March 11, 2011: It was God directly and not my father fertilizing my mother, who may be named the “blessed Lona”


Summary of the script today

9th March: It was God directly and not my father fertilizing my mother, who may be named the “blessed Lona”

  • Dreaming that an explosion could be measured in Norway and Japan – is this related to the Spiral Light over Norway in 2009 (?) – 60% of my coming servants have been tested for “spiritual communication”, receiving threats from the darkness about “serious illness” and “my old nightmare” to come (?), I don’t have the energy to bring out summer furniture myself to complete my work and remove my suffering, receiving my official photo from Africa, the darkness I am fighting now is driving a big luxury car, which however is old without much motor power and I am cycling (suffering) with the prospect to crash when entering a cross road – but “come on, give me the best you got, I will never give up!”
  • Yesterday evening FC Barcelona played the best football I remember seeing when they sent out Arsenal and qualified for the next round. They had to play their absolutely best not to be send out by the darkness, which is a symbol of me because this is what I am doing myself these days and weeks too when I fight the darkness, which is much stronger than I at the moment.
  • I was given the next “secret message”, which is that it was not my father fertilizing my mother, but God self. Therefore: “I have from out of nowhere”, my father in biological terms is God self even though I also have the genes of my physical father, Peer, and my mother may consequently be named the “blessed Lona”.
  • I met with the Commune and the fire corps Falck today, I presented my CV offering them to use my competences for whatever task they may decide – administration, development, sales, marketing, leadership – and the manager saw “possibilities” using me for a number of tasks at different stations. All agreed that it was a POSITIVE meeting and we agreed that I will start working maybe two mornings per week – up to 20 hours – from the 17th March and that is unless Falck may get “second thoughts” because right after our meeting, I had a visitor from Falck to my website and Jesper, do you stand by your agreements?
  • After seeing how “storm and lightning” in a few minutes changed into “perfect cloudless weather”, I saw the light of my father approaching again with the light fading out the closer it came to me and does this mean that my father – and also my mother – does not want to stand forward to support me?

10th March: The access to the Source is much easier now after my mother has started believing in me

  • Dreaming that the pouring of wine – to the Source through me – is much easier now after my mother has started believing in me, my golf ball falls into the “impossible” hole as a symbol of overcoming “impossible resistance” of systems and people in me , installing a “home cinema” showing the direct road to our new and better world from here, my sufferings are decreasing after finishing my work on the “official systems” on my website and the meeting with the Commune yesterday, I cannot put away all of my suffering before Søren H. will start believing in me, money was also my driving factor in 1997 as it is in this society, Søren H. also did good when I worked with him and my mother and Sanna are now part of “the toolbox of God” because of their faith in me.
  • I worked concentrated today to include the important “Disclosure Project” on my website to finally reveal the illegal “shadow Government” of USA, its disgusting actions and cover ups on UFO’s to the world and the fact that USA for decades have had access to advanced UFO energy technology, which easily could have solved the energy and climate crisis of the world a long time ago!
  • This evening the light of my father flew towards me again, but it was shining much weaker than the other day, and is the reason that my father read my script of the other day thinking and acting negatively on what he must improve on – to OPEN his ears – instead of the true positive message that I miss him?

11th March: About the final showdown: “There is nothing to do about it …, the world has to come through this”

  • Dreaming that I have to be interrogated again and that my residence permit may be revoked – is this what is coming from the Commune (?), I have made a replica of an African house (this dream because the US military has made replicas of UFO spacecrafts), several of my servants have been installed, meeting my old friend Lani together with Lars, Fuggi is in the process of becoming his “true self”, I am suffering much because of lack of true love and I am offered to receive “help” if I need it, “there is nothing to do about it …, the world has to come through this”, which is to leave the darkness behind once and for all and my old colleague Janne from Fair, whom I hoped would be the first to truly understand me, has also sent me darkness.
  • I received a call from Gitte in Danske Bank, who asked me to remove her full name from a script in 2010, which I was reluctant to do because it has been important not to change one word because of suppression of people not knowing about me, but when I thought that I have not included the sir name of most others, I decided to follow her wish, which at the same time also was to avoid the threat of the darkness potentially trying to remove my writings from the Internet.
  • I was almost “all shook up” by Gitte and still I had one of the most IMPOSSIBLE jobs to do today – compiling and composing much new information on the UFO “Disclosure Project” of USA – at the same time as I received threats of “suffocating” and the stress giving throw-up feelings of a possibly important deadline moving closer, but I decided to continue doing my best under the circumstances and today I did some of my best work during all of the time writing my scripts. NO ONE IS GOING TO BRING ME DOWN!!!


9th March: It was God directly and not my father fertilizing my mother, who may be named the “blessed Lona”

The night: Receiving threats from the darkness about “serious illness” and “my old nightmare”, which may come?

Another night at the same level including some negative dreams, which I don’t like at all my friends, as a sign of the ignorant darkness coming to me today when meeting Falck together with the ignorant but “well meaning” Commune.

  • Something about an explosion, which people in Norway and Japan experienced and could be measured.
    • I wonder if this is in relation to the Spiral Light over Norway in 2009 as I wrote about yesterday on the Signs III page of my website.
  • I am at Danske Bank, my old colleague and friend Jørgen Prip has had meetings with suppliers of telephones. 60 percent has been tested and the company believes it can deliver all telephones without problems even though they have never done this before.
    • This is about “spiritual communication” coming to my “special friends” or servants if you want, which apparently has been tested with 60% of you, so many may have received visions, feelings and speech during the night, which you cannot remember yet – and that is until later, when you will probably get a déjà vue feeling as I have received myself so often.
  • I had dreams eating “plenty of cake” and I received the very uncomfortable scratching pain from the inside of my neck – it feels like suffocating – as threats from the darkness of “serious illness” and “my old nightmare”, which may come if I “give up” (?) making me sad more than anything else really.
  • I heard the song “refrainet er frit” by Gasolin and the lyrics “for jeg blev født på en sommernat i sprællemandens tegn.”
  • I am together with Jack, we are going to bring out a heavy bench from the basement and lift it up some stairs but I see that his mother Evy starts lifting at my end instead of me – she is VERY strong – and when we reach the door and are to walk up the stairs, I am in front of them and can hardly lift my feet and start to walk up the stairs even though I don’t lift anything myself. Later I see that Jack is in the navy, he is staying in a room together with three others, leaflets on the table is about joining and I hear “welcome to the navy”.
    • This is about getting out summer furniture – our future “home” without suffering – which I don’t have energy to do myself – i.e. doing the rest of my work if I am also supposed to work for free for the Commune on top of this – but the furniture will come out.
    • “Welcome to the navy” is the darkness welcoming me but even though I feel extremely tired again my friends with the prospect that I may have to do extra work for the Commune, there is one thing you can never take from me and that is that I WILL NEVER GIVE UP (!) – so come on and give me your best shot, you don’t stand a chance!
  • I have an “official picture” of myself where I notice that I don’t smile, but I receive another “official picture” of my self which is taken in Africa, which is better, however I don’t smile on that picture too.
    • I have noticed that people searching for “jerusalem church-kawangware-kenya” and “mary sinaida akatsa” arrive at my website and some of you are from Kenya and what do you think of me, do I look like Jesus in 1988? – And this may be the reason why my picture is becoming better, a growing faith in me in Africa?
  • I see criminals driving a red Bentley from 1954, which has some motor power but the chauffeur says that it does not have as much as another previous version of the car.
    • This is the darkness I am fighting at the moment, which may be a formidable opponent “almost impossible” to defeat but you know they drive in an old car without much power so we will have to see what will happen when I will continue to be positive and write about my experiences as I will also be today when meeting the Commune and Falck and we know I could have decided to work directly against a new extra job by telling about who I really am, my website and the writings of my everyday experiences including “work” – and also Falck – but you know I have decided not to do so, because I have not done so with others, I will give them my CV and shortly speak about my skills and if it is meant for me to do some administrative work there, this is what I will do – and “always look on the bright side of life”, which is that I could use some human contact again – and then I will have to finish my website doing weekend work or work in the evenings if I can find the energy and we know you never know what is the darkness and the light and what is the road of God, but when I do my best, communicate and show a positive attitude, I will accept what will come to me and the road of God will always be shown when I do my best 🙂 – and just maybe I will have to accept and to cross this darkness too to reach the light on the other side and we know making the “game” different to what I initially thought it would be – we will see.
  • I am driving my bicycle and come to a cross road with bicycles driving very fast downhill and it is almost impossible to enter this cross road without another cycle hitting you, and this is what I see happening when people hit each other and crashes.
    • We know, we are going to the left aren’t we, so this is where we will go my friends and you can bring as many bicycles as you want to and try to bring me down but I will continue working with whatever I got and NEVER GIVE UP!

FC Barcelona played the best football ever to qualify for the next round – as a symbol of what I do too

Yesterday evening Barcelona played the return match against Arsenal and my dear friends, Barcelona was the best team in the first match and by far the best team this evening too and I don’t know why there should be any doubt and excitement about the final result because tonight Barcelona played the most astonishing football I believe I have ever seen, it was so brilliant where they gave EVERYTHING THEY HAD – which they not always do you know because they don’t have to – and several times it made me sit back laughing really because of joy and surprise over genial details of the game, which made me clap my hands too ()! and as Per Frimann, the commentator said (I like you very big KNOWLEDGE, Per :-)), “this is the best football team ever in history” and despite of this they had difficulties winning and qualifying for the next round and it was first within the last twenty minutes or so when they scored the last two goals to the final score 3-1 that they succeeded and we know this team is the symbol of what I go through of “impossible resistance” these days and weeks and only by doing my absolutely best as Barcelona, I have a chance to win and qualify for the next round and we know the darkness is so strong that it gave the Danish striker on the Arsenal team, Niklas Bendner, a “free run” to score in the last minutes of the match, which would have sent Arsenal to the next round and these are the margins in this game my friends.

And I was told that this is why both Barcelona and FC Copenhagen have not played their best lately and why FC Copenhagen lost its first match this season to a Danish team the other day.

It was God directly and not my father fertilizing my mother, who may be named the “blessed Lona”

At the end of the match, the other commentator Carsten Werge, was inspired to say something like this “he came from out of nowhere” and this was yet another symbol of me and really because the Council has been trying to tell me this story for days, which is that “I have come from out of nowhere” and then I was told that it was not my father but God self fertilizing my mother and we know Stig this sounds as a story about someone else who had a mother called Mary and we know this was really the reason why Mary was blessed and the reason why your mother’s name may become the “blessed Lona”.

Later I received the feeling that “this is how it is – and has to be – to be the Son of God”, which is that God self in biological terms is my true father, but still I have also received the genes of my physical father, Peer, and today I still feel Peer as my father, which is really because I don’t know God as the Source yet and we know Stig there will probably come more on this later and will I receive the feeling of having two fathers?


This morning I started working with no energy and a STRONG resistance to stop at 8.30 and by 9.50 I had finished the script of today and started yet another edit and review of my new Signs III page with UFO’s, crop circles and many deceptions you know.

A “positive” meeting with Falck where I will start to work part time, unless Falck may get “second thoughts” about me?

Today I had the meeting with the fire corps Falck, which was represented by Jesper, the leader of the stations in Lyngby and Gentofte, and Lars, who was “office manager” as the only one at the office (!) but rather wanted to be out in the field, and Jane from the Commune and I knew nothing of what I was going into and which information Jane had given on me, but I had decided to be positive and also to start working for them it this was meant to be and after a short introduction from Jane, I suggested that we asked each other questions, which we then did and I received information about the two stations – 72 employees in total etc. – and I understood that they needed someone to handle files, telephone and personal calls etc. and that I should expect to be working partly alone and from here they asked me of my background and I asked them how much they already knew about me and they told me “NOTHING” (!) – is this a way to match employees and employers when you work at the absolutely lowest thinkable level (?) and here it is (!) – and therefore I gave them my CV and a short introduction of what I have done and my competences not only to do administrative tasks, but also sales, marketing, development of procedures, quality, concepts, efficiency and we know leadership and I told them that they could decide what they wanted me to do and then I will do it, and we know this led to Lars thinking that I could develop IT-systems and Jesper to think about sales and marketing and not only in Lyngby but also in Gentofte and we know “to start with” because I understood that he was thinking of “more than this”.

Jesper was curious to know why I was not working in the business life and I told the truth that I am working on my writings (at least) 60 hours per week, that unemployment is not my problem but lack of income because people reading my writings have not yet started sending me donations, that employers have decided to send me refusals on my applications because of the Danish “Jantelov” when reading my TRUTHFUL and VERY DIRECT CV – Jesper told me that they do not “suffer” from the “Jantelov” here as most people wrongly believe – and I told them shortly about what my writings are about, which led Jane to ask if they will be published as books and when I told them that this is not the plan because they are free to read on the Internet, just maybe Jesper will become “motivated” to find my website and books (?) and Jesper, will you still have me working for “free” for you knowing about who I am (?) and also that I will write what I decide myself to write including what you may find is “confidential/internal information” – which he found it important to tell me about not to reveal – and this will be the question for you, my friend.

I also told them that I have decided to be positive towards the Commune – and now also Falck – even though I don’t need work and this is indeed exactly what Jane said this meeting was, which was agreed by the two gentlemen.

I said that I have “a few weeks” left before I will finish my writings and when Jesper asked me what I planned to do afterwards, I told him that I expect to go out to speak about my writings to “people who want to listen to me”, which Jane understood is to work as a “lecturer” and this is what you indeed may call it, Jane :-).

Because of considerations to my work it was agreed on Jane’s suggestion that I will start up the 17th March at 10.00 working from 0-20 hours per week – two mornings per week to start with as Jane said – and to develop it from here and my dear friends, this is what I will do and that is unless of course some of the people involved should get “second feelings” about me?

So we know Stig, I left the apartment at 13.40, the meeting started at 14.00, lasted maybe half an hour, I had 15 minutes home and now it is 15.25, the chapter and summary is written and the second edit of it is done, so this interruption cost me less than two hours today – and it is really about “adjusting your attitude” and to be open and positive, which I decided to do as you may understand.

And we know Stig, I might as well continue because I just checked the IP addresses visiting my website and we know already at 14.57 (!) I had a visitor from “Falck Danmark A/S” as “the ISP of the IP address” told me and Jesper, you could not “help” feeling motivated to find out more about me and my books (?), and did you receive a shock about whom I am (?) and what were you thoughts in this respect and also in relation to the working agreement we just made (?), which you may like to share with the world?

Stopping to work “early” because of EXTREME TIREDNESS

At 15.45 I was EXTREMELY TIRED AND EXHAUSTED and decided to stop working for the day, my head was “almost exploding” making further work not impossible but let us say “on the extreme edge” making it “almost impossible” for me to continue and when I afterwards decided to sit on the sofa with my head resting on the back pillow listening to the upbeat songs of George Michael with my eyes clothes – to enjoy the feeling and details of the music – I was really almost falling a sleep without wanting to fall asleep and this is even though I am never able to sleep while sitting in this position.

“Strange weather” followed by the light of my father fading out the closer it came to me

Later I noticed a lightning on the sky and when I looked out I saw the rain falling from a heavily overcastted sky and not that many minutes afterwards when I looked out again I was very surprised to see this storm on the left side of the sky and to the right a perfectly cloudless sky was approaching – the sky was “perfectly” split into these two completely different “weather types” as I have NEVER seen before!

A little bit later from my kitchen balcony I saw a few seconds of a UFO close by shining in very bright colours before it overflew the apartment block and when I rushed to the other side hoping to see it arriving there from the left, it did not, it had totally disappeared (!) but then I noticed it to the right instead and we know it can “jump” in both space and time and now it was shining with two bright white lights on front as I have seen on many UFO’s on a distance, but this one was MUCH closer and after a few seconds, it completely changed the light so now it was the same very strong and bright white light as I told you the other day and it now started flying towards me and the altitude may have been approx. 500 metres and the very bright light became weaker and weaker the closer to me it came before it almost was switched off – does this mean that my father does not want to stand forward to support me and is this the same as my mother (?) – and we know Stig there were other UFO’s around as usual and it was really a “light show” in the sky for all to see and I wonder why people of Lyngby does not see or report these sightings?


10th March: The access to the Source is much easier now after my mother has started believing in me

Dreaming that the access to the Source is much easier now after my mother has started believing in me

I had another night at the same level but because I “finished” my “outstanding with the Commune yesterday” – I have felt the nervousness of Jane in relation to me – and almost also on “official systems” on my website and because I decided to receive healing from videos on YouTube with Braco, crosses of light and a “sound healer”, which actually works you know – according to what the spiritual world decided to do when they invented TV as I was told – I am “somewhat less tired” today compared to the previous days and the dreams:

  • I am in the best wine store I know of, there is a tasting after normal closing hours where many good bottles are opened and where I get a generously poured glass of red wine, however I would like to try an even better quality and after this I see my self in a flower store in Hamburg, Germany, where the “most beautiful flowers of the world” are being packed down for the weekend.
    • Wine is still “everything there is” – the Source inside of me really – which is being opened with the faith of mankind in me and as this dream says that the wine is pouring better now when my mother has faith in me and the symbol more than anything on my mother is flowers as you can see an example of here, which I believe is a flower arrangement my mother did for my sister’s 50 years birthday in 2009 if I remember correctly.

Flowers of my mother – arranged by my mother

  • I am playing one of the Golf major’s of USA and do impressive practice strokes, for example a hole in one, and when playing one of the holes at the course, the border and very steep edge of the hole makes it impossible to get the ball in, which is also the result of the others I play with, but my own ball falls into the hole without problems as heavy as a stone.
    • This is the dream I received – written down 100 percent objectively and according to my best memory – and it says that I have crossed “impossible resistance” of family, the Commune, the “official systems” and media of the world at the same time and my dear friends because I decided that I don’t want to give up and this is the power of attitude.
  • I am considering to buy either a projector or a large flat screen for my living room, and I see someone coming with a flat screen, which has a very fine design and to my surprise I see that the screen can be enlarged physically according to your wish and I see it being hanged up in my living room.
    • We know Stig this is NOT a symbol of TV – of the darkness – but of a “home cinema” showing the direct road to our new and better world and “this is what I can see” as I am told here by one of the members of the Council and I also feel a “silly” “man of another civilization”, (which is a try to call you something else than an “alien” or “extraterrestrial”) here (!) because of “good spirit” – and the form changing of the screen is of course a symbol of the forms of UFO’s, which can change according to wish.
  • I heard a favourite song of mine “If you tolerate this, your children will be next” by Manic Street Preachers and I was told that the first part of the title is about what I tolerated going through my suffering and the other part is about “my children of the world” following in my foot steps – but you will not face the same difficulties as I.
  • I see myself riding down my bicycle in extreme pace from “Geels bakke” (a hill at Holte, Denmark).
    • This is about finishing my website on the “official systems” and media deceiving and manipulating the world and the meeting with the Commune yesterday, which leads to “less suffering” as the symbols of the dream says.
  • At work I meet people from Dahlberg doing nothing and my old friend Lars G. is also here, I am lifting my bicycle and intend to bring it down to the basement, but I am told that I cannot place it there because there is a special room for my bicycle, which Søren H. has the key to.
    • This is about putting away my suffering – i.e. the bicycle – but this will first succeed when Søren H. will start believing in me as the dream says.
  • I am at a train station in London together with my old class friend Allan. The train is approaching at the 6th level in the air (!) and it is holding askew on the track making it almost impossible for me to enter.
    • This is about yesterday evening when I again without wanting it accidently saw 3 pictures of explicit sex on the Internet before I after a “split second” looked away.
  • I am at work where Søren H. has overtaken my old desk, he tidies up the drawers of the desk and finds an old paper calendar of 1997 of mine and underneath it my old purse and I tell him that I have received a new account and ask him to send money to this account and I also give him a code. Behind him I see my old class friend Christian.
    • I cannot give you a clear explanation of this one, but maybe it has to do with my attitude of 1997, where money was my driving factor too – because this is what it is in the society – and today I ask Søren to credit money to a new account and let us say this account is to secure “normal life” for me and the world.
  • At work I am moving to new desks time and again, at one desk Søren H. gives me working instructions of good quality and thinking where he sees possibilities I did not, and when he takes a short break, the three other places of the square of four tables where I am sitting have been taken by others, I meet Dahlberg and encourage them to be more disciplined not working for free for clients, I meet Kim S. who asks me if I know how to get some detailed information about events of 1947 and after I have moved to a new desk, I see a giant perforator on the table, which I avoid, and I place two ring binders of my mother and Sanna in the cupboard.
    • When I worked together with Søren H. at GE Insurance from 1998-2000 and at Fair from 2002-2007, from time to time, Søren also gave me very good instructions and was a good teacher for example speaking and using a whiteboard cleverly – and that is when he decided to do his best.
    • The working attitude of many employees of Dahlberg was “sleepy” and “lazy” and apparently they did not always receive payment from clients for the work they did and we know you need to be much more disciplined and just in the future.
    • The placement of the ring binders of my mother and Sanna in the cupboard is to say that they are now part of “the toolbox of God” as this old symbol means and we know because of their faith in me :-).

Including “The Disclosure Project” on my website to finally reveal the illegal “shadow Government” of USA to the world

This morning I started working at 8.45 and by 10.50 I had finished the script so far including the two last chapters of yesterday and we know including the second edit too.

Afterwards I continued working concentrated until 18.45 today and my working days are concentrated without any breaks other than approx. 20 minutes for lunch, and I felt much better – more alive than dead which is the difference – and I started watching the video of the very important “The Disclosure Project”, which is a must to bring on my website in order to show you the power of the illegal “shadow Government” of the military and Intelligence Community of USA, which single handily have decided to conceal the UFO phenomenon from the world and even the President and Congress of USA!!! They have created a state within the state, a dictatorship, which is the real threat to the world as you can read more about also from my Signs III page.

And we know Stig, this work was not possible to plan in forehand because I had no knowledge that this was what was waiting on me to write and we know in case you decided to do your best and overcome awful attacks of the darkness and my dear LAW BREAKERS OF THE WORLD, the darkness given to me includes your negative thoughts and worries about “your unknown future” when your disgusting actions TRULY will be revealed to the world and you will finally have to give up your “black budgets” and illegal “projects”. You should be ashamed of what you did – poor behaviour out of control!

Falck visiting my website followed by the Commune – what will you do about me?

At 9.02 I had the same visitor of Falck visiting my website and he also decided to use Google to translate my front page into Danish.

This was followed by a visit by the Commune at 12.42, so it looks like Falck may have become “somewhat surprised” about my website and who I am – or “claims” to be as you may think (?) – and decided to call the Commune about your worries (?) and what will you decide on, my friends?

Am I still to start working for Falck the 17th March or is this “too much for you to accept”?

The light of my father was much weaker than the other day because of “negative feelings” of my father?

This evening I received a visit by the “bright and colourful” UFO as I also did yesterday and the other day – the light of my father – and the first visit again only lasted a few seconds before it overflew the apartment block and still without coming out on the other side (!) and when coming back to the balcony in front of the living room I thought that “normally you move pretty quickly” so you are probably back at your place to the right of the light of my mother and this was indeed what you were and then the light started truly showing and afterwards flying again and now it was a white light, but much weaker than the other day and again the light was flying further away from me as to conceal itself “not wanting to stand forward” and I am here thinking about the “sensitive feelings” of my father not being used to have someone like me telling him the truth and we know I have not noticed him reading my website yet, but I noticed my aunt reading my script of the 8th March including the chapter “A new third light on the sky is “the light of my father” :-)” and shortly thereafter that someone shared this script through one the sharing services at the bottom of every script – which I can also see, but not whom did it – and I might be wrong, but just maybe this was my aunt sharing this script with my father because of the positive messages included in it – that I miss my father etc. – but you know maybe my father thought negatively and instead focused on the TRUE text I wrote: “OPEN YOUR EARS” instead of being “dictators” and “know-all” without knowing at all!” – and is this the simply reason why the light was shining less bright this evening (?) because this is what negative feelings do to people who do not understand the true positive message and their own need to improve and I wonder if this did not have an impact after all on the continuous development of my father – and that is of course if I have understood this correctly together with what I am told by the Council when writing and that is if these are words are from the light and not the darkness of course :-).


11th March: About the final showdown: “There is nothing to do about it …, the world has to come through this”

About the final showdown: “There is nothing to do about it …, the world has to come through this”

Again a night at the same level and we know I am a little bit more tired than yesterday but still better than the days before and here are the dreams:

  • I am at the Central Station in Copenhagen, I fall over a pair of legs, some people receive free food and others are buying, I don’t get anything. A lady misunderstands me and I have to tell her very loud and direct to make her understand. And something about the need to interrogate me again because of a previous offence, I receive a ticket and I might get the residence permit revoked.
    • I don’t know what this is about other than I am not having “normal life” at the moment, but maybe the lady is Jane from the Commune (?) and will she ask for a new meeting (?) and I really don’t know. And I don’t bother about the threats of the darkness – do what you have to do and I will continue working in the meantime!
  • I am in Africa where I have made a replica of a local house, which I see scraping its bottom when it moves down the road, which my new house does not.
    • Without Africa – Kenya – I would not have a “home” and this dream is connected to my finding on the Internet yesterday that the US military and industry on basis of captured UFO spacecrafts secretly have built replicas of these for a long time, which can fly faster than the light, which you can read more about at my new Signs III page.
  • My old “church friend” Evans from Kenya is told that I will lead him all the way because several of my servants have been installed and I see several of these after instalment. Evans is bicycling in front of me and I have to do my absolutely best to keep his pace.
    • I wonder if this is what Evans may believe today – and apparently he is also going through suffering, i.e. the bicycling.
  • My old friend Lani tells me that she does not want to see me as a friend anymore, but we can meet at parties, and it makes me sad to hear because it is after I have been down and introvert because I went through a period of “the worst time”. I call Lani and am surprised to hear that my old friend Lars is there, and he tells me that he is overwhelmed because he has received a pan from the person living in the flat below.
    • Lani and her friend Nicole were two female friends of Lars and mine around 1990-92, which was another “worst” time of mine because I had not found my true self yet as I have written about elsewhere – and the pan is another symbol of bringing “normal life” to the world so just maybe besides Lars, Lani is also part of this plan too.
  • Fuggi has been enrolled at a cooking course half a year after Bjarne from Fair attended, and I cannot afford anything myself because I don’t have an income. Karen is half a year behind Fuggi.
    • The cooking course is “learning to bring normal life to the world”, Bjarne from Fair Insurance was the expert on cars and had previously worked at a garage and the symbol of the car is therefore Fuggi for you to find your true self, this is the development you are going through and apparently it will take some time before Karen will come “home”.
  • I am staying at a fine hotel paid by John A. (Camilla’s father). I am taking a long bath and see that the water spreads to the floor all over the bathroom, I have my own shampoo, which I like much but this hotel offers a free luxury shampoo, which I use instead. I am staying at a so called “open room”, which is only one of 14 out of 700 rooms. In the living room there is no three-piece suite but I am told that it will be delivered if I ask for it.
    • The water all over the bathroom is my suffering in relation to love, which I miss very much – I have never REALLY experienced true love – and it seems like if I should get into trouble from here, I can ask for help, which the Source then will bring?
  • I am told that “there is nothing to do about it, the TV news have to be brought to the world and the world has to come through this”, which is about the need of the world to improve, which is to leave the “bad habits of darkness” and start living a responsible life as I have given directions on.
  • I am at a café together with many colleagues from Fair, this is the last time I will meet them, which makes me sad. I speak to Janne, she gives me pipe tobacco and I ask what she will do and I understand that she still receives salary from Fair and that she does not want to find another job.
    • Fair is still the symbol of the darkness, and Janne from Fair was the one whom I hoped and thought after my first publish the 1st February 2010 would be the first to truly understand me because she read my scripts and send me a few emails as the only one, but the dream says, Janne, that you are bringing me darkness too and I wonder why it was “impossible” for you to keep following me and to truly understand?

Today I started working at 8.00 and by 9.45 I had done the script of today and a few additions and improvements to the last two days of scripts and instead of publishing the last three days of script immediately I decided to wait until the end of the working day to include the rest of the script and really because this is the most efficient to do.

The immense darkness of “official systems” was reflected in the earth quake and tsunami of Japan today

The other day I told the Council that there are no changes to my previous decision of taking on suffering myself yes but also to deflect the darkness using the world as a buffer when necessary and after going through “immense darkness” the previous days including worries of “the official system” to finally be revealed to the entire world – and the continuous worries of my family, friends and ex-colleagues – this is what happened today when Japan was hit by one of the most massive earth quakes in history followed by a tsunami.

An attack from the darkness with a potential risk trying to remove my writings from the Internet

The last couple of days I have noticed a visit from Gitte from Danske Bank searching for her own name on the Internet and visiting my script of the 22nd July 2010 a number of times – I wrote about my communication with Gitte representing the bank in relation to my debt to the bank – and this morning she decided to call me – and the call went through even though my telephone is still blocked you know (!) – and she told me that she was unhappy to have her full name published in one of my scripts and therefore she asked me to at least remove her sir name and she also told me that she had spoken to a legal representative of the bank, who had “accepted” the name of the bank to be mentioned but we know apparently supporting her in her efforts to keep her “privacy” and we know Gitte, it must be very “uncomfortable” for you to be connected with somebody like me (?) and this was of course another weapon, which the darkness brought forward and it was based on one of my old fears, which is that somebody having no special role of the scripts would succeed to remove my scripts from the Internet because of a feeling of being “offended” without knowing the truth about me and that people should be happy and proud to be part of my scripts and we know Gitte only read the script in question without reading other pages (!) so FEAR is what was driving you, Gitte (?) and I thought about what to do when speaking to you because my principle all along has been NOT TO DO ANY CHANGES AT ALL to my scripts because of “fear” and suppression of ignorant people and when I told her that I have written about my everyday experiences to help people getting a better life, a better work life and better community system I told her that I often have used the first name and the first letter of the sir name and we know when I said this, the “solution” was right in front of me and therefore I offered her to write “Gitte S.” without her full sir name, which is then what she accepted, what I changed on the website immediately after our conversation and what I noticed that the controlled a few minutes afterwards and does it feel better now, Gitte (?) and just maybe you will feel differently when you will truly understand the nature of your action today, which of course is connected to “secret covert operations” by “official systems” of USA and the world, which is bringing people down as I have written about these days on my Signs III page and also the concerns of family, friends and ex-colleagues and my dear friends at the Council and also the Universe, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, I ASK OF YOU TO MAKE SURE THAT MY SCRIPTS WILL NOT BE REMOVED FROM THE INTERNET and this is really the first priority and we know but a little “fear” here and there working as a buffer to reflect the darkness is of course alright and this is how it is when we understand each other at “a pretty high level” my friend as the spirit of my father says here blinking to me without truly wanting to stand forward.

So because I decided in the beginning when writing my scripts to leave out the sir name of people – as I have done with most people – I also win this one and we know Stig, this was the “compromise” I decided on and just maybe this is what helped saving the world too and that is even though no people should have any problems to have their full names brought in my writings.

I was “almost shook up” and had IMPOSSIBLE work to do, but I decided to do my best

Directly after this experience, I was “shaken but not stirred”, which is really to say that “nobody is going to bring me down” and we know 007 is still driving forward as the symbol of me and we know after 1-2 hours receiving disturbances to my concentration because of “the feelings of Gitte” I kept on working now facing yet another challenge, which was ALMOST bringing me down again and that was because I had started reading “some” of the 494 pages long DISCLOSURE PROJECT BRIEFING DOCUMENT, which of course gave me much more information in detail on the UFO cover-ups of the U.S. Army and Intelligence Services, the reasons why and also new “interesting” testimonies of witnesses, which I both thought would be good to bring as a “narrowed down extract” on my website at the same time as I could see that some of the words, which the Council had put in my mouth when writing the first draft on this important project – that the reason of secrecy was because of fear of panic of the world if UFO’s were declared real – were not correct because the darkness is still working directly against me giving me wrong information at the same time as the light gives me right information and we know Stig I faced yet another “impossible” task, which was to do all of this work trying to connect A with B and sometimes with C to come up with my own version D knowing that I had to get the details right in order to hopefully remove any deceptions of the darkness given to me at the same time as I a few times again was given the feeling of “becoming suffocated” if I should not succeed, temptations to relax or do everything else and I was also again thinking of the deadline of 1st or 10th April, which may be important to comply with or just maybe I can decide to postpone the deadline if necessary because I am the Source but you know I don’t really know what is right or wrong to do in this connection – is this deadline important because of reasons I don’t know of today (?), do we really only have “limited time” for the “final showdown” as a dream months ago told me (?) and I can only guess – and what I decided was that I will NEVER work so fast that I will miss important details and no matter what, I will do work of “the best quality under the circumstances” and if this means that I will have to face the darkness if I am not ready by the 1st or 10th April, this is what I will do and I will use my own Basic Work Rules and this may mean that the world will get less time to go through “the final showdown” but if this is the case, “let it be”.

I had hoped to stop working maybe at 16.00 or 16.30 today, but I decided to keep on working and also to finish and publish the script, which I did at 18.00 and from here I decided to start my weekend, which will include more work Saturday and Sunday!



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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