March 26, 2011: The main task of the Universe was to eliminate “nothing”, which we have (almost) succeeded doing


Summary of the script today

24th March: The main task of the Universe was to eliminate “nothing”, which we have (almost) succeeded doing 🙂

  • Dreaming that I am in the (small) Garden of Eden with Fuggi, “please let me know when I have made mistakes”, I don’t have the tools of God but with a “favour of the Devil” my light as “the saucer” is flying again, please be accurate to follow your time schedule and do your best preparation, the members of the Council are suffering much at the moment, I will not be able to continue working on my website the two days per week where I will work for Falck, how long will I be able to continue working only 6 hours per week for Falck (?) and my “freedom” was removed by the darkness working through the spirit of my father.
  • I started working for Falck being completely destroyed already before leaving home! Lars, who had promised to receive me and give me instructions, did not show up (!) and instead Thomas was kind to “start me up”. My work tells you how important it is to CONTROL YOUR OWN WORK to remove errors before you do them! Thomas was happy with my work after having noticed my efficiency. Will Falck decide to misuse my competences as all others doing their dull paper work instead of using my TRUE competences, which they (should) know of?
  • The main task of and the reason of the birth of the Universe was to fight the darkness of “nothing” with the IMPOSSIBLE aim to eliminate all of this natural force, which succeeded when we passed the Judgment in 2010. All remaining darkness is now encapsulated on Earth and when this is removed, all “minuses” of people will be removed making it impossible for evil to return.
  • The darkness these days may be the worst darkness of all I have gone through. I was given the “kill me, kill me” speech and received the taste of blood in my mouth, which I have only received before when the darkness has been at its worst, and this was the reason why Elisabeth Taylor as “another part of my mother” did not make it yesterday. She was an expected “victim” of the darkness of my own mother realizing who she and I are.

25th March: “WELCOME TO REALITY” – of the Kingdom of God with the view to become FREE and NATURAL 🙂

  • Dreaming that the French government speaks with two tongues in relation to North Africa, our whole “setup” has been changed to help me come through without “the nightmare” and “serious sickness”, the continuous conflict between Israel and Palestine is becoming a hindrance to me, I have been separated from the life flame of my mother to keep the “nightmare” away, “I feel free” setting and carrying out my own agenda, I feel reasonable confident going through this IMPOSSIBLE stage, dreaming of my mother becoming disabled because people do not believe is us, which I will NOT accept under any circumstances, lack of communication with my mother makes me concerned but I will NOT contact her because she and he family did WRONG breaking with me and therefore they will have to undo this.
  • The spirits of my father and mother have swapped places inside of me to ease the sufferings I am given by the darkness, which are the strongest yet almost bringing me down.
  • The FINAL of the X-factor included MANY messages again: “I am the one and only”, who has brought us to “the edge of forever” – “where the lights are”, and now “we will rehabilitate back to reality” (follow my writings and show a clean heart) before I can say to all: “WELCOME TO REALITY” – of the Kingdom of God 🙂, you are all alive because of God working through me, through the faith of my mother, her and my spirit are spreading to the world in decline to help it improve and develop, my mother and Karen hurt because they are afraid of Jesus/God and the wrong behaviour they have shown me, but there is NOTHING to be afraid of – I hold NO grudges on you, man will become FREE and NATURAL because of the light of God shining through me, HARD WORK is still required for me to take on darkness and to avoid sicknesses or maybe even “my nightmare”, THE HEAVEN OF GOD KNOWS OF NO BOUNDARIES when it comes to LOVE OF HUMANITY, my “stardust” is “shining out to all of us”, my sister loves me but brings me much suffering, which could have eliminated the Universe, millions of people have already had their hearts touched because of the spirits of my mother and me spreading, I was told through a symbol that my mother is still “alive and kicking”, I was told that I have been “brave” and “self confident” fighting the darkness, John Paul II is “proud as a pope” for us coming through the journey making us all survive and Robbie Williams was inspired to give me one of the “secret messages” of the evening, which was “really soon you have more power than you know”, which is when I will finish my work and become my TRUE inner self 🙂

26th March: I am almost giving up to extreme darkness but also receiving more protection against the darkness

  • Dreaming that I am keeping the darkness from scoring, attending a party of the darkness sitting next to Sanna – as the one giving me extreme suffering at the moment almost making me give up – and noticing the fine dress of the Queen symbolising my mother (!), the light has never been stronger than now, I will use the darkness to find “answers” and I am gradually receiving more protection against the darkness.


24th March: The main task of the Universe was to eliminate “nothing”, which we have (almost) succeeded doing 🙂

Dreaming that the members of the Council are suffering much at the moment

The night was BAD making me very tired this morning and we know not giving me motivation or energy even to leave the apartment nor to start working for Falck today – and starting to work at 7.30 today to write some of the dreams before starting work at Falck:

  • I am together with Fuggi in a small garden and I tell him “I have said this before, this garden is unique”. Fuggi has the key for a cup board which I believe I need, but I see that the needed toothpicks hang outside the cupboard and there are plenty, so I also offer Fuggi some.
    • The garden will have to be the garden of Eden, which Fuggi is also entering because of “faith inside of him”, which according to the size of the garden is not big, but is there. And it looks like I don’t need the key of Fuggi to continue.
  • I am running with somebody sticking directly to the back side of my body, but I get him shaken off and he continues running and also passing me because he is running faster than I, it is a marathon, we are on our way for a course and when we get there, I realize that I should have brought tools, but I have forgotten them, I am standing in a far too long diving suit and I tell people “please let me know when I have made mistakes”. I don’t know anything about my technical equipment here but I tell a man that the man at the end of the room in charge of the technique knows what to do to make my saucer fly, which makes the man walk up to him to ask for help and the man in charge says that the newspaper of Frederiksborg Amts Avis owes him a favour and therefore he tells the man to take what he need from this newspaper, and when doing this I see that my saucer also starts to fly. I tell them that I have had the responsibility for such projects before at my school, and I say that I don’t have technical knowledge and if the saucer would crash, it would cost me my career together with a claim for compensation of maybe 300,000 or 3 million DKK. I tell them that I am here to learn, I show them my writings on this and they agree.
    • The tools will have to be “the tools of God”, which I apparently don’t bring with me here, I know that I am doing mistakes in my scripts because I write a lot and don’t have much time or energy to think, which sometimes leads to contrasts between different scripts but I do hope that there are not many of these. The favour giving through a newspaper is a “favour by the Devil” (!), which is making my saucer fly again (?) – is this “my light” on the sky, which I have not seen for some time (?) and is the favour of the Devil the work for Falck which I will start today (?) – is this how the darkness works together with the light?
  • A teacher has asked me to prepare a presentation for my class and when I am to give the presentation, I am not quite finished with all of the preparation. I do a teaching of one full hour – more than expected – and I am annoyed that I did not get time to prepare a paper, which I would have liked to deliver to the students, which would have been valuable to them. After class I discover there is one more hour in which the teacher will not teach and I tell two female students that I don’t have anymore on my programme, which makes them tell me that they will take over the teaching, where we will do cut and paste.
    • Please try to be as accurate as possible following the time schedule you have agreed on and please do your best preparation.
    • I wonder what we are going to cut and where to insert it (?) and what this really means, but it is probably work carried out by the spiritual world?
  • I am starting to play an American golf course together with two others, the first hole is very peculiar because you have to hit the ball into a pipe, which leads out in the sea and it is impossible to see how far the ball has reached inside the pipe, I stand with my feet in the see and am surprised to see several cats underneath the water and I am wondering if they can breath in the water, but then they stick up their heads to breath. We decide to skip this hole and continue to hole two, where we have to walk a few stairs up and it looks so beautiful that I think of “John Deere classic”. When we reach the tee spot, I notice a pedestal to my left filled with different kinds of tools; I decide that I will use my driver, which I feel very comfortable using, but I notice that the wind is blowing much and that the head of my driver has a screw sticking out, and because of these hindrances I miss the strike and as a result, the ball only reaches a few metres in front of me, which makes me swear in disappointment. I am told that according to American rules, this will count as four strikes also including a penalty for swearing. And I am asked to show my drivers license because this has to be reported.
    • I wrote the script of today until here before I had to leave for Falck, and after coming home from Falck I now know what the pipe at hole no. 1 means because Falck in Lyngby is divided into two “pipes” as I was told – i.e. two departments – so this golf course is really a new play with the Devil because of the decision of the Commune to have me working for Falck, and here it means that the cats of “light” is suffering as the symbol of being under water and I was told that the cats are the members of the Council. And it looks like after coming through this hole, I will have the tools of God returned at hole no. 2, where I am having big problems to do my drive only reaching out a few metres, which is to say that the days where I will work for Falck, I will still have to do my scripts and if I am as TIRED as today, it will be impossible for me also to continue working on my website, this is what the golf strike is symbolising.
    • The issue of swearing is to say that I DON’T LIKE PEOPLE SWEARING – IT DOES NOT SOUND NICE, so will you please remove this from your language?
  • Something about working 6 to 8 hours per week, which someone asks me to say and I receive a bottle of acid.
    • This is my work for Falck, which will start with two times three hours per week and I wonder for how long I will be able to keep this number (?) – this is what we verbally agreed to do “in the beginning” with the following signed agreement saying “20 hours per week” and is the acid a symbol of being corroded with too much work if Falck wants me to work even more for them also thinking of the extent of my TRUE work?
  • A female friend says that she would like to introduce me to Tine – my old class friend – who is a very busy lady, and when I meet her, I am happy to see that she is not very good looking and I feel motivated to get to know her as a friend and I tell her genuinely that I would like to meet with her to get to know her life and family.
    • Tine was a very good looking girl of my old school class – one of several ladies who could be used as a front cover by the darkness forcing the spirit of my mother to carry out “our nightmare” – and here she is not looking very good meaning that I am defeating the darkness again, and the darkness these days may be the worst darkness ever making these days “truly impossible” to come through or at least at the highest level as the worst so far, which is really not what I expected but it seems like the truth hurts for my mother, father and others and that is maybe even more than when they was believing I was crazy.
  • I woke up with one of the “amazing” songs by George Michael – “freedom” – and feeling the spirit of my father at the same time, and I know that the Commune is now wrongly removing my freedom again because of the darkness working through the spirit of my father.


Today I stood up at 7.00 – approx. 1-1½ hours earlier than what I have done most days – and I started working on the script from 07.30 – 08.40 before I had to leave to start working for Falck, and just leaving the apartment feeling DESTROYED without energy was really not the easiest to do, but I knew that I had to do it.

When I arrived at Falck on time I was welcomed by Thomas – one of four managers on duty with Lars being one of the others – and he told me that Lars was delayed and asked me to wait for me (!) – but after some minutes he decided to call Lars, who asked Thomas to start me up and we know does this look like good planning in relation to my arrival here.

After a short introduction to the office, Thomas took a laptop, which they have had setup for me to use, and we sat down at the meeting room and instead of having the computer up and running, we first had to find a network cable, which we were “lucky” to find and afterwards he told me that the IT-system was not fast, and my dear friends IT TOOK APPROX. 20 MINUTES FOR THE COMPUTER TO START UP BEFORE IT WAS READY TO START WORKING ON (!!!) and this is of course a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME and we know totally unnecessary POOR PLANNING AND POOR QUALITY IS UNFORTUNATLY WHAT YOU WILL FIND ALL OVER THE WORLD and this made me tell him that they needed “IT-rescue” to be “saved” really, and “IT” was a symbol of my scripts which will remove all of this POOR WORK OF PEOPLE.

In the waiting time I had a good talk with Thomas asking him a lot of questions – I don’t believe he asked me any questions, which is often how people unfortunately are today (!) – and we spoke of Falck and all of the business development including professional sales and marketing, which this business has done over the years and my dear friends this is an example given to the world of how to DEVELOP a traditional business to follow “the modern world” – listening to this song by the Jam, which is STILL one of my favourites of theirs and really from the first album I bought with the Jam and the first song, which got me hooked and therefore this song is VERY special to me despite of the anarchy they sing of – and also to say that all of the businesses I have worked for myself was NOT focusing on DEVELOPMENT despite of the people I worked for believed they were the best of the industry, which most of them were not!

Falck is offering the same as the insurance industry I worked for for many years, which is “safety through subscriptions”, which is a concept I like :-).

When the laptop had finally started up, I was given the task to key in 40 questionnaires into an Excel sheet from employees stating their competences/courses, and I decided to work as I usually do focusing both on quality and efficiency making sure that I did not “read uneven” from one row to the next and to control of my own work – and I was thinking that this work was a symbol of sending out my “rescue team” of servants to teach the world to improve on basis of my writings – and after approx. one hour I was finished doing this work, which made Thomas tell me “I knew you were one of the fast ones” and later that “you don’t have to work this fast because of me”, which made me tell him “I don’t, I work like this because I like to be efficient”, which was alright with him, then.

Afterwards I did the work he was about to do himself which was to do the weekly order of goods for the Ambulance “pipe” and the first order was “1 box of 12 items”, which made me tell him that people can very easily misunderstand which quantity to order because will they have to order “1” knowing that they will receive a box of 12 or will they misunderstand and order “12” thinking of items and then by mistake receive 12 times 12 = 144 items. I did the work using a special order system, and after having keyed in all approx. 20 orders, I looked at the “shopping cart” to control all orders, and I had keyed in all orders accurate, but there was one order of 50 items times 200 DKK giving a total of 10,000 DKK out of a total cost of approx. 17,000 DKK and I asked Thomas to look at this because could this be a mistake (?) and when he looked at it, it showed out that it was indeed an error because the man filling out the order form had written “50” boxes, where it should have been only “1” containing 50 items and my dear friends this is what I mean by ALWAYS CONTROL YOUR OWN WORK TO REMOVE YOUR ERRORS and we know because when people don’t care about this element of their work – as far too many do not – it gives TOO MANY ERRORS and we know Stig, I learned this lesson quickly as a bank pupil in 1984 and really because it annoyed me to do stupid errors and even more because it takes far longer to correct an error than to do it and this is a total waste of time!

When Thomas introduced me to the work, he did the mistake as most people do, which is to focus on how to do the work without giving an understanding of what the work means and why it is done, and therefore I had to ask questions to understand the processes and needs behind the work – and he asked me if I could do programming in Microsoft Access, which I cannot because I have not had a need to develop these skills during my career and the reason for his asking was because Falck in Lyngby has MANY different Word and Excel files including HR information – some located on the common hard disk drive, some on personal drives and some very difficult to find – and he would like to have ONE SYSTEM containing all information and we know I asked him if Falck does not have ONE HR SYSTEM to be used by all of their 130-140 stations, which he told me that they have not, so this is just another example of how poorly people do when they do not have ONE SYSTEM (of EXCELLENT quality) and have to do whatever different people think of in different situations, which NEVER becomes good!

When I did the work this morning I WAS FEELING SO BAD THAT I WAS ALMOST PASSING OUT – this was the exact feeling of my head – but you know as long as I did not, I continued working as I always do and we know Stig “almost always” because I am still not happy with the quality of my scripts including too many errors because this is NOT how I normally work but this was the compromise I had to do as explained earlier.

At 12.00 when leaving, Thomas was kind to say “thank you for good work, this is what you should know”, which I do (!) and afterwards I was thinking that maybe Falck will now start doing the same mistake as all of my employers since 1988 have done when they have seen my competence and efficiency doing paper work but of course “Stig must be “happy” doing all of this paper work when he is so skilful” (?) and my dear friends, NOT REALLY because your mistake have been to load your own work onto me selfishly thinking “now I will be relieved from doing all of this dull work” and that is instead of using my TRUE COMPETENCES herewith making me SAD and ingoing and destroying my life as the result as I have written explained earlier and we know will Falck do this too even though they have read my TRUE competences stated CLEARLY ON MY CV and even though I HAVE TOLD THE MANAGERS OF THIS?

After coming home and after having had lunch starting to do the rest of the script of today – because it HAS to be done and I don’t want to come behind doing this work not even with one single day – Thomas called me on my blocked mobile phone (!) asking me if I by mistake had taken his mobile phone with me from the office and this is truly a very uncomfortable situation to be in both as the “innocent victim” being under some kind of “suspicion” and also the man asking because this is not a nice thought to have of other people and of course I did not have his mobile phone, he put it on the table in front of me asking me to answer it if someone would call (he used it as the ingoing line of Falck Lyngby) and when I left I had not touched it, so I am wondering if it was himself not remembering what he did with the phone afterwards and I do hope you found it again Thomas and that you will not even start considering whether or not I should be allowed to continue working for you because “what if he steals from us”?

The main task of the Universe was to fight the darkness of “nothing”, which we have (almost) succeeded doing 🙂

Yesterday evening I was told that the plusses (all good in people) of our old world was created and given by God as gifts to mankind and that the minuses (all evil or “darkness” of people) was the strength of “nothing” and that the main task of and the true reason of the birth of the Universe was to fight the darkness with the aim to eliminate all of “nothing” – and this is what the Universe did and was headed towards for billions of years culminating with the final battle of the Judgment and this time around, the light of God was stronger than the force of “nothing”, which has the “natural power” to eliminate everything and this power is so strong that it has eliminated previous versions of the Universe before creating new Big Bangs as the result and it was therefore a formidable opponent even for God, whom we are all part of and work for, and despite of being IMPOSSIBLE to do, this is what we all achieved to do and really because we have passed “the road of NOTHING” in order to recreate with the Source and while being on this journey, through me God eliminated “nothing” and I was told that all darkness, which is left in the WHOLE OF EVERYTHING is now encapsulated inside of Earth meaning that the future of the Universe is secure, “nothing” has been eliminated and the final showdown of mankind on Earth will become the final battle of what remains of “nothing” and when this is done, there will ONLY be good – no “minuses” (!) – which means that it will become impossible in the future to become “evil” again :-).

The darkness is at its worst, which caused the death of Elisabeth Taylor as “another part of my mother”

Yesterday and for some days I have been given this ”kill me, kill me” repetition by the darkness and I also felt the taste of blood in my mouth, which I have only been given when the darkness has been at its absolutely worst and I was told that the reason why Elisabeth Taylor died yesterday was “exactly what was expected” because she was “another part of my mother” and this is to say that the reactions and resistance of my mother realizing the truth about us has been so strong that it could kill us all – and reversely save us all when she is good as I am told – if I did not absorb as much of it as I do and we know I cannot take all, so this is why Elisabeth Taylor “did not make it” as the other part of me, Michael Jackson, also was not able to make it when I was under fire in 2009 and this also explains the “immensely close relationship” between Michael and ‘Lizz as I feel Michael inside of me saying here, which was “almost as close as a Son and a Mother” (!) – and we know Stig I am simply writing what I am told not knowing if this is another story of the light or the darkness, but I do understand if this is the light speaking the truth.

And the STRONG “heart beat” of my left upper arm simply indicates “heart failure” as I am now told, which you know was what Elisabeth died of. Please use your power wisely my mother, you are killing “us” doing what you do when you cannot control yourself! – And I might add that my left arm today is now doing better but still sometimes “I can feel your heartbeat” through my arm, mother!

Let me also say that the death of Elisabeth made me both surprised and very sad to hear. From what I knew of her, she was a wonderful character and truly one of the greatest actresses of all times doing some remarkable and very strong movie performances. And her death also brought me some nervousness as to how close the darkness are on my mother and me potentially doing the same to us as to Michael and ‘Lizz, but I have decided not to be afraid believing in what I have been told earlier and that this is just something we have to come through.

The light of my mother telling me that my mother is “back on right course” again

Yesterday evening was yet another cloudless evening with a beautiful sky now including thousands of lights, and when I looked out the first time I was shown one of the “special” lights together with four of the blinking lights of “normal UFO’s” around it and yet again, it was GIANT experience to witness.

At 20.35 the light of my mother approached me once again – I decided to hold a break from video recording – and it shone more bright with the light forming a clear BIG STAR and I was told that her faith in me is keeping her up, and I was shown the vision of a helicopter landing on snow surrounding the light and I was told that I have put the helicopter back on right course (because of the energy transferred from me to my mother) and that she is now more stable again. And when the light passed me, I saw how the form of it was like a ball only seconds thereafter to be changed to a triangle and we know quite amazing to watch.

At 20.48 the light of my father approached me and when it passed me, it was formed as a stinging jellyfish (!) because it is the task of the spirit of my father to transmit the darkness of people to me, which is what is “stinging” me – and him too.

For some days my attention has been drawn to a small group of 3-4 lights on the sky and when I look concentrated I can see a ”huge” spacecraft, which these lights are part of; it is hovering immovable on the sky and we know using anti-gravity technology. It is a fascinating sight and I look very much forward to a “close encounter” with these friends of mine, which are the words they give me when I write this.

And the “star” underneath the Orion stars, which I wrote about other day, is now no longer there – the Orion is still there but the “star” underneath has apparently decided to move (!) – and now again I see a “star” not far away from the “star” of my mother, which has been “empty” for some days, and I wonder if this is the light of my father returning to the place where it originated?

And I wonder how many people out there have witnessed THOUSANDS AND MILLIONS OF CHANGES ON THE SKY without telling mankind (?) and we know most of mankind has not even noticed and even less considered what a totally black sky without stars – as you have seen MANY times – means!

And we know Stig, it is now 16.00 and I did all of the script today using (extreme) will power once again – I am glad that I did not decide for a break or try to take a nap before completing my work today – and as usual, the work is not difficult to do; the difficult part is to find energy doing it.

Will I receive the “promised” cash help this month?

I have NOT received any call or letter from Tine from the Commune as expected about my wrong registration with the Jobcentre – because of their error – and still today I can see on the Internet that I am registered wrongly, so I wonder if I truly will receive my cash help at the end of the month as Jane promised me that I will?

It this busyness or simply bad communication of Tine (?), and it seems like a pattern that I month after month have to keep receiving the “suffering” as it is not truly knowing if I – and LTO – will receive livelihood or not.

The situations of Japan and Libya are improving

A late “special light” on the sky showed itself as a Sony Walkman (!) tilting forwards and to the right, but I saw it being put back in horizontal position and this was about the situation of Japan, which at the moment looks “very bad”, but will improve.

And yesterday I believe I was told that planes of Libya have joined allied forces, so we are still on right track because WE HAVE TO COME THROUGH NO MATTER WHAT – also to help the world!


25th March: “WELCOME TO REALITY” – of the Kingdom of God with the view to become FREE and NATURAL 🙂

Dreaming that the continuous conflict between Israel and Palestine is becoming a hindrance to me

I had another very bad night and my friends, these days are to put it mildly not easy to come through – my left upper arm is still “beating” – and I received MANY dreams sending the signal of IMMENSE DARKNESS, but people does not seem to care out there, all I hear is silence – except from a few words here and there from my LTO friends in Kenya – but NOTHING from family and friends here, and that is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! – The dreams:

  • First I see shirts of some Danes including the MP of the European Parliament Jens Rohde hanging out to dry, but they become wet because “rain is falling”, which is followed by shirts of the French governments, which also become wet because of the rain.
    • I was told that the French government speaks with two tongues in relation to North Africa.
  • After smoking, the cleaning lady drives me to the bank, I know the kitchen is looking like a mess because I have prioritized the living room instead of cleaning the kitchen, however I would like to do it before other people would arrive and now I have asked the cleaning lady to help, which she has accepted. Instead of the kitchen I decided to use all of my time to do an important rearrangement of the furniture of the living room, which should have been impossible to do and to my surprise the female manager of the bank is already at the bank when we arrive and she asks us to come out to see the kitchen because she believes the mess will leave a mark of fat.
    • The living room is to do some fundamental changes of our whole setup in order to come through without going into my “nightmare” or receive “serious” sickness or pain crippling me and I was told when waking up from the dream that “I could see no other exit than to hurt you by starting the nightmare” and at the same time I was forced to stand out of bed to go to the toilet, which is the old symbol of the nightmare of the spirit of my mother and my self – but I will NEVER accept this, which you will have to include in your “plans”.
    • I was told that part of the reason why redecoration is necessary is because of the continuous conflict between Israel and Palestine, where a solution including true peace has not yet been reached, which is now a hindrance to me and this is also why the UFO light was given over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem in January 2011 to draw the attention to this important question as you can see here. The other day I was also told that it was needed to “remove” Yasser Arafat some years ago because it would be “impossible” to create an everlasting peace under his rule of the Palestinian people.
    • I woke up hearing the song “bad romance” by Lady Gaga and the lyrics “I want your love”, which is the spirit of my mother being “forced” doing this and I can only say “no thank you” no matter what (!) and also as an addition to what I have written before that I expect to see much less undressed and half naked people in the public room so people will not constantly be bombarded with this – as Lady Gaga is an example of in her videos – without being able to switch it off as in commercials of today too, and for people who would like to see commercials or the beauty of undressed or half naked people – – natural and in “good taste” – there will also be places away from the public room offering this.
    • I was told that “we have chosen to keep you and your mother separate because she was crazy about you, so right now you are not relatives. At the absolute end with the help of your mother we will get a brand-new kitchen, but only if God wants to” and to me the kitchen is about “food” and “normal life”, so apparently this has been set on stand-by for now in order to come through this “blocked” situation. I was also given a few sticking pains to my right heal as if to say that now I am “only” sharing life flame with my father and not my mother.
    • I can only say that it is alright to make us suffer when necessary, but it is NOT and will NEVER be alright to start “our nightmare”, which would also be to start the killing of my mother – even though it may be in a “controlled” way – or make us serious “sick”. I will NOT tolerate this under any circumstances, I have work to do and this may be able to stop it, which is NOT acceptable my friends at the Council including all UFO-friends, so you will have to do your best also using the world and the Universe as deflection of the darkness when needed and if this is not good enough, you will have to do even better (!) – and the reason for receiving all of these dreams and comments during the night keeping me from sleeping and giving me pain to write this was exactly to deflect the darkness by giving me more suffering.
  • I was told that “revival services” now also will start helping people against unwanted childlessness.
  • I was told something about “sand entering a machine in the 1970’s” and this is why the situation of Bahrain is as it is today.
  • I was told that “if it was up to me, you would not have one single gram too much, but you choose your own way and we have fought hard against the imbalance your eating have given” and the only reason why I have gained much weight – I have never been as big as I am today, I only have 1-2 pairs of trousers, which I can fit brining me more suffering (!) – is because of extreme darkness and I really don’t eat that unhealthy, I would rather say that I almost eat normally, but I could eat much more fruit as the only issue as far as I can see!
  • I am flying inside the shopping centre of Espergærde, I look at the very delicious bread of the baker, but I decide not to buy anything, I am almost about to forget my bag, but I remember it. I meet Rikke H. together with a friend of hers at the harbour of Espergærde, I am driving my old Toyota Corolla GT, which she wants to try out, her friend is stamping documents and together we see the sun dancing and UFO’s flying on the sky and I tell them that this is about the coming of Jesus, which makes Rikke’s friend speak about the Judgment including all of his expectations of extreme sufferings to come, and I tell him that there will be no problems, I give him my business card and tell him that he can read my website about this, however he might decide that he does not “feel” like reading after seeing it.
    • Flying is to be “free”, to set my own agenda and carrying it out, so this is what I do, the baker is “sexual temptations” including my “nightmare”, driving my Toyota is to say that I feel reasonable confident going through this impossible phase and the rest is about scepticism of people in me.
  • I was told that “nothing has been agreed in forehand, we gradually connect skills, when there is a need to do so as now”.
  • I am at work for the bank where I am given calculations to control. It is about a Russian lady, who has been declared 2/3 disabled, which is a requirement in order for her to do a so called §53 pension scheme, I reject the calculations as wrong and despite of this I overhear Jacob (my old colleague from Acta) speaking to Kim S. as the manager. Jacob was the consultant advising the Russian lady and he tells Kim that he has used 200 hours on this case and needs the lady to accept the proposal because he needs the income after having been forced to take out large loans of his house. Kim believes in Jacob and does not want him to resign so therefore he offers him 375,000 DKK in bonus making Jacob no. 2 of the list of consultants making the most money, and when I see the list of salaries of the consultants, I am surprised to see that I as a specialist earn less than all consultants even though I am more skilled than all of them. Kim S. decides to sleep outside his house during the night to try what the Russian lady is going through, it is biting cold, he sleeps in a sleeping bag and I am somewhat concerned if he will survive the night. At work I see that someone has eaten my delicious plaice and I find out that it is Søren I. (my old colleague from DanskeBank-Pension). Kim S. and I interview the Russian lady who says that it was Jacob’s deliberate plan to cripple her in order to be able to offer her this special pension scheme, and when hearing this, Kim S. knows that he was WRONG when he decided to believe in Jacob. Ulla P. (from Danica and Mercer) is also there and she says that this was the deliberate plan of the bank, but the lady rejected the pension offer.
    • The Russian lady is my mother in disguise and if you don’t know it by now: NO ONE IS GOING TO HARM A HAIR ON MY MOTHER – and that is NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS (!!!) – I will NOT accept it and that is despite of what God and the Council may say. She is as protected as I am and before reaching her, you will first have to go through the whole world and Universe!
    • And I do hope that my mother is alright today despite of what this dream may say and I really don’t know because I hear nothing from neither my mother, nor John and Sanna and would they contact me today if my mother for example was put on hospital? – I don’t feel sure and the unknowing makes me suffer even more, which made me think of writing a short email asking John and her how she is, but I have decided that they were WRONG breaking contact with me and they will have to be the ones starting communication again, and this is how it is here. NOBODY IS TO HARM MY MOTHER, GOT IT?
    • The potential harm is coming from people not believing in me and we know Stig as Jacob is an example of and now I understand this because after my mother has started believing in me, she is also now directly taking on the suffering of people not believing in me – or her – and this is really what this is about.
  • In the bank I see a couple, who have inserted a large amount into an account in the name of a child, I am the bank employee and I recommend them to invest the money, which they say that they already have, and when I look in a list of prices of securities and give a price, the couple say that this is wrong because they bought the paper at a lower price, and when I try to figure out why the list includes a wrong price, I cannot tell if it is because the list has not been updated or if I have done an error.
    • This is somehow connected with the previous dream, and is it to say if I have done a mistake in relation to the bank as “normal life” and my mother? – And I can only say that I would not have done anything different to what I have done and therefore this will have to be the road of God I am walking and this is the road I will continue walking and if anyone of the darkness has a “problem” with this, I challenge you to do your best, because you don’t stand a chance!
  • I heard the spirit of Karen saying “I love him so” like the final words of the BEATIFUL song “I don’t know how to love him”, which I was happy to receive after having received dreams of a nature, which did not make me happy.
  • I am home alone, my mother is not there and has not said where she is, which is making me concerned. Finally she calls and tells me that she is in Horsens and I tell her just how concerned I have been because she has not communicated with me, which surprises her. I am at our old house in Snekkersten, my mother is now home, we are four people going to have lunch and my mother and I are smoking first, and I say that I believe it is possible to have all ends meeting.
    • This will have to be an example of how people will become concerned when others decide not to communicate and don’t think of this possible reaction of people, and here “Horsens” as a concert city is a message of “nice music” from my mother to me – and the rest includes symbols of the darkness – Snekkersten and smoking – which is what we are going through because of people not believing in me/us.

I had to stop working at 14.00 because of overwhelming tiredness overpowering me

After a bad night I started working at 8.25 and I feel “emotionally totally exhausted” after very difficult days including this night but to my surprise I am not that physical exhausted today, and by 11.15 I had written the script so far including editing, the two last chapters of yesterday and a few additions to two other chapters of yesterday.

Hereafter I started to find answers on UFO abductions to find out what kind of suffering people are forced to go through not by people of other civilizations but people working for the secret government (!) but at 13.30 the physical tiredness came over me with overwhelming power, which meant that by 14.00, simply had no more to give and therefore I stopped working for the day.

I decided to take a short nap and even though I was not allowed to sleep, I still got some sleep after having “given up” trying to sleep (!) – this is how it is here – and I dreamt that I sat in the sofa next to Sanna who sat next to out mother. Sanna pushes me to the left, I am working on my computer and Sanna tries to work on it at the same time, which makes me leave and sit on another sofa where I continue searching for presidents on the computer.

I also had a short dream meeting Steven Greer – the UFO researcher from the Disclosure Project – in a store outside an University of Los Angeles and when I enter the store, I am surprised to see that he is serving me personally and also that there are no other people in the store because I know he is busy. I noticed that he uses very clean water well pumps haning in the ceiling as marketing symbols.

The spirits of my father and mother have swapped place inside of me to ease the sufferings I am given by the darkness

During the afternoon I felt STRONG DISCOMFORT for example with high frequent tensions all over my body including strong scratchings or pain here and there and even “spiritual focus and feelings” constantly given to different parts of my body, which is really ongoing “most of the time” never letting me forget who I am and this is really how it is to be overshadowed constantly. This lasted until approx. 16.30, which was a Hell to go through and afterwards it eased.

During the afternoon and evening I was told that instead of having the spirit of my mother innermost, this is where the spirit of my father now is, and I felt the darkness of the spirit of my mother just outside of me on its way to enter me again, which it did and I was told that we will not be able to make it without sending out her energy to the world, this is “redecoration” and how we keep down the heartbeat with the purpose to make it easier for me.

I was told that my mother is improving and that the spirits of my father and mother also have started redirecting tasks because of the “redecoration”.

“WELCOME TO REALITY” – of the Kingdom of God with the view to become FREE and NATURAL 🙂

And we know Stig, this evening was the FINAL of X-factor and really ”the biggest show on Earth” of this kind being held at the National Stadium of Denmark in front of 40,000 spectators – yes Stig, inspiration comes in many ways – and as last week, many messages were given and I have decided to include several of them here – however not all – also because writing this chapter not feeling very well because of tiredness and lack of energy brings me suffering, which is the same as deflecting the strong darkness, which is an important purpose in itself, so here it is:

It started with Lise Rønne, the presenter, welcoming and saying “indenfor de næste par timer skal tre blive vores eneste ene” (“within the next couple of hours, three will become our one and only”) and we know Stig because “I am the only and only” mentioned here – also thank you to Chesney for a lovely song – and hereafter she presented TAKE THAT which “of course” had to be present and we know they are very special and Robbie truly has a sublime voice of incredible force and beauty and what did they play and of course the sublime “the flood” and my dear friends this is the one where they sing “Standing, on the edge of forever, at the start of whatever, shouting love at the world” and “We will meet you where the lights are, the defenders, of the faith we are” and this is indeed what we are and where we will meet, and I do hope that all mankind can “take that”?

And it continued when Thomas Blachman here said “her har vi siddet I 3 måneder foran et kamera og nu er det så overstået, og nu skal vi resocialiseres tilbage til virkeligheden” (”here we have been sitting for three months in front of a camera, now it is over and now we will rehabilitate back to reality”) and then he turned around asking the spectators ”er dette virkeligheden” (“is this REALITY”) and my dear friends this was a “big artist” receiving much inspiration because “REALITY” is a symbol I have used frequently in my scripts as a reference to the song “reality” by David Bowie and this is really Thomas saying “welcome to Reality”, which is “welcome to the Kingdom of God” because David Bowie is my old symbol of God!

And Thomas continued after being inspired now to stand up asking the audience with a very loud voice ”er I levende mennesker, lad mig høre hvor levende i er – jeg hører kun en masse højfrekvent børneråb” (”are you alive people, let me hear how alive you are – I only hear a lot of high frequent child shout”), which was to say to the Universe that YOU ARE ALL ALIVE BECAUSE OF GOD WORKING THROUGH ME and his use of “high frequent” was a reference to all of the times when I have written about “high frequents” in relations to people of other civilizations and really because this was one of them here again speaking through Thomas.

And he continued by saying ”jeg er meget taknemmelig for at vi ud af vidunderbarnet TV kan skabe noget der kan flytte noget, at der i kulturelle nedgangstider er mulighed for at give stivnakkerne et spark i røven” (“I am very grateful that we out of the wonder child of TV can create something which can move something; that in a cultural period of decline it is possible to give the bull-headed a kick in the ass” – “the behind” would be better to use, Thomas :-)) and here the “wonder child” was a symbol of Elisabeth Taylor and thus really “my mother” you know and the TV is the darkness, which she is surrounded by and it is on basis of the faith of my mother in me, that her and my spirit are spreading to the world “in decline” to start improving it and to help people develop which was the last part of the message of Thomas to all people who have become “bull-headed” because of laziness and stubbornness.

“WELCOME TO REALITY” – of the Kingdom of God 🙂

As a passing remark, I might say that many people of the world may become surprised of my taste in music simply “loving the alien” as I was about to write here – also feeling the spirit of my father when writing this – but we know also LOVING “hard” rock music of the kind, which “reality” by David Bowie is a good example of and to this I will say that many of you feeling like this have been lulled into a deep sleep where you will only like “old fashioned”, often dull and empty, where you will not see what life and the world has to offer at the same time as it is “non-offensive”, which is what you may believe it is compared to my favourite music – I like MOST of what is around – but let me tell you that music of David Bowie, Siouxsie, Depeche Mode, Kaiser Chiefs and Arcade Fire to take some examples includes EXTREME BEAUTY and if you can only hear “noise” when listening to this without the qualities and beauty it contains, it is because you – and maybe your culture – have not developed to follow the times and we know instead of either/or it is often better to have both/and which this is also an example of for you to choose from depending on what your mood is.

Later, Cutfather said about Sarah here that ”det er denne her aften, som hun har drømt om, hun har så meget x-factor at det gør helt ondt” (”this is the evening, which she has been dreaming about, she has so much x-factor that it hurts”), which was about my mother DREAMING of a new world to come (!) and really that she has so much “x-factor” herself, which is what is spreading to and changing the world and “it hurts” is because this is the present suffering of my mother because of me and “reality” and when Cutfather said this I also felt the spirit of Karen because this is also what it does to her and my dear ladies in Swedish “it hurts” is “det gör ont” and what is more appropriate than giving you one of my all time Swedish favourite songs and the best of the Eurovision Song Contest ever (!!!) to express my deepest love for both of you and the song is of course by Lena Philipsson and Orup from 2004, HERE it is in English even though “I believe” it is much better in Swedish here and this is also to say that you will only have “tears for fears” and that is to be sad because you are afraid and my “dear little mother” and Karen, there is NOTHING – also thinking here that there is nothing “nothing” anymore meaning that EVERYTHING is now EXISTING and ALIVE – to be afraid of and I really give both of you a BIG ROSE, which is not “savage” because I am NOT unhappy with the wrong behaviour you have showed in relation to me, all of this is TOTALLY forgotten, I bear NO grudges on you (!) – and Søren H., you may remember how MUCH I liked this song when it appeared and this is why my friends, it is so beautiful that “it hurts” :-).

Later Pernille said here that ”vi havde at gøre med et helt enestående væsen her, fordi der findes ingen som dig” (”we had to do with a completely unique creature here, because there is nobody like you”), which I know was a message from the spirit of my mother because I felt her when this was said and it was in relation to a “unique being” being me and we know Stig because you are being made as a “creature of the Universe” and “one of its kind only”, really.

Later again, Thomas was inspired to say to Sarah herenu så jeg et lille klip fra dit hjem, der hang en PH lampe, ved du hvem PH eller Poul Henningsen er”? (”I saw a clip from your home with a PH lamp hanging, do you know who PH or Poul Henningsen is”?), and after she said no (!) he continued “så ved du hvad du skal lave bagefter, fordi han har banet vejen for dig så du kan blive et frit og naturligt menneske” (”then you know what to do afterwards because he has created the road for you so you can become a free and natural being”) and my dear friends, this was this “someone” of another civilization – I don’t know who yet – speaking through Thomas giving the message that “with the light of God shining through me man will become FREE and NATURAL”).

Thomas continued by saying ”Mine damer og herrer, jeg er blevet meget imponeret her de sidste 24 timer, jo mere pres der kommer på denne her pige, jo mere slapper hun af, det er som om at der er en eller anden form for professionalisme vi kender fra tusindvis af hårdt arbejdende FALCK folk, sygeplejersker og alt muligt” (”My ladies and gentlemen, I have become much impressed these last 24 hours; the more pressure which is put on on this girl, the more she relaxes, it is as if there is some kind of professionalism we know from thousands of hard working FALCK people, nurses and everything”) and my dear people what a “coincidence” that Thomas spoke about “hardworking FALCK people” since I have started working for Falck (!) so just maybe he was truly speaking about HARD WORK being the only way out for me in order to “relax”, which includes to avoid sicknesses and maybe even my “nightmare” as alternative sufferings to take on darkness and I am having a throw-up feeling because of exhaustion when writing this as so many other chapters of my writings so “hard work” is still what it is.

Pernille said here to Annelouise with bright eyes ”vi troede da vi havde hørt Kashmir nummeret fra dig, så troede vi ligesom at vi havde set dine højder, og sødeste ven, prøv at hør, der er åbenbart længere op i din himmel end vi lige ved” (”we thought when hearing the Kashmir song from you that we kind of had seen your heights, and dearest friend, listen, apparently there is further up in your heaven than what we know of”), which was to say that THE HEAVEN OF GOD KNOWS OF NO BOUNDARIES when it comes to LOVE OF HUMANITY.

Thomas said here to Babou that “du har været en stjerne på din egen måde hele tiden, også før du kom, det er som om hver ny generation får lidt stjernestøv” (“you have been a star in your own way, also before coming, it is as if every new generation receives some stardust”), and the star and dust here means “Jesus/me”, which is being spread to all people of the Universe, which was really the same message of Pernille speaking just before Thomas in relation to ”a lid lifting”, being “relieved”, which “is shining out to all of us”.

And after the Danish super band Aqua had been a NICE tour back to the eighties, the singer Lene was asked here of how it was to have an extra singer of the band this evening (Babou was singing with the band) to which she was inspired to say “det var fantastisk, jeg er helt forelsket i drengen, han er helt fantastisk, han er sej, han har så meget X-factor at Sarah bare kan gå hjem og lægge sig” (“it was fantastic, I am all in love with the boy, he is simply fantastic, he is cool, he has so much X-factor that Sarah can simply go home and lay down”), and here I was given the feeling of my sister because even though she loves me, she brings me suffering – i.e. the symbol of Aqua/water – and so much that Lene here gives an expression, which was invented by the WORLD CLASS Danish entertainer Eddie Skoller in 1982 when he in a BRILLIANT song sung “gå hjem og læg dig, Clapton” (“go home and lay down, Clapton”) because of his belief in own skills even though he was no way near to be compared with Clapton (!) and to some, Eric Clapton is the “guitar-god” and the symbol of the guitar means “everything which is”, which is God you know, so when Lene said this, it was also to say that Sanna had the “key” to eliminate the Universe because of her strong but ignorant voice not believing in me and opposing me. And the mentioned X-factor of me is by the way the same as the stardust above spreading to the Universe.

In the decision follow up show later in the evening Pernille said here that “hvis man tænker på hvor mange “parken’er” man skulle stille ved siden af hinanden før vi kom op på de seertal vi har haft i år, hvor mange mennesker, der har fulgt med i det her, hvor mange hjerter, der er blevet berørt ved at vi laver et TV-program, det synes jeg er så sindsygt” (“if you think about how many stadiums you should set up next to each other before we would reach the number of viewers we have had this year, how many people have followed this, how many hearts, which have been touched by us making a TV-show, this is crazy, I think”), which is about the millions of people all over the world, who already now have been “touched in their hearts” because of the spirit of my mother spreading to the world also bringing my “stardust” with her.

Pernille continued saying here to Annelouise that “hver gang jeg hører dig synge, Annelouise, så ved jeg at der er et kæmpe liv inden i dig” (”every time I hear you singing, Annelouise, I know there is a giant life inside of you”) and when she said this, I felt the spirit of my mother inside of me and here the message is that “my mother is alright” :-).

Later Thomas said to Sarah here that ”du er modig, du har selvtillid, og du har “beep” også noget at have det I” (”you are brave, you have self confidence and you have something to have it in”), which was about what I have needed to show MORE of than ever before (!) the last days and weeks when fighting and hopefully also all the way coming through this immense darkness I am meeting at the moment.

And Cutfather continued ALSO BEING INSPIRED to say “den rejse, som vi har været på, den har simpelthen været fabelagtig, jeg er rørt, jeg er simpelthen pavestolt over at du står her i dag …” (”the journey, we have been on, has simply been fabulous, I am touched, I am simply proud as a pope over you standing here today ….”), which of course was John Paul II – or the spirit of Paul, who else (?) – speaking through Cutfather because he together with “the rest of the gang” (of the Council) would be the “first of the gang to die” if I had not come through this journey enabling me to say that “I’m still standing” :-).

And after Take That had been on stage at the end of the show again, Robbie was asked here to give his ADVICE to the two finalists tonight, and then Robbie was inspired and KIND to say “they are gonna work you very very very very hard, learn to say no, really soon you have more power than you know”, which was to say that WORKING HARD is what the Council is doing to me and that “really soon” I will get “more power than I know” but we know Stig, at the moment there is still MUCH work on the website to do and the chapter on the UFO’s etc. is not the easiest to do when I have to find the needle in the haystack and to write about it without having much time or energy to do so, but we know I WILL NOT GIVE UP BEFORE I AM DONE WITH ALL OF THE WORK!!

And we know Stig, this was it, really and again it was not very difficult to write, the difficult part is to find the energy doing it and to overcome the darkness giving me some negative speech sometimes making me shake my head to shake him and his messages/suggestions off.

I am working above my limit and need to adjust in order to be able to finalise my website

I had a note saying “above limit, no power to write on UFO’s”, which is really my feeling these days. It seems IMPOSSIBLE to continue and to finish the work on my website, but I WILL NEVER GIVE UP, so please my dear friends at the Council and people of other civilizations, will you please help my mother, father, Sanna and Karen – and others – to IMPROVE so I will feel better enabling me to finish my work (?) and I “heard” them through a feeling saying that “we are doing all we can with the tools you and they give us”.

Later: I have been thinking that writing my scripts takes a long time to do, only few people bother to read them or only “some minutes” skimming them – not even people searching for and finding answers and the truth for “Christ riding the white horse in Cairo”, “Jesus in Nairobi in 1988”, “apparitions of Virgin Mary” etc. leading them to my pages containing this information “bother” to stay to read my site and scripts, which is ultimately what they are searching for (!!!) – and I have considered writing emails to my closest family and friends asking them sincerely to use a few hours only to read my website carefully, but I expect that they will NOT follow this request but that they instead will focus on their own “sufferings” and “different views” in relation to me, so this is also excluded.

And I continue to write my scripts to keep up or develop the faith of people “not bothering” to read them or read them carefully, which are the same people not bothering to read my website carefully, which should be adequate in order to receive faith in me, but I may have overdone some scripts giving me too little time to work on my website, and with this in mind, I don’t believe that I will include as many dreams in my future scripts – I have been thinking of narrowing it down to a maximum of five – and not to include as much information as I have done in the last two weeks of X-factor, because I HAVE TO FINALISE THE WORK ON MY WEBSITE AND AFTERWARDS MARKET IT TO THE WORLD (!) and I don’t want anybody to bring me down while not being able to finish the work, which is the feeling that I am very close to become these days.

My Commune won a prize because of “good work of the Jobcentre”!!!

And finally just this: LYNGBY-TAARBÆK COMMUNE HAS RECEIVED A PRIZE BECAUSE OF THE WORK OF THEIR JOBCENTRE “HELPING” (or maybe “forcing” is a better word?) YOUNG PEOPLE UNDER 25 TO RECEIVE EDUCATION INSTEAD OF UNEMPLOYMENT and I heard the mayor being interviewed and Søren, does it make you and the Commune proud that you officially have a low unemployment rate because of your “cheating” and “wrong doings” (?) and have you by now learned what I believe of you and the “initiatives” of the Jobcentre of your Commune? – And “when will they ever learn”?


26th March: I am almost giving up to extreme darkness but also receiving more protection against the darkness

Dreaming that I am gradually receiving more protection against the darkness

Another not very good night with more dreams:

  • I am playing handball for the first time and in the defence I cover the right flank, I hear someone shouting “unfair”, I get the ball and play it for our team to attack and I am happy of our strong defence preventing the opponent from scoring.
    • This will have to be keeping the darkness from scoring giving all I have in me.
  • I am at a party held by ship owner Mærsk with a sumptuousness crossing every imagination. There are only 1,000 pigs left of a very special kind, which all are served as food at this party. I am sitting next to Sanna and I notice the very fine ball dress, which the Queen wears and I tell her that it is only rare that I noticed this.
    • This will have to be a party by the darkness, hence the symbol of “ship” and when I sit next to Sanna, it is her who are controlling the extreme darkness given to me these days, which is really closer than ever before to have me giving up.
  • Something about playing handball and protecting Allan (my old school friend) and I hear him saying “I feel natural pride outside my window”.
  • I am in Helsingør and I have never been as strong before as I am now. Sanna is away until 16-16.30 and I am using her coat to find answers outside.
    • Here it says that the light, i.e. Helsingør, has never been as strong before and that it will be good for me to continue doing a full working day, which however seems impossible these days and I was really looking forward to spend a “part-weekend” this weekend because I need a break but we will have to see – and something about using the darkness to find an answer, which there was a similar dream of yesterday?
  • Something about “deeper protection than before”. I am in the football dressing room and I would like to use even better shoes, and I believe I have left an old sport bag in the dressing room next to where Søren H. is sitting, and when I walk over there, I see the bag but when I open it, I see that this is where I store all of my bank school books and tasks. We start playing football, I don’t play well but despite of this, I am very close to scoring.
    • I am gradually given more and more protection against the darkness as it is said. Søren H. is one of my opponents because of his disbelief and this game is about my bank school tasks, which will have to be “normal life” – this is what it says, and I might add that I truly never have been a good football player in real life, but despite of this, somehow I have still managed to score goals when playing.

Today I started working at 8.15 not believing that I would be able to work a full working day – also because I had prepared myself mentally to relax today and tomorrow meaning no work besides my scripts – and this may become the truth because just to write the script of today including the last 2½ chapters of yesterday took me until 14.15 – we know IT DOES TAKE TIME TO WATCH X-FACTOR, FIND AND WRITE DOWN THE EXAXT WORDS SPOKEN from the broadcast stored on the Internet, this is REALLY how I always work without being tempted to take any shortcuts – and before setting up and publishing the script of today, I decided to go for a walk for the first time in two days now and really to go to the library to deliver and get NICE music :-).

I was back home at 15.20 and from here I did a couple of additions to the scripts before I set it up to be published, which I did at 16.00 today, which became the end of the working day today.

And I might add that the “heart beat” of my left arm from time to time is still beating much, but there is nothing else to say that: DON’T YOU DARE TO HARM MY MOTHER!


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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