Feb. 12, 2011: The celebration of freedom in Egypt is only the beginning of the light breaking out all over the world


Summary of the script today

10th February: The spiritual light of me has now also started fighting bad leaders such as Robert Mugabe

  • Dreaming of an old threat “again again”, Jack living a luxury life, having problems to get a job, moving around as James Bond fighting darkness including bad leaders like Robert Mugabe and Allan/Gert receiving a sign from the Council.
  • Yesterday I had extreme negative speech unbearable to come through every single second and a burning feeling through my nostril, and today I am feeling better because of the work I started doing yesterday.
  • A reference was made from Denmark’s goal against England to the dinner for four on TV3 incl. good music, the difference of being careful and not doing your best, not understanding quality. Malena Belafonte looks very much like Karen.
  • Today was a BIG day when I published my new chapter on “Media” on my website, which was “almost impossible” to do after it almost “killed” me doing!
  • A life in “prison” and solitude without family and friends and almost no money doing the same every day incl. suffering is not a menu I can recommend anyone.
  • I received a new, kind email from David informing about the situation of Kenya with the government and drought killing animals and people.

11th February: The celebration of freedom in Egypt is only the beginning of the light breaking out all over the world

  • Dreaming of the darkness from my mother in relation to me becoming weaker, temptations to drink red wine, receiving a new car driving on “DAMP”, which is showing “much energy on the surface”, the key is returned to me, the best team manager of salesmen is the best salesman and communicator, “my old nightmare” is impossible to carry out, when I stopped working for Dahlberg I stopped what was my life, Bo from Dahlberg is angry with me but both of us know that we like each other very much indeed, the Council playing nice music for me and my sister changing attitude in relation to me.
  • I WILL NEVER BECOME AS TIRED AGAIN AS I HAVE BEEN FOR YEARS – this is the true feeling behind my sickness and what Braco meant to me.
  • Finally I signed off the new chapter on Media today, which made the Devil bake traditional Danish “apple slices” to celebrate!
  • President Mubarak of Egypt was supported by the darkness of my mother (!) to resist the demand of the people to resign, but when I had defeated the worst darkness myself when writing on the media, the road to liberate Egypt was open, so with a “little help from the light”, Mubarak resigned – and the celebration of Egypt is only the beginning of what you will see spreading all over the world.
  • X factor on DR1 revealed that I am given physical pain by extraterrestrials because they are part of me and are “forced” to bring this to me when the darkness of my family and friends is send to me – and later a sound of extraterrestrials of approx. one second was played on live TV for everyone to hear!

12th February: True feelings of love will be brought to the world with flowers of my mother

  • Dreaming of my sister almost making my work impossible but still receiving top grade, improving my home, my old nightmare will be transformed into true feelings of love to the world with flowers from Virgin Mary (the spirit of my mother) and the attraction to ladies of the married Kim S. and Preben will cost them suffering to remove.


10th February: The spiritual light of me has now also started fighting bad leaders such as Robert Mugabe

Dreaming that the spiritual light of me has now also started fighting bad leaders such as Robert Mugabe

I had a much better night than yesterday and slept more – with these dreams:

  • I am working together with Rikke H., she left her husband one year ago and she suggests us to buy burgers at Bredgade in Copenhagen, which I however cannot afford. We laugh and have a good time.
    • What can I say other than the old threat of the spirit of my mother is still just underneath the surface and I do believe that it is only a threat.
  • I see two Lotus’ cars together with two Lamborghinis driving down from Kgs. Nytorv through Bredgade in Copenhagen, Jack is in the first of them and he stops at the end of the street and he blames me for having thrown something on the car, which he is trying to remove and I tell him five times that I have not but still he keeps on blaming me wrongly, which is why I decide to stop our friendship.
    • A car is the symbol of a person and a Lamborghini is a luxury car, so this is saying that Jack lives a life in luxury in a time where I have had almost nothing or even was starving and it also says that I have “annoyed” him so he is “not happy” with me (!) and we know we have not seen each other now for more than a year simply because of his inability to understand what used to be his best friend years ago. And this dream is given to me because I have felt John, Jack’s late father with me a couple of times within the last week and we know because Jack is thinking of me.
  • Outside DanskeBank-Pension I meet my old friends Lars G. and René and inside I see that there is no job left for me, but despite the fact that DanskeBank-Pension is about Life & Pension, René and Lars are hired to do audits of companies with the hidden agenda that they should get a pension scheme for their employees. I am thinking of contacting Kim S. who promised me a job more than one month ago but I have not heard from him yet.
    • I cannot remember what the symbol of not having a job is but I don’t believe it is positive. There is probably an explanation on this somewhere in my books.
  • During these dreams I was given a very strong and uncomfortable nervousness while dreaming, which was not nice but still the dreams were not as bad as yesterday.
  • I was told something about “creating objective balance without tipping over” in relation to the work on my website, that more and more people start believing in me and that after flying, my body is marked for 2 days, where after I will be more alert and relaxed and “flying” is with the Devil you know, which is what I just did.
    • I am moving around in a James Bond Universe from one country to the next, which are marked different places inside ONE city. I am using the car lanes, however I am walking and am now visiting Uruguay. And I see that James Bond is now more like Ian Smith and that Yazoo was cheated from making an obvious song for one of the movies.
    • James Bond is a symbol of me fighting the darkness, and I wonder if it is simply my name wandering around in different countries? And I don’t know what Ian Smith has with this dream to do other than he was the former Prime Minister of Rhodesia before the country was renamed Zimbabwe in 1980 electing one of the worst Prime Ministers ever (?) Robert Mugabe and we know who is starving out the people and living a life himself in an unbelievable extravagance fleecing the country and how can the country and the world accept leaders like him and others having some of the same characteristic like him? So this is what the light of me will also fight.
  • I am in a small town with my old class friend Allan and his brother Gert, and when we walk next to people on the street, they somehow become inspired to speak about Jesus without knowing who I am and one says that “Jesus does not have a girl friend” and later I have some large feathers and I give one to Allan and one to Gert.
    • The feathers are gifts from the Council as a sign of “original people” and just maybe Allan and Gert are placed highly in the hierarchy too.

Yesterday evening was difficult but today I am becoming better

Yesterday evening I still had fever but I gradually became better and I also had periods of extreme negative speech unbearable to come through every single second as I have had on and off for some days – as I also had most of 2009-2010 as I remember – and for a couple of days I have also been given a burning feeling through my nostrils throughout my respiratory organ with a feeling that my inner skin could burn off and this was really not nice to go through also because I had not expected these difficulties to return and we know if I had given up feeling like this for example in 2010 – which was very easy to do all of the time, the difficult part was to continue – it would have started the destruction of the world and if I would give up now, would I receive some pain and maybe an explosion somewhere (?) because I am not all done with my work. And do I have to say that this is because of my closest family not communicating, understanding and supporting me?

This morning my illness is better, I believe my inflammation is cured – but you know I am teased all of the time – and all which is left is now a cold.

When I opened my computer this morning, another good sign was that my Internet browser worked the first time without a need to restart the computer, which I have been forced to do for some time and we know it looks like the resistance is becoming less and probably because of my strength and therefore light influencing them and we know Stig, a very strong battle with the darkness all the way to the end, this is how it was foreseen.

I was also told that the resistance of my family I have now gone through was WORSE than meeting Bruce Lee in a fighting scene, which I am sure that my mother and others will come to learn one day not long from now.

Football leading to “good quality” and Malena Belafonte looking much like Karen

Yesterday, Denmark played against England in football and lost by 1 to 2 but when Denmark scored to 1-0 in the seventh minute, the commentator said that “Christian Eriksen is the architect” and this was an INSPIRATIONAL reference to the song “Sidste skrig” by Danseorkestret, which includes the lyrics “han var en halvkendt arkitekt” (“he was a half known architect”) and really because I have listened to this song and the whole CD for some days now enjoying very much especially these lyrics and the reference was to the dinner for four TV-show on Danish TV3 this week – and therefore again a symbol of “normal life” – where the singer of the band, Jørgen Klubien, is one of four together with Malena Belafonte, yes the model who participated in the previous round of “crazy about dance”, Allan Tornsberg, the judge from the same show and then the model Oliver Bjerrehuus and what I want to say here is that in this show as an example you can see the difference between doing your absolutely best as Allan did as a host – I love the way you go into details, Allan, which also made you a world champion in dance – and doing averagely as most people do, which Oliver and Jørgen did in comparison when they were the hosts and you could also see that despite of the effort Allan did, his quality was truly not valued and really because very many people truly don’t know what quality is – see the marks of Jørgen on Oliver’s and Allan’s food for example – and I was thinking, Jørgen, that I don’t only love your biggest hit “kom tilbage nu” as most people, but truly all of your albums and I in fact I like most other albums even more than your first and we know a BIG FAN I am and finally Malena truly looks like Karen very much indeed almost so it scares me and we know she is quality oriented and elegant at the same time as she is also primitive and cheap and this is exactly what Karen is and just telling the truth and which side do you believe I like of Karen’s (?) and which side made me – and still makes me – very sad?

Let me tell you Oliver that despite the fact that I like you, you are an example of “poor behaviour” and ugly language of average people of today and also that you really don’t pull yourself together doing your best but only so-so because that has to be good enough when you are lazy?

This evening it was Malena doing the last dinner of the four and I was very happy to see her creativeness with the table setup etc., her care for details and good cooking skills, which deservedly won her the competition of the week. Well done, Malena!

What I write here in this chapter and really have written in my books in the past is to HELP people to understand what they need to improve. That’s it, my friends :-).

During the broadcast today, there was a technical fault for a few minutes – and later in the evening the same happened again – and this was really the television gradually stopping from working and we know Stig the darkness decreasing and somehow also in the family’s perception of me is what comes to me.

A BIG event when publishing my new chapter on “Media” on my website

After writing the script of today starting at 9.15 I had to continue working on the media chapter and even though I did the most difficult part yesterday it was really “almost impossible” to start doing today because of very strong feelings of resistance and lack of concentration given to me as I cannot remember I have had this much of before, which meant that I could hardly concentrate on anything the first hour, and it did not help much that I was freezing because of fever and also that I was given regular and very uncomfortable “stabs of pain” directly in my heart (!) – thank you family (!) – and the natural feeling would be to give up doing this work but no, I have to finish it and at the end of the day at 16.45 I had published both the new chapter on media as well as an updated chapter on behaviour and work, which has been removed from the front page receiving its own menu item.

This work was decided to be the absolutely worst of all work to do – it almost “killed” me on the way and of course only voluntarily and without a true danger but anyway you know – and the work is really not difficult but I will give you that the circumstances around me almost destroying my working capacity made it very difficult to do, but not the worst of all – and I do “celebrate” inside of myself now almost finishing this, which we know at least is the worst work of updating my website and from here it should be piece of cake the rest of the way home and we know I do expect soon to receive a “normal physical life” including the ability to start running again when my illness is over with, my friends and this goes to the Council :-).

To my surprise it was much easier finding the right formulations to this chapter, which is really what I STRUGGLED with in some of the previous chapters as I have NEVER done before and we know this is also what the darkness can do to you and we know STRUGGLING and SUFFERING MUCH was what it was but I passed it.

All of the information included in these chapters replace information on the same subjects, which may be included somewhere earlier in my scripts. There are a few changes especially on what the media can bring of stories, where I earlier have written “only once” in relation to Tiger Woods as the example but here at the end I decided – when doing my best work – to give you full freedom 🙂 to write what you want to and to teach you of what responsibility in this respect means.

I am still not entirely done with the work, I will go through these chapters once again and I also have some minor updates to do on governments and the business world asking them to behave responsibly but we know it is between 96-98% finished and I may be able to do the rest tomorrow.

And I was told by the Council who is showing themselves some more as they are after having been almost my executioner because of the reactions of my family that they had expected that I would finalise this work on Monday and we know I am simply following the road of God, which once again went through extreme Hell.

And let me here say that a life in “prison” and solitude without family and friends and almost no money doing the same every day – still thinking of the movie with Bill Murray I am – which is working, watching TV, sleeping and suffering is really not the best life, no, I cannot really recommend it to anyone, but someone has to do it you know :-).

After work today, for hours I received many tasting notes of well known experiences from the past, which was one of the clearest signs given to me that we are back on track also in relation to the plans on “normal life” to the world.

David on the government and drought of Kenya

Dear David,

Thank you once again for thinking about updating me on your situation, and also on the situation in Kenya and again for being frank and direct.

The situation about your government and the drought is because of the desertion of Elijah – I wish he would be “able” to understand me and had faith in this and also that the team was able to make him understand and we know it will be your job to tell the world how “difficult” this really was for you!

I am sad to hear about your brother’s accident and I hope that he is doing better and will get over this without any injuries.

Hang out there and take care – and this goes to all of you my LTO friends and your families.

Here is his email:

Dear Stig,

I take this opportunity to write to you. How are you today. I’m fine and strong. Nairobi is really dry, as you might know and it is very dusty. All the team members are OK and I have been in communication with all of them this week.

Recently, there has been a stand off between President Kibaki and PM Raila Odinga on some crucial government appointments and the situation was really not good for Kenya. Things are better now. Animals are dying in various parts especially in Northern Kenya due to the drought. The government is trying its best and has not yet announced a state of emergency despite the fact that there reports of human death from the drought.
My family is fine despite the fact that my brother was injured on Saturday evening but he was treated at a hospital not many kilometers away from our district.

I am not able to write a lot but do hope to write more elaborately soon. Thanks for your continued updates.

Have a good evening and lets continue praying that God’s perfect will be done in Egypt.


Telling “extreme darkness” that I will focus on positivity and not all of the negative speculations it tries to put on me

This evening I was exhausted because of lack of energy and I was thinking that I really don’t have the energy to keep awake two third of he day and sleep one third at the moment and the darkness again attacked me strongly for a couple of hours trying to do everything to bring me negative feelings and desires to interrupt or at least disturb my work and also to question if I am running totally out of energy – dying more and more – despite of my faith in the link to Braco and we know there is only one way out of this and that is to be completely careless about the darkness and continue my plan and we know we are talking “extreme darkness” and desires here so it takes much to do but on the other hand, by now I know the darkness pretty well so therefore my conclusion from the evening was that I don’t want to focus on any of your negative speculations, but on what is positive and this is how it is, and it is really the remaining of my lung inflammation with cold and fever, which took out my energy, which will return, when the illness is over.


11th February: The celebration of freedom in Egypt is only the beginning of the light breaking out all over the world

Dreaming that the darkness of my mother and the attitude of my sister in relation to me is improving

I had an alright night however my fever still makes it difficult to sleep and the night somewhat uncomfortable to come through – and this night with these dreams:

  • I am sitting outside a modern apartment block on a stair collecting some of my handwritten papers, which have fallen down through chinks of the stair into a small hollow room between the earth and the stair. I see on a control board that three sectors of apartments of the block are connected to collective TV connections, and I see that one sector becomes disconnected. My neighbour invites me inside of the hall of her apartment to go through her insurance steps, which I really don’t know much of but I think that I may be able to understand and help her anyway. My neighbour is my old friend Lis (from Stansted), her parents I there too, she pours me a glass of red wine and I am in a very good mood so I show her my hand shaking deliberately and tell her that the red wine helps me being calm.
    • After the technical faults on television yesterday as a sign that the darkness is becoming weaker, this is another sign when more TV connections as the symbol of the darkness are disconnected because I am finding my “own words” – through the stairs here – for the rest of the work on my website. Lis is here really another symbol of my mother, so the darkness is becoming less with my mother in relation to me, and the insurance is what I am giving my mother to make her come through these difficult times too and the red wine is to say that for months again I have been very tempted by drinking red wine – however reducing after meeting Braco – and really a very strong feeling of desire given to me because my mother after a period of months when she drank less and did everything she could to make me understand that she was in control, went back to her old habits to drink “too much” and we know to calm her down during these times of difficulties and I have decided that my own maximum consumption is one large glass (half a bottle) per day, which I have had maybe 5-6 of per week for the last maybe 1-2 months, which is now decreasing again, and we know this is how it is.
  • I see everyone of a group receiving a brand new Ford Mondeo and one of the people from the group says that there are three differences on his and my cars, which otherwise are identical, and one is a small round hole in one of the windows of my car, another is that my car has two tanks with a preference for “DAMP” (“ADHD” and also meaning “steam”).
    • When I woke up I was told that the third difference is myself and the car is me and DAMP here is “much more energy than normal”, which may be what some people believe I have in order to do this but this is only on the surface (!) because as you may understand I really have much less energy than normal and the dream also says that we don’t like pollution really :-).
  • I have started working for an insurance broker for 12 months as one of three very skilled professionals in a sales team. Our team manager is Helle Aa., who is an administrative employee, and she has had a key made for the door for me, which she is now testing and it is not all keys, which work, but this one does and she hands it over to me. I am surprised that Helle does not take initiative to let us have a regular week meeting but then I think about what she after all would talk to us about not knowing much about sales.
    • Always nice to receive the key and we know gradually returning to “normal” after coming through the extreme Hell and here just saying that the best leader of a sales team will be the best salesman and communicator as an example – and we know instead of Helle doing the same administrative work always, it would be fine for her for example trying sales work in a period too – if this is what she wants – because she might have very good skills here too and we know certainly she does have good communication skills.
  • I saw a couple of examples that it was impossible for me to pee, which is a good sign because it says that “my old nightmare” is impossible to carry out.
  • I am stopping my work at Dahlberg, all of my ties hang there and I am followed to the lift by two employees but when they see Bo in the lift, they decide to leave because he does not look happy at all, something about stopping to smoke, and despite of everything I tell Bo that if he needs my help as a consultant he is welcome to call.
    • My job was my life – I stopped working for Dahlberg the 31st December 2008 and did a couple of consultant jobs for them in 2009 – and really because my life was arranged in a way that I had no private life (!) and here it shows the anger of Bo in relation to me and my scripts but also that we are still good friends liking each other very much (!) and we know which is the reason why I could probably start working for them as a consultant again if they only focussed on me as Stig and nobody else!
  • I am inside of my large room, where I am trying to find a shirt without spots of grease at the same time as a very nice quartet with classical instruments play the same song twice, which I like and say “it is good”. I lead people who have nothing to do at my room out, which also includes my sister.
    • The live music is by the Council so returning to “normal” we are when I do my work that is and leading people out of my room is really to quiet down the strong voice of people resisting me, which just may be the new attitude of Sanna in relation to me at the moment and also when speaking to our mother, Sanna?

I felt this morning that my illness is becoming better and even though I am still effected, I do feel better, so we are on the right track my friends – and I am still given cough with the feeling that more of my inflammation is back and then again later in the day, it is gone, and this is truly how it changes constantly.


And my true feeling behind the sickness is that MY LIFE HAS CHANGED and that I WILL NEVER BECOME AS TIRED AGAIN AS I HAVE BEEN FOR YEARS and do you have any idea of the meaning of this message to me? It removes the worst suffering any man has ever gone through – thanks to Braco and the Council for this.

Finally I signed off the new chapter on Media today

I worked from 9.15 to 16.30 today on the script and afterwards going through parts of my Behaviour & Work chapter and all of the Media chapter once more before I signed off what I have done – and I still have a small follow up to do on governments and the business world tomorrow, but we know I AM DONE WITH THE MEDIA PART and while I was doing the work today, I was shown the Devil baking Danish traditional “apple slices” – it is like doughnuts and still it is nothing like doughnuts – and simply because this is what you traditionally do up to Christmas and we know my sickness is becoming better and we know the Media was the worst Hell to write about and this is why I went through the worst Hell myself.

And we know doing this work is like being “snow-blind” more than ever before – both in connection to my eyes looking at the same computer screen (a 17 inch old Samsung monitor of not the best quality) and also my behind sitting on the same uncomfortable chair “day in day out”. I really look forward to finishing all of this and to receive variation.

And today – after more than 12 months of “bombardments” of my “unpleasant posts” on Facebook, finally my old colleague from Fair, Frank K., had enough and decided to skip me as a “friend” and of course without telling me – this is how people are you know – and really because there has got to be more important things in life than me and my annoying scripts :-).

Can you “read” one of my pages in approx. one minute?

Today I had the “pleasure” to receive a new visit from “family or friends” in Hørsholm and I wonder how much you can read and understand when you use 7:17 minutes to “read” nine pages (?) as you can see below.

And also thank you for the “concern” to my old colleague Jacob “working at home” today as he wrote on Facebook and part of this was obviously to use as much as 7:19 minutes to “read” seven of my pages and I wonder how much you understand by now or if you are still convinced about my “craziness”?

And why is it so difficult and we know “impossible” for you to CAREFULLY READ MY WEBSITE USING TWO HOURS (???), which now may be 2½ hours. I don’t believe that anyone has done this yet – word by word – and I also wonder how many of you have been reading books using many hours on this the last 12 months?

The celebration of freedom in Egypt is only the beginning of the light breaking out all over the world

This evening I was as happy as everyone else when I saw that President Mubarak finally resigned as the leader of Egypt and we know when you have millions of people in the streets demanding your resignation and when you decide to hang on to power despite of this believing that you are the only one who can bring Egypt through these “difficult times”, it really requires a lot of darkness not to realize the conditions of reality and this darkness is what was given to Mubarak because of my mother – including the attempts to bring in violence on the streets – and the reason why you were forced to resign exactly today was because today I did the final sign off on my chapter on the darkness, which the darkness of my mother almost prevented me from doing (!) – i.e. the chapter on the media including information on politicians – and we know showing that I was stronger than the extreme darkness – yousee?

The now very happy and enthusiastic Egyptians really did not believe themselves that they would succeed to overthrow Mubarak (!) – but with a little help from the light helping the right people to make the right decision, it worked out – and the roar of freedom of the people of Egypt is only the beginning of what mankind will experience “når lyset bryder frem” (“when the light will break out”) all over the world, which will throw down all unjust governments, bring freedom to everyone and at the end bring forward only one World Government with one New World Order as you can read from my website.

This – together with mankind improving Behaviour & Work etc. – is the meaning of what I write on the front of my website:


And let me say that I am very PROUD of the Egyptian people which had the WILL POWER to ENDURE “day in day out” and to do this in a warm, friendly and non-violent way. Fantastic :-).

X factor on DR1 revealed that I am given physical pain by extraterrestrials – and they played a sound on live TV!

This evening was the first live show of this year’s round of X factor on Danish DR television and at one time I was first given one of these “very uncomfortable” pains of my left lung, which was followed by a similar unpleasant pain in my right angle and this what at the same time as the attendant Sarah spoke about the pain of her knee, which you can see after 16:55 minutes here and this was immediately followed by my “good old friend” Thomas Blachman – one of the judges – saying “Lise du ser for vild ud, du minder mig om at vi kun er rumvæsener” (“Lise, you look amazing, you remind me that we are only extraterrestrials”) and is it “normal” to talk about being extraterrestrials in a sentence like this (?) or where do you believe his “inspiration” came from (?) and nevertheless it was a sign really to tell you that the pain I had just received and am receiving from time to time – which is really VERY unpleasant and “strange” to what man normally receives – is given to me by extraterrestrials and not because we are not friends because we are but we know because they are part of the group giving me what I receive because of family and friends bringing darkness to me on “behalf” of mankind – and really because I feel the Universe as part of my body, I am not only human! This is what I have known for some time without writing it and this is then what I was inspired to tell you through the experience this evening.

And later in the show after 50:34 minutes, when Blachman was speaking about the performance of Babou – which was the most amazing this evening in my mind together with Patricia – a clear sound of approx. one second was played as you can hear from the clip here and at the same time this happened I was told that it was extraterrestrials playing so we know will you believe in this (?) or is your voice telling you that this is “humbug” (?) and we know I am only writing the truth exactly as I receive it.

Extraterrestrials putting out a security net underneath my mother

Late this evening I noticed the light of my mother on the sky in front of me but it did not approach me – it was just “hanging there“ – but I saw another UFO flying underneath it and it showed me that it has pulled out a security net underneath my mother so nothing will happen to her.

One of the extreme feelings, which is given to me these days is sensitivity and so much that I am almost starting to cry because of nearly nothing – a beautiful song is enough – and I connect it primarily with sensitiveness and love to me coming from my family and probably also sadness these days.

These days I am also given a very strong taste and smell of raw tobacco from time to time – pipe tobacco especially – and I wonder if this is part of the new game of the darkness until the end?


12th February: True feelings of love will be brought to the world with flowers of my mother

Dreaming that true feelings of love will be brought to the world with flowers of my mother

I had an “alright night” again and we know my fever is still giving me a little trouble but it is becoming less and it looks like I will have to start using an alarm again because this morning I SLEPT until 08.53 – after maybe 3-4 interruptions during the night – and we know “incredible” is the feelings here after years of lack of sleep and I still don’t feel “normal” this morning – but “better” – and I wonder if this is only because of the remaining of my sickness or if I still sleep “poorer” than normal, which I will find out when the sickness is over. And some dreams:

  • I am living at Sanna’s home, I forgot to take out dinner from the freezer this morning and Sanna suggest that we instead will collect some from the local streak-house and I say that I don’t have any money. She tells me that she has started receiving a prickly sensation in her feet and I tell her that I have had this for seven years, which the family has not been “able” to listen to. I am leaving and almost forgetting my clothes and to say goodbye. She comes out and asks me how my studies are going in these difficult times and I tell her “they are all the way up in top” and I can tell because I have just received the finest grade.
    • It looks like I am on the mind of my sister, the prickly sensation in my feet – and elsewhere on my body – is what it says it is and especially a few years ago, where I could sit and watch the back of my lower bone prickling in and out “here, there and everywhere” and we know from time to time, this still happens. My sister almost made it impossible for me to continue my work – I was with the darkness because of her in relation to my mother and here also the symbol of almost leaving behind my clothes – but still I did my absolutely best job on the chapter on media therefore receiving the best grade.
  • And alright I will start bringing a song again after I MANY times have omitted songs mainly coming from the dark because I did not want to take in any more negativity and this song came to me after the dream above: “This time I know it’s for real” by Donna Summer and by the way Donna, you were at the top of my list in 1980 after doing “Bad Girls”, and when I was on holiday with my mother on Lanzarote.
  • I have a bus and a snow road sweeper and I am going to sweep and walk through the bus to start, but to my surprise I see the bus driving uncontrolled out of the beach road and when I click the remote control, it does not respond. At the exactly last second I succeed pulling a rope which is connected to the bus, which makes it stop before a catastrophe will happen.
    • A bus is still about love and the snow sweeper is to remove suffering and here it says that “suffering because of love will continue until the end” because the bus drives the beach road, which also is about suffering – and yesterday the darkness told me that now their aim is to stop me from finishing my work in time and despite of everything which is said and written, I am told – or feel and see indications of – that this is still about the “old nightmare” and you never really know for sure if the tools of the darkness is over and we know I am protected by the Source, so I do hope that everything lately has just been a “game” with no true risks at stake but I never really know and the recent threats of becoming injured etc. felt very real.
  • I meet Gert from the park and ask him if any of the stocks of this neighbourhood of Copenhagen has an underlay for the floor and he says “yes, I am sure” and he also says that he has suggested several of these suppliers close to each other to join together their businesses.
    • It looks like I am improving my home – and this is not a message about small or big businesses because I like VARIATION and I am sure that you will be able to find what you look for through INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY in the future.
  • I have coded my toilet so it automatically swings and especially when we will collect wine. First my mother does not believe in me but when she sees it herself, she calls on Ole and says “it is true, come and see” and Ole arrives and to my surprise, he walks directly up very close to the toilet, which makes it transform into a small flower, which grows to a big flower.
    • The toilet in combination with my mother is here another symbol of my “old nightmare” and with the help of Ole – the spiritual world – when I will “open my wine” this EXTREME HELL will be transformed to TRUE FEELINGS OF LOVE TO THE WORLD, hence the flowers from Virgin Mary or let us say the spirit of my mother.
  • I am driving in a VW Transporter (“ryebread” as they are called in Danish) with Kim S. and I ask him why he does not do the pension and insurance overviews himself when he clearly has a potential of doing so, but he does not want to talk about it and at Christianhavns Torv in Copenhagen, he suddenly leaves the wagon, he has no clothes on and I see several women without clothes on too. When I come home to the office I know that I will have to do a new pension and insurance overview to a customer replacing what Kim and Preben did, which was not of the best quality and I know that I am busy because I only have 1½ hours to do this. I meet Preben, he is eating layer cake and I tell him “first the airport/flying, then swimming” and I see that he already wears swimming trunks.
    • At this place in Copenhagen, where Kim is without clothes, you will also find “Lagkagehuset” (“the layer cake house”) as a symbol and and Preben is also having layer cake and this “attraction to ladies” – they are both married (!) – is what they will have to remove to reach the other side, which will cost them suffering, this is what the dream of the plane and swimming says – and the pension and insurance overview is still to bring “normal life” to the world and here it is also to say that I don’t have all the time in the world to finish the job on my website and I do still believe it I realistic to finish in February but what did my original deadline of three months from the end of December rally include? Was it only to do the website or did it also include the marketing part (?) – I really don’t know and the only answer I have is that I will do the best quality I can do for now and will work “normal hours” – or some more really because I also work in the weekends – and I will not stop before I am done and so it is.

This morning I felt that I still have some fever and dizziness with me but I am feeling better and better and we know the “little” tiredness I have left in my body today can only be because of the sickness and the effects of working and I do look forward to feeling “completely normal” again :-).

Today I also used some time on updating the paragraph on violence, war etc. in the media chapter and just saying that I was “trapped” to give my final “sign-off” yesterday and we know my true decision is that I will keep doing changes, if I should fall over other important details, which need an update and we know the darkness tried to use “sex when it is worst” to fear me but “I don’t really care” is also a motto here so it did not have any effect.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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