March 2, 2011: The journey of my mother is ending because of her faith in me, which also makes her VERY nervous


Summary of the script of today

28th February: I felt genuinely from my deep inside that it was God giving birth to me from outside the Universe

  • Dreaming of regimes suppressing and terrifying their populations, do not substitute true love with pictures and movies of beautiful people, the spirit of my father feels like “trash” when he is forced to play the Devil against me but he also shows his immense love to me, in the coming summer the immense suffering of my family and myself will be over when my family will believe in me, the “crisis” of Afghanistan will end when the Taleban “not unbelievers” will start believing in me, my life depends much on what my mother thinks and decides to do in relation to me (!) and again the importance of speaking to the right persons with knowledge without performing as a know-all.
  • I continued working today still having MUCH to do, which gave me the STRONGEST throw-up feeling yet and in the midst of all of this I was given the TRUE and STRONG feeling from deeply inside of myself that it was not the Council who gave birth to me, but my inner self through the Source – or God – from outside the Universe as the first person ever. I am TRULY the Son of God :-).
  • I sent 2,800 DKK to my LTO friends in Kenya this month and David was very kind answering my question from yesterday saying that he lives in cheap housing, has only little supplementary income, pays for his brother’s school fees and occasionally shares the little money he has with family also avoiding some meals himself. The cash help I send my friends is what barely makes them survive. In my answer I tell him how sad this makes me and Virgin Mary feel and again I ask the world to do what is right and should have done many years ago, which is to bring “normal life” to everyone.
  • John sent me a very kind text message telling me that “you will remain in our hearts forever”, which makes me tell him of my love of him and the team and that Christ is truly a part of his heart, which will continue to grow until the day, when he will help bringing a new and better world to mankind.

1st March: Sanna is feeding my mother and therefore the world with darkness but also converting to believe in me

  • Dreaming of cycling down the mountain of suffering, the boat of the Devil docking at the harbour of God as a sign of my victory, people believe that what they read in the newspapers is the truth, which is why the article on Jesus in 1988 in a Kenyan newspaper was written with “divine inspiration” to convince my mother and the world about the presence of Jesus and the “striking resemblance” with me, I am much on the mind of Sanna, who is still interfering as the true Devil feeding my mother and the world with darkness and when she does this she is simultaneously converted to believing in me :-), family and friends as my servants are climbing down the mountain of suffering and finally an example of very poor communication between a manager and employees: It all starts with doing a VERY GOOD action plan and to CAREFULLY plan every single work task.
  • I felt MUCH better today almost without tiredness and negative speech because my mother has regained her faith in me. This makes “a world in difference” both to me and to the world :-).
  • I have told the Council and extraterrestrials for 1-2 months that “you are allowed to be here all of you”, which is God and my inner self allowing the Universe to be inside of the Source. All souls of the Universe is now radiating from me.
  • My mother is almost suffering as much as I and is nervous about “our unknown future” giving her a desire to let the spiritual world leave us.

2nd March: The journey of my mother is ending because of faith in me, which however makes her VERY nervous

  • Dreaming that my mother is ending her train ride reaching the light, which for her is to receive faith in who I am, which my sister this year almost again succeeded to remove from my mother, but in vain, the Council told me that “there is no one as Maria, she will never question you”, as a responsible employee in our new world you will not be depending on a manager controlling your life – you will become your own manager, managers will not be thoughtless when they will “order” meetings without telling the agenda – you will be equal using the Golden Rule and my mother is VERY NERVOUS about our “unknown future”.
  • I give two examples of situations, where I received a “warning” to change my behaviour from the true spirit of my father not acting as the Devil and if I did not, the strength of the darkness would eventually be released upon me, which would have killed me/us until 11th November 2010 and from here it would have made me a “cripple”.


28th February: I felt genuinely from my deep inside that it was God giving birth to me from outside the Universe

Dreaming that the “crisis” of Afghanistan will end when the Taleban “not unbelievers” will start believing in me

Tonight I was “allowed” to sleep until 06.30 before I was woken up with a dream and we know Stig one side of me is still fresh and the other very tired because of “light” sleep only and this is truly how it is and a few dreams only:

  • I am in Albania sitting on a bench on a pedestrian street, where the police randomly picks out people to check their ID’s and bring them for questioning at the police station, which is what the person sitting next to me at the bench is subject to when they pick him up, which made me afraid that they would have picked me. I ask one where I can change my clothes and I am told that I can do this at a clothing store a few minutes away and when I arrive there asking to borrow the toilet, the shop assistant says that it is engaged because of his own clothes hanging there. He gives me the directions to the next store having a public toilet, which I can visit and even though it should only be five minutes away, I see on the map that he points at a place in the sea north of Skagen in Denmark.
    • When I woke up I was told that “the news for people to change clothes will spread”, “thousands of people die when they meat outside airport fields” (which is what people do today because of “bad love”) and “this program will bring you as close to the holy hour” (my final journey being cleaned).
    • This dream is about true SUPPRESSION of regimes of the Devil, which you see in Albania and far too many places all over the world, which terrifies the population, which is what we have decided to start lifting and it is also about NOT using pictures and movies of beautiful people as a substitute to “real love” – hence the first bullet point too – as so many people of the world WRONGLY do today and in the dream it is the darkness trying to temp me to do what is WRONG on the Internet in relation to “superficial love” as it continues to do without succeeding these days – because the toilet is “bad love” and the clothes is my personality – which is making us all suffer, hence the water.
    • I also felt the spirit of my father followed by the BRILLIANT and TRUE Rock ‘n’ Roll song by Mick Jagger “put me in the trash” and here the special lyrics “Can’t you see you belong to me” and later “Can’t you see what you mean to me” and we know “put me in the trash” is how he feels like when he is forced to act as the Devil towards me but at the same time he shows his immense love to me by giving me a true UP BEAT rock song, which I LOVE very much and even though Rolling Stones is brilliant with Keith Richards having a fantastic touch and feeling both when playing the guitar and singing, it is truly Mick Jagger in my mind who has “the magic” – another reference to my spiritual father and the Council bringing FREEDOM to the world – which is very clear to me when I hear some of his solo recordings like this, which I value as high as the absolutely best by the Rolling Stones.
  • I was told that Elton John will come to play a concert at the island of Bornholm this summer, where I will go together with my sister and her family.
    • The “island” is another symbol of the home of God and “our new world” really and we know Elton John truly means something important and somehow I am thinking of him in relation to Virgin Mary and really saying that this summer all of the suffering of our family will finally be over and do you think I look forward to this (?) and we know the answer is of course “more than anything before in my life”.
  • I am working for DFM again together with Per-Henrik H. (from GEFI), who is in charge of administration and he is going to talk to a client about the situation in Afghanistan, and a new sales consultant has started yesterday and he speaks of and shares some of his ideas of administration together with Pernille S., and I am standing outside on the balcony smoking and thinking if the balcony will be strong enough to carry me without falling down.
    • Working for DFM – the insurance broker I worked for from 1991-1995 – is another symbol of bringing “normal life” to the world, which Per-Henrik from Norway will help me doing and we also need to solve the “crisis” of Afghanistan safely ending the war against the Taleban “not unbelievers” and we know, which will happen when they will start believing in me and so it is Stig. I have earlier in my books encouraged people to be outgoing and themselves also when starting in a new company, which includes to be open, direct and honest without being suppressed by other people for example saying “here we do as we are used to” but it also requires that you speak with knowledge without performing as a know-all as far too many people do without truly knowing what they speak of, which is what the sales consultant not knowing about administration does here when he speaks to the wrong person not knowing about administration too and we know the right person to speak to here is of course Per-Henrik and IDEAS are always very good to bring forward and for people to listen to with an open mind but please know that you will receive the best ideas when you know what you talk about.
    • And the reason why I am standing on the balcony smoking as a symbol of the darkness I receive these days not knowing if it will carry me or not – will I be able to finalise my work without breaking down because of the darkness (?) – is because my life is depending much on what my mother thinks and will decide to do in relation to me (!) and when this is written I am given the feeling of a very strong influenza and cold, which however is not a pneumonia as it was before and we will have to see if this will break out or if you will try do divide it away from me because I really have to work you know my friends at the Council – and I might add here as I am truly thinking and have thought thousands of times: I AM COMPLETELY CARELESS ABOUT WHAT THE DARKNESS WILL DO – you can do what you want to – I will never give up because I have a job to do, which I will continue doing until I finish and this is how it was and still is.

And we know the good old Mick is playing on the stereo now OF COURSE and I am again ENJOYING very much to listen to “Let’s work, be proud, Stand tall, touch the clouds, Man and woman, be free, Let’s work, kill poverty” and this is then what we will do; work to bring freedom and “normal life” to mankind (!) and my dear friends LISTEN TO THIS MAN SINGING, his HUGE PASSION and background voices when singing the immensely beautiful “la la la la” in this song, which is SIMPLY A DIVINE GIFT GIVEN TO THIS man as “ui ui ui” of the “put me in the trash” song is another example of.

I felt genuinely from my deep inside that it was God giving birth to me from outside the Universe

Today I started working at 08.40, I did the script and continued working on my new Signs and Miracles page now also including information on Stigmata and “spiritual magic” given to so called “magicians” levitating, walking on water and conjuring out and up again large objects – and I have thought about including even more signs and miracles besides from the next on the plan, which are UFO’s and crop circles, which I however will not do until later to see if I have time to investigate and write these before the end of March still having to do much other work too and I really feel the pressure strongly now doing my best, working my hardest under the circumstances and doing all before the end of March at the same time as I continue identifying new tasks and improvements to do, which gave me one of the STRONGEST and most uncomfortable throw up feelings today and we know the Devil still tried to get a grip on me but for no use you understand.

And during all of this I decided that it was also time to wash my clothes and to transfer money to LTO Kenya, which I did later with 2,800 DKK this month, and because of this fight against the darkness without giving up as it was, I was given the “reward”, which was a very DEEP and TRUE feeling, which I knew was there but could not bring all the way forward the other day when I wrote that it was my inner self through the Source – or God – who brought myself briefly back to Earth as Jesus in Nairobi in 1998 as a duplicate of myself and this feeling both then and now again today is simply so strong and GENUINE because it is a coming from deep inside of myself, it IS myself and the message is that it was NOT the Council either but my inner self through the Source – still God being “outside our Universe” as you will remember (?) – who gave birth to myself inside this Universe through Virgin Mary, who today is my mother Lona you know, which she and the Council brought to Earth planning and hoping that giving birth to me with the help of my inner self and “the Source” is EXACTLY what would happen and we know this is the reason why the Council has been so sensitive about me as you can read from my book 2 I believe because they have not seen me for 2,000 years since I was “exterminated” in this Universe that is and I am the only person in history being born without the participation of the Universe itself (!) – I am still given the words I write – and still my life flame has been given to me by Joseph and Virgin Mary or let me say the spirit of my father and mother and that is until people will gain faith in me, which is when my true inner self will wake up – which is what has started now – and my dear friends this also gave me the strong feeling that I am indeed the true Son of God because it was God sending me here knowing about the plans of the Council from outside the Universe without the Council knew about or had any communication directly with the Source but “a pretty good idea” that this is what would happen. This was one of those important and good “secret messages” only given to me because I am walking “the road of God” doing my best, which is the true secret of my journey :-).

David lives cheaply, helps his family and skips some meals – my cash help is what makes him and the LTO team barely survive

Again, my dear friend David, I thank you for being open, direct and honest in your kind email and also showing your inner and true self, which I like so much seeing. It truly makes me very sad to hear about your difficulties to survive and help your family do the same at the same time as my deaf and selfish family and friends keep on feasting a life in direct luxury compared to yours without a care for how you are doing and we know I am feeling “a growing understanding” of me from “some family and friends too” and “what I try to establish” and we know “a better world” and this is what they support generally but they have given up on the world of today accepting things as they are and this is the true reason why they keep everything – or most – to themselves and we know why did the world not do anything to change this situation (?) and why did the world accept dictators killing, exploiting and stealing from their population (?) and first now when the populations go up against the first of more regimes to come, the world has started reacting when they freeze the “belongings” of Gaddafi as an example and also considers to bring him down with force before he may do a crime against humanity and we know Stig there is so much injustice of the world and this includes HOW CAN MANKIND INCLUDING THE MEDIA AND GOVERNMENTS accept people like David and my other LTO friends to live a whole life in misery – and many even worse – missing the essentials of a “normal life” without doing ALL THAT IT TAKES OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN – AND THEN AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN – TO CHANGE THIS (?) and my dear, dear friends of this world: IT TRULY MAKES ME SO SAD TO SEE and here Virgin Mary is also TRULY with me as her self without being forced by the Devil and I feel her crying now using my tear channels as she is using statues and icons too and we know this is what is tearing us apart and what also almost exterminated mankind. Please start sharing and provide a “normal life” for all people of the world.

And here is the email from David:

Dear Stig,

I take this opportunity to thank you for the cash support. It has filled a major vacuum in our lives. Thank you for being so kind and supportive to the livelihood of the team. Often we have to do some odd jobs, if we manage to find them. Personally I try to live in cheap housing where I can put my bed, chairs, a cooker and bookshelf and few assorted things. This helps me to avoid being locked up by landlords. Since whatever little supplementary income – usually through writing or editing from walk-in clients – helps me to get other little basic needs, I can only manage to pay secondary school fees for my brother in small bits. I have not been able to buy all the equipment my brother needs for his schooling. Somehow, he has continued. As for food, I avoid some meals. For example if I have lunch, I may decided to avoid supper so that I can save for tomorrow.

Since bus-fare to town is often demanding, if I can avoid to go to town, I stay in doors so as to save on fare. I have been unable to financially support my family as I would wish to. I can only share occasionally little money for food on a good day. May be if I get regular and strong income sources, I will try to do what I have not been able to do for long. The story is more or less for the other team members. Either way, God has been gracious and with your support, at least I can live with the assurance of some monthly survival kitty.

Good day,

Christ is in the heart of John – and the LTO team – who will soon help bringing a new and better world to mankind

John was also very kind sending me a text message with his kind and positive spirit shining through as always thanking me for the cash help and also saying that “you will remain in our hearts forever” and my dear friend thank you very much for your very kind message and this is even more accurate than what you may believe because this is exactly what I am because you will be given more and more of my “gold dust” “as time goes by” and we know Stig, “as time goes by” is one of the most famous and touching songs of all times herewith expressing my love of you and the team, and the song is from the movie “Casablanca”, which is one of the most beautiful movies of all times and “here’s looking at you” John – including the other LTO team members – because this is a symbol given to you directly from Christ as my inner self to tell you that you will help showing mankind the road to our new and better world as part of your impending assignment as an important servant of God, who will teach the world and when this “heart” of yours will open, you will understand your true skills, my friend.

I look so much forward to seeing you and the others again – and this is especially when the poverty of Kenya including the constant threats of violence towards people like me will cease to exist.

The work I do improving my website will gradually make the world believe in me – but it should be unnecessary to do

Today I kept on working – and washing, transferring money, shopping twice and visiting the library shortly too – until 20.00 and later one hour of additional work because I had the energy when doing my best and because I see the true deadline nearing and we know Stig all of the work on my website and this at least most of it should be unnecessary to do because the information I give on my updated website, which will make the world “gradually” start believing in me, is already included in my scripts and my library, which the world could have read and understood after I published it to more than 1,000 people including the media, politicians and NGO’s all over the world the 1st February 2010 and we know this is also showing the ignorance and “strong voice” of humanity as know-alls as a lesson given to you at the same time as it was a “risk” because if I had been understood by the world back then, it would have exterminated us all because I had not yet reconnected with the Source – which I did I in July/August 2010 – and we know my friends this is how it is as you can read more about from the front page of my website :-).

What would truly happen if I was not able to finish the work on and market my website to the world?

As part of the game I have been given messages that if I should not be able to continue and finalise the work on my website and also to market it to the world, I would “simply” be opened as my true self, whom I feel just behind the shell of my old self and on the other hand I have also been given messages that if the darkness of my family, which have made my life a living Hell again lately, should bring me down not being able to finish what I have started, it would not be good neither to me nor the world here thinking of North Africa etc. and this evening I was told that if I was not able to come through – I am not through yet you know – “something violently” would happen to me, which would chock my mother and family also to help their final development to become themselves, which I am told is not an easy process to do too, but because I am continuing my work it will be the consciousness about who I truly am, which will be the final chock of my mother and family helping their final development and we know Stig I had a visitor on my website from Helsingør again today with a new IP address as it tells me, which confuses me somewhat, but I do believe that this is my mother visiting my site again and we know reading the script I published yesterday and also “by chance” the new page on Signs and Miracles, which may “ring a bell” to her because I went through many of these with her and John in the beginning of 2009 and just maybe this will help bringing back all of the faith she had gained in me and we know also to put away “the warnings” of Sanna :-).

Some of my coming servants are people who served as officers of the SS of Germany before and during World War II

For maybe a couple of weeks I have received the saying in Danish “surt show” (“sour show” which here is expressing “bad luck”) for example watching people falling on their behinds in “Americas funniest home videos”, which is not always funny when people hit themselves and this is what “some people of the world” will do when they will find out who they were in their previous life because the two s’es of “surt show” is an abbreviation of “SS” herewith saying that they were “SS officers” of Germany culminating with World War II, which they took part in directly as I also did myself as the “highest ranking” of this “reich” – and you will know by now that this was necessary to do because the spiritual world was a mirror of the physical world because of the wrong behaviour of mankind meaning that “extreme suffering” on Earth made “extreme energy” in the spiritual world enabling me eventually to reconnect with the Source in the summer of 2010 so basically the extreme suffering of mankind also during this war was used to help us all survive, yousee?

I received a deep feeling of “another part of me” entertaining the world

And finally this evening, I received yet another DEEP feeling from the inside of me, which is that I felt and saw myself performing in front of very large audiences as an entertainer and we know this was a reference to the other part of my life, which was made up by Michael Jackson and we know HE IS STILL A PART OF MY BEATING HEART as I am told here so just maybe “we” will perform to the world again if this is what the world would like (?) and we know here I am feeling the beginning of “happy tears” coming to me :-).


1st March: Sanna is feeding my mother and therefore the world with darkness but also converting to believe in me

Dreaming that Sanna is feeding my mother and therefore the world with darkness but also converting to believe in me

I had another night at the same level with these dreams:

  • I am cycling up a mountain where I meet Lisbeth, who won the race. My mother is with us and on our way down the cycling is easier, I say goodbye to a young lady who asks me if we will see each other again, which I say we will and I see two bicycles, one with a drum in front and it is impossible for me to cycle on any on these to visit my mother.
    • This is the mountain of suffering, which my old friend Lisbeth also goes through – and again this morning Lisbeth opened my script of the 16th January as the only page she is interested in, why don’t you reader my website and the other scripts, Lisbeth? – the young lady is the spirit of my mother in disguise and here another dream saying that “this cycling of suffering” does not work anymore.
  • I see a pretty large boat docking at the harbour, “apple slices” – a kind of doughnuts – lye on the edge of the harbour, the owner of the ship is going to sell it and he is lacquering holes of the walls at the inside of the boat without much quality complaining about “all kind of rules”.
    • The boat of the Devil has been sold and is now docking at the harbour of God as a sign of my victory. In the future it should not be necessary for people to feel annoyed and obliged to follow “all kind of rules”, it should be a natural feeling that you will do your absolutely best also when taking care of your possessions and of course also to do your best when other people are going to overtake a product etc. from you.
  • I see undeveloped Poles living in the forest, Denmark is paying too high a price to secure their welfare, which a newspaper writes about and the newspaper also says that Sweden will be better to solve the financial crisis than Denmark, which my mother obviously has read because when we meet later, she says that Sweden is much better to solve the crisis than Denmark.
    • I don’t know what the Poles are about but they are inside the forest, which is “my home” and this dream is to say that when a newspaper writes about a subject, most people will believe that what they read is the truth – even when it is not (!) – and we know it is kind of funny because of the sceptical attitude of most people of the “rich world” towards other people but when a story is written in a newspaper, the same people automatically feel convinced that what they read is the truth and also that most recommendations of newspapers are “wise” and the message of this dream is really to tell you about a story I did not write 1-2 months ago, which is that the story of Jesus in Nairobi in 1988 was brought in a Kenyan newspaper with divine inspiration – and now on my website – to convince my mother and also the world about my presence and reappearance really because of the “striking resemblance” between “Jesus and me” and that is simply because of the power of the media, which has made my mother believe that Jesus truly appeared in Nairobi in 1988 as he did – even though she could also have decided to believe that “this man could have been an imposter” (!) – and because “Jesus” looks a lot like me and I a lot like him, what are the chances that Stig is Jesus and Jesus is Stig (?) and we know “pretty good” according to my mother and we know thanks to the newspaper. Do you see the power of the media and we know this is why this story was delivered like this to the world for the world to believe in me through the newspapers and that is “the tool of the Devil” you know.
  • I have spent the night at the home of Sanna and Hans, in the morning I am reading the newspaper Ekstra Bladet, which Sanna waits on me to finish so she can read it, Hans has received a 1½ year old invoice of 13,000 DKK from a veterinary surgeon, who treated their dog, which annoys him because it is a lot of money and he was hoping that the invoice by now would be forgotten.
    • It looks like I am on the mind of my sister and maybe also Hans since I am here staying with them and I am reading the newspaper, which was the symbol of “extermination” and here as a sign of the true Devil, which was the part Sanna was born to play and still does because of the darkness she is feeding my mother and the world with, which is also making my life a living Hell and of course this is the opposite of what she truly wants and we know the dog is another symbol of the Devil and the dream also gives you another example of poor behaviour which is trying to escape from your duties and obligations by ignoring them – you are of course to show responsibility in all parts of life including examples like this.
    • When I woke up from this dream, I was given the enjoyable and very funny song “a kat la vær” by Shu-bi-dua and the lyrics “Åh nej! Bare jeg ku’ la vær, se nu bare politiet som står der” and this is about Sanna, who ”simply could not help” interfering between my mother and me when communicating with my mother behind my back – without communicating with me and knowing what she speaks of but led by her STRONG voice – as she normally does and in this respect, she is acting as “the police” as the lyrics say, which you by now will know is another old symbol of the Devil, and the beautiful thing about this song is that the title of it includes the word “kat” (“cat”), which is the symbol of the light and we know Sanna, by interfering and speaking to our mother about me you are actually being converted yourself to start believing more and more in me and we know Stig, this was not the easiest message to find through this song but we know you did it :-).
  • I see servants coming down the mountain and something about a man who wants to tell them of the importance that they do something instead of nothing in 14 days from now, which makes me say that “it is alright to put pressure on them”.
    • The servants are here family and maybe even friends, who will suffer less when they will start believing more and more in me and here also to give you another message, which is that if you truly have an important task or message to people, it is perfectly alright to speak out clearly and also to put on pressure still keeping the balance right (!) and that is if you are objectively right and of course this will only happen in few cases compared to today when people often will put on pressure on other people because of their owns mistakes and negligence.
  • The headmaster of the school asks me to follow up on the school class on a certain question, I see that he has written some hand notes on a piece of paper as his “reminder” of the day. But instead of following up on the school class myself and instead of saying anything to the headmaster, I believe it is better and more natural to have the teacher of the class doing this and therefore I ask the teacher “will you help me do this one of the next days” but I am surprised to see that the headmaster later follows up on the question himself without saying anything to me in forehand and it shows out that the deadline was Friday, which the headmaster did not tell me.
    • This is how bad communication between people can be and I am sad to say that this is happening MILLIONS OF TIMES every single day because of careless people, which creates errors, misunderstandings and unhappy people because of their poor planning and communication and we know it all starts with doing a much better action plan from the headmaster in this example because he needs to think carefully about who to involve, how to carry out the task, the deadline of it and to secure clear communication and understanding, and in this example I should not change the agreement without consulting with the headmaster and I should not make a “very lose” agreement without securing a clear understanding of the agreement and deadline, which both the teacher and I will probably not follow up on – as so many people do wrongly today – and finally the headmaster here decides to overrule his own previous decision without saying anything and how many of you my readers have had a manager acting wrongly like this and how many of you have yourselves acted wrongly as the employee? Can you see the error here and also how to improve? IT STARTS WITH YOUR ACTION PLAN AND CAREFUL PLANNING OF EVERY SINGLE WORK TASK – BIG OR SMALL. PLEASE THINK AND BE PATIENT and I might add here “you better think (think) think about what you’re trying to do” as I hope Aretha does too?
  • I had a short dream where I was together with my old friend Rene, and we smoke cigarettes the whole day, which makes us feel very bad afterwards.
    • Just saying that Rene was one of many sending me much darkness because of his ignorance and strong voice believing in himself without reading my scripts or communication with me.

Sweet memories of the Sweet

And we know Stig you have not written about the Sweet before, who remembers this band (?) and I do and that is with MUCH PLEASURE because it was music of this band, which I remember as the first “true music” in my life – I still remember hearing “funny, funny” waiting on the bus together with my school class in front of my old school in Albertslund as a very small boy – and we know this is because the radio right now is playing “blockbuster” and I do remember listening to this still amazing song, which has a very special “feeling” like none other (!), while playing table football with my fantastic friend Kim from Albertslund, where I lived from 1972-76 and he is a friend from my childhood, who I still miss much and we know we also played the fantastic “Subbeteo football” at your place, watched Björn Borg playing tennis on television and of course we played football outside with the others – whom I have forgotten about as part of my suffering (!) – and Kim, you had the best skills in all of this and I still remember the Gola sport shoes, which set the trend because you wore them. I hope you are doing fine and just maybe we will be seeing each other again :-).

The faith of my mother in me makes “a world in difference” both to me and the world 🙂

This morning I worked from 08.40 to 12.40 to write the script of today including more than half of the script of yesterday and I was much happier because I was ALMOST NOT TIRED TODAY with much less negative speech given to me freeing my mind including much less discomfort of almost constant feelings given to my right middle finger and also still my right angle so this is what it means having my mother regaining the faith she had received in me and there is truly “a world in difference” having my mother believing in me instead of in my sister and just maybe this will help the situation in Libya too and we know I am here thinking of one of my favourite songs by Duran Duran, which is “LIBERTY”, which I listened to again this morning with MUCH JOY and this is the feeling and wish I send to all of you including your neighbouring countries.

I continued working after lunch until approx. 17.30 to publish my book of February to my online library, to do a new backup of my entire website and from here to continue working on my page of Signs and Miracles and I was finishing the chapter on “true magic” carried out by so called “magicians” as actors and again this took a long time to do because I decided to search for and watch many videos on magic in order to find some of the best to bring on my website, which I believe I have.

The Universe has been allowed to be inside of the Source and all souls radiate from me

The last weeks and maybe even 1-2 months, I have told the Council and my UFO-friends many times that “you are allowed to be here all of you” and today I understood that the reason why I say this is because this is what my God and my inner self from the Source say and we know meaning that it is alright for both the Council, extraterrestrials and the Universe to be inside of the Source.

I was also given a feeling that the spirit of my father is radiating from me and this is what the Council also told me and not only my father but all souls of the world and when I was told this, I was given two marks of pain in my right foot, which was extraterrestrials telling me “also us” – and the message is really that the Universe would have been exterminated today if we were not inside of the Source or let us say a new Big Bang is what would have happened.

My mother is almost suffering as much as I and is nervous about “our unknown future”

This evening, I was also given a “desire to let the connection to the spiritual world go” as I also had last year VERY STRONGLY, which was a feeling, which also VERY EASILY could have taken me over leading us all to extermination and again the reason why I received this feeling is because this is the feeling of my mother thinking negatively and being nervous about what today is an “unknown future”.

And I was told that my mother is suffering as much as I but the difference is that I am working my best and hardest at the same time, which she is not.

This is an old story, which almost did not make it to the scripts but because of the Council again encouraging me to include it, here it is:


2nd March: The journey of my mother is ending because of her faith in me, which also makes her VERY nervous

Dreaming that the journey of my mother is ending because of her faith in me, which also makes her VERY nervous

I was surprised to find that after a better day yesterday, I am more tired again today and when I woke up I was told as the first thing that my mother is “extremely nervous” about me – I just received a déjà vue feeling about this, I have the knowledge DEEP inside of me from a long time ago that this feeling of my mother would come some day – and my mother, I wish you would understand how your uncontrollable emotions, nervousness and irresolution influence my life directly making it a Hell – and we know here are the dreams:

  • I am walking on the ground in between very high skyscrapers, I am on the border to Columbia, which at the same time is Copenhagen Central Station where I am buying clothes in one store and where I leave my jacket to go for a short walk and just on the other side of the border – still at the station – I meet my sister and mother waiting outside a store. I look at my mother’s face and see that her look and face is very wrong – mostly like the look of a boxer after having received much beating and a knock-out – and she talks about her negative thoughts and also how much she has missed me, which I also tell her.
    • Walking on the ground next to skyscrapers would suggest that the worst suffering has passed and just maybe my mother will decide to call or write me again soon (?) and meeting my mother at the station would suggest that she is ending her train ride to reach the other side, which is simply to receive faith in me and who we are and this is what makes her life a Hell when she cannot control her thinking of “fear” about an uncertain future – and it looks like this is also the end of the journey for Sanna.
    • I woke up with the song “shattered dreams” by the band not liking jazz you know and I was told “you led me by your side” and given the lyrics “I dreamt the impossible” and “I thought it was you, who would stand by my side” and I was told already the other day that my mother receives “special dreams” about us – I am “the impossible” standing by her side – and we know which is helping her “the final bit” to receive full faith in me.
    • When I woke up I was also given very uncomfortable scratching feelings on the inside of my neck, which was painful and made me cough, a little later I was told that “there is no one as Maria, she will never question you” and in a short dream first I saw myself eating out, which made my mother tell me “don’t overdo it, don’t eat out every day, people will misunderstand and talk about that you cannot afford this” – which I connected with the disbelief of her and my family in my writings about bringing “normal life” to the world – and because of this I decided in the dream that I will not eat out at a public restaurant and when I woke up, I was told that “this is what happened last year – with the help of Sanna – and this is what was about to happen again, which however stopped, which will remove the pain from your neck” and when this was said, I felt that the pain of my neck removed from me.
    • I was shown my mother at the Danish Royal Castle of Fredensborg – a reference to the home of the Danish queen as a symbol of the home of my mother – and I was told that “when you go for a walk in each others castles, which is your own because you are each other and you do this without colliding, it will end in happiness” and this is about my mother and I sharing the same life flame of Virgin Mary – i.e. my mothers life flame – until people will start believing in me before my own “flame” will awake, which is happening now, and I am thinking of “colliding” as “breaking apart” and we know, which I am sure that my mother and I will not because the truth will be victorious and simply because my mother loves me more than anything else and vice versa and so it is :-).
  • I see Sidsel working in the travel business as a sales consultant and she shows me how she uses a total budget of private customers to sell travels, and I ask her if she does budgets individually matching each new customer, which she does not which makes me tell her that she has to do this.
    • I am not sure about what this dream is about, but just maybe Sidsel here is a cover of my mother and this symbol is the “darkness”, which here is connected with “money” so just maybe this is about “holding back on money” in relation to helping me, which brought “my old nightmare” very close to me and the reason for my mother to hold back on money is simply because of the influence of John – acting as the darkness – on my mother because he will not help one child more than the other as he has given my mother instructions on (me in relation to both Sanna and his daughters Mette and Bettina) and John do you really believe this was a “wise” decision thinking of how my life was and still is compared to yours and the other “children” (?) and do you think it is alright to “force” your attitude on my mother and especially when your attitude was and is WRONG?
  • I am working for Kim S. and he is busy with his work and I feel that it is difficult for me continuing to work because I miss his attention and also help and guidelines of how to do my work, and I really I don’t get much work done waiting on a meeting with him, which however is not looking likely to come.
    • And we know Stig, to me this is a VERY strange situation but this is how MILLIONS of employees feel when they don’t receive “enough” attention from their manager, which they have “learned” to depend upon and all I can say is that in the future you will both work in teams and individually and when you show responsibility and have the skills required to do a job satisfactory, you will do your job as your own manager without the need for another person taking control over your life and here I was given the song by Tom & Jeff were Tom sings “I’m takin’ control of my life now, right now, oh yeah” and this is what you will do in our new world, which you will get used to and going to like 🙂 – which also was a message to me from the Council in relation to what is awaiting me when I will get out of this suffering life of mine.
  • My old school friend Allan M. H. is my manager, he tells me that he has decided to have a meeting with me tomorrow at 9.00 but I already have another meeting at 9.00 and his determined approach without asking me openly therefore makes me feel uncomfortable but I decide to be brave and tell him that I already have a meeting at this time, which I probably can reschedule but I do like the principle to keep the first agreement, and Allan says that he also wants to have a meeting with me in 14 days from now from 13.00 to 15.00 and I ask him what the meeting is about and he replies that it will be easier to tell at the beginning of the meeting, when it will take place. Outside the office in the hall I hear Sidsel together with two customers complaining and shouting because a loan application of theirs has been declined.
    • This is about poor behaviour, communication, laziness and thoughtlessness of managers of today and it goes without saying that people will be equal in our new world and treat each other as they would like to be treated themselves herewith not “forcing” a meeting etc. upon others as the dream says and of course to explain the need for and subjects of a meeting also hearing the other party what he thinks and if he would like to include other subjects to the agenda and this is also to remove the “nervousness” of people because they will think about the unknown negatively, which leads to how my mother is thinking at the moment because she does not know what it will mean to “change our lives” becoming who we are and we know Sidsel is my mother “in disguise” and in this dream again it has to do with money and can you keep your answer short my dear Council if I give you a “chance” to speak directly through me leaving the control of my fingers writing to you? – And we know Stig this is now your father and not your mother communicating – I feel my father – and we know what I would like to say is that I AM BIG and BIGGER THAN LIFE and THIS IS HOW I WOULD EXPRESS MYSELF IF I WAS A KNOW-ALL and FELT “IMPORTANT”, which is NOT how I truly am and this is now Stig writing and this is because I am my father and this is one of the first examples showing this and we know Stig, you do not really answer the question, so I will keep it short myself: The darkness is not happy to be refused and is complaining loudly when being removed from me.

Examples of warnings given to me by my spiritual father before the strength of the darkness would be released upon me

When I had the lung inflammation some time ago, I decided not to work until I would feel better again because this is what I believed was right to do, but after two days I received the clear voice of the spirit of my father without the darkness covering him, which encouraged me to start working also to show the world that it was not as difficult working with lung inflammation as it has been working with my constant tiredness for years, which is then what I did and what it was – and this is an example of “the first warning” given to me, which I have only received a few times throughout my journey and we know before the strength of the darkness would be released upon me and I get the feeling “without protection”, which I am sure would not feel nice to say the least. It would have killed me and all of us until the 11th November 2010 and made me a “cripple” after this date, which would have brought “much darkness” to the world too and we know decreasing the closer I come the goal to go through this journey without giving up and without losing a set to the darkness.

Another example is when I was in good faith in June 2009, I believe, in Kenya, where I used the Internet “improperly” a couple of times, where I also received the same voice of the spirit of my father without the darkness asking me to stop what I did, which I then did and have done since with one exception when I lived at the home of my sister in the autumn of 2009, where the darkness was “almost killing all of us” once more, where it was impossible to resist using the Internet improperly once and for the last time and we know this was warning no. 2 and had I done this once more, it would have killed me and the world would start to go under (!) and here I might add that if I knew that publishing and watching explicit sex was a threat to life itself, I would of course never do it and it makes me think about a possible negative reaction coming from a large part of the world, when they will read about my chapter on sexual behaviour on my website because they have become used to and “depend” on the use of “explicit sex of the media” and please let me tell you that it is a condition of life to be responsible not producing, publishing and watching “explicit sex” from any kind of media and the question you really have to ask yourself is if you prefer to continue this WRONG lifestyle of yours leading to extermination or if you will be able to do the same as I, which is to accept this as a condition to live?

Preparing Lama Yönten for my coming work

Today I decided to send the email below to Lama Yönten and his assistant Penpa to inform them about my decision to hold a break in my visits and more importantly to prepare them “mentally” for the coming announcement of my work.

Kære Penpa,

Jeg syntes, at jeg ville sende dig og Lama Yönten denne besked om, at jeg har besluttet at holde en pause i mine besøg hos jer for at fokusere min indsats på at færdiggøre min filosofi, som viser vejen til en ny og bedre verden for alle med fokus på en god og ansvarlig opførsel – som Buddhismen ikke giver de anvisninger på, som jeg kunne ønske -, hvordan vi fordeler verdens goder ligeligt så alle kan få et “normalt liv”, hvordan vi arbejder op til vores fulde potentiale, så alle også materielt får et godt liv uden fattigdom og hvordan vi får et betydeligt bedre samfundssystem end hvad både kapitalismen og socialismen tilbyder.

Det er et stort arbejde, som fylder 2.500-3.000 sider og som også indeholder mine betragtninger i forhold til Buddhisme og nogle af de emner, vi har drøftet. Det vil blive en “stor overraskelse” for jer og vil også inkludere offentliggørelsen af en ny Buddha i denne verden! Jeg vil annoncere mit arbejde inden udgangen af marts måned – ifølge planen – og dette også til jer.

Foreløbigt vil jeg gerne sige dig og Lama Yönten MANGE TAK for jeres usædvanligt flotte arbejde og meget venlige og uselviske modtagelse, som I har budt mig og som jeg aldrig vil glemme :-). Igennem jer har jeg set en venlighed og menneskelighed, som man normalt ikke ser i dette samfund på grund af de fristelser, samfundet tilbyder, og den egoisme og selvtilstrækkelighed, som mange udviser på grund af en “forkert lære”, der giver dårlige vaner og som medfører, at mange viser “en forkert side af dem selv”. Dette ønsker jeg at gøre op med via mine anvisninger.

Jeg beder dig hilse Lama, Erik og også de andre mange gange fra mig. Jeg har ikke Eriks mail adresse og vil være glad, hvis du har mulighed for at sende den til mig?

Venlige hilsener fra
Stig Dragholm

And now I wonder if Penpa will take “the trouble” to answer my email, which is NOT one of her strong sides and we know I wrote to her the 10th December asking to be included in the news mails she sends out, which she did not do and when I followed up and she asked me to send her a new email, I sent another the 10th January and we know I have neither received a reply on this and I am still not receiving any news mails from her and we know is this how difficult “proper communication” is to you, Penpa (?), which also will make it “difficult” for you to send a reply to my email above?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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