March 5, 2011: My writings is the preparation for the main task: The final showdown of the world rapidly approaching


Summary of the script of today

3rd March: Bringing freedom and miracles to the Muslim world will bring light to the Muslims and faith in me

  • Dreaming that bringing freedom and miracles to the Muslim world will bring light to the Muslims and faith in me, Tobias is a TRUE minister of the light as one of eight of the Council, but he is kept as a prisoner because of the strong influence of Sanna over him giving him wrong information about me, I collect a radio and antenna as symbols of my coming spiritual communication with “my servants” when the faith in me will be strong enough, Kool and the Gang playing “Celebration” in front of only a few believers in me and I am on my way to “our new world” together with Kim S. and Jørgen, who do not have warm feelings for me at the moment because of their misunderstandings.
  • I received the Danish support to Africa song “Africa” from 1985, which together with the British “Do They Know its Christmas” and the American “We are the world” were INSPIRATIONAL songs and a test to the world to remove poverty and hunger once and for all, which the world however “did not feel up to”.
  • Yesterday I started working on crop circles to bring at my page of Signs and Miracles, which takes a long time to do searching for information and watching many videos trying to find the best evidence – which is even more difficult because Governments have succeeded making even renowned and normally respected media to produce misleading and directly lying information, websites and “documentaries” of this phenomenon as part of the cover up of the world (!) – and because of my approach and the amount of work I still have to do, I was allowed to use ten more days after the end of March if necessary.
  • When I opened the true cover up page after having read that this is part of the cover up of the world here including MI5, I decided to write an email to this site as representatives of Governments and militaries of the world telling them how sad their lies and cover up makes me and that they have NOTHING to fear in relation to “the end of the world”!
  • When I asked the Universe to help me come through in 2010, darkness from Earth also started being send to and absorbed by the Universe, which has deteriorated the behaviour of “many people out there”.

4th March: My writings is the preparation for the main task: The final showdown of the world rapidly approaching

  • Dreaming that I am playing friendly icehockey matches and still being lifted up at the same time because of my suffering, my mother crashes the tree of the Source with tremendous power bringing damages to both her and me as part of the tree, my writings are “just” the preparation for the main task of meeting and convincing the world, I am still working with my best quality and efficiency doing the last part of my work, the Council trying to give me bad conscience for not contacting my mother but she was the one stopping the contact, “relax, don’t do it” because this would not be good now, bullying is a phenomenon which will not exist in our new world, I apologise for an incident when I bullied my old class mate Lene, I ask mankind to do the same as part of their repentance and in our new world you will not see managers focusing on “team events” with employees on one hand and “talk” with the top at the other forgetting about the basic work.
  • In the twilight, the light of my mother flew towards me again and this time it was shining a bright white light suggesting that my mother is feeling better.
  • I attended a live broadcast through where a medium channelled direct communication from a group of extraterrestrials called “the Merlin group”, which spoke about the importance of ENERGY also in relation to PURE food – and through my attendance I was also given more “life giving energy”, which was also passed on to my mother. Direct communication with extraterrestrials should bring HEADLINES of the media but because of deceptions, distrust and poor work of people, this phenomenon is almost undiscovered.
  • The theme of X-factor was the coming FINAL SHOWDOWN when mankind will chose between the darkness and the light and this was symbolised by the twin sisters Rikke & Tine performing in noticeable black and white costumes, my favourite music being played symbolising my love to mankind and Virgin Mary telling through the judge Pernille that “I am not afraid, I am happy”, which is her attitude of the showdown because of our preparations :-).

5th March: It was God self deciding to live as a normal human being through me to take on the burdens of mankind

  • Dreaming of approaches from “my spiritual mother in disguise” because I accidently saw 2-3 pictures of explicit sex on the Internet yesterday evening, which my inner self cannot take, I am entering the darkness with the light not speaking to me because of this accident and it can have consequences giving birth to my inner self and ultimately that I cannot save the world – and finally at the end of the night the messages of the dreams were changed into the approaches from “my spiritual mother in disguise” ending, “normal life” still coming and also celebration and this is also to tell the world about the extreme importance of showing a responsible sexual behaviour in our new world leaving out exhibition of explicit sex.
  • I received the third part of the story of my inner self through the Source 1) sending Jesus to Nairobi in 1988, 2) bringing birth to me and finally today 3) it was GOD self, who decided to live as a normal human being through me taking on the burdens of mankind as the one suffering the most of all.


3rd March: Bringing freedom and miracles to the Muslim world will bring light to the Muslims and faith in me

Dreaming that bringing freedom and miracles to the Muslim world will bring light to the Muslims and faith in me

I had yet another night at approx. the same level making me feel both alright and “somewhat tired” this morning and we know as long as I feel “enough energy”, I focus almost entirely on my work and when I feel the need to receive more energy, I will visit Theosophical Fellowship or others, this is how it is and we know the dreams:

  • I am flying as Jesus over uprising people in between buildings in the homeland of Arabia and there is one building, which works like a magnet automatically bringing flying people down to the roof of it to capture them, which is what I should have been and afterwards I should have been lynched but because of the miracles happening, I am still flying and allowed to get off. In the street I see a Coca Cola can, which I do a small miracle to transform the text on, so it writes Allah in Arabic instead, which is noticed by a very reserved Muslim woman and child, but it is impossible to receive a reaction from them on what they just saw and instead I see aggressive gooses attacking and trying to bite me, but I ask them to lye still, which they do and from here I am led to the living room of my mother in Helsingør, where the light is switched on in one room after the other and in the kitchen I notice that Bettina has stolen the rump steak, however her plan is to serve it for all of us when we arrive, which she does and it is a big steak giving plenty of food for all.
    • I was told that “this is how it is meant” in connection with the Muslims, which is to bring them miracles including freedom, which will release me from being “lynched” because of what otherwise easily could become reality because of distrust in me. The reserved Muslim woman with her child not reacting to me as a stranger is because Muslim men of today violate basic human rights when they suppress women and children. And the development of the situation in the Muslim countries and bringing “normal life” to the world, i.e. the rump steak, depend on the light spreading in the home of my mother as the dreams says and my dear friends that is on her faith in me :-).
    • The darkness of Muslims, i.e. the Coca Cola can, is transformed into light through this miracle, and this is also to say that in the chapter “True magic of God carried out by magicians as “actors”” at my Signs and Miracles page – which I recommend readers to read to receive even more understanding and faith – I wrote yesterday in the chapter “True magic of God carried out by magicians as “actors”” that “as Stig, I have so far not received the power to do “great magic”” so this is also to say that “this will come” to me.
  • Tobias is the youngest Minister of Justice in California ever, but he is going to serve a sentence and a new temporary minister is found. Tobias forgot a movie about homosexuality. Sanna is driving me in her car to a meeting of parents at Tobias school, she is very busy as always and she writes a song together with Hans about homosexuality, and I believe it is a bad idea to base the song on Tobias without consulting with him.
    • Tobias is a TRUE minister of the light – he is one of the eight of the Council as you may remember (?) and we know he was Montgomery in his previous life – but he is kept as a prisoner because of the strong influence of his mother Sanna over him “informing” him about me, this is the school you are going through, Tobias, and Sanna, can we be sure that you are totally objective and impartial without judging me wrongly, when you “inform” Tobias and others? And I would be very surprised to find out that Tobias should be homosexual, this has to be the darkness lying in this dream simply because of the lies and wrong doings of Sanna towards Tobias in relation to me – this is how it works, Sanna and everybody else.
  • I am in a big radio and TV store collecting my radio including antenna. I meet Will Smith with his girlfriend, who collect a stereo system.
    • Not much to say other than this is the equipment, which I will use as a symbol to communicate spiritually with “my servants”, when I will wake them up and we know “step by step”, so this will come to me the day, when faith in me is strong enough and this is why the work on my website is very important because without this, people will not believe in me.
  • Something about Tobias at a hotel and a visit, where one will not join us because his 94 year old father has passed away and something about reading a book about Tobias. I want to stay the night at a hotel myself but I cannot afford it and a book with hotel recommendations do not contain a hotel I would like to stay at. I am now at a country site where I meet a tabby cat, which starts speaking to me and I tell it “I have never heard you speak to me before” and it asks me “when will I see my friends in Heaven again” to which I reply that it has to be patient, that 2-3 years might go and also that “you belong to the best family in this respect”.
    • Tobias is still at the “hotel” as the symbol of the “waiting hall” before you will be woken up, I have been woken up myself and is therefore not staying at a hotel and this is because the cat as the symbol of the light is communicating with me – and I wonder if this is also a message of my diseased relatives on the other side waiting eagerly to communicate with me.
  • I see Kool & the Gang playing “Celebration” in front of a few “rich” people only, which makes the band look tired.
    • This is to say that there are only few people having faith in me to play for and we know when the world will gain faith in me, I am sure that the band will be revived to new strength.
  • I am at a cottage together with Kim S. and Jørgen on our way to Sweden and we are just about to leave, which makes me think that I better bring some clothes and I decide to make a cup of coffee too, however there is no coffee at the house – and my mother and Sanna arrive too, they will follow us to Sweden.
    • We are on our way to our new world as Sweden still stands for and at the moment there is not much “warm feelings” from Kim S. and Jørgen of me because there is no coffee and this is what misunderstandings do you know.

The support to Africa songs were a test to the world to remove poverty and hunger once and for all

When I woke up I was given the beautiful and strong Danish song “Afrika” written by Nanna and performed by the best Danish artists in 1985 as the Danish answer to the British song “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” and the American song “We are the world” to support the hungry people of Africa and I was given the lyrics of the Danish song “Afrika, Afrika, det bli´r bedre dag for dag” (“Africa, it becomes better day by day”) and ”rejser sig op mod sygdom og død“ (raise up against sickness and death”) and I have really been given this song for a couple of days now and the TRUE reason for writing this song, Nanna – which I believe is very beautiful as the British and American songs are too – is to symbolise “normal life” spreading to Africa and the world removing poverty and hunger just as the British song for example when they sing “feed the world” and the American song for example when they sing “let’s start giving” and “We’re saving our own lives” and we know Stig the reason for giving me this song is to give me other examples of INSPIRED MUSIC, which I have thought about including on my page of Signs and Miracles as an opportunity because these songs are really also signs of my reappearance when they show the road to a new and better world and I am given SO MUCH EMOTIONS FROM THE COUNCIL HERE WHEN WATHCING THESE VIDEOS AGAIN AS I DO NOW BECAUSE OF THE IMMENSE BEAUTY OF THE SONGS and also tears because of the STILL DESPERATE SITUATION IN AFRICA AND ELSEWHERE and we know these songs served as a test to the world to ONCE AND FOR ALL remove poverty and hunger, which the world however “did not feel up to”.

And we know Stig, I will NEVER BECOME TIRED (!) of these songs – which is also another message to me personally about the time coming when my suffering and tiredness will disappear – and let us therefore see and listen to them once again – and again and again and again :-):

Working to find the best evidence of Crop Circles also finding lies and hoaxes of Governments and media as their cover up

Yesterday I worked until 17.45 and also started to work on crop circles as part of my page of Signs and Miracles and I was happy to immediately find what may be the best research site of this phenomenon – – which gave me new information compared to what I found when I searched on this the last time in January 2009 when I did my old document on “so called supernatural phenomenons”, which is included in my library and this is really the difference because if I just transferred what I found in 2009 to my website, it would not take me many minutes or hours to do, but what I have decided to do is to do a new search trying to find the best “evidence” knowing that I need to use “some time” but “not too long” to do this and this is then what I do and we know which is also making me “somewhat stressed” and helping on my throw-up feeling because now I know that doing this on crop circles alone may take me 2-3 more days to do and afterwards I will also use the same approach on UFO’s and the Niburu planet, which I have decided is a “must” to include, which also means that I may not get the time to also search and include information of the Twin Towers of New York falling, inspired songs and movies, Indigo children, UFO abductions, channelling of messages from the spiritual world and extraterrestrials too to human beings (!) about my coming etc., Alice Bailey’s prediction of my return and other signs too.

Today I started working at 9.25 and I completed the script before lunch and after lunch I continued searching for information on Crop Circles, which I may finalise on Saturday and we know Stig, UFO’s and the Niburu planet may take 2-3 days too coming to the middle of next week and here I need 2-3 days to do the page on my sufferings and maybe 2 days to improve my website “here and there” because of new ideas written down and a “review” and we know I will need a couple of weeks to find email addresses on people around the world to whom I will send my announcing email and also to write the email itself, which may take “some days” to do (!) and we know there is not much time before the end of March, which is TRULY my deadline and as you see, it is IMPORTANT to plan your work and to do it even better than what I have been able to do under the circumstances and this is the plan I am following now, which is stressing me because I will do my best to send the email at March 31 at the latest, but because of this plan, I was told by the Council that I am allowed to use ten more days if necessary.

I spent a long time watching different videos and websites about crop circles and I noticed just how infiltrated many are with WRONG messages and deliberate deceptions of mankind and we know some of it is easy to see – for example the poorly made crop circle “documentaries” of National Geographic, who has been asked by the Government to be part of the cover up and therefore they claim that crop circles are manmade using boards (!) – but when they start mixing genuine information into so called “documentaries” and still end up with giving wrong conclusions to misled mankind for example that 95% of all crop circles are manmade and the more complex they are, the more certain it is that they are manmade as one “convincing” documentary did – and there are even more outrageous claims out there – it makes it difficult for “most people” to discover the truth so after being “misled” when “searching in blind” I decided to trust the scientific site of, which easily convinces me of the truth because of its scientific approach and the TRUE and overwhelming evidence it brings including documentation about how for example National Geographic has produced “hoaxes” claiming that crop circles are hoaxes and we know which you will be able to read about from my site in a few days from now, so I decided to follow the recommendations from this site on two documentaries and today I used several hours finding the first of these online, which is the documentary “Crop Circles: Quest for Truth”, which however was only available through so called “doubtful” sites not following copyrights but you know for my purpose to convince the world I believe it will be fine – which I am sure the producers of it will agree with me in also when they will discover that copyrights will not exist in the future and that “culture” will be free for all – but I really had the challenge to find a way to being able to stream this video from my website and due to restrictions, and limitations everywhere and that is both with WordPress, which will not accept streaming from these sites – they only accept a few video hosting sites and they BLOCK HTML embedding codes from others (!) – and video hosting sites of what they will accept to be uploaded in terms of file sizes and length, which was almost impossible to get an overview of until I was “lucky” to find a fine comparison of many video hosting sites made at and from here I could identify a few sites, which had “the capacity” to host the videos from the “doubtful” sites at the same time as these were “accepted” by WordPress and we know from here I first had to find a video download add in program for my Firefox browser, which I did and then I downloaded the two parts of this documentary and after having tried a couple of video sites using time to create my profile and to find out how their sites worked, finally I succeeded to upload these two files to and because of this, these files are suddenly no longer “doubtful” (!), so from here I should be able to stream them from my website, which I will follow up on tomorrow and we know we will have to see how long I can bring this documentary to the world because of my violation of “copyrights”, which is just another example what this “tool of the Devil” means when it keeps information and also development from people and furthermore this is yet another example of how mankind “waste your time” because of all of these different systems with all of their different rules, restrictions and complications really with none of them working perfectly and therefore this is to say BUILD ONE VIDEO HOSTING SITE OF “EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY” covering ALL NEEDS for you to add on, which is truly what you need :-).

This is added the 5th March: The videos and my profile on lasted until today where I received an email from them saying that “I’m sorry, but I had to remove one of your videos from because we received a Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notice” so now I have the experience of how difficult it is to spread an important message to the world because of “copyrights” of the world today and we know as a matter of “security” also found it necessary to cancel my profile with them and I had nothing to say about it. I will have to consider what to do – if I can upload the video to another site without getting it deleted or to give a link to one of the “doubtful” places, which stream it apparently because they do not accept the “Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notice”.

Informing Governments of my sadness of their lies and that they have NOTHING to fear

When I saw a link to and read from another site that this is part of the cover up of the world produced by the “Security service” MI5 of UK, I became very sad to witness this LYE and COVER UP and easily to see through act and therefore I decided to address the “official” world directly when I wrote and sent the following quickly prepared email to this “organisation”:

My dear friends including Governments, militaries and intelligence services:

I feel both sad and sorry about all of your cover ups not having the courage to tell the truth to the world about my reappearance.

You have NOTHING to fear when it comes to “the end of the world” including a war against other civilisations – and this is NOT because of what you did, but because of the power of the light, which has STOPPED this from happening.

I encourage you to close down this site and ALL OF YOUR COVER UP ACTIVITIES and simply to speak out the TRUTH to the world. You have NOTHING to fear 🙂 🙂 🙂

Kind regards from

And we know my dear readers, you will understand more when you see my coming chapter of Crop Circles on my website – and of course when you decide to truly read, watch and understand it that is because otherwise you will NOT understand, this is how it generally works you know (!) – and after I sent this email, I was not able to open my website for “some hours”, which was another effort of the darkness trying to bring me nervousness but I really trust that the light will bring me all the way through when I do my best, which also will bring “the right thoughts” to people – and later of course my website worked again – and that Governments will not close me down, because have you found out by now that I am truly the one you are awaiting?

Earth is sending out darkness and negativity to the Universe

Yesterday one of my nice UFO-friends – I don’t know who – reminded me of an old message, which I don’t believe I have included before and that is that when I asked the Universe to help me come through in 2010, darkness from Earth also started being transmitted to and absorbed by the Universe, which has deteriorated the behaviour of “many people out there” for example giving them negative thoughts and desires as they have “not had for a long time” and yesterday I was told that this also includes desires of homosexuality and we know my dear friends on Earth, this is what you send out to the Universe because of your wrong doings and does this make your proud or embarrassed?

And finally today a few short stories:

  • I have decided not to run at the moment even though I would be able to do it with “some difficulties” and that is because I am prioritizing to use my energy and time to work as my absolute first priority – and I don’t have much motivation to run, but now and again I receive a breath of true motivation when I feel better with more energy and that is when this is what my mother sends me because of her attitude and behaviour.
  • I don’t believe I have written what the Council told me many times last year, which they again told me this evening, which is that the reason why my closest family and friends including former colleagues decided not to do even more to close down my website than what they did is NOT because of what I have written but because of their LOVE and CONSIDERATION to me and as an example to prepare this feeling, this is why I told Dahlberg so many times how much I like them as I truly do when I worked for them and also why I was inspired to send them flowers after I had finished working for them – and have I after all written some of this before?


4th March: My writings is the preparation of the main task: The final showdown of the world rapidly approaching

Dreaming that my writings are “only” the preparation for the main task, which is to meet and convince the world

I had yet another night at the same level and we know feeling “somewhat tired” this morning but it will pass after a couple of hours and also saying that I am feeling tired of working on my extreme limit as I still do when I try to get an overview of new working tasks several times a week doing my best “quickly” to find the best “evidence” to bring on my website and not least trying to find the best text following it and to narrow down and concentrate the text into “not that many lines” to help people get an overview and this is exactly how it is; it may not look of much when reading my website and here Signs and Miracles but the work required is under the circumstances almost bringing me down and this is still how it is constantly – and some dreams:

  • In icehockey I am trying to arrange two matches against an opponent on two consecutive days but it is impossible because we are going to play against previous teammates. Previously our team won against our own very talented youth team by 2 to 0 and one opponent was Heinz Ehlers who lifted his stick backwards and without looking he hit us in the faces.
    • The dream says “friendly matches” and even in friendly matches it is possible to become hurt – or what (?) and that is the name of the game at the moment you know – and here from the best Danish Icehockey player when he was active and his name is also the brand of the well known brand “Heinz tomato ketchup” and tomatoes are the old symbol of me being lifted up and this is really “what’s going on” in this time of suffering as the stick here and icehockey still stands for.
  • I am in a small park where I notice a young woman almost flying across the grass because of the power she has received from a car setting her off in high speed and she hits some small trees on her way until she at the end clashes the biggest tree head-on, which brings damages to both herself and the tree, and I see this exactly at the same time as I was approaching this particular tree myself and therefore it makes me annoyed that she chose this to clash into this tree. I pass the tree without stopping and without looking at it or her.
    • The young woman is the symbol of my mother and the tree is my origin as “everything” and we know me as part of the Source and this is another dream telling that it is not very easy for a mother to realise that her son has told her the truth for such a long time and that he and she truly are the persons they are.
  • I am in Copenhagen and see flood everywhere, I hear someone asking “who is Peter from Nyhavn” and the answer “he washes my car”. I see a Statoil petrol tank and old colleagues from DanskeBank-Pension saying that this is where Stig filled up and interviewed the others. At work I am almost finishing my first job and I see that Bjarne used 10 months to do his first job where after he did the main job, which is what now is awaiting me too.
    • Washing my car is still “becoming me”, which this process is bringing me too – I thought I was already ready some time ago (?) – I don’t know what the tank is referring to other than “energy” and the last part is to say that my job going through the Judgment and doing all of my writings while suffering much is “only” the preparation for the main task, which will be to meet the world and to make it understand and when I had this dream, I also had a déjà vue experience from “deep inside of myself” that I knew this from a long time ago.
    • I was told that “it is like stadium rock” – I saw the band Queen playing and really because in my mind they are the best ever playing on stadiums – “which will not work out if you have not prepared yourself, but this is what we have, so it will go fine”.
  • I woke up hearing the song “På banen (derud af)” by Kim Larsen and the lyrics ”vi kører 100 km i timen, derud af!” (“we are driving 100 km/h rip along”) and I was told ”without looking in the rear-view mirror” followed by ”behind me is a car with a howling horn” and it was to say that we are still working our absolutely best under the circumstances and as efficient as possible and I know that you are giving me references to my mother hurting much and try to give me bad conscience for not contacting her and my dear friends at the Council, need I remind you that I was not the one stopping our contact and that either my mother, John or Sanna could contact me to ask for my help and support if needed and we know I cannot see this differently. When people do what is WRONG, they will have to “face the music” until they start changing and when my mother will contact me again, of course I will become very happy.
  • I was told that “people have to see that it was a lonely building” and I see a building in Helsingør and my dear friends this is what I have been in all of my life: Lonely and we know because strong people around me made me introvert and sad for a long period of time holding down my natural extrovert nature and this lasted let us say 95 percent of my life so far!
  • I heard the breathtaking song – in head of its time really – “relax” by Frankie and we know is he already in Hollywood (?) and this is just the spirit of my father telling about his job acting the Devil towards his son, which makes him more sad than anything else in his life and I feel his sadness very much here and the song was followed by “don’t do it” and we know it will not be good to start relaxing now, which is still the strong feeling and desire I have to overcome every single day and it starts each morning after bath and breakfast but I have not been tempted one single time!
  • I am inside a large building where I hide, I see two cycles but they are flat, so I cannot ride these. I arrive at the reception of a hotel, who bid me welcome and say that we will now do “pension advising”, we will divide into groups and we are encouraged to come up with all of our ideas.
    • It looks like I cannot be made to suffer because the cycles are not working and we know this is because I am continuing to work – otherwise it would probably be different – and I am on my way to wake up my “special friends” waiting for me in order to bring “normal life” to the world and I do believe I have had a few dreams of this nature before if I am not wrong 🙂 and it ALWAYS works when you ask people to bring forward all of their ideas and the best way to do this is to become familiar with and receive experience in using the different brain storming tools, which exist.
  • I have received an invitation for a class reunion from my old class friend Lene. I meet Allan at an electronics store where I am trying to set up my own camera with the correct light setting. We are now walking with Lene and others from the class, Lene is carrying paper and board, which we will use to cut and paste and she drops a large number of small paper notes on the floor having my name on them. Later I am at work, where we are coming much behind with because the manager is so busy focusing on different kind of team events to improve our relation and when he hears that his Nordic Manager has received a new International manager in the UK he says “I will surely like to meet him” to which the Nordic manager replies that “we will have to meet him in England then”.
    • The paper notes with my name on, which Lene drops on the floor refers to something I am not proud of at all because Lene was unfortunately the one in our class who was subject to bullying by class mates and at one camp school Søren and others were “inspired” to do a bullying song about Lene and I was “inspired” to contribute with the first two lines of the song, which were VERY UGLY and to Lene I would like to say that I am very sorry for contributing to this back then – it was maybe in the 5th or 6th grade – and also that I have felt guilty with bad conscience ever since thinking about what this and other bullying – which I do not remember being part of – may have caused you of suffering back then and also as part of your life. This is also an example of what you should include when repenting your sins and that is to repent poor behaviour in relation to other people and to apologise as I have just done here – and I do look forward to meeting you again Lene and all of our class mates and I promise you no bullying from my side but an interest to learn about your life and family :-).
    • I have been thinking of including bullying of children – and also grown ups really – in my writings previously but I never came around to it before now, and THIS IS SOME OF THE WORST I KNOW OF and we know when you will give all of your children a RESPONSIBLE upbringing and teach them of good behaviour, basic work rules etc., you will remove this phenomenon completely and I wonder why this has been allowed to spread as much as it has and at least in this part of the world, which is REALLY destroying the lives of many children, who are most severely hit by this and making even more unhappy when it happens and I can tell you because I remember that “sometimes” I was also the victim of bullying by “the strongest and most popular” boys of the class but I was not the one suffering the most because of this.
    • And finally this dream is also to say that some managers of today have lost the connection to the basic part of work, when they become so committed to do team events including “meetings around the campfire” etc. trying to make selfish people “feel better” that it makes people come behind or much behind with their work and on the other hand these types of managers also focus their attention on the top, which for example as here will bring completely unnecessary travelling where people can “talk and talk” without truly working. Please stop this kind of working attitude in the future and “let’s work, be proud” instead – and as I have written before, when people will behave and work responsibly in the future, there should be no need to do all kinds of team events during working hours to “improve relations”, but of course it is always a good idea to meet as friends after work if this is what you want :-).

Today I started working before 9.00 and as usual I continued working like a “normal working day” and that is without disturbances doing my best both in relation to quality and efficiency, which is basically what all of my scripts express and at lunch I was finished with the script of today so far and also the final part of the script of yesterday and from here I continued my work on crop circles as part of my pages on Signs and Miracles.

The light of my mother is now white again suggesting that she is feeling better

At 18.20 in the twilight I decided “randomly” to look out my window and I was surprised to see the light of my mother arriving at this early time and especially in the twilight, and it was shining a calm and bright white constant light in front of it sometimes with a blinking white light behind it in irregular rhythm and it was as usual around 150-200 metres up in the air and it showed me first the vision of a circle around it and later a star as the Mercedes-Benz star, which was to symbolise the work I am doing today to on Crop Circles for my website – and when it flew over me to the right of my window it almost switched off its light – it was only shining very little – and for the first time I could “almost” see the “craft” itself, which was not formed as a plane today but what looked like a more square object – which cannot be very large – and it was certainly black, but still it gave me a “not very loud” sound of a plane.

And to me the white light of it and coming so visibly at this time of day is telling me that my mother is feeling better and also that we are approaching the end of my work – and now when I think of it, already this morning I was asked if it would be alright to send the light of my mother to me this evening for me to write about and of course it was and that is even though I still have much to do :-).

Extraterrestrials speaking of ENERGY and PURE FOOD – and transmitting “life giving” energy to me and my mother

Because of “positive curiosity” and “it cannot harm to receive more energy”, early this evening I had decided to follow a live broadcast on the Web-tv of – my old ”enlightened” friends on the Internet as you may remember (?) – featuring Dennis Søndergaard from High Vibrations Center, who has received the “special gift” as a medium to lead a two way dialogue directly with extraterrestrials as another sign of my reappearance really and here to prepare mankind and inform about important subjects, which also was the case this evening and that is not least because I was following as one of approx. 40 on distance – as I am told here – and let me start by saying that what Dennis does is TRULY real, he is simply working as a medium transmitting the words he receives from extraterrestrials – nothing more or less just like myself (!) – and in the beginning of “the session” he received a contact from “the Merlin group” of extraterrestrials – I don’t know who they are (yet) – and they were inspired to speak about “ENERGY” as a subject and you know this is what I needed and what I received because of my participation and I decided that I did not want to bring all messages of this broadcast here because I don’t have the time to write it – just maybe there is a video tape of the session to be used as a future lesson of mankind (?) – but it focused on synthetic additions to food, which we have because we choose it, are not conscious about our decisions and are easy to manipulate with and the message was to eat PURE FOOD in the future to bring us much better energy, which will help on our well being, give us positive thoughts and relations and really also improvements in behaviour and work.

During the broadcast the extraterrestrials said to “you who are not present” that “it is not that important if you are present or not” and “we are here to transform the energy, this is all we wish”, which was really a hidden message to me that it is indeed possible for me to receive energy through distant attendance and after receiving energy for the first 20 minutes I was asked if it was alright to continue bringing energy to my mother, which it of course was. Thank you :-).

During the session I could not help thinking that here is an example of a unique event of world history – direct communication with extraterrestrials – which receives almost no attention because of deceptions of Governments and the distrust, poor work and behaviour of people in general, where most people – without knowing what this is truly about and without doing much, if anything, to find out – will think that people like Dennis speaking to extraterrestrials “of course are insane”, which is the same “phenomenon” of poor behaviour of people, which also hit me you know.

In a normal world, news like this would be brought on the front page of newspapers around the world making sure that everyone would be informed but this is not how the world of today works (!) – and again when I am done with my work updating my page of Signs and Miracles with Crop Circles and UFO’s you will be left in no doubt of the existence of extraterrestrials and that is if you should be doubtful today and of course if you decide to read it.

After almost an hour I decided to leave the broadcast because I wanted to follow X-factor on television starting and before I left I sent the following email and my dear friends, I wonder what your reactions may be to my “claims” in the email (?) and if this is new information to you, you may be as sceptical as all other people and we know, which will make you decide not to believe in me and maybe also not to send me a reply?

Here is my email:

Kære High Vibrations,

Jeg vil blot sende denne mail og sige tak til Dennis og alle, som deltog denne aften, som var den første aften, jeg selv deltog på fjern-afstand via webtv på Selvet.

Talen om energi forstod jeg godt – også i en anden forstand end den der kom til udtryk direkte gennem Dennis denne aften – nemlig et spørgsmål om at “kanalisere energi via denne Merlin-gruppe de rigtige steder hen” herunder til den fysiske Kristus på jorden selv på grund af et “særligt behov” og også til “frihedsbevægelser” rundt omkring i verden.

Den feminine energi, Dennis, som blev omtalt igennem dig, var på grund af Jomfru Maria, som er “ved at vække op” – og som står i tæt samarbejde med “udvidede civilisationer i forhold til den jordiske”. Mange andre symboler blev givet igennem Dennis for eksempel et valg for menneskeheden mellem “kaffe”, som står for “kærlighed” eller “dramaserier på TV”, som er et symbol på et bevidst og negativt valg af “mørket” mod bedre vidende og dette i forhold til det forestående “endelige opgør”, hvor menneskeheden vil modtage FULD oplysning og som vi nærmer os POSITIVT med raske skridt.

Jeg oplever den samme energi, som strømmer til Dennis igennem jeg selv, som jeg glæder mig til at vi sammen kommer til at opleve endnu mere direkte end i dag :-).

Flot arbejde – tak for en god aften :-).

Venlige hilsener fra

X-factor was about the FINAL SHOWDOWN of mankind, which Virgin Mary is not afraid of because of our preparations

This evening was a ”rock-theme” on X-factor, which included some of my favourite songs, and when I heard “creep” originally by Radiohead, I felt IMMENSELY DEEP feelings inside of me – I have LOVED this song since it came out (but will you please look at the language of the lyrics?) and I am still “learning to fly” also in relation to the rest of the catalogue of Radiohead, but I am getting there and YOU ARE AN AMAZING BAND TOO my friends and some day you will get all the way up there to the top of my list I am sure 🙂 – and it was followed by “Song 2” originally by Blur and we know this may be my favourite song by this another AMAZING band giving me at least the same feelings as the song by Radiohead and then I was completely taken by surprise when I saw the twin sisters Rikke & Tine appearing in this show in noticeable costumes, one in black and one in white, as you can see here and I was thinking about Yin and Yang and really the battle between the darkness and the light and for the first time I really enjoyed their singing very much – and I do wish that all of the people on stage during this song had worked as a giant choir, which truly would have been fantastic (!) – and the feelings and thoughts given to me when watching this was that “this is one of the best songs of history”, and this was my true feeling also in direct comparison with the two previous songs, which you will understand that I RATE HIGHLY, and the song they played was “love will tear us apart” by Joy Division, the lyrics of this are not happy to say the least, but the song is of immense strength and beauty and the message is NOT to be found in the lyrics but in the name of the band “JOY DIVISION”, because JOY is the wish sent by “the division” of the Trinity, the Council and the Universe to Earth, and the by now famous (!) judge Thomas Blachman was INSPIRED to say that “this song is what you can call the hymn of a generation” and “you could might as well sing David Bowie’s Heroes or something like that” as you can hear him saying here – which the twins said they also had thought about (!) – and I loved this song so much that it gave me the same feelings as my all time favourite song, which you know of course is “heroes” by David Bowie, which I might as well bring here too followed by the original song by Joy Division :-).

As you can hear from the link above connected to the statement of Thomas, it was followed by the judges Thomas and “Cutfather” arguing about the coming FINAL – which was a symbol of the coming FINAL SHOWDOWN on Earth, which is the final battle between the light and the darkness, which was the theme this evening – and Pernille cut through telling them strongly that “we are not there yet”, “there is much anxiety in the room tonight, I am not afraid, try to listen, I am happy, happy, happy, happy, happy”, which was the spirit of my mother speaking through her as she has done many times before also in previous shows and here to say that she is happy with the preparations we have done and because of this, she is NOT afraid about the outcome of the coming FINAL SHOWDOWN but essentially HAPPY.

This is also how I understand some of my favourite music being brought here symbolising my love to mankind. We still have a chance to bring every single human being on Earth home to God following us to the new world, which is to leave the darkness and enter the light following my directions. This was and is still the aim and I am asking everyone out there to do your ABSOLUTELY BEST to have people meeting the criteria to enter our new world as you can read from the front page of my website :-).


5th March: I accidently saw 2-3 pictures of explicit sex, which my inner self and our new world cannot take

Receiving dreams of the darkness because I saw 2-3 pictures of explicit sex, which my inner self and our new world cannot take

I had a more difficult night because late last evening I surfed the Internet and without wanting it, I received maybe 2-3 small explicit sex pictures, which my inner self simply cannot take, and even though I immediately looked away, this is the reason why I received the following dreams of the darkness – and the dreams are now easier to read because I have started opening my notes file from my mobile phone with Microsoft Word, which “converts” the Danish characters æ, ø and å correctly using “Unicode (UTF-8) (!!) instead of Notepad as I used before, which could not “convert” the Danish characters:

  • I am on holiday in Turkey together with my mother, it is past 19.00 and I am on my way to our holiday cottage to pack my suitcase before we expect to leave for the airport at 20.00, however there are no German taxis, which will take me and my mother calls me to say that she has already left and now is in Amsterdam and “I will follow” – thanks U2, another fantastic song of yours – in the morning. I decide to fly home to the cottage, but I am surprised to find that I am touching the ground when flying because I cannot lift myself off from the ground and on my way I see some very big poultries. During the evening I meet a young Turkish lady, who is very interested in me, and I dance closely with her and in the night, the caretaker come for a visit to fix a hole in the ceiling and I ask him if he can wait because by tomorrow I will be gone.
    • This dream is the result of what I saw against my wish on the Internet because “Germany” as my future home refuses me and my mother is sent on a new travel of suffering with the plane to Amsterdam, which is known for its channels with water, which is the symbol of suffering. I cannot fly and meet poultry – remember the dream about the aggressive gooses in front of a Muslim lady and child recently (?) – as results because of the same. The Turkish lady is “my spiritual mother in disguise” and really saying with this dream that “explicit sex is what is destroying my home and the Universe”.
    • I woke up hearing a song by Wet Wet Wet as another symbol of “suffering”.
  • I have been hired by Jyske Bank and I am going to change branch of the bank, later I visit Danske Bank, Helsingør, and I am surprised that neither Steen nor Eva, my old colleagues from Espergærd, just say hello without speaking to me.
    • Jyske Bank is a symbol of the Devil where Danske Bank still is the symbol of “normal life” and Helsingør is “our new world” and here saying that my accident on the Internet has direct consequences because I leave the light entering the darkness because of this but I have no plans to repeat this accident on the Internet, if I can avoid it, which however is not always very easy.
    • I was told that “you will come to understand this better, you cannot take this because you are so close to open”.
  • I have met at work at 8.30 and by 9.15 I have still not started working. I have two trays, one is for work and the other is for Christmas, and because of my laziness I don’t know if I will become dismissed.
    • Another dream saying that my accident was not good in relation to “Christmas” – giving birth to my inner self.
    • I woke up hearing “jeg troede jeg var” by Gasolin and the lyrics ”men det var en drøm” (“but it was a dream”), and the song is about being the ”only one” and later “the whole world was saved” but you know “but it was a dream” and this is the message of this to me if I should leave the light for good and let me say that this makes me very sorry because it was not my intention at all yesterday evening and I am hoping that we will soon get back on track.
  • I heard the song Afrika again and the lyrics “Det der er vores liv, er så langt fra sult og nød” and is this a song to say that we will come back on track to help the many people in need or that our lives living here are very far away from starvation and distress?
  • I am in a house together with different people including my old girlfriend Henriette and our relationship is now over and we say goodbye.
    • Henriette is also a symbol of “the spirit of my mother in disguise” and it looks like the dreams change character here because the Council knows that I will try to avoid “explicit sex” as I have done all the time really.
  • I am in a store selling open sandwiches together with friends and we see a bottle branded “Stig’s hair cream” and I see my friends pouring this into their hair making it look fine and even though I did not plan on doing this, I am also inspired to pour the cream into my hair, and I become so happy seeing this bottle that I tell the employees of the store with a smile that this is belonging to me as the Stig.
    • And we know at the end of the night, I was back on track now being inside a store symbolising “normal life” and the hair cream to me symbolises “party” or “celebration” because I only use hair cream myself on special occasions so my friends, my dreams this night was also to tell you about the extreme importance of showing a responsible sexual behaviour also in relation to the media in our new world.

This morning I started working at 8.45 and by 12.00 I had done the script of today and the two final chapters of the script of yesterday and we know this of course includes doing the summary and the second edit as I have had a habit to do all at once for a long time now.

And by 12.20 I had published the script to my website, which is a habit I have started with and we know if there will come more to write during the day, I will update the script.

After lunch and a bath – see below – I continued working on the script and afterwards on the documentary on Crop Circles, which did not have the courage to keep on their website and that was to see all of it, take notes on the way and afterwards to bring a link to this via one of the so called “doubtful” sites out there still streaming it.

I still have a constant throw up feeling and much discomfort because of much work, not that much energy and the question if I will be able to finish all of it before the 1st or 10th April.

During the day I was told that I was “led” to find the pictures yesterday on the Internet “as part of the game” to inform mankind of the TRUE seriousness to act responsibly. It is a matter of life or dead!

We are winning 🙂

I continued working until 18.15 and from here I stood out on my balcony in the twilight and I was happy to see the light of my mother to the left, where it normally is when it is not flying to-wards me that is and also “my light”, which is now almost to the right and we know for a couple of weeks I have seen “rapid light flashes” on the sky as a new phenomenon given by these lights, which I also did today and when I looked at the light of my mother, I was given the song “sejle op ad åen”, which is the most traditional football song in Denmark and just saying that “we are winning” :-).

It was God self deciding to live as a normal human being through me to take on the burdens of mankind

After lunch I decided to take a long bath in my bath tub – which is becoming more and more rare – and here I received another “secret message” because of well carried out work and that was when I received the déjà vue feeling, which is the same as “an immense deep feeling coming from the inside of myself as old knowledge” and it was in continuation of the stories the last couple of weeks that it was not the Council but my inner self through the Source, who sent Jesus to Nairobi in 1988 and gave birth to myself and today it was simply that God decided to be an ordinary human being himself through me to take on the burdens and sins of mankind going through the worst suffering himself and my dear friends I was told that when I over the months and years for example have told the darkness “Come on, give me the best you got” and the Universe and the Council “you are all welcome here”, it is simply the Source or “God” speaking directly through me as me and we know my dear “friend” you have hidden so well that not even I discovered you before I became 44 and that is almost 45 years old.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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