March 20, 2011: When I will “open up the eyes” of my true inner self, it will become the moment of my true reappearance


Summary of the script today

18th March: When I will “open up the eyes” of my true inner self, it will be the moment of my true reappearance

  • One dream only: Dreaming of Kim S. suffering very much because of me, and his misunderstanding of me makes me suffer equally as much because of him.
  • The threat of nuclear radiation in Japan is necessary to reset the darkness of my family and of “governments”. It symbolises the Olympic flame proclaiming revelations of “secrets of knowledge, wisdom and the human spirit to humankind” together with sacred truce to come and for man to halt combat.
  • I was told that no one will recognise my description of the Council, which is a new organ on top of the “spiritual hierarchy” of Earth, because it requires a new “communication form” to “reach” them, which will be developed through and given by me. Will “enlightened” people listen and understand this as a test of communication (?), or will they speak against me only listening to their own loud and ignorant voices?
  • I was told by the spirit of my mother that I will become chairman of the Council of Earth as well as other Councils of the Universe.
  • The reason why I woke up early and was not allowed to take a nap this afternoon, but instead was given severe pain, was an effort from the darkness given strength by Sanna (!) trying to force me to not attend the revival service of he church of his presence after midnight.
  • X-factor was FULL of symbols: The Universe is celebrating our victory, which will also enable me to become my true self and live my life, when the true soul inside of me will open up “his” eyes through me (!), the world will improve when it will adjust to me – not vice versa – as the “rebel rebel” to help you “normalise” your lives, when I will “open up the eyes” of my inner self, this moment will become my true reappearance to the world, my sister thinking that it will become “exciting” to see what will happen to me in the future, she really “switched off the light”, which should have made all of us to disappear, but because I was strong enough surviving conditions, which should have killed me, we all survived, strong dreams given to my mother and father helped them to believe in me, I have now “grown up” to enter the world stage as my true self, which will bring New World Order and Normal Life to the world, the impossible task to get both my mother and father believe in me was needed to be able to become my true self as the SON OF GOD, the spirit of my mother hoping that mankind will accept me as she does herself, “family Denmark” and the world does not realize its poor behaviour, communication and work as it did not understand that Patricia was the most gifted contestant of this show when they sent her out this evening. “We’ve only just begun” to bring up the world and we will be victorious :-).

19th March: The spirit of me will work to heal people all over the world also including to remove wickedness

  • One dream only: Dreaming that the darkness is winning but the feeling of SMILES ALL OVER tells that the darkness is WRONG because I am winning this one too :-).
  • Meshack continues to read all of my scripts despite of creditors chasing him again making his health deteriorate once more, “it is always impossible to know when the next meal will come from” but still his faith is as strong as ever. Thank you for hanging in there doing your best, my friend :-).
  • At the revival service of church of his presence, I received the strongest healing power of all so far and the power was used to clean Sanna, and the spirit of my sister entered my body physically because of this. The service included a “deaf” lady starting to hear, another saying “the Lord told me, get up you are healed”, a man close to dying of Cystic fibrosis receiving back his lung capacity and not least a young lady who gave testimony as “the first of its kind“ that she had lost faith and hope in God and started doing drugs and “boys”, who felt how “God was ripping that away from her” to put her “right back on track”, which is how the spirit of me will work to remove wickedness of people all over the world.

20th March: Sending healing power to Libya and removing darkness from Sanna and Karen

  • Dreaming that the power of the darkness of people resisting me is leaving and I am suffering because of my father realizing who I am.
  • In the Cosmic Christ Service of Den Gyldne Cirkel, we sent our healing power to the people of Libya and other people being suppressed by dictators. I was contacted by people of another civilization showing me that they attended building the pyramids of Egypt, how they have received darkness of mankind, which is returned to mankind spiritually, and the energy of the service was also used to help Sanna remove from the darkness and to open up Karen.


18th March: When I will “open up the eyes” of my true inner self, it will become the moment of my true reappearance

Dreaming of Kim S. suffering very much because of me

Yet another night at the same level – still “somewhat tired” and underneath my surface “very fresh” – with this dream only even though I am not going to work at Falck today!

  • I am together with Preben and Kim S. at a restaurant – we don’t eat. I have ordered tickets for a musical, which will make them understand about me. Preben is now divorced and has a new girlfriend, and Kim has ordered the most luxurious holiday in Columbia and in the brochure I see the largest beach I have ever seen. We talk about finding a new time to see each other again, but Kim is not very keen on this. Preben is away shortly, and when I am alone with Kim I get the feeling of being insufficient and don’t know what to say.
    • The large beach is “very much suffering” of Kim because of me – and because of your “misunderstanding”, Kim, this is also what you have given me – and I have had TWO FEELINGS OF EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE meaning that many times I have felt “insufficient” and nervous being together with “certain people” at the same time as I am also confident because I get opposite feelings of everything at the same time as another curse of my life.

During the night the Council also told me that they already now can see when I will die – which I don’t know myself (!) – this is information they receive through the opening of my inner self and they have also given me other examples of information they have received lately, which I have not prioritized to bring in the scripts.

Japan symbolize the Olympic flame: Secrets of wisdom will be revealed and sacred truce will come

In the morning at 6.30 after being woken up and when I tried to sleep again, I was given the information that “we need fear in Japan and the world to reset the darkness sent out in relation to you from your family and from “governments””, which includes to have people believing in “250,000 deaths within one week”, and that people will think of a countdown “10, 9 and almost 8 but not any further”. “It corresponds to bringing forward the Olympic flame”.

The Olympic flame was originally of divine origin making it a sacred element revealing the secrets of knowledge, wisdom and the human spirit to humankind. Bringing out the Olympic flame is a proclamation of sacred truce to come and for man to halt combat. Source: “The Olympic flame and torch relay” from the Olympic Museum.

This is what the symbol of the present suffering of Japan stands for, which was told to me this way and again I had to “dig deep” to find the information, thus NOT skimming the surface only.

The Council is a new organ on top of the “spiritual hierarchy” – will people understand this or speak against me as know-alls?

Also this morning when lying in my bed unable to fall asleep I was told that

  • “No one will recognise the description of the Council, which is not “the hierarchy” – or “the Great White Brotherhood” * – but a new organ on top of this, which has been created to prepare your arrival and to communicate with the Universe”, and
  • “You are the first writing about us, mankind does not know of us yet because it requires a new form of communication to “reach” us, which has not been developed among people yet”, and
  • “This will disturb and worry many people and will demand that they listen and understand that you are the first to communicate with us and through you, they will be able to do the same”, and
  • “Will people be able to understand this or will they speak against you with loud and ignorant voices (?) – this is the test of communication they are given”.

* The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth or The Great White Brotherhood is composed of ascended Masters who have risen into immortality. They are the heart centre of Earth inspiring mankind and stimulating love, wisdom and the development of Earth.

I will here remind you of the members of the Council, who will soon become known by their names in physical life, which are included in the brackets.

  • Virgin Mary (the spirit of my mother Lona),
  • Joseph (the spirit of my father Peer),
  • Mary Magdalene (the spirit of Karen),
  • Nostradamus (the spirit of Denis),
  • Jeanne D’arc (the spirit of Karen’s daughter Caroline),
  • Erwin Rommel (the spirit of my friend Fuggi),
  • Bernard Law Montgomery (the spirit of my nephew Tobias), and
  • John Paul II (the spirit of my friend Paul).

I will become chairman of the Council of Earth as well as other Councils of the Universe

This morning, for weeks and in fact for months and years, the Council have been speaking about a “board meeting” and really because we are looking very much forward to receive you back as the chairman also on the “inner lines” of mankind and we know Stig for you to control the development of Earth through OUR COUNCIL the same way as you will do at all councils all over the Universe and my dear dear friend as the spirit of my mother here tells me still under “some” influence of the spirit of my father bringing her down (and making me suffering DIRECTLY, which “also” today includes physical pain in my behind) because of his sceptics and deafness in physical life: “This is what we have looked forward to in all of our eternity”.

The script took three times longer than expected to find the right answers and bring the best quality

Today I started working at 8.10 and first by 11.10 I had completed the script of today so far even though I thought it would take less than one hour to do based on the short notes I had, but what I did not know before starting to write was that I had to do some research to find the right answers on “Olympic flame” and “the Great White Brotherhood” (!) and my dear friends of Earth – feeling the spirit of John Paul here, as I do from time to time without writing it – this is again to tell you that you need to do your absolutely best to get the “right answers” and best results and the phase preparing your work is of the greatest importance and the key is really to be “mentally prepared” lifting yourself up and deciding to be PATIENT and NEVER GIVE UP before you have reached your goal and therefore you of course have to be AMBITIOUS and SET GOALS OF THE BEST QUALITY instead of being lazy and taking short cuts!

I kept on working until 15.20 today because I had to go to the bank before it closed at 16.00 – I have 196 DKK left on my account for the rest of the month and “Money’s Too Tight To Mention” really – thank you you Mick 🙂 🙂 🙂 – but I still “hold on tight” to my dream to finish all of this and that is even “when I get so down that I can’t get up” (!), and Jeff, this song almost blew me away the first time I heard it, which was one of the biggest surprises of my life 🙂 🙂 🙂.

The darkness gave me severe pain because of my sister trying to make me give up plans to witness a revival service

The time is now 22.00 when this is written after I have gone back to do some more work on my script updating it with new stories and really because if I am strong enough, I will keep awake until 01.00 when the revival service of the Church of his Presence will start – 19.00 their time – and we know this is what the darkness is also trying to fight and we know FOR YOU TWO TO FIND TOGETHER – PASTOR JOHN KILPATRICK and you and this is the reason why I was woken early this morning and could not sleep any longer and also the reason why I was not allowed to take a nap this afternoon – “could” not sleep again – when I tried doing so to prepare myself for a long evening and half a night maybe and we know Stig when I laid on my sofa I first closed my eyes to listen to Michael Jackson on the stereo and afterwards to take a nap but both were as IMMENSELY PAINFUL as when it was the worst in the summer of 2010 when I could not take naps either and we know it is almost impossible to explain but the truth is that I had “physical pains of high frequencies” given on my body – the worst I know of – at the same time as “my soul was falling out of my mind” and we know this is how it felt like and how it was and my dear friends this was my dear UFO friends being forced to act against me because of the darkness given by my sister again (!) and they only do this because this is how the world will survive with as little suffering as possible so essentially this is to help and NOT to harm mankind, which unfortunately is the picture the secret government and US military try to give of “us” as people of other civilizations tell me here – this is important to understand. These people only want to help mankind, they are not and have never been hostile.

And this was also the reason why I received extreme negative speech for a few hours again this afternoon and evening including the words “kill, kill, kill” however with the addition of the words “which nobody can” and Sanna, this is the result of your influence of our mother and “strong know-all”, which is nothing else than IGNORANCE and GUESSING of yours and really what has been build up for days as the scripts have said.

When I will “open up the eyes” of my true inner self, it will become the moment of my true reappearance to the world

The edition of X-factor this evening was the semi-final and therefore the second last and it was FULL of inspired speech, which I have decided to bring here also because it summarises much of what we have done on our journey bringing the Universe to the Source and enabling me to “wake up” as my TRUE self as the Son of God walking on Earth again.

It started after a few minutes when the presenter of the show after the song of Babou and a DJ said ”Pernille, Hvordan skød de festen i gang, de to?” (“Pernille, how did they start the party, these two”) to which Pernille said “jeg synes den er skudt rigtigt godt i gang, hvad siger I?” (“I think it has started very well, what do you say?”) and here she turned her head around looking at the audience, which was the symbol of the Universe following events on Earth LIVE TOO my friends, which is making them “celebrate” as you do when partying (!) as you can see here, and Pernille continued among other things to say ”det er jo helt vildt at se at du har udviklet dig fra at være den sådan lidt indadvendte dreng til du står nu her og siger ”jeg vil leve livet”” (“it is wild to see that you have developed from being the somewhat introverted boy and now you stand here saying “I want to live life”) at the same time as the raised her arms up in “victory”, and this is the symbol of me coming into life: Only by being victorious I will be able to live my life too, which is to “open up my inner self as my new physical being” and it would be too much to say that I have had a good life so far – because of no happiness and much suffering all of my life – with the souls of the spirits of my mother and father being my living soul with the task to find, build and open up my true soul to become my true self and I might add that it is quite a “peculiar” feeling to have when writing these lines knowing that I am Stig without being Stig and when I become the “true” Stig – who is already inside of me (!) – I will probably feel no big change and people will still recognise me as the old Stig “if everything works out fine” and we know Stig, this is the general picture of the plans we made.

Right after the comments of Pernille, Thomas took over and among other things he was INSPIRED to say “for mig har du aldrig nogensinde været en indadvendt dreng. Da du kom direkte fra Århus til den første audition, da var du mest udadvendt som du har været lige siden” (“for me you have never been an introvert boy, when you came directly from Århus to the first audition, you were the most extrovert as you have been ever since”) and “og så er spørgsmålet …, vil man have at du tilpasser dig verden eller skal verden tilpasse sig dig? I min optik vil det være at forbedre verden at tilpasse den en ung rebel som da du kom til den første audition. Jeg ved ikke rigtigt hvad der er ved at ske, men der er ved at ske en ”normalisering” på en eller anden måde” (“then the question is, do people want you to adjust to the world or the world to adjust to you? As I see it, it will be to improve the world to have it adjust to a young rebel as when you came for the first audition”) and my dear friends first it is to say that over the years many people have MISUNDERSTOOD me to be introvert without understanding that I am extrovert by nature and that it was only the wrong doings of selfish and poor behaving people which made me sad and ingoing most of my life (however less over the last few years) and the words afterwards were put in the mouth of Thomas by “people of other civilizations”, which are the same as I have written several times in my scripts: I AM NOT GOING TO ADAPT TO THE WORLD – THE WORLD IS GOING TO ADOPT TO ME (!) and that is to “normalize” our lives including bringing “normal life” to the world – this is what this was about (!) – and I might add that in this sense I am a “REBEL, REBEL” and here you have the meaning of one of the 100 point songs of David Bowie, which is one of the finest rock songs ever – and I love the original version very much and I LOVE THIS “NEW” VERSION EQUALLY AS MUCH – THIS IS BRILLIANT STUFF MY FRIENDS:

When Annelouise started playing “sweet child o mine” by Guns N’ Roses I knew that it was the spirit of my mother giving me exactly this message for “coming through”, which she afterwards through Pernille told Annelouise, who was a symbol of me: “Nu er det her et af mine all-time favourite rock-numre. Der er blevet talt en masse om i denne her uge at der er ”hellige numre”, som man ikke må røre ved, og det er jeg helt uenig i” (“now, this is one of my all-time favourite rock songs. A lot has been said this week that there are “holy songs”, which you cannot touch, but I disagree completely”), which was really a message to my family and friends that it is NOT forbidden to communicate with me (!!!) just because I am the “holy” one to use the word of Pernille and we know I “MISS YOU” and (some of you) MISS ME too so when will you start contacting me again (?) and we know TREAT ME AS THE SAME STIG AS YOU HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN because this is the one I still am! And she continued talking about Annelouise “shaking the dust off her” and also gave a reference to the ”nightmare of our lives” as you will understand when listening to what she said here, and she ended up by saying “Jeg elsker en come-back kid, og det er du” (”I love a come-back kid and this is what you are”) and my dear friends this was to say that I am “shaking off the dust of me” from the grave I was put into as Jesus and when I open up my eyes again, I will become the “come-back kid”, because THIS MOMENT WILL BECOME MY TRUE REAPPEARANCE TO THE WORLD :-).

And when the show continued with Sarah – having MUCH X-factor as I agree in – singing another favourite of mine, “Sweet dreams” by Eurythmics, I knew that it was inspiration given to say that my mother has received dreams, which you may not completely understand, mother (?), but still you understand from what I have told you that dreams are given to you spiritually and that they have a meaning “beyond this life” and we know because “we use the tools you have given us to influence your mother” and so it is. After Sarah finished the song, she received the biggest applause of the evening, which inspired Pernille to say here “Jeg synes det er vigtigt at det unge menneske lige her får lov til at nyde det her” (”I believe it is important that the young human here is allowed to enjoy this”), which was really the FEEDBACK OF THE UNIVERSE TO EVENTS HAPPENING ON EARTH MEANING THAT WE WILL ALL SURVIVE and we might add “INTACT” and Pernille continued to be inspired when she said “når man vælger de rigtige sange, som ikke vil for meget, så lyser du simpelthen i det” (“when you choose the right songs, which do not want too much, you simply shine”), which was my mother saying that I am “SHINING” as the light of the world (!) and then Pernille was overshadowed by the spirit of my sister (!) when she ended up by smiling and saying exactly as my sister does: ”Hold kæft, Sarah, det er spændende hvad der skal ske med dig” and this is true, Sanna, it will become exciting what will happen to me, but it will not only have an impact on me, it will also change and dramatically improve your life and this is what you have been frightened about and fighting my sister, but there is NOTHING to be afraid of and as you know, I love you equally as much today as I have always done.

Directly after Pernille, Thomas continued to be inspired when he said “det er ikke kun et sangprogram, havde det været det, så havde du ikke kommet videre dengang Cutfather sagde, at han tvivlede lidt på din vokal under den første audition, fordi når lyset slukker og alt det der er væk på trods af at du er den der står bedst på scenen af alle deltagere her …, men når lyset er slukket og du har vundet det hele, og man passerer et eller anden storcenter og du står og synger på en skurvogn et eller andet sted og kun hører vokalen, så tænker man ”hvordan fanden kunne det der lade sig gøre””(?) (”it is not only a song contest, had it been this, you would not have come through when Cutfather said that he doubted your vocal a little during the first audition, because when the light switches off and everything has disappeared despite of you being the one of the attendants standing the best on stage …, but when the light is switched off and you have won it all, and you pass some large shopping centre and you are standing on a workmen’s hut singing, then people will think ”how the hell was that possible””(?) and what this was about was simply to say that my sister Sanna had the power to switch off my light to make us all disappear, which is really what she did (!) but when I am still winning and passing through the “shopping centre” (symbolising “normal life” to come you know), the world will come to think “how was this possible” (?) because the truth is that the power of my sister including many people working against me was much stronger than the power I possessed, but when “I walk the line” – feeling Johnny Cash with me here, another TRULY GREAT artist – and have done “impossible work”, it was to follow “the road of God” and by doing so, I managed to come through all of the hindrances most of which were laid out by my own loving sister not understanding or having faith in me because of her IMMENSELY STRONG VOICE “GUESSING” THAT I WAS WRONG, WHICH MADE HER SPEAK AGAINST ME because of her “need” to be in power (!) and also behind my back when she removed the faith of our mother in me – but Sanna, we did this together because if you did not oppose me, the power of the other side to break through to “the other world” of the Source – as we did in the summer of 2010 – would not have been present, so I was “the last hope” of the world and because I was strong enough to survive conditions, which should have killed me (!), I came through, which was the last part that saved us all.

And we know Stig, there were MANY inspirations this evening and I will include this one too. After Annelouise did her second performance this evening – which was her performing her best if you ask me, it was beautiful as the song she did “empire state of mind” is too – the judge Cutfather said here that “Jeg lukkede øjnene og drømte med”(“I closed my eyes and dreamed along”) and here I was told that Cutfather now was a symbol of my father, so STRONG dreams lately, my father, is also what helped you to start believing that “just maybe” your son is the one he claims to be and that you are indeed the father of the Son of God (?) – and you may understand that when Cutfather continued to speak about “blue”, it was the spirit of my father speaking of me as the Son of God because blue is my colour – and when Pernille continued by saying “du er et voksent menneske, som træder ind på den her scene” (“you are a grown-up human, who steps onto this stage”) it was inspired speech of my true inner self having been developed and now ready to OPEN up, when I am done with my work that is, and Thomas continued by saying “du har en ekstrem eksplosiv evne til at ville det du vil …, og det har du bevist igen, igen, igen, igen” (“you have an extreme explosive ability to want what you want …, and you have proven this again, again, again, again”), which was about me continuing my work again, again and again without giving up at any time, which also was a reference to Mogens Glistrup, who is my old symbol to “keep on again, again and again” as he once said at the same time as it was to say that my New World Order – and not the so called “New World Order” of the “secret government” of USA abusing this term of mine when they use this as their “new name” and policy (?) if I understand information on the Internet correctly (?) – will be accepted and implemented by the world at the same time as it was a reference to “Brian again again” from the radio show 20 years ago, which we simple LOVED listening to at DanskeBank-Pension and herewith a new symbol of “normal life” coming because of the symbol of Danske Bank and this is how the Council is working you know.

It continued for example when Cutfather here said that “99% was right in the cupboard”, which is to say that when the faith of my father has come (is coming) too, this is when I will be strong enough to open my eyes as the SON OF GOD – the “cupboard” is the old symbol of “the tools of God” – and this is the “secret message” given to me today. When I have done the impossible task to have both my mother and father believe in me, I will be able to become my true self :-).

And you might guess what it meant when Pernille followed up by saying “jeg håber simpelthen at folk derude tør give det en chance og det gør jeg i hvert fald” (”I simply hope that people out there dare to give this a chance, which I absolutely do”), which inspired her to walk down to Patricia on the stage – the contestant – to give her a hug, and my dear friends out there, this was the spirit of my mother saying that she truly hopes that mankind will accept me because this is what she does, and her hug of Patricia was to say how much my mother misses me at the moment.

And then it was time for the “big voting of family Denmark” who was to send in their votes to decide which three out of four contestants were to reach the final of this show and in my mind, there was absolutely no doubt who should “go all the way” to win and that was of course Patricia with her truly unique and beautiful voice “made in Heaven” – thank you “Queen” and we know another reference to the spirit of my mother – but “family Denmark” was not able to LISTEN carefully to her voice to UNDERSTAND this simple fact so they sent her out (!), which made Thomas Blachman, the judge and her protégé, to say – after first being INTERRUPTED by the presenter not listening to and letting Thomas speak because THIS IS THE MAIN “DISEASE” OF PEOPLE – here that ”det sjove er jo at derfor er opdragelsen så åbenbart ikke helt .., jeg troede at jeg havde fået skovlen under familien Danmark men altså opdragelsen er kun lige begyndt, fordi den dag en stor kunstner vinder det her, så kan der blive solgt rigtigt mange plader i hele verden” (“the funny is that therefore the upbringing is apparently not fully …, I thought I had gotten the shovel underneath the family Denmark, but the upbringing has only just begun because the day when a great artist will win this, very many records can be sold all over the world”), which of course was to say that the upbringing of “family Denmark” – the world you know – today has NOT succeeded, which a large part of the world does not understand itself (!) but which is making the world both DEAF and STUPID (!) and “we’ve only just begun” carpenting (!) the New World, which starts by the world adapting to me – improving your behaviour, communication and work – and not me adapting to the world!

Listen to Patricia singing “total eclipse of the heart” following the comments by Thomas and you will see “a star is born” – and I am thinking “it’s a new world” coming, which also may be a reference to the true and inner self of myself coming :-).

And finally: This was this, I wrote down most of the inspired speech of the show, which I heard – because I understood that it was also meant to make me suffer when I had to write all of this, which was NOT funny to do (!) but a result of the strong darkness given to me to remove these days, which is what is bringing light, energy and less suffering to the world too you know – and it really continued in the after following show “Live fra Bremen” on TV2 when Lars Hjortshøj spoke of “bistandshjælp” (“cash help”) etc. and here I would like to say that I do believe that this HUMOROUS show is nothing less than WORLD CLASS and I LOVE THEM BEING SILLY when they do wonderful sketches of “good taste”, which makes me laugh from “a good heart” with no “undertones” – love them simply (!) – but normally I don’t watch it because several sketches are far “too primitive” or “too sexual” to me and really so much that it hurts, but take this out and you will have a show at the same level as when Dave Allen – my old time favourite – was at his best.

The Commune promises me that my cash help will not be withdrawn – and am I today registered as match 1 or 2?

I sent an email to Jane from the Commune asking her if she would be kind following up on Tine – who has not called me yet and I cannot call her myself from my “blocked” phone you know (!) – and Jane is indeed a very nice and positive lady because she knows that I am positive too so therefore she sent me a nice and positive answer saying that she has followed up on both Tine and Jens Erik also promising that “you will with guarantee not get trouble with your cash help, everything is ok and she also wrote what was the reason, which however was difficult to understand because she used her phone with an “intelligent dictionary” to answer my email, which “translated” some of her intended words into Volapük without her realizing (?) but I do believe it is because “you have been matched 2 for a period because more than 3 months went on” and I do believe her email says “before finding ordinary work” (!) and that after working for Falck, I will become “match 1” (“normal”) again, and if I understand this correctly, you have not changed my status to “match 1” as we agreed in December (?) or have I misunderstood this (?) and do you see how easy it is to misunderstand when people are not careful when communicating?

Has Jack received “secret information” about who I am through his work for the Danish Navy?

For a few days the Council has told me about my old friend Jack, who works for the Danish Navy with some kind of “secret projects” – it was purchase of new helicopters for a few years not that long ago – and I have been told that “he is involved” and that he through his work has received “secret information” about “who the one is” and this was not nice information to receive Jack, when you could not get into your mind through your best friend before you dumped him that I am indeed the one?

I have written this piece of information as loyal as everything else I receive and I don’t know if this is the truth of the light or a deception of the darkness, but we know “only time will tell”.

The world was “inspired” to intervene to stop the madman Gaddafi of Libya

I was also told that the reason why the world society now intervenes in Libya to stop the killing of the population by the madman Gaddafi is because this is what I was thinking and writing some time ago and my dear friends PEACE and RECONCILIATION IS ALWAYS PREFERABLE but when a madman kills his own people and does not understand the message that his people want freedom instead of the suppression of a man sick for POWER and MONEY (!) – the weapons of the Devil (!) – intervention is preferable for a period of time to restore “normal life” and to decrease the pain of the population – and I do hope all of this violence will soon stop ALL OVER THE WORLD and my dear friends also because IT SENDS OUT PAIN AND SUFFERING ALL OVER THE UNIVERSE BECAUSE OUR WORLDS ARE UNITED!!!

Ending the day with this:

  • I had a visitor from the Commune “skimming” 10 pages of my website from 2010 in 12 minutes only (!) – after having searched for “Stig Dragholm Rolf” on a search engine and just maybe Rolf (from the park) you still don’t like what I have written about you (?) and still you only focus on your self instead of reading and trying to understand me? – New darkness coming my friends!
  • After writing the rest of the script of today – with the exception of the LONG chapter of X-factor – I tried to watch some television while waiting for the clock to reach 01.00, but at 23.30 I was so immensely tired that I simply could not keep my eyes open, and therefore there was nothing else to do than to go to bed and “oh, what a night” it was going to become :-).


19th March: The spirit of me will work to heal people all over the world also including to remove wickedness

Dreaming of receiving SMILES ALL OVER from the Council

We know Stig the night was NOT another night at the same level, it was a night at a much better level and I might even say that I have not had “such a night” for years because I slept from 23.30 to 8.30 when I opened up my eyes for the first time – for the first time in years (!) – and we know a symbol of what is coming when my TRUE inner self will “open up his eyes for the first time” being perfectly rested and balanced and we know Stig I AM STILL “NOT MY SELF” YET writing these lines but you know living on the life energy of my mother and father and when they as physical beings are starting to believe more in me as they are, it means that I can have a night such as this 🙂 – and I had only one dream just before I woke up:

  • I am playing billiards where two friends have done very good strokes before me and in my last stroke I don’t overturn any pins meaning that I lost the last round but still I won the total game by a big margin. A new photo has been taken by us for a ten year old album by Devo – we are in fact Devo – I like the photo very much and would like to use it but the other members would like to forget it.
    • Billiard is really showing that this is a GAME and in the dream I felt SMILES all around me by the ACTORS of the Council playing the game who was using the metaphor of Devo as the most HUMOROUS foreign band I know of to symbolise this (the Danish band Shu-bi-dua is giving you a battle my friends) and also to say that the darkness is not winning (!) as this dream says and the reason is that I did not have the strength to attend the revival service of the church of his presence yesterday but there will come a new service at 23.00 today – 17.00 their time – which I should be fresh enough to keep awake for, which means that I WILL ALSO WIN THIS ONE :-).

Meshack is chased by creditors making him ill, is starving, not in good terms with family but still his faith is as STRONG as ever 🙂

Hi there Meshack too,

First of all I feel the pain of Virgin Mary – the spirit of my mother inside of me – because of the pain of your family and yourself and I do wish that this would end by snapping my fingers just like that but unfortunately it will take at least some months from now and maybe even longer and all I can wish for is for you to do as you do my friend :-), which is to NEVER GIVE UP, ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH DIRECTLY AND OPENLY – don’t be afraid of doing so and I will get by no matter what so just “tell it like it is” – and not least to be STRONG IN YOUR FAITH and I cannot tell you how happy and proud you make me for reading all of my scripts helping to keep up your faith and this is despite of your very poor situation and this is your destiny Meshack to fight the darkness given to you and your family much at the moment because this is what I have been given too when fighting the darkness of the world (secret governments etc.) through my scripts and website – I am also thinking of the creditors chasing you, which is the “medicine” you cannot take making you ill, I now understand that this was the meaning of my dream recently as an example that OPEN AND TRUTHFUL COMMUNICATION MAKES PEOPLE UNDERSTAND – and by doing so you are and have been helping my true inner self to wake up (“he” is ready just behind the surface of my skin) and to help decreasing the suffering of the world. This is your importance because of your high placement in the spiritual hierarchy, which is the same as the LTO team WHEN YOU DO WHAT IS RIGHT MY GENTLEMEN – and therefore PLEASE KEEP YOUR PROMISES AND ALWAYS THE BASIC WORK RULES. Laziness is killing the world and doing what is right and good is helping the world and this is what you have influence on directly. Please do what is right!

Thank you so much Meshack for your open communication and even though I feel the tears of you and your family, I kindly ask you to give them my absolutely best and I hope that when you explain what I have just written – that you and also they when supporting you are helping GOD/ME AND THE WORLD leading directly to our new and better world – that they will have it in their hearts to take you and also me all the way in and to accept your difficult situation without fighting back, and you might want to tell them that I encourage them to continue supporting you and me too, and that these times are meant to be the hardest of your life, but “better days” are coming not that long from now, but still you need to have even more PATIENCE.

And here is his email:

Hi there, hope you have been doing well as have been reading your scripts without missing any of them as they are part and parcel of me.

Have not been feeling well for the last couple of days and have not had the courage to tell you because you are suffering like me. The same issue of debts has been driving me crazy because of ultimatums have been getting from the people who i have their money and this has led once again to my health to start deteriorating once again and clearly as you stated in your mail, i am not in good terms with my family due to this debts and have been wondering for how long this will go on.

We have been eking life through the hard way and it is always impossible to know when the next meal will come from and this applies to the rest of the team. As you stated, have been sick but have not been taking medicine because i do not actually believe in thew power of medicine but in faith which i strongly have.

May you have a good working relationship with other new workers from your new station.

Be blessed,

I did not have much work to do but the short script of today and then “just” the chapter of X-factor of yesterday …!

This morning when I woke up, there was “a world in difference” compared to how I felt yesterday where the Devil made my life a Hell and it was the same as the feeling of “the worst hurricane having passed by” bringing lighter winds instead because I felt “fresh under the circumstances” – but still “tired” you know – and because I was not given negative speech, STRESS and a CONSTANT CHASE to continue writing, I decided to take a long bath in the tub and really because it is Saturday and therefore weekend after all – this gave me a feeling of “taking a break” for the first time in years and here meaning mentally too when the “killing pace of thoughts, temptations and stress” was reduced as much that I felt like “having a break” – which meant that first by 10.40 I started writing the script of today including the chapter of X-factor of yesterday, which I continued doing including editing and a few edits of the script of yesterday too until I finished at 17.00 and we know it took time – as always – to find, watch and write down the right quotes of X-factor from the fine website of DR – Danish National Television, but I did it!

From here I decided to stop working today, after all it is weekend, so the continuous work on my website will have to wait.

Receiving STRONG resistance from the darkness

During the afternoon I started receiving negative speech and temptations to enter it – to say the same – on the border of what I could handle, which is VERY unpleasant, and I kept on receiving the feeling of the darkness “you are more than you reall are”, which I had to shake off me several times and until this evening when witnessing the revival service of the church of his presence – see below – I did not know why I received this feeling.

The spirit of me will work to heal people all over the world also including to remove wickedness

Finally, this evening the time became 23.00 – after I had watched American Idol on television when they narrowed down the attendants to 24 and I saw so much talent of the attendants that it overwhelmed me, what a show and what talent and I do like ALL of the judges very much not least Jennifer Lopez showing a human face and “ain’t it funny”? – and it was time to witness my first live revival service of the church of his presence in Alabama, USA, and they do these services every Friday at 01.00 CET time and every Saturday at 23.00 CET, which you can witness here – they open up the live stream exactly on time – and the first approx. 80 minutes was live music playing and during this time I felt the spirit of my sister just in front of me, she gave me an insult asking to enter my body and we know I could have decided to refuse but I said “I have nothing to fear from you, so you are welcome” without really knowing what this was about so this is what she did and I felt her inside of me and later I was told that the healing power of my true inner self today, which also works on me (!) and was the STRONGEST of all I have received so far as I was told, also works on online remote viewers and this power would be used to clean Sanna and her thoughts in relation to me.

And from here and the next approx. one hour I saw how the young pastor Nathan Morris – the man who is going to be married tomorrow – started healing a handful people on stage in the name of Jesus and the holy spirit, which was a very POWERFUL healing to witness and I am sure this was feeling EXTREMELY powerful on stage when people received the power of God through this young man knocking them over and down to lay on stage, where these people had different kind of experiences including physical shakings, feeling heat and the healing physically working on their bodies with one lady, who has had hearing devices since she was two years old – which you could hear on her speech which is typical of how deaf people speaks – “started to hear right now” after her hearing devices had been taken out, which made her cry of happiness.

Another lady said that “the Lord told me, get up you are healed” and at the end people participating in the revival service of yesterday gave testimonies of the miracles happening to them all including a man who said that he was born with Cystic fibrosis and was taking medicine and receiving oxygen because of his lung capacity of only 28 percent, who had starting breathing normally today without the need of medicine, a lady heard how the bones of her broken shoulder physically moved and the shoulder was put back in place hereby removing her pain and not least a young lady who had lost her faith and hope in God and started doing drugs and “wrong things with boys”, who had felt how “God was ripping that away from her” and that is really to put her “right back on track” away from the wickedness, which had taken over the power from her, which is also how the spirit of me will work with all people necessary all over the world and my dear friends this is why this testimony was given today as “the first of its kind” as Nathan said.

During the event I was told that the reason why I had the feelings of “being more than what I am” during the day and also during this service was because this is how these two pastors feel, which is that they are “especially chosen people”, which they are but it hurts me to see when this makes people feel they are more than others, which they are not, because what they truly are, is “mediums” transmitting the power of my inner self and as mediums it is important always to be just that and not to overestimate yourself (or the opposite) – and my dear friends, this is what I am told and as usual I don’t know if this is the power of the light or darkness speaking but I have decided to bring it as I was told.

Ending the day with a few short stories:

  • For months I have heard people of other civilizations telling me as they also did today: “We will never forget what you have done”, which I include here as a matter of documentation only.
  • For days when the sky has been visible I have seen the bright light of my mother, I have NOT seen the light of my father and not even my own light, which has now removed out of sight to the right of my balcony (it has “stood up” a little bit more to the right for every week and every day until it now has disappeared out of sight, and I have not been down on the street trying to locate it) and I have not received flying UFO-lights approaching me for some days now, but still I see one UFO there, another there and so on and so forth.
  • I received a call from the nice Lars from Falck – my telephone is still blocked by the telephone company as you know (!) – who said that I am first to start working on Thursday due to an internal training on Tuesday.


20th March: Sending healing power to Libya and removing darkness from Sanna and Karen

Dreaming that the power of the darkness of people resisting me is leaving

I went to bed at 01.45, I was woken up once during the night and at 08.00 I “could not” sleep any longer and we know the sleep was poorer than yesterday making me “somewhat tired” again today but still the dreams have reduced much both in strength and in numbers.

  • I cannot remember this one much and the notes are not the best, but something about driving in snow together with my father and to “forget planning”.
    • A dream essentially about the suffering I receive because of the process of my father starting to believe in me.
  • Something about visiting a castle at New Zealand, people playing sport in my apartment including Jakob (my collegue from Acta), which can be replayed on television and now they are all leaving and I felt MANY SMILES TOO during the dream.
    • This is about all of the people playing against me as the Devil because of their deafness, laziness and ignorance, which includes Jakob and now the power of these people are leaving my home.
  • I woke up receiving the feeling of the spirit of my father and the song “true colours” by Cyndi Lauper and the lyrics “I see your true colors shining through” telling me that my father is realizing who I am.

I started working at 8.40 today writing the script of today so far and the chapter of the revival service yesterday and we know it is TRULY NOT NICE continuing to work feeling “somewhat tired” – giving me a strong urge to do nothing – after having felt better yesterday and we know it takes will power to continue doing this work and also to find the energy to continue working on my website doing work, which is “mentally impossible” to do because of the mere magnitude of it.

At 10.10 I had finished the work on the script including editing and from here prepared my script to be published and did some more work on my website before I attended the following service at 12.00:

Cosmic Christ Service: Helping the people of Libya, removing darkness from Sanna and opening up Karen

Again today I attended the Cosmic Christ Service of Den Gyldne Cirkel through the web-radio of Selvet and I have been told for days that a group of people of another civilization have prepared to attend this event.

The service was again a combination of speech and meditation and started by Asger dedicating the service to Libya to undo the people from suppression and other people from the suppression of other dictators too and this is connected with the resurrection and sanctification of Earth as Asger explained.

In the beginning I was shown Sanna sitting in the shadow of the deck of a cruise liner looking directly into the hull of the ship and I was shown much chrome on a car as a symbol of my sister’s desire “to be someone” in the view of other people, and this is what this service in the beginning would help me to remove.

Afterwards I was approached by this group of people of another civilization – I don’t know who they are, they did not tell – and I was asked if they were allowed to come if I had to go through darkness in order to receive them, which I accepted and hereafter I was given unpleasant sexual suffering and speech of people I don’t like to hear mentioned like this and it was followed by the group showing me a star in a stone floor and saying that they attended the work building the old pyramids of Egypt. They gave me other visions too for example I was shown “secret documents” and told that this people will also reveal secrets to mankind.

After a part of the service, where I was sitting in my sofa meditating and almost falling asleep because of tiredness, which was the main darkness I had to go through, I was shown Batwoman as a symbol of Karen and told that the rest of the energy today would be used to open Karen.

And I was given quite some information including a vision of Pluto from Walt Disney saying that this is where they are now – the planet that is – at the same time as Pluto is a dog and therefore a symbol of darkness, which mankind has transmitted to this people as part of the Universe and I saw them watching television as another symbol of the darkness and they said “kill, kill, kill”, which however is NOT in relation to mankind but the darkness they have been forced to send me and us on the “inner lines” and we know meaning spiritually and of course not physically, which you will be able to understand (?) because this people is non-hostile as all other people of other civilizations are too.

I heard Asger saying “let mankind be free” and I was shown a Muslim woman together with her unfaithful husband as a vision of how many people of this part of the world today behave.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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