Feb. 16, 2011: Buddhism wrongly does not encourage people to communicate openly and to improve your behaviour


Summary of the script of today

13th February: I receive deadly pain because of wrong behaviour of my family influencing my mother negatively

  • Dreaming of a drunk cowboy – i.e. the Devil through my family – giving me extreme pain, which is killing me but I am saved by my book, which happens again in the next dream when it is “about time to kill me” and the order comes from my mother (!), meeting my old friend Robert from Karenvej and I woke up with extreme pain given to my right angle, which by now is “a pain that I’m used to” and we know given to me by extraterrestrials because of my family not reading and understanding me and therefore behaving wrongly and we know especially through their influence on my mother and her desertion of me, this is how it is.
  • As a child I was told that my family would leave not only the “spirit” inside of me, but also the simple human being Stig having the same human needs as always – as they have done now again.
  • Yesterday evening an UFO was “hiding” on the sky as my mother is hiding for me. UFO’s sent more and more serious threats to attack Earth because of the cold reception of Earth itself. Without the fear of the world going under as this created on Earth (!), it would have been impossible for me to reconnect with the Source.
  • My family now knows that my telephone will “soon” stop working but will this be enough for you to call me before it is too late?
  • At Theosophical Fellowship we sent “cleaning” and “compassion” to the world, the energy of the circle of 20 people was also used to help my mother survive once more (!) and I felt the impact of “the new healing power”, which was sent to the people here through my voice and look.

14th February: The Trinity is now perfectly united to give all of our love to the world.

  • I had a night with only one disturbance and therefore only dreaming of unpacking furniture and my “model field” being ploughed better than ever before.
  • On my website I ask the world to stop producing and also to remove material from any media, which includes war, violence, bad behaviour etc.
  • When heating water for coffee, my water boiler has started automatically to switch on and off automatically herewith showing Stig, the Holy Spirit and the Source (“God”) one after another as a symbol that the Trinity is now perfectly united to give all of our love to the world.

15th February: Buddhism wrongly does not encourage people to communicate openly and to improve your behaviour

  • I am in general feeling better after my meeting with Braco, but still not normal with “UFO-pain” still given to me etc. and I was dreaming that Hans – my sister’s husband – also brings me suffering.
  • I continued working on my website today updating “links” with “other parts of me”: 1) “Martinus: The continuation of the Bible and call of Christ!, 2) “Braco: Transformation, healing and awakening for humanity” and 3) “Jacob Holdt: The pilgrimage leading to “American Pictures”.
  • At Lama Yönten, Erik continued his teachings on “The 37 Practices of Bodhisattvas” going through the verses 13-17, which simplified says “always show compassion, love and respect even when people treat you very poor and WRONG”. I missed COMMUNICATION among people to understand and to help people to improve in order to remove suffering, which should be SIMPLE LOGIC for everyone to understand, but because this is not included in this text and in Buddhism (!), this is “another project” as Erik explained wrongly; he believes communication about poor behaviour is “dangerous” leading into twaddle and judgmental people and therefore it is better to show an artificial “smile” to all and to walk away from people you do not like! It was impossible for Erik to listen to and understand my “simple logic” and because he is brainwashed with wrong values from Buddhism and is a strong person not being used to people opposing him, he believed that I showed a very poor behaviour, which he simply could not stand! The truth is that he is not able to control his negative feelings, that he showed poor communication and behaviour when twisting my words from a noble motive into something negative and entirely WRONG! This is my final showdown with Buddhism of today. I will not come back before you improve!

16th February: My sister is not proud of me and believes “bad luck” makes us sick, which however is because of her

  • Dreaming of “freedom with responsibility” and mankind surviving also in connection with sexual behaviour and no clothes directive (!), my amplifier switching off as a symbol that I am dying without truly dying, which I was for months in 2010 in order to connect with the Council, Sanna is not proud of me and believes that the family is sick because of “bad luck”, which is not the case because she just has to look inside her own dark soul to find the answer, I don’t see a need of “unprofessional boards” of businesses in the future, but a “professional committee” of employees of the company to truly develop products and concepts.


13th February: I receive deadly pain because of wrong behaviour of my family influencing my mother negatively

Dreaming that I receive deadly pain because of wrong behaviour of my family influencing my mother negatively

I had an “almost alright” night again, which however is still effected by the remaining of my sickness and also by being woken up with dreams and some dreams:

  • I am in an apartment together with drunk cowboys. At one stage I am alone with one of them in one room, he is much stronger than I and he gives me the worst pain using his very strong nails, which is about to kill me, but then it rings on the door, which I open and a man outside has a book with a bullet hole through it and he says “don’t shoot through the book”. Afterwards I see the other drunk cowboys playing cards at the other room of the apartment and I tell them “do you realize just how close I was to die”? – And throughout the dream I felt my mother.
    • We know I have had enough of all of this darkness and negativity but in order to document this for the future I decided to include the dreams of today and “drunk” as well as “cowboy” are old symbols of the Devil, who is killing me again and you know the reason why: Ignorant family and friends behaving wrongly in relation to me and their negative influence on my mother.
  • I am working in a garden, the owner possesses no humour and cannot see the funny in my jokes, people arrive and they greet the owner more warmly than me and one says that it is about time to kill me and he brings a 48 metre high tree over to me, which is bought for the occasion and my mother says “he has the right age”.
    • These dreams are because I am continuing the work on my website and here especially to open up the media chapter with some minor changes and this is really the clash because I am doing what is right against the worst darkness – the media – and this is why the darkness gives me these threats and we know “come on, there is nothing you can do”!
  • I am at Karenvej and am almost about to walk through Robert’s house, which I however don’t want to do and when I am about to leave, Robert and his family comes home, I say hello to Robert and his parents, tell them about my memories of them including their old Morris Mascot and what Robert likes of music and he includes Elvis himself, but somehow they don’t remember who I am and I am surprised that they wonder without asking.
    • I lived on this road from 1976-78, the best two short years of my life (!), and Robert was one of several good friends here, where Morten probably was the best followed by Peter F. – and we know “ask if you are in doubt” when you communicate with people.
  • When I was awake I was given an extreme pain to my right angle – as the dream said – and told that this is because I re-opened the chapter on the media.
    • And we know I have put in my life for years now, so “I won’t back down” – thanks SO MUCH Tom and Jeff JJJ – just because the Devil is playing a tough game. I will continue until I am finished and NO ONE is going to stop me!

My floor lamp lives a life of its own!

Yesterday I noticed what I have seen many times the last couple of weeks without writing it before now. My floor lamp really has its “own life”, it is not only “difficult” from time to time to switch on, it also switches on the light with different kinds of very short “delays” and “small smiles” given to me by the Council – difficult to explain but this is how it is 🙂 – and what I was about to say is that it often also switches off again but only when I am not in the living room (!) – and when I am in the living room, it keeps shining!

A déjà vue of my family leaving not only a “strange spirit” but also their own “normal Stig” behind

I also had a déjà vue, which is one of the clearest I remember from being a child and somehow I connect several of these déjà vues to when I was living at Karenvej and I am believing that they were given to me in the stage between being awake and sleeping back then and this is how I believe it is and this one is that my family leaves me because of “what is inside of me” – as they have done now again – but they don’t only leave this “spirit”, they also leave the simple human being Stig – as they have always been together with and loved – having a completely normal human need of family and friends like every one else – and we know, it could not be different, this is what was foreseen that my family would do many years ago, but it does not hurt any less.

The threats of the darkness are the worst ever

Yesterday evening I had a couple of hours with the most direct and explicit details of my “old nightmare” and I was told that the closer we reach the end, the closer we will come to this nightmare until it will be carried out and as you may understand, the threats are as tough as ever before – again because of the still wrong behaviour of my family, which is nothing less than “almost impossible” for me to understand (!) – and even though this is as uncomfortable as it gets, I can only say: You need to kill me to stop me, and since you cannot kill me because I am still the best protected of all – my old rule – I will go all the way and simply ignore your threats!

An UFO was “hiding” as my mother is hiding – and threats of UFO’s on Earth because of cold reception of Earth!

Yesterday evening I also had the pleasure of following an UFO for approx. five minutes over the sky and we know it was maybe a few kilometres away and the “strange phenomenon” of this was that it flew “just” above the apartment blocks and trees visible from here almost “hiding” from me and we know herewith playing the game as my mother does these days, that was really it my friend 🙂 – and this was the longest time I have seen one UFO on the sky and we know it changed direction, light and appearance on the way and we know there were other UFO’s too, one was flying approx. half of the time and I was given very short glimpses of UFO’s on the sky “here and there” and this is how it is.

And I was told that the reason why UFO’s for decades have spread fear on Earth simply is because of the “cold reception” from Earth for decades (!) and we know making people on Earth believe that “it would be like Judgment Day if and when the UFO’s will attack” not knowing that their own inhospitality was the reason why the threats have become more and more serious (!) – which they may want to publish to the world including the reason why they thought mankind was not “allowed” to know how they “looked after Earth” on behalf of mankind! – And the fear of the world going under from ignorant and negligent military and government people was part of the energy required for me to connect with the Source in the summer of 2010!

My family now knows that my communication channel soon will stop

The day before yesterday I had “family or friends” from Hørsholm visiting my website – see the script of the 11th February – which was the second time this IP address visited my site, the first time was the 9th February, where it also visited my script of the 25th January “I will help LTO to survive rather than keeping my COMMUNICATION channel open for family and friends!” and I wonder if this IP address belongs to Niklas/Isabelle (?) and if you visited Sanna/Hans yesterday (?), because very late yesterday, another IP address in Hørsholm, which I believe belongs to Sanna/Hans opened my website and with some difficulties found eeehhh the script mentioned above of the 25th January, so now my family knows that my telephone will soon stop working (!) – the bill was due the 1st February and I expect that the telephone will close down some time in March – and isn’t this exciting (?) because the telephone is also the symbol of “spiritual communication” and we know you have made a very good game my dear Council, which I tell them regularly and I can only say that I don’t care of the game and what others will do, I have a job to do and I will do this job no matter what and when I am finished, we will have a new situation and this is how life is here – and what will my family do with this knowledge of my telephone stopping to work making it “impossible” for them to communicate with me (?) and will they decide to call me “before it is too late” or is your resistance to me bigger than your feelings to see me again???

And we know, Sanna is still not “motivated” to read “my crazy scripts” because the script of the 25th January was the script she wanted to see – and none others!

The previous and first time visit on my new website by this IP address was the 17th January reading my script about our mother from the day before and to this day, my sister has not yet opened my script about her from the 19th January!

The darkness blocked emails from Jobnet to me trying to stop my cash help to kill me and LTO!

Finally today I also confirmed on my site at Jobnet that I am actively job seeking (!) – as it requires me to do – but we know after the email reminder service worked a few works I stopped putting manual reminders myself into my calendar but this week the Jobnet reminder system did not work again (!) – despite the fact that I am registered to received these reminder emails – and this is how the DARKNESS works in my case because of my family you know and we know which could have removed my money and killed me and LTO again (!) – this is the symbol – and I have now keyed in a recurring weekly reminder in my calendar so I will not forget to follow up and then I don’t care what the darkness will do or will not do in order to block emails from Jobnet to me!

Sending compassion to the world and opening my healing channel to Theosophical Fellowship

My sickness was even better – but still not all over – today but despite of this I felt much more tired and we know I have had a constant throw up feeling for days and most food does not taste good at the moment – the same negativity as when music was given to me with very negative feelings some months ago – and I had decided to visit Theosophical Fellowship at “the holy mother’s service” today so this is what I did and shortly before I arrived I was told that it was a good idea to do to help keeping my mother alive (!) – the same phenomenon as when I did the workshop with Billy Cook – and today it was Jan leading the service, which he did excellent and he had decided that today it was about cleaning and compassion to the world, so this is what we did with his very good leadership and during the service I felt the late Ananda – Jan’s sister – with me and she told me that “I realize now that my brother will become much bigger than myself” and she showed me that she will work through him.

Most people today were asked to read up a few lines of prayers and I was the first to start, which afterwards made Jan supported by others tell me that I had read the lines very well – Jan looked directly and really gaped at me to my surprise, this was the level of his experience – and all I can say is that Jan helped by asking us to read slowly and that it is about stressing the words at the right places, which can be difficult to do and what this was really about was “the new power” of my voice and also look – as I was made aware of by the Council during the service – and you know because of the link to Braco – and this is how this service went and we know I am very happy getting to know people here better and better for every time and there was also a sign that they will talk about me when they will hear the “news” about who I truly am and their subject will be “is he lying”?

An agreement is an agreement – but not at Fair!

In September 2010 when I met some of my old colleagues from Fair, it was clearly agreed that we would meet again in March – twice per year – but when I look at the “Fair Forsikring Fredericisgade” group on Facebook, which Peter A. established and runs, he declared in a message the 17th January, which was NOT sent to me, that people would meet again the 22nd January and he encouraged people to contact Margit if they wanted to join and I am really wondering why you did not keep the agreement of March, Peter (?) and instead you were “inspired” by Margit to meet with such a short notice and we know “an agreement is an agreement” is really the point here.

A little bit of the soul of Motown

This evening I watched the “Going back” DVD by Phil Collins and as usual, Phil, you are very good, but the TRUE treasure of this DVD is of course the legendary Funk Brothers – the band of Motown – whom I have a DVD and CD of myself, which I love and I still love you even though you cancelled a concert in Copenhagen a few years ago, which Lotus and I had tickets for and I also watched the incredible MARVIN GAYE in “the real thing” DVD with performances from 1964-81 and you really had a talent above almost everybody else, Marvin – including Sade, which just had this “sound” I enjoy (!) – and when listening to “what’s going on” and several others of your songs it is music without borders and limits, which just floats in its own beauty, this is nothing less than some of the best music ever, fantastic – and I might add that I do believe that the “love songs” of Marvin at the end of his career became too direct and went over the edge of what is “good taste” to do in public!

And later I was inspired to listen to Otis Redding too and my dear friends, in my ears, Otis was at the same high level as Marvin – fantastic what he did also when he was sitting on the dock of the bay.

I feel a constant “thin layer of pain”

I was “pretty well” this evening but even when I feel like this, I still feel a constant unrest and “thin layer of pain” on the surface of my body, which I would VERY much like to avoid and when I think about sending an email to my family with the message “you are killing me, will you please stop”, I cannot do this, because it would be misunderstood or maybe even ignored these days! – And of course they are not killing me, but they come pretty close!


14th February: The Trinity is now perfectly united to give all of our love to the world

Dreaming of decorating my home and my “model field” looks fantastic

Tonight I was happy to only be woken up once (!), which seems like “ages” ago the previous time and I still feel better, but the sickness has not left me entirely and I still feel “somewhat tired” but not to a point that it is disturbing me – I may be “tired” according to the standards of most people, but “fresh” compared to how I normally feel. And I connect the meeting with Theosophical Fellowship yesterday and the unleash of energy from this as the reason why I was given a night like this including only two short dreams:

  • I am unpacking furniture and parts for a bookcase and I ask who would like to set this up. Fuggi and Jack and others are present and something about being unconcerned.
    • This is the good symbol of furniture – decorating my home – we are coming back to.
  • I also had a short glimpse of coming back to my farm where I see someone who could be Thomas – Ole’s son – who had been working and sweating much harder than he has ever done before when ploughing my “model field”, which looks better than it has ever done before.

On “Stop production of and remove material of war, violence, bad behaviour etc.” included in my chapter on media

Today I started working at 9.30 on the very short script of today and the last three chapters of the script of yesterday and we know once again to evaluate the content of the chapter “Stop production of and remove material of war, violence, bad behaviour etc.” from the “Menu item” on my website and I have been thinking if it is a need to remove all of this material from “other material” or just to ask you not to use this as “entertainment” n our new world but only as teachings of what not to return to and after having now used a couple of days thinking on this, my only “logic” is to separate in the physical world what is “good” and “bad” instead of having it all put together in one large database and simply because I don’t want people to “accidently” watch “junk culture” as entertainment again and we know neither to be tempted to do this and this is the reason my friends and I KNOW THAT THIS WILL BE A BIG JOB TO DO, so I can only encourage you to get started and do it with your absolutely best quality!

The Trinity is now perfectly united to give all of our love to the world

For some days I have noticed that my water boiler – which I use to do coffee on beans I have grinded myself to keep it as good as possible – apparently was the next electrical device in line to go under because of the darkness and we know it stopped heating the water before it had started boiling and it annoyed me and was “difficult” even to get to start boiling again and now I have witnessed some times, the same event happening, which is that the boiler switches off a few degrees from boiling and a few seconds thereafter, it switches on by itself again (!) a short time making the water even warmer before it switches off again, and after some more seconds it starts again before it finally switches off for good when the water boils and we know 1-2-3 you might say is the perfect recipe to make coffee and let us see Stig, the Holy Spirit and the Source (“God”) and we know TRINITY and just a symbol that NOW THE THREE OF US ARE PERFECTLY UNITED in order to give all of our love – hence the symbol of the coffee – to the world.

Meeting Lena B., which made me “sick” of the behaviour of people and my own life at the moment

Late this afternoon after work until 16.00 today I went to do a little bit of shopping in the Lyngby Shopping Centre and I met Lena B. – the old CEO of Teleperformance and now director of the outbound centre of Tryg Insurance – and we had a few minutes of talk together and even though I like Lena very much – we had many good hours together as “business partners” until 2007 – it made me very sad to meet one from “the old world” not having the “capacity” to understand me and we know she “knew” that I was back home from Kenya and nothing more than this, Lena (?) and we know I had absolutely no motivation to tell her about my self and my books because as you know it is “simply impossible” for people here to understand. My thinking was that she as a symbol of my old network made me sick. I also felt my wish to live a “normal life” having a “normal work” with “normal relations” with people and since I have none of these, it made me very sad to have to go home to my apartment with it screaming silent walls and a new terrible day of work, pain and loneliness tomorrow.

More suffering and is my mother hospitalised?

This evening I had much unbearable negative speech “trying to take me over” and also “UFO-pain” and I was feeling sad more than anything receiving this because of my apparent death-mute family.

And finally the Council told me that my mother is hospitalised and I know that some of the information I receive is deceptions by the darkness – because of the strength of this at the moment – and this might be the case about this information too and then again, it just might be true and also that my family would not contact me at the moment even in a situation like this (!) and my dear friends, this is how a “normal day” is here and not very happy we are at the moment but this is only on the surface as one extraterrestrial tells me here because underneath the surface he is playing with cars and we know “no yoghurt” – which I did not like as a child and still don’t – and they could give me my hole life story because we have been with you “forever and ever” Stig – and I don’t know who is speaking through me but I tell you that the feeling of extraterrestrials is “different” to humans and we know “high frequency” is the first I think of and then just this “special feeling” which is impossible to explain – and later I was shown a vision of a coughing extraterrestrial not feeling well and this is the basic idea, “he” and “they” are suffering very much when given me this pain.


15th February: Buddhism wrongly does not encourage people to communicate openly and to improve your behaviour

Dreaming of Hans bringing me suffering

Tonight I had an ”almost alright” night with almost no disturbances and my sickness is almost over, so am I feeling ”fresh” and ”normal” (?) and unfortunately the answer is no, I am feeling better than before meeting Braco but I still don’t sleep normally and I still feel “strange” with general UFO-pain or let us say a “constant UFO layer” over me, which is making my normal feeling go into the background and I still receive throw up feelings from working and food.

  • I am travelling with my family to the south and Hans offers to send me on a 3D experiment tour he has been on – he can show it through a new gadget – which I accept and the next I see is that I am travelling through the jungle and reach a place of statues and stone paintings, which I need to climb, however the highest of them are lose and will break down if I am to climb them, so I stop there. Later Hans also offers me to do a “Mozart-tour”, which will send me through the jungle via a river in Austria.
    • This is travelling in the jungle through water, which is being at my home but suffering and here because of you too Hans.
  • I woke up hearing the song “Papa was a rolling stone” by the Temptations – you have also made some incredible songs, my gentlemen – and the lyrics “Papa was a rolling stone” and “when he died all he left us was ALONE”.

And I had clear sex dreams this night because of my family you know but I also saw that my computer is not connected to the ones bringing this, so there is no danger.

Even though my feeling is that my brain is completely blown out after so much tiredness and recently also sickness where I have had to continue working without being able to do so – physically and mentally – I continued working on my website today updating the chapter on “One World Government will provide for One People” including new information inside “Barack Obama will become the first World President creating the first Government” and a new chapter called “To all countries, Governments and people: Please join our New World in good time before 2014 :-)”. I also did a new chapter called “I ask the Business World to act responsibly and to stop all indecency” included at the Behaviour & Work chapter and this is what “intellectually” should be the most difficult part of the remaining work, so here it should really be “to turn on the autopilot” doing the rest of the work – and of course to do my best!

My telephone will be closed one of the next days

Today I received a text message from TDC saying that if I do not fax a receipt of paying the bill of my telephone before tomorrow, my telephone will be closed – so my dear family, it is about time to call me before this happens!

All people of 15 years of age or above are to read my books

I specified in the chapter “Show a clean heart and fulfil the requirements to enter our new world” that all people of 15 years of age or above are to read my books and since I wrote “14 years” in my book no. 2, I have regretted this, because 15 years is really the age I was looking for.

Has my mother started reading my website again?

Finally today, what may be my mother/John again visited my website reading my script of the 12th February and the new chapter of Media but I cannot say for sure that it is really my mother because it is a new IP-address – from Helsingør using Telia/Stofa as the Internet provider as I know my mother and John do – which just may be because of John working with his computer?

Update of the “links” on my website

I have started following up on “all of the ideas” I have received for weeks now on improving my website “here, there and everywhere” and today this also included to bring links to Martinus, Braco and Jacob Holdt on my website and really because they are all “part of me”, which is “a well kept secret”, which I had to find out and we know which only would be told to me if I worked my best and therefore my friends (!) and I was told today that if the Council had known that I would be able to go through the extreme darkness unharmed, they could have collected all qualities of Jesus in me instead of “hiding” them between different “parts of me” and this is really the job I have started, which is to identify who I am (!) – besides these three I have also identified Barack Obama and Michael Jackson – in order to wake up all sides of me and we know isn’t life wonderful (?) and if not now, this is what it will become and we know when I will be “myself” and of course for all people of the world too!

Here is the three new texts on my Links site:

Martinus: The continuation of the Bible and call of Christ!

Martinus Thomsen (1890-1981) was a Danish writer, who in his works known as “The Third Testament” gave a coherant and logical explanation to the spiritual and physical dimensions of life, analysed the structure and laws of the eternal universe and described how the universe is an organic whole consisting of living beings all working as one and evolving continuously towards higher forms of life.

In his own words: “I received no higher education, hold no scientific qualifications or doctorates and have no knowledge of the great philosophers and writers on religion. One evening in March 1921, I was sitting in complete darkness in my room in Norrebros Runddel in Copenhagen focussing my attention on God. It was while I was concentrating on God, and in this total darkness, that I experienced, in an awake, day-conscious, cosmic vision, my divine calling, unimaginable for me at that time, which was to explain intuitively and to manifest as cosmic science “the great amount” that Jesus could have told his disciples, but that neither they nor the public authorities of the time were evolved enough to be able to understand.”.

The preface to “Livets Bog”: The cosmic baptism of fire through which I had passed – the closer analysis of which I cannot specify here – had thus left the fact that entirely new sensory abilities had been released in me, abilities which enabled me – not in glimpses – but on the contrary in a permanent state of awake day-consciousness – to apprehend all the main spiritual forces, invisible causes, eternal world laws, basic energies and basic principles behind the physical world. The mystery of existence was therefore no longer a mystery to me. I had become conscious in the life of the whole universe, and had been initiated into ‘the divine principle of creation”.

Martinus was “another part of me”, who
described the universal laws and life

Jesus said: “I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth”. According to Martinus, the Spirit of Truth was not the return of Christ, but “holy knowledge”, which is the knowledge presented in the writings of Martinus or in other words: The Third Testament is the promised continuation of the Bible!

What Martinus did not know was that he would soon return to life bring-ing me one of the parts, which were divided between several beings alive as protection from the darkness. I am Martinus and Martinus is me and through Martinus, I will receive the same cosmic consciousness, which Martinus received in physical life.


Braco: Transformation, healing and awakening for hu-manity

Braco (born 1967) is a Croatian man transforming, healing and awakening the lives of humanity! At the age of 26, he gave up his job as a businessman in order to help people with “a special energy and consciousness”. The work of Braco has since resulted in a large number of documented cases of physical healings and life trans-formations of people attending his sessions. Braco gazes at visitors in groups between 50 and 1,000 people without doing any individual meetings or treatments. He touches people with his eyes only and the connection between him and his visitors is a connection of thoughts, energy and a deep inner love, which activates a specific power in people and enables them to change their life, overcome problems and heal.

Braco is the only one healing people simply
by being present. He is yet “another part of me”
and we now share the gift of healing human-ity


Jacob Holdt: The pilgrimage leading to “American Pic-tures”

Jacob Holdt (born 1947) is a Danish photographer, writer and lecturer.

Arriving in America with only $40 for a short visit, a young Dane, Jacob ended up staying over five years, hitchhiking more than 100,000 miles throughout the USA. He lived in more than 400 homes – from the poorest migrant workers to America’s wealthiest families such as the Rockefellers. They not only gave him a hospitality and warmth, but their continuing friendship to this day.

Jacob is yet “another part of me” giving
me in his own words the “poverty image”:
Concern for the least and the oppressed

He joined the Indian rebellion in Wounded Knee, followed criminals in the ghettos during muggings, sneaked inside to work in Southern slave camps and infiltrated secret Ku Klux Klan meetings as well as Republican presidential campaign headquarters. By the time he returned to Denmark 12 of his friends had been murdered (in the years since so many of his friends have been murdered that he has completely lost count).

Back in Denmark he put together the photos he had taken into a multimedia show named American Pictures. His show instantly became enormously popular and with the help of several black American friends, it was shown in 14 countries in 7 languages between 1976-82.

In 1982 the show moved to America, where Jacob Holdt has since presented it in more than 300 universities, city councils, churches, etc. The show has been updated constantly and one fourth of the pictures are now from the 90’es. In his latest version from 1997 Holdt worked closely with leading educators, psychologists and workshop counselors throughout America and Europe in order to best incorporate universal themes of oppression.


Buddhism wrongly does not encourage people to communicate openly and to improve your behaviour

This evening I decided to visit Lama Yönten to continue the teachings of Erik on “The 37 Practices of Bodhisattvas” and my feeling when arriving was that I would have liked to receive the previous three teachings, where I was not present – but this feeling ended at the end of the evening because of poor communication and behaviour of Erik, who misunderstood and twisted my words negatively!

I was happy when first Penpa met me with a smile, afterwards Patricia from Bulgaria and not least Lama Yönten showing a big smile and happiness, and besides from these three people and I this evening, only the young Chinese lady and Erik were present.

Today Erik went through the verses no. 13 to 17, which in short short says (this is my “poor” translation):

  • Verse 13: Even if I should have my head cut off by another, I will take on his misdeed by showing compassion.
  • Verse 14: Even if one says all kinds of uncomfortable things about me, I will emphasize his qualities with love.
  • Verse 15: Even if one tells others about my hidden errors and offends me, I will bend respectful to him.
  • Verse 16: Even if I have raised and protected one as my own child and he sees me as his enemy, I will show him even greater love like a mother shows her sick child.
  • Verse 17: Even if a person equal to or lower than I put me and my pride down I will show him affection.

When Erik went through the verses, it was “simple logic” to me that something important clearly was missing because why should you continue to be humiliated by people behaving very wrongly, smile at them and pretend that you like them equally as much as everyone else (?) – which of course is a lie (!) – and therefore I quickly asked him about following up on people behaving wrongly not to put down people as I said but to help people understand the effect of their actions in order not to do the same error again, which is what causes suffering and to my surprise Erik told me that “this is another project” and that it has nothing to do with this text and Buddhism, which focuses on becoming free of suffering (!!) – could you truly not see the connection of the source of suffering, Erik (?) – and Penpa said that it is about showing the same attitude towards all people regardless of how people treat you – and again I could simply not comprehend why this text and Buddhism is at it is not solving but suppressing the true problem and I followed up by telling Erik that if I as a friend of him unconsciously makes him sad doing the same error over again, I would be happy if he would let me know so I can stop, which then again releases him from suffering but again Erik rejected my thinking and he said that he accepts for example Police and the Court of Justice of the society but he clearly did not agree with me and then again I said that this is not about rules of the society, but simple logic of interpersonal relations and I said that in this society you will constantly be met by misunderstandings and oppression for example in marriages and relations with your manager and I asked him to imagine having a set of “golden rules”, which everybody will be able to understand helping people to HELP each other if one violates a rule and the “excuse” of Erik was now that it would be impossible for people to decide on what objectively is “good behaviour” and that this therefore would lead into twaddle and judgmental people (!) and I really did my absolutely best trying to make him listen to and understand me as I understood him but every time he rejected my thoughts without truly listening using his own negative thoughts and approach – instead of the opposite – as I have seen from him several times before.

I told him that it was a “stillborn” project for me to make them listen to my philosophy when this text said something else (!) and the situation was that Erik and Penpa agreed on their side supported by their “knowledge and wisdom” coming from Buddhism and I had Patricia on my side, who agreed in my simple logic and examples of everyday situations and she was inspired to compare some of the verses of the text with Jesus “If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also” and I was thinking myself of having mercy for my executioners, because they don’t know what they do – which was my true feeling and here in relation to my family and friends – which was also what Patricia said about Jesus when being crucified and I was thinking that you truly miss true COMMUNICATION as a tool in Buddhism because this evening people also said that if you don’t like people, you will simply withdraw from those “hurting” you and I was thinking of just how many friendships which have been lost because of this “practise” of Buddhism (?) and also how WRONG this behaviour is – TRUE COMMUNICTION is ALWAYS the tool to understand and improve – and we know Erik and Penpa were totally blind because of the “raise” they have been given including Buddhist texts, which are wrong, which is or should be SIMPLE LOGIC for everyone to see. COMMUNICATE instead of just accepting people behaving poorly and find the OBJECTIVE truth, which really should not be very difficult to do when you communicate and behave your best. Don’t ever be silent and accept poor behaviour of people and pretend that you still like them as much. This is both WRONG and PHONY!

In the break we spoke about the behaviour of different cultures and I spoke about “good behaviour” of “original people” using Kenyan rural villages as an example, which have not been destroyed by “the modern world” and I said that I have not been to Tibet but I would imagine that you will find some of the same qualities of “original behaviour” of people there and again to my surprise Erik opposed me strongly and almost “hostile” (!) when he very clearly said “I don’t give a rap about that” and he gave me an example of teenagers of Tibet riding mopeds and showing just as poor behaviour as people of the Western World and he said that “selfishness thrives in all communities”, that “it has always been like this” and “I don’t believe in qualities of original people” and then again I tried by telling him about the original catch culture of Greenland, which was destroyed by all of the temptations of the modern culture, which people could not adapt to and he should be able to understand this (!) but instead of agreeing, he spoke about Greenlanders losing their original hunting skills when they received guns to hunt with – and the message of Erik to me was that there is nothing wrong with our modern society, this is truly what he told me (!) and I wonder Erik, if you are truly right that Tibetans behave just as poorly – or good – as Westerners (?) and the difference is that you have been to Tibet for a long time and I have never been there but your problem is that you do not see the truth of the world when it is distorted by your own negative “filter”.

And I was nothing less than astonished about the totally wrong views of this learned man, who is – or should be – a role model of the Danish society with his GREAT knowledge of Media, Politics and Buddhism and during the break he was also INSPIRED to tell us that in Buddhist circles of the west, the behaviour of people is degenerating (!) and the Lama’s coming to the west see in disbelief how people continue to be effected by failed love relations, unfaithfulness etc. and I could not help thinking that this is really a big clash of cultures but the thinking of Erik is apparently that culture has no influence on the behaviour of people – this is truly my best understanding of him also this evening and of course this is how it should be, which it however is far from being today – and that is despite of all of the temptations of sex, money and power of the Western world as I spoke about and when I told him that I believe his background as a professional of the Danish media and a Buddhist is very exciting, which we could talk much about including the influence of the media on the population, I was met by total silence (!) – is there nothing wrong with the media, Erik (?) – and during this break, I received a shaking feeling all over my body as the Council performing as the Devil has given me so many times before when I have been together with authorities – for example my sister – who are truly not open to others, “forces” their opinions on people and cannot see their owns mistakes and Erik, this symbol was to say that you are part of the darkness too, my friend (!) and it looks like I have started speaking “improperly” according to Erik about things I don’t know of (!) and Erik, was this your true thought of me this evening (?) and did I really cross every limit of what you find is “acceptable behaviour” (?) and we know the truth may come unpleasant to you, but here it is:

After the break Erik felt inspired to speak about the first visit of Dalai Lama in Denmark in 1973 and also later visits where he shortly mentioned an interview he did and we know I asked questions about this, and Erik was pleased to tell us more about the interview and also other meetings with Dalai Lama and it is really to say Erik that when people please you – as Buddhists do without telling you the truth (!) – you are nice and also selfish because then you talk about what you “love” to talk about but when you are given a question or comment you don’t like, you don’t know what to do and what you have shown me so far is that either you simply vanish, are silent without answering and this evening you were also “provoked” to show your true behaviour behind the façade, which is simply how most people of the Danish and western culture is – but not Lama Yönten my friend who is coming from another more “human” culture – and this happened when we came back to the subject and when I again once again tried to make Erik understand that it is possible to have a set of objective golden rules to work with and that selfish people of this community today don’t listen and understand as a wide-spread sickness and when I said this I was now “simply too much” to Erik (!) and instead of listening and understanding, he interrupted me “brutally” and said to me very directly “you are the most selfish of people yourself” (!) and he twisted my words using his own negative approach, which really made me sad and once again he told us what this is all about (!) and also that we should not have a dialogues like this during a teaching because “it is better to save this for later when sitting around a table” (!) and what you did here Erik was really the same as you warn people against and that is that you MISUNDERSTOOD me and became judgmental and simply because you could not control your negative feelings towards me (!!!) and we know did you believe that I feel that I am better than others (?) and you could not stand listening to my “tactless behaviour” anymore (?) and Erik the situation is exactly what I told you and the others at the end: We had a passionate discussion where it was easy for people to understand some parts of what people said but very difficult to understand other parts and this is all because of poor COMMUNICATION, which was the reason why my noble motives were twisted into something, which they are not, and they will soon understand what this is about when my philosophy will be “published” as I told them.

Erik, you are one of many people making up your own mind as it fits you the best, which is then what becomes the truth even when it is WRONG and I am also here thinking of your background as “one of the most professional and reliable people of the Danish media today” and this is really another example of how the most “reliable” media of today distort the truth because they are not always able to understand what is the “true truth”.

And Erik, you are the example I put forward when I again give the message to the world that Buddhism is based on old scripts, which are not relevant to a modern world and that all of this artificial humility and servility of people who dares not to communicate openly, directly and honestly is NOT how life is supposed to be. I have here again showed the world your true self, Erik, which simply is “selfish Danish culture” not being able to listen and understand when you cannot control your negative thoughts and feelings (!) and this is really because I “told you so” directly, which is THE TRUTH of how people should behave in “a modern world”, which you could not take because you are totally convinced that you KNOW what the only truth is (!) and you are not used to people speaking against you – people normally listen to Erik and accepts what he says, this is how “strong” he is – and Buddhism, which to you is a sacrilege even when it is simple logic to do so and as you also today was inspired to say, you did not believe that a Buddha was present, but one was (!) and my test, Erik, was to control the negative feelings, you gave me because of your ignorance and bad behaviour and the conclusion is that you simply made me sad because you did not truly listen in order to understand and really because you offended me and put me down exactly as the verses say (!) and still I can say that I love the good sides of you, Erik, which is what I focus on and how I like to think of all people but I am also right to say that I truly don’t like the dark side of you and to use the words I have included here to teach people of the world of how Buddhism also is, when it is challenged and we know “I’m not perfect” and Buddhism is not perfect and when people will discover and speak about the errors of my books, I can only learn when people speak what is simple logic, and that is the problem of Buddhism. You believe so much in your scripts that they are not to be debated as I did – communication is poor behaviour (!) – even though I have now given you several examples when they are not the answer to the world of today and that is based on “simple logic” which is a basic quality, I ask you never to lose again.

So because Erik behaved wrongly and really showed the “opposite golden rule” demanding to be treated much better than how you treat people (!), he made both of us suffer this evening – this is what misunderstanding ALWAYS do to people – and that is from a man knowing all about Buddhism – or at least ”very much indeed” – and Erik, do you really live a life without suffering because you are learned Buddhist having very good abilities to control your mind (?) or are you living a life in delusion with negative thoughts where bad behaviour of people of this society disappoints you and when this happen, do you simply walk away instead of communicating (?) and COMMUNICATION, my friend, is the KEY WORD here!

Finally, when I meet poor behaviour and communication, I also receive the feeling that I don’t like to be together with people showing this and there is probably not a big difference to the feelings given to Erik and I in this situation and the difference Erik is that you are wrong, and I am right and I cannot tell you differently because this is the truth! Therefore, I don’t see a need to come back to the teachings of Erik before he has learned and improved as a person. He has been “brainwashed” by a culture, which has taught him WRONG values – and if I knew of this decision of mine before leaving this evening, I would have told him so, and therefore I have now put his name on a list of emails, I will send to people informing them about my true self and I have no illusions that Erik will understand me in the beginning, but I do hope that your resistance to me will gradually decrease, that you will come to understand and also to help me teach the world, Erik, based on my teachings and truly what is “simple logic”?

Erik, this is also your “teaching” in order to develop into your true self and let me say that I still like you very much including all of your good sides for example your fantastic skills of speaking, your knowledge, attention to details, quality orientation, “a good heart” to help people etc.

“The God team” of FC Copenhagen

Today my old class friend Lene J. from Espergærde was inspired to write on Facebook “4-0 til Gudeholdet, kan de mon nå de 5” and “Ja, det kunne de jo” and this was about “the God team” of FC Copenhagen – which it truly is, Lene beause this is my team 🙂 – winning 5-0 over Rosenborg from Norway in a test match before FC Copenhagen next week will face the mighty Chelsea from England and will FC Copenhagen really be able to defeat these giants (?) and we know time will tell.

I am “dancing with the Devil”, who does not like to dance!

Finally this evening, I felt the EXTREME DARKNESS more than ever around me with a potential to punish any mistakes I may do, which also easily could tempt me to finish as quickly as possible with much less attention to details and quality but still I am on track and I have no intentions to stop working before I am completely done and happy and I simply know that “there is always a road” and this is the road I am using all the way to the end not caring about the “danger” of this extreme darkness led by my sister and again also because of ALL OF THE WORRIES OF THE FAMILY, which is what I feel here and we know they never truly learned when I wrote these scripts! – It will come to them afterwards. And if I do I feel disappointed by them and their WRONG behaviour (?) and what do you think?


16th February: My sister is not proud of me and believes “bad luck” makes us sick, which however is because of her

Dreaming that my sister is not proud of me and believes “bad luck” makes us sick, which however is because of her

Tonight I had an “almost alright” sleep again and the truth is that I have two forces working inside of me, one is killing me – the effect of my family and friends – and one is saving me, which is the new link to Braco and therefore my friends I feel some tiredness and physical pain too but on the other hand, this is not very much – but I do still feel “empty” and “blown out” in my head and we know just saying that these are signs of dying, so “I am doing pretty well even though I am dying” and this is the best description I can give you and to add that of course I will not die –and a few dreams too:

  • I have been to a party, everything has gone fine. A lady has won a song competition and she knows that she will have to win three years in a row before she will get the total victory and I think that she does not have the patience of this, but I am happy when she says that she will come back next year. I tell the man holding the party that I liked the dress of his wife with a bare back and the art decoration. I also meet Line Baun Danielsen and give her objective feedback and I tell her that she can chose the adjectives herself and is she decides to exaggerate, it will give another picture of what I said and meant.
    • A party going well is a good sign, the comment about the wife and the dress was without any sexual undertones but truly because the dress and the bare bag looked elegant – as you can continue to do in the future because I have deliberately not written about a “clothes directive” of what is proper or improper to wear, this is NOT my business, it is up to you to decide based on your TRUE FEELINGS as I have written about on my website – and here it is connected with the art piece “tree of life” as the symbol of mankind surviving – see my script published the 16th January 20111 – and we know Stig because this is based on “freedom with responsibility”.
  • When I wrote the notes of the dream above, my amplifier switched off and I was told that this means that I am dying and today it does not mean a thing, because I am only on the edge of dying without dying, but my friends, at some time during 2010, my amplifier kept on switching off and on for months and just saying that here we were hanging in the extremely thin lifeline almost not living in order to make the Universe enter a “door” to the Source, which is really not there!
  • I see that Sanna has posted a message on Facebook that now she is also sick and she says as mother and “others” are too and she concludes “what an accident”.
    • She cannot put the name of her brother “Stig” in her mouth and therefore she talks about me as “others” – is this to say that you are not “proud” of me, Sanna (?) and just thinking of what misunderstandings can lead into and I do hope that this feeling of yours will change in the future and the reason why we are sick and we know “look into your own dark soul”, Sanna and you will find the answer.
  • I am at a party together with my company. I speak together with a colleague of what time of the evening will be best to address the CEO and chairman of the company and we agree that when having coffee is the best time. The day after the chairman is visiting the CEO of the company for a business review, he has a calzone for lunch, and after their short meeting of 30 minutes, I clap the CEO on the shoulder and ask him how it went and he said that it went fine, that the chairman did not go into details and only wanted to receive some historical accounts of revenue etc. and encouraged the CEO to take faster decisions and to consider if the company still can afford to pay for company cars.
    • This is about what is WRONG to do and really to deliberately use a party to try to get something through for your own benefit – what is wrong with setting up a business meeting during business hours if there is a need – and on the other hand, I do believe that it is perfectly normal to speak about your business in private too and we know as long as you keep a few golden rules for example my Basic Work Rules, the Ten Commandments and not least the Golden Rule of treating people as you would like to be treated yourself and I cannot see the true value of a “friendly” chairman of a board going through a business review without knowing what the company is TRULY about – he does not work with the details – and only focusing on the accounts and we know I don’t see a need of “unprofessional boards” in the future, but really of a “professional committee” of employees of the company for example when truly developing the products and concepts of the business DOING QUALITY WORK, which is not over with after a short meeting (!) as I have written a memo to Fair Insurance about a few years ago – and I still see no problems in “networking” with professionals from your own and other businesses in order to become motivated and also to share your experiences etc. – and finally I don’t see anything wrong to use a company car in private or a private car for a company as long as you are clear about how to do so without favouring or cheating the company or the individual for example by developing and following “written procedures” about this based on “best practise” of the business and/or the labour market really and to do this with “exceptional quality” of course :-).

And let me say that the songs of Shakin’ Stevens really cheers me up and we know they mean much more to me than I remember from the eighties and I am happy to see you still playing Shakin’ and I wonder why people like you, Lionel Ritchie and so many others lose “the magic” and the ability to continue doing the fantastic songs you did when you were young and is money, temptations and laziness really the simple answer to this?

Today I started working at 09.00 and I knew that I had a new big chapter to do of the teaching of Erik from yesterday and even though this was not on my plan, I knew that it was part of the “road of God” to do my final break-up with Buddhism of today, which is simply obsolete and by 14.30 I had written this and the script of today including two edits and by 15.00 it was published on my website and we know “business as usual” all the way to the end!



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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