March 14, 2011: The spirit of my mother is sending out all of her loving to the world – together with my energy too


Summary of the script today

12th March: I am doing the last part of my work, which is also making the Universe as “my home” perfect

  • Dreaming that my bicycle is broken and Peter A. is not in his office symbolising “no suffering”, cleaning up the last part of my home when finishing my work before it will become perfect, which is also about the Universe and when I am ready, I will become my “new self” also meeting Karen, who plays my favourite songs on the guitar, i.e. “all there is” through me, the spirit of Karen sending me her love and doing some final amendments to the IT-system symbolising my website, which is what I will do the coming weeks.
  • The light of my father approached and overflew me once again, and now it did not have the “TRUE and characteristic strong and white light on it” and does this mean that he again thinks that I am crazy?
  • X-factor included many symbols this evening, for example thanking God for bringing the Son symbolised by God as ”the King” and me as “we are out fishing”, my performance lately being “all the way up to the top”, the concerns of my mother and when Annelouise sung the immensely beautiful song “Nothing compares 2 U”, it was the words of the Council about me and I felt the tears of joy and immensely deep feelings of the Council rolling down my cheeks because they did not know if I would be able to make it this far and Annelouise was almost voted out this evening, which is how close I was to loose my recent fight with the darkness of the world, but you know I WILL NEVER GIVE UP :-).

13th March: The spirit of my mother is sending out all of her loving to the world – together with my energy too

  • Dreaming of Meshack being ill because he takes medicine, which he cannot take, my mother is having difficulties coming through, addressing people with “Mr.” etc. is unnatural, always inform people about what you would like to be informed about yourself, the spirit of my mother has started sending out all of her loving to the world every day, it was of “the greatest importance” to have my mother believing in me for me to become known and accepted by the world and will 7-8 out of 10 train conductors today not do their true job controlling tickets because of indifference?
  • I was surprised to see on my site of Jobnet that I am no longer “enrolled as job seeking in the Jobcentre” and does this mean that the system has thrown me out or back to group II (?) because they believe I have “other problems than unemployment” even though they saw how positive my meeting with Falck and the Commune went – and the only problem is “negative thoughts” of people themselves when they find out who I am, because I am the same man as always.
  • Through web-radio, I attended the “Cosmic Christ Service” of Den Gyldne Cirkel, where the “living grail of love” was sent to Japan and the world too. The darkness of the Voice of Vrillon electronically jammed the signal for 15 minutes, but after this was removed, the light was so strong that I could decide that Earth now has until the end of 2016 – thus not 2014 any longer – to follow my directions for everyone to enter our new world and also to combine all light networks of the Universe with the aim once and for all to remove all darkness.
  • I attended the service of Church of His Presence of USA at web-tv – they do miracle healings with “the power of God”, which has impressed me much – and at this “normal service” today, they had done the very unusual to invite a Jewish Rabbi to hold the entire service, which I liked very much. This was a symbol of “One God, One People” also meaning “One Faith”.
  • Afterwards, I was given a song from the BRILLIANT “Oh no! It’s Devo” album, which is what makes me SMILE and LAUGH the most herewith symbolising what we have achieved and that “nothing can go wrong now”. “I desire your attention, your perfect love, nothing more than this” also towards fellow human beings.
  • I received the direct feeling and taste of throwing up, which was connected to the feelings of my mother realizing who she is. Do you now understand how it was to be me knowing for years who I am with my family and friends believing I was crazy and almost killing me directly because of WRONG behaviour? Please BE STRONG and START COMMUNICATING AND SUPPORTING ME.

14th March: “It’s gonna take patience and time” to finish my work, which is likely to be before the 1st May

  • Dreaming that I am in our new world without love in my life, use the golden rule inside marriages too, “It’s gonna take patience and time” to finish my work, God is the witness of every single sexual abuse of children and other wrong doings and elimination is no threat anymore.
  • Because of the events yesterday, I have removed all stress from my work, which gives a new temptation to start relaxing, but I have decided to continue doing “normal work” and to have a “normal working day”. I may finish all of my work before the 10th April but now more likely before the 1st May.


12th March: I am doing the last part of my work, which is also making the Universe as “my home” perfect

Dreaming that I am doing the last part of my work, which is also making the Universe as “my home” perfect

I had a surprisingly “good” night – still not normal but actually even better than lately and I was very surprised not to be woken up before approx. 6.30 with a dream and I thought that I had to be mistaken but there was no other dreams written down on the phone, so this is how it is when I coming through to the other side my friends and really because I am finishing my writings on the wrong doings of the people standing behind UFO disclosure, which I need to do more edits on today, and this is what came to me this morning before I stood up at 7.45:

  • I see many people cycling from Holte and Lyngby towards Copenhagen and my girlfriend likes that I am cycling too, but my bicycle is broken.
    • And this dreams says that the worst suffering is over (?) and you never know when it returns, but this is how it feels this morning after having had a couple of days where the negative speech again has been stronger and uncomfortable to come through.
  • I heard something like “when I get there, I will be the one” from a song I cannot remember now – and the words may not be entirely accurate according to the song, but the meaning of the words is good enough: I will become myself when I finish this work.
  • I am in Russia walking a loft where people hand up pictures and cigarettes to store and I see that I will have to do a little bit of cleaning up before the loft is perfect too, which just may be the situation of the Universe :-). At the other end of the loft is a stairway leading down, where cleaned clothes are hanged up to dry. In the room downstairs, Siouxsie is playing guitar and singing and when I arrive I tell her that I thought it was all of the band playing because she has a very big sound, I think about what she wants with me because we are so different but when I ask her if she wants to sing “Spellbound” with me, she accepts and I ask her if she wants to hear when I heard this song the first time, which she does and I tell her that it was in 1980 – she corrects me saying it was in 1982 – (the song is from 1981, so 1982 may be right) and I tell her that when I first heard the sound of her voice, I was delivered.
    • Cleaning up the rest of the loft is really doing the last part of my work, which is making my “home” perfect and when I am done, my “clothes” is ready for me, i.e. my “new self”, and who is sitting there waiting for me and we know the most fantastic music I can think of by Siouxsie and here a symbol of Karen waiting for me and playing the guitar – i.e. “all there is”, which is me you know – and I might add that the energy of this AMAZING song – we are all the way up at the top when you are ringing you know – is also what caught me originally, and I also still remember hearing it at the room of my old school friend Dennis back then 30 years ago 🙂 – and I cannot remember meeting you since Dennis, but I will be happy to seeing you and all of my old school friends and teachers again, which also goes to my classes in Albertslund (I can hardly remember any of you, but Bjarne and the twins I fought with to become the strongest of the class I do remember, which also goes to the nice teacher Anna) and commercial school in Helsingør.
    • And “the big sound” of Siouxsie is also a reference to X-factor from yesterday, see below, because this is what Thomas Blachman told Annelouise, which I liked very much and I do like Thomas very much, he is a man showing much love, so basically here it is the spirit of Karen also telling me with love that “’Nothing Compares 2 U’.
  • When I woke up and for the coming hour I heard the song “you’re so vain” by Carly Simon and the lyrics, which came back again and again: “You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you” and I was told “fill out that picture with Karen”. For days I have been told that Karen is thinking about “what will he write to me” on her forthcoming birthday the 12th April and we know maybe that “I have been telling you the truth” and I wish I could simply write “I love you” but this is probably still not “the right time” you know.
  • I am working at Fair, the company will close in two days and Peter has asked me to visit his office this morning so we can take a tour, but when I visit him, he is not there. At my office I have an IT-man who will give instructions of how to use a new IT-system, but I can tell that the system is not entirely ready.
    • Fair is still the darkness and when Peter is not in his office, it is another symbol to have come through “difficult darkness”. The IT-system is my work, the IT-man in the dream was he “nice guy” who helped me build the “Noa” pension calculation system when I worked for Aon in 1995-97. I liked you very much and you did your best, but still the system did not become as I had hoped and probably because you did not have access to “professional tools”, which could have made my vision come through so basically this is an example showing that you can have the best vision and thinking, but you need to have professionalism all the way through, to deliver quality at a high level – and you were also under pressure from your manager I remember, who was concerned about “time and money”.

Here is the song “Spellbound” by Siouxsie & the Banshees as included in one of the dreams:

The Council did not know if I would make it this far and told me. “Nothing compares 2 U” 🙂

And we know Stig, another “round” of X-factor and as I am told here “we did not know if you would make it this far”, so this is about having passed hopefully the most difficult part of the darkness lately, which meant that the Council was with me “here, there and everywhere” during the show this evening and because of the happiness “around me”, my “UFO-friend” Thomas – I receive the feelings and visions of him being a human from another civilization over and over again – started by saying as you can see here ”det er jo fuldstændig fantastisk, jeg synes det er utroligt at kommunen giver en omgang på denne her måde, jeg får lyst til at takke kongehuset, søens folk og alle andre skatteydere, fordi det her er simpelthen i orden at vi er ude at fiske nu” and we know Thomas thought that this is “completely fantastic” and he is amazed by the COMMUNE paying, which makes him thank the house of the King and really because we are fishing and my dear friends, this man was INSPIRED with many symbols from the beginning of the show and here meaning that it is fantastic I made it all the way to here passing “SEVERE EVILNESS OF THE WORLD” and I wonder if his thanking the Commune means that Jane from my Commune has decided not to send my out working (?) and thanking the King is God and that is because we are out “fishing”, which is the symbol of the Son as me you know 🙂 – and when Pernille afterwards said that “it has been completely magical for us all three” it was the first of several times that the judges spoke about “magical” and we know which again is about “my spirit working” and she also spoke about “turning up the volume of the TV” and “giv den gas”, which was about the “amplifier of my mother” making me suffer because of her concerns.

When Patricia sung the song “feeling good” by Nina Simone I was “delivered” because of the quality and beauty of her voice and I thought “world star” about her and in many respects she reminds of Heidi from X-factor a few years ago, who still is my favourite of all contestants so far, but the voice of Patricia may be even better.

Other examples: Listen to Pernille after 34 minutes speaking about “helt oppe i toppen” (“all the way up to the top”), which was also about my performance.

When Pernille after 42 minutes said “you can very quickly come to stand on the shoulders of giants” it was about the concerns of my mother “standing on my shoulders” and when Thomas after 43 minutes praised the orchestra saying that “a good arrangement can also create something fantastic” it was about the work of the members of the Council, who have done “everything they can using all of their power too” to help the world come through.

The EVENT of the evening prepared for me was when Annelouise started singing a song, which has made an incredible impact on me because of both the song and the incredible performance of Sinead O’Connor singing it and of course it was “Nothing compares 2 U” written by Prince and because of my feelings of the song and because of immense feelings of the Council, which I received when hearing the song, I felt the tears rolling down my cheeks and I felt the spirit of my father and the whole Council with me saying “from all of us, we present our Son” and when writing this and hearing the song again from the website here, I get the exact same feelings once more.

When Pernille after the song said “crazy” and “insane” four times in a row, it was about my mother truly believing until recently that this is what I was.

When Cutfather the judge – among other things I LOVE yours and also Søren Rasted’s laughter very much, which brings joy and happiness to people 🙂 – after 21 minutes of the follow up show told Annelouise, who was picked as one of two to go through the “danger zone” that “I felt that you fought for your life”, this was my attitude when I fought the “darkness of the world” and we know it was on “the edge” that I won this one qualifying for the next round and we know Stig, I intend to do the rest of my work without anyone stopping me because “there is NOTHING you can do to prevent me” and so it is :-).

And there was “more than this” in this show, for example when the twins several times were told how “NATURAL” they are, which I like much more than “glamour” as you will understand from previous writings – but I do love FANTASTIC costumes as for example in the amazing carnival of Rio, which I believe is the most fantastic show of the world when I see pictures of it with its fantastic costumes, decorated wagons, music, bright colours and LIFE more than anything else – and I might add that the video of Michael Jackson’s “They don’t care about us” from the favela of Rio de Janeiro took my breath away the first time I saw I and to this day it is still my favourite video of all because of the LIFE and JOY of people – and the fantastic drums too – as you can see and we know the song is truly not “bad” either – and all of this makes me also think of the most ambitious school project I ever did when I did a report of Brazil in 1984 for Commercial school with a colour photo of a favela on front of it if I remember correctly.

“The light of my father” indicating that he does not believe in me again

Yesterday evening at 21.36 when I “by chance” was looking outside the window, I saw a new UFO approaching and when I stood out on the balcony, I saw it coming towards me pretty quickly – it was the light of my father – it had a double white light in front of it with a red constant light on the right, a green constant light on the left and white on the back – the craft was round – and these three lights made a double white blink every second and it only took it approx. 15 seconds to approach and overfly me, it had a “pretty loud sound” and after I had written down notes of this sight and went back to the balcony to see it coming once more with the “TRUE and characteristic strong and white light on it”, it did not (!) and and I wonder if the feelings of my father are keeping him so much down that it has almost removed any faith, which he may have in me and we know maybe he read my script concluding that I am still crazy (?) and I really don’t know.

I am feeling lonely and sad – besides my suffering

Finally I can say that being totally alone without any contact to family and friends is making me lonely and sad and we know one day is as the next here, which is making life monotonous and humdrum – besides from the suffering I have gone trough, which also included temptations of the darkness lately to scare me from writing the truth about the cover-ups of militaries and Secret Intelligence Services on my website and we know “would they decide to kill me hoping to save their own skin” (?) and my dear friends, you cannot scare med (!) and it looks like you decided both to accept both, my verdict and your coming disclosure to the world.

I was not tired but a blurred vision and STRONG impatience given to me made it almost impossible to work

Today I was really not tired (!) – because my mother read the two last published scripts yesterday and the script of yesterday today apparently removing “new” doubt from her and “read” is too much to say because she only spends a few minutes on each script – and I decided to start working at 8.15 and by 11.10 I had done the script of today so far – it takes time going through the broadcast of X-factor on the Internet, which I had to do to write the chapter on this – and from here I decided to take a long bath in my bathtub, which is a “luxury” I give myself once in a while and at the moment it is once a week.

After the bath and lunch, I continued working from 13.40 to edit and improve my new chapter “The Disclosure Project: Indisputable proof of UFO’s and cover-ups by the “secret Government” of USA!” included at my Signs III page and the “weapons” used by the darkness today to make the work difficult was the feeling of suffocating in the beginning and the most difficult was a constant blurred and unclear vision making it difficult to see at the same time as I received so strong feelings of impatience that it was really impossible to concentrate and do my work but after 2 hours I came into some kind of rhythm and at 18.00 I had set up this new chapter, which I was fairly satisfied with even though I had hoped to be able to do even more today, but we know my friend we also “just” had to include the message from the Voice of Vrillon from 1977 in the chapter as you can hear here. I kept on working reading more material from the Disclosure Project until 20.00.


13th March: The spirit of my mother is sending out all of her loving to the world – together with my energy too

Dreaming that the spirit of my mother has started sending out all of her loving to the world every day

A night at the same level as the previous nights with the exception of yesterday making me “somewhat tired” today with these dreams:

  • I am driving through the city with an uncomfortable bus, I meet Meshack and just before entering a walking bridge I throw a football to the left of it and when Meshack goes to get it, I shine a light on it for him to find it and then we enter the bridge. We arrive at a small hospital centre inside the jungle, we are equipped with three different kinds of medicine and are told to go through a test program of one month, but we want to start now, we don’t need a test. Inside the centre I am walking the corridors, which I am not supposed to do and I am worried about being discovered by a lady working in the kitchen who has a view over the corridors, but she does not see me enter the room at the other side of the kitchen. Later I am together with Fuggi in the jungle and he drops to the ground because of kidney failure even though one of the three medicines is meant to help kidneys but it shows out that his kidneys cannot take this medicine.
    • I wonder if the reason why I hear such little from Meshack is because he is ill and does he take medicine, which he cannot take? If this is the case, Meshack, I encourage you to stop taking medicine, be STRONG in your faith, ask to be cured and always give your wife and children an extra HUG – both because of love and because it does you and them good both mentally and physically, this is what LOVE does – and when you have power enough and a strong will to write me, I will become happy.
    • Is this also the case for Fuggi?
    • The symbol of the bridge is of course the “bridge over troubled water”, which Meshack has to cross to reach the other side, which he does with a little help from “a friend” showing him the light and here “the right way” to follow. The jungle is because we are inside “the home of God” and the reason why I fear the lady at the hospital is because I don’t like medicine as you will know by now – it kills and makes people more sick than it helps people (!) – and all throughout my life I have NEVER liked hospitals, which I understand today is because of this reason.
  • I am together with my family next to a parking place, I am dressed fine and it is my turn to visit a critically ill Helene at the hospital, I bring a piece of roasted pork in a see through plastic bag as a gift, which does not look as fine as my clothes, when I speak to Helene she believes that the reason why I have not visited her before is because of lack of love, which it is not, it is because I have been feeling poorly myself. Because of this misunderstanding, Helene decides to cancel the remaining visits from the family. At the parking place my mother is driving an old Ford Taunus which can hardly drive because of a snorting engine, I have two small cars there, an Italian and Japanese, Søren and Bettina borrow one of them and when I ask Søren if he will pay for the gasoline, he says “we will have to see”.
    • What does it mean visiting Hans’ (late) mother at the hospital and is she a symbol of my mother (?) and I really don’t know and I can only guess really, but my mother’s car is telling about her difficulties coming through at the moment.
  • I am working together with Pernille S. and someone else, and Pernille recommends our colleague to write the recipient of a letter with “Mr.” in front of his name because this shows respect, but I feel this is old fashioned and I say that it is possible to argue for both views – with or without “Mr.”. Pernille plays a video of one of my rare performances on “lose line” and when the radio afterwards asks of my story, I cannot tell what I would like because Pernille “steals” the microphone from me.
    • This is because I decided to write the name of the director of the Disclosure Project on my Sign III page as “Stephen Greer” and not “Dr. Stephen Greer” and really because it is ONLY an “invention” and “culture” of mankind that writing “Dr.”, “Sir”, “Madame”, “Professor” or other “titles” in front of a name should mean that you are more respectful than “just” writing or saying a name, and let me say that I would be happy if you will simply call me “Stig” and in my mind, it gives an unnatural distance if you call me “Mr. Stig”. The name is “natural” and the “need for titles” is the darkness working.
    • Pernille stealing the microphone of the “radio” – i.e. “spiritual communication” – shows her influence on Kim S. and resistance to me.
  • I heard the song “Flawless” by George Michael and the lyrics “you got to go to the city” and “absolutely flawless” and really about where I am heading – “home” – and what I will meet in terms of my new self.
  • I have agreed with Jack to run together with him once a week, and the first time going there I am a little bit late but I can still make it and in the following weeks, he has decided to run with other people instead of me without telling me, and when I confront him he tells me that he decided to do this because I was not able to make the agreement. At Østerport Station in Copenhagen, I meet Peter A.G. speaking to Jack and I manage to sell two Gnags concert tickets to Peter A.G. and I ask him if he will run up on stage to sing himself, which he says that he will not because another one from the band will sing, but he may decide to crawl inside the big drum and sing from there.
    • This is about INFORMING PEOPLE OF YOUR DECISIONS and really to think “WHAT WOULD I LIKE TO KNOW MYSELF IF THE ROLES WERE OPPOSITE” and then give the information to others as you would like to receive yourself and we know the challenge for many is to START THINKING like this (!) – and what is the rest of the dream about (?) other than “nice music” from me to Jack and that Jack may “visit” the Council “inside the big drum” and we know some of the dreams these days are not straight forward.
  • I heard the song “all my loving” by Beatles and this is about Virgin Mary – or the spirit of the “Blessed Lona” – who has started sending out all her loving to the world “every day”.
  • I am in the basement underneath an apartment block, it is two numbers away from my number, I am looking for folders and when I try my key for some of the rooms, it does not work, but I meet a lady who asks me if she can follow me to the supply room “in my place” – love that one, Coldplay together with “clocks” and a handful other of your songs 🙂 – which she can and when we get there, she asks for two folders with my name printed on front, which I give her. I meet Jack and Allan eating a very big and delicious cake, there is none for me and I smile when I ask them if I can order ten – really hoping to get “one in ten” and we know I am on the UB40 form even though I am working 🙂 – and I also meet my old colleagues Jan and Jan from Fair (from no. 25) and I shake the hands of the “non-IT” Jan, who does not look really well.
    • We know Stig the lady in the dream will have to be my mother, who is of “the greatest importance” for me to become known and accepted by the world – I had a déjà feeling here of the importance for my mother to receive and have faith in me – and the folder is to carry and bring out my writings to the world.
    • The cake is showing that old friends of mine have a good love life, and the two Jan’s are probably a symbol of what I wrote to my aunt Inge the other day that I would also like to meet my cousin Jan again and just maybe she has told Jan (living on Madeira) about this and that he may have been thinking of this since he is in the dream and so it is.
  • And finally I was inside a train at the Central Station of Copenhagen and when the conductor asks to see my ticket, I show him my clip card, which I have not clipped, and this guy is “bright” so he actually notice that I have not clipped the card and therefore he asks me to leave the train.
    • This is about not driving the train anymore – my inner self is ready – and it is also to say that I have tried “testing” my theory in practice that most conductors will really not notice if a clip card is clipped or not when they do ticket controls and this is what I indeed found out and we know will this work with 7 or 8 out of ten, who are “too lazy” and “not caring” about their work (?) and you might ask them – and you also may “invent” a better system than this in the future!

Today I started working at 8.40 – feeling “somewhat tired” is really not nice and I cannot tell you just how TIRED I am of writing like this every single day – and at 10.25 I had done the script so far today including the summary and second edit and from here I continued working on the chapter of the Disclosure Project, which I hope I will be able to finalize today and we know Stig, this was probably the “worst” and “most impossible” part of all and what you see on my Signs III page is what I decided to bring to make the world believe in “power bastions” of the world deceiving you – this was the “simple” task I had to do. To find the information, study it and write it in a few days to make you understand and I do hope that this is what it will do?

I am no longer “enrolled as job seeking in the Jobcentre”

I was surprised that I did not receive a reminder email today from Jobnet asking me to confirm that I am “job seeking” – but I still have my own weekly calendar reminder to follow up and we know to “push the button” on the website – the deadline was tomorrow – and when I opened “my site” at the website of Jobnet I was even more surprised to see that “you are not enrolled as job seeking in the Jobcentre” meaning that I should and could not “push the button” to confirm that I am job seeking (the button has been disabled!), that my CV is no longer available for searching (of employers) and also that I could enroll myself as “unemployed”, but this function was also disabled (!) as you can see here:

It is clear that Jane – or my “other friend” at the Jobcentre, whom I of course have forgotten the name of – has done “something” to my status and does this mean that I have been thrown out by the official system of Denmark (?) meaning that I don’t “comply” with their crazy system and that my cash help as a consequence again has been withdrawn (?) or does it mean that the Commune now believes that I “have other problems than unemployment” (?) meaning that I am now back in group II and not group I (?) but still entitled to receive cash help (?) and we know it is truly not easy for you to find out my friends (?) and that is even though I was WILLING TO WORK for you when we had the meeting with Falck, where Falck was also motivated to have “someone like me” working for them and all were “positive” of the meeting, but the “problem” may be entirely because of people “still believing” that “somebody like me” is crazy and that is when they found out who I truly am, which makes people totally change their positive view of me to the opposite and not because of me – I am the same you know – but because of themselves.

And I do look forward to be hearing from you telling me what this is about and have you decided if you will write me, call me or invite me for a new meeting?

Earth now has until the end of 2016 to enter our new world and “spreading my energy to all” because of the faith of my mother

Today at 12.00 I attended the “Cosmic Christ Service” for the sanctification of Earth at the web-radio off, which I was looking forward to because this would become the first time where “the waves” of Asger Lorentsen from Den Gyldne Cirkel and I would meet directly for the first time.

I had decided to attend this service instead of the service of Theosophical Fellowship because I thought it could be important to open up a new channel, which is exactly what it was.

The service started with Asger asking for a living grail of love of the mother of Earth to flow into the zones of Japan effected by the earth quake and later it was developed into the whole world with the request to open the heart of humanity with the “grail of love”, which is then what we did and I received “quite strong resistance” from the darkness speaking to me and trying to make me enter his negative world and we know still trying to “overtake” me he is and after some time I felt the Voice of Vrillon with me and he gave me the feeling of darkness too, which he has received from Earth after 2010 and shortly thereafter the radio transmission was given what sounded like a “magnetic disturbance”, which was the darkness of the Voice of Vrillon transmitting and so much that it made the beautiful classical music unbearable to listen to and when Asger spoke in between the meditative healing sessions, it was impossible to hear what he was saying and I noticed how this made several of the 64 listeners I saw at one moment to leave the transmission, which I was very close doing myself too, but instead I decided to hang down my headphones and continue my meditation, which was exactly what was needed in order to remove so much of the darkness that the Voice of Vrillon after maybe 15 minutes could stop sending out darkness and from here I came deeper and deeper into the meditation with the darkness becoming less and less and almost so much that it reminded me of some of the meditation practises I did together with Lotus, Lis and Kirsten in 2005 before the voice of the darkness started speaking to me from 2006 and because of this and the strength of the light of Asger and his network I was told that I really can decide my self “the rules of the game” of how long the world has to follow the directions I have given to enter our new world and earlier I was told myself that the deadline was before the end of 2014 but because of this “secret message” coming to me on the other side of this darkness, I have decided to give Earth two more years meaning that you now have until the end of 2016 to follow my directions and to make sure that EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING ON EARTH WILL FOLLOW US INTO OUR NEW WORLD.

And we know Stig this was not the only “positive” message of this service because the light was so strong that I started seeing Egyptian carpets and symbols and I was given the thought that I could ask for all light networks of Earth and the entire Universe to connect with the aim to remove the darkness once and for all and this is what I did, then, also asking to “spread my energy to all and all energy to me” and I was told that this was only possible to do because of the faith of my mother in me and meeting this new network today, so you might say that this service was also of importance to the world – and maybe you can hear the darkness of the Voice of Vrillon transmitting if a recording of this service exists? Later I was told that the light of other civilizations could have dealt with the darkness on Earth, but they needed me to connect these networks, which now is done.

At the end we listened to a part of Mahler’s 8th symphony with a BIG CHOIR sounding as beautiful as his 2nd Symphony, which you know I LOVE VERY MUCH and Asger gave some interesting words about this symphony, which I also enjoyed to my fullest.

This gave me the answer to my deadline finishing my website: It will be finished when it is finished!

The service also gave me the answer to the until now very difficult question of the importance of the deadline of the 1st to 10th April finishing the work of my website and announcing my coming to the world – was this because of some unbreakable “universal rule” (?) – and the answer is really that I will set my own deadline and my dear friends this means that I will finish when I am finished, which may be before the 10th April and it may be before the 1st of May, I cannot tell you more exact today because I am doing work I cannot plan, which was really the challenge given to me, but I can promise you that I will keep you updated!

And we know Stig, quite a difficult game it is, but not impossible to solve and to win, if you really want to and this is what I want and this is why I will win it without giving up at any time :-).

A church service symbolising “One God, One People” including “One Faith”

Previously in my work on my “Sign-pages” I fell over miracle healings carried out at revival meetings in Church of His Presence in Alabama, USA, and led by the “gifted” Pastor John Kilpatrick.

It made a deep impression on me watching a video I found on the Internet, which I decided to include on my Sign II page including as follows:

“These are examples of immediate miracles created by prayers and “the power of God” including the cure of a deadly brain tumour, a deadly lung cancer and the hole of a heart disappearing in front of the eyes of people following it on a screen.”

I noticed that they transmit their services live on the Internet from their website I decided to follow the service today, but what I did not know was that it was not going to become a revival service today, but it included another important message, and these are some short notes from the service.

Afterwards I read on their website that revival services are on Fridays and Saturdays and we know Stig, you really need to do your best to avoid misunderstandings!

In the beginning of the service, they played nice music by a modern pop/rock band, which I liked to see – I was thinking of some of my conversations with Elijah and some of my writings on this when I was in Kenya in 2009 – and I was given some coughing and the suffocation feeling really and told that this is what we will heal once and for all through this service because this is the power it has.

What was truly a joy for me to see was that John Kilpatrick had invited Rabbi Curt Landry to do the service today – he spoke of “he Jewish roots of the Christian faith” and “a new beginning” – and this was a Jewish Rabbi holding a service in a Christian church (!) – how many places in the world of today will you see this (?) – and we know instead of fighting and focusing on your differences I like very much to see people meeting in reconciliation. This was a symbol of “One God, One People” also meaning “One Faith”.

I liked the energy, passion and compassion of this man very much also when he was what I will normally consider “very passionate”, but the few times when he used ALL OF THE EXTREME POWER OF HIS VOICE, it was too much to my liking.

At 11.18 CDT time, before the Rabbi started the service, “the young man who is going to become married” addressed John K. saying “my spiritual father” and at this instant moment I was told that this was when God entered this man.

The first 45 minutes at this service, the negative speech given to me trying to “capture” me and for me to “accept” going into this, was as strong as I have experience before truly making it “impossible” to resist and I felt both my father and even more my sister and I was told that this is what these two as the strongest presents of the darkness in my life opposed with “everything they had” and really because the light of this large channel will reduce the power of their darkness.

At 11.26 I felt the spirit of John K. inside of me and I was told that now I also share the energy with this man and that the healing now had started from the inside of me – and we know Stig I have been given “severe scratching” on my skin for weeks and I have been told that this could “develop into something very unpleasant” and this is what this healing also helped removing.

FEELING GOOD AND SMILING: “I desire your attention, your perfect love, nothing more than this”

Already this morning I was given the song “I desire” by Devo from their BRILLIANT “Oh no! It’s Devo” album from 1982 and after this service I was given the intro to the first song on the album, which is “hello, this is Devo” – which always makes me FEEL GOOD 🙂 – and then I simply HAD to listen to the entire album once again and we know Stig, this is ALSO one of my favourite albums of all time and really because THIS IS THE ALBUM OF ALL ALBUMS, WHICH MAKES ME SMILE AND LAUGH THE MOST MAKING ME COME INTO A GOOD MOOD or in other words, the most positive album I know of and we know, listen for example to how the synthesizers are played and the background voices are sung throughout the album just “for fun” and this album is the symbol of what I went through “also today” and we know “nothing can go wrong now”, which is what I was told – and every single time I listen to this album, I think of all of the times when Jack and I listened to it in the living room of his parents in Espergærde and we know when we played it on his father’s B&O gramophone connected to his Luxman Quadrophonic (!) amplifier.

We know Stig the message of the song “I desire” is “I desire your attention, your perfect love, nothing more than this”, which is a message to mankind and what I also ask you to show every man, woman and child standing next to you – and there is a deeper connection here also to President Reagan and Jodie Foster as you can see here.

And just “for fun”, I might say that I “I am a man with a mission”, that it is indeed true, Devo, that “it’s a monumental good thing” because “I must do what I must do” and when I have finished my work, I do look forward to get some “time out for fun” and not least some “deep sleep” again :-).

Finally, musically “Big Mess” is my favourite of the album followed by “Peek-a-Boo”, but I really LOVE the whole album and I do love CONCEPT ALBUMS as a whole story as many big artists have done over “time” and not only singles, which has become a tendency of today – I am looking for a “good balance” you know.

I have been going through a game taking on much darkness – the Source would have “saved” me

At the end of the day, I was reminded that the Source would have saved me if needed when going through these “tough times”, which gave me the feeling that what I have gone through has been a game, which convinced me that I was in the risk of receiving “serious illnesses”, becoming “cribbed” and also almost that we were in the risk of becoming eliminated again and I really do not know in what “degree” I would be saved – if all of this was a game or if “illnesses” together with the worst physical pain in the world disabling me would be “accepted” – but I do understand that this was the “extreme darkness”, which has been given to me increasingly over the last months and weeks because of the concerns and discomfort of my family gradually understanding that I am telling the truth and the extreme darkness of “secret Governments” of the world concealing the “greatest secret” ever of UFO’s from mankind and their “concerns and feelings” to finally become disclosed to the world – and I might add here that after attending the two services today and “almost completing” my chapter on the UFO disclosure project, I do feel better with less darkness, negativity and “threats” given to me.

Receiving direct feelings and taste of throwing up connected to the feelings of my mother realizing who she is

At the end of the day, I was given not only “nauseating” feelings, which is what I have had when I have written “throw up feelings” in the past, but the direct feeling and taste of throwing up this evening, and this was connected with the feelings of my mother realizing who she is, and I know my mother, it is truly not nice understanding who you truly are and that it was God fertilizing you with me – I understand you (!) – and can you now imagine how it was to be me knowing who I am for years with my family including you believing that I was crazy and instead of supporting me, you were almost killing me because your disbelief, wrong thoughts and actions were transferred directly to me as the worst sufferings in history, and I am still suffering because of your WRONG actions and it is really for all of you to do what is RIGHT, which is to be STRONG, to overcome your “negative feelings” and “difficulties“ – turn them into something positive, which this is about – and to start welcoming me, which is really just to see me as “the Stig” you have always known, start communicating with me again and also to stand forward and support me – in the beginning this can be done through a supportive email and for you to tell all family and friends, whom you easily could tell “how awful” it was that I had become crazy, that I am indeed telling the truth, which they will understand themselves if they USE A FEW HOURS TO READ MY WEBSITE (!!!) – as I have recommended you to do for a VERY LONG TIME, which however was “impossible” for you to understand because you did not read, listen and understand me because you thought you knew, which you did not.

The Universe was created outside the Source with the goal to remove “nothingness”

For days I have been told that the reason why the Universe was created OUTSIDE of the Source – and not inside – with the tremendous difficulties overcoming the darkness in order to save us all was that this is what it took to remove “nothingness”.

And this is also the reason why we in the future do not have to be separated into two beings – one spiritual and one physical – on each side of nothingness, but eventually we will be able to live as one life existence – and I understand that this will take “some years to prepare and carry out” but this is where we are headed.


14th March: “It’s gonna take patience and time” to finish my work, which is likely to be before the 1st May

Dreaming that “It’s gonna take patience and time” to finish my work

A night at the same level again with a few dreams only:

  • I am visiting René and Dorte in Stockholm, René is scolding Dorte, which makes her do even more to show her good sides and to please him. I am to take the bus to Malmö to come home, but when I am in the city of Stockholm on my way to the bus I realize that I have to collect my luggage from Rene and now I cannot find the way home to him, someone directs me in the direction of the motorway, but I can tell that this is not the right way.
    • What is this about? Stockholm is “our new world”, the bus is love, I don’t get on the bus and I cannot find the road to my luggage, so maybe it is exactly this and that is that I am in “our new world” WITHOUT love in my life and with no view receiving this now because I cannot “find my self” as the luggage symbolises.
    • This dream is also about the suppression inside many marriages where the suppressing and WRONG part makes the other and the RIGHT part become nervous and really use the opposite golden rule treating her partner much better than the partner treats her and we know USE THE TRUE GOLDEN RULE INSIDE ALL MARRIAGES TOO and we know EVERYWHERE and ALWAYS.
  • I am told half sleeping: “Søren and Bettina offer me free Yoga to be on the same headline, when we are finished”.
  • I heard the song “Got My Mind Set On You” by George and Jeff and the lyrics “It’s gonna take patience and time to do it right child”, which is about finishing my work you know, and yesterday when I searched on “Niburu” – our new planet you know – on the Internet to see what is coming when I will start writing about this for my “Sign-pages”, pretty quickly I saw a crop circle from Avebury, UK, showing the arrival of this planet and also something about old Egyptian drawings including symbols of a new planet, so apparently this planet should not be news for mankind and we know if I decide to do the same quality work on Niburu as I did on crop circles and “cover up” of “secret Governments”, which I really have to finish the last details of, “it’s gonna take patience and time” – and I also have a chapter to do on UFO’s….:-).
  • I am sitting outside on the upper part of Købmagergade in Copenhagen at one of the Italian restaurants, one of two children asks me how to feed the ducks in the nearby lake, and I tell them to buy white bread and put it in a small bag, and I see them go to a bakery where they need to row in a boat over quite rough see to reach the counter.
    • The Italian place is our new world and I can only connect the dream with the meaning of “children being sent to the baker sailing on rough see”, which is that God is the witness of sexual abuse of children all over the world, because bread is the symbol of “love” and water of suffering and this is really because the Universe is now a part of the Source, so my friends out there committing terrible sins: God is your direct witness every single time you do what is WRONG.
  • I am buying stamps and newspapers to people for their lunch, which I put on the ground in front of a kiosk on top of a few other old newspapers and I notice that the ground underneath these is not wet anymore.
    • The stamps are included because this was the first task Falck had in mind for me to do (!) and still has (?) because I have NOT heard from the Commune. The newspapers is the old symbol of “elimination”, which is not a threat anymore.

Continuing working “normally” now without stress – I will likely complete my work before the 1st May

Today I started working at 8.45 and by 12.00 I had finished the script of today including the last four chapters of yesterday and the challenge I receive now is to continue working with discipline instead of starting to relax, which is the risk when you do not have a deadline – which so many people of the world today cannot handle – and what this does to me is that it really removes my stress and the worst suffering when working on the edge of my capacity under the circumstances, which most of the time was on my edge of breaking down and what I have decided is to continue working a “normal work day” also meaning that I will not work as much in the weekends and we know I am not that far away from the goal to finish all of my work but I have decided to use some more time on UFO’s, crop circles and Niburu so the new deadline is now before the 1st May – and we will have to see if other “unexpected” working tasks will show up.

After lunch I decided first to clean the house and to wash my clothes, which I did not do during the weekend and which has been DIFFICULT to do and prioritize for weeks because of my extreme prioritization of work using almost all of my energy on this, but still I have kept the apartment and myself “pretty well” and we know I am still bathing, shaving and washing up the dishes every single day of course, I would never dream of everything else.

Afterwards I continued working on the UFO disclosure project on my Signs III website – many of you will find this information VERY INTERESTING (!!!) – and by 17.00 I had also published the script of the last three days.

The reason of the massive disaster of Japan

Today I was told and given the understanding of the massive earth quake and tsunami of Japan in relation to the suffering I go through myself including the “threats” to “cripple” me because the more suffering I accept taking on myself, the less suffering will be given to the world and some weeks ago I decided that I don’t want to become disabled because I have to finish my work and this was the simple reason why Japan was hurt so much – which I am unhappy to see – but it could not be different because of my decision and all of the darkness coming to me from family, friends, ex-colleagues and from the “secret world” too deceiving mankind on UFO’s for decades.

Finally I was given stomach and chest pains after drinking coffee again, which is a new signal of the Commune having ”difficulties” and ”pain” finding out what to do about me – and what about starting to follow the advices I have given you previously?


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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