Feb. 9, 2011: I was completely worn out also with lung inflammation and was “saved” because of my faith


Summary of the script today

6th February: I am completely worn out and with lung inflammation – I need people to “fill me up” with energy

  • Dreaming of people having a good behaviour on the surface only, being much more efficient at work when working instead of talking, nobody to fill up my energy, the “population” of our new world is now over 60, Denis is stuck because of alcohol, I am completely worn out again without energy and will the train leave Helsingør once again?
  • The darkness took out my keyboard and gave me lung inflammation and I had to go to Copenhagen to buy a used keyboard in order to be able to continue and also finalise my work.
  • This evening I received extreme pain in my breast and my spinal column, which made me feel closer to dying and giving up than ever before – but I continued.

7th February: I had a very bad night because the “resistance” of my mother “is what could destroy the world”

  • I had a very bad night because the “resistance” of my mother “is what could destroy the world” and I was dreaming that I am on my way to Egypt.
  • I did not work today because I was sick without energy and I decided that I do have faith in the new link between Braco and me will cure this disease.

8th February: Receiving approval of my decision on sexual behaviour in relation to media

  • Dreaming of receiving approval of my decision on sexual behaviour in relation to media, there is quiet in my end of the house and people are still doing wrong at the other end of the house, becoming dressed with good messages to the world, the “nightmare of my life” will not be carried out and sex has been the key suffering of my life.
  • Today I felt that my lung inflammation is decreasing and I am less tired than for years, which is the true effect of the opening of me through Braco and this is what saves my mother and me after the new attack from her/my family on me.
  • More and more people search on Google “jesus stig” to find my website. It looks like people are starting to connect Jesus with Stig and vice versa.
  • This evening I witnessed new “strange weather” and a triangle of light from a giant spacecraft hovering over Lyngby as another sign leading to me.

9th February: Yesterday my lung inflammation was cured, but today it returned together with threats

  • After a surprisingly terrible evening yesterday I also had the most awful night with extreme negative energy dreaming of having a long text to write (on my website), an explosion by a mini submarine or war between Denmark and Russia as symbols of an “accident somewhere in the world” or myself becoming disabled if I do not.
  • Yesterday evening my lung inflammation was cured, but this morning it was back again and I wonder about the magnitude of an outburst, which my mother must have had yesterday evening since it comes so strongly and negatively on me. Later in the day it was cured once more!


6th February: I am completely worn out also with lung inflammation – I need people to “fill me up” with energy

Dreaming that I am completely worn out again also with lung inflammation – I need people to “fill me up” with energy

The night was approx. the same as the previous but I was woken up the first time at approx. 03.30 and it looks like I am receiving less dreams after the meeting with Braco, which I of course don’t mind … and we know continuing now in the afternoon on a new and not very good keyboard my friends to say the least and we know because suddenly this morning my old keyboard decided to get off and not because anything is wrong with it, it is just the last victim of the darkness coming to me from Sanna/Hans and John primarily and we know transmitted through my mother, which is also the reason why I have received lung inflammation and does it sound familiar that the lungs are hit now again (?) – this has happened several times for both my mother and I – and we know this is how it is here and let us see if I somehow can get used to this new keyboard which I bought in Copenhagen used for 35 DKK and really because I could not afford to buy a new one and we know here are some dreams:

  • I am visiting a couple who pretend to show a good behaviour but just underneath the surface they have criticised me because of their own weak feelings and when I try to tell them the truth, they show their true bad behaviour by throwing a shoe against me and they cannot see that they are wrong.
    • This is about “pretending” to be nice on the surface and also here just maybe what some Muslims will think of doing to me in the beginning?
  • At work, instead of sitting next to people who I like to speak privately with, I decide to sit another place next to the window, which makes me much more efficient when I work instead of talking. Paul H. is one of my colleagues and when I am about to take on my jacket I notice that some of his things are in my jacket and some of my things are in his jacket.
    • Not much to say here really.
  • I am at an underground facility together with a man, there is nobody to fill up the car, I hear music from a movie, which says that more than 60 people are now living in Helsingør, and I meet one who decides to pay petrol with 500 DKK because I don’t have a credit card.
    • We know Stig according to the dream I should start seeing more people to “tank up” my energy and we know also my mother’s as two examples but today I decided not to go seeing Braco again – now in the Bella Centre – and really because I will try to make it to Lama Yönten on Tuesday if I can and Theosophical Fellowship on Sunday and take it from there and really because I need to have time to do my work too and we know this keyboard accidently repeats many characters and it happens at almost every line I write and I have decreased the repeating speed and really not very nice but we know it is all I got. And it is nice to hear that the number of the “population” of Helsingør as our new world is growing.
  • I meet a French man in Helsingør at a wine store and something about saying no to toys as a gift but that he does not mind receiving a HUGE bottle of Cognac – he is stuck and needs help.
    • I can only relate this to Denis or the previous Nostradamus and we know are you still together with Karen and how much true happiness does that bring you?
  • I meet with friends where Paul H. is one of them. One is a butcher and has a large butcher’s desk installed at his garage, however it is of very poor quality and can break apart at any moment, and he has a Triumph sport car with two seats where the pedals almost don’t hold together because they are worn out and I tell him that this car is the most beautiful car I know of.
    • We know, I thought that I received enough energy from the exhibition Friday to last for some time but this dream says what I feel again today: Completely worn out and apparently there is “no fuel left for the pilgrims” but I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!
  • I am walking together with a man in Helsingør towards the train station, it is raining, we are going to the cinema in Copenhagen together with friends and he tells me that it will rain much more this evening. At the train station it seems like the train is divided into several small trains without a locomotive and just before it is scheduled to leave, I stand on to a small train for children.
    • I learned this night that the “cinema” is looking into the future at “our new world” and therefore a good symbol and does the train leave Helsingør or not bringing much more suffering with it (?) and this is really the question of this dream, which believe will be answered over the next days.

The darkness took out my keyboard and gave me lung inflammation

This morning I felt what started yesterday really, which was lung inflammation – there should be no doubt when feeling like I do – and for hours I was also given a very uncomfortable weight on my breast at the same time as I was dizzy, and after taking a long bath, I decided to go to Copenhagen to buy this keyboard – I found it on www.dba.dk on the internet without being able to use my old keyboard (!) – and we know to finish my work (!) and I tell you that I did not feel well on the way to say the least, but it really doesn’t matter at all – thanks for the song Jeff and for the love from the spirit of my father telling me this – and let me just shortly today say that I have been fed with a lot of ideas – very convincingly as usual – of what I can also write in my scripts as well as on my website and we know I cannot take in anymore now – and this will have to be the script of today and we know no running today and I am hoping to find the energy to work some hours tomorrow to hopefully “almost finish” the chapter on the media for my website, which is really the most important of what is missing, but my plan is still to continue doing the last items on my list too, which may take a couple of weeks and we will have to see what happens.

I was closer to dying and giving up than ever before

After two hours where I went through Hell once more – negative speech and temptations – the spirit of my mother came to me and handed over a ring – and Billy Cook may remember the Clairvoyance Workshop where he told a lady about two rings, where she could only think of two and we know this was the third and also the reason why Billy you were given the Devil so people could see what you also contain and we know when he asked the lady if she has Alzheimer’s.

After dinner I received what to me was an extreme pain both in my breast and now also in my spinal column, which was so painful and uncomfortable that I felt closer than ever before to die and consequently closer than ever before to give up. The pain lasted for ten minutes and hereafter it was reduced and I was told that it is because instead of giving me all of the suffering coming from my mother (!), it is given to the world on my wish and this is also where I will receive energy.

I was also told today that there are also “back-ups” for all members of the Council in case the present ones should die.

Today I surfed more on the Internet to find the limits of sexual behaviour in relation to media and this is not as easy as it may sound like because I am “scared” to be as restrictive as possible but I have decided to test the limits and really that I know that it is about finding the right balance removing the extremes and we know but I did not really know before going to bed if I had crossed the limits – I did not think so based on “simple logic” – and if I would receive more pain because of this and we know this evening was one of the most difficult of all I have had and the darkness did everything to make me fear that I might die but I really did not.

I am winning in football to save the world

Did you notice that Barcelona won again last night in the Spanish League yesterday and this time for the 16th time in row beating an “unbeatable” record from Real Madrid winning 15 times in a row in 1960/61 with their old “dream team” and why is this and really because I am still unbeaten – this is the symbol my friends, winning in football to save the world and Barcelona is my dream team, yousee?


7th February: I had a very bad night because the “resistance” of my mother “is what could destroy the world”

A very bad night because the “resistance” of my mother “is what could destroy the world”

The whole day yesterday I had felt fever in my body and when I went to bed, I was made freezing so much that I needed two duvets not to freeze and it was impossible for me to sleep and later I was now warm and we know impossible to write the experiences from the night but let us say “alarming” when I was told that “this is what could destroy the world” and we know once again my mother has reached a stage, where this would become reality if we were not protected by the Source.

And the night was truly “strange” because I only received one short dream and also saying that this to me is an approval of my decision on sexual behaviour in relation to media and we know now I “just” need to write it and not easy when I feel as I do.

  • I am together with two people who shows me many tree pieces laid out on the floor which I have to step on without slipping and in the beginning it is difficult but shortly thereafter I walk the tree pieces quickly and without problems and they now become tiles giving me a feeling of Egypt.
    • Apparently this is the road I have started, which leads to Egypt.

I did not work because of lack of energy but I have faith that the link via Braco will “save” me

Today I was sick without any energy and just writing this is very difficult because when I work I am also given negative speech, which is too much resistance and therefore my work on the website will have to wait until I feel better again.

I was told in the afternoon that the reason why I almost had no dreams and also almost no speech from the Council today is because this is a strong wish of my mother but not for me you know.

Later in the day I started wondering about the fact that I did receive more energy after meeting Braco and the link which is created between him and me and we know I concluded that it was the darkness which told me that I have almost no energy and need to see people in order to become better and we know FAITH is what you can call it because via this link I have direct access to the energy of the world and we know from here I started feeling better throughout the day – and I was thinking that first after I received the energy via Braco, the sickness evolved because now I am able to fight it and we know as I have seen before from the Council just after becoming “secure” when they have released what they have taken upon themselves to save me really and thank you my friends.

And this evening there was a storm and almost a hurricane and we know just a sign of course of the wind blowing against me culminating today.


8th February: Receiving approval of my decision on sexual behaviour in relation to media

Tonight I slept better than for a long time but still not “normal” and I had a couple of short dreams:

  • I am in a class room where people are sleeping, I have some difficulties but I find my bag, which is branded “Universe” and inside of it is a sandwich.
    • I have been to school to learn my lesson and I have learned it well – this is the approval of my decision on sexual behaviour in relation to media – and from here I am given back the universe and normal life to come.
  • In my part of the house people are sleeping, there is silence, the radio is going to play traditional “Danish top” songs, at the other end of the house, people are yelling, partying and doing WRONG.
    • My end of the house is “our new world” and we know the present world is also inside of our new world so all which lacks is for this to improve.
  • Two people ask Jørgen – Kim S’ father-in-law – if all employees can get a nice new jacket because they have noticed that I have received a new Muse jacket as a gift, but he becomes annoyed and really because it will reduce his profit.
    • Receiving a jacket is to me the same as a shoe and that is to become dressed or ready for our new world and here with good messages because of the Muse symbol and also saying that for self-employed people today money is truly what matters and Jørgen and Kim S’, was this the reason why you never offered me a course in order to improve (?) and just wondering I am.
  • I am speaking to Tine H. next to the badminton course and she tells me that she is not going to win the match and I still feel her interest in me.
    • This is the same as the ring, which the spirit of my mother returned to me – there will be no “nightmare” to carry out.
  • I have been swimming in the swimming pool and when I go back to swim some more, there is no water in the pool. I see a nice looking lady and discover that I have not my swimming trunks on, so I have to hide and to take on the trunks, which I succeed doing with difficulties.
    • The water is suffering and the lack of swimming trunks is simply that sex has been a vital key of the suffering of my life.

My sickness is decreasing and I am less tired than for years 🙂

This morning I felt that my fever is gone, but still I was dizzy and still the lung inflammation was left. I felt that I had somewhat more energy and I really expect this to continue until I become well and we know Stig, I could work today on my website if I truly wanted to but I have decided to wait until I will feel better.

Later: During the day I felt less tired than for years – an amazing feeling (!) – that my lung inflammation became less compared to the morning and yesterday, the negative voices became less negative and I also felt a less desire for red wine and French fries sauce and this is the true effect on the opening of me through Braco and I believe that when my lung inflammation is over with, it should be piece of cake to finish my work from here – and I was also told that the energy I feel is also passed on to my mother, so mother, I am really saving you again after your decision to desert me, which almost killed us once again.

And we know it was a “little bit” difficult road to come through my friends but the mood is better here than ever and we know especially because I am not tired – do you have any idea how it feels to be so tired that you are more dead than alive every day for years?

I decided to stay at home this evening therefore not visiting Lama Yönten and the teaching of Erik and not because I could not but because my dizziness would make it uncomfortable and because it was no longer needed in order to give energy.

More and more people search after “stig jesus” on Google

Sometime ago I decided to register with Google webmaster tools, which analyses my website for free and among other things brings the search enquires people use, which makes one of my webpages turn up as a search result and as you can see from below, the search on “stig jesus” as example so far has given more than 35 read-outs but less than 10 has decided to click on the link to me site – apparently some people out there has connected Jesus with Stig and vice versa – and you cannot see all of the results through this picture, but I can tell you that other search criteria including “stig” includes:

  • new stig
  • stig story
  • new stig growing up
  • stig evolution
  • he stig is jesus
  • baby jesus stig

To my surprise, Google does not show any results of people searching on my sir name and my own website only gives me some and not all search results of people entering my site and this is what it says:

While we are at it, here are some more statistics in relation to my website – first the number of visits per day and total visits since the 7th December 2010 (!):

And here are my pages with the highest number of visits – the two first on the list are the same page namely my front page and I don’t know why WordPress does this but this is how it is:

A giant spacecraft hovering over Lyngby is a sign leading to me

From 17.00 until approx. 18.00 I saw how the weather within a few minutes changed from overcastted to a clear sky and once again to overcastted and finally an almost clear sky again – strange you know.

At 18.30 in the evening I looked outside my kitchen window and as so often before there were no lights on the sky to start with but after approx. one minute three lights were switched on – one after the other – in a very large triangle symbolising the TRINITY TO THE WORLD and I was told that this is one GIANT SPACECRAFT hovering over Lyngby at the moment – the lights filled a large part of the sky and were approx. “25 centimetres” apart when measuring with my fingers at the end of my arm stretched out – and we know how many “officials” and maybe also “unofficials” have discovered this ship (?) and we know another sign leading to me it is.

I did not see any flying UFO’s this evening, nor the light of my mother, but my light is still on the sky together with some of the new “star constellations”.

In the future there will be no “legal protection of sources”

This evening the Danish Supreme Court decided that the major TV-stations here DR and TV2 are allowed to “protect” their sources informing them in 2007 about a “secret” of sending a special elite military force of Denmark at battle in Iraq and let me use this example to say that in the future there will be no such thing as “legally protecting your sources” and we know because people will be responsible and honest and of course stand by their statements and we know I look forward to having all of this case revealed to the public to let you see when politics of today works the worst.

During the evening I was very surprised when I started receiving very strong and uncomfortable negative voices again and I wonder if my mother has had a very strong outburst in relation to me.

Before I went to bed, my lungs had “magically” been cured from inflammation – there was nothing left when I coughed a few times.


9th February: Yesterday my lung inflammation was cured, but today it returned together with threats

I had a terrible night with negative energy and bad dreams

Tonight I slept extremely bad having extreme negative energy with me, which is confirming what started coming to me yesterday evening. My mother must have shown all of her negative feelings in relation to me and our future and just maybe been speaking wrongly about me behind my back (?) and when I went to bed, I had fever again (!) making me first cold, then warm and impossible to sleep half of the night and when I was sleeping I was given threatening dreams and we know “bring them on – there is nothing you can do about it”:

  • I was dreaming of writing a long and almost impossible text.
    • I still need to finalise the last part of my media chapter, which I have decided in my head how it should turn out but you know this is difficult stuff to write and almost more difficult when going into detail as I do – having a lot of notes with ideas as usual to sort and write from.
  • I had a strong negative feeling of the darkness, which wants to delete what I have not yet written and later I was shown that in the middle of the lake is a mini submarine, which will explode if I cannot write this text.
    • Just saying that I have done my best and have nothing to regret about the decisions I have taken, so if this is the game of the darkness, I invite you to do your best!
  • I have started working for a GE insurance broker company, outside the window of my office are demonstrators playing music and one of them enters the window to my office, I receive a special message from one GE manager to me as the manager, which looks like a war coming between Denmark and Russia, I have food fat on my hands, which prevents me from saying hello and shaking hands with Michael R. (from Aon), Michael (from dahlberg) and others and I am looking for the men’s room to wash my hands, which I have difficulties finding and when I finally find it, afterwards I walk in the wrong direction away from the office, which I however discover.
    • This dream is a “threat” by the darkness because of the war between Denmark and Russia, which I have been told has the meaning that if I am not able to finalise my work on the website, an “explosion” will happen somewhere in the world and really because I have said that I don’t want to receive physical harm myself and the rest of the dream is about “confusing” me, which I don’t put much weight on.
  • I have an internal sales meeting with all employees at DFM and I see how the absolutely strongest and most muscular Russian icehockey players are not going to fight me and I say that I want to meet strong people at my level. I hand over an incomplete contract to Jørgen with the pages 2, 3 and 5 and he speaks simplistic about a disability insurance code without understanding what it is about and I tell him that the codes are 415 or 043.
    • Another threat and this time that my “strong” opponent can disable me and also that Jørgen at DFM had no knowledge of life and pension but still Jørgen, you had a better salary and more influence than me (?) and you wanted to dismiss me for years?
  • Finally I see that I am playing table tennis against an opponent, which should be much better than I and still I win.

My lung inflammation had gone but was back this morning before it left again

This morning when I woke up, I felt immediately that my lung inflammation was back and I am still dizzy and all I can say is that this makes me very sad indeed and we know my mother, John and Sanna/Hans are probably still very sad about all of the suffering I bring them (?) and you do not understand yet that you are the sources of this yourselves because of your laziness to read and understand me (?) and that you are bringing me all of your individual suffering directly to me and if you understood and supported me, we would all be fine instead of sick and until recently close to dying – and later I was told that my mother is very concerned that anything should happen to me and this is really the biting irony that she is doing exactly the opposite of what she truly wants.

Even though I slept only little and had bad dreams, I was not as tired today as I used to be and despite of my illness including a cold giving me freezing feelings, some dizziness and later throw up feeling, it was not as difficult working today as it has been every day during the period from 2007-2011 until a few days ago.

During the morning my inflammation became “in control” again but I received difficulties to keep my concentration and also later some very uncomfortable sticking physical pain to my lungs as well as my right thumb to take a couple of examples and despite of this I continued working being happy that I had done my preparation well – notes with ideas – making the work so much easier.

I worked from 9.00 – 16.00 today not finishing all of the last chapter on the media, which is quite comprehensive, but the main part of it meaning that I will need some days to improve and go over it again and again to make sure that it keeps the best quality I am able to do.

Welcome to new readers 🙂

I also published the last four scripts of today and welcome my old class friend Christian as a new “impatient” reader opening several of my pages for a few seconds or minutes – your company name is part of what is included in the information connected to your IP-address and I do believe it is my old good friend and colleague Lisbeth from GE and Fair, who has now been here twice with a special interest in my script of the 16th of my mother believing in me with a true heart – is this helping your faith too Lisbeth without truly reading my writings (?) and finally also someone from Hørsholm using “Fullrate” as your internet provider, which Sanna/Hans does not so it may be you Niklas/Isabelle or maybe Tobias or even Pia/Peter or Karen/Denis?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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