March 23, 2011: Receiving a VERY special feeling of Karen feeling me and thinking: “I don’t know how to love him”


Summary of the script today

21st March: The old world is disappearing and gradually being replaced by our new world without problems and fear

  • Dreaming that I am eating cakes in Helsingør, Fuggi is being “lifted up”, meeting my half brother (!), setting up telemarketing to prepare future spiritual communication, I am reaching the next stage despite of much resistance of people making this journey impossible too, before reaching a normal life, I will have to go through more suffering, the old world is disappearing and gradually replaced by our new world without problems and fear, Fuggi knows who I am but still he does not (!), the Oklahoma bombing was to deflect the attention of people from UFO’s, family and friends leaving me wrongly is at the same time their “train journey” learning to improve, I am totally “overmatched” by my mother “killing” me with her fear and concerns, I am not becoming tempted to follow “old habits of the Devil” and the spirit of my true self is influencing my mother.
  • I am receiving more darkness, which I handle by receiving more protection, which yesterday was to meet this new group of people from another civilization.
  • The spirit of my father encouraging me to keep on – his increasing faith made the constant pain of my right heal disappear!
  • I was so tired today that I had to fight the strong feeling ““I don’t want to do this anymore” all the working day and later I was feeling “dead beat”, which does not even cover the depth of my exhaustion. The feelings of my family brought me all the way down today.
  • After some days without flying lights on the sky, I received no less than five this evening! The light of Karen reached me twice showing that she is not “crashing” anymore because of her knowledge of me, but still she does not want to step forward, the light of my mother shows that after having “crashed”, my mother is now rising again, but still she does not want to show herself to the world and finally the light of my father told showed me that he is leaving darkness and heading for the light because of increasing faith but still he is “not convinced” and does not have “time for me”. The UFO’s standing behind these lights, are becoming bigger on the sky and one also gave me a “10 times” louder noise too.

22nd March: Receiving a VERY special feeling of Karen feeling me and thinking: “I don’t know how to love him”

  • Dreaming that Karen and my family became chocked when they realized who I am, Karen is going to take off her ring because of me, no matter what happens from here, we are all safe, the Council is “making great efforts” for me to “come right” and I have used the same memo template ever since I invented it in 1991.
  • I continued working on the UFO page today receiving very STRONG feelings of being sick and tired of working. This is the feelings of my family in relation to me doing my work impossible to do and since you have still broken communications with me I ask you: “Where have all the flowers gone”?
  • I received a strong déjà vue and a VERY SPECIAL feeling of “Karen feeling me”, realizing who I am and also thinking “I don’t know how to love him”, which made me watch several versions of this incredible song from the “Jesus Christ Superstar” musical on YouTube making me as emotional as ever. Karen, there is nothing to be scared of :-).
  • I was shown new lights of my father, mother and Karen on the sky, which I for the first time was “allowed” to capture on video. The light of my father was bright without being as strong as the light of my mother and if you READ and UNDERSTAND the script, you will understand that these are the lights of UFO’s and if you do not but decide to listen to your own ignorant voice, you will believe they are aeroplanes! The light of Karen was only shown in the horizon not strong enough to be captured on video because she is still hiding from me.

23rd March: It is IMPOSSIBLE to work because of my mother’s feelings breaking me down but I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!

  • Dreaming that I am flying effortless even though I am trapped like a fish in a trap inside a football stadium, Nefer, Karen and old colleagues from Acta will bring LOVE to the world, I received uncomfortable sexual encouragements from beautiful ladies, who are my mother in disguise given to me because my mother cannot control her feelings, receiving beautiful songs in relation to Karen symbolising “love to be”, I needed all of my strength including the power of God to survive my meeting with Karen because of her hostility (!) towards me, where her deep inner feelings really are “love” (!), I don’t have electrical power to do a presentation meaning that it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to continue working because of the feelings of my mother making me feel completely “broken”, but this is NOT going to stop me (!), my mother sits down doing nothing because of how she feels, where I am continuing to work a full working day.
  • It all started with one almost not existing light inside of me – the light of God – which with the power of ONE HUMAN BEING is starting to overtake the entire world instead of the much strong darkness of the world overtaking me.
  • The “birth” of the script today was one of the most difficult of all – as my birth in this world of darkness was too – and if my mother knew of the consequences of her weakness in relation to me, she would naturally pull herself together being STRONG and RESPONSIBLE!


21st March: The old world is disappearing and gradually being replaced by our new world without problems and fear

Dreaming that the old world is disappearing and gradually being replaced by our new world without problems and fear

I had a bad night being woken up many times with many dreams giving me much to write today and we know much darkness is coming my way again and why is that (?) – and we know try with uncontrollable feelings of my mother not being strong as I have told her to be, which she of course could be if she understood the direct consequences of her feelings in relation to me making my work “difficult” to say the least. And here are the dreams:

  • I believe I am in Helsingør in this dream, where I meet Berit (my old colleague from Danske Bank, Espergærde), who does not want me to eat any cakes, but on my way away from her I see delicious cakes, which I eat and when I am going to work at the office in the evening, I meet Berit, who sees that I have eaten cakes.
    • This dream should be self explanatory and now I just need “real love” you know …
  • I have been cycling a long tour on the beach road with Fuggi, and we have walked the last approx. 4 kilometres, something about his crane wagon, which he needs, which has been taken from him and we enter the police next to the sea from where we drive out the crane wagon with a police officer thinking about stopping us but Fuggi succeeds to convince him that it is alright and it is important because Fuggi is going to use the crane this evening.
    • “Cycling” the “beach” road are two symbols of “suffering”, the crane to me is about “reaching cats in the tree” – which I spoke to Falck about when seeing one of their crane wagons the other day – where the cat is “the light” which is taken from the tree, which is really the Source, so this dream is saying that Fuggi is being “lifted up” by the Source and we know simply by reading this – and that is if you really read this, Fuggi? – and why don’t you decide to read my Signs I, II and III pages (?), which would be “beneficial” to you to give you more faith.
  • I see checks supposedly written out by my father with the purpose to pay someone off not to reveal that I have a half brother, but when I meet my father and show him the cheques, he claims that they are false and then I can see that it is not his hand writing on the cheques – but after this a somewhat older man than I arrive and I shake hands with him and I understand that he is my half brother!
    • I don’t know what this dream is really about, is it to say that my father would rather not share his money (?), is it to say that he really has another child than I – with Anni (?), his previous cohabitant or ….?
  • I am setting up a new telemarketing business, I miss a few instructions from Søren H., who decides to give me all of the responsibility together with a higher salary.
    • This is how close I am to start “calling” family and friends to speak spiritually with them – and the old “tradition” to receive higher salary when you receive more responsible is to be forgotten and to focus on the content and joy of your work – the work itself is the TRUE driving force, money is NOT (!) – and be happy that all people will be able to live “good and normal lives”.
  • I was told half awake that “I swore that I in the seventies in the desert of Nevada received the grain of sand, which is my true self”.
    • What is this about? Is it about whether or not my true inner self is actively speaking through me or not (?), which I have been in some doubts about recently. And that is also if it is only the Council speaking through me, and the conclusion I have reached is that it is both.
  • I am collecting my car after work at the parking place. It is a fine old, red sport car but I see that it has received a ticket and also advertising for a car insurance. My exit is almost blocked by other cars, but I manage to exit anyway.
    • This is about a fine classical car symbolising my self, which is also how I am and despite of meeting MUCH resistance from the darkness with people making it “impossible” to exit and continue to the next stage, this is what I do after all because where there is a will, there is a way out really.
  • I am at a restaurant coming through people, who are blocking me, something about a dish which is dripping water in your head for 10 seconds, and for fun I suggest the others to wait 30 seconds before ordering, which makes them laugh because they know that it will give them water in their heads for 30 seconds.
    • The restaurant is the road forward to receive a “normal life”, which people are blocking me to do, however I pass them and before receiving this normal life, more suffering, i.e. water, is coming!
  • I heard the song “disappear” by the VERY FINE Australian band INXS and the lyrics “You’re so fine, Lose my mind, And the world seems to disappear, All the problems, all the fears, And the world seems to disappear”, which will have to be the “old world” disappearing to be replaced by our new world without problems and fear, which is the process, which IS ONGOING, my friends :-).
  • I was told something about Fuggi knowing who I am but still he does not (!) – and I heard the song “lady cab driver” by Prince at the same time, which may be one of your favourite songs, Fuggi (?) – and I love it too and you are really driving in somebody’s else car to develop.
  • Half awake I was told something about the Oklahoma bombing (in 1995) being the work of the Devil to deflect the attention of people from UFO’s – and we know who set this up?
  • I am together with a man who has received a sentence to pay 42 million DKK, but he only has 38 million left and he will have to use some months to get the last 4. It is Shrovetide, the man has invited me to travel with him to the Southern Spain and when I tell him that I cannot afford it, he tells me that he will pay, and my old friend Britt is there too laughing.
    • What is this about? In the future it will probably be rare to see “rich people” offering expensive gifts and travels for other people and really because we should all be (more or less) equal in financial terms.
  • I heard the song “sitting down here” by Lene Marlin and the lyrics “I am sitting down here” – several times the rest of the night.
  • At Nørreport Station I see Ove Sprogø shooting a man, which nobody sees that he does, and afterwards he jumps on the train where he stands together with somebody, who he often travels with. He is on his way to work.
    • The train station is still for someone to leave the darkness to reach the light at the other side – by improving your behaviour, communication and work – and here an “actor” is shooting what could be me, making me suffer and “killing me” is the symbol of leaving me, which at the same time is the train ride of this actor, who will learn from his own mistake to improve and then I wonder who this is, and let us say it is “family and friends”.
  • I see myself as Brian Nielsen and I am told “you have to be 108 kilos”, and I see Evander Holyfield, whom he is going to fight making Brian completely overmatched.
    • I had the feeling of Evander Holyfield here being the symbol of my mother because her fear and concerns is what is pulling me down making it “impossible” to keep working really and this is how it is when your most important life flame – before my true inner self will open up “his” eyes – is “killing” you!
  • I am at DanskeBank-Pension, where I have several jackets hanging. Kresten looks and smells at one of them, which I am not using because it has to be washed and I tell him that it smells and needs to be washed, which he agrees with. Everyone has been to the cinema and I have bought ice cream for the firs time in one year. In the basement I see that Diana has placed two large printers and I see a paper being printed on one of them, which is contingent to be paid for me, which Kresten will do. I ask Diana if both printers are in use because I would like to connect one to my computer, and she says that they are. I look at a customer magazine, which includes an article by Jens Ove P., who has written it with support from the tax expert of the bank.
    • I wonder if the old jacket I am not using is “old habits” of the Devil, which are still given to me as temptations, but which I am not using because I know it is WRONG to do. The cinema is still “looking into our new and better future” and the ice cream says that we will still have to overcome suffering to arrive there, my computer is not yet connected to the printer to market my website and scripts. And finally I was thinking how much “real work”, Jens Ove – the department director of DanskeBank-Pension – really did and how much you were “talking without getting anything done”?
  • I visit my local jeweller but I don’t find the jewellery, which I am looking for to my mother and I also believe that what they have is too expensive, but I find a piece of jewellery in gold at another jeweller, which I buy, but it needs to be polished to shine, and when I pass my local jeweller again, a sign says that they have opened a workshop, and when I enter to ask them to polish the piece, I meet Jens-Erik (from the Commune) waiting to be served, and I am looking forward for my piece of jewellery to be polished because I will deliver it to my mother this evening.
    • Gold is really the spirit of my true inner self, which is influencing my mother and still this is a process which will continue until the gold shines all around her.

I receive more darkness, which I handle by receiving more protection

Yesterday I had the feeling that the darkness and feelings of people – with my mother almost being brought down – offering me resistance is becoming worse and worse, and the way that I handle this is by receiving more and more protection, which yesterday was to meet this new group of people from another civilization through the service of Den Gyldne Cirkel, which is now also helping me “more directly” – and at the same time, all of this resistance and darkness still brings energy to the other side, which is helping the development of the world going faster and faster. And I have been told that I have used the tools, which were designed for me to overcome this darkness and that are the web-tv and radio of Selvet etc.

I am unaffected by the world waiting on me – I will finish my work with the quality I have planned for

For some time I have had the feeling that the world is waiting for my arrival, but my decision to finish my work and doing my best without rushing is another lesson to the world encouraging you to do like what I try to do: Find the best balance between time consumption and quality of your work, always do your best and don’t let people rush you to do poorer than what you plan to do – but don’t fall into the other ditch, where you will use so much time improving details for an eternity that you don’t produce much, which is how my old friend Lars often was working.

The spirit of my father encouraging me to keep on – his increasing faith made the constant pain of my right heal disappear!

Yesterday evening when I looked out on the beautiful cloudless sky, and where most of it – except from a small area in front of me – was dark without stars/lights on it (!), the spirit of my father told me “good work, keep on, I will first arrive in the last moment” and today I noticed that the constant pain – however not much – which I have had on my right heal after it was about to crack months ago, now has vanished and this really surprised me because I thought that the reason why I had this constant and uncomfortable tenderness of the heal was because of my uncomfortable writing position where I sit with my left leg over crossed on the right herewith giving more pressure on my right heel, but now I understand that this has to do with the faith of my father and when he starts to believe in me, my pain becomes less.

Feeling “dead beat” does not cover the depth of my exhaustion

Today I started working at 9.00 being tired and VERY TIRED of writing, which made me receive the very strong feeling of “I don’t want to do this anymore” – just like you Jennifer 🙂 – and a VERY strong feeling to stop working and start relaxing, it was awful working like this – which is how most of my scripts have been “born” – and I can only “thank” my mother for bringing on her discomfort to me.

By 11.20 I had done the script so far including the summary and editing of course and from here I had to adapt myself to new work again, which I do on a daily basis, when switching from working on my scripts to continue working on my website and we know today it was about the secret government in USA consciously planning and setting up people of other civilizations as the future enemy and the prospect to receive imaginary attacks of these to convince mankind of the “obvious threat”, which however is carried out by themselves (!), in order to protect a 5 trillion dollar energy industry and the existing economical and political power over the world – their own – and my dear friends, this is how the world truly is, which you can read testimonies of from very credible sources from my Signs III page.

When I did the work today, I realized that this secret government have had the choice between following their old and evil “world order” all the way to the end, which would have made the Universe destruct, or to stop and accept life and to be revealed to the world and we know which is what they have done and this is also to say that I do not have anything to fear other than the fear I gave my self. There will come no people trying to assassinate me or to remove my writings from the Internet.

It was VERY difficult working today being very tired wanting to stop working all of the time but still I did my best work and despite of the difficulties working, I do feel happy about the results and the information I succeed finding.

I decided to work until 16.10 today and afterwards to go for a walk in the lovely spring weather, which has arrived and I needed to do this as the first walk for three days and I was so tired that it required very big exertion just to leave the door.

When I came home later, did my dinner and watched television, I was feeling “dead beat”, which does not even cover the depth of my exhaustion.

Karen is coming … 🙂

I was given one song by Mike & the Mechanics and the words “you see me coming” and I could not help smiling because this was the spirit of Karen telling me that we will “soon” meet again and she used the name of this fine band to give me the initials “MM“ as in Mary Magdalena as her old name.

Receiving the lights of Karen, my father and mother on the sky – showing increasing faith but also reluctance to stand forward

For some days I have been surprised not to receive any lights on the sky flying towards me even though there has been some cloudless days but this was really to change this evening, when I received no less than five of these lights as I will explain to you:

Light 1: The light of Karen
At 20.24 I looked outside and saw a bright white light on the sky, which I again instantly knew was one of these special lights because it is so much stronger than any other lights on the sky – even though it was not a bright as the light of my mother – and I knew this was the light of Karen simply because I was thinking on her simultaneously as I saw the light, and I was happy to see that it was now higher in the sky, approx. 200-300 metre of altitude, so she is not “crashing” anymore because of her knowing about me (!) and on its way towards me it also had another blinking white light to the left of the bright constant light and this light was blinking from “a base” of a constant blue light (symbolising me) and finally I was shown the vision of a helicopter around the light, which was flying in an uneven position to the left – a symbol of “heading for the light” as “left” is – and when it came close to me after 1-2 minutes, it switched off the constant bright white light and replaced it by a constant less bright red light and I was told that this is because Karen does not want to admit openly that she knows who I am.

Light 2: The light of Karen again
At 20.35 I was surprised to see a new bright white light – however less bright than before – which was “balancing” on the top edge of a house roof to my right and it was probably behind the house but seen from my point of view it was exactly on the edge of the roof and I even had to stand on the tip of my toes to keep following it when it wanted to “hide” from me and again it was the light of Karen here telling me that she does not want to stand forward with her faith in me. It is not nice to meet the world, Karen, after what you have done towards me (?) – but you have nothing to be afraid of. What you did was both planned and expected and I hold no grudges against you.

Light 3: The light of my mother
15 SECONDS AFTER THE LIGHT OF KAREN APPEARED AND AT THE SAME TIME as the light of Karen was “dancing” on the roof top, I was happily surprised to see the light of my mother returning for the first time for “how long” (?) and I was in no doubt that this was the light of my mother because it was SO MUCH BRIGHTER than the light of Karen next to it – we talk about “100 times brighter” – and the light was very low on the sky to tell me that it is first now that my mother is “lifting her self up” after having been down – “crashed” is the feeling I get here – and I saw how it continued to rise on the sky, which is the road my mother has now started, and I was told “don’t photograph us if you want to see us” and I thought “don’t think twice it’s alright” really so this is what I decided to do and I thought that this light really want the same as I – thinking of the UFO I am – which is to show itself to the world and this is really the ingredient of the trouble of my mother, then, because she does not want to have her photo taken showing herself to the world, therefore (!) and from the time I thought of this until I had found my phone and opened up the camera, the light had become weaker, and even though I took four photos, none of them turned out fine – and when the UFO passed in front of me I saw that it is now “much bigger” than before, which I believed had to do with the faith of my mother becoming even stronger.

“Ordinary” UFO-lights blinking
Later when I looked out I noticed three ”ordinary” looking UFO’s revealing themselves on the sky. The difference is that the lights of these UFO’s blink much more rapidly than the UFO-lights flying towards me, they are smaller and not flying towards me but I was told when looking at these that they symbolise the whole Universe “blinking to me” and that they are about to be ready receiving me.

Light 4: The light of my father
At 21.30 light no. 4 was shown on the sky, it was stronger than the light of Karen but weaker than the light of my mother, and this one had TWO BRIGHT LIGHTS in front of it and when it approached me I was told “you don’t have time to photograph us”, which I really did not because it approached me quicker than the other lights, it was the light of my father “not having time for me”. It had a good altitude of maybe 200-300 metres and when it came closer, it switched off the right light only having the left light switched on and I wonder if this is to say that the Devil of my father – the right – is fading out because of his increasing faith in me. This light had the sound of an aeroplane as some but not all lights have – it is really “on and off” you know.

For days I have been wondering if the constant light beneath the three lights of the Orion on the sky is the light of my father, but I am not convinced because I believe it is too far to the right of the constant light of my mother on the sky and just maybe “not convinced” is the key telling me that faith is coming to my father, but still he is “not convinced”?

Light 5: The light of my mother
A few minutes later I heard a much louder noise of an aeroplane – it was ”10 times louder” – and when I looked outside after an aeroplane and not a UFO this time, there was NOTHING to see on the sky and this was really to say that both the sound and the size of the objects I have seen on the sky have been MUCH SMALLER than an aeroplane – as you should have beeen able to understand (?) – but how many of you reading my scripts have told yourself: “He is hallucinating” and “of course it is aeroplanes that he sees” (?) and my dear friends, this is what I now had the opportunity to document once again that it is not when the light of my mother returned on the sky at 21.37 together with this MUCH louder noise of an “aeroplane” again – which is what it is imitating – and again the light was at the same size as before in the beginning and from the time it took me to reach my phone-camera, it had become weaker, but still the light was brighter than some time ago when I took the following pictures of it and here you might ask yourself if you believe I am giving you false photos and testimony of if you truly believe that I tell you 100 percent accurately what I experience (?) and my dear friends, this is what I always do with every single story of my scripts (!) and the only reason why I still receive wrong information from the darkness is because of the doubts in me and wrong doings also of people following me – also because you are NOT following my Basic Work Rules and a responsible sexual behaviour!

The light of my mother – maybe I will grab it on video the next time?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This evening I was given SEVERE strength to be pulled in by the negative words of the darkness – today was MADNESS (!) – and the fight is really if I am strong enough to avoid going into this and that is to give up my resistance to the darkness, which I had to use all of my power to do being on the edge this evening – and if I should fail once, I do hope and believe that the Source would help me and also that the Council would give up their acting “this once” – as I also feel and see them doing when writing this.
  • I was surprised to see yesterday evening that what I do believe is Paul – my old friend and colleague – visited my website, which is not surprising because he is one of my most returning readers, no the surprising part was that he was searching for “Niklas” on my website as you can see from the picture below – Niklas is the name of my oldest nephew – and I cannot be totally sure that this is indeed Paul, but I have connected this returning IP-address from Birkerød as Paul (you live in Allerød, but on the border to Birkerød?), it is certainly not Niklas himself because he lives in Hørsholm and has nothing to do in Birkerød as I know of, and I wonder if Paul and Niklas know and share a secret together (?), which is not nice for any of you and we know NOTHING will happen to any of you, my friends :-).

Why is Paul searching for “Niklas” on my website?


22nd March: Receiving a VERY special feeling of Karen feeling me and thinking: “I don’t know how to love him”

Dreaming that Karen and my family became chocked when they realized who I am

I had a better night tonight making me feel less tired but you know still some tiredness – and less dreams too indicating that my family is feeling better today than yesterday:

  • I see people smashing crash helmets on the floor but nothing happens to them, they are unbreakable. I enter the living room and want to put on music and I think that the music on the stereo might frighten them so therefore I change it to something which I know will not frighten them. In the living room I get a chock when the left arm of a lady appears in front of me from out of nowhere – and only the arm – and I see that it has a ring on it.
    • This chock of the arm was as big that I woke up feeling very frightened together with the feeling that the arm was Karen’s arm and that the ring was going to be taken off because of me. It was also to say that the chock I received – it was as a nightmare and I remember that I had similar nightmares like this when I was a boy – is what Karen and my family also have received because of the “music” I have played, which is my writings you know and really when they realized who I am! Later in the day I was told that Karen received “a dream equally as strong about me waking her up the same way”.
    • The crash helmets is to say that no matter what happens from here, no “accidents” will happen. We are all safe!
  • I am playing golf together with Margit (my old colleague and HR manager from Fair) and another, we have played the golf balls into a small bounded area, which does not feel right but still I decide to hit the next strike and I see a rough with a fence behind it surrounding the area and I do a light strike, which makes my ball fly just on the other side of the rough and the fence, but I believe that my ball lies better there to do next strike compared to being in the rough.
    • Is Margit opposing me simply by thinking that I am “still crazy after all these years” and that is without reading me, Margit (?) – and I really don’t know why I should depart from the normal golf course and what this is about, but “we are making great efforts for you to “come right” my boy” as I am told, so this is what it will have to be.
    • I woke up with the song “you better believe” by Erann DD, which just may be directed to Margit.
  • I had a short dream where Kim S. tells me that he has asked one of three employees to work on a memo and therefore this employee cannot work for me right now.
    • What this was about is that when I started working for Kim S. in DFM in 1991 I fairly quickly found out that Kim also wanted me to write memos for his private and business clients so I had to invent a memo template, which I did and I have used the exact same template ever since when doing memos and the only “problem” I have had, is that I have had to “reinvent” this template many times when I have started working on new computers without access to my old documents.

A new working day – the short termed memory was removed from my mother also making her life an agony

This morning I started working at 9.00 and it was nice feeling less tired than yesterday, but still I had to go through an uncomfortable time because “less tired” means “less suffering”, which is NOT the same as “no suffering” and by lunch I had done the script of today including the last 1½ chapter of yesterday – it takes some time to crop and put together pictures – and after lunch I continued doing my work on UFO’s and the secret government of USA willing to go to war against non-hostile and much more advanced people of other civilizations to protect MONEY and POWER “interests” (!!!) – and just “thinking” about and trying to remember what to write in this chapter was difficult because the memory was taken away from me, which is how my mother has struggled all of her life not realizing how so many people could be brighter than she!

I continued working worked on the chapters “Von Braun knew of the plans to build space based weapons using “the alien card” as the ultimate lie”, “The SDI project (or “Star Wars” or Missile Defense) was a cover to deploy space weapons to destroy ETs!” and “Alleged “Alien abductions” are manmade hoaxes to create human fear of ETs and to prepare a hoaxed ET attack on Earth”, which the chapters are called today, which however may change before I will be completely done.

I continued working until 17.30 using the last hours to read different documents about “alleged UFO abductions” by the secret government using UFO-technology to deliberately create fear of UFO’s (!) and my aim was as usual to find the truth and also the best information available in order to narrow this down and bring a concentrated extract on my website.

To my family: “Where have all the flowers gone”?

During the day when working I started receiving IMMENSELY strong feelings of being sick and tired of having to continue working that I almost stopped working – but you know I WILL NEVER GIVE UP so therefore I continued – and this is what my mother, father and Karen – and others too – are “helping” to bring me because of their selfishness instead of doing the right thing to understand me, stand forward and support me, which would make this work “easy” instead of “impossible”.

To my family: You are making my work to inform the world impossible because of your continuous wrong doings and I can only ask myself “when will they ever learn” (?) and “where have all the flowers gone” (?) because I know they are there – the symbol of “love” – but they are hidden behind you “inability” to understand and do what is right, which is still the only reason why our family relation is broken.

By the way, listen to the song “where have all the flowers gone” in the version of Savage Rose and you will find my favourite song of this AMAZINGLY talented band and singer – music does not get any more beautiful than this and this is my feeling towards my family :-).

You have to work with and understand the details before you will be able to conclude

Again today I was thinking the thought that before you will be able to do “level 1” information (headlines/conclusions), you will have to do “level 2” (summary of level 3) and before you will be able to do level 2 you will have to do “level 3”, which is the detailed information about a subject and we know I am now working at level 3 on UFO’s (extracting what is really “level 4” information from the Internet and there are even more levels than this), which I will have to do before I can do a summary as level 2 information at the beginning of the page – as I have done with all of my scripts especially since Feb. 1, 2010 – which I have decided that I will do on all pages of my website and before I have done this, I will NOT be able to give level 1 information about the content of my entire website on the front page of the website!

This is where I am heading, it will still take time to do – the UFO’s were almost killing me (!) – and this is what most people of today do not do and still people LOVE to speak and write about headlines/conclusions without knowing what they speak or write about, which is what is bringing “empty talk”, “hot air” and nonsense to the world wasting the time of people (!) – so my aim is for all mankind to be heading the same way as I: DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST and WORK WITH AND UNDERSTAND THE DETAILS BEFORE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO CONCLUDE!

And if you do not know about the details – and have decided not to go into details on a given subject – your only conclusion will normally be: “I really don’t know”, which is another thing I keep telling myself when for example watching the news on television about subjects I have no detailed knowledge about.

And all of this will of course be much improved in our new and better world when people – and the news – will work in detail and bring forward the TRUTH, which people generally will be able to believe in instead of constantly distorting the truth because of misunderstandings, laziness, preconceived opinions, hidden agendas etc. and WHAT A RELIEF IT WILL BE as the spirit of my father tells me here, which is also a message to me because he is looking so much forward to stop “killing” me, which is really what he is doing right now when these lines are written because of the wrong doings of my father and mother in relation to me!

Receiving a VERY special feeling of Karen feeling me and thinking: “I don’t know how to love him”

Today I also received both a very strong and also “recognizable” feeling of “Karen feeling me” and starting to realize who I am and when I say “recognizable” it is because it is one of those déjà vues at the same time as I feel these feelings of Karen right now as my own feelings too because with increased faith in me, I am also increasingly becoming her, my mother and the world, and the feeling continued when I felt the thought of Karen “I don’t know how to love him” including “how can I make love to him” because of our “history” and because of “who he is” and Karen, there is nothing to worry about, it will come naturally to both of us and in this respect the immensely beautiful song “I don’t know how to love him” by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber is really spot on:

The immensely beautiful and true song of Mary Magdalene (Karen) to Jesus (Stig)

The video is from the movie “Jesus Christ Superstar” and featuring Yvonne Elliman as Mary Magdalena, and this version of the song is still the version giving me the most and the strongest feelings but I also value very much other beautiful versions, which I just saw on YouTube including Helen Reddy, Susan Boyle, Agnetha Fältskog (which is amazingly beautiful :-)), Sarah Brightman, Sinead O’Connor and others too, and maybe you would like to sing this song again?

When I watched these videos, I felt as emotional as ever also because it is a truly a VERY SPECIAL feeling to FEEL KAREN and feeling that she is feeling me too (!) – and to Karen I would like to say: There is nothing to be scared of and “If I can’t have you, I don’t want nobody baby”, which Yvonne and others out there might understand too?

The lights of my father and mother on the sky captured on video as a test for you: Will you be able to understand?

At 19.57 I looked outside on the cloudless sky standing on the edge of the balcony of my kitchen – I don’t dare to stand on the small balcony itself because of my extreme fright of heights (!). I live on the second floor – and again I had this experience of meeting a totally black sky where one light after the other was switched on to welcome me – it took approx. 30 seconds for the sky to be covered with lights all over – and I cannot tell you just how special and strong the feeling of witnessing this is – and still nobody out there seems to care about this phenomenon because nobody has commented it even though I have written about it many times for months – so maybe you don’t believe in me, but in your own “better knowing” voice?

Again tonight I was given several lights of my father, mother and Karen on the sky as you can see here:

Light 1 – the light of my father
At 20.00 a little bit to the right of my balcony outside my living room – which is bigger than the one outside the kitchen and which I can stand on as long as I am not too close to the edge of it (!) – I saw one of these unmistakeable lights again, it was bright without being very bright but still it was obvious and it made me think of my father, so this was again the light of my father approaching me.

For the first time I was “allowed” to take a video of it as you can see below – I tried capturing the light of my mother on video maybe a couple of months ago, which made it switch off its light (!) – and this is telling me that we are gradually coming closer to the day when here my father would like to see me again and to acknowledge his faith in me, this is what this is about.

The video below is 1:16 minutes long, it is recorded by my HTC Wildfire mobile phone and therefore not of the best quality, which leaves out details and what you cannot see on the video is all the other lights on the sky, which are bright but not bright enough to be captured by this camera (!) and you cannot either really see how this light is coming closer and closer to me and not how it in reality was possible to see more and less bright lights on it including the outline of its hull when it was very close passing me in front of my apartment, and this particular light looked like an aeroplane without being one (!) and it gave the sound of an aeroplane from it as you can hear after 1 minute until it left out of sight to the left of me 15 seconds later – but my friends it was flying only approx. 200 metres above ground level and how do you believe a plane would look and sound like in this altitude just in front and above you (?) – it would be MUCH bigger and the sound would deafen you (!) – and this is therefore a test to my readers if you will believe in your own strong and ignorant voice not knowing what this is about and not REALLY trying to understand (?) or if you will decide to believe that I am telling you the truth, which is that this is the light of an extraterrestrial spacecraft, which right now is only small in size because it symbolises the “small but growing” faith of my father in me but you will probably be able to see and understand that this is indeed a special light?

The light of my father ONLY 200 METRES ABOVE THE GROUND!

The light of my mother
At 21.30 I saw a much brighter light on the sky and there was no doubt that this was the light of my mother, which I also succeeded to grab on video for the first time as you can see below.

Please notice how the light is much brighter than the light of my father – because the faith of my mother in me is stronger than my father – and how it the first 15 seconds switches off the light once and turns up and down the brightness of the light, and how the light gradually becomes weaker the closer it comes to me, after 1:12 it is visibly much weaker and after 1:28 it vanishes from the video even though I followed it in realty with my eyes until the end of the video after 1:42. You can try clicking on the timeline forwards and backwards and you will instantly see the change of the brightness of the light – would an aeroplane do this?

If I had a better video camera, I could bring videos of a much better technical quality revealing more details for you, but I don’t suppose that anyone out there want to sponsor a camera for me to help me bringing the truth to the world?

What you cannot see on the video is that the light “turned” towards the right – symbolising the darkness – and I was told that it is because my mother is “crashing” again, which is because she cannot take the truth about who we are and I know that this will consequently drag me down too against my wish!!!

What you noticeable can see on the video is as mentioned that the light is MUCH brighter than the light of my father and also that the sound of this “imaginary aeroplane” – as you can hear from 1:10 – is much stronger than the sound of my father’s because of the stronger faith of my mother and I tell you that the light is only approx. 200 metres above the ground and I ask you again: Do you believe that I tell you the truth (?) or will you decide to believe in your own strong and sceptical voice telling you not to believe in me because you clearly can tell that this is an aeroplane (?) and if this is the case, my friend, it is simply because you do not READ and UNDERSTAND what I write and because you cannot shake off the strong and WRONG voice you are given. This is what my scripts are about – and therefore also this test – as you know!

The much brighter light of my mother also 200 metres above the ground!

The light of Karen
At 20.02 I was shown an obvious light in the horizon to the left of me, it was far away from me without coming closer and I was told that this was the light of Karen, who “does not want to show herself” and consequently right after this, it started blinking as a “normal UFO”! I took a video of it but even though the light was clear to see in reality, the video did not capture it.

Again at 22.41 I was shown the light of Karen in the horizon and it was still not strong enough to be captured on video and I was told “of course we are a little bit curious”, which is what she is in me and after some time it switched off its light only to reappear another place on the sky within a fraction of a second, which is really to tell her about the “true magic of God”, which will transform her into a new physical self as I have written about a long time ago, which you just may have “heard” about Karen but don’t believe in because this really sounds “crazy” (?) and the only reason why is because of your STRONG and WRONG voice telling you this because you have not seen the videos of the “true magic of God” included at my Signs I page and especially the one where an 8 year little girl is turned into a 20 year old and if you had done this Karen, there would be a chance for you to believe in me – and this is only saying the same as so many other stories of my scripts, which is that if you are lazy and do not open up your mind and ears (to listen and here to read), you will not be able to understand and this is the “sickness”, which Karen together with almost all of my family and friends suffer from, which unfortunately is a symbol of “most of the world”.

And the lights this evening with the one of Karen hiding from me and the others still approaching me also gave me the message that my father and mother do not “mind” seeing me again, so I am looking forward for you to start communicating with me when you believe you are ready, which will probably also require that you will realize the many wrong doings you have done towards me.

My mother is breaking down again because of my sister’s influence on her based upon her dislike of my writings

At 22.22 I discovered that the online administration module of my website was offline, it did not work for the rest of the evening, but still my website and all other sites were working fine and I was told that the reason for my mother breaking down again is because of the influence of Sanna on her and her resistance towards my writings telling the truth about her, which is so uncomfortable for her that she would like to hide this for the world and when she sends out a STRONG thought like this, this is what is captured and then this power tries to take away the website from me – this is what it is still about – but there is NOTHING you can do, Sanna. All of my scripts will remain online, which you have realised for a long time and instead of focusing on your own selfish interests, you should really start to READ and UNDERSTAND, which you could have done already from the end of 2008 as the first one (!!!) and even though I knew nothing was wrong with my access to the website, it is also still about for me not being afraid, which has been a major part of the game all along.


23rd March: It is IMPOSSIBLE to work because of my mother’s feelings breaking me down but I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!

Dreaming that it is IMPOSSIBLE to work because of my mother’s feelings breaking me down but I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!

I had a bad night and feel destroyed again this morning, so in this way I understand through my feelings that my mother is breaking down again – I wish you would be STRONG so you do not destroy both yours and my life. Some dreams:

  • Brazil and Argentina are going to meet for a football match, Brazil has not turned up yet and I am asked to remember writing about Brazil too. Another South American national team is playing right now, I decide to fly in over the stadium, which I do without problems but inside stadium I am flying upwards in a net like a trap and I see holes at the top of the trap where I should be able to exit if necessary but I decide to fly inside the trap.
    • Flying high and without trouble is what I do now in relation to writing my scripts as good as possible without hindrances of people. At the stadium I am caught like a fish in a trap but it does not seem to influence my performance, which is about the “impossible” situation I am brought in because of feelings and wrong doings of family, which directly influence my well being and keep me down.
  • I visit a giant flower store on the pedestrian street of “Strøget” in Copenhagen, somehow it also contains the old Acta (the company I worked for in 2007), Nefer and Karen is working there too and I see that they are very skilled handing out flowers, but they always receive ice cream after having been efficient. A beautiful lady is knitting a scarf for me, which is not finished when I have to go, I tell her that I will come back tomorrow and she says “I will do anything for you”. I am going to visit my mother and John – including John’s daughter Mette – in Helsingør for dinner and I am late for the train from Copenhagen. The train is full of people and a Chinese lady offers to draw small pictures of her paintings for me to overview, and when she is done, she hands the paper kept in a plastic bag to me, and when I look into the bag on the paper, I see 8-10 drawings most of them containing pictures of her self half naked and with the message that I can ask her to do everything I like, but I don’t even feel like taking out the drawing from the bag. In Helsingør I cycle the last part of the way, I am late, I left Copenhagen at 19.00, so it has to be almost 20.00 now and we agreed I would be there between 18.30 to 19.00.
    • The giant flower store is a symbol of bringing LOVE to the world, Nefer (my old colleague from Aon 1995-97) and Karen is going to help doing this and the ice creams says that they are going through suffering coming there and just maybe that suffering has been part of the game of life for these two ladies when they have showed loving feelings for men not valuing it as they should?
    • My mother is in the dream too in disguise as two beautiful ladies train and the reason for receiving this dream with this very uncomfortable encouragement is simply because of my mother’s own feelings, which she cannot control and we know the message to the world is to UNDERSTAND YOUR FEELING BUT DON’T LET FEELINGS BRING YOU DOWN (!) – ALWAYS BE STRONG!
    • For days I have been told that I am “early” – we passed the judgment in 2010 and not in 2012 my friends – and here I am told that I am late, which may be my mother in relation to normalising relations with me?
    • It looks like several of my Acta colleagues “was planted in that company to be developed through the meeting with me” as I am told here – in order to bring love to the world when they are opened.
  • I woke up hearing “Hong Kong Garden” by Siouxie & the Banshees – another big favourite tune of mine – and I connected it with Karen and really “love to be”.
  • The song was immediately followed by “help the aged” by Pulp, which is a band I SIMPLY LOVE – which I am still learning to get to know right now in fact and therefore they are still rising on my top list and all the way to the top 20 that is – and you have made MANY FANTASTIC SONGS and this may be my favourite of all. IT IS BEAUTIFUL which you are too Karen behind your façade and part of that façade is still “drinking, smoking cigs” as Pulp sings about in the song, which I have also been given spiritual tastings of lately in relation to you.
  • This song was immediately followed by a vision of David Bowie inside of me and the feeling that it took all I had with the help of God – i.e. the symbol of Bowie – to come through the resistance and darkness of Karen, which was about to kill me too, which of course was not her intention, because isn’t it true that you don’t hate, but love me, Karen (?) – and that is deep inside of you?
  • A man is going to hold a presentation outside using his laptop, he arrives exactly on time and just has to connect the plug to the socket, which I help him doing, but it seems that the man has brought wrong cables to his laptop, which he gradually is realizing, which makes him uncomfortable because it means that he will not be able to hold the presentation – because of a small error of his.
    • The man is probably me and the presentation is to bring my writings to the world, which I cannot do because of lack of power, so this dream is basically telling me that it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to continue working because of the lack of energy I feel because of the wrong decisions of my mother – and maybe my father too (?) – but this is NOT going to stop me my friends! I will never give up, so I will continue working and of course doing my best – and I do understand this dream today where it is truly impossible working so let us hope my mother will soon “feel” better enabling me to do my work with less suffering.
  • A man and his girlfriend – which feels like my old class friend Pia from Espergærde – have not been home during the night, they are now shopping new clothes for the girlfriend and when the man goes to work, the girlfriend decides to sit down at a chair at his work to wait for him all day long until he will finish at 16.00 and when she is preparing to “shut off” her system to start daydreaming with her eyes half closed, the Danish Queen, who works there, asks her “how can you do that” and she follows up by asking her “why do you prioritize to watch TV instead of calling or texting your boyfriend” (she does not live together with her boyfriend) and she knows that the Queen is right but the temptation from the TV is as great that she often does not bother calling or texting her boyfriend when they are not together. The Queen gives me a pill but I spit it out, I don’t want to have it.
    • I understand this dream that the Queen is also the girlfriend in this dream – another reflection of the darkness making me suffer because of my mother’s wrong decisions – and that when my mother sits down at home doing nothing, I am still working all day.
    • It is also to say that people around the world who is “working” like this girlfriend – half sleeping – as I saw many places in Kenya, will have to get used to NEW TIMES, where you will start to LIVE and WORK my friends without feeling “tired”, which is a new “habit” you will come into.

I did a full working day despite of being “broken down” because of my mother

Today I started working at 9.00, I was happy to see that the administration module of my website as expected now worked again, and I felt that it was truly IMPOSSIBLE just to start working because of how badly and tired I felt because of the break down of my mother, and I had to overcome “hundreds of temptations” to stop working and simply continue until at least 16.00, which was the goal set for me in the dream – this is what I accepted even though I of course could have decided for another goal – and first by 15.00 I had done the script of today including four of the last five chapters of yesterday, which took time to do also because I first had to watch the videos of the lights I recorded yesterday to see what was and what was not on them and afterwards to upload the videos to Youtube before I could link my website to them and this is how it is here.

It all started with one almost not existing light inside of me – the light of God – which is starting to overtake the entire world

For some time I have been encouraged to write that instead of the VERY MUCH STRONGER darkness of my family and friends overtaking me – which it was VERY close to do in the summer of 2010, which would have started the end of the world – I am doing the impossible task to have the light of me gradually overtaking my mother, father, Sanna and Karen as some of the first of all family and friends. This is what is happening now and the message is really as I have been told for months and here write for the first time: It all started with one almost not existing light, which was the “non-lit” light of God inside of me, which first had to overtake myself, which it did and this is the light, which with the power of ONE HUMAN BEING will be strengthened by people starting to believe in me until it will overtake the whole world bringing us all forward to an eternal life in joy and happiness :-).

For days I have felt how my upper left arm has been beating physically as hard as what you feel when you put your hand to your chest to feel your heart beating and I cannot remember what this symbol is about – because we have had it before months ago as I remember it – but maybe it has to do with the heart of my mother in relation to me?

The “birth” of the script today was one of the most difficult of all – as my birth in this world of darkness was too

Despite of all I worked all day long and I can only say that the “birth” of this script – the writing and publishing today – was one of the most difficult of all as another symbol of how impossible it has been to give birth to my inner self in this world being led forward by the Devil and in most cases by an ignorant Devil not knowing when he behaves as the Devil as all of my family and friends in relation to me are examples of!

If my mother knew about the consequences of her “decision” to be weak bringing me down and making this important work “impossible” – if we communicated and if she would decide to listen to and understand this too – she would NATURALLY start pulling herself together and to be RESPONSIBLE and STRONG instead of the opposite.

The reason why I am feeling so tired and beaten black and blue today – as so many times before – is because she is very directly using my energy resources to feel sorry about herself without “losing it” because of course she has to survive and be “good” again – this is how it is when we still share the same life flame!

And if this is the case also with my father, this also goes in relation to him.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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