March 8, 2011: The light of my mother on the sky is now 200 times stronger than the “stars” because of faith growing


Summary of the script of today

6th March: Opening up a channel to co-operate with the interplanetary community to help the sanctification of Earth

  • Dreaming about “movin’ out” and hoping to make all on time, which is about finishing all of my work on time in order to become my new self, “shallow” soaps etc. on TV are fine as long as you “get the balance right”, old friends bring me suffering because they are “wise about me without knowing about me”, I am driving the best racer car in the world because of my findings on Crop Circles and my work has an impact on my sister.
  • I attended a Cosmic Christ Service of Den Gyldne Cirkel (“the Golden Circle”) transmitted live through web-radio, which called upon “co-operation with the interplanetary community” to “help the sanctification of Earth” and during the service, I first had to pass EXTREME darkness before I was met by the beautiful light of the Universe. A new channel to the Universe was opened today, which is why I was told “this is not the most important of what you have done, but it is close” :-).
  • I was told that it was “the concern of my mother”, which almost killed me in Kenya in 2009 – and what was the true source killing Michael Jackson as “another part of me” – and I was given the feeling of her present concerns of me, which are also “also killing me” and making my work “impossible” to do!
  • Jane from the Jobcentre was “inspired” by the darkness sent from my family to invite me for a meeting with the local fire-fighting service “Falck” next week with the aim for me to do “administrative work” for free (!!). I will bring my CV and offer “my best competences” as a leader and developer, which we will see if they will become “happy” or not to accept. This is really the symbol of what is awaiting the world: “Putting out fire”, which is to remove all darkness of the world :-).
  • I worked for 10 hours and did the chapter to my Signs III page documenting the lies of the British Government on crop circles to conceal UFO’s – and their “threats” (!!!) – and my coming (!) from the public, and I received VERY STRONG resistance from the “darkness of the world” while doing this, but I did it :-).

7th March: The light of my mother on the sky is now 200 times stronger than the “stars” because of faith growing

  • Dreaming that it is impossible to “collect” my true self because of faith of the world in me without marketing my website, the “football match” between the light and darkness of the world is going to start soon and I need a bigger amplifier – more power and energy – if I am both to work for free for the Commune and continue my work on the website and scripts at the same level.
  • I received a symbol that some of my LTO friends are starving, but this will not make me speed up and decrease the quality of my work in order to start marketing my website to the world. QUALITY is what also will bring faith in me.
  • I continued working on ”fraud of the media” in relation to crop circles on my website, and instead of finalising this in 1-2 hours as I thought I would, I was directly inspired to write 2½ pages more on basis of information from different sources, which I put together – which yet again was “almost bringing me down”.
  • I was happily surprised to see THE BRIGHTEST LIGHT of my mother yet – approx. 200 times stronger than the “stars” around it and 5-10 times larger than before – and it came flying towards my apartment three times in a row and four times in total, gave me the first sight of a flying saucer and different views of it to report that UFO’s can change form and appearance as they want to. This bright shining light symbolises the growing faith in me.

8th March: Through me, God will become “the top manager of the world” but will not participate in the work directly

  • Dreaming that more people believing in me helps on the plans of bringing “normal life” to the world, I cannot and will not accept my “old nightmare” to come through no matter what, I am also on the mind of Hans who may be able to find home from here, through me God will become “the top manager of the world” but will not participate in the work directly, Søren H. was almost killing me because of his dominant attitude and “inability” to understand me, I am given the support of God to help me these days when fighting the darkness of both my family, the Commune, the “official world” and the media at the same time, people starting to believe in me help selling my “insurance program” – i.e. my writings – to others, meeting my mother and a frightened Sanna at two motorways weaving together as a symbol of their faith in me.
  • I worked the full day today on the script and almost completing the chapters of the official world and the media manipulating and controlling the world with deceptions, which was “impossible” to do but I did it and had I not, I would have been given a “serious illness”, which would have made me believe that I would die and the world would truly go under, which would be the alternative generating enough energy for the world to “find me” and gain faith in me.
  • For days I have witnessed on the sky first the light of my mother, then my own light and a third light being switched on and today I was told that this is “the light of my father” and maybe I can thank my dear aunt Inge influencing my father to believe that “he might not be crazy after all” and “just maybe he tells the truth”.


6th March: Opening up a channel to co-operate with the interplanetary community to help the sanctification of Earth

Dreaming that I hope to make all of my work on time before the true deadline between the 1st to 10th April

Another night at the same level and somehow I feel more tired as “one part of me” and more fresh just underneath the surface of me – this is how it is – and I only received a few dreams:

  • I am moving out from my old apartment in Hørsholm, I am about to put everything in packing cases, I only have little time left and hope to make it, which the removal man does too.
    • This is about moving from “my old self” to “my new self”, which is the process I am doing when finishing my website and publishing it and we know I hope that I will be able to make all work before the deadline.
  • I see a shallow soap on TV starring Casper Christensen, who puts shoe polish in his head and I say “this is how to do it” and I see that his soap has received several Robert awards.
    • As an addition to my chapter on Media on my website I do believe it is fine also to do “shallow” TV soaps as an example as long as you have a good balance of what you produce and bring – so most of it is not shallow – and dong “clever” soaps can be an art in itself and I have been much amused by the “Langt fra Las Vegas” soap as an example – including “soap”, “yes minister” and others – but I encourage to remove “primitive behaviour” and “ugly language” but to keep silliness etc. and we know thinking of Monty Python as role models here.
  • I heard another fine song by Simple Minds “Sanctify yourself” and the lyrics “control yourself, love is all you need, control yourself, open up your heart, sanctify yourself”, which is about what is coming to me.
  • I am at Fair Insurance, where Lena B. (from TP) is recruiting new employees, among others Lisbeth F.-B., I am smoking and about to get an overview of my work.
  • This is about the “soul of the darkness”, which is “being clever without knowing” and I wonder Lena if you are “wise about me without knowing about me” and speaking to others (?), which is what I was also told after meeting you recently and my old friend Lisbeth seems to be one of your followers, which makes me smoke in the dream and we know suffer because of the pain you bring me because of this unacceptable behaviour of yours.
  • I am driving a grey Pagani Zonda and see myself driving it into the carport of Sanna and Hans.
    • This may be the best racer car of the world today – or at least among the absolutely best – and this is about doing my absolutely best work under the circumstances finding and also yesterday publishing information about DIVINE MESSAGES OF CROP CIRCLES as you can see from my new Signs III page on my website and also here saying that my “professional work” has an impact on Sanna.

This is the best car you have given me in dreams and since this car is not known by all, I will bring a picture of it below to let you see just how fine it is and to tell you that it also symbolises happiness of the Council after I found the “essential messages” of crop circles being DIVINE INFORMATION – and I only wish I had more time searching and finding even more information, but it is soon time for me to continue with the next chapter on UFO’s, however I have decided also to work today and maybe even tomorrow on Crop Circles and we know still thinking of the 1st to 10th April as my true deadline I am .

The best racer car symbolising my work

A Cosmic Christ Service to “help the sanctification of Earth” through “co-operation with the interplanetary community”

Today I decided to attend the Cosmic Christ Service of Den Gyldne Cirkel (“the Golden Circle”) transmitted live by the web-radio of and this is the first time I have attended one of the services of this fine place, which I have looked forward to “visit” for years since the first time I heard about Asger Lorentsen and this place.

When the service started, one from the Council told me “I love you for doing this” and the service itself was a semi-guided meditation calling upon “co-operation with the interplanetary community” to “help the sanctification of Earth” – now I better understand why I received the Simple Minds song “Sanctify yourself” during the night 🙂 – which included to spread the light of God, mankind awakening, Earth resurrecting etc. and in most of the meditation I was EXTREMELY tired – because of my mother’s feelings, see below – and received very negative speech from the darkness, which I had to pass and I was surprised when I started receiving so STRONG darkness that it was “this close” to convince me again that we are not saved yet because all of talk about “victory” was supposedly a part of the game of the darkness – the feeling of termination as an impendent possibility as I almost received here again is the worst I have ever had in my life my friends – and I tell you that this darkness is also EXTREMELY strong and we know I passed it and afterwards I was told that the darkness of the Universe, which is where it came from, is NOT as strong as the darkness of Earth but I was also told about “parts of the Universe which had started to destruct” and since the end of 2010 it has starting being reconstructed – this is what I was told and is this true (?) because I did not “push the button” last year and as so many other things I am also here spiritually given a question mark – and from here I saw myself approaching the centre of the egg (the centre of God) and also the beautiful light of the Universe itself and I sent out my regards to ALL OF THE UNIVERSE saying that “God is awakening”, that I look forward to seeing and meeting all and I thanked the Universe for their help and the sacrifices they have offered – and because of happiness also to do a crop circle to document my presence and we know Stig AT EVERY PLACE OF THE UNIVERSE WHERE “HUMANS” LIVE and this is the word they have given me for a long time, which they prefer to be called instead of “aliens” or “extraterrestrials” and when I gave my regards, I received VERY INTENSE FEELINGS of MOVED “PEOPLE” OUT THERE and at the absolute end of the service, I was shown a vision of a big heart in a necklace because of their love to me and told that “this is not the most important of what you have done, but it is close” :-).

The concerns of my mother almost killed me in 2009, it is still “almost killing me” and making my work “impossible”

This morning I was told that my mother’s concern of me in 2009 – also “fed” by my sister – was so strong that this is what almost killed me in Kenya – where I was “critically ill” for some days – and the reason why Michael Jackson as “another part of me” was killed. He was chosen as the victim instead of me because the Council believed that I still had the best chances to “pull it through” – instead of Michael or “other parts of me” – and after I was told this I “felt” the present “concern of my mother” floating in the air in front of me, surrounding me and we know Stig still “almost killing me” and this is the weapon of the darkness, which has been killing me for years – and I might add together with “wrong behaviour” and my dear mother, you have absolutely nothing to worry about other than your worries, which are almost killing me and making my work “impossible” to do!

The Commune wants me to work for free for the fire-fighting service, which is the symbol of “putting out fire” of the world 🙂

At 18.00 I received a call – even though my telephone is still “blocked” you know (!) – by the same number, which I have noticed calling me three times before the last couple of weeks, where I have not been around or heard my telephone and it showed out to be Jane from the Commune, so she had not entirely forgotten about me and we know we might as well include this from the beginning, because this is a direct consequence of the darkness my mother sends out – without wanting to – because of her concern and wrong decisions in relation to me and this is really the same background as so many other tests given to me of the past – and what was on the mind of Jane?

Only this, of course she only “wants to help me” – this is the OLD mistake you know when people do not listen, understand and do not REALLY do what it takes to “help” but work on too low a level – and she invited me to a meeting with the fire-fighting service “Falck” of this Commune on Wednesday to “help me getting started with the aim to reach full time” – Jane, my dear friend I am already working more than full time (!) – and I wonder if she has given Falck my CV because the work she wants me to do is “administrative work” and as you will know, my friends, I don’t mind working below my true skills and competences as I have done for the Commune in Brede Park and all of my life really, but my true skills is still to work as a leader and developer so therefore my friends I will print out my CV before meeting her and Falck Wednesday next week and with a smile, this is what I will offer them and then it will be up to Falck to “evaluate” if they want someone like me to come and “help” or “disturb” them – depending on how they think you know.

And even though this is coming from the darkness with the aim to stop my true work or at least to slow me down I was told that it is of course a symbol of what is waiting the world just ahead of us, which is to “putting out fire” – I simply LOVE that song, one of the “100 point” songs of Bowie you know – and that is simply to remove the darkness of the world and we know Stig FOR EVERY SINGLE PERSON OF THE WORLD.

And I might add that no matter what happens in the meeting on Wednesday, I will NOT go on compromise when it comes to the quality of my work on my website and scripts and if Falck decides to take me on, the world may have to wait another 1-2 months on me and we know I have God inside of me and therefore the deadline given to the world to reach the goals I have given you before the end of 2014 will have to be postponed if necessary – this is “the game” you are playing with me and the world, Jane, because you don’t understand me and the impact of your decision (!) – and just maybe Falck will decide that they cannot use “somebody like me” and that is even for free, but we will have to wait and see.

And we know Stig, this was NOT on your plan and because you focus entirely on the work on the website and scripts, I really do not have energy neither physically nor mentally to also start focusing on this. It disturbs me and this evening it was also “bringing me down” but not more than what I can handle my friends out there.

I did the chapter of the lies of the British Government on crop circles and UFO’s while receiving STRONG RESISTANCE

Today I was working from 8.30 until 18.45 first on the script and afterwards I watched the presentation of approx. 1½ hours of the crop circle researcher Colin Andrews documenting the cover up and lies of the British Government, who have been “almost desperate” to prevent the world from finding out the connection between crop circles and UFO’s – because of what they believe are “threats of UFO’s”, which is really only “their own medicine” they have received without knowing it (!!) – and we know not only UFO’s but the DIVINE CONNECTION to “the creator of the Universe” too as you can read about on my Signs III page, which I am still working on and when I watched the video, took notes of what was said and afterwards searched for “notes of others” on the Internet to help me write the chapter “The Official British Government’s Untrue Statement on Crop Circles Corrected”, I received VERY STRONG negative speech, temptations to do everything else than working and efforts to remove all of my concentration and “ability” to listen to what was said and my dear friends, this was the darkness of the official world concealing my coming as part of their deceptions of the world, which was given to me to fight and when I was almost done with the work, most of the suffering was removed from me – “thank you” to all of the irresponsible leaders of the world keeping mankind in the darkness of the most important event ever!

During the day and especially in the evening I was so tired and exhausted that “water” kept running out from my eyes – as I have experienced “several” times before – and as so often before I was thinking that I really don’t have enough energy to keep going a full day but this is what I have decided to do.

Finalising the day with a few short stories:

  • I have started sticking out the tongue of my mouth again many times without thinking of it as I also did as a “trick” back in October and November 2010 and it is STILL a symbol of my “army” arriving “shortly” to start teaching the world and this time is “closer than ever before”.
  • Today my pee smelled as if I had been taken some kind of pills – it had the very distinctive smell some pills give – and I have had this smell “some times” within the last 3-4 months without writing it and I am thinking if this is the physical connection between my mother and I when she has taken pills to “reduce” her pain after receiving “preventing chemotherapy” during this period and we know I have not been keeping track of when my mother will finish this “disgusting treatment” but what I am thinking is “PAIN”, which has been given both to her and me because of this unnecessary “treatment” and our “special link”.
  • A few weeks ago I was told that my old friend Vivian is “another part” of my mother – the division of Virgin Mary to help keeping her alive – and it almost made me sick to hear because of my attraction to Vivian when I was young and even though I have been encouraged “many times” to write it, this strong feeling of mine almost made me decide not to include it, and the other day I was told that Michella is yet another part of my mother, which only made me even more sick to hear because of my attraction to her when I was working for Fair but you know what I have experienced so much by now that it makes me “sad” yes, but I understand the name of the game to bring me as much suffering as possible WITHOUT having me to sleep with Vivian or Michella because “this would not have been good” for the world my friends – and we know this “important” story is “somewhat hidden” because of my feelings and we know EXTREME FEELINGS is what it was in relation to these two ladies, and I do hope both of them are “alive and kicking” – and smiling too when they will become “liberated” and we truly will become best friends (again).


7th March: The light of my mother on the sky is now 200 times stronger than the “stars” because of faith growing

Dreaming that It is “impossible” to become my true self without marketing because of lack of knowledge of the world in me

Yet another night at the same level, however I feel somewhat less tired this morning and I received a few dreams only again, which is a sign of “more light” – because of the web TV & radio events I have attended the last days – because the number of dreams and length of my script in itself is and has been one of the worst of my sufferings and we know the more dreams, the more work and suffering because of the darkness and so it is and this is really an example of “another balance” and the “co-operation” between the light and the darkness because a lot of important information and “secret messages” have been given through the dreams.

  • I am in my house and when I try to fly out to collect my true self, I only see darkness, rain and wind.
    • I am at home but the outlook to “collect” my true self from faith and knowledge of the world in me from outside my home is not looking good right now and I might add that marketing of my website to the world is still a part of my plan and I have decided to not only include Australia in my marketing, but really “the world” and we know on basis of people having a “special interest” in me, in 2012 etc., which has to be the right answer.
  • I am playing football, there are only seconds remaining of the match, there is a corner kick and I receive the ball in front of the goal and I “kick it in”. Later I see myself giving up the ball with players looking like dogs and biting.
    • If there is still a match ongoing, I am still scoring and we are really approaching the football match of mankind to begin to see if the light or the darkness will win – and my tip is that the light will win :-).
  • I see Brian Laudrup and John Faxe Jensen at a football stadium being interviewed by TV. They play with a ball using their feet and knees to keep it in the air constantly without falling to the ground, which impresses me and I understand from Brian that his brother Michael has some problems with his contract, but that the players Brian manage in Denmark all are on standard contract, which causes no problems.
    • I am not sure about the deep content of this dream and if it is also about me, am I playing the ball fantastically as Brian and John (?) or do I have problems with my “contract”, which is to continue my job as a football manager (?) – or both – which may be the answer because of the “attempt” of the Commune to “get me started” somewhere else – and it may also be the truth about Michael’s situation as the manager of Mallorca at the moment because of “great demands” from Michael because you are the star and used to getting more (?) – and the dream also says that the world will become so much easier and more productive when you don’t need to use so much time and speculation on “contracts” and salary negotiations in the future.
  • I am at Hifi-klubben with no intention to buy anything but when the salesclerk speaks to me, I tell him about my Holfi amplifier set and ask him if he has another amplifier with even more “muscles”, and this makes the salesclerk speak negatively about Peter, the founder of Holfi, who is told to favourise some suppliers and countries before others and also that what he produces is not of the best quality, and this makes me tell him that I am very happy with my Holfi speakers, which are among the absolutely best of what I have heard.
    • The amplifier is “me” lacking power and energy to both work for free for the Commune and continue my work on my website and scripts at the same level or at least to finalise it within the “old” deadline, and the speakers is to say that I have decided NOT to decrease the quality of what I do no matter what!
    • The negativity of people speaking behind the back of Peter from Holfi – as I am sure you can find examples of on the Interne – also gives me the feeling that this was the real reason why Peter was not able to continue working with his “life dream” as Holfi was.

A symbol that some of my LTO friends are starving

This morning when I was about to start working, I received VERY STRONG scratches to my upper head, which is really an old symbol of “starving” and this is not in relation to me but to “some of my LTO friends” in Kenya and is this your situation Meshack and maybe also Elijah (?) – and others ? – and I can only say that I will keep sending you money and ask for your patience until I have finalised my work and start to market my website to the world – and we know Stig, this could also make you decide to decrease your quality goals to start marketing ASAP to help LTO with even more money but NO I WILL NOT GO ON COMPROMISE ON THE QUALITY OF MY WORK and that is NO MATTER WHAT because this is also what will bring FAITH from the world in me.

I was inspired to write more about the deceptions of the media lying to the world about crop circles

This morning I started working at 9.00 on the script and the last part of yesterday with the chapter of the Commune and forwards and I continued working on the next part of my new Sign III page on crop circles, which “simply” was to bring a few examples of “reliable” media – National Geographic and others – deliberately disinforming the world which I thought would take me “1-2 hours” to do but before I knew of it, I was “thrown out” in another big work, which was almost bringing me down too because I felt the need to find a few more examples, which led me to this website of a leading crop circle researcher bringing several good examples of the fraud of the media and the “official world” standing behind it and together with the UFO crash of Roswell in 1947, where the cover up of the world started, and much other information I had already collected, I now saw myself writing a new chapter, which so far is called “the organised deception of the media lying to the world”, which was really “almost impossible” to do and go through because of my tiredness and especially my extreme tiredness of doing this kind of work – the same over and over and over again – and we know mentally it was really “impossible” to collect my thoughts and starting to use this inspiration from that chapter, this from this and to add my own ideas here and there and we know my friends this is how this chapter ALSO was done and finally I succeeded writing the first draft of 2½ pages “pulling myself together” because I decided that this is what I wanted to do today instead of “relaxing”, which was a GREAT temptation to do.

And we know Stig, this was the darkness of the media, which I had to pass and I kept on working until 17.40 today will continue using as much of the day tomorrow as possible on this and we know Stig even though this chapter will become “fine” and on the surface look like “my best quality”, it is really not because I would have liked to use more time searching for evidence and information before doing the work but you know I also have to find the “right balance” in relation to “time” so this is what I decided to do and also to say that this was another plan of we know Stig “the Universe”, who wanted me to write this and when I come into situations like this, the light is always doing everything to support and INSPIRE me directly, which is also what happened today.

When I had stopped working, I was given another déjà vue feeling, which is that the “official world” will do nothing to help me directly, but that it awaits my arrival knowing that their deceptions will be revealed to the world through me.

The light of my mother on the sky is now 200 times stronger than the “stars” because of faith growing in me

At approx. 22.00 I ”casually” looked outside the window – this is “another level” of the Council when they make people unconsciously do different actions – and I was VERY SURPRISED to see the BRIGHTEST LIGHT of my mother on the sky yet starting to approach my apartment having two other UFO’s on both sides of it but further back and my first feeling after doing yet another day of “impossible” work was to became VERY HAPPY seeing this light and I walked out on the balcony and saw what to my best judgment was a light shining maybe 200 times stronger than the “stars” around it with a circumference, which was maybe 5-10 times larger than what it has been so far making it maybe 100 times larger than a star – and on the back of this very bright shining light, I saw a smaller red constant shining light, which was blinking a white light (!) and when it flew directly and sideways in front of my apartment – to my best judgment still approx. 200 metres above the ground – again it almost totally switched off the strong light and for the first time I saw a “flying saucer” for real having four “normal shining” light on it at “every corner” (!) and again it gave the sound of a plane from it (!) and after this event, which took maybe 1-2 minutes as usual I went back into the living room to take notes of what I just had seen including “something must be happening” as I wrote and let us start with THE FAITH OF YOUR MOTHER IN YOU NOW ALSO WITH YOUR SISTER and again I am given the vision of a question mark here because on one hand this is what I am told and on the other I don’t really know for sure!

And after using maybe 2 minutes to write down notes, exactly the same happened again when I casually looked out the window and we know seeing the light again and I was told “we will gladly do it again” so this is what we did when I again walked outside the balcony and “this time around” the light was somewhat weaker – but still strong – and when it flew next to the apartment, I saw that it now had windows with light inside of it – it had changed form since the first “visit” – and I saw it slowly rotating when it flied next to me.

And after having written the notes of this second visit, I thought it would be “fun” to have “all good times three” – as we say in Danish – and therefore I went outside again and my dear friends, the light came back and now as clearly as the first time and I looked at it and saw that it was now “waiting” some hundred metres from my apartment, which made me think that maybe I would be able to take a picture of it and from the time I went inside to get my mobile phone and switched on the camera of it, most of the bright light had been switched off but there was still enough light to take these three pictures, which unfortunately only show a some of the light without showing the spacecraft itself, and when it was at its closest to me, I saw that the form of it now had changed again but it was difficult to see exactly into what.

The light of my mother on the sky after most
of the brightness had been switched of

Finally, later just before going to bed I wanted to look outside once again and once again the light started approaching me and this time it was blue in the middle – which is the colour symbolising me – with a red light rotating around the entire craft again and again and we know it started changing the patterns of the light so I could not keep track and the message is really that the form and lights of these crafts can change from one moment to the other – and this is also how I understand the “riddle of the balls of lights creating crop circles” as you can see more of from Signs III and we know they are UFO’s co-operating with “divinity” giving important information to mankind about my reappearance, the now passed Judgement and much else too – and of course this very bright light also says that THE FAITH IN ME IS GROWING.

And I do wonder how many in Lyngby noticed this phenomenon this evening (?) and if you look here you can see reports of UFO observations in Denmark also including one in Lyngby the 20th February and I wonder if a report from this evening also will be filed?


8th March: Through me, God will become “the top manager of the world” but will not participate in the work directly

Dreaming that through me, God will become “the top manager of the world” but will not participate in the work directly

Yet another night at the same level and of course you “had to” give me more dreams as a sign of the suffering I am going through these days fighting the darkness of my family, the Commune, the “official world” and media at the same time:

  • I am inside a supermarket getting liver pate and some people see who I really am, and they walk out to the butcher in the back of the supermarket.
    • This will have to be “people around me” and “people visiting my website” seeing who I am and because of their faith, they symbolically visit the butcher as the sign of their direct help because of their faith to bring “normal life” to the world.
  • My old friend Lisbeth visits me surprisingly after I have gone to bed. Everything is dark but I switch on a light, my room is perfectly clean, she does not know who I am yet and what I have gone through. She wants to make love but I can and will not. Later I see a monkey stare at me with big eyes, I have my headphones on and am about to float.
    • Lisbeth here is also a symbol of the spirit of mother, but I don’t want to make love to Lisbeth and really to say that yesterday I told the darkness clearly that no matter what happens, you are not allowed to carry out “the old nightmare” and we know as the Source I can do this.
  • I am driving together with Hans in his car in Jutland, Denmark. I ask him if he knows the right way, which he says that he does after he has driven the wrong way earlier. And something about an idyllic village and a porpoise swimming in the water, and that the old B&O speaks of Hans is of very poor quality compared to his radio.
    • It looks like I am on the mind of Hans too when I am driving his car – i.e. himself – and just maybe he finds the right way home going through suffering – the water – and he does not speak clearly because of the poor speakers.
  • Morten J. is stopping at work and he asks us about prospective clients, whom we are about to close and which he may pursue through his new work and we tell him “take what gives you the least”. I am walking to a bar where I pick up the telephone to call a man from Jutland, Denmark, I am late when calling, the man has no experience with pensions but he has a very good CV and education and we can use his skills with us. I have lost my expensive and smart mobile phone and this man says that he bought a cheap new one of 99 DKK, which I am thinking about doing too. The man becomes hired as the new manager but when he is presented, a new female manager, who has been hired for the same position, speaks up saying that this was her position, which makes man say that he will then become “the top of the marzipan ring cake” taking care of “politics” but he also says that he really wanted to work together directly with the team.
    • Morten is still stopping at work and I am not sure I have figured out yet what this old symbol is about – just maybe it is people not believing in me and therefore leaving the company of “income protection insurance”, which is making the plans of “normal life” difficult. Speaking on the telephone in the bar is to speak directly with the Source – or God – my friends, who as part of me will become “hired” as the new “top manager” of the world but will not take part of the work directly. I have given you the goals, now it is up to mankind to deliver.
    • The dream is also about not “sharing the market between you” in the future. There will be complete FREEDOM for all people and companies with no hidden agreements setting freedom out of force and the knowledge you have gained in one company will move with you to another company.
  • I have set up a new insurance program to be offered to clients including different kinds of insurances and also the life insurances “type A, B and C”, but Søren H. decides that he does not want to offer the type C product in our country, which I then have to cancel from the program. And from here something about a train, riots and a damage, which was the reason why the life insurance was cancelled and “error upon error upon error because I really did not need glasses and if this error did not happen, I would still have normal sight, which would also have kept the life insurance type C in the program”. I see myself with difficulties leaving the train at Espergærde Station.
    • This is about the “damage” given to Søren H. as the suffering of his life – capacity to feel, think and act correctly also in relation to others – and here it says that Søren’s dominant attitude because of this “damage” was about to kill me (!) and it was basically because of the errors he did when he “did not look carefully” to understand that I am really the one I am – and it was only with difficulties that I left this train of my journey.
    • The dream is also to say that I believe in FREEDOM of the world meaning that you will not exclude some people from your products or services if they are able to buy them logistically and we know I am thinking of limiting people deciding their needs and “rights” on behalf of them and as one example of the world today BBC television on the Internet is only open to people living in the UK, which I know annoys many people of the world, and other examples are “this service is not offered in your country”, which you will also meet on the Internet and really as a symbol of unnecessary limitations you also see in the physical world.
  • I am in the bank, I have borrowed a stamp and a pad from my colleague. I decide to use the stamp and the pad even though this is the first time the pad is used, which is not good because my colleague will be able to see that I have used the pad and herewith the stamp.
    • The stamp is an OLD symbol meaning “approved” and I connect this with “the man upstairs” and I don’t know why the support of God these days to come through the resistance of my family, the Commune, the “official world” and the media of the world – which is what we talk about because of the work I am doing these days to break down the darkness of all (!) – is “not good” in relation to a colleague in the bank, which I connect with “normal life” and to me it seems that there are two opposite trends at the moment; people supporting me and people opposing me who respectively support and oppose “normal life” too.
  • I have now made agreements with several businesses to start selling the insurance program I set up earlier.
    • It seems that people who have started believing in me will help “selling my insurance program”, which is really my website with its writings and teachings to the world.
    • I woke up with the song “the eye of the tiger” by Survivor and the lyrics “the last known survivor”, which was about me also surviving going through this extreme Hell at the end.
  • I am together with my mother and Sanna at two motorways weaving together, Sanna is afraid to weave in, but we succeed all of us also leaving the motorway to the side.
    • This is about my mother and Sanna REALLY starting to believe in me, which will make them leave the road of darkness and all of us to leave suffering.
  • I meet my old friend René who is happy and smiling when we say hello even though we have not spoken for a long time. He asks me to play tennis with him and something about DR (National TV of Denmark) having to pay money to Danske Bank.
    • I have not heard from Rene for more than one year now because of my writings and his disbelief in me, which is why he symbolic wants to play tennis and we know he will start his “game” between the darkness and light as so many others also will do and a part of it will be for him to help people receiving a “normal life” in financial terms and we know television is still “darkness” and Danske Bank is still “normal life” and this is how this dream fits together.
    • Later today I saw that an IP address from Danske Bank visited ten of my webpages within 20 minutes, which just may be you Rene wanting to see how your old friend is doing? And is this all you have decided to read or has this inspired you to read more at home?
  • When I woke up, I received the taste of mackerel – fish is the symbol of myself – and the last couple of days I have many times received the taste of many favourite dishes as another sign saying that “normal life” is following the plan and “coming closer” we are.

Almost finishing the chapters on the “official world” and media manipulating and deceiving the world on UFO’s

I started working this morning at approx. 8.30 writing the script of today and the two last chapters of the script of yesterday and by lunch I had finished this including the second edit and I had also published it on my website – before the following sequel.

At 12.30 I walked to the Jobcentre to print out my CV in four copies so I am prepared in good time before the meeting with Falck and the Jobcentre tomorrow and we know “just in case” because if I wanted to print it out on my way tomorrow and something would be wrong with the printer, it could mean that I would not be able to “make it”.

Afterwards I also did some shopping – still buying the cheapest meat I can find – and I was home and continued working again at 13.30 and we know I had to “settle down” again, bring down the heart rhythm and blood pressure and find my “long and patient work attitude” inside of me again and from here I continued working on the chapter of the deliberate manipulations and controlling of the world by the official systems and media in relation to UFO’s and crop circles and when I did this work, I was EXTREMELY TIRED again – the same feeling as being more dead than alive – and the work was indeed difficult to do but at approx. 16.30 I had made so much that I was rewarded by another “secret message”, which was that if I would not be able to do this, I would have been made convinced about my own coming death and the true end of the world as a result of this, which the “serious pain inside of my neck and cough” as I received signs of recently was an indication of but I was also told that I would have been kept alive and the reason for doing this was that this would be the only other way to bring enough energy for the Council and the Universe to “bring out my story to the world” and we know if I should not be strong enough to do it myself.

So this is how it is here and I kept on working until 18.20 doing the second edit of this long chapter – I have to do some more tomorrow – and afterwards preparing my dinner and until 19.20 also updating and publishing this last part of the script of today.

Other examples of temptations of the darkness these days

And we know as a matter of documentation, for a couple of weeks I have been given strong “desires” to drink red wine – as what an alcoholic have – but I have decided that it is fine to drink one big glass of red wine per day, which I deliberately do at the moment because this is almost the only thing bringing me some happiness at the moment – even though the wine is the absolutely cheapest to buy – and when I will receive a more normal life, I will drink less, but still drink, and I might add that for some time I have been “made” fresh at 23.00 to midnight tempting me to stay awake in order to decrease the length of my next working day, but this did not work for the darkness either.

A new third light on the sky is “the light of my father” 🙂

And finally at 18.25 I went shortly outside the balcony in the twilight and we know looking to the left and yes, there was the light of my mother and looking to the right and yes, there was my light and looking a little bit to the right of the light of my mother and yes there was light number three being switched on and this has now been the rhythm for several days and today I was told that this light number three is simply “the light of my father” and even though it is not very as bright compared to the other two, it is there and my dear friends, is my father starting to “believe” in me (?) and if this is the case, I can only thank my dear aunt, Inge, for influencing him after reading my scripts – I am not that “crazy” when you read and try to understand me, Inge (?) – and I would like to say Inge, that I miss both you and Ove very much – and that I would like to see Jan again too – but I do hope you will understand that I have decided to use the rest of my energy to finish my work before I will become more social again? I look forward to seeing both of you again – and also to see my father and Kirsten, when they will believe so much in me that they will also start to behave properly in relation to me, which includes to “OPEN YOUR EARS” instead of being “dictators” and “know-all” without knowing at all!

Update: At 20.45 I looked outside the balcony and I was happy to see a flying light almost of the same brightness as the light of my mother yesterday but it was all the way to the right and seconds afterwards the view of it was blocked by the apartment block to the right of me and it did not continue on the other side of the block, and we know I went back to the balcony and this time it was there again however not as bright – and it was supported by three UFO’s around it – and it is probably higher up in the air than the light of my mother, I felt the spirit of my father and this is therefore the light of my father and he told me “you do not have a long way home” and “I miss you too”. Thank you and this is also my true feeling of you my father as I have missed you all of my life :-).

And finally let me say that I also SIMPLY LOVE the music of Genesis and Phil Collins – and your sense of humour – and I am now even more aware of this after I heard that Phil has ceased his career because of illness, which really made me sad to hear, but just maybe Phil, you will become motivated to play again when you will feel fine again? – And we know I have MANY favourite songs of yours but “Mama” has always been my favourite and we know Stig another example of INSPIRED music and lyrics as you will find out. Thanks Phil including Genesis and Peter too 🙂

And finally, finally also this: I saw Jamie Oliver on TV the other day – the fantastic British TV-chef with brilliant communication skills – and his fight to bring healthy school food to USA after his great effort in Britain, and I was VERY sad to see how ignorant people were totally convinced that Jamie was wrong and they were right when they indeed were wrong and when they wrongly brought down Jamie without understanding what they spoke of and the true and good motives of Jamie – this is yet another example of the “simple minds” of uneducated and lazy people doing themselves and the school children a disfavour. I am sure Jamie has much more to teach the world :-).



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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