Feb. 23, 2011: It was NOT the Council but my inner self through the Source, who sent Jesus to Nairobi in 1988!


Summary of the script of today

20th February: The messages of my scripts are spiritually enhanced to the world to “almost perfection”

  • Dreaming that my messages are spiritually enhanced to “almost perfection”, losing what seems like a friendly table tennis game to Fuggi, love is what is going to remove the darkness of people and it is impossible for me to start a new train journey because of love.
  • The judges on the “Crazy about dance” show is an example of people who are “open, direct and honest” and also positive and constructive, where the X-factor show is an example of people who WRONGLY are “open, direct and honest” and also thoughtless and rude putting down people, yousee?
  • I worked the whole day primarily on my coming page on signs and miracles predicting my emergence for decades, which I will finish next week.
  • When surfing the Internet, I confirmed myself that it is perfectly alright to show the “natural beauty of the body” as long as you don’t play directly on your sexuality. This was a difficult test to pass also because I could have feared the reactions of the world for my actions, but this is to help you find the right balance :-).

21st February: President Mubarak was overthrown with the love of the light as part of our New World approaching

  • Dreaming of receiving the grade of 9 for my writings according to the previous Danish 13 scale, an almost new Bentley convertible and French Bistro chefs are symbols showing that I have delivered my absolutely best under the circumstances, President Mubarak was overthrown and freedom given to the people of Egypt with the love of the light as part of our New World, Mary Magdalena – the spirit of Karen – “loves me forever”, my feeling is that I did not do my best work on my writings but “the best under the circumstances”, which has to be good enough for the world to believe in me, my mother almost died because of her worries of me but my sister gave her much support, I am driving the train over a bridge to meet the love of my life on the other side and finally I am driving on my bicycle (suffering) without being refilled with new energy.
  • I still receive much negative speech and resistance from the darkness, which is keeping me on the edge constantly, which I explain more of in the script.

22nd February: It was NOT the Council but my inner self through the Source, who sent Jesus to Nairobi in 1988!

  • Yesterday I was surprised to see that Google gave me some search results of explicit sexual character when “moderate filtration” was switched on, which was the reason why I was dreaming of being caught by electrical cables hanging in the air with a risk to burn me, which was symbolising that “explicit sex in the media” almost exterminated mankind (!) and I also dreamt of my own sexual sufferings, which the darkness has given me all of my adult life.
  • I found out that even though my telephone subscription is blocked and I cannot call from the telephone, people can still call me from the outside – it’s magic :-).
  • At Theosophical Fellowship I received healing, which made Virgin Mary give two loud bangs from the walls, which Ib thought was “uncomfortable” listening to, which was the spirit of my mother telling us how she has felt because of lack of energy.
  • FC Copenhagen lost by 2 to 0 to Chelsea because of ”misunderstandings” and really because Chelsea was the better team. This was a sign given by the immensely strong darkness that I am losing the game, which could bring me down itself but because I have done my best work and know that this is NOT the case, I was told the truth, which is that the game is over – the result of these games are NOT signs anymore – the light of my inner self and the Source is with me, which is the light spreading over the middle East and Arabic nations at the moment.
  • I felt the figure of Jesus in Nairobi in 1988 entering me together with a strong feeling that it was NOT the Council but my inner self through the Source, who sent my old self as Jesus to Earth briefly as a sign to the world of my emergence.

23rd February: The coming overthrow of the Government of Algeria will be a teaching setting precedent for the world

  • Dreaming of the Danish PM “slacking” as a person, four people as “other sides of me”, who will cease to exist when “normal life” is brought to the world, the darkness encouraging me to start relaxing and enjoy myself, which I will not, ladies around me have had sexual sufferings throughout their lives too, which they will get away from because this is what I am doing myself, a new sign that “normal life” coming, my brother-in-law will understand who Obama and I are when he reads my writings and the coming overthrow of the Government of Algeria will be a teaching, which will set a precedent for the world.


20th February: The messages of my scripts are spiritually enhanced to the world to “almost perfection”

Dreaming that the messages of my scripts are spiritually enhanced to the world to “almost perfection”

Tonight I had another “almost alright” sleep and we know I am still sleeping lighter than normal so I am still very tired at the end of each day making it almost impossible to keep awake the last 3-4 hours and my body goes from “normal” temperature during the day to “very warm” and moist at the end of every evening, which also gives me the feeling that it is “impossible” to continue working but you know I know this game so well so I know that every new morning I will get new “energy” to continue working but we know the energy is not “very much” but enough and this is really how it is and here are also some dreams:

  • I am playing a very small stereo at my room with small separate bass speakers together with normal speakers, and this stereo is connected to the absolutely best antenna, which amplifies and improves the signal to almost perfection.
    • The stereo is a symbol of only few people visiting my website and I know that the antenna is “spiritual communication” so it seems like the messages from my website is amplified to the world and that may be when searching on Google, when people “watching” me and also spiritual messages given to people around the world about me.
  • I was given the song “holyanna” by Toto.
  • I am playing table tennis against Fuggi and lose three times six to four and one time six to two.
    • Is this just a friendly game and not a game against the darkness (?) or is this a game against the darkness saying that I am losing (?) – as Barcelona lost the other day – and I really don’t know and all I can say is that I have nothing to change today of the work I have done on my website and if I should have done something wrong, the Council normally lets me know – and I have received approval before on the chapter on Media, which was the most difficult to write – so all I can do is to continue working and if I really had lost to the darkness, I would not be able to continue working, so this is really the best I can interpret this dream. And it might also say that Fuggi is starting to believe in me meaning that this is not a game against the darkness but I don’t know for sure and the result of the coming match between Barcelona and Arsenal may give the answer to these small “riddles”.
  • I heard the song “let’s twist again” by Chubby Checker which to me is a HAPPY song.
  • I have been to a party, where my old friend Lars G. and others are drunk, they speak about another party on “Strøget”, where people are also drunk, one makes coffee at five o’clock in the morning to become sober, and we walk down to the street where Bent Michael’s wife (!) is leading a large group of people who are singing and when we want to join we are told that this is a closed arrangement costing 200 DKK to attend, but it is alright for us to stand in the back.
    • Being drunk is another old symbol of the darkness, which includes many people, coffee is “love”, which is going to remove the darkness. Bent Michael is a good friend of my sisters husband Hans and singing is nice but maybe money is polluting you and your wife too?
  • Later I see thousands of people taking buses on their way to the train station, and no matter what I do it is impossible for me to get on a bus.
    • Bus is “making love” and the train station is here the start of a journey towards the light and just saying that I have already gone through this.

Even though I had an “almost alright” sleep, I feel more tired this morning making my work today more difficult, and when I woke up, it only took a few seconds before the “wave of negative speech” was laid upon me starting to torment me again and my dear friends, even though this is not as difficult as for example most periods of 2009-2010, it is truly not very nice to be tormented like this.

“House of flying daggers” is the most beautiful movie I know of, but it is NOT suited as entertainment in our new world

Yesterday on television I saw what I remembered as ”the most beautiful” movie I have seen, which is “House of flying daggers” – not the best, which I still believe “Englegård” is – and I do still like the good parts of this movie very much when it shows an old beautiful culture when it comes to for example colourful clothes and buildings, an impossible love between two beautiful people, who chooses each other over “the authorities” no matter the costs and also the landscapes, dancing and techniques of the movie are breathtaking – BUT it includes violence, which I don’t believe in as part of future entertainment of the world, which you can read more about in the chapter “Stop production of and remove material of war, violence, bad behaviour etc.” from the Media menu item on my website and this is why this movie as an example, even though it is the most beautiful I know of, is not suited as “responsible entertainment” of our new world and we know, the world will quickly produce many new and even more beautiful movies than this.

I also saw “the Truman show” yesterday on television with the brilliant Jim Carrey, which I liked much as “plain entertainment” and I was thinking of myself going through my own “phony show of life” as the Council has prepared for me every single minute of my life.

Be “open, direct and honest” but not thoughtless and rude putting down people

In continuation of the X-factor TV-show incident two days ago, there has been quite some press here about the behaviour of the judges and I have also seen people defending the statements of the judge Thomas Blachman and let me say as a matter of good sake that it is important to be “open, direct and honest” and also positive and constructive when you give feedback to people for example as the judges of the “Crazy about dance” show on Danish TV2 do and that it is NEVER alright to behave as Thomas Blachman in X-factor does, which is how primitive people behave, which is open, direct and honest yes, but also thoughtless and rude putting down people without being constructive and we know this should be clear for all to understand?

Working on my coming page on signs and miracles

Today I worked from 9.00 to 18.00 first on the script of today and afterwards concentrated on my coming page on signs and miracles given to mankind for decades to predict my emergence, which takes time to do when I am going through several websites including hundreds of signs and miracles including many videos on YouTube in order to chose examples, which I will bring on my site and this may still take some days to finalise and we know I will finish this before the end of the coming week and from here I still have a page to do on my sufferings not because I like to do it but because it will be a help to people to better understand the Hell I have been going through and we know also a little bit here and there and a final review meaning that marketing will start some time in March and my dear friends, this is how it is when I do my best and so it is and you know setting a deadline was the name of the game and I decided again that quality was more important than speed and so it is.

I still receive quite some negativity and pain from the Devil but when I keep on working with patience, persistence and confidence, IT knows that IT has nothing to do and this is also how to name the BEAST and we know, whom we don’t like at all my friend and here I am feeling the spirit of my mother as she is, but showing her suffering through tears and so it is.

I do not like what is “unnatural” including tattoos, breast implants, chiropractic “facelifts” etc.

As it appears on my website I do like what is “natural” when it comes to people also meaning that I do not like what is “unnatural”, which in my mind also besides from drugs, tobacco, medicine etc. also includes tattoos, breast implants, chiropractic “facelifts” and really everything, which “pollutes” your physical body.

It is perfectly alright to show the “natural beauty of the body” as long as you don’t play directly on your sexuality

One of the biggest and most difficult tests of all I have been going through was to find out “responsible sexual behaviour” also in relation to media and the only way I could do this was really to read papers and especially to surf the Internet and do what I have done all of the time really, which was to separate thousands of experiences into what is “good” and “not good” in relation to a “responsible behaviour” – which I have really been doing for years with a number of subjects sometimes hundreds of times per day also when the Devil have been “communicating” with me (!) – and this evening when I surfed the Internet again, I confirmed to myself that it is perfectly alright to show “natural beauty of the body” also in the media as long as you do not play directly on your sexuality in public and this brought me so much confidence that it took away any “doubts” I might have had and we know this is really the name of the game because it could have been very easy to think that it would not be “accepted” by the world – especially by Muslims and others having “strong” opinions on this – if I started looking at beautiful and even nude ladies on the Internet and my dear friends, this is to help you find the right balance of the future and this is what I believe I have found and we know today I have nothing to change to what I have written about this on my website and I will give this a last review before I will truly sign it off, which will be the day when I will start marketing my website.

And after this experience, I was rewarded when the members of the Council and especially the spirit of my father stood forward even clearer as their true selves instead of the cover as the Devil.


21st February: President Mubarak was overthrown with the love of the light as part of our New World approaching

Dreaming that President Mubarak was overthrown with the love of the light as part of our New World approaching

Tonight I had one more of these “almost alright” nights but you know I am “somewhat tired” today as I also was yesterday but it is of no concern really because a new working is calling no matter what and as usual let us start with some dreams:

  • Sanna is reading my bank exam certificates and I see the grades 8, 9, 9, 9 and 10 of the previous Danish 13 scale and at one of the certificates I see the previous model of a Bentley convertible driven by a famous football player.
    • Pretty early In my book no. 2 in 2009 I received the grade “9” of my scripts – which is for “a good performance a little above average” – which was the level I decided for, which was the ultimate limit of what I was able to do, which combined quality and volume the best and this is the quality level I have been doing since despite of all resistance I have met and we know so this is the grade I will receive for my writings. The car is “almost” the best car you can get and the Council have been speaking to me about a Rolls Royce as the goal, so this is where we are heading and we know for the light.
  • I see some fantastic French Bistro chefs preparing food next to a busy road, which however is not one of the absolutely best places, which I have shown. The chef has roasted a cucumber in the oven, sliced it and I am now putting it on an Icelandic Pizza, which does not only taste good, the acid of it can also peel off the layer of a pineapple (“ananas” in Danish) on the edge of the pizza. And I see that the French chefs prepare food at a level, which my family has never worked on.
    • French Bistros have given me the absolutely best food experiences ever together with Camilla in the 1990’s – also considering the relation between price and quality – so this dream also says that “we are almost there” in relation to “normal life” coming and in Brede Park some months ago I told a joke about the daughter of the old Egyptian leader Naser, who of course in Danish is called “ananaser” (!) (which both refers to “pineapple” and the name “Anna Naser”) and the dream is saying that with “joy and happiness” as part of “our new world” approaching – the meaning of the pizza – an Egyptian dictator was removed from power, which was Mubarak and here I might add that the Council told me the other day that we are on track elsewhere in the Arabic countries and the Middle East to bring freedom to the people – and I might add that I am appalled by the violence towards their own population, which dictators show in a desperate try to defend their own positions of power against the wish of the people.
  • Something about meeting at Danske Bank, Espergærde at 7.00 in the morning, that Mary Magdalena has been there since 6.00 to prepare my arrival and the telephone rings.
    • When I woke up from this dream, Mary Magdalena – or the spirit of Karen – told me “I love you forever” and really that she has taken part in the preparations of normal life coming to the world and the telephone might be the “wake-up call” coming to Karen spiritually.
  • Bo from Dahlberg has hired me, we are on our way to work in a taxi, we are a little bit late and I feel that I have not been doing my best work but also that it has to be good enough to pass, Bo shows me a Dictaphone and says that the director tested it to see if it was his, which it was not and I tell him that it is mine and that it really did not work when I used it and that the recorder of my mobile phone works much better. Bo has prepared a resume of two pages on me, which he will send to the business associates of Dahlberg and I see that he has written that I passed “this” the 9/9-99 and “that” at other dates, which also includes the figure “9”.
    • This is really to say that I never became truly happy with the quality of my writings, which are NOT the best job I can do – but the absolutely best under the circumstances – and therefore this dream repeats the message of the grade 9 on my writings and also that this has to be good enough for the world to believe in me. Pia Althea, who did the spiritual drawing of Jeanne D’arc as you can see from the front page of my website, also did a clairvoyant reading on me in the beginning of 2006 just when the Council had started speaking through me also physically, which she is one of very few people who have witnessed and I don’t believe that I have saved the recording of this because of the “mute” function of my old, but expensive Dictaphone, which did not work and therefore cut most of the speak away (!) and we know Pia, do you remember that “this voice” spoke about the Sinai mountain (?) and do you believe or don’t you believe in me (?), and that is truly the question my friends and not only to Pia here, but to the world and really because of the quality of what I present to the world.
  • I have been spending the night at the home of my mother and John. My mother will soon come home, and Sanna is arriving to clean up the kitchen and bathroom to perfection, which includes removing my toothbrush. John has a special USB device, which makes it possible for him to read my scripts on his computer and I tell Sanna that she could get the same.
    • As I understand the dream, my mother has been thinking so much about me that her “worries” have almost killed her – removed her from her home – and also that Sanna has supported her much. And just maybe she and John as examples will start to get the “ability” to read and understand my scripts, when people of the world will start reading and speaking about me and we know from the time when I will start marketing my website in March according to my new plan you know, which really is what the Council have planned for me all along.
  • I am going to meet Karen at Kgs. Nytorv in Copenhagen again, Denis has given up on her. Karen tells me that she is sad that I only just have money enough all of the time, I am coming to the train station, where I buy an additional ticket, which I find out is not necessary, I pay half of the price myself, the rest of the money is already on the desk, I am only going a few stations but when I cross a bridge, I wonder if I haven’t been going too far.
    • This is about people having the same income and still some people can make money stretch much longer than others, who fritter away money without knowing what they spend it for, which is how I was myself until 2009 and we know today I am the completely opposite after having saved on money for a long time now.
    • In relation to love the dream says that I am still driving the train of suffering towards the light and we know on the other side of the bridge is where I will find my true love of life – and experience true love as I have never experienced before.
  • I am driving a race of 50 kilometres on my racing cycle together with others. I see some entering a petrol station and I decide to continue with confidence without entering the petrol station myself.
    • This is really to say that I am doing my work without filling up my tank with new energy and even though my dreams are becoming longer and my energy less as signs that I am becoming weaker, I do believe that I have energy enough to continue and finalise my work and we know I will meet Theosophical Fellowship again on Sunday also to refill my tank and I might also go there tomorrow afternoon, which I will decide on tomorrow.

By the way, have you noticed the extreme cold of Scandinavia the last days and week with a cold record of Sweden and the coldest nights in Denmark for many years (?) and we know this is just another sign of the immense strength of the darkness I have been going through.

“There’s somethin’ wrong with the world today”, Steven 🙂

I enjoy much to see the new season of American Idol on Danish television these days especially because Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have joined as judges, and whenever they smile and show happiness – together with the old judge Randy Jackson – I become happy and we know it seems to me that sometimes they have difficulties telling the truth about just how bad some attendants sing and I am not surprised when I see the reaction of some of very spoiled, sensitive and deaf attendants, but what I truly wanted to say is that I am very happy to get to learn Steven Tyler and really because he shows a different and very positive side than what I had expected and this is also why I am listening to the very best of Aerosmith this morning and we know normally Aerosmith is not one of my favourite bands, but this time I will try to listen more to find even more good songs other than the handful of songs, which I already know are simply “amazing” and we know “there’s TRULY somethin’ wrong with the world today”, Steven, and I do know how it is to be “livin’ on the edge” and really so much that people in their ignorance have believed that I am “crazy”, which is a reason why I have been “cryin’” for years and the truth, my friend, is that “I don’t want to miss a thing”, which is my favourite song of yours, which is also a song I have connected with Karen for years whenever I hear it :-).

And I do really like your songs and your energy, Aerosmith, but I have to say that when I afterwards listened to Rolling Stones, there was “a world in difference” and I was completely “delivered” because the FEELING of this band is simply UNIQUE in the world and we know if I could give 20-30 bands a united first place on my list, Rolling Stones would certainly be one of them but because I cannot, you are still approx. no. 10 on my list and we know no. one of classic rock bands (!) – WORLD CLASS is what this band is and delivers. I simply love them!

Continuing my work

Today I worked from 9.30 to 17.45 first on the script of today and later again on the coming pages on “signs and miracles” mostly today on apparitions of Virgin Mary.

The IMMENSELY strong power of persuasion of the Devil

I still receive much negative speech from the darkness because of my family and to give you one example, it can start speaking about a subject and do it so strongly that it almost convinces me that I have done wrong – it is never good to be wrong or weak in relation to the darkness (!) – and an example of this is when I called my mother only ONCE some weeks ago, which was brought up today and the speech and thoughts of this are actively strengthened let me say IMMENSELY so it does everything to make me think and believe that I acted wrong, which it did not succeed to make me think because I did right and we know it has not been easy to do what is right all or most of the time at the same time as fighting this IMMENSELY STRONG DEVIL and this is and what has been part of the game not only these weeks but you know throughout most of 2009 and 2010 and probably also before, which I however cannot remember anymore.

And it is the same when the darkness also today gives me IMMENSELY strong feelings of impatience, which is to finalise my work as quickly as possible without doing my best but we know it is really only a DECISION to be even stronger than the darkness and to “just do it” and that is to be as patient as ever doing my absolutely best work on my website and so it is.

And let me also say that there is a constant “physical pressure” put on me – this is how it truly is when I feel the darkness pushing me down – which almost breaks me down and all of this period I have also been constantly on the edge of breaking down and the reason why I have not broken down is simply because I know this edge so well so I have decided to ignore it and just keep on working.

TDC called me even though my telephone is blocked!

This afternoon I had the funny experience that TDC – the telephone company – called me (!) with a suggestion to change my subscription, which they however found out was not possible to do because my subscription is blocked at the moment (!) and we know afterwards I tried to make a call from my phone just to be sure that it was indeed blocked and it was indeed “dead” (!), but we know apparently it still works if it has to – the TDC employee was surprised (!) – and I am thinking about this as a symbol of myself at the moment.

The Danish tax authorities controlled my website

Today I also had a visit to the donations page of my website from the Danish tax authorities “Told Skattestyrelsen” – which was information given together with the IP-address – and maybe you would like to see how a man with a good salary up until 2008 suddenly “only” lives on cash help and yes my dear friends, BIG BROTHER is watching you and many of you are cheating on “Big Brother” and do you believe this is a good society (?) – I certainly do not! Read the New World Order to see what is awaiting you.


22nd February: It was NOT the Council but my inner self through the Source, who sent Jesus to Nairobi in 1988!

Dreaming of explicit sex in the media almost burning me down

I am even more tired this morning – but still not as much as before meeting Braco – and I had “bad dreams” including sexual temptations, which however were not very bad but really a reaction to yesterday evening when I was surfing the Internet, where I was surprised that even though I was searching through Google with “moderate filtration” switched on, it showed me some pictures of explicit sexual character as search result, which this setting really should leave out as it says it does. I did not want to write down all of these dreams because they were also exaggerated as part of the game to “frighten” me and we know this could easily make me change what I have written before but I really do not have anything to change (!) and so it is:

  • My neighbour has put in new weapons deteriorating the situation and I am flying high in the air but is caught by electricity cables in the air and I see another one climbing on to my feet and he is afraid that I am caught too high in the cables so it will burn me.
    • This is saying that “explicit sex” of the media is burning the world – which could have exterminated us all – which you have to remove to protect life itself as it is stated on my website at Behaviour & Work.
    • I heard the old Danish song “Fra Engeland til Skotland” and the lyrics “vi kommer langvejs fra, hurra for skippers kone” and the skipper is an old symbol of the Devil.
    • But underneath this dream I also heard a popular Christmas tune, which is really to say that we are on track – and I am doing well because I am “flying high” – also because I avoided the sex sites yesterday. Despite of my own sexual suffering and lack of a wife, I was not tempted to enter these sites.
  • I see “Fede” from the Matador TV-series, who has many Danish pastries in front of him, which he cannot wait to eat.
    • This is about my own sexual suffering and just saying that I am VERY much looking forward to a “normal life” also in this respect – and to lose 10 kilograms :-).
  • I am looking out from the train and see a beautiful woman in a landscape of both forest and open land. I stand off at the next station because I would like to meet her and I see my self canoeing on a small stream on the way to meet her and “just around the corner” of the stream I see lions on the bank, which are ready to attack me and around the next corner I know that crocodiles will also attack me and I decide to swim underneath the water at the first part to avoid the lions and later when I meet crocodiles of all sizes including the largest imaginable I manage to jump on them and escape.
    • This is about a beautiful lady I saw on television yesterday and really if it is “alright” to search for and look at her at the Internet and I could interpret this dream so it is “going through darkness” to do this but what I decide is that the dream shows the darkness of my life – the sexual curse given to me and the suffering of my life – preventing me from meeting a beautiful lady and also that of course it is alright to look at magazines and the Internet at people you find beautiful and that is as long as you do not exaggerate but find a good balance, which is the case with life itself. Don’t use hours after hours doing this, which you should neither do playing a computer game etc. And let me just say here that the darkness has been VERY STRONG trying to tempt me to use MUCH TIME looking at nice ladies and also explicit scenes and what I have not been able to resist before (until I stopped using the Internet like this in 2009), I decided that I had to resist because this is what is right to do and we know “one of the biggest challenges given to me” is what it was.

In the morning when I stood up, I was given the song “magic” by Pilot and the words “ho ho ho it’s magic you know” and one hour later I also heard it on the radio :-).

I worked from the morning until 14.30 today on the script and the coming page on signs & miracles and this work could really also break me down if I was to use as much time as I really would like to use to read and watch “all” information and videos on each type of sign, which is impossible to do with my time frame, and we know I am also finding a balance here, which is not to do too much nor too little and we know I am trying to find the best material to my page and I am happy when I see that hours of work and searching pays off when I find better quality material than what I found first.

My telephone is blocked, but still people can call me 🙂

I left my home this afternoon to go to Theosophical Fellowship in Copenhagen and on my way, I was surprised that TDC, the telephone company, called my “blocked” telephone again (!) and this time only to ask me a few questions about my satisfaction – and not the missing payment, which would be obvious to ask for – and later in the day I tried to call my phone from Skype on the Internet to see if it is only TDC who can call me or if my telephone is open for all to call even though it is blocked (!) and now it was my turn to be surprised because my telephone is truly open to receive calls from the outside even though I can not call from it – when I do I receive a voice mail telling me that the telephone is blocked (!) – nor use the Internet. So this is really “magic you know”, have you heard about a blocked telephone, which is still open to receive calls from outside?

Receiving healing at Theosophical Fellowship and Virgin Mary making loud bangs from the walls

The program today at Theosophical Fellowship was the old Tuesday program first with meditation followed by healing and I met three ladies there and Ib as the representative from Theosophical Fellowship doing the program today, and I noticed a poster of the statue of Virgin Mary from Medjugorje on the wall – I like that statue very much – and I was inspired to mention to Ib that I had watched videos on the Internet on the apparitions of Virgin Mary here but instead of listening to me, the inner voice of Ib was so strong that he “simply had to” tell me about his experiences there – he has been there twice – and despite of his “bad behaviour” I decided to listen to him and ask questions and he had not seen the miracle of the sun himself, but two of the people he travelled with had, which changed their perception of life!

I was told by the Council that the reason why I was encouraged to talk with Ib about Virgin Mary was to bring healing energy to my mother through positive energy of Ib – who never asked me a question about what I was about to tell him, which is how many people wrongly behave today – and I was also told that she had left me earlier without my knowledge in order to protect herself. I was also told that for a period of time, she has been the one sending me energy.

Hereafter we did half an hour of meditation and during the meditation the Council started giving cracking sounds of “moderate volume” to the walls as they almost do every single time when I am here, which I however have not written about – this continues to happen very often at different places – and then as I have also experienced lately at my own apartment, first the left wall gave a loud bang at the same volume as if you bang a door with much force followed by another loud bang coming from the end wall a few minutes later and after the meditation we spoke about the incident and Ib believed that the sound came from the ceiling and was made by the people upstairs and he said that it was “uncomfortable” and one of the ladies believed that it came from the floor and my dear friends, I could have told you the truth but would you have believed in me if I had told you that it was Virgin Mary “complaining” about her pain, which is and has been “uncomfortable” for her going through (?) and we know I could have decided to do more visits like this where Ib also gave me a good healing afterwards in order to receive more energy also to my mother where I decided to use most of my energy working and so it is. After the healing, I also felt the clean spirit of Karen with me.

It was NOT the Council but my inner self through the Source, who sent Jesus to Nairobi in 1988!

This evening I had been looking forward to the football match between FC Copenhagen (FCK) and Chelsea and it did not take long before Chelsea scored their first goal because of a “misunderstanding” of FCK and later the commentators said that “there are many small misunderstandings in the play of FCK, which are disturbing” and also that the referees (symbolising me) did errors and I was thinking of this together with Barcelona losing against Arsenal last week and also the dream where I lost in table tennis to Fuggi and again this sign clearly says that I am losing because of a misunderstanding and “the judge doing errors”, but at the same time the commentators were inspired to give positive messages to me through the play of Chelsea for example when one said that “Anelka is like a fish in the water” – the fish is still me you know – and also that “you have to be able to dare”, which is a feeling I have had strongly lately because I have needed this to fight the darkness, and because I have done my absolutely best work on my website, which this is referring to, I cannot see that I should have made a severe misunderstanding or error and therefore I could only tell myself that I will continue my work undaunted despite of this sign of the darkness and really because I have nothing I want to change and have the feeling that “I can only do my best” and this is even though these sport matches lately is the strongest signal ever given by the darkness that I am about to lose (!), which could have brought the worst “inhuman” pressure on me yet – speculating in what this could be about, where I might have done errors in order to amend my work in order to “win” – and I thought and also knew that this is not the case and because I dared and have done my best without receiving recommendations from the Council through dreams etc. to change anything, the “secret” was given to me which is that this is truly the STRONGEST darkness ever (!) working against me but that I am not playing against the darkness any longer because we have started spreading the energy of Christ to the world and then I felt the figure of Jesus from Nairobi in 1988 entering me and I was given the feeling and thought that it was NOT the Council, who sent Jesus to Nairobi in 1988 as I have now believed for a long time because you know I first connected with the Source in the summer of 2010, but I felt that it was MY TRUE SELF arriving from the Source to Nairobi without the knowledge of the Council before it happened (!) and this feeling I received was so deep that I knew that this was “old knowledge” stored inside of me and we know the Council and the Source have not been able to communicate and work together but still they have worked together like this and we know also meaning that I do receive messages from both the Council and also from my inner self with the Source and we know this was an IMPORTANT discovery and therefore an IMPORTANT day to me. This is the energy working in the Middle East and Arabic nations at the moment.

By the way, Chelsea won by 2 to 0, which they did deservedly. FCK played attractively on the middle of the field but they did not have the same physical strength and power of breakthrough as Chelsea had. It is no shame to lose to a better opponent when you have done your best yourself.

The earthquake of New Zealand was to divert the darkness

This evening I was told that the Council still follows my old decision of how to divert the darkness coming to me, which is that I take much suffering myself and to share the rest with the world because I cannot take it all and this was the reason of the earthquake of New Zealand today, which made me sad because of the human tragedy also following this.


23rd February: The coming overthrow of the Government of Algeria will be a teaching setting precedent for the world

Dreaming that the coming overthrow of the Government of Algeria will be a teaching setting precedent for the world

After receiving the healing yesterday, I was able to sleep without disturbances until 06.00 this morning and from here I was kept awake receiving several messages before I decided to stand up at 08.00. The dreams:

  • I am in a large meeting which also includes the Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen and I see two young very ambitious people – a man and a lady – who decide to share the position as spokesperson between them, which is what all people expected them to do. I see that Lars is careless with his suit and also that he is playing sport still wearing his suit.
    • I don’t know what the two people sharing the position as spokesperson is about, but the part of Lars is saying that he as a person is careless or “slacking”, which is really not a good characteristic to have when you should be the best role model as the PM.
    • I heard the song “cherish” by Madonna and the lyrics “cherish the joy” which is about what I bring and this song was given to me several times the next couple of hours.
  • Four people have accepted to participate in a project where they will sacrifice themselves when they will transform into first class food based on fine wine and chicken.
    • This gave me a very bad taste in the dream and I was told that “they should also have been spokespersons” and I wonder if these persons are “the other sides of me” and when they do not have a separate soul, they are simply “part of me” and will cease to exist as individuals when they have participated bringing “normal life” to the world and that is unless something else should happen, which I don’t have knowledge of today.
  • I heard the BEAUTIFUL song by Rolling Stones “Streets of love” and the lyrics “I, I, I, I, I, I, I walked the streets of love, and they’re full of tears” and this is both to say that this was “my life” and also that this song in itself brings me tears of joy because of its immense beauty and we know here you have the absolutely biggest rock band ever in history – followed by U2 in my mind and Beatles are up there too but they stopped playing after only few years – who are still able to produce as GREAT songs today as the best songs 10, 20, 30 and 40 years ago and this is truly WORLD CLASS when you keep doing the highest quality my friends and we know separating this band from many other popular artists as I have written about before.
  • I saw my self in an apartment next to the motorway behind a shield and later something about being prepared to “demand without sourness”, which is the same as the Japanese beverage “Sake”, and I was given the same song of “cherish the joy” by Madonna and told “performing without joy, why not relax and let us tell about players of the national team 15 years ago”.
    • I am not sure about this dream, but it seems to be the darkness speaking and here the Sake is “alcohol” as a symbol of the darkness and not “rice wine”, which it is not according to Wikipedia and therefore it is not a symbol of the light and we know I have no intentions to start relaxing and enjoy myself and I do wonder who the national team players in question are.
  • From here I was given several messages and “woken up dreams” as follows:
    • “Messi and others are not better than what we make them”.
    • Something about “impossible for ladies to work for us”, “defecation in the side” and later that “the worst is dolls having defecation in the side”, which is a symbol of “bad love”, which also has made ladies around me suffer throughout their lives and this is the reason why my mother worked for Coloplast as a symbol for approx. 30 years because they are a Danish business working with “medical devices and services related to ostomy”. I was also told that “the difference is that I am about to get away from this case and with me, many others” and I was shown the annual account of DFM (the Insurance broker I worked for from 1991-95) also including information about defecation, which was a symbol telling me that I will receive precise information about which people around me having had which sexual sufferings just saying that this will not be a secret to me.
    • I see my old class mate Pernille reading a magazine from the Danish Insurance Association, which only deals with “our insurance products” (Income Protection insurance) – which was another sign of “normal life” coming to the world.
    • I see my brother-in-law Hans using my laptop to find the email address of Barack Obama, which is saying that when Hans will read my scripts and website, he will understand about who Obama and I are.
    • I was told that “Algeria have just reached the 6th class, keep an eye on the weather forecast there” which was followed by the song “it’s a kind of magic” by Queen and something about “throw over, teaching and precedent”, which is a prediction of what will happen to the Government of Algeria, which will set a precedent for the world.
    • And finally I was told “we will end by giving a red rose from all of us to you”. Thank you my dear Council :-).

Continuing working on my website being tired

Today I worked from 08.45 until lunch to prepare the last part of the script yesterday including today and to prepare the publish of it before I continued working on the coming page on signs and miracles and we know I will finish the apparitions of Virgin Mary and maybe also Stigmata today and we know leaving UFO’s and crop circles as the biggest items, which I will need to do use some time searching the internet for and we know this itself could cost weeks of searching, but I will have to find a couple of good examples and to bring links to people having done this work, which I don’t have time and energy to do myself.

This morning besides from the usual negative speech and also some physical pain, I was also tired having a pretty strong feeling just to relax and do nothing, which however would be the worst decision I could take and therefore my friends I keep on working until I will be ready to pronounce my emergence to the world – and that is once again really as I also did the 1st February 2010, where the world was not “ready” to receive me and the difference this time is that I am better prepared and that I will write to other “more open” people than the last time.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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