March 17, 2011: The purpose of the pyramids of Egypt is to serve as my “stairway to Heaven” opening up the Universe


Summary of the script today

15th March: The purpose of the pyramids of Egypt is to serve as my “stairway to Heaven” opening up the Universe

  • Dreaming of threats of the darkness mildly threatening me because I accidently fell over sexual pictures on the Internet, any personal mistakes I may do will not harm the world, Karen will arrive “soon” and my mother and a friend speaking together negatively, which is UNNECESSARY to do in the future.
  • I have felt like being locked inside a boiling pressure cooker for years because of negative speech and tiredness, which truly has started easing after connecting to “new cosmic networks”.
  • The TRUTH about UFO’s, secret governments, cover up, human hostility towards non-hostile UFO’s, a war against UFO’s instead of a friendly welcome and usage of their advanced technology to revolutionise the world etc. IS ALL TO BE FOUND ON THE INTERNET, BUT CENSORSHIP OF CERTAIN MEDIA AND SCEPTICAL/LAZY PEOPLE NOT “BOTHERING” HAVE KEPT THIS “SECRET” FROM THE WORLD FOR MANY YEARS!! This is TRULY what you have to improve, mankind! Please read my Signs III page!
  • This evening my right speaker started making scratching sounds again as a symbol of my father suffering because of me and his light on the sky approached me again, which also showed new faith in me growing and a reserve of strength, which I bring him, which will make him and also my mother and everyone else enter the harbour as the “safe haven” safely.
  • I was shown a gateway to another galaxy created by thin clouds on the sky making a perfect ring – with the galaxy inside of it – which is the same true purpose of the old pyramids of Egypt when they will serve as my “stairway to Heaven” opening up the entire Universe while “I’m alive”.

16th March: It is also required for people to believe in my mother before she will grow spiritually

  • Dreaming that I am saving two ”dogs” – my father and mother – which is impossible because of their immense feelings discovering who I truly am, the link between Sanna through my mother to me was “designed” as the Devil’s access to kill me, working at a brochure at Danske Bank, which is about marketing “normal life” and my scripts to the world, my mother has accepted my work, which is not “wasting my time” as she used to think, it is also required for people to believe in my mother before she will grow spiritually, “I should have known better” is the feeling of my mother, which will grow when she will understand the full consequences of her disbelief in me in relation to my suffering, the symbol of me working at Danske Bank to “finance normal life” ends when I will end my scripts, which will bring “the finance” and it is time for me to come out of the shadows.
  • I received a letter from the Commune informing me that I have been cancelled from the Jobcentre “because you are enrolled wrongly” as it said. This was again the darkness working. Will I receive my cash help at the end of the month (?) and am I to start working for Falck tomorrow (?), which I decided that I will do – because the spiritual information I have been given not to start was DECEPTIONS given by the darkness, as the “secret government” of USA does too.
  • This evening a new UFO light was flying just above the roof tops towards me without making it all the way through. I thought it was the light of my father or maybe my mother, but it was the light of Karen, who is also starting to receive faith in me and really because this is what the spirit of my mother is helping her to receive.

17th March: People of other civilizations work to help reducing the radiation from nuclear plants in Japan

  • Dreaming of a lady from “another civilization” than ours telling me about UFO’s and another example of the “opposite Golden Rule” used by consultants of DanskeBank-Pension
  • Today I was introduced to the work at Falck, which will become two times three hours per week to start with starting Tuesday next week. All were kind receiving me, and the alarm went off at Brede Park (!) as a sign that now I have started my work as the “saviour”, which is to help people improving their behaviour, communication and work – as the people of the park!
  • People of other civilizations helped saving mankind from destroying itself by deactivating nuclear bombs. People of “dark forces” on earth was the reason of the earth quake in Japan creating the risk of radiation from melting fuel rods of nuclear plants to spread, which people of other civilizations now also help to reduce and remove.


15th March: The purpose of the pyramids of Egypt is to serve as my “stairway to Heaven” opening up the Universe

Dreaming of new threats of the darkness mildly threatening me because I accidently fell over sexual pictures on the Internet

I had a night, which was slightly better than the previous nights and it only contained few dreams, which gives me more time on my work improving my website.

  • I am together with Meat Loaf, he is on a tour playing for 72,000 people in total in Danish Icehockey centres where he could have decided to do a world tour playing for 50 million people. We are at my mother’s home, she did not see Meat Loaf play, and we will have a chocolate cake for desert.
    • This is really what is left of the darkness playing with me and because I again accidently in fractions of a second saw three sexual pictures on the Internet, and Meat Loaf – I am still “growing” and “almost” becoming your (old) size 🙂 – is here me, icehockey is “playing with the Devil” and the cake connected with my mother is the old threat, but you know it is only a minor “threat”, which will not be carried out.
  • I believe I am on the train for Hillerød, but when it leaves early, it goes in another direction. I don’t have a ticket and therefore hide from the conductor at the toilet, later I am off the train and see how it is disconnected from a very big lorry, which follows it.
    • This is the train, which is almost impossible for me to drive, but here I am given a short ride because of the Internet yesterday and the lorry is the symbol of the world and really saying that this darkness, I “fell over” does not have consequences for the world.
  • Something about being in Snekkersten, a lady who did not want to but she was put under pressure, my IT-developers misunderstand me and want to go to court to receive a verdict on a question, my girlfriend, who is Princess Mary of Denmark will arrive at 16.40 and something about going to Fitness together with a young couple already here.
    • This dream was vague and almost impossible to remember but yet again Snekkersten is the old symbol of darkness, the lady is Virgin Mary or the spirit of my mother being forced by the darkness, my IT-developers is a symbol of my work in relation to my website and here going to court as another symbol of the darkness instead of communicating, understanding and agreeing, and it looks like Princess Mary – who is married to the Danish Crown Prince Frederik – for the first time is a symbol of Karen and that she will soon arrive.
  • I see my mother speaking on the phone with her friend Inge, they blame each other and speak negatively even though it is clear that they like each other, my mother says “if you have done this and that, stupid …”, which makes me take the telephone receiver and speak into it addressed to both Inge and my mother “I don’t want to hear language like this, turn it around to something positive”.
    • I wonder if this is about me and what my mother told Inge and other friends about me when meeting months ago (?) and here it is to say that I like people to speak “positively and objectively” together. It is UNNECESSARY to speak negatively. And is this also a symbol that when my mother will be woken up spiritually, she will wake up Inge too – with my help – hence the symbol of the telephone.
  • I woke up with the song “hvor end jeg går hen” by Peter A.G. and Søs Fenger and the lyrics “Det er altid det samme. Vi finder tilbage” (“it is always the same, we will find back”), which is what we will always do after accidently finding darkness on the way.

I have felt like a “boiling pressure cooker” for years

Yesterday evening I was feeling COMPLETELY destroyed from the inside and out – feeling warm, water running from my eyes and completely without energy – but I received much less negative speech, which gave me the feeling of “air” and that I could breath really, which I connect to the establishment of “new networks” recently. And it also gives me much less “OVERWHELMING desire” of wine, French fries sauce (!) and doing what is wrong in connection with the Internet as examples.

This morning I started working at 9.05, I felt less tired but still “a little tired” – which is still feeling like a constant physical pressure pushing me down but now “less” – and the negative speech and temptations to pull me into the darkness of this is still much less this morning and this feeling is like the lid of a pressure cooker lifting, where I have been inside the cooker without “air” – thinking of Bach here – for years in temperatures of everything from warm to hot to boiling and this may be the best symbol of how I have felt physically “inside of me” for years, and the steam inside the cooker is really how I feel when I am “warm” and feeling moist.

The TRUTH of UFO’s, cover ups, the “secret government” etc. has been on the Internet for years!

When I continued working on my website and the “secret government” of USA, I started receiving more negative speech again and even though I am really not tired today, I was still feeling so tired this morning that I was almost falling down the chair of tiredness, but the other side of me is “stronger and fresher than ever before”, so still feeling these two sides of me I am.

I thought that I only had a few details to do and a final review before I would finish my website on the “secret government”, UFO deceptions etc. but my “thirst for information” on certain chapters was not quite settled and therefore I “had” to search and find more information to the chapters “non-hostile UFO’s were shot down by hostile and WRONG leaders of the secret government” and “the “secret government” has illegally hidden secret operations from President Obama” and I also found leaked documents of the MJ-12 group as the “secret government” used to be called, which I have decided to go through the next day or two maybe and the case is that I really don’t know how long this will take. I will be done when I am done and that is when I feel that my “hunger for information” has been settled and I have written the information so I get the feeling that “this is the best I can do” and here meaning that I will try to find the best balance between the time I use and the information I find/bring, because I know that it is totally impossible to do a thorough research on this subject, which would take years for one man to do alone, which is really what some people out there do. So my aim is really to find the right information – the needle in the haystack – using “not too much time” – and I might add that this “strategy” will again bring me more pain and suffering through negative speech given to me by the darkness, which is you know DIFFICULT to handle, but there is no way out, I must do what I must do, you know.

And when I was doing this work, I was thinking that ALL PROOFS ON UFO’S, THE SECRET GOVERNMENT, COVER UPS, PROTECTION OF THE OLD POWER STRUCTURE AND MULTI-TRILLION OIL/ENERGY INDUSTRY OF SELFISH, GREEDY AND IGNORANT LEADERS HUNGRY FOR POWER WHO HAVE DECIDED FOR A WAR AGAINST FRIENDLY UFO’S INSTEAD OF A REVOLUTION OF THE WORLD USING THE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY OF UFO’S FOR PEACEFUL PURPOSES INSTEAD OF MILITARY, THE CONNECTION TO PYRAMIDS, JESUS/ME ETC. IS TO BE FOUND ON THE INTERNET (!) and my dear mankind on Earth, still you have not opened up your eyes yet – which is also a message to me, because this is a referral to my new self “just underneath the surface of me” – to understand this the greatest secret of the world has been revealed to you, but because the media does not SERVE it to you in the mainstream news on television – censorship and the “need” for “quick entertainment” – and because most people are sceptical and lazy having “other priorities” than this the most important ever in history, years after this “revelation”, it is still a secret to the largest part of mankind – do you see the connection to the need for you to improve your work, communication and behaviour?

Please read my Signs III page!

My father is suffering because of me but his faith is growing and he will reach the ”safe haven” as everyone else will too 🙂

This evening my right speaker started scratching again, which is the old symbol of my father suffering much because of his feelings of me and I had to switch off my amplifier – which for months again have been switched on constantly without problems as a symbol that I am not being killed (!) and we know this gives the best sound quality – to remove the scratching sounds.

Later I was “made” to look out the window and once again the light of my father was approaching and this time from the far left to me and I knew it was my father’s light because I was shown a vision around the light of a helicopter with pontoons – designed to land on water – as a symbol of suffering and it pointed at its right pontoon as the symbol of my father – as the right speaker is too where the left is my mother – and this time it came approaching very slowly compared to the other times and it may have taken it 1-2 minutes to come all the way and I felt the spirit of my father and was told “this is also how I am woken up” as a reference to his suffering, which is needed to wake him up spiritually, but he was also in a very good mood because I was shown a new vision around the light, where it rose up in an upright position as a € – a Euro-sign – and I was told that my father does not want to share his Euros (!) and he gave me a feeling of having a reserve of strength and he said “BRAVO” to me, which was really that because of my actions, we will all reach the harbour (of “safe haven”) safely.

And when the light came closer, it also shone brighter and brighter indicating more faith in me again and maybe 50 metres from me – and maybe 200 metres above me – it flew over the apartment block, I did not hear any sound from it, and we know it looks like my father is now coming closer again, and you are welcome my father because the lesson is really to make you LISTEN and UNDERSTAND, which was TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE also for you to do 🙂 – and I do recommend you to start reading my website and instead of watching television one evening, you should be able to read most of my website – do you think you will do this for me and for yourself too, which Inge may want to ask you (?) – and really to do the same as Inge does which is that whenever I publish a new script – at the moment normally every third day – to read it and simply because this is the difference between believing and not believing in me!


A gateway to another galaxy opened for me and the purpose of the pyramids of Egypt is to serve as my “stairway to Heaven”

Just after midnight I went outside the balcony to say goodnight to my friends on the sky, and I noticed a thin layer of clouds on the sky, which were transparent and when I looked at the moon – by the way did you notice the “work”, which was done on the moon and NOT Niburu in 2009, when I was in Kenya (?) – there was one star close to it, which was the ONE single star on the sky this evening and both the moon and this star was surrounded by a big perfect ring made by the same thin clouds as the horizontal clouds on the sky – the ring may have been 100-200 metres in diameter and its formation started from the horizontal clouds and circled upwards – and I was told “an Arctic Galaxy says thank you” and this message was given to me by this the ONLY visible star on the sky and we know I asked you to say hello to every single one of your inhabitants from me and I was also told that this circle was a gateway created on the sky to reach this galaxy the same way as I read on the Internet somewhere yesterday is the real purpose of the Giza pyramids in Egypt and we know the Pyramids are a replica of Heaven on Earth, the body of my old self was “brought” to and is buried underneath one of them, so it looks like the Pyramids are not the gateway to the stars for the Pharaohs as people say but really my “stairway to Heaven” to reach the entire Universe from Earth, thus being an essential ingredient in the plans to wake me up – if I should succeed to do the final part saving us all, which I did – and become “master of the entire Universe” while “I’m alive”.

Who do you think built the pyramids of Egypt?

And I might add that I do not believe that I will be LED to the pyramids by a ZEPPELIN, but it may become as grandiose – this is the word given to me – as this one of the greatest and most beautiful rock songs of history and because of this my dear friends, I will bring your song here too:

Finishing the day with a few short stories:

  • 1-2 weeks ago I was told that the situation in Libya will not be solved before I will finish my work and announce myself to the world.
  • For days I have been thinking about the uncomfortable situation of the Japanese people also because of the risk of radiation from damaged nuclear power stations and my thought have been to have UFO-technology helping to clean the air of Japan, which is what I hope will happen, and is happening :-).


16th March: It is also required for people to believe in my mother before she will grow spiritually

Dreaming that it is also required for people to believe in my mother before she will grow spiritually

A night at the same level but instead of “sleeping” 8 hours, I was only allowed to sleep 6½ hours and we know the dreams:

  • I am lying at the top of a bunk bed, there are two dogs on the floor, which are “impossible” to save but still this is what I do, when I bring up the dogs together with their dog food.
    • This is my mother and father and we know “impossible” it is to save them because of their “immense feelings” discovering the truth about me – and about them too.
  • I am flying uphill with so much trouble that I fall down before I can continue flying. My mother and family is at the top of the hill, one of Sanna’s babies defecates and I have sore throat and my mother asks me to be careful because I am in a special risk zone to be infected by the defecation of the baby because of my throat.
    • This is showing the direct link between Sanna through my mother to me, which is the link of the Devil to kill me and the source of infection is really called “better knowing without knowing” and “I want eagerly to help but I don’t know that I am killing both my mother and brother because I am WRONG” – but this is all over now – and the roots of your wrong behaviour is to be found within your own love life, Sanna. You never liked scrimps, do you remember (?), and this is another symbol, which you will understand when you have read my scripts.
    • And I wonder if you have now “influenced” mother again wrongly since this dream comes, but on the other hand there was another dream and also talk lately that you were coming over on my side, but maybe not in full yet?
  • I heard the very special song to me “himlen runt hornet” by Lisa Nilsson and my good friend Mauro Scocco.
  • I am at Danske Bank, Freeport branch. My colleagues are singing as a test to make film music. My colleague Dennis (my old class friend) is working outside the branch, I call him to hear if he will come to work at the branch later today because after having received feedback from my other colleagues on a new brochure I have made, I would like Dennis to help me to put the precise placement on a map inside the brochure, and he tells me that he will arrive later. My colleague Maria tells about a divine experience of hers, and I am about to tell her that I will be divine all of the time, but I decide not to tell her because it may sound wrong.
    • Danske Bank is still about ”normal life” and really to ”finance it”, the Freeport is where I worked from 1986-88 and also the symbol of my ”save haven”, the brochure is about marketing my website, which my colleagues will help me doing and the map is really to decide on where to market it and we know I will include Australia and really the world, and we know unless the world will discover me first of course. First I will concentrate on finishing my website and we know there is still a lot of work to do.
    • The dream also says that when you are responsible and disciplined, you will receive freedom as Dennis has in this dream, but please always update your calendar and action plan and follow your schedule so people will know where you are – this is a BIG problem of the world today of lazy and careless people – and it is also to say that when you mean and behave good it is simply to say what you think of and NOT to do as I do in the dream.
  • I am working at a restaurant of ordinary quality at the shopping centre of Lyngby, my mother has accepted for me to work there. I hear that there will be “no more thinking that I am wasting my time” in connection with the thinking of my mother and half awake I am old that “Maria had to give her receipt before we could continue” (Maria being my mother) which I connected with the process my father is now going through, and then I am served dinner by my mother, it is brown cabbage, one of my old favourites, which she has PROMISED me for months to do again (!) – I have not had it for maybe 25 years – and I am surprised to see that it is prepared well because normally my mother makes it burn (in the dream that is). I am told that “the need to have millions of customers in order to grow also applies for my mother”.
    • It looks like my mother has accepted my “new” work to help bringing normal life to the world, hence the symbol of the restaurant and that I am not wasting my time, which she thought I was for a long time. And it looks like my mother is going to help this work because now she does not destroy the plans of “normal life” anymore when the food symbolising this does not burn.
    • The dream says that it is also required for people to believe in my mother before she will grow spiritually – and here I can add that I was told yesterday that my mother has heard voices since she was small as I have too and we know during the night in the stage between sleep and awake and something I did not remember myself before it was opened up to me in recent years and this is really where my déjà vues have been placed – which my mother will come to know too.
    • I heard the song “I should have known better” by Jim Diamond, which I was told is the feeling my mother has and will increasingly receive about me when “she will know better” of the direct consequences of her actions in relation to my suffering and we know my mother: I HAVE NOT TOLD YOU ONE SINGLE LIE AT ANY TIME!!! I HAVE BEEN 100 PERCENT LOYAL TO THE VOICES OF THE COUNCIL SPEAKING TO ME AND WHEN THESE HAVE BEEN WRONG, IT HAS BEEN THE DARKNESS WORKING AND YOU ARE THE TOOL, WHICH HAS BROUGHT ME THE MOST DARKNESS AND SUFFERING BECAUSE YOU DECIDED TO BELIEVE IN SANNA – “WHAT DO I KNOW”, Sanna could be a song for you? – INSTEAD OF ME and I am glad you did because if you had not, we would have been eliminated by now but you know, your WRONG decision based upon Sanna’s WRONG “opinion” is ultimately what also saved the world :-).
  • I am back at Danske Bank, Freeport. Today is my last day, I have forgotten to buy beers for all, but Lars H. is very nice and smiling when he says that he will open up some, which is also what Benta is when she is already on her way upstairs to get some.
    • When I am done with my scripts and my work, I am done working at the bank as a symbol and here meaning that my scripts are “the finance” of – to bring – normal life to the world.
    • Here it is also to say that I also remember just how much I liked the very good and very nice side of Lars H. – when he was not “acting” as Napoleon having the hand the same place (!) – and behind Benta’s tough discipline, know-how and professionalism is one of the nicest ladies I have known. She also taught me this simply by being a role model and she was PLANTED by “someone I know” and that is the gardener!
    • And I do believe it is fine to have a beer or a glass of wine when people have stopped working – but not during working hours – at the same offices and we know “what do they do in the bank after three” as the song goes (?) and this might be one of the answers 🙂 – as we always did at Danske Bank, Espergærde, sometimes at Freeport and also at DanskeBank-Pension – and wine at Fair Insurance.
  • I heard the song “out of the shadows” by Saga – another favourite by this band – and I was told “it is time” and really to follow the lyrics: “I’m stepping out, coming out of the shadows” and I heard the fantastic GUITAR from this song, which of course is from my favourite album “behaviour”, another of my all time album favourites. And from their website, I can see that Michael Sadler is now back with the band and they are playing in Copenhagen in June and as usual I cannot afford a ticket and do you think I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THIS BAND LIVE IN CONCERT FOR THE FIRST TIME (?) AND YES ALMOST MORE THAN ANYTHING! – And even though the sound quality is very poor on this video, I bring you here my favourite song from this my favourite album:

Thank you to Steven Greer, his team and witnesses and all other serious “risk-taking” people putting their lives at stake

Today I started working at 9.15 after having had a long bath at the tub because I was woken early and cut the nail of my right big toe and my dear friends, this removed the last part of the blood blister from last autumn and we know just a symbol of removing my old self because my new self is ready underneath me.

By 12.45 I had done the script of today including the two last chapter of yesterday – I had a little research to do on the Internet, which is why it took me somewhat longer – and we know lunch, and after this I had to visit the Jobcentre again:

I decided to work until 17.30 today finding more of the information I needed to write chapters on the MJ-12 secret government of USA as it was called, conspiracies, manmade “UFO-abductions” using UFO-technology as part of a cover up plan to discredit non-hostile UFO’s to convince mankind of a war in space against UFO’s (!), examples of assassinations of people “knowing too much” etc. and we know Stig, this brought on much extra work to read, extract and write information on my website, but this is what I decide to do IN ORDER TO BRING OUT THE TRUTH TO THE WORLD and for people to understand the truth using maybe half to one hour reading it on my website when most people believe it is “impossible” to overview when searching thousands of documents and videos on the Internet “not knowing who speaks the truth”, but my friends, it is pretty easy to do when you start at the right place, and that is with my friend STEVEN GREER, the director of the Disclosure Project, whom I owe MANY THANKS – which also goes to all of the people standing forward – and I feel here OBAMA with me and really as part of me “my friends”.

I have been cancelled from the Jobcentre (!) – but still I will start working for Falck tomorrow!

In continuation of the story the other day, yesterday I received a letter from the Jobcentre informing me that I have been cancelled from the Jobcentre the 10th March “because you are enrolled wrongly” as it said.

THIS IS MY DEAR FRIENDS TRULY WHAT THE LETTER SAID (!!!) and we know HOW CAN YOU EVEN DREAM ABOUT MAKING SUCH A STANDARD LETTER putting the burden on me instead of you solving your own bureaucracy and errors?

But we know Stig, experience has showed that the Jobcentre does not answer the telephone so I had to walk there and this time I entered the “citizen service” first because this is what I was told to do the last time I received one of these “ridiculous” letters, but this was not a job for the woman there, so she sent me to the Jobcentre at the second floor and who did I meet there (?) and of course the always smiling and friendly Jens Erik, who welcomed me by saying my initials “SD” and also informed me that he now is permanently employed by the Commune after having been on “trial” with salary contribution (one hand feeding the next) – I did not know but I congratulated him – and he was as kind as Susanne was the last time to help me out with this letter, but he did not know how to solve it himself and when he entered the “big office” to ask for help apparently none of these people knew how to solve this “difficult issue” (!) – as I have seen before you know – and do you see a tendency here and we know completely unnecessary errors making a waste of time and nobody knows how to do the work or offers to take care of it – BUREAUCRACY OF THE WORST DRAWER – and therefore Jens Erik took a copy of the letter to give to Tine – that was her name (!) – who was busy in a meeting (Jane was not there), and we know so now I am waiting for Tine to look into the matter and to call me and again new questions given to me: Will I receive my cash help at the end of the month (?) – do you see a pattern of the darkness working here (?) – and I have received no information from Jane about NOT starting to work for Falck tomorrow so it seems that this information I was told spiritually was DECEPTION GIVEN BY THE DARKNESS – we know as the secret government and US military does too – so despite of this letter and spiritual disinformation, I have decided to meet Falck at 10.00 tomorrow – and I might add that Jane promised to send a letter stating the “conditions” of the work (!) but I have not received it so far, so therefore I decided to send her a reminder through email today and really to avoid misunderstandings because will Falck remember our agreement for me to work “two mornings at the week to start with” or would they like me to work as much as possible?

And we know this could easily bring me up and down and down and up emotionally, which is really the rollercoaster of the game I am still going through but “it really doesn’t matter” much to me.

It took me 70 minutes to walk there, to wait, to “walk right back” and to write this chapter. A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!!!

Seeing the light of Karen on the sky for the first time

Just before 20.00 this evening I stood out on the balcony and was surprised to see what I thought to be the light of my father – or possibly of my mother – coming towards me from the front and really because it was flying just above the roof tops and we speak here of an altitude of less than 100 and maybe even 50 metres (!) – look at this video and you will understand how the lights flying towards me look like because it is the same type you know – and I was wondering if it would succeed coming all the way to me because of the low altitude and the hindrances on the way and I saw it flying behind the big tree in front of me and from there I did not see it again, so it was visible for maybe 10 seconds only and we know Stig I was given the thought of the light coming from the place where Karen works, so Karen has a light too in relation to me showing that she is about to receive faith in me too and also here that she is “crashing” just in front of me and we know Karen, CONSTANTLY TRYING TO FIND “REAL LOVE” was the big challenge of your life, and when you eventually found it in me, you did not understand it because of the “pollution” of your life.

At 20.15 I saw the light again which this time was somewhat higher on the sky and now to the left of me and we know Stig it is not looking like an “ordinary UFO light” because these lights of my mother, father and now Karen are much brighter and I can tell the difference immediately when looking at the sky because first I saw one of the “ordinary UFO lights” all the way to the left and shortly thereafter it was followed by a “bright light” – but now less bright than before – also far to the left and it flew there far away from me and we know disappeared out of sight with the light becoming weaker and weaker and we know Stig, the true meaning of this is that the light of the spirit of my mother is spreading, which is also “helping” the thoughts of my father and now Karen in relation to me and who I am.

David is the one of the LTO team showing the best continuity in communication

It is TRULY not much I hear from the LTO team at the moment, Elijah decided to leave me because of his lack of communication, John was nice sending a text message two weeks ago with the promise also to send me an email but my dear friend, when you do not deliver your promises, you make people sad as you also made me here and Meshack is apparently struggling so much that it is difficult for him to send me an email, but still all of you according to David below meet “at least twice a week” and my dear friends HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THAT COMMUNICATION IS AS IMPORTANT AS EATING (?) – how often do I have to tell you (?) – and when you can meet twice a week, you should also be able to keep me updated about how you are as I do the other way around and is LAZINESS the true reason why I don’t hear from you (???) – and here I will express my thank you to David for showing the best continuity of the team remembering the importance of communication. Thank you David, and also thank you for updating me about the situation in Kenya, and by the way, David, I am sure that my chapter Signs III on UFO’s and especially the secret government of USA, cover ups etc. will interest you very much and even though it is not finished yet, when you read this, it will change your whole view on life and what humans of “dark forces” are capably doing!

And here is his email:

Dear Stig,

I’m delighted to write to you.

I’ve been fine, spending my life day after the other in a dry and dusty Nairobi.

I meet all the team members at least twice a week though not in planned meetings. We have relative peace now.

Two weeks ago fighting in Somalia crossed into Northern Kenya and left several people dead. On another note, some of the politicians that took part in the post election violence in 2007 are being called to the Hague, Nertherlands in April and this dominates local politics.

On my part I’m surving on and I thank God for live. There has been continuity in my family and I thank God for that. Have a good evening.

Thank you.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • FC Copenhagen played 0 to 0 in the second match against Chelsea in London this evening and I was tired so I did not want to receive and write down symbols, but Carsten the commentator spoke in the beginning of the match about a man “coming from out of nowhere”, which you will remember from X-factor recently is what I did and really because I came directly from the Source, which by then was outside the Universe – or really the other way around but we know “let it be”. The best team was Chelsea and they won aggregated over two matches and here without symbols.
  • Today “my special friend”, Thomas B. L. decided to leave me as a friend on Facebook and we know another one being “fed up” with my “crazy” announcements on Facebook of my new scripts and as everybody else leaving me, he did not “announce” this, he just left without communicating, and this one makes me very sad indeed because Thomas and his brother Niels have a special place in my heart because we grew up together during the years when my mother, sister and I lived togeher with Ole, who was Thomas’ and Niels’ father.
  • This evening, the negative and still uncomfortable speech and “temptations trying to win me over” continued to 21.30 from which time it eased and we know this is the “pay” for continuing my writings on the UFO cover ups etc.


17th March: People of other civilizations work to help reducing the radiation from nuclear plants in Japan

Dreaming of a lady from “another civilization” than ours telling me about UFO’s

Again a night at the same level and we know I have a few things to write on the script yesterday and to do the first part of the script today, which I have decided to do before meeting Falck at 10.00 – I will leave at 9.40 – and therefore I started working at 8.00 this morning, and as usual when I am working, I am given less dreams and therefore only this:

  • I meet a lady walking the streets to tell people about UFO’s. I first saw her in front of the Danish Parliament, where she was busy speaking to someone else, and now I meet her again, and I ask her if she will tell me about UFO’s, she accepts and tells me to stop her, if I believe she tells too much and she says that she also gives information at home in the evenings.
    • I wonder if this dream is given to me by a lady from a “people of another civilization” and of course it is because the US military force “us” as I am told here to do so called “medical experiments” at “UFO abductions” of people who are kept at a stage of “lucid dreaming” with the purpose of secret leaders of mankind to DISCREDIT these loving people in the eyes of mankind also preparing a war in space towards UFO’s – this is how hostile, power thirsty and greedy this “secret government” is and it is not only in USA but all over the world, but the most information on the Internet is to be found on USA – and I might add that people of other civilizations are LOVING and non-hostile people wanting to help Earth and to inform mankind about my coming.
    • And working at evenings is what I will have to consider the days when I will work at Falck and we will see how much energy I will have and what I will decide to do, but there is no doubt that this work will delay my work finishing m website.
  • I am at DanskeBank-Pension, the consultants are agitated because Kresten has calculated wrongly on “mileage allowance” and reported too high tax bases of the consultants to the authorities. Søren F.-J. is working there as one of the consultants and he shows me some kind of diary, which he claims is stating that a company car – an Opel – was borrowed by me one day because my symbol is drawn next to the car, and therefore I have to pay taxes to use a company car for a full year (!), but when I look at it I see that the symbol is a penguin, which has nothing to do with me. Later I am “fighting for fun” with Søren F.J. and even later I hear music including a remastered album of the first songs of the Danish band TV2.
    • This is about many things: The consultants, when I worked there from 1988-91, were more motivated than anything else to receive “mileage allowances” for using their own cars in company service, which they could make money on, and here it is to say that they would become agitated if the bank cheated them as (most of them) cheated the bank and another example of people using the “opposite golden rule” it is.
    • It is also to say that I like the modern design of the new Opel cars – most consultants drove Opel back then (!) – after I for many years have thought they were too dull (!) and I will not have to pay “taxes”, which is another symbol of the darkness and the nice music is to say that I truly loved working at DanskeBank-Pension and cared much about all colleagues – I WOULD LOVE TO SEE ALL OF YOU AGAIN FOR A REUNION (!) for example once a year and this is really how I feel with all the places I have worked – and also to say that the only reason why I don’t listen to the old songs of the Danish band TV2 is because I believe Sanna and Hans still has my old CD of these songs in a remastered quality and we know if they had not, I would have listened to these songs “time after timer” because they are among the Danish songs, which have inspired me the most and also the songs, which work the absolutely best when played live. And finally it is to say that Steffen Brandt, the front figure of the band, has not “lost” it when it comes to song writing and you have done some of your biggest hits in a 30 year career within the last five years and your new song is BRILLIANT too, but will you please replace the F… word with another more “suitable” word?
  • I woke up hearing the “signature song” of all of my work receiving the “secret messages”, which enabled me to continue at “the road of God” and of course we speak of ELO again again, and we know the secret messages are calling to me endlessly and as I heard “they call to me across the air” – and yesterday I was thinking when I heard the song “calling america” by the band that no matter how enthusiastic I am about other music, ELO is still in a league by it self.

This is the music video of “Secret Messages” and I might add that to me these four band members are the core of the band together with the classical section of Mik, Melvyn and Hugh – and Louis is of course obvious to lead the big symphonic orchestra :-).

The signature song of the “secret messages” given to me spiritually on a daily basis for “good job done” enabling me to do my writings and save the world – by ELO 🙂

Starting work as the “saviour” reacting on the “alarm” to “save people” by improving your behaviour, communication and work

Today was my ”first day” at Falck, but it showed out that it was only an introduction meeting with Lars today to sign the agreement, which Jane had sent to Falck – I did not know because you did not tell me (!) – and to show me the premises.

The agreement was a standard agreement, which had been filled out by Jane stating that I am to work there from the 17th March to the 16th June – I did not know because you did not tell me or even better because we did not agree on this (!) – and of course without pay other than my cash help (!). It also stated “20 hours” in the cell named “weekly hours” but before we looked at the agreement, I asked Lars if he remembered our agreement as I did, which was to work “two mornings per week in the beginning and increasing over time” and he said that I did but was this primarily because I reminded you (?) and he also added that “we will be the ones deciding this”!

And we know Stig, they were nice people and I shook hands with Jesper and also the other manager, who is called Jimmy – he will also consider how to use my skills – and also the shop steward and my first impression from this place was that “the working pace is slow” and they could benefit from learning and implementing my Basic Work Rules.

During our meeting, an automatic alarm was announced over the speaker in the office we were sitting. It came from the museum at Brede – this is where I worked at Brede Park – and Lars told me that it was coming from a fire detector in a room, which was automatically transmitted to Falck and what it REALLY was, Lars, was to tell you that now I have started my work as the “saviour” of Falck’s Rescue Corps and my job is to “save people” from their poor behaviour, communication and work moral, which is killing us all (!) and this was why the alarm from Brede Park was given because this is what the people there need to be as an example. By the way, this type of alarm is called an “ABE”, which is also the name in Danish for a monkey, which is yet another symbol of the darkness to tell you that this is also thriving at this “working” place.

Lars was nice to show me around all of the premises and it was interesting to see all of their fire vehicles also including ambulances and technical equipment but they do not have a sliding pole (!) – I thought this was “mandatory” for a fire station to have as I told Lars and we know he will soon get used to my sense of humour and I believe he laughed once and smiled a few times today, when I included “funny comments” as part of my normal communication and we know where I always try to find the balance of not doing this too much nor too little and this is really how the world is going around.

During the tour, I heard somebody calling my name and it was my “good old friend” Thomas from the park – the nice and positive man I liked much and mowed the lawn and much else together with at Brede Park last autumn – and I believe we were smiling equally as much when meeting here again today and I understood that I am one of three “trainees” sent out by the Commune here at the moment and that this place really works as another “artificial warehouse” of people (!) – and maybe it was “nice” for you to see Lars that I have completely normal and positive relations with other people because did you think that I am a “nut case”, whom you have been “forced” to take in by the Commune (?) – because Jesper told you about me being a “lunatic” (?) – and I wonder how Jane “sold” me to Falck (?) and if that was because of my competences or because “you would help me” if you accepted me (?) and my friends I can only guess and maybe you will tell the world someday of your difficulties “accepting somebody like me”.

We agreed that I will start working on Tuesday next week, that I will come every Tuesday and Thursday from 9.00 to 12.00 – in the beginning, which also will be nice frankly speaking because I could use the variation from my dull everyday and to start being together with people again – and I will start keying into a system “codes” of training, education etc., which all of the employees here have given information on in questionnaires and afterwards I may start tidying up what seemed to be 100 old ring binders and my dear friends, is this how you believe I will use my competences the best (?) and it is not because I feel “genteel” or “better than others” – I hope to have proven that for you (?) – but maybe the world would appreciate me to finish my work on my website instead of doing “employment promoting arrangements” because you feel “obliged” to keep a “SILLY” law of Denmark (?) – and here a reference to Monty Python with the BIGGEST SMILES IN THE WORLD FROM ALL OF US TO YOU AND ALL OF YOU and with the feeling of my spiritual father, who is still working against me but is coming more and more over on my side as well as he tells me.

Falck requires me to deliver a criminal record so after the meeting, which took less than one hour, I decided to go to the police station in Gentofte to obtain such a record, and on my way there I met the “nice man” working together with Finn in Brede Park in the winter of 2009/10 and again it was smiles when we met and we had a good talk and we know I cannot remember his name – as usual (!) – and maybe he did remember that we worked “hard” when stacking wood, which was the first assignment they were given together with me back then and first when we finished this, they could start relaxing when they started working with others than instead! He also told me that the Commune had offered him to start “working” for either a school or for Falck, which really says that this is a STANDARD PLACE, the Commune uses and that Jane did not do very much to find a place for me fitting to my competences (?) and we know LAZINESS is what it is called, but “my friend” here was “happy” because he only has to work two hours per day at the school (!) and as I told him, this is not what you want – what you want to have is a “normal life” working 7-8 hours per day and know which I do believe he agreed with (!) but difficult it is to get a new job as he told me because he has sent out 250 job applications without getting a job, and you may remember our talk about QUALITY and not quantity being the mean for you to TRULY get a new job (?), if only you “bother” doing what I recommended you to do – to write down ALL ideas of your competences for weeks, to categorise them logically and to produce the absolutely best CV you can instead of only using 10 percent of your true competences – and this is NOT what you learn from the Commune and not even from A2B, where he has also been!

People of other civilizations work to help reducing the radiation from nuclear plants in Japan

Late yesterday evening I was told that the emission of radiation from nuclear reactors in Japan following the earth quake and tsunami is a symbol of the “secret plans”, which some “dark forces” on Earth had to release nuclear power on mankind “if needed” and we know based upon MISUNDERSTANDINGS following negative and aggressive behaviour of power thirsty and greedy leaders of militaries and (secret) governments, which could have trickered this off and this was the simple reason why “we” – as I hear people of other civilizations tell me – had to STOP THEM FROM CARRYING OUT THEIR PLANS (deactivating missiles as you can see from my Signs III page) and this did not only include Nixon’s plans to use nuclear bombs on Vietnam but ALSO OTHER “PLANS” and I am thinking of “pig bay” in Cuba here and “more is to come”, when the world itself will reveal its “dirty secrets to mankind”.

And this is really the story of how UFO’s helped saving mankind from destroying itself with nuclear bombs, which is also now what they symbolic do helping to divert the effects of the radiation in Japan and I was told that they are working directly on the fuel rods – and I do hope they will succeed removing as much if not all radiation from these rods.

This is basically also a story saying that nuclear energy is not the way forward to produce energy in the future – use the infinite and free energy which mankind received as a gift from people of other civilizations more than 50 years ago (!) – and that mankind is not able to control its negative thoughts also when it comes to nuclear energy for military purposes and finally we are not “worlds apart” because “one Hiroshima atomic bomb can affect millions of cultures in the galaxy”, which is telling you the negative effect of these bombs not only on Earth but inside the entire Universe!

I was home by 12.00 with the clean criminal record from the police and after lunch I continued doing the last part of my script today, yesterday (last 2½ chapters), the second edit and also to prepare and publish my script, which I did by 15.30 today – from which time I continued a couple of hours doing more work on my website. Not easy today, but still “better than yesterday” and this is really “the general world situation”.

And finally, let me repeat once again that I am TIRED, TIRED, TIRED from writing these scripts and by doing so – also overcoming much darkness given to me at the same time “trying to make me curse it away” – I am really fighting the darkness of you know both my family and the world gradually coming over on my side.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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