd February: Public acts and performances of sexual character was also about to bring down the world

Dreaming that public acts and performances of sexual character was also about to bring down the world

We know Stig another night starting to look as they did until a few days ago and really as expected after the “incident” the day before yesterday and we know another new “normal working day” feeling everything else than normal and we know inhaling a deep breath of air and “let us get started” and first with some dreams:

  • I see my old school friends Allan and Stone dead of drinking and at the same time I feel both surprised and prepared because I have known this would come for some time.
    • Another “bad” dream from the darkness and at the same time saying that this is where my old school friends Allan and Stone belong to and simply because of your behaviour so please read my website on behaviour and you will better understand.
  • I heard another favourite by Jeff Lynne “What would it take to save me now” here and throughout the night.
  • I am cutting joint of beefs of uneven quality and I have to return one cut because it was impossible to cut correctly.
    • A dream saying that we are coming back to the plan of “normal life” but still with an uneven quality.
  • I am flying around in my living room without problems, I am bored.
    • The first good sign really after deciding for a “new strategy” in relation to sexual behaviour and media after the incident the other day, which I will work on the next couple of days, and the dream says it all, my life is truly not very exciting at the moment.
  • I see that my father was fired after having spoken of his king son. I am at the bar of BBC outside.
    • The bar is “God” and BBC is television as the darkness and we know at the same time.
  • I am driving a taxi in Kenya, it is impossible to make the driver listen to me but still he is driving effectively and there is no danger. I have a flight home at 17.00 together with Elijah’s family and first at 16.40 I notice the time and realize that by now it is too late to catch the plane.
    • Is “will deafness” a general problem with many Africans and other poor people (?) and just saying that if you don’t want to listen, you don’t give an answer and this also goes to you my dear friends at LTO, and if you don’t think of the time when you are together with people, suddenly you will find out too late and miss or arrive late at your next appointment and this is an attitude I have seen many times and especially from you Elijah and I am thinking if you do remember the basic rules, which is to improve your life and credibility?
  • I am walking home through the forest, I see a hen, it is beautiful here, and I see a sad Camilla.
    • Another good sign – but I am not happy if Camilla is unhappy.
  • I have started working for DanskeBank-Pension again, it is smiles all over and I meet Kresten who has five different brochures on cars and I tell him that I will write down on a note, which car he will choose. I cannot afford to buy a car myself. Bjarne has removed the coffee pot from the coffee machine and I ask him if he does not realize that the coffee is still brewing for full.
    • The new “car” for Kresten is his future self, the smiles are smiles to me from the Council also going through these difficult days and the coffee is plenty of warm feelings and here Bjarne is a symbol of myself, because I don’t receive these from family and friends at the moment because of their restrains. I am left to my own devices.
  • Denmark is going to play against Norway in football, the Parken stadium in Copenhagen is sold out, it is very cold, I have two tickets for the match and roasted pork is included on both tickets, I have bought a used big Mercedes coupe, I am at a place with dormitories and I have been nervous to visit the one of my old school friends Lone G. and Tine H. but when I enter, I am happy to see that they have transformed it into an old fashioned grocer, which gives a very good environment, I speak to Tine H., I feel her “nervousness” of and interest in me too and she says that she is going to meet our old school friend Søren for a beer at Kgs. Nytorv (the King’s New Square) and I wonder why they don’t invite me to come and I show her my car parked outside.
    • The football is the “old” symbol of the fight between the light and the darkness, which goes on all the way to the end and we know with the darkness as strong as ever primarily because of the decisions of my mother – as you will understand from what it inspired me to do the other day – but still we bring pork as “normal life” to the world, the environment of the old grocer is to inspire you to create good environments in the future instead of or as a variant to all of these anonymous supermarkets looking the same and here it is again about my old beautiful school friend Tine H. and what I did not know was that because I would like to get to know her, she also thought of me and because communication did not work, we never spoke of and met for a beer as example and instead she had other friends than me. And both she and Søren will meet me as “special friends” in the future.
  • I have started working with DFM again and I notice how remarkable it is that Kim S. and Helle work together completely naturally after all these years and later I have set my video camera to record from the inside of a newspaper, which is a big entertainment show including “half naked ladies” from television, and when Kim wants to read the paper, I say that he cannot read the middle pages, but to my surprise I see that the video is not recording anymore.
    • Have you ever had the feeling that “I would like to work together with him or her again” as I have had myself many times (?) and we know this is what this dream inspires you to do if this is what you want and also that public displays of bodies playing on sexuality to draw attention from people was also about to bring down the world, hence the symbol of the newspaper.

The darkness coming to me the day before yesterday also started the violence of Egypt

This morning when I continued working from 9.00, I was surprised to see that the Internet Browsers did not work the first time when I opened my computer and looks like other people not happy to read my scripts at the moment (?) and we know creating more darkness but they worked again when I restarted the computer, and again this morning my floor lamp did not work and we know the darkness causes much and it was the day before yesterday that the darkness “inspired” me to watch media on the Internet to find the “boundaries” of responsible sexual behaviour and we know because I really crossed the boundaries myself – not “seriously” but “moderately” in my case – which was enough to create resistance from the present regime and also violence in the “revolution” of Egypt, which was peaceful until this day and I do hope that they will come to their senses again leaving the road of violence and really for Mubarak to follow the advices he receives from Obama.

When you are lazy “skimming” my scripts, you will not understand and when you are careful, you will understand

From the website of my counter – TIP – I can see the IP addresses of computers visiting my website and in the example below the visitor from Hellerup is my aunt Inge and I can only see how long a visitor stays on one of my pages, if the visitor afterwards clicks on another of my pages – this is how the system of the counter works – and because Inge did not click on links to other of my pages this time, I cannot see how much time she decided to use when reading my script of yesterday but I have noticed from before that her pattern is normally 15-20 minutes per script and also that she sometimes uses Google to translate the scripts to Danish.

The visitor from Copenhagen is my good friend, Fuggi, and here you can see that after reading my script of yesterday, he decided to click the “home” of my website and because of this I can see that he took 5:43 minutes to read my script of yesterday and previously I have seen that he has used approx. 2 minutes per script to “read” two scripts and approx. 9 minutes per script to read two other scripts.

When I ask you to “read my writings CAREFULLY in order to understand that I am indeed the truth” the habits of Inge and Fuggi as examples has nothing to do with “CAREFUL” because the script of yesterday includes 8,743 words and if you read carefully with a speed of 200 words per minute, it will take you 44 minutes to read this script word by word – and when I look at a number of my other recent scripts, several are between 11,000-13,000 words, which means that it should take you between 55-65 minutes or ONE HOUR PER SCRIPT to read carefully and that is according to the length of the scripts at the moment and we know there are a total of 214 scripts today on my website from book no. 3, which consequently will take you approx. 200 hours in total to read or probably less because I don’t believe that all scripts are of the same length as now but you know this is to give you an idea of what it takes to “read carefully in order to understand” and this is from book no. 3 and we know there is also book no. 1 and 2, which I ask all to read word by word as part of the criteria to show a clean heart – and we know Inge and Fuggi, this means that someday you will have to start reading the scripts again, which you may believe you have read (?) and instead of doing things “half” or even less, it is always good to do your best in order to truly understand and Fuggi, do you believe you understand me when you use between 2-10 minutes skimming instead of reading and TRULY understanding my scripts (?) and if you had decided to follow my encouragement, you should be able to understand that I write the TRUTH.

And just for your information: The statistics of my counter tells me that 80% of my “visitors” stay less than 15 seconds on one of the pages on my website – obviously it does not take long to figure out that I am a “swindler”– and 16% stay longer than one minute and 1% only longer than 30 minutes ….

Finishing the chapter on the media and indecency: “We have been waiting on you writing this since you were a small boy”

Today I kept on working again with difficulties until 17.30 and I also decided to leave for one hour during the day to do some necessary shopping and I am now approaching the end of the chapter of the media, which against my expectation (!) has been the most difficult chapter to write on my website – but not the most difficult work of all of my writings, which I believe the description of the new economic system in book 2 together with my memo to Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen and close to this also the memo to Hillerød Kommune, all from 2009, were – and during the afternoon I was given a weight on the chest as also was given the day before yesterday I believe and which is what I normally receive when the Commune starts thinking and worrying about me and today it was the darkness trying to have the Commune thinking of “start me up” to avoid me from finishing this work – which may still take some days to finalize, improve and setup on the website – but it is really becoming too late now. The darkness became a victim of its own mistakes when it dismissed people of the Commune instead of reading, understanding and following my advise to improve the work quality and efficiency and this is what created busyness at the Commune and my FREEDOM to do my truly important work on my website, which they Commune did not understand and would not respect as “work”.

And the weight on the chest soon stopped again and when I started writing the last chapter of stopping indecency of both private people, media, the business world and governments, I was told by the Council that “we have been waiting on you writing this since you were a small boy” and therefore it was probably a good decision to keep on working and to keep on doing my best and we know “against all odds” and resistance from the darkness. And this was symbolised when I stopped working when I tried to see if my floor lamp had started working again and we know I was not that surprised to see that I have now come back to where I left the other day – it was working again.


4th February: Receiving the true gift to cure people and “my self“ has been divided into several beings to protect us!

Dreaming that my mother has decided to take on the responsibility of becoming her true self costing her much energy

Another night approx. the same as most at the moment and we know directly to the dreams:

  • I look at the deer park from the outside and when I blow, I see how the cold becomes warmer, but I also feel that my actions have the biggest importance spiritually – and I feel that politicians will experience a kind of déjà vue of annoyance about what they have done.
  • I am at the home of Sanna and Hans, and Hans has given me a grill, which he tells me that I can keep and I tell him that I have not considered whether or not to decline his offer, to borrow it or to accept it as a gift. Tobias leaves the house with a black laptop under his arm and when he is outside I remember that he has borrowed my white laptop and I rush out and shout at him, which also makes Sanna shout my words to Hans inside the house.
    • I am thinking about being “grilled” here, which is a part of my forthcoming chapter on media for example when they recently cut down the leader of the Conservative Party in Denmark Lene Espersen and also the spokesman Henriette Kjær, which is also what Sanna and Hans has done in relation to me – but I succeeded not to be cut down myself – and besides this, I also see this as a symbol of “normal life” coming – “food” – where the coming faith of Hans and Sanna in me will help these plans. In the dream Tobias runs with my scripts really and I had the feeling when I woke up that it is because he at the same time shows much love and much cynicism and we know he has clear signs of both the light and the darkness as all physical members of the Council have (had) as examples.
  • I am at the wine store of H.J. Hansen where an employee decides to use me to taste a number of wines, which he will use to write a column in the next newsletter of the store. The wines are from a certain area of France, where they will now change the style of the wines and I tell him that it was wines from this particular area, which were the first I got to know. I taste the first wine and tell him that to me it tastes sour, which he does not agree with me in and makes him consider to use another than me for the tasting, but still he decides to continue using me and I understand that the wines from this area changes from poor to the best quality as wines of Mersault. I meet Paul H. together with a friend inside the store, it is Friday after work and he asks me how I am doing and what the hospital told me and I tell him that all tests are fine. The wine employee is now more positive than before and he has poured up a glass of red wine to the edge of the glass and also a light and cheap kind of sparkling wine for me to taste together with my old friend Lars G.
    • Wine is still “me” and “everything is” and H.J. Hansen is still my favourite store – however it has been years since my last visit – and I like the absolutely best quality of wine but I am not quite there yet. Apparently Paul, you don’t believe in me but “think” that I am crazy (?) and it has now been some time since I last saw you visiting my website. And just for your information, I am NO expert on neither wine nor stereo systems – I have an “interest” in this but true experts will tell you that I am an “all rounder” really.
  • I am at the beginning of Amagerbrogade in Copenhagen and I hear someone telling me that my mother is dead, but at the same time I see my mother bicycling in the wrong direction against the traffic – she is close to “Pasta House” – and I see that she is destroyed with sorrow and it is because her mother has died, 90 years old, and there is also another death at the same time making me tell my mother that “twice at the same time is not to bear” – but still I have the feeling in the dream that what she goes through is “nothing compared to me” – and somehow I leave the place with my mother to a typical old apartment block in Copenhagen, where I see my mother’s mother outside saying “up to the fruits of heaven”.
    • It seems like because of the resistance of my mother and her decision to oppose me instead of supporting me – she is driving against the traffic – she is so overwhelmed with suffering and sorrow that she is close to dying but we know this is part of the “game”, so my best guess is that my mother will be kept alive and when I am able to make it, she is too – and “Pasta House” still makes the best pizzas I have ever had (I lived close to this from 1991-92 I believe), try no. 25 if this is still “Pizza Amager” and we know the symbol is of course “joy and happiness” as the true message of the dream.
    • When I woke up from the dream it was “of course” with the song “er du dus med himlens fugle” by Poul Reichhardt, which is a very special and positive song to me and I was told that “there are no limits for her when I support her” and I was also shown a television of hers and this is really about the importance of my “counselling” in relation to my mother and when we don’t communicate, it is difficult for her.
  • I am walking around an almost empty company, I take a photo copy of a machine in black and white, which is not perfect quality and when I leave this large room, I don’t bring my access card but still all doors of the company are open to me.
    • Apparently still on our way and not perfect yet and we know Stig, you truly don’t like dreams of this nature to put it mildly and if I during my road had only a little more of the darkness working against me including dreams of this nature, I believe I would have broken down without coming back.
  • I heard the song “Uncle Sam” with Madness and the lyrics “I’m sailing across the sea to see my Uncle Sam” and we know “sailing” is normally a part of the darkness and obviously it takes some time to shake off the darkness after the incident the other day – and another true favourite of mine from the super group Madness!
  • I am working at Fair Insurance, the company is closing down in 8-10 days from now and I am to give Peter A. a daily report, Angela has given me a special insurance policy with a special sickness cover and when Janne reads the policy she does not know what it really covers, the three of us speak together at 03.00 in the middle of the night and I tell them that the “problem” occurred in 2003 where I only received a salary of 11,000 DKK and I say that “when you see the problems from the view of a customer, it gives respect”.
    • The dream says that the “darkness” – which Fair symbolises – will close down when I have finished my website and it may take a little longer than 8-10 days from now and I have received this special insurance policy due to an error made by Fair – as they did MANY of because of laziness and lack of quality – and this is also saying my former colleagues “believe” that I am “sick” and I wonder Janne when you have read the scripts of my website the last time? And since we speak in the middle of the night, I also wonder how many of you have had problems sleeping as a symbol of my suffering?
  • In one of the “breaks” during the night, I am told that my mother and others will never forgive themselves for what they have done to make me suffer, but then it will be too late to change.
  • A store of the optician chain Synoptik calls me and they ask me to come, I am “driving in my car” together with Karen and I have big difficulties explaining her where we are going, I am trying with Hauser Plads before I succeed telling her that the store is at Lyngbyvej next to the motorway, and suddenly I notice that neither I nor she drive the car and that the car by itself drives against the traffic at the motorway, which makes me take over the steering again, and I succeed to turn around the car, which makes Karen ask me for a refund of 10 DKK, which she says that she paid one of the cars driving against us. Later I see Karen and I working inside the bank, where she supports me, I am very busy with journals and I am one day behind with the work.
    • The optician can only be in relation to “see the truth” and this is where Karen and I are headed together as a pair, which is and has been difficult to explain and when the square of Hauser Plads in Copenhagen is mentioned here, I can only connect it with the beautiful restaurant Skt. Gertrud Kloster – which is special to me not least because of you, Lars G. my old friend – and when “looking for clues”, I opened the website of the restaurant and read the beginning of the history of it where I noticed that Skt. Gertrud after its opening in 1397 was a chapel, which worked as “the guardian angel of the travelling” and we know only when doing my best I am given the answers, which are hidden at this level at “the road of God” as you here saw an example of and really because the answer is that even though Karen and I have almost not been together since 2005, we have been each other’s “guardian angels”, because this is exactly what we agreed upon at my birthday the 3rd May 2004 at the old Bourgogne Restaurant – as I believe it was called – at Kultorvet in Copenhagen. And the dream says that we have been driving in the wrong direction as a pair – also because of what Karen has told others about me – but that we will succeed to turn around and also to work together bringing “normal life” to the world, which is the symbol of the bank.
  • I see that Madonna has decided to paint herself from the song “La Isla bonita” and she has decided to do this even though it is a giant decision costing her much energy.
    • According to the dream, Virgin Mary or Lona in this life as my mother is called has decided to take on the responsibility to become the one she truly is and the picture from the song is a “beautiful island”, which is really the oldest and to me the strongest symbol of “the home of God” or let us say here “our new world” – and by the way this song by Madonna has always been a very special favourite of mine and probably the best of the music style she did in the 1980’s.

And we know Stig my Internet browsers did not work the first time when opening my computer again this morning, the notes of my phone still first opens after 1-2 minutes after connecting to my computer and my dear family and friends, until now you have learned absolutely NOTHING because your “fear” and resistance is still what is causing this and we know showing me your wish for me to stop writing – and we know Stig, today is a “special day” where I will go to the “body-mind-spirit” exhibition in Copenhagen and really because I saw that the amazing “healer“ Braco would come and I thought that there had to be a link to me in order to obtain energy and because I could not afford to pay the entrance fee of 80 DKK, I was “lucky” to find a free ticket approx. one week ago at the website of Coclo acupuncture clinic in Copenhagen, which is also a sign that I support this “system of healing”.

Meeting Flemming, Tom and Gert because I needed energy to survive

When I walked to the train station of Lyngby on my way to the exhibition I was very happy to meet Tom, Gert and Flemming from Brede Park and they were kind to invite me for a drink at the square of Ulrikkenborg Plads – a cola for me and that is NOT a Coca Cola – and besides from hearing how they were doing, they asked me of how I am, which made me tell them the story for the first time that Tine from the Commune visited me the last day at the park to control my work and see how I functioned together with the others and that at my meeting with them the 20th December they started talking about the opportunity to get me out in a “flex-job” – for people with reduced working capacity – and that I told them that could perfectly well take care of all kinds of jobs, which we then agreed upon and this made these three guys today say “of course you can” and we know they meant it with conviction because they saw me working every day and how I was to be together with.

And while we were talking we noticed a man getting a take-away pizza next to us and when he wanted to drive away, he had “accidently“ locked himself out of his car – the keys were inside the car with the motor running – and this was “inspiration“ given to this man to symbol the laziness of the people of the park last autumn, not least from these three, which almost cost us “joy and happiness” as the symbol of Pizza and consequently Italy stands for and we know these good friends of mine were almost about to cost the existence of mankind, which this scene again showed and furthermore Flemming was inspired to speak about the ongoing “six-days” bicycling race here, which he will see one of the next days and also about a YouSee demonstration of antennas etc. and the bicycling is the symbol of the suffering these friends of mine are going through until they will be opened up spiritually, hence the symbol of the antennas, yousee? I look very much forward to meet these nice people again over a drink or lunch as we talked about.

I was also told that the reason why I “coincidently” meet them again today was because I had no energy left – I was completely burned out because of the resistance of family and friends to me – and needed to meet people having good feelings about me to help me survive, which was the same as these people also did last autumn.

I had a haircut and discovered that it is the power of the mind of people, which will cure themselves

On my way to the exhibition I had decided to visit the hairdresser at the beginning of Istedgade in Copenhagen simply because it is good and cheap with nice people and this was also the case today and as the hairdresser said, it has to be three months ago I had my last haircut and we know I did not prioritize this before now and really because I had to look fine at the exhibition today and I gave this kind man a short introduction to my books, which he was very kind to say was the right thing to do and at the end he asked me if I knew anything about eyes because he had what looked like a burst blood vessel in his right eye and I told him that normally he had to go to the doctor and then I was inspired to ask him if he believed in “more between heaven and earth”, which he said that he did not and this inspired me to ask him using the force of his mind to heal himself and I was given a vision of Braco when I told him “give it 1-2 days” and I do hope that this will heal his eye – and this really also gave me the answer to the question about people becoming cured when entering our new world and the answer is that it is the power of peoples own mind, which will cure them – and in this connection I have for a long time been told about the TV program of “science of the soul”, which Danish DR2 broadcasts these weeks – http://www.dr.dk/DR2/S/Sjael_videnskab/ – but I have not watched seen it yet.

Receiving the true gift to cure people and “my self“ has been divided into several beings to protect us!

When I arrived and entered the exhibition at Falkoner Centret in Copenhagen with 266 exhibitors of clairvoyants, healers and other “alternative practitioners” and I was told that all of these energy channels would be used to help curing the world.

Aglow International helped me to pray for a better life for mankind

I walked through and looked at many of the exhibitors and my starting point was that I did not have any money to spend and at exhibitions like these exhibitors normally offer their “services” at a price, which often is with a “discount” during the exhibition and we know I did not want – and could not afford – to pay anything so I was “driven by the wind”, which made me “accidently” meet Anne Marie from Aglow International www.aglow.dk – a Christian women (!) organisation offering prayer and conversation – and she was kind to invite me in and to ask me what I would like to pray for and I told her “for mankind to receive a better life” and this is then what she prayed Jesus to do, which also included for me to receive Jesus in my heart (!) and we know I could not help smiling when I told her that I do hope that Jesus will come by and be with her – and I also told her that she will receive a revelation herself :-).

Meeting Billy Cook – physically and spiritually at the same time!

After this nice experience I continued looking at different exhibitors and I was happy to find the International medium Billy Cook – one of the best of its kind – and I have not met him since the clairvoyant reading he did on me Oct. 31, 2005 and first he did not remember me but when I said we met at Arthur Findlay College in London and especially when he saw me speaking and smiling, he recognised me clearly and remembered an excersice I did there with Karin from Netherlands – I have not forgotten you Karin and I do look very much forward to seeing you again – and I told him about the importance of his reading on me in 2005 including the message of the German “Adolf”, and also that he was kind to tell me at Stansted earlier in 2005 that he saw a “big talent” of me as a medium and I said that I have been away but now “I’m back” because I have been opened spiritually and I asked him if he receives spiritual messages himself that the world is changing and I understood that he did not and exactly at this moment I felt his spiritual self with me, which was the first time ever I have had this feeling, which was quite funny because I spoke to and listened to Billy physically at the same time as I saw, felt and communicated with his inner self and I told him that his inner self was with me telling him that “the times they are a-changin”, which I could not help smiling at because this was exactly what Billy told me at the reading of me in 2005 as you can read at the end of the reading if you click the link above in this chapter.

Billy was kind to invite me for a small clairvoyance workshop, which he would lead from 16.00 and because I knew that it would cost 50 DKK to attend, I told him that I could not afford it but then he was inspired and we know kind to invite me to attend for free, which I was happy to accept.

I support acupuncture and magnetic necklaces curing people

From here I went to Billy Huang from Coclo to thank him for the free ticket he had sent me and I told him that I was on cash help and therefore that I would not buy anything but that I would like to say that I support what he is doing when helping people to become cured because this is what he does through acupuncture and also through the use of special magnetic necklaces and I met a lady there who said that she felt badly this morning but she had now worn this necklace for three hours and now she felt fine without any pain (!) and we know I told him that I always like people helping people to feel better but maybe because I had no money, he did not think of asking what he could do to help me.

I prayed for mankind with “In the Light of the Master” and received a message my spiritual my mother: “it is not too late”

From here I went to “I Mesterens Lys” (“in the light of the master”), which also offered to help on individual prayer and after I had sat down on a chair, a young man by the name of Benjamin came to me and kindly asked me what I would like to pray for and I told him “for a better life for mankind”, which he was then about to do but before he started, I also thought about doing a special prayer for Egypt and because I was thinking of this, he also received the same thought from the same man – from Jesus/Stig – and when I eventually asked him to include Egypt, he told me that he had the exact same thought both this morning and again right now (!) and to this I could only tell him that this was about “two souls, one thought” and “then it is the right time to do it now”, which he agreed with and we know I did not know this before the exhibition, but this was another planned event for me today, hence the thought given to Benjamin from the morning.

So this is what he did – and my hands were very warm as a sign of the healing of mankind as we did as they were the whole day when I was doing events – and he also passed on a vision he was given about a flower meadow and when he did not receive more I told him “try to think about Virgin Mary” because Virgin Mary or the spirit of my mother uses flowers as her symbol of love and this made him say “problems in the childhood” and “it is not too late” and to this I could only tell him that Virgin Mary was special to me both in my childhood and today and that if he could imagine having a relation with Virgin Mary, she and I have “problems” at the moment and therefore his message gave meaning to me – eventually it was that it was not too late to help my mother survive (!) – and also that my mother has not truly written me off and when I asked him about what “I Mesterens Lys” is and he told me about Ole Skjerbæk Madsen receiving the voice of Jesus through the holy spirit in 1994 and that Benjamin himself is combining his faith with spiritualism this way, this gave me the vision of “the hand of the master” – mine really – which I saw being inserted through his back and I was inspired to tell him that this is the light he will receive as the “new generation” and he told me that this made sense to him and we know he understood that it was the “master himself” speaking through me but probably not that it was not only spiritually but also in person sitting next to him.

And just so you know, the darkness is still speaking to me and given me suffering and it would have been “easy” to send out the wishes of the darkness to the world and we know easier than doing the right thing to send out “only good things”, which are the words I have also told my self thousands of times and still do today however I don’t have to do it “all of the time”, which I had to do for months in 2010.

The “gaze” of Braco helped me to survive and I received this as my gift too and knowledge of being divided into several beings

The real reason why I chose to attend the exhibition today and not during the weekend was because I had noticed that the Croatian Braco would come today to “gaze” at an audience to heal people and this was certainly what I needed to receive myself.

Before I entered the big audience hall together with hundreds of other people, there were four sessions of these just today, I had only heard briefly about Braco in a short news item on Danish television some time ago – but I understood that he is something special – and I had not searched on him on the Internet to find more information before coming today, so I really did not know much in forehand and before the event “officially” started, it started for me when I sat down and felt my hands heating again and we know because I felt Braco being close to us and after some minutes when all people had entered the audience, the event started with a Danish lady introducing Braco and she also told about her own personal experience after having met Braco the first time and listened to his voice, where she afterwards wanted to light a cigarette but even though she has been a smoker for forty years, it was simply impossible for her to light the cigarette and take in any more “poison”. She stopped smoking “just like this”.

After this, Braco entered the stage and he did not say a word as usual and for maybe 20-25 minutes he gazing around making sure that he would look at everyone as everyone was looking at him, and the feelings I received during this session was first gooseflesh on my body and later an extreme heat as I don’t believe I have tried before and during the “event” I was first told by the Council that I would work together with Braco in a “special symbiosis” – which is a close “common life” between two individuals – and later to my big surprise I was told that “we have divided you into several human beings, in case you should die, another would take over” and this is how I was told that Braco is me and I am Braco (!) and we know this was done to help us fight the extreme darkness lead by my “unknowing” sister (!), which was what pushed Michael Jackson over the edge and we know this part of me was killed by the darkness but we know I have received “indications” that Obama is also a part of me, which I have not listened to before now, and I was also thinking here about Jacob Holdt from American Pictures as a part of me and we know Stig another reason why I have been divided was also to receive different sufferings of mankind through my different “beings” and we know both as the victim and as the persecutor, which is information which will be given to the world and we know when I was standing there directly in the middle of all in order to receive most energy and looked directly into the eyes of Braco, he was also looking directly into mine and I felt him as part of me and really as a “dark layer” covering me all over from top to toe, which was a new feeling to me, and I felt the darkness of Braco (!) to say that “all of us” have been victims or/and persecutors of indecent sexual behaviour as symbols of the sins of mankind.

I was also told that this experience today was a condition to help me survive for longer than 8-10 days – as the dream said – to continue being able to finalise the work on my website until I am happy with it – otherwise I would be opened before I would die (!) without being entirely done with my website – this is how low my energy had dropped and consequently this is also what was needed in order to make my mother survive and we know it is her feelings, which were killing the both of us (!) and thank you Braco for following your “instinct” to come to Denmark again so shortly after your previous visit.

And finally I was told that a constant link – this is the symbiosis of us – has now been established between Braco and me meaning that I now have the same capability as he to cure people or let me say bringing an “open channel” to people because this is what is “the miracle” and through this open channel, the power of the mind of people themselves is what brings them healing energy and we know also to tell you that when you truly believe in Braco – and from now in me – you will use him and me as the channel to cure your self, this is really the secret of healing and faith.

After the “event”, the lady who introduced Braco came back and she was a very fine communicator, whom I liked much and she asked people to raise their arms when answering “how many felt something physically on their bodies”, which made maybe 10-20 percent raise their arms, and “how many saw the most beautiful colours” and “how many started crying” which maybe gave the same results, and “how many felt gooseflesh”, which made me and many others raise their arms, the same with “feeling heat” and we know she had maybe 15 or 20 of these questions, which I could answer yes to myself in two coincidences and I do believe that all or almost all of the maybe 300 people raised their arms once or more and this in itself was evidence enough for the attendants because “how can so many feel the same as they never normally feel like this” and so it is.

Discover the amazing healing effect of Braco yourself!

In case you have not heard about Braco yet, the following video and links may be an introduction for you to learn about what happens when he cures people simply by being present, which should be another sign for you of the arrival of Jesus and we know Stig and here together with some close friends I may say if you should decide not to be open and not use some time to discover the truth, it is likely that you will be as narrow minded and negative as most of the commentators included at the link below to dr.dk when they were patronizing and ignorant when they “guessed” without knowing of course that Braco was a swindler and gave their directly impudent comments and we know you will see that one comment is worse than the other and that is with exception from “Per”, who actually saw Braco in REALITY (!) and therefore knew what he was speaking of and we know in this respect this link below also shows you an example of what is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR as I have desribed for you in the chapter ”Improve your work and behaviour – to improve your life!” on my website, which you may understand?



The spirit of Karen singing “I love him so”

And after this let me say “mind-blowing” experience – the messages given to me today are not what you will experience during an average day in an average life – I heard the song “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” from Jesus Christ Superstar, which I might say here has become one of my favourite songs of all and really because it is very beautiful and especially because of the meaning of it and it was Mary Magdalena or the spirit of Karen giving me the lyrics from this song “I love him so” – and she was with me all throughout this exhibition also helping the world though all of us – and I also heard the song several times during the night without writing it and we know just writing this gives me tears all over and we know not my own tears but let me say from a very dear and close lady to me and this is how Karen still feels “under her skin” about me which however is a feeling, she does not like to go deep into and so it is my friends.

Billy Cook: “The pressure is going to be fine”, about reactions from mankind to my life as Adolf Hitler!

After having received the link to the “open channel” through Braco I went to the clairvoyance workshop of Billy Cook together with approx. 25 other and the workshop was about using the colours you receive spiritually when looking at other people – this is one of several “entrances” to give a clairvoyant reading on people and we know which people having developed these skills receive, which everyone can develop (!) – and the “secret” is to find out what a colour means to you and then the spiritual world will use the colours together with feelings, visions and/or audio messages, which you may receive too, to give this “spiritual guidance” of people and in the beginning of the workshop I was told that now my mother will survive too and we know I received the “link” through the session with Braco and here I received the energy required to pass on energy to my mother to make her survive too and that was really why Billy was inspired to come here today and why I was inspired to come to Billy and so it is.

Billy was “inspired” to do a small exercise really because I earlier had decided to prepare my mobile phone to record any spiritual messages which he would be inspired to pass on to me, as I also did in 2005, and the exercise was for the attendants to close our eyes and see which colours came to us and when I did this, the first colour I received was purple together with a feeling of Mary Magdalena or the spirit of Karen and this is the colour I associate with her because she once gave me a purple t-shirt as a gift and afterwards I was shown a light blue changing into royal-blue, these were the exact colours and on basis of our “findings” Billy decided to do a short round going through the colours of everyone passing on “only a little bit” of the information he would receive if he decided to give longer readings and when he approached me, I turned on the audio recorder of my mobile phone, which you can listen to here or simply read from the following transcript, which I did from the 1:20 minute short “session” and first when writing this chapter I found out that “kongeblå” in Danish is not called “king blue” in English as you can see below, but “royal-blue” and we know Billy IS notoriously difficult to understand as you will see but I did my best trying to listen to and understand every single word of his several times – and you may notice that he picked up the “depression” of Karen in relation to me when he “tuned” into the purple colour and also that when he turned into the blue colour, he first received the word “German” in relation to me and afterwards that “the pressure is going to be fine” and we know he was picking up the immense pressure of being Adolf Hitler and that is going to be fine and my dear friend, Billy – did you realize the importance of the message you gave to me in this “little workshop” of yours and that was really that the world will not care about the wrong doings I did as Hitler, they will understand the necessity of going through this immense hell to save us all and by the way also why the swastika cross was used as an emblem of the Nazi Party meaning “good”, which was really the meaning of the World War II.

Here is the transcript word by word:

Yes, young man (thank you very much Billy for calling me “young man” :-))

– I first had the purple and then the light blue changing to a “king blue”.

Right, now has there been any depression around you (?) (“yes”), right, because I want you to be not too bright away to bring it back to a natural colour, do you understand (“yes”) and when sometimes if anyone works with colouring and healing one should “bright is too much” (I cannot hear it better than this) or is too yaki, then there is a problem, it is when it is nice and just nice, do you understand what I mean (“yes”) and what other colour and I would say you need to get that with you and I’d say it is gonna be alright and what was the other colour?

– It was light blue changing to “king blue” (somebody in the audience helps Billy to understand by saying “precision blue”).

I don’t know what precision blue was, I know what precision was but not precision blue, it’s German isn’t it (?), the English word for a colour is “slightly lighter than a marine blue” – anyway I know that the feeling I get with it is that the pressure is going to be fine, it is going to be fine with you and once again it is a waken up spiritually I would say, it is where things have been laying a little dormant but where they are coming forward once again.

Afterwards we were matched together two by two with the task to receive colours from the other person and to start doing a clairvoyant reading on basis of what the colour meant to us and we know as a starting point really which then is followed up by other messages given to and passed on by clairvoyants and I was a little nervous about this because I did not know if I would receive messages from the light or the darkness or both but you know I “had” to do it and I was put together with Jana from the Czech republic – she has lived here since the 1970’s – and I started by seeing a purple colour in connection with her followed by a pink and purple to me is “deep love” so this is what we spoke about and “pink” to me could really only be “lack of courage and initiative” so this is what I spoke of and what I did not know before writing these lines is that this was both about Jana and also about myself, which is the exact thought and lack of action of Karen too and we know I am just writing what I hear so nothing new – and I was given information spiritually which I simply passed on to Jana without adding or withdrawing anything and therefore I asked her to go 20-30 years back in time and think about a man, which made a GREAT impression on her, which she however did not think of as a potential partner back then and she said that she knew whom I spoke of but she also told me that this man is dead today, where I thought that he would be living (!) and just telling you how important it is not to “think” yourself but really to be neutral and just maybe it was the darkness playing games with me again and when I entered the third colour I received, blue, I received a physical feeling at the waist of my body and the feeling of “faith coming in the middle of her life”, which I told her which was true and I told her that even though she has reached a “mature” age now, faith will keep growing inside of her and really because this is the importance of the meeting she and I had today in relation to her future and that is “if she wants to”.

Afterwards I did another exercise with a man called Leif and again I received the feeling of “deep love” and this time from a diseased love of his youth, who loved him deeply but where he decided to stop their relation and we know I do hope that your hearing will improve, Leif (?) and I felt Braco with me when I told him this and we know he has been “almost” deaf on one of his ears since he was a boy.

And finally there were other messages too during this workshop, the spirit of Karen gave messages to me of herself being selfish in physical life, that she is helping mankind too at the moment and when I spoke of the feeling I received of a scarf, which I was not to see and said that I thought it was blue, Billy said that it was a “kind of blue”, which was really what Karen is at the same time as this is also the absolutely best music – by Miles Davis – within a genre, so we are doing pretty alright also here on the other side and we know also when playing the trumpet :-).

And we know I heard and felt a new “inspiration” coming to Billy and that was my own inner self and Billy, you may decide not to retire completely as you told me that you are planning and that is when my voice will shine through you and that is if you really want to?

Martinus was “the salt” and a part of me as I was him

This became the end of the exhibition for me and first afterwards I read that Jan from www.det-tredie-testamente.dk also was present and we know I thought that I had seen all exhibitors but I am sorry to have missed you, Jan – I went to his study group of Martinus for some time in 2005 and maybe 2006 I believe – and we know this is about the late Danish author Martinus and his work of “ the third testament“ as “the promised extension of the Bible”, which he wrote after having received a “cosmic opening” making him able to feel and be everything which is – “the salt” – and we know as I will receive too and the idea here is really to tell these Martinus “students” that Martinus also had darkness with him and we know for example when he predicted that I will not return and really because he was given the feeling that he was me (!), which is what he then passed on and because my friends this is what he truly was and we know I found another of my “late beings” and we know reality surpasses fiction you know, which this is a pretty good example of.

I felt pure energy coming to me and the tears of Braco, who was effected by me too

When I came home and during the evening, I felt a new energy and brightness coming to me from the inside and this did not mean that the darkness through my family and friends is still not with me because it is but I felt generally better, the darkness was less and I felt the spirits of the Council clearer and purer than before and during the evening I also felt Braco with me and he gave me the tears running down his cheeks as tears running down my cheeks and I was told by the Council that he has never felt like this before and we know meaning that we had an impact on each other.

And I was told that my new ”link” will work when being together with other people and if I should decide to stay at home, my energy will decrease again.


5th February: Reaching safety again and feeling sad that my mother stopped communication without informing me

Dreaming of reaching safety again and feeling sad that my mother stopped communication without informing me

The effect of the energy given to me yesterday via Braco during the night was that I was “allowed” to sleep until 04.30 before I was woken up the first time and normally I am woken already after 1 to 1½ hours and we know I also felt better this morning but it would be too much to say that I am “fresh”, which I am certainly not – I am still beaten black and blue but “somewhat less” today compared to yesterday – and here are the dreams of the night where I do believe considerations were also taken to me because of the long chapter of the exhibition yesterday, which I needed to do today and we know and also to publish my script of course:

  • I am in front of a bicycling race ahead of Bjarne Riis and others, I arrive at our holiday cottage next to Lyngby lake, I put on my shoes, I am now running and I can set a new record when also running around the lake. I see my mother and John becoming separated and that my mother receives a new telephone number, which makes me very sad also because she does not tell me why they separate.
    • And we know I am in the lead of “suffering” and my dear family and friends, I am still the one suffering the most of all, which some of you may be surprised of and also the true reason why and here John is a symbol of me and really because I am sad that my mother simply stopped seeing me and stopped communication without telling me and we know the same with John and my sister and do you think this is good behaviour (?) and that this was the best to do in the situation (?) and again, all of you FAILED when you did what was WRONG once again.
    • And we know let us take it here; only by going through the absolutely most difficult road being strong without giving in to the Devil at any time – other than what was “planned” – I will be able to finalise my work on my website and we know herewith helping the world the best possible way after having done my best.
  • I see Sanna, Hans and my mother swimming in the lake, my mother wants to sell the holiday cottage without knowing the consequences of her wish, she is about to adopt Sanna’s two year old son, which however requires that she will become married to an Italian and that she hands over her telephone to the police including the receipt. Before I go to bed in the house my mother promises to wake me up in the morning, but only if my amplifier will keep playing throughout the night and my amplifier is playing at maximum volume on all channels, which is unbearable to listen to so I decide to switch it off. In the house I also see Pernille S’s sister, Katrine, whom I was about to oversee.
    • Swimming is still suffering and my mother wanting to sell the house is to say that she would like to avoid becoming who she is – my mother is irresolute as part of her life and we know in almost all situations – and if I am to guess (!) without knowing for sure about the rest of the dream, it says that if my mother is to choose the side of my sister, she believes it will bring her happiness – the Italian – but it will mean that she will give up her spiritual self to the Devil, i.e. the telephone and the Police and really saying that my sister has “succeeded” to influence my mother with her darkness in relation to me. And I do believe it is my amplifier playing at max. volume so it is “uncomfortable” and really because of my mother’s decision in relation to my sisters influence and just telling you that my knowing-all sister in relation to my scripts is causing our mother and me so much suffering that we would die if it was not for the Council working through me to defend us and of course Sanna only wants the best for us and Sanna some day you will understand this and the question is really how difficult was it for you to find out earlier if you only wanted to?
  • I am at the top apartment at a very high skyscraper, I am lying at the floor because I am afraid looking out of the big panorama glass windows, the top of the skyscraper is swaying so much in the wind that it reaches all the way down to the ground at one side before it sways over doing the same at the other side, but still I find the lift together with another man and I am surprised to see that the lift still works bringing us all the way to ground level, and when the lift door opens I see people hiding from street fightings including the use of guns but when I walk out in the streets, the danger vanishes.
    • The top of the skyscraper is maximum suffering, this is what I have gone through again coming safely all the way down and we know my friends this was not easy to do and I might as well write it here because when the darkness is at its highest, it still has immense power influencing me so strongly some days ago that it made me feel again that there was a risk that the world would go under if I was not able to stop “misusing” the Internet and we know I did not write this but I had this strong feeling for some days and together with uncomfortable dreams and we know physical feelings of suffocation too, it was not the best days of my life but on the other hand, it should be clear to all how much a responsible sexual behaviour also in relation to the media and public means in relation to LIFE itself.
    • Again I heard “my way” by Frank Sinatra and we know ”the end is near” and here only the end of my work on the website and maybe even my scripts, which would not be the worst really.

Today I started working at 9.00 and at 14.00 I decided to take a break going to the library to borrow some new music on CD and DVD, it will become easier when you have the best quality online for free, and coming back at 15.30 I continued working of my script of today and also to do the second edit of the last part of yesterday and today and we know before I also set up the script and published it at 18.45, and today I also felt more motivated to start running again, which is really only showing you the negative influence my family and friends have had on me and we know Stig when writing this, it is a little bit difficult because somehow the Council have suddenly changed the setup of my keyboard to the computer so it does not give me the same special characters as what is printed on the keyboard and we know there is nothing to see on the setup in the Control panel so it will probably come back to normal when the computer will be restarted and we know my floor lamp worked the SECOND time when touching it this morning and really saying that when we will see each other again in the family, things will become fine and we know the FIRST decision was what caused the problems and the SECOND decision is what solves them as this says.

And I decided not to run today because of the time it took to finalise my work and we know Fitness World has also now blocked my membership because I decided to stop this payment in order to help the LTO team in Kenya, so I would have had to run outside and we will have to see if running will be on my programme tomorrow instead.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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