Feb. 27, 2011: Do you have faith in Governments deliberately concealing my reappearance from the world?


Summary of the script of today

24th February: Do you have faith in Governments deliberately concealing my reappearance from the world?

  • Dreaming of replacing the extremely difficult accounting rules of the world today with ONE new core system, I am suffering together with my mother because of the wrong behaviour of my John and my mother, who is still almost breaking down because of her feelings in relation to who we are, the perfectly preserved body of my old self as Jesus will be revealed to the world in Egypt and flying a motorcycle high above the train and other “obstacles”.
  • In 1987, the Danish Government fell when it deliberately denied Tamil families to join in Denmark, which was a decision open to criticism, and now the Government have an almost similar case, which may bring it down, because it has directly against a UN convention denied Danish citizenship to stateless Palestinians even though it knew that this decision was wrong. If cases like this can bring down Governments, do you believe that Governments deliberately keeping information about my reappearance from the public and pursuing their own interests in stead of truly preparing the world for my arrival can bring down Governments too? Do you have faith in your Governments deliberately concealing information like this from you?

25th February: My light will spread all over the world when the media will start reporting about me

  • Dreaming that I am “working” with more confidence than ever before, visiting the best restaurants of the world symbolising the quality of my work, which will lead to “normal life” for all mankind, scoring in the world cup final in football giving me the best feeling in the world, the game between the light and darkness HAS indeed ended, receiving flowers as the true love of the spirit of my mother to me, my light will spread all over the world including the New World Order when the media will start reporting about me, celebrating because of my victory and the spirit of my mother saying that “this is torture, this is pain” when she has been forced by the Devil trying to carry out spiritually “our old nightmare” as Josef did to his daughter Elisabeth in Austria!
  • “Jokeren” has opened my eyes for Hip Hop music through his performances in the TV-show “the top of the pop” on Danish TV2 and it makes me very happy to see the spontaneous DEEP feelings of love and joy of Erann DD, which have been removed from most “rich people” of today making them suffer much, and this is to Erann: I am “still believing” that I am “strong enough to be the only one” :-).
  • I continued working today on my page on signs and miracles, and I have searched for many hours now and also in 2009 without finding any site giving information on all types of signs of miracles given to mankind, which I have decided to include myself on my website when I will show examples of these.
  • I was working this evening and did not pay attention to X-factor on TV, but I did hear that they spoke INSPIRED about the need to go through tears – as my family, friends and I have done – and “magic” as a reference to me and the development in North Africa and Middle East.

26th February: I am being cleansed going through sexual suffering without giving in to the desire of the darkness

  • Dreaming that “price negotiations” will not occur as they do today in our new world, I am still going through sexual suffering because of the strongest hormones and sexual desire given to any man, I am being cleansed going through this suffering without giving in to the desire of the darkness, and in the future “I wanna believe in love” personally too.
  • This evening THE LIGHT OF MY MOTHER STARTED FLYING again and instead of being very bright white, it was very bright read because of the suffering of my mother because of our family – my mother is “STILL BELIEVING” in me :-).

27th February: I saw myself being crowned standing on the Chinese wall in order to help China become free

  • Dreaming of beautiful Italian ladies, “normal life” coming, inform about the different elements of a price and give people a free choice to decide it they want to use one or several businesses as suppliers of elements of a product and all people of the world will receive a “normal life” on condition that all people will communicate and do this well.
  • I received a kind email from David updating me on the situation in North Africa seen from Kenya fearing violence and also regimes of Islamists. In my reply I tell him that as long as I endure the pain given to me daily, finish and publish my work and reappearance to the world, the light will also be victorious in these countries – before it will spread to the whole world eliminating all darkness.
  • At the service of Theosophical Fellowship I was suffering extremely because of the feelings of my family in relation to me and I was shown myself standing on the Chinese wall being crowned and this is where the energy of today was led to in order to help China to become free.


24th February: Do you have faith in Governments deliberately concealing my reappearance from the world?

Dreaming that I am suffering together with my mother because of the wrong behaviour of my mother and John

Tonight I had a somewhat better “almost alright” night and we know I was allowed to sleep until 06.30 without disturbances, which I only am when I have “enough” energy and I know that I am still sleeping lighter than normal and that I am still somewhat tired but you know I am feeling better than before meeting Braco and when this is the case I should really not worry about my mother because then she should have “enough” energy too and if not from herself then from me and I cannot see this differently which is also an introductions to the dreams:

  • I am arriving at school, I am working for an accountant firm and drinking a glass of whisky, but I see that the accountants have even better bottles of whisky standing, which are for the employees of the firm. There is some kind of competition going on at the school and outdoor booths with young people selling ice cream.
    • The school is where I have been when writing my books and that is “learning” through my own suffering and writing about these learnings in my scripts, and here accountants are connected with whisky, which is another old symbol of the Devil and BUREAUCRACY is what I am thinking when I think of many different sets of extremely difficult accounting rules around the world today, which requires “experts of bureaucracy” to find out and we know I am looking for ONE CORE SYSTEM of “exceptional quality” in the future also in this respect.
  • I am driving together with my mother and John in their car, it has turned away from the road into a small field road, which should not be there and this road is leading to the motorway and my mother asks me if I want to read the newspaper before John will have it back at the end of the drive. And something about the house being in danger to break apart.
    • Here I am a “hostage” of my mother and John driving in their car towards the motorway – the road of suffering towards the light – because of their wrong behaviour in relation to me and the house almost breaking apart cannot be because of lack of energy of my mother, which is what has to be the darkness tried to make me believe when I received this dream – you can simply transfer energy from me to my mother if required as you have done before – so this has to be the darkness giving me a wrong dream and maybe this is still about her feelings in relation to who we are.
    • I heard the song “hang on sloopy, sloopy hang on” emphasizing the words “hang on” in relation to my mother and all I can wish for is that she will be STRONG.
  • I am together with my family in a big holiday cottage in Sweden. I am in the kitchen and in a big basket on the floor I see a body, which is wrapped up in tea towels, moving and I understand that it is Helene – the late mother of my brother-in-law Hans – who is mummified, still alive and she wants to be released from the towels. I run into the room where the family is united trying to get their attention to Helene in the kitchen, and my late father’s mother follows me but instead of going to the kitchen, she walks into the living room because she wants to do some new towels and I see that I have been sitting in the living room smoking.
    • Sweden as our new world is still where my family and the entire mankind is heading, Hans’ mother died in year 2000 I believe but she is not entirely dead and I wonder if she is here a symbol of myself and that is my old self as Jesus – which is the feeling the Council is giving me here – as a mummy in Egypt waiting to be revealed to the world despite of the resistance of my family as the dream also says and this will be for the world to see the “striking resemblance” between my old self as Jesus and my new self as Stig and I have been told that my old body is still perfectly preserved from decomposition the same way as Saint Bernadette of Lourdes is more than 130 years after her death including other Catholic Saints too, which has been done to prepare the world for the revelation of my old preserved body and we know “an old story” is what this I and here I received it again through this dream because I wrote about this the day before yesterday on my coming page on signs and miracles.
  • Before standing up, I was shown myself riding a motorcycle or let me say flying a motorcycle high above the train and also electrical cables hanging in the air and this is really to say that I am confident and meet no resistance from my surroundings in relation to my scripts and so it is.

My sister and an old friend visiting my website without truly reading

Yesterday evening I noticed that my sister “visited” my website shortly again reading the headlines of my scripts of February – without opening any of them – and she also clicked on my page “normal life” so nothing new in her attitude really when she is trying to get an “overview” of my scripts without having a clue about what they truly contain.

And today my old friend Lisbeth in Kolding now for the 6th time clicked on my script of the 16th January – without reading other scripts than this – and I wonder why this script is so “important” to you, Lisbeth?

I still have my blood blister

In the autumn of 2010 I received a blood blister on my right big toe in Brede Park as a sign of “danger” to my life really and as a matter of good sake, I can tell you that I still have the blood blister, which has decreased somewhat in size but it is still very visibly there and I wonder if it will remove completely within the next 2-3 months maybe.

Continuing to work on the coming page on signs and miracles

Today I worked from 09.00 to 17.00 to do the script and (again) to improve what I already had done on my coming page on signs and miracles, to find more and even better source material for the page and to write short summaries of the content of the chapters, which took a long time to do reading about at several websites and trying to concentrate the messages of Lourdes, Fatima and Medjugorje as examples down into a few lines and we know Stig, quality is the name of the game also here in order to make people understand me to receive faith.

Do you have faith in Governments deliberately concealing my reappearance from the world?

The other day the Council told me that “der er ikke fejet noget ind under gulvtæppet” (”nothing has been swept below the carpet”, which was what the former Danish Prime Minister Poul Schlüter wrongly said in 1987 when the Danish Government tried to cover up a case where they deliberately had denied the Tamil families to join in Denmark, which ultimately brought down the Government because they had lost the faith of the public since their decision was both inhuman and “debatable” in relation to the law receiving much criticism and these days an almost similar case is brought to the knowledge of the public through an alert press – thank you 🙂 – where the Danish Minister of Integration, Birthe Rønn Hornbech, and herewith the Danish Government for years have denied Danish citizenship to stateless Palestinians even though this is against a UN convention and since politicians and the press have started digging in this case, the Minister and Government have been remarkable silent and have you really been in good faith, Birthe, when you have explained that the “experts” of the Ministry knowing all about the rules simply had “forgotten” these (?) and my dear friends is this yet another case where the Danish Government deliberately acted wrongly because an International convention did not suit you including the Danish People’s Party, which you depend upon (?), and are you once again trying to explain the public that “nothing has been swept below the carpet” to “save” yourself (?) and here I am thinking that this is to symbolise what World Governments did to me, when they knew of my imminent reappearance but instead of informing mankind honestly about this and TRULY preparing my arrival, you were more busy with what “suited you” and we know if Governments can be brought down because of the Danish Tamil-case in 1987 and just maybe also the new “Palestinian-case” in 2011, do you believe that Governments of the world can be brought down to create the road for ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT because of their breach of confidence when they deliberately concealed their knowledge about me from you?

Someone searching on my sister and I made me somewhat nervous – but the Council supported me 🙂

Today I noticed that someone living in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, opened some of my scripts including information about my sister including the script of the 19th January 2011 and downloaded the main script of book no. 1 called “Sanna hovedmanuskript 01122008” and this was after this person had used a search engine to search on “sanna stig dragholm” 6 times and two other searches including the name of my sister as you can see from below and I wonder why the relation between my sister and I apparently is important to this person instead of reading and understanding my website and scripts in general and we know it made me somewhat nervous again because was this due to the interest of the person self or could it be someone, who Sanna asked to look closer at my website after opening it herself yesterday evening (?) and again I had this uncomfortable feeling if anyone should try to close down my website because they “don’t like it” and all I could tell myself is that I have backups of everything and if this should become reality, I will simply continue to open new sites on the Internet and we know but my true and deep feeling was that I don’t believe this will happen and really because my family has given up on this a long time ago.

And after having received MUCH and powerful negative speech for days and weeks now, I was happy that the Council helped me to come over this feeling by supporting me when they told me that there is nothing to fear because when I am winning, they help people to “think the right thoughts” and we know they also still played the Devil trying to bring me down but much less than before and essentially this made me happy to experience and the reason is that I am coming closer and closer to the end of the work on my website after yet another good day of work.


25th February: My light will spread all over the world when the media will start reporting about me

Dreaming that my light will spread all over the world when the media will start reporting about me

My sleep tonight was as the previous nights and I do feel somewhat less tired today, which is only a good sign – which I am told is given to me as an “added bonus” after I have watched miracles of healing, light crosses etc. and some dreams too:

  • I am flying around my apartment with so much confidence as never before, I open the door to the neighbour in order not to be killed and when I close it again, I fly exactly as I want to as I have never been able to do before.
    • I am doing the best work on my website with confidence and without resistance, this is why I fly as I do, and to open the door to the neighbour is to receive energy from time to time at the moment from Theosophical Fellowship.
  • I see the most brilliant restaurants of the world visited by a reviewer, who gives the grade “almost perfect”.
    • This is the grade of the Council in relation to the work on my website and the most brilliant restaurants again symbolise that “normal life” will be given to every single individual on Earth :-).
  • I am a Swede playing for Sweden in the World Cup final in football and I score to 1-0, which gives me the best feeling in the world.
    • This dream is to deal with the symbols of Barcelona and FCK losing lately – including the dream of myself losing in table tennis to Fuggi (!) – and just saying that to override these powerful symbols of the darkness was what it took to reach the other side at our “new world” as the symbol of Sweden is still about.
  • I am in Manchester to watch the return football match between a football team of Manchester from the second best English league against Brøndby from Denmark. I am visiting a local friend, who is a fan of the Manchester team and we are going to see the match together on television and that is even though I am a Brøndby fan. We are driving out from a big parking house on our way to Gl. Køge Landevej (in Manchester!) because this is where the most flowers are. Somehow we did not came around to watch the match on television and the next morning we sit at his office and have not yet received the result of the match. My friend is a manager of the company with a fine office and he starts a meeting with two Danish IT- people without an agenda (!) and I say that we have to presume that Brøndby won by 5 to 0. After the meeting my friend will write an article for the newspaper about the result of the football match and somehow this will decide the result of the football match itself. I hear the song “magic” by Pilot, the elevator of the company does not work and I say that I have a system for the whole company. Later I see that I am making the system together with two others and I notice that a Japanese is sitting at the office next to us.
    • The football match is NOT on “television” anymore, which is symbolising that the darkness is not a part of the game anymore because the game has indeed ended! Driving out from the parking house is to leave the darkness and receiving flowers is the true love of the spirit off my mother to me given through this dream, and I wonder if the friend is also myself and when the “darkness of the world”, i.e. the newspapers/media, will report about me, this will spread the light just like “magic” all over the world, which also eventually will implement the “system” of the New World Order. A dream I thought would be difficult to explain but I cannot see it differently than this.
    • When waking up I received the lyrics from another of MANY INCREDIBLE SONGS by Rolling Stones, which was “I’m not waiting on a lady, I’m just waiting on a friend”.
    • And this was followed by another “special” song to me, which was “Heaven” by Tavares and the lyrics “Ooh heaven, heaven” and “right now”, which is really to say that I am “right now” back in Heaven, which is from where my light is spreading to the world.
  • I am in London together with Elton John and three others, we are partying and dancing to the music of OMD. We do not focus more on Elton than the others just because he is famous and therefore we do not ask “all of the questions fans of today normally will ask over and over again”. Afterwards I walk outside towards Oxford Square where people are standing in a VERY long line waiting to buy tickets for a concert with Depeche Mode.
    • London is one of the old symbols of the city of God and really “our new world” too and here I am celebrating because of what we have achieved so far and listening to my favourite music symbolising my love to mankind and this is the love, which will spread to all people of the world as the dream says.
  • And finally I received the song “when you’re gone” by Bryan Adams and Melanie C. and the lyrics “when you’re gone”, which was Virgin Mary or the spirit of my mother looking forward to the Devil leaving her because being forced to “realize I’m in love” – our old nightmare – is hurting her much, which was why I was also given the lyrics “this is torture, this is pain”.

Notice the joy of Erann DD to see how DEEP feelings of love & joy have been removed from “rich people” making them suffer

The last couple of weeks I have followed the TV-programme on Danish TV2 called “the top of the pop” including talented music artists of Denmark and here I will say that “Jokeren” – or Jesper as his real name is – for the first time of my life truly opened my eyes to Hip Hop music and we know I have seen the qualities of this music for many years since Fuggi and I decided to write down every single word by listening over and over again to the lyrics of the first Hip Hop song to make it big, which was “Rapper’s delight” by Sugarhill Gang in 1979 but I have never been “caught” by this music before now when Jesper showed his amazing talent to write and sing very strong and catchy songs, which surprised me positively and let me also use this occasion to repeat that I don’t like swearing and negative/ugly words in songs and I do hope that Jesper as an example will keep his big commitment and passion, but change a few words of his songs here and there – and while we are at it, songs like “erotica” by Madonna and “I feel love” by Donna Summer are other examples of songs crossing my limit of “decency”.

I could write much about the six artists of this TV-show including many of your brilliant performances but let me just say that I am very HAPPY to see so much JOY and SMILES without shyness and TRUE AND POSITIVE FEELINGS of Erann DD, see for example his joy and deep felt reaction when receiving a HUG from Jokeren and when Anna David and Szhirley gave very good performances of two of his big hits making him cry of happiness and my dear Erann, you are NOT weak when you show your inner and deep feelings to the world, in my eyes you are STRONGER than all people hiding their feelings because of fear to show themselves as they are. This true openness and joy is very rare to see in this society today where the TRUE and DEEP feelings of love and joy of most people have been taken away as you also can see when comparing Erann with the other artists of the show, which is a subject I have written much more about in the chapter “The DEEP warm feelings have been removed from rich people prioritizing money” from Normal Life on my website.

And to Erann let me say that I am “still believing” that I am “strong enough to be the only one”, which was the song the Council used with EXTREME power in the spring of 2006 to let me know that I am “the only one” and let me also say – just between you and me my dear reader 🙂 – that it was a VERY special and INTENSE feeling when I back then was lying in my bed receiving this song spiritually with immense strength focusing on these exact words as a question to me if I believed that I had the strength to become Jesus, which I had to answer with confidence over and over again in order to be allowed to continue (!) and now five years later I better understand how important it was to be “strong enough to be the only one” because I could have died many times in the years to come if I did not show all of my strength all of the time.

Thank you very much, Erann – still thinking of you too when writing these words, Michael Palin – and this also goes to the other artists of this show including Szhirley, Anna David, Dorthe and Lars, my old “Kliché” friend, who has some problems to “fit in”, Lars (?) and do you feel as comfortable receiving and giving a warm HUG as Erann does?

Working most of the day and evening again improving my website 🙂

Today I continued to work from 08.50 to 16.45 when writing the script of today and we know continuing the work on my coming page on signs and miracles and I was unhappy that it took me at least a couple of hours trying to correct errors to the line breaks on the site being too narrow and I wonder why I receive these “technical” problems now, which I have not had before and they seemed to go on and on without a logical explanation and all I can say is that this is the same type of problems as I had with bullet points in the beginning when starting to work on WordPress, when the Council played the darkness annoying me much because of resistance from “family and friends” and this was the reason why I did not make my plan of the day and to my surprise I will have to use some days of next week too to complete all of this work, which again was larger than expected even though I thought I had scheduled “more than enough” time to do it (!) and I have decided that I don’t want to finish the work before I am happy with it.

This evening I also decided to use a few hours to improve the menu structure on my website including to link my website to the first version of signs and miracles even though it is not finished yet and also to upload sound files of the clairvoyant readings, which the international mediums Paul Jacobs, Janet Parker and Billy Cook did on me in 2005/06 to a new upload site – www.archive.org – so that I could link to these files from my links page making it easy for people to play the files directly without having to download them from my library first and we know I was very happy with the progress of my website because of this work and I am generally happy with the Blog and website system of WordPress – you have made many very good solutions – but I am not very happy with how you have decided to manage media files, addin programs and “child themes” for blogs on WordPress.com compared to the flexible choices you offer on WordPress.org.

Is my work also to the satisfaction of the Commune, who “controlled” my website again

Today Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune decided to use “two minutes” on my website “skimming” the front page and the pages of Doomsday Scenario and Behaviour & Work and I wonder if I “passed” again and if you are still believing that I “work hard for the money” and when writing this, I was given one of the very uncomfortable physical pains to my right foot and just saying that this was the strength the Commune had when you also almost succeeded to exterminate me and the world, but you know without you almost breaking me down, it would have been impossible to do the controlled break down of the whole world in order to reconnect with the Source through the “not existing connection”!

Nobody has made a website including all types of signs and miracles given to mankind

I have been searching much on the Internet both now and in January 2009 trying to find good sites of signs and miracles and both now and then I was surprised to see that NO ONE apparently has been able to combine all signs and miracles proclaiming my reappearance of which I have decided to include examples on my website. Some websites include some types of signs and others other types, and it seems as if “personal interests” leads the way for people without anyone giving mankind a full overview.

If any of you out there has “succeeded” to do this, I have not found you and finding the information and doing this work really does not take that long to do, and we know every man, journalist or politician could have done what I decided to do in order to inform and “help” mankind.

X-factor – going through tears to come to “magic”

Because I was working this evening, I did not pay much attention to X-factor running on the television but I did catch in the beginning when it was said that we had to go through tears, which is what my family, friends and I have done and there was inspiration here and there for example in the 41st minute I believe when they said something like “now your voices can be heard”, which is how I have had it with the Council the last couple of days because they are becoming more and more clear as themselves without the coat of the Devil and a couple of times through the show the judges talked about “magic” and “gift” in continuation of the “magic” I wrote about several times a few days ago in relation to the “gift” to mankind, which is starting in North Africa and the middle East so this was a reference to me and the light of Christ spreading to the world.

Watching UFO’s underneath the clouds for the first time 🙂

This evening it was overcastted and for the first time ever, I was shown two flying UFO’s flying below the clouds – I was inspired to look outside the window just as one was passing my apartment – and I see the lights clearly, but the physical spacecrafts are still difficult to see :-).

Is the old Dahlberg attorney linking with me on Linkedin as an “opportunity” or a “threat”?

Also this evening I received an invitation to connect with Simon H. via Linkedin on the Internet, and Simon used to be the lawyer, who my old colleague Bo from Dahlberg used and now I see that Simon works for a new law firm and the question is if he has connected with me on Linkedin because of our old acquaintance or because Bo has asked him to look at my scripts once again and we know this is part of the game to make me “nervous” these days because of the strength of the darkness as you may understand and here I decide to believe that it is simply because Simon and I had a good relation when I worked for Dahlberg in 2008.


26th February: I am being cleansed going through sexual suffering without giving in to the desire of the darkness

Dreaming that I am being cleansed going through sexual suffering without giving in to the desire of the darkness

I had a new night which was as the night before almost removing my tiredness today and how do you think this makes me feel and we know almost screaming because of happiness 🙂 and my dear friends this is the effect of watching the videos of “miracle healings” etc. when working yesterday as you can see from my new page Signs of my reappearance from my website and here are some dreams as usual:

  • I am at a party in 1971 where negotiations on price ends in an agreement and I see many bottles of Coca Cola.
    • The Coca Cola is still the darkness, which is linked to negotiations on price, which is how the world works today. In our new world I don’t expect to see the same attitude but people focusing on what a commodity truly is worth and accepting the “first and best price, which is given”, which should be the head rule really and I can say this clearly because this is a saying I have always had – and now I understand why – when negotiating on prices and despite of this people have still started by offering me and the businesses I have represented unfair and too high prices.
    • Notice my dreams where I am together with two others and we know the TRINITY my friends :-).
  • I am in Snekkersten walking together with two others through the row houses of where I used to live towards a very small basin of water, which is 23 degrees warm, which we shortly have to enter, and afterwards I see four old and half dry “rome balls” – small cakes – which I open, start eating and give two of to one of the others.
    • Snekkersten is the darkness and water is suffering, so the darkness is making me suffer and the cake is “love”, so I am still going through sexual suffering because of the “old” very strong feelings and temptations, which the darkness gives me.
  • I am driving my bicycle and pulling a large bus behind me. I am driving on the cycle path doing my best to follow the pace of a bicycle in front of me and handling the wide bus at the narrow path without any incidents at the same time as a bus is pushing me from behind. It is hard work.
    • Another dream saying the same because cycling is another symbol of suffering and the bus is another symbol of making love and just saying with this that I have received the largest luggage of hormones and strong sexual desires, which has been given to anyone on earth, I have to navigate around “explicit sex” on the Internet these days when I still use not more than one hour per day as I have decided in order to control the desires of the darkness given to me to look at what is “responsible behaviour” of what can be published in our new world and we know I am thinking that this desire of mine will be removed when the strong feelings of the darkness will be lifted from me and also when I will truly meet the love of my life and that is Mary Magdalena or Karen you know. And we know, I notice today much more glamour and “rough sex” on the Internet than of the natural beauty of people and now I truly hope that I am done with this subject :-).
  • Something about walking with a white dog and inviting all the old ones to a party.
  • I am entering a public swimming bath and notice the need to soap oneself before entering the bath. I meet my old school friend Søren together with old colleagues from Fair and also a lady inside the men’s department, who says that two living grand mothers were walking through the bath last year.
    • This dream says that I am being cleaned going through all of this sexual suffering at the moment without giving in to the strong desires of the darkness to do what is “irresponsible” to do – a part of the game – and also that several of my old friends and colleagues are going through suffering as part of their cleaning processes too and I wonder if the two grand mothers are my late mother’s mother and father’s mother, who were active players of the game last year contributing to the pain I received because of the resistance of family and friends to me, which made them suffer much too.
  • I am meeting Martin in Spain (from Eurobooking), I enter his now big company with hundreds of employees and I have been told that my old colleague Diana from DanskeBank-Pension has started working there, she is still together with “Jørgen”, which is the name I think of even though I know that the name of her man is “Jan”, but she is not at work today, I have received different steel backs in forehand, which are designed to hold a bunch of papers and I see that every version becomes better and better, which I tell Martin when I meet him, which makes him say that it does not work yet. We speak well together, which makes me happy, I like him and he tells me that he works at a farm at home one hour before coming to the office and that he leaves the office at 14.00 to do a couple of hours at the farm in the afternoon. I tell Martin’s employees that they are not allowed by Martin to drink too much coffee and I tell Martin that I am stopping my old work and that he will see me in a more outgoing role in the future.
    • The company is a call-centre and we know a “head office” of my future servants, who will teach the world after being lifted to a higher level by the spiritual world – the telephone is “spiritual communication” you know – and the name “Jørgen” says that our finances will be in place, the steel backs are about the final adjustments to my website before I will present it to the world and the “ration” on coffee is a reference to my water boiler, which I use to make coffee, which now stops and starts by itself not three times as recently but 5-6 times before the water boils and this in itself is the symbol of “lack of love” from family and friends in me these days and some may still focus on selfish “interests” seeing my scripts as negative without understanding my true positive messages to the world?
    • Having two part time jobs as the dream says is of course perfectly alright in our new world if this is what you truly want and whenever writing something like “truly want” I think of ELO from the Time album :-).
  • I woke up with the very fine song “believe again” by Brinck and the lyrics “And I, I wanna believe in love” and this is what I am looking forward to in my own future life and “believe again” is what I am looking forward to what mankind will do in our new world :-). One of the authors of this song is Ronan Keating and I have been thinking many times that if Ronan had recorded this, it would have become a HUGE hit all over the world and also that it is a shame that the version with Danish Brinck did not become exactly this, because he does it (almost) as good as what Ronan would do.

When I was dreaming during the night and when I woke up this morning my initial FEELING was that the dreams were negative and a test from the darkness but when I started working on and understanding them, I understood that they were not and I write this to say that this is EXACTLY what happens with millions of people every single day misunderstanding when they do not work and communicate their best and are controlled by their negative feelings and we know this is the recipe: Do your best when communicating and working :-).

And we know I simply have to write that “this is a total favourite song” and we talk about “learning to fly” by Tom & Jeff now playing on the radio and who invented the impression “total ynglings” in Danish (?) and we know, I like it :-).

I did a new photo page today

Today I worked from 08.00 to 10.00 to do the last part of the script of yesterday and I continued the rest of the morning to work on some of my photos, which I will put together in a collage and upload to my Jesus & Stig page so people can compare the picture of “us” directly.

After lunch I went to the library and I was surprised to find myself extremely tired and exhausted at the same time as I also feel fresh (!) – the different feelings of my “old” self and my “new” self underneath. It feels differently when I walk outside compared to sitting at home. And when I came home, I decided to continue working during the afternoon on my new photo page, which I just HAD to do in order for people being able to compare the photos of Jesus in Nairobi in 1988 with me and instead of doing a collage, I used a VERY GOOD feature of WordPress to produce a photo gallery with thumbnails, which I don’t have much of myself because of another suffering given to me by the darkness, which is that I am biting four of my finger nails at the moment :-).

Let’s make a new tomorrow – today 🙂

This evening the Danish final of the European Song Contest took place and there was really only one song, which could win the contest, which was the INSPIRED “let’s make a new tomorrow” by a band called “A friend in London” and we know “London” is my old symbol of “our New World” and I wonder who the friend then REALLY is (?) – and this song is co-written by Lise Cabble, who was a part of the Danish girl band Miss B. Haven, which was unknown to the world outside Denmark and despite of this none other than Jeff Lynne produced a few of their songs back in 1989 and the other co-writer Jacob Glæsner is a bassist of the Danish band Johnny Deluxe, whom I met at a George Michael concert in Copenhagen a few years ago and we know this is how this song is connected to me and I can only encourage you to listen to the song and read the lyrics and you will understand that it is about creating our new and much better world. Thank you very much to the song writers, the band and everybody else making this song reality :-).

You can watch the song played live from the contest here and I wonder if it also will win the International Contest later this year.

Here is part of the lyrics:

“Come on boys, come on girls, in this crazy crazy world, you’re the diamonds, you’re the pearls, let’s make a new tomorrow.
Come on girls, come on boys, it’s your future, it’s your choice and your weapon is your voice let’s make a new tomorrow.. today.”

And here I also might add that because I have been “forced” to be lonesome for such a long time I have watched far too much television, which has had the effect that I am now looking forward to seeing new programmes coming instead of looking forward to being together with human beings, which is the natural feeling to have. I have written about how to lead a normal life at the same time as people have removed my own normal life.

The light of my mother started flying again 🙂

This evening THE LIGHT OF MY MOTHER STARTED FLYING again and we know instead of being a very bright white light, it was now a very bright red light when it approached me directly in front of the apartment before it turned away to the left and I was shown the light as a vision of a red helicopter and shortly also another light behind it as a vision of a police car and we know the light of my mother is red because of her suffering due to “the police” – the darkness of especially Sanna and John – influencing her but it is still a helicopter to show that she is still being “lifted” up and my dear friends, this is showing that my mother is “STILL BELIEVING” in me 🙂 – and that is without having read my scripts for quite some time.


27th February: I saw myself being crowned standing on the Chinese wall in order to help China become free

Dreaming that all people of the world will receive a “normal life” on condition that all people will communicate well

Another night at the same level and we know some dreams:

  • I am at a TV recording of Berlusconi and see him behind the scene where he acts a little bit strange, I follow him to the train and I see him making love to a beautiful lady, who does not mind the camera recording her but actually plays up to it. Later it is as if this scene is going to be repeated but first I have to find a camera to shoot the scene at Fuggi’s apartment in Snekkersten and first I see that Berlusconi lives there at no. 131 in an apartment block and afterwards I find out that Fuggi lives in no. 125 but that the circle staircase leading to his apartment is impossible for me to climb and later Fuggi tells me that it requires a special technique to do.
    • Just saying that I do believe Italy has many beautiful ladies but that I am not carrying a camera – an old symbol of the Devil – which is that I do not watch explicit sex scenes on the Internet, which would be irresponsible to do you know.
  • I am in a giant gymnasium, where Steen Holbeck and someone else want to sell pension plans abroad after a Danish model including 6.5% in expenses. I am the last man leaving the gymnasium and I am given a pipe of tobacco, which is almost impossible to keep burning.
    • I have received the name Steen Holbeck some times the last few months and I do believe this is the first time I have included it here – it may be wrongly spelled – and I had totally forgotten about him as yet another example of people I forget over the years because the memories of people are taken away from me as one of my sufferings and I do remember him now as one of the pension advisers of a number of branches of Danske Bank, who I had a very good relation with when I worked for DanskeBank-Pension from 1988-91, so because of “Dansk Bank”, this is essentially about “normal life” coming, which “pensions” are too and we know according to the New World Order, the expenses to finance a “normal life” is to be included in the prices of commodities and services in the future, which may be lower than what many “independent advisors” of the world do today when their fees invisibly are included as part of the total price and this gives me the idea to include my former request to the world of informing the different elements of a price in the chapter of New World Order – if I decide to prioritize it because I really don’t want to take on new work because of the TRUE deadline to finish and publish my work, which is at the end of March. And the tobacco having difficulties burning is about the Devil losing power again and we know the light of my mother started flying again yesterday evening, therefore my friends.
  • I am visiting employees of a company, who shows me a paper saying that they would like to use me as one of two independent advisers and they tell me that they will send me the signed pension contract one of the next days. I meet Pernille S. and I tell her that the contract does not include expenses. I am flying with the supplier into a full restaurant of Tivoli and I am told that there will be no bad pension contracts, when the communication is good.
    • If people in the future believe they would like to use an independent adviser and to pay his fees separately, they are of course welcome to do so and just saying that FLEXIBILITY is a word I like much meaning that the supplier of a product not necessarily will be the adviser of choice and this is basically how you can break down all elements of a product and decide if you want to have the same business supplying all elements of a product or if you want to divide it between different suppliers.
    • No bad pension contracts when the communication is good means that when all people of the world will communicate and do this well, all people of the world will receive a normal life. This is the condition.
  • I received the song “in them old cotton fields back home” focusing on the word “HOME” because this is where I am heading and very soon arriving.

David fears the violence and Islamists of Africa but there is nothing to fear because of the light spreading

Dear David,

Thank you so much for your very kind email and for updating me on the situation in Northern Africa seen from your perspective in Kenya.

I am always very happy hearing from one of you three and I would be even happier to be hearing from “all four” really but when this is said let me say that the battle on freedom in Northern Africa and Middle East is only the beginning of the light spreading to the world and as long as I decide that I can stand the pain I am given constantly at the same time as I am finishing my work with the final aim to publish this and my reappearance to the world once again before the end of March, the light will also be victorious in the fight of freedom and I might add that the reason why Gaddafi is fighting his own people with weapons killing many innocent people – I have been praying daily that this violence will stop – is because he is given STRONG thoughts from the darkness of being invincible and the thoughts of the darkness is fed directly from my mother still being under influence of my family, so basically the “fight” you see in these countries is simply a fight between my family and me (!) and again I might add that without the basic faith in me from my mother, the strong feeling of freedom would not have broken out in these countries. This is showing the world the first “small” meaning of FAITH and when my family and gradually the world will gain faith in me, the darkness will completely be wiped out, this is what it is about and it will be ALL OVER THE WORLD my friend, which will lead the way to ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT with Barack Obama as the leader – and also the end of Islam, so you have nothing to fear in this respect :-).

I would like to hear how you and the others are doing when it comes to finances, food etc., if you are able to come through a month without starving and also how your situation is in relation to paying rent, school fees and trying to get additional income etc., which you may write to me about in your next emails? – And also about how the situation influences you and your families to live a “normal life”.

And here is his email:

Dear Stig,

I’m fine today.

For the past one week I had a bad cough. I took medicine and I’m almost healed. How are you? I hope you are fine.

I met all the team members yesterday and they were strong and focused.

The situation is still volatile in North Africa with Gaddafi threatening to keep fighting. Now that he is using “dogs of war” against his people – and with some of these mercenaries coming from Kenya and other african countries – it is clear that poverty can make people to do anything.

Away from that, Islamists are calling for the establishment of Islamic rule in these countries. They are spreading this message in mosques. Back in Kenya, I can hope God will always protect the freedom of worship that we have always enjoyed.

Thanks and good day.

I saw myself being crowned standing on the Chinese wall in order to help China become free

Late this morning I went to Copenhagen to visit Theosophical Fellowship again – I have not bought a train card since the first month or maybe two at Brede Park last autumn – and this time it was a service of resurrection and consciousness and I would like to say to Martin, who led the service today – and others leading other services – that without your help there would simply be no resurrection of Jesus and survival of mankind, this is what you have accomplished in case you should wonder about the “effect” of your services.

During the first meditation I felt how “one part of me” was EXTREMELY tired – the other part is the new me, who has never felt better – as I also was yesterday afternoon and we speak EXTREMELY here and I received so much negative and unpleasant speech almost as when it was at its highest last year, which made it a big PAIN to come through today and we know I am thinking “feelings of the family in relation to me” but somehow I managed to come through the service and my pain and at the end of the service, the negative speech had decreased much thanks to the healing effect of this service of not only Earth, but also on me, my mother and others too.

During the second meditation I was shown myself standing on the Chinese wall being crowned and this is where the energy of today was led to in order to help China to become free.

At the end of the service, the Council told me that my achievement continuing to write and publish my scripts without missing one single of them has been “unique” simply because it has been and still is “impossible” to do and this is even though people may believe it was “easy” for me to go through my “journey” as they also told me because I did not miss any scripts (!) and let me also here say that the spirit of my father the other day told me how SAD he is to be leading the darkness against me based on the impulses he receives from my family etc., which he must act on and I have included this explanation because the last couple of days have been “very difficult” to come through.

I also informed Jan today that I was delayed according to what I was hoping and planning and that I will send my email to him before the end of March and Jan gave me the impression that he will read my website as a personal favour to me despite of what I have told him before and also he did not look very committed doing this and we know Jan, is this how it really is (?) and I spoke to Martin briefly about “consciousness” as a concept, which he just had been speaking very passionately to Jan about but when I said that my experience is that “consciousness” is a result of evolution, which is not connected to the original pure life energy, I was giving the strong feeling that he wanted to move away from our dialogue and this feeling continued the next couple of minutes until the dialogue ended and we know it is easy to involve yourself and speak on basis of the big library of recognized theosofical litterature, Martin (?) but it is not easy to “absorb” new information, which you have not read about or hear elsewhere before (?) and we know this is to say that these “nice” people are not that different to Danes in general and we know “on the surface” they are nice as most people are, but you know when you dig deeper, this is where you meet the poor behaviour, communication and work of people.

I am still working on the edge of my capacity

Finally, let me say that I am still working on the edge of my capacity both when finalising the work on my new page on signs and miracles – which I will do next week – and also the last “big chapter” of work lying in front of me afterwards, which is the description of my sufferings on my website in order to make people understand what I have gone through and I am “almost” fearing to do this work because I have more than 10 pages of notes alone for this, which I have written down for weeks, and we know Stig, “it’s not unusual” – thank you Tom – really because this is how I have worked for many years, and I know how to “convert” this into work of the same quality as I normally do so today it is mentally “almost impossible” to do but I know that I just have to add hours and energy doing it and this is truly how it is :-).

After coming home from Theosophical Fellowship at 14.00 I had lunch and kept on working until 16.10 when I published the last four days of scripts and we know “not easy” to do at the same time as it was “very easy” to do and this is TRULY how it is.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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